More Election Fraud, Medical Tyranny, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 470 3.5.2021)

Another week and more election fraud is uncovered.  Now, 400,000 absentee ballots are “missing” in Georgia.  Joe Biden won the state by a little less than 12,000 votes.  The ballots are required by law to be kept, but now they are gone and no way to check them.  There was more election fraud discovered in New Jersey and Mississippi as well, but the public is being told election fraud in the 2020 Election is a “myth.”  That’s a huge lie, and everybody knows it, including the Republicans that worked so hard to put Joe Biden in office.  Now, the Republican leaders are talking about “voter integrity.”  Hey, I thought voter fraud was a “myth”????

Dr. Simone Gold was arrested by nearly two dozen heavily armed FBI agents.  Dr. Gold was at the U.S. Capital January 6th with a bullhorn warning anybody that would listen about the dangers of taking “experimental” Covid 19 (CV19) vaccines.  Yes, you heard correctly, the vaccines are only approved for “emergency use.”  This means the CV19 vaccines are experimental.  Vaccine companies have no idea what will happen long term, but short term, Dr. Gold says they can cause miscarriages and also cause young women to be sterile.  Dr. Gold did walk through the Capitol building on Jan 6th but caused zero damage and did nothing violent.  Dr. Gold thinks the FBI raided her home and broke down her front door to intimidate her and anyone else that would tell the truth about CV19 vaccines and non-vaccine treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Ivermectin that have proven very good results for fighting CV19.  Medical tyranny is here and alive and well in America.

This week, it was reported that another nearly 750,000 people filed for first time unemployment benefits.  How can the economy be getting better?  It’s not.  Yet, the Senate is debating a $1.9 trillion so-called stimulus package.  Will it help the economy?  It might if 91% of the $1.9 trillion was not going to political payoffs and non-CV19 related spending.  All of the money printing out of thin air might be the reason Fed Head Jay Powell is warning about inflation.  Don’t worry, he says, it will be “temporary.”  Hope so because things like grain, lumber, oil and many other commodities are spiking in price.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Market and metals expert David Morgan of The Morgan Report will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Morgan warns the huge spike in the money supply should be a warning to everyone.  He will explain on Saturday.


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    Great Podcast 🎧 🇺🇸


      Yes, and I’m glad you’re not “letting it go”, Greg! Thanks for all you do.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Valerie! Greg

    • Sharilyn Hartwell

      I have a unique and fitting name for the two who have “cheated” their way in … and it seems very fitting and not offensive: King Thief in Chief …. Queen Thief in Chief (so called vp).
      This is my pet name for the two of them…anyone can use it as well….lol.

  2. Coalburner

    Greg, I laughed big guffaws at that liar Chris Wray and his made up story about oooooh……. Spooks going to attack the Capitol. LOL!!!! LOL!!!!

    • Freebrezer

      Coal – Voltair’s wrapped it up (not a fan of his but truth is truth) in the quote ” “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Too many in the masses believe the absurdities, and it is just a matter of time before the atrocities! Why are so many families moving from the cities – they know something is wrong/evil within the democratic controlled cities … Be prepared

  3. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Well done!
    Thanks for the sanity check: It’s really hard to wrap our minds around what has happened and what continues to happen. Looking forward to Mr. Pento.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William+Stanley. Greg

      • Daniel Temple

        How come no one is talking about tje Arizona legislators and their succesful effort to have a forensic vote audit???

      • James LaGarde

        Love your show Greg! Watch this when you have time:

      • Mark Sansone

        The “Ides of March” is the 15th of March, as stated here in Wikipedia:

        “The Ides of March is the 74th day in the Roman calendar, corresponding to 15 March. It was marked by several religious observances and was notable for the Romans as a deadline for settling debts.”

        • Greg Hunter

          Sorry, I guess I was thinking Cinco De Mayo.

        • JC

          Julius Caesar, dictator of Rome, is stabbed to death in the Roman Senate house by 60 conspirators led by Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus on March 15. The day later become known as the Ides of March.

      • Hannah Loveanna

        Hi Greg, just want to let you know, I copy your video link & share it far & wide including in comment sections of YT (lol ; ) It’s the best I can do to support you right now; keep up the great work & THANK YOU!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Hannah for the sharing!! Greg

  4. Louis


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Louis. Greg

  5. John Nordstrom

    Trying to reform the system from within is the definition of insanity. The system is rigged. It cannot be reformed from within.

  6. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg

  7. Gerald Eatock

    So happy you are still here ❤

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gerald for your support! Greg

  8. JC

    Thanks for the classic ending…
    “Prepare yourself, mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

    As for the physical part, Sylvester Stallone has some advice for the older crowd.

  9. Robin Adair

    Wow Greg! you were absolutely ON FIRE tonight! I’ve been subbed for 7-8 years and this was one of your best videos ever, IMO.

    I agree with you re: election fraud, never stop investigating and reporting on it. Semper Fi, TreeTop

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robin!

      • donna walsh

        First time here but good to hear people that sound like my beliefs. Every day I share everything good about Trump. Also that he won I just hope it comes out. I believe it is us that have to help and stand with him instead of behind!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Donna. VP Biden is a pretender and illegitimate and everybody in D.C. knows it. The Swamp is crimminally compromised and corrupt! Welcome aboard the USAW truth train.

  10. barsoom43

    It is good to remember that things Hitler did were legal according to the laws of the day.. In the Alexander Tytler cycle of government, we’ve left the Apathy stage and are entering the Dependence stage.. Next up is Bondage (Complete government control).. Pvt Hudson said, “We’re on an express elevator to hell… going down!”

    • Tom Nelson

      In addition to Tytler’s specific observations on ‘Cycles of Democracy’ there are the more general observations of Straus/Howe on the cyclical nature of civilizations. Cyclical weather patterns tied to solar cycles are documented quite accurately by Chinese historical documentation that covers about 3000 years. There are theories that tie our solar cycles to overal galactic cycles that essentially say the “Sun” is not operating randomly by in conjunction with ebbs and flows of cosmic energy throughout our galaxy. This can only lead to the conjecture that intergalactic ‘cycles’ also exist and that all of creation ‘pulses’ and sends energy (some might say ‘cosmic potential’) from galaxy to galaxy, sun to sun, planet to planet on down to the smallest forms like atoms, sub-atomic particles, dark energy and so forth. These changes in potential are manifested in observed sunspot, cosmic ray and even weather patterns. For instance, increase in sun spot activity lowers cosmic ray atmospheric effect and results in drier, warmer weather. Sunspot minimums (current situation) result in more cosmic ray penetration, formation of cloud cover, increased moisture, cooler temperatures and even ice ages. Of course, trying to come up with comprehensible theories that result in specific predictions is exceedingly difficult. Like weather prediction, the factors and interactions can be basically observable and lead to short-term predictability but, long term predictions are still a crap-shoot.

      • William+Stanley

        I enjoyed your comment.

      • Mario

        Hey Tom
        Not sure if you know about SuspiciousObserver dot org. Ben is brilliant and correlated sun spots to volcanic activity and earth quakes and even has a disaster prediction app that works.


    Greg: I think the Republicans are acting…putting on a show…playing the “antagonist” to the Dems. All the Dems who voted to approve the election are WITH the Communist Dems

  12. wayne hardin

    Two Words
    A Men

    • Paul ...

      And where are “the men” in the Bribe’n administration … the “commie” President Bribe’n is appointing freak homosexual transgender perverts (like that clown wearing a women’s wig at Health and Human Services) who wants to remove our young boys testicles and our young girls breasts … is it any wonder Bribe’n needs to surround the White House with US troops (to keep the parents of these children at bay) … and is rapidly moving to have his SS (Surveillance State) goons immediately disarm everyone who may disagree with the sniffing touching pervert pedophile’s homosexual transgender buddies plans to mutilate our children!!

  13. Michael David Myers

    America is in trouble! The Dems want to legislate corruption and with all the RINO’S in the Government it just may happen!


    Greg: The republicans are acting…they are playing the “antagonist”…a facade of concern and worry. –Really, more of a playbook. All of the republicans that voted to approve the election are WITH the Communist Dems.

    • Paul ...

      And once they take our guns … they can more easily outlaw bows, arrows, sling shots and pitch forks!!

