Kavanaugh Dem Desperation, Economic Warning, National Emergency

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 354 9.28.18)  

The circus that was supposed to be a confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh ended this week. It could not be more obvious that the Dems are desperate to stop or delay Kavanaugh’s appointment to the highest court in the nation. The one fact that shows the entire thing was an act of desperation was the fact that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s own eye witnesses (3) all swore under oath that the alleged sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh never happened. President Trump has called this a “big fat con job” by a Democrat smear campaign. The charges from two other women are also bogus. Expect Kavanaugh to be confirmed soon.

Former Fed Head Janet Yellen has joined the chorus from Wall Street with, yet another, financial warning. This one concerns the “loan bubble that has run amok.” Other big time Wall Street professionals have also been warning. Gregory Mannarino from TradersChoice.net says he can’t remember when he has seen so many warnings come out in such a short amount of time from so many high powered financial professionals. Mannarino says the markets are “all fake.” So, watch out!

This all comes out under the backdrop of there being a declared “national emergency” on multiple fronts. President Trump has declared “national emergencies” and, yet, the mainstream media (MSM) ignores them all. The emergencies are spelled out in detail on WhiteHouse.gov. Is the MSM that stupid? Do White House Correspondents not read the official White House website? Is the MSM hiding something from the public? These are all good questions, but the public remains uninformed and in the dark to the dangers declared by the President.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal,  is out with his own financial warnings. Mr. Celente will be the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. paul ...

    Pro Bono my ass … Ford’s $1000 dollar/hr attorney was obviously “hired” by Hillary (who owns Demon-ratic Party) and wanted to do a take down of Kavanaugh the same way she paid for the Russian dossier on Trump … however in this “Ford hoax” case … we now have video proof of the “sly underhanded payoff” to Ford’s attorney … proving this was no “pro bono defending a woman’s rights case” … but “a contrived scheme” to keep the Supreme Court doing the Devil’s work! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-27/what-was-envelope-rep-sheila-jackson-lee-slipped-kavanaugh-accusers-lawyer

    • Frederick

      1000 an hour That’s just plain stupid

    • She won’t be right mate!

      No the Media isn’t that stupid! They’re in on it! But the media has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt over the last 2 years that they are liars & disinformation propaganda outlets. Americans should know that by now. Why aren’t Americans getting on the Whitehouse website to find out themselves. Are Americans THAT stupid?
      Fact is that anybody in the world who wants to know can find out what’s goung on with the internet at their finger tips dispite the censorship. I do & im in Australia & our media is more biased against Trump than America’s ( for some weird reason). So if Americans or anyone else is caught off guard & with their pants now then it’s their own fault.
      However Yellen on the other hand has played a major part in this coming crash with her role as chair of the Fed just passing to Powell. Anything that happens to destroy lives because if this coming crash can be blamed squarely on Her tenure & the Fed. So all her “ warnings” now are just her trying to ease her own conscience for the evil that she knows she’s done & cause in that role. Disingenuous!

      • Tin foil hat

        She won’t be right mate!
        I was a professional involved in Intel but I didn’t see the light until 7-8 years ago. After I accepted the fact that 911 was an inside job, I still couldn’t see the Boston Marathon bombing was fake until I took another look at the photos 2-3 years later.
        I recently mentioned the photos to a friend who is a doctor. He went nut after taking another look and kept mumbling to himself for the rest of the day. The funny thing is that both of us have seen traumas and should know the photos don’t make sense from the get-go.
        I infer it’s like you walking into your father raping a little boy, you would somehow interpret that your father is merely giving the boy a massage. You put that mental image in the back burner until your mother tells you later on.

        • Netranger

          TFH: what you are describing is normalcy bias produced by cognitive dissonance. Basically the image of your father raping the little boy would be too painful to face just upfront. So, you normalcy bias it and make it into something different. I was the same way with 911 at first and also the Boston bombing. But, Sandy hoax came along it only took me about 1 month to shake off the blinders. Everyone has varying degrees of normalcy bias. It depends on experience and other factors. The news and the Deep State know this and they work it as best they can.

    • bannon




      We are watching the Trump Show… Trump, Kushner, Graham, Soros, the globalists, Dems and Reps are all working together behind the scene…
      Military tribunals and dollar collapse are mere distractions to keep our attention away from WW3. They have placed Trump in the office because it takes few more years to fully develop nuclear weapons to destroy 3/4 of the population.
      Once Trump is removed, the FBI will start purging patriots and then America will go to war…

  2. D. Barlow

    Michael Ava’SNOT’ty The Snot Faced Boy!


    Michael Ava’Snotie and the Dem’s LAST STAND!
    7th Cavalry Custer Little Big Horn Tribute

    • Jallen

      Greg and Watchdogs,
      I recently posted that the Democrat Party is morphing into the American Bolshevik Party!
      You saw the Bolsheviks at their best attempting to destroy Judge Kavanaugh with the help from the Bolshevik controlled Television Stations. Are the American people stupid enough to believe the timing of this ordeal?
      The Democrat Bolsheviks will do everything in their power and influence to stop a conservative 5-4 advantage in the Supreme Court. Diane Feinstein and Richard Blumenthal showed themselves to be leaders of the Bolshevik wolfpack attacking Judge Kavanaugh.


      • JungianINTP

        Jallen: You’re very, very close to the truth! // They’re not BOLSHEVIKS but MENSHEVIKS, as the former believe in a VIOLENT overthrow while the latter take an evolutionary, incremental, “PEACEFUL” approach (( they do like to riot! )). // This scribbler was stunned when – during the presidential debates – Senator Ted Cruz dropped that latter term, indicating that he knows what’s afoot within the Marxian Democrats’ political machine. // Google the term, “Menshevik.” -Rick

        • Jallen

          Thank you for your reply. There is slow poison and fast poison. Bolsheviks and Mensheviks are a disaster to society.


      • Donald

        “I recently posted that the Democrat Party is morphing into the American Bolshevik Party”

        Actually, its a party of psychopaths – no conscience, full of lies and so on. Sadly, the reason they have so many followers is due to the old saying “birds of a feather flock together”.

  3. Mark James

    Excellent analysis of the rhetoric around the Kavanaugh hearing. Thank you Greg for your awesome insight. You are an inspiration to us all! Also excited for Sunday’s Gerald Celente interview.

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: I’ve recently been marveling that YouTube didn’t seem to be restricting the content that it showed me . . . until today. Suddenly they have decided to show me fluff almost exclusively.

    • Charles Turner

      Thats happened to me as well. Hannity, Ingram, etc no longer come up in the first lines of content.

  5. Paul Clinton

    Great Weekly Wrap Up!!! This is timely news! Many of us have been “waiting”… and certainly hoping and praying for the peaceful return to law and order. But my gut is telling me that the Kavanaugh appointment might be a red line for those who are against our country. If your “smart guests” are warning that the near term could be very “shaking”, well this may be the trigger for some serious chaos if the votes come in to affirm him to our highest court!

    Our Heavenly Father gave us a reprieve when Donald Trump was sworn in as President, some additional time to regroup and prep. Who knows how much time is left now? There will be no “Blue Wave”, they (The Democrats) know this. In the words of our brother in Christ, Dr. Chuck Missler, it is time to bring out the heavy artillery (To Pray)!

    GOD Bless you Greg for all that you do to help all be prepared and to know that Our Heavenly Father and his Son are fully in charge and we know how this story ends…

  6. Charles Turner

    In 2016 Lindsey Graham was a fully fledged member of the swamp. He has seen the light and been born again. He should be on the short list for the next attorney general.

    • Ad Davenport

      This is a sign that the U.S. deep state shadow Maddow government, are trying to jettison the Maddow. The MSNBC COMCAST Leftest fascitPC, media cabal. Yes the conservative wing of our deep state is rallying behind the Trumpster, feeling the Trumpster has seen the error of his ways. But in reality, it’s that they are getting a clearer picture of the real Donald J. Trump and who their real enemy is. They don’t fear him any longer, the Trump we here on USAWatchdog.com have known all along.
      When the deep crepes are divided, you know this whole world wide wicked system is in civil war. The iron and clay could never mix and cannot stick together any longer. May the best men win! Women & children take cover!

      THIS IS AN OUTRAGE ! ! ! !
      The strategy that elected Trump is going global
      ABC News (Australia)

      • Ad Davenport

        Thats [creep’s]! Sorry mate!
        Maybe one day you’d come for a visit of tea and crepes. Open invitation!

        • Mohammad

          Profound and eye opener … Thank for the video link.


      • Tin foil hat

        Ad Davenport,
        What an interview!!
        Bannon is right, it’s an ongoing economic war rather than an ordinary trade war. If being a Trumpster made me an racist as per the MSM, then I infer I must be a self hating and conflicted Chinese American nationalist.

        • Ad Davenport

          Good on ya Tinney!

      • Skurka

        Here Here ; bring on Lindsey Graham ! ! !

    • Grigori Rasputin

      Charles Turner, Lindsey is STILL a full fledged member of the Swamp. Please, don’t be so gullible. Years ago, Lindsey stated that voters have short memories. They do! He noted that he could do whatever he liked for the first four years of his term so long as he behaved the last two. He is in the two year window before his next run for re-election. He will say or do anything to win at the polls. He is not a Republican, but a treasonous RINO. Also, he wants badly to be Secretary Of State so he can start and perpetuate needless wars so his MIC buddies get rich. To have a chance as SOS, he is sucking up to Trump in Trump’s latest poor choice appointment, endorsement, or nomination. Believe me, wrong as the left’s attacks on Kavanaugh are, we don’t want him on SCOTUS. He is just another Swamp creature.

  7. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report.

  8. Nick de la Gaume

    This vile attack on Kavagnagh is the sickest political farce that I have ever seen.
    Please wipe out the democrats in November, America.
    God Bless.

    • Mike R

      oh, they will get wiped out all right. their party is done. Its so bad, those on the left will need a new party name.


    Published on Sep 27, 2018

    Prep Looks at the Australian and NZ Governments role in the Trump Russia Collusion
    LONDON, CANBERRA, WASHINGTON DC and Wellington are all in bed together at the black hat shadow Maddow level!

