No Escape from Massive Global Debt Monetization – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Money manager Michael Pento says forget about the sky high stock market because everything is being propped up with massive global money printing. Pento explains, “Let’s look at the facts. Global debt has now risen above $250 trillion. Let that sink in for a second, and it is a record percentage, 330% of GDP. So, we have never seen debt like this before in nominal terms. Even as a percentage of the phony GDP that is engendered by free money, it is at a record. There is no escape from massive debt monetization.Our Federal Reserve is back in QE. We have a standing repo facility. We could only raise rates to 1.5%, and we are headed back to 0%. So, the only way this massive pile of debt is able to be serviced, even on the margins, is when money is free and central banks continually debase currency.”

Pento goes on to say, “Now I hear from the central bankers that inflation is not rising fast enough. They are panicked that inflation is not rising fast enough. You have to wonder why the faith in fiat currencies isn’t eroding even more rapidly. It is going to because all the ingredients are there. I think the pace of that erosion is going to become a deluge. . . . The zeitgeist of the day should be central bankers are trapped and they can never raise interest rates. Real interest rates will be falling, and if you want a chance of staying in the middle class, you have to preserve your purchasing power, and that means owning gold.”

Pento recommends, “I have 10% of my portfolio in gold, and I am going to increase that. I would think you need at least 10% in gold, physical gold, right now. If you don’t have that, then you are doing yourself a great disservice. I include gold, silver and platinum in the precious metals basket, and that amount should be increasing. . . . We are going to have a massive reset, and all of this debt is going to have to be defaulted upon. It is going to be defaulted upon two ways: through inflation and through implicit restructuring. Knowing how they are going to default on this debt is going to make you solvent. . . . If you look at all the ingredients that surround your decision as to when you should increase your allocation to precious metals, all those ingredients are in place and getting more so.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with money manager Michael Pento of

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  1. silverMAGA

    Unfortunately Pento speaks Obama’s talking points at the beginning of this show. Pento tells the lie that Soleimani’s was highly respected in Iran. How could that be when Soleimani crushed the protests by the people of Iran against the regime, which they hate.

    Additionally, Soleimani was responsible for the killing and maiming of tens of thousands of Americans. And he was killed just after he orchestrated an attack on the US embassy in Iraq.

    Pento should move back to Italy.

    • Andrew de Berry

      Totally agree silver. Echoes of Celente here.

      • Jallen

        Israel needs to stay out of American Politics. Does not Sheldon Adelson own Donald Trump? How does Israel treat the Palestinians? How many Palestinians has Israel killed?
        Do you think Bibi Netanyahu is a better man than Mr. Soleimani?
        You state Mr. Pento should move back to Italy, why don’t you move back to Israel. I close by asking you this question; is this version of Israel by the calling of the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or by the Balfour declaration?


    • Rob

      Just remember who Jesus put in charge of their bag of money:

      When one realizes that everything exists from that which he can not see then he enters another realm:

      Hebrews 11:3 By faith we understand that the worlds have been framed by the word of God, so that what is seen hath not been made out of things which appear.

      This life is nothing more than a proving grounds but most will not enter that rest:

    • JC

      silver MAGA, what do you really know about the “people of Iran?” Have you been there? Have any friends there? Speak the language? Why don’t you book a flight to Tehran, hit the ground and get some facts for us. Anderson Cooper isn’t going anytime soon, so you should go. If you can’t afford it, I’m sure Stan and the USA watchdoggers will be willing to help you out.

      Of course, we all wish you good luck. I’m sure Mr. Pento will also wish also you good luck, or as they say idiomatically in Italian, “In bocca al lupo.” To which you should reply “Crepi il lupo”.

      • Jason S

        I tried to go there a few months back, to visit a friend. I was refused a visa.

    • Anthony Australia

      Wake up people.

      The plan for the mid-east has been in play for decades. The system will not change regardless of who the POTUS is.

      • Montana Guy

        AA, keep preaching brother . This old American hears you.

        The America of my youth believed in the ‘Golden Rule’ (Matthew 7:12. Today’s Americans have been conditioned by 50 years of wars of aggression culminating in perpetual war and occupation in the Middle East. BOTH sides are now consumed by anger and hate.

        I am not going to stop advocating for partition of former America. Yes we have two sides totally incompatible with the other. 1947 India had the same with the Hindus and Muslims. They found a solution forming 3 new nations with minimum loss of life (1/4 of 1% of the population). Only fools see Civil War as our only option.

      • Ray

        100% Correct my fellow countryman…..well said.
        It is my hope that enough people in the US eventually work that out for themselves and conduct a 2nd US Civil War (Revolution), and thus return their once globally admired nation to the status of high regard we all once held for her.
        As for Australia and our “politicians” go long Guillotines……
        Paris 1789 was just a warm up act me-thinks.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • paul ...

      silverMAGA … It’s not about whether Soleimani was bad or good … Trump “lowered the morality” of the United States Government “to bestiality” (animal-like behavior) … from the ideal of what Make America Great Again should inply (a higher standard of morality in dealing with other Nations) … you don’t starve and kill women and children in Yemen and other nations just to gain advantage for US oil companies who want for themselves the oil reserves that belong to other people!!

      • AndrewB

        paul …
        Well said – very well said!
        The Yemen was a quiet, unreported ‘backwater’ , minding its own business and living peaceably until commercial quantities of oil were discovered. Poor sods! Every ‘third world’ country that discovers commercially exploitable oil and seeks to exploit it for its OWN benefit ends up suffering rape and pillage. There should be worldwide public outcry but TPTB control ‘ISIS’, deploy it’s terrorism in the target country and -with he connivance of the MSM – then use this as an excuse to invade, insert a puppet government, and exploit the resources. It happens time and time and time again – and the public at large cheer it on, including, sad to say, many of the USAW audience. Pento, Celente, Mannerino, and Paul Craig Roberts are right to criticise US foreign policy. It’s not ‘unpatriotic’ to do so. Most decent people criticise the Germans for complying with Nazi atrocities during WWII. “Why did the Germans let it happen?” they ask. Many in the West are equally guilty of turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed by their own administrations. Sad, very sad.

        • Ray

          And please make Andrew the US VP alongside President Paul……again, happy to back his campaign.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Ray

        Can someone please back Paul in for US President in 2020?
        I’m happy to chip in the first $1000 to his campaign.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Ray

      Obama (and a slew of other bastard, holier-than-though US Presidents) are responsible for the killing of millions of people around the world. That point is unassailable and agreed upon by the overwhelming majority of people who have taken the initial step to freedom by getting away from the mainstream media and moving to the alternative media.
      Trump has puled off an unabashed, out in the open political assassination, AND THAT IS ILLEGAL……FULL STOP.
      Why is it that so many people think that America is free (and has the legal / moral right) to bomb, kill and financially cheat its’ way across this planet without there being some kind of pushback?
      It absolutely beggars belief, and the Founding Fathers of America would certainly be downright ashamed of the current attitude taken in the modern day US (and here in the PATHETIC Lap Dog Nation).
      If Pento needs to go back to Italy, perhaps you should consider studying world history a lot closer than your post belies.
      The biggest threat to peace on this planet is the US Military Industrial Complex……NOT IRAN. The United States does not have a Defence Budget… has an Attack Budget.
      No nation on this planet is attacking the US, so there is no “defending” going on……only attacking.
      No offence……..but if we want the world to stay as it is (in filth), then we must stay as we are (in denial), for our crop is grown and the harvest is as bitter and more putrid than ever. All that is left is to sit at the table and pretend that the meal is nutritious and that it tastes nice……whilst humans are slaughtered on command via Presidential drone strike.
      Happy New Year.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Greg Hunter

        You do realize Australia is an ally of America. Maybe you should concentrate on the land down under and politics there. How about brining that criminal Downer to justice for trying to help attack our political system and duly elected President — Donald Trump. Maybe you should complain to your government for sending your own soldiers to the Middle East? Maybe you should not be such wimps and rearm your population again? Oh, you might piss off your own evil government????? You are going to need your guns man!! Get busy fixing in Australia.

        • Anthony Australia

          Downer is one very dangerous person Greg.

        • Jesus our Savior

          Greg, If you go to Australia, be sure you don’t repeat your comment about Downer as you could be sued for libel (written) or defamation (spoken).

          • Greg Hunter

            Downer stinks and was involved in the take down of President Trump. His “Tip” that Russia wanted to be involved with negative information is total BS and that is not libel or slander.

            • J our S

              You missed my friendly point. Australia has stricter laws on libel and. Defamation than we do. Calling Downer a criminal could get you into big financial trouble. Only the elected members of parliament can get away with calling someone who hasn’t been convicted , a criminal.. Not a good idea,, from a Christian point of view, to engage in name call ing

              • Greg Hunter

                “J our S,”
                How about supreme Weasel. What you really mean to say is Australia have stricter control on free speech not libel or slander. I think Downer is a criminal and I don’t need an adjudication to think that. Jesus thought the supreme weasels in the temple were criminals in the temple when he got angry and kicked them out. He did not take the case to trial and get an adjudication did he?

                • Ray

                  Very well said Mr Hunter!!!
                  Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Ray

          Hi Greg,
          Agree with everything you have written there.
          Downer should go the way of Mussolini for his role in undermining Trump, and yes, it would be a good thing if this country could be re-armed.
          As for being an American ally……Australia should seek to defend itself, and detach from the American Axis of Evil.
          I hope you and all the other good American folk over there will survive what is coming.
          I often disagree with you, but would defend you in a battle against evil…….that will never change.
          It is 1.30pm on Wednesday 8th January as I type this, and Iran have just launched against US air bases in Iraq.
          So……it has begun…..the “official” opening shots of WW3.
          Take it easy…..good luck, and pray that God sees both sides of every conflict……for that is the only thing that will save Australia and America from the karma they deserve for meddling in nations far, far from their shores.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • AndrewB

        Well said!
        Unfortunately Australia has been well and truly tamed and her free-spirited ex-convict population reduced to lapdogs. What happened? Gun confiscation, and lately new laws to make cash transactions (above a limit, which can be reduced at any time without the need for parliamentary approval) made illegal! The people just keep sunbathing and surfing while their precious freedom is insidiously eroded! Australia is a ‘sandbox’ for the globalists and all freedom loving peoples need to see what’s happening ‘down under’ and WTFU!!!

        • Ray

          Hi Andrew,
          Thank you sir, and your points are well made.
          Don’t take this as criticism though…..just a point on owning guns.
          I don’t see how it would change anything much over here!!!
          You see, your population is already heavily armed (a good thing in my eyes), yet I don’t see anyone in the US forming a “well regulated militia” to stand up to your tyrannical government. What would it take for you, personally, to point your gun at your government?
          So whilst Australians might be sunbathing and surfing as you say, it would appear that Americans are down at the shooting range hitting paper targets, watching the NFL play offs and keeping up with the Kardashians!
          In the end, we are all Lap Dogs to The Masters……..none of us has the guts to fire off a shot in anger, and The Masters know it as well.
          There lieth our well deserved fate.
          Take care Andrew……keep throwing out the left jab mate.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • FC

        Ray, it’s no wonder Australia is a lapdog to America, as it’s a registered Corporation in Washington DC and not a country.

