Financial Avalanche Will Bury Most -David Morgan

David MorganGreg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer David Morgan says the global economy is cracking. Things such as shipping, manufacturing, retail and real estate sales are all headed down. Morgan contends, “What you are starting to see is those little rumblings that happen before the big tremor. That’s an analogy, but that’s what we are starting to see. . . . Nothing is more important than the debt markets and what is going to happen in the future.”

Morgan thought a financial crash would occur last fall. We may not have gotten a total crash, but Morgan says it has certainly started and charges, “Mathematically, it is a certainty. Secondly, the biggest knowledge from monetary history is that no fiat currency can go on indefinitely. They have all failed—100%. So, will the dollar continue indefinitely—it won’t. The hard part is saying when, but it will take place. The analogy on that is sort of like an avalanche. When it starts, it actually starts to move rather slowly, but it is a mass, mass times velocity. So, what happens is it starts kind of slow, so slow you might not even notice it. Then it starts picking up speed and picking up speed, and then bang, it goes from slowly to quickly. Most crashes are taking place. It is taking place, but what people don’t notice is it is moving or moving against them. It’s going to hurt them, and they aren’t aware of it until it is too late. Once it picks up speed, and it picks up speed so rapidly that before you know it, they are buried. I think that is a good analogy for where we are now. . . . I think the avalanche started in September.”

Morgan says the Fed is on the back side of the power curve. What does he mean by that? Morgan explains, “Things are really at a standstill. This is really the biggest fear the Federal Reserve has. It’s called pushing on a string. If you push on a string, nothing happens. They have tried forever to stimulate the economy by increasing the debts, by increasing credit. The credit has all gone to the banks. Having an aeronautical background and flying for many years, it’s called the backside of the power curve. It means no matter what airplane you are in, when you get to a certain point and stall out, no matter how much power you give it, you are going to stall and you are going to fall. You are either going to have enough altitude to recover or you are going to crash into the ground. This is a perfect analogy for where we are now . . . I am not sure we have enough to recover this time. The Fed has been printing and printing and printing, which is the equivalent of pushing the pedal to the metal . . . and we haven’t got out of this mess, and you know it and I know it.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with silver expert David Morgan of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. Smaulgld

    The “avalance is evident in the cratering of most currencies and economies- esp emerging market economies that the world pinned its global growth hopes on.

    Most observers believe the dollar will be the last to go in the current fiat global financial system.

    Gold was down again for the third straight year against the dollar in 2015 .

    BUT was up for the second year in a row in many countries including Canada and Australian, indicating the cracks in the system.

    Charts of gold vs workld currencies:

    • Chip

      I didn’t see versus the Mexican Peso… Thanks for the post…

      • Smaulgld

        Chip provide your email by subscribing on and I’ll send you the Mexican chart vs gold

        • Chip

          Subscribed and confirmed. Thanks for the reply SG… Chip

          • Smaulgld

            The last batch of subscribers all god a Mexican gold chart!

    • Karl S

      most people dont really understand that the silver prices and gold prices are fixed. They are not based on supply and demand.

  2. Smaulgld

    Silver is clearly the retail favorite of investors looking for a fiat alternative- Since 2008, the US Mint has sold 65% of all silver eagle coins ever sold in its thirty year history of selling silver eagles

    The US mint set another record for sales of American Silver Eagles in 2015-the third in a row with 47 Million silver eagles sold.

    Here are the details of the U.S. Mint’s Record American Silver Eagle sales, as well as a full break down of all US Mint gold and silver sales the past thirty years:

    • WD


      Silver, gold and guns, selling like hotcakes, warms the cockles of my heart…

  3. allen ols

    G 500 , and Greg. I am waiting for that hotel in abu-dubai to collapse any moment, and it scare the building next to it down.

    • JC Davis

      Buildings burn faster, and hotter when a Bush is in charge.

      • Mohammad

        Very good one….!!!!


        • Thomas Stamps

          I guess you love Obama?

          • JC Davis

            Thomas I don’t do the party line ignorance. That thinking is what has gotten us in this mess.

      • andyb

        That’s why we don’t need another one. Amazing, isn’t it, that one family can be connected in so many ways to so many catastrophic events in the 20th Century.

        The rise and funding of the 3rd Reich
        Operation Paper Clip
        JFK assassination
        Operation Gladio
        The attempt on Reagan

        • Mohammad


          Jeb is the next one. He said it himself.


        • al hall

          The Bush family are the single biggest drug cartel in the world.!! Dad Pres. Bush set it up when head of the CIA!
          They still operate to this day. many military have died trying to expose this corruption. Bush are now worth -est- $5.3 Trillion.

      • al hall

        That’s correct- Bush lite the fuse with his CIA connections. Remember, the day before 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld in a speech said he could not account for many trillions of dollars at the Pentagon. Then on 9/11 the missile hit where at the pentagon?? Right- in the records keeping section- records destroyed?? How strange these happenings are. After that- no comment on the missing money= gone to the elite’s and their Black Ops projects which they profit from and we don’t!!

        • Donna S from Arkansas

          Al Hall

          Google “Black Eagle Trust Fund” and it will explain why the towers were hit where they were and why the Pentagon was struck with a missile (yes I said missile and not plane)at the location it was.

    • frederick

      Did the owner say that he had to pull it?

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow, AL did a plane hit another skyscraper with a hollow core?

      • frederick

        Hollow core what are you talking about 500 Skyscrapers donot have hollow cores and why do you question reality the way you do anyway?

        • JC Davis

          This debate goes way back Fredrick.

      • brian

        Galaxy 500 showing itself to be another arm chair architect hehe.

        I mean, because Mr. 500 understands how it is a little puff of jet fuel blowing through a bldg can result in over 400 structural connections failing per second; because in order for that tower to fall the way it did, nothing short of that kind of failure would have to happen.

        Yeah your right “galaxy 500”, it was an airplane hitting a “hollow”, as in chocolate bunny, building. You take care haha your too funny.

      • RTW

        The building is still standing, as these types of buildings usually do, even when they are gutted by fire. It will probably come down in the near future. But only after a demolition company has rigged it with explosives. It will then fall exactly like the twin towers.

    • Diane D.

      The most effective humor has truth in it. Got to love it!

      allen ols is now the man to beat for ‘Top WatchDog Comment of 2016’.

  4. Grafique

    Respectfully, I disagree that “nothing’s more important than the debt markets”. I personally believe that we’ll be in a nuclear war before the financial collapse; in fact, a nuclear war would permanently collapse every market in existence.
    I believe this because the Bible lists the coming calamities in this order:
    – Widespread socialism/culture of lies
    – Worldwide war
    – Economic collapse
    – Mass death (1/4 of the world’s population)
    – Persecution of Christians

    Warning – Russia/Persia are now at Israel’s northern border.

