COP27: Global Meeting to Destroy America – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s  

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular books “Deep State” and “Crimes of the Educators,” says Deep State globalists had a two-week conference in Egypt called COP27 that outlined the plan to enslave the planet with a New World Order globalist agenda.  It was a huge conference in mid-November that most Americans knew nothing about because the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) would not cover it.  Why did the LLM lie by omission and not show Americans what was going on when the entire world covered this conference?  Newman, who attended COP27, contends, “This is an incredibly significant story, and anywhere else in the world you would have seen very extensive coverage in the press, in the fake news media as we call it.  There were thousands of journalists there.  I call them the cheerleading section from all over the world.  Conspicuously absent, though, was the American media. . . . If Americans knew what was going on . . . they would put a stop to it almost immediately.  So, there was almost total radio silence in the U.S.  This was very, very significant because you had 125 prime ministers, kings, dictators and presidents, including Joe Biden, show up.  I actually ran into John Kerry there, and he was not very talkative. . . . It was just Americans that were kept totally in the dark about this.  This was the most significant thing going on in the world until the G-20 started. . . . There were world leaders from all over the planet.  We are talking about wealth redistribution.  We are talking about stealing money from middle-class and poor Americans and redistributing that to the very wealthy, uber elites and the kleptocrats who have kept the third world impoverished.”

It is more than a money issue.  Newman says it is really a freedom issue.  Newman explains, “They are very clear about using the WHO (World Health Organization), the climate change process . . . all these different arms getting together to take down freedom around the world and ultimately take down the American system of government.  Trump comes in and pulls out of UNESCO, a UN education agency.  These are the same people involved in the one world religious new kookie 10 commandment thing.  Trump got us out of that, and it was a wonderful move.  He started the process of getting us out of the Paris Agreement.  He got us out of the World Health Organization.  Trump was a human wrecking ball when it came to the architecture of global governance. . . . Trump stood up at the UN and said we are not going to go for the globalism anymore.  America is going to be a free sovereign nation. . . . When it came to globalism, Trump was on fire, and he was doing incredible things.”

Newman says this is one of the reasons globalists had to make Trump lose the 2020 Presidential Election.

Newman also says, “They were talking over and over again about ‘climate hell.’  What they are really trying to do is build hell on earth under the guise of saving us all from climate change.”

In closing, Newman says, “They are trying to bring all the religions on earth on board. . . . They want to get all the religions together and create an ‘alliance of virtue.’ . . . We are seeing the nucleus of the one world diabolical religion coming into view.  As you study what is happening here, you realize this does not glorify God.  This flatly contradicts the Bible from the Christian perspective that has been delivered by God through the Bible.  Frankly, it is evil. . . . . This is a recipe for global tyranny, and God is the author of liberty.  These things are obviously not compatible.  In Ephesians 5:11, and this has been my motto as a journalist for many years, it says have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.  Rather, reprove them and expose them.  Christians should be exposing this. . . . The more you dig into the UN’s view on religion, the darker it gets. . . .They worship the creature rather than the creator.  This is what we are seeing in front of our eyes right now.”

There is much more in the 49-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with hard hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of and author of the recent book “Deep State.”

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After the Interview: 

Be on the lookout for Newman’s new articles in The New American in early 2023 as he reveals the globalist tyrannical plan to rule the world.

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  1. Bob

    The new 10 commandments. 😆 what a frock!

    • Chuck

      DeSantis promises to hold Pfizer, Moderna accountable for COVID jab side effects

    • Farmer's Daughter

      When God created the earth he gave man the breath of life! Now we are to believe
      that the first thing God did was evil. The very idea that breathing is a crime is evil
      at its face value. Sounds like climate religion comes from Satan worship!
      I for one worship God as my creator. Remember that they did burn people at the
      stake if they did not do what the King decreed as law. Live Free or Die!

      • Richard Longacre

        Farmer’s Daughter, These evil beings are trying to counterfeit and destroy everything that God created and called “good”. Our breathing is now evil and destructive (answer? kill everyone). The original 10 commandments given to us by God are outdated (answer? Smash them and replace them with creation worshiping, human hating, God hating a unified religion).
        Good is evil and evil is good. We are there right now.
        The vaccine is safe and effective = It will kill you and won’t stop you from getting CV or from spreading it.

        The day is coming soon where worshipping the creator may cost us our lives even here in the USA. “Mark” my words, vaccine status will be part of the upcoming Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) being rolled out globally and it will be mandatory (or else) at some point.

    • Shirl

      But but but…Orange Man Bad and and and…he has mean tweet’s and MAGA ambitions too 🙈🙉🙊

      • Farmer's Daughter


    • Where is Tiffany Dover?

      Watch the opening ceremony for the 2022 Common Wealth Games in Birmingham. There’s a scene where lights on the ground, representing modified DNA with a triple helix instead of the standard double helix, is connected to the tree of life. There’s also satanic worship and other strange performances for the new 10 commandments.

  2. Coal Burner

    I heard vague mention of the meeting then nothing. Don’t know where I heard that. Thanks for MR Newman and you covering it Greg:
    The next question is what do we do to stop it. And out of curiosity does nayone think the NC power take down is related to either the enemy or to bring attention to the real War we are entering?

  3. GERRY

    I don’t believe the American people have the knowledge or will to stop this. But, Russia can and will. That is the reason the West hates Russia just as they hated Trump. And the orchestration of this is divine.

    • Rich

      You are spot on! Russia and China will help to free us from the WEF’rs. Plus a whole lot of civil wars are coming from 2025 t0 2027.

      • Sal

        “will help to free us”? You have got to be kidding. What are u smoking?

        • Paul

          Thanks Greg and Alex
          For keeping the fire burning.

          Paul from arkansas

          • Paul

            It’s evident we are abundant in knowledge of what’s happening around us for truth seekers. Unfortunate though , to much knowledge creates passivity. Unlike the creators of this dystopian nightmare who have no remorse.
            Until the conservatives change their tactics and fight fire with fire. It’s all talk.

            Paul from arkansas

            • virginia clark

              Paul Could not agree more. We have to learn the democrat cheat program and the democrat math that wins elections by just enough to make stupid people think ist’s legit

    • Anthony Australia

      Gerry Mate, it all begins and ends with the US Military Industrial Complex.

