Mueller Investigation Started by Fraud, Roseanne Dangerous, Credit Crisis Coming

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 337 6.1.18)  

The Mueller investigation into Russia colluding with the Trump campaign was started with FBI paid spies. Congressman Trey Gowdy calls them “informants,” but other top former federal prosecutors call them spies that were hired to plant phony evidence to try and get Trump kicked out of office.

Roseanne Barr was fired from her show, and it was cancelled all because of what ABC called a “racist” tweet involving former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett. I don’t think Barr was fired for this tweet, but she was fired because she was waking up the masses to what the Deep State and George Soros were doing to America.  According to Barr, Soros is trying to initiate an “overthrow of US Constitutional Republic.”  The ideas she was putting out on her show were so dangerous to the Deep State they were willing to flush $60 million in revenue a year by cancelling the hit TV show.

Deutsche Bank (DB) is flashing a warning sign again. This time, the FDIS added it to a list of problem banks.  Could DB start another credit crisis by imploding like Lehman Brothers did in 2008?  DB is so big it makes Lehman look like a kiosk.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about the top stories from the past week in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Peter Schiff is the guest of the “Early Sunday Release.” Schiff has a stark warning what is coming and tells all to “enjoy the calm before the storm.”



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  1. Winnie Pooh

    CNN’s School Shootings Math Doesn’t Add Up: BB Gun Bruises Don’t Count
    by Caleb Howe | 12:02 pm, May 23rd, 2018

    Roseanne Is Out? Explain Maher, Sharpton and Olbermann
    May 31, 2018

    • Dan

      Oh, & you still need to educate yourself about WATERGATE – again, resulted in the ONLY RESIGNATION OF A SITTING U.S. PRESIDENT! Stealing a piece of gum, my a$$!

      • Greg Hunter

        There was zero national security issues in Watergate and nobody took bribes and made money. Total opposite of what happened with this president.

        The FBI exonerated Hillary while trying to frame Trump with the use of FBI, DOJ and CIA assets, spies and agents. People are going to jail for this fraud and treason, I think this will include Obama.

    • Dan

      Can’t stand a contrary opinion, can you Greg? PATHETIC!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Destroy your opponent when your argument sucks? PATHETIC!!!!!

  2. Paul ...

    You know … with regard to Roseanne Barr being fired … was it a “racist” tweet or simply “freedom of speech”? … it seems like an Iron Curtain has come down not only over Europe (i.e. Tommy R) but right here in our USA (renowned for having “solid protections for the right to free speech”) … was Christ being “racist” when he talked against the money changers and overthrew their tables? … yet Hillary (heroine of the transgender sociopaths) can speak of setting up a Commie Village (where children belong to the State and not their parents) and that is not considered “racist”?? … seems the limiting of the Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech is being applied very selectively by Demon-rat neocons so as to suppress only “certain peoples right to speak” who don’t fit in with their perverted view of the world (where children don’t have parents or rights to choose and are forced to use unisex bathrooms inhabited with pedophiles and all that that leads to)!!

    • Frederick

      You know Paul when I was young I was being followed by a creepy pedo in Penn Station and all I did was grab ahold of a couple cops walking their beat They dealt with the pedofile promptly without any hesitation But that was then and we live in the now

      • Paul ...

        Yeah Frederick … in the here and now our kids don’t even have the right to choose to call their own parents Mom and Dad anymore … makes me very seriously wonder … do all the crazy psychopathic warmongering neocons plan on “killing every women on planet Earth”?? … and “just clone” the next generation … who have no father or mother but will will “Live in a Village” ruled by one Queen “bee” (Hillary) … and where all the honey made in the hive belongs to the Queen … yes, it “Takes (such) a Village” for Hillary to rule the world!! … but how will men satisfy their sexual desires without women in the world (except for Hillary) … pedophilia comes to mind … now isn’t that exactly where the perverted Satanic neocons have been trying to taking us with their unisex bathrooms, continual wars and their First Strike Nuclear Policy to bomb entire cities to “kill all the women” living there … President Trump is going to Japan shortly … and he will finally apologize to the Japanese people … for the genocidal war crime of dropping atomic bombs on ordinary civilians …good for Trump … Truman is now in a special place where he will have to live for all eternity with the terrible thought of his horrendous deed!! … the world must become a better place … a place where we don’t kill women and children and this includes the cities they live in!! … if men want to kill each other “for sport” … let it be on a battle field or in an arena like the gladiators of old … when their was “honor among men” to protect their women and children!!

        • Paul ...

          You know … as you so rightly say Frederick … “that was then (but) we live in the now” … two very different worlds … however the choice being put before us is “ours” to make … not Hillary’s or some other neocon … we currently live in a golden age of wisdom … and yet their is much foolishness and evil around … it is a time to stand up for our Religious and Constitutional beliefs … and yet incredibly there are people so dumbed down they still believe the Earth is flat … this is an era of Light where “free energy is available to all” … and yet Satanic Darkness binds us to illogically using oil and gas … we look to Trump as the coming of spring and hope … and yet the neocons around him bring us only a winter of despair … we can have everything good … everything we can ever imagine before us … and yet we have people supporting nothing but continual war … we can make all this Holy Land called Earth bestowed upon us by God a “Heaven on Earth” … and yet … we promote the constant killing and Satanic sacrifice of women and children in never ending wars and as sex toys for pedophiles … the choice is ours … we can be good … or we can be evil!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Greg put up a stirring defence of Roseanne Barr but considering she has evidently spent so much time scrutinising Valerie Jarrett’s appearance I can’t believe she didn’t realise she is black. I do agree that the Soros tweet was the better one. Maybe if Roseanne used her brain it would be more challenging for the establishment to take her down.

