Greek Deal Not a Deal, Iran Deal Not a Deal, Fed Rate Hike Coming, Trashing Trump Unfair

6By Greg Hunter’s (7/17/15 WNW 199)

Two big deals were made this week, but they may not be deals just yet. I characterize the deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program as a deal between liars and cheaters. The cheater is Iran. They have cheated in the past on curbing their nuclear program. Just a few months ago, the UN accused Iran of cheating again. The liar is the Obama Administration. The lies by him and his administration are numerous. “You can keep your health plan.” “Obama Care is going to be cheaper.” Deserter “Bo Bergdahl served with distinction.” With the IRS scandal, “Not even a smidgen of corruption.”  The list of provable lies is very long (click here). So, when the President tries to defend his Iran nuke deal, lots of folks in both parties and our allies simply do not trust him. President Obama has not much “trust capital” left. I don’t want to get into the minutia of the Iran nuke deal, but even the President admitted that, yes, “Iran could cheat.” Trust is his biggest problem because Republicans, some Democrats, and all US Middle East allies do not trust President Obama, and thus, do not trust this deal. This deal is not going to make things more peaceful in the Middle East—far from it. It is also far from being a done deal.

The Greek debt deal is also far from being a done deal. I characterize this deal as collateral and control. The bankers want Greek assets now as part of the bailout deal, not bonds and promises to pay, but tangible collateral. The bankers also want control or veto power over the Greek Parliament. Yes, I know the Greek Parliament voted for the onerous terms set out by the bankers, but have you seen the rioting in Greece? This deal will not stand, and there are going to elections that will throw out everyone who voted to sell out the Greek people. Count on it. You know who else is not down with this nearly $100 billion scam? The Germans. This has exposed a deep division in Germany. Many there do not want to cough up another $100 billion for a third bailout. Of course, most of the money goes to propping up the insolvent banks in the EU, but this is far from a done deal, and even members of Angela Merkel’s own party are vehemently against it. Many prominent Germans and even the IMF say the debt needs to be cut, and some Greek debt needs to be written off altogether. If this is the case, many other heavily indebted EU countries will need a debt cut, and then you must ask what is going to happen to the value of all those bonds? (Hint: They do not go up in value, and keep in mind, they are being used as collateral.)

The Federal Reserve continues to say it is going to begin raising interest rates, and it could be as early as September. Fed Head Janet Yellen is a bit wishy washy on the timing. She told Congress this week that she worries about being “too early” and also worries about being “too late.” So, what is the real story? There are so many signs the real economy is not good. The latest comes from economist John Williams at Williams says industrial production plunged this past week by 1.4%. Williams contends, “The last time it was this weak the U.S. economy was in collapse.” So, the Fed is not going to be able to raise rates, right? According to Greg Mannarino at that is dead wrong. He thinks the Fed needs to raise rates for it credibility and to take some steam out of a much overvalued stock market. Mannarino points out that Fed Head Yellen tried to do just that in early May when she herself said the market was “overvalued.” It didn’t work, and now she is going to have to raise rates. Is September the month? We will see.

Finally, Donald Trump has been getting a lot of grief for simply being a very unlikely front runner in the crowded GOP field. The MSM press is acting like an extension of the left wing of the Democratic Party. Republicans and Democrats are also taking shots at Trump, and I think it’s because they are all afraid of him. I think the attacks are unfair and show he’s doing something right.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Donna

    Organ harvesting must be very lucrative and it happens not only in Planned Parenthood. This was my experience with this subject:

    My husband died in the ER of a nearby hospital (unnamed but 3 guesses, 1 of the more prestigious hospitals in the country). He suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and that made him ideal for “harvesting.” Sudden death by accident is another favored target.

    After he died in the ER, he was taken to the intensive care unit and hooked up to various machines. I was too much in shock to question or even wonder why this was done, and frankly, I was hoping it meant he might pull through even though they told me he was dead. I know that makes no sense, but I was too shut down and also in denial of what just happened.

    In short, Don became a Frankenstein at that point (in my opinion). They wanted to take body parts and were waiting for “the right time” to get my permission. I didn’t know this and they kept me in the dark about what they were doing and why he had been placed in intensive care.

    It was the next day that 2 women approached me and got around to what they were after. My head was swimming when they finally divulged what it was that they wanted from me. I actually had to go home and call my husband’s brother in Pennsylvania to get the hospital to remove Don from all of the mechanical supports.

    When I got back to the hospital, they had gotten that call and taken him off all the machines and took me to a room to discuss disposal options. Nice people.

    To me, the medical profession is borderline criminal. It is big business and I am glad that I do not have much more time to work in the medical field.

    I do not know if this is common practice to prey on the emotions of surviving relatives. Just one piece of advice — make sure you have someone to fend for you and look after your rights and dignity if you should become incapacitated and at the mercy of the medical cartel.

    I once heard a quote as too how much money could be made off various organs. I do not remember the figures but it is good money and you get none of it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for sharing this very sad story Donna!! This is enlightening first hand information.

      • diane s.

        Shocking….so sorry dear Donna…terrible to go through.

    • Southern Girl

      So sorry to hear about your husband and the experience from hell that you went through. Was there not anyone on the premise that could have comforted you, like a chaplain? Was glad to hear that you had someone to rely on in the family. Shock does a number to our brains.

      I guess when I get my new drivers license I will take off the organ donor.

    • Faith

      At one point in my life I worked in an inner-city ER. We used to joke about “Friday night at the fights” and “the Knife and Gun Club.” I apologize for this sick humor. I no longer work in the medical field. I left the field 30 years ago.

      Sadly, the experience of this poster is common practice at most hospitals. They do this all the time for iatrogenic deaths or deaths that are due to an accident. The family has to pay for the ICU care and the fraud that their family member is going to recover. The doctors know that the only reason for critical care is to maintain blood and oxygen flow to keep the organs alive and the reason the organs are kept alive is because organ donation, indirectly, is big business for the doctor, the hospital and for the insurance carriers.

      I refuse to be an organ donor. I have for many years. Why? Because if you are wealthy you can buy your way up the list. If you are not one of the special people you never make the list or are simply kept at the bottom.

      The sad reality is that people that lack financial resources, including superior insurance coverage in addition to financial assets, will never receive a donated organ. If you donate your body to science it is gruesome. Your cadavar may be used to teach medical students but, more than likely, your body will be stripped of every usable item from your cornea’s to bone to skin to ligaments.

      If the organ list was fair, and those organs were free and available to anyone, I would agree. However, at this point in time, the system of organ donation has been corrupted and coopted and financial interests prevail, first and foremost, while ethical concerns take a back door.

    • Charles H.


      Thanks for telling us this story. What a woman you are. (tears in my eyes)
      Combine this with Planned Parenthood and Obamacare (death panels) oversight: I prefer to die somewhere where I can feed the worms.

      • hoopshound

        Oh, heavens, there are no death panels!! They simply want to pay for a conversation between a doctor and an elder patient to talk about issues that may relate to end of life care. It begins a conversation that can continue over many years as one ages. The conversation isn’t mandatory or forced. Far, far better to begin this conversation while you are still healthy or in the early stages of disease than to wait until it’s an emergency and you and your family members are distressed and overwhelmed. I know that people hate Obama and the ACA. But if you are going to hate it, at least do it based on facts [not Fox news fantasies and the delusions of someone as idiotic as Sarah Palin!!].

        • Greg Hunter

          Your opinion is total uninformed bull crap. This is from the key architect on Obama Care MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber back in 2014. Enjoy: Don’t come here and misinform my audience. I don’t like it. Matter of fact, don’t come back.

          • hoopshound

            HAHAHA. Your comment is a classic example of projection. Ciao.

            • Greg Hunter

              HAHAHA. Your charge that there are no death panels when the key creator of Obama Care says otherwise is classic lying.
              This is your last comment.

    • dm

      Sadly, this seems to be the norm. My husband died suddenly in 1991. The first thing the nurse in ER asked me was did I want to donate his organs and which organs did I want to donate? I was appalled. From stories I have read, some of these biomedical facilities don’t ask, they just take. You should search for Alistair Cooke and read what happened to his body after his death.

    • Kerry

      The same thing happened with my mother when she passed away. She was on life support for a stroke and the doctors all wanted to know if we would donate her organs, even before she was dead!

    • Don

      Wow, What an ugly thing to go through Donna. Thanks for making us aware. May the Lord comfort you.

      • aussie jeff

        Hope you are managing Donna, tough enough losing someone soo close,then to have that kind of unwanted pressure is deplorable.
        Lord Bless you!

    • Melissa Caulk

      The same thing happened to me when my son died from injuries sustained in an auto accident. They stalked my husband and myself for two days. Thank God I was able to do enough research on the “brain-death” lie and we said no. Thank God Jamie was NOT an organ donor. Big business and if you have signed the donor card it is out of your loved one’s hand at least at Trauma 1 hospitals. I have heard of a few smaller one’s that still consider the families wishes. I am sorry for your loss, Donna. I have been blogging on it since I lost my son.

  2. FC

    The Iranian deal is nothing more than the ability for them to produce their own nuclear weapons. If this deal had anything to do with providing the people of Iran, with energy, then why doesn’t President Obama, the spokesman for clean green energy, talk about solar panels and wind mills in his negotiations?

    • Winston Churchill

      The Iranians have had nukes since circa 1992.
      Bought ex soviet MIRV warheads on the black, a fact well known to all parties.
      An hour on the internet will give you the what,who,where and how much.
      That’s why the Israelis could not attack Iran alone.
      Which begs the question of what was really being negotiated ?
      I believe it was a new Sykes- Picot type agreement.