        Australia will be destroyed by fire and drought and will used as an example of what happens when you ignore Climate Change.

        • Ray

          Hi FC,
          Agree…….we are a complete Lap Dog nation…..first to England before WW2, and now to the US.
          Regarding so called “Human caused climate change”…..there is no such thing.
          There is however, a vast conspiracy to cover the interest payments on the runaway global debt ponzi, and the proceeds of a Global Carbon Tax, once initiated, will be used for those payments. The Sheeple are begging for it already (although they think the money will go to the environment…….Pffffttt!!!)
          In 25 years, the media will tell you that the Global Climate Emergency is over (when it never really existed in the first place). The money will have been perfectly skimmed (as always)
          Climate Change people are odd folk…….for they resist “change”, yet nature is all about change……always has been and always will.
          For this reason, I call these people “Climate Samers”……for they want they climate not to change, but to stay the same.
          As such, they are by definition at war with Nature herself, and should be flicked away such as one would with a fly upon one’s arm.
          Best wishes to you and yours FC.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

          • Ray

            FC….not DC…..sorry mate…..typo!!!!
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

        • Coalburner

          It is foolish to butt in here but I am. I am sure happy there was never a drought or fire in Australia before. How are you using that phrase Global Warming. If its like Greta, never mind cause there is no point in arguing with people like Bill Nye the “never heard of science guy”.

    • Scott

      An utterly crass and pointless remark.

      How about you show Greg some gratitude for the free content he provides us, and save your condescending rant for your own channel – if you even have a channel.

      • sk

        Crass? More like passionately felt and honest.

        • Ray

          Thanks SK……and thank Scott as well.
          Thanks also to Greg, as I have said here many times before, for his free channel, where he allows many different points of view be aired.
          We’re all on this Little Blue Orb together 🙂
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Hockey Puck

      I have read your remark Silver, and all the comments that follow. It seems to me that everybody is missing the main point, which I discuss in my original post further below. What is the main point?


      America has been at war for over 20 years, a very debilitating war with China and its proxies, specifically North Korea and Iran. Why is this so difficult for people to understand? Let me state it in 2 words:


      Anybody who has not read or studied Sun Tzu, the Art of War, is simply spewing ignorance in this Forum, laughable, pathetic ignorance, and that includes you, Mr. Pento. It’s time to wake up, folks, our survival is at stake.


      If you read Sun Tzu, perhaps the most brilliant military strategist in the history of warfare, you will soon realize that kinetic warfare (guns) is the last option a nation must pursue. His insight? A nation can win a war without ever firing a gun and this is what China has been doing for 20 years or more. If you think the destruction of the middle class in America, Canada, Europe & Australia is an accident, you’re a total idiot. The destruction of the West was planned by brilliant military strategists. If you destroy a nation economically, it will have no ability to fight a kinetic war. That’s what China has been doing for 20 years… SUCCESSFULLY… until Donald Trump came into office.

      As I tried to point out in my posts here (, we have to make a very important distinction: The USA before 2017 (The Trump Presidency) and after. Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama were idiots. They were played. Because they were all controlled by Big Business (i.e. The Elite), China found a very clever way to corrupt the Elite, turn them into traitors, along with the last 4 puppets just mentioned. And you know what? It was Karl Marx who saw it first: “Capitalists are so greedy that they will sell you the rope to hang themselves with”. That’s exactly what the Elite did. They betrayed America. They betrayed the Christian West… all because of their love of money.

      Now what there is to realize is that Trump inherited this mess. He did not create it. So the big question is what do you do now to win this protracted 20 year war with China. You think kissing Solemani’s ass is the solution? That’s what Obama’s strategy was… worse. He sent planeloads of cash to Iran. I’m sure Solemani was deeply grateful for this act of kindness.


      Nobody likes war. But if somebody provokes you, what do you do? Kneel down in Christian humility so they can chop off your head. Think again!

      Iran is just a proxy for China. They are getting the Iranians to fight their war and bleed their blood, at no expense to China (China needs Iran’s oil, so they are actually making money on the deal). Anybody, therefore, who thinks we should NOT be fighting are pacifists, democrats, cowards, traitors! We are at war! We have to do whatever is necessary to win! Otherwise, the freedoms you have enjoyed for centuries, a freedom that was purchased in blood (the Revolutionary War) will no longer be.

      I don’t know what Mr. Trump is thinking. I don’t sit in the oval office. All I know is that, in war there are tough decisions. Tough decisions have consequences. I suspect that Trump is sending a message to the world and particularly to China: “You mess with America, you mess with all our fury. We will not back down from a fight. We will do whatever it takes to win… for the freedom of America… for the freedom of people everywhere.

      • Mike G

        Now hockey puck has been in game for enuf times to take one in the old braino

        • Hockey Puck

          Mike, you can do better than that. An honest argument would be a contribution to this Forum. Ad hominem arguments , on the other hand, are for retards. That’s why the democrats use them all the time. People like AOC have nothing intelligent to say. Her arguments are all paper thin.

          I don’t expect you or anyone to believe “me”. I’m not the expert. Watch this video with a brilliant hedge fund manager and an air force general who lived in China for a few years… then decide. You want to know what ASYMMETRIC WARFARE is, then you have to watch this, otherwise, what you are advocating is that we should all be total losers. Is that your intention?

      • Coalburner

        I like your comment Puck because you are right. I also hope Trump is as smart as I think he is. All these enemys you mention are watching. In a case like this I recommend Trump take a moment to think this through and ask God for guidance. Just firing back is what they want. Just waste expensive weapons, blow up a useless sand pile is what they want, China especially. Trump has been on the right track with tariffs, trying to maintain a higher standard of living for us when the rest of the world tumbles and I mean on a comparative scale. He wants to preserve as much of the middle class as he can. Pento basically sets up Trumps battle to overcome controlling those overly greedy types against the Commie enemy’s assisted by ignorant shortsighted globalists. I wonder sometimes, do these stupid Democrats have any Grandchildren? They do not act like it or they are so dumb, they still don’t see the war. Sun Tzu’s children said fifty years ago they were embarking on a one hundred year plan. Americans can barely understand a 100 day plan. I keep thinking western Europe will fall soon enough for people in this country to wake up but I am beginning to think they would not see what happened. I also keep asking my self how do the greedy globalists think they are going to stay on top and survive both the destruction of western Europe and China? ?? Answer me that.
        I remember my Dad telling me about all the scrap steel we sold Japan before WWII and how they threw is back at us in the Pacific. He spent his senior trip with Patton. In fact he went in three months earlier to open the door for him. For an uneducated boy from way back in the country he got an unbelievable education in two years with uncle Sam. He advised me correctly about politicians and trade deals and China for as long as he could. All not very cheery but though I just couldn’t always see it, he was right all along. Hopefully Trump has some great historians and bible scholars to help him find the way for us to survive because it has happened before, well the take downs anyway, Not many could keep us alive for the next 100 years but it can be done because we are well ahead in the Defense toy department if we can stay there.

    • Montana Guy

      silverMAGA, you made two SERIOUR allegations; “Soleimani was responsible for the killing and maiming of tens of thousands of Americans. And he was killed just after he orchestrated an attack on the US embassy in Iraq.”

      Bearing false witness is a serious offense in the eyes of God. Prove your points.

      • Coalburner

        But he did not!

    • Mike G

      You might consider Israel, if you are a jew, I don’t think they necessarily let gentiles in, unless you are a member of congress or the other 2 branches of the USA

    • Charles


      By now most of us are very familiar with what’s wrong with economy and deficits. How about a show with someone who gives investment advice. What should the average guy do now? Buy gold.Stocks,bullion etc.Lots of ways to invest in gold.

  2. Gary

    I love Mr. Pento! Thank you Greg for the great information you make available here. Because of your honest reporting and urging people to prepare, I stopped procrastinating a couple of years ago and started preparing. For that, I am deeply grateful.

    King Hezekiah did all he could to prepare for the Assyrian onslaught and left the results with God. That’s all we can do now.

    Again, thank you, and God bless you and your family.

  3. paul ...

    As Pento says: “There is no escape from global massive debt monetization” … and the Fed will be doing their share now that Trump has done the most stupid thing he could have done in an election year “declare war on both Iraq and Iran” (as Trump now strikes 52 more targets in Iraq and Iran) … if this is the start of World War III it will likely necessitate a draft to send American boys to fight a ground war in the Middle East (which can be authorized quickly by the Military/Industrial controlled Congress) … you know … the only good thing Trump has done is to bring the war “to the Generals” (instead of just the foot soldiers always being killed in these continuous wars) … at least now assassinations of Generals and high warmongering politicians traveling in the Middle East will now be targets of millions of Shia Cleric followers (who have been reactivated by Madhi who is calling for the withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq) and the National Security Council of Iran (versed in asymmetrical warfare) will likely “time their response to Trumps attacks to his re-election campaign” whereby they make him send more and more soldiers overseas (rather then bringing them home) to defend the 44 military bases now surrounding Iran … making both the monetary and political costs higher and higher as the election nears along with the body bag count!!!

    • paul ...

      The CFR states: “The World will be the Battlefield” … so the Deep State war-making politicians right here at home “will become targets” … now if enough of them are killed off (like the Iranian General) … then perhaps (if you want to look at the bright side of this World War that has been started) it will be a good thing for ridding us of the evil swamp creatures!! …

        • paul ...

          What Deep State warmongers like Bolton and Pompeo don’t understand is that Sulaimani is worth more to Iran dead than alive … “as a martyr” that will consolidate a strong alliance between Iraq and Iran … “creating an even stronger counter-threat to Israeli dominance over the entire Middle East” … these screwed up Deep State neocons are just as bad at strategic strategy as low IQ Bush Jr. who eliminated Saddam who was an American ally keeping the Shia in control!!

          • paul ...

            Now tell me how 7000 American troops in Iraq are going to fight off “a couple of million enraged Shia” without re-instituting “a draft” right before the 2020 election … to send our boys to war once again (so we can then finally bring them home after they die to “save the world for democracy one more time”) … and in the process drive up oil prices for the US Oil Oligarchs and providing trillions more dollars to the Military and to the Industrial “weapons of war producers”!!

            • paul ...

              How come everyone in the world (except Trump) can figure out that Iran will just keep raising the body bag count as we get closer and closer to the election??? … he can’t use his own God given brain? … he needs to depend upon warmonger Pompeo as his “strategic advisor”?? … getting rid of Bolton didn’t help Trump one bit as we are now at war with two(2) Nations (Iraq and Iran) … and it soon may be four(4) Nations when Russia and China join the fight against the Deep State!!

              • JC

                paul… calm down.

              • K.Wayne

                Coincidence ?
                No I don’t believe so.
                ….circa 1.40…..IRAN.
                POTUS’ actions speak louder than words.
                Can Trump be trusted ?
                Will he win the 2020 Election?
                Is he any better than the Demonrats ?

                • Greg Hunter

                  You are uninformed and misguided. I give the questions you asked the resounding answer of YES!

                  • K.Wayne

                    Apparently I am somewhat informed and understand the facts fully. No misdirection on my part. Perhaps you might wish to reconsider your thoughts and support before you decide to be so degrading and insulting with your comments.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    This is an opinion piece. We all have opinions and predictions. The Iran nuke deal I talk about is and un-signed fraud and that is not an opinion.

