Impeachment Hoax Continues, Indictments Coming, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 409 11/8/19) 

The totally lopsided and unfair so-called Impeachment Inquiry by delusional Democrats had another week of trying to frame the President for yet another crime he did not commit. This is much the same as the Trump/Russia collusion hoax. They made it up then, and they are trying to make it up again all in effort to get rid of a duly elected President. This is why it The Dems made the process unfair with much of it done in secret. It gives them a better chance of framing President Trump.

According to top legal expert and former federal prosecutor Joe di Genova, indictments are coming for high ranking FBI and DOJ players in the Russia collusion hoax. You think this might be the reason the Deep State is trying so hard to knock President Trump out of office in another hoax? The crime, sedition and treason goes deep and to the very top of the Obama Administration.

How is the economy doing? If you look at the record high U.S. stock market, you might think it is pretty good, but top money managers say it’s not nearly as good as you are being told.

Join Greg Hunter of as he looks at the top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Rob Kirby interviewed Greg Hunter this week about the revelation from Project Veritas that ABC News spiked a Jeffery Epstein story it had three years ago.  Is this the death of the mainstream media?  Rob Kirby discusses this with Greg Hunter who worked at ABC News as an investigative correspondent for more than 5 years.  Here’s the link to “Project Veritas and the Death of the Mainstream Media.”

Warren Pollock will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. A few years, ago when all was quiet with China and trade, Pollock warned that China was the big problem for America and not Russia. He was correct. See what big trends he is spotting now for 2020 and beyond.

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  1. JC

    Martin Armstrong was asked the following question.

    “Will Hillary & Bloomberg Run in 2020?”

    God help us.

    • Uncommon Sense

      Yeah. Martin Armstrong late to the party again! We all knew this about 6 months ago!!! Lol!

  2. Derek Sinclair

    And yet, knowing all of this (or do they), people keep voting for the Democrats. Satanism runs deep in our societies – how else to explain it?

    • Chip

      And it is a REAL COUP!

      Screen grab from Rush Limbaugh website. Admitted on Twitter that this is a COUP against a duly elected President! Let the indictments fly!


    • paul ...

      The only other explanation besides everyone being Satanists is that States like Virginia “take the Blue pill” because they don’t want to face reality (like in the Matrix Movie when Mobius was betrayed) because living in a dream is way easier then fighting the Deep State!!

  3. Revd Andrew de Berry

    Brilliant stuff as usual Greg. Yes I agree: My belief is that Donald Trump is the real deal!

    • Uncommon Sense

      God help us all then. If he is our saviour we are already in hell. His cover for the crown Prince was beyond dispicable. When in civilised society is it acceptable to use embassy property to suffocate someone and cut off their fingers? If trump thinks this is OK he is a demon. Plus why is a coup against trump illegal but a coup against Maduro OK???

  4. Jerry

    There’s no other way to say it. The banks are in trouble. Repo injections have turned from weekly, to daily.

    Some are saying the injections are being used to prop up Deutsche Bank. Others are saying, it’s being used to prop up the stock market. Who knows? It could be both. But know this. It’s bad enough the fed has said it will run the program until the end of the year. And then what? Things are supposed to magically improve? The bag of tricks is about empty folks. The geniuses that run our economic system have run it into the ground. Debt doesn’t matter, and money is now free. Hooray!

    • paul jr.


      The Fed repos were already both overnight and 14 day from the start and will continue to be so.

      “the New York Fed has engaged in two types of repo operations: Overnight repurchase agreements that unwind the next business day; and multi-day repo operations, such as 14-day repos, that unwind at maturity, such as after 14 days.”

    • iwitness02

      I seen a headline over at Zero Hedge: Bitcoin Battered Below $9k After FBI Calls Crypto “Significant Problem That Will Get Bigger And Bigger”
      Wray has spoken. When the ones who can’t be lied to, lie to us, its ok and ever so believable. There is no upper limit to the agencies non stop BS.
      If we as a people are really as dumb as we are made out to be, our submission would come swiftly. However, here we are. Still free*. (some of us)
      They always have to dick around and build the narrative. But it is a dead giveaway.
      “Tell me sweet little lies.” Although, I hate being lied to, but it has become de rigueur.

      • Polly Ritz

        Contrary to the propaganda, the Repos have been increasing. Furthermore, when they began in midSept they were said to be temporary as merely part of fiscal yr end for banks. At first they were nightly, than 14day, then permanent (QE) injections were added ontop of the Repos. (cf. Jason Burack at WallStForMainSt on youtube)

        The system is broken. The banks don’t trust one another; why do you continue to trust them? Don’t believe the shills trying to keep you at your desk in the burning tower.

    • Jerry

      And then this.

      Today, Friday the 8th, commerce bank in Missouri today had to close its doors, because they couldn’t cash checks. They gave some lame excuse that the computers were down, but we all know better. They couldn’t produce enough liquidity to issue checks. But fear not, the fed money will trickle down by Monday and then all will be well.
      Until next time.

      • paul jr.

        Yes Jerry, I do know better. Banks have technical glitches all the time. Nothing mysterious about that. We also have computer glitches where I work as does every business. The bank’s technical problem has already been fixed and the bank obviously did not close it’s doors since several people stated that they went into Commerce Bank to do business and spoke with a representative about the problem. It had nothing to do with cashing checks. It had to do mostly with employers transferring money electronically to their employee’s bank accounts since it was payday. The fact is Commerce Bank located in Missouri is a well capitalized and highly rated bank with very little in the way of derivatives.