  15. Dave T Musso

    Hey Greg,
    Bully for old Mizzou J-School, thanks for sending the weekly review.
    I want to give you a heads up on a wonderful YouTube channel. DrBeen Medical
    Lectures, host Dr. Mobeen Syed, originally from India, I love these highly intelligent
    Doctors from India. The title “Dr. Pierre Kory, Ivermectin, and COVID (Let’s help end
    the pandemic. ) Besides this thread being so informative, Dr. Mobeen Syed has published over 300 YouTube videos on Covid-19 issues, the volume is overwhelming and greatly
    appreciated. Soooh!! Good. My advice, interview Dr. Mobeen Syed on your program?

    • Greg Hunter

      I was rejected by the U of M J-school. They said I as not good enough. I worked for KCBJ-TV in Columbia Mo as my first job.
      Thanks for the very kind words though!!!


    Greg: Gold last week at 1725/oz…premiums were highest I’ve ever seen…$160 for Eagles, $120 for Maples. Delivery time was longest as well…minimum of 3weeks, prob 4.—People are buying physical.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Dan
      I’m not seeking to admonish YOU for talking of high ‘premiums’ on gold and silver. Unfortunately, nearly everyone has fallen into this trap. Talking of ‘high premiums’ gives the impression that bullion dealers are cashing in on innocent dupes who wish to buy physical. Fact is, they are charging more because they have to pay more to obtain supplies. Also, they have overheads to maintain and less metal to sell, so they need to charge more in order to keep the doors open. Despite all we are told, in the absence of intervention (crony capitalism), the ‘law’ of supply vs demand really does work.

      Talk of ‘high premiums’ only helps to fuel official precious metals propaganda. IMHO, what everyone should be talking about is the break down of the paper price fix. If physical cannot be obtained at the prices ‘fixed’ by the banking cabal, then obviously those low prices are false. The evidence is clear the minute you try to purchase real metal! Let’s not assist them. Let’s counter their lies. Language is important.

      • William+Stanley

        Good point!

  17. Gordon

    Powerful and on point. Thank you, Greg.

    • Clint

      Greg you mentioned the Dems keep saying antifa is just an idea. Why does link directly to the white house web page? Is this group an arm of the White House?

  18. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    Information.real information as you give is difficult to come by.
    Experimental vaccination is a new low in medicine here in the UK,no doubt lower lows of euthanasia amongst our “lauded profession” will be applauded.
    Drs in Israel are raising alarms about this experimental vaccine and being denigrated in the old fashion way.
    Meanwhile in Europe,the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic have embraced the Communism that they had fought so long and hard to get rid of,with their police and army now out in force to really hurt the people who are paying their wages.Whilst this is occurring, the elected elite are out in force buying lovely houses here in London,for themselves and their children,paying cash for multi-million pound houses whilst their wages would barely cover the interest .Of course our police here in London turn the other way whilst tracking Covid-19 terrorists. This is now the standing joke of London where former new Commies are buying houses with corrupt money,its the Ukraine all over again only with more countries involved.

    • Paul from Indiana

      We are returning to the feudalism of the post-Charlemagne Middle Ages. Why? Human nature is constant. It will be a chaotic, and likely violent, process. We are entering a phase of every man for himself. Best always. PM

  19. Robert Coleman

    Greg, Keep up the Fight for Truth and Justice. FYI – Just received My Second Strike on YouTube for putting up a Video validating the Fraud being perpetrated on the World with the VIRUS and Vaccine being forced on Humanity by the NWO Globalists in their attempt for supremacy and the depopulation of the planet so they gain full control of everyone.
    As with yourself – will not stop revealing the truth.

  20. Secret agent WD-40

    Greg, you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG ! The Ides of March is on the 15th, not the 5th.
    BTW, you are correct about EVERYTHING ELSE, though. Your reports are right on the mark so often that it is scary. Keep up the good work. We love you, Greg.

  21. heather downie

    From New Zealand thank for your information you keep me calm. We did not have a tsunami, then our PM locked us up again. She went ti Gates 2017 and we found her out that she is making NZ ginea pigs and laughed that we don;t even realise. Well have news for her.

    • Brad

      Last time a Tsunami hit NZ it was 25 mm high. (That’s 1 inch for anyone who’s metrically challenged). That was 20 years ago. I can’t remember exactly.

      Yesterday’s Tsunami was at least noticeable on camera, but when the Minister of Panic (who looks and sounds like she just came off the dole; a popular profession for politicians apparently because losers are more “in touch” with the community etc) tells us that Tsunamis are now “a part of our lives” I just roll my eyes. Been living here for 50 years and never seen one. I guess underground climate change is the reason we need to fear it now.
      Then they talked about terrorists and internet groups and sending the police to get Covid19 suspects. This country is turning into Big Sister’s Playhouse. It’s not at the scary stage yet, but then it never will be if you comply.

      The Tsunamis are as big a hoax as Covid. Just Jacinda trying to manufacture something else to save us from, and all the feminist nitwits absolutely love it.

  22. Matthias

    The FBI ignoring unpleasant evidence is not without precedent: Two years ago the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth filed a lawsuit against the FBI with respect to the suppression of evidence of the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC7 on 9/11:

    Families, Lawyers, AE911Truth File Lawsuit against FBI over ‘9/11 Review Commission Report’

    Also the “Storming of the Capitol” had an uncanny precedent in the “Storming of the Reichstag” event in 2020 in Germany. There a large non-partisan anti-lockdown demonstration was derailed by a separate small group of right-wing extremists who tried to “storm the Reichstag”. This incident was then conveniently used by the MSM to label all the people who had attended the larger non-partisan anti-lockdown demonstration as violent right-wing domestic terrorists and to shift the debate away from the original discussions about the lockdown:

    The New York Times, Aug. 31, 2020:
    Far Right Germans Try to Storm Reichstag as Virus Protests Escalate

  23. Jim Yost


    Entropy –

    1. Lack of order or predictability.

    2. Synonyms – breakup, collapse, decay, decline, disintegration, destruction, falling apart, et al.

    Kakistocracy –

    1. A system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens. (Wikipedia)

    2. A government based on coercive power by those strong enough to seize control through physical violence or demagogic manipulation. (Shakespeare)

    “Democracy… while it lasts, is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never is a democracy the did not commit suicide.” John Adams, 2nd President of the United States and one of the founding fathers thereof.

    “Grown men do not need leaders.” Edward Abbey.

    “Anarchy is better than no government at all.” Unknown Author.

    • William+Stanley

      Good points.
      Here is a shortish op ed (Epoch Times, I think) from a New Zealander. It offers what looks to me like practical and workable advice to Americans.


      • Paul ...

        To fight the globalists … we must steel our minds and begin boycotting all companies who manufacture their products in communist China, Mexico, etc. … this is critical … Patriots need to organize now … and begin nationwide boycotts (of all unpatriotic companies who have moved American jobs to China, Mexico, etc.) … begin buying products only from loyal American companies who manufacture their products right here in America (even if the company is foreign owned) … if it costs more for the product (so be it) … if it is of lower quality (so be it) … what “is important” … is that we begin to strengthen “our Nation” once again … eventually we will start to become more competitive (as the unpatriotic companies who send our jobs overseas to manufacturer their products are either forced into bankruptcy or begin bring our jobs home)!!

      • Thomas Surguine

        amen….just one more reason we will NEVER live us corrupt A. again! Life iscwondrrful here innS.E. Asia. Expat tom

    • Freebrezer

      Jim – thank God the USA is not a democracy it is a Republic of 50 states … there are only two Republics in the world and coincidentally both happen to be the two longest continuing/functioning governments in the world. One since the 1290’s and the other since 1776 … Switzerland and USA. Each Canton/state has equal power to any other in the republic, regardless of population. When the sh!t really starts to hit the fan, I am hoping/praying/counting on the powerful Red States (Texas, Florida, the Dakota’s, Mississippi, Alabama, Wyoming and many more) in the USA to step in and say ENOUGH!, and take back control from the Fed Government. Pay attention, states are already starting to exert their rights … Ex: Enacting laws that will exempt their citizens in the state from any federal gun control laws. The fight hasn’t really even started … when these states get pushed too far and get angered and start to really push back, that is when the world will see what true American backbone is! Remember the state governor’s control their national guards!

  24. Alex

    ‘We , the People’ have followed you away from the YT tyrants , and I am betting that YT and the rest of the heavy handed censorship Internet media are getting the message after the election fraud complicity .
    My parents provided haven in our home to escapees from Communism who came to this continent to find freedom , so as a child I was exposed at the dinner table to stories of their escapes , leaving family , university diplomas , and possessions behind . The first was a young East German who swam to freedom in winter at night , spotlighted and shot at by border guards trying to prevent his escape .
    Now , the FBI version of the Nazi Brown Shirts are breaking down doors of dissenters here in America .
    I used to discount the words of Jefferson about the blood of patriots refreshing the tree of liberty . “Not in my lifetime !” , I used to say . I’m in my 80’s , and don’t believe that any more .
    I’m poor , but will find a way to help offset that which YT has cheated you of …look for it as soon as I can .

