Big Tech Censors, 2020 Election Still Stolen, Economy Fragile

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 469 2.19.2021)

 YouTube is censoring people like never before. was the latest causality in  Big Tech’s quest to silence any narrative it does not want.  USAW was abruptly taken off YouTube last week for good without reason other than Community Guidelines were broken for the third time.  The channel had more than 260,000 subscribers and more than 90 million video views.  The three main narratives you cannot talk about or even question are the massive election fraud that stole a landslide win from President Trump, Covid lies and vaccine questions, and any challenge to the official Climate Change narrative. has questioned them all and will continue to do so with or without YouTube.

President Trump went on NewsMax to talk about the passing of radio legend Rush Limbaugh.  He will be greatly missed.  The President also talked about the election fraud and the “tabulations” of the 2020 Election.  Trump did not back down an inch that the election was stolen.  Trump also said, “What happened was a disgrace,” and “This is what you find in third world countries.”  Trump would not answer when asked if he was going to run again in 2024 now that he was acquitted on the Democrats’ second impeachment attempt in four years.

Bitcoin (BTC) broke $50,000 per unit this week, but the overall markets are not doing that much celebrating.  Big money management firms are worried that the market is out of control.  Meanwhile, big money keeps piling into (BTC) and some wonder if this is some sort of bad omen for what may be coming.  One top brokerage CEO is worried about the market reaching a breaking point and said he was scared of a “domino bankruptcy.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Financial expert and Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post and will talk about the coming reset and global currencies.

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  1. Paul ...

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
    – George Orwell

    • Paul ...

      You know … Bitcoiner’s “don’t want to hear what they dislike” … but the cold hard fact is that numbers or bits inside a computer is not in any way money (as they don’t have any intrinsic value) … ask any mathematician … numbers “are infinite” (they go from 1 to infinity) … Bitcoiner’s are simply pretending to believe that by limiting the amount of numbers they can count “makes those numbers more valuable”… but like children they are simply playing a number game (a prime number is just one number in an infinite set of numbers … with the same intrinsic value as any other number) … Bitcoiner’s can tell themselves that finding a grain of sand on the beach the size of a marble “makes that bigger grain of sand more valuable” (then the rest of the sand on the beach) … but that larger grain of sand is composed of the same silicon dioxide as all the rest of the sand on the beach (Bitcoiner’s can pretend the silicon dioxide in the bigger sand grain is more valuable then the silicon dioxide in the smaller grains of the sand on the beach but they are lying to themselves (finding a gold nugget in the sand “which is indeed rare in nature” can validly be called money) … and besides all the logical inconsistency … Bitcoiner’s have another thing to worry about … Bribe’n … who in an effort to conserve electricity used in the machines sifting the sand on the beach (looking for a marble sized grain) … can simply issue an executive order … shutting down the wasteful “crypto sifting machines” using up valuable electricity and creating carbon at the same time … crypto exchanges can be “declared illegal” by Bribe’n and severe penalties imposed (shutting down the crypto exchanges along with massive fines and long jail terms) for violating his and AOC’s “Green New Deal” restrictions!!

      • JC

        Is anyone following the rules?
        Probably not. Remember how they got Al Capone?

        “The IRS has made it mandatory to report bitcoin transactions of all kinds, no matter how small in value. Thus, every U.S. taxpayer is required to keep a record of all buying, selling of, investing in, or using bitcoins to pay for goods or services (which the IRS considers bartering).”

        • Pete+only

          True, bitcoin states that it has a fixed number of coins available to people, but unfortunately, the reality is that there is an infinite amount of fractions or decimals of the coin, so it is actually a scam based on that fact alone, and if you don’t actually have it in in your hands, you don’t actually own it.

          It only has to happen once, but one day, anything digital can go poof!!! Real assets take actual physical resources to produce, and thus will always hold their value no matter what happens going forward, and physical silver and gold has no debt obilgations when you have it in your hands.

          Strange, but physical silver and gold has appreciated the least regarding all the other bubbles out there today, so don’t get discouraged, keep stacking.

          The staus quo: the corrupt equilibreum has never been so true as it is today…

          Thanks Greg,

          • Paul ...

            You got it Pete!!

          • Pat Price

            Bitcoin=21 million coins, ever
            Satoshis=100 million Bitcoin, max
            Equals 2.1E15. that’s a big number but not infinite.
            Most Bitcoin will not be used as 1/2.1E15 for transactions because it is too expensive to do so.
            The program is written with built-in scarcity to be a store of value when fiat fails.
            If you believe all electrical power will vanish, then we will have much bigger problems than no access to Bitcoin or fiat.
            Yes metal is very important.
            If you don’t understand Bitcoin or other valid crypto like Litecoin or Theta, don’t buy it!

            • Paul ...

              So what you are telling me Pat is that the world has 7.4 Quadrillion debt dollars floating around (7,400,000,000,000,000) … but because Bitcoin only has the capability to produce 2,100,000,000,000,000 Satoshis … it is a store of value???… that’s like saying a sand grain on Fire Island “is a store of value” relative to a sand grain on Jones Beach … because the beach on Fire Island is “a bit” smaller!!!

            • Tin foil hat

              Well, I don’t and won’t buy Bitcoin because I do understand Bitcoin or other crypto like Litecoin or Theta.

        • Thomas Surguine

          My perfectly brained better half, first female valedictorian in 25 years of her high school who went on to graduate from her five year chemical enginering class, in 4 years, agrees with Sir Paul, of “bitcoin is a ruse”…4 one very simple reason..”WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE ELECTRICITY GETS SHUT DOWN?? AS IN …
          WHO HAS THE “KILL SWITCH??? ” CELENTE IS QUITE CORRECT. “.P.M.s AreTHE ANSWER”! HISTORY TELLS THE TALE…end of story…sayonara 2 all naysayers…Expat tom

      • Green Lantern

        Due to banks and the fractional reserve system, your dollars in the bank are merely digital, too. Try to take out $25K at any given time. The banks will typically tell you that it will take up to a week to give you the physical dollars. Your current fiat dollars are nothing more than digital, so I’m not understanding the perceived, elitist sounding, logic presented. Every time I see a Paul… post I see nothing but anger, name calling, and contempt, yet lacking any action items for making things better. Seriously, if you (Paul…) are this pious and above all of us, why don’t you start your own web site and podcast, to see how you might do. Obviously, you seem to think you’re way better than the rest of us. Ramming your thoughts on people, in a very derogatory way, is no better than the crap we get from the likes of Hollywood and the woke crowd.

        Again, if you’re truly full of all this valuable insight, seeming to be better informed than all of us, by all means, start your own web site and podcast. But please, stop the venom. We need to stick together, especially when the MSM goal is to separate us into warring factions. I’m never going to agree 100% with anything (save the Bible), so we need grace to understand each other’s positions. Listening doesn’t always result in agreeing, yet listening allows both to have a common understanding. That result can simply be not agreeing. Yet, tearing another down for it won’t do any good, either.

        Do you seriously think a person like Bo Polny would get into BTC without doing his research first? This is simply a bridge to the next economy. Bitterness and anger are not going to prevent it from happening.

        Sorry about the rant, Greg. It’s been bottled up for a while.

        Keep up the good fight and continue to give us angles to everything out there. It only allows us to make better decisions or solidify those we already have.

        • eddiemd

          Paul has been here a very long time. He plays devil’s advocate and has the right to say what he wants. That’s what makes this website a place for free speech. Even Paul has an opinion, liked or not.

          • Paul ...

            Thanks eddie!!

          • Edmunde Burke

            I fail to see how USA watchdog is supporting free speech any better than youtube is.

            Greg has banned many people for having opionons or views that did not align with his.

            Pot kettle black.

            Either all views are allowed which is freedom of speech or censorship and banning takes place. I have read many times “its my site go away” from Greg but when youtube does the same thing its wrong!!!

            Let Paul say what he wants thats freedom, you have the freedom of choice to ignore.

            • Greg Hunter

              I put up a lot of views I don’t agree with like this yours.

              • Daniel C Goodacre

                Long time viewer, on YouTube you had 3700 subscribers! and to answer Edmund, he does have the Right to Free Speech on his own platform. You as a moderator You have the Right to band people who take advantage of your platform.
                I read the great comments from your viewers about the service you provide to educate us on current and future events!

            • eddiemd

              You have not been around here that long to recognize how many different opinions that Greg allows. Obvious trolls and heresies he has the right to restrict. It is his website. If you don’t like it, start your own website.

              Greg tolerates many different views. Even your view.

        • Paul ...

          GL … I don’t like to see people ripped off, raped or murdered … if my warnings upset you so much … simply skip over what I believe to be very helpful comments … as for Bitcoin … no one is stopping you from riding it to the moon ( I just happen to believe the rocket is flawed and I’m not getting on board)!!

          • Green Lantern

            I don’t care to see people get ripped off, either.


            • JC

              Green Lantern,
              Paul believes in gold and silver.

              In the link you provided it did not mention Bitcoin… see below.

              ‘But aside from real estate, equities, and debt securities, there is another asset class that banks simply can’t touch: privately stored physical gold and silver.
              Not only are precious metals safe havens against economic turmoil and inflation, if privately stored, they are also not subject to confiscation and conversion.
              It may be impossible to operate in today’s world without a basic checking or savings account.
              But this doesn’t mean that you have to be 100 percent vulnerable in the event of a banking collapse.
              Protect yourself. Convert a portion of your wealth to gold and silver. And store it privately.
              Remember, money that you can’t see and touch is money that you technically don’t own.’

              • Green Lantern

                Like Bo Polny, I hold physical of that, too.

      • Bruce E. Sanborn

        Well said Paul,I’m not a real bright fellow but you explanation was very clear! It’s all fiat currency and only confidence in whatever form of exchange is what makes it float! Soon ,I believe, we will experience hyperinflation, when that confidence is lost we will become Venezuela where they don’t count the currency but WEIGH it😳! Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

        • Paul ...

          Yes Bruce … people in Texas will see hyperinflation in their electric bills next month!!

      • Better Chetter

        and yet, while gold and silver have been money before, folks piling in to the trend of PMs can end up losing money ($30/oz in ’11 or ’12, then $15/oz in ’18) – all for the sake of investing in potential foundations of wealth (sadly, shorted/manipulated down in price)

        so if BTC is being manipulated up, and you get in and get out in time, you profit; if you’re timing is off, you lose money – such is the nature of investments –

        if you invested in Silver via Mannarino’s many USAWD posts in ’10, ’11 or ’12, then you likely lost much if you needed funds/over-invested in PMs

        • Pete+M

          What is different this time around from the 2011 time period is that debt has soared on all fronts, be it personal, corporate, student, and particularly sovereign debt.
          There is now $27 trillion of U.S currency held abroad. This alone works out to almost $90,000 per U.S citizen.
          U.S Federal debt is now stated at about $27 Trillion, or another $90,000 per U.S citizen, and many people believe this number is closer to $50 trillion as Catherine Austin Fitts believes (who is the next guest on Greg’s show).
          Then tack on all the unfunded liabilities of the U.S Federal Government, all the State Debt, Municipal Debt, City Debt, and you can see that we really have a problem.
          Remember, FIAT Currencies are only held together by confidence, so eventually, the truth will be recognized.
          How can house prices double to triple in most jurisdictions since 2008, the debt and money supply doing the same in that time period, yet inflation only be 1 or 2% per year since then?

      • Stan

        Paul: I urged you to short Gold a few months ago when it was $2000+. You laughed at me.

      • Mark J

        You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. That was a very long rant for someone who knows absolutely nothing about cryptocurrency. Intrinsic value😂😂

      • Mike Liner

        the numbers start at 0 not 1 witch I thank that is the point you are making, LOL. They are not SILVER or GOLD. Very Good Point

      • Rachel

        Your comments help people understand a wide range of issues plus obvious humor here and there; keep them coming Paul.

        • Paul ...

          OK! Rachel … Thanks

    • William+Stanley

      Paul …,
      Re: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

      1. Being free to say what you want is not quite the same thing as giving you the right to make someone else publish it, or the right to make others listen to it.

