NDAA Stops Vax, First Amendment Crime, Economy Tanking Hard

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 559 12.09.22)

In a very rare occurrence, Congress halted the military from continuing a widespread program of CV19 vaccination.  Stopping it was part of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) that gave the military $858 billion to spend on its operations.  This sort of legislation is unprecedented and clearly shows members of Congress know the CV19 vax is unsafe, deadly, debilitating and is not a vaccine.  They also know what is coming in terms of death and injuries from this bioweapon, and I think they are wanting some cover.  This is yet another sign the vax hoax is ending.  It is being revealed as a genocidal attack on America and the world.  Nothing can stop the truth from coming out.  Severe repercussions are in store for the people responsible for this murder program.

The so-called “Twitter Files” Elon Musk is leaking out show huge national security concerns.  The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story by the FBI and Twitter was a huge operation just before the 2020 Election.  The laptop contains documented bribes and deals with foreign enemy powers.  It was falsely called Russian fake news to discredit it.  Shame on the FBI for not acting and gaslighting the public.  It is also coming out the government of the United States was suppressing free speech using back door channels in Twitter.  This is the biggest First Amendment violation in history, and lawsuits by the hundreds are sure to follow.  The coming out party is just getting started.

Everywhere you look this week, you can see the economy not just slowing down–but plunging.  Housing is tanking, used car prices are collapsing at the fastest pace on record and unemployment is surging.  Meanwhile, the Fed is going to continue raising interest rates to fight inflation and support the U.S. dollar.  There is not going to be a “pivot.”  Buckle up, it’s going to be a rough 2023!

There is much more in the 55-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com for these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 12.09.22.

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After the Interview:

Financial expert David Morgan will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Morgan will give some riveting 2023 predictions.

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  1. Jerry

    Latest derivative holdings by U.S. banks.

    Now add in the debt being held by European banks like the Bank of England and Deutsche Bank and you have recipe for global disaster.
    Then fed decides to roll out Biden Bucks. What could go wrong?

    • Greg Hunter

      If just one of the top banks go under it’s all gone!! Thanks for posting this!!

      • Barb

        Greg they hide a gun control bill in the NDA bill. Gun owners of America found it . I don’t know if we got it stopped or not because I haven’t heard yet . You might want to research and find out if it got passed. Barb

        • Greg Hunter

          What does it say?

          • Barb

            Greg when are you going to bring back Dr David Martin to give an update on his court case ? Also I would like for you to ask him why they chose not to do an emergency hearing to the supreme court under rule 11 to do with national security because this is actually that . Thanks barb

            • Pete+only

              Thanks Barb for requesting this, as we do need to know the status of these cases, as nobody ever seems to being held to account for all these crimes against humanity.
              Also, since Elon took over Twitter, there could be some new revelations coming to pass.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Your Friday wrap-ups are the best. I live in Arizona ((Maricopa county). The elections were/are a joke. Is there any way this will be settled peacefully? I dread what this installed cartel will do. Unless something changes, we will never be allowed to vote our way out of this.

        Take care my friend


        • Lee

          As was said by the Ancient Peoples: “There are 3 Things that Cannot be Hidden Forever–The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth.”

      • john lance

        Mr. Hunter , this is off the subject somewhat but I just wanted to mention an article on Web site ” Daily Stormer ” that Ye has more than 70 % of Americans supporting him in the coming 2024 election . As corrupt as this country has become I don’t see what we have to lose by voting for Ye. Ye2024.

      • Timothy

        Many of the largest banks are immune to prosecution.

        CAF suggests this video too.

        All the Plenary’s Men

      • Chaz Rupret

        Let’s see them try to normalize vaxx syndrome or Vax multi syndrome Or Vax syndromes of syndromes

    • Phil

      The Central banks’ financial perpetual motion machines worldwide are not anything more than trickery designed to generate “phantom wealth” – look at how the US Fed in just 100 years completely destroyed the purchasing power of the US dollar – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

      • Phil

        Look “closely” at the above chart and you will see “exactly how” the Fed completely destroyed the purchasing power of the US dollar!!
        In the recession of 1913 the Fed “created a financial panic” whereby it gave them the excuse to print so much money “it cut the purchasing power of the US dollar in half” – then as the US dollar tried to recover between 1918 and 1938 the Fed hit us with six(6) more recessions whereby they created the necessary excuse to keep printing money (to keep the dollar down) – then between 1945 and 1990 the Fed created 10 more recessions so they could print more dollars and finally got the value of the US dollar down to about “10 cents” – then after 1990 the Fed hit us with 2 more recessions to get the value of the dollar down to “1 cent” (so in only about 90 years the Fed got the purchasing power of the US dollar down by 99 percent (which was a pretty respectable “jab to our Constitutional Republic” by the Globalists who clearly intended to do away with the United States of America and set up their own One World Order) – now – the Fed needs just one “Final Recession in 2023” to bring the purchasing power of the US dollar down to “Zero” so we will own nothing as the self appointed un-elected ruler of the World (Klaus Schwab) keeps telling us – but you are not going to be “happy about it” (unless you were smart enough to buy some gold, silver, farm land, etc., etc. before the US drops over dead (like some poor athlete who willingly took the jab) – so this raises an important question – if the US is to survive – we better stop the Fed from killing our nation with their planned 2023 recession which will require tens of quadrillions of new paper dollars that will bring about America’s final demise – how about we use the RICO Laws to claw back all the stolen money these Demon parasites have squirreled away in secret bank accounts to bring some health back to our economy and get American industry to produce what the world needs as China is in lock-down and becoming a failing nation (that is putting its young people in concentration camps while more then one-third of their 1.4 billion population is now over 65 years old)!!

        • Phil

          Now if we are going to invest in gold (to protect our purchasing power) – is paying $1800 US dollars for an ounce of gold today anywhere near a bargain? – Well lets look again at the above chart – back in 1934 the US Government felt a one ounce gold coin should be worth $34 dollars (and that was when the US dollar was worth about 70 cents) – meaning a one ounce gold coin was officially declared to be worth about $24 dollars in 1913 money) – today with the US dollar worth about 0.005 cents that $24 dollar one ounce gold coin is now worth about $4800 dollars (24/0.005) – now consider that after the 2023 recession (which will likely require quadrillions in newly printed dollars to create a recovery) the US dollar will likely fall to a value of between 0.001 cent to 0.0001 cent – which will then make a one ounce gold coin worth between (24/0.001) $24,000 dollars and (24/0.0001) 240,000 dollars per ounce!!

          • Phil

            As for those buying silver to protect their purchasing power (and conservatively “assuming” it continues to stay at a price of about “gold divided by 100”)!!
            a) With the 1913 US dollar at 0.005 cents – Gold will “officially be worth” $4800 and that should make silver sell for about $48 dollars per ounce!! –
            b) With the 1913 US dollar at 0.001 cent – Gold will “officially be worth” $24,000 and that should make silver sell for about $240 dollars per ounce!! –
            c) With the 1913 US dollar at 0.0001 cent – Gold will “officially be worth” $240,000 and that should make silver sell for about $2,400 dollars per ounce!!

    • TJoes

      Yep….I’ve warned that derivatives failure is “the big one” and that the amount of derivitives can nearly directly replace M3 as an indicator of the ‘quantity’. But it will take a couple of failures to knock humpty dumpty off the wall. He will be screaming “anti-semite” all the way down.

