Millions get AIDS from Vax by Fall – Dr. Elizabeth Eads

By Greg Hunter’s

Dr. Elizabeth Eads is on the frontline of medicine, treating patients who have been injected with the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines.”  Dr. Eads is now seeing first-hand Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, commonly referred to as AIDS.  Let that sink in.  Dr. Eads explains, “Yes, we are seeing vaccine related acquired immunodeficiency in the hospital now from the triple vaxed. . . . It is a vax injury, and we are not really certain how to treat this.  We are kind of throwing the kitchen sink at it. . . . .We are trying to use everything we can think of to boost up the CD4 and CD8 counts and reverse this collapse or calamity of this immune collapse.  It’s very stunning.”

Dr. Eads says it is particularly bad in the double CV19 vaxed and boosted.  She calls the third injection “The Kill Shot, the Money Ball or whatever you want to call it.  It is just devastating to the immune system, and I’ll tell you why.  If you look at the recent Stanford study, and I am just going to read a couple of sentences from the Stanford study:  ‘The spike protein in the CV19 vaccines that everyone is talking about is called the Lentivirus.  The Lenti contains a combination of HIV, types one through three, SRV/1, which is AIDS, MERS and SARS.  In the Stanford study, the best-known Lentivirus is the human immune deficiency pathogen, which causes AIDS.  This is why we are seeing autoimmune and neurodegenerative decline after the Covid 19 (Vax) especially the booster. . . . It permanently changes the genome of the cell.  That is why this is so terrifying to us in the medical community.  We just don’t know how to attack this.”

There is a similar report out last week by the UK government that also points to the triple vaxed getting AIDS.  So, the CV19 vaccines are actually injecting people with AIDS?  Dr. Eads says, “That is exactly what I am telling you.  That is what the Spike Lentivirus is.  It is made up of HIV and AIDS along with SARS and MERS.  That’s why the vaccinated and boosted are so sick.  That’s why they dominate the hospitalizations regarding Covid illness as well.”

Because the immune system is depleted, many kinds of disease such as cancer can spread like wildfire.  Dr. Ryan Cole says he’s seeing cancer up as much as 2,000% from the vaccines.  Eads says, “I have some stunning numbers from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) . . . . I am just going to read a few cancers:  malignant neo-plasma of the esophagus up 794%.  malignant neo-plasma of the stomach, colon and pancreas up 524%.  Breast cancer up 387%. . . . Ovarian cancer up 537%, Testicular cancer up 269%.  These are numbers from 2021. . . . When they found out attorney Thomas Renz and the  whistleblower had the data, they scrubbed the data and altered it, which is totally against the law.”

Dr. Eads is treating vaxed and unvaxed in her practice.  She will tell you what you can do to help yourself, especially if you have been vaxed.  Dr. Eads talks about the ongoing propaganda to get you to take the so-called boosters.  Dr. Eads explains why you should stop all CV19 shots now. Dr. Eads also contends there is a huge disinformation campaign going on to make you think the CV19 shots are safe and not causing blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and a host of other diseases–including AIDS.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25-year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads as she continues to highlight the real unreported effects of the CV19 bioweapons and the dangerous lies by Big Pharma, the FDA, CDC and mainstream media.

(There is much more cutting edge, frontline medical information in the nearly 53-minute interview 3.22.22.)

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After the Interview:

You can follow Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Eads on Twitter or you can follow her on Telegram.

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  1. Jannette

    I don’t understand why President Trump went along with these shots???!!!

    • Anthony Australia

      Hi Jannette,

      You might find some answers here.

      • IIG

        Money, death threats and Epstein connections were likely the biggest factors!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Ricardo Bosi Says Putin Is Cutting The Head Off The Snake In Ukraine

        • Fred Smiff

          Bosi has failed to register his political party so you can stop quoting him.

          • Anthony Australia

            Why should I stop Freddy?

          • AUSTRALIAONE


            AUSTRALIAONE is the party for decent everyday Australians who want the best future for themselves, their families, their local communities and Australia.

            AUSTRALIAONE must take back control of our local councils, as well as our state and federal parliaments. No matter who you are, here’s your opportunity.

            AUSTRALIAONE is committed to strengthening Australia as a sovereign, self-reliant, Judeo- Christian western democracy which is economically powerful, militarily intimidating, politically free, culturally vibrant,
            and socially cohesive.

        • Anthony Australia

          Gerald Celente was right on this. Wait until April

        • George

          Too little and too late.The damage has been done.Think I’ll stay in Texas.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Jannette, It is my belief now that with Trump’s son Baron sick from the kill jabs, that he has to be compromised and fears them killing him and his family. He backed off in the stolen election and did not fight until the end but left office. As Russia is finding out, this worldwide Cabal are our rulers and are the Satanic powers in charge. It will take Jesus now coming back. The Anti-Christ is first to come and will look like Jesus, performing great miracle and having a sweet tonuge so don’t be deceived but sadly, so many will fall for Satan in his AC disguise.

      • Juli Barbato

        Nothing is as it appears. I’ve known of Trump (met him twice at book publishing events when I worked full-time in the industry) for 50 years, since I was 15 and he was 24. He does not back down. This isn’t over yet.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks, Juli, for the background on President Trump.

          • Kevin Thornton


            Looking at the Last Segment you posted………. Look into “Sota” “Blood Electrification” pulser , and colloidal Silver for AIDS Treatment. The inventor of the Technic had case study series of Curing AIDS Patients????? Bob was the inventor of the protocols???



          • Juli B

            Question I can not find an answer to: If the Vaxx has the aids virus can one give an unvaxxed person Aids or even the active spike protein via intercourse?
            Also, if an unvaxxed person gets a blood transfusion from a vaxxed person, can they get the mRNA in their blood stream, will it go to their cells and organs and start replicating having the same impact as being vaxxed directly?

            • Heather

              I’ve been asking the exact same thing. Can’t find answers anywhere. A post came up on FB ages ago that said unvaxed sperm was the new bitcoin.

              • Yosemite Sam


            • Odif

              Watch the video all the way though. I believe that the Dr states that it is transmittable via sex and transfusions.

              • Max

                This may have zero to no bearing, however I was born at 24-weeks and at the time that meant a 10% chance of survival, and much lower chance of thriving. Whelp, maybe i got lucky, maybe I rode the cusp of modren technology. Certainly I had a large group of people all rooting for me int heir own ways and this along with some nurses who took special interests in my case. And I did survive and thrive. This was at a time when they didn’t test blood transfusions for HIV and some other things and I came out of there very lucky to have dodged that bullet. I fully support modern medicine, but also fully support purity of practice, alternative medicine, holistic health, etc. Best wishes to you all. I share the same questions.

                Its worth notting that simple but aggressive anti inflammatory measures in ones life, keeping your PH balance in line, and thinking and living positively can indeed go a long ways towards getting through health challenges. Trust me I have seen how amazing our bodies and brains can be in times of crises when taken care if properly, and there is almost nothing we can’t have a crack at healing. All the best

          • John

            You’re a consummate professional journalist Greg, thanks for everything.

          • Michael West

            Dear Greg, after an exhaustive search I cannot find the ‘Stanford study’ that Dr. Eads mentioned. Could we get a link, or a title?

        • William Richard James Nicholson NAC # 1274

          Thank You for your comments since I was in need of some comfort & your words did that task ! I was fortunate to have a life of miracles including living in Mansion where the manor owners received Rose Kennedy’s phone call every day as she finished her breakfast & called for her daily call of an hour to sometimes 2 or 2 & a half hours ! I was so blessed to be the protector of the estate & though I never spoke to Rose , was always blessed to be so close to JFK’s mom. Lately I ‘ve many troubles & am still praying Jesus Comes At Once ! I visited Heaven before & volunteered to come back for further missions. I can tell everyone now that Randy Rhoads is in Heaven ,played his finished composition of ” Dee ” for me which was unfinished when he left in 1982. The completed work is , of course , Heavenly ……….. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

        • Duchene Belgravich

          Dear Juli;
          Please see my reply to you, somewhere down below!😉

          • Jannette

            Hi didn’t see the post you referenced

        • D.Belgravich

          Please see my reply to your comment, down below somewhere! Thanks

          • Jannette

            I think I read the post you referred to

        • Sheila Ciappetta

          I work as a dental hygienist and are highest at risk according to wear this comes from, the mouth and nose supposedly . I am not vaxed and I have been fine. 2 years later. I thought this was suspicious from the beginning

          • steve

            There is no risk. You cannot catch a virus. Viruses are terrain dependent and come from within, not from without. Germ theory is a lie and has always been a lie! The only way to “catch a virus” is by having it injected into you.

            • Greg Hunter

              Isn’t the flu a virus?

              • Noct_Volens

                And the common cold?

              • David A Howard

                Covid is a smoke screen for radiation sickness (5G)

                • C. Adams

                  I agree 100 percent

              • Joanna

                I’ve been following you for years and I love and appreciate everything you do.
                But, you are wrong on the/a virus.
                I mean no disrespect. I’m just trying to help you see the light.
                Please watch the recently released documentary “The Viral Delusion.”

                You were made in the image of god. He didn’t mess up when he created you!
                You will understand only when you’re shown the truth.

                OH, and on a side note. Christine Massey has submitted over 177 freedom of information request and not one country has provided proof that they’ve isolated a virus!
                Follow Dr. Tom Cowan! Here’s his Bitchute page. You will find his interview with Christine Massey there. January 12, 2022.

                Love and respect.

                • Joanna

                  Maybe you can get Dr. Cowan and or Dr. Kaufman on for an interview.
                  Love and respect.

        • steve

          TRUMP does what his handlers tell him do. Stop believing is the lies of politics!

        • Klaus Klang

          Trump is not behaving as advertised. He appears to have no uncompromising values and says all kinds of things to get an upper hand in “negotiations” but doesn’t mean any of it..
          That’s fine for unscrupulous billionaires (which is all of them) but this is our country.
          What happened to “lock her up?” Conversely Trump went on to say that bill and hillary are “good people” on national TV. No one of note cares for him anymore. He latched onto an existing movement that needed a leader but he’s not it. The powers-that-be want him to be the Republican nominee as he’s using his cred to remove real conservatives like Mo Brooks so the kosher ones can be installed. He’s a bigger traitor than Biden.

      • Su Sampson

        D G Dunne, Pls post your info source re: Baron Trump’s illness, post-C19 vax. I can’t find any info on it. BT has been considered autistic since a young age.

      • Paule

        “Trump’s son Baron sick from the kill jabs, that he has to be compromised and fears them killing him and his family.”
        Not good enough! He fears them killing his family? So, this gives him the right to push these toxic injections onto everyone else in the Country – knowing full well that many of those injected will be killed or permanently injured?

        • IIG

          Putin fears not – in fact (just like an American cowboy) he has taken Biden by his commie red horns and took him down (by demanding Russian Rubles from NATO for his natural gas) – so now (just like the US did by demanding oil be purchased with US Dollars) Russia’s currency will now garner “World Reserve Status” – I bet the Chinese are a bit jealous it’s not the Yuan!!

          • IIG

            Hey Biden and you fools at NATO – how do you think you are going to put stricter sanctions on Russia (and moronically think Putin is going to sell you all the natural gas you need for worthless Euro’s and US dollars)? – look at this chart you morons (to see the problem you got yourselves into)!! – – luckily for now Putin is only asking for payment in Rubles – screw with him some more – and he will likely ask you idiots for payment in gold – – do you fools think you can manipulate the gold price down by starting nuclear WWIII?? – don’t you understand that it’s only physical gold (and silver) money will not burn to ash in your homes when the nukes are dropped???

          • WD

            Brrilliant move by Putin,,, absolutely brilliant!

          • fred

            Saudis are accepting yuan for their oil to China

      • i: a man; travis moss

        There is no “THE” Anti- Christ, but there are many anti-christ and you have heard of an anti-christ according to the book of John.

    • Joshua

      Dear Jannette, many are repeating the nonsense of “it’s President Trump’s Fault” but I see this from the standpoint of one who isn’t a Big Pharma Chemist Vaccine maker or a 4 Star Chef myself…LOOK, if you ordered Prime Rib at a 4 Star Restaurant but, then got a Raw Fish Head instead…would that be your fault or the Restaurants fault? President Trump ordered a “vaccine” and got a gene altering death shot instead…get it?

      • Jannette

        Joshua, I don’t want to believe the worst about POTUS45 and understand that he probably got bad advice but how can he still be taking credit for and pushing this shot when so much evidence exists that shows how bad it is?

        Doesn’t he owe his supporters and the country more?

        • Joshua

          Dear “Jannette” in an attempt to answer you again, I’ll try to help to unconfuse you. NO he is NOT “pushing the shot” as you claim.
          He has stated the facts from the medical industry perspective concerning the shots and too has offered several alternatives for treatment before during and now after the shot roll outs with therapeutic choices that he continues to be attacked for – nay sayers or the confused like you can’t have it BOTH ways.
          Claiming too that he owes “supporters and the country more” also is the conclusion of those who ignore more facts from the various bogus impeachements, constant attacks of 5 years together along with the ongoing twisted rhetoric that the shots are bad as if that medical conclusion has been made from officialdom. Last checked the CDC are pushing the shots and AGAIN, not President Trump.
          If you have a mysterious link to your claim on that please, post it.

      • JayJay

        I don’t have the link just now, but have read many times, this jab was created long before 2019.
        The patent is dated…..’they’ pretended that the jab was rushed—no, it was already created.
        This from reputable studies and resources.
        God forgive me if I’m spreading rumors…but this account has been given many times and by doctors and employees in the pharma business.

        • IIG

          Your not spreading rumors – Dr. Death (Fauci) is now out deluding people once again to take the “jab and booster shots” in order to put into their bodies the HIV type viruses he developed years ago that will cause them a horrific array of bodily disorders that will either kill them outright or severely disable them in the next two years – and Fauci is promoting the “jab” again right in the face of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) now showing a total of 24,177 pericarditis and myocarditis cases for all of 2021 (and an additional 11,829 cases for just January and February of 2022) – which shows the adverse effects of the “jab” are now kicking in “at an even faster rate” (likely to the smiles and happy delight of the evil perverted psychopathic eugenicists) – where pericarditis and myocarditis are just two(2) of the deadly conditions linked to the “jabs” (there are a thousand more adverse events produced by the “jab” – from cancer to HIV to strokes, paralysis and uncontrollable shaking, etc., etc. as the “parasitic tapeworms” slither and grow larger and larger inside the veins and arteries of both Demon-rats and Repugnant-kins who simply can’t use their God given brain to think for themselves!!!

