Forced Vax Desperation, CV19 Vax Bioweapon, Economic Systemic Risk

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 490 7.30.21)

Looks like VP Joe Biden is taking the gloves off and is now trying to force more people into this experimental gene therapy so-called vaccine.  He’s wanting federal employees to get the injection or face mandatory Covid tests.  Well, almost all federal employees.  The Post Office, who helped Biden cheat his way into office, has been exempted from the executive vax order.  This came after the Post Office employees told the White House, in no uncertain terms, there would be no shots for them.  Biden is also offering $100 to anyone getting the CV19 shots as an incentive.  Wow, what a deal!!  $100 to risk death or many other known adverse reactions to the experimental gene therapy drug trial masquerading as some sort of well formulated vaccine.  It’s not.

Former Pfizer employee and medical analyst Karen Kingston analyzes complicated medical patents such as the ones for the CV19 vaccines for a living.  Karen Kingston said there is a secret ingredient in them all, and it is a known human poison called Graphene Oxide.  She contends the injections are “evil” and amount to a “bioweapon.”  She warns nobody should be getting these jabs because they are “dangerous.”

The economy is not really recovering, and that is a big worry because of all the money printing doled out to prop up the economy.  Now, the Fed is signaling it will not be cutting back on the easy money policies anytime soon because the economy is so weak.  Economist John Williams of is warning he is seeing big-time systemic risks and liquidity issues.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.30.21.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Economist John Williams, founder of, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Williams sees big time systemic risk getting worse.  He will explain.

It you want to buy a “NO Vaccine for Me” t-shirt, contact Juan at  It’s a new website that is under construction.


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  1. Tom Mayes

    The Bible says God hates sin and sin is transgression of his Divine Law
    The Roman Catholic Church changed the Ten Commandments – All truth about Ahnsahnghong & World Mission Society Church of God (
    The evil one thinks to change times and laws Daniel 7:25 Daniel 7:25 He will speak out against the Most High and oppress the saints of the Most High, intending to change the appointed times and laws; and the saints will be given into his hand for a time, and times, and half a time. (
    Daniel 2:43 The ten toes iron mixed with clay
    Daniel 2:43 As you saw the iron mixed with clay, so the peoples will mix with one another, but will not hold together any more than iron mixes with clay. (
    Daniel 2:43 The ten toes iron mixed with clay

    Mark 3:25 Mark 3:25 If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand. (

    Babylon plus Medes and Persian plus Greeks plus Rome plus two legs of Rome plus ten toes or iron and Clay equal’s
    the statue in Nebuchadnezzar II dream
    the statue in the book of daniel at DuckDuckGo

    The Devil uses them all including the USA of China, but the Bible says the evil one thinks to change times and laws that points to the Roman Catholic Church and The City of London and Washington DC
    3 City States that control the whole world, and their rolls: – StopTheCrime
    Gods Wrath falls on all who Romans 1:18
    Romans 1:18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness. (

    • Country Codger

      Hi Tom,
      You are right but it goes much deeper than that. Clay (adamah in Hebrew) in Scripture represents mankind and iron represents angels.
      Dan 2:43  “And as you saw iron mixed with muddy clay, THEY (my emphasis) are mixing themselves with the seed of men, but they are not clinging to each other, even as iron does not mix with clay.
      Gen 6:2  that the sons of Elohim saw the daughters of men, that they were good. And they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.

      Mat 24:37  “And as the days of Noaḥ, so also shall the coming of the Son of Aḏam be.

      Tom, I know you know this and I know Greg knows this but, this is spiritual warfare playing out in the physical realm, that is why everything is suddenly so evil and deceptive.
      Lo Iyrah!

      • Paul ...

        CC … Speaking of evil and deceptive … look what was ordered in 2018 … even before Bribe’n stole the White house …

        • Marie+Joy

          IF true, this is really bad.

        • Country Codger

          Shalom Paul. I do not doubt this at all. The level of evil is so high right now people cannot comprehend what is going on. We are at a point in time where everything is turned upside down: Eph 6:11  Put on the complete armour of Elohim, for you to have power to stand against the schemes of the devil. 
          Eph 6:12  Because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against authorities, against the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual matters of wickedness in the heavenlies.

          We are not fighting against a villain in this world but that villain is an extension of the spiritual world. Greg says it over and over each week, “Prepare yourself mentally, physically and above all SPRITUALLY. Okay? Yeshu’a is in charge. What we see is not the realm in which the battle is taking place it is simply the realm in which it is manifested.
          Lo Iyrah1

    • Paul ...

      Tom … Rightly said: “Sin is transgression against God’s Divine Law” … and the evil corrupt politicians trying to produce “infection by injection” on their fellow human beings “at Warp Speed” can no longer be considered human beings … they are “Demon possessed” entities … and must be locked up in one of the 800 FEMA asylums they created “for us normal human beings” who seem very weird to their crooked devious warped and evil minds … likely because we don’t believe in Satan … and don’t believe in chopping off the heads of Christian with the many thousands of guillotines all 800 FEMA asylums have been supplied with!! … … and we don’t believe in using Hydrogen Cyanide on people taking showers either … why has FEMA has already ordered 2500 gallons of Hydrogen Cyanide from Brazil (if they don’t plan on using it) … along with 500 “Smart Guillotines” from China (if they don’t plan on using them) and “thousands of stainless steel guillotine blades” from Mexico (if they don’t thing the blades will get dull chopping off our heads) … and this was done on “Trump’s watch” … that’s right folks … the nice guy who ordered “Warp Speed” and is still promoting the Clot Shot … can’t be you say? … it just can’t be!! … use your God given brains people … Jeffery Dahmer looked like a nice guy too … … but if he said “he would like you for dinner” would you take a seat at his table as he called the Chinese store down the block and ordered guillotine “chop suey” … called the Mexican store for some “hot” guillotine blades … called the Brazil store for a gallon of “fine Hydrogen Cyanide wine” and “mandated that you take a shot” before dinner … and do you believe when he administers “your jab” … it is going to be good for your brain?? … think people!! … think!!! … “if they are not going to use the things they are ordering” … “why are they ordering them”!!!!!

    • jr

      clay is sand is silicon is transistors and the computer age global AI empire

    • Richard

      3rd stanza to “People Get Ready”…

      There ain’t no room for the hopeless sinner
      Whom would hurt all mankind, just to save his own
      Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner
      For there is no hiding place, against the kingdom’s throne

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Origen interpreted Exodus 20:3-6 as two distinct commandments, and Exodus 20:17 as one commandment.
      Augustine interpreted Exodus 20:3-6 as one commandment, and Exodus 20:17 as two commandments.

      The “easily influenced”:
      “The Roman Catholic Church changed the Ten Commandments”



  2. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    About to listen to WNW490.

    I hope you will allow me to re-post part of a comment . . .

    Many people are not aware – thanks to the MSM failure to report real news – that three Covid-19 sceptic presidents have been murdered (sorry I misspoke, I meant died) recently: President Pierre Nkurunzica of Burundi, 55, died of a ‘heart attack’ on 6-8-20 after proclaiming Covid-19 a ‘False Pandemic’ and expelling the WHO from his country. President John Magufuli, 61, of Tanzania who broadcast a whistleblower’s warning about the dangers posed by the Rockefeller Foundation and its plans for a pandemic – and who also told his people that a PCR test on a fruit had returned positive for Covid – died of a ‘heart attack’ on 3-17-21. President of the Supreme Court of Haiti, Rene Sylvestre (and constitutional successor to country President in the event of the death of same while in office) died 6-24-21. He was a Covid-19 sceptic. President Jovenel, 53, of Haiti was assassinated in his home on 7-7-21! He was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation – claiming that less than 3% of the Haiti earthquake relief fund (coordinated by Bill Clinton et al, at the behest of the UN) reached Haiti – and a sceptic of Covid-19. Before his murder, he had refused a UN offer (directive) to distribute free AstraZenica ‘vaccines’ for the entire population. These presidents are remote from the day to day lives of those of us in the US, Europe, and Asia and yet here is a story of extreme wickedness which is going unnoticed.

    • AndrewB

      I’ miss prompted by your commentary to add. No protest from BLM about the untimely deaths of all these black presidents . . .

      • Paul ...

        Andrew … Black Lives Matter (BLM) will shut down and/or burn down Police Headquarters if “one black man is killed” by a Police man … so tell me why BLM isn’t shutting or burning down the Headquarters of Big Pharma (who is killing millions of blacks with their “jab”)? … it is because Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a contemptuous deceitful disdainful commie organization … for why would BLM “do nothing” (when Presidents of many black Nations are killed (for protecting black people from the jab”)?? … and why would BLM “do nothing” (when Presidents of Big Pharma kill millions of black people with their “jab”) … the reason is Black Live Matter “is a denigratory organization” led by eugenicists “to get Blacks killed”!!

        • Brooklyn


          As always, you are a deep thinker and ask valid questions, but in the case of Black Lives Matter, you must first throw away your logic and think of the BLM as a globalist cabal funded attack force. And, since it was the same globalists who were responsible for the deaths of these three black presidents, there was no reason for them to have the BLM retaliate.

          • Paul ...

            Brooklyn … I was hoping the snowflakes that joined the movement (for a check from Soros) would come to their senses and turn on the globalists!!

            • Brookyn


              Just came back for your response, and as always it was FIRST CLASS…. the money from NWO Soros. Hopefully, we will be alive to see George swing…;)

    • Mike Anenberg

      Wow! Right! Satan is killing and destroying all who oppose him.

      • Paul ...

        Mike … If no one sees anything wrong with this picture … … their God given brain is as distorted as the “soon to be dead brain” of one of God’s children … who “is voluntarily” being injected to be infected!!

        • Paul ...

          An all out frontal assault upon the American people is taking place “right before our very eyes” (and most people can’t see it) … why? … what happened to their thinking brains “God provided”?? … a “commie” puppet (Bribe’n) who stole the White House … has now authorized FEMA and CDC “Surge Teams” – To Go After The “Un-vaccinated – who are simply trying (as is their right under the Nuremberg Code, US Constitution and the Law of God i.e Thus Shall Not Kill) to protect themselves … and not kill their family members by taking the Big Pharma “Clot Kill Shot” (these evil demented and psychopathic eugenicists developed to reduce the human population)!! …

      • JayJay

        Paul, when all is finished(however this ends) and Americans are defeated (but still have our souls)the cabal/deep state will kill these black lives madness members first–they were too easily bought and led..not good soldiers in any war.

        • Paul ...

          Jay-jay … We will soon have “many additional soldiers” (the already vaccinated) … those already vaccinated will have to come to terms with the consequences of their naivety and absolute trust in criminal politicians (who will anything for fiat paper IOU’s created by other criminals out of thin air) … those already vaccinated “can no longer be cured” (they are already walking dead) as their God given immune system has now been destroyed … every cell in their body is being spiked by the creation of infinite amounts of a genetic defect (a spike protein) introduced into their bodies with the mRNA “jab” (which takes over normal cells to manufacture their defect) … sadly the change to their genetic code “is forever” … but …since nothing can help those already vaccinated (because THE DAMAGE CAUSED BY THE JAB IS GENETICALLY IRREVERSIBLE) … these people will form the basis of a new army … that will be “very fierce fighters against evil” … as they have nothing to lose (they will be just like the Japanese Kamikaze pilots of WWII) and they can mount massive suicide attacks against the heart of the Globalist Empire … and once and for all destroy these enemies of mankind and remove them from planet Earth forever!!

        • Paul ...

          We Americans will not be defeated … with 100 million vaccinated (and now part of the “walking dead”) … Americans have “nothing to lose” going after the evil insane Globalists (out to exterminate humanity) … and we Americans are not simply armed with pitchforks … 100 Million “armed” Americans can easily overpower any Blue Hat Army the Globalists send to our shores!!!

    • Mark Sztelle

      Let’s not forget that before the pandemic that something like 50 doctors died from various causes. Some were very knowledgeable in viruses!