    • Alex

      change ‘doors of dissenters’ to ‘doors of PATRIOTIC dissenters’.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alex for sharing & for all your support of the website! Greg

    • Jim Yost

      Dear William and Stanley,

      I hate to tell you this, but the points in the article you recommend to me amount to being a pipe dream, per the law of entropy, after which comes kakistocracy, after which comes political suicide (according to John Adams). So now what we’re witnessing is the death throes of America as a national sovereignty. And all of these political ‘pundits’ sit around diagnosing it and perusing it and idolizing it, and all for naught because once the death of the nation starts there’s no turning back, no matter what and for all the ‘patriots’ can do to prevent it.

      John Adams was a very smart person, especially when it came to political science, and he knew what he was talking about when it comes to the political future of ‘democracies,’ which in the case of America is a misnomer seeing as how America isn’t a democracy, it is plutocracy.

      • William+Stanley

        Re: “What you hate to tell me”

        Actually, I suspect you didn’t hate “telling me.”
        (BTW, you neglected to deal with some of the nuances of the “law of entropy.” Perhaps, in time, you’ll be able to figure out what you glossed over . . . if you reflect on it. Nevertheless, I must admit, it tickles me a little to be given the opportunity to point that out to you).

  25. Alex

    BTW , i have stopped donating my ‘widow’s mite’ to the GOP congressional and senate funds . I will donate to good men , like Jim Jordan , our governor , Ron DeSantis , and particularly MY president , Donald J. Trump ( God bless and protect him and his family !).

    • Jane Farmer

      I also no longer contribute to RNC. Unfortunately, even when you contribute directly to your candidate of choice, a percentage of that donation is earmarked for the RNC. (read the fine print on their websites, solicitation letters, etc)

    • Bobby Maloney

      That is Great that you and others are helping turn the tides however, those you mention have plenty of doners and will easily be realected without your hardbearned money.
      Suggest donating instead to the Voices of Freedom like Greg Hunter of (USAWATCHDOG.COM) , Sean at Sgtreport and Bernie at Truth and Art TV. Without your support they may go away and the others already have more funds than needed. Just ideas but anything you and all can do is appreciated by all. God Bless You and yours!

  26. Gordon Rapp

    Thank you Greg. Keep up the good fight for our great Country! After 40 years, I quit the Republican Party in January. I now take every opportunity to let the Republican fund raisers know how disgusted I am with Washington politics! The RNC cast aside support for President Trump right after the election and now they are acting like they are on his side again? No way! The Republicans coopted the Tea Party years ago and we cannot let this happen again. If the Republican Party wants to keep its name fine, but we must completely clean house and get rid of every career politician, develop a concise platform of ideals as well as a vision for the future of our country and fill all seats with vetted candidates who swear allegiance to the new party platform. Concurrently we must implement political term limits, end lobbying and PACS, pass mandatory financial transparency laws of all politicians and end the revolving door for politicians getting hired by a company for whom a politician voted on any Federal or State legislation.

    • Paul ...

      And let’s impose higher income taxes (that cannot be reduced by deductions of any kind) upon all companies who hire “term limited” politicians (or other government/military officers who retire) … period!!

  27. Richard M Cisar

    I Live on the border a little south of Sierra Vista and I noticed a few things since the election.
    1. The border patrol north of Sierra Vista on HWY 90 has been closed since the election.
    2. The Aerostst (radar blimp) that has flown here for more than 30 years is also gone,

    The border here is wide open and I am waiting to again listen to my dogs bark in the middle of the night. We are so screwed.

  28. dclinde

    At around 13:20, Greg says that you can buy ivermectin on line at Warricks. Is that the correct name since I can’t find it?

    • Greg Hunter

      You can purchase it at your local feed store.

    • Jane Farmer

      You can also obtain it through Amazon.

  29. Dixie

    Thanks Greg. In a world being choked by evil, you are the fresh air.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dixie for all your support! Greg

  30. Lars Varady

    Hi Greg
    I have to inform you that this sad story is valid for the whole Europe just to name a ONE,
    The Slovenien, The Hungarian, , The Slovakian and The Polish goverment was buying ventilaters from China, through funny componies in Slovania, Malaysia and Singapor.
    They have bought nearly 60 000 ventilaters for the value of 3 257 142 857 dollars.
    The paper boxes are deistributed in the different counntries. The boxes are unopened asonly chinese manual availavle. The number of ventilater are far more than there hospitals in this countries. Some of the people who was involved in Slovenia the are already in Jail, the other mentioned countries so far only the journalist try to get people to react.
    If you fact check how much one ventilater cost than the picture is clear. All the goverments are rubbing the people for many generarations ahead.

    IN THE NAME OF CORONAVIRUS ( the old fashion way express it was in the name of God )

  31. Joshua Porter

    Greg, I think it’s better that you got kicked off of youtube. Now you can say what you want.

  32. Lucy Botta

    Keep up the great work Greg! Hope you’re getting regular donations from your faithful followers 🙏

  33. Jerry

    This message is for those who are awake and have been following my post for the past several years. Do you remember my post about “ Event 201 “ ? If not ask ( Siri ) and she will be more than willing to fill you in about it. If you thought Event 201 was the setup for the pandemic ( like I did ) you would be wrong. It is the setup for “ Event 2025” which is my worst fears come to life.

    I will post more in my next post, but it appears that the vaccinations are a setup for another major pandemic coming in the next few months, in which people’s immune systems are compromised by taking the vaccine. Apparently the mRNA vaccine will only protect you from the current strain of SARS, and not another strain like corona variant.

    I sure hope I’m wrong about this, because if I’m not, you’re going to see death on a large scale. It may take up to twelve to fourteen months for the mRNA vaccine to completely saturate all the cells in a persons body, so don’t be fooled because people didn’t get a reaction at the jab. I’m no biochemical expert, so evaluate this information for yourself and form your own opinions. Just remember event 201 started in October 2019 and went live in February 2020.

    • Steve Bice

      Right there with you brother. It looks like roughly 42 million Americans have had at least one dose of the vaccine. Almost 29 million of those have had two doses…and more are getting them at a rate of almost 3 million per day.

      If/when anti-body dependent enhancement (ADE) or Vaccine-associated disease enhancement (VADE) develop, we will have a morbidity and mortality crisis unlike any in the history of this country.

      Virtually no one reads the scientific literature to understand the risks. They blithely parrot the “I trust science”meme, without a thought to who/what is driving “science” today, what agendas they may have and how that might interface with plans for societal re-engineering.

      As disruptive as Covid-19 is to American life, it will pale before the impact of VADE. If VADE materializes, it will utterly destroy America, its industrial and agricultural base, its service infrastructure and its supply chain for food and material goods. There are now simply too many people who will be at risk.

      We will become vulnerable to attack and/or conquest as all that makes America great crumbles beneath us. It is worth noting that America is strangely absent from the end-times stage as recounted in the bible. Scary times…

      Matthew 24:7. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.

      How close are the opening of the seal judgements of Revelation 6? White horse: Conqueror. Red horse: War. Black horse: Famine. Pale horse: The rider of Death…and hell followed with him.

      The framework is in place. Watch.

  34. Adam Munyard

    Love your website Greg, i follow honest decent blokes like you, Gerald Celente, Doug Hagmann, Steve Quayle, Randy Taylor, Stan Deyo, Russ Dizdar, Craig Sawyer, Dave Hodges …
    I’m an Aussie, living in Perth – West Australia. Fair Dinkum, even Blind Freddie over here can see the overwhelming amount of treason with the stolen election. Its very sad watching whats happening to your country. I feel within my spirit that Jesus is returning very very soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Adam from Perth for all your support! Greg

  35. frederic w dunn

    Thanks Greg, There is no doubt in my opinion this country is in a rapid decline. I expect to see more state division lines being drawn as an initial counter measure to this tyranny that’s taking hold. Also I Look at falling gold prices as a gift , maybe a last chance to be buy.

    • Paul ...

      We should gerrymander all the red zones out of the blue States … and create a new red State (with a governor who represents all these conservatives now being ruled by a Demon-rat dictator)!!

      • Paul ...

        And … any registered Demon-rat who tries to move out of a Blue State (because taxes are too high, etc., etc.) … should be “denied entry” to any Red State … so as to keep these “commie” infected viruses from spreading their Marxist disease to us healthy conservatives … the same way we use social distancing to block the corona virus!!

