Greg Hunter on Coast to Coast AM!

I was on Coast to Coast AM early Wednesday morning.

Coast to Coast AM is a nation-wide radio show with a network of more than 500 radio stations.

I was on the first hour of the show (1am EST) to talk about the “REAL” State of the Union.

Check out the Coast to Coast website  here:

New visitors from Coast to Coast AM – welcome to USAWatchdog! You are always welcome here.  Please leave a question or comment on what you think the “Real” State of the Union is in your neck of the woods.  I guarantee I will read and answer everyone.  If  you comment, make sure to include your city and state.  Please try to get to the point, and keep it sharp and short.  (But I won’t cut anyone off if they don’t.)

Here is audio from the C2C AM show from a reader named Brent.  He wrote me and said, “I happened to miss the show last night but I really wanted to hear it and I found it on youtube.  Here are the links to anyone else who missed it.” :

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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–Greg Hunter–

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  1. Ken Boedeker

    Why do no politicians and/or pundits have detailed plans to reduce the troublesome unemployment rate in this country? Let’s take the approach of an investigator of economic crime (for that is what really happened to jobs in this country): FOLLOW THE MONEY!
    Would any observant, thinking person deny that the operatives, both elected and unelected, inside the DC Beltway are bought and paid for? There might be a few exceptions, but they’re under the radar screen of most of us in the countryside. Given that these people are doing the bidding of their campaign funders, it seems the basic question comes down to this: are the people bankrolling the American political theater creators or destroyers of well-paying American jobs? We know that the political class does the bidding of their benefactors, and we also know that many of those benefactors also become beneficiaries of the political shenanigans their employees, er elected officials, perpetrate.

    • Greg

      Thank you Ken.

  2. iknowbetter

    The State of the Union address has been worthless for most of my lifetime. The SOTU address is nearly the most irrelevant as it’s ever been. The itemization of the Union’s “state” seems to appear nowhere in the SOTU address tonight. This annual speech has become an opportunty for the President to offer a wish list. It is a political posturing.

    The true Jan 2011 SOTU could be reported on a PostIt Note…

    Too large a national debt and annual deficit
    Too many unemployed (no plan to reverse that)
    Too many forclosures
    Too many bankrupties
    Too many bank failures and bailouts
    Too much money creation
    Too much real inflation
    Too large CEO/worker pay disparities
    Too many cities about to to bankrupt

    I understimated. One PostIt note isn’t large enough to allow me to continue itemizing the incompleteness of the SOTU address. You get the drift.


    • Greg

      Well said. Thank you!

  3. Larson Von Fuqua

    Excellent job on Coast tonight Greg. That “doctor” really tried to mow you over with his rambling nonsense every time you presented the ugly reality of our situation. That guy needs to learn some manners. Any listener could quickly see through his pathetic bullying and oral assaults. Thanks for representing the unfortunate truth in the face of that blowhard charlatan.

    • Greg

      Thank you for listening and your support!!!

  4. Mark Magers

    Greg I just listened to you and John Curtis go after it on Coast To Coast. You were so spot on in that discussion about our country’s situation !! This guy Curtis is sadly part of the problem. Like the caller said” is he out of his mind” !! Liked the blue pill comment. You more than held your own on this forum. I say keep up the good work your doing and I will be watching your web site from now on. May God help us all.


    • Greg

      Mark Magers,
      Thank you for your comment and I am happy you are a “red pill” kind of guy!!!

  5. Tony

    Hi Greg, I’ve been visiting you’re website for sometime now. You make the most sense of anyone i’ve read.
    Caught you on the radio tonight, I’m afraid you’re counter part just didn’t measure up.

    I have many questions, but i will try to be short. When this other person on the radio said the government has always done this, I believe he was right.
    What I don’t understand is why can’t they keep this up. It seems to me , the economy must fail eventually, but why now? Can’y they keep up this fraud for 10 more years! Must it fail in the next 1 or 2?

    We surely have some breaking point in the future, but i’m not near smart enough to figure out when?

    Why must it happen very soon?


    • Greg

      Thank you for your kind words. The time frame I am talking about is beginning at the end of June of this year. Please read my post called “The Most Predictable Financial Calamity in History.” Here is the link: You can also find it on the home page by scrolling down a bit. I lay it out with facts, figures and “real” experts. Thanks for the support!

