Illegitimate Government, Impeachment Backfire, Economy Tanking

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 466 1.29.2021)

Both establishment Democrats and RINO Republicans are wanting Trump voters, and this includes many Democrats, to publicly say that Joe Biden won the 2020 Election legitimately, even though the evidence and numbers say otherwise. Why? Is it because the Fraud is so big it will never go away. Is it because the Deep State wants the Biden Administration to be seen as legitimate, even though many think the government is, in fact, illegitimate. Is it because the fraud is so big that Trump will have to be returned to office one way or another? Who knows, but many strange things are going on in our nation’s capitol that we have never seen before. We live in interesting times. That is the only thing you can say for sure.

The Democrats and some Republicans voted to try to impeach President Trump for a second time, and this charge is more bogus than the last. They say his claims about the massive election fraud that happened nationwide with the 2020 Election are false. So far, not a single court, including the U.S. Supreme Court, has heard any evidence. This is a stunning fact, even though more than 40 cases have been filed and rejected. This includes four cases on hold at the U.S. Supreme Court. Again, they have been rejected without hearing one bit of evidence. With the Impeachment in the House and trial in the Senate, President Donald Trump will finally have his day in court. Trump will be able to show evidence of massive voter and election fraud. This impeachment will backfire. Let’s hope the American people will finally see the evidence that their vote and their country have been stolen by the Deep State.

Another 847,000 people filed for unemployment benefits this week. It is a stunning number, and with the Biden Administration, that number is not going to shrink but continue to grow. The economy is sick, and it will be getting sicker with policies of Joe Biden and his puppet masters.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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Gold and financial expert Alasdair Macleod will be giving his predictions and analysis for what is going on now and coming up in 2021.

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  1. Kurt

    It’s amazing how bad bureaucrats want and need to be liked. On 10/30, I was sited by police for refusing to wear a mask at Walmart and issued a restraining order for a year. As I was leaving I told them, “Have fun enforcing tyranny, folks.” They didn’t like that and the one that wrote the order said, “Hey at least I didn’t charge you.” You know what that was, a feeble attempt to appease his conscience. It is clear that so called authorities who are committing immorality feel bad about it. Let their conscience eat them up, I say.

    • Edwin Meyer

      Ask that guy to tell you exactly what LAW you broke? (not mere “recommendations” or “guidelines”)…You ,(if you have the funding), should sue that cop for harassment and threatening you.

      • Diana Brown


    • Southern+Girl

      I live in Arkansas the land of Wally World. Our mask mandate started July 20th. I called Wal Mart corporate office in Bentonville to ask about the policies, because I have a disability and cannot wear a mask. The lady on the other end read of a list of exclusions to the policy. I think there might have been 5-8. The last one she read was religion. Get that if you say I cannot wear a mask because of my religion they cannot make you. She also informed me that if any employee says anything to me I am to get the manager and tell them to call corporate. I don’t wear a mask anywhere!! This goes for Sam’s Club also owned by Wally World.
      Check your state mandate because they always have to have exceptions. If I start to get hassled I ask them if they have read the Governor’s mandate?? Most say they don’t want any trouble so just come on in. I usually say that I have a disability but thank you for asking.

      • Diana Brown

        Good to know. There are some very militant (meaning paranoid) people occupying positions in every company (including Wally-World). Personally, I choose not to patronize them. Fortunately we have other choices. My go-to’s now are small local stores run by neighbors rather than corporations. I may not have as many choices but the choices are not coming from China. I am also choosing not to do business with any companies the support or have supported BLM. Sadly I departed from my coffee company located in Minneapolis, Mn because of these decisions. Its not that I want to hurt them as much as I want to choose to do business, and help, those who are patriots and support truth and those who have the courage to stand for truth. Amazon is another one. I dont use them anymore either. I go right to the provider of what I need directly.

    • Tin foil hat

      This is from an article, which is one the best, explaining what happened regarding GameStop vs. Melvin Capital:

      Conservative Tree House-The Last Refuge

      It started with a bunch of smart ordinary Wall Street market watchers assembling on Reddit and noticing that hedgefunds were making millions destroying the stock value of GameStop (GME) -and others- by short selling the stock and trading the position.
      The hedgefunds were so greedy the short-sellers borrowed more than 140% of the total number of shares of stock of GME (GameStop) in order to destroy it. The stock value dropped from $20 to $4 as the sharks made millions in the short-sells. That’s when the Reddit investment community,Wall Street Bets, noticed an opportunity.

      One of the issues with short-selling is that short-sellers must always eventually purchase the stocks they borrowed. That means if the stock value increases you are committed to buying it, you will lose money, and you cannot get away from the loss in your short-sell position so long as the stock value is high.

      Knowing the borrowed shares were more than the total number of outstanding shares of the entire GME stock, the rebellious alliance knew the short-sellers (hedgefunds) would have to eventually buy them. So the independent group, mass numbers of individual investors, started purchasing shares and driving up the GameStop stock value.

      The GME stock skyrocketed and the short-sellers (hedgefunds on Wall Street) were freaking out. The higher the stock went, the more it was going to cost the hedgefunds to get out of their short position. Billions were being wiped out as the pesky rebel alliance kept purchasing shares and driving up the value. [Go Deep] That’s when the biggest eye-opening series of events in financial history took place….

      ♦ First Big Tech jumped-in to protect the hedgefunds. The servers that handled Reddit’s investor discussion “WallStreetBets” were shut down, essentially trying to break down the communication of the rebel alliance. They used the oft-familiar “hate speech” justification, but that was really a ruse… Big Tech was supporting Wall Street.

      ♦ Then the New York Stock exchange stepped-in to protect the hedgefunds by blocking trades of GameStop and other Reddit targeted stocks (Nokia, Blackberry, AMC theaters). Ameritrade also blocked any trades. The NYSE was essentially trying to protect the institutional investors, billionaires, from the citizens, independent investors. Wall Street went to war against day-traders, ordinary Americans.

      ♦ Then the stock trading App “Robinhood” which was used by the citizens to make their trades, actually stepped-in to stop users from purchasing GameStop shares. The Robinhood app will now only allow sales of GME and the other stocks because the app is protecting the billionaire class from their short position.

      Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, the entire financial trading system is trying to protect the short-sellers by driving down the shares of stocks so that the short-sellers can get out of their positions. Never has there been such blatant market manipulation by the organized efforts of the elite financial class.

      Big Tech and Wall Street are working together to keep a rigged system tilted in their favor and their aligned efforts are spotlighting just how rigged that system is.

      The elites don’t care what happens to the ordinary citizens in the stock market… they are protecting their own status. All of this is brutally illegal market manipulation and collusion by the financial sector. [Story Here and Story Here]

      Keep watching….

      Masks are dropping at an alarming rate as more people are witnessing in real time just how this market is rigged against the interests of ordinary Americans

      • JC

        And here is more insanity.

        Reddit frenzy pumps up Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency started as a joke…

      • joie

        We have adopted the same shopping guidelines as have you and encourage others to join. Just 2 Qrtrs. of dropped earnings will send the message to Corporate Boardrooms whose options and bonuses ride that Qrtly report. We have it in our power to stop this takeover of our Republic. Just hang tough and consider this a time to put the savings from all the purchases you really can skip away for tomorrow. Remember to not let AMZN Prime renew automatically if you are signed up. As Spock would say, “Live long and prosper” !

    • Diana Brown

      Ill stand with you Kurt!

    • Mary

      Kurt – please check out Peggy Hall’s videos at she explains the legal process, shows you where to look for your statutory code on pandemics, etc. She has done a lot of over-turning CA’s Covid “mandates”. An important fact is no governor can create a law – only the legislature (which many did not create new Covid laws). Check her out!

  2. Barb T

    Spot on Greg about the rally in D.C. on Jan. 6th. I was there, amongst thousands of mostly middle-aged men and women (like me!) dressed in all manner of red, white and blue. I stood with the patriots and sang the National Anthem outside the Capitol building (and no, I did not go inside). There were very few people that left the Ellipse area before the speakers had finished, which happened at about 1:10. The swell of people then began the long walk to the Capitol. I can tell you that during this time the crowd learned that Mike Pence would not be overturning the electoral votes… as it was posted on Twitter. Were we happy about this? Of course not, but it didn’t incentivize anyone into physical violence. It just made us sing louder. We all are asking how did we get to where we are today? The good guys are supposed to win! I wonder….what would happen if the court cases find that there was fraud? If enough states came to that conclusion, would there be a pathway to removing Biden and instituting the rightful candidate?

    • Mel Mason

      Barb I think the vast majority of us would like to believe that the processes we knew growing up are still in force; they are not. The fraud is at a scale that will require military intervention to resolve. We will hopefully very soon, see the arrests which have more than likely begun. The power transition that Donald Trump spoke of was not to the !@# biden idiot, but to the military. I believe that the fence around the perimeter of the capitol was not ordered by the mayor, or our president, but by the military. They are “taking the hill” .
      I would not in the least be surprised to find that tribunals have been underway since early January. “There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed” and they have woken the giant. Now there will be H-E- double toothpicks to pay.
      God Bless all who read these words. God Bless America. God Bless and guide the military.
      And GOD BLESS our duly re-elected President, Donald John Trump!

      • Bob+Lamb

        Not happening. Don’t believe in false hope!

        • Self+Exiled

          ” a scale that will require military intervention” That is my concern also. I researched in the 70’s exposed in the and 80’s, screamed in the 90’s, and went silent after the towers, self exiled in the 10’s. As I told Rachel, no regrets. The worldwide extent of this was much more evident in the teens.

    • Marty

      Of course not… any evidence that may have existed is now either destroyed or replaced with more convincing specimens making it harder to prove fraud.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Barb, we got to where we are today, because we LET IT HAPPEN! Sure, normalcy bias played a part; some of us thought, “Well, it CAN’T happen here. It WON’T happen here.” Guess what? It DID happen here! Did voting help us the last 30 years? No! All it did was give us RINOs, a “Congress” full of lifetime trough-feeders, and Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and but for President Trump, it would have given us Hillary! So, the question is this: what are we going to let happen going forward? Forget “saving” the country. We have to save ourselves, all 74 million of us, while we can. Stop voting and get on the negotiated separation bandwagon NOW. Best always. PM

    • Freebrezer

      We know they are lying,
      they know they are lying,
      they know we know they are lying,
      we know they know we know they are lying,
      but they are still lying – Aleksander Solzhenitsyn
      Nancy Polosi (and crew) couldn’t give a Damn!