  10. bob

    ladies and gentlemen wake up and listen to greg.. we need a red wave in the mid terms.. very important! pray! yes be prepared.. we will go through some turbulence but we will go from dark to LIGHT! god bless greg and your family, god bless this country..

  11. jim umble

    Thanks GREG You give us more than enough for free, real good man. thanks I will continue to donate when I can .All ways anxious a for every pod cast .again THANKS!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim. No guilt trip here man. Learn something (I hope) and enjoy the content!!

  12. David

    “Winging it is not an emergency plan”.
    ………….. billboard sign in Colorado. So true.

  13. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,both inspiring and infuriating.
    First,Mr Karl Denninger has brought up the possibility of a civil war in the USA,a shooting civil war.
    Reading the dreadful crimes the Bolsheviks lashed against Russian Christians(at least 10 mMilions) and went unpunished,why Mr Kaganovich lasted until his 90s with servants in his Moscow apartment.The Bolsheviks of America will see this as their right just as the Bolsheviks here in the UK have luxury paid by us dregs.Christians were slaughtered in Russia and many Russian Federate states during this Bolshevik era this history is barely leaking out.The slaughter in the womb is their Baal which has not slowed .
    Our Prime Minister was the Home Secretary for many years,well done Mrs May,and was the boss of the Secret Intelligence Service and may more agencies who have boldly decided to spy on the USA our greatest ally.Our ally was one we could speak honestly with now not so much.Our leaders are a disgrace instead of fostering peace they foster animosity to cover the crimes of the Banker Cabal like Browder.So willing to send our sons and daughters for the glory of the lies particularly the youth of the USA.This is your ally?This same ally under massive Moslem influence from within cabinet and without,now change much of the data bases that used to be shared under the Prum Agreement as a consequence Israel is reluctant to share real information with us in the UK either directly or indirectly so impacting the USA as well.This is Mrs May writ large,unthinking and callous to protect her government and the banker criminals like her husband.This is your friend in power here in the UK with an opposition beyond compare.
    Still our economy for us dregs still sucks and the action of government both local and national are making foreign nationals uneasy,particularly those of Russian descent who are now changing their nationality to Israeli.Out of the frying pan and into the fire,as so many election influencers are Muslim,these wealthy individuals have raised the ire of these influencers ,so the target on their back just got brighter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria for commenting here!!

    • Jallen

      Maria Dos Santos,
      Great post. Perhaps the past will come back to haunt present day Bolsheviks (Democrats).


    • Tin foil hat

      Maria das Santos,
      The Bolsheviks lost the only election in 1917 with only 24% of the votes. They were clear winners in the urban centres, and took around two-thirds of the votes of soldiers.

      The Progressives are the modern-day Bolsheviks who took over most urban centres, schools and MSM but they don’t have the heart and minds of the soldiers. They are not the majority and they don’t want us to know that.

  14. Andy

    Always look forward to your friday wrap up Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andy!

  15. Chris

    Looks like you beat them all on the scoop.
    Kavanaugh votes are secured.


    • Chip

      Epic fail. Senators Flake and Murkowski are apparently in the driver’s seat… Chip

      • Chip

        Perhaps they can use this FBI investigation to stand this thing on its head. Investigate EVERYTHING! Including the Senate Judicial hearing process. Senator Feinstein’s withholding of the Ford accusation and her involvement and relationship with Ford. The leaking of Ford’s accusation. Who paid for Ford’s attourney’s and all the funds that she will receive through GoFundMe (Quid Pro Quo?). Why all of Ford’s social media accounts were scrubbed. There is indeed MUCH that needs to be investigated… Chip

  16. andyb

    Greg: the glaring omission in the hearing was the fact that it was never established the circumstances under which Blasey/Ford and Kavanaugh knew each other, socialized or even met. Her girlfriend, who was at the “party” didn’t know Kavanaugh and had never heard of him. Kavanaugh’s high school socialized almost solely with other Catholic schools, not with Blasey’s, so under what circumstances did Blasey and Kavanaugh ever meet? Or could it be that Blasey’s parents were in a trial presided over by Kavanaugh’s mother, the judge, which they lost, and the name Kavanaugh became forever embedded in the girl’s memory?

    • Freebrezer

      Andyb – a couple of additions: Strozk and Blasey know each other thru family member marriage … that’s a big HMMM! Blasey’s HS year books have been uncovered (the internet completely wiped them off the net … it shows how deep this operation runs), and one would never guess that she was a big boozer in HS … another big HMMM! And give me a break – a couple of inebriated teenage boys make inappropriate advance and she is ruined for life? God help us if women are this fragile. As my wife said when she was at drinking parties as a teenager- she would have slapped the SOB hard and be done with it! And as she put it, this is about the equivalent of a parking ticket when compared to a real sexual assault.

    • Tad

      Bankruptcy court I believe, and the Blasey’s lost their home.

    • Donald

      Listen, 36 years after the fact she comes out half sobbing like it happened a few days ago. But in the prior 36 years, it bothered her so little she told no one. Does this make any sense???? The big question is why so many give credence to what she has recently said and worse yet, act like it happened yesterday. Are folks so dumbed-down that they can’t figure out what is going on nor figure out just how stupid all this is???

  17. Roger D

    Yes, the public remains uninformed. Willfully uninformed. Hopefully this site has awakened some.

    This old coot is survival-oriented but not a Chicken Little. That said, I honestly believe the thin veneer of civility is rapidly peeling away, exposing anger between Americans probably not seen since the Civil War.

    My advice: Those with pre-planned and pre-provisioned bug-out destinations need to get their loved ones there NOW. Then wait, watch, work up firewood and pray.

  18. Tommy

    The FBI does need to investigate. They need to investigate Dr. Ford and Diane Feinstein to determine if any crimes were committed by them and others in this farce. Feinstein had a letter that she held for months before dropping it, not for Ford’s benefit in getting justice, but for political purposes to drag out the proceedings and discredit, humiliate, undermine Kavanaugh and bring long lasting danger to him and his family. This was the most disgusting example of political grandstanding that I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot. I don’t know Ford but you would think a person with a bachelors, two masters and one PHD from top flight universities and has been a professor at Stanford University for 30 years would not have acted like Hillary in answering some of the questions posed to her. Lots of things she didn’t know. She sounded like a child in her responses. She didn’t know that the committee had offered to come to her so she wouldn’t have to fly, which she claimed to have a fear of. Everyone in the country knew that Grassley contorted himself into a pretzel to accommodate her demands, wants, and desires. So many holes in the story, so many changes to her story. If this Democrat lynching works every non-socialist nominee will be treated as Kavanaugh has been treated. Every male will be open for attacks by the unscrupulous and will be judged guilty by the accusation alone and will be told to prove his innocence as several Senators including Schumer, Coons and Blumenthal, told Kavanaugh to do. Terrible.

    • Jennifer Ohman

      Tommy, Nice thoughtful comments. I agree with you. I don’t think it was a mistake, though, that Dr. Ford sounded and acted like a child. She knows very well that it made her appear more like a victim, in my opinion.

      When Dr. Ford was questioned, she said she knew with 100% certainty that the hand holding her mouth and the body pinning her down was Mr. Kavanaughs’. Kavanaugh graciously stated, later, that he was not questioning that someone may have assaulted her at some time in her past, but that it wasn’t him. And the witnesses refute her claims. Yet, she said she was 100% certain that it was Kavanaugh. Not 70%, or 80%, or 90%, or 99.9%. But 100%! WOW! Now…if he is innocent, then what does that make her? A 100% liar! (If you care to scroll down a bit, I had a word to say about this and Dr. Ford earlier.)

      I watched the entire proceedings and it was heart wrenching, disgusting and frightening to see such an outstanding person having to fighting for his INNOCENCE when HE IS INNOCENT! He has NOT been found GUILTY. Therefore, he IS INNOCENT in the eyes of the law! What’s frightening for all of us and on display, is that if Kavanaugh can be treated this way, then so can we. Any one of us.
      The REAL ASSAULT that was on display is on the presumption of innocence until there is evidence to prove otherwise. The REAL ASSAULT was on our way of life, and on our sacred Protector…our Constitution. It was chilling. And it was chilling when Kavanaugh said, “I AM INNOCENT.” WOW!!! The preponderance of evidence favors him. Therefore, EVERYONE has a responsibility to defend his INNOCENCE and innocence whenever we see it come under assault.

    • Keith wilson

      Greg. Diane Feinstein who was trying to give Kavanaugh a hard grilling during the investigation is also holding dual citizenship with a Israeli passport. Who was she working for at that hearing. Who does she really really work for. Who are her masters and own her. She will be one of many who will escape the trials of treason in the years to come. When you become a politician and draw a salary from the america people you should not be allowed to have dual citizenship with a second or third country. Also not be allowed to hold other passports belonging to another power.

      • Greg Hunter

        What is your source for the duel passports?

        • Keith wilson

          Greg, I got this information from http://www.investmentwatchblog.com. This is an alternative news letter site. They inform me that many democratic house of representatives are on the list. Sanders, Feinstein, Wasserman- schultz, Blumenthal, Levin, Schumer,Bennet, plus many others make this list. Dual citizenship was allowed by the supreme court in a 1967 decision. Legally they have done nothing wrong. They have taken advantage of this 1967 decision and have sold America out .

          • Keith wilson

            Article written on March 21st. 89% of our senators and congress hold dual citizenship with israel.

            • Greg Hunter

              I am not sure this article is a good source. You are talking around 450 in Congress out of 525. What you are saying is all of the USA problems are caused by the Jews. I don’t buy any of it. There are duel citizens with USA and Israel but 450 senators and Congressmen???

              • Keith wilson

                Thanks greg. I did not right the article. I understand it’s hard to except what was in the article. When the attacks of 9\11 the war on terror, the weapons of mass destruction stories came out. It was hard to believe our politicians lied. Our political elite no longer work for the little man. They sold there soles to the devil many years ago. The swamp in Washington runs deep. Who owns them and who controls them. Who is there master this is the question we want answered. I don’t blame the Jews in Israel . I blame the people who own the Jews in israel. Who own the politicians in washington. In london.in europe. The banking elite who own the federal reserve bank and control the western banking system. They are the people who i am talking about. The 0.0001 % who control our lives. These men hide behind Israel and the Jewish state and give good Jewish people’s a bad name. Most of these cabal members have never stepped inside israel. They work from the shadows and hide behind judaism.