      • This sceptred Isle

        I think we are going down a dangerous path as it now seems to be common practice to bash public figures we don’t like based on their physical appearance. This is perfect for the establishment as it is another distraction from the real issues at hand.

      • Maurice

        I thought Valerie Jarrett was Iranian / Persian … not ‘black’.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Really? Does her name sound Iranian?

        • Diana Dee Jarvis

          Maurice, Jarrett’s father worked in Iran for a while. I’m not sure if she was born there or just lived there with her family as a child. I think that’s where the confusion comes from.

      • William Stanley

        TSI: Interesting factoid about Valarie Jarrett’s race (her DNA is less than 50% of African ancestry):

        • Jennifer Ohman

          And what if she was of 100% African ancestry?
          Clearly Rosanne’s comment was not wise to tweet out to the world and is insulting to VJ, but thinking that a human resembles an animal is NOT racism! If one honestly SEES a resemblance, then they see a resemblance. it’s just a visual fact to them! Period. It may be rude to SAY, but it’s just truth to them!
          Menachem Begin always reminded me of an ape! He was not black. He was jewish. I never thought he was inferior to anyone. I just thought he looked like an ape. That’s a fact.
          Most people thought, including Winston Churchill (and me), that he looked like a boxer dog! He even posed for a picture with a boxer! Is this racism?! Hardly!
          Ann Coulter, who I really like, reminds me of an Afghan dog! And I think she’s brilliant! Racism…really?
          This “racism card” is ridiculous , and is really all about mind control. When you own your own conscience you disempower the left. They try in every way, to seize control over it. In all areas of your life, own your own conscience, defend it, stand up for yourself and always speak the truth in YOUR mind!

          • William Stanley

            RE: “And what if she was of 100% African ancestry?”

            Yes, so what. However, the factoid I offered supports the thesis that Roseanne may well not even have been aware of Ms. Jarrett’s race affiliation, much less making a racist remark.
            Moreover, if Roseanne did know the composition of Ms. Jarrett’s DNA and was casting a racist remark, what race was she denigrating?

            • Jennifer Ohman

              My point is that, it should not matter if Rosanne knew if VJ is black or not, if Roseanne is making an observation, if this is how she feels about VJ’s appearance. Now, I don’t believe that it is appropriate to attack someone for their genetic appearance. You can hurt people’s feelings this way and it has nothing to do with any debates, ideas, conversations that you may have with someone else. But in regards to Rosanne’s comment, she did NOT say “blacks”. She did not refer to the black race. If she had, in place of tweeting, “VJ”, then I would take that comment as a racist comment. However, Rosanne did not do that. She NEVER discussed RACE! She specifically said, “VJ”.
              Now that this comparison has been made, and is being talked about, then I will say that I can see the similarities regarding VJ, too! It’s just a physical observation regarding Valerie Jarrett! Not Natalie Cole…(my favorite) or Whitney Houston (my second favorite) or Barrack Obama (my least favorite), none of which look at all apish as well as countess other black people, who in no way look apish!
              When people get angry, like Rosanne has, it can often be difficult to keep personal insults and invectives out of one’s comments, when they harbor such feelings of disdain. “Little Marco”, “Rocket Man”, the use of the “C” word toward Ivanka, and on and on. Rosanne clearly hates (George Soros and) Valerie Jarrett. She, unfortunately, acted impulsively in making her comparison. Especially, in these socially heated times, she should have acted more responsibly. But I simply do not see the explicit racism in her comment.

              • Jennifer Ohman

                Just curious…do you ever stand up and defend white people…since THEY are so fervently under attacked? (I do.)
                If you are white, are you afraid of being viewed as a white supremacist, if you do stand up for white people? (I’m not.)
                Are you afraid to say that you might be or are proud of the accomplishments, contributions and achievements of the White race, which happens to be astounding? ( I’m not.)
                Do you realize that this is NOT racism against Blacks, Asians, or any other people? ( I do.)
                Are you afraid to say you love and embrace..ANYTHING.. about “white” culture, which is very rich and deep,… as blacks are encouraged to love and embrace their black culture? (I’m not.)
                Do these questions make you feel uncomfortable and awkward?
                Hopefully not, but unfortunately, they do for most white people. In fact, most WHITE PEOPLE seem to feel GUILTY for being WHITE! They spend more time criticizing and apologize for themselves! It’s absolutely disgraceful!! (And you can thank the left for this accomplishment.)
                Realize…that this attack on white people IS orchestrated, just as it is orchestrated against Christians and Conservatives!! The left is controlling the dialog. They are constantly putting Whites, Christians and Conservatives on the defensive and it is utterly disgraceful how cowardly they behave! They stupidly let the left control their conscience.
                Whites and Conservatives need to do a better job of standing up for themselves! They need to stop being politically correct. They need to control THEIR own dialog! They are unwittingly allowing the left to redesign their moral compass! If you get someone to feel guilty you can control them! The left understands this and they know what can make whites and conservatives feel guilty. So they go for their achilles heal and hit them on these issues.
                Plain and simple, whites and conservatives NEED TO STOP FEELING GUILTY!! They need to TAKE CONTROL over their own conscience and over themselves, instead of letting the left do the controlling for them!!!

              • William Stanley

                RE: “My point is that, it should not matter if Rosanne knew if VJ is black or not . . .”
                Then you missed my point: because it does seem to matter to you if, in fact, Roseanne is racist. The evidence pointing to racism is, in fact, lessened if Roseanne didn’t even know her race.

