Fraud, Lies, Psyops, Cheating For Midterms, More Vax Dead, More War

By Greg Hunter’s 

(WNW 545 9.2.22)

The amount of psyops for the Deep State Dems to win in November is kicking into high gear.  They are way behind in the real polls, but that does not stop them from lying to make you think otherwise in the phony polls. (As I have said in the past, the real approval rating for Biden is 11% to 12%.)  This is why the Democrat strategy must include fraud, lies, psyops, cheating and rigging for Midterms come November.  They sure as heck do not have any policy to make the lives of ordinary Americans better, unless you think killing your unborn baby or paying much more at the gas pump and grocery store will enrich your life.  Don’t fall for the psyops.  You are not hearing any good ideas from Democrats because they don’t have any.

Another week and more young healthy people die from “unknown causes.”  When are we all going to say enough and call this what it is—people are being murdered from the bioweapon injections they passed off as a “vaccine.”

The War in Ukraine could have been stopped in April, but the UK and the West halted any hint of peace to stop the bloodshed.  Meanwhile, Germany’s economy is about to totally shut down and destroy the lives of its citizens all in an effort to support Ukraine.  Now, natural gas from Russia has been cut to zero as the Russians say the Nord #1 pipeline is down for repairs.  When it reopens (and who knows when that will happen), it will be running at 20% of capacity, just like before.  Germans are trying to find coal to burn so they don’t have to burn their furniture to stay warm this winter.  If the economy shuts down anymore, can the banks also suffer from this?  Deutsche Bank (DB) is in Germany, and the IMF has been calling it “the most systemically dangerous bank in the world” for the past few years.  Is the German economic shutdown over this stupid war going to help or hurt DB?

There is much more in the 45-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 9.2.22.

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After the Interview: 

Renowned pulmonary doctor and CV19 expert, Pierre Kory MD, founder of, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  The deaths and injuries are increasing from the failed CV19 bioweapon vax, and Dr. Kory will bring us an update to give you the info to fight this menace.


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  1. Sheryl Pardue

    Okay the video is not up yet I just wanted to give Greg the accolades that he deserves is anybody else out there like me that can’t wait to hear his comments I believe he is out there working so hard for us and I just wanted to tell him thank you thank you thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      The video is loading now. I’ll post the video before it finished processing. Thanks for the kind words of support too!!

      • Dale

        Greg, been watching a long time and I noticed a change in voting attitude in another area of electing officials. Republican or Demoncrat. RHINOS for cash are out there. So, Honor, Truth, True Patriotism of Country instead of a One World Biblical entanglement we’re on throwing our tax Cash as influence and giveaways.

      • JamC

        Gosh, how much do I love my brother Greg, you’re terrific. The cartoon with the banana just cracked me up.
        How about 3yrs worth of your Social Media accounts in order to get a CCP for firearms in NY. Whata bunch o schmucks!
        Much love from Haiku, Maui.
        May Yeshua Messiah bless my bradda Greg and his family.

        • Galaxy 500

          I don’t have a social media presence. Why would anyone outside of someone like Greg who needs one for promoting his message have one?
          There is no positive to have a social media presence for John Q Publix, only negative consequences.

          • Johnson T

            But what is the point of Greg having a social media presence if noone else does?

      • Laurel A Henderson

        Thanks Greg, take care and God bless. Things will continue to get crazier for quite some time, in my opinion. Earthquake.

      • Mike

        Donald Trump cannot even say he was lied too. I believe he made millions for approving the emergency killer shot. I believe he is being blackmailed. For certain he is complicit and I don’t want a killer of millions as President. He cannot claim ignorance. Brain dead would be more like it. And Biden? The USA is cursed. Going down..
        Love your show very much. Mike

        • Greg Hunter

          What you believe and what is fact are two different things. There is zero evidence Trump made any money on the shots, but MTG sure did.

        • MediaMike

          Trump lost over 2 billion dollars of his own personal wealth being President. He did it for FREE. How does that square with your unsubstantiated “belief” that Trump profited from Pfizer or Moderna? Now, Gates, Fauci, Pelosi, Romney likely profited but not Trump.

        • Galaxy 500

          Another baseless accusation against Trump. Where is your proof?

    • Peter

      I join you Sheryl!

      Have been waiting for the wrap-up. For me, best info on the net.
      Thank you Greg.

      • Arizona

        THE US MILITARY FLEW OVER COLORADO ,Spraying JET FUEL AND DIESEL FUEL ON EVERYONE,all my neighbors woke up sick,they had no clue what happened to them,but you could smell it in the air,IF YOU guys think biden was kidding about coming after everyone with the US MILITARY,get close to the LORD you’ll be dead soon..JUST like the kids at KENT STATE UNIVERSITY WERE..AND the farm in alpeny ,mich were…

    • JamC

      Isnt he terrific, I love my brother Greg. God bless you.

  2. Rodster

    YES, more young people are dying. A 20 year old Canadian hockey player dies a couple of days ago during a game. The MSM in Canada totally ignored that it could be, might be and probably was caused by the vaccine and boosters. Instead they sidestepped the vaccine issue like good little Trudeau, Presstitutes.

    “Junior ice hockey player Eli Palfreyman dies at 20 after collapsing during game“

    • Kat

      These are chemtrails , which are heavy metals and biocides mixed with jet fuel.
      This is HAARP, doing this to manipulate the weather and kill life on earth, literally.
      Watch Mike Adams interview today regarding this. Excellent posdcast. HHR Report on
      I’m in the mid west and we get sprayed daily. We got trees dying, gardens tanking, no birds ,no bugs and very limited sunshine.
      This is real folks, they want everyone dead!

  3. Rodster

    India is seeing young people dropping like flies from S.A.D.S. and of course, “cause of death unknown”. No one wants to connect dots to the Covid1984 vaccines and boosters.

  4. Not So Free

    Glad you are having Dr. Kory back. His substack columns are well worth the time to read.
    Mark Crispin Miller has his “Died Suddenly” articles on substack as well.
    We live in crazy times.
    As many have said; What is coming is no longer coming. It is already here.

  5. Gunny HiWay

    Seems like Joe Biden actually declared war on all conservative and Patriotic Americans tonight.
    The SET was like out of some bad NAZI ZOMBIE movie with the red lights and despicable use of USMC personnel in full dress uniform.
    Who does this criminal, career grifting pedophile think he is.
    Be well,

    • Greg Hunter

      Biden has 11% to 12% approval rating in America. That’s the real number and not the fake polls. So, he and the rest of the Dems are desperate. Keep that number in mind when you are watching what is going on. It’s not going to improve by election day.

      • John Mills

        Great Wrap-Up Greg ! 👍👍
        Thank you for calling it out … the truth, the facts, & the way it really is !

      • Ed Mustafo

        IMPORTANT to remember that the data is still false about the vaccine injuries and the vaccine deaths continue to be hidden by all means available. Therefore ANYONE who comes out and says “ these vaccines are dangerous etc” will be labeled a conspiracy theorist. This whole thing has to collapse under its own weight. It’s the only way. So think for yourself, trust yourself and stay out of the way. “ Never interfere with an enemy while it’s in the process of destroying itself “…..

        • I come speaking truth


          Based on what you said. You believe it is better to lie rather than be labeled a conspiracy theorist? Even if that means MILLIONS of people could die just in the USA.

          Sounds like the enemy benefits more from people like you.

          • Ed Mustafo

            I LOVE comments like this from “ people “? who won’t even post their names above what they have to say. Nice try.

          • Paul

            I come speaking,

            I have to agree from a tactical point of view with Ed regarding strategy. Sun tzu.

            The adverse information is out there. With any small effort. Things will come apart , they have been held together with lies.

            Never attack an idea you don’t understand, ego always hates being ignorant; so it often attacks unknown ideas.
            Ask a question, to understand, truth.
            With Mutual concern.

            Paul from arkansas

            • Ed Mustafo

              Thanks Paul, I didn’t think I had to explain it but let me add this. What’s more effective, saying something or proving something? Example, would it be better if Trump came out and said “ Dr. Birx lied to me”, or better if Dr. Birx came out and said,” I lied to President Trump” ? Logical thinking…..

            • Galaxy 500

              Great post

      • Stephen Haskell

        Tucker had a great show on Bidens speech. Think Greg Hunter is spot on. Everything we see seems to be desperation. The FBI showing the pictures of those documents. laughable/desperation. Biden whipping out the White House check book for 300 billion in student loans. Desperation. Biden speech last night smacked of desperation. This is where the danger is. They are not about to just roll over. They will not accept defeat in November. At all cost they will hold on to power. WTF is McConnel doing? Why is he tanking the senate? or trying too. Is Denesh D’Souza going to come out with another documentary next year called 4,000 mules? Is the DOJ going to indict Trump? Will they go so far as to stop the November election? What are the new rules under the desperation umbrella? They will not go quietly into the night.

        • Janet

          As you say “the Demon rats are not about to just roll over” – – MAXIMUM ALERT: Biden Officially Declares WAR on America in Hitlerian Fascist Speech –
          False Flag Terror Attacks are “IMMINENT”!!

        • Janet

          The Biden has declared a medical emergency for the “MAGA Virus” (which is rarely fatal and no deaths have been reported from the “MAGA Virus” in the US – but Biden has declared “Maga Virus” a public health emergency and is raising awareness of the disease to allow for additional funding to fight the disease’s spread – the IRS has been armed and Biden is preparing the Military to take the Demonratic response to the next level in addressing this “MAGA virus” – Biden is urging every American to take the “MAGA Virus” seriously and to take responsibility to help the Demon rats tackle this virus – Biden’s declaration of a “MAGA Virus Health Emergency” would allow federal IRS agents to expedite “medical countermeasures” (audits) as potential treatments and will be given vaccines (AK 47’s) designed to ensure the MAGA Virus infected do not spread their disease – President Biden said he remains “committed to solving our Nations MAGA Virus – and is ramping-up “a surprise response” very soon – that is why this Nationally Televised Public Health Emergency Declaration was made on National Television – it is critical that the Demonrats confront this “MAGA virus” before the November elections (to confronting this Viral MAGA Outbreak with the nuclear urgency it warrants)!!
          The last time the US declared a public health emergency was in January 2020 (for COVID-19) and it resulted in many dead and dying – to kill off this “MAGA Virus” perhaps a nuclear, EMP or other “vaccine response” will likely be necessary (and reportedly a suitcase size nuke has already been delivered to a large Metropolitan City)!! –

      • diana brown

        Greg: I think the only hope they have is NOT to have an Election Day. Thats why they are trying to foment violence.