    • Gods Creation

      You should understand that this #metoo crap is just another divide and conquer strategy. The people have already been divided by democrat/republican, white/black, pro-life/baby killers, christian/muslim, etc. The only thing left is to divide the men and women…

    • Mike R

      The FBI is going to INVESTIGATE Ford all right. It will be a rather PAINFUL week for her. She is shameless, and more of a scam artist than everyone here can imagine. Trump was not only right about this being a big con job, as the FBI investigation is going to show massive collusion by a number of DEMS, and the result will not be at all favorable to them. The FBI investigation was pre-ordained by Trump, as they have the scoop on Ford, and the set up. They’ve already dismissed the stupid third claim from Avenutty.

      This FBI investigation is going to prove very costly for the Dems come mid terms. They are losing seats now by the minute. Notice how there are next to no polls folks ? The Dems would be doing polls left and right, if they had a chance, and they are doing them, but so utterly shocked right now, they aren’t publishing them. They’ve clamped down on the media to not do them either. Big red wave is unstoppable. Its dem blood.

      • Tommy

        You have more faith than I do Mike. As our dear Senate Minority leader said, “the intelligence community has 6 ways from Sunday to get you”. Also, Jeff Flake just said “I’ll back Kavanaugh unless FBI turns up something, and they might”. Insider knowledge? So we can wish and hope and pray.

    • Donald

      “They need to investigate Dr. Ford and Diane Feinstein to determine if any crimes were committed by them and others in this farce.”

      That’s exactly right!!!!

  19. Mark

    Hi Greg

    You DO know you have a reward awaiting you for
    the work you’ve done and are now doing 1 Peter 5: 1-4.
    Keep on keeping on, your work has the hand of God on
    it and will be well blessed.
    Your brother in Christ

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark!!

  20. Matt Jaymes


    It is USAWatchdog.com (and sites of similar station) that will promote the rebirth and resurgence of the most amazing republic ever devised. Yes, the majority rules, but what used to make this country so great, is that the minority was protected by the rule of law.

    On another note: I’m curious to know why the supreme court nomination seems to be so vital at this particular juncture, as from what I’ve read and seen on this site (and others) a great deal of justice will be meted out via military tribunal; does/can the supreme court get involved in the UCMJ?

    • Bill Bradshaw

      Matt James
      The Brennens and the Clintons will challenge the legality of Military Tribunals, and it will end up being decided by the Supreme Court. In my humble opinion

  21. Mike Collins

    Did you notice Kavanaugh’s mention of the Clintons in his opening statement? I love it when someone in a statement hints that they know a great deal more than they can speak of in public.

  22. GET SMART!

    The Federal Reserve and Prior Private Central Banks – Rothschild
    Brian Hale
    6 months ago
    Once people learn we must teach them that the bank of England and the fed are private banks that print our countries monies and charge us for it and learn the evils of it all and not printed by our own countries and the whole world works the same way the world will change to decentralized currencies

    • Tin foil hat

      GET SMART!
      I didn’t know “The City of London” is not the same as London until recently.

  23. dan Fruth

    Hi Greg,
    I’m glad there are SANE minds reporting the truth…Thank You….This circus that came to town yesterday was the same treatment that was given to Joseph when falsely accused by Potiphers wife, and of course the Pharisees false accusations against our LORD. Evil is as evil does. I fear the precedent they are seeking to establish, ie: accusation condemns in spite of the truth. We pray that the LORD will “turn their arrows that have been aimed at the good to fly into their own hearts” Keep up the good work my friend…..Dan

  24. al

    THANK YOU for bringing up that fraud of a Enemy Media magazine. Thank you! I thought they burned all copies (ie: delete), you know, like Hitlery’s emails?
    I never cared to check Ebay or other venues.
    That’s a keeper Greg! I thank Billy and Maria from CA who sent it to you as well. Just AWESOME!!!

    Speaking of which, please refer to the MSM as the ENEMY MEDIA… as in the Enemy of the people, which includes (to a lesser extent) Fox in the hen house news, the controlled opposition.
    I have a neighbor who is almost getting a permanent migraine due to the 24×7 circus that is the media. I keep telling her to shut off Fox news, CANCEL CABLE and watch your channel. The ENEMY MEDIA is driving people crazy, on purpose!
    The ENEMY MEDIA withholds 95% of the real news and concentrates on highly emotional crap. It’s not news, it hasn’t been for years!

    Thank you Greg, Thank You Thank You Thank You. That magazine made my day!
    Please highlight it one day, make it a special WNW for comedy relief.

    God Bless

  25. James Hastings - Cherokee Center of the World

    I was listening to the X22 report, #1675, Swamp Fighting Back….this morning. @ minutes 28:55, the comment was…

    Jill Stzok, Peter Stzok’s sister….works with Thomas Blasey, Christen Blasey Ford’s brother…….

    any confirmation on this connection?

  26. James Hastings - Cherokee Center of the World

    The X22 report must be viewed on the website…The economic collapse / X22

    Youtube cut this section out of their site.

  27. Russ

    Thanks Greg. I watched most of the Kavanaugh hearing yesterday (most because I left the room when some Dems started bloviating). I understand why the Republicans treated Blasey Ford with kid-gloves, she’s a head case and they didn’t want her breaking down on the Senate floor.

    Brett Kavanaugh’s opening was awesome; he had nothing to lose may as well flame on and turn up the heat. Feinstein seemed to squirm, lost of blame for this travesty is on her.

    You don’t reward bad behavior. Good parents know this and dog trainers know this. Rewarding bad behavior encourages more of the same. It’s about time Senators learned this. Feinstein et al, have behaved badly. For a Republican to stop the Kavanaugh appointment would be to reward the Democrats behavior and that will lead to more of the same. High school yearbooks? Really?

    • Russ

      Fox News has Democrat Senators bloviating for the press about blah blah blah we need an FBI investigation blah blah blah. If an FBI investigation is warranted now it was warranted in July when this first showed up on Sen. Feinstein’s desk. Instead of being leaked to the press, Feinstein should have followed established protocol and brought it to Sen. Grassley and the Judiciary committee. The delay is on her and it was intentional on her part. But really what would an FBI investigation do other than burn up more time, increasing the delay and pushing it into next year — which is what this was really all about.

      Watch Live: Senate Judiciary Committee Votes On Kavanaugh | Zero Hedge
      …“Friday morning, Politico reported that the Senate panel had been advised by Rachel Mitchell, the attorney who represented the GOP members, that as a prosecutor “she would not charge Kavanaugh or even pursue a search warrant.”

      “Rachel Mitchell, a lawyer who was retained by the Senate GOP to question Ford, broke down her analysis of the testimony to Republicans, but did not advise them how to vote. She told them that as a prosecutor she would not charge Kavanaugh or even pursue a search warrant, according to a person briefed on the meeting.” -Politico

      #RachelMitchell told Republican senators in a members mtg last night that she wouldn’t charge #Kavanaugh. People briefed on the mtg said Mitchell was very clear with senators that based on evidence presented, she couldn’t bring the case “anywhere near a court room.”

      — Brooke Singman (@brookefoxnews) September 28, 2018”…

      • paul ...

        Don’t seem to remember the Demon-rat Senators “bloviating to the press about blah blah blah … and how we need an FBI investigation blah blah blah” … when Hillary committed treason??

      • Tin foil hat

        Trump is crazy like a fox. He authorizes the FBI investigation to take another look at this matter. I’m pretty sure the FBI will focus a lot more on Dr. Ford’s yearbook, acquaintances and friends than Judge Kavanaugh’s. The democrats will regret this.

    • tsuki

      I get it on bitchute.

  28. Mohammad


    The three witnesses DID NOT SWEAR UNDER OATH so is Kavanaugh’s friend in question Mark Judge……
    They had their statement under felony through their attorney and NOT UNDER OATH.
    This was brought up in the hearing and I will search for the clip and post it.
    They also said they are not sure but they BELIEVE HER, I hope you do not miss this important piece of information.
    Sen Graham said yesterday to a lady that tried to anguish him when she told him she was raped 13 years ago , “Do you believe me” he told her “GO TO THE COPS”…As smart as he is I think he gave the AMMUNITION to Dr Ford and told her unintentionally what she should do to get the FBI’s investigation the Democrats wanted so badly rolling….


    • Greg Hunter

      The did. That is a fact!! It is under penalty of perjury which is a felony. Get over it. The eye witnesses (that Ford provided) say IT DID NOT HAPPEN. Get over it.

      • Mohammad

        I will search you Greg the clip for the exact legal term which is different than swearing under oath in an investigation, I will post it once I find it.


        • Greg Hunter

          The penalty is the same for perjury and this case it is a felony. Please stop. This is fact is not up for debate.

    • paul ...

      So let me ask this question … is Ford’s attorney going to take up the cause of all the infants aborted by the Demon-rats … Pro Bono … for the anguish they went through being ripped apart in the womb … that ruined their entire lives so much so that they were never able to fly???

  29. Hoosier river rat

    I hope and pray that after that despicable display by the democrats , people who are sitting on the fence had their eyes opened and see them as they truly are ,evil,lying,cheating,disrupting,dirty rats. The left is fearful judge kavanaugh will cast the deciding vote to end their Baal child sacrifice ( abortion) for their daddy Satan. I have to think even God is losing patience with them. I don’t see a blue wave coming ,but then there is a good portion of voters who are under the leftist spell.

  30. Shadow of Doubt

    Say Greg,
    Our “insider” to the Italian economic debacle sends his greetings along with this warning: “The writing has always been on the wall, but now even the “rats” are in full flight. Prepare, bad times will soon be pounding on your front door.” SOD

  31. Mohammad


    Your sense of humor and your lovely personality is above and beyond.
    I was laughing hard when you talked about the Newsweek Hillary madam president.
    I am glad to see the laughter and smile on your face, your work is very hard and consuming and you deserve this moment.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mohammad. I think you are a good man!!