        • Jerry

          Is this what you’re looking for?

          I’ve posted this many times before. As far as Trump, I’ve heard it all before. He was misinformed. It’s part of a master plan. Etc. Etc. Look at the date of the patent. 2018. If a dumb hillbilly like me can find this information, don’t you think someone who is the smartest man to ever trod the soil could find it to? He once had a plan to drain the swamp, but once Epstein turned over his black books to the globalist it was over.

        • Mungo


        • Warren B.

          Yes the Jab was created before the onset of the FAKE PANDEMIC.
          Here is the agreement between NIAID, NIH and MODERNA and UNC ….dated December 2019.
          At page 105 you will see evidence of the existence of a Vaccine….under Material Transfer Agreement.

      • John D Robbins III

        Fauci and Gates released the COVID Virus on the world to blame Trump for the out break then to Depopulate the earth Fauci & Gates Mandated their decades long Aids / HIV research be injected into every human ! They are guilty of Crimes against Humanity & we must enact the Nuremberg Code against them immediately to stop any further release of their Covid Mutations ! Gates is the Cabal or AntiChrist and Fauci his Henchman !

    • Spur

      Because he’s a Klaus Schwab member…a globalist part of the conspiracy…! That should be easy enough to see…!

    • William Richard James Nicholson NAC # 1274

      It is most perplexing since we all know that President Trump is in fact , a stable Genius ! I as Nick , NavyBlueSmoke am completely in a state of disbelief that our President Trump whom was Chosen By Creator God for this era , has President Trump on the sidelines Instead of taking his Rightful Place Centerstage as our Legit Commander In Chief ! He should have taken the center stage quite a long time ago ! There is no legitimate reason in my mind as to a delay in him taking centerstage & publicly showing the rampant corruption on his own presentation Every Night just as if he were Walter Cronkite presenting the news ! Potus Trump & his support for the injections was insane & I cannot believe he was not informed of the poisonous ingredients long before people were coerced into taking the experimental concoctions which are now already shown to be the cause of vast numbers of deaths ! The coming onslaught of deaths that cannot be attributed to anything other than the clot shots ; is going to cause tremors throughout societies worldwide ! I doubt that the already , unstable insane leftists will do anything other than find they have a newfound belief in the right to bear arms & will soon be hunting the so-called ” Elites ” that unleashed this plague upon Humanity ……. I pray Potus Trump escapes their wrath since his early support of the injections is Still Unfathomable to Me This Very Day ……………. Cordially , Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , credited w saving LST-1195 in a Biblical Class Storm , early January 1974 , in The China Slot also known as The Graveyard. Seal Team , Marines , 20+ Officers , 200+ crew & C_A’s top asset all safely delivered to Hong Kong harbor . Praise Creator God Whom Temporarily Gave me strength of Hercules & Samson to accomplish the task.

    • Joe

      Well, why is Biden try
      To Force shots on Americans!?!?!?

    • Laura McDonough

      Janette: Trump is one of the globalists so is his daughter Ivanka, he is a friend of the Rothchild family who helped him during a business crises w/ debt. He never drained the swamp rats or had any arrested for treason. It was all lies during speaches. He held rallies to make people think he would get back in office. His daughter Ivanka is in line w/ the W.E.F. agenda.

      • Jannette

        If this is true President Trump makes Benedict Arnold look like a Patriot


        • IIG

          Benedict Arnold’s betrayal was clear – while wrapping himself in the American Flag he offered the British a deal – he offered the British the military fortress at West Point, NY (in exchange for 10,000 pounds and a British military commission) – he screw America for money and power – the same way Bribe’n , Pelosi, Romney, Hilary, etc., etc., etc. are doing today – the betrayal of America will not stand – our current traitors are simply buying time with their bio-weapon release and their push for a nuclear war (which is “horrifically thousands of times more traitorous” then what Benedict Arnold ever did!!

          • IIG

            And Arnold got the death penalty!!!

      • InfoFinder

        Let’s not forget, Ivanka is a graduate of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader program…so there is that hidden influencer.

      • AnnetteMarie

        You are absolutely correct. And what you stated is only the tip of the iceberg. I am tired of exposing Trump because it is a lost cause and so many have lost their ability to think. BTW, Ivanka and Jared are business associates of George Soros. They also socialize with Soros, and Soros works for the Rothschilds. Soros stated that the last thing he wants to do before he dies is destroy the USA. Ivanka also socializes with Bill Gates. Interesting circle friends. Ivanna Trump is linked to Epstein…and that story was quickly hushed up. As I said, only the tip 0f the iceberg.

        There is no one to support, no one at all. It has all gone too far, and EVERYTHING is controlled. The Global New Order can begin at any time. The most time we have, could be a year and a half. But it can happen any time now, any time. I am not saying the end of the world, I am saying the rise of the Global New Order with a one world leader, a mandatory microchip in everyone in order to buy or sell, and a horror the world has never known.

        From my understanding, it will start with WWIII, nukes, part of the war will be real, part fake. From that the New World Order. Better be ready for Jesus.

        • AnnetteMarie

          I am not going to post anything negative about Donald Trump again. Yes, I know he promotes the death jab as well as 5G that shall radiate mankind to death. In that respect, he is part of the New Order.

          But I just learned extremely positive information about Donald Trump, that to me is significant and important, and it came by hearing Ally Carter’s interview. Carter was a tortured sex slave with no one to turn to since early childhood and was trafficked to Buckingham Palace, to the ultra-rich and famous of Hollywood, and the highest government people in DC.

          She names some names, Biden, Obama, Michelle, etc.

          She stated that she had hope in Trump because he gave money to investigate Child Trafficking. She doesn’t know where the money went, of course, but she believed that Trump did try to help. Moreover, she stated, that among the elite people of D.C. where she was forced to sexually service these EVIL SICK people, Trump was never among them. She said she never saw Trump.

          She talks about the other children who are killed for their blood, their organs, after being used for sex. How children are bought to be murdered.

          Ally Carter interview. Rumble Stew Peters show, dated Nov. 10,2021

      • Nika

        President Trump passed more Pro-American People Legislation, than Presidents: the 2 Bushes, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden combined!

      • Carol Hudak

        Laura, I agree.
        Just look at pictures of Trump, and see the positioning
        of his hands. He is a Freemason.
        Time to stop revering him and face the truth.
        Yes, I also saw a video of him shortly after his election.
        He had Hillary (yuck) stand up, so everyone could
        applaud for her.
        Yes-no swamp drain; no border fence . . . .
        He was the other side of the same coin. Oh. . .
        and wasn’t it nice how he helped his imprisoned
        supporters from the 1/6 rally??? NOT!

    • FreeMpg

      It’s not that Trump initially supported the vaxxines, it’s that he continued to promote them long after anyone who was truly concerned knew full well they were/are a disaster.

      • IIG

        Trump “knew” what he was doing was wrong – he “damn knew” that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were effective against the virus – he was “not supposed to sign the Emergency Authorization Act” (as there were other means to fight the virus) and he knew it – yet “he did it for the Globalists” – and “is still pushing the Killer Clot Shot” – for a man who wraps himself in the American Flag – he sure didn’t go to bat to save the lives of so many thousands of Americans who have already died and the millions injured – and the slaughter is not over – millions of deaths and injuries are yet to come!!!

        • Warren B.

          His remarks about “Injecting Disinfectant/ Bleach” to cure corona-virus…..still sticks in my mind.
          The reason for mentioning this …is because that is the chemical reaction inside the body to resolve infection of viruses/bacteria…..HCL is what is released and dissolves the pathogens very efficiently. Was Trump giving us a subtle clue?

      • David A Howard

        If I’m Trump and thoroughly convinced of my own innocence, the first thing I’m going to do is call for polygraph tests all around. I’ll take one myself first then I’ll challenge my accusers to do likewise. Let’s see who’s really telling the truth, and not afraid of the light.

      • Reynald

        You forgot to mention that Trump NEVER made this “vaccine” mandatory Joe Biden did and millions lost their jobs refusing to take it Under Trump it was up to the individual to take it or not ,sadly most of the population victim of W H O, NIH, CDC propaganda took the mRNA “vaccine” based on fear mongering from our media ,without doing any research, mRNA technology exist since the early 80’s and was never successful in curing cancer at the time, that is why it is still today experimental the 12 different CV19 “vaccines” versions ,(including Moderna & Pfizer) are in fact Genetic Therapy marketed as “vaccine” and are still today NOT fully licensed and approved by the FDA ,the Original Patent application for mRNA describe it as GENETIC EDITING technology.

    • Jannette


      That seems like a really wild accusation to make

      • IIG

        Hillary would have used this accusation against Trump (but her husband Bill was to Epstein’s Pedophile Island hundreds of times) – so she paid for a phony dossier to be made up (with the help of the Committee of 300) and then accused Trump of being a Russian agent!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Trump flew on the Epstein jet, but the story does not state to where he flew. Why??? If Trump did flew to NYC from FLA, then no big deal. Can you source Where Trump flew to with Epstein or do you just want to make a case of guilt by association? I have heard Trump caught a ride to NYC from FLA on several different occasions. I have never seen he flew to pedo-island.

        • Warren B.

          I thought Trump owned his own private Jet …..a Boeing 757…..!!!
          Seems rather strange you would take a domestic ride on another’s when you have that thing parked in the Hanger. Also if he were to use his private jet to fly to Epstein’s Island…then that would be recorded in the Aviation Logs. Better to use another’s ride.
          Just saying…..

          • J in Europe

            My late father used to say on a regular basis –
            “Show me your friends and I will tell you what you are”!
            Enough for me!
            Stay safe

      • Greg Hunter

        What is not “certifiable” is Trump did anything wrong. This excerpt is from the story you posted “The unsealed documents also include a November 2016 deposition by Giuffre, where she addressed certain claims made by journalist Sharon Churcher about Giuffre’s interactions with Clinton and Trump.
        Giuffre stated “Jeffrey told me that Donald Trump is a good friend of his” but disputed Trump flirted with her or had sex with any girls on the flight. “Oh, I didn’t physically see him have sex with any of the girls, so I can’t say who he had sex with in his whole life or not,” Giuffre said. “But I just know it wasn’t with me when I was with other girls.” She also said she never saw Trump at any of Epstein’s homes.”

        This is the last comment about this because you are looking like a paid troll. I don’t feel like vetting all the crap you post. If you have evidence, then post it, and USE a real name when you are TRYING to trash somebody. No more of this “Daddy” crap when you post. Real name now required.

      • Ker

        Before trying to make Donald Trump look bad you should probably read the full article…
        It is true that he took the same jet, but Trump never been seen in ANY of Epstein’s home and never been seen with any of the younger girls. Nor on the flight. He was sent there but was never a fan of this demonic Epstein creature.
        Before making accusation, you probably need to READ the ENTIRE article that you are suggesting, and more important, UNDERSTAND what you read before making a big deal out of it!

    • Lois

      People need to think for themselves and not blame others for their decisions. DS would have had a field day with Trump. Look what they did with HCQ and other well known treatments. It’s not Trumps fault people were too stupid. It’s their own fault. Many were warning and the people ignored the alarms.

    • Todd

      President Trump supported finding a vaccine and thought that a safe and effective vaccine was developed. He was obviously not aware these vaccines are as dangerous as they turned out to be. There is no way that he would have ever gone along with mandating vaccines. He just wanted our country to get pass this plandemic and get our country back open and he thought that by getting a safe and effective vaccine out quickly would be the best way to do it. Unfortunately he was fooled by the evil and corrupt people that were working in his administration. He was putting his trust in the medical doctors that were telling him the vaccine was safe and would keep him from getting sick.

      • Warren B.

        You are being presumptuous with your comments. Nothing is clear or factual with what he did. You can make different conclusions to suit your beliefs….but that is pure speculation without factual support.

    • Reyes Quintero

      It will make silver prices, go higher.

    • Shadow

      Simple, he trusted the American dr mengele ugh fauci the treasonous communist dumorat Chinese soros agent dwarf, that’s the long and short of it fauci needs to be executed for murder and crimes against humanity

      • Warren B.

        I don’t believe he trusted FRAUDCI at all. He was compromised and those pulling the strings needed Dr Mengele in the position of Chief Infectious Disease Advisor to the White House. It was clearly evident towards the end of DJT’s term that FRAUDCI was acting without Trump’s knowledge/authorization.

    • BEN

      Greg, thx for your work- this is true and valuable work. Living in France, I am actually trying to buy Ivermectin, not that easy.

    • Mark

      You’re obviously watching mainstream news and have 2 functioning brain cells so why come to this forum and spread your bullshit? You are no doubt moron and a troll. At least post something creative. Go crawl back in the hole you came from with your satanist friends

    • Brent Gutzman

      My question that I have been asking for months now and cannot get a response, If a non-vaxed requires a blood transfusion and the donated blood is from someone that has received their shots and boosters, Can that now infect the person receiving the blood transfusion?

    • Joe

      Consider the timing and what was likely revealed to him. Recall the beating he took over HCQ when the medical “experts” or might I say, egotistical lemmings, went after him and he let Pence take the briefings. The entire world was whipped into a state of fear many rational folks did irrational things. How much TP did you buy?I do wonder now if has yet to see the current data. There is enormous liability concerns politically and economically with the vaccine. I only hope at some point Trump comes out and admits he was misguided.

    • Dorothy Black

      Lets not forget that Trump was new to the political circus. Drug company labs had been working on getting this shot out around 2003 with no success cause all their tests on animals killed all the victims. With the onset of Covid 19 Trump was bamboozled into the big push to do the speedy release, taking advantage of his need to be a hero. He had no idea he was being used by them to put this over on the world. The rest is history.

    • Phyllis Cahoon

      It’s taken time for the truth to come out. He’s learning like the rest of us.

    • Marie

      Its not the same vax, Fauci and his minions changed it!

    • David A Howard

      What virus?

    • Danny Banks

      He’s either naive or complicit.
      Lost a lot of respect for him

    • Dave Costanzo

      Klaus Swabe, author of the book, Covid 19, The Great Reset written IN 2010!!!! This fake pandemic was designed to lock the world down for nearly a decade or more! Trump STOPED this with warp speed saving 100’ s of millions (or more) world wide this stopping the great reset. Depopulation of the world eventually supporting less than 1 billion, talking personal property, centralized govt, etc we were very close too. Study the WEF, study the Rothschild’s…you will understand.
      Devolution! This is Trumps and our patriots way forward along with we the people connecting the dots.