      • FC

        Thank you Winston Churchill for the education lesson……………. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

      • Galaxy 500

        So you found something on the net saying Iran bought nukes. I don’t buy it. If they had nukes, they had nukes, they wouldb have used them. The Iranian leaders seek to bring chaos to the world to trigger the return of the Thirteenth Iman and the end of the world. Rational? I think not

        • Winston Churchill

          As rational as the Old Testament.
          And the internet sources were the Russian Nuclear Weapons Inspectorate. Hopefully not staffed bu looneys.
          The only thing unclear in translation was whether it was five warheads, or five sets of warheads.

      • aussie jeff

        Winston save me waisting an hour of my time any chance of a link or 3?
        Cheers mate.

    • Galaxy 500

      Solar panels in the deserts? Thats crazy talk

    • Mike

      Iranian born Valerie Jarret, Emperor Obola’s right hand (wo)man, had a wet dream about this day.

  3. Donna

    John McCain made the remark that Trump brought out all the crazies in the Republican party at the Phoenix rally — this coming from a career gutter snipe. He has done nothing for this state other than to corrode our living standard and quality of life.

    Who knows what Herman Cain actually did to a bunch of women. I believe he was eventually vindicated. That 9-9-9 thing was making the powers nervous and he was getting a little traction, and so, had to be taken out. We’re a long way out and Trump could have an “accident” if nothing else works.

    Then, there is always the dummy/dependency factor in the voting population.

    To think that some donors want Trump kept out of the debates speaks volumes. You could eliminate the 10 lowest ranking candidates and no one would miss them. Trump may wind up just as vulnerable as D’Souza though.

    The kind of people behind Obama and that whole deception will not roll over easily. They already picked our ponies and popped the champagne corks. There will be a reckoning with this dark horse named Trump — perhaps 2 golf balls up the nostrils.

    • Kerry

      “Two golf balls up the nostrils” OMG I fell over laughing-good one!

    • frederick

      Good for Trump calling out that warmongering old fool McCain Somebody had to do it

  4. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    First thing first, that Iranian deal is backed by Russians and probably it was written by them.
    Second thing, the Saudis and Arabs already left the camp of the USA, and the Iranian deal is just an excuse. They are now on the side of Russia and China:
    So ditching the US$ by the Saudis and Arabs would be just the proverbial icing on the cake. And I suspect it will be at same time as the BRICS ditches it:

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  5. David Lachman

    Dear Greg,
    I’m a big fan of you work and your site. You have some great interviews that are not matched anywhere else in the media.

    I’m not a fan of Obama, but quoting him saying “Iran could cheat” is really taking out of context his discussion of the consequences of cheating that are in the agreement. As for trusting the president, is there a president you can think of, in your adult life, who was trusted by the middle of his second term? I didn’t trust Reagan, Clinton, or Bush, and I don’t trust Obama. The few politicians that I do trust don’t usually make it too far outside their districts or states. I look forward to people like Rand Paul or Bernie Sanders getting on a major party presidential ticket, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    As for Greece, this is a combination bail-out, bail-in. The selling off of state owned assets is less about collateral and more about the Greeks being forced to bail-in to the Troika. Most of the bad bonds are now in the hands of Troika and out of private banks. They know they are not getting paid back and this deal is clearly about preemptive consequences for that inevitable default and getting something up front: Greeks aren’t going to buy those Greek government assets, Germans are.

    Janet Yellen is being very candid, not wishy washy, when she says she is worried about being “too early” or “too late.” She should be worried, getting it wrong in either direction would cause problems. The collapse of The West was baked in the cake by Nixon, Carter, and Reagan, and has been progressing at a predictable slow rate since then. The question is how to orchestrate a slow collapse, where everyones expectations are always being reset lower in a way that doesn’t cause too much concern. The powers that be are working hard on managing moments that could quickly turn into a sudden or chaotic collapse that people would notice. This project was relatively easy from 1982 to 2008, but has proven very difficult since then, as the extraordinary measures from the Fed have shown. Do they want to get back to the golden days of slow collapse, yes, but that will take getting a normal interest rate regime in place and dealing with the crisis of over-indebtedness—ironically one of the tools used to make the slow collapse less noticeable as it was deepening.

    As for Donald Trump, I think it is just as likely that a case can be made that the Republican (i.e. The Bush family franchise at the moment) agenda is to marginalize Trump—he is embarrassing to them, pushed Jeb out of the spotlight, and Hillary would love to run against Trump in the general election. The MSM is acting in the interests of the powerful, as per usual. It may use the false distinction in this country between left and right, but it doesn’t really care about it. The government works for the corporate interests regardless of who gets elected. There may be a different color lipstick on the pig, but does that really matter to outcomes on main street or for the person trying to get by on main street?

    Keep up the good fight Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Not out of context. “Iran could cheat” are his exact words.” I heard him say it. That is a big reveal and that was my point. Thank you for your kind words and support.

  6. Brett

    Have you heard the federal reserve wants to go to a cashless society? CNN MONEY reports, Denmark could go cashless January 2016. This is frightening to me, knowing what could happen, if this happens in the USA.

    • Kerry

      My husband has worked in IT for finance/banking for years. He used to work for EDS. He was told many years ago in a Board meeting that the end game is for a cashless society. ATMs, electronic banking, all milestones on the road to cashless banking. We basically have it all now. They wanted to do away with tellers years ago but had to “get the public used to it.”

      • Julia

        Hi Kerry

        Chase Bank is replacing tellers with machines. They say the young people
        are use to using electronics.

  7. paul

    This country selling fetus organs it’s an Obama Nation … if the US is not selling fetus organs where is Pepsi going to get the flavorings for its soda? … are they now going to buy “Chinese” fetus organs? … if they do … they may have to change the name of their soda from Pepsi to Pepchi!

    • Galaxy 500

      Paul, really? Comments like this distract from the valid points you may make elsewhere. So where did they get this stuff before abortions? Let me guess, it was a secret organization that did human sacrifice and provided Pepsi parts?
      Disclaimer: I don’t drink Pepsi or own their stock. I haven’t had a soft drink in decades, but my wife drinks diet coke

      • paul

        “As reported last November by The New American, a PepsiCo shareholder had filed a resolution with the Securities and Exchange Commission in an effort halt the company from contracting with Senomyx, which, according to documents collected by Vinnedge, used cell lines derived from aborted babies in its process of producing artificial flavor enhancers”.

        According to a report by at the time, Pepsi had “ignored concerns and criticism from dozens of pro-life groups and tens of thousands of pro-life people who voiced their opposition to PepsiCo contracting with biotech company Senomyx even after it was found to be testing their food additives using fetal cells from abortions.”

        • Greg Hunter

          Could you post these links?

            • paul

              Corporations will tell us that are using aborted fetus cells “only to enhance the flavor” of their products … and that this practice is considered “ordinary corporate business practices” … if we accept using murdered babies to help corporate profits … I guess it would also be acceptable to use death panels to help the bottom line as the people are too old to be of any value … and how about our Constitution … should our Constitution now be trashed because it “deals with matters related to company’s ordinary business operations” … because “certain tasks (secret trade deals) are so fundamental to run a corporation on a day-to-day basis that “they” should not be subject to Constitutional oversight.

            • Greg Hunter

              For information purposes I will post this but I have not vetted it and do now if this is true. To be fair, Pepsi denies these charges :

        • Galaxy 500

          Sounds just like the suit against Procter and Gamble to remove the make believe Satanic logo. A share holder can own one share

        • Galaxy 500

          Even after the company denied using chemicals from fetal tissue, the crackb pot sueing wanted to argue about the way they said it.
          I put this in the same category as the kook in Raleigh that claimed a chem was bad because they used it in yoga mats. They use water to make them too. Its easy to make wild accusations, look at Al Sharpton.

        • Galaxy 500

          The SEC said suit was bs and quashed

          • paul

            Galaxy the SEC is a fraud … Senomyx has 70 patents filed “proving” they are using cells from an aborted human fetus to produce their genetically engineered products … the fact that Pepsi “subcontracts” to Senomyx to do its flavor enhancing dirty work doesn’t give them clean hands … its like saying the Mafia is clean because they “subcontract” their hits to Murder Incorporated.


  8. Jack Sheridan

    So according to Martin Armstrong, who has a great track record, Gold will Plummet close to $600/oz. He’s been more accurate than most other forecasters and its quite scary what he is saying given that I had purchased gold for a higher price. He also seems to understand the Economy much better than most economists as he looks at the World view and is not limited to local economies.

    What say you Greg? I know you’re a Gold stacker 🙂

    • Steven R

      Why then is every central bank on the planet buying gold? The Chinese are buying and they are not dumb people. The price of gold will go up and down and you simply get to buy more when its down…

      • Jack Sheridan

        The Big Banks are buying to Hedge against inflation… but China is in it for the long run to be the world currency in a couple decades. With their AIIB Banking system coming into place over the next decade, they need a gold backed currency. They are not affected by the short term slump in prices (and when I say short term, I mean 10-20 years). If Gold drops to $600/oz and stays there for 15 years… its not helping most of us who have bought in high. Yes, it can go much higher later, but currently the outlook seems as if it will continue to spiral down according to Armstrong.

        • Greg Hunter

          If the gold and silver decline was organic market forces they would not need to employ naked short selling. That is clearly happening.

          • paul

            Correct Greg … even if the “deal” with Iran is being used as a “Trojan Horse” to outflank those who want to set up alternatives to the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency … similar to the motivation behind Goldman Sachs putting Greece (as a Trojan Horse) into the European Union … to destroy the European Union (as the European Union was set up to dethrone the US dollar as the world’s premier reserve currency) and the plan to destroy the EU seems to be working out well (and exactly as planned) … with Greece is in chaos … Spain now a Police State … Italy and France are on the financial edge … things are looking pretty good for dollar hegemony … except for China … but now along with Russia looks like it is in the process of being taken down … so is all this good news for America?