  32. Hoosier river rat

    Grrrreg, the convicted spy Jonathon Pollard wasn’t working for the Chi-coms now was he ? No he is a big hero in that country in the Middle East that is beyond critism and cannot mention. Just sayin. Greg I love ya brother but I had to say it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Pollard went to jail for that too–remember? Rightly so.

  33. Jodyp

    Watching and waiting for a vote this morning. What a bunch of windbags. And where did this new, Trump inspired Linda Graham come from? I don’t trust any of ’em.

  34. Martin

    Thanks for being there Greg. You are much watched and appreciated.

  35. F Vevaina

    As always, an excellent WNW!!

    I agree with you 100% that Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme court will be approved!

    The whole exercise was a farce and a travesty of justice and fair play. This includes the entry of Stormy Daniel’s lawyer into the three-ring circus that the Democrats created. The Democrats are not just panicking for their seats in the legislature but more importantly, some of them are petrified that they may be called out for supporting the main operatives of the Deep State.

    One thing that I did notice is the complete U-turn made by Linsay Graham who is all in favor of the President now. He was not that supportive when John McCain was around – curious…. but a good sign.

    Hopefully, the rule of law will return to the country and the bad elements permanently removed from the equation.

    Thanks for all you do to make America Great Again.

    • Jodyp

      Linda Graham turned the wheel a bit, but no u-turn. Don’t trust this guy. We all watched him too long while Mac was alive.

  36. Open Eyes

    Very truthful report, Greg. I wonder if the Truth matters to anyone any more?

    I was reading some old books from around 1910. These satanic groups were publicly known about back then and even earlier. From what I read they commit themselves to acts of evil for demonic assistance in getting material gains. Basically selling their soul to the devil for material gain. They also desecrate Christianity.

    In Genesis Chapter 19, Lot is warned by angels to leave Sodom before it is destroyed for wickedness. The good get a warning to avoid destruction. Fear not!

  37. JC

    Greg, thought you might like what Stu at theageofdesolation.com posted today, here’s part of it with link below.

    “Today, I was streaming Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate testimony regarding the numerous salacious allegations being made against him, and I learned something about Christianity from his 10-year old daughter. I plan to become that kind of practicing Christian.”


  38. Gina M Mancarella

    The truth will out !!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Gina the truth did “will out.” All 3 of Ford’s eye witnesses testified under oath that It did NOT happen. This smear campaign by the Dems is backfiring big time.

  39. Gina M Mancarella

    I am angry as hell ! We are angry as hell ! The American people are angry as hell that a person is getting away with crimes such as they have been described before the comittee, but the republicans on the committee refuse to listen !!!!!! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE ! ! ! !

    • Greg Hunter

      You “Gina” are a sore loser. The Dem scam, hoax, smear campaign on an innocent man did NOT work.

      • Chip

        Unfortunately, as I’m sure you know by now Greg, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. The demonrats still have a few tricks left up their sleeves. An Jeff Flake has come through for them in flying colors… Chip

    • Christopher Madore

      Gina –
      You raped and abused a baby while you were in high school.
      You should be in prison.
      How dare you be in public.
      How can a nation of laws allow you to be free.
      Lock you up!

      • paul ...

        Did Gina have an abortion while in high school?

    • Jerry

      Don’t get your panties in a wad. The Democrats little scheme didn’t work. You want justice? Let’s start with Billy Bob. There’s real victims in Arkansas. Do you remember Trump putting them on the front row during the debate? No one cared. Just remember you can’t spell Democrats without rats.

    • G. SMART

      THIS IS AN OUTRAGE ! ! ! !
      The committee refuse to listen !!!!!!

      The fall of the Republic ?

    • Justn Observer

      Gina, Why did they not enter Ms. Blasey/Fords’ yearbook into evidence? or her medical records which would show if she did mention KAVANAUGH’S name? How about her ‘frequent flyer miles …of a woman that fears to fly? Who did not know the Senate offered to travel TO HER…that about every other person in America did? All while she was gathering advise as to who and how to get a hold of ‘proper’ authorities? Like how about a local police station being there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATION in the jurisdiction ‘the event’ was supposed to have occurred? Of course filing ‘false’ police reports comes with penalties do they not? hmmm
      How about having Sen. Cory Booker – reportedly ‘self-admitted child molester’ voting on the ‘confirmation’ and character of others? LOL And where is the investigation of ‘accused’ wife beater Ellisons? And now we have the flake -Sen. Flake who is leaving under ‘unclear’ circumstances ‘freewheeling’ his vote? No doubt a RINO exposed! and his ‘control file’ catching up with him… All here should demand Cory Booker victim be found and interviewed by F.B.I. now that it appears the flake FLAKE has acquiesced to his ‘handlers’ wishes? Or maybe another envelope of cash pushed thru the committee hearing? My view – term limits all around…the stench reaks from the Capitol. What is an outrage Gina – is your bias, single mindedness and hypocrisy.

      CNN’s Cillizza: Cory Booker Confessing to Molestation Is Less …
      Apparently, Cory Booker engaged in what we would today call “sexual assault” or “sexual molestation” while he was a student in high school. “After having my hand pushed away once, I reached my ‘mark,'” he wrote. “Our groping ended soon and while no ‘relationship’ ensued, a …

      • Tin foil hat

        Justn Observer,
        It’s much better to have the FBI challenge Dr. Ford than have her destroyed in the Congressional hearing.

      • Jonathan

        Looks like cnn and Washington Times have removed their stories…interesting!

    • Tad

      C-O-R-R-O-B-O-R-A-T-I-O-N. Now, your turn Gina.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Interested in some beautiful vacation property? I’ve got some pristine land in sunny Florida, with a perfect climate and an uninterrupted view of the water. And, just for you, Gina, I can get you in on it for a GREAT, low price!

    • Donald

      ” The American people are angry as hell”

      Nope. Just a small number of psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists are angry because almost no one believes their pathetic lie. Later, as the truth comes out, many of these serial liars will face jail time or better yet, military court justice.

  40. Jerry

    Houston we have a problem.

    10″…9….8…..7……call the plunge protection team….6……5…..Mr. President it’s time to alert the American public….4…3…alert the EAS system…..2…..this is only a test…or is it?

  41. Christopher Madore

    The left will never give up.

    The next phase will be to destroy him while in office. Yes, we have already heard of impeachment. Evil doesn’t quit.

    America – fight this evil or lose your country…
    Get out there and be a voice. Turn out en mass for the November election.

  42. Jerry

    This is the result of the Fed raising interest rates.

    It’s just a matter of time, before the Chinese are forced into making a decision to either crash their economy by staying tethered to the dollar or launch its own trade system with the BRICS Alliance. I’m betting on the later. And guess what ? President Trump already has a contingency plan in place, in the form of gold backed securities, to soften the blow when the reset comes. And who’s going to take the fall? Not him. The globalist and their banking minions are on deck for that. Those sealed indictments have their name on them. And as far as kicking the financial table over? So what? They were going to do it anyway. Only this time the world was prepared for them and what they were planning on doing. October is coming folks.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Oh, I see. Now, it’s President Trump who will back some “securities” with gold. Thanks for the update; things sure change fast.

  43. iwitness02

    All of the news that I follow is fascinating. I can’t get it out of my head. The de classification of the FISC application on Carter Page. Release of emails and text messages from top officials in the fbi and doj. Declarations of National Emergency. Sealed indictments. The economy. The Middle East. No. Korea. New trade deals. The vote on Kavanaugh. The democrats on display. Lindsey Graham? ‘Q’ Wars and rumors of war. It all adds up to a very compelling time in history. This must be building up to some very significant events in our immediate future. My anticipation is growing week by week. But I am not sure of what is coming. So far, I feel hopeful about the future. I am grateful for a place to air out my thoughts and feelings. Thank You Greg for sharing your news platform with your followers, and all the work you do to keep the information flowing. Can’t wait to see where we end up as a Nation. Or fractured Nation. (possibly)

  44. donna s.

    Several people posted here about how Lindsey Graham has done a complete turn around. I have seen this for some time and believe one of your guest brought this up. I think that he is one of the rats ( so to speak ) that was exposed and he is covering his backside by playing that he likes and is for President Trump. That is the only thing that makes sense to me. He is playing his only stay out of jail card in my opinion.

    • William Stanley

      donna: I see it the same way. The same with Bush Junior’s recent support for Trump. Major unseen forces are in play.

      • William Stanley

        I see that ZeroHedge has put forth the thesis that what happened is that Graham’s hardwired “disgust” brain circuits were finally triggered:

        Graham’s display of anger and disgust surely looked genuine. However, some performances (Ford’s was not among them) are so well done that it’s hard to see through them. Moreover, even if Graham was sincere, I think that his sense of self preservation may have played a part in helping him find his heretofore hidden capability to feel disgust at the tactics of the deep state.

  45. Mohammad



    Senator Flake is delaying the vote by a week, Trump now just said he is not opposing.
    The votes without Flake are not there.
    You can just imagine if McConnell is going to listen to Flake (without whom they do not have the vote) and delays.
    Now imagine FBI investigation rolls in….
    Kavanaugh’s worst night mare…


    • Greg Hunter

      Only if McConnell allows it. Flake does not run the Senate.

      • Mohammad

        Democrats are pulling every possible and impossible trick under their sleeve….Lets see how that works.
        Two ladies confronted Sen. Flake in the elevator taped on the record crying screaming about this fiasco, and that must of played in his decision.
        If one week delay commences, I can tell you he will not be nominated because one week is a LONG LONG time for magicians to pull tricks.


        • Chip

          I think that confrontation was set up. Flake has been planning this back stabbing move and is part of the deep state Never Trumper cabal…. Chip

          • Mohammad

            It must be set up Chip, especially it was live on CNN….!!!! They are bragging now how this live coverage changed the fate of Kavanaugh….


    • john

      I find this whole process a circus! I mean really – going back to high school behavior and bringing up college drinking. Do people have any neurological understanding of frontal lobe development in teenagers?

    • Darnell Coles

      Turn to Christ, Mohammad.

      • Mohammad

        I love him Darnell, and when he comes back records will set right.


  46. Gina M Mancarella

    Thank God for Jeff Flake !