  3. ellen alston

    God help us all that Charlie Ward is correct in what is happening below the scenes.

    • Bill

      Everyone ,including Greg, should reflect of his closing at the end of each show .FEAR NOT, GOD IS IN CONTROL !” Why not start your day with this belief and repeat it several times throughout the day ??? Why should anyone be in this state of panic who truly believe ?

    • Self+Exiled

      He and Simon Parks are very convincing. They are easy to listen to: as the Zen Master says ”we shall see”. I like listening to Greg because of his honesty of feelings/dedication to truth [sincerity] as he sees it presently. If you are old enough and remember Walter Cronkite: he was fortunate enough to be in news media when your opinion/view/assessment/attitude was not required to keep your job. I do miss Walters assuring/purposeful delivery and that’s the way it is this January 29th 2021. My only complaint was he owned a yacht.

  4. tim+mcgraw

    Dear Greg, ” A woman crawling through a window.” Greg, say her name! Say that she was shot in cold blood by a man in a suit wearing gold cuff links. A man who has never been identified. A murderer.
    If this murderer in gold cuff links is not identified for his crime; who cares who runs DC?
    It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah. “Show me 10 righteous men and the city will be spared.” Said the angel.
    Very sad. Life is in the details. A young unarmed woman was shot in cold blood. No one has been held to account for it.
    It’s Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Paul ...

      Tim … It will “never be reveled” that a Black man shot a White women!!

      • JC

        Since you are the in-house expert on aliens…
        In your opinion is Mark Zuckerberg an…

        • Paul ...

          He sure looks like “an alien clone” to me JC … notice how he does the bidding of the CIA (who likely have a deal with the aliens to take away our Constitutional rights in exchange for advanced technology) … and he is now going to sue Apple … … by preparing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple that would allege the iPhone-maker abused its power in the smartphone market related to its iOS 14 “privacy protection features” … later Facebook will go after our guns because they provide “home protection features” … Facebook definitely needs to be boycotted and put out of business the same way these globalist alien lovers shut down all the human Mom and Pop businesses across America and the world!!

      • tim+mcgraw

        Hi Paul, You are no doubt right, but intentionally left out the skin color the shooter and the victim. I will not play this “race” bullshit game. Race does not exist in any scientific sense. Race is a construct of those eugenics folks. You can look up that sordid history. Adolph Hitler was the most famous racist/eugenics human, but Bill Gates is catching up.

        A killer is a killer no matter the pigmentation, sex, religion, nationality, wealth, of the killer. It was cold blooded murder of that young woman. And the shooter remains anonymous. This is disgusting.

        • Paul ...

          Tim … If I said “man kills woman” … wouldn’t that also be gender-racist to you? … perhaps I should have said “biological entity kills another biological entity” … but that’s not very descriptive is it? … it could mean a human killed a fly … language “should be descriptive enough” to have some intelligent meaning … for without some meaningful definition to our words … how would one differentiate a nose swab … from an ass swab (used to detect the corona virus)???

  5. MickieKnows

    In order to visit the Capitol Building, the White House or the Capitol Hill Museum you have to request a time-stamped ticket from your congressman 2 to 3 months in advance of your visit. You can only enter those buildings at the time and day that is stamped on your ticket. You are not allowed to enter with a backpack and women can only carry in a purse the size of a wallet and that is scanned in the Xray machine. I knew something was not right when I saw the Capitol Hill police waving people in and they weren’t scanning tickets and backpacks. Who dropped the security? Well, Nancy Pelosi is the top dog in charge at the Capitol Building. What say you Nancy?

  6. Marie+Joy

    I like this new email notification system.

  7. Mark David

    What about Rand Paul ? Here’s what he says: “I killed their sham impeachment trial, that’s right! Impeachment is dead on arrival now, thanks to our quick action and determination in the Senate.
    I seized the floor and forced a vote on whether it was constitutional to have President Trump’s trial now that he’s out of office.
    You and I know it isn’t. Forty-five Senators agreed and voted that way.
    Why is that number significant?
    Because it ensures the partisan democrat impeachment sham doesn’t have the 2/3 votes in the Senate.
    This is big.
    And it happened because someone had the courage and will to do it.
    That’s what I do. I’m the Senate to stand up for you.”
    I wrote to tell him I thought he was making a huge mistake – He replied by resending me the message.
    Will President Donald Trump will finally have his day in court after this?
    I pray to God he does!


    Stunning and riveting reporting.
    Well done.
    Thank you.
    Regarding the technical “issues”: just keep plugging away.

  9. MickieKnows

    Why is Nancy so adamant about impeaching Trump? Maybe she knows that he really is the president.

  10. Wanda Grubbs

    Thank you Greg So appreciate your reports, keeping us all up to the date on facts. I will be coming here as long as you are here. I wait and look for every video you do, and share them with my Daughter. God Bless you and yours!

  11. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Well done!
    It’s getting even crazier than seemed possible a week ago. (Maybe the craziness is just more apparent). I’m afraid that Gerald Celente will be proved right: “When all else fails, they take you to war.”

  12. SouthernPatriot

    I started off as a Republican and got involved in local politics while in high school and junior college. I was elected as a precient committeman and then worked for the state gop.
    An finally my wife and I worked for President Reagan. We had a great time as young Reaganites. But I will no longer support the GOP. Neither our money or our support for a party that can not support President Trump. We support no one that lies to win in any thing! So long gop and hello Patriot party. Help our Nation almighty God. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and Donal Trump is my President!

  13. Eric

    Your getting it, forget law and crunch the votes. The Election Fraud is in the Math!

  14. Craig

    Greg, thank you for your courage for broadcasting the truth. I don’t think there is going to be a trail, the powers that be don’t want the truth come out. Don’t be supplied if it all goes away.

  15. Paul H.Stine

    Hello Greg,

    Thank you for your work and keep it up. I want to tell you that as long as you stay here I will be able to forward your whole report to some ladies I am talking to in China. They will not be censored on this platform but on YouTube they cannot even play it. At least if they desire to post your report with a VPN they can do so, however, if they are caught I suppose they could be Eliminated. I send all kinds of news to them as well as your reports now that I realize you are not on YouTube.. YouTube is “outlawed” in China and it won’t even operate. I suspect you are going to be big in China. I hope so. Please keep mentioning our Lord and our praise for Him. This is really big too. The ladies are new Christians and I have to explain a lot about our Lord but I think you and I are going to be sharing a crown that you can put at the feet of our Savior. Be my guest. Thank God for you and your new audience likes you a lot. I just can’t measure how popular you are. I am praying for you and I am an Agent Orange disabled Veteran. I cannot afford to help you now, however, once I receive a 100% rating I will start funding you. God Bless you and me. I am anxious for the rapture and I am sure you are too. My brother in Jesus Christ. I am Flint Westweed I

  16. David Dunne

    The SWAMP is the power. WE have no voice now and that voice is being taken down now too. I was so vocal on SM and always got kicked off, my friends say the best thing is to lay low until we all get some sort of cohesion now.

  17. Former Democrat

    Are there any court cases regarding election fraud that still are pending or were they all discarded?

    If unemployment continues to rise from now until at least election 2022, a Republican majority in both the House and Senate should be expected. However, with Election Day now being Election Months, the chances are slim the Republicans will take any majority. Sorry to be so negative, but Sen. Rand Paul can’t alone reform election procedures in the many states that need it. We must assemble many republican leaders on the local level in each of these troublesome states if a fair Election Day is to return.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Forget voting! It solves nothing and plays into the opposition’s hands! Move on to the next thing: negotiated separation. YOUR survival, and the survival of the rest of us, depend on it. Best always. PM

  18. Robert J. Gargasz

    God Bless you Greg Hunter
    I have tried to send your message out to over 200 plus people in my family and political circles In Ohio. Keep up the good fight! Truth will prevail. Christ our King is in charge!

    God Bless the New Republic of America and its leader Donald Trump, President. May our military defend our Constitution and Your Experiment. Amen.

    Live Free or die. Victory or death.

  19. Al Olmstead

    You’re doing it right, Greg. Good luck!

  20. JC

    The mystery of Bitcoin… what is happening?
    Is it a Ponzi scheme?

    • Paul ...

      JC … During the time of the Tulip Bulb Mania it was believed by the general public that the “many different tulip bulbs” with various characteristics had great worth … today during the Bitcoin Mania it is believed that the various electron bit coins inside a computer with various characteristics also have great worth … to convince people otherwise during a run-up is near impossible … what is not in a Mania yet “is silver” … and it is always best to get into something before the Mania begins!!

    • Dana McMichael

      JC, a lot of people are being snookered in by crpto currencies; but it is just another fiat currency because it has no precious metal backing. Worse than fiat paper currency, one good EMT and your crypto wealth disappears. Also worse than fiat paper currency, the government is going to end up controlling digital “money” which will give the Deep State total control of your finances. They will be able to extract the tax liability they assign to you; and can either freeze your crypto currency or reduce the purchasing power of the crypto in your account. Don’t think for a minute that crypto currencies weren’t the Deep State’s idea.

  21. S across the pond

    From the outside Greg, one could guess widespread coercion, including reduced life expenctancy, was applied at all levels to propogate and legitimise the ‘fraud’. I bet these people were put under unbelievable pressure not to rock the boat.

    • okiepicker

      sounds like the mark of the beast to me!


    Hello Greg,
    The recent short letter issued by the Joint Chief of Staffs before Biden’s inauguration mention the word Constitution(al) six times, and how they were DUTY bound to protect the Constitution. The veiled message I received from this letter was that while the Military may not be able to prevent Biden from legally taking the Presidency they would act if Biden or his administration threatened the Constitution.
    Whether Trump signed the Insurrection Act or not, these Generals have stated in writing where their Duty lye’s.
    Time will tell if your military will fulfill their oaths or if they are as compromised as
    the rest of the establishment.
    What worries me is that Military Intelligence would surely know at least as much as the private investigators that the Dominion machines were connected to the internet and that overseas actors were involved in the election fraud. I’ll bet my next pay packet that they would have been monitoring all of the election fraud in real time.
    So why haven’t they upheld their sworn oath to protect the Constitution?
    Greg, I was hoping you would have asked PCRoberts this question.

    • Self+Exiled

      Excellent question.