  36. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and many thanks for an excellent and impassioned WNW!

    Rush Limbaugh has left a void and you may well be the man to fill it.

    As for Dr. Simone Gold having her door ‘kicked’ in by no less than 20 ‘brave – armed to the teeth – S.W.A.T. peacekeepers’, I invite your audience to see Dr Gold in action. Judge for yourselves if this highly educated, coherent, honest, all round decent human being warranted a raid by a gang of 20 S.W.A.T. bullies.

  37. Justin King

    Trump told Republican voters Not to vote in Georgia because it was “rigged”.
    So some stayed at home and the Republicans lost by a hair.
    WHY on earth did he do that?

    • Greg Hunter

      No trump did NOT tell people Not to vote in Georgia. I think that was Lin Wood.

      • Justin King

        It was the Republican theme, and you know what I meme.

  38. Paul ...

    You know … the “commies” crucify Dr. Gold “for telling the truth” about their vaccine fraud … and crucify physical Gold “for telling the truth” about their fiat monetary fraud … just like the “commies” running things 2000 years ago “crucified a truth teller” … but little do the “commies” realize … “their crucifixions don’t work” … they will never cower those “who can clearly see” the “commies” evil deeds … and will “in the face of evil” … “continue to recognize the truth” (as Greg is doing)!!

    • Stan

      Paul: 1700 Gold is history. I warned you. $1200 year end target. Will you heed my warning or lose all you capital? Cheers

      • Mike R

        You’ll be burning your Bentley before 21 is over. You are the best gold fade ever. Right on cue another permanent gold bottom is being established.

      • Paul ...

        It is tragic how uninformed you are Stan … gold “does not fall” when the inflation rate is greater than the 30 yr Treasury yield … if you have no idea what the real inflation rate is go to John Williams “Shadow Stats” (the real inflation rate is currently about 9% and is headed a lot higher according to your Fed buddies who are preparing to hand out free monthly checks (Universal Income Checks) to get the velocity of money moving upward) … as for the 30yr Treasury yield … the Fed can’t allow it to move nuch above 3 to 4 percent (otherwise the stock market and economy will crash) … thus the real inflation rate (9%) will remain greater then the 30 Yr Treasury yield (3%) … and in such “a negative real rate environment” … Gold Always Rises Stan!! … this correction we are having is a huge buying opportunity … you need to start thinking for yourself Stan … instead of blindly listening to tips from your criminal Bankster buddies … who definitely don’t have your back … they are effectively kicking you in the ass (by telling you to short Gold “while the real interest rate is negative”)!!

        • Paul ...

          And Stan … even if the US dollar strengthens along with a rising 30 yr Treasury rate … as long as the true inflation rate is 4% higher then the 30 yr Treasury … gold will continue to rise right along with a strengthening dollar!! … remember Stan for the Fed that to make the US dollar strong … the Fed simply has to create “less new fiat” then other countries are doing … but all countries are printing fiat to infinity … the Gold price will reflect this reality (even if the US dollar is being devalued the least amongst all the other nations worthless fiat paper)!!

  39. Harlyn H Rohr

    Thanks Greg !!

  40. AndrewB

    Hi again Greg,
    I for one applaud your efforts to continuously remind your audience about massive voter fraud. This is not ‘boring’, it is a necessary attempt to counter the relentless propaganda to the contrary.

    Joseph Geobbels, Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1945 is quoted as saying: “If you tell a big enough lie and keep,repeating it, then people will believe it.”

    The lie has to be ‘big’ enough so that people can’t believe the government (officials, good example – the W.H.O.) would say it. Normalcy bias kicks in. Then, the lie needs to be repeated, and often, to make sure it sticks. Even so-called ‘red-neck’ TV channels (such as Blaze and Discovery) have been roped in to broadcast programmes that eulogise the ‘vaccine’, and body language ‘experts’ to ‘prove’ DJT is a liar. As though the fake news media was insufficient, billions is being spent (by government) during every ad break to instil fear of C19 and the benefits of PCR tests and the ‘vaccine’. Personally, I turn the sound off during all ad breaks and have done so for over a year. Helps keep you sane.

  41. Steve

    Giving us important info till the sun goes down,thank you Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve! 🙂 Greg

  42. AndrewB

    Mention of Dr Simone Gold prompts me to provide a link to an interview with a W.H.O. whistleblower, Doctor Astrid Stuckelberger. This is yet another very intelligent doctor, with an amazing bio, telling it as it is. [Frustrating that the medical profession understands the medical dishonesty behind the scamdemic but seem – by and large – not to understand the criminal banking world that stands behind it.]

    IMHO, well worth watching right to the end . . .

    • AndrewB

      P.S. The above link is to a Bitshute video. They take a few minutes to load so please be patient. Thank you.

  43. Cathy

    Glad your still reporting all the truth. It’s a pleasure to be here listening to your voice. God bless you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Cathy for all your support! Greg

  44. Brent

    Down right awesome ! Thank you for the real news you bring.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brent! Greg

  45. Thomas Wigand

    Great wrap-up Greg – you were on fire; you’re righteous-borne passion + exasperation shone through.

    My wife was watching with me last evening (Rumble), and when you said that you were’t letting go about the theft of the election she cheered out loud.

    Thank you for reinforcing our conclusion that a prerequisite matter to opposing this evil is to not acquiesce to the Big Lie (“free and fair”) election; to not “move on” and resign ourselves to the Biden-Harris Junta as a fait accompli which we must accept for the next four years.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Thomas! Greg

  46. Steve Bice

    Forgive me. I stopped by CNN just to see what the headlines were, and scanned the lead “news” article on the stimulus bill. This is what now passes for objective reporting. The author is so biased and emotional, he can’t resist using shaping and polarizing language in every other paragraph. Examples:

    Johnson, who is leading a circus-like GOP bid to slow down the bill

    Reflecting the grandstanding inherent in a gambit that seemed scripted for conservative cable news shows.

    Johnson — who was most recently seen selling delusional claims

    is focusing attention on a GOP conference apparently committed to politics of obstruction

    a high-profile supporter of Trump prone to wild conspiracy theories has emerged as the most visible Republican

    allows them to drive home the case that the GOP is in denial and heartless

    Republicans — who have chosen to root their hopes of a rebound in former President Donald Trump’s radical base

    Democrats, in their aggressive effort to drive the measure into law, are meanwhile showing they have learned the lessons of the past.

    Summary of terms used;

    Politics of obstruction
    Wild conspiracy theories
    In denial and heartless
    Radical base
    But…Democrats have learned lessons…

    In the past, reporters simply used the word “alleges” or “alleged” when reporting claims that could be controversial. No more. Now, emotion and bias rule as they take sides on all issues and drop all pretense of objectivity.

    Journalism is allegedly about reporting the news…Oh, what the heck. I might as well join the party. Journalism is now circus-like, full of delusional grandstanders engaged in a scripted gambit that enables the politics of obstruction. They are in denial, are heartless and constantly promote wild conspiracy theories to appease their radical base and corporate sponsors.

    Greg must be in mourning for the death of the journalism of old.

    Journalism still lives. Allegedly. What a joke…

    • Steve Bice

      P.S. I sent a link to a Natural News article through messenger to my wife that talked about the video Bill Gates made years ago about reducing population 10 or 15 percent through healthcare and vaccines. It is on record that he said these things. Guess what Facebook did. Yep. They blocked the link because it violated their “community standards”.

      Note this was not a public post. This was a simple message to my wife.

      Truth is not allowed. 1984 on steroids has arrived…

    • AndrewB

      Hi Steve,
      Well observed and well reported.
      Frankly speaking, that’s why I never listen to MSM broadcast ‘news’, have not bought a legacy newspaper for over three years, and turn the sound off whenever the ad breaks start. Radical steps but it keeps the propaganda at bay.

      • Steve Bice

        You are wiser than I. I usually have CNN blocked just to insure I don’t casually go there and give them one more set of “eyeballs” for their ads. I made an exception…which just reinforced why I blocked them in the first place. My bad…

  47. Anna

    I added your website to the home page of my iPad. I’ve had this iPad for yrs but never had use or needed to learn how to link individual websites to my home screen. You might want to tell your listeners how to do it.