    • Greg Hunter

      Mitch McConnell runs the Senate not Flake.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Jeff Flake
      Ash Carter (Former Secretary of War)
      Josh Earnest (Former Secretary of Disinformation)
      Susan Repo (Former Treasurer/VP of Finance at Tesla)

      Four excellent examples of both God’s sense of humor, and his omnipotence.

  47. Dan

    I respectfully disagree with your interpretation of whether or not Satan is in control of this world. He most definitely is.

    I could provide a long dissertation but I leave you with several “proofs”.

    1) The LORD’S PRAYER > “…..THY kingdom come, THY will be done, ON EARTH, as it is IN HEAVEN.”

    Why would Jesus have taught his disciples to pray for the KINGDOM of GOD to establish itself once and for all on this earth IF God was already in control ? He would not. He did not. He made it clear who is in control of this world, and it is plainly evident to all except the most stupid or ignorant, or evil.

    2) Matthew 4:8 > “Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; 9And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. 10Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. 11Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.”

    Satan offered ALL the kingdoms of this world to Jesus IF he would bow down and worship him. If GOD was in control of this world, Satan would NOT have in his possession ALL the kingdoms of this world to offer Jesus….and Jesus would have told Satan that GOD already owned all these kingdoms, so he had nothing to offer him. He did not say that. He acknowledged that Satan had control of all the world’s kingdoms BUT refused to bow down and worship him anyway.

    SUMMARY: You either are misinformed, or intentionally deceitful. I prefer to think you are simply misinformed. Either way, the bible makes clear that there will be a day that finally comes when GOD’s kingdom is established on this earth forever, and that his son will rule with a rod of iron. Until then, while we are supposed not to live in fear, as you say, we are to be very much aware that this earth is ruled by the synagogue of satan and ALL of its followers. And evil is within and around us all the days of our lives.

    It sucks.

    • Greg Hunter

      YOU ARE WRONG! I and NOT “misinformed” and NOT “intentionally deceitful.” You are contradicting the direct and clear words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18: Then (after the Resurrection) Jesus came to them (Apostles) and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to ME.” It is YOU that is “misinformed or intentionally deceitful” for discounting the words of Christ in the Bible. End of story you weasel!

      • Dan

        Yes….he has been given all authority in heaven and earth….but he will NOT use it UNTIL his return when he will rule with a rod of iron and the great judgement will be performed.

        Perhaps you remember a future prophetic event named ARMAGEDDON ? When the armies of GOD come to this earth to face the armies of SATAN ?


        He does not. He has enabled man to carry his events in his own way….and man’s way is to fall down and worship the golden calf.

        As he has done, and is doing at this current hour.

        Pick up the bible….read it….and open your mind.

        • Prophet

          The only power Satan has is what God grants him, God allowed Satan to persecute job under the condition he had to spare his life ….john 5:19 we know we are from God and the world lies in the power of the evil one…yes satan is seemingly
          the ruler of this world but just as with job their are boundaries, God has the Ultimate authority…The Good news is at some point satan will be thrown into a pit for a thousand years, then he will be released to deceive again , and ultimately be destroyed forever…hopefully sooner than later

        • Mark

          The good news here Dan is that “in all these things we more than conquer through Him Who loved us” (Rom.8:37) and “perfect love casts out fear” (1Jn 4:18)
          “For the love of Christ constrains us because we have judged this, that One died on behalf of all, therefore all died; and He died for all that those who live may no longer live to themselves but to Him who died and has been raised. So then we, from now on , know no one according to the flesh; even though we have known Christ according to the flesh, yet we now know Him so no longer. So that if anyone is in Christ, (he is) a new creation. The old things have passed away; behold, they have become new. But all things are our from God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Christ and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation; Namely that God in Christ was reconciling the world to Himself, not accounting their offenses to them, and has put in us the word of reconciliation. On behalf of Christ then we are ambassadors, as God entreats you through us; we beseech you on behalf of Christ, Be reconciled to God. Him Who did not know sin He made sin on our behalf that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. (2 Cor.5:14-21). That is why I say to you Dan and to all who receive the testimony which the Father has testified concerning His Son, “the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7) because “Great is the mystery of godliness, Who was manifested in the flesh (in the Person of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord), vindicated in the Spirit, seen by angels, preached among the nations, believed on in the world and taken up in glory (when He comes to be glorified in His members) (1Tim.3;16) and “Christ in us is the hope of glory, Whom we announce warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man full grown in Christ” (Col.1:27-28)

        • Rob

          Dan you need to study your bible a little closer there bro! Father is using satan just as He uses EVERY evil spirit:

          1 Kings 22:19-23 And Micaiah said, Therefore hear thou the word of Jehovah: I saw Jehovah sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing by him on his right hand and on his left. (20) And Jehovah said, Who shall entice Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead? And one said on this manner; and another said on that manner. (21) And there came forth a spirit, and stood before Jehovah, and said, I will entice him. (22) And Jehovah said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt entice him, and shalt prevail also: go forth, and do so. (23) Now therefore, behold, Jehovah hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets; and Jehovah hath spoken evil concerning thee.

          Job chapters 1 and 2 prove satan is completely controlled by Father when one studies how the word “hand” is used in those 2 chapters:

          Job 1:11-12 But put forth thy hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will renounce thee to thy face. (12) And Jehovah said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thy hand. So Satan went forth from the presence of Jehovah.

          Why is satan requesting the Father put forth HIS hand before the Father tells satan not to put his hand on Job himself???

          This is because no man on earth can receive anything bad or good unless Father allows it from heaven:

          John 3:27 John answered and said, A man can receive nothing, except it have been given him from heaven.

          Ephesians 1:11 in whom also we were made a heritage, having been foreordained according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his will;

          Here Dan open up your mind to the FACT that God sent just one angel to slay 185,000 men in one night:

          2 Kings 19:35 And it came to pass that night, that the angel of Jehovah went forth, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians a hundred fourscore and five thousand: and when men arose early in the morning, behold, these were all dead bodies.

          Notice it is the Father who gathers all the nations to the battle of Armageddon also called the valley of Jehoshaphat!:

          Joel 3:2 I will gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat; and I will execute judgment upon them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations: and they have parted my land,

          Not satan because he is nothing more than a tool of Father:

          Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

          You probably also believe in that silly pretrib rapture theory that is so popular in the church today because most Christians do not study to show themselves approved :


          2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

    • RTW

      Please, stick to reading your comic books. The Bible is way over your head.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Thank you, RTW, for the best laugh of my day!

    • Mohammad


      Satan is weaker than weakness, he can only allure humans to do his wishes by tingling their lusts and desires, that is his strength, what them (humans) are doing collectively, LOVE is his killer.


      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        And yet the Koran speaks so little of LOVE. So perhaps you can clarify for us why Islam sees itself as superior to all other religions, seeks to impose itself and its own intolerance everywhere, does not value freedom of thought or speech, teaches its adherents to kill anyone who criticizes its so called prophet. I understand that there are moderate Muslims, but the horrific acts done by Muslims that seem to increase daily can all be justified from what is written in the Koran. The Koran is most decidedly NOT an enlightened scripture. And Mohammed – warlord, murderer, pedophile, etc. – can only be described as an enlightened soul if one is in major denial. Or brainwashed.
        On the other hand consider the life of Christ. Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Not kill your enemies as in Islam. But love your enemies.
        His life sets an example , a radiant example of light in contrast to the dark consciousness that pervades Islamic theology, with all of its insecurities, intolerance, encouraged mental illness, and violent acting out.
        Above you state that Satan “can only allure humans to do his wishes by tingling their lusts and desires.” So is it Satan that allures Muslims to die for Allah so that they will have several dozen beautiful virgins waiting for them in the afterlife?

      • sk

        You are one WISE person, Mohammad!

    • paul ...

      Dan … The LORD’S PRAYER > “…..THY kingdom come, THY will be done, ON EARTH, as it is IN HEAVEN.” … sound’s to me like someone in control giving orders … the fact that Jesus rejected Satan’s offer of ALL the kingdoms of this world … if Jesus would just bow down and worship him … can also be interpreted as Jesus knowing Satan was simply a con-artist who spewed bull-shit … like our bankster buffoons today who tell us “they really own all the gold in their vaults” and put our name on it … but have really sold the same gold bar to 300 other people … so Jesus did what every one of us would do to someone trying to sell us the Brooklyn Bridge … he said: “get thee hence out of here before I kick your ass”!

      • paul ...

        And God sending armies “to enforce the rule of law” on Earth shows he is the one in charge … and is taking action to show Satan exactly who is really “In Control” of things here on Earth!!

  48. Jerry Snyder

    Thanks for the great wrap up this week. Keep in mind, the Left wants you to occupy all your attention to Judge Kavanaugh’s circus trial. I have to believe there is something else going on in the back ground that the left needs to squash without any attention.

    Thanks for a great place to discuss important news.

    Jerry in Arizona

  49. DLC

    Gina: Are you equally disturbed regarding the army of women who Bill Clinton abused? Does it keep you up nights thinking about the poor female soul that Ted Kennedy drowned?

    I am tired of this replay of the sainted liberal female damsel in distress. Where is the concern for the 2 little girls who came to watch their dad undergo his confirmation hearing, the mother and wife who appeared so heartbroken to witness this ugly farce?

    Was it not Justice Alito’s wife who had to leave her husband’s confirmation hearing at one point in a tearful state, shaken over the way that her husband was being talked to? It has to be a shock to be treated lower than a serial killer in such a setting. The wife came undone.

    Is it only Dimm females who are afforded respect and kid glove consideration? Ask Juanita.

  50. D70inilm

    The Republicans have caved again. Yet another week to let the FBI investigate these false accusations, which of course will lead to another, then another.

    If Judge Kavanaugh is not confirmed, I’ll never vote for another Republican again.

    • Chip

      Then you will help put the demoncrats firmly in charge… Chip

  51. Hoosier river rat

    Greg, I’m with you Christ is ultimately in control , however since we have free will , Satan can influence individuals who in turn control some of this world but only as far as Christ allows in his plan. This is why trump was elected . It was a miracle. Thanks for sharing that special edition Newsweek madam president . It was gold , it really made my day. I bet that edition is as rare as an Amish battleship. I can’t wait until the Newsweek special edition Madam Convict comes out , The Gitmo Interviews, are orange or stripped pant suits en vogue.? I love it.

