Fed Scared to Raise Rates-Nomi Prins

Nomi PrinsGreg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com    (Early Sunday Release)

Former top Wall Street banker Nomi Prins says forget about a Fed Rate Hike in December. It’s not going to happen. Prins explains, “They are not going to raise rates in December. I didn’t think they were going to raise rates in September. . . . It wouldn’t have made sense for that to happen, and it’s not going to make more sense for the same reasons for December. In the next three months, economies thought the world will not be repaired, markets will not be stable, currencies will not be stable, and all of a sudden, interest rates will not have the need to rise to hurt other countries who are reducing their rates. So, the Fed is not going to move in December. . . . The factors around the policies, around economy, around the markets, don’t lend themselves to doing that. So, she (Janet Yellen) is in a catch 22 of her making and of the Federal Reserve’s making. The choice was made to bail out the financial institutions and prop up the markets with artificial money, and printing money, and reducing the level of interest rates, and reducing the level of currencies relative to the dollar throughout the world. That was the decision that was made. . . . The talk is ‘we will see what the economy does. We’ll see if unemployment is better. We’ll see if inflation is still low, and then maybe we will think about it.’ That is all code for we are not going to think about it because we are scared to move and cause a worse situation than the one we already created. ”

Prins goes on to point out, “Now, you have this heightened volatility. Now, you have this heightened negativity. There is only so much of an amount you can inflate asset bubbles before they destruct, and that’s what we are seeing now in the rising volatility in the last six months, this transition to destruction.”

So, no matter if there is a rate rise or not, the markets are still going to get destroyed. All the warning signs are showing up right now as Prins explains, “What happens before any sort of major implosion is you get this heightened volatility to the downside. You get a heightened volatility to the downside, meaning a lot of jagged edges in the markets, particularly in the stock markets because they most reflect the hot money going in now. Currency trading or Forex trading reflects it too. That’s why you have these rigging frauds going on, and I believe continue to go on. You have all these volatility points along the way in all of these different asset classes. That heightens when the markets turn, and then it becomes a self-fulfilling situation. The more uncertainty there is, the more every little tiny thing creates a more downward cycle rather than an upward bump. That’s what we’re in right now.”

How do people protect themselves? Prins says to hold cash and explains, “People should be out of this situation, and they should have gone into cash earlier this year. . . . I am talking about holding cash and paying down the things that you own. I am talking about basically taking a physical lock on what you have. Yes, you can keep some cash in the banks . . . . You need to keep it practically for paying bills and mortgages and so forth. There has to be a minimum amount in order to do your personal business, but beyond that, I believe this is a good time to hold on to cash. Being out is the thing that protects most individuals right now.”

Nomi goes on to say, “The bigger issue is whether we also go to bail-ins if this transition to destruction results in a much greater crisis because of the events throughout the world and a lot of the negative conflicts. . . .  If all of a sudden defaults start rising in loans, foreign loans to corporations, and local loans in sectors like oil . . . and all that starts to happen . . . where do you go? You go to your depositors because that is the next largest amount of liquidity that you can use in an emergency. That’s really what bail-ins are. . . . The reality is the FDIC doesn’t have the money to secure the trillions of dollars that are in the banks. I think some form of bail-in is coming.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author of “All the President’s Bankers,” Nomi Prins.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Nomi Prins is coming out with a new book next year. The working title is “Artisans of Money.” Prins says, “Artisans of Money will probe the global central bank driven system and its players.” The upcoming book “will explore how central banks have increased market manipulation and speculation like never before in history.” Prins has several of her books for sale, including her current best-seller “All the Presidents Bankers” on the homepage of NomiPrins.com.

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  1. David

    And there you have it! Any attempt by the Fed to hold up the markets is a fools errand; the hubris is nauseating. The Fed will simply fail…. and the longer they attempt to blow hot air in the balloon, the bigger the collapse. They have set-up America for the worst calamity since the Great Depression. Nomi Prins has it right! Move to cash, pay off debt, and hold on.

    Greg, in the past year, my car insurance has increased 15.8% (no claims ever), sewer sanitation services 8%, water 6.4%, satellite T.V. service 8.5% (each of the past two years), property taxes 12.5%, and Health Insurance by 5%. The Fed keeps saying inflation is below 2%. Who are they kidding?

    On a positive note, looking forward to viewing the blood moon this evening from 11,800 feet in Rockies.

    • diane s.

      David. ..you are so right…almost the exact same higher costs have hit us.
      Nomi Prins is good….she gives us good advice.
      Keep hold of you cash…get out of debt and lay low…probably be a bumpy ride until things reset.
      Thanks for this good interview, Greg Hunter.

    • Galaxy 500

      Water and garbage up 20%
      Health Insurance up 30%
      Electricity up 12.3%
      Property tax up 15%

      There has been the much ballyhooed recovery. America’s version of Pravda preaches the 0bamachrist’s filth and lies as truth.
      The conservatives are finally revolting. Trump has given everyone hope. If the blacks would throw revolt against against the Demoncrats and join the conservatives, we could remake this land to what our forefathers desired.
      Trump/Cruz 2016

      • aussie jeff

        Trump would do the business no doubt about it, my question ………is he apart of the elites plan? Somehow I don’t think so, and we know what happens to presidents that they dont want in power.

    • al halla

      David: You are totally correct. Inflation figured by the fed’s and government is very
      corrupt. Done so yearly increases to social sec. and other such payments are held down
      because the government is broke.- screw the people!
      Lindsey Williams said 2 years ago that the elite’s plan was to bankrupt the middle class.
      His quote was- “they will tax and fee the middle class into oblivion!”
      They are doing it from all angles- everything going up and wages going down!
      Middle class has to realize there is a war going on against them! All politicians know this-
      throw the bums out!

    • eddielaidler

      Don’t forget food. That which was 16oz several years ago is now 120z with a higher price. I feed a family of 5 and my estimate is a hidden 25% to 30% inflation from a couple years ago depending on what you purchase.
      Another important point is low energy prices which affect food have not resulted in deflation. But I guarantee you there will be another round of inflation when the price spikes again. It’s a rigged game and despite Newton that which goes up doesn’t come down in a consumer world.

      • David

        Eddie: I agree completely regarding shrinking container size. Coffee, yogurt, ice cream and bacon, among others, immediately come to mind. I track items by cost and Net Wt/Volume very closely. Interestingly, Wal-mart’s prices/size of containers have remained constant. My wife uses coupons, saver’s cards, weekly sales, etc. to max out savings.

        One advantage to storing/cycling food, is the advantage of waiting for sales and only buying when prices are low, rather than buying when the cupboard is bare.

    • Tom Cunningham


      I hear you. We have seen similar increases in my household as well. When I asked the Car Insurance Agent why our rates went up 11% for no reason (no claims or tickets, plus the vehicles are getting older), I was told that was their yearly GRI (General Rate Increase). I am so glad that car insurance is not part of the governments’ inflation calculation (sarcasm).


    • Randy

      WHAT debts, David? Don’t you know that the entire world wide fiat paper currency/electronic bookkeeping entry financial system is a fraud?? A scam, an artifice? How can anyone just create totally fictitious amounts in equally fictitious accounts, and then call them all legitimate? WHERE is the proof that no fraud at all has been committed there? Something doesn’t add up here!
      Maybe you can understand it better if I put it this way, in what I call The Three Magic Questions. What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has the right to commit? What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has an actual obligation to endure? What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of, in the instant case?
      If you can get rid of your years of indoctrination/brainwashing in the public fool system, you will be able to see the truth and beauty of those hard-won questions.


      • Greg Hunter

        Bix Weir from RoadtoRoota.com will be up next to talk all about the “electronic” debt that is going to be wiped out in the next crash.

        • John Pallyswine

          Nomi Prins, a senior fellow at the Soros-funded Demos, a progressive think tank where President Obama’s controversial former “green” jobs czar, Van Jones, has served as a long-time fellow and is currently a board member. FRAUD LYING BEETCH

  2. Thomas

    Very smart lady, glad she didn’t predict a collapse in September, your failure rate would have held its 100% inaccuracy rate for another month. October, is this the month TSHTF ?, or do we continue the slow slow decline until we realize it’s the new norm? China’s Gold exchange goes live any day, that’s something to watch. Not the Shimeta, Bloodmoon, Fed Rate, collapse of the stock market, Jade Helm, Martial Law, ISIS crap everyone crying wolf about. Nobody knows what’s coming, prepare for the worse and adjust accordingly.

    • Galaxy 500

      Nobody knows what’s coming, prepare for the worse and adjust accordingly.


    • 8Ball

      You are correct… US and World are being slow-cooked while people are distracted with “collapse is imminent” stories on the alt-media.

  3. mushoom

    The sky is falling. The sky is falling. Lets face it there won’t be a crash. The bic, IMF and fed have enormous power to prevent it. A planned slide yes, but NEVER any crash…

    • Calgirl

      The “market” is way bigger than the Fed and all the Fed’s “friends”. Heck, the derivatives market alone is bigger than the Fed as we will soon see now that Glencore is imploding and all their derivatives cause a cascading failure around the world.
      If the Fed is so all powerful, why has it been unable to right our economy for seven years? The PTB again slammed the gold/silver market this morning (Monday) trying to convince us that there is no problem with our economy ( Soon this too will pass).
      I just watched Madeline Albright on FBC saying that we need to take thousands and thousands more of the fleeing ME immigrants into the U.S. She says it is humanitarian. I think it would be more “humanitarian” if we stopped destabilizing all the countries in the ME. There would not be gobs of people running from the ME if the U.S. would dump all the neocons and the Wolfowitz doctrine. Does the U.S. really want more Muslims in our midst? Is Ben Carson right that the Muslim religion is not compatible with our Constitution? Heck, the Muslim religion is not compatible with any other religion including Christianity, much less than democracy. Listen to this short video about Muslim compatibility: http://sgtreport.com/2015/09/dr-carson-is-right/ Muslims, according to the Koran, are told to lie in the furtherance of their religion. Can we trust their oaths?