  48. Lawrence

    I have worked in medicine for the past 20 years. This is the first time I have witnessed ZERO influenza (A or B) in the hospital where I work. It’s all COVID. I have other colleagues that work in other hospitals and there is ZERO influenza. And, no one is questioning this. The same thing happened with H1N1 (swine flu). How can this happen? PCR cycle thresholds, running at 40+ per the FDA, will give 95% false positives. An accurate test would have a cycle threshold of less than 35. Also, testing patients only for COVID and not for influenza. With 95% false positives, most likely the results will be COVID. Additionally, telling everyone to get tested, even if they are asymptomatic, will inflate the cases. I do believe there’s a Corona virus that is passing through but it did not have the effect they wanted so they had to manipulate things.
    Now that the masses are taking the experimental vaccines, we may very well see a real pandemic this Fall. See study below:
    Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus

    Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus (

    Yes, there are cures for COVID (HCQ and Ivermectin). Even better, take vitamin C, vitamin D/K2, and zinc. Overall, if you’re less than 70 years old you have a 99.8% of recovery with NO medical treatment. But, “they” don’t want a cure. Check out link below:
    Court orders Rochester General to give experimental COVID treatment to patient

    These experimental vaccines were made possible by Trump. Not only did he brag about starting Operation Warp Speed, but he also funded GAVI – a Bill Gates funded organization. Trump continues to push people to take the untested vaccine. Why is this Greg?

    • William+Stanley

      Good points.
      It’s certainly valid to point out President Trumps shortcomings. And it’s dangerous to coalesce around one particular charismatic leader. But, in this case, I suspect it may be the best hope — if President Trump jettisons the Republican Party, which I fear is beyond hope of fixing.

    • Marti

      Lawrence, I voted for Donald Trump twice but I too have the same question(s) as yourself. Why did he push Warp Speed and encourage people to take an untested “vaccine”, and I also question surrounding himself with Dr. Faki and Dr. Neckscarf Berkz(sp) We don’t have the vetting avenues that the White House does and yet alt media was able to point out issues and conflicts with Anthony Faki early on. The gnawing question in the back of my mind remains – Was Trump unaware and took things at face value or was/is he a willing participant in all of the smoke and mirrors? I don’t have the answers, just questions.

  49. Russ McMeans

    Greg; you’re correct on election fraud. But Washington DC decided that it would have no more of Donald Trump. Mail in voting is fraught with corruption and that’s why most countries have abandoned it. ( google that folks). Unless we get our voting straightened out, no conservatives will ever win another election. Period. Please bring up the topic of how most countries process ballots. That would be an interesting topic. I have not researched very much but know mail in is corrupted always.

  50. Phil

    We’re in IT hip deep at least. Thank you for the reality check and especially the faith message. Sometimes we just need to hear it and you might be the only one saying it.

    As an aside, I noticed Rumble is starting to tag commercials on to some of the larger channels. Completely respect your reasons for keeping your content here but a teaser on Rumble might bring you some well-deserved revenue. Just a thought.

  51. Russ McMeans

    The value of our currency and prices for commodities is heading on a glide path to huge troubles. Prepare now.

  52. Richard E Herman

    Greg keep up the good work thanks for all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Richard! Greg

  53. Suzan

    I always love it when you are reporting from Missouri. Thank you for what you do. I look forward to waking up every Friday morning to hear you. Sending gratitude and love from Olathe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Suzan! Greg

  54. Kenneth Smith

    There is a lot of talk in the World about vaccine eligible passports. I think I want my money back for a recently renewed 10 year passport that may actually be useless to me now. Interestingly, this issue may cause disruptions in countries like France where we may now start hearing about renewed threats to the EEU. Frexit anyone??

  55. Rich

    It sucks you got kicked off of YouTube. But I guess you were dropping too many truth bombs right on target for their liking.
    Can you put in a video how I can directly donate to you? I see a lot of scam bots coming up on YouTube now and I would hate to give a scammer money when I trying to directly fund you and your efforts.
    It has to be both deviating and a relief to have finally gotten kicked from YouTube. You knew it was coming and prepared for it. And now you don’t have to worry about it

  56. Del

    Thank you. I look forward to all your interviews and news videos. You are a breath of fresh air in this smoggy world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Del! Greg

  57. Walter Schwartz

    I think the sentiment of Joseph Smith about a particular boarder question might be apropos to this topic. I paraphrase it:
    He said that heaven is not like America that allows anybody to come in who does not know the law or have a willingness or capability to live it. No, to enter heaven you must first prove that you know the law and are willing and capable of living it before you may enter.
    While America is far from being heaven, we could have the same boarder rule sentiment to protect the innocent and the law keepers who live here from the lawless who want to enter. Isn’t one of the duties of the president of the united states to protect US law abiding citizens?

  58. Linda

    Hey there Greg, thanks to Kamala, HR1 passed-I understand. Love your work and hang on your every passionate word. Keep on keeping on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Linda! Greg

  59. Benjamin


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Benjamin for your kind words! Greg

  60. Rod Brumley

    Mitch is a POS
    Great weekly wrap up
    We are 100% behind you!!!!
    Biden is Brain Dead & a Traitor
    Greg Hunter our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Rod Brumley! Thank you for always tuning in & for all your support! Greg

  61. Roy

    Thank you Greg for your work. I watch your videos on rumble on my roku. It indicates you have zero views. Just want you to know.

  62. Alan

    Orwell put it succinctly “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” So appreciate USAW and YOU Greg, you are a man of deep faith, unflinching integrity, and relentless dedication to telling nothing but the truth… Thank you for keepin it real each and every segment you post, also you have some of the best guests and voices in the world on your show and they too recognize GH & USAW among the best (it’s a very small field!) . Have been a loyal subscriber and fan for the past several years as well, glad to hear you have retained the majority of your audience since being booted off of ScrewTube, a true badge of honor imho!!! Keep on keepin on my friend, $ support incoming 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Alan for your very kind comments & all your support! Greg

  63. Justin King

    I see that Mitch McConnel just said that the “U.S. is set for a roaring recovery”.
    What is he mixing with his Kentucky bourbon?

  64. Shirley Thompson

    Reading this Greg I couldn’t help but remember jimmy carter and his Misery Index – the magic calculation between inflation and unemployment. Prices will skyrocket and scarcities will happen. I remember going to the store and seeing empty shelves. I also remember sitting in gas lines waiting for my turn at the pump – usually 3+ hours later only to be greeted with a sign “Sold Out” or “Empty”… Prepare and get yourself out of this system the best you can. Use your simulus to prep youself for what’s coming. It will be bad and it won’t be a brief event…

  65. michael johnson

    Hey Greg…have the same shirt…Stylin!
    Regarding I-V: Check Tractor Supply or Ebay:
    Durvet Paste Apple
    Dirt cheap and there are videos showing people eating it and no side effects.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Michael! Good info. Greg

  66. Outlaw

    Greg, I spoke with Dr. Mark Skidmore last summer and he verified this information. They found 21 trillion plus another 36 trillion. 57 trillion at least. I called him at MSU and he called me back. He agreed with my #. Nice guy.

    Thank you. Never watched U on You Tube–always here.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Outlaw! Yes, Dr. Skidmore is a very nice man, and I’ve actually met him in person. Greg

  67. Juli Barbato

    These communiques from the farm are priceless! I love when you let it–the TRUTH–rip! Thank you! And thanks to your wife, too!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Julie! Greg

  68. Craig Zumbroegel

    This was the last election EVER in the U.S.! It’s over! It’s a little late to start bailing the water out of the sinking ship when it’s already sunk!

    • Paul ...

      Craig … In years to come a sub will likely be sent down to the ocean bottom in search of the USA Titanic “that everyone thought could never sink” … looking to recover the “un-audited” gold it supposedly had!!

  69. TJZ


    I could not agree more with what you stated today. God bless you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you TJZ! Greg

  70. James LaGarde

    Wathing this video may give some people peace of mind or at least some hope. Remember in the end, GOD WINS!

  71. Eric M.

    This weekly news wrap-up was BRUTALLY honest, and on point! I guess that’s why you are banned from YouTube.

  72. Dusty Dude

    Thanks Greg, it’s so nice to see you so enthusiastic about what you do. A lot of us rely on you for the truth so just keep doing what you’re doing. God bless…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dusty! Greg

  73. Brian Howard

    Climate change is scam part 2. Carbon is 0.04 percent of the atmosphere. Sorry, follow the science. Ha

  74. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Thanks Greg for keeping on,the scope of the corruption is so massive that I agree with James and John,the “sons of thunder” when they said” you want us to pray fire down on them”?? As Jerry Lee Lewis sang” Great Balls of Fire”, It IS COMING! MARANATHA, GREETINGS FROM TAMPA FLORIDA 😎

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bruce! Greg

  75. Brian

    Rumble was muted at the 16 minute area as soon as you brought up J & J. Video continued & muted.