                • Jennifer Ohman

                  I understand your point William, you do not appear to understand mine.

                  • Jennifer Ohman

                    …But I will add… that you are looking for the “evidence” in the wrong place! ALL the “evidence” is in her statement! All else is speculation. And you are speculating. I am saying that her comment was NOT a racist comment! She never mentioned race! She never mentioned blacks! She never attacked blacks! She personally attacked a PERSON that she despises. Period! That’s what she did.. In and of itself, it wasn’t a racist comment. People can speculate all they want about her motives, but in and of itself, it wasn’t a racist comment!

                  • William Stanley

                    Jenifer: If you intended your point to have something to do with my point then, indeed, I missed it.

      • Rhonda Raymond the "noodle"

        This sceptred Isle,
        You say you can’t believe Roseanne didn’t realize Jarrett is black. Well I believe Roseanne because I thought Valerie Jarrett was Iranian and I blame Jarrett and the mockingbird media because they kept it all under the radar. Nobody ever said she was black and we only heard she was born in Iran so what are Americans supposed to thunk? Most Americans are uninformed and never heard of Valerie Jarrett so they are taken in by this. But most of the informed that I know had no Idea she was black. So I believe Roseanne and will never believe she is a racist.
        Does Ms. Jarrett look Iranian or African American to you?
        Hollywood or Washington?
        Valerie Jarrett and Rachel Mad Cow, whose darker?
        Who looks smarter?
        Jarrett looks more like Roseanne than Roseanne!×788

        Close up–1280×720.jpg
        Jerritt As Joy Behar!

        The Matrix

        Jarrett speech at Stanford 1977
        With her favorite talk show beard

      • Sandy

        I didn’t realize she was black. Let’s be honest the chick doesn’t look black. And for real she does look like the planet of the apes character- it isn’t about race. I mean damn the old man in Sons of Anarchy looks like a monkey too and he is white. She shouldn’t have said it bc it was mean but at the same time it is true.

    • zteve.0

      I would say Rosanne made a comment that was intended to be satirical – anyone accusing her of racism made the ‘connection’ in their own head – they are the racist

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Superb!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William!!

  4. dlc

    I saw the movie, “In the Name of the Father,” and immediately thought about this man (Gerry Conlon) when they arrested Tommy Robinson. Wish the English would do to the invaders what they were so hell bound on in dealing with the Irish. Nothing has changed, except now they turn on their own as they are in the process of being swept under by their invader protected class. From royal wedding to royal disgrace. As Savage would say, bring on the soccer thugs.

  5. Roger P. Carpenter

    Hillary will pay sooner or later Greg! She is like paper fiat, sooner than later she will be irrelevant and ZEROD OUT.

    • Jodyp

      Hillary will pay when the Grim Reaper shows up to collect.

  6. Robert

    Regarding Roseanne, anybody remember the website The Smirking Chimp back during the GWB administration? It was mocking GWB as being POTUSA, with chimp like features. That image was the insignia for that liberal blog that still exist but they stopped using GWBs chimpish image since he left office.

    Why is it ok to make chimp like comparisons of white people and in this case a conservative republican, but its an unforgivable sin if it’s used to make fun of an African American liberal ? It’s because white liberals are the racist. They claim to care so much about people of color and in particular black people, but these very same virtue signaling phony white liberals choose to live in neighborhoods that look more like themselves than the people of color they claim to care so much about. Why is that?

    If white liberals didn’t secretly think blacks are apish, they wouldnt be so quick to be offended when some stupid joke ( Roseanne’s joke wasnt even funny) is made?

    I believe in evolution. All humans have ape heritage. Even our DNA is comparable. It doesn’t bother me to have that lineage. Why do white liberals find it ok to mock white people as being apish, knuckle draggers, mouth breathers with chimpish un-evolved features, but its racist if used in jest when talking about blacks? I’ll say it again, it’s because white liberals secretly don’t believe black people have evolved enough, nor are they able to stick up for themselves, hence the quick knee jerk response to label anybody who doesn’t employ their placating views of minority people of color, as racist. Its a classic case of projecting onto your adversaries exactly who you are. PS- I voted for Obama twice. I didn’t realize until much later he was another Neocon and would covertly carry on that agenda, not to mention aid in placing the NSA on steroids against the American people.

    • Robert

      One more thing, I contend that minorities in the workforce as well as retired, lean more towards being conservative when it comes to economic and political issues, than liberals do.

      Considering the times we’re living in, and all the vicious name calling and labeling being hurled around these days, I will define who I am, not the phony liberal biased MSM.

      And since this blog seems to have a religious bent to it, Im not a religious person but was raised in the Catholic faith. Something about Catholics , regardless if you’re still a practicing one or not, we all have a common bond and experience in our upbringing that we share. It’s sort of like a club membership that had an initiation we all experienced . Shared memories and experiences are what hold societies together.

    • This sceptred Isle

      You do have a point. However, GWB was pure scum!!!

      • Sandy

        I agree but they are also constantly calling Trump an organutan- so where is the outrage over that?

        • This sceptred Isle

          It just seems like all these people never left kindergarten (Is that the correct term?).

      • Robert

        If there were ever a moment in the history of the USA, when an administration could be compared to Hitler , it was GWB and his boss Dick Cheney’s world domination tour to remake the middle east as per the PNAC Neocon agenda…couple that with the Patriot Act (911 being compared to the Reichstag), all the other “Acts” , the your with us or youre with the terrorist choice we all had to agree to or be considered unpatriotic and aligned with the terrorist, and the advent of the NSA surveillance apparatus GWB et al enabled, and that Obama enhanced even further, I dont understand how either of those two escape the Hitler comparisons to this date…did you notice how Putin came back onto the world stage when he saw the advent of the PNAC agenda and he’s remained in control of Russia since.

