Live Infants Harvested, Virus Lockdown Restart, Real Economic News

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 438 7.3.2020)

Very few in any media reported the sworn testimony being unsealed and released from Planned Parenthood this week.  Executives admitted on camera they sold baby body parts and harvested organs from live infants.  These charges were previously denied, but now top members of Planned Parenthood are admitting these horrors on camera in video depositions.  There are many calls for the DOJ to take action because of this newly released information.

Looks like another virus lockdown has started in America, but is it really this bad?  There are new reports the CDC is, once again, over-counting cases.  Another thing not widely reported is while there are increasing cases, there are also plunging death totals.  Democrats are openly talking about tanking the economy in order to remove President Trump from office with this now political virus football in a presidential election year.

Good news with employment numbers this week.  It is reported 4.8 million new jobs were gained in the economy.  It was record job growth, but does this mean the worst is over?  Who knows, but it will be a long slog to get back to where we were before the Covid 19 so-called “Plandemic.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(Correction: Tweet from AOC according to AP was a fake. I got it wrong and I am sorry, That said, Democrats are using Covid 19 like a political football and many want to ruin the economy to stop Trump from winning a second term. That, I got right.)

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After the Wrap-Up:

Best-selling author and economic expert Nomi Prins will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Good job!
    Here is more anecdotal evidence that electoral support for Biden is vastly overstated. My three siblings all live in Florida. I called them all yesterday. My two younger brothers, liberals, showed no enthusiasm for Biden and don’t seem to blame Trump for our current problems.

    My sister, a conservative, lives in a gated community primarily populated with liberals. She told me that a few days ago that one of her long-time acquaintances there came up to her and whispered, “I’ve switched, but don’t tell anyone.” My sister asked what she meant. Her acquaintance said, “I’m going to vote for Trump this time.”

    • al

      William, I switched too, I’m now a registered Blue Virus (democrap), yes, I’m screwing with their numbers. Leak that out. LOL

      • William Stanley

        Tell me more, al. Then I’ll be able to tell your story better.

        • paul ...

          William … Greg told us more by holding up this chart … … jobs in America are supposed to track the NASDAQ … instead the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer … nothing “tells the story” better then that!!!!

          • William Stanley

            paul …,
            Are you saying that by itself the chart is overwhelming evidence that Biden will win? Or that Trump will win? What?

            • paul ...

              It’s overwhelming evidence that people out of work (in both Parties) have an axe to grind against the people who worked the hardest to put them out of a job (and that wasn’t Trump)!!

        • al

          For example, Trump was begging them to give him Berney to eat for dinner, so I was able to vote for Bernie at the primaries.

          When I speak to lib-tards lefties, I mention I’m a “registered democrat” and show them my voter card which says DEM, then I blast them for backing up this Marxist system and tell them I’m voting for the closest thing to JFK and that is Donald Trump.

          That voter card is like Card Blanche in to any conversation with lefty liberal wackos, and they don’t argue back much because you’re “in the club” and some actually agree but vote left because of tradition.

          The only problem is I can’t vote in the republican primaries, but this time around republican primaries are a moot point when it comes to Trump. I may switch back when it’s needed.

          I’m a virus, an infiltrator, I’m using the same tactics the deep state used on the Tea Party, and it seems to be working for me quite nicely. We all fight in different ways.

    • al

      PS: After all is said and done, if some lefty gives me a hard time I yell at them at the top of my lungs “I’M A TRUE DEMOCRAT! A JFK DEMOCRAT! YOU ARE BACKING MARXISTS AND COMMUNISTS! IT’S TIME YOU MOVE OUT OF THIS COUNTRY !” .. I give it back to them and they know I’m right.

      • William Stanley

        Thanks, al! Well done!

  2. JC

    Martin Armstrong:
    Here we go again. The FBI has just arrested Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and alleged procurer Ghislaine Maxwell on charges related to a probe by New York federal prosecutors into his alleged rampant serial sexual abuse of young girls and women. Will Maxwell also commit suicide?

    • Sir Manly Robinson

      Trump better not screw it up this time. What happened in Barr’s prison with Epstein was sickening. If Maxwell gets it as well we will know Trump is involved.

      • William Stanley

        Unless I miss my guess, her testimony may already be video-taped along with her statements verifying other evidence. There will also be chain-of-evidence protections on that other evidence. It could be a fight getting that evidence admitted if she is dead but, IMO, it is doable.

        • William Stanley

          chain of “custody”

          • RTW

            We should start a pool to pick the day she expires and how it was facilitated.

            • Charles H

              That was great!

    • andyb

      Probably poisoned with an undetectable substance or injected to cause a mysterious heart attack. She must not see a courtroom.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Absolutely right and she wont. It’s in the bag. We were all caught off guard because she seemed off the radar. We hate to lose her cause she is a lovely person, but she understands her duty to the cause and is willing to make the supreme sacrifice.

        • Greg Hunter

          The “cause” of godless communism, anti-freedom, tyranny and anti America. Sick!!

        • paul ...