      • mushoom

        Excuse me very much – this is not 1929. TODAY WE ONLY KNOW WHAT WE ARE TOLD. If you think a derivative rupture will be revealed to the market or the public you are naive beyond belief. This is why these instruments and most other significant economic modalities are absolutely confidential.

        The fed has no interest in “righting our market”. Their mandate is to transfer wealth.

      • al hall

        Calgirl- who do you think set-up the derivatives markets??? Hate to quote what Lindsey Williams has been told by his elite friend- but years ago he said- ‘the collapse will start in the derivatives markets due to interest rate changes.” That this could start anywhere in the world as a flash point!

      • art barnes

        Can’t trust a Muslim’s oath? I believe that, but we can’t trust our leaders either and they took oaths, both are untrustworthy in my mind, enemies of the state, or at least of the American people.

      • FC

        This is how we will be treated if we let this immigration madness continue.


    • Galaxy 500

      Never a crash? You have a lot of faith in criminals and evil men.
      Bush put America on the brink and 0bama pushed us over the cliff with lead weights tied to our feet.
      We are only in moderately better shape than the Weimar republic but only if we still have our gold reserves. If we don’t we are in much much worse shape add the had a tremendous manufacturing base while we exported ours to our enemies. How will did that work out for us?

      • mushoom

        Thank you for your reply.

        I simply maintain that there will be no crash either this September as many have been saying or anytime soon. Time will tell.

      • art barnes

        Yea, there is a old saying, “never say never” ab

    • foggygoggles

      I couldn’t agree more. Wasting time and energy on fear porn like the shemita and blood moons, is the intellectual equivalent to deciphering chicken entrails. In addition, precious metals guys only talk their book. They, like the Keynesians, claim their point of view is the correct one, despite being wrong for the last SEVEN years! Although, like a broke clock, I suppose they might be right at some point. I think anyone promoting the idea of a collapse of the dollar, the market or the economy, should be asked what role the deep state plays in their assessment, including the black budget, money laundering and a myriad of other nefarious off balance sheet shenanigans TPTB employ. My best guess is that they don’t give any of that a thought, which is why they continue to be wrong.

  4. Smaulgld

    IF the Fed doesn’t raise rates, holding cash in the form of dollars may not be a good move. The Fed needs to raise rates to combat its own lack of credibility and the de-dollarization initiatives that are underweigh.
    Now Russia and China and engaged in Syria and France and Germany are joining them. The US dollar and Treasury will take a massive hit if they do not raise rate.
    Keep in mind John Kerry’s statement that if Obama’s Iranian deal did not pass, the dollar risked losing the world’s reserve currency status.

    This is ALL about the dollar and demand for t-bonds. It has nothing to do with the economy, the stock or real estate markets. If it did there is NO WAY the Fed would even be thinking of raising rates. The economy is heading down.

    Yellen I think is being pressured to raise rates and she doesn’t want to – she is on record as being in favor of negative interest rate- google “janet yellen negative interest rates”

    The Buffet crowd wants no rate hike. The anti Buffet crowd-oil/commodities/Koch lobby wants higher rates. The pushing out of Boehner is telling.

    The Fed needs to raise rates- if they do they will tout that it is a sign of confidence in the US economy. It’s not, if they raise them it will be because they were forced to protect the dollar which seems strong now but can teeter and fall if rates are left at zero.

    The latest report from the US Treasury showed a signficant decline in T bond holdings from China and “Belgium”. The selling accelerated in August and has not yet been reported. Here is the latest report of foreign holders of U.S Treasury Bonds: https://smaulgld.com/foreign-holdings-u-s-treasuries/

    The US can not allow a further sell off of T bonds. Indeed take a look at this statement from former General David Petreaus insisting that such a sell of is NOT a threat to national security. Doth the General protest too much?

    • Smaulgld

      America’s dominance as the world’s superpower gives the dollar its strength
      It is waning.

      Here is another example of the US taking a back seat in the middle east

      France and Germany are joining China and Russia in Syria in fighting ISIS

      Chinese Navy sets off for Syria:


      Germany to join Russia/Chinese alliane

      France announced its own airstrikes in Syria earlier today and Russia is already in Syria.

      Also Iraq Iran Syria and russia are working together in Bagdad to gather terrorist intelligence

      US is losing the middle east, its allies are forming their own policies and no rate hike? No rate hike could mean a rapid unwinding of the dollar.

      • jimha

        That report about China going to Syria has been rebutted by a top Chinese official. I seriously doubted the report anyway.

      • art barnes

        No rate hike WILL mean a rapid unwinding of the dollar, ab

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I don’t think demand for T-Bonds is that big of a deal.

      More specifically, yes, of course, if there is a shortage of “liquidity” for T-Bonds, or more accurately, if there aren’t enough sufficiently-high bids for T-Bonds, then yes, that is a VERY BIG deal.

      But, the Fed can create an artificial market for every T-Bond out there. If I understand correctly, currency swaps don’t show up on the Fed’s balance sheet. Using currency swaps, the Fed can, through proxies (ECB, BOJ, etc.) gobble up untold numbers of US Treasury obligations, without reflecting them in their balance sheet.

      China just sold off, very roughly, some $150 Billion of US Treasury obligations, but what I would expect as a reaction (reflected in interest rates) was somehow stifled. Where did those end up, Detroit?

      • smaulgld

        “Using currency swaps, the Fed can, through proxies (ECB, BOJ, etc.) gobble up untold numbers of US Treasury obligations, without reflecting them in their balance sheet.”
        That is true but even the most die hard market manipulator has to realize that at some point there needs to be legitimate demand/liquidity for bonds and that even though the balance sheet may not grow but using these financial tricks- nothing good can come from it- see Japan

  5. FC

    You can take the girl out of the bank, but you can’t take the bank out of the girl, in regards to Nomi’s opinion on gold, where the system basically has to implode for gold to find it’s true valve and that’s the time to buy…………….by that stage, the East will have most of the Gold and the Western holders won’t be selling it for any amount of Fiat currency.

    • jimha

      I agree with you. I think that gold will pop over night at some point so that if you are not already in you will miss the innitial large gain.

  6. Jerry

    This is symbolic of the global economy.
    All we’re doing now is just waiting for the drop.

    • Jerry

      Just in case anybody is interested, the Chinese CIPS is scheduled to go live any day now.

      It’s irrelevant what the Fed does at this point. What’s left of our economy is about to take a BRIC in the face in October. Bye, Bye, dollar.

      • Galaxy 500

        If by BRICS in the face, you mean the continued collapse of the BRICS, I am in total agreement.
        Here is betting you sixty Rubles or Ruppes that nothing significant happens in regards to a BRICS in the face and the dollar is still here.
        People here keep pointing to a date on the calender and says this is the date of the end and so far, the predictions have been 0%.
        All I see is a group of people like Hal Lindsey and others profiting from the sale of their crackpot doomsday theories.
        Is a crash coming? Absolutely.
        What day and month? I don’t have a clue.
        Are we closer that we were yesterday? Hell yes.
        Oh, and for all the people that plan to go get stuff at the last minute. Good luck, but you are dreaming. The first thing to happen will be a credit crisis. All the grocery stores along with home improvement and discount stores use a sophisticated supply chain and while the stores might get a re supply of what they have in a company owned warehouse, they won’t be getting it from vendors on credit. And with a bank holiday, credit cards and checks not working and limits pin debit cards, just wondering how they plan to pay for their last minute supply plan.

      • Galaxy 500

        By the by, that bet is current worth a little less than a U $ D.
        The loser can pay Greg

        • Jerry

          There’s no way I’ll take that bet. I lost the last time I bet with you. Greg came out ahead on the last deal. But just remember the BRICS have the gold and the rigging scandal is about to go front page.

        • WD

          G 500,

          BRICS are having problems, but so are we-big problems.
          Our media just covers it up, distorts it. By the bigger companies buying gold and pms they are taking out major insurance policies.

          Jerry has a valid point- look past the economic news and see whats underneath it all.

          Its a much harder fall from the penthouse to the street than from the curb to the street.

          Take Care…

      • Red Flag

        Great link, thanks. I read somewhere online that the Chinese love the American intellectual and inventive capital…unlike our own leaders, we will be valued for our work when the changes come. Obama was an ass with Putin, as was Charlie Rose ( Mr. CFR, Bilderberer). The Chinese will eliminate the dollars value, but the NWO one world currency won’t happen. This site you posted shows the new path for Americans, even. We can all get involved in FX RMB for payments. yay!
        I’m looking’ forward to a NWO all right, without the rogue terrorist regime of the US banksters.

    • Calgirl

      Do you think your video link is appropriate for this site and our hopefully intelligent discussions? If you must post this type video link, please advise us ahead of time that it is disgusting.

      • Jerry

        I apologize. I have a warped sense of humor.

  7. James Hastings

    She makes a specific point. She clarifies reality. OUR society / system…is a perversion. Something so corrupt….rotten…cannot remain, in a cohesive nature. We are crumbling. We have no solid foundation. We are like…. “a foolish man who built his house on sand….and it fell with a great crash”.

    • Diane D

      James Hastings, I agree 100%. ‘Those Things doth the Lord hate: A proud Look, a lying Tongue, and Hands that shed innocent Blood.’ Prov 6:16-17.

      America has become a wicked nation. God will pass judgment. Therefore…… Christians need to finish that sentence.

  8. J C Davis

    Thanks for having Nomi Prins back on. I don’t see how a bail in will help. I for one will simply take my money out rather the having a account. Every attempt to prop up the dollar has made the problem worse, so every attempt in the future will make things worse.

    • Russ

      By the time banks need a bail-in, other currency controls will be implemented and you won’t be able to take your money out — look at Cyprus, look at Greece. Consider those to be test runs.

      It will happen over a week-end with no notice — Friday’s news will be that everything is great, Monday will tell a different story.

      • JC Davis

        Russ. My only problem is timing out when to put enough in to keep free checking. Major math…lol

    • Galaxy 500

      If they have a bank holiday, how are you going to prevent them from using your money in the pool of “bail in” money?

      • JC Davis

        Re read my post. I got the min in banks. Not That it will be any good.

      • JC Davis

        G 500 On second thought. Even If I have my money in hand they will likely have a way of taking it by law. Hum.