      • Danny Banks

        Trump supports the vaccines

    • Reykool

      President Trump during a private session with the FDA & CDC was told that the vaccine was 100% safe …Million of people all over the world who took it was told the very same thing WHY you are mentioning Donald Trump who told the population they were free to chose to take it or not to take it if they wanted to UNLIKE Joe Biden who made it MANDATORY

  2. Anthony Australia

    Thanks fir the en lighting interview Greg,

    The current Scamdemic & Caronacon is so sad to see.

    Trauma Based Mind Control on top of injected diseases.

    Furthermore the citizens wandering around with Masks and Face Shields is just so disturbing to see when i head to the shops.

    • Anthony Australia

      Oh, there’s also forced Boosters here on some employees who work for entities that aren’t even listed on the Government mandated lists.

    • Anthony Australia

      Thanks for the enlightening interview Greg,

      The current Scamdemic & Caronacon is so sad to see.

      Trauma Based Mind Control on top of injected diseases.

      Furthermore the citizens wandering around with Masks and Face Shields is just so disturbing to see when i head to the shops.

    • Pat W. Price

      Where is your source for Trump riding the Lolita Express 7 times? It’s not a secret he jumped a ride between NY and Florida once or twice. It doesn’t mean he’s part of the Pedo network.

  3. Scott

    France is considering declaring deaths from vaccine injury to be suicides so the insurance industry does not go bankrupt. Life insurance will not pay out on suicides.

    • tim mcgraw

      Scott. I didn’t see that coming, but should have. We live in a land of lies now. Thanks for the info.

      • Brooklyn


        I’ve been staying on the sidelines recently, listening to all of Greg’s fabulous podcasts, and reading all the comments but not posting myself. I am finally (with the help of a nebulizer) stopping the constant hacking cough and putting my covid pneumonia in the rear view mirror. But, you nailed it with, “…we live in the land of lies!” with death and destruction in every quarter, where sadly a large percentage of our fellow Americans have fallen for their 24/7 psychops of lies. We all need to make preparations for the petro-dollar or world reserve currency to crash (very soon) with a minimum of four well-defined-paths to make that happen. Buy PMs now!

        If you want peace, prepare for war!


        • Charles H.


          I just had Covid pretty bad; but not pneumonia. Average oxygen levels are between ‘low’, and ‘average’. Sleeping at night – even lower. Slowly improving. But you re right – the Western nation’s (Europe; US & Canada; Australia) train wreck has to happen, and not too far from now. Destroy America to destroy the almighty DOLLAR; then reset the planet with NEW players – ones who aren’t on God’s side.

        • Warren B.

          I can see with the use of the Ukrainian War and by default the Economic and Financial Sanctions on Russia…that the world is headed straight into a deep recession…..sparked by incessant Inflation. This is the beginning of the end of Globalization…..something btw….DJT ignited with his trade policies against China.

    • IIG

      You have to give Big Pharma credit for figuring out a way where they don’t have compensate the Insurance Companies for their losses (on their life policies) – simply declare that all those who voluntarily took the “jab” – “Committed Self-inflicted Suicide” – and Bingo – Big Pharma gets to reduce the population without having to make up any Life Insurance Company losses!!

      • IIG

        And get this – Moderna has already signed in the first 3 months of this year $21 billion in advance purchase agreements for its deadly COVID-19 vaccine (that’s up from $19 billion in signed agreements at the end of February) – Moderna obviously knows a large part of the world population is firmly under their control by psychological mind control specialists and that they will voluntarily take their death shot like a bunch of idiots – Moderna now has Fauci stumping for them (to get the US to sign a new purchase agreement) – you know – this is like having the Jews during WWII purchase the cyanide gas “that was then used to kill them”!!

    • joe

      after 2 years it is non contestable …meaning Insurance pays

  4. Major Payne

    Are we to understand that Rob Kirby is “woke”? Seriously though, very happy to hear of his improvement.

  5. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Dr Eads and sincere thanks for all you are doing.
    It’s 05:30 here in the U.K. and I have yet to listen to your latest interview with Greg, so forgive me if you already answered my question, which is: How do we know that anyone ‘died from Covid-19’? As I have read from many sources, the virus has never been isolated from a sick human. Related to this, how do we know that anyone suffered from ‘Omicron’, or any other so-called variant? How can anyone test for a variant when even the ‘original’ virus has never been isolated? Is it possible that the people ‘presenting with Covid’ and the ‘Covid deaths’ are the result of an enhanced strain of influenza virus. The precedent being the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed more people than WWI. If there is any merit in this supposition, then the good news is that HCQ, zinc, vitamin D, and Ivermectin in combination cure influenza. I know you read these comments. Please clarify. Thanks in advance.

    • Bibi

      Hello, I totally agree with you that no Sars-Cov-2 has ever been isolated from a sick human with supposed “Covid”. This is a computer, in silico, generated genome. Therefore, there are no variants. All absurd. I am a retired board certified anesthesiologist and have a lot of time to study. Drs. Kaufman, Cowan, Lanka and Baily lay this out. This plandemic has been a complete scam. I am still stunned at all the people that took the experimental shots. I avoid all these brainwashed people for many reasons. It is best to keep your immune system in good shape with Vit. D, good sleep, activity, diet, etc. I don’t want to be around stupid.

      • JayJay

        I’ll up you one on that—I don’t even want to talk to those still wearing masks. I was hesitant long before they were proven to be worthless, but now? What kind of idiot would not know that at this late date??

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Exactly! COVID was Computer generated sequence-not isolated in human! But they did grow it in animal tissue and engineer the spike protein lentivirus and release that in chemtrails and in the bioweapon shots! The variants were also computer sequenced-they have never been isolated in a human! The Omni Ron was grown in animal tissue (gain of function) and released aerosolized in different nations!
      There are multiple viruses in the COVID shots making people sick! Most hospitalized people diagnosed with pcr had influenza, RSV, parable influenza or low grade common cold!!!!

      • Paul

        Thanks Elizabeth for speaking the truth
        And awareness for helping others.

        You abide solemnly by the Hippocrates oath. Your a living saint.

        Resistance fro arkansas

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Doctor Eads,
        Thank you so much for your reply and also for taking the time to read ALL the comments and for all your responses. You are a treasure!

      • Lisa

        Thank you for your interview. “Paxlovid” in pill form was just released March 2022 as a new pfizer”Covid” drug which includes ritonovir ( a 20 year old drug used for treating HIV.)
        I presented much research on this drug back in October when it was in trials, along with Merke’s new drug molnuperavir, but it was removed and labeled as medical misinformation. Could you both do an interview warning people of these new pills. They are freely given with a positive covid test and you will find in your research, after ingested, cause much of the same changes in the rna as does the “vaccine”. They are quoted as saying” we are counting on millions who did not get vaccinated, to take the pills”
        Thank you and God bless,

      • Elizabeth Eads


      • Robert K


        I was on the fence about this, but Dr. Eads just validated my suspicions. My wife and I went hiking on New Year’s Day, and observed many planes crisscrossing the skies above us and massive, thick chemtrails overhead. A fellow hiker mentioned, “They are bombing the s**t out of us and making us sick”. We kept hiking and and reached the top of the mountain a handful of minutes later, making note of what the hiker said, but quickly forgot about it and enjoyed the view and New Year together.

        Not even 24 hours later, was the first day of 26 consecutive days, we had what was classified as “covid pneumonia”. We had horrible fevers, chills, cough from hell that wouldn’t cease, extremely elevated heart rate, we couldn’t catch our breath, chest and deep lung pain, aches and pains, insomnia, headaches, lack of appetite, neck pain, and the list went on. Debilitating pain we had not previously experienced from a common cold or influenza. I remember Greg had similar symptoms that prompted Dr. Kory to reach out to the RX for Greg. We were provided ivermectin, HCQ, and a handful of other miracle drugs, before we finally started noticing a difference. Thank God our doctor actually prescribes life saving medication.

        It makes sense, given they engineered the spike protein lentivirus and release that in chemtrails…Sick, sick bastards they are.

    • Warren B.

      My understanding is that COVID is the name given to the SARS-COV2 virus released on the populace either through injection or aerosolized.
      COVID is NOT a disease / virus…it is a cover up for what they are doing surreptitiously.
      This MO is identical to what they did in the 80’s with AIDS and HIV. AIDS is not a disease but their propaganda made everyone think it was …and was spread via prostitutes, drug users and homosexuals. HIV was the causative pathogen….that broke down the immune systems of those that were infected by it (through the blood supply).

  6. Clayton

    Great news about rob Kirby
    Thanks greg

  7. stanleyskrzypek

    Judging from the Musical Albums on her wall…..Dr. Eads is either a Jazz or a Blues singer… her IQ is so High….she gets nosebleeds…

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Funny! I play guitar! Love all kinds of music!

      • Warren B.

        Electric or Acoustic ?
        I have an LP , Telecaster and Ibanez…..which I play regularly. 👍👌👏🎸🎸🎸

  8. Earth Angel

    Another GREAT interview with Dr. Eads. Thanks Greg, for continually bringing us guests with THE cutting edge information. I share your site with everyone I can. I made flyers with USA Watchdog & several other good sites for doing independent research and hand them out everywhere I can. Most people are glad for the information & illumination. They sense something is REALLY wrong. Humankind is not as dumb as the evil bast@r&s who are doing this to us think. I think judgement day is not far off for them. May God watch over and protect you, the good doctors working to help those injured by this malicious death campaign and ALL GOD’S good people working hard to expose and halt the evil taking place in the world today. THANK YOU!!

    • Pete+only

      Earth Angel, you summed it up much better than i ever could.
      Many thanks to Greg, all his guest speakers, and those making comments in the blogs.
      Me and my wife are truly grateful for knowing what we do from this site, as well as the spiritual aspect of everything.
      In our community, it is now an option to wear face masks in public spaces, yet probably 2/3 or even 75% of the public still do, many even in the parking lots, and now look absolutely terrified now rubbing elbows with people like us in the know wearing no masks, but irronically, if you have taken 3 or 4 shots, your days on this earth are truly numbered.

  9. tim mcgraw

    We’ve all known for a couple of years now that Covid-19 and the jabs are out there to kill us. We are the “Useless Eaters”. We paid into the system with our labor and taxes. The thieves do not want to give us our money back.

    • IIG

      Remember what the Tall White Aliens told Charles J. Hall – that all the intelligent species in the universe “always kill off the inferior species they consider useless” – but there is something very useful that can be learned from this video – – and that is (unlike humans) the aliens are very protective of their children – and “that is their weakness” – I bet if we take a few alien children hostage they would immediately back off from trying to take over our world and quit their human extermination program (as they consider humans to be inferior useless eaters)!! – it actually bothers their alien psycho minds that humans can have a relationship with a lower specie (like a dog or cat) and is why the aliens are telling the transgender queer puppets running our governments to begin killing all the dogs and cats in the world!!!

  10. FedUp

    In January, 2020, early in the Covid scam, an analysis was done on the virus and published, I believe, in Lancet. They concluded that Covid was a bat-strain of SARS at its base, but that it had a portion of the HIV virus COPIED onto it. So, the “vaccine” causing HIV is not a surprise. It was the plan.


    Albert Bourala the Pfizer CEO is not even a doctor he is a VET I kid you not

    • David Brownallen

      He should be very familiar with Ivermectin.

    • Computer Guy

      More like he’s a criminal that belongs in prison for crimes against humanity. Along with pfauci and everyone else involved in conjob-19.

    • IIG

      If the Pfizer CEO is a Veterinarian – he damn well knew that Ivermectin would kill the “tapeworms” in his “jabs” (causing all the Killer Blood Clots) – Pfizer’s CEO should be strung up to the nearest lamppost (like that Fascist Nazi Commie Mussolini) – and just because the Pfizer CEO is a Jew doesn’t mean he won’t intentionally kill all the Jews in Israel with his “jabs” (Hitler was a Jew and look what he did to the Jews – Soros was a Jew and look what he did to the Jews) – it is the Commie Nazi Jews (who supported Hitler’s National “Socialist ” Party) that need to be eliminated by us in the US (just as Putin is de-Nazifying the evil ones in the Ukraine) – as Putin gets rid of that “Queer Pervert” Zelensky – we too here in America need to round up all the Queers and Perverts and “put them back in the closet” where they can’t continue to hurt our children with their “Story Time” gender brainwashing, nor allow them to compete in women’s sports and before these evil psychopaths pass laws to have our dogs and cats killed as they proceed to exterminate humanity!!

  12. Bruce Stebbing

    Are the vacs intended to reduce the population??????

    • Anthony Australia


    • Marie Joy

      Bruce, YES

  13. Coal Burner

    Neuro Doctors are now adding HIV to their testing for causes for problems when working up a diagnosis. I never heard it mentioned but when I looked up the testing results that test was done on someone close to me. Negative result, fortunately.

  14. bill

    CDC is a PRIVATE corporation? First I have heard.

    • Les

      I believe the “CDC” is a government agency. The “CDC Foundation” is a non-profit corporation.


      me too, but the government agencies are just as corrupt, so there really is no difference anymore

  15. Robert says no

    The first cases of AIDS in San Francisco had one thing in common. They were gay men who participated in the clinical trials of a hepatitis vaccine in the late 70s. The first three AIDS patients ( initially called GRIDS, gay related immuno deficiency syndrome) came down with a disease called karposi sarcoma, a very rare cancer, because their body wasn’t able to fight off any opportunistic infections. How different is this AIDS path of infection from those first cases traced back to the hepatitis vaccine trials? The majority of people participating in the hepatitis vaccine trials were gay men in San Francisco, Los Angeles and NYC. My friends cousin was an epidemiologist in San Francisco at the time. She told us about this back in the early 2000s. She’s how I found out about the hepatitis vaccine connection to AIDS. Those first cases of AIDS, which had no name for the disease at the time, then spread the disease to their sex partners unknowingly, as the disease had a varying incubation period. The rest is history. AIDS was also spread through donated blood by street people who shared needles, who made money selling their blood. That’s how the blood supply got tainted. I would think the same thing is going to happen with COVID vaccinated blood donated for use these days after the COVID vaccine rollout. Gain of function pathogens have been around for a long time. The technology has just become more refined from its early days in the late 60s and 70s. Ever notice how many of these designer diseases come from Africa? Black African natives are very knowledgeable about how they’re used to test diseases like Ebola and AIDS. Who was the AIDS czar? Answer-Tony Fauci.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Robert, for the information and analysis!!!