    • frederick

      nothing to worry about Nutanyahoo was in moscow and they must have made a deal with Putin so i dont see anything happening between Russia and İsrael Sorry if that fact conflicts with your biblical predictions of armageddon

      • Mohammad

        It will happen Frederick.
        Russia is having Jerusalem in its cross hair to claim the hegemony of the crown of Christian religion and pull the carpet from underneath the Vatican, on the way to Jerusalem they have to return Hagia Sophia.
        But to no avail.
        The will fall short of Jerusalem (for a different reason that what is written in the bible) .

        Time will tell.


    • lastmanstanding

      If your final comment regarding Russia and Iran being at Israel’s northern border is true, then you can bet the “bank(ers)” that the full weight of the US Military will be forced to engage them.

      BS, let them deal with it. If Israel needs protection, God will take care of his own. Only then will we see if Israel is on the up and up.

      I’m ready for the truth…aren’t you?

      • Mohammad


        Rome did not fall from a military defeat, they were the top gun (or sword for a better word).
        The debt is what caved them in…think about that.


        • lastmanstanding

          I get what you are saying Doc, but I may have been a bit vague to remain pc with my comment. Those at the top of the US banking system (FED) and most of our politicians (that are owned by them) who control the US military are dual US/Israeli citizens. “All Wars are Banker Wars.” Check this out on Mike Riverio’s 44 minutes worth everyone’s time if they haven’t listened to it yet.

          The same bastards we kicked out in 1776 have never relented and here we are with the sos happening again.

        • dchayden

          Yes sir, Rome fell due to (mostly) 3 critical factors: 1) Economic trouble and over reliance of slave labor. 2) Over stretched and over expanding military / military spending. 3) Moral decline, loss of traditional values & gov’t corruption There were many reasons, however, most can be summed up under these three. Does this not eerily sound familiar :/


          • Mohammad

            What got Rome is who really was behind it debt:
            Rothschild ancestors….!!!!
            Historic flash point if I may:
            When Rome expanded into Iraq, they slaved Babylonians. The term was, each slave will teach the kids of the Roman master the art of math, science…etc that Babylonians were great at.
            slowly those slaves turned into masters controlling monetary policy in Rome. they broke it with their monetary policy the same way they are dong now to US through their offsprings the FED. Reserve.
            When Roman broke down they managed to kick those Babylonians to Venice…they did the same to the world and they were kicked again to Amsterdam, they did the same and finally they were kicked to their final destination LONDON/NEWYORK.

            Venice is the mirror of US as far as the system of check and balance, it was a republic , behind the scene few families controlled every thing.

            Double entry accounting , insurance, deposit banking was developed in Venice…!!!..which is the same as our banking system today.

            The parallel between Vince and US is unmistakable.


        • diane s.

          You’re right Mohammad. ….
          It was a DEBT CRISIS. ..same as it is now.

      • Sandy

        “the full weight of the US military”…..I’m scared! After listening to Paul Craig Roberts discuss the highly advanced Russian weapons, it’s clear that removing the US carrier from the Gulf was self protection. The US will lose in a confrontation with Russia, even without China helping Russia. Heck, for all their bluster, they can’t even scan passengers at the airport easily…, they have to make it some stupid ritual stance. What cowards.

    • Grafique

      Wow, look at the people who know better than the Bible. Amazing.

      Lastmanstanding, it’s not my word regarding Israel/Russia/Persia – it’s the Word of God in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

      For all of you, it makes no difference to me whether you believe what the Bible says or not. I’ve warned you and now it’s up to you. I just have a hard time understanding why someone wouldn’t listen to a source that has a 100% accuracy record in predicting the future.
      But that’s just me.

      • lastmanstanding

        Oh, sorry…sounded like you were reporting a factual/actual event that I missed…rather than just voicing your opinion.

        I don’t need any help with Bible interpretation…thanks just the same.

      • frederick

        grafique you are the absurd one basing everything on a book that we truly do not know anything about its creation Give it a rest and open your mind alittle

      • Kerry

        Yes, the Bible does clearly say that in the end times, Israel will be surrounded by enemies from all nations for the battle of Armageddon. Some of the nations listed are Gog, Magog, Meshech, and Tubal. The problem is, to a 21st century person, those names are not familiar. Which nations do those names represent? It also says clearly that those enemies will be defeated and Christ will return to Mt. Olivet, near Jerusalem, from where He ascended. The question is, what happens to Israel after this? I would suspect that if Jesus sets up His court in Jerusalem, then what is left of Israel will now become Christian. And the whole world will change. No one will be making pilgrimages to Mecca, any longer. Any damage to the earth caused by nuclear weapons will probably be reversed, in an instant. I wonder what the world banking system will be like? Gold, silver? For sure, there will no longer be money changers in the temple!

  5. Smaulgld

    Er “no one is talking about the Fed making the dollar stronger to get foreignn countries back into the dollar”
    That has been my premise ALL YEAR as to why the Fed would raise rates

    • kennyb

      Many things led to the fall of the Roman Empire:
      Decline of morals and values
      Political corruption
      Urban decay
      Sound familiar???!!!!

      • Chip

        Yes Kenny, the USSA has all of those and more… Chip

    • Sandy

      It won’t work anymore. The rest of the world hates the US policies. TPP, anyone?

  6. JC Davis

    Thanks Greg for pointing out that a metals expert must be knowledgeable in many areas. Many times I question why you have so many gold and silver techs on your interviews.
    Also the fact is ( It started )happened in 2015 but will not be acknowledge till after the election.. unless the fed ( That don’t control as much as I thought) can not keep it under control till then. Yet no one could have seen this coming.
    Time to stay alert and watch. Know when to get out of the big cities.

    • Donna S from Arkansas

      JC Davis and Greg,
      Where are those in big cities to go when they have NO WHERE to go??? I live in a city of 70,000+ and do not own land. I rent an apartment right on the edge of the city limits. My fathers home is outside the city limits in a town of 9,000. Is this a better place to “bug out” too? Its an hour drive from my place and the highway to get there is a main one….zombies come to mind. I do not mean to be flip about this, but some humor helps. I have been stocking up on groceries, toiletries and such, but I am sure this is not going to be enough. Will any of it be enough if it gets as bad as I have read????

      • JC Davis

        Donna. My thoughts are to find people with a moral compass that will do the right thing even to death. The people around you will be as important as preps. My drive is a hour also, I don’t plan to take care of myself I plan to take care of Gods elect above myself. So I have studied self healing, wild foods and such. The greatest prep is in knowledge.

  7. Smaulgld

    Look where most global growth comes from now- no longer from the emerging economies (other than China)- that is a problem!

  8. EverywhereTheBezzle

    Thanks for all the great work Greg. This video was very poetic. The avalanche analogy and the airplane analogy provide a nice picture to meditate on and reflect on the moment of “standstill”. Clear ones thoughts. now because in the future it may be less convenient to organize them. God Bless.

  9. Tad^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
    Your friend has seconded the latest Obama “complement.”

    While I agree, I also known that a pathological liar has friends in high and low places.