  3. Lita West

    Dr Judy Mikovits stated 50 million will die from vaccine induced immune collapse and cytokine storm. Appreciate your care for your fellow man.

    • Monica Crenshaw

      But Trump highly recommends the vax. He has said all year that it is safe and effective and saving the world—just read his June 03, 2021 memo. Furthermore, at least two prophets, Mark Taylor & Amanda Grace, proclaimed again and again that Trump is anointed. So, take the vax. Take it as often as Trump is saying to take it.

      • Greg Hunter

        Karen Kingston was asked about this in the Stew Peters interview which you can find a link to on the write up of the the Weekly News Wrap-Up post. Here it is again: Kingston said no way trump could know what was in it unless they hired someone like her to read the 190 plus pages of the CV19 “vaccine” per manufacturer and decipher all the supporting pages tom know fact certain what is in them.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Mr, Hunter, if you have a pretty good idea of what’s in the vaccines, it isn’t far-fetched to imagine that Mr. Trump does also.

          • Greg Hunter

            Not according to Karen Kingman.

        • Charles Cosby

          Charles Cosby
          Hi, Greg, I am a big fan and greatly appreciate all that you do!
          I tried to find the link to the paperwork needed to give employers who try to force Vaccines on their employees. I have a cousin who is now dealing with that. If you could take the time to point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it!
          Also, I worked 7 days a week all of last year. We’ve worked 6 and 7 days most of this year without a mask. I still don’t know anyone who has died from Covid. My wife’s uncle is two years younger than me and died after getting blood clots from the Vaccine two weeks ago!
          Thanks again for all you do. Been a big fan for a number of years.
          God Bless!
          Charles Cosby
          Flint, Michigan

    • Warren B.

      Here is some very useful information on COVID 19.
      Also contained within is a short video presentation by Dr Robert Malone – inventor of mRNA.
      Critical to the information is the ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) theory. This was previously brought to the world’s attention by none other than French Virologist Luc Montagnier.
      In short what is stated is that the “Vaccine” causes the virus to become more dangerous.

      • Freebrezer

        W – you couple this with the wide, wide range of experts indicating that the experimental injection is very, very dangerous (a few examples – See Andrews posts below and the link Greg has above and another below) in a large subset of people and killing them and permanently injuring a whole lot of others . The CDC knows this data (THEY ARE NOT STUPID!!!) but they are willfully ignoring this data and not shutting the experimental jab down … but the CDC and Government, INCREDULOUSLY (!), are doubling down on the program! Scary, Scary, Scary! There are only three possibly scenarios that fits this stance of “too stupid to be stupid” (As Greg likes to say). 1st Greed! there are tens of billions and billions being made; 2nd – A complete lost of ‘Face’ and trust from admitting they were wrong (and I dearly hope this is the reason but do not believe so); 3rd – Which is pure evil, scary, demonic and is genocide to the lay public.

        • Warren B.

          The obvious conclusion is that they are all conspiring to either instigate a transition to transhumanism through the experimental jab….(siimultaneously collating data from the adverse reactions/deaths)…or pushing the depopulation agenda.
          Intertwined with all of this is still the issue of the DEBT and DERIVATIVES which threatened to blow up the financial system in Sept. 2019.

      • Freebrezer

        My heart weeps with tears to all the young the were forced and coerced into becoming an experimental guinea pig and who got harmed! There should be hell to pay for TPTB that did this!!!!!

    • Marie+Joy

      Please send links and information to our President Trump at

  4. barsoom43

    If most of the ANTIFA and BLM’s got the shot and if Cliff High is right about the big die off, then excuse me but, go for it! Yeah, I know.. I have failed in my Christian duty to pray for my enemies but I am an old soldier and those people are enemies of my country.. So they can drop dead and not be a danger to my children and grandchildren. I am unapologetic so spare me the virtue signaling.

    • Paul ...

      43 … All the Black Lives Matter people who have taken the “jab” (are now “dead men walking”) … since they now have “nothing to lose” … why don’t they mobilize “the peoples fighting force they put together” to take down “their real enemy” (the eugenicist globalists) … who built the Georgia Guide-stones and who’s First of 10 Commandments effectively states: They want to reduce Black Lives “to near zero” and leave only 500,000 White eugenicists on Earth (to “put Nature back in balance” the way “they” conceive nature should be de-Nigrated)!!

      • Paul ...

        Before all you Black Lives Matter people (who took the “jab” and the “booster shot”) begin dropping dead over the next two (2) to three (3) years … think about “making your lives count for something” other then doing George Soros’ bidding … why not mobilize and organize the forces you have created (against the insane criminal eugenicists at Big Pharma and the Globalists) rather then randomly burning down Mom and Pop stores and setting Police Headquarters on fire … what do you BLM forces bought and paid for by Globalists have to lose … why not do something good with the little time you have remaining (as Big Pharma has already “jabbed” you and made you all “dead men walking”)!!

    • andyb

      I am an old fogey who totally agrees with you. Wouldn’t mind if the Federal bureaucracy disappeared either. But there’s a problem. Who is going to be left to ensure water and electric service, stocked grocery shelves, gas station deliveries, etc etc

      • barsoom43

        Didn’t Jefferson say that government is best which governs least.. Well now we have “most” government and it’s corruption stinks to Heaven. So if much of the federal bureaucracy dies off from the vax, go for it. Nothing new in corrupt government.. The Roman Tacitus said the more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government.

  5. AndrewB

    Anyone thinking about having the jab to save their job must listen to Dr. Peter McCulough. He gave the ‘vaccines’ but, after witnessing the effects first hand, now refuses to administer them. Pass this on to family and friends.

    • Vincent johnson

      Thank you so much I have just watched the video and found it very very convincing and have forwarded it to my children and friends —only an idiot would not take notice of this doctor and his obvious knowledge and sincerity

    • Brooklyn


      Your up early, oh wait, you’re 6 hours ahead of us, my bad…;)

      We might also recommend listening to Stew Peters podcast with Karen Kingston, as Greg posted in his USAW site:
      One thing is for sure, we are getting closer and closer to the entire C-19 ruse and the killer Jab coming completely unglued. MORE AND MORE ARE COMING TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS A DEPOPULATION BIOWEAPON…!

      • AndrewB

        Hi Brooklyn
        Yes, I watched the interview with Karen Kingston as per Greg’s recommendation. Brilliant! I have noted there are so many brave and articulate women countering this BS. Don’t mess with Momma bear!

      • Tim

        I pray that it is sooner rather then later.

      • Vincent johnson

        Hi Brooklyn well I watched the interview with Karen Kingston and it was incredible it was terrifying but the most TERRIFYING thing of all was when Ms Kingston told us about the graphene oxide that cover the cells when it is made positive will kill the cells—-So all they have to do is drop or fire an electro-magnetic weapon and all vaccinated people will drop down DEAD not just that your computer will stop working. Can you go back to the interview and check it out I watched it twice it is in about the middle when she talks about the 4 things that they have hidden from the makeup within the vaccine and they do not even have to fire the weapon the mere threat of the use of the weapon is check mate those CCP swine and there elite traitors have won we will be slaves as will be our children

    • K

      We did watch that one. Very powerful and sad!

    • Mike+G

      Thanks Andrew, shocking malfeasance and let’s no forget to thank Mr. Warp Speed, the MSM and F Biden for killing people and continuing to do so.

  6. Hinson

    Mandatory vax for all Governments personnel bi-weekly!

    • Paul ...

      Hinson … Bribe’n is doing this to make sure no Government employee lives to get a pension … unless you happen to work for the Post Office (that helped to deliver the absentee ballots Bribe’n needed to steal the election)!!

  7. Flashman

    Greg checks this guy out he would make a great guest ..all the best from the Uk.
    The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast

  8. Julie

    I got my Ivermectin this week. I took Clif’s advice and visited The cost was $59.95 I used my medical insurance mail order plan and the pills were free. The pills are 3ml each. Based on body weight the dose is 5-8 on days 1 and 3 and same dose once a week. If purchased through farm supply the pills are 50 ml. So folks should be aware not to overdose.

    • regaleagle

      I got mine last week too, but my medicare insurance carrier only paid about $12 and I had to pay the balance……$149 bucks for a 40 count of 3mg pills. Not so sure about the prophylaxis dose……will read up online for that. It just sounds like alot of dosage at one time for prophylaxis. The instructions say to take 5 tablets the 1st and 3rd day, then 5 tablets every two weeks for prevention……but to take 5 tablets once every two weeks for Covid. I’m not in the medical field, but that doesn’t makes sense to me. Seems like if you have Covid symptoms, the dose would exceed that for prophylaxis use, not less. Bottom line in anything medical-related today……don’t take the word of anyone without doing your own research first. I’ma thinkin’ the doses on this package are WRONG!!

      • Charles H

        Prophylatic use of Ivermectin – .2 mg per kilo of weight
        1 kilo = 2.2 pounds
        200 pounds divided by 2.2 = 96 k?
        96 x .2 = 19.2 mg
        one dose per week (Indian doctor recommendation)

        I am in the nest of Covid infections, with my wife. Step-father just died in hospital (we visited); uncle just got over it; brother in ICU and intubated (I was exposed, unknowingly). I have enough for about a month for us both, while we are visiting family

        • regaleagle

          CH…….according to your equation above, at my weight of 165 lbs. it worked out to exactly 5 pills per week. I think you take them all at once…….one time per week. Then according to the instructions, you skip the 2nd week for some reason, then take your dose again on the 3rd week and every week thereafter. With a 40-count supply sent to me, that works out to 8 doses……or 9 weeks once I start. I wonder how long that kind of prophylaxis regimen will last once it is completed?

          • Charles H

            It depends on how much your pill contains. Commonly there are 2, 4, & 6mg tablets.
            My 210 pounds divides (by 2.2) to 95kg.
   states the dosage of 200mcg or .2 mg per kg; so 95 x .2 = 19mg.
            I take three 6mg tablets weekly.
            I don’t know how long one continues this regimen. I, personally, will continue this for myself and wife while visiting our family ‘hotspot’.

            What is not discussed is what happens when exposure is made under prophylatic conditions. Does a person develop antibodies and defense, with this drug improving systemic conditions for such exposure? Hydroychloraquin (HCQ) is only useful in early symptoms; while Ivermectin seems effective treating more advanced symptoms. Does Ivermectin reduce the severity of lung capacity damage? No “official” research is allowed to be done; and doctors who experience results (like in India, or Europe) are silenced. Sad.

            Also – I am not sure the ‘home tests’ aren’t gimmied to give positive results in order to strengthen Covid numbers and guide to mandatory measures. For sure I won’t put anything up my nose.

    • Diane

      Thanks Julie
      A lot of out friends and families have had the vaccine…..
      Your post is appreciated.

    • Diane

      Thank you so much Julie
      This is very important.
      Many if our families and friends have taken the vaccine.

    • Diane

      Very important information …please share Julia’s post with family and friends.

  9. Will Sandler

    Boycotts and strikes need to be organized against companies that do this. Remember Lech Welesa. and the Polish solidarity movement? You can’t hashtag your way out of this, you have to do something. Strikes in power generating and distribution, water treatment, air traffic control, shipping ECT. All peaceful resistance. Boycotts against these companies need to be started, don’t give money to your oppressors! If your DNA is modified, aren’t you a genetically modified organism? If so, aren’t you the intellectual property of the company that made the new coding sequence? Didn’t Monsanto put many organic farmers out of business due to cross pollination with their patented GMO species? Couldn’t that be the case here?

    • judge

      Luckily it is almost impossible to overdose on ivermectin. that is one of the wonderful attributes of this noble prize winning medicine that has been around for 0ver 40 years and not one person has died from it! Ivermectin has saved the lives of millions and millions of people all over the world!

    • Paul ...

      Yes … Boycott all Big Pharma products … avoid everything they sell (as payback for the mass murder they are inflicting on our parents and children)!!

  10. Anthony Australia

    From a MSM news outlet here….

    Mr Morrison says in the first phase, the suppression phase, it’s important to note short and stringent lockdowns will be necessary to deal with the Delta strain.