      • Paul

        It will get worse. Best to get in shape in every way.
        Biden exposed his playbook for the world to see. Woke and riled a lot a slumbering people , to see the traitor he is to his country and mankind.
        Good wrap up and Best to you

        Paul from arkansas

        • Greg Hunter

          Much worse and beyond many people’s ability to handle it.

          • Paul

            Plan ahead now for situations that could seriously impact you and decide now how you’d cope with them.
            A lot of distractions will try to defer your effort. Assume going back in time to 1929, 1861, 1812 and 1776.

            Paul from arkansas

    • eddiemd

      The USMC guards with the white gloves in the background were interesting.

      It was a big psyop.

      It reminded me of Pink Floyd The Wall theatrics with the black/red background.

      The black/red flag colors are the colors of the Ukrainian nazi party. Right Sector. They used these colors during WW II and sided with the Germans. They killed jews and poles.,of%20Ukrainians%20shed%20for%20it.

      They are not going to cheat in the next election. They are not going to have one. Martial law coming after false flag.

      • Danubian Swabian's

        What kind of falsie flag operation do you think they’ll have cooked up, this time? The demented half cocked A-Team, of a-Glory holed deep state of irrational national socialista’s! It better be a good one, or it will fall flat on their face saving faces , of fe-ces. Talk about a $3.8 BillionBeijing O’Biden Obomber, Pale faced Pelousie, Hitlery and her lover, sad faced Georgie Soros and his 4eyed emotionally upset son, of Soros, the blue eyed blond Jew and a Nazi lover to boot, when a boy back in German held Budapest. Of the once proud Hapsburgs of the Hapsburg empire of the Austro-Hungarian Slovenian, Croat empire of a melding of Slav and German losers, That lost again in the Second World War and set to fall flat on itself, pierced in the heart by an operation paper clip of old demented fascist nationalist socialista’s. All lost again, in the war for the new world disorder. Third times a charm, I’m sure!

        • eddiemd

          That is some demon speak there. Congratulations.

          Can you translate that into reasonable speech?

          Danubian Swabian. Is this another JW alter ego personality?

          Are you the new Sybil?

          • New Sybil

            Look it up. They were for the most part Nazi’s. Their loyalties were for the fatherland.
            The Nazi’s couldn’t break the Jws, yet in the end they were the only ones they could trust not to slit they’re throat’s!

            • N.S.

              Sorry screwed that one up!
              this is the correct link for the first one….

            • eddiemd

              So you are a JW.

              You still have time to escape from this demonic cult. It is a doctrine of men. The watchtower is a false doctrine.
              You can recognize the mind control in this cult. They want to separate you from friends and family.
              JWs deny the deity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and have changed the Scripture to fit their doctrine.

              Many will say Lord Lord on the day of judgment. He will not know you. Don’t be caught in this situation.

          • Sybil

            This is the correct link for the first link, eddiemd.

            • eddiemd

              I speak Hungarian and have studied the region. I lived in Hungary in 2017.

              Get out of the JWs while you can.

            • Galaxy 500

              Well that settles that… If its in the Demon run Wikipedia, it must be true

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      What is your take on all this lawsuit crap by these slip and fall lawyers over the water at Camp Lejeune?

    • Galaxy 500

      Funny, not sure who Quit Pro Joe THINKS he is but he was sure channelling Hitler right out of Castle Wolfenstein.

  6. Masterdisaster

    Thanks for all you do Greg, a new father here and am very worried about raising a family in these most interesting of times. I’m not financially ready, but I hope to be mentally, physically, and spiritually adept enough for my new family and I to make it through. Your words are inspirational I wish we could get these ideas out to the masses where it belongs until then be well. Godspeed

    • Greg Hunter

      Keep praying and ask for guidance. Thanks for the very kind words, Brother.
      Brother Greg

      • Tom C

        Tonight Biden sounded like Hitler did when he was denouncing and blaming and condemning the Jews.

        It was the speech of a Dictator and he inferred that we are to be regarded as Enemies Of The State.

        • tim mcgraw

          I agree with you Tom C

        • Johnny Cool

          G.A. STEWART: As President of the United States, Joe Biden threatened to unleash F-15s on Americans who he has begun calling Semi-Fascists.

          Readers should note that in 2007 this Website first started using the phrase, The Second American Civil War.

          I warned people what was coming four-days before the January 6th, 2021 Capitol Riot. From the very beginning, as Web Host, author, and owner of this Website, I have made it clear that violence will not work. I am a military veteran and a mercenary, I know the capabilities of the hardware; senile old Joe Biden is at least right for once; and I told readers that two-years ago.

          January 2, 2021
          You, in the woods in camouflage and carrying your M-4, can be seen from space by a satellite and from 20,000 feet by an AC-130 gunship, which is also taking a feed from a Global Hawk drone somewhere at 54,000 feet. Go ahead and convince people to start taking out their guns. Readers should pay special attention to my interpretations of The Fort Knox Triplicate Series below.

          • Galaxy 500

            Right dont fight because they have better tech…
            Dude, how did the Afghanis do? They won.. The Vietcong? They won…
            In case you missed it, we are a bankrupt nation and we sent an a$$ load of out front line stuff to the Nazis in the Ukraine. It takes a lot of money to prosecute a war. The Principalities of Power and Evil can not prevail against we the people.

        • Felix

          we have always been the enemy of the state,its just the veil of evil is being removed.Read history governments are ruled by satan and they have slaughtered hundreds of millions of their own people.This country is no different,we have been the fed a illusion of freedom for a long time.Most things in history we have been fed are lies.Go to sgt report the video with tim truth.Con job 19 was planned many years ago,the luciferians are ramping up their evil.

        • Paul from Indiana

          How did that end up? Best always. PM

        • Sam

          Hi Tom C,

          The Potato-n-THIEF apologized this morning in so many garbled words probably only after his fellow DemonRats cried foul to that Hitleresque’ Screed with BLOOD RED Colors….it’s the crazy radical MARXIST influence and some 50 years in Public Office…he must believe he has achieved the level of DICTATOR or EMPEROR? Geesh!!!

          Do you miss Trump yet?

          Nice Wrap up Greg and I think you are getting better at this if that were possible!? Excellent reporting!!!

          Have a Great Labor Day Weekend everyone & get out to your County Fair if you get the chance…ours is celebrating it’s Bicentennial extravaganza the whole weekend 🙂

        • Galaxy 500

          Emperor Joe flat out called us Enemies of the State. It was not inferred.
          And you nailed it. PedoHitler, looked Just like Adolf Hitler when he declared the Jews Enemies of the State. The optics were the same

      • Attila Szabo

        Greg, thanks for all you do in getting the truth out. I always knew the illegals were here to help win the elections but I hope enough people have woken up to vote the Dems out. Keep up the great work

  7. Don Drew

    PROPHETIC Timothy Dixon (YouTube) vision & message.
    Pentagon General unleashes PLAGUE in NY east coast around 2028. Trump is President is key . Thousands of people die!

    • Galaxy 500

      Just out of curiosity… Is there any proof that prior predictions have come true?

  8. stanley skrzypek

    I for the Life of me don’t know WHY Trump is so dug in on the death shot…….Am Completely Perplexed……. something Smells Fishy…..

    • I come speaking truth

      Trump is absolutely AFRAID to speak out against the vaccine and big pharma.

      That is WEAK and pathetic, yet he sees alt websites that have documented the deaths from the mrna death shot.

      People are putting their hope in that?

      • Michael Janket

        Trump sounds to me that he’s totally compromised. By whom? He has shown he’s a Tribe member and since he’s had frequent problems with finance, he’s had to “allow” oligarchs to bail him out on many occasions. He’s beholden, and he’s owned by the syndicate. NOBODY could be so stupid as to keep trumpeting the virtues of the dangerous vaccines when VAERS and other statistical analyses show the horrors of the vaccines.Trump is either an ignoramus or a cat’s paw of the syndicate. I do not trust this man.

        • Brooklyn


          Trump is “owned” as you say by The Rothschilds. Back when four of his Atlantic City Casinos where going upside down, Trump met with Henry Kissinger, who is a Rothschild Fixer, and miraculously walked away from this hotel/casino bankruptcies totally indebted to them…

          • Galaxy 500

            And that is why these evil bastards are fight and cheating so hard to keep him out of office…
            Trump is his own man. He makes mistakes but he isn’t “owned”

      • Michael Cagney

        Agreed. There is no reasonable arguement to explain why he won’t pivot unless he is on board with the depopulation agenda.
        Too bad he can’t be interviewed by someone who presents the damning data to him. Does he think that’s all fake?

    • J. Loughran

      Response to Stan S:
      At a time when the offer of free doughnuts no longer rolls up sleeves (Of course this may change come winter and one or two weeks of standing in line for grubby-grub.), and from my little digital window, the character we have all been habituated to froth about appears consistent and on script albeit a parallel one.
      Question: Any thoughts about this habituation and the “Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012”?

      • Linda Majors


        I believe the key to President Trump not admitting that the Warp Speed “vaccines” were a mistake has to do with his family. The people behind the deadly VAX are ruthless. They’ve killed and injured millions. It wouldn’t bother them to take out Trump’s entire family if he says anythng against the clot shots. It’s easy to condemn him, when we’ve never been in his position.

        Considering everything, Trump helped America immensely — against all odds. I appreciate what he was able to accomplish. Further, I believe that the stolen 2020 election was a Coup, and we’ve been living in what tbe Army Green Bereets call the “mop up” stage. I will be surprised if we have an election in November. The Obama/Soros/Klaus Schwab/ Big Tech/Corporate Media/Wall Stree/Communist Party/Great Reset crowd have control of Ameria, and we may never get our country back. It will take a miracle!


        • Anthony


          If you’re right, why would Trump still be involved in politics and why the heck should anyone still support him?

          What are all of these “great things” Trump supporters imagine he accomplished? What POSSIBLE good did he ‘accomplish’ in comparison to the TREASONOUS disasters and betrayals of 2020-21?

          You Trumpers have to lie to yourselves in order to avoid admitting you got duped by a Clinton-supporting NYC Democrat conman…

          • Linda Majors


            President Trump made a lot of changes to improve life in America. Will make a list when I have more time. You sound like a Trump Hater, so I am probably wasting my time. In any event, I will follow up with a list of his ccomplishments. In response to your question regarding why he would remain in politics if . . . , I believe he feels that he owes it to the country. He got into this mess to help America. He had a wonderful, luxurious life. He didn’t need the abuse. Still doesn’t. But he believes America needs him. So do mlllions of us. I will write more when time permits.

          • Galaxy 500

            We Trumpers? We are way ahead of those that follow Darkness like you seem to be

    • Michael Cagney

      Very fishy, I am now inclined to think Trump is aligned with the depopulation agenda. Saying he has/is being misled is not realistic now. Really concerning.