      • MCasey

        “….But fear not, the fed money will trickle down by Monday and then all will be well.”

        Monday is a bank holiday….Veterans Day November 11. This may be that long weekend which will proceed “the” bank holiday.

  5. Self Exiled

    To continue:
    Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and you to difficulties, yes I will help you: yes I will hold you up and retain you with my [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice. Isaiah 41:10

    Have not I commanded you? be strong, vigorous,and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

  6. Tommy

    If you didn’t believe it before the ABC debacle should make it crystal clear. The MSM, the establishment, the entertainment industry, academia, supporters of women’s rights, child protection, etc. do not give a whit about sex trafficking and pedophilia. I have not heard or seen one report of this shocking video mentioned on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, WaPo, HuffPo, NY Times, etc. Not once. The only fallout was the CBS firing of the person who revealed this story. We knew the minute Epstein entered that prison that he was a dead man. Apparently Robach did too. This whole thing is so disgusting and revolting it’s hard to believe. How these people go home and look at their children and sleep at night is impossible to fathom.

  7. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, indictments have taken so long now so if and when they do show up the demogods will say its just payback for the impeachment inquiry; at least that is how they will spin it on the MSM, as stupid as most of my a great many fellow Americans are they will buy anything – hense the real problem here in the land of the dollar bill.

  8. Rob

    The target date for the 10 creeds of the NWO is 2030:

    In order to hit their targets they must implement all the ingredients for tribulation like the world has never seen:

    Matthew 24:21 for then shall be great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, nor ever shall be.

  9. Chip

    Quid Pro Quo is NOT illegal! So even IF there was (there was NOT) it would NOT be a crime. Let the indictments fly… Chip

  10. stephen calvert

    Mark my works, the Horowitz report on FISA abuse will be a big nothing burger.

  11. paul ...

    And when the Debt Clock is eventually updated to reflect the missing $21 Trillion … the “true” gold and silver price calculation will likely be double what they are now … $15,000 for gold and $1800 for silver!!

    • Stan

      Missing 21 trillion? Paul, I feel bad for you. You buy every conspiracy theory hook, line & sinker. Oh, and Gold will be sub $1000 in short order. You have been warned.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are stupid Stan and don’t know what you are talking about. The Missing money was discovered by Dr. Mark Skidmore Professor of economics and an expert of large public accounting projects. Skidmore and a team at Michigan State University use OIG reports from DOD and HUD to discover the $21 trillion in “Missing money.” This made news at Michigan State and the University wrote about it here:
        So Stan, you should do a little research before you stick your foot in your mouth with a stupid provably stupid comment about this being a “conspiracy theory.” It’s stupid comment like this that makes me think you are a troll or, at the least, you suck at investing and trading.

        • Stan

          Sorry about that Greg

          • Sir Manly Robinson

            You have nothing to apologise for. You tell your truth and stick with it.

        • Jerry

          Stan sucks at being a troll. Maybe he should read “ Trolling for Dummies”. The crazy tin foiled hat material he’s using is a bit worn out.

          • Greg Hunter

            He thinks the “missing” $21 trillion is a “conspiracy theory”?? Proves Stan is an uninformed idiot and I doubt he is investing money for anyone but other idiots.

            • Sir Manly Robinson

              If someone has a different opinion than you they are an “idiot”? How very dare you sir. Diversity of opinion is vital and should not be repressed.

      • sk

        How is Bentley faring?

      • Freebrezer

        Stan – per an interview via Grant Williams:” One thing that’s been common when talking to people is an increase in not just the number of people who are starting to look at gold, but also the profile. We’ve had in the last few months we’ve had Paul Jones call it his number one trade for the next 12 to 24 months. We’ve had Ray Dalio write very eloquent about the 1930s and why anyone that doesn’t have gold in their portfolio is missing the point. We’ve had Stanley Druckenmiller say that it’s his biggest currency allocation. He thinks it’s a currency, which he thinks is a great way for people to think about it.”

        • Freebrezer

          Excuse me Stan, but what hedge fund to you run and with how many billions?

          • Sir Manly Robinson

            What’s your point? Do you run a hedge fund!? Does that invalidate your opinion?

            • Freebrezer

              Sir – Stan is giving investment advice … Sell gold. All we have from Stan is that when gold was around 13oo his advice was to sell/short. And he has stayed with that advice up to now. I referenced what three well recognised names in the industry have recommended, which is contrary to Stan’s advise … that is the point. My opinion – stock up on food, water, batteries, etc in case the power goes down for a extended time frame … for me this seems like a wise investment.

        • Freebrezer

          here is the link to the Grant William’s interview:

      • paul ...

        Stan … the number of CEO’s leaving their positions is the highest since right before the 2009 …×434.png?itok=zZItlo9v … and you know what happened to gold from 2009 to 2012 (you have been warned)!!!

  12. paul ...

    Imagine … all these years farmers were spending good money on insecticides “to destroy a better cash crop” then the corn they were trying to grow … just wait … when McDonald’s begins to make their burgers with “insect helper” to lower costs … not only will we have to hold our nose and eat our food blindfolded … but the Bureau of Labor Statistics will lower our cost of living allowance at the sane time to make sure we can’t ever afford to buy real meat!! …

    • paul ...