      2. Some numbers ARE more valuable than others, e.g. the winning number for a lottery; as another example, 3.14159 is often more valuable than 3.1 (in base 10, anyway).

      3. Fun fact: some infinities are larger than other infinities.

      4. IMO,”intrinsic” value (of gold or anything else) isn’t an objective fact existing apart from other “values,” including the subjective values that humans assign to other commodities, goods, services, preferences, meanings or ideals. IMO, the “meaning” of something is not determinable in isolation; things gain “meaning” only in relationship with other things, ideas, values . . ..

      Taking this further: IMO, some sequences of numbers have different meanings — and value — from other sequences of numbers. Which leaves us with the main question concerning the meaning of gold and Bitcoin: Can either have “intrinsic” value? I say “no.”

      • AndrewB

        “Fun fact: some infinities are larger than other infinities.”
        IMHO, one of your most thought provoking comments to date – LOL!!!

      • Mark J

        Your last question & answer are correct.

      • Paul ...

        William … You say: “Being free to say what you want is not quite the same thing as giving you the right to make someone else publish it, or the right to make others listen to it” …well for your information Bill … I don’t “make” Greg publish my comments (he has censored a number of my posts) … nor do I “make” others read them!! … and if you believe some infinities are larger then other infinities … you must also believe that some ones and zero’s are larger then other ones and zeros (perhaps like inside a Bitcoin computer program)!!

        • William+Stanley

          Paul …,
          Please accept my apology, it is owed.
          I did recognize when I wrote my comment (concerning freedom of speech) that it could reasonably be interpreted as a personal attack in exactly the way you did. Still, I didn’t intend that, and I should have taken more care. Paul, I think of you as a friend, and I respect you. Please try to believe that I wouldn’t deliberately insult you.

          I actually liked your freedom-of-speech quote. Nevertheless, I noticed how it could be (mis)interpreted . . . and just blurted out my observation.

          As for the (irrelevant) “fun fact” that infinities come in different sizes, it is actually true. Here is the proof:

          Interestingly — concerning infinities of differing sizes — AndrewB commented to me: “IMHO, one of your most thought provoking comments to date – LOL!!!” I’m still not sure whether he means that as a complement . . . or an insinuation about how boring my comments are. LOL!!

          That said, I have to admit that I have taken somewhat personally your repeated arguments concerning the “intrinsic” value of gold (as opposed to Bitcoin) — although you didn’t address them directly to me . . . perhaps as a kindness. I’ll reflect upon the question of whether my disagreement with your position on that point influenced my “carelessness” elsewhere.

          • AndrewB

            Hi, you should know me well enough by now to realise my comment – re infinities – was intended as praise! No sarcasm intended. In the midst of all the post-election doom and gloom, I really enjoyed the irreverent irrelevance of your observation!

            • William+Stanley

              I really did know that you intended praise. Coming from you, that meant a lot to me.

          • Paul ...

            You are a good man William … I’ve read other comments you have made here at USA Watchdog and I know you have the grit and determination to speak your mind … “which is a good thing” … and perfectly fine with me … as it makes for more intelligent conversation between us Watchdog friends!!

    • edwin knouse

      It’s about the wallet. without it you will not be able to buy or sell. They will have the ability to turn your life off. total surveillance of your life. The mark of the beast. What’s a beast? An animal with no rights?

  2. SymS

    Wow, I can’t believe they removed USA watchdog from YouTube. I can’t find any of your video, except those they were reuploaded by third-parties. It’s all gone. Hopefully this will generate more traffic directly to the website.

  3. Dennis

    Greg, I’m wondering if you have the “closed caption” option available as I have a hearing deficiency that “CC” help me understand communications on the Internet. I’ve watched your show for several years and your search for truth along with your faith commitment. I appreciate the work you do to keep us informed.

  4. Steve

    Stand firm for us who are grateful for your information.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve for your support!

      • Bruce E. Sanborn

        Greg,on the topic of Mitch McConnell, Skynews Australia news woman called Mitcha ” political Jellyfish ” which I thought was an appropriate description! Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

      • Wade Collins

        From a farmer /rancher undet siege. Fyi (water being withheld ) im with you and will stand with you and all freedom loving Americans till the bittet end best wishes for you future without you tube. And god bless

  5. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    Great to see you Greg, enjoyed your show very much as usual. I believe all will be well God is in control amen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dr. Joseph.

    • Wendy

      Yes, God is in control. But He would be totally just to have “given over” (a la Romans 1:26-28) a nation that has slaughtered going on 70,000,000 innocents whose blood cries out to Him and He surely heeds. The wonder is that we were not turned to ashes decades ago.

  6. JC

    German researchers have disagreed with the WHO which claimed Wuhan lab was not the source of the virus. This virus was planned and the action of the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates selling out positions and even bonds from December 2019 into January 2020 and then warnings that Klaus Schwab made to intimates reflect that this was by no means an accident. The evidence suggests that someone may have INTENTIONALLY released the virus for everything was in place and set to launch the Great Reset in just a matter of weeks. The real question that needs to be answered is straightforward.

    • Paul ...

      JC … The real straightforward question that needs to be asked is: Will everyone “have a happy smile on their face” as Klaus tells us (underneath the pie in the face masks the jokers Gates and Fauci have thrown in peoples faces) … as they “slowly put us to death” (like frogs who won’t ever act to save themselves) from “their hilariously funny” Satanist designed vaccine injection that has “the gain of function ability” to cripple and kill you 3 months to a year after taking it??

      • Warren B.

        Move over Ivermectin and HCQ……treatments for COVID.
        Low cost solution for COVID -19 Infection = Lysine Therapy. Proven to interrupt the replication of viruses by countering Arginine.

        • Paul ...

          Warren … Isn’t it interesting how the Catholic Church did away with their requirement for us to eat fish on Friday … and how Government doctors told people not to eat eggs … and to reduce the consumption of meat and cheese … when it is exactly these foods that provide us with the lysine we need (and that the human body can’t make on its own)?? …

      • Warren B.

        There is a rumor that the mRNA shots against the COVID-19 virus (not unlike the nasal swab tests) will actually introduce the virus and then cause the immune system response – a misfiring – attacks on virus cells will actually KILL you.

        Greg, you bought up the issue of the “Narrative” as the reason for de-platforming.
        The new Narrative (promoted by BIG Pharma and supported by the Medical and Political Factions) is here and it is becoming more widespread.
        “Victims (death or permanent disability) from being Vaccinated , are being told that it was their own immune system that caused the Vaccine injury”. The Partial TRUTH is that the Vaccine causes the immune system to destroy itself . The DNA altering bioweapon will attack any viral component residing/introduced into your system.
        This presents in two ways:
        1) An Allergic reaction
        2) Prior corona virus infection of cells – vaccine attacks cells present in organs causing the immune system to respond in an inflammatory/ destructive manner.

        There is the very strong likelihood that many people suffering “COVID-19 auto-immune effects” have in fact been tested beforehand with swabs (actually impregnated with the very agent that is stated to be COVID-19 ), hence the reactions by way of auto immune responses. This is a planned outcome/intended suffering, whereby those suffering such reactions, will mislead others of the horrors of the COVID -19 virus and thereby promote the test and the vaccine protocols. In truth the mRNA vaccines will be the cause of the auto-immune responses.
        WATCH THIS SPACE for increased narrative around the patient being the proximal cause of death from Vaccine Injury. Denial and being absolved/exonerated from liability will be the playbook used by not only BIG Pharma but also the Medical Industry supporting and administering the “Vaccines”. They along with Government are all culpable and should be accountable for their War Crimes against humanity.

        • Paul ...

          Yes Warren … it is a war crime against humanity!!

  7. SouthernPatriot

    Good evening Greg.
    From where I sit, it appears we are not winning. President Trump is out of office due to a stolen election and we have lost “Rush”!
    Most Republicans in office are useless and Democrates hate America. Since when do we allow campaaign contributions to come from foreign countries? There’s to much corruption and fraud in our election process! Get rid of all computer’s and return to paper ballot’s with pen’s or markers!. Secure all ballots under lock and key. Add guards for protecting those votes! One day to vote! And, id’s in order to vote!
    I love my country, but I no longer trust the very politican’s we voted into office in the first place!
    There is really no one in the news that I can trust any more! But there is one Patriot we can count on and that is you! We thank you for that,sir!
    We have talked and talked until we are blue in the face. If the Constitution defines who we are as a country, then it is time to defend those principals, that our forefather’s put to paper. And, died for!
    If the politicans refuse to listen to the John and Jane Does of America, then maybe it is time to get out our pitchforks and use them, until they get the “point”!
    The politicans have run America indo a debt we can never repay! I was a life long Republican, but no more. Enough is enough! Not another dime leaves my pocket for the GOP! I can’t say it plainer then that. Keep this last baston of Freedom and liberty alive! At least for our children and grand children!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SouthernPatriot for your support & your comments here.


        Could Covid Actually be the mark of the beast and when the 5 G gets fully implemented could this be a weapon against all of us?

        • Wendy

          Also [the second beast] causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead,
          so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. Rev 13:16-17
          So it’s some kind of total economic control related to the beast. So earth dwellers will have to submit or starve. That’s why the idea of mandatory injections with tracers OR ELSE seems plausible as a candidate. But plausible is not necessarily so.

        • Paul ...

          Could be John … another thing to worry about is the stories I’m hearing that Bill Gates intends to load up mosquitoes with his DNA changing vaccine and release them all across America … it’s time to buy “bug zappers” … along with the generators needed to produce the electricity “to keep them active” during the rolling power blackouts (when Gates will likely release them)!!

    • Jsuliere

      I believe. The Republican Party is in trouble because the Republican senators are easily swayed or bought. Look at the voting on many bills, and the appalling senators who voted for Trump’s impeachment. Then Mitt Romney, the crem’de la crem’ of traitors, gleefully excited about potentially getting a position oil Biden’s administration. Really??
      Perhaps we should start a NEW party where at least 75 million of us would join and vote
      For politicians we KNOW are true patriots ? The Patriot Party?

      • AndrewB

        “Perhaps we should start a NEW party where at least 75 million of us would join and vote.”
        IMO: Trump was /is the figurehead of a new political party, ‘America First’. He only attached to the GOP because (historically) independent candidates don’t win US Presidential elections. Flynn was a cofounder of America First – which is why he was subject to false accusation and sidelined. Mike Pence was instrumental in taking Flynn down – remember, Trump descending aircraft steps and telling the press that Flynn had lied to the VP and had been relieved of office. Trump was newly elected and, although a powerful businessman, lacked (at the time) the political confidence to resist the calls for Flynn’s head. Trump’s silent backers in the military must have been dismayed to witness the travails Flynn was to suffer. Many of them must have retreated back from America First, to the soft bosom of their fat pensions.
        On a more positive note: Support for Trump has never been higher. If each of the (at least) seventy five million who voted for Trump were to donate just $10 to Trump / America First, it would provide 3/4 of a billion dollar ‘fighting’ fund. Since going along with the globalist agenda literally spells death to many, perhaps a more appropriate donation (to save your life) would be $100 each. That would provide a foundational fund to America First of $7.5 billion.
        That would be a good re-start, however, with such a corrupt voting system it’s currently hard to see how ordinary peaceful means can prevail.

      • Wendy

        We need way more than a new party. Remember what a backlash we got with the Tea Party and to what little effect. However, unless we have a safeguarded voting process we will never have another honest election again, but I doubt we’ll be able to overcome the AI, the quants or whatever system gamers the highest bidders can buy. I’d expect any offices of consequence would be bought and paid for or neutered by bribes or extortion. This is how cynical I became last year. I hope I’m mostly mistaken.

    • Zoë-Gabrielle Miroy

      We’re already doing that. Bidens favourite charitable funder is of course CCP. They create so called foundations to do their laundry. Peace!

    • Dwight Branson

      Southern Patriot, well said sir!