                  • K. Wayne

                    The Iran issue is furtherance of the Agenda by the Unelected Rulers to destroy all those who do not wish to continue to support and participate in the KING Petro-Dollar (Hegemonic) Regime.
                    Notice what happens when Sovereign Nations devise alternatives in the shape of settlement/payment platforms and currency other than the USD for International Trade ?
                    They get hit with Trade Sanctions…then Trade Wars…then threatened with destabilisation then outright War. History is littered with prime examples.
                    This is a precursor to the next wave of US MIC might….aka protection of the status quo.
                    Consider fully how closely aligned IRAN is with China, Russia and the OBOR initiative.
                    Clearly the American Establishment has failed with their Sanctions card in attempting to bully IRAN. Now the gloves are off and the guns are literally out for IRAN. China and Russia …well sanctions / trade tariffs wont stop them.

                • Steve Bice

                  Another view:
                  Nothing yet is etched in stone.


                  the U.S. is ready to bring its soldiers home, the opportunity is before us.

                  Trump tells Khamenei troops will be removed if and only if there are no reprisals. Suleimani’s legacy (Iranian version) is the exit of U.S. troops from Iraq, Iran saves face, and Iraq gets what they are demanding. Suleimani accomplishes in death what he could not in life, and Trump removes a major player from the board while keeping a critical campaign promise.

                  The “great game” continues as everyone moves their pieces on the board. Chances of this happening?

                  Who knows…but it would open the door for the writings of Ezekiel (the Gog war of chapter 38) to leap from the pages of antiquity and play out before us.

                  • Ray

                    Excellent and extremely well thought through post Steve….nicely done sir.
                    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

              • Mike R

                Paul – here is a short list, of how incredibly bad and nasty this Soleimani has been for YEARS. Decades actually. The atrocities he’s been responsible are nearly endless. This is a small list of them all. I’d bet until Trump authorized his take out, you, like most ignorant Americans, didn’t even know he existed.

                While Bin Laden was able to pull off 9/11, which in American’s minds is really horrid, Bin Laden was a 2 bit thug compared to Soleimani has done.

                Here’s a list, in no particular order, of the worst of what he did:

                1. Assassination. The left may rail about the targeted killing of Soleimani as an ‘assassination’ but killing heads of state was Soleimani’s stock in trade. He was behind the 2005 bomb murder of Lebanon’s beloved president, Rafik Hariri. Dexter Filkins, writing in the New Yorker, in 2013, explained what and why: “Hariri, a Sunni, had been trying to take Lebanon out of the Iranian-Syrian orbit. On Valentine’s Day, he was killed by a suicide truck bomb whose payload weighed more than five thousand pounds.” Harire death left a cold chill throughout the Middle East.
                2. Mass killings of American military targets. In 1983, Soleiman was involved in the Beirut barracks bombing. Acting in the mullah regime’s interests, his idea was to drive U.S. forces out through use of Iran’s little pawn, Hezb’allah, which grew in power after the mass attack while Iran itself succeeded in getting the Iran’s aims enacted. Soleimani’s Quds force was the actual creator of Hezb’allah, which was always happy to be Iran’s little pawn. After the attacks, all were emboldened. I recall that the late great Herbert Meyer, at the time a Reagan administration national security official, later said the Reagan administration rued the decision to take troops out, given the growing power of the terrorists that came of it.
                3. Mass killings of more American military targets. In 1996, Soleimani and his buddies sent in a truck bomb to blow up the Khobar Towers in naked warfare to advance Iran’s interests. Iran had a problem with the U.S. teaming up with the Saudis to fortify the nation from extremist attacks. Twenty mostly American troops were killed and nearly 500 were injured and he got away with it.

                4. Targeting of diplomatic compounds, Part I: Soleimani went after American civilians, too, and anyone associated with them in his twin bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, killing 224 innocents, mostly Africans who either worked at the facilities or were passers by. 4,000 more were injured. Al Qaida got most of the blame, but Soleimani was the state sponsor for al-Qaida, giving it its start:
                5. Actual war on U.S. troops during the Iraq war. Andrew McCarthy writes: “Our government estimates that he was responsible for the killing of more than 600 U.S. troops during the fighting in Iraq — and that represents just some of his anti-American operations, coordinating the networks that target Americans and our interests throughout the region.” He wasn’t satisfied with the passive-aggressive kind of warfare on civilians, he moved into full frontal warfare with the Americans.
                6. Sadistic innovations in war-crime warfare, 2005-2019: Most of the world agrees that land mines and chemical warfare are out of bounds. Not Soleiman, who saw that as his opportunity to get a battlefield edge through innovations in war crime technology others wouldn’t touch. According to the Washington Post, his sick legacy was the EFP, a more gruesome version of the IED, to target U.S. troops. Some people innovate to make the world a better place. Soleimani only got creative in order to advance evil. The Post writes: “EFPs killed at least 196 U.S. troops and wounded nearly 900 between 2005 and 2011, defense officials revealed in 2015, and Castner said a high number of amputations throughout the war were the direct result of the weapons. In the 2006 attack, slugs took both legs off a soldier and one from a gunner, he wrote in his memoir, ‘The Long Walk.'”
                7. Unprovoked rocket assaults on Israel. When one speaks of attacks on Israel, one is tempted to ask ‘which one’ and Soleimani was certainly responsible for nearly all of them. However, Soleimani’s 2018 barrage, halted mostly by the Iron Dome, but nevertheless open warfare of raining rocket attacks through use of Hezb’allah, called for a response. Israel wanted to take him out, according to citations in the Jerusalem Post, but was halted by the Obama administration, which warned the mullahs of the plan.
                8. Brutal attacks on democracy at home: Soleimani wasn’t just a foreign-ops guy, he was also the chief thug back home in Iran, urging vicious crushing of student protests, according to the Guardian, presumably beginning in at least 2009 and certainly carrying on in earnest since 2017. The mailed fist of power was the only thing that animated him. The Guardian writes: Soon after taking control of the Quds force, he was part of a group of Revolutionary Guard commanders who in a letter warned reformist President Mohammad Khatami to put down student protests, or risk them stepping in. Police moved in to crush protests, as they would a decade later. “He was more important than the president, spoke to all factions in Iran, had a direct line to the supreme leader and was in charge of Iran’s regional policy,” said Dina Esfandiary, a fellow at the Century Foundation think tank. “It doesn’t get more important and influential than that.”
                9. His Houthi War in Yemen. Yemen’s a miserable place with massive demographic and resource problems. Soleimani used that as the perfect launch pad to attack Saudi Arabia. Untold miseries of warfare followed, mostly blamed on President Trump in the mass media. It was actually Soleimani’s doing.
                10. The first 9/11s. Soleimani was involved in the still-unpunished bombing of the Israeli embassy in 1992 and the even bigger AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires in 1994, which killed more than 100 people. Up until then, mass casualty murder of civilians was not a terrorist ‘thing.’ After that, it was. AMIA was said to be the first 9/11, the model for this sick new mode of terror which culminated in 9/11. Soleimani wasn’t the chief of the Quds force at the time but the Guardian reports he was thought to have been in on it. We know he got promoted not too long after.

                You can Read more here:
                Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

                • paul ...

                  Mike you left out that is was Sulaimani (not Cheney with Saudi help) who did 9-11 … and Sulaimani who struck back at the US in 7 nations in 5 years that we were simply overtaking to steal their oil!!

                • donatella

                  Thanks for outlining some of his atrocities Mike R. Great information for the masses here who don’t seem to understand or know the truth about what has transpired over the years. – and what is even more overlooked is WHY was he even in Baghdad???? His intentions were clear. Kill Americans, take over the Embassy and then take over Iraq! Come on guys – open your eyes to what’s really going on here. The only way to stop these mass killings is to take out the leaders who are directly responsible for planning, organizing and executing these strategies. It’s one leg at a time until the entire table falls. No more dead Americans!!!

                  • K.Wayne

                    Donatella and Mike R,
                    What was not clear were the circumstances around Soleimani’s open travel on domestic transport to IRAQ from TEHRAN.
                    Yes it is amazing to see those “who don’t seem to understand or know the truth about what has transpired”.
                    You say “open your eyes to what’s really going on here”…!!
                    There is another story floating around (out of IRAQ) that “He (Soleimani) had been sent by Tehran to deliver, in person, a reply to a message from Riyadh on de-escalation across the Middle East. Those negotiations had been requested by the Trump administration”.
                    In other words “Baghdad was officially mediating between Tehran and Riyadh, at the behest of Trump. And Soleimani was a messenger”. Soleimani died as the object of a targeted assassination at Baghdad airport.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    What is the source of that intel? Soleimani was not supposed to leave Iran according to the UN. I mean the UN thought he was a bad player not some man of peace. Did you forget that Iran used proxies to attack our embassy in Iraq???

              • lightning

                If you were POTUS and intel came to you that the Senior Commander of the Iranian Intelligence Organization was in Iraq during the Embassy attack and his current whereabouts were known. And that this same Iranian intelligence leader was directly fomenting terrorist insurgency efforts all throughout the globe (including Mexico) and had both a long history of torture and terror but also active plans to assassinate US Diplomats in Iraq ….what would you do? Ignore him? Let him carry out his mission?

                He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.
                I would rather have President Trump take out this guy while he was personally executing a covert mission in Iraq than continue to appease Iran like Obama and Kerry did with pallets of cash.

                Most people have no idea how difficult it is to have real accountability as the leader. They sit in the back row and criticize but these same folks never roll up their sleeves and get dirt under their fingernails when the mess needs cleaning up.
                So tell us what you would have done?

                • paul ...

                  What would I have done? … I would have probably sent our Space Force on a secret mission to capture and then re-direct a monstrous asteroid and re-direct its course to crash into Iran … then let the world know that we detected a rouge asteroid that is heading for Iran that is so large it is going to destroy the Iranian Nation … but then tell the world … that the United States will be using all its resources in space “to deflect the asteroid” from its current path “to save the Iranian Nation” … and put the whole US space rescue operation on world-wide TV … thus engendering “love for America” by the Iranian people instead of their hate … problem is … I would need to be in complete control of the Deep State in order to pull this off … so I would have to lock up Hillary and powerful members of the MIC at GITMO (as the Deep State would obviously be working to make sure America fails in its efforts to stop the asteroid and save Iran!!

            • Keith wilson

              Well according to Admiral west. A NATO top commander. The U.S. invasion force needed to invade occupy,and police Iran would require about one million troops.Obviously the Trump,Clinton,Bush,bolton,Rumsfeld Blankfein,Schiff,Schumer,and family will not be allowing any of there family to be sent into the meat grinder of Tehran. So it looks like the poor white and black kids who have done badly over the last twenty years will be drafted and be facing the Republican guard. The Goldman Sachs gang will be making billions in profits and the schmucks in the trenches will be getting shafted just like Vietnam. Also it might cost American tax payers 10 trillion. Is your daddy a congressman. If he is you have nothing to fear ? Also you can bet your bottom dollar all the banking cabal families will be sending there sons and daughters to Europe for a long holiday until it’s all over. Also I expect a false flag any day now so you have been warned ?