      • Phil

        Try getting rid of the Fed without hearing an outcry from Fed (and the Government officials in their pocket) screaming “anti-Semite” (the way the Pharisees screamed at Jesus when he overturned their tables and told them “To Go” and “Sin No More”!! [Mark 12:13-14]
        The Fed intends to bury the US (just like the Pharisees buried Jesus) – but we all know what happened three days after they buried Jesus – that’s right – our Constitutional Republic “will rise again” right out of the belly of the beast just as Jonah did – but something greater is already happening – the “The Queen of the South” (Brazil) is already “rising up to condemn evil” – thus – the call has already came from the ends of the earth – “for us Americans to hear the wisdom of Jesus”!! [Matthew 12:38-42]

    • N

      The NDAA language to remove the DoD Vaccine Mandates is a minor battle loss but a strategic win for the DOJ/DOD leadership/DEMS.


      1. If they don’t take the NDAA deal the New Congress will drag DoD Flag officers, surgeon generals, mil medical, other leaders and SECDEF under oath and grill them until they either incriminate themselves or repeal the mandates. This deal allows them to avoid that.

      2. If DoD/DOJ get past Congress in January which is possible because congress is mostly full of weak politicians. The DoD/DOJ KNOW they are going to lose in the COURTs on the merits in FEB, for one of the earlier of multiple cases they are expected to lose. A precedent or multiple would be set possibly even a SCOTUS precedent if they are even willing to appeal that high (not likely because they know they will lose that as well) These rulings and precedents could strip them of this power for the future. Reinstatements would be required if judiciary rules against DoD/DOJ on the law (RFRA and Constitutional arguments are both in play and valid). Some individual cases might even be able to hold people accountable.

      3. To avoid all the above they pretend they were right all along and quietly end the bleeding for themselves over a budget and readiness argument.

      4. The NDAA language as written says the mandate would be repealed 1 year after it was implemented. This sets a precedent that the mandates were actually ok and legal at least for the first year. It increases the likely hood they wouldn’t have to fight a multi-front war in the courts or be dragged in front of congress under oath. So they take a mile and give back 50 yards as a concession with the ability to do it again in the future for the next “Emergency”.

      What needs to happen is a full repudiation of the mandates. Full court press in the courts to set the record and create the judicial precedent. Reparations for all those harmed, those who took vaccines against their will to keep their job, and those who held their ground. The criminals need to be brought to justice.

    • Edward Ulysses Cate

      Jerry and Greg, Thanks for posting the bank list. The top four banks are also partners of the WEF. Not good.

  2. Justn Observer

    Greg, Waiting patiently! tic -tok .tic- tok oops! Darn Chinese
    Time to kill waiting for the upload? DS compromise ops older than one thinks? Several new authors books, one from an x billionaire sex slave reveals and exposes’ intel agencies use there of.. explosive!

    Those that like to read check out the recent books of Kirby Sommer and Whitney Webb…for a real look at the child, sex, and influence and compromise operations of the world gov’ts… Who and what they really are is surprising beyond jaw dropping…compared to how they are represented by MSM…
    The new book = https://www.kirbysommers.com

    Whitney Webb’s two volume se=One Nation Under Blackmail , = the sourcing and footnotes are expansive…
    and more stories of where the MSM and cable channels will NEVER take you…

    Quite amazing also is who is really behind Klaus Schwab’s YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS=
    In 2006, plans were made for the Wexner-funded CPL to team up with the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders (YGL) program. The World Economic Forum, which describes itself as the pre-eminent facilitator of “public-private partnerships” on a global scale, originally created what would become YGL in 1992 under the name the Global Leaders of Tomorrow. It was rebranded as the YGL program in 2004.

    In recent years, the Forum and its YGL program have become infamous in some circles, specifically after a clip of the Forum’s chairman Klaus Schwab went viral. In that clip, Schwab states the following of the YGL program:“I have to say then I mention names like Mrs Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on they all have been Young Global Leaders of The World Economic Forum. But what we are really proud of now with the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, is that we penetrate the cabinets… It is true in Argentina and it is true in France now…”


  3. Robert says no

    It wasn’t just Twitter where speech was censored it was on all social media including Nextdoor and YouTube.

    • JerriZoe

      YES! I was censored on NextDoor and I think they kicked me off because i told the truth about the Comirnaty shot NOT being available and the FDA approved it as a BAIT AND SWITCH! I even had one FAKE medical technician say that you COULD swap the FDA approved shot for the EUA shot….total moron! I don’t care that they kicked me off because I woke up at least 15 people that got their messages to me prior to me being blocked! I hope that I saved more lives….also saving family members when others went ahead and got the shot even after I asked them NOT to do it….there was no rush. Even my brother who was on Budesonide at the time therefore at NO RISK got the J&J and now wishes he would have listened to me. I am praying every day for God Almighty to tear down ALL EVIL and heal everyone who took ANY shots!

      • Don W.

        I am with you on NO MORE SHOTS. When my son took his second booster, five days later had a blood clot that after a lot of suffering, took his life. My step son got mad at me when I told him his mother, my wife, will not have the second booster nor any more ever. He and his twin bother are mad at me but NO MORE SHOTS. The Senior Living place we are in with her in Memory Care and I in Independent Living, don’t like it that we would not take any more either. But they are trying to abide by the CDC and state rules. I Pray for our military and so many others that were required to take them and like the pilots and flight crew of the airlines taking away safety to all the travelers.
        Blessings to all.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Don W for sharing with us. Stay strong & Blessings to you too!

          • Don W.

            Greg, I have been Blessed all of my life from my parents until now. I have been a special weapons pilot in the USMC, pilot with Pan Am, and with United. I will not go any farther, but there is more. Much more. This covid thing is so absurd and taking the life of so many because of the ONE WORLD GOV. We are really moving in, because the Bible tells us that we will have a OWG when He comes. So the Good news. We are in the end times and we will soon know who the anti-christ is and when he gets the peace agreement signed for a peace of SEVEN YEARS we will know him. Yes, we will suffer for another 31/2 years or so, but then He will come and with His Angeles gather us up to Him and take us HOME. I am 88 and I may make it but if not, I will still be with Him in the end.
            Contact me by email if you like. I would love to let you know more of my Blessings as He has really Blessed me in so many ways.

      • Francis Peter

        Love your reporting Greg! Keep up the great work!

      • Paul

        Hi Jerri,
        As listeners and believers of messages brought to us by Greg and others. It’s a hard burden to carry especially if your passing this info to others. Myself ,who only has passed referenced material to others for years has been termed by so many, such insulting adjectives to me rather than subject matter. That’s why it’s a burden and load. And good people carry it. Some much more than others. But silence doesn’t seem to be an option for me.

        Paul from arkansas

  4. Phil

    The Demons running the US government have been working very hard to stifle free speach (in violation of 1st Amendment of US Constitution), working very hard to deny us the right to self defense (in violation of 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution), have been working very hard to kill us with the “jab” (in violation of 1st Commandment of God), etc., etc., etc. and are now in trouble and looking for a rope like a bunch of rats leaving a sinking ship – lets provide them that rope (to wrap round their necks so that their escape is to another dimension) – mathematicians and physicists support the concept of Hell as being another dimension (where the creatures of ancient myth and theology might actually exist but are constrained behind a matrix of forces separating our knowable universe from the chaos of the damned)!!

  5. nicholas condon

    hope you have top notch security .
    please interview Jeffrey Prather
    God bless you Greg Hunter

  6. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  7. Karla

    Thank you for your work
    I recently clicked on the Happy Hollow Farm sponsor link: https://happyhollowfarm-tn.com/
    I ordered a beautiful purse
    Very easy process
    Lovely purse
    Great sponsor

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Karla for supporting Happy Hollow Farm! They’re a great American company with handmade leather products.


    Tell me “Einsteins definition of insanity”?
    Americans have short memory. They see to the end of their nose..