    • Diane

      Great post SP
      I think most of Greg’s readers agree with you well thought out comments.

  8. H.Craig Bradley

    Yes, there was certainly fraud in the Presidential election but there also was similar fraud in the Kennedy-Nixon election, as well. The difference is Richard Nixon was not running around telling everyone about it back then. So, “Its always been that way”, the conventional wisdom says.


    USA election fraud and the President Trump’s no executive action against it seem to usher in the Government of the Deep State cabals, Government for the Deep State cabals, and Government by the Deep State cabals. The cabals let American people to know that the president is not elected by people but is selected by the cabals. Wow, this is something like CCP style.

    • Rodster

      There’s a quote whether true or untrue attributed to Joseph Stalin. “He who votes decides NOTHING. He who counts the votes decides EVERYTHING”.

      • Rodster

        And that’s exactly why Trump is no longer POTUS even though he clearly won the election for a second time. The Dems did everything they could to make sure they were counting and controlling the votes for their guy, Joe Bidet.

      • AndrewB

        Or, more poetically, ‘It’s not who votes that counts – it’s who counts the votes’.

    • Paul ...

      Exactly right Seung!!

  10. Steve

    While integrity, honesty and truth may not pay the rent, you have it in spades and we’re thankful you have it.
    I have been a follower of yours and will help you through these hard and totally unjust times.
    Thank you from all people who appreciate honest reporting and truth in the insane world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve. Your support is greatly appreciated.

  11. Ebert Beeman

    Chuck Baldwin at exposed William Barr years ago. Barr is every bit the dirt bag the Clintons and Bushes are.

    • Robert

      Why did Trump choose Barr as his AG? Trump seemed to get the worst advice for who he chose to be part of his administration and advisers. It’s like who he was listening to, much of the time, worked for the opposition.

      PS – my favorite guest, CAF. Yay

  12. Bonnie Eustis

    So, When Will God’s Kingdom Finally Rule the Earth?
    Some of Jesus’ faithful followers wanted to know too, when would God’s Kingdom begin ruling. Jesus answered their question by saying that they would not know exactly when it would rule over the earth. (Acts 1:6, 7) But earlier he had told them, that when his followers saw a certain group of events happening all at once, they would “know that the Kingdom of God [was] near” and that the time for it to rule the world had come.​—Luke 21:31.
    Jesus said: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, and in one place after another food shortages and pestilences.” (Luke 21:10, 11) Like the lines that form a fingerprint, all these events together form an unmistakable sign. And just as a fingerprint identifies a person, these events happening at the same time identify that “the Kingdom of God is near.” Have such events occurred together and become visible on a worldwide scale? Consider the evidence please;
    WARS! What Are They Good For, Absolutely Nothing⁉
    The first world war was known as the great war, broke out on a scale never seen before in all inhuman history! Historians often refer to it’s big inning🥎, as a turning point in history, because it is when the first-ever world war began. That war introduced the first large-scale use of tanks, aerial bombs, machine guns, poisonous gas, and other such deadly weapons. It was followed by the second world war, 20 years later! A war that gave birth to atomic weapons. Mankind has been fighting wars in one place or another ever since and those wars have killed millions upon millions of people.
    Anyone want to go for a third⁉ We wont get fooled again?

    • Paul ...

      Bonnie … World War 3 “has begun” … initiated by Gates and Fauci with their release of a Satanic “gain of function” virus upon the world … we need to marshal our will … and begin to fight against these evil people … the same way the Russians fought against the Great Satan Hitler …

    • BonnieEustis

      Every year there are about 100 earthquakes that are large enough to cause “substantial damage,” says Britannica Academic. And the United States Geological Survey reports that “according to long-term records (since about 1900), we expect about 16 major earthquakes in any given year.” Though some might attribute the apparent increase in earthquakes to better detection, the fact is that great earthquakes around the world are causing suffering and loss of life on an unprecedented scale.

  13. Dennis Lane

    Excellent Greg your spot on!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dennis!

    • Jacques Bourne

      How could the events that are promised in the Bible happen any quicker than under a rogue administration. Events like governments outlawing religion (Revelation 17:16), economic collapse (Revelation 6:6), and false claims of “peace and security”(1 Thessalonians 5:3)?
      I say bring it on, Joe.

  14. John Nordstrom

    Q: Why are corporations and influencers all jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon all of the sudden?
    A: The Central Bank is doing a ‘charm’ offensive to normalize the use of cryptocurrencies before it introduces it’s own crypto fiat currency and outlaws all others.

    • Rachel

      I think that’s exactly right John!… Great video Greg.

    • Paul ...

      You got it John!!

    • Diane

      Yes , it sure looks like your right.

  15. Anthony Holm

    Great video Greg. I appreciate You!! Thank You for everything you do. GOD Bless, Anthony Holm

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anthony for your blessings & your support!

  16. Don Becker

    We love you Greg! YouTube loser can kick bricks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don for your support!

  17. Dfaught

    Thanks Greg for another great video.
    I did hear that the rulers at large are / have developed their own Bit Coin. Truly I say when they are up and running with it, they will have all their competition removed in one way or another. Nothing is safe with a dimensional computer running at speeds of a petaflop per second.

  18. Robert Olin

    Trump appointed one swamp rat after another. His poor choices set him up for this fraud while he tried to get along with them.

    • Jane Farmer

      First you have to understand how the swamp works. President Trump was presented with a list of potential candidates for these positions and was told he had to choose one of them. The senate would not confirm anyone not on the swamp list.

  19. Robert Spray

    El Pretendo Biden

  20. Pauline Davis

    Just noticed you were gone tonight. So sad when I found out. You didn’t deserve that Greg. So glad you told us about this site. At least I know that I can find you here.

  21. Allen Sachetti

    Another great show Greg!! Pure Truth!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Allen!

  22. Louis

    Great Program !
    Republicans who went against Trump
    Susan Collins (Maine), – Mitt Romney (Utah),
    Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), – Ben Sasse (Neb.),
    Bill Cassidy (R-La.), – Pat Toomey (Pa.)
    Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y. – Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill.
    Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler, R-Wash. – Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash.
    Rep. David Valadao, R-Calif. – Rep. Peter Meijer, R-Mich.
    Rep. Tom Rice, R-S.C. – Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich.
    Rep. Anthony Gonzalez,R-Ohio – Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo.
    Richard M. Burr {North Carolina}

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Louis!

    • regaleagle

      I wonder if some of these “elected” Republicans were actually Demoncrats in sheep’s clothing for the Deep State that ran on the republican ticket in their states because it was easier to get elected on that side of the aisle back then, Huh? We talk about Republican “Turncoats” in both the House and Senate, but perhaps they were never wearing their true coat of colors until they finally were elected. I would not put it past the Demoncratic Party to “plant” some of their followers into the Republican side of statewide elections just to supplant heresy within the Republican ranks in the House and Senate……perhaps a long-term goal now achieved???

  23. bert trim

    Great work Greg. Thank you. USA Watchdog, the best news source on the net. God Bless brother.

  24. Derek Sinclair

    YouTube removes truth tellers. Surprised you lasted so long Greg. USAWatchdog is a must for all sane people and Christians everywhere. Keep up the good work – nobody does it like you. You can expect a donation when I’m a bit more solvent.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Derek!

  25. John Henry

    Who was it said I may not like what you say but I will defend with my life your right to say it.. if I could tighten up my tin hat here for a minute Texas was attacked that was a economic weapon used against Dallas the weather was weaponized h a a r p chemtrails and I don’t know if they’re still using its sodium bromide isotope they move the jet stream yes I know I know phenomenal but they moved the jet stream and attacked Texas to defend the price of oil to teach Texas a lesson for being so haughty and cocky and to say they were going to cede from the Union… it is really amazing please people create global warming Freight forwarding and then they want to charge people and Destroy people to correct it this is been going on this this weather modification has been going on since 1980 that I know about…. also there’s a lot of rumors floating around about what Trump is doing or saying that Rudy Giuliani is off the team and Cindy Paul is off the team and off the this and on the this I was wonder if you could break it down and clarify exactly…

    Abomination desolation Satan the devil occupies where he does not belong

  26. David W. Brown

    Thank you for all you do to keep the world informed. You’re gifted and honest and greatly appreciated by thousands. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David!

      • regaleagle

        Greg……I don’t know what the numbers are for the following that you have, but I would assume it’s in the hundreds of thousands for sure. I’ve been following your site for at least 5 yrs…….I really don’t recall when I first came upon it. But the entire ride has been an enlightening and spiritual experience that has helped me to recognize who I am in Christ and who I am in this world. Thank you, Greg Hunter…….Let us all continue to do what is righteous in the sight of God Almighty. Amen.

        • Greg Hunter

          My site traffic was always about the same as YouTube (I tested) but it did not count with YouTube. It does now. I am better off and I can say what needs to be said. Thanks for supporting USAW!!

  27. Louis

    10 year treasury up.
    Banks & C.U. Saving Rates going down !
    Not sure why yet.

  28. H.G. Barnes

    Hi Greg,

    My ad blocker is off on USA Watchdog. Does this help?


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, H.G. People viewing the ads is how I make money to run the site.



    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DUGETRUX for all your support!

  30. Ranlar

    “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” Mark Twain
    When I first read about Bitcoin years ago, I couldn’t see the difference between a Blockchain, and any other digital currency, that’s backed by NOTHING. Just because it’s more secure and “in a limited amount” doesn’t make it qualify as money. The difference is, that Fiat currency is “stated legal currency by governments”, Bitcoin and other Blockchains are private. Any asset that you can’t touch by the end of the day can spell trouble. Never rub your hands together when you see a paper asset double, triple, or even go up thousands of percentage points. The only true value of any asset is when you sell. I could own any real estate property valued at over a million dollars; however, the true value of that property is only etched in stone is when I sell it. Of course, property that produces something like corn or wheat has more real value; however, when everyone is running to the exit doors at once, any asset can lose tremendous value. History does dictate that over time there are a few things proven to hold value, yes real estate does come back, precious metals have over 4,000-year history, and have proved themselves. What has always disappeared in the end is Fiat currencies backed by nothing, with the exception of the taxpayer, who is on the hook. Modern Monetary Theory is just that, a theory. Maybe it is possible to “print your way out of debt, or borrow more currency”; however, in the annals of history, it has never happened.
    The “Bitcoin Mania” reminds me of the Dutch Tulip Mania that occurred in the 1600s. A rare tulip bulb could buy a house. There is a slight difference between tulip mania and Bitcoin mania, at the end of tulip mania at least you had the potential flower for your grave.
    “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” Mark Twain

  31. Marie+Joy

    democrats/communists count votes. No one, other than democrats/communists will, ever, win an election, again, as long as democrats/communists count votes.

    There is, only, one way to change this and that isn’t likely.

  32. Warren Taylor

    I have just canceled my YouTube subscription..

  33. Jerry

    I am looking forward to your interview with Catherine Austin Fitts.
    She gets it. There is a global currency reset coming, and it may be coming much sooner than people think.

    The United States Of America Corporation is bankrupt and didn’t even bother to file an SEC report or renew its license to transact business for 2021. The vaccine has nothing to do with the coronavirus. It’s a setup for cryptocurrency linkage to global government cloud. Period. I have already posted the information to prove it. The World Economic Forum is running the show, not China boy. He’s a puppet. A figure head. Nothing more!

    My thought on the vaccines. Wearing a mask after getting the vaccine is like wearing a condom after having a vasectomy. Come on folks. It’s the biggest scam ever perpetuated. If you have friends or relatives that have taken the mRNA vaccine, you might want to say goodbye now because they may not be around to celebrate 2022. Studies are coming out showing that the mRNA vaccines will compromise your immune system, when it is exposed to a different virus strain than the SARS strain that COVID-19 came from. That is why you are still being told to wear a mask and social distance even after you get the vaccine. They know it.

    • Jerry

      Broke is broke, and then there’s bankruptcy.