    • The Central Scrutinizer

      It’s a bit of a grey area, but yeah. They are not a Government Agency.

      Hmm. A “grey area” between private business and Government. There’s a word that describes that particular “grey area”… “fascism”.

      Something to ponder s we meander down the cattle chute.

      • IIG

        And remember the Fascist Nazi’s were “commies” (they ran the National “Socialist” Party) and followed the same Fabian, Marxist and Alinsky teachings Hillary does – it is these Demon-rats that are screwing up our planet – and we patriotic scientist in the US need to use the weapons God gave us (like the horn of Jericho) that emits a particular sound frequency (ideally at 4.5 HZ) to put all these Demon-rats into a “hypnotic waking state trance” – and then march them all into the sea like the Pied Piper did!!!
        Note: The Russians (and the US) already have such scalar weapons – lets use them – to permanently rid our world of these evil Deep State Fascist Commies (that are like an albatross around the necks of every human being on the planet Earth) – even Hitler’s Luftwaffe used the haunting sounds of sirens to try and gain an edge against their opponents – the Greeks and the Romans did the same (with their battle cries) – as did the Mongols under Genghis Khan (whose cavalry cries could be heard for miles and helped them slaughter their enemies who were put into a zombie state)!!

    • chaplain Leo

      wow thanks for all that info I did not know this.

    • Pete+only

      Robert, thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. I wouldn’t doubt that Fauchi might have somehow been involved even then, but at the very least, big pharma to say the least.
      About 15 years ago now, me and my wife did get hepatitis shots (that had a 10 year time frame for effectiveness), as we were travelling to places that required its use.
      I cannot remember what brand it was called right now, but we have fortunately been healthy, and have had blood tests that didn’t raise any red flags in years gone by.

      • Robert says no

        Back then, during those initial hepatitis vaccine trials in the late 70s, my gut says there was a different agenda. Those vaccine trials were aimed at the gay male community. Future clinical trials for the general population were most likely in my opinion, formulated differently and without specific pathogens that were given just to gay men participating in those initial trials, as it was mostly a gay male disease in the USA and native Africans in Africa. Heterosexuals were never impacted by AIDS unless they were in a demographic that shared blood products like intravenous drug users and hemophiliacs. The next group that became a target were the Hatians, who were landing on our southern shores back in the mid 80s and corralled in fenced in areas. I suspect they were given innoculations while captive that caused AIDS in that demographic. After that the AIDS epidemic started migrating into the mainstream population as prostitutes, who commonly used intravenous drugs spread the disease to their heterosexual John’s. (There were also male prostitutes that followed that same M O, within the gay community). Since most men dont patronize prostitutes, AIDS didn’t become a huge risk factor for heterosexual females, but none the less it was used to fear pander to the general population as initially it was thought to be spread by causal contact, but later it was discovered it was intimate contact, sharing needles and transfusions that were the main vectors that caused the spread.

        I’ve always believed AIDS was developed as bio-warfare to be used against specific populations, but the developers at places like Fort Derrick, didn’t realize how small portions of the general population interacted with the targeted groups which caused non targeted groups to become infected. That was probably the biggest lesson learned in that experiment.

        If you recall after 911, there was a few domestic terrorist attacks using anthrax. The anthrax used in those attacks was a weapons grade level made in a labratory and formulated to be anthrax vaccine resistant. If you recall during the first gulf war in the early 90s during the GHWB years, soldiers were given an anthrax vaccine that had known side effects. Many soldiers were against being forced to take that vaccine too.

        Never underestimate the evil in some human minds. The advances made in the late 90s Genome project, which was made public during the Clinton years, allowed for much more refined targeting of specific demographics based on narrowly defined genetics. Also always remember that just because a technology is made public, like the Genome Project was in the late 90s, and heralded as a great breakthrough in how diseases could be treated at the DNA level, that technology was most likely available years/decades before for military bio-warfare development. The government funds much of the research that is done at our nations universities. It was Fauci who determined what projects and what scientist and universities were funded with those federal dollars.

  16. Tabitha Sloan

    I certainly hope justice is served in my lifetime!!!!! I’m 60 years old.

    • JimW

      I hope it happens within MY lifetime. And I’m 73!!

  17. Mark Reid

    Great interview Greg! My only concern going forward as a Pureblood is the need for a blood transfusion down the road. Is there a PURE Blood Bank being set up by anyone? (Confirmed testing of course) I would gladly donate my blood for anyone in need, and would hope other Purebloods would also. Having that available resource would sure put my mind at ease. Of course MSM and Medical associations would scoff and “debunk” as conspiracy…oh yeah Vaxxed blood is good for you.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Donate and hold your own blood!

      • Paul

        Thanks again Elizabeth for your unwavering view in future diagnosis of the jabbed and unjabbed plight

        Bloods shelf life last 42 days
        Refrigerated and up to 10 years frozen.
        So I am concluding by your comment, to keep in personal possession, away from blood banks for the unjabbed.

        Secondly, is it possible, with test to differentiate a jabbed and unjabbed person to assure a pure blood donor with 100 percent reliability.
        Hospitals lost this right for honesty and this must be taken from them in blood supply

        I hope you find a solution to the quagmire you face with treatments of adverse reactions.

        Your positive outlook for persecution of evil doers is very well taken and is necessary.
        Good job

        Resistance from arkansas

      • Paul

        Dear Elizabeth,
        Thanks for the interesting tip.
        Hold your own blood

        Resistance from arkansas

  18. John Mahoney

    so they r like kind of zombies, if they come near u, u get what ever it is that they have, wow

  19. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Eads for your work and honesty. Pharmacy has been taken over by lawyers and the pharmacist are willingly being used against us plebs,there should be no hiding place for them,particularly here in the UK.

    • The Central Scrutinizer

      More like prostitutes…infectious and promiscuous. No one is claiming airborne transmission by secondary sources. Yet. It’s still confined to transmission of bodily fluids as far as we know.

  20. Marie Joy

    At what point, America?

    • Paul

      Hi Marie,
      At what point?
      Maybe after the Dow hits 8000
      And 401’s are vaporized. It all seems economically normal to most now. And the great margin call begins

      Maybe after usd is in the basket of the imf sdr’s currencies, And USA is at avg world pay scale.

      Maybe after farmers are ripe for foreclosures with high input costs and corporations buy what’s left of family farms

      Maybe after enough death and sickness of loved ones

      Maybe when solutions and action becomes the favored narrative.

      Hope all are well, except our oppressors.

      Resistance from arkansas

      Maybe when people quit feeding the


      I’m with ya

  21. Nejc

    I know (because I use it) that Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) or MMS does miracles. HCQ is basically a weaker version of this Miracle Mineral Solution. It is also easy to get, I can`t get Ivermectin or HCQ in Slovenija.

  22. Caroline

    Dr Paul Cottrell called this a long time ago in his research. You should interview him Greg, he has been on top of this since day one. Thank you both for the upload and discussion!

  23. Jerry

    Get ready for phase two of the reset.

    We’ve been warning about cyber polygon for a reason. What will people do when they can’t get their medications because the internet grid is down? Millions of people will die without treatment, not to mention those that have had their immune systems compromised by the vaccines. Dr. Eads is absolutely correct in her analysis. Right now I’m seeing people who have been vaccinated come down with colds they can’t seem to shake. Many are now taking antibiotics. I’m sitting here thinking WTF? I thought the vaccines were the answer to everything? But yet these same people will lineup for the next booster.

    WARNING: Right now I’m seeing insurance companies pushing people to stock up on medications and have a ninety day supply on hand. While this is nothing new, I have never seen this type of concentrated effort before. I can’t help but think they know something is coming. Once again preparation is the key. It’s better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it. Especially if you’re life depends on it.

    • FC

      Jerry, I over heard a conversation last week and the question was asked. ‘if you took your dog to the vet for 3 vaccines over a period of a year for rabies and yet your dog still contracted rabies, I’m sure you’d be asking questions by now’
      After a period of silence her reply was. ‘that’s different, it’s rabies’
      This is the jab at work and this is the mentally we are dealing with now.

  24. Rick Larson

    I’m to the point of blaming Germany. Its war.

    • Paul

      It won’t come from their steel production
      thyssenkrupp ranks 44th as a company
      Eu as a whole has 12 percent and usa
      Has 9 percent of global production in November of 2021

      Definitely in the collective of leaders and agents.

      When the people’s convoy reaches 100 million strong we can see change

      One of my favorite guests, being on the Real front line. Thanks Greg

      Resistance from arkansas

  25. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Thank you as always Greg. Letting my family/friends know the facts (once more) ain’t going to be easy

  26. Jerry

    Bonus post.

    What goes around comes around. And people want to call it conspiracy theory’s? John McCain did the same thing to Ukraine that he did for Syria. And who was in Syria? Russia, Russia, Russia.

  27. Joe McCormick

    Greg: Both this interview with Dr. Eades and the previous one with Dr. Pierre Kory are apocalyptic. We are in a parallel position with the refugees fleeing Ukraine in terms of quality of life and longevity. If we survive, it is due to the grace and mercy of God! Although I am 77, I am in vibrant health, and live a robust life, I now embrace each day as a blessing. Who knows what I shall face tomorrow. Jesus said of our time in history, “Then many will fall away {from their faith} and they will betray one another and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because of the increase of lawlessness, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved. And this good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the world, as a testimony to all the nations; and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:10-14, NRSV). I suggest not only have many fallen from their faith in God but from their faith in their moral duty to humanity. This evil has not happened because demons worked in laboratories, but because evil people have colluded with the devil. Are not false prophets still promoting more vaccinations? We are the pawns in all-out spiritual warfare between good and evil. The best part is that even as pawns, we get to pick which side we serve.

    • Margo Hirschman

      WOW, brother Joe, what a pick me up!. I’m 68 and still feel young, but can’t help but wonder what life will be like in maybe just a few day’s. Who knows, I mean you can cut it with a knife, the foreboding and the only ones oblivious seem to be the angry ones because they are so ignorant. This is not the time for anger but consolation.
      I hope you belong to or have a Christian congregation. Like in a prison you, have to stick with some or we’ll get stickled separately! Got to have and show the love with some. We can go it alone, but somewhere in the Christian scripture it says. Do not forsake the gathering together.
      We’ll see you all on the other side, hopefully and faithfully!🧐

  28. stuart spak

    Rob Kirby, how is he

  29. Mindy

    Thank you Greg. I so depend on your reporting. I removed the tv from my house years ago and have very get sources of information that I really trust your reporting is on top of the list of trustworthy sources. God bless you and keep you safe

  30. Roger Stamper

    tks greg dr eads

  31. Mike Tompkins

    I live in Michigan Sparta to be exact where can I find a pharmacy that will dispense Ivermectin or Hydroxy cloquin ? Thanks for all the good work and all the people you have on. I thank God for people like you.

    • Elizabeth Eads


    • JS

      If you can wait a bit, go through It will take about 4 weeks to arrive, but meds are much much cheaper than in America. Order plenty. You can also order general antibiotics, prescription meds, and more without showing a prescription if you want to have a stock on hand for “what if.” Expiration dates all have been about 18 months out. I’ve ordered from them about 5 times now and been very satisfied. No commissions here 🙂

  32. JimG

    The Sludge Report is a big factor into all the hysteria. That site heavily promoted Trump, followed by impeaching Trump, then pumping the Covid Narrative (pro-shot) narrative now pro war coverage with an Russophobia slant. Even the latest Supreme Court Nomination is riddled with softball headlines / articles. That site has been thoroughly co-opted. Its trash! is part of the solution.

    • deborah

      Yes, compound pharmacy in Grandville but you need a dr to write it.

    • Paul

      Hi Jim,
      Agreed- that’s why we’re all here.
      Greg and guests have been taking the blows for us,

      Resistance from arkansas

  33. Pam

    This is the crime of the 21st century and the century is just beginning!!! This is probably the crime of the centuries all put together. As far as Fauci/Faust, he should be arrested and sentenced Mussolini style.
    And by the way Hitler did not suicide himself and I will leave it there………………..

    • Pam

      It’s funny how history repeats itself………..For example, “The “Shot” Heard Round the World.” A reflection of the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. Here we are 246 years later dealing with “The”Shots” Heard Round the World.”
      Astrologically in 1776, there was a Pluto Return. Pluto, since then, did a return 2-22-2022. Amazing. Right? History repeating itself. This time round we are not fighting a war with guns and ammo so to speak but with the abuses of the medical industry. A different kind of war, but all wars have the same results and that’s casualties.
      What was the “shot heard round the world”?
      “Concord Hymn”, by Ralph Waldo Emerson
      Truly Beautiful……We are so lucky to be on this earth during this time……….

    • Pam
      Greg please listen to this……………….If you could get Todd Calender on, the info he speaks of is frightening, but people need to hear this.
      Todd mentions the N. Korean super soldiers. Here’s the video……….
      Truly unsettling.

  34. Mike Low

    Thanks Greg for awesome interview. Can you do a report on the unvaxed and how they have been harmed by being around people who are vaxed?


  35. Mike Crowley

    Thanks for getting this interview Greg.
    I rarely comment but events surrounding me have changed my rather reclusive nature.
    My brother-in-law died two weeks after his second Pfizer jab (heart attack) no autopsy. The NP whom I see at the VA had acute blood clots in the brain following the jab (within hours). My lawyer had a heart attack just hours after his second jab and four more in the hospital. The last two gentleman were in their 50’s and in good health. My brother-in-law had just turned 65 and wasn’t in great shape but no heart problems before his death.
    The strange thing is that the family is in denial as to the obvious linkage. None of the events were reported in VAERS.