          Gina … Your simply a “bird of the feather” … this so called “lovely lady” you love arranged for many of our perverted Congressional politicians of both Parties to have sex with under-aged children (and then snuff them out so “no tale could ever be told”) … however CD video tapes were made by Epstein and used by the Mossad (who funded him) to get these Congressmen to do their bidding (and vote for letting US taxpayers pay f to overthrow governments in the Middle East) … and that other “nice lady” you love (Hillary) got the US involved in another unnecessary Libyan war to take out Qaddafi!! … what I want to know is when people like you will realize that our government is controlled by foreign entities that get us involved in all kinds of wars and also control the Fed (that is printing up Trillions to debase our currency) and are now funding BLM to bring about a “commie” revolution and overthrow of our Constitutional Republic!!

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,the police we in the West s that of Norman Rockwell,the police we need are up against multi-lingual cross boarder criminals intent on destroying you locale.Imagine this being aided by the bureaucracy of your government as well as elected officials.Oh yes,we have that in bucketfuls here in the UK,however the police themselves have naively embraced political agendas.This was a trap of old in Russia,where the senior torturer,Kaganovich,allowed the police a voice and aided in their bullying until they became the Cheka,who proceeded to slaughter their former colleagues.Don’t ya see the pain inflicted,by Kaganovich who lived in palatial splendour until his natural death in Moscow at 94 years old.Under the Commies the elite lived very well and the plebs lived really badly,under CRONY CAPITALISM,as we have today,the elite live very well and us plebs live really badly.Well that’s the plan for us here in the UK and its working just fine!
    As a side note,walls are being daubed with displays of guns and the “Death to “surprisingly the hammer and sickle.The plebs are sick of this plandemic and the Karens and the “little Hitlers”and the nanny state who is unwilling to be clear with any clarity.The UK is awash with a lack of clarity.
    Still our economy is still dreadful as is the Summer weather.

    • Lee Wright

      Greg – Love your show and have learned so much. Remember the kooky line-up of Democratic Presidental contenders of socialists, Marxists, & green climate changers, etc?

      Well, I finally down-loaded the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan and found the blueprint of corona virus, social and economic transformation, complete with 17 UN Sustainable Goals’ “brand new global agenda,” and “post-pandemic renaissance for social justice.”
      These WEF pages give the blueprint for future plans of everything. Read about controlling the global supply chain and leveraging the blockchain of goods and services to “the new normal.”
      This is not just a monetary reset, it’s a
      technocracy takeover of everyone’s life.

      Thank you and bless you for keeping us informed.

  4. paul ...

    Plain and simple … our moral values are under attack by “commies” … from cutting live babies open for their organs … to removing the father from the home (and making the village the family as Marxist Hillary in book “It Takes a Village” espouses … although we elected Trump … we have Bill Gates and Fauci running (ruining) our economy … etc., etc., etc. … it is up to those “who know right from wrong” … to begin demanding that “our representatives” begin doing the right things … starting NOW!!!

    • paul ...

      As for Ghislaine she most likely has but hours left to live (as the powers that be must get rid of the evidence of their crimes) they will probably inject her with both strains of the Corona Virus and then immediately put her on a ventilator (and from there) to the morgue … so she can never be a witness against them!! …

      • paul ...

        Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre has been ordered by a US District Judge to destroy her files!! …

        • JC

          Trump should take immediate action. Giuffre should have federal marshals guarding her and her files before she attempts “suicide.”

          Destroy the files because they were ‘improperly obtained.’
          What a joke.

          • paul ...

            JC … Virginia Giuffre (previously named Virginia Roberts) was one of Epstein’s victims that is claiming in a civil lawsuit that Maxwell “recruited” her into Epstein’s orbit (where she was forced to have sex with Epstein and his powerful friends … including Prince Andrew) … Prince Andrew is being nudged further and further toward the center of this Epstein/Maxwell controversy … and the Royal House of perverts are obviously “very worried” (likely have MI6 agents out on the job to silence her the way they had MI5 agents take care of Diana)!!! …

            • K. Wayne

              As I said last year at the time of Epstein’s suicide….she needs to disappear….before they get to her. The FBI was attempting to get the derelict Prince over to America…but the Royal House refused. Any wonder that after failed attempts to question the Prince…that the FBI has now (after almost a year in hiding) located Ms Maxwell ? They will shut her up and close the door on this episode for good. There are too many well known Elites that will get exposed if any of the information she has, gets leaked. She has Epstein’s diary and travel records. She also has the surveillance tapes of those who visited Epstein’s (Getaway) Island. Who did Epstein know….well…. just consider for one….that he was a member of the CFR. He knew people who occupied positions of authority…..and many of them partake in the occult, perversion and pedophilia.
              Ms. Maxwell is what you would describe not only as a Star Witness….but also the Establishments very own Agent Provocateur. ‘She was after all Epstein’s 2IC.

          • Pdono

            total corruption

      • JC

        The “mutation” is coming to get Ghislaine!
        Fauci warns of new coronavirus mutation that causes illness to spread faster.

        • paul ...

          JC … Just like they developed “large killer bees” and “huge dog eating frogs” they developed this Corona Virus to have “tentacles” that reach out to attack nearby cells … all these Dr. Frankenstein’s producing monsters in their Bio-labs (with funding by Bill Gates) need to be locked up “immediately” … we need to start by handcuffing Fauci and locking him up at GITMO … then waterboard him (with his mask on) until he turns states evidence against the higher ups!!

          • paul ...