      I was always under the belief that Donald Trump was elected to reset the United States Corporation under bankruptcy law. But that plan has now changed. The globalist want to reset the entire global currency structure with a reset, so that plan is off the table, and he is no longer needed. The bank repos? The money printing? The Stock buybacks? They were never meant to be permanent. They were all stall tactics to buy more time for the great reset. Nothing more.

    • Jerry

      Here’s the globalist rabbit hole. Enter at your own risk.

      • regaleagle

        Jerry……My curiosity got the best of me, so I had a look-see. I’ve been reading your posts here intently for many years, and as most regulars viewers here I know that you are more aware than most of us of the agendas set forth by the World Economic Forum. If you ask me, looking down that rabbit hole at your own risk is indeed very risky business. I did not like even the preludes to what that site contained. There’s a universe of information that is so intricately woven into a fabric of NWO formatting that I quickly decided not to delve deeper down the hole.

  34. Gordon Kistler

    Russia was for Trump, China is for Biden, with any luck all that Biden will get done is to grab women’s behinds and sniff their hair.

  35. Art Martello

    Greg, You have to be very diligent verifying information, especially if you use internet sources. Data and facts are being altered o fit current narratives. Example, the temperature that jet fuel burns at, 800 degrees has been altered with some sources to now be a range between 800 and 1500 degrees (steel melting point) There are a number of other areas like climate data and racial data. The fact police are everywhere!

    • Paul ...

      Art … The criminals can fix the books “to say” a gas flame will melt steel (to try and cover-up their 9-11 crime) … but the fact is … when 340 million Americans make coffee in the morning on their gas stove … the steel grills “don’t get soft” and the coffee pot doesn’t fall to the kitchen floor “in it’s own footprint”!!

  36. Stephen Johndreau

    Hey Greg, I never subscribed to YouTube. I’ve tuned in directly to your website for many, many years – maybe since about 2012 or so. Never missed an interview since.

    Corn and Soybeans are having a good run. Maybe it’s time to head to that field in Missouri soon for a crop report. Spring will come.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Stephen for all your support!

  37. Manuel

    Hey Greg , You are a good guy and good will always prevail . Best to you ! Enoy all of your work !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Manuel!

  38. andyb

    Greg: either a lot a people are downright stupid when it comes to Bitcoin or I’m missing something. How many Bitcoins were mined in Texas in the past week? The answer is none. Mining of bitcoin requires enormous amounts of electricity. Without power, Bitcoin dies. If you feel that electricity will be rationed, as is now the case in quite a few places, why would anyone invest in an asset that could disappear overnight due to lack of electric power. GLD and SLV are scam ETFs established by the banksters to siphon funds away from the purchase of the real assets of physical gold and silver. Is Bitcoin being promoted for the same purpose?

    • Paul ...

      Exactly right Andyb … and crypto miner ARBKF just made a big investment in Texas to mine their crypto … unfortunate move!!

      • Paul ...

        Actually ARBKF got fooled … Texas was the best provider of cheap electricity in the entire Nation … but once Bribe’n got in … he cancelled Trump’s executive orders to provide America with cheap energy … and used the latest ice storm to attack the Texas power grid in such a way as to increase the common peoples electrical bills from $100 dollars per month to $3,000 dollars per month …

  39. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for another insightful reality of the thieving security services ,and the political criminals.
    YT is dead as are many others now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria for all your insightful comments!

  40. Jim

    Hey Mr. Hunter,
    Have you thought about a presence on Gab and Gab TV? Its growing by leaps and bounds and does not censor.

    • Green Lantern

      I’ve been posting his interviews on Gab, using USWD links. He gets reposted a lot, after I post. He has a digital presence there, even if he doesn’t have an account yet.

  41. Doug Cook

    Re: Bitcoin

    Question: Why are TPTB allowing the alternative digital currencies being allowed to run like this?

    Answer: Can you imagine what would of happened to the valuations of silver and gold if all the cheap fiat currency had gone into these traditional safe haven assets? We would be at 50K gold already as Sinclair and others have indicated as fair value.

    The banksters are not going to allow Bitcoin and other pretenders to make their own currency and supplant the dollar and other national currencies. It is being allowed at the moment so that central banks and sovereigns can vacuum up every ounce they can.

    Central banks hold gold as tier one assets and not Bitcoin. I will take BC seriously when the Fed starts holding it as a reserve.

    They want to go digital but it will be their digital currency and not a competing private one. They will criminalize these as being counterfeit currency when they roll theirs out. This will end in tears as when they are ready they will take Bitcoin out yet again with paper futures dumps like they did last time.

    Hold on to your real coins, put them in your safe and don’t worry about the ‘spot’ prices that are quoted. Your metals are your wealth insurance and they will pay off in due time. They are biblical money and have served that purpose for recorded human history and puny man isn’t going to be able to thwart what God has decreed.

    • Paul ...

      Excellent analysis Doug!!

    • Lazlo

      So Elon Musk, Michael Saylor and the like are just going to roll over in submission? Is that how it works?

  42. Christina

    I went looking for you on YT, Greg, only to discover you’d been booted. So, I tried to share this link on my fb page only to have it blocked by the hubristic tosspots. Thank you for being a man of integrity, Greg., and continuing to speak the truth. Sending prayers up for you and yours.

  43. Eugene D Miller

    Greg, thank you for your encouragement to remain strong in this time trouble. I write an devotional for my children and grandchildren every day. Today seemed to compatable to you encouragement.

    Hebrews Chapter 4:1
    1Therefore, since the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it.
    This is really good news, tomorrow has not yet arrived. We are still living in this “today”. The promise of entering God’s promise and rest is still a possibility. Not just a possibility but an invitation to come and enter His rest. We always pondered the Israelites and their rebellion, their hard hearts and wondered why they would be so faithless. We wondered why they would be so unbelieving. They were always the peculiar ones. We were always thinking if we lived in those times, we would have been the Joshua and Caleb’s of that time. We would have stood up and said, we can go into the Promised land. God will walk with us. God will fight our battle ahead of us. We would not have grumbled. We would have been thankful. We would have never wanted to go back to Egypt and enter back into slavery. It is easy to reflect on others and think of ourselves as better people. But are we really? The writer of Hebrews is saying that it is now our turn to be faithful. The promise is now, today, before us. We are now in charge of our attitudes and decisions. We have seen and received the salvation of the Lord in our lives.
    This call to be careful is a profoundly serious one. This is the sign that is on the curved road that says slippery when wet or no guardrails ahead. This is the time to slow down and ponder. Many of us are fast and reckless with our faith, not thinking through what we do or say and how we act. We spend little or no time learning how to drive on slippery roads. We watch others slide off the cliff and believe it will never be us. Today is now our today to be careful not to fall away from our faith and relationship with our savior and Lord. Now is the time to strengthen ourselves in our faith. Now is the time to grow in our listening skills. Now is the time to listen and obey the voice of our Lord and to train ourselves to always obey this voice.

    Challenge for the day: Today, I will discipline myself to listen and become more familiar with God’s voice.

  44. Dave Barabash

    I’ve been following you for years, watching your videos on Youtube (YT), or should I say, “Screwtube.” In any event, I started watching your videos on your site a while ago. Now, I see you’ve been totally erased from YT. So much for free speech.
    I’m Canadian, and happy to have just donated $20.00 in US funds to keep your site going.
    Keep the faith, Greg.
    Best regards,
    Dave Barabash

  45. Mike

    We have 100’s if not thousand of wind mills in Michigan that have been running for years. Just 3 days ago it as -10 degrees. It snows and get supper cold here all the time. Not sure what Texas problem is, but it’s not like wind mills don’t work in the cold. This is pretty laughable to be blunt.

  46. Doreen Remsen

    Good morning Greg
    Great news wrap up as always. Yes what the enemy meant for harm the Lord takes it & uses it for good You are able to speak the truth freely here while the enemies Twitter Facebook You Tube are imploding themselves with loss of subscribers & revenue. And yes truth always comes out No Matter What.
    Thank you for your work your faith & your perseverance. The Lord bless you keep you & prosper your work! 🙏

  47. richard english

    Greg where can I get to see or hear your Saturday Night Post, Thanks

    • Alex


  48. Linda Copping

    A must watch video by Dr Vernon Coleman.

    Who is Dr Vernon Coleman ?
    This is who…
    “Britain’s leading health care campaigner” (The Sun)

    “Dr Vernon Coleman is one of our most enlightened, trenchant and sensible dispensers
    of medical advice.” (The Observer)

    “Sharpest mind in medical journalism.” (Daily Star)

    “His message is important.” (The Economist)

    “King of the media docs.” (The Independent)

    “Perhaps the best known health writer in the world today” (The Therapist)

    “Probably one of the most brilliant men alive.” (Irish Times)

    “The patient’s champion.” (Birmingham Post)

    “Britain’s leading medical author.” (The Star)

    “An articulate and prolific medical author.” (Sunday Times)

    “He writes lucidly and wittily.” (Good Housekeeping)

    “Coleman is a very funny writer.” (This England)

    “Marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible.” (The Spectator)

    “Compulsive reading.” (The Guardian)

    “The doctor who dares to speak his mind.” (Oxford Mail)

    “It’s impossible not to be impressed.” (Western Daily Press)

    “His advice is optimistic and enthusiastic.” (British Medical Journal)

    “He’s the Lone Ranger, Robin Hood and the Equalizer rolled into one.” (Glasgow Evening Times)

    “Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books.” (The Good Book Guide)

    “…no thinking person can ignore him. This is why he has been for over 20 years one of the world’s leading advocates on human and animal rights in relation to health. Long may it continue!” (The Ecologist)

    “The man is a national treasure” (What Doctors Don’t Tell You)

    “The revered guru of medicine” (Nursing Times)

    “Superstar” (Independent on Sunday)

    “Rogue elephant” (Sunday Times)

    “Gentle, kind and caring” (Western Daily Press)

    “His trademark is that he doesn’t mince his words. Far funnier than the usual tone of soupy piety you get from his colleagues” (The Guardian)

    “I would much rather spend an evening in his company than be trapped for five minutes in a radio commentary box with Mr Geoffrey Boycott” (Peter Tinniswood, Punch)

    “Dr Coleman is one of our most enlightened, trenchant and sensitive dispensers of medical advice” (The Observer)

    “What a brilliant, informative website this is!” (K.I. by email)
    “If I could write, my words would be just like yours. (Your site is) the most interesting thing I have read in years. Thank goodness for the internet. If it is only good for one thing, being to educate ourselves, then it is worth it” (S R-B by email)

    “…you have a magnificently well designed site. The content is superb.” (G.C. by email)

    “It is not often that a site impresses me so much that an email of appreciation is in order, but your site is quite exceptionally good. Jam packed with information, neatly tidied away, yet accessible with good signposts, well laid out, easy to navigate. In short, the sort of design that many would do well to inspect and copy.” (D.T. by email)

    “…yours is a superb body of work and you are a ‘must read’ author for anyone who cares about their health and that of their loved ones. I am bookmarking your site from now on!” (G.G. by email)

    “What a truly wonderful site – and writing. I’ve been mesmerized.” (K.L. by email)

    “Great site and fantastic information.” (Jenny by email)

    “I find your website very enlightening.” (E.S. by email)

  49. Sue Patterson has always been my goto place to watch your videos; youtube is shooting itself in the foot by removing good content, but they seem not to care. You must be over the target.
    Psalm 37
    7 Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.
    8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.
    9 For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the Lord, they shall inherit the earth.

  50. Degmd

    SouthernPatriot, you point out the facts, and the inescapable conclusion. Write on.

  51. Adam

    I’m sorry that they’re shut you down Greg.

    On the plus side, at least now you don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing!

    You have a large loyal following which will listen to you regardless of where you post you content.

    Keep up the good work!!

  52. al

    I refer to that VP thing “the Occupant”.

    I’m a proponent of cryptos and yes, I have some but they are pseudo currencies, not real money. I know what others say about the math and heat and work and inter-connectivity blah blah blah. Take Texas in to consideration. You want to buy groceries and there’s no power, it’s much easier to take some hard money out of your pocket than to wait until a Cell or WIFI signal comes through to transact something that you have to wait a few minutes for verification. By then the power goes out again.
    Sorry, Bitcoin does not make the cut.