  36. Judy

    We are in the end of this worlds history. Final movements will be rapid ones as we are seeing. We must all replace fear with trust in our wonderful Heavenly Father. The holy angels are constantly by our side. Jesus death on the cross defeated Satan forever so he then became a defeated foe. Jesus gave human beings power of choice so we can choose to serve the God of love and eternal life or the god of fear, hate and death. So now Satans only recourse is lies, deception, manipulation and death, but he is faking it. His power was and still is broken. Our job is to establish a relationship with Jesus that will neither bend or break. For proof of this read the books of Job and the book of Daniel in the KJV Bible. May God Bless you all in your journey

    • Earth Angel

      Beautiful words of encouragement Judy. Thank you for reminding us of the Peace and Salvation in Christ. Much needed in our world today. ; )

  37. Bryce DeBorde

    Praise God Rob is on the road to recovery. Everyone also please pray for Doug Hagmann’s granddaughter who is in the hospital and in critical condition.
    Thanks Greg for bringing us the knowledge and information, that you and your guests provide.

  38. Robert Hood

    Wow! 34 of 36 family members double or tripple vaxxed. They call the two of us who are unvaxxed “nut jobs”. Sadly, the brainwashed are practically allergic to verifiable truthful information.
    The province of Saskatchewan is setting up 20 clinics to test for H.I.V.

    • Greg Hunter

      As they say, “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

      • Phillip M. Lynch

        Greg: I really enjoyed this interview. In it she refers to a Stanford Study connecting the Jabs to HIV. Do you have a link to this Stanford study?

        Phillip Lynch

    • Laura McDonough

      People put too much trust in their doctors and do as they say. People have the right to decline unwanted medical procedures, simply say “I pass on this procedure or test”, or not interested.

    • Jeff

      While they’re testing for HIV, they are probably concocting a jab with more poison in it.
      Can you imagine the press scaring everyone about HIV?

      • Elizabeth Eads

        They are— look at Paxlovid!

  39. Martin Coombs

    Nothing is going to stop it ( it’s called revelation) revealing the evil , it’s world wide , no one will be prosecuted ( & if they do it will be by the AC who will come with all signs & wonders & if he prosecuted & arrests many world corrupt leaders everyone will love him & think the saviour is he ( donor be deceived get right with God & let go of this fallen world)

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Nuremberg 2.0 on going

      • David A Howard

        Coming soon: “Polygraph Justice” – FBI polygraphers know that undetectable deception is impossible when using a Stoelting Ultrascribe polygraph.

    • Jeff

      Martin. God is going to stop it and it’s not the “end times”. Actually, it has been given for those following Christ to stop it thru prayer. Do any “believers” here believe in the power of prayer, or that we were given authority, or that we are seated with Him. Does anyone believe you are ambassadors of Christ who was given all power in heaven and earth? Does anyone believe His word ….”whatsoever you say (ask) I will be done”?
      How about……”you will do greater works” (than Jesus)?
      I’d say we are a long way from the “rapture” and the bride is anything but full of oil (power of the Holy spirit).
      Most are waiting for His return and are the 5 virgins without oil.
      The fact is THE CHURCH is the one who needs awakening more than the world.
      If the body of Christ awakens, the world will take notice. Right now, we are not much different except our salvation thru Christ. Problem is most need a badge that declares they are believers so the world will know(to our shame).
      As the scriptures mentioned above declare and the word does not lie, most are “unbelieving” believers. “Holding to a form of godliness but denying the power”.

      • Charles H.


        God is not the Author of confusion. So when I read contradiction – it causes me to wonder.
        I understand your frustration – the Church IS in decline: this is called the Apostasy; and Scripture is clear this must take place near the end. But I cannot agree to how you characterize contemporary Christianity. And it is the mixing of portions of Scripture that do NOT go together that disturbs.
        What possesses you to characterize Believers as “unbelieving”? And then pair this with a verse of Scripture that pertains to the Lost? (““Holding to a form of godliness but denying the power”.) This verse of 2Tim 3:5 is embedded in verses concerning the Unsaved of these Last Days – which the very verse itself, which you don’t finish – exhorts: “from such turn away.” Are you suggesting we turn away from fellow Believers?!?
        The “greater works” you reference are from John 14:12 – spoken to the disciples in the passover chamber: who saw Peter and Paul and Stephen do great wonders and miracles. But if you CLAIM these powers are in existence and exercise today: which they are not – then you have to give the same authority to the Catholic Church, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry that comes along who clams the same thing. And HOW can you suggest that there are those who are waiting for Jesus Christ to return – but have no oil of the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit SEALS the Believer, from Ephesian 4:30; and INDWELLS, also Ephesian 1:13,14. Are you so eager to disparage fellow Believers, who don’t accept certain things you do – as to character them as not even being Saved?
        I believe in the power of prayer; that God still performs miracles; and that all the Scripture conveys for faith and practice of true Christianity. So let me exhort you to rise up to the full stature and power of your faith: and pray Rob Kirby out of sickness and out of the hospital right now. So ordinary Believers like me ‘don’t measure up’: then measure up yourself – get it done. Show the way; and don’t beat others down, who are part of the Body of Christ.

        • Jeff

          Simple Charles Most “Christians only believe what they want so they are saved. The “unbelieving” part is all the scriptures I presented that they (and probably you) do not believe. That makes you an “unbelieving” believer. My description. You may choose your own. Just don’t tell me the church as a whole believes anything more than 10% of what Jesus said.
          The most perfect example is that almost all Christians today have plenty of idols and spend no time with who they call their Lord. Do you hear His voice? Jesus said His sheep hear His voice.
          If you did believe the words of Jesus you would be walking in power like the first church in Acts. Can you possibly say the church today is anything like then (with a straight face)?
          Please don’t tell me you are “disturbed” because of the scriptures I quote. You are merely disturbed because you don’t understand them. None of them are out of context and the Holy Spirit teaches me (not man). Did you know Jesus said 4 TIMES on His last day with His disciples that the Holy Spirit will come and HE will teach you all things. And you will need NO MAN to teach you because the HS Himself will teach you.
          Of course you might have to actually spend time in prayer and worship and then let the HS teach you. “Unbelieving” believers will not seek the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind.
          Maybe I could chose a word that makes you comfortable? Like lukewarm or virgins without oil or how about “you can’t serve 2 masters or ?
          Arguing the meaning of scriptures is a waste of time. If you, others or I want the truth then we have to humbly sit before Gad and ask for truth. Not what we want it to say.
          I have no agenda when I approach His throne, only that I might know the truth.
          There are 35,000 denominations in our country alone. Ask yourself how can that be?
          Because they all listen to man instead of the Holy Spirit. Because there’s only one truth not 35,000 versions.
          The best example I can give you is in my small town there are 100’s of churches and the majority I suspect are Christians. When the “plandemic” lie came this whole town was transformed into a zombie movie were everyone had fear in their eyes (behind their masks). I didn’t wear a masks because the WORD says I am protected(Ps 91). You and many others will just say I’m ignorant. My Father in heaven would say He is well pleased because I have faith (Heb 11:6).
          Say what you want Charles, most all the believers in my town DO NOT BELIEVE the words of God. Furthermore, because they rely upon man (pastors) to teach them, they don’t even know the Word of God.

          • wayne hardin

            Jeff .
            Do you know anybody that is sick or in need of a miracle .
            If so you do not believe what you say you d

            Once again forgive me .

            Wayne Hardin

          • wayne hardin

            Jeff .
            Do you know anybody that is sick or in need of a miracle .
            If so you do not believe what you say you do .

            Once again forgive me .

            Wayne Hardin

          • Charles H.


            Nice DEFLECTION, and return to throwing down on the Brethren, the Body of Christ.

            Show the miraculous power you claim by believing: or shut up. I have fellowshipped with Charismatic Churches; I know what they believe. I have also witnessed first-hand their carnal and even un-Scriptural pronunciations for myself. If you possess what you claim exists: then Rob Kirby should be on his feet in just a day or two. Period.

            Listen, expert – does not the Word of God teach that we are to have the same care one for another? “For our comely parts have no need: but God has tempered the body together, haven given more abundant honor to that part which lacked; That there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another. And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer wit it; or one member be honored, all the members rejoice with it.” 1Cor. 12:24-26. By criticizing the Body of Christ, and improperly assigning characteristics to fellow Believers: YOU ARE WALKING DISORDERLY – and you presume to teach others?

            I am not disturbed at any Scriptures you quote – if they are complete and in context: but you seem willing to chop them up and mix and match portions: which is pure disregard to the sanctity and to the respect of God’s Word. The fact that you are comfortable enough to put words into God’s mouth: “My Father in heaven would say He is well pleased because I have faith (Heb 11:6).” – is something I would never dare. NOTHING beyond the Holy Bible as Written: can be ascribed to God. But there is always a “fresh’ Word of ERROR.

            “Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophesies, they shall fail (meaning “cease”: because God’s prophesies never fail, they just stopped when the Holy Bible came to be) whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect (complete) is come (the Written Holy Word of God, the Holy Bible), THEN THAT WHICH IS IN PART SHALL BE DONE AWAY.” 1COR 13: 8-10. (explanation and emphasis are mine). That is: prophesy; tongues; and knowledge CEASE – for something else that comes later.
            You have been erroneously taught that the Sign Gifts, given to the infant Church to prove and endorsed by God Himself through the miracles and signs, in the beginning (given for the Jews), still east today: they do not. Here is your Scripture. You accuse me and many others of ‘not believing’: and here you will not believe because you have been taught wrong.
            Did the Apostle Paul somehow “lose his faith” at the end of his ministry? Why did this man who raised the dead and performed untold miracles – leave Trophimus sick at Milentum? “Erastus abode at Corinth: but Trophimus have I left at Miletum sick.” 2Tim. 4:20. Such ‘Internal Evidences’ are indisputable. The Sign Gifts discontinued by and of themselves, even in the life of the Apostles. But that is some heady stuff claiming power and speaking for God Himself! It doesn’t matter that History doesn’t record anyone following the Apostles with these powers for hundreds of years? (Until the Catholic Church started claiming miracles from the Saints.). So I can say with a ‘straight face’: as one who neither adds to or takes from God’s Word, what He has delivered to the Churches for sound Doctrine and practice.

            The buck has to stop somewhere for the final Authority of God in the earth. I say it is the Divinely Inspired and Preserved Word of God, the Holy Bible. As a “perfect”, or ‘complete’ work: there is nothing to add to it – as its is progressive and self-defining. In fact God Himself WARNS not to add to or diminish the statutes and judgments (the Word) in Deut. 4:1,2. “You shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall you diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.” (verse 2). It is reinforced in Debt.12:32: “What thing soever I command you, observes to do it: thou shall not add thereto, or diminish from it.” Even the New Testament repeats the same issue right at the end of Revelation, Chapter 22, verse 18,19,: “For I testify into every man that hearth the words of the prophesy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, that God shall add unto him the plagues of this book : And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophesy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” Three clear times has God warned not to add to or take from the Divine Record: BUT since the turn of the Century, on Azusa St. in Los Angeles, California – God reappeared to do JUST THAT. Silly me – and I thought God would never contradict Himself! Yeah, I HAVE done my homework: it is YOU who are misled of pastors.

            You can condescend and criticize a great bulk of Christianity that has all the foundation and proof in the world NOT to embrace the ‘Sign Gifts’ that WAS in the early Church, privately: but don’t throw-down on them in public. Don’t lump those who defend the faith once given to the saints; and are safe and sane in Doctrine by holding to the Word of God ALONE. You can keep your “extra-Biblical revelations”, your fresh ‘word from God’, sign gifts, and ‘miracles’ alike. Everything that draws people away from the Holy Bible, or conflicts with it (as ‘the gifts’ often do) – is not right. I know in Whom I have trusted and I know what I have trusted: and it is only found in the Holy Bible. YOU better be sure the spirit you are following is Holy. As long as I stick with the Holy Bible: I am NOT misled. That cannot be said for you – who’s ‘prophesies’ continue to add to God’s Word: against the injunction of God Himself.

        • Jeff

          If you don’t believe God’s is performing the same miracles today, then you need to look around and wake up. Or are you afraid you might have to humble yourself before God and seek Him as you should.
          “these signs will accompany THOSE WHO BELIEVE….in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they will pick up serpents…..drink poison….and heal the sick” Mark 16:17-18
          There is NO WHERE in the bible where it says His word is for only “special” people. You learned that from man.
          If what you say is true you better inform the multitude being healed, having demons cast out of them, receiving their own prayer language, all while getting born again.
          Not to mention the dead raised. You brother need to get around and stop telling others God doesn’t do the same works as He always did.
          Stephen was just another early Christian helping the widows and poor.
          So all the bible was just for the 12 disciples? Then we pick and choose what pertains to us? And the millions of healings don’t count because Kirby hasn’t received his healing?
          This comes down to one sad reality. That because you don’t believe and you don’t see the miracles happening everywhere and because you don’t believe that God is at work today as He was 2000 years ago then it doesn’t exist.
          So God was alive and well from Adam all the way to when?
          You just proved how much you don’t know about our living God.

          • wayne hardin

            Jeff .
            No doubt God uses people to do his work .
            But if what you say is true and you have the authority of Jesus go to Rob and lay your hands upon him and heal him .
            And while your at it heal everybody there .
            And no body will have to worry about going with out food you will need no more than a few loafs of bread and a few fish .
            Forgive you all i couldn’t help my self .

            Wayne Hardin .

          • wayne hardin

            Jeff .
            No doubt God uses people to do his work .
            But if what you say is true and you have the authority of Jesus go to Rob and lay your hands upon him and heal him .
            And while your at it heal everybody there .
            And no body will have to worry about going with out food you will need no more than a few loafs of bread and a few fish .
            Forgive me you all i couldn’t help my self .

            Wayne Hardin .

          • Charles H.


            Thanks for this comment for it goes to the heart of the issue of the Charismatic Movement: trusting in an external phenomena or experience – rather than the very Word of God itself.
            You said: “If what you say is true you better inform the multitude being healed, having demons cast out of them, receiving their own prayer language, all while getting born again.” Healing, casting out demons, receiving one’s own ‘prayer language’ (unknown tongue?) HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING BORN AGAIN: BUT YOU ERRONIOUSLY ASSOCIATE THE TWO.