      The Fact Hunter | Classic Audio: Kay Griggs Interview Part 1 @ Part 2

    • Paul D Anders

      Quite honestly, a Five year old is smart enough to know that the Deep State was going to try and kill us with the shots, I can’t figure out how Trump couldn’t have known.
      Part of me says he throws them a bone once in awhile…

      • mark deacon

        Yep the bioweapon and big pharama is just an extension of the military industrial complex. This time round the people are the enemy to be set upon by the military industrial complex.

    • Retta Pierce

      Americans are beginning to wake up. I just hope it is not too late. My mission in life is also Ephesians 5:11. In the eyes of the world, I am a nobody, so i have difficulty getting people to listen, even though i did study world events and how they fit into God’s plan for mankind for about 40 years, that coupled with mtpy innate ability as an observer of the human condition practically from birth, and in addition information I collected through my work history.

      Do not be amazed if something horrendous comes to the United States sooner than we think. Be prepared. The Father ONLY knows the timeline!

    • Felix

      I don’t think you are correct this is all planned.I would like to believe their is a chance russia would take down klaus scwab and these scumbag luciferians but putin is a friend and takes direction from henry kissinger a life long hater of GOD the eternal father.The world is a stage,our only hope is GOD and prayer that stop these fools but these things must come to pass.GOD will not save a country that murders a million babies a year or has fallen from faith.All we can do is strengthen our faith and help your fellow man.Putin is controlled opposition,our government is evil and have been for a long time.90 percent of politicans are compromised by their evil deeds and perversions.

      • Anthony Australia

        Absolutely agree Felix.
        Trueman show stuff!

  4. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    They are evil kennites!!

    • Michael Lee Shirey

      FINALLY! Someone who recognises the Kenites! Synagog of Satan indeed. Cain was the first murderer. Satan was Cain’s father. ((They)) now control the 4 Hidden Dynasties (Finance, Government, Education and Religion) 2 Acts:4

  5. Jeff owens

    Thank the Lord for Alex Newman! The reason I became a member of JBS. The most important Ray of light in Journalism today. THE Lone Wolf in the wilderness holding these clowns’ feet to the fire! Thanks, Greg, for bringing Alex on for the COP27 update.
    God Bless you both!!

  6. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    Alex Newman very smart man. Excellent guest need many more like him Greg..

    • Bill P

      Sorry, I don’t give Trump a pass on the vax. If I knew what was going on before it all happened, he should have known too. He, after all, was the president. Like Truman said, “the buck stops there.”

      • Laura Ann

        Bill P. I don’t give Trump a pass on anything. He is pals with the Rothchilds who loaned him money for his Atlantic city casino. Also he pushed covid shots at MAGA rallies for Pfizer, which was shown on C-span. MAGA rallies are an ego trip accomplishing nothing. I wouldn’t pay $200. to sit up in front like some so they could be seen on TV. Trump could have pardoned the Jan 6th people who are still in jail. Why isn’t he out giving warnings about the WEF agenda 2030??

        • Phil

          By his fruit we shall know him!!

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Trump also gave the CIA, FBI, George Bush Senior, a pass when authorising a continuation of secrecy surrounding the JFK assassination. The documents were due for release during DJT’s presidency and it took ‘positive’ Presidential intervention to keep them dark. Some make the excuse that, revealing the truth about the real perpetrators would cause loss of faith in the institutions of State and mass civil unrest. Right thinking people may have woken up to how their government lies to them. It may have triggered a mass movement to ‘clear the swamp’. Couldn’t allow that!!!

          Trump is an enigma. In office he did many good things – pulling out of the (totally bogus) Paris Climate Accord being a prime example. On the other hand he appointed totally corrupt and discredited officials. Example; despite being anti-war, Trump elevated known warmonger Bolton?! Trump advocated HCQ and Ivermectin but then switched to promoting the shots – where was his presidential conviction?

          Many are motivated to overlook Trump’s Machiavellian characteristics because, I suspect, they are swayed by the proverb, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’, and Trump certainly appears to be outright hated by the globalists. However, his continuing promotion of the kill shots MUST give cause for doubt. Given all the evidence of harm, those continuing to support the vaxx are either corrupt or stupid. The US – the world – cannot afford another US President who is either the former OR the latter.

          Qualifier: I am not a citizen of the US. Had I been, I would have enthusiastically voted for Trump in 2016.

      • LLMsheeplePeople

        Ya, he offered alternatives to the jab and I couldn’t figure that out because the LLM told me not to, so now I ended up with being forced into 15 jabs on account of the Biden Regime with a Boosta and it’s Orange Man Bad’s fault boohoo 🤡

  7. Enrico

    Deep State is a great book! Alex is one of my favorites (Greg too).

  8. Cat

    I belong to The Great Resist in Australia 😎👍

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you get vaxed and boosted?

      • Anthony Australia

        No bloody way!
        Fear not.

    • Tom C

      Good for you and all your mates.

      • Anthony Australia

        Brother Ray – Canberra

        I emailed you please reply if you like.

        • Ray

          Hi mate,
          All good…..I will get back to you this weekend Brother.
          Sorry for the delay……just had to make sure.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

  9. Dave Scrimshaw

    Gen. 1:26 and also v. 28 state mankind is to RULE over all other lifeforms. In ch 2:15-16 says man was to till & keep the garden.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Dave, I agree, but not worship it.

    • Earth Angel

      Actually I believe we humans were meant to be stewards and caretakers of the plant and animal kingdoms God gave us here on planet Earth. The term RULE is too often mistaken as to SUBDUE or CONQUER them; and that has brought us to this sad place. Our Creator meant us to live in HARMONY with NATURE and the other creatures as native peoples understood. Take only what you need to survive and be grateful to the Source. Sadly because of greed, ignorance and evil (i.e turning our backs against God’s Commandments and Law) we have lost our way and been very poor stewards of His gracious gifts.. we will all reap what we have sown and may He have Mercy on us.. and P.S.- WOW- what an interview.. Alex was on FIRE with this one! Greg you’ve hit another one OUTTA THE PARK!! : )

  10. Vince Osburn

    Outstanding interview and commentary.
    Thanks Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Vince!

      • George

        Hy Greg,
        We not supposed to be naive.
        The simple fact is the American people will not rise up. Unless they have been told so…
        So said Bob Chapman and this is the fact.
        Look around and see what is going on today in America. And do you see anyone complaining?
        Stop being naive.
        This nation do not want to wake up.

        • Greg Hunter

          Well speak for yourself George. Go hide and stay out of the way.

    • Bill P

      He has more faith in people pushing back than I do. It will take more than writing your congressmen and getting a form letter back. I also have zero faith that the churches will do anything other than fall in line like they did with the plandemic.