    ANSWER TO BITCOIN’S UP MOVE: Big money WANTS OUT OF THE DOLLAR but is in bed with the Precious Metals manipulators who are one in the same at times. They really want to buy gold and silver but that would mean driving the price up to $100,000/ounce of gold and that would bankrupt their shorting buddies over at Goldman Sucks or BJ Morgan.
    *** So they drive the Metals price down and scoop it up ounce by ounce, if they can find it.

    We’re staring hyperinflation right in the face. At some point, if this BS puke-green new deal takes hold, the bitcoin miners will cost too much to run during crisis scenarios like what’s going on in Texas, what then? How about a good old EMP from China or from our Sun itself (overdue)? Bitcoin is a speculation at this point and calling it a currency is a stretch.


  53. Kevin

    I couldn’t find you on Rumble; what’s the link? Thanks and keep up the great reporting !

  54. Jacques Bourne

    I don’t view Joe Biden as a sock puppet. I think he is more likely a power mad ideologue. A power mad ideologue with a complicit congress, with social justice warrior persuasion on tap, and with an Antifa street army. What he is going to push through in the next two years is going to be truly breathtaking. Every action he has taken so far has been designed to infuriate the majority. He knows that if the public reacts he can use that as a political event to push through even more, even faster.

  55. Marie+Joy

    Boycott China and all left wing orgs.

  56. WEG

    Greg great WNW and I appreciate your hard work. Fear not my friend you have already won!

    W E Goode
    Glen Allen VA.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks WEG

  57. Greg

    I like to listen to you for True News updates for you got to stop listening to these false prophets. This false prophet Mark Taylor in that one guy that you have on to predict spring as wood Vise and where the markets going and there’s going to be some grandiose Paradise in the mountains somewhere. That’s all pipedream stuff. Put your trust in God like you say that’s all you need

  58. David

    Hi Greg,
    I wouldn’t worry about people finding you … you provide a service no one else on the web provides.

    I have listened to you for years and never miss a Friday update … to be honest, I do not even listen to Fox or Fox biz anymore or anyone except your Friday updates.

    I did for over 30 years listen to Rush and it s so sad that he has left us but he hung in there and fought for us this entire year and now it is your turn my friend.

    Keep fighting for us Greg … as I do believe “something great is going to happen.”


  59. Craig Zumbroegel

    Greg, You Tube cancelled me out just for my patriotic comments! I don’t even have a You Tube channel, but they cancelled me! That’s OK, now I’m satisfied with listening to you once a week!

  60. Hank

    Youtube has removed USA Watchdog, Patrick Timpone, Sarah Westall, and most other popular sites presenting expert opinion contrary to the MSM meme. Even Parler which recently came back online has already practiced some censorship.

  61. Scott

    The principle use of ivermectin is against parasites.

  62. Victor Manino

    YouTube has made itself pointless. If someone is still on YouTube I don’t want to watch them because that means it’s acceptable to Google

  63. al

    I remember listening to Melanie Cedarstrom interviewing Bob Chapman (RIP) way way back. It was great. I would really like to hear her being interviewed by you, she made very good points with Bob.

  64. Marie+Joy

    My Texas cousin woke up to no electricity and a temperature of 7 degrees F. It wasn’t a big deal, for them, because they were, totally, prepared.

  65. Andy Johnson

    Greg, you may want to look into Theta TV. It’s a blockchain video platform that no one can ban or tamper with.

  66. Matthias

    Don‘t forget 9/11 Truth Greg. You covered that one as well

    and it also became a “taboo topic” on Youtube with corresponding videos getting a Wikipedia “info box” attached to them that tries to sell the audience the official government account. See for example the “info box” underneath Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ flagship video documentary “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out”:

    9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (Free 1-hour version)

    But this means on the other hand these people are now “all in”. They won’t be able to claim they didn’t know about these subjects afterwards. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are for example now also running a physical mail-in-campaign to congress where they send a letter to every member of the new congress to inform them about the evidence they have collected with respect to the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC7 – especially the new University of Alaska Fairbanks’ WTC7 study:

    Dear Congress: You Won’t Be Able to Say You Weren’t Informed About 9/11

    Picture of the stack of letters to congress:

  67. mihaela gavril

    President Trump has won a spot in the Guinness World Records Book: he was twice impeached and twice exonerated!!! NO LEADER in the world will manage to match, much less exceed this feat.

    May the Lord bless you abundantly Greg for your efforts to spread the truth!!

    • JC

      Trump’s wall idea was a very bad idea according to Nancy Pelosi, racist, immoral, un-American, etc. So what did she do?

      EXCLUSIVE: Tour Of The Great Wall Nancy Pelosi Built

      • Paul ...

        JC … Some say the reason the Chinese “commies” are not white racists (like Trump supporters) is because two-face Pee-lousy couldn’t find a bathroom on the Great Wall of China … and she just let it all out as she was praising the “commies” for building such a magnificent wall to keep the caravans of barbarians out!!

  68. Trutherseeker


    Yep something’s up with the markets. I wish you would have Clif High on again. He’s has several videos describing what’s coming up. According to Clif, something serious begins to happen on 2/24 – most likely market related. Clif High and Bo Polny are synching up in terms of the information. But Clif is able to follow emotional intensities of his datasets, and he sees lots of intensity from 2/24 -3/25!!

    • Green Lantern

      Cliff’s recent videos are highly recommended for viewing. Welcome to the world of woo!

  69. Joelj Chaffin

    Another great news report. I like the Rumble player because it “cast” directly to a Chromecast device.

  70. Albert Dziennik

    All the Rino’s are merely turds on a stick. They will go down in history as pariah’s to the interest of the people. Right now we are too close to this event to have a good view of the overall account this event will look like. “They won’t be able to walk down the street”…in time that will certainly become true. Lack of adherence to the constitution will become more and more an issue as we sink into darkness, depression and financial ruin. Their attempt to kill the goose that laid the golden egg will blow up in their face. And the misery it causes will force people back to reality.

  71. Ray Stanley

    When are you going to do a follow up to what going on as far as the election fraud coverup. How can we (the American public) have any confidence in voter elections? We know that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.

    Starting with politicians, banking, media, legal, education and religious this past election proves that every institution in America has been comprised . What recourse do we have to correct the ills of America?

  72. Great report Greg.

  73. Ronald Dalton

    Thank you mr. Greg Hunter for spreading the truth! You nailed it again sir! God bless you and for everything you do your family your friends keep up the great work!
    I will be sending you another donation, but I am going to wait on that Christian link I don’t like using PayPal if I don’t have to thank you that’s wonderful looking forward to the new link to pay to make a donation awesome

  74. Randy

    Reason for the cold is we are heading into the Eddy Minimum. Last minimum was the Dalton Minimum. What we are seeing is just the very beginning of a multi decade cooling. Talk to Clif High again, his data was off by a few years, now the Temporal Markers are coming in as predicted including what happen to Texas from his report back in 2016.

  75. Kim

    I’m noticing all the articles that I have seen here are very pro buy gold and silver. And that they are all sponsored by a gold and silver dealer. Truly makes me wonder if it is all just to get people to buy gold and silver. Been hearing that for years… Truly looking for unbiased information…

    • Paul ...

      Read any of Stan’s comments Kim?? … just scroll down and you will find many precious metal haters!!

  76. Randy

    How about starting to accept Crypto?

  77. Tony

    Greg, you have done excellent reporting over many years and we looked forward to hearing you on YouTube. Everyone knows how corrupt our government has been and is exposed for all to see.
    It is pure evil when baby food can be sold with toxic metals levels 91 times the levels that harm these precious little ones.
    Trump gave us operation warp speed and fully funded the Covid emergency executive order that has no end date. He did some good things but also some bad.The false prophets that said Trump would be president shouldn’t be given a voice on your channel. Looks like America is under judgement. Time to focus on preparing to endure and perceiver under the beast system.

  78. Kerry

    I have always used very reliable.

    Thanks Greg

  79. Diana Brown

    Look forward to your weekly posts and your special guest spots. It helps all of us “Fear not”.

  80. Marti

    Hey Greg,
    want to make sure I am on the same page as you. Straighten me out if I’m off here. When you refer to the thief in the White House as ” Vice President Biden”, is he the same guy as “Former” Vice President Biden? Just curious…

    • Paul ...

      Yes Marti … Bribe’n has always been the President of Vice and Corruption!!

  81. Peter Erikson

    Gregs. Interviews with Catherine Astin Fittz. are irreplaceable. You Guys Rock. When I realized the Google Guys took your 1,100. or so Videos Down – terminated your Chanel I was really disgusted. and offended. They have gone way too far . I e-mailed. C2C and Asked George and Tom to Do A Show about The Assault on All of our Constitutional rights and Right to free press. I wish c2c. could help get Larry Ellison and Elon Musk to Finance a Strong , Robust Alternative to Both. Youtube and google. I’m ready to dump both of those companies . I believe Larry page (google – youtube ) engages in ‘numerous unethical business practices and should be sued in Federal Court under Uniform Commercial Code. Business Law that allows for. Punitive Damages = Serious Financial penalties.

  82. anthony

    The problem with the 2020 election is that not one agency performed a proper “voter fraud ” investigation.This election allowed fake votes ,corrupt poll workers and illegal aliens voted without consequence by design.
    Trump and the American people were sold out from day one.Who vouched for AG Barr and why ? Why didn’t Pompeo warn Trump not to appoint Gina.Haspel to head the CIA because she is a corrupt bureaucrat ?

  83. Aaron Laforest

    Thanks for remaining strong Greg. Get a displayed crypto wallet address for additional donation options.

    • William+Stanley

      Agreed. That would make things easier for some people, while reducing transaction costs. It would also provide more robustness and optionality for Mr. Hunter’s viewers in their ability to donate. (Consider the possibility that credit card companies might someday refuse to handle such “money” (just kidding a little) transfers).

  84. Bard

    Keep up the good work, Greg. I stopped watching you on djutube a long time ago, and I come to your site instead. They are are anti-American scum and traitors.

  85. Skip Havely

    Greg, I appreciate you continuing to hammer the truth home to your viewers about the voter fraud and the Virus criminality. This is the only way to wake-up the people who have not been paying attention to this corruption. I pray people are listening to your warnings of our coming financial problems or even collapse. Keep up great work. You have made it easy for your listeners to transition to your view your videos. I hope people understand the need to step up and financially contribute to USA Watchdog, now that you have lost serious revenue from Facebook. GOD BLESS YOU GREG.

  86. ClivenBondi

    Dr. John Cannell, M.D., the Executive Director of The Vitamin D Council. Dr. Cannell insisted on 3 very important things, if your to busy to tan and eating a handful of nuts and seeds every so often and greens and apple a day, for free Quercetin!:
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    Furthermore, Vitamin D is more effectively absorbed and utilized when coupled with certain key co-factors:
    Vitamin K2 partners with Vitamin D3 to ensure that calcium gets inside your bones instead of your arteries.
    Magnesium assists in the activation of Vitamin D3. Magnesium is another nutrient that has an alarming deficiency rate among Americans.
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    FruiteX-B® PhytoBoron is a patented boron/calcium complex. Boron has been shown to help the body maintain optimal levels of vitamin D.
    Taurine is an important amino acid that plays a role in cardiovascular function and muscle response, making it the perfect companion to Vitamin D3’s role in these two key areas of health.
    The importance of maintaining healthy blood levels of Vitamin D cannot be understated. While people have come to think that a glass of milk and a little sunshine will fulfill their Vitamin D needs, the deficiency numbers prove otherwise.
    And as we have seen, when taken alone, Vitamin D does not carry the full effect that it does when surrounded by key co-factors in a balanced formula.
    An advanced D protocol provides a long list benefits for general wellbeing as well as targeted areas of daily health. And while this is by no means an exhaustive list, the vast benefits of an advanced D include support for what nutritionist’s call “The advanced D dozen” THAT GIVES YOU;
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    Sunlight: Good For the Eyes as well as the Brain
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    New American Standard Bible
    The light is pleasant, and it is good for the eyes to see the sun.
    ◄ Ecclesiastes 11:7 ►

  87. Paula Davis

    We shall steer safely through every storm, so long as our heart is right, our intentions fervent, our courage steadfast, & our trust is fixed on God. St. Francis de SAlles

    Keep the faith & in the end, our determination will be rewarded.