    • uncommon sense

      Yes, there seems to be no respect for the sovereignty of Syria and Iraq. How are US, Israeli and Turkish forces operating in Syria without its permission. The one thing not mentioned in the mainstream media is that this Iranian commander was instrumental in fighting ISIS. Perhaps this is the main reason why he had to go. No matter that ISIS is/was targeting Christians. I guess that doesn’t matter as eliminating Israel’s enemies is more important than fighting OUR enemies such as ISIS.

      • Greg Hunter

        You left out Iran.

  4. long time viewer

    Just to back up up what you discuss with Mike on fractional reserves which requires banks to hold a fraction of deposits on hand is at best is dangerous to depositors. I live on Long Island and withdrew $35,000 a week before Christmas and the bank could not do it right on demand. They said they would need two days and they would require me to take $20,000 at my branch and the balance of $15,000 at a neighboring branch. The morning of my withdrawal request, my bank called me on my cell phone to tell me neither branch felt uncomfortable depleteing their cash for the holidays. The bank officer did call around to another branch and directed me to that branch two towns away to be paid in full! This is probably the norm and could be proof that most could not get money if their was a bank run or if they could get some money with the instituting capital controls. Also, 1 week before the September 29, 2008 economic crisis(market tanked 777 points), I believe congress and the senate had an emergency briefing on the upcoming stock crash and to get prepaired. The only preperation we will be getting is great information from you and many of your guests you have interviewed over the years. Through knowledge is power, protect the wealth. Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the street reporting from Long Island!! Wow, good reporting and a important warning.

      • tim mcgraw

        Here at our local bank in Sonoma County, California, the limit on cash withdrawals is $2,000 per day and if it is the end of the month; I usually get paid off in small bills.
        “It’s the end of the month and we tend to run out of cash.” The teller told me.
        Have your cash reserves ready at HOME!

        • paul jr.


          I think that you can still take out more cash than $2000 if you give them advanced notice. I know other banks will allow it with no problem. If they still say no you can’t, then find a better bank.

          PS – most teller are not very bright and I doubt if what that teller said was true.

      • Robert

        I don’t know what to believe anymore. We’re so propagandized. Sometimes we have to just go with our gut feelings.

        As far as these endless wars over the past nearly twenty years, as Lee Iacoca said, either lead, follow or get out of the way. This whole neocon experience in the middle east to modernize Islam, has been a disaster. Right or wrong, were headed wherever this takes us. Buckle up.

    • JC

      “Long”, by withdrawing more than $10,000 in cash the bank is required to file a CTR (currency transaction report) with The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

      Besides that, if they consider the withdrawal “suspicious”, a SAR (suspicious activity report) is also reported.

      Yes, it’s your money, kind of, sort of, but not really.

      • paul jr.


        Any money that you deposit in a bank is still your money. Ownership has not been transferred to the bank. You still have legal rights to get your money back. What has been transferred is control of your money. The same thing happens when you borrow money from the bank. It is not your money, it is still the banks. But you have control of it.

      • paul ...

        No one owns any more money then what they can get out of a bank in an emergency (likely a few thousand dollars) even if you are a millionaire … so keep your savings in gold … and keep your government issued “cash” at home in small pocket change (not paper bills that can be declared worthless after recalling them for “new fiat paper notes” (where for example ten “old” dollars need to be turned in to get one “new” dollar) … and if you have “too many” old dollars stashed under your mattress you will likely be put on a money laundering list and possibly even prosecuted for having “too much cash” in your possession!!

    • paul jr.

      Why would you expect any bank branch to have any where near $35,000 on hand. All anyone has to do is notify the bank ahead of time if they want to make a large cash withdrawal. Most times there is no problem. I do not understand why your bank had a problem.

    • Mike R

      long time, this is the norm at banks across the US. anytime you want more than $10k its going to take some time, as very few EVER have much more than $10k on hand. In fact, you’ll get flagged too when you ask for that kind of dough. You’ll be put on watch, and possibly a list for possible drug dealing.

      You’re best bet is to take out not much more than a few thousand at a time, and spread it out over many months. I did that years ago, and bought small amounts of gold when prices were below $800/ounce and did a lot of accumulating, and since that time have never let any bank account get much about $50k. You need to be your own bank, and gold is the best way to do that. It would also be wise to have a bank account in other states, possibly other countries, with small amounts in each of them, mostly staying below $10k.

      At precisely the wrong time, millions of people will attempt what you did, and that sort of a bank run is what the Fed fears most of all. Its not deflation or inflation that they fear, or even trillions in debt. Its BANK RUNS, they fear, as that means a total loss of confidence in the SYSTEM. Fiat collapses are not necessarily feared either, because who does a bank run, when the currency is virtually worth zero ? Bank runs btw the don’t cause fiat collapses. They are a symptom of a collapse in faith of the government issuing the fiat.

      • paul jr.

        Mike R
        If you are right and the Fed fears BANK RUNS the most, then you can forget about bail-ins involving uninsured depositors, at least for most of their money. Any large loss would cause people to take their money out of the bank.

    • Scott

      Excellent first-hand intel, LTV. Thanks for sharing it, here.

  5. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,
    Pento has always been a ‘stand up’ guy.
    Humans will hopefully work it out one day, although we’ve had no luck for 50,000 years. One can only continue to hope.

  6. Neville

    Once again a powerful interview with Michael Pento for which I thank you.
    Listen to him if you want to survive the coming down turn /Reset which could be more imminent than we all think.The major thing I take away from this interview is the
    EXPOSURE of the lies which AAcrime is swamped in especially on the financial and Geo-Political fronts.

  7. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Mr. Pento made an extremely lucid argument for owning increasing amounts of physical precious metals, especially gold. Thanks for having him on!

  8. mal

    Hi Greg,
    “Everything is being propped up up with massive global money printing”
    Except gold and silver which are being held down by massive paper gold and silver printing! A U. S. Government mint American Eagle 1 oz. silver coin has a face value of one dollar stamped on it. The government charges bullion dealers about 18 paper dollars for one silver dollar. I wonder if the government (or the banks) will accept “paper silver ounces” as payment for real physical silver ounces? I would like to hear the rationale behind any refusal to do so.

  9. norbert Reiser

    Hi Greg!
    You have a great discussion with Pento , but you miss all in this conversation. What politician can do! Look to Germany after the WWII . where the politician under German cancler Ludwik Erhard has switched the Reichs Mark to the German Marks. Or in 1989 , where the wall was falling in Germany between East and West Germany!!! Look in history, you will find the answer of our problems. Like Mr. Putin, he knows whats going on with Rothschild and the Russian Central Bank, or how can travel Mr. Lenin a cross Germany with free flags and start a revocation in Russia! Or listen to Mr. Putin on his speech as shown on under
    so you can see, where are the problem are started, what we have today!! So I will say to everyone on this world , look to your own history and you will find the answer for the future!
    Thanks and all of you I wish you all the best to can handling all your problems and look positive in the future and look back in your live and you will find the answer for the future!!!

    See you from Down Under


  10. JC

    Mr. Pento has a 10% allocation to physical gold in his portfolio for his clients. He doesn’t explain what in what form. is it an ETF?

    • Warren B.

      The more relevant question is where has he invested the majority of his clients portfolio (90%) ? How does that relate to his advice and rhetoric?

  11. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and Happy New Year!
    Great interview with Michael Pento, good to hear his latest predictions – thanks.
    It’s traditional to make predictions at the start of each new calendar year, and who better to predict trends than your regular guest and author of The Trends Journal, Gerald Celente.

  12. JC

    Gerald Celente is very upset because….

    The First Shot Of World War III Has Been Fired

    “I saw this coming and I’ve been writing about this for years. This is a very, very sad day in my life. As a trend forecaster I look into the future, and the future that I see is that the first shot of World War III has been fired. This is a very serious time. If the people don’t stand up and take action, they’re going to lead us to war.”

    • Mike R

      Celente is wrong, thankfully, this time. Its not going to precipitate WWIII. Why ? Because Iran, nor any middle eastern block of people is a ‘country.’ Yes there are geographical boundary’s but thats about it. The entire middle east is made up entirely of religious factions. People from the west don’t comprehend that. We will never have any World War caused by any faction in the middle east. They are far too fragmented, and dont have any real forms of government. Terrorist groups ? yes ! Battles and skirmishes ? Yes. Cyber attacks on us or small ‘sleeper cells’ ? yes. But never any world war. Iran also knows that if they dare ‘choke off’ the Straight of Hormuz, they will be completely tazed off the face of the planet. The US would not hesitate one iota on that. Why ? Bc for better or worse, we are tied at the hips with the Saudi’s. Once the Saudi’s gave the nod, the US would simply proceed with dusting Iran. It would not take long. There would not be any drawn out military engagement as was done in Iraq. That is so old school, and so 20th century, that the military uses Iraq as an example of what NOT to do, here in the 21st century. Our weapons have advanced so far beyond what was on display back then, that its like looking at old WWII movies of military arms and explosions. Iran has a modest amount of oil, but the Saudi’s still have so much more, and so much that will remain easily accessible for decades. That is why we are aligned with the Saudi’s so strongly. Iraq has some oil but no infrastructure to get at it, and it would take decades to install the right type of government with the infrastructure, and you’d need to take care of these religious factions long before that. Its a joke to say we even tried to install ‘democracy’ in Iraq. That mention is for ‘show.’ Protecting Saudi’s (and its really only the royales) from all the religious factions is the US only interest in the middle east. The rest is all nonsense, that we’d rather not be involved in. Trump will use this situation in his second term, to further extract our troops from a lot of the middle east.

      • Montana Guy

        Mike, you speak of ‘extracting our troops from a lot of the middle east’.
        Oh you mean like this:

        Mike, please tell us what words you would say to the wives, children and parents of these soldiers to explain what Americans gained from the death of their loved ones?

  13. Marie Joy

    In the 1990s, during a family discussion, about when it would all hit the fan, the family, as a group, decided it would be about the year 2020. At the time 2020 was a long way away but here we are.
    Stock up

  14. Jerry

    The only thing I can say is wow. It’s worse than I thought.

    For all those who’ve said nothing has happened, that things are great, you owe me, Greg, and a host of his guest an apology. QE, Buybacks, Repos, zero percent interest rates for 12 years, and now helicopter money. Pray tell. What is real? Certainly not this. It’s all fake, and if you can’t see that, there’s nothing left to talk about. It’s going to end in only one way. Default and a global currency reset.
    There’s no way out of this debt. Helicopter money was the last line of defense that Ben Bernanke talked about in his recommendation to the Fed, two years ago.

    • Stan

      Jerry: The economy looks great to me. I couldn’t even get a reservation at Peter Lugar’s Steakhouse this weekend – it was so busy.

      • Greg Hunter

        How about those gold shorts “Stan”? As I write this gold is at $1,577 up $25. What’s your real verifiable name Stan?

        • Stan

          Greg, that is not fair. You don’t ask anyone else for a verifiable name

          • Greg Hunter

            I am the abitur of what is “fair” on this site. You are welcome to start your own site with your capital. By the way, I have asked several people for verifiable names. You are giving advice, then give a verifiable name.

            • Stan

              Greg: I’m not giving advice. I just state my opinion on certain markets. I never told anyone to make a financial decision.

      • Frank D2

        Your choice of steakhouse is as ludicrous as your position on gold and your affinity for Bentleys:

      • Jerry

        I’m so far in your head, I’m thinking about setting up a business there. I could call it “ The Sunshine Pumping Station”.