    • Martin


      The answer is simple for those with eyes to see: Trump is and has always been one of “Them”.

      He is not and has never been a conservative. He was/is a Trojan Horse whose job was/is to co-opt & betray what passes for the ‘Right-wing’ in America.

      I honestly don’t know how many times he has to stab his supporters in the back before they realize this…

  9. Mike S

    Greg I just remembered you used to do WNW occasionally from that Missouri farm. I hope you still can; people liked seeing you outta the “home office” and out of doors!

    God Bless and protect you and yours!

    • Greg Hunter

      I will Mike. In like it there too.

  10. Robert F

    You gotta have strong faith and will to go through with these reports.

    I give you credit.

    This is all so disheartening, and evil, pure evil what is going on in this country, and the world. But specifically in america, they are just working so hard at dividing the people. I can only imagine what these psychos have planned.

    People need to be bold, like Greg, speak out, everyone needs to be bold, brave, and keep thr faith.

    We cannot afford to lose hope, or faith, all that was faught and lost to keep this nation intact.

    I will be damned we allow the Rottenchild banking oligarchs to split our nation.

    There cannot be a loss of hope, because if patriots give in, then humanity loses. All of humanity loses.

    I know I have criticized some guests like Martin Armstrong and others. But that is only because the evil behind this…its bothersome when people try to describe it as incompetence.

    Nahh, Joe Biden is evil, clearly possessed puppet. He is aware enough at times to know what he is doing to this nation, ripping its heart out while saying he is the good guy,

    Pure satanic evil and inversion, the devil calling patriots the bad guys.


  11. Robert F

    This is satanic, what is occuring in this nation specifically, and the west in general.

    Totally satanic.

    And I just cant keep my mouth shut around people about this fact,

    From now on, every person I know is going to hear from the Mountain tops, i dont care how many times I repeat myself, that what is occuring is completely satanic evil and you better start reading your bibles and learning how to tend to the sheep,

    Because if we cannot wake uo the sheep, if we cannt get our neighbors, and friends to understand the pure evil occuring, all we be lost anyways,

    I urge every person to amp up the pressure to full on blast.

    They want us to be intimidated, to be afraid, to not organize, to not meet and talk about these things,

    I go in my own neeighborhood and I openly diacuss what is occruing.

    I want to know who is on,y side and who isnt

    people who afraid to disucss what is occuring are enemies, because those are the nazi bronwsbirta who will turn in their fellow man,

    You gotta wake up your community, if not they will all turn on eachother when shtf

  12. Laura

    The problem is trying to keep Babylon propped up. You know the ten toes mixed w iron clay can’t stand. Babylon the great is fallen. Live & let die

  13. tim mcgraw

    President Biden’s “Come Together” Speech Today: Video

    I’m only ten minutes into the speech and Biden mentions Trump and the “MAGA Republicans” several times as if they were rebels trying to overthrow our “democracy”.

    We don’t live in a democracy. Democracy is never mentioned in the US Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. We live in a Republic.

    Biden goes on and on about the last election in 2020 as if he can’t forget it. “I am the President.” Gee Joe, do you have to tell yourself that in front of the mirror every morning to convince yourself it is true?

    Trump is playing golf. Sure he’s had some rallies and makes noise about running again, but he hasn’t said he’s running for President again.

    This is a very divisive speech. It is dangerous. Why is Biden pissing off 65 million or more Trump voters? This is how Civil Wars start.

    A contested election, then the winner tars the loser with epithets of treason. Then the guns come out and all hell breaks loose.

    The American Civil War killed and maimed over a million people and the population then was 65 million? You can look it up.

    Biden is trying to start a Civil War imo. This is very dangerous. Are the Democrats so desperate to keep power that they will burn the country down?

    I hate this speech. Because this is hate speech by the President of the USA.

    • Johnny Cool

      Waiting for you to ride off into the sunset, Tim.


    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Tim, 6 years ago, we were only deplorables. Now, we’re fascist extremists and a threat to “democracy”. There’s no coming back from that. More and more people are finally recognizing that we traditional-values Americans are now in the minority. It only gets worse from here. World history is rife with examples of persecuted minorities and what happens to them. This is only the beginning. The bulk of the traditional-values group are oldsters like you and me. The game gets really gruesome once we are out of the way, and it’s only a matter of time. Best always. PM

    • Howard

      tim mcgraw,

      I wonder if Trump supporters think he “made America great again” and if they’re “tired of winning” yet?

      Trump, himself, called HIS OWN supporters “terrorists” after 1-6.

      Anyone still supporting him is suffering from TDS—Trump Delusion Syndrome.

  14. Johnny Cool

    If the lights go out…

    “German newspapers have special sections for “Corona” and “Ukraine,” and they continue to spread wanton hysteria about both. Over the looming energy crisis, meanwhile, there reigns an ominous silence. At best, the discussion is repeatedly drawn to side-issues, like Habeck’s dumb surcharge scheme, for no reporters will confront the scale of our coming privation. We like to think that technology has put fantastic distance between us and the scarcity our ancestors faced, but the truth is that we are one blackout away from the premodern world. If the lights go out, there are no health or emergency services, no ATMs, no running water, no technology, no long-distance communication, and very limited travel. It’s not unthinkable that large regions of Europe see these scenarios this winter.”

    • Johnny Cool

      When the power goes out…

      Twilight Zone – The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

      Like all the great episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, this is a one-two stomach punch – like a macabre Aesop fable.

      In the vein of Arthur Miller’s witch-hunting play, THE CRUCIBLE (which premiered on Broadway nearly eight years before “Maple Street” aired) Serling explores how, as people, we can often be our own greatest enemies; how in the face of things which can’t be explained (like a power outage), humans are quick to point fingers, blame and ultimately sacrifice each other.

      This commentary on human nature remains achingly accurate, especially at this point in history. At the urging of a little boy who’s read one too many alien comics, the adults on Maple Street start to look for an alien enemy among themselves. WHEN THE POWER GOES OUT and the phone lines go dead and the cars won’t start, there must be a person at fault. As viewers, we watch the proverbial dominos fall.

  15. Marie Joy

    At 74, and after not seeing them for years, I’m recently seeing more doctors. They all wear masks and they all push the test and the shot. One new thing that scares me, is they all ask if my insurance doesn’t pay their fees, will I pay them? That’s new. They expect a medical collapse.
    Get all your dental and medical work done NOW before the collapse.

    • Earth Angel

      I’d tell the doctors you will pay them- as long as a REASONABLE fee agreement between the two of you can be reached. Most of the time I am ‘self pay’ for my medical issues (because my deductible is so high even with a ‘medical sharing’ plan & fortunately my medical issues aren’t critical ones); usually the fees are more reasonable than for insurance fees. (and some doctors- the good ones- are willing to work with you).

  16. Greg Hunter

    I was kicked off YouTube.

    • eddiemd

      Are you Derek Johnson? What are his credentials other than a country singer trying to get exposure?

      Is this a sale’s pitch for Derek Johnson?

      Everybody wants to be somebody.

      • eddiemd

        Your response confirms what I said.

        • Greg Hunter

          “Dave” is gone.

    • Tim Kapsala

      Hi Greg,

      Will the general population ever realize that they are being killed by the government with the jab?

  17. Johnny Cool

    When the power grid goes down will the politicians blame aliens from outer space?

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: California plans to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035. The Advanced Clean Cars II rule would ban ALL gas car sales in 2035, but there are no alternatives in place. The average American cannot afford an electric car or maintenance on an electric vehicle.

    Well, California is already struggling to power the electric vehicles on the road in 2022.

    So electric vehicles have the potential to take down California’s power grid.

  18. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter .
    The most dangerous thing for the Rhinos will be to win in November and then utterly fail the people.
    Meanwhile in Germany the emergence of New Fascism is front and centre,
    unsurprisingly the people of Germany voted for these cretinous gargoyles.
    Yet,meanwhile, Mr Zelensky of the fragrant Ukraine, has sent brave soldiers to die for his $Billions on the 1st September 2022, on the Zaporozhie Atomic Energy Station, which was being visited by the IAEA conveniently. The British SAS has lost 6-8 men it is reported ,on the river bank opposite the nuclear plant,the rest died in mid stream and on the nuclear plant side.Those “caught” are seemingly Ukrainian.
    Our economy here in the UK is staring at an implosion brought to us all by the Bank of England and our political morons on both sides of the aisles.
    The words, “IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID!” should be branded on their chests that they beat so mightily. The great intellect Liz Truss will be signed in as Prime Minister next week by Her Majesty at her Summer cottage in Scotland, she is seemingly too frail to travel, and with no mandate she must be looking at an election,which would be a real thrill for her northern newbies. Bloodletting coming soon.
    So whilst we are buying LNG and Oil products from Russia via India and China who,as middle men, are really cashing in , imagine that.
    Now we have the USA using oil from its strategic reserves which are not being replenished ,so that fall in gas at the pump is courtesy of strategic reserves which are needed for war.
    How can such decent people have elected such corrupt ,incompetent,lying oleaginous gargoyles as their leaders? Oh yeah, lying and cheating.

  19. Jaun Valdez

    Gravitas: Russia shuts Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Europe
    539,659 views Aug 31, 2022 WION
    Russia’s Gazprom halted gas supplies via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline citing repair work. How will this shutdown affect Europe’s mission to save supplies gas for the winter? Is Putin winning the energy war? Palki Sharma tells you. COMMENTS;
    By saying “Repair Works”, Russia meant “Repairing Foreign Relationship” not “Repairing Oil Pipeline”.
    Putin is helping Europe in their climate goal😂.
    No Fuel = No pollution
    The biggest weapon of this war is energy. Well put
    Germany is whining and accusing Moscow of using gas energy as a strategic “weapon” to threaten EU
    How arrogant and silly it is to expect Russia to turn the other cheek when EU and the US imposed sanction on Russia.
    “guess the biggest weapon of this war turns out to be energy.” Well said Palki. Well said…. 🍻
    Russia just merely help EU to realize just sanction goal
    “U dont make holes in the plate in which u eat” It high time Europe learns that…They can’t put sanctions and depend on the same country for oil.
    Just a side note; every wind turbine uses about 60 gallons of oil. Sometimes you can see it dripping down the sides of the pole from the top.

  20. JohnP

    I’m a republican voter from Alaska. I don’t know anyone who voted for the ranked choice voting system. As I recall it just barely passed. Before the election I thought there was no way it would pass because on every conservative forum, commenter were against it. It certainly makes me wonder.