    “It is important in that first phase we continue to strongly suppress the virus for the purpose of minimising community transmission,” he says.

    The threshold for Phase B is 70 per cent of the population having two doses of vaccines. For phase C, it’s 80 per cent being fully vaccinated.

    States and territories can only move into the next phase when both the national average and their own jurisdiction’s vaccination rollout reaches that threshold.

    “The thresholds which we are announcing tonight are completely 100 per cent consistent with the scientific modelling and advice provided together by the treasuries and the Doherty Institute,” Mr Morrison says.

    • Vincent johnson

      I Heard. him too on the 7 news , such a worry , someone lower down in the comments put me onto an interview with a doctor that is SO convincing you must watch I have sent it on to all my kids and friends

    • Paul ...

      AA … The eugenicists look upon humans as bugs andwant to get the spike protein crystals into every cell of our bodies “so we all will have no escape” (and must die die die … like a bug sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup)!!

    • Brooklyn


      Thank you for, as our Leader, Greg Hunter would say, “Your Street Reporting”

      Damn, the only way out of this, for the Good People of Australia, is for the them to RISE UP..! With the understanding that you and I are half the world away from one another (we’re on the Joisey Sure) But, you are today, where we will be tomorrow, where all will get our turn to RESIST THE RESET…!

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks Brooky

    • Earth Angel

      How dare these dummies mandate lockdowns and toxic injections. It’s unbelievable- Don’t these idiots know the freedoms that they undermine will be THEIR OWN?!!

  11. Robert Henderson

    i work on prepping ambulances for use in the first wave we have a lot of ambulances that were carrying covid patients to hospital. they were then off the road until they were deep cleaned. the UK government is saying its spiking here indian variant etc but we are seeing zero ambulances that need deep cleaning / sanitising from it now.

  12. Will Sandler

    Boycotts and strikes need to be organized against companies that do this. Remember Lech Welesa. and the Polish solidarity movement? You can’t hashtag your way out of this, you have to do something. Strikes in power generating and distribution, water treatment, air traffic control, shipping ECT. All peaceful resistance. Boycotts against these companies need to be started, don’t give money to your oppressors! If your DNA is modified, aren’t you a genetically modified organism? If so, aren’t you the intellectual property of the company that made the new coding sequence? Didn’t Monsanto put many organic farmers out of business due to cross pollination with their patented GMO species? Couldn’t that be the case here? Will you have the right to procreate with someone who has not been treated/ modified? Don’t do business with these large corporations. Spend your money with locally owned and operated businesses. Those big corporations got bailed out by the billions, with borrowed money, that you will be required to pay back. They made billions while your local businesses, that support your communities, got slammed. Ask yourself, which businesses are supporting your little league teams, community service organizations, religious institutions, volunteer fire departments?

  13. AndrewB

    Why is Graphene Oxide in the jabs?
    Must see Microsoft patent application (note application number ends 60606!) filed 20th June 2019. Uses human interface with device (phone, etc) to monitor bodily activity in order to earn crypto currency (and coerce you to behave as directed). IMHO, you would need a method of transmission from a human body to a phone, and for that you need electrical conductivity. Hence graphene – one of the best material inventions ever – graphene is one atom thick sheet carbon, extremely strong and super-conductive – already weaponised against the human race by those who seek ABSOLUTE control. More proof if needed that the ‘vaccine’ is nothing to do with the scamdemic but that the scamdemic has everything to do with incorporating everyone into the Borg.

    • Brookyn


      An excellent question. We have been studying Graphene Oxide now for well over a month and have a large file of expert information and links. Here is but a small sample of why everyone must understand the dangers of this bioweapon in THE JAB..!

      We must come to understand graphene oxide and how this deadly toxin is the main ingredient in the mNRA experimental vaccine. Graphene Oxide nanoparticles are a metallic toxins which generate blood coagulation (clots) and alteration of the immune system. Graphene oxide will often cause a metallic taste many people have reported after receiving the jab!Perhaps this is starting to make sense to you now. Inhaled graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucous membranes and thus loss of taste and partial or total loss of smell.

      Graphene oxide acquires powerful magnetic properties inside the organism. This is the explanation for the magnetic phenomenon that millions of people around the world have experienced with metal objects, from as small as paper clips to silverware, folks, knives sticking to their arms, legs or even their chest.

      Graphene oxide is extremely potent and strong in aerosols, whereas “an inhalant version would be more potent because it will go right into the lungs where it would create a pulmonary storm of pneumonia right away,” said Dr. Ruby (below)

      And, as with most materials, graphene oxide has what we call an ‘electronic absorption band’. This means a certain frequency above which the material is excited and oxidizes very rapidly. Precisely this frequency band is emitted in the new emission bandwidths of the new 5G wireless technology.

      Please keep in mind, that it all started in Wuhan, China and the Communist Chinese, with little concern for human life, this was the first pilot sample city in the world to do the 5G technology trial in late November 2019, which is a massive coincidence in both space and time.

      More to come…

      • AndrewB

        Hi F & P,
        Since you first commented on here as Brookyn, with a Brooklyn Bridge avatar, someone has been posting as Brooklyn, without an avatar. Are you one and the same???

      • Freebrezer

        B – with out links to the authors, the info put forth can only be held has conjecture. Please post the links!

      • Thomas Surguine

        A huge HUZZA 2 YOU 4 YOUR GREAT INFO!!!seems like years ago my prof., chemeng told me…NO JAB! Clearly, she was quite correct, and both of us could not be doing anything except enjoying superb health, and I am 91! Lots of great info on this site, which is most most appreciated! CHEERS 2 ALL!!! Expat tom

  14. AndrewB

    More info on graphene oxide.

  15. Philip Welch

    You should interview Dr David Martin.

    • Lars Christiansen

      So true Dr David Martin has startling evidence that this all planned long ago and he has enough for a RICO case.
      This is the crime of the century

  16. D P

    I just got fired for refusing to say that this SATAN juice would protect residents and fellow employees!
    Gun to my head I will NEVER agree to that LIE FROM HELL!!!!—mRNA-Depopulation#9


    • Jacob

      In Revelation 13, in between the 1st & 2nd beast, there is talk of people being taken into captivity or being killed with a sword (a sharp slicing device). Then, later on in Revelation, when Jesus returns the 1st time we are told that only those that were beheaded are with him at that time.

      I take these two passages together. Now, Greg does not buy into this beheading scenario, but as you can see I am just referencing what is in the Bible.

      What I’m getting at is that, all biblical passages considered, things are potentiallt going to go to a level of tyranny that even I have a hard time picturing. Should we take these passages literally? Will this happen worldwide? Perhaps not one or both considerations; time will tell the final tale.

      I heard Alex Newman make a comment that he believed that there is a very good chance that China will invade the United States. I looked but could not find any more information in any of his other videos on that topic, but I may have missed it.

      In other words, I can envision a scenario, a currently unthinkable one, where some very bad things could take place in the United States. In my opinion, it us far better to consider all possible outcomes then to see them as impossibilities, but that’s just me.

      In that regard, it would be good if Greg had Alex back on do he could talk at length about why he made that comment about China potentially attacking the United States.

      Stand strong. Love this awesome life we’ve been given, rejoice about it always, but don’t cling to it. That would be a sign of fear as I see it. This life is but a blip, an important blip, but a blip nonetheless. Eternity is, well, the name itself says it all. It is best to live with a focus on eternity., no doubt about that.

      • Dan

        Chinese Military Like Soldiers Train on Salt Spring Island, Canada

      • andyb

        Re the Chinese: rumors of Chinese troops in BC, Canada; videos of UN vehicles throughout the US. I see UN using CCP troops as Blue Helmets patrolling the cities, confiscating weapons. Biden is a CCP plant; the ultimate in Manchurian Candidates.

      • Paul ...

        Jacob … Chinese Generals are buying up huge tracks of land in Texas … to build airstrips for their fighter and troop transport planes … will be activated as the US collapses “without food production”… because Bill Gates is buying up all the farmland and purposely not planting any crops (he just collects taxpayer funded farm subsides “for not producing any food”)!!

        • The Seer

          Plenty of farms in USA producing.
          FL best state to live now. Southern states will unite and defend.

    • Coal Burner

      You will be blessed with a new and better way.

  17. David Showers

    The demand that everyone take the vaccine is not about public health – it is about control; it is about totalitarianism. First they violated our rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, that is freedom of assembly and freedom of religion. Now they want the ultimate control – being to dictate what we do or do not put in our bodies. Remember control is the opposite of freedom.

  18. Stubbs

    Once. You are genetically modified, in the eyes of law you have no human rights! You are owned ,if you survive the jab that is!
    God help us all.
    Thank you Greg keep safe.

  19. Byron Luers

    Superb, you are finally in a good place with no fascist editing!

  20. Jan Van Campenhout

    The extent of the consequences of receiving this gene chemical cocktail in your body is underestimated and beyond imagination. The whole “vaccine program” IS either so clever at culling the human populus or they truly miscalculated the consequences. Just think that all military personnel, pilots and airline personnel were vaccinated. You want to fly? Who will defend the country? Medical and healthcare personnel were vaccinated. Who will treat you? How about blood transfusions? Ever think of that? Blood donated by vaccinated persons contains spike proteins. I thought AIDS was bad, but this is at a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL. Folks must wake up NOW. Say NO to these jabs. Do not fall in the trap of taking them so you can travel, go to festivals and visit the pub. Use your common sense and WAIT. WAIT. This also will end.

  21. AndrewB

    Sorry, no sound. Hope this one works . . .

    • AndrewB

      Great, it works, but you need to click the sound / speaker symbol at bottom right. More and more people are speaking out against the pernicious jabs.

  22. SamBass

    Listening to WJR Radio voice of mid-west America, the Guy Gordon show with Chris Renwick filling in yesterday afternoon. A gentleman called in to say the problem is not the virus, they’re all dead material, not living. Not alive and the problem is the body’s reaction to it! The immune system response! The attack the defense, it’s the inflammation that kills you. Not the virus itself. Your body is going all out nuclear war with a non-lethal invader and you become collateral damage, as your body commits suicidal war with these pieces of nothing! That’s what the Graphene oxide Nano particulate, is all about.
    It’s to destroy enough of your immune system, so it can’t give an all out assault on this innocent invader and kills you in the process!
    That’s progress? I’ll take my Chances Beijing Biden, with my own immune system. Against the cold virus [covid-19, fancy name for a cold virus] and the myriad of zillions of cold viruses and the zillions to com, With a 99.9% recovery rate to boot and I don’t care if Dr. Anthony Fraudski funded the weaponization of this particular cold virus. My best buddy is my smart immune system. There is no other cure for a cold and this fake vax is proving it everyday. Do your research. It’s a complete failure, the virus has no clothes! It’s been stripped naked! For all to see! Fruadci never didn’t get this right, ask Dr. Mikovits.

  23. Bad Bass

    Dr. Fauci pledged to die at 75 like his buddy Dr. Axelrod Obomber’s mentor.
    Don’t worry mates, he didn’t even get his weaponization right, do all the things your mum told you to do if you get a cold. Stay warm and plenty of fluids and bedrest! Vitamin D3, K, in spinach and Kale , Zinc, in nuts, Quercetin, in apples, Glutathione, NAC and back it up when you get the sniffles with the proven efficacy and safety of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, well over 50 years each of success.

  24. William Davis

    Greg– what is the reference to WNW 490?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s the 490 episode.

      • Paul Anthony




        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Paul. I got finished at 4:00 this morning.

      • WeKnowItAll

        Greg, I know this is a bit long, (6 parts) but is a fascinating read. One can only hope his theory is correct, since all signs seem to point that way.
        Thank you for always reminding us that God is still on His throne. He WILL get all the glory for what He has done.