    • Mike R

      It’s not ‘helicopter money’ until you see direct US $ going into citizen’s bank accounts. THEN and ONLY THEN is it ‘helicopter money.’ That’s a last resort, and gold will be at $5000 before that is ever done. All that money going in, was pre-empting the take out of Soleimani. This has been in the works for months. More attacks will be coming. Pelosi halted the impeachment stuff bc of this. The left wont ever want you to know that. Anyone and Everyone in Congress is lying when they said they didn’t know about any of this. They did. They all (in the House) just wanted to get it on record that they held a vote to impeach. (and got it down before the take out of Soleimani – which is just part I in a long series of moves to once and for all deal with Iran). Trump will never be fully impeached. At least not even considered in the Senate. Military dealings (Iran) will be at the forefront from now until elections, and until Trump is re-installed in his second term. It ain’t going to be a world war though folks, and neither Russia, nor Syria, nor any other country will be involved or drawn into any of this. Trump is on a major mission now, that wont be telegraphed in advance to anyone, to deal with Iran. This will dominate our news for some time to come.

      • Mike G

        The US can’t even beat some goat herders in Iraq and Afghanistan and some think Iran will be a cakewalk. Wonder where we heard that before?

        • Montana Guy

          Mike G, I hear you. Americans have been so conditioned by perpetual war that virtually no one cares. Long gone is the America that believed in ‘Golden Rule’ (Matthew 7:12). Most telling are the simple yet fundamental questions blood-thirsty Americans refuse to answer.

          Such as, ‘Specifically what did Americans gain from the deaths of 6,980 Americans (and counting) in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or 58,209 American lives in Vietnam? They proudly and smugly talk about kicking North Korea’s butt. We already lost 54,246 in Korea? What did Americans gain?

          This blood-thirsty mindset is truly testimony to a fallen people.

      • donatella

        I really like your analysis of these situations 0- great information Mike.

    • Jerry

      The plot gets thicker.

      First Iranian bank accounts get hacked, and now I’m hearing that the federal reserve bank was compromised by Iran. Since no news source wants to touch it, it now appears the United States is in a cyber war with Iran. The internet could go down anytime, and with it direct deposits in your bank. There you have it. The perfect false flag to coverup the banks.

  15. Joe Lalonde


    In Canada, the politicians want to keep this inflated housing going and all doing all they can to keep the housing unaffordable.
    The wages are too low for the locals to afford to work at low paying jobs without incurring massive debt.
    To solve this, the government is importing massive amount of immigrants to fill these unaffordable jobs as their are many assertive programs attached to hiring immigrants.
    And new housing being generated for them while the locals get many more new taxes added on.
    With the economic downturn, this is creating a real disaster of more people at the food banks and on the streets.

    • Clare Doll

      Yes and they do it differently in Australia, no? “broken window” strategy BY FIRE!

      No excuse that these fires were not contained!

    • silverMAGA

      Michigan & Minnesota and Ontario_Canada have been transformed by the globalist puppets Obama and Trudeau into a caliphate. There are many places in these regions where it is like the no-go places in Paris. These imports depend upon the welfare system to increase and feed their numbers. They are building an army to attack Christians in North America. And the Left hates Christians so they support the growth of this army.

      There is all the talk about the US Southern Border, but up north there is this huge problem getting worse and worse.

  16. tim mcgraw

    I like Michael Pento and look forward to watching the interview tomorrow. It’s easy to have 10% of your assets in physical gold and silver if you only have $100k. But most folks in the USA don’t have $400. Most folks can’t afford a vault in the Swiss Alps.
    And so where do you hide/store that physical gold and silver? Sure, digital currency in a bank is no better, but what does one do to protect one’s assets?
    Stay healthy and strong. Find a defensible position. Lead is worth more than gold and silver in chaotic situations. Get out of the cities.
    Fear not and be ready. Be proactive not reactive.

    • JC

      tim, regarding where to hide your gold and silver, I asked paul… about that. Check out his comment from the Wayne Jett interview. If you ask me, his ideas are a little extreme, his system makes the gold somewhat inaccessible and not readily portable.

      • paul ...

        JC … most folks in the US don’t even have $400 dollars laying around the house … is one quarter ounce gold coin going to be “inaccessible and not readily portable”?? … how many Americans own even 10lbs of gold (worth a quarter of a million dollars) that they need to hide or transport????

        • paul jr.

          “most folks in the US don’t even have $400 dollars laying around the house”

          I am assuming you are referring to that survey about how many Americans have at least $400 to pay for an emergency. If so, over 60% of Americans do have $400 available in case of an emergency based on that widely used (or misused) report from the Federal Reserve.

          And it is probably a little higher than that since some people said that they would choose to put it on their credit card on pay it off over time even though they may have the cash to pay it. My brother does this as I am sure others do to. They buy things with their credit card and do not pay it off each month even though they have the extra money to do so. So most people do have at least $400 extra available to pay for an emergency expense.

          • paul ...

            Jr. … my point was that owning gold at home “is readily available and portable” for most Americans … even a quarter of a million dollars in gold is even easily portable (it’s like carrying home a ten pound roast beef from the grocery store)!!

  17. al

    Happy 2020… and the monetary kabuki theater goes on. It truly is to laugh.

    At the offset, Pento IS a human computer and a humble one too. He’s NOT wrong, the system is wrong and corrupt. Pento calculates with non-hedonic formulas, the Central Banks love hedonics so it’s a tug of war between logic and criminality. Logic will eventually prevail with a vengeance….. I’m waiting patiently getting older every year.

    It’s a shame that a brain like Pento and others like him are being marginalized due to this satanic system of monetary transgression, specifically relative to the laughable “required reserve ratio”. Basically he is showing that we are in a Global Venezuela scenario in slow motion.

    By the way… Iran will not be a threat in my opinion. This has happened before with other Countries. They threaten, they get their ass-ets kicked by us, a coup occurs to remove the people doing the threats and it’s over. We were suppose to be at war with Iran dozens of times for decades! It never happened and never will !!!

    Thank you Greg for being there every single week
    God Bless
    Happy New Year

  18. Stan

    Oh, so you Gold bugs think you are in the clear now? Did you see the drop in the XAU and HUI on Friday? Tell me how many times Gold rose 1% or more with a drop in the XAU and a huge prolonged decline did not follow. Go look it up. Anyone not short Gold at these nosebleed levels is missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

    • Greg Hunter

      The people here are holding gold and silver as a core investment. You on the other hand come on here and tell us all how you are shorting the gold market and have been doing so since t least $1300 per ounce. Gold is now $1550 and we all know you have been getting killed with your bad calls and trades. Please let us all know a full verifiable name with your credentials if you wish to deliver trading advice. We know you own your bad trades you should own your words too.

      • steve

        Great reply

    • al

      Short it Stan. I hope you have a lot of money in your short position, I can’t wait for the squeeze where you are FORCED TO BUY. Hahaha!!!!

      • Mike G

        He’s not buying anything unless his dentist is still using gold amalgam

    • paul ...

      Stan … you are just like Paul Jr. who tells us gold will buy us “less bread” as it goes higher … well gold was $1450 on Aug 28, 2019 and a loaf of Levy’s rye bread cost $3.75 back then (so an ounce of gold about 4 months ago bought me 386.67 loaves of Levy’s rye bread) … today gold is one hundred dollars higher $1550 and a loaf of Levy’s rye still costs $3.75 (so an ounce of gold today buys me 413.34 loaves of bread) … so “gold rising doesn’t buy me less bread” as Paul Jr. says … gold rising $100 dollars in 4 months buys me “An Extra 26.67 loaves” of Levy’s rye bread!!!

      • paul ...

        OK gold bugs … you don’t have to do any more buying … with gold now at $1575 … the pump is primed and the chart pattern complete … for the Hedge Funds to now take gold the rest of the way to $1800 plus … enjoy the ride … and the fact that you were smart enough not to listen to Stan … and got in while gold was cheap!! …

        • paul ...

          Stan … so much for your strategy to buy the S&P 500 and sell gold short … gold is skyrocketing upward and the S&P 500 futures is projecting a big opening loss on Monday …

          • paul ...

            Stan … Look at the following one year candle stick chart of gold … … the length of the candle for 2020 should easily extent to $1800 plus … and the candle for 2021 should push gold to between $3000 and $4000!!!

      • paul jr.


        Stop lying moron. I did not say gold will buy less bread as gold goes higher. I stated that during the hyperinflation period in the Wiemar Republic food prices increased faster than gold and silver increased in value thus as time went on gold and silver bought less food. What I said is a fact. I hate liars like you who misrepresent what people say. Luckily for you we are not in the same room.

        • paul ...

          I wasn’t lying … I can even buy “more loaves of bread” today with my gold coin … “you are the one assuming and misrepresenting” that the price of bread will rise as fast or faster then the price of gold “in today’s environment” (where we don’t yet pay for a chocolate bar with a wheel barrel full of paper dollars) … I was simply trying to show Stan “such was not the case as of now” and that gold is an investment he should not be shorting!!

          • paul ...

            Jr … Look in the mirror to see who is talking out of both sides of the mouth … with one fork of your tongue you are telling people they don’t have to buy gold because “food inflation for most people has not been high” … and out of the other side of your forked tongue you tell people not to buy gold because it can’t keep up the rising price of food!!

          • JC

            paul… Stan is not interested in your advice and forget about bread. Eat vegetables.

          • paul jr.

            You are lying. I was only talking about what happened to gold and silver during the Weimar Republic and how back then they lost purchasing power as food inflation greatly increased much more than the price of gold and silver. I never said anything about today. Dummy.

    • Frank D2

      Gold isn’t supposed to be an investment vehicle, but a store of wealth. I remember you bragging about shorting gold around 1280 and you even bragged more recently that you shorted it again when it broke below 1400. Now its sitting at 1500+. If you really did short gold all those times in the past that you claim to have, you have lost a ton of money. And please stop the nonsense about your next Bentley. With your loses on gold, you are probably lucky to be eating, never mind buying Bentleys. And who buys a Bentley anyway? Its very ostentatious.
      Frank D

    • Jerry

      Here is your buddy at Deutsche bank talking about gold.

    • Mike R

      Stan – you’re obviously hurting now that gold is at $1569. And climbing. I said before it would slice up thru $1500 like a hot knife thru butter. Now its slicing your shorts in half.
      Btw, you are clueless on gold stocks, so stick to what little you know – toy bentley’s by hasbro, and mom’s basement. Gold Stocks have been leading and were ahead of this rise in gold. Gold wont be at ‘nosebleed’ levels until its up over $10,000. No. wait. Make that $50,000.

    • Freebrezer

      Dude – a few weeks ago you indicated that you shorted gold around $1485, and all Greg’s listeners should do the same … It dropped about $15 for a few days and a delirious ka-ching echoed forth from you … now that you are $65 in he red ( i.e. in the hole!), you spout short more … Uhmmmm, Uhmmmm ???

      • Freebrezer

        A investor who is consistently wrong is as important to follow as one that is consistently right … Both tell you were the market is going!

  19. John

    I’d like to see the proof that the money printing is continuing instead of taking Pento’s word. Where can I find that?