  6. Daniel

    These people are INSANE. Anyone that gets elected into office gets a little taste of power and it almost seems they forget they are human beings. They lose all sensibility and rationality and truly do not seem to give a rats ass about every American citizen they choose to trample underfoot and scrape off with the doormat as they enter into so-called “public service”. The laws that they can come up with nowadays seems to have all Americans looking over their shoulders in fear of getting harrassed by the police for whatever made up reason they can come up with. I live in the Pacific Northwest and it seems the persons that are supposed to “protect and serve” are and have been a little trigger happy that past year or so. I do not condone any violence toward law enforcement in any way, but is it any wonder there have been many stories of police officers getting shot at a lot recently? (May God watch over the wounded officers)
    Do away with the Fed. There is absoluty no reason we are paying interest on money our government has to borrow to make our country operate. Our government can constitutionally print its own money, loan it themselves, and support all the social programs from the interest on the payments.
    Our “State of the Union” is a “state of dissolution” and seems it will stay that way until our “leaders” will come back down to earth. Focus on the USA and LISTEN to the American people. Focus on the people who are actaully holding up this great nation. Fix the nation first, then worry about the rest of the world. If we can’t put our heads together as a nation and figure this out, then our future does seem pretty dim. I know i don’t have all the answers.

    • Greg

      Thank you Daniel.

  7. Kevin

    Tonight’s C2C session was reminiscent of the many MSM Schiff interviews prior bubble pop (youtube Peter Schiff was Right). Truth muted by ignorance and arrogance…and patent lies. Ultimately, Schiff was proven right…as will Greg.

    Dr. Curtis continues the Keynesian, status quo mantra. Unbelievable. The debt slaves are no longer buying it, which was demonstrated by the caller’s statements.

    Additionally, I love the Noory, but feel sometimes he is at the wrong interview. He interjects with odd, untimely statements/questions at times. Let the discussion play out George…. Nevertheless, thanks for the exposure.

    Greg, I’d suggest a better phone line next time. It seemed that the doctor got the upper hand once or twice only because he had a stronger line.

    Thank you for what you do Greg. I’m so grateful that we have the Watchdog to tell the truth to the American people. Forceful, unabashed truth…yeah!!!

    God Bless

    • Greg

      Thank you Kevin.

  8. Greg Lippold

    The State of the Union
    Wall Street parties on. When all the laughter dies in sorrow, Dr. Curtis will be as popular as a fresh pile of cow pucky. I’m no doctor, just a rancher in South Dakota but even I know it is not the governments job to create jobs. To paint a rosy picture is a great disservice to your fellow man. The world begs for truth and it is coming, prepare for total collaspe. You can prosper. Buy Ammo.

    • Greg

      Good comment and good advice. Thank you for your support. By the way, I have an uncle who is a rancher in North Dakota. The Dakotas are beautiful states!!!

  9. Manuel Ruiz

    I want to thank you for speaking the truth about the State of the Union on Coast to Coast tonight. Hopefully more people will wake up to the fact that we cant spend our way out of this mess that we are in. What the government is doing is just prolonging the inevitable.

    • Greg

      Not only prolonging it but making it far worse. Thank you for weighing in.

  10. Ken Jesiel

    I have been reading your website for one month and was proud to hear you on C2C in Anchorage, Alaska. The other guest represents the thinking of a large segment of our society but I’ll proudly send those seeking the right answers and truth to your site.

    • Greg

      Thank you Ken. I can use all the readers I can get.

  11. Jean

    I remember last summer you predicted that the economy would crash in Oct but we’re still here. Now you’re saying it will be this year in June. How can anyone predict what unstable people in power will do and how it will look? Some are warning about how populations will be “downsized” as in “killed off” by the elites. Yet, we are still here, at least for now.

    • Greg

      The economy did crash. Why do you think the Fed started QE2 (more money printing) in November 2010. We are heading for ANOTHER CRASH beginning in June 2011, AND YES THERe WILL BE MORE MONEY PRINTING. Thank you for your comment and support.