  9. Beligarant

    Anyone else see this one?

    ‘S&P 500 futures liquidity at it lowest point since data became available.’


  10. Banjo Pat


    Serbia could not escape the painful economic effects of the war, especially the rampant inflation. “During the 116 days between October 1993 and January 24, 1994,” reports one source, “the cumulative inflation was 500 trillion percent.” Mira Blagojević, who has worked at Bethel since 1982, recalls that she had to take an entire bagful of money to the market just to buy a few vegetables.

    Another sister, Gordana Siriški, relates that when her mother collected her month’s pension, it was worth only the price of one roll of toilet paper. “It’s really hard to understand how people could survive,” said Gordana, “when everything they possessed suddenly became worthless. Thanks to our worldwide brotherhood, we received relief supplies from abroad. As people lost faith in the banks and the government, many found faith in God, and the brothers drew closer to one another.”

    Found on a Congregational website.

    • Galaxy 500

      I recall talking to a young man from Russia about his time in the military during the fall of the Soviet Union. He told me he stepped over people huddled in the subways that were starving and later stepping over their corpse. If he hadn’t been in the Military , he says his entire family would have starved. They didn’t have extra but they had enough to survive, just barely.
      I can’t help but to wonder if the scum in Washington survives at the expense pic the good people. However, here the govt doesn’t own everything and the public I’d armed So they can resist the illegal confiscation of their property.
      Perhaps in time, we’ll look back and point to a specific time and event that triggered the Greatest Depression. However, I think it is silly to speculate when it is coming. It is coming. Prepare thyself. Love and protect your wife and children. Worship the One True God and hold the evil of islam at bay. Vote. We may be able to throw off the tyranny in Washington. There is change in the wind.

      • WD

        G 500,

        Good point. But at the time of collapse any type of organized govt, police force, FEMA troops is fantasy. There will no one to take care of you or take you away. I live in a medium size southern city and crime here keeps getting worse and more brazen. My dad has it is the worse it has been ever in his life. It is getting worse and its unraveling.

        Being armed may be the best thing one can do.

  11. David


    This guest as well as others are advising us ” to go to cash.” For the life of me I don’t know what that means? Stockman seems to mean 90 day US treasuries. Money market accounts in our brokerage accounts are questionable short term paper as well. “Cash” in banks…well you figure that one out!

    Are these people talking about stuffing mattresses with 20’s and 100’s?


    • Hairy Herry

      It’s very simple, David.. I totally get where Nomi is going with this.
      Cash refers to FIAT $$. Why you need fiat $$?
      1) The government’s War On Cash where they track you incessantly.
      2) In a depressionary phase, cash truly talks as folks have far less of it.
      3) This in NO WAY WHATSOEVER nullifies your need for true value, especially gold and silver. A combination of all these and outside the banking system (in your own secure zone or safe, as myself) and you should sleep better at night.

  12. William Charles

    Sorry, but gold isn’t a hedge against inflation!

    • paul

      The reason is that when “real inflation” hits no one will trade it away for worthless inflated paper currency … but gold “is a hedge” against a change in government or a change in the existing monetary system!

    • JMiller

      I agree with you Charles. I have heard people say that gold is a hedge against inflation but all you have to do is look at the price of gold from 1980 to 2000 and see it did terrible both in nominal and real terms. Some people are more correct to say that gold is hedge against hyper-inflation.

      • William Charles

        Indeed Paul, gold is a hedge against government as per my comment below.

  13. Ed

    Daivd, sounds like a stealth NIRP to me?

  14. al hall

    Greg: What Nomi Prins told the world bank is correct- but this is a bankster takeover. Like didn’t already know this- really!! The Fed -world bank- the IMF, hell they are all owned secretly, privately, by the bankster, Rothschilds, The Queen, Morgans, etc.

    What she said meant nothing-zero! We could have said the same thing to them as many do everyday- they could care less. They have their agenda and their own schedule – they care less what she says or us as a collective!!
    They are still on schedule for the collapse!


    • Silence is Golden

      Al, You da man. Bros. in arms. 😉

  15. Roderick

    Wait until the system crashes then buy gold?

    Reminds me of my friend who sits on the fence about getting extra food. He say’s “when I see the crash happen I will run to the store and stock up”.

    He should have coffee with your guest.. he has a lot in common with her.

    • JMiller

      Several months ago when Nomi Prins was asked in an interview if she owned any gold or silver all she said was that she owns some silver. She said nothing about owning any gold in that interview. It is obvious that Nomi and some of Greg’s other guests are not really prepared if the worst case scenario happens.

      • Hairy Herry

        So what’s wrong with owning just silver? Here’s my argument, and I’m giving just 3 of several points I could present:
        1) The totally screwed up ratio between the two in terms of paper price now stands at greater than 75:1 .. Historically 16:1 should be realized.
        2) Silver is now priced at or below the production cost of nearly every silver company on the globe!
        3) Silver, as gold, is in significant backwardation. This should NEVER be!

        I have a hell of a lot more silver than gold, and I could care less about any critics that say any reduced demand is due to less industrial demand. That simply means for investors whom are patiently awaiting their metal, up to 3 months in most instances. I tried to warn people on Yahoo, ZeroHedge and other forums of this very possibility which in due course has come true. I rest my case.

        • JMiller

          Having a large amount of silver makes it harder to carry or conceal. Silver is more of a commodity than it is money especially when compared to gold. Having only silver and no gold lacks diversification. By having only silver, one is making a bet that silver will be as good as gold if not better. That may not be the case. During the hyper-inflation period in the Weimar Republic, both gold and silver increased in value however in 1923 the gold/silver ratio jumped from 16 to 160, meaning gold increased in value much more than silver in that year.


          Conclusion: It is better to have both.

          • JMiller

            Here is a more detailed look at the gold/silver ratio during the Weimar Republic hyper-inflation period.


            • paul

              JM … looking at the price changes in “percentage terms” and I see silver did “as well as” … “or better then” gold!

              • JMiller

                Really? Silver did as good as gold or better in 1923?

                Oct. 16, 1923 to Oct 23, 1923
                Silver increased 36%
                Gold increased 1266%

                Big difference. Sure in some time frames back then silver did do a little better than gold but I was referring about the big change in October of 1923.

              • JMiller


                Actually after looking at the numbers prior to gold’s big increase the week of Oct. 16, I find silver did not even do as good as gold. From Jan. 1919 to Oct. 16, 1923 gold increased a little more than silver in percent terms.

    • Galaxy 500

      I am with you. I would ask her hire will that strategy would have worked in Cyprus? The answer is that it would not have been possible UNLESS you had all or an arse load of cash money on hand. And you couldn’t buy gold at any where near the spot rate.

  16. William Charles

    Gold is a hedge against government!

  17. Ron

    Please ask someone if the same thing applies to credit unions as applies to banks. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Banks and credit unions are regulated by the Federal Reserve. Credit unions are as a rule more stable but we are talking about a systemic calamity with the US dollar and Treasury bonds at the center.

      • Ron

        Thanks Greg. So then I assume that if there are bank closures and “bail-in’s” , then credit unions would also be closed, and credit-union depositors would also be “bailed-in” or given a “haircut”, and that basically credit unions would be no more safe than banks. Ultimately of course, all fiat currencies will return to their intrinsic value of zero just like the Zimbabwe dollar, but I was hoping their might be some alternative to keeping physical paper fiat cash (and of course silver and gold) at home as the crises unfolds and banks are closed, etc.

        Most of my retirement savings have already been converted to silver and gold held at a depository in Idaho, but I still have a few thousand in fiat currency to pay expenses as Nomi Prins recommends.

        I notice you you ask almost every guest how the fiat currency crash will effect the “man on the street”, and that is the big question that I think most of us are most concerned about, since that will probably be the most dangerous time for us all as the dust settles and before our silver/gold becomes the default currency of the realm once again as it always does.

        I love your broadcasts, and especially the interviews with Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair. Keep up the great work, and I hope you do well on your farm in Missouri when “TSHTF”.

  18. paul

    Holding cash “money” is a lot different then holding cash “currency” … so when Nomi says hold “cash” she is not making a very clear distinction for us … if she means “hold cash paper currency” then what she is saying is that paper IOU’s will provide protection from the worldwide QE printing (and Fed stealth printing) going on … which seems “a bit risky” to me … why not simply hold “coins” instead (if gold and silver are not your bag) which can’t be inflated “as dramatically” as paper currency by simply pushing a few buttons on a computer … to make metal coins they must be mined, refined, and stamped into cash at the Treasury … a much “slower inflationary process” and hence likely “a safer form of cash” then all those zillions of paper IOU’s governments print like water around the world.

    • paul

      Nomi is probably seeing a liquidity squeeze coming and that’s why she is saying “hold cash” … but consider the fact that the bankers were saved in 2008 with $16 trillion in printed paper sprayed like water all over the world … now we are in a situation where the largest banks hold derivatives that can go bad and destroy the financial system now do you think for one moment the Fed (who’s job it is to save the financial system) will let these big banks go down? … is the rule of law abided by banks anymore? … how many bankers went to jail for the blatant fraud in banking, real estate/mortgages? … how many brokers went to jail for stacking MBS securities with guaranteed defaults while betting against the pools? … the list of exposed frauds within the Obama administration that have gone unpunished or even investigated is a mile long … so what I’m getting at is “any lack of liquidity” (like when an ocean recedes before a Tsunami) will be followed by an unstoppable wall of paper “cash” to save the big banks once again and it will destroy any value you may think you have holding “paper cash” … unless that cash is something that is “limited” in its quantity “like metal coins” (or gold and silver)!

      • Hairy Herry

        Here’s my sole disagreement with you on this, Paul. Consider if the Fed does much as they have done the last time around with digital credits. A few strokes of the keyboard did it for the most part as about 1.5 trillion or so is in physical fiat, not the 18 trillion or so in debt, spare the 700 trillion or greater in derivatives in which the “chain” shall again be broken as there’s NOT enough paper monopoly money to cover it.
        Secondly, there are bank$ters who want nations to do away with their larger currencies. The 500 Euro note could go bye-bye, and so could the $100 bill. I sense Franklin is rolling in his grave, along with Ol’ Hickory.