  25. David Jones

    Dr. Zelenko gave a interview this week which was posted on SGT Report. He said that the Trump white house was in touch with him during the first days of the pandemic. President Trump gave a order for ALL Americans to have access to HCL. Trump gave the order to Kudlow and then it got to Woodcock who blocked the order and changed it to only people in the hospital get HCL. By the time people are in the hospital it’s to late for HCL. Woodcock blocked it because in order to have the vaccine have emergency use authorization there can be no other treatment available. Woodcock later took a job with big pharma, so what’s the chances she got paid off to bury the HCL order? As a result thousands of people died.

  26. Jerry5

    This bioweapon has layers.

    The globalist designed this bioweapon so that it has maximum effect to anyone around it. Watch and see…..they will flip this script and blame the transmission to the unvaccinated this fall during the flu season. They have to get the graphene oxide into the global population before they do the reset. Why? You said it Greg. They must…..and I repeat…..must connect your biological system to a
    global cloud that is part of the new world order cryptocurrency.
    Greg they know without total control, they’d never be able to get us to go along with what they have planned. The alleged vaccines have nothing to do with the virus. It’s about control. How obvious can it be? When’s the last time the government offered you $100. to roll up your sleeve. That tells you how much the globalist thinks your worth.
    Here’s the deal. I will gladly take the jab the day they outlaw abortions. It works both ways. It’s my body my choice. Right? I should have the right to terminate life, even if it’s my own.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Jerry,
      Agree with your analysis but . . . nah, don’t gladly take the jab whatever they do!!! We would all miss your commentary 🙂

      • Jerry5

        Thank you for your comment. I don’t post information on Greg’s site for any other reason than I care. Today I just found out that one of my friends passed away from the delta variant. The odd thing is she was vaccinated two months ago. The first thing they did when she came into the ICU was put her on a ventilator. This is all planned.

        • AndrewB

          Hi Jerry,
          Sorry to learn of your sad news. I have never known of so many people passing in such a short timeframe – something I discussed with my wife that we need to be prepared for in the months and years ahead. All our friends of our age jumped at the ‘opportunity’ to take the shots and all my siblings and my wife’s have taken the shots and are proud as could be – like kids who got a gold star from teacher. There was nothing we could say or show them to persuade them to even wait a while! Fortunately, our children were brought up to question – think for themselves – and they are resisting.

        • Tim

          The jab killed her

        • Warren B.

          If you enter the public health system with adverse reactions they are treating it as “COVID ” symptoms…they will not deviate from stated protocol in their treatment. Sadly it will be a death sentence for the great many affected.

    • Warren B.

      …”they will flip this script and blame the transmission to the unvaccinated this fall during the flu season.” …..they have already commenced with that dialogue but it is failing….. unfortunately the CDC has upset the apple cart…….things are now reaching tipping point – The CDC have confessed that Vaccines are a HOAX – with Vaxxed individuals having a higher viral load and can be super spreaders. Just a few short months ago they stated that Vaxxed people could take off their masks….

      • Jerry5

        Warren B.
        Do you know how to tell when the CDC is lying? When they open their mouths.

        • Warren B.

          Exactly my point.

  27. nathan dunning

    Our prime Minister is Blackmailing the Australian people. Saying we can’t have our freedom back unless we all get vaccinated. I expect a massive civil uprising by Christmas time. It is no longer about the vaccine it’s about Financial collapse. they are using Lock Downs to stave off Hyper Inflations. Corruption ids the real Virus.

    • Vincent johnson

      I am from Australia too please look at my comment further down the list from you and I agree with you re your comment

    • Warren B.

      There is sufficient proof to suggest that the Globalists have ensnared the Politico across the globe….to follow their agenda (death threats/ career suicide…etc) . I would go further suggesting that those in public Health systems are also beholden to the threats emanating from powerful interests to adhere to the mandate. Sadly for most who have participated under the false pretense that they may have some degree of (promised) protection…they too will succumb to the illness of “sudden / unexpected death” once those Unelected rulers have achieved their respective goals. It has always been…. participation under duress for the absolute majority.
      You could expect …for a small minority… that a select group of individuals have been unscrupulous and opportunistic in their quest for a power grab – where tyrannical rule has overwhelmed their true identity…..but certainly not on the level or scale as we have witnessed across the globe where they are all acting in sync. That is more than coincidence and it smacks of absolute dictatorial control. Every single one of them that is compliant – are being given instructions to act in a given fashion – failure to follow said protocols would not be advantageous.

  28. Jerry5

    I found this interesting. What are United Nations vehicles doing around a drug manufacturing plant in Canada?

    Please don’t tell me they’re picking up an order.

    • Paul ...

      They are protecting it from being “jabed” with pitchforks or burned down (not by BLM) but by people who are now just beginning to realizing they are “walking dead” … and “have nothing to lose” attacking the source of their many illnesses that will put them in the ground before retirement!!

  29. Jerry5

    This should read
    “ World Transitions to Digital Currency Via The Vaccines”.
    Is there any doubt left that the vaccine is a Trojan horse to implement a global currency. Damm……if they could only just get us to cooperate! Stan do you want to weigh in on this one?

  30. James Loughran

    …want to say one compound word to you. Just one: G-oxide!

  31. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    Absolutely spot on Greg. Thank you.
    Here in the UK I find it tragic that neither family nor friends even bother to respond to my emails warning of the spike protein inducing jabs which wreck our God given natural immunity to covid and all other viruses. Proven jabs for yellow fever or polio of course, but the evidence of a cull by our pro vax political leadership is beyond diabolical. One of our neighbours is so dumbed down she credits her brother’s ‘recovery’ from covid as being thanks to the double jab!!

  32. Marilyn Guinnane

    There are 7 university labs reporting that “covid” does not exist, nor has it ever. They asked the CDC for a sample of covid-19 but there was none. This finding supports what Jon Rappoport has been saying since the covid HOAX began. Anyway, the university labs are suing the CDC for fraudulent claims. What went around was the common cold and the usual seasonal flu but mass hysteria was delivered to us by the MSM. Also, I cannot for the life of me understand why DJT is getting no blame whatsoever for the kill jab. He IS to blame, people. And he signed an agreement with Pfizer that would make you throw rocks at him. He sold Americans down the river. Let’s stop putting him on a pedestal!!! (And I was once such a supporter, I volunteered to help re-elect him. But ya’ just gotta’ face facts at some point. There was NO CALL for a vaxx at all when he ‘fast-tracked’ a Pfizer vaxx. (Fake vaxx). I now trust Trump about as far as I could drop kick him.

    • Jr

      exactimundo! he is their man to bring the patriots into the sheep shearing fold and it worked like a charm – it still is – and now he has his michelle cove island to escape to which is likely out of emp range – as I’m sure o’s is as well – my candidates for mr 666 include him – remember he told us he was a snake – it’s classic wwe that’s all it is – I cant even stand to hear him talk anymore – it’s the cabal that plays 6d chess not the donald I’m afraid

      • Xie Hang Ten

        Jr, Do you remember my boy when Dr. Fraudci’s, Dr. Frankenstein weaponized virus first leaked out the Kung flu Wuhan institute of virology. Remember the people of Wuhan dropping like fly’s walking down the street’s? The stir it caused all over the world. China was building emergency hospitols. The countless body bags, burials and burning of. We were all freaked! Well virus’s don’t last long. Especially man made manipulated ones. As it died out in China it reared its ugly head everywhere else and now its gone altogether, but the new world disorder people want to keep the farce going, trying to make the seasonal flu the new bogey man. It aint working. See the folks in the Aussie protests! They aint puting up with this B.S any longer and US. Yanks aren’t far behind. The fat lady is singing. It’s over Fauchie, you better hope they don’t run you outa the country. You got nowhere else to hide and that includes your buddy Gates and Jr don’t blame the Trumpster. We were all fooled including you. He’s the only one who can dig us out of this mess. Hopefully before the vax runs its course! He and Melanja were jabbed mind you, so time is running out. We must forgive and forget and find a cure for the jab. Maybe Russia can help with hypersonic weapon type speed, warp speed’s out. Been warped!


      EO 13887 … Says it all …

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      P.S. Here’s the link to the 7 university labs:

  33. AndrewB

    Proof that Fauci knew about the effectiveness of chloroquine (Hydroxychloroquine – sic) as an effective prophylactic and treatment for coronavirus as early as 2005:


      Look, nobody did die … From covid. It’s a made up hoax as is all of virology. Anyone who still believes in viruses after watching this.:
      Well they’re the ones who will hopefully get vhacksed. …

      Cold and flu are your body detoxing. Malaria is bacterial.

      Learn what a bacterial phage is. Video explains.

      Learn what a control experiment is and why the are never done in virology and can’t be … Because it exposes the total fraud. Video explains.

      Yes there are lots of virologists who are totally fooled and drank the coolaid. Same as there are millions who think the US is a two party system. Two parties, two wings of the same bird … But who is the bird brain?

      Pasteur exposed his own fraud in his diary that was not released for over a hundred years after he died. At that time the Battle was about pathogens vs environment. Pasteur was a fraud. Video explains.

  34. Pete

    My neighbor got the J n J about 5 months ago and now is dealing with blood clot issues from a thrombosis that broke apart and sent smaller clots around his body. Also interesting that he has a number of subcutaneous bruises that occur when he scratches or pumps against something. He is going for his first physical therapy today for his left arm cramping and numbness.. He has lost a bit of weight to and was not an over weight guy. Anyhow. Interesting times with so many compliant people about.

  35. Jay rocco

    I’m disabled, not in a wheel chair but a host of medical problems and every co morbidity to ‘covid’ Talked with my doctor about the jab. I said I’m not putting something in me that could hurt me with a 99.5 recovery rate. He got the jab himself. He said I see what you are saying but the doctor in me tells me for you to take the shot…and when I say that out loud with everything you have wrong with you…it’s not the right thing for you. Know that the ‘cure’ could hurt you… he said I can’t tell you to take the shot. I said I’m talking to _____ (I said his name) not my doctor. I’m talking to the man I like and call a friend. Off the record I will not under any circumstances take to shot or any flu shot every again. This is from my own research and I sighted the vaers data and Britain’s data. I will not take it.

  36. Pete

    They have so many unused ” vaccines” that they probably paid hundreds of millions of $$$ for and are as Greg says, desperate to get them out into peoples bodies to comply with deep state b.s. agenda..
    IMO it’s all about the $$ Fed. has lost control of financial system but doesn’t want it to be obvious and they need to cool down the over heating economy and the velocity of currency. Lock people down by scaring them to death or coercing them into compliance to be “yes” men and women so they will accept another lock down thus slowing down the velocity of currency so they don’t have to raise the interest rate because if they do so they won’t be able to pay the national debt being unable to collect enough tax revenue to meet the payments…yes I know they can “print” more currency as if that is working now… They want to slow the economy down as it’s over heating…
    Crazy times with so many compliant people accepting the Chinese model of top down technocracy. Cameras on every light pole and street lamp and in your vehicles and tracking with chips everywhere.. so they can have complete control over everyone. Sick ! Fight back !

  37. Pete

    Follow the $$$.. that’s what this is all about. Period !!

  38. Vincent johnson

    Hi Greg. I am from Australia and we have not been told by our media that so many people have been hospitalised who have been fully vaccinated , where did you get this info from?

  39. Sue Patterson

    All week I look forward to your WNW. You never disappoint; thanks, thanks, thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sue for all your support!

      • Thomas Surguine

        Please let Sue Patterson know that this reader in Manila is totally in agreement with her.She wrote her praise 4 Greg in a most marvelous way. Clearly it is obvious that Greg puts his entire mind, body & soul into every interview, to produce a website that is totally unique, humane, interesting 2 a wide range of people, and therefore he has more than earned very high praise 4 a site that is NEVER 2 be missed! ” long live Greg Hunter”….a just excellent website, never to be missed!!! Expat tom

  40. david brownallen

    If the possibility exists the economy collapses next year before or after the die-off, few job opportunities will exist. Will UBI be an option?