  21. Bill's Stilled!

    The Soros & 4 Eye’d Son and their bought and paid for politicians Hitlery, Obomber LGBK stooges ‘Just so ridiculous’: Australia mustn’t jump into ‘same mess’ as New Zealand
    126,124 views Aug 31, 2022. Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Andrew Bolt says New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is pushing for “co-governance” in the country.
    “Giving Maori New Zealanders – who are just 17 per cent of the population – a 50/50 say,” Mr Bolt said.
    “And that will start with a 50/50 say on the bodies that manage the country’s water infrastructure – called Three Waters.”
    Mr Bolt discussed the issue with New Zealand First Party Leader Winston Peters.
    “Please people just look at what’s happening in New Zealand before we jump into that same mess … this is just so ridiculous,” Mr Bolt said.
    Add a comment…
    romancandlefight 1 day ago
    Hard to believe what is happening all over the world these days. Politics has never been worse in modern history

    • The Seer

      Adern husband has treason charges made against him. She will be gone soon. 3 waters will not take over.
      The Maori need more say and were the population of New Zealand until so many Europeans and Commonwealth immigrated. Chinese and Brazilians are there, also. The Maori tribal movement has started and their organized new government will provide fairer treatment and better regulations if run by intelligent and wise leaders. Enough is enough and
      the Kiwis have a strong movement building whereas the USA is pacified with DJT speeches. He is irrelevant as will not be involved in 2024. Some new bright stars need to Start leading and bring forward an effective candidate for President.

  22. jimi smith

    trump signed executive order 13887 on Sep 19 2019 .. Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health .. it lays out the whole scamdemic .. 2 months before anybody heard about covid .. so he had to know about what its comming .. i think that he is controlled opposition at this point .. what better way to control the ressence is to lead them ?

  23. Robert Messina

    They are paying folks $100 to donate plasma . . . They separate the plasma and return the blood back to the body . . . I am wondering if they are adding anything malicious when they return the blood back to the body

  24. Patrick Alaggio

    I was one of Donald J. Trump’s greatest supporters both during his run for office and after he attained the presidency. NOW, with his continued refusal to REJECT the bio-weaponize KILL / MAIM / STERILIZATION / TRANSHUMAN JAB I will become his worst enemy if he runs for office. Not only does he NOT deserve our support but he has aligned himself DIRECTLY with the mass murderers who have been culling us and therefore should ALSO be brought up on CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY charges, convicted and sentenced to DEATH along with all of the others involved in this PLANNED SCAM-DEMIC Eugenics agenda! Shame on you Mr. President! Shame on you. Nice legacy to leave to “we the people”.

  25. Bruce Simon

    I do not know when in history I have ever seen a fraudulently elected regime work overtime to destroy the once hallowed fabric of our nation. Each day ungodliness attempts to promote itself in extreme grandiosity. Athletes, medical professionals and other people of prominence are becoming statistics because of assembly line vaccines which have spiked the American people roused to action and praying for the Lord’s Divine intervention. The November midterms may give America a temporary respite, but our country must return to the truths expressed in the Word of God.The Cross of Christ must displace the imperfect and inept idols of government in order that this country experience revival not only on a domestic level but most importantly on a spiritual level. Bless you, Greg, for the strength which the Lord has given you.

  26. Tommy

    Biden’s viscous attack on anyone who didn’t vote for him was reminiscent of Germany in the 30’s and 40’s. Put some black shoe polish on Joe’s hair and give him a toothbrush mustache with his arms raised in the air in that dark red setting and you would think we had been transported 80 years back in time.

    • Janet

      Remember how Hitler set off a bomb to take total control of his Nation and bring them to World War!! – be prepared for a false flag (and buy Potassium Iodide pills now while you can) !! –

      • Galaxy 500

        Snap, forgot that. Thanks for the reminder

  27. Roger Stamper

    you alike paul revere tks for post greg

  28. A Anthanovich

    Dr. Mike Yeadon recently posted, “The Most Important Single Message I Have Ever Written”, where he states, “Everything that’s happened & is happening becomes much simpler & it all makes sense, only when you force yourself to think the impossible. If you experimentally adopt the position that our government is actively working to harm us, to dismantle modern society & enslave all people in a digitally controlled totalitarian world, it all fits.”

    Please read his entire statement at the following link:

    When you couple Dr. Yeadon’s post with the recent dialog (past comments made here) regarding Dr. Wagh’s disclosure of the actual vaccine contents … everything should become crystal clear.

  29. LisaG

    Hi Greg, did you hear that Dr Peter Pry had died recently? I think you had him on show show at some point. He was only 68.


    Totally agree. President TRUMP needs to “wake up”. The vaccines are killing and maiming people at a exponentially expanding rate. The SPIKE PROTEIN is a sadistic killer enabled by its Trojan Horse enabler the lipid nano particle. Remember this scene… from The Temple of Doom … just change “Dr. Jones” to “President Trump”

  31. A Anthanovich


    If possible, I know everyone is busy…especially Dr. Kory, but if you could get him to watch the video featuring Dr. Wagh … and her research into the actual contents of the CV-19 vaccines it might be helpful in unraveling the entire Covid operation.

    There has been much dialog on your website regarding Dr. Wagh’s findings … so, thank you for providing this platform where honest dialog can take place in hopes of discovering the truth.


  32. Dusty Dude

    Great report Greg. I saw the post on Twitter about the high electric bill. It was a small coffee shop owner. The bill was for an actual meter reading. The duration was 73 days and the charge was 9800 plus euros. I’m sure that won’t effect the price they charge for a cup of coffee. Just imagine the additional cost to businesses. Many will close. The planned demolition of the world economy continues….
    Buy food now folks while you still can. Buy Food, guns, metal…. and pray, pray, pray. Pray you’ll not need them.
    Remember, When people loose everything they lose it!

  33. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    One has to wonder who is Trump listening to that he is ignoring the amount of death & injurie that the vax has caused?

  34. Da Yooper

    Greg …..Cliff just posted a link to this letter from Dr. Michael Yeadon.
    Something is up. Can you contact Dr. Michael Yeadon to clear up this message? Has he finely woken up to what many of us have known for a very long time ( re: the media & government)?

    Dr Michael Yeadon – The Most Important Message I’ve Ever Written
    Please repost EVERYWHERE

    5 hr ago

    It was prompted by this superb expose of malfeasance in the UK government.
    Please repost EVERYWHERE.
    Thank you,
    Dear everyone, who is nervously looking around and is asking “What the hell is going on?”

    I hope this isn’t too controversial. It’s certainly frightening, but I believe we are still on the right side of disaster & if enough of us become aware of what is happening here & everywhere in the democratic world, we can recover the situation. We really don’t have long. I believe it’s likely things will change irretrievably over this coming winter. Hence this urgent and unusual request.

    Everything that’s happened and is happening becomes much simpler and it all makes sense, only when you force yourself to think the impossible.


    Even if your immediate response is that this is absurd, please try it for a day or so.

    I ask you further to adopt the experimental position that the media, controlled by just six global corporations, all allied to a single global organization you’ve all heard of, is relentlessly lying to you and has been doing so for over 2.5 years. Same for the internet, controlled by fewer global corporations, also all allied to that same global organization.

    Because I am certain it’s true. I am certain because this all started with a scientific fraud relating to a virus, augmented it with a relentless campaign of fear, imposed measures known to be useless, which wrecked the economy and smashed civil society, then coerced most to accept useless, unnecessary, ineffective and deliberately dangerous injections. Obviously, this is an odious crime. Nothing like it has ever happened.

    I’ve been 41 years in life sciences from training to successful biotech CEO and was worldwide research head and Vice President of Pfizer’s respiratory unit (1995-2011).

    I have absolutely no incentive to say any of this if I wasn’t certain.

    I am certain. This all took place “in my wheelhouse”, my domain of expertise.

    Please consider what I’ve said.

    ’’I’ve given over 70 interviews, all censored. I’ve been foully smeared. It’s propaganda. It tells you what they’re capable of.

    Here’s what Pfizer’s former board member wrote about my accomplishments:

    Turning Pfizer Discards Into Novartis Gold: The Story Of Ziarco

    Do I sound like a fool?

    Many have asked why people didn’t resist tyrants in the past. Partly it is fear. But it’s more than that. It’s that normal people, like you and me, simply cannot imagine being so evil. We trust in humanity. And so we should. Most people are good. Few are truly terrifyingly horrible. But some are. It’s the inability to believe it’s happening that really stopped people objecting when they should, when the evidence was unmistakable but had not yet quite reached their door, their family.

    They are coming for you and your children. It is happening again. There’s ample evidence emerging of long-term, patient planning. I’m so sorry.

    It’s now up to you. I genuinely don’t see what else I can do.

    Best wishes & sincere thanks,
    Dr. Michael Yeadon


  35. Michael

    Some are suggesting that Beto O’Rourk may have monkey pox ?

  36. Thomsen

    We need to keep in mind that the electronic vote switching process can produce any outcome the CCP desires in any election anywhere on this planet. The psy-ops narrative war is there is only to provide the flavor of plausibility to the outcome.

  37. Jeff Kindley

    Keep up the good work Greg. We are all fighting an uphill battle. This is a spiritual war manifesting in the physical!

    • Greg Hunter

      We have Jesus pushing us up hill. No problem!

  38. A Anthanovich

    Need more proof that the globalists are trying to kill us?

  39. Marty

    Hey Greg,

    Cognitive dissonance … talk about Trump having a good chance to be President again (he is vaccinated) then comment on whether or not the mostly vaccinated demonrats will even be alive to vote.

    President Trump doesn’t want to admit the vaccine may be bad because he is vaccinated which leaves him in the position where the only way he can “win” is if the vaccine is good. If he admits the vaccine is bad it is also an admission that he may not be fit to be President in 2024 (assuming he is still alive).

    I think it would be best to consider other non-vaccinated leaders for 2024 President… assuming voting is even an option.


  40. Russell Allen Holmes

    I want to say first that I follow a lot of people, several podcasts and a handful of Pastors but other than one libertarian host here in the Wasilla, Alaska area you are the only one doing the most important, necessary work of educating people about how to prepare for the coming economic holocaust (and the next “pandemic,” massive food shortages, planned weather disasters, etc, etc). I had an awesome friend who was a Pastor and talk show host that was murdered by a hospital after he got covid and those who are “trying to fill his shoes” are preaching about things like how to date as a Christian, whether or not God changes His mind, taking about schools, government corruption and massive overspending, etc, etc, etc. I’ve been trying to point out for many years that we’ve lost 99.9% of every one of those battles for the last 100 years and Pastors especially should at the very least try to educate their congregations of like-minded people on how to prepare, to organize in co-ops for food, transportation, self defense and so on. In my book, you are the only one that is not failing your audience MASSIVELY. Too, while all these other hosts and Pastors claim to be Christians, you’re the only one that always includes a call to follow Jesus. I appreciate that very, very much.