    • JC Davis

      Paul. A 100 dollar bag of constitutional silver, and 500 dollars unconstitutional paper should get the average person threw for some time. The ones that bug me are those looking to profit from hard times. Having food and cloths let us be content.

      • jim chudzinski

        Why do you think we are profiting from bad times, i just want to protect what they are going to take away from me. Don`t be jealous because you don`t have enough money to buy more precious metals.

        • JC

          Jim. I think your thinking of someone else. I don’t want any precious metals that I did not work for in a honest way. As for jealous I have more then I will ever need, and hand out to the needy when ever I find them. Judge yourself. Stock players in this dishonest market is nothing less then a food stamp receiver.

    • Calgirl

      Personally, I think cash under your mattress will protect you from a bail-in and will be useful for a few days after an economic collapse. From then on we will have to rely on our stockpiles of food, necessities, and barter (using goods and services, gold/silver, and “Constitutional” (Junk) silver). Eventually, gold and silver will take over the world economy as the basis for a “reserve currency”. From then on the fight will be setting a new currency standard to be used in commerce. I think the Chinese yuan will win that one, as by then the U.S. will have been “outed”.

    • Galaxy 500

      I have heard people say that because treasury makes coins they will have value In any society that experienced hyper inflation, This had never been the case. Small amounts of industrial metal are going to be useless. First they will round things to the nearest dollar, then five, ten, twenty and hundred.
      Just my analysis that the guy running any cash register for any large company that survives isn’t going to care about your loose change and the govt will quit minting it.
      But I think we will both know the answer to this in the next five years

      • JC Davis

        So a wheat penny will be worth how many dollars?

        • paul

          It all depends on how many dollars the Fed prints!

          • paul

            JC … using Hairy Kerry’s numbers above … $700 trillion in derivatives is being carried by $1.5 trillion in paper fiat … which means $466 dollars of derivative debt is being held up by 1 paper dollar! … making the paper dollar worth (1/466) or $0,00214 cents.
            Therefore to answer your question JC as to what the wheat penny is currently worth … divide $0.01 into $0.00214 and we find the wheat penny is worth $4.67 without accounting for it’s numismatic value … I would put a current value on the wheat penny of about 5 bucks! … after QE4 the value can only be greater!

            • paul

              Sorry … I meant to say divide $0.00214 into $0.01 …

              By the same reasoning … the Jefferson nickel is worth (5 x $4.67) or $23.36 … which means the bankers have actually manipulated the price of an ounce of silver “below” the current value of one plug nickel … we should definitely be saving all the nickels we can get our hands on!

              • paul

                With silver selling for about 300 nickels right now (and the nickel being worth $23.36) means the true price of an ounce of silver is (300 x $23.36) or about $7000 dollars in phony Fed fiat paper debt IOU’s!

                • paul

                  At a “very conservative” gold/silver ratio of 25 it means the current worth of one ounce of gold is $175,000 dollars in phony Fed fiat paper debt IOU’s!

            • jc davis

              WOW Paul I did not mean for a answer, but you gave it. Good job.

  19. DLC (formerly Donna)

    Locally, the people voted for a “temporary” food tax to help with the state debts. The tax became permanent and the city workers were given a raise with that money.

    People passed several propositions which added to the property taxes, and now they are fuming about their increased tax bills.

    We just had an election to fund adding track to a light rail system that only 1% of the population uses. This will increase the sales tax for the next 35 years. It seems that about every other year the state thinks of another reason to increase the sales tax — and the people continuously give their okay.

    I have no TV service. I dropped the collision on both of my old cars. I keep nothing in the bank other than what covers my most basic utility bills. I am totally debt free other than utilities, food, taxes, and insurance. But, here is the rub.

    I have no control over these costs and the people vote like fools or do not vote at all. Since we are a heavy proposition state, you need an informed population that votes on these matters so that the lobbying interests do not get their way at our expense. There is extremely low turnout for pocket issues, so costs to the individual constantly go up.

    I finally understood everything Nomi said, so that is progress for me personally. I try to follow all your guests on every other site they might appear on to get myself up to speed on all the things I need to consider and implement.

    • JC Davis

      DLC There has been many to try to lower the cost of high living by going off grid only to face the system and lose. Search evicted for living off grid. Here is one story. There are hundreds.

    • JC Davis

      The way I did it was to find the poorest county in the state, buy 20 acres surrounded by hundreds of vacant forest land. Put a school bus on it, and tell the county you plan to build and need to get your mail. When you have a mailing address never build. after many years build what you want and it is grandfathered in. 1 more thing register at least 1 vehicle to prove address has been used. Sad times.

    • Calgirl

      DLC (formerly Donna)
      California, right? The problem with State propositions is that the people have the vote! Since most people are either ignorant, selfish, unable to discern cause and effect, or too influenced by propaganda, you end up with government rules like those in California.
      I think that the only remedy is the Constitutional Convention being prepared now, which can place safeguards on many of our governmental problems.

      • Calgirl

        Here is a short video about the Convention of States. Keep in mind that all proposals must be approved by 34 State Legislatures to become actual amendments to our U.S. Constitution. IMO this is the only way we the people will get our democratic government back from the bought and paid for politicians and judges.

    • Galaxy 500

      Voting does matter

      • JC Davis

        G 500 Prove it ! How and what change have you to prove voting matters ? ?

        • aussie jeff

          Have to agree JC,
          Voting is the feel good factor in letting you think your vote mean’t something,don’t matter who you vote for, in the end you vote for “them” no matter what side of the politcal fence you sit on,The 13 blood lines run on either side of the political divide, going through the motions of voting lets the multitudes think they have actually voted in who they want.
          Of course the stark reality sets in not long after which ever side takes office, then we see the same circus as we did with the last lot that the “hopeful’s” just threw out of office.
          Think of it as a game, ……….one that you will never win,as the outcome is already known before the first voter cast’s his ballot. That way you will never be disappointed.

      • Allen Ols


        BS, your voting has done nothing for u or anyone but the people u stood in line for, your fav. flavored politician. u r full of your own coolaid.

        • Allen Ols

          Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) met his wife, Heidi (née Nelson), while working on the George W. Bush presidential campaign of 2000. Heidi Cruz is currently head of the Southwest Region in the Investment Management Division of Goldman, Sachs & Co. and previously worked in the White House for Condoleezza Rice and in New York as an investment banker for J.P. Morgan. Wikipedia lists Heidi Nelson Cruz as an “investment banker” and a “historical member” of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

      • frederick

        yeah sure it does G500 and its nice to see that lie being called out by knowledgeable fellow watchdogs

      • Diane D

        Does anyone honestly believe DC can be fixed by voting? Of the 536 we have voted in, can anyone name 10 who honor their oath to the Constitution? How many are outright traitors and should be tried for treason?

        Then there is the voting system at the national level. Is there anyone who denies that it is corrupt?

        Last and probably most condemning was best described by Joel Skousen, “The voters in this country are corrupted. The majority is not principled nor well informed.” Frankly, I’d use the word ‘stupid’. And you can’t fix stupid.

        Honestly, with corrupted politicians, a corrupted voting system, and corrupted voters, exactly how can DC can be fixed through the ballot box?

    • art barnes

      In California its not just the sales and other taxes that go up forever and never come down, its the FEES for everything from parking to using a public park. Last weekend a local county park went from $2.00 for a picnic afternoon to $10.00. I bitched about it and turned around & ate my lunch in my car. The fees are exploding on most small services we use, bus fare, boat lunching fees, etc., – but guess what, those fees are also not entered into the inflationary index, aka the core index. The middle class is not that far in the middle of the economic ladder any longer, losing a step every year or so now.

  20. Aussie Al

    Greg very interesting how This lady can chill you to the bone!! once again another great interview! I will be sending this particular interview to “ALL” of my friends and family due to Miss Prins well articulated coverage of the problems. Fantastic how she gets the message across so easily without confusing the issues for general Joe’s like myself.
    If people don’t understand after listening to this lady then there really is no hope for them!.
    Best regards and God Bless you for all of the help that you give us All.

  21. Jack

    To William- If we get high or possibly hyperinflation would you prefer paper money or gold and silver?

    • art barnes

      Don’t want to wiggle in here, but I’d prefer some metal bullets instead of metal coins; just my two cents.

  22. ray antley

    Thanks Greg for having Nomi on.

  23. Gary

    Yes we should have some cash but she said Gold is not under narmal conditions and doesnt sound like shes an advocate for silver and gold but all the other countries are bying it hand over fist because they know its real money. Thats one reason the crash will hurt here the most.She may be up to date on banks and feds doings she needs to come down to reallity most people cant pay off their car house and other debts most people rent thats why rent is sky rocketing . living from pay check to paycheck . Im sure not gonna sell all my gold and silver to do that. I have slowly bought it with what little I had for years because of guests on this show and many others.but we dont know what will happen when it crashes but we do know it will be ugly.

    • c

      Maybe Miss Prins has never been educated about the historic facts and value of gold and silver. The schools, all the way from K thru graduate, do not educate about gold and silver anymore. Miss Prins is too young to have been taught the full spectrum of economics. All they teach is Keynesian doctrine. But some do know, like Greenspan, but they sell out their soul to protect the damn petrodollar and their cohorts. Greenspan is on record at an old FOMC meeting discussing the necessity to manipulate the gold price down (in order to protect the dollar (and his .01% buddies).

  24. country codger

    Hi Greg,
    I know I have said this before but if you can you need to hear Dr. Steve Puetz. I will put an article with a link to an interview with Dr. Puetz. ((You can hide it if you like.)) If not, try contacting Aaron Brinkman through Rick Wiles’ office.

    There is much I could say but will not say until you try and understand the Puetz Postulate.

    God bless you and yours,

  25. Jerry

    Thanks Greg for another great interview. First time commenter here. I have listened to most of your interviews for the past couple of years and enjoy your guest selection and the work and effort you put forth yourself. I really like Nomi and I appreciate what she has to say and in this interview she went a little deeper into why gold isn’t the best place to be yet. That is maybe a good strategy but we are at a point of things are unraveling quickly and one of these fine mornings we wake up to the results of a global RESET with most things already repricing in and gold and silver for that mater are unavailable.