      Anyone who had doubts about getting rid of the UN better get on board now before they make us into a third world country … otherwise we will soon be eating worm burgers with cricket bruschetta and some curry/coriander mealworm fritters for dinner along with crispy chocolate/cinnamon/raisin mealworm cupcake biscuits for dessert … and as for the bodybuilders out there (who need extra protein) they will have to add “mighty mouse” protein powder to their maggot milkshakes!!!

      • iwitness02

        pretty nice little riff on wormy delights!

  13. Country Codger

    Greg, great wrap-up. Remember I mentioned a “blip” before the beginning of the next cycle (10/14/19)? The “blip” might be nothing but it might be a multiplier or an accelerator, i.e. small mistakes become big mistakes or events take shape very quickly. Also, this cycle will be global in nature. I wrote more about it here:

    You already keep your head on a swivel so, just knuckle down.
    Lo Iyrah!

  14. paul ...

    As yet another video is demonetized by YouTube … a new kind of tyranny is being imposed on those who dare to expose the crimes of the Deep State … we live in an age of pre-crime prosecutions and impeachments for what is “only thought to be a crime” by organized crime syndicates who feel their turf is being threatened in some way … the Military/Industrial/Bankster Complex along with bribe taking politicians of Political Parties operate now “right in the open” … in full view of the voting public … as their power and influence has gone global … and they feel they can “fix any election before” … and “even after an election” (as they are now proceeding to do with Trump)!! …

    • JC

      paul… Please review and advise. Thanks.

      Making the case that many Democrats are no longer human, but rather biological vessels of “Demonic Obsession”

      • paul ...

        JC … Our’s is a constant struggle against “Anti-God” mental ideas encompassing evil child sacrifice, dark thoughts of trafficking in organs and wickedly selling drugs to children along with violence and blood-lust in the furtherance of war to satisfy their thirst for greed, lust and power … which has taken root to a great extent in “non-human” Demon-rat minds … who’s ultimate goal is the complete destruction of not only our Liberties, or Nation and our Children … but the elimination of all Humanity itself from planet Earth!!

  15. paul ...

    Bash them Tulsi … we need all the help we can get against the Deep State!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      This from a member of the Council on Foreign Relations the anti-“We the People” America hating group.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        I’ll bet some of them may have been clients of the late “procurement specialist”, Jeffrey Epstein. Question is, was it a boy or a girl they requisitioned ?

  16. Graham Andoe

    The key uestion appears to be when not what. Blesings and thanks, Graham

  17. paul ...

    You know … the imbeciles running the Deep State think they can bring heroin and other drugs into our country to destroy the minds of our children … and put fluoride in our water to lower the IQ if the kids who don’t use drugs … and then teach them in “commie” schools that sitting back and doing nothing “like a leach on society” are the kids who will be able to build them the advanced weapons they need to control the world?? … did the Deep State imbeciles think they could simply import the brains they needed from China and Russia to build their advanced weapon systems while attacking the homelands of these foreign kids??? … what happened to the USS Donald Cook, what happened to our F35’s, etc., etc., etc. … we likely have back doors implanted in all our advanced military equipment … the Deep State imbeciles will eventually find out about it when they start WWIII (which they want and need so much to make profits) by attacking Korea or Iran or some other country that has Russia and China as an ally!!! …

  18. Ron Spoon

    Wonder why Domocrats or even bothering to have a trial?

    • Self Exiled

      Part of the show to keep us busy while thy work some where else in the dark, There tacktick for years. US troops invaded Cambodia while we watched men walking on the moon. Nothing has changed.

  19. andyb

    Greg: re the fired CBS staffer:

    O’Keefe/Project Veritas should establish a go-fund-me site for this woman; although their website gloating is warranted, it rings hollow if they don’t correct the firing injustice.

  20. Open Eyes

    Author, researcher and investigator Paul L. Williams holds a Ph.D. in philosophical theology from Drew University. In the first half, he revealed how the world is controlled to a brutal system of economic tyranny, which started during the industrial revolution and is still in place today. Williams said as he began researching the history of power in America, one family’s name kept coming up, who controlled everything from genetically modified food to the American Medical Association, to news organizations. He said that the family was (and is) the Rockefellers, who he said “has tentacles everywhere.” He also discovered that there were a series of secret societies formed in Britain in the late 19th century with the aim of controlling the world from England, and later formed an American branch called the Pilgrim Society, consisting of the Rockefellers as well as industrialists such as J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, and even Mark Twain.

    The Rockefellers also formed the Council on Foreign relations (CFR) which Williams said has provided many secretaries of state, CIA Directors, and others in high positions in the government. Williams’ research also revealed what he said was the family’s culpability 1929, when he said Rockefeller controlled banks all over the country demanded immediate loan repayments and plunged the nation into the Great Depression, whereupon they later bought up all the companies and corporations that had gone bankrupt. Williams believes the only way to begin to fight this control is by popular demand and “one term limits” for elected officials, so they have no time to be corrupted. As of now, he believes “We are ruled by a cartel.”

  21. Horsenut

    You know in the old days,,,, when a commercial came on it was a good time to go to the bathroom, get a coke or something to eat in the kitchen…… That how I use the commercials on videos online (like yours). I watch a few different types of videos and it amazes me the stupid things they get demonetized for. Our Wyoming Life, about ranch life in Wyoming got demonetized because they show a brief clip of a bull mounting a cow, “It’s ranch life”……
    So Greg,,, I’ll let your commercials run do other things……

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you HorseNut!