    I don’t care whether the market is propped up as long as it’s making money. If the market crashes, make sure you’ve got some physical metals on hand as well as survival items like food, water, medicine, bug out, etc. Then, buy more stock. You can’t survive today on precious metals or on 0-2% interest.

    • paul ...

      John … go here to see how much money is currently being printed … … and put a stop watch on the speed of increase in one minute … then check the speed of increase next week … and if the speed of money printing has increased … you will have your proof … and you won’t have to take anyone’s word for it!!

    • Warren B.

      The Stock market is making money. You can either stand on the sidelines or participate.
      Without doubt having insurance / risk protection is paramount.

      • Greg Hunter

        The stock market is not “making money” it is being propped up and manipulated. Take some money off the table and take a win for a win no matter what cartoon interventions they are doing.

  20. Mario Borsato

    Hello Greg

    I hope all is well.
    Why has Michael and so many others say they only have 10% of their portfolio in physical silver and gold? Why don’t they have 50-75% in physical? Stocks and bonds and hedgefunds etc are all a massive bubble that will soon pop!

    • AndrewB

      Michael Malony recently stated he is now 100% invested in precious metals – sorry I can’t find a ‘source’ link to support this statement but I definately heard him make this statement.. Also, Egon von Greyerz has talked about his wealthy clients allocating “at least” 20% of their investment portfolios to precious metals.

    • Warren B.

      Mario you have made a very discerning point. The question remains about portfolio allocation – especially in this time of so called “Bubble”.

  21. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg & Michael

    While cursing around the net the last few days I ran across this comment over our military actions below & 1 interesting reply. Would love to have gotten Michael’s take on this. But maybe you can run this by Bill Holter or CAF – Gerald Celente…makes one go hummmmm. Food for thought?

    It’s interesting here that this is over – allegedly – the death of one mercenary.
    Seems to me they’re freaking out NOW over … what? Having to directly print to buy bonds?

    Came to the same conclusion this morning. They’re trying to scare the market into buying treasuries. They’re losing control of this bitch.”

  22. john duffy

    This is worth a viewing

  23. Mike

    Qasem Soleimani was a butcher of people inside and outside of Iran and any respect for the man resulted from justified fear. It seems like he was preparing events on behalf of the globalist cabal to distract from all the criminal activity that will be revealed this year.

    • JC

      Mike, speaking of butchers, what about Obama and Hillary Clinton?

      Regardless of Muammar Gaddafi’s history, Barack Obama shook Gaddafi’s hand in mock friendship and with deceit. All of this was planned.

      That handshake represented every American citizen, and for that primary reason I find Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton detestable human beings. Nearly a quarter-of-a-million people have died in the subsequent years, while millions of displaced Muslim refugees have made Europe their new home.

      In spite of these indisputable horrific historical facts, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton can pass themselves off as humanitarian liberals.

      The link to Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s article on Hillary Clinton’s “War Crime” addresses Muammar Gaddafi’s contracts with China to develop Libya’s oil resources. This prophecy is found in a very important Nostradamus’ Quatrain.

    • Montana Guy

      Mike, not so fast. Hold the theories until you can answer a simple yet absolutely fundamental question, ‘How and from whom does the U.S. Military get the right to invade or occupy foreign soil?’

      • Greg Hunter

        How does China take over the South China Sea? How does China loan shark money all over the world? You don’t live in Montana and you only criticize the USA. Is that the New Zealand farmer guy I banned years ago?

      • Mike G


        That is easy, might makes right.

        One reason the US is 23 trillion dollars in debt. You don’t get that much might by paying as you go, you have to steal it from the future. And as is so often pointed out on this site, there will be a day of reckoning. It is a hard sell however to so many

  24. eddiemd

    Food inflation has been here for the past few years. Especially meat and dairy.

    Silver will be needed to build/rebuild the war machine.

    A “cyberattack” by Iran will provide the cover to shut down the banking system. It will be responsible for the stock market crash and who knows what else.

    Perhaps the prince of Persia has been released. Perhaps the 12th Mahdi demon will return soon and unite all islam; both shia and sunni.

    When the price of a barrel of oil goes to $150+ it will destroy the US economy.

    Fear not. Jesus Christ is still in charge. He reigns on the throne. His name is above all names. The Anointed One, Messiah, Redeemer, Lion of the tribe of Judah, El Shaddai, the Alpha and the Omega, Prince of Peace, Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God.

    God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind.

    Keep your minds and hearts on the things above. That is where your treasure lies. The world is passing away.

    • silverMAGA

      “Fear not. Jesus Christ is still in charge.”

      How many Poles said that to themselves as the gates of Auschwitz closed behind them? …. People who whistle in the dark seem to forget all the other Bible verses where God says that His ways are not man’s ways; the tares and the wheat are cut down together, separated only afterward. Just read all of Matthew 24, and hear what Jesus says about these days.

      Surely do not despair, for there is a method of endurance (Philippians 4:11-13). However, don’t be fooled that circumstances will be accommodating of oneself.

      Good idea to prepare by fasting on Fridays, eating only watery thin turnip soup and stale crackers like they had in Auschwitz if when they were fed. Take on Fridays luke-warm or cold shower instead of hot shower. & etc. …. Develop now the ability to have joy despite circumstances.

      • eddiemd

        There will always be scoffers and mockers. Persecution for a belief in Jesus Christ is counted as a blessing. He will never forsake us in any circumstances.

        Have faith Mr. silverMAGA. It is something you cannot buy with your silver and gold. Seek Jesus Christ of Nazareth first.

        • Montana Guy

          eddiemd, if you had loved ones in Poland at that time what advice would you have given them?

          • eddiemd

            See my previous post.

    • paul jr.

      Yes, we have food inflation but for most people it has not been high.

      • JC

        I have an early 60’s memory of a NYC pizzeria. Carlo’s Pizzeria on Lefferts Blvd in Queens NY. Neon lighting was popular back then, the price of a slice of pizza was 15 cents and the price was indicated in the neon lighting itself. Imagine how stable food prices were once upon a time….

        The A train station was across the street, if I recall, a token cost 10 or 15 cents at that time.

        Hard to imagine that there was a time you could get through a day with only nickels, silver dimes and quarters in your pocket.

        And there was a bank nearby where my father opened a bank account for me, explaining to me if I saved my money it would grow because of the interest. Pretty sure it was 5% interest at that time for a savings account.

        Slice of NY pizza as of 2019 is $3.75.

        • paul jr.

          Yes, inflation was low in the 1960’s until about 1969 when it got above 5% and continued to be high most years after that until 1983. Some years it was very high, over 10%. I do not doubt that you remember the days when you could get over 10% in a bank CD.

        • paul ...

          JC … we still had sound money in the 60″s (gold was $35 per ounce) … to bad the money you put in the bank in the 60’s to buy 25 pizza slices in the future only gets you 1 slice today … if you had put the same money into gold back then you could have bought 1/10th ounce of gold … which today would buy you over 42 slices of pizza!!

          • paul jr.

            Actually you are forgetting to calculate the interest that you could have earned in the bank during those 55 years. If you had put money in the bank in 1965 to buy 25 pizza slices at $0.15 per slice that would mean that you would start with $3.75. At the end of 55 years at a 4% savings rate you would have $32.42. This would not get you 1 slice today ($3.75 per slice) as you stated but 8 slices. Of course buying that 1/10th ounce of gold back in 1965 would still be much better. However if you would have put that $3.75 into the stock market for those 55 years, which had a 9% average annual rate of return, you would have $429 today. Enough to buy 114 slices which was much better than gold.

    • Steve Bice

      Always enjoy your thoughts, Eddie. I have my own take on Kipling’s ongoing great game and the implications of current events for the Gog war of Ezekiel 38…that I will not post here.
      But I did want everyone to know that there is a margin call on line 3 for he who shall remain nameless. I think his name is Bentley.

  25. donatella

    I used to have a great deal of respect for Pento’s knowledge, but to say that we “murdered”, “assasinated a well respected leader” is absurd. This comment is another example of liberal ignorance blindly following MSM lemmings lies. The ONLY terrorists that revere this thug are the elite Quds Force and the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. All terrorists that took over Iran, that may have killed up to 1,000 protesters wanting freedom along with AT LEAST, 200+ American service members in Iraq by supplying Shiite extremists with advanced roadside bombs, rocket-propelled explosives and other munitions. And, one has only to look at their most recent past where women, children, political opponents executed in record numbers for exercising free speech and other basic rights, according to the U.N. see here: – Yeah Pento – a war hero. WOW whose side are you on?? disgraceful rhetoric.

    • Greg Hunter

      You made some good points here, but you missed the point Michael Pento was making and that was oil price increases and inflation because of increased conflict in the ME. You are the only one who took Pento’s analysis in a negative anti USA light. He made a extemporaneous comment after an extemporaneous question and maybe he did not phrase he answer the way he should have but his analysis on future impact on the economy is on target no matter who’s side you are on. I and Pento are on the side of America by the way.

      • donatella

        Greg – agreed – he did in fact make very good points about the financial impact of the decision to rid the world of this thug; however, he made a very poor decision to mirror the analysis of the far left with regards to the way his death is being broadcast. Again, poor choice of words to say this man was ‘revered’ and not follow that with exactly WHO reveres him – it’s certainly not the people whose lives have been and still are being affected by his murderous ways. From the comments, I am not the only one who saw his choice of words negatively. He ought to clarify them. I do appreciate your work Greg and have always enjoyed your commitment to getting the information out to the rest of us.

        • donatella

          BTW – It would be great to bring in Martin Armstrong to analyze this repo disaster and shed a more accurate light on what is truly happening. Thus far, he has refused to go public with the details but I believe he can provide enough information to get us all prepared!

    • JC

      donatella, hmm… strange… in the link I clicked on the annual report as mentioned below, but got a response “file does not exist”.

      Thirty of those killed were woman, while at least three were juveniles, according to the group Iran Human Rights (IHR), which recently released in “annual report” on the death penalty in Iran.

    • Montana Guy

      Donatella, OK so if Mr. Pento should not have used ‘murdered’ or ‘assassinated’ what verb would you use?

  26. Chip

    Excellent interview Greg. Good to see you back… Chip

  27. J.

    This advice/warning is provided “twice” in Biblical Scripture;

    Proverbs 22:3 – A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

    Proverbs 27:12 – A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

    Missed you, over the last week or so, Greg! God Bless!

  28. Russ

    Thanks Greg and Happy New Year. Michael Pento is always a great guest. His view of the world markets in general and the bond market specifically are always solid. When he says move into gold, it would be wise to listen. Likewise, his comments on the recent killing of General Soleimani were realistic and not hyperbolic.

    OTOH, I was very disappointed in the latest Gerald Celente interview at:
    Celente seemed to be sorry to see this terrorist removed from the battlefield; I’m not. Taking out Soleimani and his lieutenants (in the first and subsequent strikes) was a good thing.

    Per General David Petraeus: “Ordering the airstrike of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Qud Force general has helped “reestablish deterrence” of malign actions and influence in the Middle East”…

    It wasn’t an assassination or murder. Iraq/Syria/Lebanon seem to have been Soleimani‘s battlefield, and any General officer on the field of battle is a fair target; rock star or not, it was a good kill. He thought he was untouchable and able to move freely while orchestrating hostile actions against the US. He was never untouchable and apparently President Trump has seen intel that indicated tolerating his presence was no longer an option.