  7. Nick de la Gaume

    Left England for the last time 23 years ago and swore that I would never return.
    I told everybody where it was heading.
    Once again sorry to be correct.
    God Bless you Greg.

  8. Aussie Clive

    Hello Greg.
    You have said a number of times now that the longer Trump is POTUS the stronger he will become. Like yourself I was also fooled by Trey Gowdy. I thought he was one of the good guys. It seems that the longer Trump is POTUS and as more details of corruption are revealed, the more the players reveal their true selves. I really hope that Gowdy did not throw the Benghazi and Hillary cases.
    I don’t know why but Q reported that the retirement of Gowdy was an important event.

    • Sandy

      I can’t help but think there is more to this Trey Gowdy thing. I think he was made an offer by Trump and he is trying to play nice so that both sides like him so there won’t be any resistance to his future appointment. Trey Gowdy is literally the poorest Congress man in Congress. He never took deals or bribes bc if he did he would have more money- I don’t believe he went to the dark side. I think he maybe our new AG soon. Time will tell.

    • Bill

      Aussie Clive: The corruption runs so deep in the US Govt,that if it were all to be exposed on one day, our Govt would probaly come to a halt. Slow, steady, thorough is the word.

  9. Charles Turner

    This is a much watch interview from Sir Jimmy Goldsmith a British Conservative Politician from 1994, where he discusses the disastrous ramifications of free trade. It might be 25 years ago, but everyone needs to listen to it to understand what Trump understands.

    • William Stanley


      BTW, it also exposes Charlie Rose for the evil Globalist shill he was even 24 years ago. Rose tried to ambush and interrupt Goldsmith at every turn. He even tried to ambush Goldsmith by bringing on Laura Tyson, Chairman of Bill Clinton’s council of economic advisors, to debate and try to refute him — and this, apparently, without forewarning Goldsmith. She also tried to interrupt Goldsmith so often it is infuriating to watch. Goldsmith never lost his composure. He was brilliant in every way.

      Thank you again.

    • William Stanley

      Charles Turner: You use the more precise term “free trade” rather than “globalism.” I think that you might want distinguish between the terms and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about that.
      Your link to Goldsmith was so unexpected, yet compelling that I wonder if you knew him personally. What are you willing to tell us?

      • Charles Turnerct

        No i didn’t know him personally. I have met his son Zac and live a kilometre away from the family home. Goldsmith was considered a maverick.But i doubt if there is an economist in the world that could explain the situation how he does. It was beautiful in its simplicity and so prophetic. I am glad you enjoyed it and hope other people listen to it. If he were alive today he would have made a brilliant guest for Greg. What is staggering though is his clarity of thought 24 years ago

        • William Stanley

          Charles Turner:
          RE: “But I doubt if there is an economist in the world that could explain the situation how he does.”

          I think that twenty-four years ago it would have taken an exceptionally competent and self-confident neo-classically-trained economist to break free of the reigning paradigms and even comprehend the issues, much less explain them with such clarity. Perhaps that is still true.

  10. Jerry

    As I have been posting for the past two years, China is preparing to unveil a new exchange system and seize reserve currency status from the United States. Now I ask you ( not that you need to respond) if that isn’t the case then why would they do this knowing that DB is on the verge of collapse?

    • Jerry

      Look at the three year index. This is how close it really is.

    • RichM

      I follow your posts…. Do you think that perhaps China has been planning to seize for years for sure… but they didn’t expect Trump to be in charge. …. now did the Globalists. So, Do you think this could be a game changer as I cannot imagine Trump allowing this without a fight…. not on his watch.

      • RichM

        nor did the globalists….

      • Jerry

        Yes the Chinese have been planning this since 2008. They bought gold vaults in Frankfort for a reason, and made Germany the top Yuan clearing house in Europe .
        Germany is also a member of AIIB.

        • K. Wayne

          My evidence suggests China has been planning it since the turn of the century. They have invested heavily in the mineral resources of the African continent as well as globally (Sth. America, Canada and Australia). The currency (yuan), oil and gold are all linked to the clearing houses being established as is trading in Metals on LME.
          Once they control the strategic supplies of critical minerals, they will dominate world manufacturing and hence the Quid Pro Quo from all of this is what we have already summised.
          China hasnt achieved this without the assistance of the Globalists I can assure you. Money has always gravitated towards those that will garner more support, acceptance, growth, influence and power globally. This will be true Politically, Economically and Financially.

  11. Jeff B

    Greg-one of your best wrap-ups! Right on the money. Loved what you said about the Second Amendment. Keep it up!!

  12. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,if I may,is Mr Gowdy now being blackmailed if so over what?
    Here in the UK our MSM are gloriously silent abit the internment of Mr Tommy Robinson,however billboards of the cartoon of his arrest are plastered over the underground,South Kensington and Chelsea which quite surprising as these are quite “tony”areas seemingly.The occupants of these areas have also being calling Brexiteets quite condescending names according to Rod Liddle in July’s Tatler on page 85;
    “It was just an unwashed multitude of pig-ignorant northerners,uneducated trolls,losers and racists,they concluded,who shouldn’t have been allowed to vote in the first place”Glad to see democracy is still alive,although the glacial speed with which we are leaving the EU is not surprising.We are still paying VAT to support the EU.
    Also lysenkoism and so much more from the Soviet era is alive and well here in the UK,why we have even imported Nazi era “love” of Jews to the UK,where judges inspired by Allah,Sharia,hand down sentences backed by Camel Pee logic.No wonder attacks on Jewish business and Synagogues are on the rise,whilst the anti-Catholic state is having its dirty job done by fanatical Islamacists .So the major religions are being actively encouraged to be in affray whilst the state steals from us all.We have lost a collective IQ.
    Here in the UK whilst the City of London flourishes,the rest of country crumbles and despair is evident.The wealth disparity is all around and mirrors on stick seem to abound in the London “tony”areas.