  12. Joe King


    The so-called Dr Curtis is either a useful idiot or a plain fool. I believe he’s both. He is a tool for the government to make people feel good about the economy. That is, until Mr Geitner stands up one day and says the dollar is being devalued while all the banks close their doors. Media people like this are simply being used by the leftist government to buy time. We are in a terrible mess and I’m plainly afraid. If you look at “Dr” Curtis’ website, you’ll agree, it’s laughable. This guy is the polar opposite for what his site proclaims. See below:

    WELCOME to OnlineColumnist,® your source of nonpartisan, reality-based commentary analyzing SPIN in the news.
    OnlineColumnist® disseminates politically neutral commentary on a variety of contemporary American and global topics.
    OnlineColumnist® acknowledges the sociopolitical spectrum but makes every effort to avoid opinionating from the left or right.
    OnlineColumnist® addresses, without exception, issues in the context of strategic communication — persuasion, influence, spin, propaganda, disinformation and “damage control.”
    Readers gain valuable insights into how the wheels turn behind the scenes, especially the calculated uses of spin and tactical public relations.
    Readers reap the unexpected windfall of looking past the “smoke,” detecting hidden agendas and seeing reality more clearly.

    The last line says it all. This guy is the “smoke” hiding hidden agendas for the leftist regime. Thanks for taking him on, but I’m afraid we’re headed for dire consequences. When “Lefty” Curtis reacted to your comments related to commodities increase, he oozed condescension. Like I said, he is a tool and a useful idot, in either case buying time for the government to ruin us.

    Joe King

    • Greg

      Joe King,
      Well researched and well said. Thank You for the comment and support!!

  13. Gary


    I listened to the first hour of C2C this morning and must admit I did laugh a bit at the commentary. The only criticism I have of you is that you let your emotions play too much of a role ( as I would in you position). You continued to present facts and the Dr. would say “…would you like to have it another way?”.

    It doesn’t have anything to do with what you want…it’s about reading the warning signs!!!!!

    Its hard to work on a solution when people like the Dr. are in denial, along with the President and most of Congress.

    Most people in America look at the economy as cyclical…that if things are bad now, they will get better shortly. Unfortunatly we are actually in an evolution….evolving to something not good.

    I am sad to admit, I do not try to convince people anymore. Most do not want to hear it. They rather hear that you thoughtfully reviewed everything and determined that things will be better right around the corner. Let’s face it there are plenty of pundits that spin this garbage, because they either don’t see it or they don’t want to be the one to say “the sky is falling”.

    Good luck, Greg. You will eventually be proven right, but that is of little consequence.

    • Greg

      Your criticism is valid but I do get emotional because so many people are really going to get hurt and I mean end up poor for the rest of their lives. I also get upset because if they listen to Dr. Curtis they will not take the necessary steps to protect themselves for what is surely coming. Thank you for your comment and support. I’ll have to work on my emotions.


  14. Samantha in Tucson

    Great job tonight on Coast-to-Coast; you skewered the “doctor”. What in God’s name is he thinking? He sounds very “textbook-like” in his rhetoric and thought processes. The “doctor” made it sound like everything is a fait accompli; we just have to drink the Kool-aid and not take a stand on this criminal behavior that is ruining our country.

    Great job, Greg. We’re going to re-listen to the broadcast today and I will share with friends.

    • Greg

      Thank you Samantha for getting the word out to people.

  15. Jonaton

    Listening to Coast to Coast last night and was somewhat amused at the amount of energy expelled on the subject of money. Do you not all realize that it is merely paper, even less, numbers in a computer. The only value that it is given is in the minds of men, for it truly has no “real” value. If the fake, and yes it is fake, economy fails completely it is the absolute best thing that could happen. You are all slaves to something so meaningless, so worthless, yet you defend it. Do you not want to be freed from slavery? Why do any of you care if the government is 14.5 trillion or 900 trillion in debt? It surely doesn’t matter! It is only a meaningless number to something that never existed in the first place! Wake up slaves!

    • Greg

      It will matter to the rest of us when we go to the grocery store and gas station. Unfortunately, we all live in a world of fiat currency, but the laws of nature are going to correct that sooner than later. Thank you for your perspective and comment. You do make valid points.

  16. Samantha in Tucson

    Real “State of the Union” in Arizona:

    Governor Brewer (in her wisdom) is cutting funding to community colleges and universities by around $190 mil; this is for colleges and universities that are already established in AZ (public).

    Next, she wants to magically build FOUR MORE “baccalaureate degree granting institutions” with the savings.

    We all think she must be smokin’ something pretty powerful to have those kinds of hallucinations!

    • Greg

      Thank you Samantha for weighing on on the “Real State of the Union” in your neck of the world.