    General Soleimani was a terrorist and the Ayatollah’s right-hand man. He may have been held high and adored by some in the Middle East, but there are others in Iran and Iraq who are happy to see him gone. Talk to the Iranians who have been suppressed by the Revolutionary Guard and see if they’re sorry to see Soleimani gone — they’re not sorry.

    • JC

      Here is an excerpt of a comment left by G.A. Stewart at the Urban Survival site. I agree with him.

      “Suleimani shouldn’t have been in Iraq and we shouldn’t be in Iraq.”

      • K.Wayne

        Taking out the General was not the smartest decision the way I see it.
        Whatever propaganda Russ is reading or watching it is not entirely truthful. DJT has lit the fuse on extremism/terrorism but has upped the ante by 10 fold. Americans worldwide (not just here at home) will be targets. The Battlefield wont be IRAN …it will be planet Earth. Make no mistake, there are millions supporting the regime in Tehran regardless of the suppression. If you honestly believe they wont exact revenge, then you are mistaken.
        Additionally, if one has 2 eyes open, then POTUS has invited the Iranians to seek revenge intentionally. Said differently … Provocation of WAR. Lets see how Congress acts on this now !!
        Hmmmm…so much for pulling our troops out of the ME. Who exactly believed Trump in the first place ? Who ?
        IMO he has dug the hole another 20 feet deeper. Poor judgement or perhaps acting on behalf of those that wish to take our attention away from the Economic disarray the Globe is in combined with the REPO madness and the CB’s around the world ….running out of control.
        Aaaahhhh ……. just what we need to drive the economic turnaround….more Military spending. Why didn’t I see that first up ??

        • Greg Hunter

          I guess Trump should have taken the bribes Iran was offering and kept quite like the weasel Europeans.

          • K. Wayne

            His job is responsible Government which includes providing Economic and Political Stability. Protection of our Country and its citizens against Enemies and upholding the rights of every citizen as provided for in our Constitution.
            We don’t belong in the ME. Why are we seen to be the World’s peacekeeper…when all we seem to be doing is starting Wars. We are the aggressors and it is clearly apparent that we answer to Israel. God help us all. We need to see an End to the Endless Wars.
            This is a great time of weakness for DJT. His attempt to show Strength demonstrates recklessness, impulsiveness and above all is in complete disharmony with what most Americans are decidedly against….going to War with IRAN. There will be an outcry from the citizenry to restore Sanity in the White House. That will be combined with covert actions from IRAN to unseat our President. This will be built into the Impeachment process and designed to take out Trump on American soil. Carter failed, Clinton failed and Nixon failed with their desperate attempts to show strength … now Trump’s has taken the baton. His fall will be stupendous.

    • susan

      I was in Landstuhl, Germany in 1979 while it was a “safe haven” for US citizens that had come from Iran. My husband was having surgery there so I was staying in the US BOQ along with those who came from Iran. They told me how the Shah had done so many things to help the people of Iran, including making jobs available and improving their quality of life. Of course we all know he was deposed and the Ayatollah took over control of the country. Since then the people in Iran have been treated horribly and the only thing that now matters is “the mahdi coming”. They had to get rid of the Shah because he was a Persian and wanted to incorporate modern conveniences and ideas into their country. Everything that can be done to belittle or hamper the Revolutionary
      Guard will be greatly appreciated by the people.

    • paul ...

      Russ … Since you approve that “any General officer” at war is a fair target … you should have no problem with the $80 million dollar bounty now put on Trump’s head!!

  29. paul ...

    The smucks that bought Aramco stock from the Saudi’s need a brain transplant … why do you think the Saudi’s wanted to get rid of such an “easy target”?? … think perhaps Pompeo warned them that “the US will be going to war in the Middle East” and that the Saudi’s oil facilities will surely become a target?? …

  30. Russ

    “Iranians And Iraqis Celebrate, Thank Trump For Airstrike That Killed Ruthless Military General”
    “Iranians and Iraqis are celebrating after the Pentagon, under the direction of President Trump, carried out an airstrike in Baghdad that killed Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani.

    The action came in response to an Iran-led attack on the US embassy in Iraq.

    Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force, a designated terror group since 2007, was despised by many in Iran, and by Iraqis who have been subject to a campaign of terror in their own country at the hands of forces operating in lockstep with the Iranian military.”…

    • JC

      Russ, how many are celebrating? Thousands out of millions? Why don’t you book a flight and go there with silverMAGA (see first comment ) check out the situation, and get back to us? Thanks.

      • paul ...

        JC … No need for Russ to book a flight … just look at the number of Iranians our American boys “now being called up by the thousands” … will need to go and fight … and this is just on one street in Iran … when the body bags start coming home (likely with heroin stuffed in the coffin) I guess Trump can “legally say with a straight face” he brought our boys home!! …

        • paul ...

          As Buchanan says: “If They Want Us Out Let’s Go”!! …

          • paul ...

            Trump should simply start bringing our troops home (like he promised) … let Iranians, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, Yemenis and Afghans settle their quarrels on their own … and closing down the 44 military bases in the Middle East will not only help to balance our budget … but can fund infrastructure development here at home … providing jobs (boosting the real economy) … re-fund the Social Security Trust Fund … pay for a National American Health Care Program … etc., etc. and there will likely still be enough cash left over to send a $1000 dollar (end of the continuing wars) Bonus Check to every American (as a well deserved year end Christmas present)!!

    • K.Wayne

      Question: Why do we have an Embassy in Iraq in the first place. For what political purpose does it serve ? To me its obvious that it is nothing more than another out-post for the collective spy agencies. Removal of any and all Americans assigned to that country (and brought back home) should be of paramount importance. Evacuate now and never go back.
      America’s aggression and protection of claimed Sovereign (Non American) Oil Assets is starting to stink up the Planet.

  31. paul ...

    Breaking News!!! … Iraq votes to expel US troops from their country … now let’s watch how Trump tries to explain to the American people why our troops “should not be brought home” (giving political ammo to Gabbard and other Demon-rats that “he has reneged on his promise to bring the boys home”) … this is why I disagree with Mannarino who thinks Trump will be re-elected!! …

    • Stan

      Paul: Our troops aren’t going anywhere. We invested trillions in Iraq and some third world government is not going to threaten our investment.

      • paul ...

        Stan … don’t you understand that a future of continual war is a future of “continual death”? … so your saying that since we have invested trillions of dollars in 44 military bases surrounding Iran we should never allow someone (like Soleimani) to take up arms against the “bringer of death” to 7 nations in 5 years (the Deep State) …

      • Keith wilson

        Stan. You being the mother of all gold and silver price action could you give me your price on what the price of silver will be on January 1st 2021.

      • JC

        Stan, how about we have a vote about this.
        So, did we…

        Cast your votes, people.

      • K.Wayne

        Let me paraphrase you Stan – America burned through $$$Billions in the advancement of the War on Terror aka The MIC, destroyed countries, removed Governments, destroyed millions of lives, displaced millions more, deployed Armed forces, engaged in reconstruction, lost military equipment, supplied arms to the fanatics(ISIS) and acquired Oil producing Nations’ Oil Fields….. Your use of the word “Investment” in that context….. is typical of the language used by the MIC/Spy Networks and refers to the expected future returns/yield from so called Assets. Nowhere in that equation is there any reconciling of the cost of lives.
        Your indifference is astoundingly disgusting as is your sympathy and support of the Hegemonic MIC.

    • anthony bona, m.d.

      breaking news—Trump just ended the Iraqi war—all troops to be brought home.
      breaking news–Trump in talks with taliban—Trump to end 18 year afganistan war soon and bring all U.S. troops home. breaking news—Trump to be re-elected in a >400 electoral vote landslide.

  32. paul ...

    International politics has been changed in a fundamental way by Trump and his Deep State political allies … the arms manufacturers, the oil companies, the military, the banksters, the hedge funds, speculators, etc., etc. who smell the sweet aroma of “cash and power” … and unlike Christ in the Garden … have jumped at the chance evil Satan has offered them!! …

  33. Country Codger

    Michael, you are always fantastic and this was close to your best. Thank you very much sir for remembering us little guys.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  34. J.B.

    Mr Pento, great talk. You forgot how the middle class is also being drained by UNCOMPETITIVE INSURANCE rates and also local taxes like the new Waste Water tax. Thanx Greg for everything. Happy New Year!

  35. Hockey Puck

    Over the holidays, I decided to study the National Debt from a historical perspective as this conversation was missing in my own psyche and sadly missing in the current debate about the national debt. Check out this chart, it’s very revealing:

    The chart is 8 years old, so a bit dated. But what it reveals is PIVOTAL: A) The USA was born in debt, B) Every time we had a serious war to fight, we went deeply into debt to finance it, C) after each war, we found ourselves in a period of prosperity where we were able to pay down the debt as a percentage of GDP.

    Thinking about this, one is awestruck by its implications:
    1) It is widely believed that what got us out of the depression of the 1930s was the massive spending that occurred to win WWII. What did our debt to GDP ratio get to in 1945? 112%. What is it today? 106%. Hmmm!
    2) You can’t win a war without going into debt! One could, argue this point, (and this is where I’d really value your input, William) but it seems to me that the whole of American history (with our without a central bank) is a testament to the fact that you cannot win a modern day war without debt.
    3) As much as we’d all love to get rid of the Fed and return to an honest money system, I think the whole idea is a dangerous fantasy. (P.S. This is a 180% turn in my thinking) Why? Imagine 2 economies (i.e. China Vs USA). One has discovered the power of money creation (i.e. banking) and the other has not. Which is going to become the dominant power globally? Obviously the one who has discovered banking. It’s for this reason that European culture became the dominant culture globally in just a few hundred years… not Chinese, not Indian, not African, not American… European!!! Why? That’s where banking was invented and ultimately mastered. Hmmm!
    4) In the year 2001, the Debt to GDP ratio was roughly 30%. Manageable! What happened? A) 911 B) the Fake War in Iraq & Afghanistan and C) the ascension of China into the WTO… all in 2001. You think these events are unrelated? Think again. The Chinese had already decided to wage an economic and information war against the United States by 2000, a war that Americans were simply unprepared for psychologically and still to this day, 20 years later, can hardly fathom (i.e. Democratic candidates are not even discussing this war. What does that tell you?)
    5) What’s been the result of this economic war? You guessed it? Debt to GDP skyrocketed from 30% to today’s 106%. OUCH! And this all happened while we were blindsided by the Chinese, thinking that the real war was against terrorism when in reality the most horrific (unseen) war was on the information and economic fronts that destroyed the American middle class.

    Pretty depressing, don’t you think? What’s the good news? We finally have a president who understands this war and is facing it head on. China’s economy is grinding to a halt with close to 0% growth while America’s will likely see 3% (or close to it) in 2020 only to keep increasing in the years to follow due to Trump’s bringing the supply chain back home.

    My point? Maybe 106-110% Debt to GDP is where we will top in coming years. The BIG QUESTION is whether we have the guts and the economic foresight to fight the war with China and win it. That’s the wild card. The democratic impeachment process, if you really analyze it, is a traitorous activity all being sponsored by the Elite whose hidden marionette strings are being pulled by the CCP, all to destroy Trump and make it impossible for him to govern. Make no mistake. The election of 2020 is a fight for the very survival of America and the free world. If America falls, the whole world will follow.