            Jesus Christ intimated to Nicodemus the existence and ministry of the Holy Spirit before He came after Jesus’ Ascension – John chapter 3. There, just a few verses later, Christ prefigures His crucifixion in verse 14: and the TERMS of that new birth -” whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (verse 15). NONE of what you mention, of those external experiences SPEAKS TO THE POINT of believing on Jesus Christ and receiving the Gospel as a matter of saving faith. You can’t put the cart before the horse. One must first come to saving faith in Jesus Christ – then as a consequence: the Holy Spirit seeing the presence of faith in the heart: seals the believer. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17. “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” Romans 10:10.
            I know you are going to backtrack and try to explain something about preaching before ‘the spirit starts moving’: but Jesus Christ Himself said that ‘the words I speak not you, , they are spirit, and they. are life.” John 6:63. The Holy Bible is God’s Word – not some sermonized story from a preacher that cannot be identified; or the content of his preaching verified. You take what IS ACCEPTED as miraculous ministering as the very method of being born again. NOT SO. You are taking only an outward evidence, which may or may not be genuine , as a proof – instead of fastening on the Scriptural basis of salvation. Fact is – in what you are trusting – you may not even be saved, and therefore not yet a Christian. I have trusted Jesus Christ and the Word of God in the Gospel. What have you trusted: some supposed supernatural experience? One does NOT trust the Holy Spirit for Eternal Life. Eternal Life comes as a consequence of trusting Jesus Christ FIRST! You are involved in something that is presenting it backwards and as such – cannot come out right. You cannot backfill salvation – first the stalk, then the leaf.

        • wayne hardin

          Charles H .
          You say .
          So let me exhort you to rise up to the full stature and power of your faith: and pray Rob Kirby out of sickness and out of the hospital right now. Amen .

          Maybe they will figure out when the men of God say what God has spoken to them it happens right now . or immediately .
          Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.
          And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength.
          Once again if God says monday he doesn’t wait till tuesday .

          Wayne Hardin .

      • Steve Bice

        “Most are waiting for His return and are the 5 virgins without oil.”

        This is a deliberate twisting of the scriptures. The ones with oil were the ones who entered the kingdom when the bridegroom returned.

        • Jeff

          My mistake Steve. I meant to say those with oil. Forgive me.
          To Wayne and anyone who cares…….. Just because WE don’t walk in His promises doesn’t make His promises any less true. Humbling ourselves and omitting we all fall short is the first step to abiding in His presence. But the answer in today’s church is simply “it’s not for today” or worse “it was only for the 12”.
          That form of unbelief comes from the pit of hell and is a lie which has served Satan well because it has kept the church blind and impotent.
          If all the words of Jesus are true but we are not walking in that truth, then perhaps we might look at ourselves. If any care to look around, they will find those brothers and sisters who are totally sold out to Jesus and spend much time in worship are doing the works and greater works…today. And God is bringing a great harvest in thru them.
          All you unbelievers regarding healing…..what do you say about all the great revivals throughout history? Are you going to tell God His words are not true because you don’t understand?
          What has happened here and there (revivals) will soon come about everywhere across the earth as God has prophesied. Healings will be common place and the bride will rise up to her calling. Then all of Jesus’ words will become manifest as they all do.
          But the first step to being used is obedience and a humble heart.

          • Steve Bice

            We’re good. We don’t always agree, but that’s okay. I don’t discount the importance of works, but see them as “fruit” after we are saved by grace through faith in Christ. I am very focused on “watching” as commanded by Jesus “when these things ‘begin” to happen” as Jesus repeatedly commands us to do. But that doesn’t mean we stand around doing nothing…

            Take care…

          • wayne hardin

            Jeff .
            I have never said anything ended with the 12 ,
            But the church is blind and impotent because people think they can choose their calling .
            God chooses people not the other way around ‘
            If God chooses somebody to be the hand in the body they can’t choose to be the ear .
            That is the reason and the only reason that things are upside down .

            I will tell you what is out of hell / that is people talking about the power they have in Jesus and living in sins just like unbelievers do .
            That is what i call a unbelieving believer .

            Once again i said living in sin as in not seeing anything wrong with it .

            Wayne Hardin

  40. Shawn

    I’m thankful for your broadcast, and would like your input on a house hold size generator that uses hydrogen for fuel.

  41. Joseph Boudreau

    Another great interview. I kind of knew this AIDS thing was coming, much in part to the many excellent interviewees you’ve had on your show and sites like Zero Hedge. I’m always searching for the truth and I know I can always find some truth here at USAWatchDog.
    Thanks to Dr. Eads for coming on your show. So much valuable information. Also, thanks to commenters who also leave valuable info on your site, such as the connection between AIDS and the hepatitis vaccine. The evil Dr. Fauci seems to be blind to the fact that a freight train is about to crash right through everything he stand for.
    Thanks again,

  42. John

    Everyone is talking about treatments for those that are vaccinated and yeah those treatments may help deal with the symptoms, however you ARE NOT going to remove this because your genome has been permanently changed! Why are doctors giving folks information stating they can reverse that?? Once this stuff is inside you, you CAN’T get it out!!

    • Elizabeth Eads

      True you can’t get the mRNA out or reverse DNA alterations!

  43. helot

    So, the un-vaxxed will likely have to take Ivermectin the rest of their lives in order to protect themselves from the mistakes the vaxxed made by getting The Shot and contaminating the population at large? …Or, until some other fix is out?

    Does Ivermectin expire? If so, how far past the expiration date is it still good?

    • helot

      And, when I wrote, Ivermectin, I meant the horse paste. (I imagine the pill is a hard concentrate like a magnesium pill and probably lasts forever?) I looked at a box of horse paste and it had an expiration date of 01/24, is it an expiration date like on canned food, it’s good for longer than that? At what point, how does a person determine if it’s too old to be used?

      If people are going to have to be taking this stuff for decades, that info might be kind of helpful.

      I’m still wondering if anyone will find shed spike proteins and such in the pets of the vaxxed.

  44. Ian Craft

    Here in Australia ivermectin and HCQ are banned. How evil is that?!

  45. Da Yooper

    Thank you Greg & Dr Eads for this useful up date & information.

  46. James Barrett

    I got a scrip for ivermectin and the pharmacies I talked to were gouging people up to $35 per pill.

    • Greg Hunter

      James, Pure evil. This is why people are buying 1.87% Ivermectin (the sole medical ingredient) Horse Paste.

      • helot

        I noticed there’s some horse paste products with a lower percentage than 1.87%, I forget how much lower. I imagine it’s still effective, just may require a higher dosage? Question is, how much higher?

        It was on sale at farm store near me, it was sold out when I got there. There was just an empty display box on the shelf.

      • George

        Yeah if it don’t work why the high prices for a pill

    • Sam Morgan

      Ivermectin India price is .50 cents per pill. USA price was $2.00 per pill. Gouging.

      • Paul

        I got 500 12mg ivermectin tablets delivered for 120 dollars in two weeks from India.
        Including postage

        Resistance from arkansas

        • Barry

          In New Zealand the whole customs apparatus has practically been repurposed to search all incoming packages for Ivermectin.
          They seem more focused on that than heroin.
          So we have to use horse paste. Our leader is part horse too.

  47. DC

    The purpose of the vaccines is the discovery of the individual whose immune system overcomes AIDS, MERS, SARS, etc.
    The cure will then be synthesized and all human losses deemed necessary for the ultimate benefit of remaining humanity.
    The perceived side benefit will be the reduction of human consumers.
    So, a worldwide experiment to benefit humanity in many ways.
    How dare anyone not get jabbed and avoid participation unless you are in Congress, a special liberal/woke/communist leader, or the like.

    • Charles H.

      Sarcasm concerning this issue is not appropriate.

    • Ray

      ……..and yet there is still no “well armed militia” ready to shoot at those who perpetrate this pure evil upon America and the nations of the world.
      I wonder what the Founding Fathers would do if they were here today?
      Perhaps they would have been taken out already by The Filth that controls everything.
      Physical life here on Earth is doomed.
      No one is coming to rescue us……not even ourselves as we tap away on our keyboards.
      Oh how the NWO must shiver in fear of our 44 calibre keyboards.
      The only thing we can hope for is death, and that God may, if He deems us worthy, take us somewhere better than this #%*^ing lied to, poisoned and unholy shithole of a world.
      There is literally no hope.
      Ray, Canberra, Shithole Nation

      • Johnny Cool


        44 caliber keyboards, that says it all.

        There will NEVER BE A RETURN TO NORMAL.
        Let that sink in…

        MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Since late February, Russia has been hit with punishing economic, trade and financial sanctions. Putin struck back and said all energy sales to unfriendly nations will now be in Rubles. Saudi Arabia also agreed with China to sell oil in Yuan. These are historically critical events that have torn the world economy asunder. There will NEVER BE A RETURN TO NORMAL.

        • Ray

          Yes mate……
          Methinks that in a few short months, most Western economies will really begin to suffer systemic failures.
          Then there’s this little gem to remember……
          2021 Military Recruitment Ads from China, Russia & the US.
          I’m sure that “Emma”, with all that guidance from her “two Moms” (pfffttt) will swing in to blazing action to save The Land Of The Free from its’ inevitable collapse.

          Take care Brother.
          Ray, Canberra, LDN

  48. Prepper Girl

    I have a question that I’ve not heard addressed from any professional yet- “if an unvaxed person lives in a household with or is in frequent contact with multiple vaxed people, is the unvaxed person at risk for these side effects of the vaccine ?
    Does the spike proteins enter their body from contact of the vaxed?

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Yes if they got tainted vaccine(5% Vials lethal)

  49. Alfy

    the evil wants us to have civil war, brother against brother. but rotten plan is not what’s happening. we are seeing revolution. a toppingly of the evil. at long last.

  50. Da Yooper

    Food for thought Greg

    IF my dog got 3 rabies vaxes in a year & still got rabies …….

    I would be asking some questions…………….YOU BETCHA

    Wake up people

    • Johnny Cool

      Da Yooper,

      Hillary Clinton has tested positive for COVID-19, she tweeted Tuesday. The 74-year-old former secretary of state said that she is experiencing “some mild cold symptoms” but said she is “feeling fine.”

      “I’m more grateful than ever for the protection vaccines can provide against serious illness,” Clinton added. “Please get vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t already!”

      • Computer Guy

        Notice how everyone one of these evil satanists that supposedly test positive for covid wants you to get vaccinated. I don’t think any of them have taken the real poison shots.

  51. Sylvia Sires

    How convenient; Trump left office “right before the roll out of the injections”! Even though they had the bio-weapons years before! Timing is everything!


    Raphael Nadal, msm won’t say a word, but he’s got health issues and he got the jab, Novak is looking pretty smart right about now. Stupid is stupid, Nadal will pay with his life not just his career.

  53. Pat McGee

    Wow, wonderful interview, sharing!

  54. Valerie

    God help us all! I’m not CV vaxxed, but members of my family are! This is terrifying! Both of my parents were chain smokers for decades, and they both died of cancer. I witnessed it, and helped take care of them. This news about the CV vaxxes causing cancer and AIDS is HORRIBLE!!!! It’s a nightmare!!!
    Like I said, God help us all!!!

  55. David Brownallen

    While I didn’t watch the video, I read the text.
    Is it possible Dr. Eads can make links between receiving the full vax complement and subsequent suicides?

  56. Sean

    Remember these criminals that forced the shots on the population will only receive justice from the masses not from the courts

  57. Ben Johnson

    Operation Lockstep.

  58. Jay Doe

    Nothing will be done about the VACCINE lie!!!
    Because nothing was about the ELECTION lie!!!

    • Self Exiled

      The rule of law has broken down at the federal level. We shall pray it does not break down at the state and then the local level. That is why we have no need of a federal Government anymore.

  59. doo-dah day

    The latest official Covid-19 figures from the Government of Canada are truly terrifying. They show that the double vaccinated population across Canada have now lost on average 74% of their immune system capability, and the triple vaccinated population across Canada have now lost on average 73% of their immune system capability compared to the natural immune system of unvaccinated people.

  60. Karen G

    Hi Greg,

    I wonder if you have ever asked your audience to pray for the protection of truth tellers like Dr. Elizabeth Eads, Dr. Pierre Kory, etc. We know that such brave people are vulnerable to all manner of attack.

    Prayer is powerful but “Without human request, nothing will happen.”

    Blessings, Karen

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Thank you🙏

  61. Reuben

    Thank you Dr. Eads and Greg for bringing us this important update and report. I’ll be forwarding the link to this interview to local medical professionals, and hope and pray they’ll give it a full listen, and do their own research regarding the developments, and remain aware of what to expect or look for.
    With people like the foolish, fraudulent Fauci, and corrupt companies in control of this manufactured crisis, we need to be on the lookout now as much as ever for further developing strains and long-term effects which are arising potentially. While I was aware of some of the science over the past two plus years, and had studied and kept up with it carefully over time, some of these new effects and risks I hadn’t heard the data and longitudinal reporting on.
    It seems like once again, the “cure” is the crisis. This certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

  62. Matt

    Greg if they’re saying you can get aids from being triple vexed, can you get aids sexually transmitted from a triple vexed person?

  63. Lester Fell Flat Jr.

    Will Vladimir Putin be removed from power? | 7NEWS
    144,760 views Mar 23, 2022 7NEWS Australia
    One of Australia’s leading intelligence experts gives his take on whether Putin’s days are numbered, as the Russian invasion stalls in Ukraine.

    Biden takes on Putin; US likely to impose sanctions on over 300 members of Russian Parliament / Mar 23, 2022 Hindustan Times

    Russia’s ambassador in Indonesia says Putin plans to attend G20 summit
    Mar 23, 2022 Al Arabiya English
    Russian President Putin intends to attend a G20 summit being hosted by Indonesia later this year, Russia’s ambassador in Jakarta says, following calls by some members for the country to be barred from the group.

    Russia will only accept rubles for gas deliveries to Europe
    Mar 23, 2022 Al Arabiya English
    President Vladimir Putin says Russia will only accept payments in rubles for gas deliveries to “unfriendly countries.”

  64. Roger...

    Young associate medical director – the “Dr. Fauci” of Louisville, Kentucky – dies suddenly and unexpectedly- (36 years old!) triple vaxxed.

  65. Susan

    I’m a pharmacist and quit right before we got those shots in stock. I didn’t want to get pressured/forced into giving experimental unknown substances. I didn’t care what Corp said, I dispensed ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. If dr wrote rx and others needs rx, you give rx. It’s not a C2 narcotic, there’s no opioid abuse, there’s no reason to deny treatment unless pt can’t pay. In that case I found coupons to help out, or recommended cheaper pharmacy. So many in health care have blood on their hands. I can’t go back to work yet, still shot mandate, but also afraid of when the vaxd go postal after they wake up from learning they’ve been harmed and are basically the walking dead. People were not given information to have an informed consent. So many people are dying at alarming rates, but the sheeple are in denial. My in-laws still push me to get the shots, think I’m an idiot for not wanting the poison. My husband got one shot, and I have to convince him not to get another when his parents push. The sheeple need to stop watching MSM and wake up.