    You REALLY need to start a channel with Mike Adam’s video platform. Even if it is a second channel posting of every video every week.
    1 800 879 3477 Option 1 Pfizer states that

    Pfizer Biotech Vaccine [ which is NOT a Vaccine, but Gene Modification ]
    is NOT USDA approved nor US FDA licensed.
    In Israel, Pfizer & Moderna Gene modification bio-tech shots for COVID-19 are admitted as human experiments, a mass population lab phase
    Just imagine getting the shot & going into immediate bloody convulsions like the ff video shows.

    How many deaths & what kinds of deaths by these shots are being under-reported? Who needs trains and barbed-wire & concentration camps when what may be future labeled as “The New Eugenics” removes all that hassle in a nice clean doctor’s office or hospital?

    There are genetic research PH.D.’s such as those who worked on mRNA as part of their doctorates at Harvard, who are telling those in Netherlands
    & Canada that an artificial reprogramming of this bio-tech is inserted into cells to create a protein to then attack it. After it finishes one enemy, it then views other human proteins as enemies.
    Under Federal law “21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3,

    “Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies”:
    (ii) Appropriate conditions designed to ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed
    (I) that the Secretary [of Health and Human Services] has authorized the emergency use of the product;
    (II) of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of such use, and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown; and
    (III) of the option to accept or

    administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of
    refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the
    product that are available and of their benefits and risks.”

    In legal cases:

    Lorillard Tobacco Co. v. Reilly, 533 U.S. 525 (2001) @ 570-571, determined that a federal health scheme can trump a state public health law

    see also:

    Department of the Navy v. Egan, 484 U.S. 518 (1988) @530.

    No State official nor private employer can legally FORCE an Emergency Use toxic cocktail on you under current FEDERAL laws. The FDA did NOT issue any emergency dispensing orders, so they don’t even have THAT claim either.

    Under Doe#1 v Rumsfeld, 2005 U.S. Dist. Lexis 5573 (D.D.C. Apr. 6, 2005) vacs cannot be “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) mandated, even to the military…but they are NOW doing it to the gullible & uniformed, aren’t they? Fortunately, about 1/3 of the US Military has become aware and say they will RIGHTLY refuse the gene therapy death shot, many at the risk of being discharged.
    To say that the mRNA toxic shots – which are mislabeled as vaccines
    — are safe is medically NOT true.
    We are being information suppressed of depopulation stats, and infrequently told when news does pass the media gate-keepers such as when Pfizer gene-therapy murders 1 in 3 or 46 of 145 residents of a Spanish nursing home.
    That gene therapy is doing what it is designed to do…to kill.
    Injecting a synthetic genetic code RE-WRITE based on 2 unborn baby genetic codes is NOT SAFE. Anyone taking the unlicensed and unapproved by the FDA toxic shot (Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 “vaccine”) is basically doing the same thing that happens when a virus is put into a computer, an alien to the original program is injected into the DNA to make it do something that it was not designed to do nor compatible to do, and eventually there is a shutdown, a crash, a death of the computer…and in our case, the human being.
    Even if we were given a Vaccine instead of a gene therapy, the cure is worse than the non-cure because of the likelihood of Antibody Dependent Enhancement issues.

    Spike protein issues associated with the COVID-19 Vaccine are on the rise among medical professionals.
    Zinc is a virus inhibitor. It is cheap. I advise anyone who wants to stay healthy to buy and daily take this supplement as needed multiple times a day. Doses as high as 180 – 200 mg might not be unusual, depending on body mass.
    Meanwhile, even if you don’t dump Rumble, open up a 2nd reposting channel on

    • AndrewB

      Hi Brian,
      Thanks for the link to Doctor Louise. More and more well qualified doctors are risking their careers disseminating the ugly truth behind mRNA (so called) vaccines. IMO, they all deserve to be listened to . . .

    • Russ D Hadick

      Thanks for the info. I have been researching these vaccines and there is NO WAY myself or my family will take them

      NO WAY!!!

  76. Britt Reed

    L-Lysine also is good to boost the immune system. Along with Zinc, and Vitamin D3, and Vitamin C. Most Black folks who died from Covid didn’t have enough Vitamin D3 in their system.

    • Brad

      If I had Covid symptoms, I would avoid doctors.
      This is NOT medical advice. It is simply a statement of what I would do. I think it’s just the flu and a PCR hoax.

  77. Will+Ferch

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.” Adolph Hitler
    S. Court running scared, phony global warming being acted upon, Republicans corrupted or afraid or ineffective, obvious voter fraud, The Enemies from the top to their black-shirts in the streets that should be in prison (shades of moussilini), etc. The final process began Nov. 6. Fiddlin

    • Paul ...

      “And I will impose the SS (Security State) upon the people and round up all undesirable dissidents and their ball-less and breast-less children and send them to FEMA camps where “they will be happily” re-educated about commune-ism (andI get 10% of all the gold removed from their teeth”)!!
      The Big Guy

  78. john j vnuk

    Question, With the massive election fraud that took place in the last election, and the Trump team unable to stop it, uncover it or even challenge it.
    , (or even reveal it) , What makes anyone think that the next election will have any other results then what we just witnessed. I do not see any state eliminating the use of the same computers or the same republicans growing a spine. These elected and unelected officials seem to have either been completely compromised or blackmailed into compliance with the deep state. If Trump could not stop it occurring in 2020, what makes you think that after 2 years of complete democratic entrenchment, how we will ever again see a free and honest election cycle.

    • AndrewB

      Hi John,
      I agree. If the Nov 6, 2020 election process was as corrupt as claimed – and I believe it was – than what’s the point of ‘rallying the population’ to oust the corrupt politicians in 2022 or 2024, or at any time? This is the ‘elephant in the room’ that Trump did not address during his most recent CPAC speech. He did say that he would NOT – contrary to the hopes of many libertarians – form a new party. The reason he gave was that it would split the vote. To my mind, this misses the point. If Trump’s Administration could not clean up the electoral process to any degree during four years in office, how on Earth is it going to be cleaned up by the very people who benefit from its corruption?! For a while, given the scale and obvious nature of the voter fraud, I earnestly hoped the military would intervene. It appears that either they lack the intestinal fortitude to take on ‘Opperation Cleanup’ or they are beneficiaries of the status quo.

  79. Reuben Glass

    Greg, another great WNW here at! Like many of your subscribers, I’m glad I signed up here at your site homepage years ago in preparation for the increasing censorship and YouTube purge. There are many alternative platforms which are growing at the forefront now in terms of their scale and usability. Please consider posting to, it is a site which rewards the creators and viewers for watching in Credits (LBRY Credits) for that view. Have a beautiful weekend, and I’ll look forward to tomorrow’s interview!

  80. Jerry

    I’m sure when the globalist will flip the switch, but when they do it will most likely be in the form of an EMP attack.

    My contacts in the military have told me for years that an EMP attack is on top of the list of their concerns. Whether it will come from a satellite attack, or a tactical weapon. one thing is for sure it is the weapon of choice by the globalist. It served two purposes.
    1. It destroys electronic devices keeping structural damage to a minimum.
    2. It will help force people off of the current antiquated grid fueled by coal plants and nuclear reactors to solar and wind power generators.
    Just remember that global warming is a big part of agenda 21 and the globalist hate anything taken from the earth whether it’s coal or oil.

    • Jerry

      I’m not sure when they will flip the switch. It was a misprint.

    • William+Stanley

      IMO, solar and wind (like most things these days) are also vulnerable to EMP because they often utilize microelectronic components like charge controllers, battery management systems, and inverters. (maybe backup components in faraday cages and/or mylar bags would help deal with such situations).

      • Jerry

        I agree. Most of my electronic preps are housed in faraday cages.
        Make no mistake, part of “ the plan “ the real one, ( not the fake B.S. Q plan ) is a takedown and reset of the grid. I’m still debating how they are going to get us there. EMP? Cyber attack? Or both? Looking at the cyber polygon program by the WEF I’m leaning toward a cyberattack. These corporations are invested to much to destroy an entire delivery system at once, but I could be wrong. It just depends if the sheep refuse to get into the vaccination pen. Here is a list of the corporations involved. FYI Walmart made the list.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      The globalists’ weapon of choice is abject, unrelenting ignorance.

      The small-screened, monitoring computer carried and paid for by virtually everyone is a major tool in infusing and maintaining that ignorance. An EMP attack would remove that tool, and hence, is highly unlikely.