  41. Bob

    WHO WE ARE: We are a large and ever growing group of Americans who were previously healthy and have been seriously injured by the COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J as well as Astra Zeneca in the clinical trial stage in the United States) –

  42. ode to "dr" owchie fauci

    owchie fauci had a lab e i e io
    and everywhere that owchie went death was sure to go
    with a jab jab here and a jab jab there
    here a a jab there a jab everywhere a jab jab
    owchie fauci had a lab e i e io

  43. Randy

    The most abused federal employees will be found working for USPS. You learn early on not to trust anything management tells you.

  44. Barb Cravens

    Thank you Greg for another GREAT video with AWESOME information! Here is a quote from someone else . . . . . . . “We know they are lying. They know they are lying, they know that we know they are lying. We know that they know that we know they are lying. And still they continue to lie.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Oh that’s just too good Barb. Thank you for posting!

  45. Paul ...

    Jacob … If everyone (over the next three days) would put the Holy Spirit (morality) back into their hearts … a world where Jesus can walk freely among us (without fear of getting jabbed) … would rise again!!

    • Paul ...

      As for digital currency … the globalists are making it look like a fantastic money making opportunity … so everyone will switch to crypto … until … one day people wake up and find that their digital crypto “has an expiration date on it” which automatically makes your crypto worthless if not used within a month … or makes your crypto worthless because you didn’t follow orders to put your mask on while swimming in the ocean … only physical gold is money that can be saved “without an expiration date” … and can’t have its value erased by ever more controlling “commies” … listen to the latest by Andrew Maguire who shares his latest insights and analysis on the gold and silver markets along with how Basil III is impacting the price fixing criminals and their ability to manipulate the precious metal markets …

  46. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up. I appreciate your summary of the Karen Kingston interview. I listened to it yesterday and emailed & texted the link to vaxxed friends who needed to know not to get a third injection/booster.

    Karen Kingston is totally credible and easy to listen to. When she mentioned “cognitive dissonance” as a reason for people to disbelieve that they are participating in a human test trial and that the people they have trusted are lying, it all came together. Graphene oxide’s presence in the various covid injections goes against what we’ve been told and have believed about vaccines our entire lives. People don’t want to believe so they don’t believe; it’s easier to con someone than it is to convince them they’ve been conned.

    The desperation of our “leaders” and the tactics they are using to force people to roll up their sleeves is painfully obvious. Unfortunately some people will roll up their sleeves. So we all need to get this word out to our friends who have not been vaxxed and also to those who have been vaxxed but will be told to get a booster (to build up their graphene oxide level).

    PS: I have some thoughts on why they are pressing for young children to be injected and it has to do with graphene oxide presence in a brain that is still forming neural pathways. If a lab rat survives what do they do next? I’ll leave it there because I don’t have the right acronyms behind my name.

    • Russ 2

      “It is easier to fool the people, than to convince them they have been fooled.
      No man’s life,liberty, and property are safe while the legislature is in session.”
      ― Mark Twain

  47. Lightning

    Really appreciate the breath of sanity you and USAWatchdog provide.

    Here is an excellent link to articles on why and how to resist forced and coerced vaccine mandates.
    Hope they help.

    One last comment. It’s my belief that this desperation means they are running out of time . Always deny the enemy that which they seek. Everyone needs to resist and dig in. They are running out of time !

    God bless everyone and you to Greg!

  48. Todd J Dembsky

    Hello Greg, 🚑🚑🚑☠ (This is the start of the Beast System, One World Government, Worship the Government or extermination)

    This is urgent and critical information about COVID, DARPA, OWG, De-population
    Celeste Bishop Solum is an ex DARPA / FEMA Officer. This video is her talking about Nano Particles, Hydrogel, graphene, and many other activities that are being “operationalized”
    Please watch the video, it explains a lot about what is going on today and why we are being isolated.
    This is BIG
    Research Celeste Bishop Solum and research her information on the plans for the human race. THIS IS BIG.

  49. Dan Gowin

    Earth Overshoot Day Is Coming Sooner And Sooner

    We are dealing with a death cult. They’re trying to wipe us out.

  50. Nancy McDaniel

    These future homeless people need to do what people have done here for over 100 years–MOVE TO WHERE THE JOBS ARE. Free ride is over.

  51. Steve Bice

    My wife had an interesting observation this morning. Simone Biles has been in the news after withdrawing from competition in the Olympics. Much has been made of her mental health as she struggled to meet the expectations that have been thrust upon her.

    Simone explained in the newscast what she has been going through. She indicated that she was off in ways she couldn’t explain…that her “mind and body were not in sync”. They showed a video of her practice routines where she would crash to the mat, unable to come close to hitting the landing.

    My wife’s comment: This is what “vaxxidents” were projected to look like (assuming she was vaccinated). Clif High gave examples frighteningly similar to what she was describing. He talked about a demolition guy suddenly swinging to the left and demolishing a house, when the house scheduled for destruction was on the right…and the guy could not explain why.

    If vaxxidents are indeed a result of micro-clotting in the brain, you would expect it to show up first at the leading edge of human performance where the slightest reduction in neural efficiency would compromise performance. (I learned this years ago by drinking just one beer before playing volleyball with friends. I was astounded how much my timing was off at the net…even though I felt no effect of the beer whatsoever.)

    If we move to booster shots as a society, and vaxxidents are indeed real, we can expect a tsunami of unexplained failures and accidents as society comes unraveled. Chaos ahead…

    • Steve Bice

      P.S. She needs to have a d-dimer test asap…

      • Steve Bice

        …and yes, she did have a vaccine according to reports, although I’m am unsure of the timing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your wife is smart. My wife & I were thinking the same thing.

    • JayJay

      Now, think of all drivers on the roads, bus drivers, semi drivers…and their reflexes are compromised..
      We all know pilots are not flying those planes–so those passengers are safe.

      And think of every person on the job with dangerous duties..this will get real real soon???

  52. Garry

    A quick comment regarding the fear instilled in many… I live in Canada in an area not highly populated; in a local grocery store one sees young mothers with children under 5 masked up and most likely the mother is vaccinated.
    What a sad sight; this just makes myself so angry at the MSM and government/health officials…

  53. andyb

    Greg: none of my comments get posted. Why?

    • Brookyn


      We have he same problem. I posted 3-4 comments earlier today, but only one posted.

      Greg Hunter’s comment section is an ongoing conversation where Greg gives us the topic(s) and we offer a constructive dialogue with his followers the world over. The problem with our (yours and my) comments not posting in a timely manner is that the “conversation” moves on and unfortunately our comments don’t.

      But, in all fairness to Greg Hunter, he does a lot of the site maintenance himself, and since USA has become a very popular destination for many of us “searching for the truth” it has become a huge job for him.

      Onward & Upward,

    • Edmund Burke

      Same here. If I post from my smart phone it disappears, however when I post from my iPad at home it’s always problem free. That proved to me that I wasn’t being blocked by Greg and it’s an electronic issue.

      I know nobody that has died of the Plandemic or the vaccine.
      I was born and still live in a sunny sunny south coast resort which is called Gods waiting room, as the retired flock here, pushing up the property prices to the top ten globally. It’s lots of older people plus the university influx plus the seasonal holidaymakers. It’s a very white Christian area.
      By my calculation/enquiries at least 90% of these are jabbed, including my mother and brothers and sister, our business customers, our friends, our neighbours.

      I know of only eleven people, outside of my wife and children who have resisted. We are losing friends over our this and are in the early stages of being outcasts. There are obviously unknown others but the pressure to comply here is huge. I am keeping a list of the unjabbed just in case things do down go as predicted.

      That’s a lot of bodies that are going to need to be buried and a whole lot of mental stuff to deal with. I hope you are all wrong but I have had the same reoccurring dream for quite a few years, it’s so bad I would not even share it with my wife.

      Good luck to all and thanks for the great links you share.
      Evil prospers when good men do nothing.

  54. Marie+Joy

    While everything, in all our houses, comes from China…

  55. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    The Shot is a Personal Choice – there is no way it should be mandatory!!!!! This time last year Karmala and the rest of the DemoRats said they wouldn’t take the Experimental Drug – no they are all saying how great it is!!! This is mind Boggling – 🤬
    Greg Hunter our Ultimate American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      You are right Rod. She did say that. Thank you for your comments & for all your support!!

  56. Traysee

    Full Military exemption papers for you to download:

    Short explanation of exemption: No need to mess with beings made in God’s image.

  57. Country Codger

    Excellent wrap-up Greg. Have you ever interviewed Dr. David Martin? I believe he is in the business of medical underwriting. He has copies of the patents on COVID going back to 1999 if I remember correctly. He might be a good interview.

    Greg, this last cycle was highlighted by a “top down” solar eclipse that was seen at the north pole and the countries bordering it. The next cycle begins @October 8th and goes until January 2nd. It is highlighted by a “bottom up” solar eclipse that will be seen at the south pole. I call it the “Great Shaking”. I used to call it the Great Earthquake but people automatically think of geological earthquakes rather than political, economic and societal earthquakes. I’m not ruling out geological earthquakes but it is more than that. The world in 2022 will not be the same as the good old days of 2020 and 2021.

    The last time you had a top down and bottom up event was 2008. Remember what happened in 2008? The time before that was when NATO went into Afghanistan in 2003. See a pattern?
    Keep getting the word out.
    Lo Iyrah!

  58. james iler

    Interestingly, US Postal Service employees are NOT “federal employees” but are private subcontractors fulfilling constitutionally-required “Post Office” duties. USPS is a very different agency than USPO.

    • Greg Hunter

      James that is a very thin distinction. The post office can write “US Post office” on the plates on their vehicles and legally drive them around with that as their only tag. When they run short of funds that get money for Taxpayers.

    • Randy

      There are sub contractors doing some mail work (processing mail in DCs or highway contracts), but the career employees are indeed federal employees.

  59. Linda

    Every group that promotes totalitarian tyranny fear and hate Christians. The name of Jesus carries with it great power. Those who have invited Him into their hearts share in that power. Remember, they fear us. We have no need to fear them.

  60. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg. I look forward to your weekly wrap-ups and guests on Sat. I have not heard from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in some time. I will also be looking forward to his interview.

    I would further suggest the importance for all of us to boycott MSM completely in conscious dedication. In this way we can and should demonstrate our disregard to the entity as well as the pundits who elect to participate with and for them. We can change what exists, and should for the benefit of all concerned.

  61. Mark Sztelle

    I applaud you for your courage to hit the Covid scam so hard.
    Keep up the great work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark for supporting me in this endeavor.

  62. Lars Christiansen

    Get on Dr David Martin. He has proof of the fact that the virus was patented in 2008 and the Pfizer vaccine was patented in April 2019, nine months before the Scamdemic

  63. Lars Christiansen

    You need to research the Polio vaccine, it was a huge scam too.
    98 % of the Danish population have natural immunity to the scam too. It is a kill shot.
    Latest information was a place with 149 people in a hospital due to the Delta variant, only 1 was not vaccinated. The rest were all vaccinated many double.

  64. Catherine

    You must remember the telltale sign it’s a vaxx to KILL is that the government say under the guise of SAVING US!! THATS the BIGGEST LIE OF ALL. why? Because the government doesn’t care about its citizens. Never has…never will. This group of demons stole the election are proven criminals and pedophiles They HATE US. They are working overtime to destroy the economy, the businesses ,the food supply ,water supply ,borders,,the constitution ,cities ,children, the medical profession, teaching profession ,religious people , infrastructure, and then they have the audacity to say the CARE about us?????
    there is no way out of this one. Pray pray pray for mercy. God is judging . He is watching and He is ANGRY. Fear the Lord because He will judge us all and what’s coming will be incredible difficulty and suffering.

    • Paul ...

      As you correctly state Catherine: “They are working overtime to destroy the economy, the businesses, the food supply, water supply, borders, the Constitution, cities, children, the medical profession, teaching profession, religious people, infrastructure, and then they have the audacity to say they CARE about us?????” … Bill Gates is working overtime to buy up all the farm and dairy cow land he can get his hands on in the US and around the world … think it is just for investment purposes? … think again … if people simply use their God given brain they will realize he is most probably “salting all the farmland he is buying with depleted uranium” … to make sure nothing can ever grow on that property “that is safe to eat” … while he is investing in “growing chop meat in test tubes” in the pharmaceutical laboratories he controls … so he can have complete control over the world’s food supplies … Gates and his eugenicist buddies “need to be taken down” NOW!! … “before he poisons” all the farm and dairy land he is buying up at a fantastic pace to corner the market and give him “God like power” over the human race!!!