  13. Ron Spoonemore

    Welcome to the world humans…

  14. Jennifer Arbach

    Greg, research the “Barcelona Declaration” a secret agreement between nations to purposely allow the flood of immigrants to ‘create an area of shared prosperity’. Of course, the UN is involved. It is all part of the globalist agenda to erase borders and much more than I can address here.
    Thank you for your level headed commentaries and dedication to uncovering truth.

  15. Loren

    Trey Gowdy is merely padding his resume and covering his bases for his future. He is resigning from Congress and is ambitious for a big position as leader of one of the intelligence agencies or a major Judgeship toward the Supreme Court or other. He is just trying to get back in the middle at this point in case Trump doesn’t win again in 2020. At this point he is only thinking of himself and his own future.

    • Sandy

      I think Trey Gowdy is thinking of the countrys future bc with him in a good position we can finally put these traitors and corrupt politicians in jail. In the long run that is Gowdy putting Americans interests as a priority. I think it is all part of the plan. WWG1WGA

  16. george nasif

    since 2009 big banks have been fined 204 billion dollars. what happened to all this money whose pocket did it line and why has no one of any significance gone to jail. this seems more like the government taking a slice of the pie, rather than fine.

  17. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, what Obama and Hillary did to Trump is, of course, criminal. But it goes beyond ordinary criminal activity, such acts demean democracy and the Constitution at its core. Mueller I believe now is just blocking the light of Obama, Hillary and their gang of traitors so that these acts don’t come forth. Comey, Muller, the FBI, Hillary, and many others are in this thick as thieves as well as the “untouchable” Obama. I wait, watch, and listen patiently as to when these traitors and criminals start getting their payback with real investigations and criminal prosecutions. I know they have so many markers to call in that ever being held accountable may well be impossible, but I hold unto the idea that no one is above the law still here in America. Hopefully, Obama and his “gang” won’t prove me wrong, so I wait, hope & pray.

    As to the ABC story its just more evidence that our MSM are no longer news services but propaganda Pravda type media promoting the new religion of Political Correctness. Free speech is fundamental to a free society, seems ABC is against that, at least for anyone but themselves or those supporting their sponsored political agendas.

    • Sandy

      The thing is all of their corruption or at least enough of it is very much in the open and people are aware of it. They aren’t covering up crap even if they think they are . Most of the country is pissed and wants them put in jail. It is only a small minority of really loud and stupid liberals that their propaganda is working on. Sooner or later something has to give. I really don’t know how much longer people will wait for justice. This whole country is a time bomb waiting to explode. It has been allowed to continue too long and with the attacks on our rights it is getting more and more dangerous by the day. If I was a foreigner I wouldn’t go anywhere near America right now but there are too many people pissed of and I honestly don’t know how crazy if might get. We wait and we hope that this plan nets results but man is it slow going and the Left in this country is pouring salt in the wounds left by the past Administration’s Treason.

  18. Roger D

    But Rosanne’s tweet was racist. ABC has the right to fire her and should have fired her.

    Secondly, to view Rosanne as a serious voice against the Deep State is a leap. Rosanne is a liberal actor and a pig. She does not represent any of my political views and moral values. The fact that Trump looks at her as a martyr for him speaks volumes about him.

    • Greg Hunter

      Double standard Marxist/communist view. Not “racist if she did not know Jerrett was black. Not a “leap” either.

    • Jodyp

      Heh heh heh…you said moral values.

      • Jodyp

        Sorry DB. I just couldn’t help myself. Damn beer!

  19. Diane

    Great wrap up Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Diane!

  20. Russ

    Thanks Greg, excellent wrap-up. Your point at the end about getting ready and staying ready falls on many deaf ears because folks do not like to see their 401K or IRA being passed by on the side-lines while the DOW/S&P rockets. My feeling here is that being ready is simply insurance and gives Peace of Mind.

    You shouldn’t spend all your money on insurance, but you should spend some. Paying down personal debt and reducing exposure to a systemic breakdown is insurance. Moving a portion of your portfolio to PM’s and having cash on hand is just prudent — nothing radical. It’s all about Peace of Mind.
    “… I want to return again to the concept of peace of mind. In my opinion, peace of mind trumps all other aspects. Without peace of mind, wealth becomes secondary. Without peace of mind, living becomes a burden and joyless. Perhaps this is why God created gold. Gold is the ultimate platform of wealth. It is one of the three items that the wise men presented to the infant Jesus.”…

    A lot of people are sleep-walking into the unknown.

  21. Angelo

    What you tolerate you promote as I always say. This is what we should be mindful here in the US.

  22. Jodyp

    Leaders of UK should be ashamed? Must have a soul to feel shame.

    • Jodyp

      And social credit? Don’t have to fret about that one. Never played the game. No ovine on this keyboard.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Jody!!

    • Sandy

      I am amazed at the tolerance of the British people. I mean they even wait for weekends to protest. That would never happen in America. We really are different us Americans and the British. I see the people of England and Sweden and it breaks my heart bc they are good people who are being abused and their politeness is totally being used against them. I want so bad for them to rise up and take their countries back, but that is up to them and nothing I can do will matter and it isn’t my place anyway. That is their country and ultimately it is up to them to decide what to do. Hard to watch though.