    BTW, Holy See in damage control mode after stinging global criticism…a/to Church Militant

  88. Jerry

    It doesn’t surprise me that Germany was the first. We’re being bagged and tagged folks.

    • Jerry

      Like I said, bagged and tagged. Check this out. You have to have COVID ( certificate of vaccination ID ) to get into this store in Israel .

      Of all the countries you’d think they would know better.

  89. Udo van den Heuvel

    W.r.t. BTC: simply buy and hold. (HODL)
    It is going up with 2.5K per week these days.
    Why risk ‘trading’?
    Take profits after 100K or 1M.

  90. Nicholas T Pappas

    You Tube is afraid of the truth as well as Greg Hunter himself!

  91. Jones Alan

    German University Study: Most Likely COVID Came From Wuhan Lab Leak
    by Steve Watson
    February 19th 2021, 5:16 am
    World renowned scientist says artificial origin theory “must urgently become the subject of a public debate”

    Watch Live: Chinese Weather Modification To Blame For Texas Freeze?
    The American Journal February 19th 2021

  92. Juli Barbato

    Thank you in advance for signing the petition. Why it doesn’t already have millions of signatures is beyond me.

    According to the research of Elana Freeland, the noxious cocktail being sprayed double-barreled from the wings of SAI Lofters includes aluminum. In your grandchildren’s generation (for those of us in our 60s and older–or younger, who knows), 30 will be the new 80. Young people will be getting Alzheimer’s, and this is just one result of the unnecessary spray. AND, I can tell you firsthand, it is NOT helping our solar arrays out here in the wilderness. The obscured sunshine isn’t powering up the batteries sufficiently.

  93. Juli Barbato

    Greg: In no way do I dismiss or diminish the shock of your situation, and all that time and effort that seems to have been lost when I say, You are much too good for YouTube! They don’t deserve your quality content. Although this door has closed (unless a decent CEO takes over the reins), another door–and a window–will open!

  94. rod brumley, sr

    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate American Patriot !!!
    I have deleted my You Tube App and will no longer watch anything on You Tube – if enough people would do the same we can make them do the right thing or go out of business – Google is way to Powerful !!!
    President Trump made one major Mistake – he knew that they would Rig the election and he didn’t Stop It – I still ask the question why?? One of the Elite Pollsters said he will have to win Pennsylvania by 5 points to win the state because of the Fraud – He was 100% Correct.
    Biden is Brain Dead and a Puppet – he wont last a year – then the real person they want as President Harris takes over!!!
    Lastly I had the honor of meeting Rush twice he was another Super Patriot – he took the time on both occasions to shake my hand and answer a question – he will be Missed
    Greg we are with you all the way

    • Greg Hunter

      I am with You too Rod!!

  95. iwitness02

    It is so amazing to me to realize that we can’t defend ourselves and our country from election fraud. Even more amazing is the fact when I talk to people about election fraud, I get responses like; “where does this talk of election fraud come from.” “I see no evidence.” “Joe Bribem is a wonderful statesman.” “I feel so much empathy from Joe. He is such a good man. Nothing like the bully that Trump was.”

    This in turn makes me think that the globullists have the green light to do anything they want to from here on out. What’s going to stop them? Another election? There is nothing left to stop them other than we the people. The problem with that is many people adore the old man in the oval office. (one of many problems) We find ourselves facing a grim situation. The only bright side for me is to realize that the powers that rule over us are making their move. They are going for it. Their final solution is in motion. They will crush us, or we will now crush them. The jury is still out on that one.
    I always wanted to see the final chapter and I believe we are there. We are just a few pages into it, but now I can’t put the book down. This is the moment just before widespread violence breaks out on a large scale. IMO. I hate violence, but all other means of protest are being shut down, and I don’t make the rules. Discussion and debate is forbidden. So be it.

  96. Robert Veklotz

    Thanks Greg for being an example of an Ephesians 6 warrior fighting the spiritual battle to keep Americans informed about the most important issues of the day. May God give you the wisdom of Solomon in dealing with the Satanic forces arrayed against all who tell the Truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert!

  97. James Payton

    Great report Greg!
    The news probably came out after you made report about how Russia, Australia and Poland all enacting legislation against social media censoring.
    Big fines.
    And about the geo-engineering, there’s the haarp array in Alaska, but not many people know there’s an up graded array in Montana (I think in Montana or could be Wyoming). That’s not all.
    Nobody really knows what a huge tesla coil does in Milford, tx, but it’s on Google maps if you want to see it. Just about a mile north of Milford west of I-35 you can see it as you drive by, plain as day. I looked up the property owner and it was listed as a corporation that has a retired army general and several others as owners and they won’t disclose what is used for. But just imagine an atmosphere pumped full of chemtrails and the HEAVY metals it contains and its not hard to see it can generate a plasma when the coil is powered on. Well, what can a plasma like that do? Modify the weather may be number one, then there’s the discovery by Nikola tesla that high voltage high frequency electromagnetism affects human emotion. My question to you is, what do the demonic forces feed off of? Fear and negative emotions like anger. Saying fear not is not enough. We must cultivate gratitude, well being and love to starve the demons.

  98. Randy VanderVeen

    Greg I love you but I can’t watch anymore because you focus on what Biden and the Dems are doing for the next 4 years. This is all show. It’s temporary.
    Trump and his team have left countless clues of his return to power this year.
    I’m wondering why you don’t talk about that. Are you afraid it will hurt your credibility?
    How about trusting God and the person who gave up a billionaire life to save the country?
    I hope you don’t believe he just walked away from a job half done. Trump is not a quitter.

  99. Marie+Joy

    I paused AdBlock on

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Marie!

  100. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Another fantastic show! Good on you for running your own site, Greg, God Bless you!

  101. Fred Engel

    Good move Greg, boobtube needs posters their loss. I like you ignore the solicitations from
    the republicans (BS party). Trump is exploring his own platform options and starting a Patriot party. Thank you Greg and fear not. The Space Force has it all Trump will be back in office.

  102. Dale Whitmore

    Been watching for years, glad you’re still available.

  103. Hana H

    I am in Texas. Power got cut off Sunday night; water got cut off Monday morning. Power finally came back Thursday night. It is Friday, and we still have no water. On Tuesday/Wednesday temps were 6 degrees outside, 30 degrees inside the house. ERCOT is an evil progressive org that put 5 million people in danger. We have to take these people out of government.

    • William+Stanley

      Are you thinking about increasing your “disaster” preparedness (including storing more water)? Even a little inexpensive prepping can make things a lot easier in most emergency situations (and most emergency situations tend to be “relatively” short — usually less than a month).

  104. lenora J Allen

    We still need a truthteller. Tell the truth, whatever the cost. Christians stand with God’s o power.

  105. Rodster

    Greg, if you haven’t done your interview yet, could please ask CAF when she anticipates this global currency to take place?

  106. James

    Greg, Will your Old videos be put back up on another Video platform?

    • Greg Hunter

      In time, yes!!

  107. Don

    Yes Greg, the corporate giants remind me of the OT warnings about a resurfacing or the return of the Nephilim’s of ancient humanity (The mighty One’s of old) which God said would come as a tool of destruction in the last days, as recorded in Isaiah. At any rate, the corporate giants and especially the techs. seem to be uniting against the freedoms remaining in humanity. The globalist of the economic forum are very sinister, if you ask me. Greg, have you noticed the open interest and future short positions in the Comex and LBMA. Bullion banks are in big trouble, and the silver markets of physical supply are about drained. Premiums have gone way to high, but still, mint dealers are selling out quickly what’s remaining physical silver there is. March contract due in about a week, on physical delivery hasn’t shown the bullion banks have the physical metals to deliver and could blow up in the next week or so. Anyway, things are getting very interesting, as a banking collapse of the bullion banks are short over 600 million ounces of silver. May be a good time to have a guess on who knows the silver futures market. May the best be yours, and keep on fighting for freedom. Don

  108. Roy

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  109. Dwight Branson

    Greg, because of your zeal for the Truth, I believe that on the day you stand before your LORD and Savior, HE will say to you “ well done thou good and faithful servant”.
    Pray. Trust. Wait.

  110. Fabian Edward

    Hello Greg,

    I enjoy your work and believe you are a sincere Christian. Here is something to ponder:

    It can be proved from the Bible that Jesus, the Word and the Law are all three synonymous and unchanging. The Ten Commandments (written in stone by the finger of God) are a transcript of God’s character i.e., the very essence of who He is.

    However, there exists a globalist organization in this world which thinks it has the power to change God’s law. Sunday sacredness (a violation of the forth commandment) cannot be proved Biblically according to this same organization.

    Do you think God approves of His law being tampered with? If not, then who is the ultimate power behind it?

    The core issue behind everything happening today has to do with who the God we worship is.

    Ed Fabian

    • eddiemd

      You forgot the most important fact. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is God in the flesh.

      That is the starting point.

  111. Lady Jay

    Poor baby. You just aren’t recognizing what is real versus what you’ve been told by Trump. Please wake up, and join the rational/sane world around you. Your head has been spun round and round, Greg. We don’t want anything from you. Just for you to wake up and believe whatever is real, and good, and of God.
    No worries. Just comeback to reality, whenever you are able.

    • eddiemd

      There is still time for you to get right with your Creator. Turn off the iPhone and MSM.

      The deception is altering your mind.

    • William+Stanley

      You are the voice of the global fascist left.
      Mr. Hunter reviews all comments. Why do you think he allows your venomous comments to appear here?

  112. Mike

    Have you visited No speech problems there .

  113. Johnson Smith

    It wasnt catherine austin fitts that got you. It was an old Alex Newman video that I reported. You should of known better

  114. R Thomas

    Greg, my Guy and I have listened to you for quite a long time now. You are our go-to and are in our weekly listening to for our news. We were right there watching with you when the fraud election was taken from our President. You are a great news outlet, and we will continue to watch you. Just a bit of information for you to think about. I have had a channel on youtube, but I didn’t want to keep my channel there because of what they have done to those spreading truth. So, I went to GAB. Recently I came across a video about a group of folks who went into Trader Joe’s without masks, and they showed how the cabal’s minions treated those people. I was so disturbed that I wrote a post and tried to put the link on with some photos. Not only did Gab block me from posting, they then took to removing my comments, and when I logged back in-they had REMOVED ALL of my content. So, I would think about it before going to GAB if you do. The dude who started it; Andrew Torba claims to support free speech. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t seem like free speech to me. Thank you for what you do.

  115. James Cortright

    I sorry you lost your Youtube Channel but I enjoy the fact you are more free to present information. I really enjoy watching you on Rumble I like you are covering Bitcoin. You can obtain it and other Crypto for free from faucets. Webpages than pay you tiny amounts by answering are you a human questions. They get ad revenue from the clicks. You will probably not get rich doing this but you will get some exposure to the product and you will not risk your money. Sometimes you can accumulate heaps of lesser coins like a Dogecoin when they are worth a small fraction of a penny and then go to 8 cents. I can do this while I am watching tv. Martin Armstrongs Computer Socrates really was on Target when it said this would be be the most corrupt election ever . Thank you for your encouragement each week.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks James!!