  52. DLC

    Just as I was biting my mind’s tongue about Jeff Flake, he gets together with his Dimm comrades and cooks up another delay. I fully expect him to pull a McCain with a no vote as his final political act. It’s who he is.

    The voters here in AZ chose a woman (McSally) to replace Flake who is another John McCain, female version. She is the establishment pick and Jeff Flake is very pleased with her as his replacement.

    She will not be supportive of Trump if she wins the general. My plan B hope is that events will force her hand.

    I listen to Mark Taylor’s latest when I get borderline despondent over events. I sure hope he is dead on.

  53. Coalburner

    Freebreezer; It took me a while to figure it out but I believe she is an Alcoholic, they had to dry her out and give her some pills to make the circus yesterday half way presentable. I am more familiar with mental illness which I am certain afflicts many of the Pussy Hat crowd and at first my mind went to that for Boozer. But after watching yesterday I realized that was off target. It made sense to me when I connected the dots from age 15 to 50 plus! The flying business was just a delay for drying her out and lawyers to figure out how to use her the best before dumping her in a ditch.

  54. Coalburner

    Greg; you know I give you credit for being a Patriot of the first order and helping to save our country. My compliments! May you be blessed by Jesus Christ!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Coal”!!

  55. Coalburner

    I always appreciate hearing from Marius Das Santos and the folks from NZ and Australia. I am sorry for those in UK. I think they should get their families out and arm up while they can. IT doesn’t look good! They will be the only western EU country that can possibly survive the switch to Sharia Law and they will have to fight for that. The lunatic government is hopeless. We should refuse the Royal Family entry to the USA when they decide to run. They stoodby and are letting this happen.

    • flattop

      I believe the British Intelligence has done to Theresa May what our Intel services tried to do to Trump

  56. Mohammad


    You have to agree that Sen. Flake opened pandora box.
    What will one week add other than chaos and confusion?
    What the FBI will investigate? will they listen to the other two ladies alleging havoc on Kavanaugh even if it seems ridiculous claims not enough to run on NewYork times?
    What if another lady emerged with new allegation during this week?
    What if they limited this investigation to Mark Judge and they found serious things, if the week is over will they say ok, lets go home we are done because the week is over?
    This is going to create more doubts than certainties, and I think Kavanaugh’s career is DONE…!


  57. Gary

    “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

  58. Max

    Keep on gloryfying GOD in Jesus Name !!
    The light of GOD makes the rats and roaches scatter
    Thank you Greg for standing up and telling the truth !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brother Max!

    • paul ...

      Let’s go to the polls this November with the light of God in our minds and hearts and lets scatter the Demon-rats like dust in the wind … and totally destroy Hillary’s Political Party (that she paid $12 million dollars for … with money she earned being a traitor to the USA)!!

  59. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg.
    Nice weekly wrap up!

    Just a comment re Dr. Ford. She seems like a nice lady, but several things she said just does not pass the smell test. I agree with you… that she cannot fly to Washington, or to Australia for business, yet she can hop on to a plane in a NY minute to Tahiti and other fine destinations for a fun filled, lovely vacation! Disingenuous, plain and simple!

    Also, she can’t remember how she got to the house or how she got home, but she vividly remembers sordid behavior that she allegedly was a victim of. She went on about how the memory works. Sometimes it works clearly and sometimes it doesn’t. Blah blah blah.
    I’m paraphrasing, …but that the mind can remember dramatic or shocking moments and events or anything that can act as a strong stimulus to the mind, body, or emotions, etc.,.. can stand out in the memory. Whereas, less important events, etc., can easily be forgotten over time,…which I believe is basically true. ( I believe that she said this, in part, as a set up in order not to be challenged for all her vagaries and inconsistencies in her story.)

    Now, in the past, I was a victim of a stalker. It was a horrible, hellish experience. I had continuous sleepless nights. For months! It was awful!
    This individual (my stalker) broke into my home and did many other crazy things! I changed the doors! I changed the locks! The police told me that they feared for my safety and advised me to get a dog and a gun!! I did. And I also built a fence and took many other safety precautions as well.
    I had more than one Orders of Protection against him, as the court needed to make them more strict over time. But as the police advised me…these are just pieces of paper ( these Orders/laws). Crazy people walk right through them, I was told. And he did! He got caught by the police in violating it. Eventually, he went to jail! And I finally went to sleep! No joke.
    So why did I bring this up? Because this experience was traumatic for me as I assume Dr. Ford’s alleged experience was traumatic for her. Now, going back to the nature of memory. When one has a traumatic experience like Dr. Fords’ or mine, we remember it!
    Do you know what else we remember when our lives are threatened?
    WHO SAVES US! That’s right! WE DO!! That sticks in our memory just like the trauma itself!!! Anyone who came to my help I remember and vividly!!!
    But, Dr. Ford, who allegedly, narrowly escaped rape, suffocation and death…and by the grace of God, was able to escape from this horrible house…CANNOT REMEMBER WHO SAFED HER! (Who drove her away from this nightmarish experience and swept her away to safety!) OR she can’t remember if SHE RAN FOR HER LIFE AND SAFED HERSELF!!
    I’m going to use your line Greg…This is too stupid to be stupid!
    I always trust my gut! I don’t believe her and I think she is a liar.
    Hence, it’s no surprise at all that the witnesses ALL say that this did not happen.

    • Jennifer Ohman

      Let me emphatically add that if she “remembered” who drove her home she would have to name them as a witness! And that witness would be called to make a statement…and that she just couldn’t allow because it never happened.

      • William Stanley

        Jennifer: Well said!

    • wondrouscat

      Also, when asked by the prosecuter lady what stuck out most in her memory of the event she said, in this order, the stairwell, the room, the bed on the right side, and the bathroom nearby. In other words, the building structure.

  60. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG. A Question
    s it possible to impeach a member of the Supreme Court?

  61. Ken Milledge

    Greg, I ran across this info on YouTube. It looks like there needs to be further investigation. From my personal research, it has confirmed what I already knew.

    Leita Thompson 5 hours ago

    Ms. Thompson stated,

    “Knowing today that her Grandfather was one of the Directors for CIA in DC, father also CIA, she is the CIA recruiter at the college where she teaches & then once recruited the students move into HER House where She lives…I’m saying “MK Ultra”! THAT explains A LOT! Plus her brother Ralph Blasey III worked for a Law Firm who originated Fusion GPS which arranged for pmt of Trump Dossier!”

  62. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Time Potus Trump should stand back….tell Congressional Committee to do whatever they are going to do…He picked the best one under the advise that the several groups recommended….and the Bar ‘Association…and to tell him if ‘they’ need another pic after —they — have made a judgement on who was one of the ones selected BY THEM ! There is no way he has any idea of what happened 36 years ago…so confirm…or lets move on quickly! Personally – I too – think Potus Trump is being set up. Lets move on to a conservative woman Justice… and re-nominate Brett Kavanaugh after a new pillow and a one way ticket to So, Texas vacation retreat can be arranged for Justice Ruthy Ginsburg!

    • Tin foil hat

      Justn Observer,
      ” ……… after a new pillow and a one way ticket to So, Texas vacation retreat can be arranged for Justice Ruthy Ginsburg!”

      I concur, lol.

  63. paul ...

    Must share this from Man vs Machine … as you all know the Japanese sent a rover to an asteroid many millions miles from Earth … the rover moving on the surface of the asteroid accidentally turned over a rock and found a note … that read: “Kavanaugh groped me” … it was signed by Zaylaya Cerniutius from planet Zoltran … the Demon-rats are feverishly searching the entire galaxy for her so she can testify at the FBI hearings next week”!!

    • paul ...

      You know … if the FBI said Hillary did nothing wrong … what makes the Demon-rats so confident the FBI will say Kavanaugh did something wrong??? … especially when they had solid proof Hillary committed treason … and absolutely no proof Kavanaugh committed anything????? … so what’s it all about… making Kavanaugh Alfie?????

  64. Gina M Mancarella

    You may laugh Greg, but we have introduced articles of impeachment today. From now on it is going to be all out war and make no mistake. The folks on the wrong side are going to be crushed if not confined to a camp. There are so many of you that we will run out of prison space. Get ready Greg ! Get used to the idea of living in a cage !

    • Greg Hunter

      Gina a truly evil a vile comment.

      • JC

        Greg, maybe you should think about having an occasional “Guest From The Dark Side”. Gina M Mancarella would at the top of your list I suppose.

      • Walter Baumgarten

        “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

        A man’s quality can often be gauged by who (or what) it is that calls him their enemy and when you are squared off against the forces of the Demonic, well you can rest assured that you are on the side of Right my friend. Fight on!

        • Greg Hunter

          I will “WB” and I thank you for supporting this fight.

    • Diane

      Gina, you weirdo……why are you so obsessed with Greg Hunter?
      This is cyber stalking.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

    • William Stanley

      Gina: Trolling, screaming obscenities, or wearing a “pussy” hat in public isn’t “all out war.” Neither is rioting in the streets. Not even close. To quote Mr. T: “I pity the fool” who thinks “all out war” would go well for you and yours. Gina, get used to the idea of having to work for a living.

  65. Gina M Mancarella

    Just to let you know, Senator Schumer has a plan ! We”re not going to take it anymore !