  17. Art Barnes

    Greg, the bully and his friends are fighting hard to keep their position in society, they like being top dog while the middle class erodes to the working poor paying most of the taxes while they live rich – but they now realize their game is being exposed and they are scared. You kept your composure and had the facts, the elite and their hackmen hate that!

    1,000,000 new bankruptcy filings in 2011 I think was said staggering figure for 360,000 million people in one year.

    Now, lets coin another new term, “the printing stops here” and I got the first t-shirt. From the Western Front, A.B.

    • Greg

      You should go into business selling that slogan on hats, mugs and t-shirts. You will make a mint!!!

  18. Laura R

    Thank-you for taking the time to investigate this, to put it together in language that is clear and understandable, and bringing to the public’s attention. If we could only get the rest of the media to operate the way you do, this country would be a better place. God Bless~

    • Greg

      Thank you Laura for the support and God Bless you and yours as well!

  19. Jennifer

    Hi Greg,
    This is my first visit to USAWatchdog, as a response to your C2C interview. While there is much ado about “transparency,” it appears the establishment, including Dr. Curtis, covers up fast and furious like a cat in a litter box, when faced with facts and figures. How they can keep saying we are in recovery when they cannot substantiate it? Here in Nevada, our unemployment rate is said to be about 14%…wonder how that equates using the ’94 formula you mentioned last night? Nevada is in serious trouble and the new Governor Sandoval, who gave his State of the State on Monday, appears to have pushed much of the debt problems off on the troubled counties. Thanks for your input.

    • Greg

      Welcome to the site. I love this line “the establishment . . . covers up fast and furious like a cat in a litter box, when faced with facts and figures.” Please come back and hit us with some more of your sharp wit !!! Thank you for your comment and support.

  20. Charles Krueger

    I was very scared by what you were saying mainly because you are about the third voice I have heard to tell this upcoming crisis story with about the same detail. The first time I was skeptical, the second I was hearing it, and now after hearing you last evening on Coast To Coast, I am scared for my country and more so my family.

    It makes sense to me that the government or even real public figures or economists wouldn’t want the real story coming to light to prevent panic, anger, or politician jobs. What I can even somewhat understand the idea of self preservation for the politicians to not make the hard choices because it could cost them their jobs but may be best for the country in the long run.

    My question is What can I do as a broke lower class citizen with very little in my 401K waiting to be blown away by a fake economy. Sorry so long and I understand if you cannot respond with specifics. I am just very frustrated and scared for the future of my family. Working 60+ hours a week doesn’t do it for my family’s future, especially when that may not be there in a years time. This is a cry for help!

    Thank you,

    • Greg

      There are many things you can do to take small steps to try to brace you and your family for what is coming. Some are buying extra food every time they are in the grocery store. I know a guy stockpiling motor oil and filters because he says, “It will never be cheaper.” Get your car into good running condition now. One reader told me he paid the tax and penalty and cashed out his 401-k and put it into precious metals 2 years ago and doubled his money. Gold and silver will go way up in the future. You may not have enough to buy gold but you can buy small amounts of silver, say once a month. I wrote a post about how to do this for the layman. Please give it a read. It is called “How Do I Buy Gold and Silver?” Here’s the link: I hope this helps you and your family. If I am wrong, you will still have some food, a nice running car and a few ounces of silver. If I am right you will be happy you took some action. I hope this helps you.

  21. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    Listened to you last night after I saw the head’s up on your site.

    I was a bit disappointed. I mean, you look so much TALLER in your photos than you do on the radio! ;-D

    Seriously, I thought the Ph.D. George had paired you with was a joke. Claiming that disparities with FASB rules happens “all the time?” When I was in school, FASB was held sacrosanct, they were THE accounting rules. When the rules were “changed” during the latter half of the Bush years, and then more frequently under Obama, I stopped keeping up with them, as I had lost faith with them. And, the way the “doctor” kept trying to “talk down” to you just because of his “superior” degree!

    Getting on to the SOTUS itself, I see that the usurper wants to take the tax break off of the “rich” again. Greg, I am a single proprietorship, as are the majority of small businesses in this country. According to the IRS, our personal income and business income are INTERTWINED. I could make a million bucks in a year, but because of expenses, I am NOT taxed on gross profit, nor on the minuscule net (which this poor old sod has to live off on), but on GROSS INCOME. Translation: we small businesses are forced to pay far more than our “fair share.” We really need a break here, but the clown-in-chief, who was too good for even a paper route, does not understand any of this. Neither do his fellow liberals, nor the bureaucrats under the lot. Businesspeople, especially SMALL businesspeople, are “rich,” and “crooks.” All I can do is respond with, “Look in the mirror!”