  22. iwitness02

    You have put in a busy week, Greg. I enjoyed the switcheroo last night with Rob Kirby in the drivers seat.
    Today, I wish I knew the answer to one question. How much more betrayal and treason will the American people tolerate?
    Seems as though that we as a nation are going to wait until some nice young boyz come to our doorstep and demand our personal property be turned over to them. If we don’t comply, we die.
    One side is ready to kill for want they want to take from us. The other side is ready to kill for want they want to keep. Then of course, we have a bunch of people who are ignorant about everything beyond their own area of influence.
    Its hard to get a good reading on our current situation. The only thing that seems certain is that trouble is brewing on a large scale. The hardest part of any fight is waiting for it to start, if you know its coming. If it was just one on one I wouldn’t hesitate to move. But our current situation is still in a state of flux, and it involves all of us, whether we realize it or not. So the timing is a bit more tricky.
    It is all very interesting, but I’m getting tired of all the uncertainty. We are operating on Gods time table, not mine. If there was a better way to do this, God would be doing it another way. But He has made His plan and we can count on that plan to be perfect.

    • Cole

      “How much more betrayal and treason will the American people tolerate?” I have long asked the same question. I believe the problem is that there are so many here that are not citizens plus lib dem crazies and corporatists/ globalists that those of us who care are in the minority and our numbers shrink daily with those pouring over our borders for all the freebies. Speaking of, we are in the position this year to lose our insurance due to exorbitant premiums and we make too much- over 68k- to qualify for a subsidy. First time being uninsured in my lifetime.

  23. JC

    Regarding hoaxes, this is some scary stuff by Bruce Wild.

    Technology Spurs On Our Ability To Deceive

    “Caught between the forces of mainstream media and government propaganda it seems we can believe nothing we see or hear. Much of this problem is rooted in the agendas of large companies and those who control them. These companies have become so big and powerful that they now influence government’s message and direction. Fake news and false flags have left many of us having a difficult time deciding what is real, adding to this is the rapidly growing ability of computers to generate and alter human images. This is all about to go to a whole new level.”

  24. Dave

    I don’t believe there will be any significant indictments. They said the IG report was delayed because a rumored indictment of McCabe was coming two months ago. Never happened – the grand jury apparently chose not to indict McCabe per some rumors. Now the FISA report is delayed for the 6th or 7th time until next year as “indictments are coming”. I no longer believe these claims. It is a sham and all you need to recall is Barr and the “suicide” of Epstein. And the fact the whole Epstein affair is now forgotten. Despite the leaked video.

    Tuesday’s results were bad for the GOP. Dem turnout was generally higher than GOP turnout across the country. In Virginia – the area around Richmond – the suburban voters and women voted for candidates supporting abortion until the 9th month, more gun control and more taxes for infrastructure. In some districts the Virginia GOP did not even nominate candidates. The California GOP is doing that now – it won’t contest some of the districts the Dems flipped in the 2020 election. In Pennsylvania Democrats recaptured control of local boards they had not had control of in decades. Many blue collar voters in that state returned to the Democrat fold voting-wise. The Democrats used this election to test their ground game at a time when the GOP has little ground game to speak of.

    Trump will not be President in January 2020. one way or the other. IMO. The most likely way is a conditional acquittal in the Senate that Bannon believes McConnell is cooking up. Or a defeat at the polls. Blumberg got into the race today and he realizes Trump is very beatable in 2020. Don’t be surprised if Hillary jumps in. The Democrats will gain seats in the House (3 or 4 Texas seats alone) and will take control of the Senate. Barr knows that or suspects it. The Deep State will be back in full control. Barr is not going to do anything to upset them.

    Trump is a drag on the ticket in many parts of the country. Horowitz over at pro-Trump CR wrote about this after the election. Races were lost mot necessarily because voters are supporting liberal causes but as much because some voters dislike Trump and will vote liberal just because of that. Ben Shapiro said these elections should be a warning to the GOP and Trump about their chances in 2020. You won’t hear that from controlled conservative media. Limbaugh keeps pontificating they can’t tear Trump’s voters away from him. Fine, 33% of the electorate is not enough to win the Presidency. The wall of certitude is starting to crumble a bit – Levin is now worried the GOP could lose it all. Maybe because he lives in Virginia and saw what happened there.


    • Frank D

      If the indictments don’t come soon and aplenty, then Trump deserves to lose. It will prove he wasn’t really going to drain the swamp like he promised. I don’t care who has lost their jobs at the FBI or DOJ. Have any of these scum lost their pensions or freedom (been indicted and jailed)? After over 1,000 days of Trump being President, the answer is a resounding, “NO”. Dave, I have been saying the same as you for some time now…the longer Trump waits, the more the MSM will spin this as either Trump trying to counter his “impeachment” or Trump trying to steal the 2020 election. Probably both. It makes no sense. Even if only ONE major player were indicted, it would totally change the news cycle and might prevent future lying whistleblowers from surfacing. The constant delays of FISA Declass and IG Report and Barr/Durham Report is looking more and more like a classic patio against Trump supporters. Without a country of laws being applied equally to elite and we the people, NO ONE gets my vote. Because, WHY???

      • Frank D

        “patio” above should be PSYOP. Darn autocorrect!

      • Self Exiled

        I think trump made a deal with the powers that be to save his family from extermination. He was not aware of the depth of the swamp. Like I said ; it’s hard to remember the original goal when your knee deep in alligators and all you have is a shovel. Barr was appointed as part of the deal. Like Paul Craig Roberts says; why would Trump take on such an endeavor, he has money, beautiful family and a beautiful wife. He just didn’t realize the extent of the saturation of evil in the US. An older Mennonite once told me: once you let a sin into a country it will eventually get into the church, and when it does the country is lost to judgement. His grand father and father fled Russia and Germany.