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “So why haven’t [the military] upheld their sworn oath to protect the Constitution?”

      IMO, The Joint Chiefs, are part of the Globalist cabal. Other factions of “the military” are not. It’s a game of chicken. So far, the anti-globalist factions have chosen not to act. Unfortunately, their relative power will erode over time as Biden’s associates in the Department of Defense purge their potential enemies. The situation is very unstable.

  23. Ipsy Willow

    1984 The Movie – Based on Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell – Colorized
    230,700 views•Premiered Dec 20, 2020
    JOIN THE PARTY/OR ELSE, John Brennen.
    1984 is a 1956 British black-and-white (colorized) science fiction film, based on the 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, depicting a totalitarian future of a dystopian society.

    This is the first film adaptation of the story, directed by Michael Anderson and starring Edmond O’Brien as protagonist Winston Smith, and featuring Donald Pleasence, Jan Sterling, and Michael Redgrave. The character O’Brien, the antagonist, was renamed “O’Connor”, due to the shared surname of the actor Edmond O’Brien. Emmanuel Goldstein is changed to “Kalador”.

    In 1954, Peter Cushing and André Morell starred in a BBC-TV made-for-TV adaptation which was extremely popular with British audiences, leading to the production of the 1956 film version. Donald Pleasence had also appeared in the BBC television version, playing the character of Syme, which for the film was amalgamated with that of Parsons. The script was co-written by William Templeton, who had previously adapted the novel for the US Studio One TV series in 1953.

    For the U.S. market, 1984 was distributed in 1956 on a double feature with another British science fiction film, The Gamma People.[4] After distributor agreements expired, the film was withdrawn from theatrical and TV distribution channels by Orwell’s estate and has not been officially available for many years.

    Like the earlier film adaption of Animal Farm, 1984 was secretly funded by the Central Intelligence Agency.
    What’s the answer for 84, UNION76. Gas up here Californians!

  24. Max Carter

    Thanks Greg for your hard work. Do you know if Kamala has resigned her California Senate seat as of yet?

    Hopefully we hear the evidence in the Supreme Court.

  25. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    Thanks Greg, God bless.

    • Jane Farmer

      Yes, she finally gave it up on Jan 18, 2021

  26. spirit

    May the truth never be obscured like this again! We have tolerated years of it, along with the frustration that comes from it. I ask Jesus for the miracle of Truth being seen beyond the shadows of the evil ones. I know not how this can be done but I do know that where there is light, darkness does not exist. Jesus, bring LIGHT into this world!

  27. Fusion Gyped you, YES!

    Viral Reddit Post From ‘Robinhood Insider’ Claims White House Pressured Broker to Block Buying of GameStop Shares
    by Paul Joseph Watson
    January 28th 2021, 5:15 pm
    WallStreetBets community warns post may be a ploy to panic people into selling.
    The fat cats called Beijing and they called Bidens puppet master’s and walla, problem solved! Maybe?

  28. Maria+das+Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter not only for your bravery but also your unremitting search for the truth and presenting it to us so that we may also see the truth.

    I still visit YT to see who is advertising so that I can avoid their products.

    So many people I have followed have left the gargoyle channel over the years it is not worth watching.
    As of this morning GOOGLE has decided to censor others I watch and I watch to see what they think.They are gargoyles but it is important to see what they think.

    Still its interesting to see the gargoyle tech destroy their hard won businesses and they just don’t like distributed technology,that aptly says that is the future.

  29. John Trainor

    Greg, unsubscribed, but ONLY because I was on your list twice. Definitely staying subscribed. Thank you for all you do!!

  30. robert howell

    Can i copy this greg and share it to another platform?

    • Greg Hunter

      Link to from USAW–yes, reupload video–NO.

  31. Tyler Gervaise

    We are in such serious trouble. America, the last hope; and the world watches in fear. This entire collapse designed by pure evil continues to push forward at “warp speed” here in America and around the world. At 54yrs, I never dreamed such nightmares could become reality but here we are. Before things can begin to turn around, what is obviously missing and desperately needed is true leadership. It would seem that those now in control, tightly hold the “keys” to mainstream information, completely controlling the narrative and mainstream thought. It’s like some kind of evil spell cast over humanity! The “ spell” must be shattered OR this ends in a horrific way! There is NO in between!

  32. Russ D

    There are no words to adequately describe where we as a nation are headed…

    If President Trump and the Military don’t remove this SCUMbag soon we will NOT have a Country left.

  33. Angie

    Oh goody, Trump gets his day in court; News flash, we are being ruled by tyrannical government and guess what comes next? There is always a culling after the extreme left comes into power and Trump will be its first victim. Laws and constitutional rights are only as powerful as the enforcing agency which is now in the hands of the left. The cowards in our courts and military have turned away from the Republic and destroyed it. Damn them all to Hell!

  34. William Betts

    The citizens of America should never forget that Donald Trump won the election of 2020 by a landslide. The rough numbers look like this with legal votes-Biden received about 52 million votes-Trump received about 85 million votes. The states are required to hold these ballots for 22 months after election. They can be researched and should be, but this sick person in the White House should be in an assisted living facility. Big mistakes are going to be made; what if China annexes Tiawan, what is China Joe going to do????? Betts

    • Paul ...

      Bill … The “Big Guy” will probably declare that the US believes in “A One China Policy” … but only after making sure the $10 million dollar check from China (for the purchase of a Hunter Bribe’n oil painting of a daisy) … clears in the famly Swiss Bank Account!!

  35. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    Your weekly wrap-ups help to keep me sane Greg. Not much longer now for massive retributions.

  36. Jerry

    Let’s be honest. The election wasn’t stollen. Stealing usually takes place under the cover of darkness when no one is looking. The deep state ripped the election out of our hands in broad daylight and then sit back and said, what are you going to do about it?

    Then we have the Q nonsense of trust the plan. Which one? The national guard in Washington to retake the capital? Or the building of a new republic and the creation of the patriot party? It’s all B.S.
    Go ahead and trust this imaginary plan. Meanwhile we’re being herded like cattle to the slaughter with biological warfare, and soon to come grid down to complete the global control mechanism.

    The big question is why? The truth is we’re on a schedule for agenda 21 and Donald Trump had to be removed at all cost to move “ the plan” forward. The American people have been played big time by the globalist who control the banks, the courts, and congress. In the old days when people actually had a brain and guts, they would have shown up with pitchforks and torches. But instead we sit on our ass and wait for someone to do something. Meanwhile let me introduce you to your new master. The ones who actually have a plan.

    Now you know why I keep saying get your spiritual house in order.
    We are well past the point of no return, and the landlord that owns this planet is coming to collect the rent. Lucifer is making his final move to destroy free agency, and…….will….be….stopped!

  37. Clint+D.

    I figure 2021 is going to be a year of escalating violence within the USA. One reason is because I can’t find one box of ammo so my spouse can go to the range for some much needed target practice. I will go to a gun show Sunday trying to buy a box of 9 mm.

    I figure enough know what is coming to start getting prepared. I am going to attempt to move out of the country before things get too dicey. I don’t want to be around for what I see coming.

    • Jane Farmer

      We are currently under military rule. Are you planning to use your pitchforks against our military?
      President Trump KNEW they were going to steal the election. He wrote executive orders planning for this very thing as far back as 2018. He got a bird’s eye view crash course in just how corrupt the swamp is. We have witnessed firsthand that EVERY person/thing in DC from Pence on down, including our judiciary is corrupt.
      My faith remains in God and President Trump. He promised to ‘drain the swamp’ and it’s the only promise he made that he hasn’t kept….YET.

      • Jeannette+Rowden

        I agree with Jane Farmer. Trump and the military had four years to plan for the D.S. takedown, and they are fully in charge now. Anyone who thinks Trump would concede his landslide victory to the likes of Biden does not know Trump. Watch for great things to come.

  38. Mel Mason

    The left thought they were doing a coup while Team Trump was setting up a sting.
    MAGA – Many Are Getting Arrested.
    President Trump is a loyalist. He loves this country and will not allow the fraud to stand.
    My first hope is that Saturday the 20th the hatchet falls, (ten days of darkness)
    If not then my next best hope is for March 4th.
    I don’t believe many of us can stomach the idea of going through 4 yrs of this scarecrow zombie, but we can wait 10 days , or 30 days if we have to.
    Reach deep and Trust God. Trust Trump. Be thankful that He is cleaning this corruption.
    God Bless America. MAGA!!

  39. Doreen Remsen

    Thank you Greg for well researched well presented facts Yes there are anomalies I’ve called the White House to voice my opposition to all these executive edicts 202 456 1111 fully expecting to get a busy signal as I have in the past The phone rang & I immediately got a recording stating “The White House is temporarily closed” ??? The recording directed me to use email thank you & disconnected Either the fraudulent administration does not want to hear from 80 plus million ticked off Americans or something else is going on Our rights are being violated on every level However I know this is spiritual warfare & our wonderful Father has NEVER lost a battle And we His children never face any trial or battle alone No worries I will spread the word that you can be found on your website speaking unfiltered uncensored truth Soldier on! Blessings my friend🙏

  40. Donnie

    Dear Greg, always respected your coverage and guest. Your a knight for liberty and good. I suspect, Trumps lawyer and Arizona, if machines are audited there, will set a presidence for other swing states to have their election machines and software audited. So what happens in Arizona will is crucial for us all. The hatred and evil mindedness of the democratic party and Trump haters have been put on public display and about 75 million voters are watching a rogue government, which will use any available tool to stay in power, even using the national guard. Even though violence should be avoided if possible, the left is moving our country toward a revolution and social conflict. Biden, is going back to the Obama, globalist, agenda of the past, and is controlled by the radical socialist policies of Sanders and the democratic party. Our nation will probably experience a dollar collapse this year, or next. Already, the fed. is signaling a continued printing signal, and continued low interest rates. The problem with their Keyneisian philosophy is, their using a economic model which has failed over and over. Their ponzi scheme will end when they can no longer hold interest rates down, which will collapse the bond market, or the faith in the dollar is totally lost from massive printing, ending in a nasty deflationary collapse, and a forced currency reset, which their already planning. The fact that the reset is already starting indicates the system was designed for failure, and when it comes, the globalist will use public hardship to sell their reset agenda. Biden in office was what they were waiting on. Looking back, I don’t believe the virus was an accident but was the tool for the reset. In Sept. 2019, the fed. began their repo bail outs, marking the start, which has only continued and worsened, and in December, here came Corvid, to the world surprise. Its good to here from you friend, and I know you’ve continued faithfully to be the knight you truly are. Your having some good economic guest to educate the people, and to bring an understanding of the monetary changes ahead. Farewell, and best wishes.