  23. Jerry

    The date 6/11 is beginning to pop up from various sources as the date the sealed indictments will begin to be unsealed and served.
    I find this timing a bit coincidental as various states are practicing a grid down scenario.

    Who knows? But I can tell from my own personal contacts that elements of our military are being called home to begin training on urban warfare and internment.

    • Sandy

      The people need to understand that they do not need to fear our troops it is contractors and foreign troops that will be the problem. American soldiers are not going to turn on their people and i say that as a recent vet who knows the temperment in the Military. Todays soldiers are not he mindless robots that follow all orders even if they are messed up Hollywood has been protraying for the last 4 or 5 decades. Soldiers today are educated and very brave. They will not betray us. They are us.

  24. Paul ...

    As Deutsche Bank is being manipulated now into collapse … the vampire banksters are writhing their hands and salivating … in anticipation of more Fed generated QE blood to feast upon … hey Fed … how about donating a few drops of your QE blood money to those of us on Social Security … and manipulate the Consumer Price Index upward to reflect “the true inflation rate” based upon all your QE that is being continually monetized for your bankster buddies and which never gets reflected in the “phony inflation rate” you vampires at the Fed use to come up with your “fake CPI” … how do you expect us “failing senior citizens” to live and drive the economy higher if we are deprived of the liquidity that you so freely provide to your bankster clan!!

  25. iwitness02

    The lease on power that is enjoyed by the ruling elite seems to be expiring. The ruling families of this present evil world look like they are on course to experience a full measure of justice. Truth and Justice are gaining momentum. Truth and justice will hurt them a lot more than it will hurt me. Truth and justice will set me free. But it will be the end of them.

    I support Roseanne, and free speech. For the record. As well as the second amendment.
    You are working in a lush environment Greg, that is rich in news for an actual journalist like yourself. Saves on shoe leather too.

  26. Peter from the Netherlands

    SOLVE this and you will find a lot of Hillary’s:

    And find the people we killed JFK!!

    Then you will be free of this corruption.

    • Peter from the Netherlands

      I see that this is not an interesting subject. No one cares!!!!!

      • William Stanley

        Peter: A lot of us care, and I had meant to thank you earlier.
        Here is a presentation (given in Holland) by Dr. Judy Wood about 9/11. She has an intriguing thesis about what happened. So if you’re up for a two-hour payback, here it is:

        • Peter from the Netherlands

          William thanks.

          This story confirms the ‘false flag’ and that 3,000 to 5,000 Americans lost there lives.
          AND again no one is going into the jail!!!

          Terrible, really USA is a country without a RULE of LAW

  27. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Of course there’s a difference between spies and informants! Spies are employees with paid leave and pension benefits. Informants are independent contractors without benefits. Sheesh. Get it right, peasants! (You can tell my tongue is in my cheek, right?) As for ABC, I bet that could be fixed with a serious boycott. Problem is prying enough people away from their precious screens.

    • Sandy

      It is already happening. Hollywood is dying a slow death. Everyday fewer people watch TV or go to the movies. The pedo stuff really hit them and most of us are done with Hollywood. Sadly there are many still watching which I find unbelievable after all we have found out this last year.

  28. Jerry

    Even though I was not a Glen Beck fan, George Soros dropped a bag of hammers on him cancelling his FOX show when he called him out And exposed his five point plan to destroy America.

    At the time Glen was labeled a loon, but now it looks like he was right. This is what happens when you cross Soros. By the way Soros has talked repeatedly about a new economic system backed by the Chinese. With the amount of power this man wields I would take him serious.

    • RichM

      Thanks for the reminder Jerry, of who perhaps the most predominant threat we will be faced with. It looks like Trumps victory may be a curve ball he didn’t expect though. I want to side with this new resistence… against the establishment. From a man who was/is a billianaire and could have become a very part but for some reason…. decided to cause waves against them. I think the man loves his children and grandchildren…. so that alone was enough for him to shun and now go against the globalists.

    • Russ McMeans

      Soros needs to be prosecuted. There must be some of our laws he violated. Where’s Sessions when ya need him? To seize all of his assets, now that would be remarkable!

  29. Robert Zionist Lykens

    There has been a lot of noise regarding Russia pushing Iran out of Syria. The facts on the ground are quite different from the news reports.
    In fact, Iranian and Hezbollah contingents have moved to within a few kilometers of Israel’s Golan border with Syria.

    I stress again that despite news reports, there is no “deal“ for Iran to remove its troops from Syria – regardless of what you may read in the news.

    Israel will not let this situation stand. There is sure to be more conflict between Israel and Iran very soon and Iran is going to come out on the losing end.
    Very soon now, the shame and embarrassment will be too much for the Iranian mullahs and ayatollahs to bear and planning will commence for the prophesied invasion of Israel.

    • Black hole of nothingness

      How dare you Robert. I will swallow you whole!

    • Sandy

      Anyone remember John Titor? well everything that is happening right now he said would happen- he was off by ten years. Go read his posts again and add ten years to his dates. It is happening down to the very last details so get ready.