    Pretty darn good reporting and insight on the Alaska election. There are, however, a lot of good reasons some of us didn’t vote for Palin (and way too many didn’t rank her 2nd or 3rd). My personal biggest grip with Palin was her appointing a member of the Alaskan Planned Murderhood board to the Superior Court and I could list a few other reasons. But most didn’t rank her because she resigned as Governor and stuck us with a total RINO that increased the Budget massively and many believe she’s not even an Alaskan as she bought some mansion in Arizona (I won’t judge her on or argue either issue as who the heck really knows her finances, true intentions, etc.). The most maddening thing is that something like 27,000 conservatives here voted for Begich without ranking Palin as second as they simply don’t understand rank choice voting (I ranked her 2nd in the hopes a Democrat wouldn’t win). I have to say though that you’re wrong to judge Begich by his family as he is a true conservative/right-winger. If you were running for Congress would you think it fair to be judged by the political views of your relatives? Further, Nick III was raised in a very conservative home, has a long history of supporting conservative and Republican causes, has openly disagreed with his family members for decades and his father was the first politician to write a book that exposed HAARP. And unless he’s a total fool, he knows full well that they murdered his grandfather Representative Nick Begich along with Hale Boggs, who was in the same plane, because Boggs was pushing for auditing the Federal Reserve.]

    The most maddening thing in my book though is how it’s so, so easy to buy Alaskan votes. Rank choice voting passed by 51% (though there was likely fraud) as those who supported it outspent the “No” side by at least 30 to one. Their ads were a joke as they claimed it was to eliminate “outside money” when 90% of the money for those ads was from outside. But to this day if you ask people why they voted for it and they’ll all say “to eliminate outside money.” It’s been the same with other votes like several to increase taxes on big oil, of which on one proposition a few years ago they outspent the “yes” side by 100 to one. Murkowski got an extra $5 million (a lot for our tiny population) to win her write-in campaign in 2010 against Joe Miller who’s a great conservative (though again massive voter fraud and false accusations against Miller, which he won a libel suit over 6 years after the fact, also played a big role).

    • Mark Maples


      The reality that a democrat won a statewide election in Alaska is a warning to what the midterms hold

      Whatever I think of Palin, I cannot believe any self proclaimed conservatives would elect a bolshevik, but y’all did

      ANY republican is a better choice than any vote that allowed this disaster of an election to happen

      I don’t care how much you dislike Palin


      • Russell Allen Holmes

        Turns out we most likely didn’t elect that Bolshevik or Lisa Murcowpie (Murkowski) either, they were cheated in. Here’s a great story about it by Joe Miller who I mentioned above.

        The corruption in this State, largely with the assistance of Republicans, is phenomenal but I’m not the least surprised as our “conservative” Governor and those who run our Legislature have done less than nothing to reform our broken electoral system. In fact, yet another stat that Alaska is worst in the nation in is having more registered voters that there are people alive over 18.

        Besides having some of highest crime stats, failing schools and our University with the highest per-student costs (Fairbanks University costs over 5 times the national average) while being 49th in test scores and host of other issues Alaska comes in as number 1 worst in the nation, we have a “tax” (long story on how it works so I won’t go into the explanation right now) in which the top 20% of Alaskan earners pay a pittance of 1.5% of their yearly income while the bottom 20% pays 22% of theirs. Those at the very bottom earning less than $20,000 a year pay as high as 36%. The top 10% control this State and only about 5% see it while the rest keep voting in the same swamp pig thieves.

  41. Don Wohlers

    Greg, this is really up to date as to what is going on in the world today. But with the rich people of the US going all out to make the world a “One World Gov.” we will never have another honest election.
    I also just lost my son, age 62 to the shots. He had his second booster 5 months ago and FIVE DAYS later while showing, collapsed in the shower and spent a lot of those days since then in the hospital. Five times he went home and five times, he went back in. I l flew up there and was able to talk to him at about 7pm and 7am the next morning he was gone. He was normally about 185lbs. He was less than 85 lbs when he passed. You are so right on with this whole thing, and we ALL need to get ready for the Lord as He will be coming soon. Just look at the first 5 Seals in Rev:6.
    Also while I was up there, ALL my information was hacked including SS# etc. now I have hours of shutting down accounts and opening new ones and getting my computer cleaned and a lot for an old 88 year old.
    But keep up the wonderful work you are doing as it is RIGHT ON.

    • Greg Hunter

      Never give up Don. So sorry about your son.

  42. Upsidedown Flying Dutchman

    I was trying to visualize the FBI raid of Trump’s Mar a Lago home. The Secret Service (the highest ranking police force) guarding the home and the FBI wanting to gain entrance. There could have been a major standoff. As it turns out the Trump team knew the FBI was coming and Trump told his Secret Service guards to let the FBI in. I suspect Trump’s liquor cabinet took quite a hit during the 9 hour search. I’m curious as to who writes the script for these charades.

  43. Cfi

    I attended a local high school football game last night in Michigan. There were mitre than 10 cramping episodes by at least 7 different players. It was either foot or leg cramps. It was bizarre.

  44. Doug W

    I am going to try and save some or all of German farmers. German farmers, get yourself a wood burning stove for outside. If you got trees to cut down on your farm,you are good for at least one cold winter. If you don’t have trees,bring in your stocks from the corn ,that burns good too. If you got cows, dry out their “DONG”, that burns good when dry out. This is “when” the Russians turn off the natural gas to Germany. Greg, may I suggest something for you, I understand you live on a farm in MS ? If you have unused land that you are not planting any thing on, plant Black walnut trees. Their grow like weeds. Why I say this is because, in ten to fifteen years you will have nice trees. ( Black walnut trees are hard wood, it would last longer in your future wood stove, but in the mean time , you trim these black walnut show they have a nice straight trunk, so in twenty or twenty years you can sell them for black walnut lumber board. ( If you don’t have to burn them in your future wood stove, if every thing doesn’t go to hell in a hand basket. ) ) Mean while, every other years you get a crop of black walnuts. Just A suggestion.

  45. Liber8tor

    Rick Scott made his first $9 billion cheating Medicare, then used the money to buy his way into Senate. He’s never done anything good for anyone. (here in Florida we have a pet name for him..pRick Scott)

  46. Dave Scrimshaw

    Sad to say, but America (by and large) IS a Godless nation, Greg. This is all about God’s judgment. Remember, “Judgment BEGINS in the house of the Lord.” We who are believers NEED to repent of our laziness in : 1) spreading the gospel & 2) tolerating sin (whether it be in us or our churches.

    • Greg Hunter

      No, it’s not Dave. I disagree. I and the overwhelming majority of Americans are backing Jesus and God the Father. Who put you in charge of what Americans are thinking?

      • Timothy

        For myself, I don’t need to back Jesus; rather, I am convicted that I need to follow, actually DO, his commandments without simulation.

        I’m not doing so good, so far.

        Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar
        Call no man your father.
        Make no contracts. Let your yes be yes; no be no.
        Do not be a respecter of Persons, titles.
        Pick mammon or God, not both
        Pray and fast in private.
        Love your enemies.
        Love your neighbor as yourself.
        Heal the sick.
        Care for Widows.
        Love God with-all

        And the hardest one of all, maybe . . . .

        for perfection before the Father . . . .

        sell all you own and give it to the poor.

        Count The Cost

    • Galaxy 500

      There are 10’s of Millions of Believers in America. This ain’t Sodom…

  47. Ken

    i Live outside Wash DC. The guy who manages my stocks is friends with Paul Mantafort. They had dinner together before the 2016 election. Mantafort was then running his campaign. Mantafort tells him, quote” I like Don.. But…(rolls his eyes)”
    expressing his frustration in dealing with candidate Trump.
    Trumps Achilles heel is his pride & stubborn ego that refuses to admit fault. He will never admit he’s been had, royally “had” by the deep state on the vax.

    • Bill Bradshaw

      Dont sell The Donald short. He Will be back

  48. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, I will interject that Biden mandated vax and boosters, Not Trump, Trump mentioned Hydroxychloroquine and mainstream was demonizing it, same with disinfectant and mainstream said he was telling people to drink bleach. Good week to buy silver it was on sale.

    Eph 5:11 and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness
    but rather expose them.

  49. jon

    Hi Greg, Here in the Southwest, our Electricity Distribution Company, sent notification that they were doing load balance and testing for the Southwest region electrical power grid. To me this translates into them expecting an increase migration from the North of the country to the South for this winter. Does this mean an anticipated Northern Grid problem during the winter?

  50. Barbara Davis

    Greg, here is another sad death. Cliff High said sports players would be dropping, and he is right.

    A promising 20-year-old hockey captain tragically died midgame Tuesday in his team’s locker room. Eli Palfreyman, captain of the Ayr Centennials in Canada’s junior hockey circuit, died during the first intermission of his team’s Tuesday preseason game in Ontario, according to a report. The Ontario native collapsed at the North Dumfries Community Complex, and emergency personnel were not able to save his life, the report noted. A cause of death has not been confirmed, and the team will not speculate on one “out of respect for the family’s right to privacy.”

  51. rod

    Hi Greg! Found a great patriot “Patrick Wood” He really understands what is going with the deep state worldwide. He has written books on Technocracy and his information is invaluable! Highly recommend you get him on your show! You will be amazed!

  52. jon

    Hi Greg, In a way it may be a positive thing where Germany and Ukraine are taken down a few pegs. For a number of war evolutions, they have been both involved against Russia and the rest of Europe. During ww2, the National Socialist influence was prevalent in both Ukraine and Germany. And via the Ratlines and Operation Paperclip, are now a cancer around the world. The WEF founders are ingrained in National Socialism roots and this suggests heavy Germany ties. Ergo, this translates to a good thing if both Germany and Ukraine crash.

    • Greg Hunter

      Germany can and will take down the world if it goes down. This is what I brought up DB “the most stemically dangerous bank in the world” according to the IMF. Get ready and stay ready.

      • Linda Majors

        Greg, during Gen. Flynn’s interview with Brannon Howse last night, 9.1.22, he was discussing China, Russia, and . . . He brought up the fact that Russia does not go along with the WEF and One World Government. The sanctions against Russia will haunt us forever. Perhps that is the reason Biden is so adamant about sanctioning Russia. It’s my understanding that the EU have been going along with the U.S. Biden has done nothing except hurt America since he has been in office. That mean, evil, satanic man!