  9. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks again Mr Hunter for daring to examine stories that the commie elite do not want examined.
    Here in the UK our economy has died and the elite are feasting on the carcass whilst we plebs starve and freeze .It is astounding that there is no revolution and the same gargoyles will be returned at elections.Just shows you elections do not work and even Mao woke up to that.

    • Freebreezer

      M – unfortunately you can not get past history … it repeats itself! Great quote from Aristotle (this from quite a few years back … BC time frame!) … “Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, and feminine democracies give way to tyranny” … this simple quote explains the feminization of our boys and our institutions and the dumbing down of education … human nature does not change and TPTB know the game plan! To win this fight, we have to win at the local arena … our kids educations/school boards, mayors, police chiefs etc. … a grueling slog ahead

    • ILLEGALS shall not enter

      Seen many pensioners returning to work in UK shops. Sad state of affair.
      The low wages are not living wages and it’s a DELIBERATE agenda to reduce the local population. The civil service cares more for criminals/ILLEGALS (from Albania, Vietnam, Africa, Thailand/Siam, Central/S. America, etc…) than for the common Brit.

      The numbers of ILLEGALS are over taking the British population. The Saxons defended against the Normans, but invaders today are welcomed, rewarded with benefits. These new invaders bring habits and cultures threatening to British values and culture.

      The song: “Selling England by the Pounds” comes to mind. Since Thatcher, all British industry, business, schools, and even Hinckley Plant have been sold to the Huns (Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Thai, et Mongol hordes), the Middle East conglomerates, Russian oligarchs, etc…

      Heard some affluent Tory members expressing concern for the lack of leadership amongst the younger Brits (within the last fifteen to twenty years) and issues with the constant changes of PMs. Labour has no better leadership options.

      There’s little difference in attitude amongst the younger Brits raised by social media compared to younger Americans.

      Some Brits want to immigrate to America, Australia, and New Zealand, however sadly those places are no better as they have sold out to the commies as well.

      The WW2 generation Brits had faith, firm values, and spoke out against the Huns. There’s little resistance in the West and much APPEASEMENT. They type of appeasement from Chamberlain that brought WW2, but this time there will be no Churchill types to defend liberty and humanity because most in the West behave and are greedy as the Huns.

      The solution comes from the old, virtuous, and wise– the ones less heard from. The old saying of :Children should be seen, but not heard” is always true. The commies have allowed Children to have a microphone via social media/media/Hollywood to destroy rationality. They want the stupids to dominate because stupid and degenerates/perverts are easy to control by the commies. This is the same tactic when the Chinese and Vietnamese funded Pol Pot to commit genocide upon the Khmer people.

      Everything the commies are doing repeat what they did in the past. The problem is that the West is blinded by romanticism and willingly kowtow to their destroyers.

      • J. Loughran

        Death by equality (responsibility stripped from parents is given to children)?
        Are your familiar with The Servile State, 1912, by Hilaire Belloc? Also, check out Barren Metal, by EM Jones for the alternative to Distributism (Jones represents the work of the economist Heinrich Pesch).

        • ILLEGALS shall not enter

          How interesting. Thank you. Do these authors discuss “collectivism” and “capitalism” in economic terms when comparing countries?

          I read “When China Rules the World” when it first came out by Martin Jacques.
          Economists discuss “capitalism” as not part of the Chinese business model and have changed their interpretation from communism to authoritarian. However Chinese believe in unrestricted warfare and will use any and all means possible to destroy the West, which included unrestricted economics/trade warfare. They copy and steal Western technology to sell it cheaper on the world market thereby eliminating competitors.

          Were economists interpreting/categorizing “authoritarian” to the Chinese because they didn’t see communism as an economic model to work, or was it that a cover to describe that the Chinese economic rise was due to the West’s making: off shored jobs, industries, technology, and “all” tools for the commies to take over the world?

          Have you seen the Chinese colonization in Africa?

          The difference twenty years ago in differentiating between Chinese/Mongol hordes (Vietnamese, Koreans, Thai, Taiwanese, Hmong, et Mongol extracts) and the Hispanic/Latinos (as many Eastern Europeans immigrated to Central/S. America from communist countries) to the West is that Christianity (as defined post reformation) believe in the INDIVIDUAL rather than the communist model of COLLECTIVISM.

          I say twenty years ago because today’s people have lower IQ and care more to bandwagon to the popular and collective narrative. Executives in the West twenty years ago wouldn’t mandate this clot shot from the same Mongol hordes that started this WuhNguYen Pandemic and they would pull the shots off the market after a certain number of adverse reactions.

          Does this mean that the ideology of communism and collectivism has been accepted in the Western world given the individual’s rights and free thinking has been stomped upon by Western corporations, govts., institutions (schools) and media/news/film industry?

          There were some recent reports in the UK indicating the numbers of Christians have declined drastically.
          Please correct me if this mean that the West is no longer Christian as some may claim, but Communist (not in economics term, but in ideology).

          • J. Loughran

            My forebears immigrated via coffin ships. Belloc explains origins of communism well… it is a west thing. Consider first reading Belloc’s, This that and the Other, beginning with, An open letter to a young parasite. Enjoy.

        • Truth will Prevail

          @Loughran. Are these the same school of Economists promoting Trickle Down Economy?

          The economists following Kissinger promoting the Chinese as “benign”?

          • J. Loughran

            No. Currency is a proxy for labor, and economics is concerned with the Good. Study of Classical Economics is now forbidden.
            For less than 100$ Barren Metal is equal to a minor in graduate studies. Thanks for the inquiry into Pesch… take the dive… you may yet find some interviews of Jones that fell through the Youtube censorship. God Bless. Happy studies. Jim L.

  10. Brent

    Its up to the states to prevent voter fraud ,,look at Florida..

  11. Sally

    Greg, my husband was tripled vaxxed and now my legs are black with blood. So I guess I got it. Do you know what tests I can get to see how bad I am? Or where I go to find out?

  12. Russell Holmes

    Speaking “George Washington” Zelensky, now he’s banned the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to go along with his banning of opposition parties and news stations and he has jailed opposition leader. [I’ve met some from the Orthodox Church, BTW. They are awesome Christians, devoted to live moral lives and raise their children in the fear of the Lord.]

  13. rwmctrofholz

    David vs. Goliath

    USA Watchdog vs. Lying Legacy Media

    Result will be the same.

  14. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and many thanks for WNW559.
    I visited Ready Made Resources and looked up details of night vision products, which included the following warning about export outside the borders of the US – which I append below. I stress, my observation is in no way critical of RMR. They are rightly keeping their customers appraised of the law. My critique is aimed at the law itself and the multiple ironies that pertain to it. Here is the text:
    Export of Night Vision Equipment or related accessories (such as manuals) is strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). It is a major crime to ship or carry US manufactured night vision devices outside the borders of the United States, punishable by fines and prison sentences. Ignorance of these regulations will not hold up in court. By purchasing night vision equipment from Ready Made Resources, you attest that you will not attempt to export or carry this night vision equipment outside the borders of the United States. Also, it illegal to allow a non-US Citizen to look through US Gen3 Night Vision Devices, even on US soil. Again, this is a crime punishable by fines and prison sentences”
    I wonder, how many military grade night vision items (including manuals!) were included in the $80 billion of equipment abandoned in Afghanistan? The Dept of State did not appear concerned about this risk to National security. Also, it’s considered by many in government that it’s OK for non-citizens to vote in US elections, however you face punitive fines AND incarceration if you allow a non-citizen to look through US Gen3 Night Vision Devices, even on US soil! All things considered, I call BS on this piece of legislation.

  15. Todd

    The Damage is done.

    Would you let your son or daughter join the US Military?