      • JayJay

        YES!! I have lots to share so here goes (I read many sites a day)…the ship stuck in the canal..saved by military(deliberately stuck by whistleblowers???)….it was carrying a weapon that took decades to create(don’t ask me how; above my pay grade_…it was going to be used to destroy all land ..sound familiar bill gates evil person….so no crops could grow…then gates comes in, grows on those 10,000 acres he bought and sells to millionaires while we starve!!
        Sound possible??
        This sounds like a sci-fi movie but makes perfect sense with all the players involved…PAYING FARMERS MONEY TO DESTROY CROPS WAS PLAN B????

  65. Chevy123

    By the time people find out the truth about this vaccine and our governments involvement it will too late.
    The obiden administration is offering all federal employees 100 dollars to get the vaxxxx. That should alert you there is something wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll take the other side of that bet.

  66. Dan

    Greg just a FYI about Mish Shedlock.
    Mish is a Trump Hater.–politics/what-happens-if-trump-refuses-to-leave?post=278605
    These type of post go back before Trump officially ran for President.

    • Bill

      Wow! A liberal money analyst, who doesn’t Follow the Liberal Money Science, where 2+2=5!

  67. Lars Christiansen

    Go look on LBRY for the Oil sector recruiter blowing the whistle on the oil industry. They need to replace a major part of their employees within the next 3 years. Guess why

    • JayJay

      And a whistleblower about freight being on tractors and just sitting in the lots not being delivered…there is no food shortage..,it’s a lie.

  68. Marvin

    Congratulations again for exercising your first Amendment right to speak freely and tell the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Marvin.

  69. The Ogs

    Thank you Greg.
    I was on the Doctor’s-only medical website where they are all members. They talk to each other in their forum about their problems if they’ve been injected, and it can be pretty sad reading…
    Really alarming is that these injured medical professionals are all booking appointments with specialists for treatment! Of all the little individual maladies they are encountering, can you believe it?
    And THEN they and the specialist Doctors sit around and are ‘baffled’ together, and they don’t know what’s going on.
    And none of them seem to have any clue what they’ve done to their capillaries, and how damaging the injections are…
    It’s really disheartening.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tell us more whenever you can. Even the docs have screwed themselves. Wait until the Woke-tards find out their leaders poisoned them and withheld life saving medication such as HCQ and Ivermectin. It will me messy. They are going to be pissed beyond control when they come to this revelation.

  70. A+Jones

    PROPHETACY FULL FILLED! What is going on in the World today and why? Well, I think I found the answer. Let me explain. Carl Sandburg is one of the most respected and well-known historians on the planet. He is best known and associated with his six-volume series on Abraham Lincoln written almost 100 years ago. Just by chance I spotted his six-volume set on Lincoln and my project for the summer was to read the entire six books. To make a long story short, if you want to know what is going on in the World today it is all laid out in these books. The first two books are about Lincoln’s early life so you can skip those and just read volume 1 on the war years. This is not about Civil War battles, it about the daily life and events in the White House and governments during the period. A brief summary and background: All governments in the World are controlled by a group of elitists. They are and always have been fearful of an uprising of the working classes. Societies rot from the bottom up. The bottom is the majority composed of marginalized people. The ideas of socialism and communism were well known at the time. Lincoln wrote one of the best answers to Socialism/communism in an article at the time about how capital is the fruit of labor and his view of the economic classes. The elites were worried about Socialism at the time. What brought this all about was the industrial revolution in short making the marginal working-class people obsolete. The industrial revolution was in full speed mode in the 1850-60’s. This came to a head in this country because of the slavery issue. The Abolitionists wanted to free the slaves, but the question was what to do with a population of 4,000,000 million slaves out of a total population of 35,000,000 people when the slaves were freed. Where were these people who were going to be an addition to the already displaced people going to go and what could they do? This brief summary tells the basic problem. The other issue you will have to read for yourself and find out, but it is well laid out. Then when the War started the Federal government ran out of money and had to introduce fiat money called greenbacks. Lincoln said that going off the gold standard would eventually bankrupt the country. Then came the federal income tax.
    Lincoln referred to Federal workers as people who wanted a job with a salary that required no work. Lincoln said the democratic system was so corrupted by politicians giving jobs for political gain that sooner or later the government would be so big it would bankrupt the country. Lincoln’s life was a mad house of job seekers and people wanting favors. I urge to get this volume I at least and read it. It is truly prophetic. As I see it, the elites are in panic mode and there is a rush to depopulate the planet. Woke was even practiced back then. Three New Orleans preachers were arrested and put in prison for refusing to pray for Abe Lincoln. It is all there for your edification.

  71. Robert K


    Notice how absolutely nobody, (outside of yourself), has talked about the election fraud audits in Arizona/Georgia, and elsewhere anymore? Everything we hear is 100% delta doom and gloom. I believe we were too close to the truth; hence, more mask mandates B.S. being issued for cities and schools & now talks of more shutdown rhetoric. It’s all a distraction. They are controlling and manipulating the general public by fear, medical quackery and irrational logic, queue 2020 once again. It’s already a travesty that we have the jackwagons at the CDC making “recommendations” on masks once again, now Traitor Joe says he, “Won’t rule out future lockdowns or school closures if the CDC recommends it”. I’d bet the farm, that is forthcoming. Mandates beget more mandates, and this will continue in perpetuity with no end in sight. Why ANYONE in their right mind would believe the CDC “recommends” is beyond me.

    It also doesn’t bode well that a Michigan bound radioactive material is now “missing”. How does this just grow legs and disappear? Extremely unlikely is my guess. Is it a coincidence that Iridium-192, which is purported missing, can increase the risk of cancer, cause burns, acute radiation sickness, and even death? I wonder how this will come into play with their push for the C19 poison and pestilence rhetoric. Maybe an EMP attack down the road? Dirty bomb? What could possibly go wrong……

  72. [email protected]

    Greg Hunter is performing due diligence for ALL of us. Many thanks and prayers for your yeoman efforts. We are at an epochal turn in world events. We are being attacked by Big Govt, Big Pharma, CCP and the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s. They will be DEFEATED. Thank you Greg Hunter! Pray.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SwimFinz for all your support!!

  73. david brownallen

    Dane Wigington’s video on Graphene skies.

  74. Vincent Osburn

    My cousin and his wife took the vaccine last Friday. They were both sickened right away. By Sunday his wife had passed out and both were hospitalized. During hospital transfer on Monday the wife suffered a heart attack but was revived. Massive organ failure due to clotting ensued and she was disconnected from life support and died Wednesday night. She will be missed greatly. I think my libtard cousin will not last long without her even if he survives the jab.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sad but thank you for your street reporting.

  75. iwitness02

    In other news; the infrastructure bill is now being touted as “common sense” infrastructure bill that the American people deserve. Which is an odd thing to say since we don’t get any of the kick backs, just the bill to pay for it all. Weasel Words Inc. strikes again. If the “common sense” approach doesn’t work they will pitch it as “for the children.”
    “Policy makers” and the “media” are so predictable and yet it works to a large degree. Can’t wait for Weasel Words Inc. to finally fail. I’m ready to give “truth” a chance to improve life on earth.

  76. Mike Foley

    Careful stating graphine oxide is in the shot. The Spanish study may have made an error.
    Stew Peters now knows this and is verifying the study.

  77. Bill

    Zerohedge reports, that the FED just had it’s first $Trillion$ Reverse Repo Day!

  78. Johan

    For all who didn’t take the shot. Would be wise to be taking supplements C D and so on into the Fall and Winter. Will need to be healthy and with strong immunity to counter the effects of high stress and grief coming.

    • Johan

      does the Johnson & Johnson injection also have Graphene Oxide ?

      • Greg Hunter

        According to Karen Kingston they all have various amounts of Graphene Oxide.

        • Johan

          thank you for the link. I watched the interview three times. My understanding from watching, the Pfizer is not only toxic, but also a kill switch if a certain wireless signal occurs (Moderna seems to have much in common with Pfizer). An assessment of Moderna would be good. The J&J wasn’t covered. I wish an expert in this subject would give us their assessment of J&J. The Pfizer appears to be a military grade bio weapon.

  79. Robert

    Trump better fiqure out what is really going on with the jab or he can kiss his 2024 run goodbye. If massive numbers of injuries and deaths start to pile up, and I’m talking hundreds of thousands, he is toast. If Trump says I did not know or nobody told me it will only make his supporters even more angry that he did not take the time to educated himself, the info is now out on this toxic death jab. And where the hell are all the class action lawsuits, you can’t sue big forma but you can sue the other criminals like those giving the injections and the fed govt.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree.

    • jr

      let’s look at this a different way -“ANYONE who hasnt figured it out” is not someone you should want as president of anything – let alone someone who produced it – sorry , it’s being too generous squared to grant him an 8 year learning curve to figure out which side he’s on IN ACTIONS NOT WORDS – he was smart enough to buy an island outside the range of an emp attack – why would you vote for him? Vote for Mike Flynn – vote for someone who didnt come down an escalator exactly like depicted in a simpson’s episode because that’s an owned man. That’s a man who’s been told “you can run your mouth but you’ll appoint who we tell you” which is exactly what he’s done- and has the gall to come back for seconds –

      • Rich

        That pretty much sums it up!

    • Jerry5

      He figured it. A spell has been cast over the world.

    • Johan

      After much searching. The J&J shot does not have Graphene Oxide.

      • Greg Hunter


        Who the hell are you, and why should we trust you? Karen Kingston who worked for Pfizer says you are wrong.


  80. Johan

    my wife went against my wishes, behind my back, and got the J&J shot last May. Much is said about the Pfizer shot, and to a less degree the Modern shot. Yet little is said about the J&J shot. Was it too full of secret ingredients. is its active dna ingredient going to also end up destroying my wife’s heart, lungs, and brain. none of the professionals, such as the dr who read the phisher paper, has talked in depth about J&J. Not only myself, but millions of us need to know.

  81. David

    Overnight the mainstream media who have been hiding the dangers of the vaccine is now starting to report on it. I don’t think this is by accident, we must be entering a new phase that still has evil intentions. Be prepared for civil unrest because of the nauseating realization this will cause (Greg Hunter, you already mentioned this possibility of unrest). Is this a flower we are being offered with false motives by the mainstream media?
    New related post on …

    • Lightning


      I believe they are doing this to justify and stampede the sheep into getting the 3rd booster shot. They need to keep pumping in the chemicals , nanoparticles, spike proteins etc.

  82. Robert K

    Thank you for sharing Karen Kingston’s video with Stew Peters. Her testimony was quite compelling and equally frightening.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert. Peters did a great job too!!

      • AndrewB

        Hi Greg,
        Very generous of you to applaud a ‘competitor’ true news broadcaster. Imperative we all work together at this critical time. Mike Yeadon just said, “We are at the event horizon for humanity”.

    • david brownallen

      Also quite frightening is she could be knocked off.

  83. Coal Burner

    One good thing about Mexico. Not hard to go there and get Ivermectin and HCQ dosages for COVID. Just go the the drug store, they will get you a prescription dirt cheap. And sell you the drugs. But when I had it second time it was so mild I just held my stash in reserve.

    • Charles H

      In Mexico – they removed HCQ from the shelves and barred it being written as a prescription, by doctors – I asked and was refused. Federal Government changed it into a prescription drug from an over-the-counter available one that was there for over thirty years. Ivermectin is still available – but quite expensive; if you aren’t buying generic – which is pretty ‘iffy’, as quality goes.

  84. david brownallen

    I’m not capable of disputing Clif High or Martin Armstrong regarding a higher death count come winter 2022.
    Other than we often live in an echo chamber, I don’t believe they offered a scientific justification to support their thesis.