    • Frederick

      Schumer has a plan? Yeah I bet he does A “ getaway” plan for when TSHTF

    • Justn Observer

      NEXT STOP CAR BOMBINGS, Gina? Let’s get with it —tired of your threats! Rather tired of the democrats hiding behind and using the un-educated, and dumb down NE Ivy league child minded. One thing is clear…women now will be considered ”’Trojan horse- ticking time bombs in a workplace so less considered for employment…or dating…or to be listened to… Good job ! You have created as Geraldo stated today — a war ! And as I see it – one of Protestants, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim believers against non-believing Catholics and Zionists seeking world domination via the UN.
      That is what the message POTUS Trump was pointing to at the UN….The United States rejects the globalist socialist agenda…and will remain sovereign and with borders and wean itself off the World Bank cartel … and thru the efforts best shown by Greg’s interviews…via the coming of arrests and asset forfeiture … and with some disruption of commerce in the short term…return the U.S. to a better place of self-determination and self-sufficiency in production and a reformation to the fundamental Constitution and Bill of Rights that those desiring a more feudalist approach despise.
      Yes- those robbing the U.S. PIGGY BANK are upset…and so to …those politicians who see their gravy train of bribery and pay to play drying up!
      Soon Gina – very soon all the power and wealth will not be able to buy what is NOT AVAILABLE. And your ilk will be left to either pay 2x to 3x to stay warm and 4x to feed yourselves…enjoy what IS coming. Your plan and timing is poor will only hasten your suffering and pain – freezing and starving. All of a source you neither see coming, understand, nor can control anymore than you can hold back the tide!
      We… the believers of the message of our Creator shall gather and together raise barns and community…raise the trumpets ….a clarion call … and leave you and your ilk in your twisted Sodom and Gomorrah ways of life. Death and destruction to the left and enlightenment to the right – thru the narrow gate! The screaming, shouting, and stomping like spoiled children…and your faux laughable ANTIFA? We can only hope you step over the line! Please Gina step over that line…and like Kavanaugh said… Careful what you sew…because the WHIRLWIND is chomping at the bit… Yes, the sheep are peaceful and likely some will turn the other cheek to the point of even those willing to be thrown to the lions…but there are enough WATCHDOG…and you pathetic sniveling whining laughable resistant will be plowed under with ease…so Please – Gina step over that line. And in some respects your comment already did…as you have admitted there is a plan and you are a participant of a soft coup -are you Gina? and issuing threats of harm? Plans of kidnapping and unlawful detainment? Thinking you should want to have won first? As the world crop failures increase…the taking down of bridges ,dams, and power sources by the solar disruptions will leave you all in your not so smart -SMART CITIES – hunger and freezing! Enjoy your urban prisons. NOT BY FIRE BUT BY ICE….DARK WINTER….UPHEAVAL —-read them!
      Gina – you are pathetic ! Seek help! Maybe Blasey/Ford’s therapist has an opening?

    • Ray

      Your hatred blinds you……so much so that you (and most of the left) have forgotten what the noble left once stood for.
      I am 50 years old. I once identified with the best parts of the left (social justice, freedom from corporate tyranny, a place in the sun for all).
      Today, I am horrified by the left, and the depths they stoop to in efforts to attain / retain power.
      Make no mistake….I am no right lover either!
      I just believe we are all here together…..so we do best to tell the truth first and move forward second…..NOT THE REVERSE…..which both left and right are often guilty of.
      Breath in deep…..look across to the thing that your mind labels “enemy”…..and try to understand that he / she, in the end of ends, simply yearns for what you are also seeking……love, peace, honesty and the opportunity to live life without external subjugation from another.
      Many, yay, most get mixed up along and upon the journey, and many falter from that original noble path………perhaps our mission here is to hold that very thought, somewhere deep in our memory……seems to me Christ did, right from the start x
      Blessings to you and yours Gina.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Bill Bradshaw

      Please contact you psychiatrist immediately, you are in much need of help

    • Stephen Miller

      We’re means her and Mudd! Two more wonker doodles!

    • paul ...

      Hope Schumer’s plan is not to take our tax dollars to rip children’s arms, legs and heads out of the womb anymore … but probably not … it’s all about immoral women having the equal right to fornicate and sleep around like immoral men … right?

    • RTW

      Chuck U Schumer has a plan? You poor misguided troll! Chuck couldn’t spell plan, much less have one.

    • Walter Baumgarten

      Schumer has a plan alright, so did Anthony Weiner.

    • sk

      Don’t you all realize that Gina is here just to ‘get your goat’, ‘rile you up’. make you so irate that you waste your time replying to her? Just ignore ‘Gina’.

      • William Stanley

        We realize that “Gina” is a troll and that “getting your goat” is what trolls try to do.
        Gina is Greg’s pet troll. She’s allowed out to keep us abreast of the latest cultural-Marxist mindset, which is often quite amusing. Then she has to go back in the cellar . . . but not before we give her some “doggie treats.”

      • Diane

        You’re right ..I suggest all Watchdoggers BOYCOTT GINA.

    • Galaxy 500

      Luciferians plan and God laughs

  66. Hoosier river rat

    Gina: There are some very good programs now , and with a good doctor ,the right medication, and proper therapy you can be back in society in 6 or 8 months.

  67. Hoosier river rat

    Oh , and Gina they will provide the crayons.

  68. John M.

    Greg, nice reading of the tea leaves, or more aptly, nice studying of the stinky piles of horse manure floating in the swamps of what is called Washington D.C.
    I’m also convinced that this Kavanaugh clown show has everything to do with trying to prevent a majority Supreme Court from allowing military tribunals. Currently, abortion is the least of their concerns (BTW, that abortion doctor video was amazing!) The Swamp is desperate and I’m expecting the fireworks to have only just begun.
    The myriad of economic and social pressures are all building to a head and climax, and whatever happens should be spectacular for all to see and experience.
    May God bless America and all honest God-fearing and God-loving Americans.

  69. Stephen Miller

    Greg you mentioned the fact, about Ms. Ford’s CIA connections. She’s definitely part of the leftest wing, of our Obama CIA Holder overs and she’s definitely a Whack ah Doodle!

    The Nitty-Gritty of
    the Kavanaugh Accuser
    Christine Blasey Ford
    by Jeffrey M. Gresio | Sep 19, 2018 | Government, In the News, Opinion, Politics, Supreme Court | 26 comments

    Lets for a minute ignore the fact that Psychologist/Researcher and Liberal college professor Christine Blasey Ford, is an anti-Trump activist.

  70. Dr Darryl Jewett

    The US Constitution and its subsequent amendments, The Bill of Rights, is one of the most important documents in all of human history, responsible for advancing civilization. It’s on a list of important documents which includes Plato’s The Republic and The Holy Bible.

    An element of the US Constituion is the Right to Due Process, which concludes in part that a man is innocent until proven guilty. Presumption of innocence. Because it’s easier to compel fifteen people to bear false witness against an innocent man than it is to prove a man’s innocence. People bear false witness against innocent men all the time for all kinds of reasons: profit, political expedience, stupidity, bureaucracy and the list goes on.

    This element of our Constituion (although not stated directly) is fundamental to all civilization. Not part of our Constitution is the delusional and loony belief that we should always believe a woman because a woman never lies. This delusional philosophy is not part of our Constitution because it’s not true, it’s not fundamental to any civilization and it’s counterproductive to advancing civilization.

    However, the philosophy of always believing a woman because she never lies has during recent decades in US courts of law (including family, criminal and civil courts) superceded the fundamental precept of due process and presumption of innocence. I have no problem with keeping the 19th Amendment to our Constitution as long as all the other Amendments too are honored, including he 5th, 14th, 1st, 2nd and 13th.

    Unfortunately, while women and their authoritarian and feminist familiars clutch the 19th Amendment with an iron fist, they’ve demanded that everyone else abandon all the other Amendments. And always believing a woman because she never lies has eclipsed the entirety of the remainder of our Consitution and crippled our civilization. And that’s how you get the Kavanaugh circus that’s erupted in the recent proceedings.

    At some point someone should have called the allegations against Kavanaugh what they are: bullshit. And someone should charge Ford and her co-conspirators with fraud, conspiracy to defraud, treason and sedition (and many other serious crimes). That’s what feminism is. It’s a hate movement. Feminism is women manipulating the public with the spectacle of their imaginary victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting conscientious men in exchange for votes, money and absolute power.

    That’s why presumption of innocence is such an important and fundamental element of any civilization. Because compeling fifteen people to bear false witness against an innocent man (for political and bureaucratic expedience) is easier than proving him innocent.

  71. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG; Thank you.
    What other site could we go to find,
    Dr Ford is an alcoholic
    Dr Ford, afraid to fly but has frequent flyer miles
    Dr Ford is hooked up to the CIA
    Dr Fords close relative is connected to Fusion GPS
    In your opinion, what will be the next move of the Dems to block Kavanaugh. The Deep State cannot afford to let him on the bench