    As you have said many times yourself Greg,”you either have it or you don’t” and I’d rather be a year early than a second too late.

  26. Roderick

    Is Nomi giving talks to the Federal Reserve about what to do to save itself? Is it possible she wants to work for them?

    I rather like how Rob Kirby describes the Federal Reserve and the course they are on. In his eyes they are way beyond the point where they could save the system let alone save themselves from the coming monetary collapse. That collapse of course they placed into motion.

    For one thing saving a privately held central bank based on fiat money is not in harmony with what the founding fathers had in mind for a strong. economic nation.

  27. WD


    Today I looked at a USA TODAY- I rarely look at it, but I noticed it is getting much thinner as opposed to earlier in the year and its history… I am doing my happy dance!!

  28. paul

    You won’t find me holding debt “cash … that our government and bankers create out of thin air and spend like water each year … simply placing this debt burden upon unborn children (who can’t defend themselves from being immorally swindled by both the government and bankers) … these unborn children have no recourse (unless we do something about it) … and to make matters worse with abortion clinics and birth management “even less children” will be around to bear the debt burden … and don’t forget the Agenda 21 crowd who want to see only 500 million people on Earth … consider the hundreds of trillions in cash debt IOU’s in the world that only 500 million people will have to come up with… a likely “cash” debt burden of over a million dollars each!

    Of course the government and the bankers will say: “the situation won’t really be that bad” … because by then kids working at McDonald’s will likely be earning a salary of a million paper dollars in cash every week!

    As for the price of gold … Jim Sinclair will surely be shaking his head … as at that time it will probably cost 5 years salary to buy one ounce of gold (or $260 million dollars “cash” per ounce)! … to do something about it … simply take $1150 dollars in “cash” today and buy an ounce of gold to gift to your kids “yet unborn” children … it would be an unforgettable gesture “remembered fondly” by those kids generations from now … who’s “cash” won’t be worth the paper it is printed on.

  29. Scott

    There most certainly can be a crash and quite an ugly one. Simply watching and quoting the myriad of economic index charts gives a picture of economies, employment rates, GDP, etc. (if you can even halfway believe any of those data points considered gospel by CNBC). The black swans will lie in the peripherals, such as war, immigration and in whoever decides it’s time for a false flag operation either at home or abroad. The Fed and other central banks might very well be able to keep this Ponzi scheme going forever. But that’s monetary policy. Those presently overrunning Europe right now don’t really care about the Fed’s timeline.

  30. Guy

    Its very unlikely that their will NOT be bank bail-ins the USA. The simple reason is that there is not enough cash, and the redemptions would collapse the US economy in a very short period. There is perhaps about $250B in real cash in circulation. That could easily be horded in a modest bank run.

    Recall that during the Lehman collapse when the “the reserve” broke the dollar that more than $500 Billion was withdrawn from the banking system in less than 4 hours. That is wben Bernanke stepped in to announce the Fed would guarantee all money held in money market accounts to end the bank runs. The last think the Fed or anyone in gov’t wants is a US bank run.

    The most likely scenario is that the Fed starts buying up bad bonds (corporate, muni, even student loans). Recall that the Fed still holds Mortgage assets from the 2008-2009 housing crisis. The EU is a different situation since the ECB has mandates that limit its abilities to accumulate bad debt. The Fed does not have these same mandates.

    The issue with cash is that you might end up getting double taxed, fined, or perhaps arrested, when you need to convert it back to electronic to write checks to pay bills. The gov’t is very anal about cash and thinks that anyone with cash acquired it without paying taxes (ie paid under the table, or other illicit activities). Its possible they are also concerned about the possibility of bank runs and are trying to scare people from hording cash. Small business are getting targeted for tax fraud if they perform too many cash transactions. Recall last may when a small convenience store owner has his bank account seized because to excessive cash deposits.

    I think we will see small business refusing cash (ie credit/debit only) to avoid getting entangled with the IRS. Also many small business do not want to keep much cash on hand due to thief (either by employees or street criminals). I recall trying to pay cash for a new car battery that was about $150 and the auto part store refusing to accept cash.

    Its very likely that cash will be banned in the next three to five years. I think it will take some time since they need to provide the means for all business to accept electronic payments (ie car washes, tolls, parking meters, vending machines, etc).

  31. Len Penzo

    Let me see if I got this straight: Nomi says that the system is in “a transition to destruction” and the Fed is trapped, therefore we should “get out.” On the other hand, she says if we’re going to move into gold we should only own “some” gold and do so gradually, because the smarter move is to get into “cash” — despite her admission that holding cash will result in loss of purchasing power and her belief that bail-ins are coming that will result in the banks robbing depositors of their cash. What????

    Folks, the only way to get out of the system is to own gold and silver — not hold cash.

    Go back and listen to Nomi’s response to your question about owning gold: it was very convoluted gobbledegook that said nothing of substance. She’s a smart lady — but for some odd reason, she seems afraid to explicitly acknowledge the obvious: that a currency crisis is coming, and the only way to protect yourself from that is by holding precious metals and other tangible assets.

    • paul

      You’ve got it right Len … if a “dead beat con artist” writes you 1.5 Trillion IOU notes and calls these IOU’s “cash” currency … then goes ahead and writes an additional 300 Trillion IOU’s on his computer and calls these IOU’s “derivatives” … then tries to convince you to hold his “hand written” paper IOU’s (cash) under your bed … because there’s “a shortage of them” … compared to his computer generated IOU’s (derivatives)!

      So the con is … to make you believe the “shortage” of paper IOU’s (cash) will create a “liquidity crisis” that makes his hand written IOU’s “more valuable” then his “computer generated IOU’s”??

      So “everyone” should hold his paper “IOU’s” (cash) under their bed because his hand written IOU’s have “more value” then his computer generated IOU’s … right! … and what’s the next “con story” … trying to convince me gold is a worthless relic?

  32. Chris M.

    DLC (formerly Donna) –

    This is one of the reasons we buy almost everything used but in like new condition. Before we buy tools, furniture, items for our property, etc. we check several sources for private sellers. We save significant dollars this way. Screw the state sales taxes that go for usseless programs. We also grow our own food and trade with neighbors for items like meat and chicken feed. I didnt think it would make much of a difference but it adds up.

    As for the advice to remain all in cash, take that with a grain of salt… nobody, and I mean NOBODY knows what paths our economy will take as it fails. It is best to remain as diversified as possible. Some cash, some precious metals, food storage (which helps to beat inflation anyway), a good stock of items that retain value for barter or direct selling, and diversifying your income streams are all wise moves. If you insist on remaining in the markets, get defensive because we are in for a wild ride.

  33. Mike from the North

    Regardless of who agrees or disagrees with what the FED has done, we are quickly headed for the day that GOLD returns as a backing to some currencies.

    If society is going to repair the World Monetary System we must back currencies with something real again.

    I for one believe that the month of October will be a pivoting month.

    I also expect that gold and silver going NO OFFER could be months away.

    • JC Davis

      Mike from the north. If gold is without offer is this to say there are no sellers, and buyers? If so are you saying gold will be used in world trade only ?

      • Mike from the North

        My gold is not for sale.
        If need be I will at some point in the future use some of my silver to trade for things I need.

        When I say that gold and possibly silver will go (no offer ) that means that the value of fiat will be such that none of us holding physical will be willing to let our physical go at any price.

        This will occur when the buillion banks can no longer deliver gold because their warehouses are empty.

        I would venture to say that there is evidence right now that we are approaching this event.

        Think of it this way…you took the FOR SALE sign off your house because you could not get a fair price for it in the present market.

        • jc davis


        • JC Davis

          Mike Yesterday oct5 I went to exchange scrap silver for coins at my regular store. He only had collector coins and a few even then. Way over priced. Then tried to give me 8 dollars for 24 dollars of scrap silver. I don’t know the full scope of what is going on, But something is happening.

  34. James Sullivan

    Hello Greg; I’m curious about ‘Paul’ ‘s comment : ” why not simply hold “coins” instead (if gold and silver are not your bag) which can’t be inflated “as dramatically” as paper currency by simply pushing a few buttons on a computer … to make metal coins they must be mined, refined, and stamped into cash at the Treasury … a much “slower inflationary process” and hence likely “a safer form of cash”
    -I’ve come across this idea a few other places, and frankly, i dismissed the idea …..but perhaps it may have validity. I’d appreciate if any of your readers has a knowledgeable comment on this. ie ..did Weimar, or Zimbabwe (SP?) shown anything like this?
    Thanks, and Fear not.

    • paul

      James … No one seems to be responding to your question … so I will … I’m not exactly sure what metal Zimbabwe used in their coins (perhaps it was cheap aluminium) … but “here” in the US the “old” penny and nickel have a lot of “copper” in it … so “think about it” … when hyperinflation hits “what price will copper sell for” in phony Fed fiat paper debt IOU’s … will it stay at three dollars per pound … or will it cost three hundred dollars per pound? … recent history shows that even in Zimbabwe “their coins disappeared from circulation” (because they had a “metal” value) and merchants were forced “to round up the price of goods” to the nearest Zimbabwe dollar (because no coins would be given up by the people) as they had “significant metal value” … I hope that answers your question!

  35. Matt Jaymes

    That is one smart and articulate person, always great to hear her views.

  36. Thomas B

    Pope Francis on Twitter today:

    Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex

    With my heartfelt thanks. May the love of Christ always guide the American people!


    • aussie jeff

      The pope obviously has been reading Gregs site while he was in town 🙂

  37. Ed Martin

    D-Nomi speaks understandably which clears up many hiddens in Fedpseak.
    What is not clear is what she means by “cash”.
    I understand the debt paydown as going to cash but after that what is cash?
    Is it, like you said, physical Benjamins in hand or something else?

  38. Jerry

    Credit Default Swaps agreements are beginning to come undone in the Financial Markets. The Scam is coming to a climax. If you want to know how they work here is a link to learn more. Credit Default Swap Agreements for Dummies.