    Sincere, he ain’t.

  10. Galaxy 500

    Pushing on a string. What a great analogy of the Fed’s ability to move this economy

  11. Jerry

    The crash is happening right now. We may not feel the impact of it right away, but make no mistake the dollar is slowing slipping away from the worlds economy. Here’s the latest country to get off the U.S. Titanic.

    Everyday I find another country who is in the process of dropping the dollar for trade. Americans need to get over themselves, and understand that the rest of the world is moving on without us regardless of what the IMF and the Fed does.

    The Chinese will break from the dollar once the Gold Benchmark is reset in April. How much of an impact that will have on the dollar is anybody’s guess? But I would consider this event to be the proverbial “snowflake moment” that everyone has been looking for. Our economy is already hanging by a thread according to various economic reports like the Baltic Dry Index, and the Money Velocity Chart, not to mention the numerous Petroleum Companies who are about to default on their loans.
    All of these events are culminating at precisely the same time on 04/01/2016.

    • WD


      This is one of our biggest allies, the US owned the Philippines…Jerry this is a shot across the bow from a little country but with a big punch…

      Maybe we have become so ungodly that we deserve whats coming!

      • JC Davis

        WD this puts a new perspective on the disputed area of the military islands China is building.

        • WD


          Thanks for that perspective…. I never saw it from that angle!

          Take Care…

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      April Fool’s Day? How appropriate.

    • Blt

      Last I checked, China has never invented or will invent anything on their own in this millennium. Yes they gave us gunpowder (amen) and ginko tea but we all know that money chases valuable (intrinsic) things not “made in China.” The weak will always fall first and quality will always win in the end. The titanic was unsinkable….oops, they used poor quality rivets…just like china. Lessons are learned by the intelligent, we don’t and never will need ignorance.

      • JC Davis

        True. When your the only company there is no competition. Rivet’s built wrong can sink a ship, but rivet’s not made can let a boat not float.

      • Sandy

        Paper, the Chinese invented paper. They had a written language over 5,000 years ago, before Anglos were civilized.

      • lastmanstanding

        There were people on board the titanic that were NOT supposed to reach the US. John Jacob Astor IV, Ben Guggenhiem, Isidor Straus, Thomas Andrews (engineer who over saw the building of the ship). There we a few other wealthy industrialists that I can’t recall that were competitors of those mentioned below. Been a while since I went thru that info.

        There were several important people who cancelled their trip at the last minute. Milton Hershey, Gugliano Marconi, Henry Frick, Alfred Vanderbilt and last but not least…J P Morgan.

    • Jerry

      I think you all can read the headlines for yourself. China has told the world banks that if they don’t plan to support the Gold Benchmark in April, they will be cut off from doing business in China.

      If that doesn’t send up a red flag I don’t know what will? China is launching its own economic trade system, under its own rules, and investors in the United States had better wake up to this reality if they plan on surviving.

      On Monday China sneezed and America almost dropped its economic drawers. The writing is on the wall folks, you just have to be awake and see it. I’m not an economist, or a PM investor. I’m just a small business owner who see’s thing for what they are, and right now we’re in a lot of trouble.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is like tracking a slow incoming missile of mass destruction. Thank you!

        • WD


          Perfect analogy…

      • JC Davis

        Jerry. The last statement was, A Yuan fix would not be seen as an immediate threat to the gold pricing dominance of London and New York, but it could gain momentum if China’s currency becomes fully convertible.
        Tic Tock said the clock.

  12. tulip

    Havent listened yet but the metaphor ‘pushing on a string’.. was used probably 10 yrs ago by Jim Sinclair forecasting this…..under Jims formula on his site

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep, and do you see anything in the financial system fixed and self sustaining? Nope.

      • tulip

        Greg, I meant to agree with Morgan…
        No, nothing is fixed-
        We agree Greg…

  13. Kathy L

    Hi Greg, thanks for another great video.
    One thing I didn’t get:
    How would it affect EVERY single person on the planet. Sorry to be annoyingly literal, but it’s true. Please explain, I would like to understand.

    • Greg Hunter

      Kathy L,
      The entire global system would crash right along with the debt we use as money. Federal Reserve “Note” as in “notes” are debt instruments,and debt can be defaulted on and devalued. That said, cash will work really well for a short amount of time when the avalanche picks up a full head of steam.

    • Tin foil hat

      Since all currencies are back by debts, when the US dollar finally collapse, all currencies around the world would go down with the dollar.
      In the current global economy, all countries are tied to the debt bomb or standing together on an economic ladder with one leg. When the ladder fall, it will affect every single person on the planet, especially the ones standing on top are going to suffer more than the ones on the bottom. We are on the top, China is probably somewhere in the middle. The difference is China has prepared the inevitable fall with a golden parachute while we are busy blowing smoke and pushing on strings.
      When the smoke clear, China will emerge with an equity base currency which the world will embrace over the broken debt base currency.

    • Kerry

      I think he said almost everyone would be affected. Those few remaining primitives such as in the Amazon jungle may not care, but most other nations will feel the impact, even if on the short term. An extended crisis would bring most countries back to third-world status very quickly. So few people know how to survive, or even care to learn!Those most able to take care of themselves (farmers, hunters, outdoorsmen, and such) will be better able to survive. A great novel that gives you details on this is Dies the Fire by S. M. Stirling. Although the crisis is not economic-based, the results of the collapse of civilization are described in great detail, and very entertaining. Makes you want to go out and learn basic hunting, tracking, survival skills.

  14. Greg Hunter

    You friends are either willfully stupid or flunked math. I sell nothing on this site and my guests have been pretty much spot on tracking the fraud, manipulation and downward spiraling trend since the last crash. My only bias is to reveal a true picture of what is going on. Thank you for your support.
    By the way, Puerto Rico is starts its default on $71 billion of it’s debt on Monday. These are fear facts and not fear porn. I predict your friends are going to need help and lots of it.

    • EverywhereThe Bezzle

      71 billion tis just a mere flesh wound

      • Greg Hunter

        The phrase “death by a thousand cuts” comes to mind.

      • Jim

        Don’t forget that the tech wreck started off of a financial report regarding a small obscure company. A domino like scenario ensued. A lot of heavy Nasdaq investors got their collective heads handed to them quickly.

      • Anne Elliott

        Your comment brought to mind the Monty Python movie where the knight gets his arm cut off by sword and says “it’s just a flesh wound!” They fight some more and the poor knight keeps getting his limbs cut off, but keeps egging on the fight. The victor finally leaves the poor knight without any limbs, but he’s still trying to pick a fight and steadfastly claiming that he’s not hurt. Sadly, this may be a picture of the US economy after more countries dump the dollar!

      • Gene-o-Vanelli

        “…OK….. We’ll call it a draw!”

        Wow…. its amazing what happened today. Markets get hammered right out of the gate after China Stock Market is halted down…. and precious metals are bid up…. then all of a sudden market starts going sideways, and PM’s are pounded back down again. Manipulation much?