    • Self Exiled

      The rule of law has broken down at the federal level already. [FBI, DOJ, CIA] When the danger will manifest itself for pharmacists will be when it begins to break down at a local level. My hope is it will not, but I’m sure there will be isolated incidences. My commonsense opinion.

  66. ken

    Ms Eads is talking about new variants,,, like omicron…. Has she changed her mind about the existence of the virus. I seem to remember her emphatically stating on your show the virus did not exist. Maybe I misheard?

  67. Lady Au Stackers United

    I’ll bet any of you a nickel that former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, and former senator Don Young of Alaska were both double-inoculated!

  68. Sam Morgan

    Great Interview – Very Informative. I agree with Dr. Eads that if this man-made plague inflicted by Deep State parasites could very possibly result in vigilante justice. People get very pissed when friends and family are betrayed by the very people who paid to protect them. Sickness and death created for profit.

  69. Lady Au Stackers United

    Addendum to my original post: pardon me, that’s the late Congressman Don Young of Alaska.

  70. Steve

    I call bullshit on this, have he back on in Sept/Oct and we can review, if I’m wrong so be it but I doubt it

  71. Frank Stiles

    “20 times” is the same as a 2,000% increase, just sayin’.

  72. Marie Joy

    Seems like a lot of things just got a lot more contagious.

  73. The Seer

    Glutathione gets destroyed by stomach acids so best to receive by push shot or via IV.
    Usually get Myers Cocktail of vitamins and minerals in 500-1,000 preservative free saline for wellness and longevity and at end into IV line.
    Glutathione can be received often.
    200-400mg at a time. 600 mg was too much
    For me testing dosage.
    The liver naturally makes it and when you receive these
    Additional dosages helps the liver.
    Fights colds (can knock out early stage cold in
    4-6 hours) and flu’s also not just cv19.
    Been doing for decades for health!
    Do now or pay later.
    Greatly boosts the immune system.

  74. Ryan Carter

    Hi Greg

    Another important informational video interview.

    I got the virus 2/25/2022 (the Omicron variant). As soon as my pulse oximeter showed the oxygen level in my blood at 88%, I started my horse paste Ivermectin and I was foggy headed for 2 days and tired for 10 days, THAT’S ALL.; no headaches, no other symptoms.

    Just 1 man’s story (with hypertension, slightly overweight, 65-80 YO, smoker).

    Best wishes to you and yours

  75. The Seer

    In general these days there is big news daily.
    March 22nd what was the big news
    Polny was predicting?

  76. Juju Bean

    Great video! Recently I had a traumatic accident and ended up requiring 2 units of blood. I didn’t want to take the transfusions, but I needed them b/c my blood count was so low. I have tried to research this, but have been unable to find the answers I seek. Basically, I want to know if the vaccine components are passed on to the blood recipient in a transfusion. All I’ve been able to find on this subject is main stream squat, like, it’s safe to donate after receiving the vaccine, 60-70% of donors have been vaccinated, and there are no known side effects. If someone has info, I’d appreciate a link. Plus, Greg, when you have the experts on could you ask that question. I appreciate you watching out for us all by bringing us superlative interviews and information!

    • Bible Reader

      Get on a vaxxed treatment protocol.

      Plasma Infusion Trojan Horse: Whistleblower Nurse Exposes Poisoning of Pure Bloods
      Stew Peters Network Published March 18, 2022 58,611 Views

      The vaccinated are harming and potentially killing the unvaxxed, through their plasma being used without caution or labeling in transfusions for the sick.

      On Friday, a whistleblower nurse spoke to the Stew Peters Show about a shocking fact: patients, including the most vulnerable in society, are experiencing the same symptoms of vaccine injured.

      She says she feels she’s giving patients a Covid-19 booster shot every time she conducts a blood transfusion, and now she’s quitting, but not before she raises the alarm about this ungodly conspiracy.

  77. David

    I’m so tired of reading that people like Jen Psaki, Hitlary Clinton (and the list goes on and on) got Covid despite being “fully vaxed and boosted”, and they say “Oh, my symptoms would have been so much worse if I hadn’t been vaxed. So, make sure you go out and get your shot.”

    Do they not know the truth or are the deep state mafia bosses forcing them to get vaxed and continually pitch the false narrative. I think Dr. Kory may be right that the vast majority of the population may never know or believe the truth because of all the pressure being put on the media, doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, celebrities, etc.

    I wonder about the funeral directors who are getting windfall profits due to the extraordinary 40% increase in deaths. If any of them know the truth, do they feel any sense of guilt for the massive amounts of money they are making?

  78. Laura

    Unless it has disappeared now there was an article on HoopHypes where John Stockton said he has a list of 100 athletes that have died on the field.

  79. Anita

    Another great guest, thank you both

  80. Duchene Belgravich

    Dear Juli,
    Drop Donald a line and give him the skinny on, not that he doesn’t know about us. But why he hasn’t asked Greg for an interview! Greg has been championing, truth justice and the middle American way, for well over ten years now. Over the target and on the money, in more ways than one. We are now in the war, for control for narrative, of the new world dis-order reset, regret. The war for Russia is key in all this. Except for middle America still free, the globalist thinks it’s got and cheated fair and square. Duping the American people and stealing the re-election of Donald Trump. Stealing, bribing and as big daddy says; the biggest fraud committed on the American people in history, a blow of state, French_”coup d’état”! All with cooperation and blessing’s of the Operation Mockingbird mainstream media, social media and little big tech..
    Juli, Donald said they aren’t coming for him, but us… They’re like a cornered animal, these national sociologist corporatist deep state elitist’s. Scared to death of we the sheeple!🤐
    “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    “Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!”
    “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny; when the government fears the people, that’s freedom.”
    This quotation is vaguely similar to Jefferson’s comment in an 1825 letter to William Short: “Some are Whigs, liberals, democrats, call them what you please. Others are Tories, serviles, aristocrats, &c. The latter fear the people, and wish to transfer all power to the higher classes of society; the former consider the people as the safest depository of power in the last resort; they cherish them therefore, and wish to leave in them all the powers to the exercise of which they are competent.”
    To date, however, the most likely source of this quotation appears to be a series of debates on socialism published in 1914, the beginning of the end of the age? In which John Basil Barnhill said, “Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.”
    Prepare accordingly and keep the faith, in God, liberty and history. Carry on!

  81. Duchene B.

    Please see my reply to your comment, down below somewhere! Thanks

  82. Tabitha Sloan

    It sounds like every pureblood needs to take Ivermectin 1-2 times per week the rest of their lives, or until the vaxxed have all died off if you want to be healthy.

  83. Self Exiled

    This video and some Cliff High’s thinking are similar.

  84. Merry Piper

    Greg: Once again, thank you for having Dr. Elizabeth Eads. Please, both of you, adhere to the language that Dr. Reiner Fuellmich strongly recommends, and I know she knows of him. Do NOT use the words vaccination or covid in any conversation, anywhere. This is a bioweapon depoplulation agenda. We need to call it for what it is.

  85. Self Exiled

    Our prayer:

    The LORD is King forever and ever;
    The nations will perish from His land.
    O LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble and oppressed;
    You will strengthen their heart, You will incline Your ear to hear, Psalm 10:17

  86. Charles lape

    Greg, I’ve known this for almost 2 years. Yes that’s before the vaccines were even supposedly created. You think you are a journalist. I’m here to tell you I am not a journalist yet I’ve followed a couple channels that report the truth and they can prove it by the means of the most accepted medical establishments. None of this is new news to me. You could have potentially saved so many lives if you would have reported what was then called conspiracy theory yet now is proven fact.

    • Self Exiled

      Please sight these channels of truth.

    • Paul

      He started this podcasts naming
      Luc Montagnier hiv.
      It’s been discussed here many times last couple years.
      As more evidence surfaces each day, luc is not the nut case as portrayed when he revealed his Suppositions years before
      Included as well in usawatchdog prior posts is tainted blood, sexual relations, shedding etc..’
      It’s hard to handle for everybody, especially the inoculated.

      As the good dr. Eads eluded do your own due diligence, it is paramount.

      I hope you find peace here

      Resistance from arkansas

  87. SkeptiSchism

    I am glad she mentioned glutathione and natural foods like avocados, spinach, okra and garlic help your body produce glutathione.

  88. Frank Stiles

    I was glad Dr. Eads mentioned Reiner Fuellmich’s “Nuremberg 2.0”. Latest word is one of the lawyers involved in his Grand Jury panel, attorney Virginie de Araujo Recchia (who is representing 3 citizen groups that filed criminal charges against several named politicians for imposing their harsh COVID measures), was arrested (3/22) by French police who have her in custody at an undisclosed location. Pray for Virginie!

  89. Randall

    What I don’t understand is how sane rational people, aka government, can continue to ignore the medical and scientific data coming out now, showing how awful all this is. Is it $$$, is it mental blindness? is it pride? Is it fear? Or are some powerful people staying hidden behind the scenes, but continuing to pull the strings anyway? Why is the truth being ignored and neglected?

  90. Cindy Hodnett

    Great interview Greg!
    Thank you for all you do and the wonderful, knowledgeable people you have on your show!
    Was it Dr Eads or Karen Kingston that had a link to find out what’s in the vaccine by lot number? Or how lethal your lot was/is? I remember going to the site, but can’t find it now. My husband got double jabbed and now has Hodgekins lymphoma. No jabs for me or our daughter. So sad that so many people are sick and worse. Clif High was right, all us unvaccinated are having to care for the vaxxed. I need your “The gates of hell will not prevail” line on loop 🙂

  91. Leethal

    That’s what another site graphed out. Depending on when they took the jab out to a couple of months stated in weeks format. Depending on age group and they said they will reach 0% immunity in a few months based on a 10% decline (average for all age groups) every month.

    They then will be susceptible to every kind of disease and germ out there. I like your analogy. A simple cough may KILL them.

  92. Self Exiled

    And never again will the light of a lamp shine in you, and never again will the voice of the bridegroom and bride be heard in you; for your merchants were the great and prominent men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived and misled by your sorcery [your magic spells and poisonous charm] Revelation 18:23

  93. Self Exiled

    They are hacking the software of life in their own words.

    Isaiah 24:5
    The earth is also polluted by its inhabitants, for they transgressed laws, violated statutes, broke the everlasting covenant.

  94. Self Exiled

    Confermation of Gregs interview.

  95. Gary

    Hi, Greg, This is clearly MURDER, these people knew,know or ot to have known that these secret ingredients were toxic poison and were going to damage men ,women and children.Then they covered up the reactions and deaths.These people are absolute MURDERS and they have NO excuse .They have to be tried for MURDER and when found guilty,HANGED until DEAD for their CRIMES.

  96. Bodych

    The horse paste works just fine. I’ve been using it for months now (I’m not injected), and there are zero ill/side effects…not even a stomach ache.

    I convinced a dear friend to try it (he’s not injected); he was having some pretty intense ear aches from sinus allergies. He took the paste for 5 days, and the ear aches went away. He’s now a firm believer in the paste…and has extras on hand now.

    They lie about it not working or about it being dangerous.

  97. Randy Parks

    Greg, I faithfully listen to all of your interviews. Dr Eads in her interview at the 31 minute mark said that the CDC is a private company. Would you clarify that statement because I believe it is a government entity under Health and Human Services. There is the CDC Foundation which I believe is a 501 (3c) that receives private donations and grants to support the CDC. If your guests provide unsourced or misinformation, any misinformation undermines the credibility of the guest.
    As Gerald Celente says “thank you for all that you do”

    • Greg Hunter

      Millions are going to get AIDES from the vax/inoculations by end of summer 2022 and this is what you are focusing on? Really??

  98. mike

    If the vaxxed are developing AIDS from the Spike protein , can an unvaxxed person such as a spouse , catch AIDS from them in the same way that can happen with those with HIV? any idea anyone ? i keep reading about the damage to the immune system of the vaxxed but see nothing about whether those who are , for example, intimate with them , can have this transmitted to them . Thanks .

  99. Frank Stiles

    Greg, an attorney who specializes in Disability, Health and Life Insurance, as an industry statistician announced, based on the US military’s D-MED numbers (which can be transposed to reflect the same for the general population) that 2022 should see an increase in ‘all-cause mortality’ of 5,000%. With the average usually at about 1M/yr., that means an extra 50 million people will perish this year in the US alone!! Clif High was right!
    The link is to his interview on TRU NEWS with Rick Wiles (3/20).

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Frank for adding this.

    • Self Exiled

      Astounding: must watch by everybody.

  100. Hmm So Hmm

    Didn’t Fauci work on AIDS back in the 1980’s?

  101. OzRita

    Thank you both for your courageous work and for this video, which is as instructiv as it is frightening.
    I live in Australia a truly “darkening” continent. Could someone please tell me where I can find an ethical doctor here who would be able to provide ivermectin and hydrochloriquine here in Oz ?
    Thank you.

    • Bible Reader

      Aussie interviewer. At 57 minutes: treatments, alternatives to Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine, over-the-counter that you can get in Australia.

      Dr. Vladimir Zelenko – NWO, The Real Agenda, VAIDS & How to Battle What is Coming
      mariazeee Published March 21, 2022

      Streamed on: Mar 22, 6:00 pm EDT

      Dr. Zelenko has saved thousands of lives through his Z-Stack protocol, and has recently launched Z-DTox which he advises will help prevent blood clots, and help protect those with a compromised immune system, including those who have been vaccinated.

  102. Self Exiled

    Time for this again.

  103. Penguin

    I have seen studies that point to being in ketosis from keto/carnivore diet works for stopping spike proteins coming from shedding from the vaccinated.

  104. Jerry

    I found this interesting. If Ukraine has a huge Air Force left to them by the Russians, ( seventh largest in Europe ) then why do they need air cover?