        • eddiemd

          Interesting saying by the Mennonite. Correctly said.

          It is already in the church. Deception and compromise.

          The pope supposedly denied the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. Very dangerous.

          Eph 5:14

          Therefore He says:
          “Awake , you who sleep
          Arise from the dead
          And Christ will give you light”

          James 5:8-9
          You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.
          9Do not grumble against one another, brethren, lest you be condemned. Behold, the Judge is standing at the door!

          • Self Exiled


          • paul ...

            The Pope denying the “physical resurrection” of Jesus Christ … is an idiot who knows absolutely nothing about DNA cloning techniques!!! … “Awake, you who sleep … Arise from the dead” was known long ago even by the Egyptians … cloning is a very simple procedure for even us humans to do (if we judge the person worthy of resurrection) … we are definitely not going to bring back to life mass murderers like Hitler or Stalin for example … once we get this world organized properly and crush the Deep State … we can begin to bring back all the good people who lived exceptionally decent and moral lives (lists of the really evil people are being compiled right now) “who we will never bring back”… and on “Judgement Day” the DNA of all the evil people will be burned in fire “never to live again” … bottom line: anyone who has lived a good and moral life should never cremate themselves … for by doing so … you voluntarily give up any chance of being born again!!

            • eddiemd


              Those sleeping are the spiritually dead. Those perishing.

              Heb 9:27-28
              And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, 28 so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. To those who eagerly wait for Him He will appear a second time, apart from sin, for salvation.

              Wake up, Paul.

        • Dave

          Trump, remember, has not forced release of any documents. Which he could. Was he a plant (to stir both sides up against each other as he has done) or was be blackmailed. Barr’s appointment fits in either scenario.

          Trump likely will not run in 2020. Why would he – the Dems will take the Senate and he will be totally neutered. The question is will he leave late and in a way that insures massive Dem gains? Was that the plan all along? And from those gains absolutely transform the US per the Soros agenda. Soros who has many ties to Trump that fill in yet another piece of the puzzle.

          • Greg Hunter

            This is nutty and not substantiated by any facts. Your opinion is not a fact such as “Trump likely will not run in 2020.” Pure conjecture.

            • H. Craig Bradley

              PROUD TO BE A ‘NUT’ FROM CALIF.

              As Mr. Pollack said, we have a cacophony of opinions at large with no real national consensus. Most Americans and the Media are “fact resistant”, as we invent our own personal reality and views (a.k.a. bubble). We have thus become worthless nobodies who can’t even fix a pothole. In Calif. we have Trains instead of Brains. Defective politicians who malfunction need a re-boot.

              If you disagree with the majority (“everybody) then you are subject to be labeled a “nut” or seen as “different”. Big Deal.


    • paul ...

      Trump needs to do “something spectacular” for the little people … like “break the chains” on the CPI and give people their “rightful inflation adjustment for the true cost of living of 9% … that’s the only way to compete with the demon-rats promises of free education, free health care, free cash for seniors (1 to 2 thousand dollars), etc., etc. !!!

    • Mike

      you cant believe one word from Bannon. Trump will be in office through to his last day in 2024.

    • lightning

      It’s hard to argue your logic.
      The Epstein case was such an obvious travesty (International Pedophile with Clinton and Senior Washington Leaders (Democrat and Republican) unambiguously involved with a ton of evidence…with no response from Bill Barr. In my opinion, he will go down as one of the greatest traitors this country has ever had. He sits on his hand as a lickspittle to the deep state.
      What a joke.
      May he rot in hell for what he is doing to the good people of this country. Talks a good game. Doesn’t do a thing at his masters request.

  25. JC

    Warnings for Trump from G.A. Stewart.

    “This is now the most dangerous time for President Donald Trump and the world. When Trump goes, it all falls apart for the rest of us, all 7.6 billion people on planet Earth. A close friend of the President has purchased a couple of my books, so I hope that he will forward my warnings. The biggest thing that Donald J. Trump must do is disengage the American military from any potential conflicts. As you will read below, this is how the traitors in the American military and government will destroy his Presidency.”

  26. Stan

    The Gold Blood Bath has just begun

    • paul ...

      The bull flag is still in play Stan … don’t rush to judgement so soon … there is strong support at $1450 … and we are entering the seasonally strong period for gold right now … so we can still see $1820 by December 25, 2019 … in time for lots of Christmas Cheers!! …

      • paul ...

        Stan … The recent rally in the US stock market that is now having a negative effect on gold “will not last long” … I believe the $1450 support level will hold … the reason for my belief is because Chinese food inflation is now approaching 15% … … mostly due to “rampant pork hyperinflation” (as wholesale pork prices have now soared by a stunning 173% YTD) … what this means Stan is billions of Chinese people will now be spending their discretionary income “on food” (and “not on manufactured products”) … therefore … Chinese manufacturers will have to export their “massive overhang of capacity” (due to weak domestic demand) … and as China “dumps” all their excess goods into the global market … it will hurt foreign industries … including US corporations (already having earnings problems) … which will then lead to “a new rounds of tariffs” by Trump (as US Corporations express their anger over Chinese dumping) … thus as the worlds global markets “are flooded” with Chinese products hurting corporate earnings … stock markets everywhere will react negatively (including the S&P 500) … and gold (which has a history of rising as the S&P 500 falls) … … will rise to higher highs (not to lower lows as you believe Stan)!!