    • Justn Observer

      Bill, The connection of this charade is much wider than most will ever realize…the participants all groomed from the earliest of times and several holding numerous clearances within Treasury, IRS, U.S. Mint and more… These were NOT simply girls with faded memories of days gone by…but women of purpose…to keep Kavanaugh out of that seat. The prime ‘accuser’, her father and grandfather CIA connected and others connected to TECH firms with apps and backdoors into the most sensitive of places using software well used in many agencies and corporations… Most of the youth of those ”’beach parties” arranged and paid for by CIA ops …all set up to compromise the youth of those rich -connected families. Think of the god father movie, the senator drinking and drugged waking up with a dead body next to him…and how he then had a ‘control file’ on him. Think of the same actions of hundreds of kids, summer after summer, some who woke up like they tried to make Kavanaugh out to be…blacked out…and now unable to know if they did or not whatever might be accused, even if whether or not what even if something attempted and being hung around their neck even occurred!…then to be guilty by reason of not remembering what the ‘accusers’ say simply because they could not remember! hmmm( Jason Borne). Also think of all the other kids who’s parents might be working at sensitive places, or even judges later being shown compromising acts of their children at those parties…only to be asked to roll an opinion or ruling to keep the secrets or throw a prosecution. Now consider one of the accusers that it is said was at -what? – 10 gang rape events and… the only one over the age of consent was her…and she said nothing and also was not charged? Were those filmed? Blue lighted? How many of those work where today? Major corps., State Dept., Foreign Service, Senate staffer, White House staff?
      Stuck now -forever with a ‘control file’ a insurance file in WEINER laptop?
      Any wonder how or why all the leaks in D.C.? ADD Ph’d Blasey-Ford;s father being connected, her grandfatheralso…and she didn’t know how to get her ‘secret information’ to the Senate … and never bothering to file a police report – where such false filing could be a crime…so proffered it the way she did.because of advise of ‘other’? What others? ..and too remember ONLY enough to shock the conscience…but too little to run to actually to ground as to a place- time- of the event. Then too…Blumenthal and his Latin quote about , if caught lying the jury could throw out the whole testimony. Seems not to apply to the accuser! You listed several…so why would anyone believe anything? And of course -too she did not know they offered to come to her – while she flew off to a funeral –and while in the east on that weekend she takes a lie detector test…based on what instruments? heart rate, perspiration, breathing at a time of the stress of extreme nervousness having now learning she had been publically ‘outed by the media’ and the death of a family member? and in a room with a stranger with only one exit door which itself she testified causes her panic attacks? and she passes? lol hmmmm So much for those tests!
      And as for the two door thing – does she really have two doors? Anyone check the building permits? Sure one is not a separate entry to a ‘mother in law’ style addition, a separate houing area – for the ‘google interns’ living at her home? Maybe people having such knowledge and ability to launch a ‘go fund me’ pages the she seemed to have little clue of? And who are those ‘unnamed’ providers of suggestions? And … had she stayed in Cal. and they came to her there…maybe the truth of the door, who lived there and who was giving ‘suggestions and advise’ might not be a mystery? Convenient she summed the courage to take flight away from Cal. and offer she was heading east anywoy so they need not come to her in Cal. Another investigative journalist ( George Webb) suggested Stormy Daniel’s attorney – is also CIA connected… more coincidence? ..all seem to be and with a common goal to stop TRUMP and his agenda! …a major one of putting another Conservative on the Supreme court. Tied now with the witness of multiple gang rapes who has several security clearances and having worked in many high level gov’t agencies and tech firms with knowledge of software used by many ? How are those clearance maintained under such circumstances as Working at Treasury, the IRS, the U.S. Mint an admitted witness and participant in 10 rape line events?…and now only adding the hypocrisy of having one Sen. Cory Booker a self admitted child molester allowed to vote on the confirmation of others? lol Assuming what the investigative journalist apparently has run down…the beach house of the parties, who the persons running the parties and paying for the parties…and the connections of all these people in the various ways…what is odds…the coincidence…of an event that occurred…that no seems to ‘remember’ it even did and having almost near everyone tied to various spy or investigative gov’t or private analyst type tech agencies the likes of Booz Allen – Fusion and program uses in backdoors of many of those agencies programs? You decide… One doubt if ‘the truth’ will ever get into the public or main stream but only a narrative because of the ‘actors or bad actors’ and sources and ‘possible methods’ use to ‘net – compromise – and get handles on so many youth that likely will -because of them – their families or their wealth – and possible foreign friendships may end up as possible future targets of opportunity where leverage may be needed on them? Sure is lots of accusations…poor memories for such scholarly types of such prestigious educations…and of people likely also having signed how many NDA’s…which themselves would cause the to ‘lie’ in public as a matter of national security?
      You decide! Guess we will never know…but that indeed…we can see the octopus and the ‘blood feud’ between the power players, the parties, the branches, and agencies of gov’t… We are staring….at the swamp…and how the creatures are drawn, entrapped, into it…with tentacles spread across the country and the world for decades by the youth, high achievers, and future heads educated at the most prestigious universities of tech companies, gov’t agencies, and media …domestic and foreign…. This just might be….how it is was done and is still being done! One only has to consider the interview of Kay Griggs… the storys she spoke of concerning the Hun School & Princeton… How the elite seize power and bind those rods throughout the world – thru their children – their ties – their secrets – they and their families drawn in and weaknesses compromised ? From attorneys to judges, Military officers, actors, editors and anchor, spy and agency heads – access to information…information is power – be it data, IRS files, banking, medical records, academic records, tracking thru phones, apps, electronic smart systems tied to homes, What rings true! ?… Trump and Kavanaugh threaten access to the key to the ‘cash register’…and the breaking up of the PAY TO PLAY ring….that is what seems to ring true! and what ‘they- the deep states use as product use to ring up the sales…illegal weapons, sex, children, drugs, organs?
      What have been the most concerning points of interest of most interviews found here? Those and the spectacular, un-believable fake news, rigged bond sales, bank interest rates, and suppression of the PM markets…
      George Webb:
      https://youtu.be/miLGzBx72dA ,
      Kay Griggs: https://youtu.be/NUPWorS-EPM

  72. G. Berkshire

    The seven ways to Sunday plan, Giner?

  73. Derek Sinclair

    That magazine is definitely a vomit inducing collector’s item. Talk about dodging a bullet.

  74. Mohammad


    It is becoming clear the new strategy put in place and please be assured that it is not a tactic rather it is a strategy , is to use sex assault allegations to achieve political gain, using women to gain political ground that opponents to the populist, nationalist movements would not gain in fair battle or on fair leveled ground.

    The Me Too movement is going to escalate in the coming days, the recruiting of the primary instincts and emotions in public hearings that otherwise would of been thrown out of the police clerk desk and not having a chance to get to the court because it does not have any legal standings is to move the women base towards the left in the coming elections.

    It started with the allegations against high profile Hollywood figures and culminated in high profile candidates to high profile positions like judge Kavanaugh to Supreme Court, they attempted at Trump and failed but if Kavanaugh witch hunt works you bet your money on seeing a judiciary hearing on Stormy Daniel when majority turns Democrats.

    It seems to be global, a global effort to oppose the populist movements and crush their leaders with sex assault allegations that won’t stand any chance in court of law in the countries where those populist movements are posing a threat to the globalists hegemony.

    This is orchestrated Greg, it is not random and you can see the vague thread connecting them from Britain to Germany to Italy to US so on so forth.

    I cannot see this:
    other than a step in a crescendo path to reach high figures as sitting ducks for stupid things they have done decades ago to nail them down and crush the populist movement from its conception.

    No doubt in my mind that at a certain point there will be a clash between the two movements allover the world since the globalists are playing dirty and hitting under the belt in a dirty game that recruits the most emotional sector of all societies and that is women for what looks and appears as a noble cause but has a dirty and evil agenda.

    Never understand Greg from my post that am saying those ladies coming forward are lying…NO…all am saying that they are used for a bigger global agenda that is unfolding in front of our eyes.



    • Greg Hunter

      You do admit that there was a failed coup on Trump–correct? This is not a myth, but a case supported by witnesses and facts. It was a military/counterterrorism operation that involved foreign spy agencies of Australis and the UK and it was run by Obama himself from the White house. This is a fact even it the propaganda MSM refuses to report it.

      • Mohammad


        It is obvious Greg, and it is global and not only here in US, the new weapon they are pulling now is very dangerous, using the law to hunt key stones in the national movement after sexual assault allegations brought in and backed by media circus that tingles the emotions of their target base that they want to pull to their camp.

        Just the mere fact that they had this hearing public on TV was a guarantee to destroy the man, they could of had it public by transcript, NO , they wanted to exploit emotions for an agenda that is so obvious.

        They (globalists) are playing dirty, there will be a point in time when the nationalists will say enough is enough we will bring the military hammer to clamp them down…and that is Greg is my fear…

        ALWAY ALWAYS in history such confrontation in any country lead to the military suspension of civic rights for national emergency and that lead to a totalitarian monster emerging from the ashes of the confrontation, Gremany is not a far example.

        BEWARE BEWARE Americans where are you heading….

        Senator Flake summarized his view on the matter, he noted in his statement that the country is so polarized and he is extending the ONLY hand across the isle to his friend on the democratic opposite side to try to bridge this DANGEROUS schism, what a wise man he is…

        We Are Greg heading to an area I have seen before in my mother land, take what I say with a large grain of salt if you wish but it does not change a thing , if we do not work on healing wounds and head to a confrontation we will lose this great country, that if we have not lost it yet.


        • Shadow of Doubt

          I certainly appreciate your insights and erudite comments. Enriching independent thought is something of a rarity in these times. But you will find in this country many citizens side with Thomas Jefferson, who looked upon conflict not as the demise of the American experiment, but a necessary correcting mechanism for the Republic. Hence the saying, “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Freedom has never been kept by the faint of heart, and has always exacted a high price for those who wish to remain so. SOD

  75. Coalburner

    Greg; Mohammad is right about the smile, I am smiling too!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Coal”!!

  76. G. Berkshire

    Rachel Mitchell says she wouldn’t prosecute SCOTS nominee Kavanaugh

    Prosecutor who questioned Christine Ford says she wouldn’t prosecute Brett Kavanaugh
    10:42 a.m. EDT Sep. 28, 2018

  77. Coalburner

    Greg, I believe it is time we start screaming and running Democrats out of Restaurants. As for opportunities to see these Demagog pigs attacking Republicans we need to sling a little alcohol on them, start a fuss, call the police and have them arrested for drunken trouble making. We are going to have to give them a little of what these lunatics hand out. Wild guess, when we fight back they will fold like an empty spook sheet. If it happens where I am I am going to try it out.

    Second: Theresa May, I suspect you are right and there were many more backstabbers than just UK. I still see in my memory the President after one of the private meetings with Putin. President Trump was stunned worse than I have ever seen him, so distracted he could not put his words together. That said to me, Putin told him stuff he never imagined and probably on more than one front. Putin told him what his own people were not telling him and I think Putin dumped a load. Putin endeared himself when Trump could trust him more than his own people. For a while it took Pres Trump time to evaluate and get his head around a way to handle it. That amazes me, smart as he is.they attacked Trump more because they know what he was told. The shake out from that meeting is far from over. Look up the video and think about what has happened since. So I think what you said about the hammer falling around the election has to happen. These traitors are going to pay. Some from other parts of the world will get little mercy when the system falls apart. Huh Look at the UK anyway, to avoid submitting to Sharia Law within two years they will have to die like flies to take their country back. I for one American do not want to help them. I do not want the Royal Family escaping to the USA without paying billions in Gold, Silver and treasure to our people, not to the government to squander. A real gold peace to every taxpaying man, woman , child citizen.

  78. Robert Dziok

    SPECTRUM audio for FOX news channel is being muted/suppressed! Election meddling (Midterm elections in November soon) going on by suppressing Conservative talk? Audio for commercials works but not for FOX news commentators. This has been going on for several weeks now and not yet resolved by SPECTRUM. Repairman sent said they know of extensive problem and are “looking into” it. Several weeks and no solution yet? I personally experienced this “problem” at a relative’s home near central New York state. This “problem” does not occur on any other cable channels.

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