      • Laura Ann

        Bill P: I am 77, lost faith in people overall. Newman is way younger. Me and others (incl. conservative news sites online -Quayle, Lew Rockwell, Hagmann, etc) spoke to others about the bio weapon, since cut ties. Best to cut ties w/ those who seem to condone everything gov. pushes on the masses. You may be young, we see over time few people will realize facts. Most will go along with the majority because they live their lives trying to please others going along w/ their friends and social media contacts.

        • Earth Angel

          Laura Ann, You’re so right. I’m just a few years behind you, grew up in the 60’s & 70’s and can remember the bumper sticker that said ‘ Question Authority’. (the same bumper sticker that globalist stooges of today such as the clinton’s, pelosi, et al. were likely driving around with on their cars during the 60’s counter culture movement) Today’s sticker should read ‘Suspect Authority’. Over the course of my life time (especially from what I’ve come to realize the past 15-20 yrs. digging in to some hard research of the way things REALLY work) I’ve decided that whatever the establishment power structure tells us to do- if we do the EXACT OPPOSITE of that- we can feel sure we are doing the RIGHT THING! ; ) It’s a shame most of us don’t come to this realization until at least our 40’s or beyond. (and for many that light bulb never even comes on at all) Hopefully, with the unprescidented magnitude of multiple egregious fraud and crimes being committed against ALL of humanity and nature in this day and time- that changes rapidly.

          • Phil

            Question Authority! – Suspect Authority!! – Fear Authority!!!

  11. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Newman
    We mere peasants are about to be slaughtered in greater numbers with the coming WWIII thanks to the Zelensky and Biden regimes.
    Here in the UK our economy is truly abysmal no matter how much our media shows otherwise.

    • J. Loughran

      You maybe interested in this discussion of the results (Global All-Cause Mortality data) from greatest experiment ever. The discussion is between JJ Couey and Professor Denis Rancourt. It concludes with GeoPolitics and the Empire’s ongoing war for control of Eurasia. The video can be accessed at and viwed bytouching the menu button and then selecting videos. Take Care, Jim L.

  12. Doug

    I love this young man and you, Greg, for bringing him on. Great interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Doug!!

    • Loverat

      Very good interview. I have not watched Alex Newman for a while. I have to say 90% of clued up sites in the US (Im from UK) Some brilliant guests on this, Mike Adams and JD Rucker sites. Greg – update you photo – you look far more handsome now. I like the background – reminds me of the post soccer interviews in England. Very distinctive

  13. JayJay

    I recall reading about the Pope(can’t recall which one– was since 2007 because I was living here then)…..he had a representative touring the world and his theme was the Pope’s plan to merge ALL religions into one…the One World Religion.
    Yes, he specifically said Muslims were included.
    At that time, I surely thought he was the anti-christ.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jay Jay,
      One world religion means NO Jesus, and I say, not no, but Hell NO to that.

  14. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Half way through your interview with Alex Newman – covering issues of great import – and can’t help noticing, when you utilise split screen, how much better his lighting is. Never noticed before – it’s a direct comparison thing – and I fully realise, in the scheme of things, how unimportant this observation is. Even so, Alex’s lighting creates a warm ambience you may consider worthy of replication?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am so busy with booking and writing and editing I cannot worry about that. I make it look as good as I can and still get important information out to the public. Thanks for the constructive critique though.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Thanks for taking my ‘critique’ in the positive spirit it was meant. In any case, your lighting is always better than Martin Armstrong’s. 🙂

  15. John Pick

    Karl Marx
    Thank you Greg and Alex for this great broadcast.
    That was an incredible Scripture from memory Greg .

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus is the Savior of the world. Marx was an idiot, and only understood evil because of his reprobate mind! Romans 1:21-22.

  16. Phil

    Because the Earth is cooling with all the seismic activity the Globalists can’t use the slogan “Global Warming” anymore – so they switched their narrative to “Climate Change” – the climate on planet Earth has been changing for millions of years (even before man was around) – so how do they think they can get away with blaming man for climate change??? – then these same Globalists who opened the southern border of the US claiming “there should be no borders between nations” because we are now a One World Government then tell us they plan to erect an electronic surveillance Iron Curtain around every town and city where peoples movement will be controlled and limited with travel restrictions, internal passports and impose mandatory spending limits using digital currency – these Globalists are planning to erect “Berlin Walls” around every American city to keep the population contained and controlled while they lie to us that they want free and open borders – it is time to take these Globalists who hold secret meetings on how they plan to control and exterminate us and “throw them on the ash heap of history” by not only exposing their evil agenda but by arresting the insane bunch of perverts and locking them away in some jail cell under a glacier in Antarctica so that even if they somehow escape they will freeze to death thanks to Global Cooling!!

  17. Ed Mustafo

    Alex reminds us all once again that Trump did what he could while he was surrounded by lying weasels to go against everything that the evil globalists have planned for us. But some people pretend that he didn’t do all of those things. Instead they fell for the Fake News narrative about Trump. “ Orange Man is Bad”.The CDC, the NIH, the FDA , the most prestigious medical journals, the health officials and of course the doctors all told the same lies to him in regards to the “pandemic “but according to the brainwashed people Trump should have known better. It’s all his fault. He went along with it. Yeah, that seems fair.

    • Earth Angel

      Yes I agree. Trump’s cutting funding to the WHO and other dangerous organizations is monumental! The sad fact is that under the current fiat Federal Reserve System the criminal syndicate can print as much $$$$$$$$$$$$$ as they want to with NO real accounting to anybody but themselves and therefore can keep funneling $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to WHO(?) ever and whatever they want to finance. CBDC takes this to yet another level adding control of personal finances without accountability. We just CAN’T let that happen. Say NO to CBDC! Look to value based currencies based in precious metals (; one worth checking out) which worked perfectly well for centuries for cultures worldwide. Back to the future, why not stick with what’s worked? Its a no brainer!

  18. Brad Calhoun

    Former Fox listener. Tucker is the only one on Fox I listen to now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ask him why he does not cover his friend Hunter.

  19. Linda Majors

    Excellent interview with Alex.

    ALERT! Covid Concentration Camp, Orange County, California.
    On the subject of the COP 27 meeting in Egypt and keeping Americans in the dark, Plans are in the works to build a COVID CONCENTRATION CAMP at the old El Toro Marine Base in El Toro. Is it for anyone who refuses Covid Shots and Social Score Cards? The Feds with our tax dollars are paying for the “Camp” which is estimated to cost $78 Million.