    • Jallen

      Robert Zionist Lykens,
      Do you think the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has regathered Israel
      or is this a result of Hertzel and the Balfour declaration. Who forced the Jews out of Germany and who backed him financially? There are Torah Jews who do not believe this regathering is by the Almighty G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. There are twelve tribes and two half tribes that make up Israel, do you know where they are?
      It would behoove you to follow the money trail of world war II and Zionism as it will open your eyes to how Israel was populated!!!! How many people in Israel are Jews by blood and not converts? You would do well te read about Jacob’s Prohecises to his sons and to Joseph’s sons. Do you think the Queen of England is sitting on David’s throne?
      When you see THE DESOLATION OF ABOMINATION you will know for sure Israel has been regathered.


  30. Bondo

    The President needs to take military police with him down to he doj and fire everybody and secure the building. Then I would hire Nunes to run it and re-staff it. Then do the same at the FBI and put Sheriff Clarke in charge.
    I would tell Mueller there will be an interview if you do it in person and it is on live TV. If he shows, the President can humiliate him and end the investigation right then.
    Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and Mccabe have all said enough to lock them up now.

  31. Robert Zionist Lykens

    US Army exoskeleton/third arm technology

    “Improved lethality, improved survivability.”

    • Frederick

      You Zionists like “lethality” don’t you ?

      • Robert Zionist Lykens

        We American Zionists like the US military being strong. We don’t abandon our country and run away like you.
        Your kind was against the US fighting against England for independence. Your kind was for appeasement of Hitler. Your kind spit on the American soldiers returning from Vietnam.
        If everybody was like you, there would never have been an America and the whole world would live under turants like you do today.
        I’ll never understand how a man could be happy woth the illusion of freedom instead of the real thing.
        Oh, well. Enjoy your illusions.

        • Black hole of nothingness

          There is no life in the void…

          • Charles H

            Or much meaning derived from cryptic abbreviations…

    • Black hole of nothingness

      Can it survive my gravitational distortions?

  32. JMiller

    Just to make a correction about the amount of derivatives that Deutsche Bank currently has according to the data. Greg in the video stated that Deutsche Bank has 47 trillion but that amount is in euros. In dollar terms it is about 56 trillion.

    As Greg mentioned, the FDIC looks to have put Deutsche Bank’s US operations on its infamous “Problem Bank List” as shown by Wolf Richter.

    There is a good possibility for some major bank failures in the EU to happen soon including Deutsche Bank in which the banking regulators may implement bail-ins which would mean stockholders, bondholders and may be even uninsured depositors take losses to re-capitalize the bank. Also look for taxpayer bailouts. Now just how severely the U.S. banks will be affected will depend on the plans that are in place to minimize the contagion and how good they work.

    • Frederick

      How “well” they work

      • JMiller

        Good or well, you know what I mean.

    • This sceptred Isle


  33. Tommy

    The Gov. of Missouri just became the latest victim of the Schumer Principle. You don’t play ball, watch out.

  34. H. Craig Bradley


    Disney CEO Igor had to throw Rosanne “under the bus ” for her indiscreet public comments about V. J. Tweeting is dangerous to your career and life, it would appear. The reaction was instantaneous. V.J. vs. ROSANNE. The judgement: Guilty. Branded ! Tarred and Feathered (blackballed from T.V. for Life). Career termination, all because she got a bit tipsy after drinking some wine or alcohol. No worse than Imus’s infamous on air comment about “Nappy Hoes”.

    • Russ McMeans

      The way Rosanne Barr should have criticized Valerie Jarad would be like this: Valerie was a very close advisor to Obama – in fact close enough that there were whispers and rumors- but being both liberal Democrat Marxists they got a Hall Pass. But it’s interesting to note that she is Iranian. Did she have any influence in the 150 billion illegitimate ‘deal’ with Iran? Funded by our taxpayer dollars? What do you know Valerie? Where both of you whores selling out America? Tell us. Give us your pathetic defense. Defend your innocence if you both believe it so.

  35. genocidal politition

    is the dude reporting on grooming gangs or reporting on the stupidity of local young girls or the deficits that exist that were able to be exploited in these neighbourhoods or the enabling process that exists or much more serious underlying cultural issues and society deficits or a plethora of other potential reasons such phenomenon occur?
    a child can only be groomed if the conditions are right to conduct the grooming.
    clearly the conditions were cherry ripe and those with low moral values and sociopathic personalities simply moved in and feasted on the opportunity,

    • Sandy

      Are you seriously victim blaming? Wow that is stupid. Contray to what some people think people are not victimized bc they made it happen. These gangs are business as usual for these people. They had a field day when the USSR broke down. Just because people are struggling it does not make it right for predators to prey upon them.

    • Charles H

      To infer, in a round-about way, that the blame rests with the victim is – a poor stab at thought shaping. Certainly moral conditions have deteriorated over time; and the general background of parenting has been squelched by the government: but in no way should children be objects of sexual predatory behavior.
      Perhaps the cultural issues and society deficits of you walking alone should constitute the cherry ripe conditions for you to be robbed and maimed for life – by persons who feast on such opportunity might seem far-fetched: but you should try it before criticizing others.
      If you cannot empathize with the female gender – then try a Midnight Express, out of control episode. Contributing factor can never justify wrong.

  36. K. Wayne

    I’m posting this 60mins interview of Soros from 1998.

    Its interesting what he says around the 23 sec mark, “at the age of 14, that’s when my character was made”. He was conditioned as a child (he became a man at 13)…
    to have Zero respect for other humans, regardless of race.
    that to survive you must think only for yourself regardless of the circumstances,
    that he has no feelings of guilt, regret or remorse whatsoever
    that he sold his soul to Lucifer.
    Does it make you wonder about what we see in the world today with so many children who are “conditioned” at such an innocent age, who grow into Adult Monsters. Conditioning in the form of Schooling, MSM propaganda, Violence on the streets, in the school yards, in the home, on the screen. Its relentless, its constant, it mind shaping.
    About Soros and his ethnicity, what exactly is his agenda in the world today, given what he experienced in those dark days of the Holocaust. His whole demeanor, his character is one borne out of survivalist mode. He has taken a different and darker path though, one that seeks to have influence over the direction of geo-politics, globalization and the eventual herding of the masses into a One World Government.