            You know … we should keep in mind that Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci promised us something worse then the Corona Virus (which was just a “test case” for them) … now they are bringing out the big guns with China’s help … “A New Bubonic Plague” and “Swine Flu” combo … designed to meet their “Planned World Population Reduction Goals” which China is all for (as China has been killing girl babies for years to reduce their population)!! …

  5. JC


    Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-17
    Les bien aiƒez subit seront desmis,
    Par les trois freres le monde mis en trouble,
    Cité marine saisiront ennemis,
    Faim, feu, sang, psƒte, & de tous maux le double.

    Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-17
    The affluent suddenly cast down,
    By three brothers the world miserable and troubled,
    Marine city seized by enemies,
    Famine, fire, blood, pestilence, and all evils doubled.

    The Clinton Triplicate Series are actually part of a longer series as I detail in Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III. The “affluent suddenly cast down” has connections to a series of prophecies related to A SHORTAGE IN THE GOLD AND SILVER MARKETS.

    • Dr Darrel L Smith

      JC, the problem is if you follow Stewart he says the blame should be on Trump for calling the coronavirus a hoax. However, if you follow Mike Adams who says he advised Trump in February to close the China travel or there would be 50,000 deaths by June and 2,000,000 by July without a lockdown. They try to put the blame on Trump but ignore Dr Fauci, Brix and the Democrats.

      Trump tried to close the border a few days earlier than he did but the opposition was very loud from both. He closed the border and gave the decision for lockdown and mask to the Drs. The Democrats, Pelosi, Schumer and Cuomo all said there was no danger and to come out and party. Both Dr’s and the CDC said masks would not help but now they say they will and want to blame Trump for not mandating the use in March. Why is there blame on Trump for either? He allowed the Dr’s to make the decisions and he followed their lead.

  6. William Stanley

    I’ve been trying to figure out why the slogan “Black Lives Matter” was chosen, what that slogan means to the people who use it, and why they are so opposed to the response, “Well sure, all lives matter.”

    The best that I have come up with is: (1) It was chosen because it essentially “denotes” absolutely nothing, (2) That it “connotes” whatever the speaker vaguely feels; and (3) That the speaker’s felt connotations must either be kept secret, or are so muddled that they are inarticulable (which cannot be admitted).

    For some reason, I am reminded of one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, “Desolation Road” (however, I find Dylan’s morose lyrics intriguing, unlike “BLM”):

    • Rich

      The name offers COVER, anyone dare say anything against BLM is labeled a racist and thus suffers the consequences of being labeled a racist.

      • William Stanley

        Good point.

  7. Rachel

    Hi Greg, Thanks for being so conscientious with your reporting. Your comments regarding aborting babies near full term and harvesting parts from them sickens me to the core. As a mother it makes me cringe on every level that I have in my being. Murder is unacceptable anyway but to inflict it on the innocent and defenseless is beyond heinousness. If anyone put me in a room with someone responsible for this they would experience a fate worse than their own worst nightmares. How can anyone not be totally and utterly disgusted at this behavior which by the way would have to be carried out by doctors who have taken a oath to do no harm. Anyone who participates in these practices should not be practicing any form of heath care or medicine. In Australia late term abortion is illegal.

    • Greg Hunter

      I suspect judgment will be harsh. Thanks for your comment and perspective!

    • paul ...

      Rachel … We have regular doctors doing harm to individual human babies and then we have Dr. Fauci doing harm to entire Nations!! … “Witch” Doctors are worse?? … seems not to be a choice we can make anymore … just stay away from all the greedy thieves (who will chop up both babies and Nations to put a few extra fiat IOU’s (the greedy Fed thieves print up out of thin air) in their deep pockets!!!

      • paul ...

        These thieving murdering criminals “is a Big Club”as Carlin would say … and we (who have morals) are not in it by choice … “As we Choose not to be Demons or Rats for Satan” … we won’t go to Demon-rat Pizza Parties where they serve hotdogs (boys) and cheese (girls) to to newly recruited pedophile perverts who want to destroy our Constitution and bring about a “commie” totalitarian slave society!!!

        • JC


          G.A. STEWART :
          I am certainly not the originator of the popular Conspiracy Theory that an international cabal of child-sacrificing satanists rules the world.

          My research points to Ted Gunderson, the former Head of the Los Angeles FBI Office, as the earliest investigator who began bringing this to the public’s attention at the end of the 1980s.

          Gunderson’s resume provided the gravitas to take such a statement into consideration.

          In 1994, David Icke came online and tied the Satanists to extraterrestrials, and then by the end of the decade, Alex Jones came online and made elements of that Conspiracy Theory more palatable by dumping the aliens and then crashing the party at Bohemian Grove in 2000 and taking pictures.

          I went Alternative over a decade earlier; I didn’t go full-retard until after 9/11. I can even give readers the exact date when I went Alternative, and you can still watch the video.

          • paul ...

            JC … what will shock the American people even more is seeing the monsters in the Bio-labs Gates has created … he mixed human DNA with pigs and and rats and they have “human faces” … he wants to destroy God’s creation by making humans into Demon-pigs (Republicans) and Demon-rats (Democrats)!!

  8. Paul in Oz

    faith has been the backbone of endurance during the most trying times in human history! Good faith to all!


    Spanish flu vs COVID-19: An Australian perspective of a pandemic | Australian Story
    •Jun 1, 2020
    From The Comments;
    Elise Pelham 3 weeks ago (edited)
    There is an old man who lives in Nashville that I know who survived the Spanish flu ww1 ww2 the Vietnam war and COVID 19 he celebrated his 104 birthday in march

    Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place. King James Bible Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. Christian Standard Bible Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things take place.