  81. iwitness02

    I watched a short video of two dogs barking and growling and acting very aggressively towards each other. But, they are separated by a chain link gate. After a great display of aggression, the gate opens and now the dogs are face to face. Now that the dogs are face to face with no barrier between them, they suddenly become all lovey dovey and waggywoo. Then the gate closes again and they are once again separated and they become vicious towards each other, barking and going crazy trying to get at each other.

    This seemed like a great illustration of our politicians when the media and the cameras are around. They are in serious disagreement with each other. When the media and the cameras are gone, then they are all lovey dovey and want to go ‘do lunch.’ It is all a show. The politicians bark at each other for the cameras. A big show of fighting for the people. But when the people can’t see them, they are back to making deals to take away everything we have. The whole government is “barking dogs.”

    Enjoyed the sunset in Missouri. Thank you Greg, for a great report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 02! Greg

    • JC

      The sunset in Missouri… now, imagine Greg leaving town, on horseback, as in the film Shane, as we cry out, Greg! Come back! Come back, Greg!

    • Merry Piper

      I saw that video also. Great comment. Thank you!!

  82. Dan Stecjuk

    I was band from posting comments on You Tube several months ago for talking about voter fraud and the COVID scam. You Tube called it hate speech !! I have never wore a mask since day one and defied every BS law they try to impose. I have shook hands with over 100 people since this started last year and I am not dead yet. They stole the virus scam from a Disney cartoon from 50 years ago with two wizards fighting where one turns into a mouse and the other an elephant. The mouse disappears and the elephant asks where are you. He replies I am inside you, I am a virus, and then the elephant starts changing colors with different colored big spots. I knew the magic bullet story that killed JFK was BS when released in 1964, but I think for myself and know BS when I hear it. I shut my TV off over 20 years ago and tell others to do the same, it is all fear porn.

    • susan

      Dan, I have hugged over 200 people that I know of for sure this year. Many more in 2020.
      Also I have been exposed quite a few times. After the second quarantine, I decided that is it, no more staying home!

  83. K

    Who appointed Gina Haspel at CIA, Christopher Wray at the FBI, Rod Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions, and William Barr at DOJ,all plying integral roles in the Globalist – CCP Coup d’ etat? Why it was Donald Trump. Both parties are bought and paid for, working for the Globalist, not the American people.

  84. Louis Gatto

    Greg Hunter: A true American Patriot

    Thank you Greg!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Louis! Greg

  85. Mike+G

    Banana Republic

  86. Sylvia

    I always enjoy your guests.
    However, this whole thing seems to be wearing you down, wearing you out.
    There may be an answer to this whole thing here. Would someone in your audience please check out this post and report in. ?

  87. Dave

    Yes the Dems are busting the budget but that is what the GOP did during Trump’s first two years. Passing the most bloated budgets to date and ushering the largest deficits to date. Trump blustered and said he would not sign such a bill again but he did sign. Not a peep from the late Rush Limbaugh and other Trump supporters over that fiscal irresponsibility. Trump was set to follow with a 2 trillion infrastructure bill which the late Rush Limbaugh embraced as it would be done with a combination of private and public money. Yeah right. Trump didn’t move forward with the proposal as the Dems retook the House and, though Pelosi wants a huge infrastructure bill, she did not want to give Trump the credit for it happening under his watch. The Pelosi bill will likely make it into law now as many Republicans were on board with Trump’s 2 trillion proposal. It’s all about spending money don’t you know.

    Remember the promised prosecutions that were to come from a Trump Administration? Yeah – crickets. Of note, the FBI just indicted a Trump appointee for felonies associated with the January 6th event. More indictments of Trump supporters are expected. Those Dems don’t waste time. In weeks they are moving on the legal front when, even after 2 years, Barr and Durham did nothing.

  88. CarolAnne Tucker

    Hey Greg, Great Podcast as usual
    the money, bond, gold markets, are due to NESARA/GESARA
    Can you have a talk about this? Please…
    Thanks man
    Carol Anne Tucker
    Tucker Trucker Patriot
    GOD is GREAT!

    • William+Stanley


      Are you a “troll” or just a “psyop”? What is your agenda?

  89. davinamarshall

    God Bless you Greg. You are a true truth teller. We are currently going through a period of trials and tribulations but I believe the good guys will come out winners in the end.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Davin! Greg

  90. Julie A Cohick

    “Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity, for they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the LORD; and HE shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in HIM; and HE shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:1-5

  91. Ron

    Outstanding video sir!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ron! Greg

  92. Great report Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Fredrick! Greg

  93. Michael Almon

    You’re the best Greg! Lord Jesus bless you and thank you for your dedication to reporting the truth!
    In Christ!
    Mike and Ann

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike & Ann! Greg

  94. Kay

    God bless you, Mr. Hunter! So glad you are on our side. We are passing around your videos to inform others.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kay for the blessings & for passing around the website! Greg

  95. Jeff Richardson

    Hay Greg! Looks like you pulled off the transfer to Rumble without a hitch. Great!
    You are so spot on about what has taken place, and you better not stop telling the truth.
    Like the crowd told Trump at CPAC,”We Love You!” That is for YOU TOO!
    “WE LOVE YOU!” Your Bro. in Christ, Jeff

  96. Jeff Martin

    Greg quote of the week: “We are in the midst of a change in the form of our government.” ‘Nuff said.

  97. H.Craig Bradley

    GO MIKE, GO !!

    You have to do more than alleged “missing votes” or fraud. So far, that has NOT been the case. However, the current civil lawsuit by Dominion Voting Machines vs. Mike Lindell ( My Pillow Founder) could break the ice, as he has the right to discovery in his lawsuit to determine what evidence might exist and then to use it against Dominion.

    If he can prove voter fraud, then he will be doing a great service to the rest of the country, as Attorney Rudy Giuliani and President Trump’s legal team could not prove voter fraud in Georgia or anywhere else to a level necessary to obtain a verdict.

  98. Tim+Delmontagne

    Everything will be passed. People leaving Dem cities for Red states is the plan. That with H.R.1 will give them control forever. Who cares about making money off of bitcoin and gold or silver. The future will suck. Think they are gonna let you keep that profit, ya right. 321 children coming across the border everyday. LMAO 2022 2024 we never win again.

  99. Don

    Good Job Buddy, I still believe its not over. Indictments are coming, but its hard to believe anyone will go to jail right now, because of the brainwashing and the NWO network of operatives in every area of government and courts, and law enforcement agencies. I’m trusting God for a break through to turn our nation around, and restore righteousness to our land. Greg, you’ve proven to be a truth teller, and a fair analyst of the many important issues of our day. Some how, Donald Trump will be President ounce again, and help our country back to our original foundation, and vision of our founders. Its always a pleasure to here your idea’s and input. God Bless my friend, keep speaking truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don for your blessings & support! Greg

  100. Merry Piper

    Greg, Most evenings I get out my old Martin Guitar and sing for me and
    my husband. Tonight I will dedicate this song to you. Tom Petty’s, I won’t back down. “You can stand me up at the gates of hell but I won’t back down”. Nice to see you in The Show Me State again. Blessings.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Merry! Greg

  101. WG Lazaldi

    Keep up the REAL NEWS from USA Watchdog going,
    1st The Most important issues facing the Republic is Voter Fraud.
    We loose control of the Vote and integrity of voting then the Democrats will take over America. It is a Soft takeover…
    2nd is Fiscal Responsibility… which is non-existent!
    God Bless you and all you do to inform America

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you WG for your blessings & support! Greg

  102. Mimi

    Speaking of the Wuhan virus—-WHY hasn’t ANY well known LIBERAL gotten the virus?!
    If they have we sure haven’t heard of it!! It went through President Trump’s family and the people around him like wild fire but Pelosi–Schummer –Watters–Durban– NOBODY on the left got it—hummmmmmmm????
    Of course nobody makes a bio-weapon without making an antidote too! Maybe that’s why!?!

  103. Sandra+McIntosh

    Thank You Greg, as always exceptional work….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sandra! Greg

  104. Robert Sanders

    Great report Greg, fear not God is in control. Have a blessed week my friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Robert! Greg

  105. Not So Free

    Here is a good quote to remember.
    Truth will ultimately prevail, where there is pains taken to bring it to light.”
    George Washington

  106. Lori McNeil

    It is so nice to see you out in the Country side giving your trusted reports to us. I wait for your weekly email and link to get to your latest posts. I’m a Canadian patriot and I value your work greatly.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lori! I am closer to God here.