    Currently, L.A, and San Diego Counties have plans to do the same. This relates to the Great Reset and forcing Americans to give up our rights and freedoms. Communist China is the model. Nicole Pearson, the attorney who is alerting everyone said that there will be nowhere to escape. Idaho, Montana, NY, and . . . are planning to do the same. The plan is to connect every state in the union and the Feds will have control.

    We need to get this nightmare stopped before it is too late to do anything. It is being kept secret, just like the COP 27 meeting in Egypt. (Ref. link below.)

    Note: If any of you have friends or family who reside in the OC, please ask them to attend a scheduled hearing and help get this nightmare stopped before it is too late. (Ref. link below.)


  20. tim mcgraw

    I don’t watch the news anymore. Why bother?
    Our fight is now on an individual level.
    Who cares what the “leaders” do or do not?
    All that matters is what we do or do not.

  21. Phil

    To see how diligently the Globalists have been working over the last 100 years to destroy the Constitutional Government of the United States (based upon a sound monetary system backed by gold and silver) just look at this chart – – to destroy our nation they must destroy our currency and they have done a pretty good job so far taking us off the gold and silver standard and inflating their paper IOU notes toward infinity (quadrillions and quadrillions of them) to create an inflationary bubble that brings down our system of government that cares for individual freedom and liberty – why do you think Biden closed down our oil pipelines, stopped oil and gas drilling in the US, destroyed our food processing plants, brought us a plandemic, created a major war with Russia, etc., etc. – the answer is he needed to create “the inflation necessary to bring down our Constitutional system of government” and replace it with a “Commie/Fascist” Global Dictatorship lead by “an un-elected” self proclaimed ruler of the world named Klaus Schwab who tells us right to our face we will own nothing in his New World Order and that he will control the population and decide who gets to live or die (and that those who are allowed to live will obviously be happy) – Russia is standing up to these Globalists and the Globalists supporting Zelensky with American tax dollars are now having him fire missiles deep inside Russia – probably hoping Putin will launch a Nuclear Strike against America and totally destroy our Constitutional Republic which right now is a big impediment to their achieving the goal of a New World Order (run by an un-elected Nazi Dictator who says he does not believe in God – yet wants to be a God)!!

  22. Greg (not Hunter)

    Lets not forget Jeb Bush is supporting Ron De. I would prefer Donald Trump over Ron DeSantis.

  23. Phil

    Very serious pain is coming for Americans (the Globalists want us dead)!! –

    • Phil

      Wake up America – when someone invades your home and starts to kill your family “it is time” to fight back with deadly force!!!

  24. Jerry

    It’s all right here in this executive order.

    Watch the stock market. At some point they will crash it to implement their agenda. The plunge protection team will somehow be unable to stop it and so the transition to a new digital currency will be delivered. When?
    Who knows?

  25. JODY

    I will not comply and Jesus will be in my heart and mind and they can kill me for it but when will we Americans tar and feather these people?

  26. Roger Stamper

    tks alex greg

  27. Alison

    From day 1 of hearing “COP 27”, the only possible meaning that term had in my mind was “(COP)ulate with the devil, (B)laspheme (G)od”. (B being the second letter of the alphabet, and G being the seventh). The next thing that jumped out at me was the ‘new green’ 10th commandment of these heretical demons–“Use mind, open heart”. All I could think about after reading that was Genesis 6:5 –“And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Indeed, every imagination/thought in these psychopaths’ minds and every intention of their thoroughly blackened hearts are only evil continually…and they’ve made it abundantly clear that they desire nothing more than to unleash every evil thing they possible can on all of humanity.
    No one who truly belongs to Christ could EVER feel any sort of kinship with the heinous entities who orchestrate/participate in such things!

  28. Anthony Australia

    The Real Reason Behind China’s “Zero-COVID” Policy

  29. Bill P

    It amazes me, with all this going on and the unaccounted for trillions that people are getting upset over the student loan relief program. Anything they can do to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

  30. William Mitchell

    in 2018 a Republican dominate House and Senate passed Omnibus Bill 1892 which increased funding to Planned Parenthood to a higher amount than ever before. Then Trump signed it into law. The Republicans have done more for the abortion cause than the Democrats have.

  31. Nick de la Gaume

    Thank you both. May The Almighty Lord guide and protect you.

  32. andyb

    With the Warnock victory, there will be no accountability, especially with the supposed leadership of McConnell and McCarthy, The House can subpoena, but they cannot prosecute. The Senate committees will be weighted for the Dems; no help there. Kari Lake will never be Gov, but she is a perfect VP nominee. Let’s hope.

    If a group had purposely tried to destroy America through Gov policy and Presidential EOs, they could not have done a better job then the corrupt and treasonous Biden Admin. God help us all.

  33. rwmctrofholz


    Did my grandfather give you permission to film this video from his den? Wow, that backdrop takes me back!! Great vid!

    • Sam

      Looks like a well built 1950’s home with that knotty pine board paneling…a nephew of mine bought one out in the country and they are holding up like the day they were installed. His kitchen cabinets, trim and several built-ins are made of that material & are beyond awesome mostly because the carpentry was done with expert skill and care. I marvel at it when I visit. The only thing he may need to do is upgrade the countertops.
      BTW, excellent interview and information on who we are really dealing with in the world…

  34. Don W.

    Thank you Greg for the wonderful interview with the right person and right time. We know that Pres. Trump set them back four + years and they will not let that happen again. We also know that about 89% of the predictions in the Bible have been completed and that the two main ones of a “one world gov. and one more war” need to happen, and they are now just around the corner. So many other things the Bible tells us about the end times are happening today like the first four seals are happening so we, as Christians need to now, more than ever, tell people about our Lord and Savior.
    I knew about the conference but not anything that was discussed there. But did have a little clue.
    Blessings to you and Mr. Newman.

  35. James PTY

    Alex Newman has one of the most cohesive lucid manners of articulating high content thought I have ever heard: Impressive. And he is right, lies eventually fail under the weight of energy required to sustain them whereas Truth is self sustaining. What is being peeled away for the most average “normal” person to see is the utter uselessness of almost ALL government agencies and horrid policies designed to enslave individuals and nation. As for religion, institutionalized over millennia intent on conditioning away from Truth, recognize an interpretation of the Truth is used to confuse you: TRUTH is either known to you, or it is not…

  36. Ranger

    America has had the plug pulled. All Manufacturing has been removed to Foreign Countries. All the Gold has been removed from Fort Knox. Most of the Land has been sold to Foreign Countries.
    If you look closely, most of the House and Senate are not American Born but from Foreign Countries aka Dual Citizens.
    Nobody is going to save America.
    We wash each other’s close, wash each other’s cars, serve each other food, do each other’s taxes, mow each other’s yards, and so forth.
    The Host has been drained.
    The American People lack the Courage to stand and fight.
    Thus, America persishes from Cowardice and Wussie Men.