            Even if we stay top dog and king of the mountain does it mean we will we be able to print fiat dollars to infinity without worry about competition?

            Not if we think about America from 1913 (when the Fed was created) until today when there was basically no competition to American power and dollar supremacy … and what happened to the purchasing power of the US dollar? … the dollar today buys what 2 cents bought you in 1913.

            So even if the US succeeds in destroying the EU, China and Russia as competitors to the US dollars reserve currency status it does not mean we should sell our gold and silver as protection against dollar devaluation!

    • Aussie-Nova

      Martin Armstrong is a great “LONG-TERM” forecaster capable of recognising different repeated patterns in history. However, what his current forecaster models are NOT capable of forecasting are the effects of modern technology on our current population in say the last 40 years such as: (1) Personal computers and printers and (2) Internet influence. Perhaps a reason why TPTB want a cashless society is because with these technologies the population may be capable of producing “paper-money” so authentic that millions could be circulating before TPTB could effectively respond. According to Rickards, TPTB have already lost control of the true value of “electronic-money”, which is why “gold and silver” will retain their value no matter how much the BIS undermines them, in-fact the more the BIS tries to undermine the paper value of gold and silver, the greater their true physical value…and TPTB know this, so why doesn’t Martin Armstrong?

  9. paul

    US deflation bottomed in January of this year as indicated by the performance of the [10 yr and 2 yr] yield spread (which is steepening) meaning inflation expectations are increasing (or there is an unwinding of carry trades occurring).

    With the economy faltering the Fed needs to raise interest rates to help force the banks to begin lending money “to the people” which will help boost economic growth … but raising rates is going to “strengthen the dollar” which will increase the trade deficit … so the Fed must have already begun QE4 surreptitiously (to force the dollar down) … the Fed probably figures it can raise interest rates (which will strengthen the dollar) as long as they do a QE4 at the same time (to weaken the dollar) … increased rates can help to boost US economic growth if the banks begin “lending money to the people” … and people seeking interest income will be tempted to buy higher yielding bonds (even in the face of QE4)… thus allowing the Fed to sell 5 to 8 trillion a year in Treasury’s necessary to balance the federal budget!

    A rising yield-spread (steepening yield curve) is bullish for gold and silver as it is an inflationary signal … but you wouldn’t know it by looking at today’s manipulated prices!

    • Roy B.

      Martin Armstrong said when everybody thinks gold is going to 600 that is when it
      should turn.

      • paul

        With China releasing data on its gold holdings for the first time since 2009 and saying its official gold reserves now stands at 53.3 million ounces, or 1,658 metric tons … seems to suggest the Chinese are not prepared yet to take on the US dollar … in April 2009 the Chinese held 1,054 metric tons … so they only added about 600 tons in 6 years … which amounts to only accumulating 100 tons per year since 2009 … or investing just $3.8 billion dollars every year into gold … or about 0.4 percent of their outstanding US Treasuries … if each American family did the same thing (assuming the average American family owns about $50,000 in US notes) we should be accumulating about three(3) 1/20th oz gold coins per year! … with 50 million American families the yearly gold demand should average about 230 tons … something doesn’t make sense … China is obviously not counting the gold held by its billions of citizens.

        Assuming world gold production to be about 2000 tons there seems to be a lot of gold not accounted for … Rob Kirby says he sees lots of demand for large tonnages of gold … we must ask him where all that gold is going? … if not to China or the US?? … and Germany can’t get its gold back??? … what black hole is it draining into????

  10. paul

    Trump may not be perfect (as he supports war and military spending) but he is enough of a threat to the bankers to have them launch a full scale attack against him!

    What the bankers don’t like has to be good for us Americans!

    • Jack Sheridan

      Thats not what his Article from Yesterday says…. it says it IS going to $600/oz.

      • Roy B.

        At the bottom, the opposite unfolds for everyone will be short. They will pile on looking for $600 gold and will count their profits upon entering the trade. They become the fuel to send the market higher for it always begins with a short-cover rally

        This is what Armstrong wrote maybe we interpret it different.
        I take it to mean everyone expects 600 it won’t get there.

      • Galaxy 500

        You mean from the master of prediction, Martin Armstrong, that predicted himself into bankruptcy?

  11. Vince Shook

    I believe the fed will raise rates soon. I have spent time the last 2 months in many different areas of the southeast and all are booming. I know this does not square with the reports of economic stagnation put out by many today. However, people need to know that SE construction, retail and tourism are especially strong from Asheville, Highlands, Hilton Head, St. Augustine, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Tampa — all the way down to and including Key West. So, perhaps not just the issue of credibility may be tempting the Fed to try a rate increase at this time.

  12. Mike Kramer

    I saw a quote made by Winston Churchill related to the Iran “deal”. He said this: “An appeaser is one who feeds an alligator hoping it will eat him last”. Thought you might like it. Good thing the Ayatollah and Obama aren’t Pinnochio. If they were the weight of their noses would have made them fall on their faces.

    • Kerry

      Oh, funny! I love the comment about the noses!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother JC, again, I cite the President’s own words, referring to the Chattanooga Islamic terrorist as a “lone gunman”. But notice we didn’t get the gun control lecture this time, although those were nearly the first words out of his mouth after the South Carolina massacre, which WAS actually a lone gunman… “We can never be at war with Islam.” How dumb does this guy think we are? He never took Reverend Wright seriously, by the way…Best always. PM

      • Charles H.

        Paul from Indiana,

        Of course Obama never took Rev. Wright seriously. A ‘Hate America’ narrative is perfect cover and refuge for something else.

  13. Jerry

    By the sheer fact that China is doubling down on its gold purchases while money velocity and the Baltic dry index’s are hitting zero in this country, should tell you we are at the end of the financial road.

    Forget about the Fed and Janet Yellen. They are nothing more than a monkey side show on a sinking ship. Pray tell me what they have to offer to get us out of this financial death spiral? Print money? Done that? Manipulate and dummy up the numbers? Done that. The economy is so bad that congress hasn’t even bothered to pass a balanced budget since our fearless leader has been in office. What does that tell you?
    There’s nothing left under the U.S. big top, but tap dancing and a clown show, while the rest of the world is lining up to buy tickets to the AIIB and China’s new financial main attraction. Stay tuned. The show starts in September.

    • Jerry

      Greg, I have a question for you and your readers. How long can the Fed continue to by bonds and hide them in the worlds hidey holes like Belgium? From this article, not long.

      Greg, I’m going to go out on a limb and make a prediction here. Now that China has laid its cards on the table with its gold reserves, I’m going to predict that China will ask the IMF to have the United States do the same thing. When they refuse to do it, its going to be goodbye IMF and world bank, and hello BRICS bank and AIIB. What say you?

      • Greg Hunter

        I have no idea but I can say big changes are coming and they will be dollar negative. I just hope they don’t start a huge war over it.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Greg, you don’t have to worry about that. Crash the USA and the world descends into madness and chaos, but fast. It will be a “new world”, for sure, but forget about the “order” part. Best always. PM

          • Galaxy 500

            But forget the about the order part…
            Good one and my take on the coming storm is the same… chaos

      • JC Davis

        Jerry did China announce 1600 ton of gold today? I can not get a straight answer. KWN had one article vague at best. Do you know anything about it.? Link?

        • Jerry

          Here is what WJ reported.

          I think there could be more in private holdings IE Red Dragon family.

          • JC

            Jerry I find it strange there is very little comments and reporting on this. Even on the gold bug sites.
            I had thought they was going to announce much more. Some had predicted when they announce it would flip the exchange to Shanghai control of prices.. Jim Willie for one.

      • Matt

        Jerry. Your spot on . Keep up the good work.

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      The dollar is going up again, Jerry.

      “And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
      There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
      Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet

      • Jerry

        So did the stock market in 1929….just before it crashed. Charts and manipulated fraud have no place in world economics my friend. Reality eventually rears its head.

        • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

          You are right. Reality will eventually rear its head.

          But the dollar will be going a lot higher in the meantime…

    • Charles H.

      I sometimes wonder, Jerry – that the game is to keep the wheels on the axles, no matter how badly they work. And if they are able to keep them on, as they seem to be able to do despite all else – that the wheels themselves will come apart, and mark the end. What then constitutes the ‘wheels’? (Main Street?)

      • J C Davis

        Charles I will be in shock if a big change don’t happen before the end of the year. All of my life I have been able to see things years ahead. Usually 5 / 6 years. I have been seeing what I see happing this year. However there is a peace inside that is telling me it will all work out righteous. Good things are coming.

  14. Spanky

    I understand that military recruiting stations are firearm free zones, thanks to Bill Clinton. I fear this attack on unarmed military personnel is but the first of more to come. If so, the marines, soldiers, and naval recruiters ought to be able to protect themselves. Unfortunately, there is very little likelihood that Obama will lift the no firearm policy for recruiting stations. Yet, everywhere the president goes he is protected by a small contingent of armed agents, primarily members of the Secret Service. I believe what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Of course it won’t happen, but perhaps the president’s immediate surroundings should be a firearm free zone.

    Also, Greg, did you catch the news about the possibility of the sun entering into a quiescent state that might cause the earth to a mini ice age? If this hypothesis is correct, it sure throws a monkey wrench into the global warming camp.

    • Jerry

      The globalist who control our government don’t really give a damn about ISIS, they’re funding them to carry out their false flag agendas like Chattanooga.
      Did you notice how fast Obama had a press conference expressing his sorrow for four dead marines? NOT! Pay no attention to the puppet in front of the teleprompter. Look behind the curtain.

    • JC Davis

      Right Spanky. I have often thought of how long this obama would live without being so sheltered. Not president in history has done this much damage to America. A very small man he is.