        • High guys

          Linda thats a load of crap…WEF has a center in st petersburg russia…lol. i believe theres one in bejing, china……flynn is full of shit

  53. oneno

    INVESTIGATION: The sinister reasons COVID Vaccines are not being updated annually like Flu Jabs despite the alleged SARS-CoV-2 Virus mutating several times

    INVESTIGATION: The sinister reasons COVID Vaccines are not being updated annually like Flu Jabs despite the alleged SARS-CoV-2 Virus mutating several times

  54. oneno

    INVESTIGATION: The sinister reasons COVID Vaccines are not being updated annually like Flu Jabs despite the alleged SARS-CoV-2 Virus mutating several times

  55. Trinacria

    Greg, another great report, I love you passion, much needed. One question, just looked up Neena Pacholke, the Wisconsin news person who died…the report said suicide. Is there something that is not being reported ? …nothing would surprise me these days.

  56. iwitness02

    Biden left tons of military equipment in Afghanistan. Biden is sending tons of military equipment to Ukraine and also tons of money. I’m beginning to wonder if many of these tons of mitlitary equipment is being smuggled back into the U. S. for the purpose of arming the invasion force that is pouring across our Southern border.

    After Joe’s speech last night, it really makes me wonder.

    • eddiemd

      The Army reserve and NG base camp in east Phoenix is stocked with vehicles. They are ready to take to the streets if necessary. They won’t have much impact other than to protect themselves. I see most members staying home to protect their families.

      Remember the Rodney King riots. They had to call in the 7th infantry division and the USMC MEF from Pendleton to control the streets. They also activated thousands of NG and reserves.

      There will be major problems with riot control. They cannot maintain control in the cities like Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Oakland, Miami, Philly, New York, etc. They will have to use food as a weapon. The police forces will be overwhelmed.

      When the power goes down, the water stops.

      The iPhone addicts will have acute withdrawals.

      • iwitness02

        I certainly do remember the Rodney King riots. We were moving from Calif. to Colorado at that time. Our moving truck was not able to get out of the city. Had to have a freight company drop a half set in front of the house and we loaded that with all our household goods. Always felt like we got out there just in time.
        I agree that food will be one of the weapons used against the people. Not much of a bright future to look forward to.
        When I was 18 years old I felt a lot of the same feelings that I feel now. Knew that I was going to war. This time it feels like the war is coming to me. I don’t like to travel anymore, so that works out good for this time. We are on home ground now.

        Wish you all the best eddiemd. These are difficult times.

      • Johnny Cool

        G.A. STEWART: The Negan Cultural Revolution is coming and that has been on my Website since the popular television series The Walking Dead introduced the character Negan.

        What is The Negan Cultural Revolution? It is an impressionable youth wet-nursed on Hollywood violence and being psychologically led and incited by intelligence agencies to commit crimes and violence. The Globalists need a police state, and they need a process to take away the torches and the pitch forks. This is all part of the social engineering plan that requires political polarization and fictional enemies that justify increasing the powers of Law Enforcement Agencies.

      • Self Exiled

        The iPhone addicts will have acute withdrawals. —– LOL

  57. Dave

    Bearer of God’s son, not mother of God.

    • BornInABarn,Fran

      The most tender moment in the history of time – Jesus was born. The 1st Covenant bearing vessel – Holy; the 2nd Covenant bearing vessel, immaculate, as in no original sin, the Son 0 Holy.

  58. jimmy

    Nick Begich is how you know about HAARP.
    Prey for the McCain VP, Palin?
    No, thanks.

    Trump: ignorant or in on it.
    – still pushes vaccines
    – deep state administration
    – Smith-Mundt propaganda
    – falls for every false flag (Syrian chem. weapons)

    There’s another way to look at the CBS polls:
    – people hate republicans just slightly less than democrats

    Biden speech:
    1. politicians never mention their opponents name – because there’s no bad publicity. Biden said “Trump” dozens of times
    2. listen to the crowd, sounds like he’s in a stadium but was in front of Independence Hall with extremely narrow streets – where did the crowd fit?

    Trump would be older than Reagan in 2024. He’s not running.

    You want medieval times to return?!?
    Please look into medieval history and what Trump pro-wrestling tactics mean to us.

    • eddiemd

      I agree about the crowd applause. It did not fit. I believe they used canned applause in some parts.

      Pink Floyd the wall psyop. Fascism visual. Black and red. The colors of the nazis.

      And antifa. The stormtroopers of the left. Part of the message was directed to them. We may see the antifa/blm stormtroopers in the streets again in the next 2 months.

  59. Susan R

    Grattitude is one of the most important virtues in my life. There will be so much change in our world and some see it now, some hide and pretend it is not there. I can not hide and know I will see the terror of the unprepared. God gave us Greg to help us save ourselves.

  60. W.R. Stone

    While everything appears to be falling to pieces, I suspect it’s really just the opposite.
    In the Olivet Discourse, amidst the predictions of coming “deception and deceit, false prophets, wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, famines and floods, pestilence and disease,” Messiah said this; “See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” (Matthew 24:6b) While all this is most troubling, even tragic, and it seems the end of all things is at hand, I’m persuaded that what’s really at hand is, “aionios zoe” – eternal life; life without beginning or end, never to cease, with fullness of joy, blessing, and vigor! We’re watching societal collapse, in real time, but I’m convinced that all things are falling TOGETHER, for True World Order.

  61. W.R. Stone

    Eating your work, analytics, and attitude with a shovel!
    Never surrender!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks W.R!!

  62. Justn Observer

    Greg, Interest how all things seem to start out as a ‘conspiracy theory’? So as far as prep for financial collapse…maybe a bit of ‘circle back’ can put some order into the chaos? This does not sound so ‘C-theory’ now -eh? From this then …to where are we now as Intel, military and nato, and FBI and DOJ merger into a surveilance state including unprecedent raids like at MAR-A-LAGO and soon with armed IRS agents into any home of people opposing ‘their’ will…?
    The AFRL-IF-RS-TR-2001-171 ( Joint Assistant For Development and Execution (JADE) Final Technical Report can’t be opened in a browser, you have to download it and read it using Adobe or word/open office writer.
    You can find it by Google: AFRL-IF-RS-TR-2001-171

    *’that ARSOF is going to be used to extract political dissidents and then enforce martial law.’=

    So, until the sheeple decide to WAKE UP and then STAND UP AGAINST TYRANNY, get you supply of beverages, and popcorn handy along with prep for what appears to be inevitably come from complacency and lack of vigilance.

  63. Judith

    Well done Greg, well said, KUDOS !!!

  64. Andy

    Pennsylvania needs a republican governor. If we get that win I don’t believe a fetterman win will be a problem because he will not make a full term and the governor can appoint a replacement.

  65. Steve Bice

    Just an oddity from the mountains of NC.

    All the birds disappeared three days ago. I haven’t seen predators… hawks or cats. I hear crows… scavengers.

    It doesn’t feel right. Scary.

    I hope they are not sensing something we cannot. Vibrations, storms, atmospheric pressure, oh my…

    • Steve Bice

      Also, all the squirrels are gone. Just walked the yard. Nothing is stirring. Absolutely quiet. Very, very odd…

    • J. Loughran

      Talked w/ a former Ranger today who has been hunting our ground w/ his sons. He said in 25 years he never had such a good hunt (doves), not even in East Texas. We are on the fringe of a drought (mid- Atlantic, north of NC). Don’t know enough to comment about bird migration and how dry weather may impact.
      PS. Deer crop is lookin good too.

    • Tim Kapsala


      Animals know. Something is up

  66. Mark

    This article will help you understand further the Gibson’s Bakery situation.

  67. aaron sierra

    your the best. the sierra family loves you broski.
    thank you
    a. sierra

    • Greg Hunter

      Love you all back, Sierra Family!!

  68. pbd

    Covid shot/spike protein related back/spine pain (upper or lower) in both young and older people – question do you have ongoing or recurrent back/spine pain and/or altered gate since getting jabbed. Do you have burning sensation along your spine? You may want to check for disc herniation and/or transverse myelitis. Both can be related to infection, including viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. The emerging evidence is that Covid/shots depress the vaxxed hosts immune system by depleting T-lymphocytes (CD8+ and CD4+ cells) which are critical to fighting infection or preventing reactivation of latent persistent infection – such as herpes viruses which include HSV, EBV, CMV, VZV etc. Also, propionibacterium acnes which causes acne in teens/young adults can also be linked to disc herniation/back pain/altered gate. For example, Covid clot-shot induced immune suppression can lead to reactivation of latent persistent HSV infection. Reactivation of for example HSV-2 can be linked to acute ascending necrotizing myelitis. Reactivation of HSV-1 can be linked to disc herniation. Most conventional docs are clueless (I think) and will most likely refer you to a neurosurgeon that will want to give you a diagnosis that will support scheduling for surgery to fuse locations in spine – please, please – do your DD regarding potential long-term permanent adverse events/side effects of this surgery.
    Best of luck all.

  69. WD


    I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart….in September my sisters who are nurses, were constantly pushing me to get the shots, “get the shots” they would tell me.

    I then decided to get the first shot made an appointment at Walgreens to do so for a Tuesday. I then saw your Sunday show and I cant remember who your guest was but I think it was Dr Kory. And he laid it out for a blind man to see that this was poison.
    So I missed my Tuesday clot shot appointment ( thank God and you).
    Since then I got Covid 2x….Once at the end of October, I was out for about 5 days. And once this past June, barely felt anything and thought it was my typical summer cold I get EVERY year (48 virus). Anyway I feel great now and even better that my own body processed these two incidents naturally. On Natural News it was said we will have a world of the “pure bloods” and the “poisoned blood ” and it said it may be a fight to the the death. But Thank you Greg, for your show really showed me the way and I will not be swayed to ever taking that shot!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you WD for sharing your story. How are you injected sisters doing?

      • WD

        One of them is having a lot of cold/allergies symptoms and the other is
        very tired for most of the time,,,,

        • Greg Hunter

          This is a sign of vax injury according to Dr. Kory. Get them taking Ivermectin asap. They are being eaten alive on the inside with spike protein. Don’t believe me? Get them to do a D-Dimer test to show micro-clotting. Ivermectin binds to the Spike proteins and removes them from the body. They will feel better in days. Then they need to keep taking it as they are making spike proteins because of the mRNA nano-lipid particle shots.

  70. Robert K


    @ 11:58 mark you hold up a piece of paper from Karine Jean-Pierre that states, “People that voted for Trump are an extreme threat to our democracy…”

    Have you seen the video from hundreds of “news” outlets that have said the same thing that has been synced? It is disturbing. They all said, “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy”. News outlets all over the country. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, et. at

    • Greg Hunter

      This is all part of the Psyop because Biden’s real approval numbers are 11% to 12%.