    Matthew 24:34 Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass …,pass%20away%20until%20all%20these%20things%20take%20place.

  10. Billy Roberts

    Great presentation Greg- One of your best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Billy!!

  11. FC

    Going by the number of comments by Australians, I thought I was on AussieWatchaRoos

  12. Tommy

    Where can you see the video testimony? Or even the transcripts. I can’t find it anywhere. It looks like anything related to this has been scrubbed.

  13. gi joe

    Just wanted to state that Trump did not uncover who the “Swamp people ” are. They revealed them selves . This is the work of our Lord !
    Now it is time for us to open our eyes and rid ourselves of these disgusting creatures by
    either removing them by voting or by having the sheriffs arrest them and remove them
    that way. They must go !!!

  14. al

    Greg, you are a National Treasure.

    But as for the money printing, IT CAN’T STOP! IT’S TOO LATE!
    Bernanke’s “helicopter money” is here, the printing machine must go faster and faster from here or the economy dies. Minuchian said there are $3TRILLION on the sidelines waiting for CARES Act 4… THREE THOUSAND BILLION DOLLARS!!!! Soon we will say Quadrillion like it’s crap!

    When this machine hits critical mass the monetary system will blow up and reset, until then, THEY ARE FORCED TO GIVE MORE AND MORE MONEY AWAY! PPP or otherwise, UBI has also been talked about. I don’t agree with it, but it’s a fact! Inflate debt away instead of defaulting, that’s what this is all about. Hyperinflation! At any cost!
    Trump just raised min wage for factory workers to $16.00/hr! You need people to make more money to bring on the hyperinflation and monetary reset! This is just the beginning not the end. It won’t stop! It’s too late!

    The Enemy Media’s “summer of love” resulted in a 535% increase in crime in Seattle. Schools, Colleges and the Media are killing People! THEY SHOULD BE HELD FULLY LIABLE! WHY IS CNN STILL AROUND?!!!

    BLM … or… Your Life Doesn’t Matter if you’re NOT a criminal.

    SDNY jail system is flawed to the point where bad actors get quickly found out, Grizz Maxwell is the bait for the bad actors. What happens to her really doesn’t matter, it’s who goes targets her that matters, she’s the bait. They are cleaning house and she’s the broom. They have all the evidence and it’s coming out either way. The bait has been dropped, let’s go fishing.

    Hey!! A.I. > here’s a message for you… They either lose to Trump or they lose their heads. IT’S OVER! STICK A FORK IN IT! THEY LOST!!!
    (and by the way, A.I. doesn’t exist, it’s a fear mongering term, an elaborate database than can be hacked and fooled).. True Intelligence (T.I.) is 10% reasoning and 90% gut feel, something a computer will never have. A.I.. It’s a TV fear mongering form that DOES NOT EXIST! It’s a hoax!

    • Pete M

      al for President. Great post. Teachers were killing us before the plandemic by producing so many left wing students, but now its even worse. Can I interest you in a bumper sticker?

      Turn Off
      All Mainstream News Media
      Problem Solved!!!!

      Without any viewers, main stream media is powerless. We all have more power than anybody realizes.

      I made this bumper sticker myself using excel, double sided tape, and plastic stick on protector material.

      And they tell us that inflation is only running at 2% when we are really surrounded by all this economic hyper activity.

      You are dead right about the elite thinking that if they lose the election, they may lose their lives, so it is feast or famine for them, as well as us peasants.

  15. Mike

    Obama wanted a “domestic security force” that was “just as well funded and armed as the US military”. I believe the “domestic security force” includes BLM, Antifa, and MS-13 who were likely going to get those weapons from China. The forces of evil want the US in a foreign war or a civil war. Trump will not take the bait.

  16. andyb

    Greg: the kerfuffles over Huawei are a distraction. The problem is 5G, a military weapon that will fry your brain and your lung aerioles. Please find a knowledgeable scientist to explain the truth about this depopulation/genocide agenda. The adverse effects of 5G are real and substantiated.

  17. paul ...

    As Greg says: Gold and Silver are going higher and it seems people are listening … I used some “gambling money” to buy a bit more of Jim Sinclair’s gold stock … which is just now breaking out to the upside!! …

  18. Thomas Wigand


    So much in this week’s wrap-up! Where to begin?

    43 Alumni (and Lincoln Project): The Soviets had a term for the Party operatives and beneficiaries (equivalent to our Deep State operatives and beneficiaries): nomenklatura. What we see is “American” nomenklatura intending to keep their regime alive.

    AOC’s tweet: out of the mouthes of mental babes (does the truth slip out). By chance is there a link where we can get a screen shot of that tweet?

    Psy-Ops: may I humbly suggest that at times you also refer to what’s going on as “Satanic Psy-Ops.” At root, the great deceiver is behind this (that’s clear to me, and I’m confident also to you).

    Center for Medical Progress: Those folks are moral and spiritual heroes — exposing the ugly (Satanic) face of Planned Parenthood. Their prior expose inspired me to write a piece titled “Is Progressivism Satanic?” ( ). Within it I collaged photo of Josef Mengele with Mary Gatter of Planned Parenthood — uncanny resemblance. This latest disclosure gave me an idea: if the human trafficking statutes are written broadly enough, PP’s transport of still-alive babies and then CCP-like “organ harvesting” of them could be another avenue of prosecution against this ghoulish mass-murdering organization.