  15. Matt Jaymes

    Powerful, powerful piece today Greg. A toast to objectivity and balanced reporting. I’d wager if Obama or Ole’ Yellen saw you coming, they’d bolt in the opposite direction. Well done.

  16. Southern Girl

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved your NWN today. You speak only the truth and people don’t want to hear it. I’m going to try to dovetail your piece with what is happening here. I’m in a new town (1980’s) of 17,000 people. Our city government said they wanted to raise our rates 45%. Some of us go to the meeting and start a drive to investigate. I get a petition and go to my neighbors, some of who went with me to the meeting…no problem. Then when I go to the other houses I ring the doorbell and nothing. I can hear them talking on the phone…no answer. I see another neighbor pulling in after work. I raise my hand and say hello…garage door comes down…

    I wrote last week that I could not understand why we could not wake up our own families….DING…DING…DING!!! They DON’T want to be awakened . Same thing as my neighbors…don’t bother me with anything. I have decided after much thought to warn NONE of my family. Reason…did any of them warn me of 2008 crash???? Even though my brother-in-law works for Raymond James??? NO!

    I realize the people who live around me are still stuck in the matrix. They don’t WANT the pill to wake up to REALITY.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG!!

  17. Southern Girl

    On another note…This piece was about TRUTH and you are so right about the newspaper being mind altering. I totally agree. No on wants to hear the truth because it might be painful…Oh! just let me check my binky (smart phone, I-phone, etc.) I don’t have time to see what is rally in front of my eyes. This is why the newspaper is printing that garbage. No one calls them out on the carpet. YOU DID!!!!!!!!!!!! And they just keep on lying. LYING HAS BECOME THE NEW TRUTH!!!!!

    On a sadder note. …. I cringed when I read about Planned Parenthood selling God’s would be children for body parts. I don’t think God is going to like that at all. We commit a crime against His creation by aborting (KILL) the child and then have someone make money on the parts of that innocent person.
    When you said that maybe someone could make a living (money) having abortions I felt sick to my stomach. My brain wanted to say, “No, that is just not possible….someone is lying…but my heart of hearts knows it is true and it just makes me cry. I mean really cry…..America you better watch out because God is going to bring justice for those innocent lives.

    Greg, thanks for speaking the truth.

    • Kerry

      Can you say Sodom and Gemorrah, God’s urban renewal plan? Two cities so evil that they had to be wiped off the face of the earth. It could happen, and that destruction reads very much like a nuclear explosion.

  18. Richard

    I believe Obama and Kerry are misleading us all by saying the alternative to the Iran Deal is war .War is never the answer but to cede and genuflect to Iran seems to be a Neville Chamberlain moment for this administration . You negotiate from strength not fear .

  19. Southern Girl

    Found this on a…

  20. Howard

    UsaWatchdog website takes too long to load. Need to trim-off all the third-party links that are stealing bandwith.

  21. Russ

    Thanks Greg, another great news wrap.

    Sad when a youtube blog video carries more real news than a national newspaper, but that seems to be the trend. The news business is about selling papers and maybe they feel it’s more profitable to tell people what they think they want to hear rather than filling their little heads with facts.

    An article I read recently was about “How Google distorts your view of the world” — — Filter Bubbles and Confirmation Bias. Possibly germane to the USAToday frontpage. It’s all about shaping little minds and keeping the fantasy alive. Google is not your friend.

    As for “Fear Not” — In the past the voting public could be counted on to vote in their own best interest. If the opinion pieces masquerading as news are successful, people won’t really know what is in their best interest. They might think they know, but they won’t. A voting public that is ill-informed is dangerous and worthy of fear. Kumbaya …

    Thanks again for keeping us informed.

  22. Art Barnes

    Greg, as I said many times on this blog, there will be a deal with Iran, Obama is in full court press threatening his party against a negative vote for it; he will have the votes to sustain his veto against a negative vote. Donald Trump is surging in the polls because both parties have “immigrated” us to death, both legal & illegal for the last 50 years. In fact, its so damn bad that 80 percent of Americans entitlement resources are now going to the recent “immigrated” peoples, including, but seriously not limited to, the Mexicans. Persons who fathers fought way back in the Revolutionary war are left wanting; 3 to 5 million a year is a conservative number. These new immigrants are not the old “huddle masses” of Europe who wanted to and did assimilate, the new ones want to keep their culture, language, & take what they can get. I will vote for Trump if he comes out against legal immigration as well; a moratorium would be savior legislation for America; simply put, we are droning in recent immigrants; too much already. Lastly, the Islamic Terrorists are here, guess how they got here: LEGAL IMMIGRATION.

  23. smaulgld

    Amazing and comprehensive wrap up Greg!

    I am glad Manarino is saying that the Fed will do a rate hike. He was once adamant that the Fed could NEVER raise rates”There will be no interest rates the rest of the year- There is NO DOUBT ABOUT IT”-Greg Mannarino May 20 2015
    GM is a clear thinker and I am glad he has come around to this new way of thinking.

    I have contended that the FED will raise rates to combat de-dollarization initiatives. The Fed ‘s primary consideration is to protect the dollar and treasury bond demand -the economy is secondary.

    A rate hike counteracts some of the demand lost due to lower oil prices (countries need to hold fewer $ reserves to pay for oil) and other countries using currencies other than the US Dollar.

    Slightly higher interest rates make US Treasuries more attractive especially when compared to other western central banks and Japanese debt that pay NO interest.

    It’s Ponzi 101- in order to keep the game going there needs to be confidence and more money. Raising rates makes investors more confident in the Fed and the US economy and raising rates effectively puts US Treasury bonds on sale. The lower price and higher yields will attract more foreign investment (think Europe-why invest in their own bonds that pay nothing when they can get the “safe” Tbonds” that pay interest).

    Those that claim that the Fed can’t raise rates because the US couldn’t afford the extra interest payments are misguided. Of course the US can’t afford higher interest payments. But they also cant afford multi hundred billion dollar annual deficits (this year its shrinking) and trillions in unfunded liabilities BUT they pay. HOW?

    They issue more debt-again Ponzi 101. The US can afford to pay higher interest rates by using the principal they get from the new bonds they issue at higher rates.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Greg Hunter

      I have long said that if they do raise rates then the Fed intends to crash the economy. We are going to find out soon what is going to happen.

      • smaulgld

        Agree- that care less about the economy than dollar hegemony/T bond demand
        A stock market crash gives them cover for all sorts of “emergency measures”

        • Paul from Indiana

          Greg and Smaul, Greg mentioned “maybe they’re buying time” the other day in a response to a question about why all the time and effort and expense in propping up a doomed system. Token interest rate increases will keep the game going for yet a little while. Greg Mannarino did say earlier this year that the FED would have to undertake dollar-protectionary actions, i.e. a rate increase. I have said all along that cashless economy comes first, as that enables the bail-in. Cashless economy is not quite ready to implement, but I think we are nearly there. Best always. PM

  24. David B.

    Someone has published a list of more than 500 violations of laws and regulations, courtesy of our community organizer.

    When I find it, I’ll pass it along.

  25. eddiemd

    It was only a matter of time before some whacked jihadi wannabe decided to hit a recruiting station or other target such as the Naval Reserve center. You can see the recruiting stations here in Phoenix are defenseless. I ride by one near north Phoenix daily and wonder how they would defend themselves if a nut job attacked. Even worse is the arab smoke shop immediately adjacent to the recruiting station that would make for a great SIGINT gathering site to monitor all cell phone communications used in the recruiting station.
    I would recommend all recruiters carry concealed on the job. It should be policy and it may now be the new policy. Screw the command. Carry concealed. The NCO’s should stand up to the command. Welfare of the troops is right up there with completing the mission.
    Unfortunately this attack on recruiters is not the first. Remember the attack on the recruiting office in Little Rock in 2009. Another hadji named Mohammed killed an uniformed American soldier. Add in the killing at Fort Hood and it makes three strikes.

    Force protection. Welfare of the troops.

    Hey commanders, when are you going to stand up for your men and women? Where is the military leadership? What happened to your oath to defend against enemies foreign and domestic?

    Remember your oath is to the people of the United States. Your oath is not to corrupt civilian leaders and the fascist corporations and bankers that control them. The civilian/military politicians, corporations, and bankers do not care about the fighers at the front.
    Just remember how much they support you when it comes around to pay raises, benefits, and the VA. They prefer that you were dead than have to pay for your care for the rest of your life.

    • Kerry

      Well said. It is beyond logic to stop soldiers from carrying weapons on U.S. soil. That is akin to demanding that police officers not carry weapons in police stations. INSANE!!!

  26. eddiemd

    In regards to the propaganda matrix.

    Present day mind control has its origins in Freudian psychology. Freud’s book, “Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego, 1922”, was one of the works that Edward Bernays used to develop his writings on propaganda. These writings were used by the German propagandist Goebbels. Bernays was the nephew of Freud.
    Bernays writings form the fundamentals of “public relations” otherwise known as propaganda.
    Gannett runs the newspaper in Phoenix who in turn produces the USA Today. They probably control other news outlets. You can see the underlying message in Gannett publications and their use of news to influence thought. It is not difficult to recognize unless you are a product of modern education.

    1. Edward Bernays “Propaganda”

    2. SigmundFreud ” Group Psychology and Analysis of the Ego”

    Bernays helped to engineer the propaganda in WW I, the campaign propaganda for women to smoke and the overthrow of the Guatemalan government in the 1950’s.

    Research for yourself his exploits.

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks for the site..goes into almost too much detail but here is something I found interesting…

      This is Freud…. It would appear as though we were on the right road towards an explanation of the principal phenomenon of Group Psychology—the individual’s lack of freedom in a group. If each individual is bound in two directions by such an intense emotional tie, we shall find no difficulty in attributing to that circumstance the alteration and limitation which have been observed in his personality.