  39. xyz

    Thank you Greg for the very informative interview. I really appreciate her speech, she revealed some alarming reality that is deem to come. I just do not understand how the solution she suggested can help people in the situations I am about to describe below.

    Can someone educate me? She suggest us to hold on to cash, but not put them in the bank. Is she suggesting that we should put all our money (except the minimum necessary) under our mattress? I can understand putting a few thousands of dollars under mattress might be a good idea. But if some retirees having over $100,000 life savings, where can they park their money except in the Bank or in the mutual fund? What about our 401K and IRA account? You have to put them in some financial institution who is the custodian. What is her suggestion for those situations?

    • Southern Girl


      If you are retired and holding over $100,00. life savings you might just want to bend over and kiss it goodbye. You will either take a h@ll of a haircut or it will be worthless. You 401K’s and IRA’s will be worthless. Your best bet is to take your life savings and decided how much you will need for short term. Hide the money under the mattress. Take the rest of the money and buy PM’s and food. If you keep your money in the bank, remember it is not yours…the banks own it…and can take it for a bank bail-in. If you have life insurance policies these will also be worthless.

      Take only what you can get your hands on for PM’s. Go to a local place to buy them. You will only survive if you can hold them in your hands. If you put them into your safe deposit box, the bank can confiscate them right out of your box. This is war and you better figure out what your plan of action is. Good luck!!!!

      • xyz

        Thanks for the kind response. The problem is: 1) the PM market is highly rigged to the down side, many people already took a sever hair cut if they bought gold in $1900. That is almost 50% loss. Prins in this very interview also said (and I believe most people agree) that you shall not put 100% of your savings in PM. Even the most pro-PM financial advisers suggest to put around 25% of total assets in PM. So buying PM is not a solution. 2) holding PM in your hand is not necessary safe either, since any one can rob you or steal your cash or PM put in your house. Most retirees are not rich nor resourceful enough to build their own vault in their home, and guard them with an armed force. You may end up losing your life to the robbers if you hold your cash and PM in your hand, which is much worse than taking a haircut of your bank savings. So you are not really offering any realistic solution, no different from Prins saying “take cash”. 3) you can stock your whole house and garage with $100,000 worth of food, rice and beans, but after 2 years they will rot and become worthless except good for fertilizing your yard. Sorry, I don’t see much value in your advice.

        • Southern Girl


          You sound like a pessimists and not an optimist. You sound too tired to do anything but just take it up the wazoo! If you took your money out since you are retired you would not have to pay the penalty for early withdrawal. Who is going to know if you are holding. Unless you flap your mouth no one will know you were holding PM’s at your disposal.

          Point 3. Food, rice and beans would be worthless after 2 years. Were on earth have you been???? Food for storage has a shelf life of 25-30 years. Holy weight watchers, you can buy dehydrated foods or freeze dried through companies. You can dehydrate your own food and put a O2 packet in a mason jar and close it up good for 30 years.
          What will you say when you end up with all the worthless fiat money that can’t buy your but a roll of toilet paper????
          You’ll be saying, “I didn’t know what to do”??

          Not buying your excuses…and that is all they are excuses. Either Sh@t or get off the pot. Make a decision and go for it. If not you will lose your $100,000…..it may as well be monopoly money.

          Point being you sound too afraid to take action.

          • JMiller

            “Unless you flap your mouth no one will know you were holding PM’s at your disposal.”

            True. Too bad almost everyone who has precious metals flap their mouth. The same goes for other kinds of prepping.

            • aussie jeff

              Thumbs up on that point,I’m broke and have a couple of cans of buttered chicken in the pantry, take them if you want them.

    • Calgirl

      You need to consult a trusted CFA (certified financial advisor). I would recommend Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin. You can Youtube Andy Hoffman to help develop some trust in him (try Andy Hoffman 401K search. I think he will say to cash out your 401’s now and take the tax hit now because you have no idea what the tax hit will be when you are ready to retire, not to dismiss the fact that the government has been discussing transferring 401’s into government type bonds. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust the government to do anything that helps non billionaire types. And he probably would advise you to get into gold and silver. But for sure, you need to consult a trusted CFA. Most financial advisers do not recommend gold/silver as they can’t make any money off of them IMO.

      • xyz

        Thanks for your kind response. Although, I am not sure whether I should trust any CFA more than I trust a bank. I talked with some CFA before, they basically told me to invest in the market of stocks and bonds, put money in a mixing of bonds and stocks to minimize market risk . But according to Prins, the whole ship will go down. If the whole ship goes down, then no matter how you spread across the market, you will still loos substantially. Maybe the only solution is to buy house or land?

        • BetterChetter

          Markets vacillate … keeping cash will allow you to buy as things cheapen, and they will cheapen much more … so taking anyone’s advice can make you bitter, as free advice is most likely not suitable to your unique situation. Can you invest time in watching video of Robt. Kiyosaki, Martin Armstrong, Catherine Austin Fitts, etc.? What I learned in the last 7 yrs is to be diverse – some land, some PM, some equities & a lot of knowledge and wee bit of intuition – as to when to take a profit and when to let it ride.

          • xyz

            Thank you all kind people to respond to me and give advices. It is a worthy discussion.

          • aussie jeff

            Better Chetter
            Excellent advice

  40. Benjamin F

    To grow this economy, America should but won’t focus on entrepreneurship. Our corporations have grown too large to properly innovate. For instance, a company like Wal-Mart maybe should be broken up into 50 companies, one for each state. Banks likewise should be broken up, there should be a limit to how large a bank can grow before it can be broken up. I realize this is not what the richest people want but for the sake of their children, grandchildren and even their future-self’s, they should consider it. Also, how about a 10 year tax-free holiday for American’s starting their own business?

  41. Doug

    Hi Greg
    Thanks for all the work that you do. When we get to the other side of this collaspe you will be able to look back with pride in your work and in helping people out….you are a true service to others. This elite controlled financial system will be brought to its knees by them on their time. It has accomplished much of what they want. The middle class has been wiped out and now they want a world war to cover their tracks. The only way the average person might survive is by not playing their game. Guns, food, water, and metals are the only ticket to the next game. The only real money in this world has always been gold and silver….and always will be. Paper currency is and always will be a confidence game and when the con is over so is the value of that paper money. The elite financial system is the greatest con game ever….run by the largest mafia in the history of man. Buyer beware!

  42. Jerry

    The New World Order Plan for Financial Distribution under the United Nations.

    Notice the formation of the BRICS network in Asia, and the EU in Europe?
    The Rockefellers were key in organizing the United Nations. Are you seeing the plan yet, and how Agenda 21 plays a role in what’s coming?

  43. Galaxy 500

    GE is moving engine plant and 350 jobs to Canada. How far have we fallen that Canada looks better for the future than the U.S.
    Can you say 0bama’s legacy?

    • WD


      They have a much-much more favorable corporate tax structure ( I emphasis much)

    • jimha

      Canada has been ahead of the U.S. for some time now. Healthcare, education, judicial system, policing, crime rates. etc. etc.

    • frederick

      Simple the Canadian dollar is 30% discounted to the USD so the cost savings is substantial

  44. paul

    Many people have enough “trash” in their house … and don’t need to add banker “trash cash” to the pile … stack some silver and gold coins instead … now if you are not into precious metals … then hold “coins” of the realm … which at least are “limited in number” compared to “unlimited” fiat paper IOU’s!

    • JC Davis

      Paul please take my IOU. Is there anyone that trust the dollar will last 10 more years? Want to place a bet on it in gold?

      • paul

        I would need a very very small gold coin (0.00002 oz of gold) to bet you a dollar! … perhaps one “gold leaf” weighs this much … I’ll have to check.

  45. Max Meister

    Elul 29 is over as well as the 4th of the bloodmoons and to my surprise the world still exists more than ever exactly like before. No natural desaster, no new war in the middle east and no stock or bondmarket crash happend to my knowledge. No alien invasion, no hit of an asteroid and no desasterous earthquake nor a zunami or alike. The stockmarkt in Asia is even up today and Central banks continue to print all the paper currency at will. The speach of the Pope in front congress is over too and yes he didn’t mentioned Jesus with is strange indeed but i didn’t heard a call for a new world order either. Gold and Silver are down again and yeah what else? Oh yeah VW faked the pollution rate of their automobiles. We have a problem with all these refugees in Europe and yes my neighbor have lost his dog.
    It very much looks like this 2015.75 story was another huge hype.
    We all don’t know wheter or not some of the things mentioned above will happen and if so, how it will unfold and when. Just can’t take these pundits with their precise forecasts serious anymore. My cat is better in forecasting at least when it comes to rainfall.

    • xyz

      Yes, no nuclear war, yet. And I agree, the pope not triggering a more dramatic event is somewhat disappointing. But many new crisis did indeed surfaced drastically in these short few weeks. To name a few: the European immigration crisis caused by the refugee flood from Syria and other war-torn middle eastern countries. This could destabilize the whole Europe. Also wasn’t there an earthquake in Chili (or some other South American country) short time ago. Plus, Agenda 2030 was announced, which may usher the NWO. We don’t know the nature of it yet, since it has not been implemented yet. Wait to see the implementation of it. Plus, didn’t Russia take a dramatic move into Syria, with Iran and Iraq…? If they clash with the US and the western troops , wouldn’t it become an alarming development towards bigger war? I personally expect some dramatic social and economical change will come out in the future, but no one can say when. Only God knows the exact time table. Jesus did not say that we can know the exact date of his return, but he said we will know that the Day of the Lord is near, when your see these things happening. The only thing we can do is the remain informed and be alert and be prepared.

    • Hilde

      Big news in Europe yesterday : Swiss investigate seven banks re PM market dealings . See link above. I see its on Zerohedge too. Ok article on BBC too.

    • aussie jeff

      That was very confronting to say the least, and gives us some idea of what is coming to a neighbourhood near you.
      A timely scripture was quoted by a fellow believer in the comments section, if I may quote it here as well.

      John 16:2
      “They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.”
      Scriptures being fulfilled before our very eyes!
      The days ahead seem very dark indeed. May we continue to pray for each other.