    Keep up the great work — your contributions are invaluable — a bright light in the growing darkness of the media realm.

  19. Pete M

    Another great broadcast Greg. You are the greatest pick me upper, and just hearing you say “keep the faith” goes against everything the main stream media tells us each day.

    I made a home made bumper sticker that I put on my car yesterday that says

    “Turn Off All Main Stream Media…Problem Solved”.

    It is looking more and more that Michelle Obama will be Sleepy Joe’s running mate, because if you don’t agree with her, you will be branded as “racist”.

    I believe what you are saying that some Democrats do own houses, and in order to have a mortgage, you are mandated to have insurance on the house, so there will be real consequences for Democrat policies this time around that really hits home for a lot of people when they want to defund the police.

    So few news media outlets give Police the credit they all deserve.

    This election campaign will be so nasty, that I believe a good percentage of Trump’s voters will be holding it secret because of potential reprisals from the radical left.

    Death by a thousand labels that they will put on your decision not to vote Democrat if you even say it.

    The radical left is really scary, (just like saying that there’s so many good things that come out of China).

    Keep the faith, and may God be with you Greg.

  20. Country Codger

    Excellent Greg!!!
    Don’t forget the dates that Bo gave you in his latest interview Sept. 18th (Yom Teruah) and Oct. 2nd (First Day of Sukkot). He also missed Sept. 27th (Yom Kippur) and Oct. 9th (8th Day of Sukkot). These are the Leviticus 23 feasts dates that will occur just before the beginning of the next Super Cycle on October 18th. This is a very powerful and potentially harmful cycle that embraces the Nov. election and Jan. 20 swearing in.
    Stay prepared.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  21. The Druid

    I feel most people are powerless to make change in Government, I can only look after my own Empire, therefore I have got out of debt, built a 12 X 20 Greenhouse and stacked Gold and Silver, I also have a 22KW back up Generator on the side of my house. I’m Ready.

    • William Stanley

      The Druid,
      With a 22 Kw generator you should be able to power most of your neighborhood.

  22. Dave

    I think you are kidding yourself denying all the polls. Dr. Michael Savage, Ben Shapiro, Mike Gallagher and Hugh Hewitt have all been sounding the alarm in recent weeks. These conservative pundits are not part of “Conservative Inc.” as are Rush, Hannity and Levin (though Levin is apparently rattled over the election situation. I’d trust the former group over the latter any day. Hewitt had a pollster on recently who’d warned the Trump campaign about Florida. Things are not going well there with 300K more absentee ballots having been requested by Democrats than Republicans. And with Democrat voter registration outpacing that of the GOP. It would be well for some of your listeners to listen to a Savage or Gallagher or Hewitt and they will get a totally different take on what is going on.

    Texas Governor Abbot is mandating wearing of masks with penalties for those who don’t. More rollbacks of the opening are expected there as well as Florida. In Florida De Santis has closed some beaches. Curfews are being imposed in some cities. Abbot and De Santis are not anti-Trump so the narrative that these closings are all a scheme against Trump is simply not true.

    Finally, a green/socialist coalition swept to victory in local elections across France this week. A populist uprising some are calling it. Again, to totally dismiss the polls and the warnings of conservative voices not part of “Conservative Inc.” is to be in denial. For all of AOC’s craziness she won a huge victory (70% of vote) over her liberal Democrat challenger recently as well as seeing most of her endorsed progressive candidates win their primaries.

    so Coronav
    The Gs

    • Greg Hunter

      Cheat by mail and polls are two different things. I don’t believe the polls and because we disagree that does not make you right and me “kidding myself”.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “The Green/Socialist Coalition”
      Yes, the people voted out much of the Macron/Rothschild deep-state pawns. You implied it yourself, the winning voters were “populists.” Some say the same about President Trump and his supporters.

      Dave, the change in the running of the US Attorney’s office for the SDNY and G. Maxwell’s arrest are both pretty interesting. It’s hard to see all that as encouraging to Biden and the Clinton/Obama crew.

      As for what some losers were saying “in recent weeks,” well that was then and this is now. Many of the Globalists have ties to Epstein and Maxwell. I suspect that their diapers are getting changed more frequently now.

    • eddiemd

      More propaganda from Dave the DNC subversive.

      Always quoting someone else and not telling the truth. You and your DNC are in the process of burning to the ground. Thanks. There is plenty of video/audio of the rioters, thugs, BLM/Antifa, politicians, and anti-Americans like yourself revealing who you really are. The party of lawlessness.

      The democrats are desperate. You know that the majority of Americans reject your leftist ideology. Including members of your own party. The party is over.

    • hobuk

      I don’t know what happened to my original comment, but I was surprised to find out how few people voted in AOC’s district comprising of 705,000. Although she won 70 percent of the total vote, she received only 27,500 votes. That’s 0.03 of the district vote and less than one percent of the 214,750 registered democrats. That doesn’t sound like a mandate. Am I wrong? It seems like liberal voters are turned off at the primary level anyway.

      • hobuk

        correction: “0.03 of the district vote and 0.12 percent of the 214,750 registered democrats”

  23. iwitness02

    More and more, I’m at a loss for words.
    I am losing the ability to come up with any sort of comment.
    The only way forward for me, is through faith and patience.
    I count my blessings. Do my chores. Walk the dog. Love my family. Take an occasional ride on the scooter. Generally stay pretty close to home. Watching and Waiting mode.