        BTW… just saw ‘The Big Short’ yesterday… I would HIGHLY recommend it as it really puts into perspective how stupid people are, and how far banks and government will go to cover up and keep fraud going. I am frankly surprised so many famous actor signed on for the roles that they did…. and I am even more surprised HollyWEIRD even let this film get released.

      • Thomas Stamps

        You must be liberal and love voodoo economics!

    • Luke

      Greg, I love your work and support it but So What if Puerto Rico defaults AGAIN, nothing will change, so can we not act like everything will change. That is the most frustrating part.

      • Greg Hunter

        The phrase “the straw that broke the camels back” comes to mind.

      • Tod Mills

        I have a feeling the feds will bail Puerto Rico out if they believe it will delay the inevitable sufficiently long.

      • Thomas Stamps

        It’s all adding up!

    • Jerry

      There are so many holes in the worlds economic bucket, that the IMF can’t plug them up fast enough, even with China’s money. Here’s a list of countries on the verge of bankruptcy.

      • Greg Hunter

        And let’s not forget the Puerto Rico $71 billion bond default that starts Monday 1/4/16.

        • Mohammad

          They will restructure it like they did to Dubai. Greece….etc.


          • Greg Hunter

            Who is they? Puerto Rico is in default on Monday.

            • Mohammad

              The federal reserve.
              Directly or by proxy.
              They are the ultimate loaners and debtors.
              they work both ways.
              Karen Hudes.
              Have her in please she makes a lot of sense.


            • frederick

              By they mohammed meant the federal govt

              • Greg Hunter

                That means it would require a Congressional vote to appropriate funds and that is not going to happen. Puerto Rico has a population if 3.5 million and has a debt of $71 billion!! This is total fraud. Just for comparison, North Carolina has a population of 10 million and a budget of roughly $22 billion. This is the fraud of socialism and there is not a magic money fountain that can take all the fraud and bad things away. PR is the US canary in the coal mine–watch it carefully.

                • Mohammad

                  It is very simple indeed, more computer zeros costs nothing.
                  NO DEFAULT WHATSOEVER, the meaning of the word is been dismantled long time ago.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    As of 5 hours ago PR agreed to make a payment. Maybe they found out there was going to be NO bailout of this socialist fraud?

                • lastmanstanding

                  We all know where the money will come from! lol!

                • Mohammad


                  Default has no meaning anymore..!

                  2016 is as per Mr. Sinclair the great leveling…!!


      • WD


        I think France, Italy and UK are much worse off than they are letting on….look at the U.S.

    • Jerry

      Here is the worlds debt clock.

      • Greg Hunter

        Bad things happen when you don’t pay your debts.

      • Southern Girl


        That is enough to scare the sh@t out of any one. Thanks for the link.

        hanks for the link.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Greg, Wders

      Before we all get off too much on spectacular the Puerto Rico is when it comes to debt, perhaps some facts should be brought into this discussion;

      #1 Peurto Rico Govt debt $70 billion US = 68% of GDP = $20,000 per capita

      #2 US Govt Debt $18 trillion US = 128%of GDP = $56,000 per capita

      The elephant in the room here is not so much these debt figures, as the fact that one of these incredibly indebted countries find it easier to sell its debt than the other one.

      Even more sobering is the fact that Govt debt is only the tip of the iceberg and if we ever bothered to look at all debt, including entitlements, then the average per capita debt in the US is more than $700,000.

      Perhaps the fact that Puerto Rico population are actually citizens of the US [because the country is in fact unincorporated US territory] could be a hint as to where any bail out might come from.


    • Kerry

      Greg-I don’t think all of them are willfully stupid, just blinded. They just can’t accept what is coming-it is out of their mindset, their paradigm. Sometimes it takes centuries for new science to be accepted if the ideas are too far out of the reality of those people who are confronted with it. Lister, Copernicus, Galileo, others come to mind. Unfortunately, this crisis will come so quickly that those not prepared will not have time to react. The novel about nuclear war, Alas Babylon, comes to mind.

    • Don_in_Odessa

      Well Greg, Mike does have a point. While it is true you aren’t selling anything … to the public … here. It is more than obvious that those you interview have more than just a passing interest in the precious metals game. Most if not all that I have listened to and interviewed by you continued to advance PM ownership as a “safe” haven for the store of wealth and survival even in the face of a very obvious deflationary environment for all commodities. Granted gold and silver took a bit longer but deflation has been happening since ’08. BTW, I don’t judge, as “safe,” anything that has been going down for nearly six years as safe. “Safe” is relative and should be expressed loudly, frequently and with the same urgency as the sales pitch.

      Don’t get me wrong here; There is still good information, properly sifted and considered, that is also offered here that is useful. That is why I stick around. So thanks for that Greg.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are free to go somewhere else if these folks I interview are corrupting your mind. I don’t really know what long term investment you would be piling into at this point. This is not a market timing site and my guests by an large have been spot on calling this market fraud, manipulation, intervening and generally downward spiraling global economy. Thanks for your comment and support, but I really do not know what you want from a free site that sells nothing and gets top guests to come on and give you unfiltered views for free.

        • Don_in_Odessa

          Touchy, touchy Greg. You don’t wear it well dude. Did you NOT see where I said: “Don’t get me wrong here; There is still good information, properly sifted and considered, that is also offered here that is useful. That is why I stick around. So thanks for that Greg.” ???


  15. EverywhereThe Bezzle

    Medicare looks just as bad as Social Security. By 2028 we will adding an extra 500 billion a year in these payments. That just 12 years from now. 12 short years. On top of our existing debt and interest payments. Oh, this is all gonna end well 🙁

    • diane s.

      Debt crisis takes down everyone, everywhere.

  16. dbcooper

    Greg and all Doggers… My parents grew up during the “Great Depression” and I feel it is germane and important to compare the times; then and now. I refer to these times now as the “Greater Depression” because as David Morgan pointed out this one will affect the entire world and the prophecy is that Millions will die. The USA was then an industrial/agrarian nation and our infrastructure was intact… today very few live on the land as farmers or even gardeners and our industrial base is gone. How does anyone think that this country could rebound with no foundation to stand on. We are starting to reap the benefits of our complacency, the Federal Reserve Act should never have been allowed to stand. I cannot predict the future; the whens and whyfores but we all can see what is fact.
    There are really very few foundational necessities that keep us all alive… water/food/heat/grass… Yes grass… We are the Grass-Fed Cattle Co. and here on the homestead we raise Scottish Highland cattle; Brabant Belgian horses; chickens; pigs; ducks; dogs… the list goes on and we are animal poor but we do eat well and our quality of life is good.
    When I see the ads for a bucket of heirloom seeds… enough to plant 10 acres I have to cringe because one cannot just plant a garden and figure to survive (I do not mean to sound condescending) it takes a lot of knowledge and practice and failure to get it right. Better to prepare six months too early than six minutes too late and when the avalanche picks up velocity there are going to be millions of desperate people and we in this country have not in our lifetimes seen anything to compare. Anyone who is going to survive is going to have to face serious judgment calls and this will include taking another’s life or die. This makes me think of Beirut, I was their in 1969 and what a beautiful city ‘Jewel of the Med’ not any more… picture bombed out cities and towns right here in River City!! It is sad to contemplate but we Americans have sat on our Duffs for far too long. Sorry to be long winded ; I know no other way to say these things. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

    • Mohammad

      Beirut is still the Jewel of ME despite the latest Garbage fiasco.
      The real estate is blooming and it is as beautiful as it always is.
      There is some kind of consensus to spare Beirut the inferno. For how long no body knows, but for now it is what it is.