    • Greg

      Thank you Sam. I’ll try to wear shoes with taller heels. The argument for tax increases for anyone making more than $250,000 is very misleading when it comes to small business. Going up on taxes at that level would probably mean a spike in unemployment. I support small business. If they really want to take tax breaks away from the “rich” then the starting point should be around $1 million of adjusted gross income. Better yet, why don’t we just stop the banker bailouts and really cut the budget!!! Thank you for your comment.

  22. Geoff

    Re. the SOTU address please think about these quotes:

    “We have to make America the best place on Earth to do business”

    and a little later: “That’s how we’ll win the future.”

    Being better than everyone should be reserved as a goal for sports. Are we going to win the future on the battlefield since there’s no spending freeze on killing?
    Being proud to be an American would come a lot easier if our goal was to take care of our people, be the best we can be without hurting others, and being a good global neighbor.


    • Greg

      Thank you Geoff.

  23. Joel


    Fantastic job last night! You really got my blood pumping and I couldn’t get back to sleep for like an hour! I think you really did drive home serious points and really nailed it with the Fed’s POMO operations which are proping up everything from Treasuries to the Stock Market. You don’t get that news unless you’re an avid reader. Do you read Zerohedge at all and would you be more willing to please promote the perpetual ponzi more for the American people when the opportunity comes up again? I think it’s critical more American’s know!

    Thank you and great work mate!

    • Greg

      Joel, does great work and I have quoted them on a few of my past stories. It is very sad what passes for journalism these days. Thank you for your comment and support.

  24. Ken Nanni

    Greg: You were awesome on Coast. Though I am Canadian, I follow you very closely. What happens in America happens a few years later in Canada. Great effort and great result, last night. Thank you. Let me add that Mr. Curtis was ignorant of those countries that have begun AVOIDING USA dollars to trade in their own currencies, eg., China and Russia petro deal, the Iran bourse, etc. Also, DOHA has been a failure and America will be under pressure to stop subsidizing farms exports. So, more unemployement and financial problems are yet to come from the agriculture sector, further worsening the current USA “DEPRESSION”. And Canada, too, will suffer from that. Keep up the energy and the great work/research. Regards, Ken Nanni.

    • Greg

      It is sad that most mainstream media uses people like Dr. Curtis for expert opinion. He did not have any facts that I could see to back up his point that the economy was (REALLY) improving. Thank you for your kind words and support.

  25. Dr. Neal J. Houston

    I just listened to you and John Curtis on Coast To Coast… I APPLAUD you…thank you for speaking the truth about the State of the Union…
    Many Thanks
    Dr. Neal

    • Greg

      Thank you Dr. Houston. I really appreciate your support and your participation in this site.

  26. Fascinated

    It was interesting and alarming listening to you and your counterpart on Coast to Coast. It wasn’t that John Curtis didn’t understand or agree with the fact of what you were saying about the economy e.g. under reporting of unemployment; bailout of the institutions not the system -it was that he couldn’t face the fact that his party, its agenda and the figurehead in charge has no way of remediation for the problems we face.

    You were very much on point and it was outstanding to have someone on the show who could refute the liberal talking points.

    I do have one question for you: Do you believe that these crises are totally random events or fit in with the globalist agenda of leveling the playing field?

    • Greg

      I know many people believe this part of a grand plan and that may be true. However, that is not my field of expertise. I will say, there is no doubt we are heading into some very rough waters. You will begin to see some significant inflation starting after June of this year and maybe before. According to the true inflation number stands above 8%, and I believe it can and will only get worse given the clear course we are taking now. Thank you for supporting this site!!!

  27. C.S.N.

    Hi Greg,
    Mid-70’s, older white woman here;
    Had been a staunch Republican my whole life.

    When party selected John McCain, & Rush Limbaugh began his Operation Chaos, urging Repubs to vote for Hillary Clinton in Dem-primary, in order to defeat Sen. Barack Obama, it was so sickening to me, I’m now an Independent.

    To me, President Obama is a decent man, doing as well as anyone ELSE could be doing as President, with the mess he inherited from over 8 years of Republicans running up the deficit.