  46. jack

    Sorry Greg , but once a bankster always a bankster. she admits that the banks will rip off your cash , then tell you to “wait” to buy gold? …… there won’t be any gold available to buy in 6 months. she KNOWS this. These disinformation agents are very clever, as they take you right close to the problems and then at the last minute steer you away from the real answer. NEVER ever trust anyone that was once associated with the squid, because like the mafia ,you can check out, but you can never leave!!! people like this are more dangerous than the blowhards on CNBC as they are the controlled opposition
    Be careful exposing your readers to this deep seated propaganda Greg.

    • xyz

      Hmmm…, good point

  47. Cryptic Little Sister

    I would like to share some important facts about what is going on in Europe and around the world. It has become abundantly clear in the past several days, that people are being denied the facts concerning what is happening on the ground. Three important points:

    The central banks are insolvent.

    Germany is completely imploding.

    Japan has lost control.

    You are being denied the facts about these things. Question what you think you know. I only want to help.

    Concerning the banks, they are pulling the plug on life support. They will talk, but they will not walk.

    Concerning Germany, the train has left the station. The markets are headed nowhere but down. They will bump, but they are going down. The bear has broken out of its cage.

    And the problem has spread over the weekend. Europe is in chaos. Stores all over are being trashed and torched. Near Monte Carlo, Ventimiglia has been ransacked. There is major media blackout on this. Across Germany , there have been a string of arson attacks. Several houses have been set on fire. The police are being overwhelmed. Supermarkets closed. In Nuremburg, vehicles were set on fire outside migrant camps. You will not be told about this, because certain parties have determined that you are not to be told.

    The fact is, the people in Europe are dealing with this as I write. The markets are being blacked out as well. They are being faked.

    Concerning Japan, it is being used to dump treasuries. The currency has been written off. It will fail. Watch for Brazil to go next. Pay attention to their failed junk bonds.

    I will add something that I should have added months ago. But I failed to see the importance of it. What you will see in the coming weeks will be colored by the lies that the regime media will allow you to see. That will continue to be the case next year. Very little, if any, of what will happen (and, indeed, what has already happened) will be broadcast in the regime media. What you are allowed to see will be spun. The following is very important–You must question what you think you know. Do not assume that you have a grip on reality right now. I can tell you that you do not.

    • Greg Hunter

      Can you Tell us how you are getting this informatiuon?

      • Margie

        Greg, I did see a letter from a so-called “retired RAF officer” at before its news. I tend to take what I see on there with a grain of salt, but sometimes people write stuff in that is useful. Your interviews are almost always there as well.

        The retired officer is living in Germany and gives an interesting account of what he is seeing happening in the area where he is living, and it corresponds to what CLS is saying. here is a link for those who are interested. http://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2015/09/germany-chaos-descends-2590664.html

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Margie. You have to ask yourself, why is this not being reported on the MSM in the EU.

      • CAK


        I do believe, out of a courtesy to Greg for faithfully posting your comments, to at least tell HIM your sources, even if you do not want it publicized on his Web site. And you do not need to reveal specific names, just something more about your background. Yes, what you say all fits, but I don’t believe (at a minimum) you should hold the moderator of this site hostage to your desire to be “cryptic.” It actually may help Greg in his future interviews and in knowing what more to ask his guests, to have a better idea for himself, from where you are getting your information.

      • frank

        Been in Germany last weekend, and can confirm that such trouble exists, in general terms. I haven’t heard about the Nuremberg incident, but there were MSM reports (yes, the official propaganda outlets) about fires in refugee shelters, and clashes amongst dozen/hundreds of those “refugees”, with a massive police operations involved.

        • paul

          Now why would Germany allow all those refugees into their country … if was going to lead to riots and “Martial Law” ?? … Perhaps that was the “plan” all along to cover up their financial problems???

          And why is the US “allowing” all those Mexican refugees into America??? … is it the same “plan” … that will lead to riots … and hence make possible the institution of “Martial Law” here … to cover up our financial problems???

          • Silence is Golden

            You are correct Paul. Nothing happens by chance…esp. in matters of GeoPolitics.
            The so called “Refugees” are infiltrated with the manifestation of the unelected rulers …..the army of Nihilists. We are seeing the early stages of this planned event where they will be unleashed and seek to destroy every fabric of religion, beliefs and government.

      • Matt

        No doubt when we have a controlled media, information is filtered to what the powers wish to be revealed. Complete garbage.

    • Donna S from Arkansas

      CLS…..I like Greg want to know where you are getting this info from???? How can so much info not be in any news report????

    • Hilde


      Here’s one source re arson. Doesn’t mean the whole country is on fire, but I see what you’re saying.

    • Thomas

      CLS, your predictions have all missed and been wrong, everything you said was coming, never happened. They sky didn’t fall, it just got cloudier. All we know is that the current state of affairs are bad and getting worse, adjust according. lol, funny posts CLS, looking forward to your next predictions.

    • Jerry

      I totally agree with you. According to the data I have been able to collect, and a very good source I have, the Banks are planning a takedown sometime before the G20 meeting in November. I am not as versed in economics as many here on Greg’s site, but from the information I have, it has to do with the Derivative Market in Europe.

      Personally I thought the collapse would have happened in September, but somehow the Banks were able to stall it off a little longer. I do believe with the COMEX being emptied of physical gold that they no longer have a reason to continue the scam.

    • Margie

      CLS, why are you not answering Greg’s polite requests? He has now asked you numerous times if you can let him know where this info is coming from, without compromising yourself. The polite thing to do is at least give some kind of response, he is, after all, giving you the floor on his space.

    • Old Dog

      Logic would dictate, Cryptic Little Sister, that if you want to be listened to as a “reliable source” of information, that you must be forthcoming in where you get your information.
      You write that we cannot believe “regime media” and yet you give us no clue as to where you are getting your information. Why should anyone believe you? You are but a whisper blowing in the wind. No one knows where you come from, where your information comes from and yet you tell us to believe nothing that we hear in other news media but believe you.

      Listening to MSM only is indeed foolish.
      But so is listening to a “whisper in the wind.”

      Back up your words with links and sources and “facts” that can be proven.

      • BetterChetter

        Why should she divulge sources? Maybe she’s a Celente, watching trends and forecasting; maybe she’s a Pastor Wms., w/ contacts in high places; I doubt very seriously that she cares what anyone thinks of her/him (if the crypticism goes into gender).

        We are all here to add opinions, not convince anyone to transfer their life-savings, nor gain fame w/ prophecy. I followed Mannarino’s advice & got into silver at 30, and have regretted it, short-term. GM’s jaw dropped/was flabbergasted in ’13, as one commenter told him silver would go to 15. And GH likes to tout GM’s accuracy.

        The truth is, no one knows for sure. We’re all in a room with an elephant and limited in our ability to describe the entirety of it, given what little bit of it we truly perceive. Ease up on CLS ~

        • Old Dog

          Your opinion is your prerogative.
          It is not one that I share.

          It takes just one droplet of water at a time to fill a bucket of water — over time. As concerned citizens listen to people like CLS and Celente and Mannarino and a myriad of others all giving “their opinions” on what’s unfolding, soon the bucket is filled. The problem is that if the bucket was not filled with the pure water of truth, what one has instead is a bucket of confusion – a mixing of truth, opinion and deception.

          I don’t care to drink that water.

          When someone portrays herself as having important truth we NEED to know – for CLS’s sole purpose is to influence others – she should not be surprised if she is asked for proof.

          Prudence would insist on it.
          Wisdom would not act without it.
          Truth would be up to the task.

          • Old Dog

            CLS says she is stating “facts.”
            She is not giving an “opinion.”

            • Silence is Golden

              Important point. FACTS.. !!

        • Margie

          it’s fine if he/she doesn’t reveal sources, but some kind of response is in order. Greg has asked several times, CLS just uses his platform and no response to Greg? That’s just incredibly rude and also makes many of us question the usefulness of the information CLS gives. if no response to Greg, I will just ignore those posts from now on.

    • brian

      sooo, ah, what are you doing in light of all of this? In general terms of course.

      I mean are there any “preparations” you are making, any deviations from the normal way in which you conduct your life being manifest as a result of this situation here?

      Are you an atheist ‘lil Sis’ ?

  48. art barnes

    Hey Greg, the DOW down 313 today all the while the little bald big mouth on CNBC is touting buy signals in many sectors, CNBC even thinks financials are a excellent buy and are a good long position. Seriously, you just can’t make this stuff up! They fail or refuse to mention the negative volatility which your lovely guest alluded to and or discussed in your interview. The times are a changing, Regards, ab

  49. Sayonara

    Nomi Prins is brilliant. I went to cash at DOW 18,200+ thanks to Mannarino and this incredible website. I hope the regulars on this site did as well because we were very well advised. Nomi is absolutely correct in that the Fed will not be raising interest rates any time soon and that they have painted themselves and the world economy into a very tight nasty corner. I believe that the Fed will try QE and money printing because that is all they can do at this point. It will not work and at that point, they will let the economy fly into the ground and thus resulting in the greatest economic reset in human history.
    What happens after that will be the War equation. Allied groups of countries will be fighting for the new world order and no one can predict how horrifically this will turn out. Only that it will be horrific.
    Thanks Greg! There is no website in the world that delivers such concise economic and information and is as intellectually honest as yours! You are the real Media Man!

  50. garrett

    Greg I have some questions and ideas about geo-engineering can you please email me so I can see what you think. Thank you

  51. James Higginbottom


    Thank you for the fantastic site and interviews. They are a highlight of my week.

    What happened to the video quality on the last 2 interviews? All of a sudden it looks fuzzy and I don’t think it’s my eyes!

    Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      There are so many variables from internet speed to the computer on the other end to Skype and even the You Tube platform. I do my very best but simply can not control it all.

  52. Mike from the North

    UN meeting..

    I guess diplomacy is a lost art.

    I heard lots of accusations and saber rattling but I did not here much honest desire to cooperate in order to make the world a safer place.

    The World is on the verge of bankruptcy and all we can do is brag about ourselves and the size of our military.

    Unless a a society we begin to acknowledge our challenges and mistakes we are only going to increase the size of the price we will pay in order to rectify the problems.

    We cannot print and ignore our problems away.