  71. BornInABarn,Fran

    It’s county fair time. I say, it’s time for weeping, sackcloth, begging God for Insight, Understanding, Counsel, Wisdom to face all faces thrown at us by dark, confusing forces of temptation. If one creeps, crawls or seeps into your mind or perhaps throws you off balance, just get up and keep asking Jesus for help. He will come through.

  72. john beasley

    Trump is not on the side of the American People. Greg Hunter, thank you for doing these news reports.

  73. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    I’m trying to post a comment regarding Dr Richard Fleming but it is not appearing. Is this down to your moderation or are more sinister forces at work?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Well, I’ll try again – this time without the link . . .

      The clot shots being the most pressing issue facing mankind, I have just been listening to Dr Richard Fleming on Mike Adams show. Here are some quotes: at 28:00, “When you see, in a matter of a minute, red blood cells lose their oxygen carrying capacity and start to clump – and you realise what that means for the living person injected with that (Pfizer CV-19 vaxx – sic) you know – it’s stunning! . . . This is killing people.” Doctor Fleming has issued a formal ‘Notice of Liability for Children’ on the FDA and intends to issue formal notices on the White House and on prominent members of the MSM.

      If this posts, I’ll try to add the link to Dr Fleming’s interview.

  74. Bill Bradshaw

    Speaking of economies, just look what Zimbabwe has done

  75. jon

    If there is a judgment against Oberlin College and they refuse to pay. The plaintiff can probably file a lien against the College. That may be in the works.

    • Greg Hunter

      Everybody in management of that College should be fired for continuing to push this on a small store in business since 1885 that simply did not being robbed. In this case, it was black young men. I am quite sure Gibson’s Bakery does not like being robbed by anyone, no matter what color they are. Sick woke-tards wrecking their own college.

  76. Pamela Hankins

    Who’s the blockhead? You continue to try and make excuses for Trump, saying that he was lied to, when he refuses to acknowledge that to insist that its ‘good’…come on. And you’re not alone. Multitudes of people still want to believe in the man regardless of what they see. What’s the difference between them and the Dems who refuse to wake up?
    Maybe…just maybe, he has the same agenda they do and is a useful ruse coming from the other direction to cause confusion and more chaos. Just sayin’.

    • Galaxy 500

      So Trump is on the evil doer’s side ? A house divided against itself can not stand. Evil persecuted Trump while he was in office. Everything he did made America better except the bad.
      Just sayin…

  77. Linda Majors


    Matthew 7: 15-20: “You will know them by their fruits.” (Ref. verse below.)

    While watching part of Joe Biden’s speech last night, the backdrop, politicizing our Marines, and condemning Americans who are attempting to save our Republic, he reminded me of those old newes reels of Hitler. Ranting and raving like a mad man. I began thinking about his “fruits.” In my opinion, Biden is not only mad, he is evil. Beware! Linda

    Biden’s “Fruits.:
    Making America energy dependent (he shut down production of oil and gas);
    Surrendering Afghanistan and giving up $85 Billion of arms, helicopters, and . . . for the
    Taliban and Communist China;
    Flying in thousands of unvetted Afghanis (many are terrorists) into America;
    Mandated “Vaccines” that cause deaths and injuries;
    Purging our Military of the best and most qualified;
    Open borders and welcoming 10 Million illegal invaders — most are young, fighting-age
    males (ref. Oscar Ramirez, reporter at the Southern Border for Steve Bannon’s
    Warroom), transporting them throughout America, and paying them nearly $4k per
    month, plus free heath care, free housing, free education. While Americans struggle.
    Democratic-ruled cities have becone hell holes. Homelessness, L.A. has 80K homeless
    people deficating on the sidewalks, and using illegal drugs. Crime is rampant.
    Weaponized all Federal Agencies, including the FBI.
    Hired 87K IRS Agents to go after American middle class and small businesses.
    Signed Executive Order 14067 Programmable Digital Currency to take our $$ and
    assets, and take our freedom. It will take effect December 13, 2022. (Ref. Gen.
    Mike Flynn, interview on Brannon Howse, WVW, 8.31.22.)
    . . . .

    Matthew 7:15-20
    New King James Version
    You Will Know Them by Their Fruits
    15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

  78. DOW

    Terrific WNW Greg. You are on fire and I luv it. The truth will prevail and the globalists are in panic mode.

  79. alfy

    at least one if not both of Trump’s sons are fully aware of the jab is a bioweapon. on a side note, at least one of his sons watches your weekly news shows. Is Trump an idiot, not by a long shot. He knows the score. If you noticed, he has always stated that the jabs should not be mandated, but should be only taken on a voluntary basis. The enemy will not succeed in pushing their bioweapon attack onto Trump. Now the question is, he’s known all along, and maintained his jabs are good stance. He’s had to watch millions of his countrymen, and he does have much love for his fellow countrymen, become crippled and die. Terrible burden he has had to endure. This is no only a world war, this is a war if we lose, all of humanity will die. Trump is not a fool, think about that.

    • Greg Hunter

      How do you know one of Trump’s sons watches USAW? I do not want people to think they are supporting Trump by taking the death shot. Even though Trump has never mandated this, it is BAD and Deadly advice. I do not work for Trump. I work for “We the People.”
      If I see a danger, I will warn them no matter who it pisses off. The data, deaths and injuries all clearly say, the Vax is a disaster of historic proportions, and it should STOP NOW. Trump should be leading the CHARGE!!!! Trump keeps saying the Warp Speed vax is “good and it saved millions of lives.” THE SCIENCE AND THE DATA ALL SAY IT IS NOT GOOD AND IT DID NOT SAVE MILLIONS OF LIVES–PERIOD!!!!! Trump looks like a moron saying this. Trump is surrounded by pure evil, and he needs to fire them all.

  80. Jeffrobbins

    Greg- Thanks for running race. Strange times. The county coroners should automatically be doing an autopsy on anyone that has a clean toxicology and is under say 50 years old and cause of death is unknown. There should be lots of evidence all across the country and someone will have to put it together. Maybe the life insurance companies- maybe a few district attorneys ban together- maybe a non-profit.

  81. Putty Tat

    President Paranoia Schizophrenia and his IR.SS

    Social justice and equality though confiscation, discrimination against white straight males, and the extermination of all opposing political views.

  82. James

    As for Trump and the vaccine this saying may apply.
    Its easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled!

  83. Really Awake

    Yes. There is going to be “pain”. And it’s going to be a lot worse in Euroland and Great Britain. And as you watch how bad it gets over there just keep in mind that that is America’s future, too, if the evildoer collectivists have their way.

    Prepare accordingly. And the better we prepare, the better chance we have to reduce the “pain” to ourselves and our friends and family. By listening to insightful individuals on USA Watchdog you and I can do better than so many others.

    We can get way, way ahead of the upcoming crisis by storing extra canned food, bottled water, extra medicine, cash on hand, some silver and gold, spare fuel, warm cloths, having a space heater and/or wood stove and so on and so forth…

    Try and get to somewhere safer than a Big Blue City. Big Blue Marxist Cities won’t be safe when the upcoming crisis hits. If you have no choice and are trapped in a Marxist stronghold, then just be aware that 911 won’t be operational when the acute crisis hits. You will be on your own. Prepare to be without ANY city services. There will come a point that you probably won’t have electricity. And maybe no running water, e.g., think: Jackson, Mississippi. And understand just precisely what that means. Hint: a dire life or death situation. YOU might wake up in the middle of the night and be thrust into a dire situation. That’s what’s at stake.

    I’m not trying to scare anybody. Fear not, yet I say have a healthy fear of God and what He’s going to allow to happen to a wicked, wicked America. America has done this to itself. And, personally, I’m seperating myself as far away as possible from the proximity of neo- Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Pray I’m wrong.

  84. eddiemd

    Democracy Now. Website propaganda outlet for antifa/blm and the demonic democrats.

    Read the script below the video.

    “AMY GOODMAN: President Biden, speaking Thursday night. Just after the speech, Democracy Now! reached Ben Jealous, president of People for the American Way, former head of the NAACP, to get his response.

    BEN JEALOUS: Tonight we saw Joe Biden give the most presidential speech he’s ever given as president. I say this as somebody who’s both been a friend of Joe for a long time in politics and yet also taken serious issue when I thought that he was moving in the wrong direction. I was arrested for voting rights protests five times in front of his White House last year. And what we saw tonight was exactly the president we need in this moment.”

  85. eddiemd

    Fiat Medicine.

    Every physician knew that giving covid injections to pregnant women and children was wrong. Crazy world.

  86. David

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no matter who runs for president in 2024 in the Republican party, whether it be Donald Trump, Ron Desantis, or whoever, I think the Democrats/Deep State are going to be working like mad dogs to pull off another fraud.

    Look what just happened in Alaska. Sarah Palin just lost to a Democrat – the first Democrat to win in 50 years! This happened because of ranked-choice voting and mail-in ballots.

    The fraudulent system that allowed Biden to get in HASN’T BEEN FIXED. Also, all these hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that have been let in through Mexico – I’m sure the Democrats/Deep State is devising a system for them all to vote Democrat. I dread what’s going to happen in 2024.

    As for Biden’s speech Thursday night – to me he sounded exactly like a Communist dictator. What a complete and total disgrace that man is. He’s also a pervert – always creeping on little girls. If me or Greg Hunter started fondling little girls and calling them “baby” like Biden does, we’d both be in jail.

    I think we all need to pray for this country.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t be a quitter. Get involved and do something yourself and stop spreading you looser attitude. Do something. Please quit someplace else. Hide, and stay out of the way.

  87. John Forgione

    Furniture Firewood????

  88. It's worse than you know

    The globalists puppets the demonrats are desperately trying to start a shooting war so the can stop the election and bring it blue helmets to slaughter ALL Americans and all the intelligence and law inforcement and local gov officials. It’s their plan.

  89. Pat

    FYI: The beautiful young lady Neena Pacholke did not die of anything vaccine related. Sadly, it was by suicide. May she rest in peace.

    • Greg Hunter

      How did she do it? She was getting ready to be married.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        I know nothing about this young woman, RIP. That said, it occurs to me that some suicides may be triggered by the shots. Consider, when the vaxxed wake up to the terrible harm they have done to their bodies – including young women rendering themselves infertile – many will despair. Young people are vulnerable to suicide. Ergo, some deaths by suicide may be attributed to the CV-19 shots.

        • Greg Hunter

          I have been thinking the same thing. The shots are causing cognitive problems so bit there has been a NOTICIABLE INCREASE OF CAR WRECKS SINCE THE SHOTS BEGAN.

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t believe this. How did she kill herself? She was getting ready for her wedding.