    PLUS an Economic collapse, which was “solved” by Republican President Bush & his Sec.of Treasury Paulson’s TARP……why blame it all on President Obama now???.

    Republicans started two UNFUNDED wars, & put though two UNFUNDED “Medicare Advantage”, & Medicare Part “D” Drug programs, WITHOUT any off-setting Income to Federal Government, as in raising enough Income Tax to PAY for those wars & programs.
    (Which programs “economic-hawk” Paul Ryan voted YES for…)

    NOW “Teapublicans” have come along with indignant ire….
    Where were they for prior years of Republicans running up deficit???

    We now have a Corporation-run Congress, due to Supreme Court “Citizens’ United” decision.
    Dick Army’s Freedom Watch funded tea-party buses, Koch Brothers funded tea-party activities.
    Tea-people are used as Corporate puppets…
    It is all very depressing.

    • Greg

      I think President Obama is a decent man but I disagree with his policies. Unfortunately they are the same as the Republican policies especially when it come to continued banker bailouts. It makes me sick. Both Republicans and Democrats are equally responsible for the enormous financial mess America finds itself in now. You are correct we have a “Corporation-run Congress” on many levels. Thank you for your perspective and comment.

  28. Mitch Bupp

    I can’t lie, I never watch the Mis-statement of the Union. I just can’t imagine any president getting up and telling the American people the “facts” about the real “State of the Union”. I imagine it might sound like this;

    Good Evening, The State of our Union is drowing in a sea of red ink caused by bad economic policies that favored corporate America over the American people……

    I missed you on C2C but I’ll catch you on Brad and Britt in the Morning on WZTK FM101.1 tomorrow ….

    • Greg

      One astute lady called in and said the SOTU speech was more like something you would “hear at a PTA meeting.” I laughed but she was on target. There was no serious discussion or plan on how to deal with our gigantic financial problems. Thank you for your participation in this site and your comments.

  29. Arash Diamond

    Hello Mr. Hunter,

    I had listened to C2C last night, and I just wanted to let you know that your point of view was accurate and you indeed won that debate [v. Curtis]. My knowledge base is not as vast as yours regarding the economy, but am very interested in educating myself. I am a daily visitor to USAWatchdog, which is fascinating, but could you please recommend 5 books for this university student to read.

    Also, could you please comment [and/or recommend readings] on the Canadian banking system and the inherent corruption therein.

    Your friend and supporter from Toronto,


    • Greg

      Thank you Arash for your friendship and support.

  30. Arash Diamond

    Regarding the State of the Union address:

    I think that Obama used the same predictable rhetoric and recycled the same political ideology as he had throughout, and prior to, his years in office. Though the delivery of his speech was immaculate, to me they were just empty words in a vain attempt to inspire – as if we require him for inspiration or passion – with no real substance behind his message. I believe that inspiration will come about when significant steps to actualize and implement those ideas are taken, and are to the benefit of the poor and middle-class. Meaningful action is a prerequisite to my confidence in the ability of a president to implement change [primarily to the financial system]. Unfortunately, it seems as though the more things change the more they stay the same.

    • Greg

      Thank you Arash.

  31. Will

    Greg, you did an excellent job, considering you are like a voice in the wilderness. The comment Cheryl Cascone on Fox Bus made, “Gold is so last year” makes me wonder if they have been given marching orders by the big banks and Washington to generate a “hey, things are looking really good again, why not jump back into the market?” It seems to be working, they want people to start feeling the wealth effect so they start spending and creating a need for goods and then it’s all sunshine and roses. This is what they are thinking, right?

    • Greg

      All I can say is look who is advertising. It is all stocks and bonds (and some gold companies) but without the retail investor in the rigged stock market they are out of jobs. Ratings drive that world not the truth. Cheryl is a talking head not an analysts. Thank you for the support!!

  32. BLT

    Hello again greg! I haven’t gone away I’ve just decided to listen more than I talk!! I work at the number 1 gross sales parts dealer in the entire country…(houston based trucking industry)…and let me tell you, the corporate managers are getting more grey hair by the day…they used to get fat bonus checks when we would hit our marks…(4 million a month)…..and now they are realizing that when I (you) told them that this was coming and that no one was immune…we weren’t joking. Thankfully for me, my measley hourly rate doesn’t hit the books too hard, but I’m buying silver like I used to by starbucks…3 times a week!! Thanks Greg, you rock and you know it. (That poop for brains was so annoying last night that I had to turn him off…I read you evryday, so I wasn’t missin much.)