    Unless we act quickly this will brake into an outright hot war soon.

  53. art barnes

    Greg, I have a prediction. Yesterday the DOW closed just 1 point up from 16,000 and I wonder who came in to support that floor level. In any event, if the DOW goes below 16,000 today it has a whole new downward move of 1,000 points to defend. Now my prediction: DOW at 15,000 before Thanksgiving. After that, who knows, but I’m actually beginning to see some of CNBC’s regulars eyes light up like deer in the headlights!

  54. Da Diz

    Interestingly- The Pope, Vladimir Putin, and the Premier of China have or will have visited with BO in the current few days. These visits are taking place immediately before the Shanghai Gold Exchange begins full operations. Makes one wonder what deals are being made??

    A camera close-up of BO at the United Nations yesterday revealed a confident visage which hit me as cunning. Yep, what deal(s) are going down?

    The “Cryptic Babe” revelations seem to make sense.

    Make like a good scout, “be prepared”; and keep smiling.

  55. Laura

    There’s bound to be listeners here w/ relatives/friends in Europe to give us some “man on the street” reporting.

    Goodness, I’m in the mood for a good Jim Willie interview… has anyone listened to one recently and willing to share a link?

  56. VShook

    So, having gotten past the blood moon, etc., etc. we can discuss reality once more.
    The Fed is a banking cartel, existing solely for the benefit of its bigger members via a system of wealth transfer. They have controlled the bond market for many years. The stock market is only 1/3 the size of the bond market. They will continue to control the stock market (up and down, profiting from both moves) as they have the bond market.
    Derivative failure is controlled by the ISDA. If they don’t declare an event a default, it never happens. Check out their membership at: http://www2.isda.org/membership/members-list/ . The banking cartel IS the ISDA. Thus, they will never put in motion their self-destruction.
    China, its gold exchanges, etc. will not rock the currency boat to the extent most here dream of. They want in on the spoils, not to destroy the game or the value of their reserves.
    Gold prices will continue to be manipulated because the manipulation is legal, encoded in the law of the US.
    Japan – employing QE, higher taxes, destruction of their middle class, currency manipulation – has been going at this manipulation for over 25 years. We (the US) have only been earnestly at it for 7-8 years. As I have said before, there is a lot of ruin in our nation. I believe we are several generations away from any final day of reckoning.
    We are all frogs in an economic water pot of ever increasing temperature. We are slowly cooking — until we are done …….. or fight as Thomas Jefferson so stated.

  57. Larry Galearis

    I would recommend not listening to your guest about her gold views. Not buying because of gold is manipulated? But she does not recognize that not buying it when available is the mistake because the manipulation comes off when the public can no longer buy it. I haven’t heard this before from her, but now I consider her world view as more superficial and unreliable.

  58. xyz

    When Nomi Prins said “taking cash”, she did not mean “selling stock and put money into a cash account”, she means taking your cash out of your bank account. But she did not tell us where you should put those cash, the only possible place I can guess what she meant is to put those cash in your home. But then, if you have over $100,000 , that advise does not sound a very realistic advice.

  59. Putin on the Ritz

    Thanks Greg! There is no website in the world that delivers such concise economic and information and is as intellectually honest as yours! You are the real Media Man! FROM; Sayonara 9/28/2015 Yes Greg, Rush Limbaugh on his show today mentioned, “that print/viewer/listenership on the mainstream media is down below 40% now and the reason people are flocking to Watchdog websites!” Your the only Watchdog site I know of so I’m assuming he meant your site and if there are others yours is the leader of the pack, no doubt on that!

    Also on Bennett In The Morning; KT McFarland: FOX News National Security analyst; Former official of the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan Administrations, said because of the refugee invasion from the middle east, with 10 million on the march, peppered with ISIS and the fact Europe has no borders, both saying its the END of NATO and Europe. http://www.billbennett.com/show-archive/#

    Putin shoves back on Syria

    (Daniel 11:40, 41) 40 “And in the time of [the] end the king of the south will engage with him in a pushing, and against him the king of the north will storm with chariots and with horsemen and with many ships; and he will certainly enter into the lands and flood over and pass through. 41 He will also actually enter into the land of the Decoration, and there will be many [lands] that will be made to stumble. . . .

    Could this include Europe if it winds up in utter chaos just as Syria is today? If it’s going from bad to worse, would the Europeans welcome Russian intervention or accept ISIS?

    PUTIN PUSHES FOREWARD_ EDGES TOWARD SYRIA STRIKE – As Russia edges closer to a retaliatory strike against Islamic State forces in the wake of their horrendously deadly land grab, Russia is digging in, in Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been increasingly dismissive of President Obama’s policy demands –From offering asylum to NSA leaker Edward Snowden, brushing off Obama’s insistence that gay athletes be included in Russia’s 2014 Winter Olympics, that chemical weapons were used in Syria, but not with the U.S. assessment that they were deployed by government forces rather than Islamist rebels, to Obama’s insistence Russia leave Crimea and their warm water naval base and of course to ignore the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. The Obama/Putin meeting at the UN. in New York on Syria options affirmed the chill in the icy U.S.-Russia relationship.

    is Dan 11:40,41 not already fulfilled?

    *** w93 11/1 pp. 19-20 The Final Victory of Michael, the Great Prince ***
    “In the Time of the End”
    5 Daniel 11:40a reads: “In the time of the end the king of the south will engage with him in a pushing.” This and the following verses have been viewed as having a fulfillment in our future. However, if “the time of the end” here means the same as it does at Daniel 12:4, 9, we should look for the fulfillment of these words throughout the last days. Has the king of the south ‘pushed’ the king of the north during this time? Yes, indeed. After the first world war, the punitive peace treaty was surely a ‘pushing,’ an incitement to retaliation. After his victory in the second world war, the king of the south targeted fearsome nuclear weapons on his rival and organized against him a powerful military alliance, NATO. As the years went by, his “pushing” included high-tech espionage as well as diplomatic and military offensives.
    …….. the majority of the North vs. South conflict has already been fulfilled.
    The only thing left to come would be “disturbing reports” (possibly babylons destruction) that would bring the King of the North into an assault against God’s people. (This assault also involves the other Kings of the earth)

    …….. the King of the Norths next attack is not against the Anglo-American world power but against God’s people.

    Notes from a circuit assembly’s public talk.
    “Keep Close in Mind Jehovah’s Great Day”: Some new light on the prophecy in Daniel 11:44 concerning the king of the north and the start of the great tribulation. The speaker made the comment that we don’t have to wait to see who the king of the north is at the finale, that scripture does not apply to a political entity but that scripture applies to the final attack of Gog of Magog against God’s people. He quoted the scripture in Ezekiel 38:15 that shows Gog and his hoards come from the remotest parts of the north. He said there is no further prophesy that we are awaiting the fulfillment. They have all been fulfilled. We are waiting for the cry of peace and security.

    • paul

      When “Marshal Law” comes to a town near you don’t march in protest … do a “flash dance protest” … and then quickly disband … the “authorities” will have no time to respond to “put down” such a political protest … so much for all the bankers troops, tanks, artillery and billions hollow point bullets they are readying to use on “marching” crowds!

  60. jeff

    Greg gets many good guests but this bimbo looks likes she belongs on FOX!

    • Greg Hunter

      Best-selling author and former top Wall Street banker. She is hardly a “bimbo.”

    • Sayonara

      Jeff – You are focusing on looks which demonstrates your lack intellectual focus. You should be focusing on her intellect, real world experience and accomplishments. Nomi definitely knows what she is talking about. An absolutely frightened FED asked her to talk to them. She would be an absolute failure at FOX because she is way over their head PERIOD!

      • brian

        Nomi’s real world experience was gained by running cheek to jowl with a pack of scum bags, how is that anything but a liability against her character?

        If she entitled her book, “All of the bankers Presidents” she would have gotten my attention. If she went into a court of law and provided testimony under oath that colored in some of the crimes her cohorts and superiors had committed then perhaps I would be as smitten with her as you obviously are……

        • Greg Hunter

          Why don’t you give us your real world experience and tell us all what is going on in the inside? Use your real and full name as well. Oh, that’s right you do not have any inside experience at high levels and you post anonymously. I am sure her buddies are thrilled with her for blowing the whistle on thjis scam and warning people. You are so brave to comment here and trash my guest–NOT.

          • brian

            Well Greg, you can call me a coward and you can accuse me of “trashing your guest” but I don’t need “real world experience” to know right from wrong; and I have enough “real world experience” to know that my real name doesn’t mean a hill of beans to the people stealing from me, using me and destroying my country.

            All I want to see is the rule of law, instead we get some pseudo penitent running around spewing the same superfluous,impalpable bromides that I can find in any media outlet. Just tell me exactly what you have gotten from this woman, other than a blithe and cursory review of the general motivations steering the world of high finance? Any names, any specific misdeeds? Anything closing resembling “whistle blowing”?!? No, none of that Greg.

            Oh, and as far as her buddies not being thrilled for her so called “whistle blowing”, yeah right HAHA! They are so put off that they invite her to speak at their little conference…and that’s after she warns them of the slightly uncomfortable and possibly admonishing restatement of the obvious she plans to deliver to them…what a joke, you gotta be kidding me man!

            • Greg Hunter

              Man-up “Brian” and post with a verifiable name if you want to bash someone. It will mean more if you don’t hide your identity. I try to get the best most knowledgeable people possible to help decipher what is going on in the extremely complicates financial world. If you don’t find value in this, please go and comment on another site.

              • brian

                will do, roger willco and out

  61. BRF

    Good interview. Prins speaks in a lot of “code” and at a quick pace so sometimes I have to stop the video in order for my brain to translate the code into correct construct before listening to more. The bankers having control of the Fed and the money supply are taking care of themselves first and foremost. This is the first axiom of today’s economy. With everything manipulated to these ends it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what’s what. As Prins called the status quo in interest rates so did I for almost the same reasons, except I chose leveraged derivatives in support of sovereign bonds as the culprit to nix any increase in rates. Doc Willie thinks oil derivatives are now unwinding with the big banks holding the losing end of the trade costing in the billions per day with the Fed as usual papering over the losses.

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