  116. ken e weberg

    Well Greg for whats its worth I’m an old Vietnam vet with agent orange. (compromised immune system). I live in Yuma Az so am close to the border. MY wife went to Mexico and got us both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine which we took. 6 months no side affects except we seem not to have the bug. knock on wood. I heard 4 you and your listeners that the Tractor Supply Store has the Ivermectin in stock and by the way its cheap. 5 bucks for a year supply of Ivermectin and I think 30 bucks for the Hydroxychloroquine. This is only my opinion and for damn sure is not medical advise but there is a whole lot of info on both. Do your own due diligence but the info is out there. That Doctors name was Pierre Kory and the testimony he gave in front of the senate is still up on YT unless they deleted it Just my 2 cents worth. Be safe to all and think outside the box. GOD bless
    Ken Weberg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ken for sharing your story!!!!

  117. Cindy Chiasson

    Thanks for your great work Greg….so few people left to listen to with all the Nazi censorship going on now…i am very hopeful President Trump has something up his sleeve or i fear 4 years of ChinaBuyden will mean the death of the world as we know it.

  118. Kevin D. Clark

    Your advice to pay down debt, buy food, generator, etc. is spot on. Bitcoin is simply decentalized digital fiat currency that is dependent on a working Internet. and electricity. If silver is not available or too expensive for someone just starting out one can buy nickels by the roll or the boss or even a $200 bag at the bank. They are worth double face value at the current price of copper and nickel. Copper pennies before 1982 are worth more than two cents but most pennies are zinc. I suspect that base metal coins in Venezuela hold value better than the paper notes.

    • Paul ...

      Kevin … You know … I’ve also been telling people that they should own at least 400 nickels each (which will cost them only $20 dollars) … 400 nickels (which weighs about 4 lbs) is composed of 3 lbs of copper and 1 lb of nickel … with copper selling for $4 dollars per pound and nickel selling for $12 dollars per pound … the metal value for 400 nickels is $24 dollars … so you can currently make 20% on your money by simply buying nickels from the bank … but nickels are worth at least “double their face value” if you include the cost for the Treasury to process the raw metals into a nickel coin (which makes the current nickel worth about 10 cents) … but just at the current price for the raw metals ($4 dollars for a pound of copper and $12 dollars for a pound of nickel) a nickel is currently worth 6 cents … compare that to the US fiat dollar that was once worth 100 cents but is now worth “only a penny” … it means that a “real metal nickel” in your pocket is likely really worth $6 fiat paper dollar IOU’s the banksters simply print out of thin air … now consider … with copper and nickel metals being vitally necessary to produce electric cars … the metal price for copper and nickel can easily triple … making the metal value of each 6 cent nickel worth $0.18 cents each (or in paper fiat IOU terms each nickel can soon be worth the equivalent of $18 dollars each) … so the 400 nickels you buy for $20 dollars … could effectively be worth $7,200 fiat dollars … so before you splurge and spend $54,000 dollars to buy one(1) Bitcoin … at least put $20 dollars into some loose “real metal money” and buy yourself 400 nickels (which “percentage wise” can be equivalent to one Bitcoin going from $50,000 dollars to $18 million dollars)!!

  119. Lynne

    Hey Greg, it’s a badge of honour! You’ve told the truth & the reward is cancellation. You always win in my books. You’re in the halls with the greatest of truth tellers now. God smiles 😀

  120. barsoom43

    Food and lead- to protect your food.. Then some gold and silver.. More lead.. Network with like minded neighbors because no one can think of everything.. Learn a useful skill while you still have time. Plan for the grid to go down- build at least a small solar powered generator.. more lead to protect your solar.. Courage.. Everything you see today was happening 90 years ago.. Venezuela, 1790 France and finally the USSR are all going to pay us a visit.
    God is just- we’re going to pay for those 65M murdered babies.. Of all the critters in the universe, God loves human babies the most..

  121. Mark Spain

    thumb up

  122. Merry Piper

    Greg: You are shining the light into the insane darkness. Thank you for your commitment and courage. Blessings upon you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks MP!

  123. Rodster

    This is why you don’t want to take any Covid 19 vaccine i.e. “chemical cocktail”. This could happen to you and it’s a known fact that 80% of those who take a 2nd dose have moderate to severe side effects.

  124. Jen Smallin

    Hi Greg!
    I think the term you need in regard to silver prices above the spot price is called a premium. It is paid, knowingly, by many silver buyers to get coins that are available now. The highest premiums are for US Silver Eagles because they are recognized globally…and have severe penalties for counterfeiting them. Today’s video by YouTube Channel “Miles Franklin” interview on Feb 19, 2021 with Andy Schectman gives a good estimate of where premiums are today. Watch silver on Feb 24! Short squeeze could blow up Comex! Interview Andy Schectman!


  125. L Leidy

    Mark Taylor was a guest I mentioned you bring on for a particular segment you had put on Youtube, and with that nonchalant statement Paypal restricted my account for three weeks, it seems that others experienced the hand slap as well.
    I will check out the service you talked about.
    Thanks and keep up the great work
    Les L

    • Greg Hunter

      I just finished talking to Mark Taylor on the phone and he says it is NOT over. Trump will have a second term, and he will appoint 2 more Supreme Court Judges. He also says the Deep State is trying to discredit him and take him down. let’s all support and Pray for mark Taylor!!!

      • wayne hardin

        Mark Taylor doesn’t need anyone to discredit him ‘
        He does a real good job on his own .
        I guess he can curse me now .
        At least he cant curse me to the forth generation since i don’t have kids .
        I will pray that he repents for sure .

        GOD BATS 1000%
        All these people that say God said and it doesn’t happen don’t
        seem to know the number of people that they have hurt .
        Or it looks like they don’t care since all they can do is call them satan .
        Or tell them they don’t have faith / they had faith that what they said
        was from God / and it didn’t happen .
        So that means God didn’t say it ……..PERIOD .
        They are doing more damage to people than they know .
        Like i said before even if trump gets in there have been a lot of lies told .
        And mark has told several you can find them on the internet .
        GOD bats 1000%

        • wayne hardin

          If you say something is going to happen on the 6th or the 20th or what ever .
          Why would you get mad at somebody else when it didn’t happen .
          You are the one that said it would happen not them .

        • Greg Hunter

          Taylor predicted Trump would win and he did–then it was stolen.

          • wayne hardin

            No doubt Trump won .
            No ? about it .
            But they all said GOD said stuff would happen and it didn’t .
            And then get mad at people for calling them out .
            They might want to check with what Gods word says about people
            that do it .

            FACTS nothing but FACTS .
            They are hurting people in ways that they don’t realize ‘
            There are people that think God lied / believe it or not .
            I know God is in control and know what will happen because i know what
            the Bible says .
            But a lot of people listen to men and don’t know what the bible says .
            It is real easy to get fired up listening to them talk and think that would
            be wonderful .
            But when you know what the bible says / it doesn’t match up .
            With what Gods word says will happen .
            I will stick with the bible

            • Charles H


              I’ve tried to explain it… but doesn’t seem to get through. There is the Holy Bible: which ALONE holds God’s authority and veracity. Then you have EXTRA-BIBLICAL ‘revelation’, from ‘modern day’ prophets/preachers/bishops/apostles. The former is sealed by God with the warning/command NOT to add to, or subtract from. But there are people out there speaking for God, and getting their prophesies wrong: then arguing semantics concerning the outcome. These are they which are adding to the (supposed) volume of God’s revelation. It is no use trying to disuade such from subscribing to this activity.

              The bottom line is to which Authority one subscribes. One will bring the believer out right. The other will bring them to ruin. This is the damage you speak of.

              • wayne hardin

                Getting their prophesies wrong is right ‘
                That is the point they are not Gods .
                I just cant understand why people keep listening to them.
                When it has can be proven they told lies .
                Start from their own mouth on video .
                But one thing is for sure there is big profit being a prophet .
                well 2 things the other being .
                a fool and his money is easily parted .
                SAD ISN’T IT >

      • Jerry

        Are you sure about that? This isn’t David Goldberg. It is someone reading his documents exposing the truth.

        The whole time we all thought Trumps EO were for the deep state. But they were meant for patriots. Have doubts? Where is Jeffrey Epstein’s recordings? Where are the arrest? Trump threw the patriots under the bus on his way out. Period. Q, Charlie Ward, etc. are deep state actors peddling a con.

    • Rodster

      Can you just imagine the level of tyranny that would take place when the world is switched over to digital currency? It would be the old Soviet Union and China all rolled into one.

      • sands

        Glad you recognize this…It keeps getting lauded as “escaping the system” yet the reality is they’re running head first into an even greater iron fist.

        The entire “global warming” agenda is teaching us that global communists are reaching for the last bits of control over energy production/distribution and they could cut off anyone from being able to use it. Not to mention the commie control over big tech they could shut anyone down digitally.

  126. Lord Nasdaq

    Great show, Greg! Enjoyed Celente last week.
    To hell with YouTube – I go to your site, This is a new mandate for many of us in N.C.; go to the host/individual’s actual websites such as,,, and others that have or will soon be banned via YouTube.

    We see (my investment partners since 98) a top on S&P at the 4200 area with a small pullback prior to then around 10% or less. This will subside when Congress with impeachment b.s. over, no wars – yet – and a desire to keep the Biden/Government Put going, vote and then approve the proposed $1400.00 stimulus checks.

    There is no way in hell with job layoffs (oil via train vs. pipeline for example), higher cost of living due to rising lower skilled/mass of new waves of individuals from other countries seeking government aid, Paris Agreement almost instantly reinstated, and more, that the markets can stay up without the stimulus from the government put.

    Hence the $1400.00 checks. You should see ^vix bottom out at 14. The days of 8-9 ^vix (were and will remain all-time lows!) during the peaceful, calm Trump 2018/2019 era with a positive federal funds rate are over. See the Federal Reserve is no longer in the equation for us. President Trump for example, will become the last President to ever have the federal funds rate increased(!) on multiple occasions during his first two years.

    After those levels on S&P and ^vix and with millennials having spent their $1400.00 stimulus checks on marijuana stocks, surges into specific securities as we witnessed with GME, Bitcoin, and even silver, fasten your seat-belt!

    Last Reddit, YouTube, and worse – FB shows what investing has become. Robinhood Securities also “self-inflicted” their reputation by apparently not having the liquidity to cover many of the trades of hyped up securities. Noway they can compete with platform of a combined SCHW and TD Ameritrade. Plus Robinhood Securities will spend even more money prior to an IPO soon on court fees as they will be called to testify in front of the Federal Trade Commission. Even if RS isn’t called to testify, good luck to them against the professionals.

    Thanks, Greg, for your Weekly News Wrap-Ups and I look forward to “The Queen of Forecasting,” Professor Fitts this weekend!

  127. TyroneB

    I process the VAERS data every Friday. I posted this week’s plots at the link below in the comments. You can see 1) Deaths per Age Group w/Mortality rate, 2) Deaths per day, 3) Cumulative Deaths. Overall mortality rate is up from last Friday:
    2/12/21 data: 0.0017%
    2/19/21 data: 0.0019%
    I figure if this hits 0.004% they will not be able to hide the danger.

  128. Coalburner

    One more thing. Hurrah for Laren Bobert, Congresswoman supreme, for fighting for pushing to protect our Contstitutional rights, every last one. Pushing back against obstinate, ignorant bullys in Washington DC.

  129. Benjamin

    Thankyou Greg when I watched for you to pop up on YouTube glad I remembered good old USAWATCHDOG.COM always looking forward to hearing your weekly insight but I’m in 100% agreement of your line of thought Thankyou and God Bless

  130. Secret agent WD-40

    I just realized that in a way, history has repeated itself. In 1963, John F.Kennedy was assassinated, by a conspiracy no doubt. Why ? So that the CIA could fight a clandestine war in Viet Nam. JFK was planning to withdraw our troops. After Kennedy was dead, we were left with a much older tool of the deep state, Lyndon Baines Johnson. LBJ expanded the war and we lost over 50,000 troops and a hell of a lot of money. Why ? I believe that it was so we (American arms makers) could sell billions of dollars worth of product. And why was Joey Biden the empty head fraudulently installed as president in 2021 ? Because Donald Trump wouldn’t go along with the globalist program. He started no wars in his term as president, and did many things that were against the deep state’s/globalists’ agenda. Now they have a more pliable puppet installed . He doesn’t object because he doesn’t even know what he is doing. The only difference is that they KILLED Kennedy and they destroyed Trump politically without killing him. They were not happy with defeating him, they even impeached him AFTER he left office. Now we can have MOAR WARS !
    Why do we need more wars ? To test weapons to sell to other countries. Small wars are the new car showroom for these weapons from jet fighters to missiles to tanks to laser weapons. Billions and trillions of dollars worth of weapons to be sold.
    Also, Trump was making a serious dent in the human trafficking business. That is BIG BIG money. Plus, building Trump’s Wall was going to seriously slow the influx of illegal aliens who invariably vote democrat. They did not literally kill Donald Trump like they killed Kennedy. They did not have to.