    • JC


      It’s time. It’s time for us to prepare for battle. It’s time for us to drink from the chalice.


    • William Stanley

      Good comment!

  24. Jerry

    Many of your readers are missing the point. We are currently involved with a global transition that is controlled by the new world order. The rules of the old world order no longer apply.

    If I would have told you two years ago that you would be under lockdown in your home for three months, what would you have said? If I would have told you two years ago that mobs would be yanking statues down in the streets what would you have said?
    If I would have told you two years ago that the police departments in this country were being taken apart what would you have said?

    Figure it out. The old world order died in March and it’s not coming back. What if I told you that by September we will be in a hard lockdown that could go on for months? Before you answer, you might want to review the questions I previously asked. Then you can call me crazy.

    • Russ F

      And the we can only vote by mail!
      I think you nailed it Jerry; total lockdown, voting in person not allowed, so vote by mail.
      And the democraps hope this way they win.
      This is all part of the plan leading up to the election.

      • paul jr.

        No total lock down. May be even no election.

    • paul jr.

      You do not think the old world order died before March? Also please give me your definition of what you mean by a “hard lockdown” before I comment on if you are right or not.

      • Jerry

        Paul jr.
        Are you not paying attention? States in the northeast are not allowing people in from Florida and Arizona. Should the numbers continue to rise they will be restricted from travel outside of those states. This is a planned demolition. The old world order ended when the repos ended giving way to the pandemic. The global economic reset is PLANED. If you don’t want to read my post, google global economic reset for yourself and see what pops up. The World Economic Forum has a complete platform about it.

  25. paul ...

    To screw the BLM “commies” … President Trump will hold a 4th of July fireworks display at Mount Rushmore … (these statutes “evil commies” can’t throw down without a suitcase nuclear weapon) … so … so far at least … our big monuments are safe … as China is currently only providing BLM “parts for their AK47’s”!!

  26. Tommy

    I was wondering if you had anything more on the China counterfeit gold scandal? 83 tons of fake gold.

    • Stan

      Paul: I’m happy holding Dollars, thank you

  27. Jerry

    Tensions are building in India as the U.S. sends 10,000 troops to push back against a Chinese buildup on the border.

    This is very concerning to me in the fact that the Chinese have been building proxy armies in Mexico with the cartels. Think about it. Where was the North American union trade route going to run from? A port on the west side of Mexico to a highway that runs right through the heart of Texas. They would sell us out in a heart beat.

  28. paul ...

    The chocolate loving millennials that think all their troubles began because Black Lives didn’t matter should look at this chart … … all their troubles really began exactly when our Nation was taken off the gold standard … the color’s they should be supporting is White and Yellow … by rejecting gold and silver (like Stan) they have been locked down in their parents basements … they should be buying some gold and silver to escape their fate!!!

  29. JC

    We are all just pawns in the game…

    Remember Lt. William Calley?
    “They” send you to the jungles of Vietnam a.k.a. “hell” and then judge you for your actions while there.

    “Proclaimed by much of the public as a “scapegoat,” Calley was paroled by President Richard Nixon in 1974 after having served about a third of his 10-year sentence.

  30. Sean Livingston

    Vote Libertarian! The Repubs, and Dems have gotten nothing done of substance over a good amount of years!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Not yet. You will throw it to the Marxists. Vote trump and down ticket–for now.

    • Dave

      Indeed. Tucker Carlson has been calling the Senate GOP out of late. Effectively saying the Senate has one party. Yesterday he tore into GOP Senator Braun for basically proposing a bill that conformed the Schumer’s call for an end to qualified immunity. The Dems and GOP had pretty much agreed to making JuneTeenth a national holiday but the GOP sweetened it up – two GOP Senators: Johnson and Langford – by proposing the bill eliminate Columbus Day as a holiday. The GOP Senate is running scared and moving left as the election approaches. Nikki Haley who is considered a top contender for the GOP Pres nominee in 224 is talking about systemic racism. They have been all but silent on the attack on American culture/history that has occurred these past weeks. Mark Steyn tore into the GOP this week for doing nothing to promote conservatism – a big issue for McConnel has been Syria and not the current crisis. Steyn said, if Trump loses, there will be civil war in the GOP. I actually think there will be a collapse of the GOP as a national party and the emergence of a conservative/constitutional party. Something that should have happened with the Tea Party but they got co-opted by the GOP thanks to “Conservative Inc”.

      Interesting tidbit about Tucker Carlson:

      • eddiemd

        Dave the DNC subversive propagandist back at it again.

        Your democrat party is in the process of burning itself to the ground. The videotape will be played back over the next 3 months of the leftist democrats burning cities, ransacking the inner cities destroying the lives of the poor even further, shooting lasers into the eyes of the police in attempts to blind them, defacing buildings and monuments with graffiti and filth, attacking the elderly and innocents….the democrats are done.

        Biden is done also. Soon he won’t have the ability to read a teleprompter. They may even be using deep fakes already. Biden will be nearing end stage. Perhaps you can volunteer to spoon feed him or help with the feeding tube that they will need to place at some point.

        Go back to your cultural Marxist buddies. The truth is that you and your fellow leftists are a combinations of the worst of humanity: luciferians Marxist Leninists.

        There is a special place in Hades reserved for you and your followers. Tartarus is the name.