        • paul ...

          So Stan … who is the real contrarian right now???

      • Stan

        $1820 by December 25th? You want to wager on that?

        • paul ...

          I already have wagered Stan (with buying physical gold) … that will never disappear like “a gambling wager” or “a stock option wager (if things don’t immediately work out) … my “investment wager” with physical gold will always retain value and will most assuredly rise from any ashes of a possible decline (but that assumes I’m wrong about $1820 by Dec 25 and wrong about the S&P 500 declining due to Chinese dumping and flooding world markets with excess goods)!!

    • Mike

      Its already over. You should have unloaded your shorts. But you dont have any, just like you dont have a Bently.

  27. al

    USSA TODAY is not news, it’s pure ENEMY MEDIA PROPAGANDA.
    Everyone should boycot it. Let their printing machines rot in hell, along with their executive NAZI propagandists.

    Good for you Greg! Cancel that subscription!

    • WD


      Have you seen the size of its news paper? Its barely a comic book!

  28. Russ F

    Grant Williams’s is required listening.
    He clearly discusses what most folks that follow Greg believe is coming at us.
    !00% supports gold as an asset that we should hold.
    He addresses MMT, and that it will likely happen, but fail.
    He talks about Elizabeth Warren being the opposite of Trump, and thus someone to watch in the next election.

    Must listen to this interview…..

    Greg, have you ever tried to interview him as a guest on USAwatchdog?


  29. Bill B

    People are going to jail. How many times have I heard that phrase while no one is going to jail. while I hope there will be subpoenas for all the deep[ state, I refuse to believe those word until I see some people being indicted.

  30. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    It’s a tactic that I call “opposite world”. Everything the deep State says today in the DNC does is what they have committed themselves and then they take their criminal conduct with overt acts that are provable against the dnc and their deep State business partners and blame it on their targets and in this case it’s Donald J. Trump, President and his supporters. I have seen this tactic of opposite world used for over 30 years on average Americans, the difference today is private political parties of republicans and democrats are using public offices to use this same tactic against President Trump. Previously U.S. private political parties and their politicians used public offices to employ the tactic of “opposite world” against American patriots and the like. From what I can tell currently going on in the USA is a condition where “Corruption is King in the U.S.A.”

  31. Merry Piper

    Thank you once again for your Wrap-Up. Where else can one go to get this! I recently emailed you a link to a short and simple , we play all of the instruments, musical video my husband posted on youtube. “We’re in the money”. My intent was to hopefully get a laugh from you! And boy do we need to laugh once in awhile in these times!

  32. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg for your unwavering truth seeking. My husband suggested that I provide a link to our simple musical home made video here. “We’re in the money”. Laughter is the best medicine! I hope that you and the Greg Hunter community enjoys this.

    • iwitness02

      Bravo! Merry Piper. Not only did it make me smile, I could feel the good will. Thank you for sharing yourselves and your music with all of us Watchdoggers. Seems like a happy home to me.

  33. any mouse

    What is becoming obvious is that the second hand leaker has conspired with the Schift office and of course probably with Schift himself and the lawyers to bring this situation. It is Sedition. What is being ignored is that the actions of the Bidens appear on its face to be criminal and should have an investigation of the intensity of the Mueller investigation which should also cover the Criminal Obama and Clinton interference in the 2016 elections. This mess is being most probably being created and fed through the actions of the Council on Foreign Relations, the union of the ultra rich [biggest evil in the world], to protect their members, Clintons Cfr, Bidens Cfr, and now CFR Mike Bloomberg comes on stage.
    Its time to pin the tail on the Donkey!!!

  34. Mike R

    Greg… have you ever thought about getting someone on who is an expert on this situation regarding China and their killing of Falun Gong for their organs ? Apparently this is no hoax, as Scott Adams (Dilbert fame) has completely changed his own view (previously one of complete disbelief) after getting gobs of evidence from many many sources. Given the numbers of Falun Gong who exist, the potential is there for up to 70 million who could ultimately lose their lives. This would dwarf the holocaust.
    Also given the extent of it, and how they would have to do it, to be able to use organs, the methods would be horrid.
    Trump now has my blessing to stop all dealings on any level for any good or service from China, immediately. Every CEO in the US should also reconsider doing any business with China or sourcing from China. The sooner we completely switch from China to any other country, until this is stopped in its tracks, the better. I’m completely appalled. If China does this at any level, does anyone believe they have any inkling of honoring ANY trade deal that they would sign ?????????? This level of ruthlessness, is unparalleled, and remember genesis of prior world wars, and how people now feel about the Holocaust and Hitler himself then and now ? This is happening in real time, we have the internet, and we have 1 gazillion times more media coverage and avenues of revealing this stuff, than we did during the Holocaust times. Yet we are saying nothing as a country ? There is no excuse. None. Trump should cease all trade negotiations, and raise tariff’s on all goods between 50% and 100%. Maybe more. How many millions of Americans are being intentionally targeted by China with their continuing the production of fentanyl and exporting via any means into the US. (how are they helping the Mexican cartels ?) These questions need to be asked.

  35. Ronnie

    Another ripper of a show.
    Question….What has happened to AOC….on silent. Is she panhandling to repay election funds.

    • RichM

      She’s strongly backing Bernie.