  41. Greg Bennett

    Thank You Greg
    This is A better interface that youtube. Loads and plays great.


    Greg, thank you for all you do to keep all of us patriots informed. We know you have taken a hit, but know that you are one of our heroes. Your faith shines through you and I believe God will lead us out of this darkness. Someday justice will be served. I will pray for you and your family and for your continued success.

  43. andyb

    Considering all of the events over the past 4 years it should be obvious to all who post here that the 2 party system is a sham. Most members of Congress have been bought and paid for, often times by the same people. There are too few exceptions. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is discovered that the CCP have given a few $billion to be spread among the off shore accounts of all the corruptocrats. The Marxist takeover is almost complete. Heretofore merely incremental since the 1970s, the eradication of the Republic is now on steroids with Biden the senile puppet in nominal charge and the amazing coincidental emergence of COVID.

    Two comments should be made about the pandemic.
    1. We have heard the stories about the manipulation of COVID numbers and the amazing disappearance of normal flu cases. History will probably show that the deaths of 2020 in total were not significantly different from any other year.
    2. Even though I am in the most susceptible cohort for vaccination (compromised immune system, octogenarian) I will refuse any and all injections of a vaccine that has been rushed to market, contains both elements to change or alter my RNA/DNA, and others that are neurotoxic (brain damaging). I am acutely aware that the principal Globalist agenda (other than totalitarian control) is depopulation. There’s substantial evidence that adverse reactions (including death) among those already vaccinated is approaching 10%. That’s a significant risk folks.

    • Paul ...

      3. Bill Gates has now developed a vaccine to make people into Atheists and sold the idea to the Military Generals in the Pentagon (so the people who believe in killing the body will now be killing the soul)!!!



  45. Carey Logan

    this is one of your most compelling WNW’s EVER!!!! Love you Greg!!

  46. Annaliese

    Why impeach a citizen? Or are they trying to impeach President Trump because he really is president and they know it?

  47. Rod Brumley

    Looks like the Metals are getting ready to move.
    Mr. Greg Hunter our Ultimate Patriot

  48. Greg A Mathers

    You should really accept Bitcoin. Here is an easy place to spend it.
    I will be the first to donate if you put a public key on your website and notify me.

  49. Gloria Charlier

    I write them nasty notes every time I get an email from the RNC too! How arrogant for them to think that we are going to support anything that they do now!

  50. Greg A Mathers

    I forgot, you need a wallet.
    Easy & free

    Much more secure, if you receive a lot of donations.

  51. Dana McMichael

    Re: Impeachment Trial

    The U.S. Constitution states that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will preside over Impeachment trials in the Senate. Chief Justice Roberts has said he will NOT participate in this impeachment trial because the purpose of impeachment is to remove a sitting president and Trump is no longer President. Word is, Sen. Patrick Leahy is going to preside over the trial in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. There seems to be no end to the Dems readiness and willingness to violate the Supreme Law of the land.


    Greg where can I see the State legislature videos

  53. D P

    The Lord says that LAWLESSNESS will abound when I return.
    Look up people our redemption draws near!
    If you’re Not right with God, Get right, NOW!
    If you’re right with God, get, RIGHTER!!!
    John 3:16 Is wonderful but the bible also says
    Seek out your salvation with fear and trembling!
    God bless you Greg
    God bless and protect us from the INSANE persecution that is coming

  54. S+W

    this is the only one I can find on the Supreme Court docket
    looks like Feb at the earliest before they get a hearing

    this looks like the only case on the docket I can find, PA.

    do you think they are having buyers remorse already?

  55. Jerry

    Like I said. It’s pitchfork and torch time.

    FYI – the troops in Washington are there to protect the deep state from us. They can’t hide their crimes forever , and they know when the Q nonsense wears out, people are going to have a mental meltdown and be coming for them. The truth is, you back a dog into a corner, he’s going to bite. That’s why DHS has issued a warning about domestic terrorist. It’s now official. If you love this country, and are patriotic, you are a threat to the deep state and their globalist government.

    It gets worse. According to David Goldberg, operation pogo was designed to lure people to alternate sites so they could be collected onto the states enemies list. Chances are most of us are on that list, so we may be getting a visit from the globalist thought control police anytime. That should make getting your spiritual house in order a priority since they won’t be coming to win friends and influence people. But then again, it could all be part of Sun Zu’s follow the plan strategy and we won’t have to do anything but watch the show and eat popcorn. Right……that worked so well in nazi Germany didn’t it?

  56. Walter Baumgarten

    You do a great job of bringing so many guests who speak so much truth Greg. If you take all of what has been said here and sort it out and compile what actually happened from what was predicted I think you will see that yes DJT was given to us to clearly indicate that there is only one ruling party in our government and that we were given an opportunity to open our eyes and turn back to God. But just as Rabbi Cahn said in his December message, we did not repent as a nation, so we will now be judged as a nation and be found to be lacking. That 200 million Man Army of Revelation may very well be our “buddies” from China. Oh well, salvation can only be had as individuals anyway my friend and the time is upon us for the separation of the wheat from the chaff. Hold on to Yeshua you believers, He is our salvation!

  57. ZtEve.O

    Saw an interesting video interview on SGT Report delineating the difference between THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the corporation and the United States country which is currently under military rule. Maybe just hopium but makes more sense than congress senate network news etc. Run by Chi Comm Party.

  58. Bill Fangio

    Western civilization is the heir to Christianity. In the West it was generally belived that man was created in the image of God and that gave the individual worth elevating him over the State and releasing all of he productivity, prosperity, and liberty. Otherwise the State is elevated over the individual and there is slavery. The real divide in our nation is theism vs atheism. I was having a drink with my boss Bob Johnston a WWII B26 bomber pilot, at the Top of the Mark is San Francisco in 1962. He casually remarked that he was there in 1943 when two sailors threw a table out the window and that they could lick the whole world and they knew it. But by this time in 1962 the bumper sticker read, “Better red than dead”. We were already trending away. I asked Bob what was the problem with the world. His reply – Half the world is trying to tell the other half what to do..

    The forces of evil have arrayed themselves against the American people and the Creator and Ruler of the universe. And they have taken the seats of power in America. They willingly forget that God rules in the affairs of men and “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God”.

  59. Donna t

    Many channelers are saying the same thing Trump will be in the WH also Utsava stated weeks ago that the USA would be getting a new flag…now DC has enough votes to become a state…interesting she also says silver will be round $400

    Take the time to send the POS President a message I did….haven’t received any calls from 3 letter agencies yet lol…creepy feelie, sniffing, hairy legged, keep away from your children hiden biden that can’t string a sentence together.also know aka CCP puppet joke!
    Miss you on You Tube Greg but we are sticking with you and the rest of the Real Journalist!!

  60. Virginia Conway

    Greg, I loved your shameless truths, could not have said it better! With the Biden suit at the helm speaking the words for the Democrats the USA can’t survive. Each day more and more organizations and individuals are being exposed. Judise Pence was most likely the eyes and ears for the left. Trump survived fours surrounded by more traitors than we ever imagined. In spite of that President Trump accomplished so much and now his being out of office is not enough. They want to erase his memory. That will be a cold day in hell, we will not abandon his memory.

  61. Gloria Charlier

    Fauci needs needs to be hung for Treason instead of being the highest paid Federal official (official Traitor)! I so appreciate all that you do!

  62. Nancy McDaniel

    Thank you brother for continuing to speak Truth. Convention of States is the only way to restore the Republic short of cesession. Mark Levin has been talking about it for years and so far 14 states have passed it with 13 or more working on it. We need to educate and promote this no matter what outcome in the district of crime.

  63. Skip H.

    KEEP UP THE FIGHT GREG! This was one of your most passionate presentations. It will be interesting to watch how the corruption is exposed when Donald Trump presents the voter fraud evidence in the Senate chamber. Praying that this will trigger the U.S. Military to intervene and protect our Constitution….since the corruption is so widespread through the political and judicial systems.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Skip!!

  64. Kim

    Have been watching you for years. As always right on the mark.
    Thank you for putting out the truth!
    God Bless you!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kim!!

  65. John Henry

    All these criminal charges all these criminal complaints all these files opened all this theater all this make show all this Foolery and fakery Hillary is still not in jail

  66. Robert K


    First off, thank you for everything you do in keeping us informed and continuing to fight the good fight. I really enjoy your content, passion, and dogged determination to expose the fraud, corruption, evil, and anti-American agenda taking place. Only recently was I introduced to your website in the fall of 2020, and it is a breath of fresh air hearing the TRUTH! I just made my first donation to your site, and I encourage others to do the same. Especially in light of all the censoring you have had to endure. Fear not! Isaiah 41:10. Keep up the great work and stay strong, the truth will out!

  67. Vernon Tart

    Bitcoin, for one reason, they see the dollar and corporations profits all going down while the world flees fiat currencies like the Federal Reserve Note a pure debt instrument. Bitcoin is not debt. Though I am not big advocate of it. The youth have grown up with digital currencies so to them it is not a big move.

    • Paul ...

      Vernon … A jar half full of marbles does not make the marbles money (worth $32,000 dollars each) … just like a computer only containing space for a certain amount of electronic bits doesn’t make the bit-coins money … electrons and marbles “are not rare in our world” … something used as currency “needs to be rare” for it to have true value as money … and that’s exactly why infinite dollars printed by the Fed is not money or a store of value (as it has gone from 100 cents to 1 cent as is now falling toward zero)!!



  69. Mike

    Both political parties have destroyed themselves. The only reason they can win now is rigged vote machines. Trump was recently thanked for his service and his response was “I am not done yet”. By the way, that fence around the capital was designed to keep people inside, just like a prison.

  70. Allen Sachetti

    Excellent news and commentary. There is NO QUESTION that the FRAUD in the 2020 Election was FREAKING MASSIVE and the EVIDENCE to prove it is equally MASSIVE.

    The Dominion voting machines alone allowed Democrat Operatives and Foreign Actors to directly login to the vote tallies and DELETE Trump Votes and create biden votes.

    The Will of the people has been violated with a Fraudulent president without the Courts, Congress or the Senate doing their duty.