  31. Russ F

    I am having challenges even leaving my house anymore.
    Here in Florida, I shop with masked zombies for groceries. I drive with people that ignore all traffic rules . What happened to the America I grew up in? And it will only get worse (until it gets better someday maybe?). Just watched a CNBC video on airline travel these days. I have logged 4 M miles in my life; airline travel is now only for necessity; no longer for leisure. Again, sad.

  32. Wayne

    Hi Greg, you mentioning Noah and his family,
    just yesterday I put up 3 similar pictures of what
    was seen in a Mount Ararat photograph
    a few days ago when I was looking for
    something entirely different about that mountain.
    I found either Noah’s Ark, it looks like it, or someone
    else’s, ( sure ) a giant boat, with portals on the sides,
    two paths trailing down and away from the
    precarious landed boat, ancient animal paths possibly.
    One side has flipped, and is upside down and under the other top section, so both portal sides are seen__it took a few looks
    to realize that. How has this been missed in plain site,
    if in fact that it has, wow.

  33. doug blair

    great WNRU as usual but please dont go into your whisper ,folks set the volume to hear you then you do your whisper like what the girl said when you were out eating and we miss it , thanks and please keep safe

  34. Mike R

    Forcing people to wear Masks is BLATANTLY ILLEGAL. HERE IS WHY…

    FACT: It is illegal in the United States to sell, offer for sale or promote via any means that touches interstate commerce (which would include any communications form that crosses a state line) any drug or device intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or disorder of the human body without proof in the form of random clinical trials which are then submitted and analyzed by the FDA. This is controlled under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (Title 21 USC.) The government goes after sellers of supplements and devices on this basis all the time. The law is crystal clear in this regard; both safety and efficacy must be scientifically proved, reviewed and then formally approved by the FDA.

    FACT: There are protocols for “compassionate use” and similar for drugs and devices in the pipeline for approval, or approved in other nations, but such are specific to an individual person and circumstance (e.g. in the event of a terminal illness) and cannot be ordered as either a “standard of care” nor ordered against someone’s expressed desires.

    FACT: Flu-like illness (ILI) kills roughly 60,000 Americans a year. As a result of that significant toll of death and disease we have studied the means by which such transmission can be modified or interrupted entirely for roughly the last 100 years dating all the way back to the Flu Pandemic of 1918, including but certainly not limited to random clinical trials, both in health care settings and in the general population.

    FACT: There are multiple random clinical trials that have been performed on the efficacy of face coverings of various sorts, from N95 masks on down to cloth coverings in the general population with the aim of identifying effective means of controlling the spread of ILI (“influenza like illness”), specifically respiratory viruses.

    FACT: There is NO record established by said Random Clinical Trials (RCTs) in over one hundred years, including those performed in the last 20 years, that establishes statistically-significant effectiveness of face coverings for the prevention of transmission of ILI. Exactly zero science supports such a claim.

    FACT: As a direct result of the lack of such evidence the FDA has never issued an approval for any facial covering intended to be used in the general population for the suppression of any illness, including but not limited to Covid-19. In fact I suspect no such approval has ever been sought, otherwise someone would have tried to make money on a “flu mask”, making such a medical claim, in previous years.

    FACT: It is therefore UNLAWFUL under United States Law for any seller to advertise, market, sell, vend or represent that any facial covering in fact does or will prevent, treat or cure any transmissible disease whatsoever as exactly zero said devices when used by the general population have ever been certified and approved for said use. THIS IS FEDERAL LAW (TITLE 21) AND IS NOT A SUGGESTION.

    This is why every package of N95 masks at the Home Deport (and elsewhere) has the clear statement on the “use document” that comes with it which states it does not prevent the transmission of any disease.

    To not so-state would be a violation of federal law.

    It is thus likewise impermissible for any element of a State or Local Government to mandate the use of a device that is not FDA approved for such a purpose since it is flatly against the law to recommend or so state that an unapproved drug or device is safe or effective to cure, treat or prevent any disease.

    Such a government entity is in fact mandating a direct violation of United States Federal Law and committing said violation itself through promotion of said use.


    • paul jr.

      Just wear a mask and stop bitching about it because you are not going to win.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Deuteronomy 19:5

      “One witness cannot establish any wrongdoing or sin against a person, whatever that person has done. A fact must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.”

      However, during the Spanish Inquisition only a single complaint or witness, rumor or hearsay was necessary to carry-out capital punishment of the accused. Jury Trials or due process did not yet exist in any country. So, we have been lucky so far. However, Luck or the kindness of strangers won’t protect you at all if all your Constitutional Liberties are not fully respected and obeyed by those in Authority.

      If its rule by mob, then you really no longer have any specifice civil rights or individual liberties. That is what America currently faces and its likely to be resolved only after a lengthy civil war. White Army vs. Red (Bolshevik) Army, as was the case in Russia 100 years ago. The Red Army (The Bad Guys) eventually won. You know who backed the Red Army? in 1917 Russia: The bourgeoisie or Upper Class ( Billionaires today).

      I see a strong case that radical American Leftists and Socialists are mostly America’s upper class, not the traditional middle class voters. We are being increasingly ruled by an American Oligarchy (Billionaires). Official corruption is getting pandemic in America. We should be more concerned with widespread official corruption, not a minor rhinovirus like Covid-19. Even snowflakes can rebound from a bad head cold. Get over it boys ! Man-up to support your country for a change !