    • Greg

      Good to hear from you. I think you are on the right path!! It sure doesn’t make me happy to hear anyone’s business is going South. Thanks for checking in!

  33. brent

    I happened to miss the show last night but I really wanted to hear it and I found it on youtube. Here are the links to anyone else who missed it:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    By the way Greg, great website. I just found this site a few days ago and I am glad I did.

    • Greg

      Thank you Brent for finding this for me!!!!

  34. James T

    I missed the state of the union as well as the C2C show which I hardly ever miss. I don’t think I would concern my self with gold and silver. Food and bullets would be the best bet. They will be worth well more than there weight in precious metals if things get as bad as you claim. The trick will be keeping the electricity flowing.


    • Greg

      Folks always need gold and silver. They won’t be shooting forever but I get your point. Things will be rough. Thank you for your perspective and comment.

  35. Liz

    For anyone new visiting this site and waking up to the notion that we are headed for more Economic pain financially, let me tell you a brief story. Back in Dec 2007 I started listening to Coast to Coast for the first time. I listen to the podcasts the next day since I go to bed by 11:00pm and I’m on the East coast. Anyway, thank god I did because they had people on the show that were really talking about what was going to happen to the economy etc. Greg was one of them as well. There was one particular guest that stuck out as well – Gerald Celente. For some reason he really jolted my perspective . Back then there was a big part of me that would hear guests on C2C talk about a “crash” etc and the rational side of me was like “I don’t know about that” maybe these guests are a little too doom and gloom for their own good. But then there was a small part of me that said “what if they are right?”.
    Well just for the heck of it I decided in Jan of 2008, as my New Year’s resolution, I would get myself completely out of debt – no car payment, no credit card debt etc. and I would even try and save a little. I figured what the heck, if those guests on C2C get it completely wrong, then who cares because I’ll be better off anyway right? Well my plan worked and by Aug 2008 I had all my debt paid off. I didn’t have much of the savings I wanted, but at least I was completely debt free and damn it felt good! I even ripped up the credit cards, except for one which to this day I never carry a balance on. So can you imagine my amazement when the very next month – Sept of 2008 – and the Financial Crisis made headlines! I was like “holly shi&”! Those guest on C2C were right!! I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I know sometimes the Guest on C2C and Greg Hunter’s site can make your head spin and even make you a bit scared, but take it to heart and do some planning and you’ll be better off in the long run. I have to say that I’m a lot better off for “planning for the worst “ then if I did nothing at all. Plus, as an added bonus, it makes you reevaluate what is really important in your life.  Love your Blog Greg! Keep up the good fight!

    • Greg

      Thank you Liz!!! Good advice.

  36. Jorge

    Spot on as usual Greg.

    Something bothered me quite a bit though. After listening to the broadcast via the youtube links I hit the refesh and was sent to a different “”. Tried over 10 times using different browsers and search engines but each time the that I was directed to was NOT your site. This took place roughly between 4:30-5:05 PST. Then, just as suddenly, your site was back.


    • Greg

      The problem was I got a dedicated IP address and that is the time my hosting company made the change. I hope everything will go smoothly now. Don’t worry they did not come after me. . .yet. Thank you for the comment and the heads up!!

  37. Glenn

    Greg, I think the ‘Dr.’ works at my local bank. I recently went in to see him along with my 77 yr old mother to pull out her GIC that matured yielding a whopping 0.87% per yr. As I have been living and working overseas for the past 2 yrs I wanted to find a better rate of return for dear ‘ol mom. I told the ‘Dr’ that I had opened a precious metals account and was going to deposit the lump sum of her funds from the GIC, $39,000 Cdn, and wait for gold and silver’s pullback and then jump in with both feet. Obviously, he didn’t take to kindly to that direction and then proceded to tell me how well the economy was doing of late. I think the ‘Dr’ needs to take his pulse. Great job trying to school the Doc Greg, but I got a feeling he isn’t listening.

    • Greg

      Thank you Glenn for sharing this story!!!