      I guess that is why I don’t fit in. I’m not a group person. Artists cannot be group people. They must maintain their own individuality. My neighbors are all, want- to- be something in a group. They can’t stand that I will not conform to what society is saying. Example; Neighbor’s A- She is a kindergarten teacher and her husband works for the police department. We were over at neighbor B’s house talking. Policeman bring up the fact that someone on his force was disciplined for using too much brutal force. All of their reactions were, “Well I’m sure he deserved it.” I said, “Wait just a darn minute. No one disserves to be treated other than what the law allows for and was written for.” They looked at me as if I said I was a horse. They don’t get it. they thing I’m touched.

      Just like George Carlin said, “It’s a club a big fat club and you ain’t in it.”

      • Galaxy 500

        Police, some are bad but by a big majority, they are good honest citizens doing a nasty job. With out details…details that you and your group wouldn’t have, no one can say whether the LEOs actions were within policy.
        I have personally witnessed cases were claims were made of police brutality during an arrest of a drunk driver. And it was utter B.S. The drunk was the son of a lawyer. What the POS lawyer didn’t count on wss the number of people that witnessed the arrest and have the cop contact info (late 70s). I am sure police do go over board too.
        You are not being touchy. You were speaking truth. Something most people dont do anymore

  27. NC Gal

    Greg, I hope you’re right about the Greek deal not holding up. I was sickened when I saw the terms, which clearly benefited the banks and further impoverished the country. The deep divisions within Germany alone support Rob Kirby’s (and others) observations about the globalists’ desire for unity worldwide not being workable in the longer term. Several have said that the EU should never have been created, and I can see that many of its members want out. (A recent poll in Holland showed 79% want out of the EU, for example.)

    The situation in Greece reveals much about the looting going on by the bankers and the system in general. I saw someone interpret “NWO” as “Now We Own,” and I do think that is the overall goal — to take title to just about everything and use a controlled economy to control everything else. Given what I have learned about the elites’ tactics, when they hit resistance to their plans, they create a larger problem so that they can continue to move things forward in the direction they want by providing their “solution” after the predictable outcry (reaction) occurs.

    Hard to say how things will go, but I had hoped that Greece would stand up to the bullies, keep their sovereignty and walk away. Right now all I see is chaos.

    • Greg Hunter

      The deal is pure evil and it will spark revolt. (It already has.)


      • Janet G.

        I agree with NC Gal. I agree with Ron Kirby. I have politics coming out of my ears. Also, please, please, not elites. They are the money junkies or financial terrorists. There is nothing elite about any of these criminals. also, what’s wrong with Greece joining with Russia. What’s wrong with the EU crumbling to dust. I remember war criminal henry kissinger when obama was elected. His statement. Obama’s purpose is to bring about the New World Order. Period.

        • Kerry

          Could you give a source for that quote?

    • Charles H.

      NC Gal,

      The propensity to define others in an inferior position, socially as well as economically will never end. ‘Solutions’ to Greece’s debt has only INCREASED the debt. They are being driven, through traitorous politicians, to sell-out their own country. The ‘Shell Game’ of finance is working for the Powers – to subordinate national sovereignty. And others wonder if this is a ‘template’ to come?

  28. Calgirl

    Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged”

    “When you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods but in favors, when you see that men get richer by graft and by poll than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you….when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed. Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs upon the virtue of the victims, watch for the day when it bounces “account

    This is the ending quote from an excellent video which discusses the criminality of Goldman Sacks and the DOJ, and the fraud perpetrated upon the Greeks. It opines on the state of the United States.

    Interview of John Titus (from Best Evidence), Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall

    • NC Gal


      Thank you for that link. I just finished listening to John Titus and he put his finger on what I had been thinking but didn’t have evidence for. Very much worth listening to!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Perfect description of the coming bail-in. Big government will do whatever it takes to survive. It takes on a life of its own. Best always. PM

  29. Coalburner

    Stellar job!

  30. Galaxy 500

    Great WNW Dude. Keep up the good work

  31. john duffy

    Greg, God bless you for not being afraid to tell the truth! I too noticed that story absent from the MSM. They are trying to spin the story that they are being compassionate by helping others with the harvested organs of aborted babies. Helping others alright, helping them to make money! They are using fetuses in the manufacture of cosmetics and flavor enhancement of food products among other uses. This will only encourage some women to get pregnant and have late term abortions so they can deliver almost fully developed fetuses for a cut of the action $. The USA has lost all moral capital, what with over 50 million abortions and now this. God help us all!

  32. Donna


    This deal is cover for Israel to “go after” Iran, to clear the way for US to go after Russia.
    Theatre is what this is, a setup.
    The Iranians are smart and realize the US’s intentions, for sure. First Russia saved us from war in Syria. Hope Iran will be able to outmaneuver US in the future when thee US tries to use Iran as an excuse start the conflagration the US wants to start.

    Obama was told to put this deal in place for military strategic purposes. Obama is simply the salesman/snowjob man.

    • Galaxy 500

      Cover for Isreal to go after Iran? No, here’s a tip you seem to have missed. Obama and Hillary hate Isreal. Obama threatened Isreal if it went after Iran and even released top secret Israeli plans to attack Iran…to Iran.
      Israel will have to attack Iran but its not with any blessing from Iman Obama. One medium nuke will utterly destroy Israel. You know, the one Iran says it will destroy. And I believe them, moreover, so do the Jews and anyone with an IQ over 70 and a shred of intellectual honesty

    • Mary Casey

      http://www.foxnews.comPresident Obama has offered to increase U.S. military aid to Israel in the wake of the Iran nuclear agreement, according to a published report.

      “According to the New York Times, Obama broached the subject in a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday. White House officials said that Obama told Netanyahu that he was prepared to hold “intensive discussions” on bolstering Israel’s defense capabilities.
      The paper reported that Netanyahu denied to discuss the subject with the president, leading U.S. officials to believe he wants to wait and see what Congress has to say about the deal…”

      • Galaxy 500

        “White House officials said that Obama told Netanyahu that he was prepared to hold “intensive discussions” on bolstering Israel’s defense capabilities.”
        0bama is prepared to talk…is that your proof? 0bama is full of talk toward Israel but not action

  33. Galaxy 500

    Another guy like Lindsey selling DVDs…
    IF this wing was viable, he could sell it. Even a greedy company will pay royalties for a better idea. And I loved the part about comets being planets in waiting.

  34. dave

    Hi Greg
    Nice show.I would not advocate Trump though.His history as a Democratic,Independent ect. and donations to is very questionable Once again,email me for your best show ever!


    • Greg Hunter

      I wan not advocating for Trump. I was advocating for journalism and fairness, and neither were found on the front page of the USA Today newspaper I held up. Dave give us a nugget or two and use a real name with you qualifications.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, I am not shilling for ol’ Dave here, but last election cycle, Trump came out for Hillary in a big way, so much so in fact, I thought he might have a “thing” for her. He was gushing in his admiration for her talent and abilities. He also contributed significantly to her campaign. Trump is no fool; he was setting the table, or thought he was. Trump is making hay now saying things that resonate. Good. Somebody has to say them. But in Trump’s world, Trump comes first. Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          Go back and watch the video. What I was talking about when I held up the front page of the USA Today was fairness and journalism. Neither could be found there. USA Today was trashing trump and disguising it as “news analysis” when it was propaganda and thought shaping. The USA Today would have never told its readers to vote for Bernie Sanders over Hillary–never.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Greg, I agree with your contention 100%. And you are justified in pointing it out. USA Today took a cheap shot. Gannett is famous for that. The Louisville Courier-Journal is Gannett-owned, and they follow company policy to the letter in this market, taking cheap shots, setting up straw men, the whole 9 yards. I made a mistake commenting on Trump in general without first confirming your point that USA Today is in the cheap-shot, steering the reader business. I’m sorry; I thought that was self-evident!! And I will say unequivocally that if Trump is the Republican nominee, despite his weaknesses, I will gladly “pull the lever” for him. Best always. PM

  35. Coalburner

    We fought WWII over things like selling baby parts and human experimentation. This Dr. Nuctola is a reincarnation of Josef Mengenle. Remember the price Germany paid, that is what we are looking at.
    Second the point made by Lachman above are very good except about Iran Cheating. They will cheat even if they do not have too just for OBama and he knows it.

  36. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Kudos for pointing out the “front page editorial ” but the newspapers owned by the big chains have been putting editorials on the front page and marking them “analysis ” for years. You also spoke about how the establishment media have a way of minimizing a story while still trying to say they’ve done their journalistic duty. That’s why the media hate Drudge. He has a way of giving prominence to what the establishment media wants kept to a minimum. That’s why they smeared him as “internet gossip columnist Matt Drudge “. At a recent White House press conference a reporter led into his question by citing an article on the Drudge Report. He was immediately cautioned to be wary of his sources. An article in the New York Times, USA Today on CNN or in the Washington Post is suddenly from an unreliable source if there’s a link to it on the Drudge Report which produces no original copy..

  37. KIP

    Good Job. We must always as civilians, defend those who defend us. Thank you, sir.

  38. Donna

    You have 2 Donnas making comments. The submission discussing Russia and Iran is not from me.

    Want to elaborate on something, however, that I do not wish to be misconstrued in any way since this is a forum with many readers scattered far and wide.

    When I mentioned Greg Mannarino a week or so ago, I said he made an announcement that was off the mark. I’m thinking today that this was a fuzzy remark on my part.

    Greg M. had a posting on Steve Quayle’s site some months ago about an event or a turning point that we would experience at that time, and to spread the word. I, in turn, posted a warning on USA Watchdog regarding this. Nothing happened — at least not amongst the things I expected to unravel.