  131. Thomas

    Hey Greg…not looking for medical advice…just wondering if you will be getting the Wuhan Virus vaccine??

  132. Ralphh

    All the News Blackouts are keeping important information from being disseminated. Who controls the Media ? Who ?. Take a guess.

  133. Not So Free

    Imagine if you will…
    a world in which youtube, twitter, and facebook merge to become known as

  134. Patricia Carrowiano

    Greg, just wanted you to know that I have been watching your reports for a while now. I followed you over to your web site when you mentioned your first issues with You tube. I did not want to miss your reports. You are so relevant, detailed, interesting and TRUTHFUL! A true journalist is so rare these days!! And I love your sense of humor…Loved your “can of whoop ass” comment on Trump’s response to McConnell!! Hey I am from NC and yes he did bring that “can” on !! LOL What I love the most is the encouragement and faith you give at the end of all your reports. You are a real treasure. Keep up the good work! People will seek you out for sure. God bless and thank you .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Patricia!!!


    Yeah, Republicans get really loud when their out of power.–But when they are/were in power they do nothing…like Lindsey Graham.–It’s all for money & fundraising.
    –So few work for us.


    Greg, Please let me know when you are live on Cornerstone.
    Also–Love to hear Martin Armstrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      Soon come on both counts.

  137. Mick

    Theta TV!!!
    Thata baby, Greg!!
    Set up a Theta wallet and I will send you some tokens.
    I am fiat poor but Theta rich 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

  138. Roderick

    I can’t believe what You Tube did to you. This ongoing purge is crazy. I have been following USA Watchdog for quite a long time. You have great guests and I look forward to your weekly news wrap-up videos. I am slowly leaving You Tube for other venues, like Rumble. You are a real journalist so hang in there. I have no problem using your website more and checking out Rumble. You always provide an upbeat message to your viewers which is much needed for the times we are living in. Don’t let your voice be silenced. God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Roderick for all your support!

  139. billy

    Douglas Murray in his great book the Madness of Crowds states how the big tech companies will only hire people of very liberal leftish views who believe in Green Revolution, LGBTQ, Trans Gender, Socialism, BLM, etc. He goes on to mention how the recruitment process for these companies weeds out all conservatives or people from more traditional view beliefs.
    Dave Collum would be a great guest and Douglas Murray.

  140. dclinde

    At the 14:45 mark, Greg mentions something like ‘stated tv’. Can anyone make it out?

    • Greg Hunter

      theta tv.

    • Greg Hunter

      Theta TV

  141. Stan

    One question the Bitcoin people never can answer is this: If the universe of cryptocurrencies is always expanding, and many of these cryptos can do everything Bitcoin can do, then why will Bitcoin be a long term store of value? Look at Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero etc., all these cryptos can do all that Bitcoin can plus they are faster and some offer better privacy.

  142. Carolyn Ely

    I would like to be on Greg’s e-mail list.

  143. Michael B Anenberg

    Capital seems to be going into Bitcoin instead of Gold and that’s why Gold is not moving. Bitcoin is the new Gold? Maybe? Bitcoin is not only a currency….but now it’s a store of value. The market will dictate whether that’s true or not. Consider other crypto’s folks.
    One is LiteCoin. Get on this train.

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “Capital seems to be going into Bitcoin instead of Gold and that’s why Gold is not moving.”

      That seems to fit the data and I tend to agree.
      I would point out — I think others here have as well — that the “mania” in crypto may reflect the growing realization that dollar-denominated debt is becoming worthless. The mania in crypto may, in turn, lead more people to understand the issue with dollar-denominated debt. And THAT could (soon) lead to much more interest in precious metals as well.

  144. Greg Morrissey

    Did you or your audience here about or know about this one

    Surprised ? or knew it was coming ? and not surprised

  145. Frank Leisner

    Greg- thank you for sticking to the truth regardless of the consequences. Always remember that we have Jesus and He will always protect us from the evil one. God bless you my brother.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank for the blessings & the reminder.

  146. Michael

    Following the election, the main stream media strongly resisted discussing the possibility of voting fraud. No discussion or debate was allowed. What happened to investigative journalism ? If there was no voting fraud. then why do we need a permanent razor wire fence surrounding the US Capitol building ?

  147. Charles H


    I learned back in High School – Sociology class: that all one has to do is “define” their adversaries in “negative” terms, to subordinate a peer. It was called ‘mud-slinging’ back then – when truth was a general standard in Society. Today – no such standard exists: and all that is necessary is to hurdle lies (social justice warrioring) at every micro-aggression. NARRATIVE?!?? Roll up your sleeve, boy! You ain’t had your vaccine of idiotological conformity, yet! ((Conform – or be subordinated.))

  148. alfy

    you were no longer restrained by posting to youtube. so they banned you. salute to you for choosing freedom.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Alfy!

  149. Rob

    I’m still following you Greg keep up the good work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rob for all your support!

  150. Jennifer

    Hi Greg,

    FYI…very recently Tucker Carlson said on air if ANYONE…ANYONE is been banned by big Tech you are invited here to come on my show to discuss this. You may want to reach out to him as you have been banned by YouTube. It will have the added benefit of bringing more eyeballs to your sight. The more the better.
    Good luck.

    • Jennifer

      Sorry if what I wrote here was unclear…that’s what happens when you don’t have your glasses! 🙂

      So…Tucker made an open invitation by offering anyone who has been banned by big Tech to come on to his show. If you are so you have many valuable incites to share with the public, it may be a great and timely opportunity for you to reach out to him as your messages really should be heard by as many people as possible.

      • Greg Hunter

        Sign me up Jennifer.

        • Jennifer+Ohman

          Hi Greg,
          I emailed you my correspondence with Tucker Carlson Tonight.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks Jennifer. I tried to email and could not get anything but “error” every time i tried to send from the Carlson website.

  151. wayne hardin

    Youtube will end up costing people big time .
    Look at all the people on there talking about prepping .
    Yes they are helping people but when the shtf .
    What they have done to help people will cost them big time .
    They show the world what they have and where to find it .
    When people get hungry they are going to eat .
    And after they eat all the food and taken all the prep’s they have showed them .
    They could be eaten also .
    The old saying holds true / lose lips sink ships .
    But look at all the money they are making on youtube .
    The ? is who will spend it .
    All the food who will eat it .
    I think people need to keep their mouth closed about what they have .
    And they might be able to survive what is coming .
    And be able to help people God tells them to .
    Instead of being robbed by people they thought they were helping .
    JUST A THOUGHT . We are living in a wicked world .

    • wayne hardin

      When i got in the business that i was in .
      The man i got it from told me something .
      He said when they come in the door they have one thing on their mind .
      I said whats that / he said screwing you / i said i don’t believe that .
      He said Wayne you ain’t in sunday school no more .
      He was right is all i can say .

  152. Theadore

    Greg: You mentioned the use of Ivermectin (antiparasitic) as a possible treatment for CV. If that works maybe fenbendazole (Panacur or Safe-Guard) which a anthelmintic used in animals for parasites and may also provide a possible treatment. There are numerous anecdotal stories of individuals using it successfully for more serious aliments. It was first mentioned by Joe Tippens on YouTube a few years ago.

  153. Chris

    WARNING !!!! Do not click on Lysine link by Carlos above…adware puts new crap on your computer and downloads a not needed media player…

  154. Christopher Strunk


  155. John Greer

    Great work Greg!!! As an aside, I am doing everything I can to NOT watch YouTube. I want other sites to rise up and replace YouTube.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John!

  156. Russ McMeans

    Exceptional broadcast Sir Greg. I am starting to access real estate sales in over priced Calitopia markets so can help out financially. Minus a possible second back surgery. Not looking forward to that. Maybe I can gift you my new iPhone 12 and laptop MacBook. 2020. I have nobody to gift stuff to. Unfortunately no children. Divorcing wife nebeccausec I can’t drive or sit 6?hour to drive north to Oregon. Sorry about spelling in websites. Cannot see 7 font so I’m typing totally blind. I’m just guessing my spelling. God bless. You’re the best. You’re player works well in iOS 14.5 iPhone 12. I might buy iPhone 12 Pro Max-$1200 phone. Because I can afford it and then can gift my iPhone 12 to whoever I want to give it to. I’m disabled so money not an issue anymore. Back completely out of commission. I chew my teeth every morning in pain. Evenings much better so I stay up late. Pacific standard time. I tell everyone to pray for my doctors since praying for me doesn’t seem to work. I’m done.

  157. Russ McMeans

    Biden is a faux Paugh President. I don’t know how to spell that word. Idiot with crash our economy. Never ran a hotdog stand. A complete idiot with zero connection to reality and how businesses work. A Fool. Washington DC needs a hydrogen bomb dropped on it. It’s just mostly pure evil now. Of course the evil Chinese would take advantage then. Our government is run by 90% idiots.

  158. Russ McMeans

    Greg’s little player works very well in iOS 14.4 iPhone iPad s. Haven’t tried in my new MacBook Air 2020. I stream to Bluetooth Bose speaker. It’s wonderful when you’re really screwed up physically. ( stuck lying on my damn back too often)…
    Life is short. Buy an iPhone 12 and a Bose speaker. Make sure you have 26 gigabytes of downloaded music you paid your favorite artists for. Do not stream music from a subscription- bad on phone battery life. Buy your artist’s albums. Also pay USA Watch Dog for content. I’m signing up for Bill O’Reily. Com access too. Bill O’Reily is kicking ass still. Good conservatives out there. Also Epoch Times.
    I still have Drudge Report as my doomsday home page though. Ya have to confront ugly planet earth first everyday. Go to Zero Hedge for excellent reporting outside mainstream media. Plus USA WATCHDOG Can’t wait for Katherine the Great interview. She KNOWS things.

  159. Russ McMeans

    Greg’s website like Reno , Nevada. Greatest little website on the planet.

  160. Russ McMeans

    I’m the west coast watchdog watching over every thing at 3 am pst. Sleep only a little bit. I’ll be the first to report our next big earthquake. Plus if second vaccine turns everyone into zombies we are going to have our hands full. Zombies have to be decappitated ; a daunting task. I miss spelled because I can’t see 7 font on website. But we will need swords. Only way to stop zombies. Guns won’t work.

  161. Nibiru Action (Phil)

    We have several video sharing platforms competing with YouTube and one I joined is

  162. Jim Furr

    Love ya Greg!
    Always name the republican traitors so we won’t forget who they are!
    Poor Greg, sensibilities were stabbed and he is still bleeding!
    Greg, God wins in the end brother : )
    -Jim >

  163. Mandy Logan

    Excellent truthful reporting Greg! Ppl need to hear this info. Its unbelievable how they are blocking the truth! Pure EVIL times we are living in! Blessing from New Zealand 🙏

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mandy!!! Stay Safe in NZ!!

  164. cbd oil india

    Over the previous few years, human beings have realised that a excessive isn’t all this plant can do, as hemp and CBD oil were feasible utility-pushed and medial options for years together. That’s why the use of CBD oil to deal with scientific illnesses has come into exercise off late, buy cannabis medicine and cbd hemp, sanan ayurvedic hemp churan, cannabryl Raw vijaya extract however how wholesome is that this exercise?
    Is the use of CBD oil felony on your country?
    Let’s understand.

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