  105. Catherine Cronin

    Let’s face the facts.
    The pharmaceutical industry along with our government has been priming the public to “trust” them since the early 1950’s:
    Miltown, equinil , mepbromate ,achro-v , Librium ,Librax, Valium, enovid, declimycin, bamadex , Doriden, v-cillan k, biphetamine, edrisal, diethylstilbestrol, (progesterone ) these were given to doctors to give out to patients including experimental new antibiotics, Tao-triacetylolemantinmycin was an exceptionally powerful antibiotic , butazolidine, not in use today even to horses. There were many many other drugs in the sixties. My husband worked for merck, sharp and dome in the 50’s and 60’s. They used to tell the doctors the combinations “unique formulations “. All doctors fell for their canned sales pitches. In the sixties “concomitant therapy “canned speech for psychologists to give to patients to make patients more pliable! And my husband wants you all to know there are many many more.
    If we speak about the baby boomers generation starting then illegal drugs given out by various other sources such as mafia or CIA operatives to local drug dealers and on etc to create addictions that destroy.
    1960 BIRTH CONTROL PILL! Abortion pills! X-rays breasts, x ray bones with the purpose of getting people to depend on their drugs and to trust them!!
    Don’t forget the 1976-to present drugs “vaccines” for influenza. And today we sit with the ULTIMATE KILL SHOT.
    So before we criticize others for believing the government and doctors think again.
    They have been experimenting on us for GENERATIONS. we all fell for it!!!
    So maybe TRUMP’s ONLY PURPOSE ON EARTH WAS TO TELL US…..ITS ALL FAKE NEWS …I think the inferred message was :.all of it (drugs and Government) was and is a LIE!
    This is the truth as sad as it may be. Although some of these drugs helped many people who needed them this was ultimately priming the population to depend on drug companies as our saviors without knowledge that we were the experimental rats without our consent!

  106. Clayerd Lane

    YouTube Unblocked Russian Channels. But Not The News Ones. Walking in St Petersburg, Russia Live
    454 watching nowStarted streaming 12 minutes ago
    Baklykov. Live
    Live stream discussing the latest news around Russia and Ukraine while walking in St Petersburg, Russia on Tuesday night.

    Join my Telegram to stay tuned after YouTube will be blocked – [Maybe not Sergei, your now our only unfiltered Russki news’s]

  107. Mungo

    Do we know if Ivermectin cures AIDS? I mean, it appears to be able to cure everything else, including cancer!

  108. Luke Vine

    OK so Ivermectin can encapsulate the spike and render it innate.
    But we know the DNA is altered and people are making spike proteins constantly.
    So Ivermectin must be taken continuously. Along with anti-oxidants…
    And it’s still roulette once you’re jabbed; spikes cross the blood brain barrier and cause neurological damage at anytime… Or a clot could form near the cells with altered DNA producing spike.
    Not to mention not only lot # numbers were killer, but some people were given 33 fold different doses, due to dilution errors.

  109. Luke Vine

    Not to mention the nano-technology and possible parasite’s found in the injections.

  110. Self Exiled

    Australia is now working on its fifth dose and a permanent leader.

  111. Self Exiled

    What does man do when the law does not protect him. To date I have not seen any legal body do anything to stop the illegal inoculation of human beings in this nation or any other. The genocide of mankind continues without any organized resistance. Not militarily, financially, or legally. They would not have any power over us if it were not given from above. Man has reached his zenith of evil, and it was done in laboratories. The sin virus will next mutate from genetic devices and mutations to military and mutations thereof.

    Babylon has been a golden cup in the LORD’S hand,
    Intoxicating all the earth.
    The nations drank her wine;
    Therefore the nations have gone mad. Jeremiah 51:7

    “Listen to Me, you who know righteousness (right standing with God),
    The people in whose heart is My law and instruction;
    Do not fear the reproach and taunting of man,
    Nor be distressed at their reviling.
    “For the moth will eat them like a garment,
    And the worm will eat them like wool.
    But My righteousness and justice [faithfully promised] will exist forever,
    And My salvation to all generations.” Isaiah 51:7-8

    • i: a man; travis moss

      LEGAL does not apply to a man; only to that wich is INCORPORATED

  112. Mark

    Excellent interview Greg. Dr. Eads is quickly becoming one of my favorite interviews. I’ve been passionate about health and alternative healing for over 20 years. There’s a comment above that touched on something important. It is crucial to have a high functioning liver because this filters out the toxins from the body. Obviously if you’re trying to clean the body from vaxxx debris, the high functioning liver is crucial. The Dr mentioned Glutathione. As someone said above, the body doesn’t synthesize oral glutathione well however, the body Does synthesize L-glutamine, N-acetyl cysteine and alpha lipoic acid ALL into glutathione which in turn is the master nutrient in liver detoxification. Great info from Dr. Eads. Thanks Greg

  113. Bill Hughes

    A list of 1200+ Pfizer covid vaccine ADVERSE EVENTS:

  114. Bill Hughes

    March 22, 2022
    N.H. House Approves Bill for Ivermectin ‘Standing Order’ in Pharmacies TrialSite Staff

    The New Hampshire’s state House approved a bill making ivermectin available by a medical prescribers’ “standing order,” meaning pharmacists will be able to dispense the medication without individual prescriptions.
    Narrowly approved

    The Republican dominated House in Concord voted 183-159 to approve the bill.

    Republicans had argued that the drug is already over the counter in several countries and had been used specifically for COVID-19.

    According to the legislation, a pharmacist would be able to fill a request for the drug under a “standing order”.

    Supporters of the bill claimed the legislation would allow the medication to be safely dispensed by health care providers rather than patients buying and using the drug in its veterinary formula.

    Democrats had criticized the legislation in the past.

    “The committee’s endorsement of boosting access to ivermectin came over the criticism of Democrats on the committee. ‘I don’t think the legislature should be practicing medicine, which is basically what this is,’ said Rep. Gary Woods of Bow, a retired doctor and former president of the New Hampshire Medical Society.”

    TrialSite has followed ivermectin research and intrigue since April 2020 when an Australian lab found that the drug attacks SARS-CoV-2 in a cell culture.

    While a few key studies didn’t show any results many more have which makes the matter just more confusing for many.

    According to a website that tracks 81 ivermectin studies worldwide the vast majority show promising results.

    Fifty-three of these studies from 48 independent teams in 22 countries show statistically significant improvements in isolation (39 primary outcome and 36 most serious outcome) while meta-analysis using the most serious outcomes reveal 63% and 83% improvements for early treatment and prophylaxis with similar results post exclusion based sensitivity analysis for primary outcomes in peer-reviewed studies and for randomized controlled studies.

    Yet the medical establishment in not only the United States but also most other developed places ignore much of this data declaring it afflicted with one problem or another, from design flow to too small a sample size.

    The controversial bill made it to the floor of the New Hampshire House on Wednesday with the Republicans majority voting yay. In a 183 to 159 vote the House approved the proposal allowing pharmacists to make ivermectin available via standing order reports Adam Sexton of local WMUR.

    State Representative Leah Cushman, a key Republican proponent declared for the local press:

    “A standing order is a prescriptive protocol written by a physician or nurse practitioner that allows a pharmacist to dispense medication without an individual prescription.”

    Reporting for WMUR Sexton wrote Advocates for the standing order legislation said any benefits of ivermectin might have been obscured by the political debate over the drug.

    Cushman followed “Because of this politicization, doctors are afraid to prescribe, and pharmacies are afraid to dispense,” Cushman said.

    Dr. Paul Marik has been actively involved with the proposed legislation. An ivermectin and early treatment advocate, Marik is a co-founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance or “FLCCC.”

    Marik has been recognized in New Hampshire and elsewhere for his commitment to the effort. Marik’s accomplishments, awards and credentials can be found here.

  115. Nika

    Greg, What are the chances we will see a Chemical False Flag, soon in Ukraine ?

  116. Bible Reader

    Vitamin D and marine omega 3 fatty acid supplementation and incident autoimmune disease: VITAL randomized controlled trial

    BMJ 2022; 376 doi: (Published 26 January 2022)
    Cite this as: BMJ 2022;376:e066452

    Accepted 1 December 2021

    Objective To investigate whether vitamin D and marine derived long chain omega 3 fatty acids reduce autoimmune disease risk…

    ….Conclusions Vitamin D supplementation for five years, with or without omega 3 fatty acids, reduced autoimmune disease by 22%, while omega 3 fatty acid supplementation with or without vitamin D reduced the autoimmune disease rate by 15% (not statistically significant). Both treatment arms showed larger effects than the reference arm (vitamin D placebo and omega 3 fatty acid placebo).

    Study registration NCT01351805 and NCT01169259….

  117. john forgione

    whats the dosage for glutathion? just watching this the 2nd time

  118. Ron

    I am not buying it.

    What I don’t like about those types of interviews is that Eads uses the very same stats that Dr. Ryan Cole used a whole year ago. Dr. Cole found that certain female reproductive organ cancers increased by 20 times after a first covid vax, but that was, again, more than a year ago, and only for a handful of cancers. I have no idea what the cancer rate is now among the vaxxed, especially after two shots and a booster.

    I have heard no reliable numbers since Dr. Cole’s 20x female cancers of a year ago. It would be good to get some new and updated information. All these doctors keep using Cole’s “20x the normal cancer rate” and it is not good science to just give that old data without context.

    I do not doubt that many who’ve taken the vax (especially more than one dose) will become ill/debilitated at some point, and many of those will die early. But I am not buying the mass die-off. All these doctors who decried the vaxxes because “We don’t have long term data available!” will, out of the other side of their mouth, prognosticate long term effects in that anywhere from many millions to 1-2 billion people will die, with some saying that EVERYONE who’ve taken the covid “vax” will die within a few years.

  119. Joshua, A.

    A trace of Boron, in water and drank once per day, boosts CD4 cells around forty percent. Taking too much will work against the benefits. Boron does not affect CD8 (killer cells)

    See scientific study published in 2016: Boron Induces Lymphocyte Proliferation and Modulates the Priming Effects of Lipopolysaccharide on Macrophages
    By: Indusmita Routray and Shakir Ali

    In short, a $6 box of 20-mule-team borax will last a lifetime and boost your immunity.
    A trace of boron is less than half a pinch. Perhaps a quarter of that depending on the size of someone.

  120. patricia bowman

    In your mention of the proceeding, well France has arrested one of the grand jurors.. Virginie de Araugo-Recchia lawyer from France on the grand jury was arrested last week for treason. Trumped up evil false case against her. They will go after anyone who proves their agenda to murder humanity. Just saying.

  121. Addison Libby

    Just as Dr Jesse asks…”Show me the proof.”

    Claims about “millions of vaccinated people dying with AIDS” should be backed with solid evidence. No matter who said that.

    I have no quarrel with Dr. Betsy Eads, and I admire her dedication to doing clinical work. I just want to know where the study or epidemiological projection shows millions will die of AIDS by fall.

    If someone can find it, please send a link to me.
    Truth heals. Lies kill. Don’t Get Sick!
    Knowledge about Covid-19 is rapidly evolving. Stay current by subscribing. Feel free to share and like.…..Jesse Santiano, MD

  122. Marie de Croy

    Can vaccinated people who have contracted AIDS (following the vaccine) transmit this AIDS to unvaccinated people?

  123. Louis

    People need to get right with God. Read the Old Testament. Those who worshiped God were protected by Him. Those who worshiped false Gods were not under His veil of protection. And those who do not believe in God have my utmost sympathy. They need the prayers of the believers. We can play the blame game and come up with a million ideas about the vax/virus but the bottom line is that we need to get right with God before it is too late. VIVA CHRISTUS REX!

  124. Brian Dougan

    Greg; An MSM type writing about Ivermectin: “Some twenty-five year old writer.” Yes; who does his research on Twitter.

  125. Patclou

    Were can I get the meds. I keep hearing I should use over me tin but where to I get it?

  126. Katie Cash

    Greg can you give the links Dr. Eads said you can get the medicines from. I tried to find them thought she said but that is not a site. Also any links for someone with a vaccine adverse event where they can get help?

  127. Ken

    If the vaccinated are at risk of becoming infected with AID’s, then what is the health risk of those close to them.

    Does this mean that those in intimate, sexual and/or respiratory contact with the infected, must they now take precautions ?

    Another scary unknown to contend with.

  128. mack

    In the video, Dr Eads mentioned
    0.4mg per Kg as prophylactic
    0.8mg per Kg for Acute illness

    Is the 0.4mg per kg per day should be taken on a daily basis?
    Is the 0.8mg per kg per day should be taken on a daily basis?

    Assume the person has 3 doses of inoculation. (non mRNA version)
    Thank you
    mack 03 April 2022

  129. Elizabeth B

    I could be totally off on this, but perhaps not. President Trump was admitted to Walter Reed on Oct 2, 2020 through Oct 5, 2020 due to being infected with Covid-19. President Trump seemed different (at least to me) after his stay at Walter Reed. His demeanor changed, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something was off with him. I watched him for several months afterwards, and I became only more convinced that the man I was watching on tv was not the same man that walked into Walter Reed in early October 2020. Is it possible that he was cloned or something? Or perhaps, MK-Ultra is at play? I do believe that President Trump had all good intentions when he took office, he really did want to drain the swamp. Unfortunately, he faced resistance on basically everything he ever tried to do from the get go, not to mention the Dem’s wanting to impeach him every other week! Many Trump supporters are questioning why he’s still supporting the injections after so many people have died, or have been injured from the shot. Also, many are questioning the Jan 6th peaceful protest, I am one of those people that are questioning what took place on that day. I watched the events of Jan 6th on my television and I could just tell it was all a big set up! Trump supporters went there peacefully on that day and President Trump was supposed to meet his supporters there. To the best of my knowledge President Trump didn’t show up at the Capital, is this correct? Many supporters were arrested and are sitting in jail cells to this day, this is absolutely wrong on so many levels! Has Trump done anything to help these poor people? I’ve read and heard that he hasn’t done much to help them. This makes me really think that maybe he is compromised, or under mind control or he was cloned. This would also apply to why he’s still supporting the injections. I know so many people that are triple jabbed and have long covid, cognitive problems, strokes, heart attacks, etc. Every time I get on facebook, I see more & more death announcements of well known people, musicians, actors & actresses, comedians. I can’t believe that more people aren’t putting two & two together, so many people are in complete denial. There’s a common denominator, hello000000000 wake-up! There’s so much more I want to say, but for now I must say goodnight… Take care of yourselves & your loved ones. Make Good Choices & Be Kind to One Another

  130. Sam Tyler

    So is this a new marketing concept? Being successfully vaxxed and in near future infected by AIDS means the client has now the chance to quick change his gender for not being called “gay”? Wow.
    What would happend to the people if they denied the vax?
    They would be unemployed today, but healthy.
    Always the same.

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