  107. tim+mcgraw

    Hi Greg, I read the synopses of your WNR. I’ll watch it tomorrow. My wife and I lived through the stagflation of the seventies and the very serious depression of 1980/81. Nixon spent too much money on the Vietnam War and took us off the last vestige of the gold standard on August 15, 1971. I know what happened next.
    Stagflation, unemployment, misery.
    Here we go again.
    Humans are dumb. They keep making the same dumb mistakes. One day it will be a mistake too many.
    But I fear not. Que sera, sera.

    • wayne hardin

      Que sera, sera = what will be, will be .
      If only people would figure that out .
      And quit trying to change Gods word into what they would like to happen .
      His word will come to pass as written .
      It seems people are reading the Bible backward .
      As in looking for a savoir .
      The bible says be looking for the lion of the tribe of Judah .
      The judge is on the way ready or not .
      Even so LORD come quickly .
      The Bible means what it says and says what it means .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • wayne hardin

        Addiction .
        The judgement has begun .
        Just waiting on the LION .

  108. FreeMpg

    Have you read the deposition provided to Lin Wood by a whistleblower at the heart of the compromise and blackmail efforts led by Rod Rosenstein. Scalia’s death, Roberts in on it, Epstein providing Roberts’ adopted kids from his child trafficking network, pedophile Roberts continuing to abuse them and passing them around for blackmail, videos of Mike Pence with young “men”, Biden with little girls and Judge Sullivan raping his granddaughter and making his son take the blame — for starters. Read it all the way through, if you can stomach it.

  109. Greg Morrissey

    To all of us who listen and learn for Greg, Thank you Greg
    I have a website to share with everyone it will help us all understand the world market place when it comes to all the information Greg has been giving us
    You get to see stock markets and countries bond information from all over the world. We watch the trends and it help us all to make good financial decisions

  110. Greg Morrissey

    Greg to let you know what is happening to your web site, as I was posting data and going to your website the page goes blank and this link pops up

    There has been a critical error on this website.

    Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

    Hope this helps for the future , Thank you again for all you do

    • Greg Hunter

      Hang in there. I am having some issues with software to defend against hacking.

  111. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg — A good weekly wrap-up as always.

    There’s a dood article on ZeroHedge today on Covid fear.

    ‘Fear’ Is The New ‘Smart’
    … John Scott Lewinski on fear:
    Panic Has Become A Twisted New Virtue
    The Covid-19 pandemic has warped humanity’s mindset, turning fear into an intellectual value. Panic is now the smart choice, and those who reject it are considered dangerous barbarians. …
    … For the first time in human history, fear is now considered a sign of intellectual superiority, while the choice to resist panic is seen as stubborn foolishness. …

    Good article well worth reading in its entirety.

    Fear not.

    • Russ 2

      The article concludes with
      “Fear is a healthy and useful natural reaction to events. It can save your life. But it’s not healthy for an individual to live in fear for a prolonged period of time, and fear should never take on a mass identity. Entire societies living in fear for a prolonged period of time are highly toxic to their citizens. In war time, societies are saved not by those who fear, but by the individuals who refuse to let fear lead their lives, and turn it into bravery. Because, as the Buddha says: “The whole secret of existence is to have no fear.”

  112. Occasnltrvlr

    Excepting short slogans, a collection of words absent punctuation is gibberish.

  113. Anthony.S

    Not one person asked Bill Gates what he intends to do with his 280,000 acres of farmland.

  114. eddiemd

    Who would have known? Digital devices alter the minds of young children. The significance has not been fully realized.

    Add television to it.

    Propaganda, thought control, brainwashing…too late. It has already happened and will get worse. Keep the iPhones. tablets, computers away from your children when they are young. It will pollute their minds. Even worse now with schooling by computer screen.

    Put down the iPhone. Get a Bible and learn the Scriptures. It is the only Truth.

  115. eddiemd

    Into the news.

    We have been discussing this for…a year here at Greg’s site. 375,000 Chinese students inside the wire. The DOD systems and every other system already compromised. They just have not told us yet. Uncle Joe aided and abetted the CCP.

    Kamala Jezebel now in charge. Talking to the heads of state around the world with Obama in the background pulling the strings.

    Biden will be gone in 3 months. I wonder who will be VP?

  116. john doe

    FIAT MONEY is used to steal your wealth, liberties and force unwanted ideologies on you! BUY physical precious metals and ditch the shackles of tyranny

  117. FreeMpg

    Regarding Ivermectin, the following is a post from Ann Barnhardt’s site.

    Prophylactic: 1.25 ccs of the 1% livestock injectable form taken ORALLY (put it in some juice and wolf it – it’s very bitter) every 3 months for prophylaxis. 1.25 cc is for an average sized male (180 pounds +/-).
    If a person is feeling sick, take the dose outlined above and then repeat 72 hours later. That’s it.
    The paste form for horses can also be used. One tube of horse paste is one dose for a 1250 pound horse, so one dose for an average man is 1/6 of a tube.
    Ivermectin is one of the safest and most frequently dosed drugs in the world. Don’t agonise over the dose. Just get close. Horseshoes and hand grenades. The only counter-indication I’ve seen for it is anyone who has had an organ transplant and is on anti-rejection meds. Otherwise, ivermectin is as safe or safer than aspirin.
    Ivermectin is off-patent and therefore comes under many brands. It’s all the same. It is available at any farm supply store, and no, you don’t need a prescription. You just buy it. If you buy the injectable form, you will also need a syringe and needle to draw it out of the bottle and then squirt into your glass of fruit juice. You can buy those at the farm supply store too.

    1 cubic centimeter (cc) = 1 milliliter (mL)

  118. Herb Schmidt

    Hi Greg…wishing you the best from Canada. We have an openly Commie/Socialist leader here, who now feels free to go gung ho, since Biden’s in office. Mr. Trump has as many personal warts as the rest of us, but he’s not a member of the “Big Club”, & that’s his saving grace. I fear that the swamp is so deep & wide that ONLY an all out revolution is America’s last & only hope. As sharp & intuitive as Trump is, even he really never comprehended the depth & breadth of the swamp. EVERY last institution in which you have placed so much hope & confidence will have to be thrown out & replaced. I truly believe that.

  119. Bill

    Thumbs Up Greg ……

  120. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    I was finally able to watch your show tonight , informative as usual . Thank you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Duke!!

  121. Nancy McDaniel

    We have uniparty unconstitutional communist government and have had for 30 years. They are just exposed now as The Almighty has answered prayers to expose the evil done in the dark to the Light so the people with ears to hear and eyes to see can discern what is good and what is evil based on His Word. It’s about choosing today whom you will serve. Yet another VERY CLEAR DIVISION of the wheat and tares and no one will be able to say on the great and terrible day of judgement “I didn’t know.” The treacherous will be caught by their own greed and the righteous of the upright will deliver them. Persevere in Truth keeping the commandments and our testimony of Yeshua and be rewarded with a white robe and a crown of righteousness through the atonement sacrifice of Yeshua for us because He loves us!

  122. Boyeeeee!

    Greg, you need to get Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on. She is a 30 year vaccine researcher. She was on Infowars and just killed it. is her site.

  123. The Canuck

    The people who are going to get through this mess are the people who are simply “not going to give up” ! I don’t know what kind of shape we’re going to be in at the end but with the encouragement and perseverance you display Greg we will get there. Keep up the good fight sir. Here on the west coast of Canada I see people out riding bicycles with masks on. A mid thirties man was jogging last week, ….. with a mask on. I shake my head.

    • Greg Hunter

      I see stupid driving in their cars by themselves with a mask on. You cannot fix stupid. Thanks for the support!!

  124. Dorothy

    Cost $100 more this month to fill my propane tank from last month, Elec went up $50 more. I live On SS Check. Not to mention Food and Gas Prices on the rise. I don’t know how us Seniors and low income folk going to make it. I have Chickens and garden. Meat is going to be sky high also. Stressful times ahead. Thank for the Reporting. I have been watching you for years. Good Luck.

  125. Jim Furr

    YEA Greg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Greg GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

  126. Cossack

    I’ve heard one priest sat that “Fear not!”, “Do not fear.” is written in the bible about 365 times…

    For every day of the year .

  127. Charles H

    Greg, et al…

    WordPress is at it once again – blocking connecting to this site. Once triggered – you have to close your browser and find a visit in History to get here. Like I said – if you can’t connect to something: then it’s gone! And USAWD is in their sights.

    Also – they are pumping for Harris now. Biden can’t be asked questions; and he certainly can’t keep a conversation up – let alone hold a press conference by himself.

    The Dems had to cheat to falsify an election. And they did it on false pretenses to boot! It was always Camala ‘the Ugandan Nightmare’ Harris they intended to sneak-in.

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