    In relative terms, the vaccinated seem to be dying quite rapidly soon after inoculation. Somehow I doubt a winter cycle or weather is that pertinent.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am reporting this is what is showing up in their data. These are two respected guy who do not know each other. This is not an “echo chamber.” They are coming up with the same data time points using different methods and programs. I really doubt they are both wrong at the same time. If they are half right it will still be a disaster.

  85. Robert

    To all searching for any glimmer of hope regarding the covid-19 virus I highly recommend spending a few moments and watch this brilliant doctor and professor, Sucharit Bhakdi , discuss how our god given immune system combats the virus, and the mechanism by which the jab causes your own immune system to attack your own cells. Greg maybe he would be a great interview on your wonderful show. Have watched your vids for years, God bless you. Here is link it is 17 min long.

  86. Continental Traveler

    The DOJ declaring that just shows it’s not the USA gov.we are dealing with as they would NEVER have declared that under USA Constitution…
    Just my opinion but I think I’m correct.

  87. Merry Piper

    Greg: I say bravo to you and thank you. Your investigative research and reporting is nailing it to the wall!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks M P!!

  88. Continental Traveler

    The DOJ declaring that just shows it’s not the USA gov.we are dealing with as they would NEVER have declared that under USA Constitution…
    Just my opinion but I think I’m correct.
    Also, they probably spent hundreds of millions on those vaccines and the vaxes are probably reaching tge end of their shelf life and they want them nit t go t waste..
    Also my brother posted on his IG Nancy P. saying there’s no justification for demanding people to have vaccines and or to demand medical records to determine whether or not people are vaxed..
    I’ll give you one guess when she was saying all that….LOL she was wearing a mask too….hint it was b4 J.B’s “administration “…when P.T. was still in office…..

  89. SkeptiSchism

    I can’t seem to find the article I was reading, but yesterday or the day before there was an article out of the UK that said the government there was offering the same benefits to people who were in a vaccine control group and had received a placebo shot as people who had received the actual vaccine.

    Talk about hypocrisy. I thought of that when you mentioned that postal workers were exempt from Lord Biden’s command for .gov employees to be vaxxed.

  90. Continental Traveler

    If it was a legal running the show, IMO, the current “DOJ” would know that declaring that is outside of their Constitutional jurisdiction, remember “separation of powers”…

  91. Linda

    I really recommend Clif High’s videos on the topic of this war we are engaged in. Especially the ones that explain how we can participate in this irregular warfare by #harrying the enemy. I think that video (all of Clif’s are on bitchute) was called “The Art of Woo.” I don’t think we need to worry about who’s awake or who’s not. The point is to get to work doing our part. Today I got a call from the Arizona Department of Health. They wanted me to answer 7 questions. I brought out the first red herring I could think of and that was doing my Lucille Ball imitation of a dumb but well-meaning goofball. I started talking at him like crazy with nonsense about the zucchini bread I was making and the President’s state of health which I didn’t think was very good and he couldn’t get off the phone fast enough. LOL.

  92. James C Rattenborg

    Greg I don’t know if you know this but Dr. Fauci is currently being indicted by a citizen’s grand jury. Go to Freedom Watch You Tube to learn more. Larry Klayman who defended the Bundies is heading the citizen’s grand jury.


    Sometimes you have to ask your self”Who would do this to us?”
    The answer is so simple”FOLLOW THE MONEY”.

  94. James Cortright

    I appreciate how you are warning people each week. You are like an OLD Testament Prophet trying to keep the people from hurting themselves through unwise actions. Your passion really shows. I found this story about fully vaccinated people in Britain.

  95. Helen

    Hello- Just hearing the name graphene oxide doesn’t take a medical genius or to know it has NO PLACE in the human body! ( or any other living creature or plant either for that matter) Clearly this is a substance that has NO place in ANY living organism. Any and ALL involved in promoting the LIES dupeing the public into injecting this poison MUST be convicted in Nuremburg type trials and dealt with accordingly. Especially THOSE BEHIND this genocidal scheme must be rooted out, their political lap dogs identified and called out- and the LYING MEDIA OUTLETS be held accountable for their HIGH CRIMES!!!…. there’s no misdemeanors here folks.

  96. William Westenberger

    Your link was scrambled and refused to be deleted, are you giving me a virus?

    • Greg Hunter

      I have deleted that comment and link from Jacob. Thanks for the heads up.

  97. Steve

    Must watch … this is what John D Rockefeller wrote in the early 1800s . I’ll be damned if it isn’t the script happening today to the tee. You can look back on 200 yrs of them planning this with this short essay.

  98. john+duffy

    I am not the only one to notice the extreme panic through out the world to get 100% of the globe vaccinated!

    • AndrewB

      Thanks for the link. Very cogent article. IMHO, everyone should read it.

    • JayJay

      John…this is what I’ve learned and it makes sense…if 100% don’t get the shot, then the shot takers soon will discover how they were fooled and why when they start dying??
      Sure, the shot takers are infecting the anti-shot folks, but not fast enough …if theory is true, the takers will start dropping soon and that leaves ….tada…us. Do you think there is an army strong enough to hold back country girls that lost their dads, their husbands, their sons???? And I pray the Lord has a plan for the UN…heck, He split a sea, he can do it again.
      The cabal is so afraid…they should be…we have put on the armor of God…amen..halleluah…bring it!!!

  99. Robert Dziok

    Great WNW Greg! Thank you so very much for remaining at the forefront exposing the TRUTH on the China Virus “Plandemic” and “The Jab” . For sure you have made many many aware and saved an untold number of lives by doing so. Can’t do much better than that in this life. God is proud of you for sure! at one time (not too long ago removed stats for unknown reasons but can still find in places) reported US population would be down from 327 million to 100 million by 2025. A drop of 70%. Similar 70% drop for Western Europe. Seems the China Virus “PLandemic”, “The Jab” and “Reset” (Financial collapse worldwide) are how the Satanic Globalists/Deep State are going to accomplish that. That is why there is such a push to get people to take the experimental poison filled “jab” and downplay/ignore natural immunity and known cures (e.g. HCQ). Massive depopulation on a worldwide scale since they could not get their WW III with Russia by getting “Comrade Clinton” elected in 2016. China hiding in the backdrop would step in after it and “clean up” taking over America. With billions of people and lack of resources and farmland taking over America has always been the “long game” of Sneaky, Deceptive China. With America and Russia decimated by war China and Satanic Globalists would “Rule the Roust” as the saying goes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert!

      • The Seer

        Apple pectin 700 mg twice a day for two months
        ( 1 tsp is 1000 mg approx) may remove
        graphene oxide.
        Get a darkfield live blood analysis of a drop of your wet blood and you can check progress.
        Get anti 5G bracelet, covers for your electric meter and indoor house router cable internet box to block 5G from your body. I will email list of supplements to help block the spike proteins and prion crystals to Greg and he can review to post on his site if he wants. These will help those who are jabbed and protect non-jabbed from the exhale and shedding exposure.

    • Huey Dexter Point

      Sounds like a power grab plan of epic biblical proportions! Remember the wise words of Rodney King, “why can’t we all just get along?” Maybe because if we don’t belong, we shan’t be long?

  100. Mike+G

    Greg check out the USDA loan forgiveness for people of color. White people need not apply.

  101. Randy Best

    Bo Polny has just a few more days for things to start reversing 180 degrees.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true.

    • Robert Dziok

      Bo Polny is correct (e.g.!

  102. oneno

    Filtering Masks (N95 or better) need to be worn responsibly so there is no damage to the lungs or the immune system.
    Fabric masks are useless and a waste of money.
    Anyone notice how difficult and expensive it is to get N95 or better masks?
    One would think the authorities would have factories churning out such masks bringing down costs for the general public to help stop virus spread and transmission. (This is Greg Hunter This comment is going to be posted even though your premise and information is totally off base. We have 50% of the country that has natural immunity according to Johns Hopkins doctor Marty Makary. You don’t need the mask as they are immune. The people getting the Covid not are “fully vaccinated.” The 2008 Nobel Prize winner for medicine Luc Montagnier says in clear language “The vaccine create the variant.” Let that sink in. Again “The vaccine creates the variant.” Oh, you mean like the Delta variant? YES. I did not post you other comment as it was full of WRONG information too. You do not know what you are talking about so stop posting CV19 information here.)

    • JayJay

      Oneno…I try to reach as many as possible; the truth from doctors and medical professions is they wear the masks to not spit on patients and spread THEIR germs…not the other way around.
      That mask you wear is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence..and if you’re a farmer or rural guy, you understand that….IT AIN’T HAPPENING!!!!!!
      Lord is King …and try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud today…amen.

    • oneno

      There is no argument with the rushed untested and dangerous vaccines as was clear in Contact Report 771.
      Is there anyone with proof showing either natural immunity is permanent?
      If the virus is mutating so rapidly, it is only a matter of time before the immune response will not be adequate leading to serious health issues.
      BEAM and the Plajaren are clear that there is no so-called “herd-immunity” for this rapidly mutating virus whether by natural immunity or by the “death shots”. BEAM stated in early 2020 that if the lock-downs were not strict and did not outlast the asymptomatic period of up to three months, then 500-Million people would pass-away in the times of the pandemic.
      Already 9.65 million have perished from the virus and the vaccines according to the Plajaren. This is 6-Million more that what the authorities are admitting.

      • Greg Hunter

        STOP posting your idiotic crap here. Natural Immunity is a huge body of science. “BEAM” appears to be are a bunch of idiots. I have never heard of them before, but Johns Hopkins, I have. Dr. Marty Makary recently:

        And Dr. Makary at then end of May:

        I mean it!!!! No more!!!! I will not post. You are misinforming people and might be killing some people.


        • oneno

          That first link is still justifying the “death shot” even when there is daily vitamin-D at greater than 90ng/ml, liposomal vitamin-C at 22mg/pound, quercetin, zinc, niacin, K2, … to boost the immune system. And in case of infection, there is Ivermectin … for waely treatment. So no need for vaccines.

          The second link is correct that at least half of Americans have natural immunity. That would comprise young and those who keep healthy. But that does not preclude taking precautions not only against the virus + strains, but also the spike-protein being shed by those vaccinated. There are numerous reports of the unvaccinated having reactions after coming in proximity to those vaccinated.

        • susan

          Thank you Greg


        • oneno

          The FDA knew about adverse events since at least 22-Oct-2020, yet, their white paper to vaccine recipients and medical practitioners did not contain this information.
          The vaccine manufacturers add the information to their revised FDA submissions in Feb 2021 (J&J) and May 2021 (Pfizer).
          Check this out for yourself.

  103. Poochiman

    Thank you Greg for your hard work. You saved a lot of lives. I am sad to say the hammer is coming down very, very soon. God bless you my friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      I wish we wrong but I agree!! Thanks for your very nice words of appreciation.

  104. Thomas Surguine

    Sir Greg…..just a note of SERIOUS THANKS 4 your perfectly WONDERFUL SITE!!! No way can this “ol'” guy truly appreciate ALL
    of your time & effort, as well as of the time & effort of your dearest “better half” whom I’m utterly certain is a true gem. There is an HONESTY about your site about which is darn near impossible 2 find elsewhere on the net, and of course it does not hurt one bit the fabulous folks u interview. May I suggest other net bloggers, who are totally sharp, have a blog that “hangs right in there” with the best of them,,i.e., YOU, PCR, Armstrong, many of those on LRC, especially Gary Barnett, Fred Reed, & others who write 4
    You have had many, many oh so interesting interviews, much 2 ALL your readers delight, as well as “letters 2 the editor”, which have been extremely interesting, knowledgable, therefore making your superior blog a “can’t miss” 4 each & every post. One other gentleman , Stephen Lendman, mr. “Short, Sweet, Right 2 the point” in Chicago would appeal 2 many of your faithfull followers, but I do know that he is extremely busy, and “one never knows”….just how much “exposure” these folks wish 2 have,or NOT 2 have. Oh….one other, from LRC, “Thomas Luongo”, who also has a newsletter..and I certainly hope this note has NOT “ruined your 24 hour day????Bottom Line???? YOUR “WATCHDOG” IS SIMPLY ONE OF THE BEST!!! MANY MANY THANKS!!!! Expat tom…..