  71. Allen Sachetti

    Excellent Truth

  72. Marie+Joy

    It looks like the illegitimate president is going all out to create an American, and worldwide, famine. CYA. Have a very large garden, the ability to preserve it and the ability to protect it.

    iceagefarmer on Youtube

  73. Hannah H

    Greg, we are literally getting to experience the fight between good and evil. Anyone saying voter/election/election official fraud didn’t happen is compromised or just evil.

  74. Colleen Marie

    Read that Nancy Pelosi’s laptop was taken during the Capitol invasion. Anyone know where it is?
    Why hasn’t Mitch McConnell’s wife been investigated regarding her ties to the CCP? Her sister is high up in the CCP in Mainland China.

    • JC

      Colleen Marie,
      Pelosi’s laptop is sitting on a shelf somewhere next Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is next to Anthony Wiener’s laptop.

      • JC

        Colleen Marie,
        Pelosi’s laptop is sitting on a shelf somewhere next to Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is next to Anthony Wiener’s laptop.

  75. Marty

    Correct… the government is illegitimate. They don’t see any evidence that contradicts their agenda… the impeachment won’t be any different. They will use it to show all of us… despite all of the evidence laid out in front of the world… it won’t make one bit of difference as they will do what they want and let everyone know they are in power and there is nothing you can do about it. They must make an example out of Trump to show anyone who is even thinking of standing in their way… this is what is going to happen to you. Facts are irrelevant.

    • Paul ...

      Yep!! … just like on 9-11 … when they told us that steel will get soft (just like the grill on our stove gets soft when we turn on the flame to cook dinner ) … and of-course over time even the pot you are cooking in will also collapse into its own footprint (just like Bldg 7 did)!!

  76. Stephen

    So, is the FBI raiding homes and arresting people because they don’t like their FB memes? Asking for a friend. Did I just wake up in China?

  77. Robert Sinclair

    When sending GOP donation back just write in bold letters “Revelation 3:15-16” Greg thank you for your love and concerns to inform!

  78. JC

    Bitcoin? Uh-oh…

    Bob Moriarty: People are literally throwing money at anything to see if it sticks. Now, as far as Bitcon is concerned and Tesla and the general stock market, it’s an accident just waiting to happen. I am astonished that people are still suggesting investments in Bitcon, and I’ll tell you why. Were you aware that one half of one percent of Bitcoin investors control 83% of the Bitcoin?

    • Mike R

      Those bubbles will be summarily popped, and end very badly. 95% downdrafts on Tesla and Bitcoin coming for certain. MOAB. Mother Of All Bubbles. About to explode.

  79. Michael Stevenson

    I’m enjoying viewing the Weekly News Report directly from

  80. Mark Benassi

    My wife and I are with you Greg. We gave more money than we ever did to help Trump in this election but we’re not giving a cent to the RNC and we have cancelled their money begging text messages.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your backlash and millions of others who feel the same way you and your wife does is why the Senate Republicans now think impeachment is not a good idea, and this includes that back stabbing McConnell!!

      • John Howard

        Disagree. they will cancel the impeachment because it might reveal the evidence of voter fraud.

        • Paul ...

          And it will show the world that Trump is the real sitting President of the US (because you can’t impeach “a private citizen”) … impeaching Trump “actually proves he won the election” (and the Demon-rats are just too stupid to figure this out) … if the dumb Demon-rats go ahead and impeach Trump … they will effectively be acknowledging that Trump really won the election and is our President … Trump should then (immediately upon his impeachment that proves he is the President) order the military arrest all the traitors in Congress!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Let the RINOs stew in their own broth and then have to cuddle up with their bed-buddies, the Commie Dems. I resigned from the RINO party 16 Jan. 2021. Never another dime or any of my time again. Do the same. Cripple the RINO party NOW! Best always. PM

  81. Jerry

    Steve Hilton,
    You’re late to the party.

    Please tell us something we didn’t already know. Event 201 was the planning party. Having grown up around technocrats I can tell you the one thing they like more than experimentation is planning meetings. Glade-x and the purple contagion exercise were more of the same. FYI Pfizer is exempt from medical liability. That should tell you how confident they are in their biological product. But by all means let’s have herd immunization on a drug that has….never….been….tested. The results will be forthcoming when the next coronavirus strain makes its appearance. Variant is on the way, and those that have implanted the vaccine into their DNA will be its first victims.

  82. Self+Exiled

    When I saw this I thought of Trump.

    For I have heard the whispering and defaming words of many,
    “Terror on every side!
    Denounce him! Let us denounce him!”
    All my familiar and trusted friends,
    [Those who are] watching for my fall, say,
    “Perhaps he will be persuaded and deceived; then we will overcome him,
    And take our revenge on him.” Jeremiah 20:10

    Next verse, interestingly enough—-

    But the LORD is with me as a dread champion [one to be greatly feared];
    Therefore my persecutors will stumble and not overcome [me].
    They will be completely shamed, for they have not acted wisely and have failed [in their schemes];
    Their eternal dishonor will never be forgotten. Jeremiah 20:11

    Amen to that, did you know the word amen has nothing to do with men. It is how a Hebrew word is pronounced [spelt in English] to produce the sound of the Hebrew word. I think it means”I believe”?????? The left is always chasing shadows of propriety that does not exist for the purposes of accusation; to be proper by one’s own strength [without God] produces insanity.

  83. Sally Riedel

    I missed seeing your show. Thank you for the email. Great information. I saw several videos that were taken by people at the rally that proved that the DC police allowed antifa/BLM goons into the Capitol behind barriers prior to the end of the rally. A video showed a police car also escorted several white buses to parking areas near Capitol and many people wearing Trump hats got off the bus who did not look like Trump rally people. Its a slam dunk as to who they were as well as all the footage on voter fraud. Its literally in our face. Its a spiritual war and the dark are doing everything they can to take over. Rudy has a lot of this footage on both rally and voter fraud. Trump won. Trust the plan, have faith and God wins. Just wait.

    • Paul ...

      Forget the “Q” (just wait crap) Sally … buy some silver coins … and make yourself heard!!

  84. Alan Johnson

    The fact of the matter is that the Judiciary, the FBI, CIA, DOJ and many other Bureaucracies, and many in the House and the Senate are controlled by the Deep State.
    The Republic is lost.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not so fast. Have faith.

  85. Tony

    Is it willful blindness or the lack of critical thinking skills that cause people to still believe in follow the plan?
    At what point do people stop looking to Q and false prophets for answers. Nobody listened to Jeremiah even when the enemy was at the gate. America’s enemies are inside the gate. All the pre tribulation rapture people might want to prepare to endure persecution like the early church.
    The American church isn’t more special or more exceptional than the apostles, the prophets and the early church so prepare to endure to the end.

  86. Jim

    Here’s short humorurs Vid (7 mins) about ANTIFA/BLM (if at all possible to be humrous about this topic)

    soory it’s YT…

  87. William E Brown

    Greg, I think I know why they ran the same stack of ballots through the counting machines several times over in Georgia . This is documented on video. The people running the ballots through the counters knew how many ballots were in the large boxes they had. Since all, or almost all, of the ballots in the large boxes were for Biden there was no need to run all of the ballots through the counting machines and the workers knew that. It is much easier to run the same stack several times. The results would be the same but it is a lot less work to run the same stack multiple times than to run all of the ballots through once.

  88. Gary

    Good job.

  89. Rod Brumley

    Smart Move after getting the 2nd strike – I have no problem watching you here. You are the ultimate Patriot. I’m still amazed that President Trump didn’t enact the insurrection act.

    • Greg Hunter

      Me too Rod! Thanks for supporting USAW!!

  90. Robert E Salt

    Joe Biden is not the president but he plays one on TV.

  91. Ed Philbrook

    We are with you Greg! Your voice keeps me sane here in Western Massachusetts.

  92. Country Codger

    Great WNW, Greg.
    The last day of the current cycle is February 11th. Taking place on the night of February 10th, ((the beginning of the 11th on the Hebrew calendar)), is a huge planetary alignment and also the moon in alignment. Alignments usually “reveal”. This is not astrology but rather astronomy. Please read Psalms 19 in the blue Scriptures I sent you. Watch for a “revealing” to take place on the 11th. It may not but, I think it will.
    Lo Iyrah!

  93. Fred Daake

    Preach it Greg! There are not too many people with audiences who continue to push the idea of a stolen election. There are too many people of all political leanings who are willing to accept it and move on.

    • Greg Hunter

      You cannot accept a fraud this big just like you cannot accept someone shooting you mother in the head and then simply move on.

      • Dgmdpa

        Greg, the FBI is the premier investigation agency in the country. Therefore, they normally would be the best agency to investigate these criminal operations by parties in our bureaucracy. But would they not then also be the best “clean-up team” in the government? What if the FBI is in on everything and has the job of finding evidence and making sure it is never revealed. Greg, your nose is right. Look into it.

    • MJ

      You are correct, Fred. Unfortunately, Greg’s huge ego won’t allow him to ever be “wrong”, so he just doubles down on the lie that the election was “stolen” from Trump. Chris Krebs, (a republican), who was in charge of the Homeland Security Department’s Cybersecurity and Intelligence Security Agency (CISA) told Congress that the 2020 US election was safe from hacking and was “the most secure election of all times”. Trump just couldn’t handle the truth, and fired him for this statement. Greg is in denial over this.

      • Fred Daake

        You are entitled to your own posts, but don’t hijack my post. If you want to bear false witness, leave me out.

        You can turn anything into a lie by refusing to look at the facts. The facts, combined with several methods of pattern analysis, prove that the election was stolen. Your unwillingness to accept the evidence is not a valid reason to participate in defamation. Your effort to blaspheme my effort to promote the truth is sickening.

        I double down on my post – Greg is doing a great service to everyone by promoting the facts about how the election was stolen.

        In case you never heard about the natural law of truth, read it here:

      • Paul ...

        Words straight from “MJ Ultra” (the mind control branch of the Deep State) … so you are still listening in on our private conversations?? … on a private website???

    • Gene

      The cowardly judges have yet to pass judgment on the issues of fraud that would if proven, establish that the election was, in fact, stolen from President Trump. These craven little people in black robes have used every available legal device to avoid fairly reviewing those issues.
      But these unresolved issues will gall the electorate until the truth is revealed and trust is restored in the election system. They know too well that the last vestiges of “democracy” in the attainment of federal office have just been extinguished. The Biden regime is well aware of this and it frightens them to the core; that is why it deems those who even question the legitimacy of the last Presidential election to be “domestic terrorists”.
      It would be foolish to smugly ignore the destructive potential created by such deceit and cowardice.