    Want to go fight for the Nancy Pelosi, her homosexual husband…hey, whatever happened to that? It vanished from the public mind, like a fart in a hurricane. Want to die fight for Mitch McConnel, he really cares about you! Just like Uncle Sam cares about you too.

    The Damage is done.

    Do you trust your doctor? Your pharmacy? The drug manufacturers?

    Died suddenly, ironicallty, was not sudden enough. The sad truth is that if the vaccine killed immediately, the fraud would have unraveled…immediately. That’s why NO ONE will be brought to justice. Is it schadenfreude to look at Celine Dion and smile? Admittedly, I hated her awful music, alas, she’s a human…no strike that…she was an elitist globalist bitch, telling everyone to get thier shot. This suffering, if it it humbles her, will make her human. Perhaps? Fux Al Roker too.

    They steal elections. They break the law. They hurt Children. They hate me. They hate you. There is NO democracy. It’s gone, if it ever was.

    Who arrests the FBI? Who arrests the “media.” Snuffleupagus belongs in a pound him in the arse prison or at the business end of a firing squad…martha raddatz too. Though they’d probably enjoy it…sickos.

    I’m angry. I’m superfly TNT.

    The Damage is done.

  16. Mary-Ann

    Dear Mr. Hunter and commenters,

    this article and your comments are precisely to the point – just great!!! Many thanks to all of them!!!

  17. J. Loughran

    Thanks for the wrap-up.
    Relating to titles and the 6th Commandment,
    to register for a winter Ag Meeting I was faced with a 4 screen registration. Of all the choices there was no box for chaste.
    Continuing with news of our ever evolving global state religion,
    in addition to the Senate codifying the impossible an Indiana State Court recently identified abortion as worship. Recall this form of worship wasn’t shut down during the continuous 19 cold season. And, relating to sacrifice, now that the WHO has identified exhalation and CO2 a severe global risk, hospitals etc. stuck on covid money will next be compensated when the box died-suddenly-of-global warming is checked?
    with the Biden currency launch, I suppose the global theocracy will next send out SWAT teams to tackle charity-terrorism. I was perplexed by dystopia reads and films but thanks to the theocracy unveiling itself the film “Brazil” and the depiction of a handyman (Tuttle) who fixes stuff for gratis as the Number 1 Enemy of the State is coming into view.
    Stay sane/ do not fear and pray for the ever expanding number of political prisoners

  18. JimmyT

    Great report Greg! 👍

    The news about the vax injuries and deaths, like the little girl, is like a punch in the gut! 😥
    The Truth must be told, but WOW, such devastation.

    Also Greg, I noticed your latest report with Karen Kingston doesn’t show up in your Rumble homepage?! What’s with that?

  19. Astraea

    “If you don’t recognize the one true enemy and join forces to fight him and his stooges, you and your children are doomed to slavery.”
    READ, urgently, “TELL the YRUTH and SHAME the DEVIL.” by Gerard Menuhin, the son of Yehudi Menuhin.
    This is what we all really need to know and UNDERSTAND, urgently.

  20. Sylvia Sires

    Nothing can stop what is coming, nothing. I sent you videos and “YOU” have said nothing to warn your audience. A global World Secret Religion controls the whole world. Trump is not who he says he is. He even announced it in his speech when he announced he was going to run for President in 2024. It was near the end of his speech, quote, “Americas GOLDEN AGE is just ahead”. People don’t know the meaning of this in the secret religion that rules the world. It’s going to be a New Age and its SATANISM, THEY WORSHIP SATAN and there will be BLOOD SACRIFICE and it will be done to Christians. Jesus Christ sacrificed his own blood so that those who believe in him would be saved from the penalty of death. People don’t know who their dealing with in government, every world leader, all celebrities, famous sports figures, famous singers and bands, rich politicians, bankers. every rich and famous including pastors!! If you don’t worship Satan, none of the above would be in those positions. This religion has existed even before the Bible. The one dollar bill has some of their symbols! Jesus told us to watch for his coming and his coming is even closer. Watch for the “signs” of his coming. https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/insider-exposes-freemasonry-as-the-worlds-oldest-secret-religion-and-the-luciferian-plans-for-the-new-world-order/

  21. No Thanks

    This Gov’t is so beyond Disgusting and truly CRIMINAL!! And trading that screwed in the head nutcase being held in Russia for the Victor arms trader guy, just another debacle we have come to expect from the criminals in DC. My friends please, please for the love of God read the writing all over the proverbial wall.

  22. Richard Myers

    NDAA has gun control amendment in it .

  23. Marie Joy

    The intent is worldwide genocide. Some ask how could they do such terrible things.
    The reason they do such terrible things is because they want ALL of us dead.

    Don’t bother with useful idiots. They just do what they’re told to do by their leaders/bosses and the leaders/bosses do what they’re told to do by oligarchs like Gates of Hell, Schwab, etc. Even Fauci is just doing what Gates of Hell tells him to do. Follow the money.

  24. Jane Hill

    Yes Greg,
    Thank U for addressing Walker Fraud.
    Yes: GA is a Fraud fest..
    Don’t U simply know a Heisman Trophy winner.. Worshiped by Georgian..
    lost to a Jack leg Marxists Preacher honestly & fairly.

    • Earth Angel

      Totally agree. Should have been Walker in the first round from a screen shot I saw of the Nov. 8th election votes. Looked like Walker was slightly ahead and rising then suddenly- boom- the blue line jumps straight up for Warnock, and gee, it was too close to call. Forcing a runoff. Also, even the legacy news reported the disparity in campaign funds between Walker & Warnock. It was something like 140 million spent on Warnock to maybe several million for Walker. As with Stacy Abrams, did the vast majority of Warnock’s funds came from outside of the State of Georgia?.. I think so. How is that even allowed in a State or local election? Only campaign money from people IN the State or locality involved should be accepted for candidates running for those State or local positions. NO MONEY from OUTSIDE influences should EVER be allowed. Isn’t that a no brainer? Yet, apparantly this is business as usual! Making me highly suspicious of the recent run off results in Georgia. I saw very few signs for Warnock around where I travel north of Atlanta. Those I did see were stuck along areas of highway or at an intersection and NOT in the yards of local residences; which tells me someone with the campaign likely did a drive by putting out these signs. Conversely Herschel Walker signs were everywhere in residental yards of homes around areas in which I travel. It is my belief they are moving people in to vote for these liberal Dems, and of course they’ve been bringing in the sewer pipe of Hollywood (borrowing Michael Savage’s term) crowd for decades. (as a native Georgian I frankly could do without the movie industry here) I could care less whether movies are made here, it’s a general a nusiance for the area in which they are filming these pictures, usually not worth watching anyway. I KNOW Georgia is traditionally conservative because I was born here and have lived here for over 60 years. Liberal mouthpieces try to claim Georgia is becoming a ‘purple’ State but I know well funded globalist liberals are manuevering to turn it into one.

  25. James PTY

    Gay marriage has little to do with protecting individual rights, but instead exists for a simple reason, making it possible for a judge to resolve relationship dissolution in divorce proceedings. (Sometimes the extent of my jaded cynicism even surprises myself…)

    I doubt not the existence of vaxx patents as disclosed by David Martins, and Karen Kingston. I struggle to understand why a patent would be sought for intellectual property components of a “product” used in genocide… It makes no sense (not that anything must) to complete a process that unarguably identifies and legally assigns culpability to the crime of the millennia UNLESS that is the real purpose of the patents, and not protecting the intellectual property rights claimed. The US military has a history of secretly experimenting on enlisted and civilians by exposing toxic/dangerous substances, so why would the “cabal of death” not commit genocide in secret?