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Star Chambers offered the accused NO Defense to Charges of Heresy. Certainly the requirement in Deut: 19:5 for multiple eye witnesses did not suffice. Guilty, as alleged. “Done Deal”, as they say. Execution forthwith ( Burned at the Stake).

  35. Unwanted

    Fear not for I am near.

    • William Stanley

      That is good to hear. Thanks.

  36. Paul Antony

    Gave an Uber ride to a navy guy who worked on the comfort ship. Says the ship was full of sick people at first then moved them out and had just 9 navy covid patients. That being said he added the media not only gives false numbers because all deaths are marked covid, but they have lots of success and miracle stories that the media won’t report on. Just the bad stuff. Everyone should be awake that msm is Fake news. They omit and lie and twist all the time. I am your on the ground reporter Paul Anthony signing off .. good night

  37. B.Brave

    AOC is likely to be re-elected because many men think she is sexually attractive, and she is also strongly assertive. Most people believe that the ability to assert strongly and being decisive are both more important than being right or being intelligent.

  38. Beeland

    China has always been our mortal enemy, US officials have simply failed to recognize it, and the rioters in the US are Marxists working to overthrow our government. Calling them idiots misses the point.

  39. eddiemd

    Neurotropism of the coronavirus.

    Interesting aspect of the coronavirus. Direct attack on the sensory system organs of taste and smell. Even more interesting is the probable direct access to the brain through the cribiform plate sense of smell.

    People experiencing complete loss of smell and part of the syndrome. The virus is a bioweapon engineered with an array of receptor binding capabilities and consequences. Fascinating.

    The newer published information on coronavirus is being suppressed. I would even say that the NIH, WHO, PAHO and any other .GOV organization will not fund research on coronavirus that will reveal the truth and go against the official narrative.

    Older published information is more reliable in truth. When evaluating the research, it is always very important to review the methods and materials. Then look at the cited references for the results, discussion and follow the trails as needed.

    As in the herpes virus family, the coronavirus appears to have the ability to infect neural cells and remain latent in the CNS. This idea could thwart the idea of a vaccine. Or perhaps the mRNA vaccine itself will be used to infect neural cells within the CNS. I am sure that Fauci/Mengele and Gates have already figured this out. Beware.

  40. eddiemd

    2nd Battalion protecting the Portland courthouse. Look at the rioters using lasers to target the soldiers.

    Let loose the Ranger Battalions, 82nd, 101st, SF Groups and destroy these BLM/Antifa chumps.

    Good old days.

  41. H. Craig Bradley


    Now I know the probable source of “stem cells” used in injections to induce healing by one of my physicians. Stem Cells are VERY expensive too. They may yield positive outcomes, but the idea has been highly controversial among the scientific community and physicians, as well.

    Perhaps this is why former President George W. Banned the use of stem cells in medical research while in-office. Roe vs. Wade (1973) opened the door to this development back in 1973 when it set a legal precedent of our nation’s disregard for “Life” by narrowly defining it for personal pleasure ( irresponsible sex ).

    Perhaps its the apparent source of stem cells that is at the heart of this controversy. Science must advance but we should not adopt Dr. Mengele (NAZI) methods to do it. That just results in America digging itself a deeper hole on the way to Judgement ( which actually means total destruction by the hand of God ). We are on borrowed time, as it is and time is fast running-out for America, as we know it. I am quite concerned, to say the least.

  42. H. Craig Bradley

    Greg Hunter as Contemporary Rip Van Winkle ?

    Back in 1987, I recall reading an article in U.S. News and World Report which alleged that the Mainland Chinese shipped a whole cargo ship full of “Assault (-style) Rifles ” into the Port of Long Beach, Calif. EVERY single month. Back then, AK-47’s and such were completely legal ( Only Semi-Automatics, of course) . Therefore, this has been going-on for Decades now, yet we just recently discovered it at one Port of Entry in Kentucky? Oh, My !! Are we that flipp’in STUPID as a nation or just comatose and asleep at the wheel since 1980. ? Zombie America. Go figure.

    What I do know is China has a simple long term strategy: Fool American politicians and bribe them inorder to eventually weaken and destroy America from within and from without. No time limit. No election next year. The Chinese think strategically and have a long term plan to dominate the world or at least their portion of it with no foreign competitors. In fact, their military wants to “cleanse” America.

    This necessarily means the same as in the War in Bosnia in the early nineties- drastic population reductions in North America. We have gotten a foretaste of this with Covid-19, a biological import from Wuhan, China this past January. Next time, more lethal. For now, good enough to cause virtually ALL American politicians to panic and destroy their own local economies and small business. Mission Accomplished !!

    We are being played by the traitors in our mist. Time for an American “cleansing” of them at the polls or otherwise (“civil war”), if necessary for the sake of the health of the Body Politic. Remember, survival is a national imperative, after all. Better learn how to fight. It may come in handy after the police are “de-funded” by the Left and their political accomplices.

  43. Rodster

    On my way to the store this morning, Biden supporters were out in full force. They were carrying signs which said voting for Biden is a vote for Sanity. I kid you not. Joe Biden is the opposite of sanity.

    If Trump loses the election it will be his fault. He won by being himself and the opposition has made him play their games. His only hope is to go after Biden’s mental faculties which they are seriously lacking at 76 yrs old.

  44. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

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