    • Dgmdpa

      You might want to actually look at the evidence before walking off the cliff Fred. Or, is just that Greg cannot tell someone something they already know? BS denials won’t cut it. Theft is theft. Crime is crime. Truth is truth. Cannot change that. We will see what stands the test.

  94. Dan Stecjuk

    I am disappointed that Trump did not use the military to arrest ALL of the Criminals, and stay in power. They tried to frame him for four years and the future looks grim. I have been band from Tube for talking against the fraud. It is 1984.

  95. MJ

    And it was over 50 cases, Greg. Each court asked for evidence and when they failed to produce it, the case was dismissed. Stop spreading false information, please.

    • Robert K

      The evidence was NEVER heard! Where are you getting your news from? Fakebook? CNN? the MSM? Please! Are you living under a rock? It is as plain as the nose on your face, and it can be clearly seen, if you only choose to see it. Massive fraud and every court in the nation turned a blind eye. The fix was in from 2016 to stage the coup that took down a sitting president. The numbers and facts don’t lie.

  96. MJ

    Please note that this article was from a British newspaper…they have no reason to publish “false news” about the Trump-Russia connection. Wake the f— up, Hunter.

    • Gene

      Dear Mr. Hunter,
      The ruling class spent more than four years as well as the efforts of multiple intelligence agencies and millions of taxpayer dollars attempting to prove the kind of drivel served up in the Guardian article so eagerly promoted by this commenter.
      And the commenter seems to recognize this by attempting to bootstrap this specious argument with a crass, profane and offensive personal attack against you.
      This falls far below the threshold of worthwhile discourse; perhaps it should be banned.

    • Marie+Joy

      MainStream News is corrupt, worldwide. You cannot believe a word any, of them say. NOT ONE WORD

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “this article was from a British newspaper…they have no reason to publish “false news” about the Trump-Russia connection . . ..”

      I assume you’re jesting.

    • Ronnie

      Speaking from the UK… The Guardian really is the fakest of Fake News.
      Most of its journalists are either conceitedly self-righteous old men or (even more) conceitedly self-righteous, childless, single 30-something women, none of which have ever created a penny of wealth, on a crusade to further the “Long March Through the Institutions” they learned in their Student Union days, with zero regard for fairness.
      For example: back in 1998 I was in a spare week between contracts and a friend of mine who worked in Conservative Central Office (then in Smith Square) phoned me and asked if I could do a simple but important job for him. William Hague (then Leader) was doing a major “Stronger Families for Everyone” policy launch ***with the whole Shadow Cabinet in attendance*** and my friend needed someone to carry a couple of recyclable 35mm cameras and use them all up taking wide shots at 90 degrees perpendicular to whatever the Press were doing – so he and I knew EXACTLY what had really happened.
      The next day I went to the library to compare all the newspapers to see how they had reported it and was completely amazed. Apart from the Telegraph (accurate and complete) and the Times (accurate but incomplete) no other paper apart from the Guardian had even reported it.
      But the Guardian had completely ignored everything that was said about family structures, causes of harm or risks to children, divorce law, etc, etc, (similar to Obama’s 2008 Fatherhood speech) and instead found a tiny sub-sub-appendix about the USA “Silver Ring Thing” movement and used it to scream the headline: “TORIES SLAM HAGUE FOR SLEEPING WITH FFION BEFORE MARRIAGE AT PARTY CONFERENCE”.

  97. Ed Siceloff

    The last election was the most completely secure election that ever was, for those wanting to implement the globalist agenda. All one has to do is to give a cursory glance at what the usurper in chief is doing with his executive orders, that are not necessarily valid within the states of the Union but will be enforced as though they are.

  98. Nick de la Gaume


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Nick!!

  99. Art Barnes

    Greg, for the last 4 years I have been giving money to the RNC & many other races of the Republicans hoping to keep Trump in office. I now realize that the RNC and the RINO’s have deceived me out of my money. I am writing back to all their letters begging for money telling them to get lost and a small blurb as to why I have lost faith in their program for America & that I support President Trump wholeheartedly.

    I am going to start a monthly donation to your site now because I know you are a true Christian conservative who refuses to be bought or silenced. My donations I wish could be substantial but I hope they will help even though on the humble/meager side. Thank you Greg. I am now going to the donation button.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Those phony bums. They have never failed to screw me. I figure it’s my fault. Maybe I’m a slow learner1 New game going forward. Best always. PM

      • Art Barnes

        Hey Paul, yea, a new party of true patriots which no RINO need apply. Its happening. Good to hear from you. Best Regards, a b

  100. iwitness02

    What we have here is anarchy from the top down.

  101. 1 Thessalonians 2:14-15

    It’s game over.

  102. Bill

    Nailed it, Greg!! Hang in there, this might take awhile. It’s pretty amazing to see the level of corruption and sad, but even if they (the corrupt players) squirm out of this, we know how this ends. WE WIN!!! Stay safe and healthy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bill!!

  103. KathyM

    Rigged election.
    Rigged uprising at capitol.
    Rigged certification.
    Rigged House impeachment.
    I admit I am a skeptic. How can I believe the Senate trial won’t be rigged. They will find a way to say the proof is inadmissible. Even if they acquit him they won’t let the truth come out and be a part of the record. His fraudulency will remain in office.
    I hope I am wrong, but so far everything tried has been shot down.
    However, I do believe God Almighty has everything under control. Maybe He is saying it is time to move into the tribulation, His return, and eternity with Him.
    As always Greg, great wrap-up.

    • Art Barnes

      KathyM, correct, they will find a way that the election issue is not admissible, such as not relevant. They could say that the only thing that is relevant is whether or not the speech incited a riot and the results of the election (its alleged fraud) is simply not in issue to be decided. Look for the fix, it already being taken care of by the socialist in Congress. a b

  104. Charles Turner

    Greg, i think you are absolutely right that the Democrats have stepped right into this by impeaching Donald Trump. The other factor is that by silencing Trump for nearly 5 weeks before the Senate trial, everyone Democrats, Independent, and Republicans will be waiting to hear what he says. As an impartial observer from the UK, I listened to a number of the submissions =s by Gulliana and the fraud was overwhelming. I remember one instance when the whole room burst into laughter. I think it was one when a batch of votes had around 90k for Biden and a measly amount for Trump.

  105. Mike

    Lin wood has a video that you need to watch on http://www.before its Justice roberts and pedos. Very revealing. Just thought you might want to know mike

    • Edward

      Your link doesn’t come up. Likely removed.

  106. Kelley Johnson

    Great work Greg. Can’t wait till silver rises enough so I can pay off those pesky student loans once and for all.

    • H.Craig Bradley

      You’re hair will likely turn grey before Silver gets that expensive. Dream-On.

      • Paul ...

        It didn’t take long for Bitcoin to rise (and it is as fake a money as paper dollars and electronic fiat credit cards)!!

      • William+Stanley

        It’s time to change your “Depends” diaper.

  107. Mark in OKC

    Dear Greg,

    Thank you so much for all that you do. I was searching for my Friday fix of WNW on YT, but it wasn’t there. Do I went to and thankfully you posted it there.

    Please start sending out an email notifying your list that you posted a new video or an article with a link so we can continue following your work.


    Mark in OKC

  108. James Hall

    writ quo warrnato
    Trump can use this procedure.

  109. Marie+Joy

    I expect an invasion, a famine and a genocide.

    • BrendaC

      Jerry, I agree to all except that Gates no longer wants the men and women who are real farmers. He sees a corporate food system in which he determines what is in the food we eat. Check out Africa with Bill Gates’ name he worked w/Cargill to “help” the population have better food, nutritious food. But instead it is the opposite. In S Africa his plans caused health problems and environmental changes. This effort/Corp. is called Gates Ag One. Deeply disturbing & evil.

  110. Myrna

    Thanks for your candid openness about Swampland USA, Greg. Keep up the great work!

  111. Marti

    this video popped up after your broadcast. I found it VERY interesting. They talk about the “election” and some observations I hadn’t heard before as well as being quite objective about the current Pope and his radical ways.


    What you need is to segue into the PENTACOSTAL REVIVAL SCHTICK like Jim & Tammy, Paul & Jan, Benny Hinn, Bishop Jakes, Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, and so MANY MANY MANY others have done over the years. But best hurry…the goy are a’go’n BROKE !

    I like that BO POLNY and AMANDA GRACE ! They have what it takes…


  113. jeffersonian

    Greg, good to see you on the war path again and keep fighting the good fight.

    Agreed–No one with an objective mind can say with a straight face that there was no election fraud in favor of Biden. Statistical evidence alone substantiates this.

    However, fraud in American elections is nothing new so you shouldnt be surprised–1960 election Joe sr bought the teansters vote in the midwest securing the presidency for 43 year old son, Jack. Then the deep state murdered JFK and with it the presidency, making sure future presidents would play by their rules aand their rules alone.

    LBJ was a master of fraud and manipulation in Texas using fear and intimidation and packing the courts to ensure his politial and economic power base throughout the state.

    Look no further than the 2000 election. Gore in fact had 150 k votes that were not counted which would have put him over the top. However, Bush jr had a powerful legal team with enough clout and deep state support to suppress those votes and get 5 supreme court justices to vault Cheney I mean Bush jr into the presidency. These are just a few cases on point. Many more in the not so poliitically correct history books.

    Trump’s one of many mistakes–he pissed off the estqblishmnet by pointing out the fraud in this election–a no no. How dare anyone suggestAmerican elections are anything but forthright and above reproach. Yeah right!

    Anyone that questions the integrity of the election process is ostracized and made out to be a nut by big tech, congress and of course the lame stream media and or labled a domestic terrorist and banned from the internet. So much for freedom of speech.