    The war in Ukraine is a win win for the military industrial complex, because it includes companies making billions rebuilding destroyed infrastructure:

  26. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    I will not vote for Ron DeSantis ever. He is owned & if he is elected to high office America will pay the price.

  27. Marie Joy

    We are being murdered. MURDERED! and the masses don’t seem to get it.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      Marie Joy,
      What you don’t seem to realize is this genocide in one form or another has been planned for one hundred years maybe since the creation of man. What is on trial here is who has the right to govern man. Jehovah the creator, Satan the antagonist, or man himself. This is death and it will continue for at least two to three years. I hope I am wrong, but I am probably not. The collaborators of this death directive such as the WEF are Satanist bent on destroying man from the planet. They worship the creation and do not recognize the creator. There is no God. So, Marie, the vax will continue and so will the deaths until there is someone that brings justice to the world. God damn the evil bastards that brought this death shot into our world.

  28. michele

    I pray to St. Michael for you everyday.
    Please let your viewers know that Harmeet Dhillon is running for head of the RNC!!!
    Incredible attorney, fierce defender of the Constitution she will be amazing.

  29. Phyllis Kessler

    Greg, the reason the doctor said the young girl died of a heart attack from the flu is because now they are pushing flu shots. I am receiving notifications from Medicare and my healthcare insurance company to remind me to get my FREE flu shot. This is emails and regular mail at least once a week. There is no way I would get a flu shot ever.

    • Lynda S

      Phyllis, YOU are a wise woman indeed!
      I like to put “RETURN TO SENDER” on the constant barrage of snail mail sent to “sell” their shots and such. As well as other junk mail. It’s amazing how they remove my name from their list and the harassing stops!
      Maybe we could reply to unwanted eMail the word: STOP —as we can do with a text sales pitch? It worked beautifully with a Safeway pitch the other day with a reminder to get that FREE flu shot! Everyone knows there is no such thing as FREE!
      Take Care Ms. Phyllis!
      Lyn 🙂

  30. Dean Winchell

    It amazes me how the people of the USA have become the enemy of our own government.

  31. Marie Joy

    I cannot imagine why relatives of the murdered are not acting up and acting out. Are we so dumbed down we allow this without a whimper?

    • Lynda S

      Marie, When all this started and we approached our adult children with what we were learning from Francis Boyle and others, we were cancelled because their heart could not face the idea of our US being attacked with a bioweapon. Plus they were being “FED” lies re: conspiracy nut jobs and the like online. Imagine thousands, if not millions, of bots programed to “guide” young minds down a trail that leads to death. Peer pressure has even effected the aged and learned. SHOCK from loss is what it seems people are experiencing and I believe only prayer, fasting, and reading the WOG aloud over our loved ones lives, our neighbors lives, and our very misguided gov leadership is the ONLY THING that will change things. We must defrost and engage. Yet the plan to break our hearts first to hold us back has been met. Healing is what I pray for all of us.

  32. ron martin

    Thanks as always Greg, I never miss a single episode. Yes. the vaxx mandate was removed from the NDAA but many billions of it are diverted from military defense to Ukraine which means it will end up in Democrat pockets. Yes, this initial segment of the vaxx hoax is ending but more is coming and the “truth” will never come out and those behind the murders (Fauci etal) will never face accountability. As for the hundreds of lawsuits exposing the 1st amendment violations expect a nothing burger since the judicial system is owned by the darkside. Regarding the economy you are on target. Blackrock, all central banks & all retail & supply chains are crashing much sooner than is being reported or known by average American investors or citizens. The genesis of the difference between your half-full beliefs and my half-empty opinion is age (I’m 80) and life experiences. You have been a good investigative reporter, writer & blogger while my years have been spent with the CIA, military, rancher, avid reader, big game outfitter, gun show promoter, prepper, author, etc. One area we both agree on is our belief that this mess can ultimately be solved by only one, Jesus Christ.

  33. Kerry

    I have stated on other URLs that the Excrement is really going to hit the fan when all these children begin to mysteriously pass away having been encouraged by their parents to get the jab. The enormous guilt and rage will explode across the nation and the recipients will be the medical complex and political representatives in DC. DeSantis in Florida has already figured this out and is going after these merchants of death which he stated earlier this week. Trump has never stated he made a mistake are received poor advice which will cost him dearly. Since the liberal idiot class has lined up to receive the death jab the die-off will assist in the removal of these Marxist liars and cheaters. Please continue to dutifully report the truth Greg as it is desperately needed. I’d like to see Ed Dowd on your guest list again as it as been a few months since his last visit.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Kerry,
      “. . . the Excrement is really going to hit the fan when all these children begin to mysteriously pass away having been encouraged by their parents to get the jab.”

      TPTB will likely keep dodging responsibility. Here in the U.K., public panic is being aroused by the official narrative that school children are dying of ‘Strep throat’. The LLM are yet again producing fear porn – witness this extract from The Daily Mail:

      “Paul Hunter, professor in medicine at the University of East Anglia, said: ‘There has been a lot of focus on Group A Strep in children but it is worth remembering it can kill at both ends of the age spectrum. Christmas is a time when older people and their grandchildren come together and mix, so families with elderly, vulnerable grandparents should think about the risk from Strep A, particularly if there is a child who has a sore throat right before Christmas, and perhaps rethink their plans. The risk is not huge but one to be aware of, and older people should make sure they have their flu jabs.'”

      Sounds like the early Covid narrative to me. Fake concern for the elderly, separating the vulnerable aged from the support of their families through fear of ‘infection’. And why are children dying of Strep throat?! Couldn’t be because their immune systems’ have been weakened (destroyed) by the CV-19 vaxx!! And note, professor Paul Hunter concludes that “older people should make sure they have their flu jabs”. More poison! And so ‘they’ continue to push death and destruction, and the public at large keep buying it . . .

  34. Marie Joy

    In the 1960s, the FBI had a faction of those who believe Jews are our masters and everyone, on earth, should be killed. Now, this faction is in charge of the FBI. I know this because my cousin, long dead, was in the FBI.

    • Tin foil hat

      Jews are dying in Israel from the Pfizer vaccine too. Are you saying the American Jews in the FBI want the Israeli Jews dead too?

  35. Fatima Message

    Fatima prophecy: God will use Russia to punish the world. See it coming!
    Again: “Russia and its secret armies will battle America.” The evil that is being exposed displays to all that communism has overtaken this world AND the US of A. What is going on is above all is a spiritual war. Who can doubt that?
    Please prepare yourselves and those around you. Please!

  36. Marie Joy

    DeSantis is NOT what he seems to be. He’s running for president and knows what he has to do to get to the White House.

  37. andyb

    As a disabled Vietnam vet, I am extremely concerned about the future readiness of our military. Certainly, all of the vaxxed will be either dead or medically unfit for service. Perfect cirumstance for the planned Chinese invasion, most likely towards the end of this decade. The treason of the Admin and members of Congress is quite palpable. I hope thst they will be the first to be executed; no one, not even the CCP, likes traitors.

  38. Fred Engel

    Just talked to former coworker yesterday, he’s vaxed boosted and he has covid.

  39. Nancy McDaniel

    Jesus did say we will always have the poor among us and He did make lots of references to include the foolish, deceived, unwise, lost, wicked, evildoers, extortioners, murders, liars, thieves and demon possessed. They have been with us for all time and only a REMNANT will be found worthy to be given a Crown of Righteous by The Master because they kept their testimony of Him, persevered and overcame. Merry CHRISTMAS!

  40. Dave

    I think a lot of folks in Congress did not take the vaccine. There are not a bunch of health events occurring among them which there should be if they had all gotten the jab. The suspicion is Trump and his family also did not take the vaccine. One of his son’s was asked a while ago about it and gave a non-answer. These folks had access to the studies on the efficacy of the vaccine and its side effects and most it would seem decided the risk was too much for them and their families.