  37. John

    Keep up the great work, G-Dog !!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John,

    • David Bagley

      Which politician told the truth about the 💉 Jenny O Side

  38. Marie Joy

    This will get worse as long as we do nothing.
    We are ruled by psychopaths and we allow it.
    We deserve the government we tolerate and this is obscene.
    It’s on us, including me and including you
    I love you all but this is on us.

  39. Roger That

    Two countries in history have had a covenant with GOD. His first born ISRAEL and the U.S. The U.S. will be shaken to cleaned it up (alot) but it will. not. be. taken. down. The foundation will not crack and it will not crumble.

  40. MacGuy

    Outstanding journalism Greg, between your last interview with Karen Kingston and now with Alex Newman there’s nobody uncovering the real truth like you and Alex. I commend you for your bravery to speak the truth about the “General”. I was also shocked when that was brought to light.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, MacGuy!

  41. francis m reps

    The “well spoken” Mr. Newman makes many important points. His reference to “Climate Change” issues ; without any mention of the Worldwide “Geo Engineering” activities by most major Nation’s Governments seems to be missing in his analysis. I hope you will soon have another guest with the same gravitas of Mrs. Kingston ; and Mr. Newman who can outline the “factual” and “historical” history of the current situation in the Ukraine ; from when the USSR collapsed in the early 1990s; to the present. Your website is of great value to concerned Americans.

  42. Pamela Hankins

    Nothing that Trump did to ‘make America great again’, (to include getting us out of the WHO) mattered at all in the end. But how many people have died because of Operation Warp Speed? Having listened intently over the course of many years now, I personally believe the Mr. Trump has his own global agenda. Maybe he thinks of himself as the good guy that will do it ‘right’ in much the same way as the NWO folks think they can do Communism ‘right’. I don’t think that Trump’s association with Gaia and the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn should be dismissed. Their ‘Protocols’ spell it out clearly for anyone willing to listen. Here is one link:

  43. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, another out-of-the-park interview of Alex Newman. BTW, there is a comprehensive list of COP27 attendees available at:

    Amazing that they are trying to rewrite errr put an addendum onto the 10 Commandments as if their new rules came from God. Dumb everyone down, rewrite the Bible and in a generation Christianity as we know it would be gone. Just one more reason to stop this now.

  44. Joseph Boudreau

    Wow, your poll is just 4,000 shy of 800,000 votes. You’re the new GNN!
    I have no trust in the lying legacy media. I trust you Greg, a true journalist!
    Another great interview. Only by fighting back will we win.
    This morning, the Bank of Canada raised another 50 basis points. I think the FED will raise another 75 basis points next week and shock the markets. Right at the time Clif High says things are going to go nuts! Dec. 12 to 15 is going to be crazy! I have my popcorn ready. Link to my latest post added.
    And another thing… I choose the creator over the creature any day. There’s no question of that. We WILL WIN this fight of our lives and souls. God’s armor is impenetrable.
    Thanks for everything you do, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Joseph for all your support.

  45. Pamela Hankins

    So, oops, Trump “swallows his pride” to say ‘I made a mistake’ and millions of people will just magically forget the death of their husbands, wives, children, or their current suffering? What? You are willing to say on one hand, ‘let’s not be duped by these evil men’ while covering for Trump as though he were any different. He is just coming at the deception from a different perspective. Clever. I’m sure it means nothing that he was friends with all of the people that now throw him under the bus. Yet, hating him so much these murderers have not murdered him. I find that curious. I think that’s just more smoke and mirrors: part of the game. The Scripture tells us that the Lie that deceives the whole world will be so ingenious that if it were possible even the very elect would believe it. And that’s perhaps because they dearly want to believe it. Are you willing to let the Truth clear your eyes even if it means there is no hope in Trump? Or in any political figure? Jesus is coming. Our hope should be in Him. We are not part of this world, and we are warned to be ready for His sudden appearing. Are you ready?

  46. Katherine Brannen

    8:07: “How do we stop this? I guess do interviews like this and get people to know it….the lying legacy media…take away power from you and me. Is that gonna work?”

    “I don’t think so Greg…We don’t have the power, the money or the airwaves: BUT WE HAVE THE TRUTH!”

    Hungry as the dwarves for the reality that love too is truth! The Dwarves invade by the standards of Greg’s World Hunting.

  47. Randy Best

    Ron Kirby, RIP, was wrong when he said the election of Donald Trump in 2016 set Globalism back 50-60 years. Make no mistake, the Globalists are still in charge. I equate these people to Bo Polny’s “evil ones”. This is another reason why Bo Polny’s major event has still not happened. Th evil one are still in charge and God has not moved his hand against them yet.

    • Roger Winkelman

      Why Doesn’t God Get Rid of the Devil, Once and for all?
      IF YOU could relieve the suffering of another person, would you? Relief workers often rush to a natural disaster to relieve suffering and to save the lives of total strangers. So one might ask, ‘Why wouldn’t God hurry to get rid of the Devil, the one who is responsible for untold human suffering?’
      To help answer that question, you might visualize a prominent court case. The murderer, desperate to halt the proceedings, claims that the judge is dishonest in the way he presides over his own courtroom, and he even asserts that the jurors are being bribed by the judge. So countless witnesses are allowed to provide testimony.
      The judge knows that the extensive proceedings will cause much inconvenience, and he would like to have the case concluded without undue delay. Yet, he realizes that to arrive at a judgment that will set a precedent for possible future cases, both parties must be allowed sufficient time to present their side of the dispute.
      How does this illustration relate to a challenge the Devil​—also called “dragon,” “serpent,” and “Satan”—​hurled at Jehovah, [“the Most High over all the earth” KJV]? Revelation 12:9; Who really is the Devil? And what accusations has he made against Jehovah God? Also, when will God get rid of the scoundrel?

  48. Frank S.

    Great interview with Alex Newman, a current affairs “brainiac”. I’d wished that you’d touched on the SCOTUS Brunson case hearing 12/7. Though a long-shot, they are at least considering this legitimate effort to overturn 2020, and lock up half of DC.