    Hell who knows, maybe Tump is in on their game leading us to the slaughter house–how and why? To send a message to anyone and everyone to not question the system. He is the poster child of why you dont buck the system. In legal jargon they call it –a straw dummy–create a weak argument then tear it apart to make yours look better. In this case Trump is the straw dummy and a great showman beaten to a pulp to make populists look like traitors. But hey, dont feel sorry for Trump—-

    The senate wont fully impeach Tump–he will ride off into the sunset with his billions and too many suckers will naievely believe he will come back in 24 and change America forever. While in the meantime America becomes more and more authoritarian and fascist. That’s exactly what they want you to do—-just keep hoping and dreaming and whining but not taking real action

    People the elctions are too important to allow the little people to decide. Even the founding fathers said as much. Yes, we got a little taste of lower taxes, a partially built wall, and deregulation under Trump but that is all vanishing right now under team Biden

    The new green deal, will result in–higher taxes, more regulation, more devaluation of the dollar, federal spending,mandatory vaccines and on and on. Any and all opposition permamnetly crushed. Sorry people, Trump aint coming to your rescure, he didnt during his four years in office and wont do it later either. Under Trump federql debt soared and wealth gap between haves and have nots increased.

    While you are left hanging high and dry, Trump will be improving his golf game at Trump Hotel and Golf Resort getting richer and fatter with each passing day as he rides into the sunset. Per Rod Sterling –Weve crossed over into the Twilight Zone, another dimension beyond our wildest imaginations.

    By the way will your new and improved but untested covid vaccine have aborted fetal tissue in it–maybe, maybe not but you wont know for sure. Hmmmm. Willing to save your life at the expense of an infant. How thoughtfull, humane and moral.

    In the name of nongenderness, white privilege and social justice, the left will right the wrongs of Trump, erasing anything and everything he accomplished. And then punish his supportes –get ready for a new and more powerful IRS.(go ask the Tea Party how thqt feels)

    Indeed, America is not a democracy never has been never will be–it is a cleptocracy–a government that uses legalized extortion to take from the have nots. The uber wealthy abide by no rule of law while we the deplorbles and debt serfs must abide by a rule of law established and implemented by them. Dont believe me–Wall street manipulates markets each and everyday to maximize their profits with maybe a slap on the wrist now and then but you beat them at their own game like Game Stop players–the man shut you down and come to take you away.

    Like George Carlin said, “It’s a big club and you aint in it!” The danger is you think you are and thats exactly what the powers to be want–the illusion of being part of the club.

    Greg, you are an eternal optimist and an inspiration and praise the Lord for that because we need some hope. From my vantage point, I see some very dark clouds on our horizon potentially jeopardizing our lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness.

    Keep the faith –Cheers!

    • wayne hardin

      Like George Carlin said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it .
      There in lies the problem .
      It seems almost everyone would be in the club if they could .
      God said come out
      Most want to get in on the game .
      As the Bible says .
      As in the days of NOAH .
      SAD SAD SAD .
      Like the song says You ain’t seen nothing yet

  114. Dave

    The refusal of Roberts to preside at the Senate trial is cunning perhaps. Leahey will preside and as such can approve or deny lines of evidence. If Trump’s attorneys try to bring up evidence of voter fraud watch for Leahey to declare it unadvisable. The system is rigged. Just today the lawyer who changed the e-mails to get them past the FISA court was given 12 months probation. Normally that is a felony punishable by potentially years in jail.

    As to voter fraud – are Wood and Powell going to release their evidence in full to the public? Now that the courts have refused to hear the cases. They had been holding back releasing all the evidence before presenting it to the courts. That is mute now.

    Seb Gorku took aim at the Federalist Society and their recommendations of judges to Trump – he noted most of the judges who rejected the lawsuits were Trump appointees. Certainly the Federalist Society being all in for Kavanaugh makes them suspect.

    • Self+Exiled

      The Federalist Society gets there funding from————

    • BrendaC

      I am 64 yrs old & have just been angered almost on a daily basis. These people blatantly lie, break the law, go against the Constitution and have managed to control MSM. They are so evil that I hope the tribunals are happening right now. That doesn’t come easy for me to say because I am a Christian. But they have murdered ppl & I still think SM was murdered. Robbery but nothing taken & he had 3 shots to the back. 3 shots tells me they were making sure he was dead instead of running. Just weeks ago the GA governor’s daughter’s boyfriend in a horrific vehicle “accident” which looks like an explosion. And he was an aide to Kelly Loefell. If you see his pic he looks so young and innocent. It’s heartbreaking. The Gov the day before decided to request investigation into the election after saying he would not. They must be threatening judges or most judges are in with them. I fear for our country and my children & grandchildren. I wish they had the life I did growing up. Much simpler even though politics have always split the country, even families. I voted Trump and I know he has already done great things for the country. I am praying his plan comes soon. March 4 is coming quickly (if you believe in the 1871 executive order). We know Trump’s was in 2018.

  115. Fred Behnken


    This is alot of stress for all of us.

    The propoganda based media is working hard to be the masters of America. What Youtube did to you is a good sign that you are telling the truth. Look at it as a blessing.
    Youtube like the other corrupt media will suffer consequences beyond what they think. Criminality has punnishment beyond man’s laws.

    America is going to change. Hopefully, if we make it through the gauntlet of the bad actors we are facing. Out of the ashes something better may come. Certainly the Federal System is dying. The Federal government simply has no legitimacy. We will turn our backs and like all tyranical systems they will be gone. Just like the wind. It has been like that through history.

    Sadly many people will probably have their lives destroyed. Many will die I fear. We can not give up.

  116. okiepicker

    the robin hoods go after silver taking possession….they’ll close the silver market…wont be enough to settle delivery!!

  117. okiepicker

    ummmm that might be the goal!!

  118. jeffersonian

    Post script: for all you nay sayers and doubting Thomasses, you want to see an example of real election integrity– go no further than Switzerland and evoting: you need an ID and pass code to vote in their online system. One person one vote and results are usually forth coming within 24 hours, not to mention their fair and streamlined referrendum procedure. Votes cant be counted or read until opened by the cantonal electoral commission. How novel–one person one vote, legal voting only and no early counting of votes and by a sanctioned nonpartisan commission.

    Seems like we are we are a banana republic and always will be. Welcome to the 21st century people!

    But why would the good ol USA want such a tight and fair way to vote. Hmmmmm–I wonder , might be too hard to corrupt and rig the election process.

    Americqns are indeed generous good intentioned people for the most part but on the whole poorly educated and cant seem to see the forest from the trees.

  119. Peter

    There is one possibly positive development in Arizona going on.
    I suspect that the democrats might interfere still and prevent this audit from happening. It’s got to be a full in depth audit which the state legislators have been attempting
    to stop from happening. If the audit uncovers fraud it will lead back
    to the democrats and possibly charges of treason. Everyone need to keep tabs on this and support this audit in every way possible (email, phone calls, etc).

  120. Mike R

    Well we are definitely right over the target. Tonight on a major news network, 6 O’clock prime time, the talking heads ACTUALLY BROUGHT up how there is ‘conspiracy theories’ out there now, talking about Trump is still President, and Biden is only a head of a bankrupt corporation. They are trying to call it ‘bunk.’ Seriously ??? Did they really just say this ???

    Obviously that notion has struck a MAJOR MSM nerve, so you definitely KNOW that the military is now in total control, and its not long before the arrests (for treason and sedition) they have been doing privately thus far, become public, and the Dems and Bidens are exposed for the frauds they are.

    Btw, Biden has NOT been in the Whitehouse. Not a single one of the photos taken of him, or video is from inside the whitehouse. Its not occupied by any Biden staff either, and the lights that are on inside, go out every single night, quite early actually, when that NEVER happens when there is a real President inside.

    The MSM can’t keep up this charade much longer.

    P.S. The military highest command has seen the raw data from Dominion servers, and Trump got 415 electoral votes. It was a massive landslide folks. So in turn, There HAD to be a MASSIVE amount of cheating and manipulation that had to occur for the MSM to conjure up all the false reports of Biden getting more votes. It just did not happen that way. The Military is in control now. That is the ONLY reason, troops in the thousands are still stationed around the capitol building. The dems nor biden have any call or choice about their presence, and neither do the governor’s who pretended to have authorized them in. Nope, that authorization is by and for the US Military. Period. End of story.

  121. Walter Baumgarten

    You are righteously enraged at the fraud and corruption that stole the election Greg and yes, the Not Quite So Supreme Court, the Republican party and none of the other agencies involved are willing to question anything or do anything about it all. Do you know why?

    Think Dealey Plaza, thats why!

  122. Not So Free

    re. the Capital:
    Remember the guy with the big Confederate flag?
    He’s a registered democrat and Biden supporter from Delaware.

  123. Michael Shriver

    Right on Greg – Never forget and Never forgive the unrepentant corrupt government elites.

  124. Scott

    A bit of more good news about Ivermectin. This is first hand knowledge of both these events. First, a woman’s father came down with severe COVID. His physician recommended he be placed on a respirator. Knowing the respirator was a death sentence the woman demanded her father try Ivermectin first. The docs should not administer it but they permitted the daughter to do so figuring there was nothing left to lose. The old man was out of the hospital in 5 days doing fine. A second patient who was acquainted with the first family also contracted COVID. She was heading downhill with high fever and low oxygen saturations, her physicians were considering admitting her to the hospital. Knowing the results of the first case,she also took ivermectin and was symptom free in 3 days. The news of this treatment spread quickly and now most people in this small western town are taking ivermectin as a preventative. The medical clinic has seen a cratering in new cases.

  125. robert heartland

    I’ve given the Biden guy the title “The Resident depends patient Beijing Biden in the Blackhouse”, because every day this jerk is in the Whitehouse is just more grief to the American people and our country. Our country is a laughing stock on the world stage. And the Super Rich and their minions are working on taking down everything positive that the real President Trump had tried to do for the American people. That is why I feel darkness is descending over America by this fraud being perpetrated before the American people. The government does not have any legitimacy before the American people and the world. I pray Trump gets his day in court and thus WE THE PEOPLE will also get our day in court.

  126. Katharine

    Dear Greg, I wish more journalists would note that the woman shot at the Capitol Building was shot climbing through the window **into the Speakers Lobby** which is the hallway RIGHT OUTSIDE THE HOUSE CHAMBER, which explains why those doors were barricaded and the security guard had the gun pointed at the “protestors” shouting and pounding the doors to break them down. There were also reports (from a Representative who was inside the Chamber) that the Capitol Police were escorting some Congress members **through the Speakers Lobby** since that was the safest exit. So, it’s no wonder that the security guard was in a tense situation, and seemed to be the last stand between the area where the U.S. Representatives were hiding and the loud, angry mob breaking windows.