      • dbcooper

        Sir, Thank you for the update, DB

      • Thomas Stamps

        Can I have a little of what you smoke?

        • Mohammad

          Yes you can…..!


    • Anne Elliott

      I so agree with you, DBC; my parents also grew up in the Great Depression, and knew hunger and poverty. My Mom’s mother had 5 “truck patches” (large gardens) that they used for food for the whole year, so they had to make the food last. She also had about 30 acres of farm land that she rented out as well, which brought in a little income. They were very hard times and the people of today are in such a worse position; most have no farm land, and don’t know how to garden, can their own food, or harvest seeds at all. Plus, people today are so soft, and even fragile, both physically and mentally. When this all goes down, it will be like Gregory Mannerino said – a crash of Biblical proportions.
      Because of that, we need to get ready NOW!! Like JCDavis said above – be on the watch and get out of the cities before they trap you in with martial law or rioting or both!! Make a plan NOW – the time for waiting has passed. DBC said it above – “Better to prepare six months too early than six minutes too late”!

      • dbcooper

        AE, Thank you for your reply. We were fortunate enough to be able to procure two All-American pressure canners which in my opinion are the best canners available (no gasket and machine fit) and we also invested in reusable Tattler canning lids and seals so no more rusty metal lids and rings. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Rich

      Is that farmer Dan?

      That is an amazing business model that you run. Small local farmers in my area are in a constant battle with the USDA. Most of them have been shut down because of USDA over-regulations.


      • dbcooper

        Rich, No not Dan… just some nut that jumped out of an airplane and became a folk hero!! LOL. That said we do not ask permission (read that permit) hence we DO NOT sell milk but we have been known to Rent Jars!!
        In Faith and Liberty, DB.

  17. Jerry

    As I have stated many times, the end game is not only the creation of a global currency, but the creation of a North American Union, under the direction of the United Nations.
    The United Nations is forming associations and local chapters all across this country under the United Nations Association.
    You can form your own opinion on what their objective is. In my opinion, the United States is being dismantled one piece at a time along with the Constitution in order to lay the groundwork for a much broader global agenda.

    • frederick

      yes Jerry and that dismantling isnt going to be very attractive for those who refuse to acknowledge it and act accordingly İve seen whats happening to the US for a long time now and didnt much care for what İ was seeing

    • Chip

      I agree with you. But one warning, there will come a point when they’ve pushed to hard and there will be a revolution in this country. Yes there are a lot of useless eaters out there. But there are also a lot of very patriotic freedom loving gun owners who will not lay down. Just my opinion… Chip

      • Kerry


    • Anne Elliott

      “Dismantled” is a much tamer term than what Catherine Austin Fitts uses – she says we are being “harvested”.

      • Kerry

        “Harvested” has a real creepy connotation, almost like Soylent Green!

  18. Mohammad


    In a serious and dangerous turn of events pointing to an escalation rather than to calmness, Saudi Arabia executed a prominent Shiite scholar who is a Saudi citizen. As a retaliation Iran closed the eye to an angry crowd in Tehran and Mash-had when they attacked the Saudi embassy and council. In retaliation the Saudi Arabia decided to cut ties with Iran and pulled their staff, asked the Iranian embassy and staff to close and leave Saudi Arabia within 48 hours, this happened over the weekend.

    THIS IS A BIG DEAL and a serious escalation that may spark something bigger in the gulf.
    I said earlier that 2016 is an escalation and not otherwise.


    • Greg Hunter

      I agree this Saudi/Iran problem has exploded and I believe both are nuclear armed in some capacity.

      • frederick

        yes they are both nuclear armed in some capacity The Saudis by the US and Nato and the İranians by Russia and China simple This is nothing but a proxy war like Vietnam was İMO and i have to wonder about washingtons choice of allies given the evidence that has come out about who has attacked us on numerous occasions and killed thousands of Americans in the process

      • Kerry

        I am sure Ben Netanyahu is watching this development very closely. I wouldn’t want to be in that neighborhood right now.

        • Greg Hunter

          What have I been saying about the acceleration of war in the M.E. especially since the Iran (NON) deal that is totally unsigned and not really a deal? This is very important development and will not end without bloodshed and lots of it.

          • Kerry

            I absolutely agree! Withdrawing ambassadors and closing embassies is usually a prelude to war. Watch out for those loose suitcase nukes.

      • tulip

        the saudis have unleashed from my understanding 3 nukes in Yemen… not sure if Iran has the equal…Israel does.

    • Laura

      Thanks Mohammad for alerting us to these events.

    • USAF Airman Rich Treadway

      To me it looks like an opportunity. I am hoping for orders to report for active duty and ship out to the Middle East. I always label my munitions Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. I love dropping my JDAMs. Nothing I love as much as spreading the Gospel wherever I encounter the enemy.

      • sk

        LOL. Add Deuteronomy. Better kill ratio.

      • Anne Elliott

        You are sick and your actions are anti-Christ. Does this verse sound familiar to you – “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”?

        • Kerry

          yes, but I suspect that if you were confronted with a Jihadist coming after your family-you would fight back, I hope! The question is, do you fight them here in your neighborhood, or at the source?

      • Mohammad

        The Gospel of SATIN…


        • USAF Airman Rich Treadway

          War is necessary and it is right.

          • Mohammad

            It is .
            Enjoying killing and cheering about it is not.
            It is the Gospel of Satin for sure.


      • Hilde

        My guess is you’re neither being in USAF nor are you Rich Treadway.

      • brian

        Thats funny airman treadwell, I have witnessed you drop more than your fair share of expletives on this comments board, more so than any gospel as a matter of fact….and you kiss Jesus with that mouth of yours; as in a Judas kiss probably haha.

      • JC Davis

        Rich. I agree with your will to be in service to protect liberty, and freedom. Thank you for protecting us weaker ones.
        Question. How do you feel about knowing there could be a God loving Christian on the ground your bombing. It would be hard for me to do. If they were of the Quran faith BOMBS AWAY.