    In a normal, straight up, fair dealing world, Mannarino’s formulas and gut savvy would kick out data you could set your watch by. It is the deceit and fraud that throws a wrench into everything — not Mannarino’s judgments.

    Rules for business and finance are not followed and I do not even know what we operate under now.

    I was not saying that he was off the mark as a disparaging comment. Mannarino himself has been played with and victimized on his own site, I think, because he is outspoken and calling it as he sees it. He could have just moved on but, instead, became more tenacious.

    We are all the richer for his efforts and the many others in your well thought out weekly lineups. I, for one, can make better decisions with this knowledge that I got all for free, and I thank all of your guests for their guidance.

    • JC Davis

      Donna I have found it to my benefit to list my last name in my post.

    • dbcooper

      Donna, I chose to adopt a “Handle” that while was similar to my true nom de person is in fact a regional folk hero (dubious?) dating back to my youth! I still live in the fantasy land concept that we have an expectation of anonymity and privacy… silly me. Yours in Faith and Liberty, Fear Not, DBCooper

      • J C Davis

        Coop. That was beautiful/wonderful… LOVE IT ! Smiles.

        • J C Davis

          I may have to change my handle.

  39. Diane D

    Frankly, I have no interest in defending Europe against ISIS or the rest of the world for that matter. It is simply of no Constitutional concern. If ISIS wants to come to American soil we have 13 million hunters to greet them. If our hunters need backup, we have another 50 million armed citizens.

    America’s greatest threat is from our own tyrannical government.

    • Kerry

      You may want to re-think that if Iran gives them a nuke, or they steal one, or pay off a few nuclear scientists/engineers to make one…..even a few dirty bombs set off all at once in several cities that have been smuggled into our country through our very open borders would cause havoc. Ever watch the TV show, Jerico? You should.

  40. Niki

    Hi Greg,
    Just backing up partly on what Donna above has written. It’s the war-mongering neocons that want everyone to think Iran is a huge nuclear threat. I suspect this is mostly fabricated to create another terror threat to take away US human rights and stoke war in the middle east. Certain powers that be need there to be ongoing threats – like the non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Then they tried to go after Syria and demonise them. Then Russia was demonised re the Ukraine – now they need another scary demon – Iran. So Putin was right when he said that the Iran deal was a deal for world peace. And of course Obama looks like a liar – there is a political crisis in the US – there is no unified voice – some of his own departments would probably like to get rid of him – Obama is looking a lot better in these last few months, his life is probably in danger for it – but he’s not in control, the idea that he is, is a joke. Overall, I think Obama is a good man who has been “got at” and is now trying to live his real values in the final months of his presidency. Just adding another opinion here.

    • Kerry

      You should read some of Obama’s books-he may be a pawn but he also believes in socialism, leaning very left. He is nothing but a community activist, advocating for the rising up of the people in the manner of Sol Alinsky. He is not a “good” man. He believes in everything that Bill Ayers believes in, who was a member of the Weather Underground, domestic terrorists.

  41. Donna

    This is socialism pure and simple. You are initially promised a full stomach, nicer threads, a brighter future — alas, this is how the last chapter reads without exception. You depend, they demand. No room for the outspoken. No room for verbal or published truths. You speak of freedom, they howl about treason.

    The ending was gut wrenching, a show of family and Christian love, but ends with the final blow of the state.

    I am willing to bet that D’Souza is now mulling over possibilities that he would have considered unthinkable previous to this week. Good wins out but evil takes its cut.

    • Freebreezer

      please differentiate between the two of you! A last name initial works!

  42. Mason

    With regard to the deal with Greece it seems that both Jim Rickards and Martin Armstrong’s predictions are coming true:
    Jim Rickards said there would be a deal because the Germany is implementing a financial ‘Fourth Reich’ in Europe.
    Martin Armstrong said that the European politicians would do everything they could to protect their jobs, including taking all kinds of totalitarian measures (like the Greek deal), but in the end it will fail because economically it can’t stand.

  43. RTW

    As a wise old talk show host once said: The Left will always let us know who they fear by attacking and trying their best to destroy him/her. They have turned their fear on Trump this time around. They are making him out to be a clown and turning his statement into a hateful, vitriolic, spate. It was nothing of the sort, in fact it was truthful and on point. The left doesn’t want to hear this and they have decided that this is a perfect way to make Trump go away. Fortunately he is not a shrinking violet and can take anything they can dish out.

    • Kerry

      True-Trump is making the other candidates look like wimps.

  44. Kerry

    You may not believe in prophecy but there are a number of prophecies that say just that-the Muslims (ISIS/ISIL) overrun Europe, and only at the last moment, do the Christian nations fight back, and eventually win. Remember, it took Spain 700 years to free themselves. If you are at all interested in prophecy (one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, not to be dismissed) then you should read this book Mr. Dupont lists many prophecies that speak of the rise of Islam and how it almost conquers the world. Don’t let the fact that he was a Catholic stop you from reading the book-it is excellent, is annotated with sources, and describes many prophecies from many eras and from many sources. Keep an open mind-you will be amazed at how accurate some of these prophecies are-and they date back centuries!

    • Galaxy 500

      I take it that these prophecies are not Bible based? Because if they were, they would go back Millennia

    • Galaxy 500

      Here’s my prophecy: evil moslems will kill us all unless we convert and worship Satan with them.

  45. Gene

    The cabal who call themselves “Planned Parenthood” have a long, sordid past.

    Early in the Twentieth Century, it was created by Margret Sanger and given the name, “American Birth Control League”. It was financed by the Rockefeller Foundation. It was a throughly racist organization, implementing its founder’s views that, “… we want to exterminate the Negro population … .” See Engdahl, Seeds of Destruction (2007), at page 97, fn. 16.

    The American Birth Control League later changed its name, but not its aims, adopting the less obvious banner of “Planned Parenthood Federation of America”. Today, Planned Parenthood continues to pursue its founder’s goals. As stated not many years ago by Dr. Alveda King, “The most obvious practitioner of racism in the United States today is Planned Parenthood, … recently documented as ready to accept money to eliminate black babies.”

    Anyone associated with such an organization is capable of the most vile and unspeakable evils. This latest revelation is no surprise.

  46. Donna

    Diane/S Gal: Yes, I had a hospital chaplain with me the greater part of the day. I was very much in shock and he sat with me. Someone also got me a priest who came in at midnight and gave Don his Last Rites.

    My mother showed up from 3000 miles off as fast as she possibly could. My mother was completely shattered. They were very close.

    We attended Mass, mom and I, and I brought my husband’s ashes to be blessed after Mass. That priest went through this ceremony and spoke with me for a time, said he would take me to the cemetery when I felt ready. I still have the ashes because I will not part. They will stay with me wherever for however long.

    This all took place in February 2001, a grand year for everyone. I do not recall all that much until 2010. I worked, I paid bills, and managed somehow to function on automatic pilot. God takes care though. I learned about letting go and letting God push me along. He is there when you cannot help yourself, and He will be there for each and every one of you as I came to find.

    • Southern Girl


      So glad to hear you had both a Chaplin and the priest was called. I was the POA of my Dad who was in a nursing home and was blind. He was in and out of the hospital. When he was in hospice I told him he had had his last rites 5 times and I was sure he would see God before me. I told him when he got to heaven to come to me in a dream. 6 weeks later he came in my dream…what a comfort.

      I then took care of my Mom. My spiritual director when he was in town would come over and give her last rites. She was hospitalized a couple of times. When she was sent to hospice to get her meds straight it was Christmas Eve 2011. Our Bishop was saying the mass at our Cathedral and I asked if he could give her her last rites. He asked did it need to be done tonight or could it be later. I said later was okay. So my siblings were are all in from out of state and we go to visit Mom Christmas day. She said a second priest had come in to give her communion and last rites. She asked the second priest if she could have communion twice in one day. He said, “Why has someone already been here.” She said, “Yes, the Bishop had already come.” Got to love that. She came out and was at the house about 15 days before she passed. The day she was dying I called the local priest who said mass for Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary to come. He also gave her last rites, but what we did was pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. God promised to deliver the dying soul to heaven. Ten days later she came to me in a dream. What a God send. I still dream about them both. Dad died in 2010 and Mom in 2012. Know one told me I would still dream about them this long. I hope and pray that your grief will turn to joy and mine did. Still miss them both and still talk to them. God bless you, Donna.

  47. eddiemd

    Gertie, Is that you under a different name?

  48. Rock

    In terms of the media’s treatment of Trump, I first thought they were really giving him bad press because they feared him. Upon further thought, I have changed my outlook.
    I go back to how the media really feared someone who was real, and would do something about the NWO takeover. That person was Ron Paul. How did the media treat him? They never mentioned him one bit. They buried him in silence. Public did not take him seriously as a result.
    Here, CNN mentions Trump’s name 250 times in one hour. Hmmmm. Something does not smell right here. Could it be that the NWO is using the Don as a fake rescuer, so as to detract from the likes of a real difference maker like maybe Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or someone else? They have taken Cruz off the best seller list even though his book sales were off the chart. The silent treatment again speaks louder than media coverage sometimes….Just sayin’
    Sometimes you have to look around not one corner, but 3-4 corners up ahead. Something that mere mortals are unable to do. The dark world of the Prince of Darkness is orchestrating more than we can know.

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    • Charles H.

      Trump doesn’t smell right to me either. Too much a loner or interloper. He’ll shake-up the GOP bag; then detract from the Party toward the end.

      • aussie jeff

        hmmmm………….I’m not so sure Charles H, the last good president you had was a “B” grade movie actor who in my opinion should have been nominated for a Presidential Oscar!!
        Maybe it’s time for a multi billionaire with a comb over to take center stage?

        • Charles H.