  49. Marie Joy

    Globalists are pro DeSantis. Regardless of what DeSantis says, when MSNBC is pro DeSantis, you know he’s NOT what he seems to be.

    • Phil

      Lets judge him by his fruit (criminalizing the jab)!!

      • Marie Joy

        They all turn themselves inside out when they want to be president.

  50. Anita

    Thank you both. Alex always has up to date news.

  51. Ratty

    The last paragraph says it all. Have NOTHING to do with them but here they want EVERYTHING to do with them. If that is not a recipe for disaster I don’t know what is.

    Yes, it’s true. All this is coming about to get America OUT OF THE WAY of their planned enslavement upon the whole world.

  52. Rose Mont Sellicka

    The very last 747 jumbo jet just rolled off Boeing’s assembly line
    Story by Chris Isidore • 4h ago

    ‘I Am Not Suicidal,’ Elon Musk Declares As He Becomes Top Enemy Of Democrats Whose Foes Tend To Commit Suicide / Posted 3 hours ago
    “We are sleepwalking into Armageddon,” says Alex Jones.

  53. Dan Gowin

    Greg tell Alex I would be happy just to pay him for a copy of the report for COP27.

  54. Marie Joy

    According to Time magazine, the list of Person of the Year candidates included Ron DeSantis, Elon Musk, Liz Cheney, and Xi Jinping. Zelensky won. The fact that Time is pro DeSantis speaks volumes. Volumes. DeSantis is NOT what he seems.

    • Marie Joy

      Found that at

  55. Roger

    The Setting of a Moral Precedent
    Originally the one who became the Devil was a perfect spirit person, one of God’s angels. (Job 1:6, 7) He made himself the Devil when he became obsessed with a selfish ambition to be worshipped by humans. So he challenged God’s right to rule, even insinuating that God does not deserve to be obeyed. He charged that humans serve God only when bribed with blessings. Satan claimed that under personal hardship all people would “curse” their Creator.​—Job 1:8-11; 2:4, 5.
    Such accusations from Satan required responses that could not be answered simply by a show of force. In fact, executing the Devil in the garden of Eden would perhaps have suggested to some that the Devil was right. So God, possessing absolute authority, began legal proceedings to settle such issues in the minds of all observers and right now we the human race, are juror’s, in such a proceeding!
    In harmony with his principles and perfect justice, God indicated that each party would produce witnesses who would give supporting testimony to its side of the controversy. The time allowed has given Adam’s descendants a chance to live and to add their testimony in God’s behalf by choosing to keep integrity to him out of love despite any hardships.

  56. Angie

    WTH is Lying Alan of the Dersh Show doing on your site? Not adding anything substantial Greg. If he cannot detect anything wrong with Biden’s mental abilities he is either lying or lacks any and all logical reasoning skills.

  57. Angie

    Sorry, I did not realize that Rumble would run continuous videos as it had never done this to me before. Ex out my prior comment…

  58. Catherine

    Are there any organized religions involved in this diabolical 10 commandments.? Vatican? Reformed Jews? It’s unbelievable

  59. Kathy

    Great interview!!

  60. Honoring God

    “As more journalists and researchers examine Technocracy, the tidal wave of alarm is spreading rapidly throughout the world. As TN has claimed for 15 years, China is a full-blown Technocracy hiding behind the trappings of Communism; but it isn’t Communism. . . . TNEditor”

    Warning From UK: Technocracy And The Global Technate Are Imminent

    Sustainable Development IS TECHNOCRACY

    On a UN page somewhere I once read that the only Sin is disunity (Alice Bailey). I haven’t been able to find the article again.

    Alex’s narrative (with narrative said positively) sounds like Brenden O.
    and even if you don’t completely agree with him, it is at least partly politically aligned with Alex and with Martin Armstrong’s Socrates showing the dissolution of the United States. It’s a part of the plan to create the NEW new world order — The Pan-Eursasian Superstate. O. Yinon plan? The World Island? Remember Brzezinski?

    May Alex continue to receive the Word of The Lord Jesus

    (Please invite Patrick Wood to be a guest on He has a new book.)

  61. Pete+only

    A total of 385 members of Congress might have violated their oaths of office, including Mike Pence, and a case at the Supreme Court could be heard early in 2023. (A January 6th vote for a hearing by the supreme court of the U.S). please go to the web site, or clink on this link below.
    By ignoring the threat of enemies of the state, these Congress members could be removed from office and never be allowed to run for office again.
    It might be a long shot, but there is a faint hope that the supreme court might hear this case early in the new year.

  62. Lori Lynn

    I can verify that Canadian Media were silent on COP 27. They didn’t even cover Just-A-
    Turd at the environmental meeting in Egypt when he was dressed down by Xixi Ping.
    British Columbia is quickly becoming a police state. Our Health Minister, Bonnie Hitler (oops, Henry) has said that all vaxx records for children are going to be reviewed and parents called, not just for the CV19 jab, but all vaccines. My grandson was damaged as an infant by the MMR. To give him any more shots would spell his doom. He is already on the Autism spectrum with major behavioral issues.
    This Province refuses to re-hire all the health care workers that were kicked out for non-compliance even though our health care system in BC is on the rocks. You don’t want to get sick in this Province, British Columbia.
    Canadians need help. Our military and RCMP are all compromised. What are we to do? 4 million Canadians in Ottawa for the Trucker Convoy didn’t make a dent in anything.

  63. Marie Joy

    Poplar Preparedness on Youtube says there are more electrical grid attacks in Oregon and Washington. Buy blankets, woodstoves and food that doesn’t need to be cooked if you can. Have alternative power if you can. They hit factories and refineries and it appears electrical substations are next. Loss of our American electrical grid will kill a lot more than the clot shot did.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Here in eastern Washington, we haven’t had any problems. There are double the homeless people from 2 or 3 years ago ( in town). We live 15 to 20 minutes out and are progressing each year in some way to be more self sufficient. It’s not as quick or easy as books and videos make it seem. We have a barrel stove in an out building that i guess we could stay in- sometimes the boys stay in there- camping lite. Try to remember to have some fun everyone, these heavy things can steal the joy out of our lives and families. Somethings i am so serious and then i wonder about Jesus saying he came to give ‘abundant life’.

  64. Colleen

    I just heard that Italy’s Prime Minister, Georgia Malone, is promoting the use of cash in an effort to stop or hinder digital money. I think she must have been watching USA Watchdog when Catherine Austin Fitz was on air.. lol

  65. Astraea

    Read TELL the TRUTH and SHAME the DEVIL. by Garard Menuhin, son of the great violinist Yehudi Menuhin,

    It is ESSENTIAL reading unless you accept that your children will be condemned to slavery.
    We are just going round and round, looking in every direction but the right one for our very serious and dangerous situation.