  41. John Maskell

    People , central banks and the elite are buying precious metals. They know that fiat currency is dead. Over inflated, over printed the list goes on. The death nail was 2008 when the banks were sick and we the taxpayer had to bail them out. The banking cartel never recovered, just put on life support. The public will be witnessing the crash next year, probably March or April when the dollar hits the death cross and the Fed will pivot . The money printer will be in overdrive and panic will set in ,but it’s too late !! Buy some gold or silver and do what the 1% rich boys do. Protect your wealth in some way. Gold and silver have been used as money for thousands of years. PS Greg, love your work !

  42. Jeff Kindley


    As a fellow Christian, I know that Jesus and God are in control of this mess. Just remember HE wins and it will be okay in the end. However, in the mean time, we need to continue to pray and to get the word (truth) out to everyone. Thanks for all you do and telling us what is going on. Keep fighting the good fight!

  43. Gregory Morrissey

    FDA Says Ivermectin Doesn’t Work Against COVID-19 but Points to Studies That Show It Does


  44. Matt

    Congress really doesn’t exist, they have been under military occupation and having tribunals with executions by firing squad and hangings. When people finally wake up most executions will be over with, just the biggies will be saved for the international tribunals in mid 2023. Hospitals are torture chambers, no way should anyone be admitted to those death chambers. The Russians are our allies in this war against the Evil Satanic Empire of Ukraine that the Cabal has created for child sacrifice, bio weapons, organ harvesting, adrenachrome production and u name it Greg! Putin is Glorious!

    • errol

      Wow.Fully Awake!! Justice is coming.

  45. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks for the reporting. The direct advertisers are a great idea, IMHO they make your site even better. Your viewers are a niche market in a lot of ways- a type of community. Personally, my thoughts about spending money on future projects are between three things- a root cellar, smokehouse, and a Ham radio.

    • errol

      Wow.Fully Awake!!

  46. mark deacon

    The stoppng of the mandatory vaccination raises an interesting question and a connudrum.
    How does the SCOTUS justify the mandatory vaccination of health workers in the private sector (which should never have happened) if the military is not able to mandate it for their military equivalents.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good Question Mark.

  47. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

  48. jon

    Hi Greg, As a Navy Vet that went in during the 80s primarily for technical training and experience. Today I would be willing to put up with the Military PC Woke BS in exchange for the technical schools and experience. BUT would never join in exchange for a forced vax. I think many recruitment complaints from young people refusing to join the Services, is mostly because of the vax. Come to think about it. When I was in during the 80s. The Navy was extremely hesitant to give any vaccines or medical prescriptions, those were kept at a minimum. I think they understood, any medication might negatively effect operational performance.

  49. Ak

    Well I guess I’m in the club now. I’ve been permanently banned from twitter! Lol when I click on the link to find out why it says it’s invalid. What do you folks think, screw twitter or fight? I’m thinking truth social here I come.

  50. Glen

    For what it’s worth: Christmas is a Roman holiday (just like Easter – Christians celebrate Resurrection day, not Easter). Jesus was born in the fall, not in December. Nevertheless, in our hearts, we remember, rejoice, and celebrate the virgin birth of Jesus on December 25.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus is my Lord and Savior. That is all I or anyone has to know.

  51. Richard Longacre

    The Marriage Protection Act is most definitely the Christian Biblical Values Persecution Act. The DOJ will be weaponized on all conservatives and Christians while they ignore their own treason, thefts, bribes, corruptions, and murders. Coming soon.

  52. joe

    six years old…. wow! all of her fun years, and growing up years, POOF ! gone !! GOD OUR FATHER WILL NOT FORGET WHAT THEY DID !!! UNBELIEAVABLE , JUST UNBELIEAVABLE !! their ONLY HOPE, is to seak GOD’S FACE, REPEANT, TURN FROM THEIR EVIL WAYS, and then use every source available to tell THE WHOLE WORLD what they and others have done and report who’s behind all this, until the day they die!

  53. Jeffrobbins

    Churches will need to be careful going forward. Some of them charge a rent fee to use the facility for things like weddings. A smarter way to go is to only rent the facility and pastoral services for ‘members’. Some churches have a formal membership- some don’t. We need to be wise to the ways of the world and the tactics of the evil one. I think there are good options and keeping the churches open is a paramount concern. As for the vaccine- we have taken our two boys out of school in preparation of the public schools requiring it for the kids and i can easily imagine some extra burden imposed on folks doing this next year. Even if the shedding is minimal, these kids with weakened immune systems will be subject to more illness and disease that could be passed to others.

  54. Diana Brown

    Once Again Greg, I appreciate your perspective and look forward to the weekly wrap-ups. GREAT tie BTW! Merry Christmas!

  55. Mike Deezy

    I wouldn’t give Congress to much credit on the military shots. The damage is done.

  56. iwitness02

    I hope “Huge implications” turn into huge indictments.

  57. Prospector

    Once you see the strings , you can’t unsee them.

    ” Climate hypocrite , ( former Senator ) John Kerry says it would be ” Great ” if Americans paid climate reparations ” – Zerohedge 12/9/22

    ” Skull & Bones : It’s not just for white dudes anymore ”
    ‘ The Yale secret society that helped launch the careers of John Kerry and George W. Bush may finally be shedding its elitist image. ‘
    The Atlantic . com – February 25 , 2013

    ( Its a ‘Big Club’ , and you ain’t in it ! – George Carlin )

  58. Jeffrobbins

    This would be more fitting for the Morgan interview, but in light of all the lies about the vax , elections, inflation, and even the fraud fest of money going to Ukraine- real things are going to hold a special appeal going forward. Precious metals, land, extra tools and parts; real things will be in greater demand as the lies are revealed even though there’s always the chance of a fake (tungsten bars in GLD?). Most people need security in something, especially in turbulent times. In a sad way, i think a lot of people perpetuating these lies (even if just part of the crowd) will need to die off before any kind of social movement (culture) back to basics can take place. It’s a question of values- just imagine if the Adam West Batman and Robin show was made today? How many gay cowboys would be in Rawhide? Our heros have disappeared- at least we have Putin to play the villain. It’s sad but, that is Trumps greatest asset- Hero.

  59. Scott

    I agree with the vax deaths but it is important to remember that we lose kids to influenza every year and they never make the news. In the case in Canada if CO-VAX played a role I suspect the immunosuppression and heart damage from the experimental injections left the poor girl susceptible to more severe viral infections. Still she could have been an unavoidable influenza death and we need to keep that in mind. I agree the administration of the FBI and DOJ need to be pruned but like you I still think they should get a special type of pension: that delivered in an 8×8 cell.

  60. Dave

    Mike Lee proposed an amendment to the Marriage Protection Act to guarantee if protect religious rights of individuals. It was voted down by the Dems and 12 Republicans. Lee said that w/o his amendment only physical churches and religious schools will be protected. Anything Chrisitan owned business or Christian function not tied to a church or religious school will potentially be illegal under the act.

    As some have noted the act takes a broad definition of marriage and it potentially could allow bigamy as that is not specifically addressed. Make no mistake – McConnell could have stopped this if he wanted to but he is really on board with it though he voted no.

  61. Justn Observer

    Greg, Seems this is an IMPORTANT, effect and interesting why to collect and do analysis of all jab data and SAD… Hope if the Dr.s you interview are not looking at this data collection analysis for COV ID … take a look =
    COVID Vaccine Deaths in Massachusetts With John Beaudoin + Meryl Nass, M.D. = childrenshealthdefense Published December 3, 2022 =


    • Justn Observer

      Greg, as an aside, Considering the possibility of ‘shedding’…and the close living quarters of the Military does it really matter NOW if they do not need to take the jab?