          • Pat

            Greg, not privy to the information of how she did it, but apparently she had mental health issues for some time. Her friends said she had threatened to do this. Don’t know anything about her upcoming wedding.

  90. Coal Burner

    Greetings Greg:
    You mentioned Gov Douchey……you made me ask why and it would be money. But who is supplying the money and protecting governors like Doucy, Kemp, well my useless Democrat New Mexico Governor, our little witch of the west. Where is the money coming from besides tax payers. UHMMMMM, maybe McConnell. Did McConnell promise to fund them in a run for the Senate as long as they keep the border open and let the Fentenyl from China keep flowing across the border? Have you seen those pretty little poison pills, all colors! Dangerous as hell to young people. Now, now don’t say theses weasels wouldn’t go that low, yes they would , someone is and it is someone high up protecting the open borders in addition to the Senile One. Besides China and the Cartels where is money being kicked back from China, to whom??? McConnell ‘s wife is a perfect conduit, who is going to question her???

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting and analysis.

  91. Frank S.

    Hi Greg, About your property tax, I read a while back that due to COVID lockdowns, with accompanying layoffs, business closures, etc., much less cash was in the system to generate local county, state tax revenues. Many municipalities instead upped property value assessments, thereby upping everyone’s property tax. The tax on my rental went up 1/3 in 2 years. Call your county assessor’s office to schedule a re-appraisal. They can only lower it, or worst case, say it stands. Death by a thousand cuts!!

  92. Matt


    Thank you for your service to God and humanity. If not for your early and continued reporting on the CV19 bioweapon, I likely would have been vaccinated, although I find no comfort in my decision to not get the injections.

    My adopted mother had 1 3/4 liters of fluid drained off a lung 30 days after vaccination, my adopted father developed cancer and is undergoing radiation, a friend developed small blood clots throughout his entire body and spent many days in the hospital in pain, my birth mother died of COVID after being vaccinated, a sister has developed blood clots after double vaccination and 1 booster, she has been healthy her entire life yet after vaccination in early 2020 she became very ill 6 times in that year alone, another sister is alive only because she found a doctor who would treat her with ivermectin, my girlfriend double vaxed and double boosted, my daughter double vaxed and boosted, I’m terrified what will develop with those two.

    If what Dr. Delores Cahill says is true, that everyone who has received even one shot will die within 3 to 5 years, I wonder if I would have been better off taking the shots. It’s a very dark future if we’re looking at all our loved ones being taken from us. In the midst of this enormous amount of pain, I do find an equally enormous amount of love I direct towards these people in my life. may be a news outlet but it’s also a ministry.

    God bless you.


  93. WD

    One of them is having a lot of cold/allergies symptoms and the other is
    very tired for most of the time,,,,
    (This is Greg Hunter I want to make sure you get may answer as I have had some problems with my comments posting. My answer is as follows: This is a sign of vax injury according to Dr. Kory. Get them taking Ivermectin asap. They are being eaten alive on the inside with spike protein. Don’t believe me? Get them to do a D-Dimer test to show micro-clotting. Ivermectin binds to the Spike proteins and removes them from the body. They will feel better in days. Then they need to keep taking it as they are making spike proteins because of the mRNA nano-lipid particle shots.

  94. Rich Roz

    Greg you are saving lives. You are helping untold thousands for your reporting and ministry. thank you Greg. God Bless you my brother.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Rich.
      This will go down as the biggest mass murder story in history–by ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE. I pity the people who got together to make this happen. Everything is going to come out. As light is to darkness, truth is to lies. Everyone will know the truth. Mark my words. Of course, the truth VERY Much includes Jesus.
      Brother Greg

  95. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Just a heads- up. May be you changed format, but no mention of this being WNW545???

    • Greg Hunter

      Fixed it. My bad.

  96. Jeffrobbins

    Greg, could you bring on a financial expert to help us understand some ‘road markers’ coming our way? The problems in Europe won’t stay in Europe and high energy costs will be the cause of future defaults on all kinds of debt. Is there anyone who could tell us things to look for? Of coarse it may be to late with some of the crazy high gas and electric bills people have posted on line. I would think folks would pay for heat and forgo debt payments. It’s only a matter of time before a few people figure out how to bypass the meters, maybe some tick-tok videos are out there. Of concern was the way the yield on the 10 year treasury came up this week- why would the yield on the ten year rise? In the past when there was stress in the markets or stress in the world, the yields would come down as money flowed to the safety of gov. Debt. I have a hard time believing it is solely due to inflation concerns- if stocks and bonds have both been selling off- where has the money gone to?

  97. PersonaNonGrata

    I have been ‘following’ comedian Jim Breuer ever since he stood up against TPTB with his satirical routine about the scamdemic, ‘Someone Had To Say It’, which has attracted over 1,250,000 views. In doing so, I got to watch ‘Silly in San Diego’ which had me laughing out loud. So – if you need some relief from the doom and gloom, sit back and click the link 🙂

  98. PersonaNonGrata

    Silly in San Diego video. Tested the link above and it’s CHOCK FULL of ads! Try this instead . . .

  99. Mandrake Sibley

    Does that include the folk’s who got the Johnson & Johnson shot Greg? J&J was non-mRNA but had the Graphene Oxid. Should they also be taking the Ivermectin?

  100. Ghetto Cruising

    Even Dutch Commandos are not safe in Ghetto Urban Areas of America.

    U.S. News
    uspect in Shooting of Dutch Soldiers in Indiana Charged With Murder
    by Sputnik September 2nd 2022
    Three Dutch commandos shot during training trip to Indianapolis

  101. suki causely

    Trump lawyer: I’m not sure why they would object to a special master
    BUT, Apparently The American Sheeple Are Sure Why!
    A special master would agree that Trump has standing.
    It’s much harder to control the outcome if an independent counsel was involved.
    Sorry,but we the American people have no faith in Government to do anything that’s not bias…
    Democrats reject anything involving fair play.
    They object because the outcome was already decided.
    If Trump was guilty of anything I don’t think he would request a Special Master.
    A special master would interfere with the governments ability to lie about what they found at Mar-A-Lago.

    John Ratcliffe: DOJ didn’t find what it was looking for at Mar-a-Lago
    421,330 viewsAug 31, 2022 Fox News
    Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe joined ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ to discuss the likelihood a Florida judge approves the Trump legal team’s request for a special master.
    They went from the limo driver attack drama to the toilet notes that transformed into nuclear codes. How anyone can continue to take this sort of thing seriously is bizarre to me.
    How could DOJ find what they are looking for when they have never DEFINED what they are looking for?
    The fact that they don’t want a special master should tell us all that we need one!!
    The fact that Adam shiff is involved should tell us all we need to know
    John is absolutely right,
    And no we don’t trust them, we’ve seen this shift show too many times
    It’s true, they don’t need a special master, but we do.
    Finding an un-corrupted “special master” will be next to impossible.
    Many were in doubt when Trump said his campaign was spied on…Now once again he proved this right…Right for many things…
    They didn’t find it because it isn’t there, and never was.
    You would think the DoJ would try to give the facade of legitimacy .

    Jeffrey Sachs: U.S. Policy & “West’s False Narrative” Stoking Tensions with Russia, China
    364,592 views Aug 30, 2022 Democracy Now!
    We discuss Western hegemony and U.S. policy in Russia, Ukraine and China with Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs, whose new article is headlined “The West’s False Narrative About Russia and China.” Sachs says the bipartisan U.S. approach to foreign policy is “unaccountably dangerous and wrongheaded,” and warns the U.S. is creating “a recipe for yet another war” in East Asia.


    How Russia-China’s ECONOMIC STRATEGY is CRUSHING the DOLLAR? : CURRENCY WARS Case study Ep 2
    1,217,015 views Premiered Aug 30, 2022 Think School

  103. Count de Monet

    Some say the $7,500 tax credit for purchasing electric cars was a gimmie to the middle class voters. Since the middle class can’t afford the $65,000 average price on a new EV, these brain-dead middle class democrat supporters once again shot themselves in the head.

    $7,500 is pocket change for the upper class, and most of the upper class are already card carrying ESG destroy-normal-civilization-bring-on-the-freak-show Marxists.

    So the car companies increased by $8,000. So the tax credit is actually a billion dollar grift to the car companies. And the brain-dead democrats all think they are getting something for nothing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good analysis and thanks for adding it here!

  104. Galaxy 500

    Great Broadcast Greg
    I realized that I needed to do something besides complain. I volunteered to work at the Board of Election like I did before I moved. You are out spreading the word. I need to do my part as well.
    As I watched Emperor Joe Palpatine give his speech from the Bowels of Hell, I realized that Emperor Joe had labeled me an Enemy of the State. And what was my crime? My crime is I am a support of the US Constitution. My crime is I oppose corrupt men bleeding our Great country dry and attempting to subjugate me by voting for Trump. I could go into greater details about my thought crimes but Darth Brandon has already outed me.
    While Trump is wrong about the Clot shots, I will vote for him for the simple reason that he is honest and cares about America. When was there a better man running America? Reagan was good but he isn’t any better than Trump.
    i wonder if all those people that voted against America by either staying home or people claimed they were offend by Trumps silly Tweets in 2020 so they voted Alzheimer Hitler are happy with the way things going? The way this ends is we either fight at the ballot box (vote) and keep our eyes open for fraud or accept the coming Mark of the Beast. Where you own nothing and are “happy” about it. The return of serfdom and slavery.
    Staying at home and not voting against Emperor Joe and his minions is an endorsement of what is going on and helps this Satanic enslavement of us and our children. A vote for ANY DEMOCRAT is a vote for Satan.
    God will bless us but as it says in the Bible, we have to do our part. The One True God expects you to be a participant: Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be open.
    God bless you Greg and your viewers/followers and keep all of you safe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good on you, my friend!!! Good to hear from you. It’s been too long.

  105. Galaxy 500

    I used to live in Guilford County NC. Their bond debt last year totaled 1.7 billion. Look for more increases.

  106. Galaxy 500

    There are 10’s of Millions of Believers in America. This ain’t Sodom…

    • Greg Hunter

      Was she vaxed? Was she thinking straight? Was she impaired from the Vax? There are plenty of other cases where they dropped dead after the vax.

  107. Randy Best

    April, May, Jun, July and now August are over without seeing anything close to Bo Polny’s mother of all events. Row vs. Wade has been a non-factor. Gold and silver still being smashed down. The stock markets are still elevated. The evil ones remain in charge and God has not move his hand. Bo Bolny needs to explain himself.

  108. Terry

    No birds, no insects. Same here on Vancouver Island. I think I saw only 1 mosquito this whole summer which is now ending.

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