  19. red

    So you think we need another nbc, msnand bloomberg flogging off US dollars’ and promoting the debt hegemony and world chaos? Ummm biased you’ve gotta be kidding lol

  20. lastmanstanding

    I can honestly say that Greg gets the best guests on the alternative media. Sean at SGT Report and his crew are doing a great job as well.

    While we all have our own idea’s, I believe that most of us are on the same side…a Constitutional Republic…”If we can keep it”. A system of equal opportunity, NOT equal outcome. Far smaller gub, with a gub that is not completely bought and owned by a handful. Local, Local, Local…to hell with globalism and a one world gub.

    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • Grafique

      LMS, my sentiments exactly – “equal opportunity, not equal outcome.” The notion of “income inequality” being a just cause is another example of liberalism run amok.

    • gregd

      I don’t agree with the term “alternative media”. I understand what you meant but it kind of sounds like a 2nd class media or a poor mans media.
      I prefer a ” modern media” or perhaps “hard news media”.

  21. Eric

    David Morgan always provides a great interview. His comment regarding truth reminded me of George Orwell’s famous observation:
    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    We have to remember that those of us who understand the deceit of our governments and central banks are in a very small minority. Most people in the world are still quite impoverished and just struggle to live day-to-day. Of the remainder, most are focused on their work, families and leisure time.

    Just about everyone alive today has only known a world in which the U.S. is the key global superpower and the U.S. dollar the world’s reserve currency. As such, most lack the capacity to consider a time in which the status quo will be no more and the dollar dethroned.

    But eventually the math will take over and the dollar will go the way of every other fiat currency in world history. The problem is, there is no telling who will be ultimately vilified. It would not surprise me if they decide that it is the holder of gold and silver who are to blame — for it might be easy to pick on those who will have preserved a portion of their wealth and who were able to foresee the reset.

    It is also impossible to know whether the calamity will unfold over a period of days or weeks (in which case cash will still have some momentary value, in the way that Bill Holder has speculated); or if it will happen all at once, and without warning. Is it possible to go to bed on a random Wednesday night with the status quo in tact and wake up the following morning to find that gold is ‘no offer’. That something has happened which causes the instantaneous repudiation of fiat currency.

    One thing is for sure — it won’t be dull.

  22. pat the rat

    Puerto Rico is more like the pin that burst the ballon ,but what do I know? It’s only 71 billion dollars .

  23. john duffy

    I always find Morgan very cautious. He is always covering his backside. Hard to get a prediction from him.

    • lastmanstanding

      His last prediction was that silver would not drop below $26…personally, I didn’t think it would and a friend who has been in a coin related biz all of his life didn’t think so either.

      Problem is, many of these guys, Morgan, Turd, etc., etc. use real figures, past history’/trends, common sense supply/demand, etc., that at one time were fairly accurate.

      Nothing anymore is fair and accurate. Blatant fraud and manipulation by bad entities is all there is.

  24. Diana Dee Jarvis

    So the current gold market manipulation is a bigger con than Bernie Madoff’s. Interesting comparison by David Morgan.

  25. Tin foil hat

    The consistent US trade deficit since 1976 is neither bias nor unfounded speculative pessimism.
    I have come to the conclusion that the dollar is not supported by our GDP but by the circulation/usage of the dollar. In other words, as China, Japan and the rest of the world hoard more and more dollar, the better off we are without corresponding increments in our GDP.
    Most of the workers in the U.S. are not much different from the employees of Bernie Madoff’s investment firm. Our productivities are mere smoke and mirrors which have almost zero correlation to the profitability of the firm.
    I know it’s hard to accept the fact that our country is the biggest ever Ponzi in world history but that explains why we have had consistent trade deficits every single year since 1976 –…. No legitimate nation or company can survive that long unless it’s involved in Ponzi finance. That also explains why every single POTUS, democrat or republican, huff and puff about the trade deficits but nothing ever get done.
    That is the also the reason our politicians care more about the well being of the Saudis than ordinary hard working Americans. The Ponzi needs the clients to support the ongoing scheme a lot more than the employees in the firm.
    Now, if you were employed by Enron and owned million shares of company stock in the 401k, would you convert those Enron shares into hard money before the SHTF or after?

    • Thomas Stamps

      Most world currencies had the strongest militaries. Ours is getting weaker!

  26. Tin foil hat

    If the SDR could gradually replace the dollar as the reserve currency, we may delay a global currency collapse for another 10 to 20 years. If dollar were a mere regional currency, we would lose 30 to 50 % of its buying power but it’s much better than Mad Max.

    • red

      The SDR guarantees’ nothing accept on going monopoly of credit by the banking oligarchs. What will happen is the continued artificial scarcity in banker paper(currency) followed by the complete collapse in production. The ridiculous capacity wrought on the world with chinese production must work it’s way out of the system. The production collapse coming (Deflation) and the banks know it is now unstoppable. What is guaranteed is the remonetization of metal, but only after the banks and .gov has stolen as much as possible to allow the restart.

  27. 8Ball

    General Chuck Yeager comments on Donald Trump

    Subject: A Message from US Air Force BG Chuck Yeager

    Donald Trump—Who He REALLY Is by Chuck Yeager

    The criticisms of Trump are amazingly missing something. They are lacking in negative stories from those who work for him or have had business dealings with him. After all the employees he’s had and all the business deals he’s made there is a void of criticism. In fact, long term employees call him a strong and merciful leader and say he is far more righteous and of high integrity than people may think.

    And while it may surprise many, he’s actually humble when it comes to his generosity and kindness. A good example is a story that tells of his limo breaking down on a deserted highway outside of New York City. A middle-aged couple stopped to help him and as a thank you he paid off their mortgage, but he didn’t brag about that. Generous and good people rarely talk of charity they bestow on others. But as much as all this is interesting, the real thing that people want to know is what Donald Trump’s plan is for America. It’s funny how so many people say they don’t know what it is, or they act like Trump is hiding it. The information is readily available if people would just do a little homework. But, since most Americans won’t do their own research, here, in no particular order, is an overview of many of Trumps positions and plans: Read More Here:!USAF-General-Chuck-Yeager-endorses-Donald-J-Trump/c1sbz/563ad7d20cf2c322b494d00f

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 8Ball for posting a link and this info on Trump.

      • 8Ball

        You are most welcome, Happy New Year!

        You should try to get an interview with DT…

  28. Jerry

    the Chinese Stock Market was shut down today to avoid a crash.

    I’m going to reiterate my position that the upward pressure from the dollar is going to force the BRIC nations to break from it once the Gold Benchmark takes place in April. They have no choice at this time, because the Fed is creating to much pressure by buying up massive amounts of Treasury Bonds to offset the rise in interest rates. Something has to give.

    • lastmanstanding

      Jerry, lots of cash is leaving the system as well. In the past, an interest rate hike by the fed includes them withdrawing paper dollars from the system.

      I have more time at this time of the year to check various comments on other blogs. People everywhere are stuffing cash in the mattress. The real info on these blogs is the man/woman on the street. I want to know what real people are doing/saying.