  62. Mark Maya

    Mr. Greg Hunter I think the sub-stack got vaccinated too! ??

  63. Perry Mason

    $2+ trillion missing from the Pentagram budget again.

    Why these people aren’t all locked up for life in a federal pen is beyond belief. Every cent must be accounted for!! If not, remove each and every person that can’t account for every cent. I don’t care if 100% of the Pentagon are all behind bars for life, if you steal from the American working taxpayer you deserve behind bars for life.

    This story ought to be the catalyst that would close down Washington DC until the heads roll!! Instead, crickets cheeping. Where are the Republicans? If they are in on it too, lock them all up along with all of the dems.

    What has the American working taxpayer become? Deaf, dumb, blind and no testosterone? It seems as if everyone and everything is breaking all the laws. It is just a matter of time before the freak show begins. I just hope the new system gets rid of the woke garbage and fills the insane asylums with the left.

    • RTW

      I think it was Matt Damen who said the line “if you look around the table and can’t spot the sucker, then the sucker is you”. Well, “we the people”are the suckers in this game. If something doesn’t change pretty quick all our chips will be gone before we know it.

  64. Justn Observer

    Greg, Pray for LESS Tragedy and MORE Hope … links above all tie together as the chapters of ‘the school play’ fills out the ‘REAL’ story! KNOW the History and the MO of the ‘world establishment’ and how they control the people of ‘their’ countries to comply/obey ‘their’ pay to play leaders and bankers!
    Herein are more answers….and of course more questions for the viewers here to ask and push for answers to?

  65. Mike

    In one of Clif High’s videos he talks about why Ivermectin used as a prophylactic might not be a good idea, if I am remembering that correctly…

    • Greg Hunter

      Ivermectin is the safest drug ever invented and dr. Pierre Kory says Ivermectin is his base line drug for vax injury because it is anti-viral and will “bind tightly to spike proteins and remove them from the body.” I am going to go with Dr. Kory, one of the top lung doctors in the world. (I do very much like Clif High though.)

  66. Prospector

    Greg , the following needs vetting for accuracy. Did Putin actually say this ? Or ….. is this yet another case of Lying Legacy Media pushing a false translation / fake narrative ?

    Bloomberg – Putin says may add nuclear ‘ first strike ‘ option to strategy – today.

    ( Laying groundwork for false – flags ??? ) No matter what, this will be much hyped in coming days.

    Also a large mall and a tire factory went up in flames in #Moscow in last day.

  67. Vernon Locke

    Putin scored a KNOCKOUT blow to Europe and the WEF | Redacted with Clayton Morris
    Europe just announced a $60 per barrel of oil cap against Russian oil at the same time Putin and China are increasing trade. Europe is facing a slow boiling energy disaster. Meanwhile OPEC+ says they’re not changing anything which means 2 million barrels of oil will continue to be slashed from daily output. All Putin has to do is cut uranium sales to Europe and the U.S. and it will be lights out. We are watching these moron globalists destroy our way of life right before our eyes, and the latest moves this weekend prove my point.

    THE HOUSE OF CARDS IS FA L L I N G ! ! ! ! !
    Putin and China just scored a MAJOR victory over Europe and the U.S. | Redacted with Clayton Morris / Redacted
    The BRICS nations just scored a major victory with new partnerships in The Middle East. China’s President Xi just inked a $30 billion dollar deal with the Saudi government for oil at a time when the U.S. and Europe are fading quickly as partners. This is a clear sign of American hegemony on the decline.

  68. Coal Burner

    Arizona is not the only state buried in voter fraud. New Mexico has enough to keep any Republican from getting into office. The voting machines are corrupt. We have massive Republican turnout but not massive Democrat turnout because half of them would not re-elect out communist Governor, but she won. No way after all the business closings, job losses, child school lack of success could she have won. That bat crazy witch immediately let the Health Department or made them come out with a fools effort to implement required masks. The result, not one mask in a hundred people.
    Basically an “up yours” response.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Coal Burner,
      “. . . not one mask in a hundred people . . .”
      ‘We the people’ need more of this – MASS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!

  69. Pete+only

    At 28 minutes, you mentioned what the FBI has done to society.
    Well, the FBI was originally created by a Presidential act, and should be able to be easily cancelled if the right president were to come along…

  70. Self Exiled

    Sound like a country you live in?

    “Behold, we are slaves today,
    And as for the land which You gave our fathers, to eat of its fruit and its goodness,
    Behold, we are slaves in it.
    “Its abundant produce is for the kings
    Whom You have set over us because of our sins;
    They also rule over our bodies
    And over our cattle as they please,
    So we are in great distress. Nehemiah 9:36-37

  71. The Bird

    Greg, I really enjoy listening to the way you speak; it’s excellent. Let’s be honest though, Democrats and Republicans are the left and right wings of the same bird. Remember, Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed for the CV19 jab. Trump also signed CISA into law, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act of 2018, which is actually limiting free speech under the guise of security. And now, Biden is also continuing to suppress free speech through CISA. It’s the same bird.

    • Greg Hunter

      Both parties take turns ripping “We the People” off, which is why I hate them both.

  72. Kevin24

    Hi Greg, it has not been a good week, mom passed away today. Mom has had brain fog since the two shot but the jury was out with her being 87, she passed out walking around the block during the summer and fell hard again getting a bad concussion, she fell again mid-October and got bleeding on the brain. Dr. was going to relieve the pressure but then they noticed blood clotting around the lungs. Vax or old age?
    My co-worker had his 73 year old grandpa die on Tuesday after losing control of his car and running into a truck. No details yet but Trudeau claims 90% of the people got at least one jab. I think vax side effects but will stay neutral until I see concrete proof. Vax or just a medical issue?

    • Greg Hunter

      Insurance companies have seen a big increase in auto accident claims since the vax roll out. I am going with the vax.

  73. James

    Twitter is just the small dog of this censorship. WHY?
    Twitter can can only manipulate within its own platform!
    Google, Apple & even Amazon control a LOT more of the whole internet.
    Google is the big dog! Google controls a lot of the whole internet such as searches, DNS, servers & internet traffic.

  74. M Sansone

    Censoring is on one side of the government ‘coin’, lying is on the other.

  75. PersonaNonGrata

    Leaked video from Global Leaders Forum, WEF:


    Include the missing and its 300,000 dead in Ukraine.

    • Greg Hunter

      If people really want to help Ukraine, they would rise up to stop this war. Thanks for adding this.

  77. elle

    IGNORE there stupied laws. Prepare your family, Food, Garden, So on. CBDC is coming Gold, Silver, BTC and assets to barter.

  78. elle

    Greg, It would help if the Doctors would mention the illness besides clots snd heart related issues, cancer. Yes it lowers the immunity and yes you can then get MS, Parkinsons ( which my Friend now has and all the others. Look up what they are getting sick from all the sudden and killing slow but faster.

  79. Steve Bice

    Like you keep saying, this is only the beginning. It can’t be hidden…

    Vaccine = DDS = Drop Dead Sbot


  80. Steve Bice

    P.S. Grant Wahl’s wife is in “complete shock.” Here name is Celine Gounder:

    “Gounder is a Senior Fellow and Editor-at-Large for Public Health at the Kaiser Family Foundation and for Kaiser Health News. The acclaimed medical journalist has also contributed to CBS News, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and the BBC.”