  38. Jan

    Greg is giving great advice when he says get debt free, it is very liberating. We chose to go that route about ten years ago. We also, are “stuff” free. After living in the same house for twenty-five years we had accumulated a lot of stuff. Some of it was ruined when a water pipe broke and flooded the lower level. Years of collectibles were floating in knee deep water. After the mess was cleaned up we decided we could part with more “stuff”. No overflowing closets, not spare rooms full of clothes we don’t wear.

    We made a rule about that time that we did not want gifts of more stuff. We have a strict rule, no gift that we cannot use up in one year. We find we enjoy this simple life and clutter free existance. We don’t spend money on stuff or time cleaning or shuffling it around.

    • Greg

      Good rule and good comment.
      Thank you

  39. Bruce

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for standing for truth! I did not detect any undue emotional level in your arguments. People, if you are not emotional about losing our way of life, what is it that will wake you up?
    Portland, Oregon

    • Greg

      Thanks Bruce for the support and comment.

  40. John

    Great job on C to C the other night. I listen to it on Pod cast. Being a lawyer with an LLM in tax I am no dummy. I am amazed at what is going on! I had a hard time listening to the “Doctor” spew nonsense.I can tell you have learned your philosophy not only from your formal education but more importantly on the street where the real lessons are learned! What is happening to our country? Where is reason,accountability and Integrity. They used to mean something. I listen or read the news daily and I am constantly dumbfounded on the stupidity this country has bought in to… are definitely the voice of reason and reality. I think we have lost our way as a country!!!!
    Anyway,keep up the good work. You have a growing readership….and that’s a good thing!

    • Greg

      The sad thing is I believe Dr. Curtis knows the truth and talks around it. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.

  41. David

    I have been reading your articles since I saw them on jsmineset.
    (Jim Sinclair is one smart guy).Thank you for having the courage to sound your voice of reason in this wacked out world.It is obvious that you have a moral foundation which gives you a huge advantage over the Dr. Curtis fellow.
    Wow, he sounds like he got his economic training at the Fed. A professor of MOPE (management of perspective economics)for certain. He would have us believe that all we need to do, to be #1 in the world is to borrow money from China and pump up the DOW. Problem solved!!

    • Greg

      Thank you David for your comment and words of encouragement.

  42. Randal Climer


    I’ve been reading your site for several months now. I believe you are right on with your take on the current world situation.

    Might I suggest that the whole red pill/blue pill thing carries too much association with our corrupt and delusional political parties. Let’s come up with a new color for the truth.

    As a graduate of the School of Journalism at the University of Nebraska, I am proud that there are still some honest, independent journalists out there uncovering the facts for us. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Greg

      Randal Climer,
      I was just using a Matrix metaphor but I get your point. Thank you for your comment and support.

  43. Empire

    What’s does the “Dr.” have a PHD in?

    First of all – The guy couldn’t let you get a word in edgewise. Instant turn off! – And then hes just got this crunchy, Hippy’esk attitude about everything that REALLY turns me off to him – Plus, He’s the type of douchebag that cant admit when hes just plain wrong and living in a fantasy land with his so called “PHD”. Doctor, just admit you have no f’n clue what your on about. Please… just be a man and fess up and say “Yeah, your right Greg, you’ve got a good point there…” – Enough with the “Hot Air” and “Douchebaggery” – Did I just make up a word? If I did, its fitting for that clown shoes wearing Dr. – Just because you payed for your PHD doesnt make you an actual doctor. Doctors fix things, your not fixing anything Mr. Curtis, nor are you admitting theres even a problem.

    I for one, appreciate your emotional state of mind in the interview, Greg – That’s the true sign of someone who is passionate and CARES about what is going on. The doctor sounds like he just ate a couple of pot brownies and hes on some stoned rambling nonsense where he really believe his own BS and doesn’t want to hear anyone else’s opinion! That’s what stoners do – They have no interest in anything or anyone but themselves and the drivel they spew out.

    Thanks again Greg! Even when you spell it out for people – they still dont get it… /facepalm

    • Greg

      I thought much of the same thing about Dr. Curtis. Thank you for the comment and support. By thew way the “pot brownies” line got me to Laugh Out Loud!!!

  44. Anonymous

    Dr. Curtis is probably one of the thousands working for the destructive cabal identified at this link and its related article:

  45. Craig E. Hellman

    Great Wed show with Geo, you sir tell like it is, i have been a victim of a very complex White collar crime, i would to send you SIR a PK!! thank you so much.

    • Greg

      Thank you Craig.

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