    Thank you for all you do. God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      They could have fired a warning shot and not executed her.

  127. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Don’t get my intent wrong – I’m a huge supporter of USAW.

    You say, often and emphatically, that “Donald Trump’s going to get his day in court.” Further, and I paraphrase, that the evidence of voter fraud is going to be heard and that it can’t just be refuted by simply saying ‘I don’t believe it’, it needs to be countered by evidence to the contrary. I would wholeheartedly agree – if we had a just and fair system of governance. We do not. Everything you say in WNW466 about the FBI, DOJ, SCOTUS, etc., etc., makes that clear. IMO: if Trump’s impeachment case is ever heard in the Senate, it will be a ‘Show Trial’. Trump’s defence will be frustrated at every turn by ‘technicalities’. The bought-and-paid-for media will not broadcast any cogent evidence of voter fraud – they will instead fill their screens and front page editorials with anti-Trump nonsense. Thus, the people will not hear the evidence – only an orchestrated version. The evidence of voter fraud will not need to be countered – simply ignored. The judge and jury will be the very people who have already declared the election ‘the fairest ever!’ They are predisposed to convict and they will do so in spite of any weight of evidence to the contrary.

    Donal Trump most probably won the biggest landslide in US history. TPTB cannot abide any threat to their supremacy. Impeachment will ‘legally’ disqualify Trump. That’s their intention and that they will do.

    • Greg Hunter

      The charge is Trump made false statements about election and voter fraud. You do realize they have to prove this and not the other way around? We will see stay tuned.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Greg and thanks for the clarification. Naturally, I hope you’re right and that the Senate impeachment hearing reveals the truth about voter fraud. I guess the many disappointments ‘we libertarians’ have endured these past years have made a cynic of me. As you say, “We will see . . .”

  128. Sid Ricky

    Veterans Call-In Special: Biden Allows Chinese Military to Run Simulated Attack on USS Roosevelt – Watch Live
    War Room
    January 29th 2021, 2:55 pm
    Beijing Biden opens up US to Communist China

  129. Alessandro+Machi

    I went from voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016 to becoming an Independent in 2018 to now being a Trumplican. Very proud of the Trumplican Talking Points that I believe 75% of America would support if the media wasn’t constantly attacking Donald Trump.

  130. MJ

    Just read this letter from Congressional staffers, Greg. You should pay attention to facts. You are currently living in a bubble.

    • Greg Hunter

      We just had 45 Republican Senators vote “NO” on the Impeachment trial. It is you who are “living in a bubble” if you think that the Senate will convict.

  131. Lazlo


    • Greg Hunter

      S+W others dismissed for “lack of standing” such as the Texas case. Not a one heard with evidence and adjudicated.


  132. Jim

    Hi Greg,
    I know you’re working on your video player. Maybe I’m missing something but there is no slider. I’d like to be able to pickup where I left off if I have to stop.

    Great show as usual.


  133. Mike+G

    A totally corrupt federal government

    • Paul ...

      Controlled by globalist demon-rats who like vampires drink human blood and sacrifice human babies … what we the people need to do … to create a real revolution against these “alien controlled vampire globalists” is to develop our own “gain of function money” … and silver has that capability (to bring functionality back to our monetary system) … if we inject silver into the monetary system it can “immunize us” against the globalist bankster vampires … read some of the ancient writings … and you will find thatsilver was recognized as being very useful weapon against vampires … … vampire banksters (so used to overpowering their opponent with their offensive capabilities (like shorting silver) … have not spent much time learning to defend themselves (as they are now finding out as the public pounds their short positions) … silver is the best reflector of the Light of the Sun of God (and is like kryptonite to vampires … who are cursed to forever to hide from silver) … banksters (jealous humans can hold silver in their hands) had Gates and Fauci release a bio-weapon against us … to force all humans to be locked-down in their homes away from the Light of the Sun of God (the same way they are)!!

  134. matt

    There was an overwhelming amount of coordinated fraud in this election.
    I’m not going to bother voting anymore because clearly it doesn’t matter.
    The democrats harassed Trump for his entire term. They hate this country and just want to bring it down. The taxpayers are always screwed.

  135. ken e weberg

    Greg old Vietnam vet with agent orange and after hearing Dr. Kory’s testimony in front of the senate I sent my wife to Mexico and she got us Ivermectin and HYDROXICHLOROQUINE which we both took and so far 3 weeks in no side affects. O ya and it was cheap. At the present time no symptoms of this covid crap either. Just a heads up

    Ken Weberg

  136. Jo

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    I truly appreciate your work but you are selling hopium at this point. Please understand, we have lived through a communist revolution. The \|dual citizens|\ in Congress and the Chinese have been plotting this for many decades. It DOES NOT MATTER what evidence may/may not be presented. Nothing will change what happened on November 3rd. This has been kabuki theater. (Shakespeare warned us ‘all the world is a stage’….) Pres. Trump will NOT be back. No one is afraid of Pres. Trump. They are slightly afraid of the people because there are always more of us than there are of [{them}]. And they’re not afraid of our 2nd amendment weapons, because they have much better weaponry. They’re afraid of people who can think and who can come to the correct conclusions about what has gone on and what will continue to go on, and perhaps make some correct decisions as to how to proceed. If you still think the legal system is what we’ve been told, I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU LISTEN TO LEGALMAN @USLAWREVIEW. He’s on twitter but he’s also on patreon – at least for now.

  137. wayne hardin

    Paul provides us with a beautiful example of how important it was to preserve and not to alter or add to the words of Jesus.
    When Paul spoke he would say what God said /and then add But the rest i say not the
    Lord .
    What God says happens 1000% .

  138. Mike+G

    First the verdict, then the evidence

  139. Pam

    I also watched those hearings how anyone could say Trump didn’t win is crazy!!!!
    Make sure those senate hearings are saved somewhere!!!
    Thank you Gregg

  140. Dan Stecjuk

    I stopped listening to the lies 50 years ago, and knew the Warren Commission report was garbage on that magic bullet story when I was a kid. Shut my TV off over 20 years ago, because it is all garbage and thought shaping. I have been banded from You Tube for what the called hate speech because of my comments on the voter fraud and COVID scam. I have defied every BS rule or law since day one, never worn a mask and never will. I live free and will never be a slave to the garbage they are pushing. I think Trump should have use the military and arrested all involved but I think they have been corrupted too. I hope the fraud is exposed and dealt with but I do not see it happening at this stage…… ;- (

  141. Lori McNeil

    Greg, I look forward to your posts every week and wasn’t surprised when UT booted you off along with all the patriot truth-seekers. I’m Canadian and we are totally sunk now. With Trump there was some hope, not anymore.

  142. Charlie

    Hi Greg, this has nothing to do with your article but, I know you’ll find it useful information. God Bless.

  143. WestcoastDeplorable

    Sorry to be a party-pooper, but you made a mistake on the # of votes. You said 145.5 million on the audio, but the text on your sheet said 141.5.

    Other than that, you’re spot-on my man!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “West”. The 141.5 million is the correct nember.

  144. Arthur Amon

    Glad to find you at your home .com.
    Keep it going Greg.. love your commentary

  145. Edward Drane


    I have enjoyed your postings and videos and have always found encouragement in your “Fear not, God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are firmly in control.” affirmations. That is what made my wife and me followers of USA WATCHDOG.

    I have heard that President Trump is waiting to let the military step in until after the evidence on fraud and treason are exposed in the impeachment trial. His reasoning is supposedly to wake up as many citizens as possible before arrests begin. I pray this is true.

    Keep on fighting!

    Ed Drane

  146. layne Blanchard

    Hi Greg,
    I think what Schumer will do is to block the presentation of any evidence that shows DJT won, or any other evidence. The important event is the CRIME of doing this. DJT can NEVER get redress from a system this corrupt.
    The military is the only remedy. My hope hangs on the notion that this “Trial” is just another demonstration of Treason, and that the military will do their duty under the Law of War Manual. Q said 11.3 was the first marker. Many think it meant section 11.3, regarding the removal of a “Belligerent” foreign power. It looks like we are in 11.4 already. I suspect the Republic is “Occupying” DC.
    I don’t know how events will unfold, but I suspect we will see DJT return in less than 60 days. See if you can connect with Juan O Savin. (Not his real name). Redpill knows him. Maybe you can get him to speak on your channel. It seems he is closer to this than anyone else I know of.

  147. ron danino

    Greg, Just wanted you to know Mary and I have been watching your reports for the past 4 years. Always great, heart felt and through! I wanted to take this time to tell you not to worry or stress because I know GOD has got ALL this stuff under control. He will right the wrong of our world in his time and his way, just as BO POLNY has pointed out in his videos. Drill down on your relationship with JESUS and he will give you that peace beyond ALL understanding!!! Stay strong in him and keep asking him what he needs you to do next and you will be just fine. Love, Ron and Mary Danino.

  148. Thomas737

    Of course republican donations are way down. The big money is gone because the republicans can no longer deliver the goods that big money demands, and the small money is gone because the republican party betrayed its base.

  149. Fredrick: Getzschman

    I un-registered to vote in January 1996 based upon election fraud, rigging of elections by politicians and their kind. Republicans and Democrats benefit from election fraud, that is why they both support election fraud and will cover up their election fraud even while you are staring at the evidence of the election fraud. Every U.S. judge benefits from election fraud, it is largely how judges remain in office is through election fraud. Nothing will happen regarding election fraud. The fact is the United States is as corrupt as China, the old Soviet Union and that is not going to change until the people wake up and quit voting, quit donating to politicians campaigns. I strongly recommend un-registering to vote.

  150. Jim Furr

    Yea!!!! Greg!!!!!!!!!
    Go Greg Go !!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

  151. Jim Furr

    The Market is in Extreme turmoil
    Politics is in Extreme Turmoil
    Religion Is in Extreme Turmoil
    = Time For The Anti-Christ to Show Up
    (and the Church To Be Taken Out!)

  152. Andy

    Great stuff Greg, I just pinned your home page and am happy to go wherever you go.

    Best wishes,


  153. Cynthia

    Don’t mind coming here for your video… but I get up and down alot … therefore the fact that you cannot move the video forward and it starts from the beginning again and again… is very frustrating… hope you can solve this… thanks Cindy

  154. Edward Shaw

    If the democrat thinks the cloud over this administration is going away, they are in for a long wait. It’s going nowhere.

  155. curvytops

    We live in interesting times

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