  66. Marie Joy

    Why do you think the Jews didn’t rise up when they were being genocided? Is it the same reason WE don’t rise up?

  67. James PTY

    From a most accessible source:
    Government will of course coerce people into using a CBDC to transact. No more new bills produced with longevity of those circulating being tenuous (a bill changing hands is wear and tear, literally…). Prepare for P2P/P2B electronic and physical barter: DLT metal backed Tokens and physical coinage. The world awaits Putin officially announcing gold for oil…and anything else…

    FTX is/was not only a replacement for the Clinton Foundation nefarious political dealings, but also evidence of being a government regulator’s beating stick for financial assassination. Fitting it crashed and burned from Binance playing by the same rules liquidating all FTT held…
    Latin American countries often replace existing constitutions with a new and “improved” version, and should be viewed as a harbinger for what will happen to the USA. A point to consider is how it will be possible for the US to reverse the current treasonous capture of institutions without something as radical as that occurring in Peru (and Brasil too!)? Who can be trusted to initiate a core cleansing? Surely a top down approach is not to be trusted, rather as described by Austin-Fitts a grass roots county by county state by state renaissance is the best way…

  68. Jeffrobbins

    Hey Greg, curious about the past- i was thinking about the federal budget and what ever happened to the line item veto? Remember that? I think congress gave the presidency the ability for the line item veto when Clinton was in office, but i haven’t ever heard it used. Maybe that’s a book idea- how many laws are on the books and not being used? Lots of implications.

  69. Steve Bice

    Celine Dion has an incurable neurological disease…

    Quote: “The rare, incurable neurological condition Stiff Person Syndrome causes the body to go into uncontrollable spasms ”

    So do the Covid “vaccines” in some cases…

  70. Justn Observer

    Greg, As the people still sit on their couches and complain, the globalists continue to flood the zone with their array of planned-demics, and takeover of U.S. sovereign rights, Constitutional, the border, via WHO, and UN apparatus, along with Central bank controls over the money of the United States for America. Now the voting itself has been taken over without firng a shot? Before the people ever even stand up and push back, or have one march on D.C. , the nation will be lost due to indifference, and apathy and LAZINESS. Am sure many a prayer was offered up from the Gulags of Russia and the Ghettos of NAZI Germany to little avail. Now the WEFer are casting chains over the people of America who gained nothing from the likes of examples such as in Gullivers Travels and who now with barely a whimper, only complaints and whining that the voting is rigged, the ‘representatives’ are not listening to the people and for ‘someone’ to come ‘save them’! And the nation fall and its freedoms lost as socialism is imposed without a rock thrown, a window broken, or one serious march made?

  71. Richard Longacre

    Always love Alex. Thanks Greg.
    Abolish the FBI
    Abolish the FED
    Abolish the IRS
    Abolish the CIA and NSA
    Abolish the DHS
    Abolish the FEMA, TSA, ATF
    The only “Federal Crimes are: Treason, Counterfeiting, and Piracy.
    Let the DoD handle the treason part, Secret Service handle counterfeiting, and the Coast Guard and Navy handle piracy. Dump all the rest.

    • Justn Observer

      Sorry Longacre, think they too are now corrupted since the beginning of the purge of the Generals and Admirals under Obama…
      Jimmy Carter did no favors when he stood up the SES, (SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE) during his term… who ARE the stay behind, unelected cadre’ behind all the execute agencies and cabinets of the U.S. gov’t ie. the ‘real’ managers of them as they run the ‘puppet heads’ to and fro as administrations change…the internal matrix does not. Much like ‘the staffers’ behind the Senators and Reps. who are in bed with the cartels and lobbists. Voting people in and out – is a charade in itself…that the ‘establishment’ poses to the people that live in the illusion, accept the head pats, the assurance their 401K and pensions are in ‘good hands’ which the world is seeing play out as we speak! lol
      IF the people of states hope to regain any control over their own states Senators, the need to impose how Senators are elected and by who…that outside money (carpetbaggers) can funnel money into a state to help get people elected that will vote the way ‘their’ lobbyists donate to them want needs to stop. A revision to the 17th Amendment seems in order, that although the change to popular vote might be tolerated rather than bullied by state legislatures ‘party’ politics… but taht said, money and influence flowing in from outside the state should be prohibited.
      ie. how is it truly ‘popular vote’ when hundreds of millions is allowed to flow in influence an election especially in today’s world of ‘social media censorship’ and parties are allowed to ‘pay’ for vote harvesting by outside groups and interest?

  72. Don Briois

    The DS (federal reserve) own this country, its wishful thinking to believe anything will change, I read how fried grasshoppers are tasty.

  73. anonymous

    in UK
    “Oxfordshire County Council Pass Climate Lockdown ‘trial’ to Begin in 2024
    Oxfordshire County Council yesterday approved plans to lock residents into one of six zones to ‘save the planet’ from global warming. The latest stage in the ’15 minute city’ agenda is to place electronic gates on key roads in and out of the city, confining residents to their own neighbourhoods.
    Under the new scheme if residents want to leave their zone they will need permission from the Council who gets to decide who is worthy of freedom and who isn’t. Under the new scheme residents will be allowed to leave their zone a maximum of 100 days per year, but in order to even gain this every resident will have to register their car details with the council who will then track their movements via smart cameras round the city.
    Every resident will be required to register their car with the County Council who will then monitor how many times they leave their district via number plate recognition cameras. And don’t think you can beat the system if you’re a two car household. Those two cars will be counted as one meaning you will have to divide up the journeys between yourselves. 2 cars 50 journeys each; 3 cars 33 journeys each and so on.”

  74. Carmen Miranda

    Miranda Devine: Elon Musk’s Twitter files likely ‘tailored, redacted’ version
    New York Post columnist Miranda Devine asks Tuck Carlson to weigh in on Elon Musk, revealing what led to Twitter suppressing Hunter Biden story in 2020.

    Miranda Devine: Twitter Files left out this ‘crucial’ element
    Fox News contributor Miranda Devine responds to Twitter CEO Elon Musk releasing Twitter Files detailing the social media company’s censorship of the Hunter Biden story.

  75. Marie Joy

    southern prepper 1 on YouTube reports the Keystone Pipeline has been shut down because of a leak in Nebraska. It leaked into a stream and the cause of the leak is unknown. It is unknown how troublesome this will be for America and Americans.