          You have a point, mate. I must reserve judgment to the pessimistic side. Not even a new and improved Reagan could turn this wagon around; though I wish it could be. The war of spiritual wickedness in high places signifies the real actors are even Higher. Wheat or tares: that’s the determination – in a nutshell, aussie jeff.

  49. Agent P

    The problem area with Mr. Mannarino’s position is that if the Fed does begin to raise rates, they will not necessarily be able to stop – or even slow down a market cascade, once the herd begins to stampede for the exits. Much like the oft-used VLCC metaphor, once a large vessel changes course, you can’t just turn it back around like a toy in a bathtub…

    The Fed is deathly afraid of this aspect – ‘losing control’, and it explains the foot shuffling, gobbledegook mumbling nonsense and stalling tactics that have become the hallmark of the Yellen Fed, ever since she assumed the bridge from Bernanke.

    • paul

      Agent P … the Fed can raise rates if they do enough QE4 at the same time to induce “fear of inflation” (and that will work to keep the stock market propped up).

  50. Mason

    An article written by F. William Engdahl (strategic risk consultant) that states that Greek ex-finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has been a trojan horse by globalist billionaires to lead the Greek people to the slaughterhouse:

    A small excerpt:
    “to date he has done more to increase the misery of the Greek people in six short months than almost anyone else, even Wolfgang Schäuble or the IMF’s Christine Lagarde.

    He pretends to be against austerity but his record shows the opposite. Varoufakis was the adviser to Prime Minister George Papandreou and PASOK when Papandreou made the disastrous draconian austerity deal with the EU on behalf of Greece so that French and German banks could be bailed out. Varoufakis also has at various times heaped praise on Mario Draghi and the ECB, suggesting solutions for how to keep Greece in the EU, a track that pre-programs Greece for self-destruction under the current Troika regime of austerity.

    In Varoufakis’ book on the EU financial crisis titled “A Modest Proposal,” he invited former French Prime Minister Michael Rocard to write the forward. Rocard has called for the EU to appoint a European “strongman”–read dictator–and Rocard’s choice is European Parliament president Martin Schulz, the very same man who warned the new SYRIZA government to abide by the austerity agreements concluded by the past PASOK and conservative governments. Varoufakis has repeatedly argued that Greece must “grin and bear” the measures imposed on it by the bankers and the German government as a member of the Eurozone. He has insisted that a Greek Euro exit is not going to take place.
    Were Varoufakis the man he pretends to be before his Greek countrymen, he would have set forth a strategy of Greek exit from the Euro and a strategy akin to that of Iceland to declare a debt moratorium, freeze all debt repayments to the Troika–IMF, ECB and EU. Then he would put Greece on a national currency, impose capital controls and seek strong economic ties with Russia, China and the BRICS countries.

    Indeed, when Greek Prime Minister Tsipras was in St. Petersburg in mid-June to meet with Russian President Putin, Putin extended a very generous offer of prepayment of $5 billion towards the Greek participation in the Turkish Stream Gazprom pipeline.
    But rather than accept, Greece and Varoufakis walked away from a solution that would have avoided catastrophe as it is now unfolding.”

  51. Jerry

    Hey Greg and USA watchdog readers. Would you like to step into a time machine and see what September 28th looks like?

    • Greg Hunter

      “Remain calm.” Yes sir, “Animal House” is coming and it will not be much fun to watch.

    • Galaxy 500

      Sure, because if I could go I could come back

  52. Galaxy 500

    Yesterday was the seventh attck by Islamic terrorists under Obama’s watch. And the big “O” can’t even say Islamic terrorists. He even says we are not at war with Islam. That’s funny, they sure are at war with us.

  53. Art Barnes

    Greg, the religion of peace is at it again, but don’t worry we won’t allow our military bases to defend themselves against the Muslims terrorist. After all, it was just probably a misguided young Muslim youth that counseling could have helped if only America would have reached out to him and gave him more understanding and, of course, more money. My deepest sympathy for the families of our Marines who suffered because of America’s new religion of political correctness. It has and will continue to destroy our way of life. Go ahead America, bring in another million or more each quarter of your huddled poor masses, we will open our arms at any cost, even our own survival.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, this insanity will lead to vigilantism, possibly even civil war. It’s only a matter of time. Maybe that’s the intent; I am at a loss to understand how any of this can possibly be. Actions have consequences. Putting Obama in the White House, not once but twice, was an action. And now we have the consequences. Best always. PM

      • dbcooper

        PFM, In my humble opinion it is our job… perhaps our reason d’etre to peel the onion; take a step back until we find a scenario that fits. World domination by a small group of psychopaths … connect the dots and go to a very dark place where it makes sense… but go with the protection of OUR LORD and do not stay!! FN; DB.

        • dbcooper

          Sorry, meant PFI, DB

  54. Don

    Good job as usual Greg. To try to deal with Iran on anything, is above stupid if you ask me, but who am I. A friend, just this evening said he seen on business news that China’s bond market is imploding. If it is, it will surely spread quick. I, as you, believe we’re getting close to an event. When chaos reins in society, its a sure sign of demonic activity spreading. Our leaders give us every indication there is know real Christian foundational beliefs guiding our leaders. May Lord bless, Your da-man.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have Catherine Austin Fitts on this Sunday. She thinks the Iran deal will stabilize the Middle East. I think it will destabilize it. A lively debate contained in the middle of the interview. Ms. Fitts is very smart and a wonderful guest, but on this point we disagree. Check it out in the “Early Sunday Release.”

      • buck

        A Devil’s advocate may ask: What weapons “Iran could cheat and build” that the US and Israel doesn’t have by the thousands?

        What country overthrew a democratically-elected government and installed a dictator?
        Hint: Operation Ajax

        • Greg Hunter

          We are not the ones that have a goal to wipe Israel out. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has made this statement repeatedly and did so again just before this deal was struck. This, while tens of thousands were in the streets of Iran chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” Hint: If you are an American citizen you should move to Iran. The try to criticize the country you live in on the internet. Oh, and “buck” man-up and use a real verifiable name.

          • buck

            The CIA overthrew the Iranian government in 1953 and installed a puppet. Dirty tricks have consequences; call it blow back or karma.

            Most experts agree Iran already has nuclear weapons. But they have no intention of committing suicide. It is just rhetoric.

            Feel free to email (which you have) or call and I’ll tell you anything you want to know about me, but leaving a digital footprint on the web does not benefit me or my career.

            • Greg Hunter

              You are so brave to grace us with you anonymous comments.

              • J C Davis


            • Freebreezer

              You need to do some home study (and not the crap the universities teach, and do not use the propaganda site Wikipedia!). Mohammad Mosaddeq’s (Prime Minister) uncle was deeply aligned with the Nazi Germany and in addition part of the Muslim brotherhood … They killed quite a few English in WWII – thus no love lost between England and his family. Mohammad Mosaddeq, in his 1951 election win, only the cities center votes were counted (hardly democratic). Most of his opposition was outside the city centers – “Realizing that the opposition would take the vast majority of the provincial seats, stopped the voting as soon as 79 deputies—just enough to form a parliamentary quorum—had been elected.” The book Abrahamian, Ervand. 1982. Iran Between Two Revolutions. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. The provincials DID NOT get their votes counted because he stopped the count – thus stop spewing this democratically elected crap. And Buck, again, a little research is warranted … It is a sordid history over in Iran. Do the English/CIA have clean hands – absolutely, absolutely not, but a bit cleaner than the Russians in which Mohammad Mosaddeq was leaning towards.

  55. Galaxy 500

    Loyal American Muslim Left with No Choice but to KIll

    Hixson, TN – Modest, life-loving Islamic immigrant from Kuwait, died after being cut down by ee-ville law enforcement. According to unnamed – but official – resources, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, was left no choice but to mercifully kill four US service personnel.

    In the days ahead, CNN, NBC News (and others) are likely planning special reports on Abdulazeez’s life and to honor his passing.

    Also expected to be included will be comments by Congressional members like Nancy Pelosi as well as Presdient Obama, suggesting further anti-gun laws to assure that future Islamic pacifists have proper targets to vent their legitimate rage against Americans.

    *The article above was approved by official Washington DC ISIS representatives

    • JC

      He had a mental problem that developed in part because of the Tennessee Battle Flag. His church told him they believe Jesus is lord of lords. This triggered his anger, and multiplied when he could not work at a nuclear power plant. We should open our borders to Muslims so they don’t feel so bad, and lonely. We are just not bringing enough of them over here on air force one.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother 500, lots of target practice going on in this rural neighborhood this AM (Saturday). What could possibly have increased peoples’ interest in maintaining/improving their shooting skills? Best always. PM

      • J C Davis

        PFI 500 There was a time when buts and bucks was the intent of the preacher. Today it is bullet’s, and bags we inspire to preach.

  56. Galaxy 500

    Most people when they have a book, put quotes up from peers about its impact. Your guy quotes himself. Hes really proud of his book on prime numbers If he had a real solution, something that was scalable beyond a model, he could remain his own boss and collect a royalty. So colour me skeptical.

  57. Abdullah Esam

    So I frequent your site Often Greg, and the more I read it, the more Paranoid I am becoming about the Economy. Everyone seems to be saying that something bad will happen by this Fall. My question is… what if nothing happens? Does it mean it might happen a little further down the road, and is imminent? Or will that debunk all the theories people had about the market crashing again? I’m trying to find my place in all of this to keep from getting depressed about our Economy. If it does crash, then like everyone else, I’ll just have to adjust my lifestyle I guess. How can I plan? I’d like to think of myself as a Devout Muslim.. and I live in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. According to my faith, I am responsible for 17 of my neighbors (meaning I have to make sure they have enough $$ for food and basic living conditions). I’ve tried to get some of them to start saving up food and water supplies, but I think they may think i’m a bit paranoid. Should i stockpile a lot more food and water? Is there a way the Economy will get better and we dont have to suffer? I’m trying to balance my religious obligations with that you and others are saying will happen… and its not an easy task… any advice would be helpful.