  37. john duffy

    Greg, you were on fire today. Too bad Trey is afraid to tell the Truth unlike you.

    I don’t know who said this but it is so true:
    If you want to get a conservative angry, tell him a lie. If you wan’t to get a leftist angry tell him the truth.

  38. Diane Carol Mark

    Rock on, Greg!
    Great news wrap-up.
    🙂 Diane

  39. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg,
    Your getting better and better at painting the big picture, tying in both important principles that people should never stop defending or fighting for, as well as spear- heading the nefarious premises by which the communists operate. Truth is their nemesis and you are speaking it. And it is the constant repetition and dissemination of these truths that will be their downfall. Great job! Know that good people both love and support you!

  40. RichM


    I think I understand what you are saying and have not had time to read posts above… to see if this was already asked, but I was wondering…

    You theorize that “perhaps” it was planned for her show to be cancelled?

    that she was bought and paid for to self destruct her own hit show? (and somehow blame Trump)


    Simply that they are all ideology, willing to piss away revenue to make some statement?

    I mean I guess what I am asking is, how is it that she herself said those vile things (thus self destructing) …. but you say it was all planned as her show was awakening a population the NWO does not want awakened. Sorry for my confusion, I am just trying to wrap my head around exactly what you think really happened to her show.

  41. Just_Sayin'

    “Mueller’s ‘Russia Hoax’ Has Now Cost $17 MILLION…”?

    You want to talk ACTUAL RUSSIAN COLLUSION? Hillary aside, from 1945-1965 it was Wall Street Banks that FINANCED the technological rise to Super-power status of the former ‘Soviet’ Union (during the so-called “Cold War”). Also, it was Wall Street Banks that financed Hitler (Prescott Bush & others). In 1917, it was Wall Street Banks that financed Lev Bronstein (aka Leon Trotsky) to the tune of $20 Million, before he boarded a ship in New York Harbor, bound for Russia and the overthrow of the 300-year-old ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN Romanov Family Dynasty.

    Read Stanford Professor Antony C. Suttons books on these topics: 1) THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY; 2) WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER; 3) WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. For more about the so-called “Russian” “Revolution” read on:

    In 1917, (((Paul Warburg))), and (((Jacob Schiff))), both (((Rothschild)))-agents, on Wall St., handed (((Lev Bronstein))) (aka Leon Trotsky) $20 Million (USD) in gold, when (((Bronstein/Trotsky))) boarded a ship, in New York Harbor, bound for Russia, and the Rothschild-financed overthrow (really massacre) of the 300-year-old ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN Romanov Family Dynasty. Meanwhile, in Germany, Max Warburg (Paul’s brother) handed Lenin $6 Million (USD), and provided Lenin safe passage, from Switzerland through Germany by train, on his way to Sweden & Finland, before arriving in Russia. “Out of 388 members of the new Russian government, only 16 happened to be Russians. One was an American Black. And all the rest, all the rest, 371, were Jews. Of these 371 Jewish Bolshevik leaders, no less than 265 of them were from the Lower East Side of New York City [Manhattan]. So you see, the Russian Revolution wasn’t Russian at all.”

    Source: “All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us”,_kevin/kevin_strom_works/Kevin_Strom_1991-1994/Kevin_A._Strom_19930814-ADV_All_America_Must_Know_the_Terror_That_Is_Upon_Us.html

  42. Norbert Reiser

    Hi Greg!
    I have investigate a little by my self about all this political and financial craziness in the world and was coming over an investigation journalist. His name is Arthur Heinrich Stern and his web site is . Have a look and the real facts brings up a real good understanding and history lesson too.
    Take care and continue your good journalist work.
    With best Regards from Aotearoa (the Island of the long white cloud)

  43. Russ McMeans

    Amazing news wrap up Mr. Hunter. Will share on email and Facebook. I wish you were on prime time network news!

    • Diane

      Me too. Greg belongs on TV every night.
      But maybe he’s better off with USA Watchdog.
      He’s getting more and more popular.Friday News wrap ups are something we look forward to every week.

  44. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    As the ‘day’ of collapse draws nearer and with whatever preparations you have been able to make, rejoice. Because the day of the Lord is at hand: The day of our deliverance!Thanks as always Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Good info catch!! Thank you for posting it here!

  45. Roger D

    So-called conservatives wanting to hitch their ride to Rosanne shows just how lost they have become.

    • Greg Hunter

      Roger D,
      “Lost” The Democrats are being led by Marxists and people partial to MS 13.

    • Flattop

      Roger D: I can assure you I have not hitched my ride toRosanne. My ride first of all is hitched to Jesus Christ, and secondly my ride is hitched to those who believe in the rule of law, conservative or liberal.

  46. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, seems the religion of political correctness is alive, well, and striving at ABC. Its forgivable if a liberal “makes a mistake” and tweets a racist or anti-jew comment, but its unforgivable and a firing offense or worst if a conservative does. The new religion if continued will place the last nail in America’s coffin. When its done, even the liberal America hater will long to have it back knowing they killed their own golden goose.

  47. Billy

    Churchill said-
    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
    That sir was the truth!! Your best ever Mr Hunter..

  48. Fredrick

    Great report USAWatchdog.

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