      • JC Davis

        LMS I take my cash out one week of every month, then put it back in the bank. My thinking is at least then I have a 1 in 4 chance of keeping some cash on hand. Even then it is just enough for free checking.

      • sk

        lastmanstanding, LOL! Can you see SWAT teams coming around, kicking down your door, and shouting “come out with your hands up carrying your mattress!!!” Gallows humor. Ain’t much of any other kind of humor left…..

      • Mary Casey

        “Take More Cash Out of Markets and Banks”-Nomi Prins; July, 22, 2015 Anything could open the door for a run on liquidity (cash), which is also why I talk about what individuals should do more and more now is try to preserve their own liquidity and to take more cash out of the markets or out of banks to just have on the side before this period of volatility, before we have the actual crash. This is a tenuous situation.

        “Fed Scared to Raise Rates-Nomi Prins”, September 27, 2015 Prins says to hold cash and explains, “People should be out of this situation, and they should have gone into cash earlier this year. . . . I am talking about holding cash and paying down the things that you own. I am talking about basically taking a physical lock on what you have. Yes, you can keep some cash in the banks . . . . You need to keep it practically for paying bills and mortgages and so forth. There has to be a minimum amount in order to do your personal business, but beyond that, I believe this is a good time to hold on to cash. Being out is the thing that protects most individuals right now.”

        • lastmanstanding

          Oh I agree with you Jerry. in fact, I don’t think they every quit printing. With people waking up and pulling cash out of their savings the fed has no choice. They need to keep liquidity or this whole damn mess goes down the tube.

          Frankly, I don’t think that they want it to happen yet, are trying to save face and are searching like hell to blow it in a way that they will not be blamed and ride in to save the day…again.

          It won’t happen this time…and in the back of their mind I think they know it.

      • Jerry

        Check out the U.S. debt clock. Scroll down to money creation on the left hand side.
        The numbers are spinning so fast you can’t even see them. The Fed has turned up its printing. That is why the dollar is surging, and why the BRICS will be bailing soon.

        • lastmanstanding

          Sorry Jerry, different format on my screen, see above!

      • Kerry

        My friends are reacting in ways that reflect their education, attentiveness to the news, exposure to info, research. Most don’t believe there is a real crisis, only a short term bump that the next president will fix. Very few are preparing for a long-term global crisis. Most have no “skills” other than soft ones. Most think I am crazy for warning them. I have lost friends over this. A few close friends “get it” and are beginning to listen. How do you tell people you don’t know well that The Walking Dead collapse scenario could happen for real, and just how bad it could be? Answer-you can’t. I’ve tried, they don’t want to hear it, or can’t accept it. One friend asked me why I have such a full pantry–I get so tired of trying to explain it so I just said, “We think it will be a bad hurricane season.”

        • Maggie

          It’s raining steadily here in CA. Just now people decided to get new tires and windshield wiper blades. No prior winter preps and we’ve known El Nino is on its way for months. Not really a big deal until you apply this kind of after the fact thinking to crashes, collapses and various disasters.

          This is the majority way of thinking.

    • Mark Maples

      China has no answers. They have a very sick economy.

    • Macray

      If your looking for someone to second 8Balls awesome suggestion, I also vote for DT!
      Happy New Year!!!

    • Alex

      Dear 8 and Greg,
      I read through DT points. It is logical and rational, minimalistic, sharp goals that will certainly made America great again.
      European states would need such leaders. Interview with him would be on par with Jim Sinclair.
      Regards, A.

    • Thomas Stamps

      They did again wed evening EST

  29. Gator

    Enjoy most of your interviews and can’t really complain because of the price. In my opinion David Morgan is a waste of time along with Bill Holter. Neither have been right for many years and both keep moving the time frame up. The rest of what they have to say is common knowledge and we have heard it before from other guests. Anyway, always enjoy your interviews regardless of who it is. Regards..

  30. James Hastings

    Sorry. I started to make a sarcastic comment…..but…..I thought twice about it. We are collapsing. Greg, you have a great show. I look forward to each interview. I understand we can’t all…. just shut down and walk away. I’m still amazed at all the discussion… Rome burns. Maybe people could switch gears……or find one…..and start talking about, what if?

    What if, the Stock market collapses? Do I have a plan?
    What if, the Banks…bail in?
    What if, the credit cards don’t work tomorrow morning? Do I have a plan?
    What if, the Police…..don’t show up during these possible scenarios?
    What if, I can’t get my cards to work, my bank is closed, my car needs gas, and the Police don’t show up?
    What if, the PAPER garbage becomes worthless…..? Do I have something worth spending?
    What if, paper is useless, should I have 1 oz. gold coins for a “savings” and pre-65 silver coins for survival?
    What if, life in my community has become dangerous…? Maybe I should make up to my brother? I might need to HALLLLLLLLLLLLL ASS OUT.

    It’s collapsing folks. Get on with surviving. Make some serious plans, just in case. Oh…and don’t show up at a rural retreat with your checkbook and good looks. Bring something to support yourself. 🙂 Damn, this will be fun.

    • lastmanstanding

      Most of us here can answer yes to most if not all of your items James but it still might not be enough to survive.

      Fun? I doubt it. Sporty for sure!

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  31. Mike R

    Today was a perfect example. There won’t be a crash. Not by any stretch of the imagination, will there be a crash. Crashes don’t happen when interest rates are at or near the zero bound. Bubbles happen. The FED is WAY behind, getting ahead of the BUBBLE, by at least 2 years, and so with only gradual increases, maybe 2 hikes at most this year, at worst we will see a short recession, but stocks will be bottoming long before a crash. The BUBBLE this time will be once and for all, the mother of all BOND bubbles, which will likely take stocks well above 23,000 on the Dow. Monetary injections will not stop, as was witnessed today in China markets, where massive injections, and a devaluation of the Yuan, once again, was coupled with halts in trading in China. This only serves to chase capital out China, and INTO THE US ! So capital flows are going to continue unabated into US markets, including the US dollar, US Stocks, and US Treasuries. The rest of the world has been puking, but the result is capital flowing to the US. If we happen to get as low as 1800 on the S&P 500, consider it a gift from the stock gods and goddesses and buy with both fists. Meanwhile, if gold actually rallies, above 1150 or at most 1200, its your last chance to get out of it, before it goes to 250 or maybe if you are lucky, 500. Look at the CRB. It hasn’t bottomed and it won’t bottom for a long long long time. Its broken support dating all the way to the early 1970’s. Oil is going to go down much further, as will all commodities keep going down, as a stronger dollar, and China decelerating, will leave all sorts of commodity overbuilds, chasing prices much lower. Gold will be caught in this downdraft unfortunately. If you’ve paid down your home loan, and are feeling good about having all that money stuck into your home, you will be given yet another chance to re-think that strategy. As interest rates on 30 year loans, will probably dip into the low 3’s or 2’s. Take a ton of cash out, have a teeny tiny 30 year loan, at an interest rate of 2%, and use it to invest in something else. Certainly not gold, but perhaps a business. Meanwhile enjoy very low interest rates, and very low monthly payments on your home. Cash flow is the name of the game folks. Corporates are doing it, so you might as well get with the program. Especially with the FED way behind the curve. When they tighten too much, and we are talking at least 3 to 5 years from now at how slow they are going, then you can start talking massive bubbles, and the stock market bursting. Again, it will be a Dow well over 23,000. Maybe even 30,000. who knows ? When the market bottoms sometime in the next 60 days, and ends the year at least 10% higher than the end of 2015, you’ll be thanking me in spades. And when Gold bottoms in 2 to 3 years around 500, or 250, you’ll also be thanking me when you got out above 1150. Sell high, buy low. Happy new Year everyone ! the panic and bearishness you are witnessing is indicative of a bottoming process, not a topping process.