  36. Justn Observer

    Greg, Do wonder if people really understand what is going on…can follow/handle the complexity of the massive rip off of nuclear tech and materials theft has has been going on for so long…

  37. Joe Lalonde

    Hi Greg,
    Here is why Military Suicides are on the rise…
    Since 9/11, the wars have changed by politicians. Before then, the military had honour and pride in the role to play in the world landscape.
    The current US wars can be read on the ribbons and medals current soldiers are deployed to and it has stripped away the honour and glory that was once felt by the soldiers involved.
    America’s Endless Wars: “At West Point, Graduation Day Felt More Like A Tragedy Than A Triumph” | Zero Hedge

    I am very thankful the military service I went through was honourable and my medals were earned where I was in dangerous situations but never had to shoot anyone.

    Peace and honour to the military veterans and the ones to be remembered…

    Take care,


    • eddiemd


      Served 82-86 and 90-92 enlisted then 96-2000 as a physician. In the 80’s awards/ribbons were earned.

      Enlisted in 82 under Reagan as a SF candidate. Spent the first 10 months in infantry basic, airborne, pre-SF. then SFQC as a weapons man. Retrained in 84 as a commo man. The leadership in SF were mostly Vietnam SF combat veterans. They knew the deal. If you were dead weight they got rid of you. No weak links allowed on the team.

      Things changed in the mid-late 90’s. Politics became the norm again. Ticket puncher officers were back in control again especially under Clinton.

  38. Craig Furlong

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks again for all your efforts and hard work. You are my idea of devoted Christian to his Lord! I love the way you sign off at the end of your report stating we have nothing to fear as we have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…and God makes no mistakes!

    Please be encouraged! Everything is going to work out to His glory!
    I noticed you were really frustrated overall in your interview with Rob…not with him, or course, but with all of this corruption that we face every day in our country.

    So again, please be encouraged! The Lord Jesus Christ is watching all of this…and He loves us! Yes, He loves His children.

    Pslams 27:14

    PS Your interview with Rob touched my heart. I saw the pain in you just as I saw it in me.

    Keep looking unto Jesus, my brother!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brother Craig!
      Your Brother Greg

  39. Dave

    Interesting that the Senate Intelligence Committee has had its report on Russiagate ready since early summer and they still have not released it. The release keeps getting pushed back. It is now delayed again having been set to be released this month. The ranking member of the committee has put a hold on it but he is able to block release only because apparently some Republican on the committee would vote against a release and, w/o a majority or Burr forcing it, the report can be kept on ice. This is exactly what is happening with Barr, Durham and the IG report. Republicans holding up/delaying release. BTW, not a single Senate committee has had hearings on the Ukraine “scandal” and Senator Burr (retiring) just announced that the whistleblower should not have to testify so as to protect him from reprisals. The Republican establishment is working with the deep state to remove Trump – no other way to read this.

    • Self Exiled

      As I said before; There has not been a two party system in the US sense the first Bush. The Council on Foreign Relations has been the ruling party.

  40. paul ...

    Judicial Watch uncovers that CIA officer Eric Ciaramella (the whistleblower who allegedly reported a second-hand private conversation by Trump with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky) had visited Obama’s “fake White House” (set up a few blocks from the “real” Oval Office) on numerous occasions … most likely to discuss “Impeachment Strategy” between the non-American Globalist controlled CIA and the top Demon Rat (who is also most likely “not an American citizen) … seems the Top Demon Rat forgot to delete his visitor logs … the way Hillary forgot to delete her server … until it was too late!!! …

  41. Susie

    Hurray…!!! Warren Pollock. He is absolutely my favorite presenter. It’s been a VERY long time since he has been on. Please tell him Hello from Idaho.

  42. WD


    I am so sad that Virginia went blue…I am starting to wonder about Mark Taylor’s predictions. No offense to you and your work. I am just sad and at a lost…I am starting to think that these anti Trumpers have turned to satan….even those that I know personally.

  43. H. Craig Bradley


    These two laws ( Red Flag and Ammo/gun registration ) allow Liberals or Liberal States to confiscate illegal ammo or firearms from people deemed “ineligible”. Its a sieve or matrix designed to sort-out people they want disarmed. Cut the corner.

    Red Flag laws work this way: If someone close to you such as a spouse or former spouse does not like you personally or your politics, then they can make a complaint alleging you are a potentially “dangerous person”. Coworkers in certain specified occupations can also do likewise. So, even without any probable cause ( history of violence or arrests) a Judge can then summarily take away your second amendment rights for up to 5 years. No appeal, no due process, no trial.

    A proverbial short cut to confiscation. Preemptive Intervention by the State. Because it does not affect everybody at the same time, nobody cares if a few ‘nuts’ lose their Constitutional Rights. Next step: Reeducation Camps. Interesting Times living in the U.S. of A.

  44. Victor

    Greg, you missed the biggest story of the week. President Trump had to pay out a $2 million settlement because of fraud involved with the Trump Foundation. An unbiased would have led with that story, so why didn’t you mention it at all?

    • Greg Hunter

      A partisan story and one where the President raised money to help injured war vets. Of course a communist/Nazi/America hating globalist such as yourself ignores the total fraud of the multi billion dollar global charity fraud that is the Clinton Foundation. No I did not miss the biggest story of the week I ignored yet another partisan attack using the court system of New York State.

      • Victor

        Greg, you think I am a communist and a Nazi (hard to see how anyone could be both of those) and also that I hate America? Have you lost your mind?? If and when a court rules that the Clinton Foundation is a fraud, I will accept it as such. Was the Trump University also not a fraud, and Trump paid out $25 million for no good reason? If you are going to defend everything the president does, no matter how immoral or illegal, you should change your name. You should call yourself USALapdog instead of Watchdog, because that is what you will be. I really don’t want to trade insults, but you might want to sign up for some anger management training.