    This should be a heck of a wake up call for her and her ilk. These deaths keep pulling back the curtain on the Wizards of public health. Sooner or later, they will be forced to wake up and leave Oz. Sad(s) indeed…

  81. Pete+only

    Another very good informative broadcast Greg.
    It looks like Elon Musks’ twitter purchase continues to pay dividends.
    He has now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jack Dorsey lied under oath to a committee under penalty of purgery…that he wasn’t shadow banning or censoring people speaking against the fraudulent corrupt narrative.
    We hear of all these offences being commited, but we never seem to hear of any retributions or penalties or people going to jail.

  82. Pete+only

    Rudy Giuliani has just summarized the Biden Family’s Fraudulent Crime Syndicate.
    It is dated December 8th, so it is very up to date.
    He reviews 5 of the biggest cases that has been exposed. Rudy is also quite shocked at how all of the main stream media has covered these things up for so long to the general public…(but us viewers of U.S.A Watchdog know otherwise).

  83. Sharon

    More of our gun rights being restricted once again. “Gun Shops And Customers Claim Credit Card Firms “Restrict” Firearm Purchases” – https://www.zerohedge.com/political/gun-shops-and-customers-claim-credit-card-firms-restrict-purchases

    As credit card companies were rolling out the new code in mid-September, National Shooting Sports Foundation lawyer Lawrence Keane explained:
    “It was never about gathering data to aide law enforcement. It is, and always has been, a concerted effort to pressure credit card companies to deny lawful purchases of firearms and put every single gun purchaser on a watchlist.”

  84. James Harbison

    You are such a good post and resource of info.
    Wish you had a DVD offering at end of year for your entire broadcasts for prior year.
    Then a person could replay and show folks how various issues were exposed when they were happening.
    I would love to have USAWatchdog.com 2020, 2021, and 2022 to show the progress of this vaccine crime.
    Just a thought.
    Informed US Citizen

  85. View From Above

    It’s astonishing that Republicans are such cowards. The idiot-crats continually lie, cheat & steal and republicans just sit there and take it. They refuse to fight and seemingly accept that the 2020 & midterm elections were not stolen from them.

    When are they going to grow a set and start fighting back ??? If more Republicans don’t push back and remove McConnell the Republican Party is doomed. McCarthy isn’t going to be speaker because some Rhino’s will work with the idiot-crats and let them dictate who the speaker will be.

    USA needs a Trump/Desanti ticket for 2024, then Desanti for 8 years thereafter.

    • Sharon

      We have an illegitimate criminal lawless govt. Both parties are the same. Politicians are chosen and owned by the DS. We should not have another Presidential/mid-term elections period as nothing was done to resolve the 2020 stolen election. Elections have been rigged for several years. They DO NOT work for the American people. Trump & Desantis are just puppets being told what to do. They will not solve/fix any of our problems. As you can see now, with Covid/shots, the many deaths/injuries from these shots, shortages, inflation, etc., it’s much worse now and will continue to worsen as we move forward to 2023. Governments have always caused problems. They always want chaos – problem, reaction, solution. Our country is in such a big mess it cannot be fixed. We have to get rid of all the criminal parasites!!

  86. Marie Joy

    Poplar Preparedness on Y0uTube reports another electrical energy site has been attacked on 12/8 in South Carolina. It was unsuccessful. Get ready for grid down… Lots of blankets, wood stoves with a lot of wood and food that does not have to be cooked. Come together with people you trust.

  87. Russ McMeans

    Beyond beautiful and informative broadcast Sir Greg. I love you! My brother in Jesus Christ. Continue your work. You are doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Will share. But this time it will just be your home page with all you awesome interviews.

    • Russ McMeans

      I forgot to mention that I’m still alive after 3 Moderna vaccines. I will report if I have any health problems or die. I’m 61.

      • Greg Hunter

        As protection I would use Ivermectin on a regular basis. It will bind to the spike proteins and remove them from you body. Don’t wait until you have massive damage.

  88. Steve Bice

    IgG4 Theory regarding multiple shots and their facilitation of an altered immune response, leaving people at risk of death upon p0st-vaccine multiple exposures to Covid antigens. It reminds me of other research papers I’ve read about cat deaths when exposed to wild type viruses after vaccination.

    This is scary stuff…


  89. Will D

    I’m very happy that the military will allow the unvaxed back into the military and it should be with back pay and full rank. What no one I’ve heard mentions or is thinking about is the injured service men and women who are going to be able to claim disability from being required to take the death jab. This administration has proven once again that they do not care about our service men and women, or our veterans. Traded a gay, drugie, person who hates America for “the merchant of death”, leaving behind a marine. Pulling out of Afghanistan leaving behind military personnel, support personnel, and $80 billion in equipment. Disrespecting the honored dead as they arrived back home. Take the damn watch off. Joey can make time for ice cream but can not make time for the border agents when he is in Arizona. I can’t wait for January and all the hearings that will begin after the new congress is sworn in.

  90. Mark S Holtz

    53 million dead from the j. a b

    • Greg Hunter

      I believe you but where did you get this number?

  91. Randall Maxwell

    The last days or end times are when those called to be Christians in the second age of Christianity start the 40-43 year process of hungering and thirsting after righteousness and praying for the wisdom from above, that we might start being freed, from every wind of the doctrine of men James 3:15-18. ff. These 40 years are when we can start growing in the one true faith in God 2 Pet. 1:5-8; Matt. 13:11; James 3: 13-18; Eph. 5:17-21; Dan. 12:4; Joel 2; Acts 2:17-21; Rev. 18:4.
    If the Lord had not stepped back and hid His face, power, glory, majesty, and Bible Ezek. 39:25-29, and if Satan had never ruled over this world, there never could have been preaching, bibles, religions of men, a crucified Savior, or free moral agency. We couldn’t have patiently suffered and learned, the cost of evil without paying the ultimate price, Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30; Job; James 3:5-7.
    There are two ages of the kingdom (Both spiritual and physical, such simple truth which explains why the Bible had to be hidden away in plain sight so we could believe in the insanity that we could be like God.) Eph. 2:7; 2 Pet. 3:8. They are divided into two ages by the Babylon/Rome apostasy of the religions of men 2 Thess. 2:3; Rev. 18:4. Both ages of the spiritual kingdom are preceded by 40 years of spiritual warfare between the one true faith from God and the faith systems of men. The first age of the Kingdom, came after 40 years of the work of the Holy Spirit completing the Bible and delivering it to the saints through the seven prophets of Asia Minor once and for all time Judas 3. The second coming of Christ or the second age of the Kingdom begins when 40+ year restoration of the Bible Micah 7:15; I Cor. 13:9-12, by Christ’s 2000-year-old prophecy is completed in about 2065AD Rom. 5:1ff after Satan is identified as the man of sin Rom. 5:12-21; 2 Thess. 2:3.
    Since men cannot compete against God, the completion or restoration of the Bible means the end of spiritual warfare Judas 3; Rev. 5:1ff; Micah 7:15; John 12:31. This will mark the end of the last days or end times of Gnosticism on earth. In about 2062-2065 AD Christ will resume His reign and the second age of Christianity will continue for about 750 more years with every spiritual blessing in Christ. The Bible is simply about spiritual warfare between the ways of men and the ways of God. In it, we read about the sins and failures of men so that we can learn that only God can save us from ourselves. Men cannot stand up against God or guide our paths Jer. 10:23, so we had to believe the insanity that we could be like God for the past 1680 years.

    http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/TimeOfTheSonOfMan to purchase the Perfect Law of Liberty, in part.

  92. Bangsat

    I gave my GP neither my verbal nor written consent for the administering of any covid19 experimental injection or pharmaceutical …ive taken no shots & definitely letting no Low life bottom feeder stick one of those Schwabs up my nasal passage into my brain….
    No jabs…no tests….🐄🐄🐄💉💉💉💀💀💀

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