    • Greg Hunter

      Abdullah Esam,
      You cannot go wrong with food and water. It’s cheap insurance. That said, the system the world is operating under cannot go on, and I have documented (with sources and interviews with experts) how fraud and crime are propping it up. I don’t know exactly when it will blow up, but when it does, it will be very big and very fast. I will leave you with this quote given to me from famed investor Jim Rogers. He said, “What is happening has never happened in recorded history.” Rogers is worth at least $300 million. All the best to you.

  58. peter

    Dear Greg,

    What to do?

    Take Armstrong and Sinclair in one show.



  59. rapidchanges

    traumatic story from the lady whose loved one became a commodity for the medical industrial complex, transplant pioneering probably received a huge boost from unethical inhumane horror experiments of unit 731, data that should have been destroyed.
    Iran will be President Obamas greatest achievement. And place him amongst the greatest forward acting statespersonnel in history.
    If China has only that much gold gold holders should rejoice, it means gold is even more undervalued than current low prices indicate.

  60. Tommy

    Even when administration officials come out and leak the truth it gets ignored by the MSM. Susan Rice had this to say to Wolf Blitzer on CNN the other day and yet you hear nothing from the talking heads.
    “We should expect that some portion of that money would go to the Iranian military and could potentially be used for the kinds of bad behavior that we have seen in the region up until now.”
    She admits that the money we will be giving them will be used to fund terrorism, or “bad behavior” as she calls it.
    What a week it was, Greg. George Orwell lives.

  61. Steve

    Hello Greg,

    I think your’re off the mark in your closing statements about the Marines killed in TN. I don’t want to live in a police state where everything and everyone must be guarded with assault rifles because we live in perpetual paranoia of a 0.1% chance. This is an unfortunate incident, but a reasoned approach and response is in order. Freedom comes with risk, you have a far greater chance of dying in a multitude of your daily activities then by being shot by an Islamist terrorist. Let us hope this remains an isolated incident, but if the military wants a presence in our civilized society, they should blend in with the rest of us. I have no problems allowing the men to carry their service weapon with them, or have access to them in their offices, but shooters on the roof? Come on.

    • Greg Hunter


      You cannot be armed on a military base. That is the current policy. I am talking about military installations and recruiting stations. Yes, shooters on the roof if need be to protect our military personnel. You have the option whether or not to be armed. military people do not have that option and we should give it to them when they are on their bases.


      • Steve

        Hello Greg,

        Thanks for the response. The US has deadly force authorized areas when they are appropriate. There are many sensitive bases where the US military is armed and deadly force is authorized. The vast majority of recruiting offices are housed in strip malls and inside of malls. By definition these places are indefensible, any security specialist will tell you. The US military has long had a policy of openness with the citizenry, it is possible to enter some military installations as a visitor, to see a historical site, for example, or visit a museum. We shouldn’t institute policies that view the citizens as potential threats and targets. Currently the military has accepted the risk that goes along with living in a free and open society, and has kept bases fairly open and provides no show of force when engaging the public at recruiting kiosk. In my mind, it would be a shift away from those values and more in line with NSA mass surveillance, TSA groping, etc., where everyone is a threat. 99.9% of us are not threats, we shouldn’t be treated like we are enemy’s of the state. We are a free and courageous people, tragedies like in TN, challenge us to maintain our stance, or cower in the face of terrorism. These cowardly attacks are meant to elicit the response you are speaking of.

        • Greg Hunter

          I would arm them all on bases and recruiting stations and make it known.

          • Charles H.


            To not address a problem is to welcome it. The target is crystal clear. And arming personnel who are trained is a no-brainer. (Good luck getting muslims out of the Armed Forces.)

            • J C Davis

              I have got to say Thank you. We are being infiltrated with strangers to control our enemies.
              No one is looking at how many Muslims are coming and presently living in America.

    • dbcooper

      Steve, ” an armed society is a polite society” Get a grip, DB

      • Steve

        “I have no problems allowing the men to carry their service weapon with them, or have access to them in their offices, but shooters on the roof? Come on.” That would be the last sentence in my original comment, I think my grip is fine. I carry myself, but that wasn’t the point.

  62. Sayonara

    Thank you for telling it bluntly what it is. Obama has demonstrated that he is an absolute lawless liar. This Traitor has done more to destroy this country and advance the Islamic Caliphate than any human being on earth. Why this Traitor has not been impeached for treason and publicly punished accordingly is light years beyond my comprehension. All I can say is that I am absolutely outraged by both Democrats and Republicans for facilitating the destruction of this country and putting the entire world in serious harms way. These are very very sick people.
    With regard to Donald Trump, I tremendously respect this man because he is smart, tough, savvy, creates and builds great things and genuinely loves this country. The mainstream media and mainstream politicians are scared to death of him because his vision, drive and bluntness is infectious and it is catching on like a Southern California wildfire in the middle of a drought. So the MSM and MSPs will do absolutely anything and everything to squelch the Donald. I can only hope that they fail miserably!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Sayonara, I agree with your sentiments, but surely you know the reason Obama is still around and why the Democrats and Republicans turn a blind eye: MONEY. We are beyond corrupt. Best always. PM

  63. paul

    Its been five days since Jade Helm began (where H.E.L.M. stands for “HOMELAND ERADICATION OF LOCAL MILITANTS”) … any reports back yet from Texas on how many Patriots, Militias, NWO resisters, Gun Owners, Constitutionalists, etc. have so far been eradicated?

  64. Irene

    You hit the nail about on Greece and the collateral: it looks as bonds are not longer considered trustworthy enough as collateral now the Troika prefers true assets. And concerning that trade deal: it’s a new attempt to safeguard big corporations interests and thus gives them a new position to squeeze western citizens, see

    I have to think about Ayn Rand’s words often because she said it so well: “When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion–when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing–when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors–when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you–when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice–you may know that your society is doomed. – Ayn Rand, “Atlas Shrugged”

  65. British John

    It’s a bit rich to complain that Iran might cheat, and can’t be trusted. Let’s not forget it was the Americans, aided by their lapdog British vassals, who overthrew a democratic government and installed the shah back in 1953. It’s the Americans who have been throwing their weight around the middle east ever since; bombing any country that is not pro-U S and pro-dollar! at a cost of probably millions of lives. If I was an Iranian, I would be asking myself “Can we trust the Americans?”!!

    • Freebreezer

      British John,

      Do you believe Saddam Hussien was democratically elected? How about Gaddafi? They both carried their respective elections … why hell Saddam carried 99 %. I replied to Buck above – here is the repost and history is fascinating the book below is worth the read: Buck – You need to do some home study (and not the crap the universities teach, and do not use the propaganda site Wikipedia!). Mohammad Mosaddeq’s (Prime Minister) uncle was deeply aligned with the Nazi Germany and in addition part of the Muslim brotherhood … They killed quite a few English in WWII – thus no love lost between England and his family. Mohammad Mosaddeq, in his 1951 election win, only the cities center votes were counted (hardly democratic). Most of his opposition was outside the city centers – “Realizing that the opposition would take the vast majority of the provincial seats, stopped the voting as soon as 79 deputies—just enough to form a parliamentary quorum—had been elected.” The book Abrahamian, Ervand. 1982. Iran Between Two Revolutions. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. The provincials DID NOT get their votes counted because he stopped the count – thus stop spewing this democratically elected crap. And Buck, again, a little research is warranted … It is a sordid history over in Iran. Do the English/CIA have clean hands – absolutely, absolutely not, but a bit cleaner than the Russians in which Mohammad Mosaddeq was leaning towards.

  66. gregory

    I heard you on Caravan with John B. I loved it and hope others are able to hear it. It was both informative and mixed with a little humor.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory!

  67. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks again for your news analysis. As usual, it was heavy with the common sense and common decency. I always look forward to the admonition to prepare and to fear not.

    I am ( I’m sure with countless others who are awakening) incredulous about what is happening to our country. The surreal is supplanting the obvious.

    Major Garrett asks a sensible, needs to be addressed, question to Obama, at a press conference, concerning the upcoming treaty (it is a treaty) with Iran. It was disturbing to see Obama, the president of the United States,bristle at being challenged. He, Obama, said he wants a vigorous debate on the treaty agreement. No he doesn’t. He wants the debate, any debate, on his terms.

    It was equally disturbing to watch the Establishment Media attack Major Garrett for asking the question. Where was the discussion on what Garrett asked? I read the headlines that Obama “spanked” or “scolded” Garrett. Heaven help us. Why were the American hostages abandoned? What better opportunity to free them. Obama didn’t want Iran demanding more concessions? All the United States did was to make concessions to Iran. I thought the second half of Garrett’s question, ignored by the media, was just as disturbing. Why were concessions made concerning tactical weapons to Iran with this being a nuclear treaty.? What about the allegation made that the Joint Chiefs of Staff were “hung out to dry” concerning this?

    We are in most dangerous times, especially with 18 months left in the Obama administration.

  68. Larry Galearis

    Hi Greg,

    I actually like the P5+1 deal actually BECAUSE it is anti- dollar. My focus is on Washington as a government leading a United States into rogue nation status, and anything that weakens Washington’s ability to pursue its hegemony is a win for the planet. Putin, you may or may not know, likely made this P5+1 deal happen and one of the carrots he offered to Iran is membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and even the BRICS organization. One of the main values held by these organizations is the respect for member nations to adhere to International Law. I think this is a positive thing.

  69. book report

    Therefore there are so many of them available

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