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say this Tom! Thanks!!

  105. Robert K


    Zechariah 13:8-9 in NKJV explains PERFECTLY what is happening with the poison shots filled with graphene oxide:

    “And it shall come to pass in all the land,”
    Says the LORD,
    “That two-thirds in it shall be cut off and die,
    But one-third shall be left in it:
    9 I will bring the one-third through the fire,
    Will refine them as silver is refined,
    And test them as gold is tested.
    They will call on My name,
    And I will answer them.
    I will say, ‘This is My people’;
    And each one will say, ‘The LORD is my God.’ ”

  106. Marie+Joy

    This site no longer lets you know you made a post and that gives the wrongful impression you are unable to post. We just have to wait to see if our post shows up. FYI

  107. Zoë-Gabrielle Miroy

    Please check out Richard M. Fleming JD, PhD, JD event 2021 lectures!

  108. Richard Westwell

    You may like to look at some interesting information from the U.K.

  109. Marie+Joy

    In CT, the highest temperature forecast, and recent, for 10 days, for July and August. is 79 degrees F. It’s like fall. FYI

    • susan

      From Montana we will trade a bit. It continues to be in the 90s or more here. On top of the drought. Pray for our farmers and ranchers, please.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Susan. We need our farmers and ranchers!!

  110. John


    The NFL agreed to mandate vaccines in exchange for money. I believe Roger Goodell is guilty of murder.

    • Rich


      The NFL is a 501 c3 they are an 8 billion dollar tax exempt organization. Goodell will do whatever the Govt wants him to do to keep that tax exempt status. All coaches it is mandatory, players they are hoping to get 85%. A lot of these coaches are not in the best of shape.

      I wonder if simone biles is having problems from being vaccinated?

      The media will never mention that .

  111. Jim Furr

    I didn’t think you could get any better
    but this one knocked it out of the park Greg!

    -Jim Furr > : )

  112. MStu

    Hi Greg,

    This was an interesting short video. Good, common sense on the dangers of the jab.

    Take care,

  113. Kerry

    I laughed so hard my sides became sore with your statement on the DOJ “how dare you audit our fraud”. Remember when we were kids and read Mad Magazine, well fiction has become fact.
    I admit from time to time at seventy I wish this would end with Trump and his inner circle implementing whatever they are going to do with audits, etc. But something will blow up here soon, the economy more than likely.
    Thank you, Sir

  114. Bob D

    Have you done any investigating in to the CCP General who has purchased a large parcel of Texas real estate. Kyle Bass did an interview on this purchase.
    Interesting purchase that is next to the Mexican border, close to an Air Force base, purported 10,000 foot runway, wind turbines hooked into the Texas electrical grid.
    Thanks for your hard work and diligence for truth.

  115. Verdon Susan

    I always LOVE and look forward to your FEAR NOT closing.
    It always makes me feel better.
    Love all that you do !

    • Vincent johnson

      me too

  116. Rodney

    This guy speaking the truth of where the SATANIC Insanes evolve from and WHY its in EVERYTHING tht governs us.. its long but well worth the viewing, and its certainly not all biblical verses … excellent a must watch for who is doing this and why..

  117. Lisa Stahl

    Thank you, Greg, for your clear, strong, well informed voice. God Bless, God Speed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lisa!

  118. Vincent johnson

    Greg. it is 5 am now in Australia and I have been awake since 3 am tossing and turning thinking about the interview that you put us on to with KAREN KINGSTON totally believable and so VERY important to be passed on , the whole conversation was concerning and informative and I thank you for passing it on to your subscribers . Around 9 minutes in Karen talks about the 4 hidden ingredients in the vaccine one being GRAPHENE OXIDE a super conductor of electricity and although they do not talk about this in the interview I immediately thought about ELECTRO MAGNETIC WEAPONS that I read about about 6 years ago and how people were concerned that if one was exploded above the U S that all computers ect would be blown and made unworkable causing massive internal strife—so as I understand it would that detonation of that bomb not kill all vaccinated people in the range of the pulse from that bomb as the Graphene would pick up the energy released from the bomb. In effect the vaccine is a KILL SWITCH planted in the people and after a demonstration of this power, say over ISREAL ( 86% vaccinated and now having a third shot ) all governments would be at the mercy of the EVIL ONES who have come up with this scheme. Now BIDEN THE USURPER is demanding the forced inoculation of all U S Government workers including the military that sounds like game set and match to me and what follows is the total enslavement of mankind . PLEASE CAN I HAVE YOUR COMMENT maybe I have this wrong I certainly hope so ,I want to be able to sleep again I will send you a donation today to encourage a response as I want this brought up on your show and perhaps you can get a knowledgeable person in these matters to talk about it

    • Paula Davis

      VJ, I think U are on to something very sinister & likely planned to occur not mentioned before. My answer to the Luciferians evil agenda is to secrete my soul & psyche into Jesus Christ who is real & He does have all power over the affairs of this world. At the altar to receive the Host I whisper, Jesus keep me eternally safe, my Priest presents the Host with the words, “the Body of Christ” to which I respond, “Amen”. Upon receiving the Host on my tongue, a supernatural affirmation confirms in my subconscious mind to my conscious mind that I am eternally safe in Jesus. My resources to prep w/silver & gold are nil but my spiritual preps will sustain me through the coming apocalypse. Viva Christo Rey

    • Fran Barnes

      Vj — This linked interview is with a bio-statitian, Ricardo Delgado, who from his accent I’d say is in Spain (could be South America). He is very professional on his analysis of the graphene oxide and towards the end states that these vaccines contain near 98% of this agent. It has a good translation subtitled into English simultaneously. Confirm it’s electro-magnetism! Worth a listen to.
      July 8th, 2021—Humanity-Standin'-at-the-Crossroads:b

  119. George+Eddleston

    Greg, F. William Engdahl the article on his site: And should we trust The science of the Pharma Industry. A scathing attack on the pharma scoundrels, a must read.

  120. tim mcgraw

    Great WNW. Thanks! Sonoma County is going back to the masks. The cashier at the store told me today they all have to be masked up starting tomorrow (Monday). Don’t know about customers. I won’t wear a mask again. Ever. I noticed people walking around town today in the usual 80F sunshine, wearing masks again. Are people really this dumb or is it just the SF Bay Area of California?
    Governor recall election in CA is mid September. Hopefully in 6 weeks Gov. Newsom Gruesome is gone!

    • AndrewB

      Hi Tim,
      “Are people really this dumb . . .?” Judging by the vast numbers who have signed up to join the ‘Covidian Cult”, the answer has to be YES. People driving alone in their cars and wearing a mask have to be some of the dumbest ever!!! And, note they are usually driving upmarket cars – go figure?
      Here is a bit of comic relief – tinged with sadness. Jay Leno asking random people questions about geography:

  121. Chris Foster

    It’s all apart of the Global Eiltest depopulation program. If the Virus was effective at wiping out the population, there would be no need for a “Vaccine”. They would be cheering it on. It’s the vaccine that will wipe us out if they can force everyone to take it. Take the vaccine and die.

  122. jim

    The VMAT2 gene in our DNA has been identified as the source of religious feelings in people. The PCR test that is being used to detect the virus is in fact a test for the VMAT2 gene. The true purpose of the jab is to deactivate the VMAT2 gene thus severing a person’s link to GOD. This IS the mark of the beast. Look at this short video and several following for a detailed explanation

  123. Fatima+message

    Greg, thank you, thank you for all your efforts to advise us all.
    Again, we are in the chastisement/tribulation timeframe. This is God’s time of mercy to cause many to repent. Satan knows God is planning a very spectacular WARNING to all mankind showing each person their state of soul in the eyes of God. A great pouring out of the Holy Spirit on ALL mankind. Investigate the apparitions at Garabandal, Spain in the 1960s.
    Satan is trying to kill as many as possible in their sinful state before this warning. Strange that all those on the evil side are getting the jab.
    God’s overall plan is: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Contemplate a world of no evil. A huge transition of mankind! God’s mercy now as the birth pains keep coming. The final birth pain will be horrific. Check out Geophysicist Robert Schoch’s (PH.D) updated book, Forgotten Civilization as science has now discovered how God will use this final birth pain to purify mankind of all evil.
    Thank you Greg for your great concern!

  124. Joe

    HEY, GREG!

    Did that guy whose wife demanded he take the death shot have a life insurance policy on him????

    That would explain the demand.

  125. Paul Merkel

    Hi Greg, in case you have not seen it, there is a very recent and sobering analysis of the problems with vaccination by mRNA inventor, Dr Malone in the link below. It is well worth the time to view the whole interview. Paul

  126. Tommy

    Thank you so much Greg for taking the arrows for us.

  127. Bob

    …. the polio ‘vaccine’ had LIVE CANCER VIRUSES in it, and the scientists were on a video laughing about it.

  128. Susan OConnor

    Please take a look at this article of test results done in Slovakia… and reported by an ex police officer. Possibly this link will only take you to the report. The officer is from the
    UK. The tests have microscopic pics of the fibres etc that are in the experimental drug!

    • Fran Barnes

      Susan. Awesome information. I had not heard/seen this about the swab. THANK YOU!!!

  129. Karen Luce

    Greg, I got a script for Ivermectin etc..from the Dr’s from the site Cliff High recommended… NOW… getting it filled is another issue. I can’t find a pharmacy in my town;( Anchorage, AK) that will fill it. Why? Because it’s so dangerous local pharmacies are refusing. Any suggestions?

  130. Patricia Hough

    My husband and I are both in our early 70’s but neither of us wanted to take these experimental vaccines. I don’t understand why so many people, many of our family and good friends, seemed to ignore that fact, that these are experimental with no known long term effects. Now I read everyday on Facebook groups (that haven’t yet been taken down) and also on other internet social media about the deaths and severe side effects and damaged health of so many who have taken these shots. I will never take one myself but I don’t know what to say to my loved ones and friends who have taken them. A few have health issues they didn’t have prior to taking these shots…one with such bad back pain she can’t walk, one with terrible constant neck pain, and one whose left hand tremors constantly and one in his 60’s who was having mild dementia that ended up going into full blown dementia requiring placement in a nursing home…but the rest are ok. I pray for them all to not be harmed by these vaccines and for those who do have problems to be healed.

  131. Robert K

    Well, it has happened…

    NYC to REQUIRE “vaccinations” for many indoor activities such as restaurants and gyms for employees AND customers starting in September. Inspections and “enforcement” will be beginning the week of September 13th, according to De Blasio….

    Looks like they are banning a population of people from public life, i.e., going to school, receiving medical care, going to work. Heck, we’re already seeing people being terminated from their employment. Where does or will it end? Getting your utilities turned on? Being able to get a rental car? Being able to go to the grocery store?

    The Holocaust during WWII was HORRIFIC, which does not even begin to appropriately describe the atrocities that took place. Not only our we on the doorstep to the Holocaust 2.o, we are already across the threshold.

  132. Edward Huitt

    You are right Greg – “Fear Not!”. Fear and anger are the globalist’s greatest weapon against us, and maybe exploiting people’s ignorance, which you are trying to remedy. I have a maybe amusing, but true, paraphrase of the motto of New Hampshire: “LIVE VAX-FREE OR DIE !” Think about that for a few seconds – it’s true! – Edward Huitt, an American in Switzerland

  133. Peter O

    Hey Greg. From a fellow Christian, could you get Bo Polly and Amanda Grace back on together? The reason why I ask is that (although I’m skeptical sometimes) I’m curious why both said it was too early (or it wasn’t time yet ) for Jesus’s return. (Aka tribulation etc.) it seems like we are so close Now, what are they seeing and why? Thanks. Ps. Martin Armstrong’s computer is Q lol. Just kidding but I think it’s possible he’s on our side and is so influential that he’s holding his tongue. Thanks

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