        • RichM

          Trump has owned over 500 companies and yes a few (like 5-6 if I recall) went bankrupt or were sold after not being profitable. It is not illegal to use the bankruptcy protection laws. Still, less than a dozen failed companies out of over 500. I’d take that track record any day!!!!!!

          • RichM

            ….. and yes, a billionaire gets fined millions…. so was Bill Gates. Most everyone gets slapped with fines (maybe a late tax return filing or a speeding ticket or late fee, or because you left your sprinklers on all night by accident) and that does not make us criminals. It seems billionaires get fined much larger amounts proportionately. I am sure if we ran a foundation and made the same error, we would NOT be charged millions like Trump was. That fine was just a typical money grab by a judge. He just did so from a billionaire.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Two Wrongs make not a right. Judge each individual accordingly. Fraud is a crime. Its an equal opportunity crime. It reflects dishonesty or greed. Robin Hood lives on.

  45. Cole

    I agree. If I were Trump, I would walk away.
    These are some bad actors he is up against, and they never sleep. I believe, unfortunately,
    that NC SC GA and TX are behind VA. Satan is winning in the US it seems, but Jesus will win the war. The NC Gov just gave the right of “non citizens” to vote. NC is already purple.
    I do pray for my President and country daily.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Our system is corrupted, no doubt about it. Its what happens to all Republics, eventually. Aristotle once said :
      Masculine Republics Give Way To Feminine Democracies
      Feminine Democracies Give Way to Tyranny

      This is because all High Societies have a life cycle. We are in the last stages of our peak, before a great decline. The seeds of our cultural decline are already sown by past leaders and cumulative govt. policies which have watered-down our Constitution and Laws. There is no way to go back nor stop our national decline.

      Most people can’t see where we are in the timeline. We don’t have 25 more years before its really noticeable. Instead, much less time if the process snowballs. Its been a pretty gradual process during my lifetime- easily ignored. Only since 2007 has it really been “in your face”. There is no more financial stability. Those days are behind us.

      The next ten years is a period (4th Turning) when we must redefine our laws, our institutions, our way of live. ( The Rules). Millineals will be in-charge of everything by then. The young will not remember the way things were, only what they have become. This is seen as progress. In reality, the process of decline just marches- on into the next generation, like going down a flight of steps slowly.

  46. any mouse

    Unless I am wrong, Schift and Polosi are guilty of violating the Civil Rights of Donald Trump. Even if it is political, does members of the house have the right to violate Civil Rights???

  47. Marion

    Yesterday, Barak Obama began his Canadian tour of God-knows-what. He was in St. John’s, NL. He is smiling from ear to ear and as cool as a cucumber. He is loving the fact, I’m sure, that the impeachment hearings game has started. He looks so innocent. Sickening to me.

  48. H. Craig Bradley



    I don’t know where to fit this recent development in. Today, another public school shooting occurred at a High School in Saugus, CA ( near Santa Clarita). A student killed four classmates before offing himself with a .45 Semiautomatic handgun. How did this happen in a state that requires all firearms bought since 2013 to be entered into the Calif. Dept of Justice data base? The current gun and ammo control laws did not protect anyone here. A Policy Failure.

    Since July 1 of this year by law, all ammo must first be cleared with the State DOJ database before a purchase can be finalized. There is a 10-day waiting period unless your firearm is registered and in the Calif. Dept. of Justice Database. Supposedly, California gun and ammo registration and background checks is supposed to make everyone safe and secure. What went wrong here? Nobody seems to be talking about this gun control failure in Calif. Bad guys still can get guns and hurt people.

    State law discriminates against law abiding Californians and makes them deal with lots of red tape and delay just to buy a box of .22 Cal. bullets for plinking. Plus, they have to pay a fee every time they buy ammo in Calif. Yet this High School Student was able to get both a gun and ammo and kill fellow students. It is against the law ( A misdemeanor criminal offense ) in Calif. not to store guns in a secure gun safe if there are minors living in the same household. Failed State.

    I have a suggestion for you to consider: A new guest who has lots of expertise about firearms and their lawful use. Joel is outgoing and well informed. He would make a terrific guest at USA WATCHDOG. In addition, Joel has quite a lot to say about how much Californians have lost their Second Amendment Constitutional rights to protect themselves without serious legal and liability issues. No “Castle Doctrine” for homeowners in Calif.

    So, if someone like Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsome was elected President in future years ( he is very ambitious) then you could expect Missouri to have similar (Federal) gun control laws at that time. Every time there is a mass shooting, there is political pressure for more gun control. So, there is a need to inform others about the ongoing threat to their gun rights and what is going-in in the political bellwether state of California. You are next.

    His name is Joel Persinger and his e-mail is:
    [email protected]
    Joel’s website is:

    Suggest you reach out to him.

  49. Jeff

    I think we only have a few years left maybe until 2024 or 5, Many very anointed people have seen visions of the destruction of this country with nukes. But like Steve Quayle has said , the sins of our rulers or nation, will be revealed to all before this happens. Maybe that is what is happening now. We can clearly see the sins now it is all over fox news etc., but no one ever goes to jail except for those on the right (probably for not so serious issues like Roger Stone). I too have heard about these indictments for a long time but nothing ever happens. We will see, good my not triumph over evil until the Lord returns.

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