    • stonewall

      Mike, you are either delusional, like crazy as a $#!* house rat, or else you’re a paid
      troll so full of $#!* it’s coming out your ears. You do realize that at $500.00 gold
      every gold mine on the planet will be moth balled which means the only true
      money that has survived for thousands of years will be nearly impossible to
      obtain yet you state the price will crash. In other words you claim the law
      of supply and demand no longer applies. Only in your make believe world
      my friend.

    • Mohammad

      Mike ,

      I concur.
      Actually i expect the oil to go below 30 in the mid twenties.
      There is a liquidation taking place because the Sauds know it is OVER for them.
      I won’t be surprised to see gold bottoming to the levels you have mentioned.
      The federal reserve is doing QE through Japan after they confiscated 1 trillion and a change of their bonds to turn that slave country into a QE post of the federal reserve.
      Also they are turning the Netherland/Ireland/Belgium…etc into a porn QE post by mysteriously buying the bonds to the tune of half trillion dollars.
      Add to it turning the treasury dept into a DOUBLE QE TO INFINITY and LOADING the banks with treasury while pulling from them cash WITHOUT collateral. (REPO). that way they are setting the banks for more leverage on steroids.
      I know for sure that equity is the grease of markets and no surprise if i see the levels you pointed to as far as DOW.
      Crash ?…..NOPE.
      The order of the day is chaos under control.

      Yes sir ….I concur with your premise.


      • Thomas Stamps

        Mike’s saying that the fed will try and push out another two years if
        they can.
        Mohammad, your basically an Obama troll!

  32. Coal Burner

    Mohammad, greetings! I liked your discussion about the Babs bouncing from around and are now in London and NY. So where is their next jumg?? The Bushes are making a big move into Paraguay but that sounds like a stop over not the place to control the money and power for the next 500 years. So where is the next jump or do they know is it just that a stop over spot for a couple of generations??

    • Mohammad

      Follow gold coal burner and it tells you where is their next jump.
      I can bet you that China is not the gold’s final destination.


  33. Lamington Pavlova

    Hi all
    Interesting comments that have been posted but on thing that hasn’t been discussed is the Wiping off the last zero on the U.S. dollar along with other major currencies that are aligned to the fed.
    To the neigh sayers it Will take place in a couple of years as these countries will end up having an internal and a separate external currencies to tackle the inefficiencies of their governance and financial systems.
    And the tax systems in western countries are outdated and they will change just like the weather EG a mandatory transaction tax of 2% on coming and going for everything that is transacted with money with no tax refunds (no ponzi tax schemes)so everyone pays big or small -deposits/ withdrawals/ investments.
    This will allow the new central bank via financial institutions to submit 2%of their turnover daily at 6pm, so the Feds know how their policies are affecting the economy as a whole.
    A black economy you cry! think about it for a moment all monies earned and spent Will end up being banked at some stage not worth getting jail for 2% tax avoidance.

    A bit like chewing on a hard boiled sweet (tastes good but can you swallow it whole)?

    L Pavlova (such a sweet guy!)

  34. Chip

    Alinsky’s rules are currently in play.

    There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a Liberal Socialist state.

    The first is the most important.

    1) Healthcare: Control healthcare and you control the people.

    2) Poverty: Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

    3) Debt: Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control: Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare: Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

    6) Education: Take control of what people read and listen to. Take control of what children learn in school.

    7) Religion: Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

    8) Class Warfare: Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

    Any of this sound like what is happening to the United States?
    Sure many of you have seen this before but it is worth repeating… Chip

    • Sayonara

      Nicely summarized. Once gun control is achieved, then they will let the economy implode and take complete and total tyrannical control. This will happen shortly in 2016. I have been predicting that there will be no 2016 Presidential election due to a predictable unforeseen “black swan” event. Obama is playing this brilliantly as he is a master Marxist. Right out of the Marxist play book. This has happened many times before and the former USA will be the biggest prize ever.
      Someone who is prominent and clueless to what is going on recently asked me why I pen under the name Sayonara? I responded, you would never understand.
      And thus, I state that most Americans are the stupidest people to ever roam the planet earth in human history.
      Prepare for Impact.

    • Thomas Stamps

      Good one Chip!

  35. Mohammad


    The younger Bundy to Cliven is working on another standoff with the authorities in Oregon. He is asking fellow militias men to STAND UP instead of what the Sheriff has asked them to do which is STAND DOWN.
    This is big.
    2014 standoff finished peaceful, lets pray this one ends peaceful too.


  36. Brewmaster

    I bought gold today based on the monthly doji and taking out last months high. Worth a shot but use a stop on your position.

  37. Brewmaster

    Did Morgan even talk about silver? I didn’t hear it if he did. Possible signs of a low are starting to come about. Oh, I guess he did mention some bs about manipulation or something like that.

  38. Beano McReano

    How can we find out when it will happen? Easy, they will do it till they can’t! And that’s how you know it will end.

  39. stephen pandolph

    If only one mine is able to produce silver at the current price, what kind of risk does that create for our country. We are already importing a great deal of silver. I am concerned about the availability of silver for electronics, heating, etc. By suppressing silver’s price, out government is placing another impediment to America’s return to growth. Access to an ample supply of silver is essential for this growth. It seems our government has decided that we will watch East Asia develop technology and grow, while we will devolve into a third world has been.

    • Brewmaster

      Stephen, there is a LOT of bogus information out there on the internet. Silver will continue to be available, with the exceptions of short periods of time when demand surges, causing a bottleneck and delayed deliveries. Prices are not manipulated, there is still a free market in silver. The price would not be where it is if supply is less than demand for an extended period of time. With that being said, I will be buying silver on a breakout in price over 14.35. When I place my order I will receive the silver that I purchased. I bought gold yesterday for reasons I explained above. I am beginning to get bullish on the metals for the first time in years. Despite what Greg and lots of others here constantly say, it is possible to discern what the fundamentals of any commodity are by simply looking at a chart. As the old saying goes, the trend is your friend. And we are very close to witnessing a change of trend, it may be upon us.

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