    IF you can, stock up on food that doesn’t have to be cooked, blankets and a wood stove with a lot of wood.

  76. Nika

    Joe Biden decided not to bring the American patriot, Marine home from Russia. Paul Whelan has been detained in a Russian jail for the Past 4 years. Instead Biden brings back anti-American, basketball player Brittany Griner. Biden gave the Russians, nortorious Arms Dealer, Viktor Bout. All of Joe’s deals are one sided. Joe won’t allow Americans, even one win.

  77. David Dansker

    Greg, I opened a Twitter account after Trump got elected, and closed it after they closed his. I opened one again when Musk bought it. I tweeted your website in a comment I made on real Journalists, so look out for a huge surge in traffic (I’ve got all of six followers). Thank you for all that you do, Merry Christmas!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks David for your support and viral promotion!

  78. Prospector

    Greg , this is easily one of the best interviews / guests ever. It is very rare to hear anyone talk about the New World Order and its ties to the U.N. and ‘ tentacle ‘ organizations like the secret societies ( Skull & Bones as mentioned.) Even more rare is any discussion of Alice Baily > Lucis Trust , formerly called ” lucifer publishing ” ( yes, really ) the org. that funded the U.N. Meditation Room , with its large ” Black Rock ” at the center going down through the floor all the way to bedrock. A symbol of occult ‘ mysticism .’
    Most conservative voices are either uninformed or ignorant of these provable facts , or have been told by someone not to discuss these subjects. WE are the media now and must do our own research. I hope your readers will.
    I searched and read these ‘ new 10 commandments ‘ that were read and presented to the world at COP-27 and instantly realized they are almost exactly similar to the 10 inscriptions that were on The Georgia Guide Stones , that said : Keep population under 500 million – Be not a cancer on the Earth – Leave room for nature.
    Folks are encouraged to see for themselves. Gaia worship is ” Mother Earth ” worship. Gaia was from Greek mythology. Gaia will be the New Age / New World Order religion. but its not ‘new’ at all. It is the old pagan , sun-worship religion that at its core says ” man ” will become ‘god’. — ” Do as thou wilt , shall be the whole of the law .”

    Further information can be found by searching for author William Coopers work. He was a Navy Veteran, submariner, and Intelligence Briefing Team member that got an ” inside look ” , and then blew the whistle.
    Seek out a book called ” BEHOLD A PALE HORSE ” and a 40 hour lecture series called ” Mystery Babylon ” . In the audio series he goes into great detail about secret societies / U.N. / Lucis Trust and the NWO. His recordings are still on you-tube I believe

  79. michael kelly Bill Quin discusses the Brunson v Adams case….

  80. Tom Moniz

    I love the both of you. Excellent interview and very informative. Thank you so much. I must mention though, when mentioning the commandments, it would have been nice if you had included the 4th commandment concerning God’s making the 7th day holy, ie, the sabbath which is Saturday. Also, when speaking on the pagan roots of some of the destructive new-age foolishness being pushed upon the masses, the pagan roots of the christmas season would have been worth a mention also. May all truth tellers read the bible! Truth telling isn’t always popular. And may Yeshua (Jesus) and God the Father guide you.

  81. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  82. Welcome to The Freak Show

    An “confused-sexual” millennial that never worked a day in its life, here illegally, half African-“American” half “American”-Indian, lives in someones basement, owns nothing and pays for nothing, lives entirely off entitlement checks…. PERFECT ESG SCORE, YOU’LL GET MAXIMUM ENTITLEMENTS.

    A taxpaying, full-time, two job, legal citizen, white straight male – white wife, white children, a male that pays for everything using all that he has EARNED …. ESG SCORE OF NOTHING, HIS ASSETS MUST BE STRIPPED, AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY TREE MUST BE REMOVED FROM SOCIETY TO SAVE THE PLANET.

  83. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg. Check out Project Veritas regarding Francis W. Parker private school.

  84. Anna

    Trumps not stupid. The only people trying to stop the CRYPR tech was Christians and Trump either included the go ahead in an Exec Ord or signed a bill that made it legal. I’ve supported Trump the moment he came down the elevator but unless he comes clean and explains it all I’m not voting for him in 2024.

  85. Jen Smallin

    Could you please look into the Brunson case coming up before the Supreme Court? Explain it to us. Thanks! Jen

  86. virginia clark

    I love the climate change round-about
    We have to give up all carbon emissions to save a planet the totally depends on our carbon emissions to survive. And if we kill the host plants that feed us our oxygen because we stopped feeding them our carbon, then everything and everyone dies. But maybe that’s the ultimate goal: KILL GOD”S CREATION totally and re-terriform earth for the reptilians.
    Great interview. So glad someone is giving us the information we aren’t hearing from anywhere else. I’m so glad he went to the summit and got first hand information and is willing to share.
    Thank you, thank you for a great interview.

  87. Thomas Collins

    Note that there is a crime called being an accessory after the fact. For example,
    if someone robs a bank and I allow him to hide his gun and the stolen money in my house, I am guilty of this crime. Various government officials have helped to develop false narratives, which have compromised our nation’s security, and hid (covered up) the evidence of criminal actions of Biden documented on the Hunter Biden laptop.
    Criminals are running the Department of Justice and other government agencies.

  88. Steve Bice

    IgG4 Theory Regarding multiple shots and their facilitation of an altered immune response, leaving people at risk of death upon p0st-vaccine multiple exposures to Covid antigens. It reminds me of other research papers I’ve read about cat deaths when exposed to wild type viruses after vaccination.

    This is scary stuff…

  89. Paul Smith

    Trump is in with the Parasites.

  90. Christian Hamann

    What we actually see is a war against freedom as a principle and against all who successfully practice it – that means against all civilized nations and groups.
    One main strategy of the evil forces is to confuse people about their true enemies and their true friends and allies.
    For example, what media don´t tell us is that China, widely presented as a thread for liberty, owes the bulk of its enormous economic success to a fair market economy (more than 60 % privately run) which in mayor aspects offers more freedom for small and medium sized business than western countries. That´s by lower taxes, by energy prices which are not dictated by oligopoly trusts, by the simplicity of opening a business and by less bureaucratic obstacles to run one. China rediscovered the System of the founding decades in America, where this fair and free market economy later has been falsified in the interest of privileged oligopolies (which almost don´t pay taxes).
    This is only the economic side of the falsification; the political side is much worse.

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