    • William Stanley

      You’ve invited me to take the other side of the argument. So here are some (somewhat) opposing thoughts:
      1. This time really is different: In the past when we went to war, the pre-war debt to GDP ratios were much lower than now, as were the ratios of government expenditures to GDP. Moreover, post-war, the “defense” spending became greatly reduced. I don’t foresee that happening as easily now: the MIC is just too powerful. That means that previously, post war, the private-sector of the economy was much better situated than now to recover and to handle and pay down the debt load.
      2. The power and breadth of the Globalists and the Deep State have increased over time. Also, America is now much more entwined in international trade than previously. Furthermore, our manufacturing sector is now greatly weakened. So — we agree about this — THIS economic war (particularly regarding China) is especially dangerous.
      3. While most wars are fought on behalf of economic interests, fewer of the economic interests and power are now aligned with the interest of the common American than was true in the past. I’m not entirely convinced of the applicability here of the aphorism that “Once you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.” Nevertheless, as you point out, THIS war is (so far) primarily economic and fourth-generational/informational rather than kinetic: China intends to win without firing a shot, as do the Globalists generally. Unfortunately, we are fighting out of deep hole of socialist dogma into which many of our (especially) younger citizens have fallen. It took a long time to get here and, IMO, it will take a long time and much pain to climb our way out.
      4. While we agree that the tide has turned and we are now on offense, the debt will have to paid — at least in part, IMO — in blood, including a lot of ours. That, also, is the history of this country (as is default on debt). I doubt that we can simply buy our way out of this by spending (and, often, wasting) more money and then acquiring more debt to finance it.

      • Hockey Puck

        Great insights, William. Thanks. It’s always valuable to get different people’s insights. No one person has a monopoly on knowledge. We need the best that each has to offer, if we are going to win this war.

        That’s why, as a side note, I chose to give my posts the name “Hockey Puck”. As a kid growing up, I was taught that you have to pass the puck if you are going to win the game. The point is not who scores the goal. The point is putting the puck in the net. If you put the puck in the net, William, I am delirious with joy, because we as a team win.

        I don’t have anything really to add to your comments. This is a very complex war, far more complex than any war we’ve ever had to fight and I agree… we’re having to dig ourselves out of a big hole (created by the Elite)… and it will be costly… probably involving a lot of blood.

        I know we all want to avoid a kinetic war. That’s normal! That’s natural! But there are times it cannot be avoided. Here’s what there is to realize: China is hellbent on destroying America and becoming the #1 hegemonic power on the planet. They see the 21st Century as the China Century, and they will stop at nothing to achieve it. Talk about ethnic cleansing. They have 3 million people in concentration camps and are harvesting their organs, while these poor souls are conscious and alive… perhaps the most horrid death one could ever imagine.

        The Chinese have no morals except power and money. The war we face is an archetypal spiritual war. It is our SPIRITUAL DUTY to fight, no less significant than the Revolutionary and Civil Wars that 1) created this nation and 2) preserved it.

        • Hockey Puck

          P.S. It should be noted that I do not consider myself to be an economic expert… far from it. So if I make the claim that the USA will see 3% GDP growth in 2020, it’s because I chose to believe certain economists over others. Obviously, I could be wrong. It’s just a choice and like all choices, it’s based on a belief, a belief that might be mistaken.

          This belief comes from Peter Navarro, Trump’s chief economic strategist, a Harvard PHD, who wrote a book in 2011 called “Death by China”. He saw what would happen way before anyone else. So, if you really want to understand how Trump intends to win the economic war with China, you must watch these 2 videos and bookmark Steve Bannon’s daily podcast: War Room Impeachment.

          Video 1, Episode 85:
          Video 2, Episode 91:

          If anybody sees holes in Navarro’s argument, I’d love to hear them. I’m not interested in putting blinders on.

  36. H. Craig Bradley


    Deficit Spending ALWAYS results in increased inflation & higher taxes. No exceptions. Maybe the new conflict (sic. war) that President Trump just started with Iran will somehow result both higher energy (oil) prices globally AND even higher annual Federal Spending deficits and more national debt, as well. Again, inflation and higher taxes.

    We could lever-up pretty fast and if we do, then the cash flow to service all the existing debt might become a big problem. Govt. borrowing would “suck all the air out of the room” and companies who were financed with junk grade bonds will fold, laying-off employees. Downhill spiral could happen. You will want cash when it does because liquidity will become an even bigger problem than just the Fed REPO market.

  37. Hockey Puck

    If you want to understand why China is the most formidable enemy we have ever had to face, you must read and understand Sun Tzu, the great military strategist from around 544 BC. It’s his ideas that permeate Chinese culture and it’s his ideas that were behind the victory of the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. Where did North Vietnam get all of its money, military hardware and advice? That’s right! China.

    China has been waging war against America for a very long time. They kicked our ass once, in Vietnam. Let’s not let it happen again.

    Here’s a free online version of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”, read by every business mogul in Asia. It’s must reading for anyone who wants to understand what’s happening on the world stage.

    P.S. This is also Nanci Pelosi’s Bible and that of the Democratic Party.

    • Anthony Australia

      ‘Where did North Vietnam get all of its money, military hardware and advice? That’s right! China.’

      You are forgetting the USSR too. China sees Vietnam as their ‘peninsula’ and I doubt the relationship between the two is cordial.

    • Auntie Seize

      Sun Tzu and the Emperor’s concubines is a favorite of mine. EVERY body in public service should understand the implications contained therein.

      As for Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, the Demon-Rat party, et al, they are all throughly corrupt. All they know is how to “piss in the collective faces of the people (they are supposed to be serving) while telling them it’s raining.” Comey, Brennan, MULE-er, Strock, Page, etc. – all PROFESSIONAL lie-yers – should also be included in that category as well. Manipulating the truth using words and perceptions (i.e. propaganda) is what one is trained to do in lie-yer skool – is it not? For example, why would you put a lie-yer in charge of an investigative agency? Why not put an accomplished senior investigator in charge of such an agency? It’s because the lie-yer is put in charge for the explicit purpose of keeping their clients from ever seeing the inside of a courtroom, let alone the inside of a prison cell where they should properly be. That’s why Obama-appointee FBI Director James Comey usurped the DoJ on July 5th 2016 by announcing that no “reasonable” prosecutor would take up a case to prosecute HRC for her obvious and innumerable crimes! The FBI Director’s job is to objectively investigate crimes and turn the results of the investigation over to the DoJ to decide whether to prosecute or not. So it was immediately apparent on the date cited that James Comey was throughly corrupt. He should have been charged and removed from office for his obvious crime of Obstructing Justice that very same day!

      The more bad behavior you tolerate the more you’re going to get is the lesson behind Sun Tzu and the Emperor’s concubines. And so is nobody is above the law!

    • Frank D2

      Trump’s words and actions, especially towards the Chinese and Xi, as well as towards the Dems and their media propagandists have convinced me that Trump fully understands and applies Sun Tzu’s principles. He is masterful at it. None of these anti-American a-holes have EVER faced an American president like Trump. MAGA KAG 2020!

      • Montana Guy

        Frank D2, so you are OK with 4 more years of this.

        OK, then what exactly will YOU tell these families about what Americans gained from their sacrifice?

    • Coalburner

      Puck, I even have it on a cd to listen in the truck about once a year. I have had trouble retaining parts but every time, I listen, I get more. Yes I should put it on my phone!

  38. Mike G


    Looks like you and Lyndsey Graham may get your war with Iran. Aught to be a real cocker.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike G,
      I do not advocate war. I advocate truth and the Iran Nuke deal was a total unsigned lie.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Iran has had a good old ass kicking coming since 1979, the year that the leaders and their people as well held our brave citizens hostage for a year or so. In my mind Reagan should have hit them even though they give up our people while he was being sworn in. The fact that our political & elite class, MSM, etc. (mostly democrats) are on Iran’s side tells me Trump is on the right track & posture with America’s & the West’s foremost arch enemy; Iran.

        • paul ...

          Arthur … Iran has gotten an ass kicking from the US for more then half a century when we kicked out their elected government … put in the Shah … and then had the “Great Satan Fed” print up paper money out of thin air to pay them for their precious oil … and you want to kick them some more??

          • paul ...

            The US is not without sin … so according to Christ the US should “not” be casting stones and kicking Iran’s ass (but they need to steal their oil) … perhaps with the Deep State out of their hair the Iranians would calm down and make peace (like Soleimani was recently trying to do with Saudi Arabia) … but the ass kicking stone throwing Deep State (who don’t want to see peace in the Middle East) and who had no problem with him killing Americans “for years” … killed him “real quick” when he threatened them “with peace of all things” … for how would they sell trillions of dollars in Jets, Tanks, Missiles, etc. and even nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia if Iran and the Saudi’s were no longer enemies???

          • JC

            Funny, those Persians have been around for 5000 years, what gives the few hundred years old country known as the USA the right to dictate? Just a question, anybody have an answer?

            • paul ...

              The Persians invented algebra … the US invented the Colt 45!!

  39. Franz Mayer

    Kim (Kimberly A. Goguen ) called in 16.8 quadrillion dollars of debt worldwide from the black sun empire and the Rothschild’s.

    And here is the Intel!

    THI 2019 End of year review Part 4

    Intel: Clowns on New Year’s Eve and into New Year’s Day used all kinds of resources to hack into the quantum system and they failed again. Then they tried to pull off a fake RV, which had no payouts as there are no funds, so Kim reversed it all out and then this: All the money borrowed by the order of the black sun and the Rothschild’s on behalf of the militaries, the agencies, the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, the Central Banks worldwide for the last 500 years that the trust bought and paid for was called in. All bonds, treasuries, central bank bonds and the likes that the trust funded against including the bonds against the birth certificates were also called in on New Year’s Eve. Now the debtors which are the banks, the agencies, militaries, Central Banks etcetera need to pay off or they need the black sun or the Rothschild’s to pay on their behave they have until Friday at 5 pm EST to figure it out. If they don’t pay then there is the issue that the military or agency or Central Banks will be paid-out of that particular country’s government fund which exists in the trust, such as the Republic of the United States fund. The fund will pay off the debt but that will return the ownership of the said military, the agencies or the Central Banks to its respective government. In other words those entities will be nationalised no longer private entities. If a private bank such as the JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, German Central Bank (?), Bank of America those organisations and their notes will be paid by the American peoples national debt relieve fund, should that take place the American people will own all of those banks, all the bank stocks and all of it will be filed properly with the SEC. In the case of the German Central Bank that will come out of the German peoples funds, in the case of the Sberbank the Russian peoples funds, HSBC, Hong Kong, the Chinese people’s funds and so on. But those banks will be owned by the people of the respective countries. We can then renegotiate all lending terms with all banks that are owned by the people, including who runs it, essentially it turns those banks into a cooperative bank and all the people have the shares in it. Bye-bye, greedy CEOs and management!
    The total amount of debt being called in worldwide is about 16.8 quadrillion dollars. So the message from Kim is: “Pay up black sun empire or Rothschild’s! Congratulations on your reverse RV! The only way to win the game is to not play and we are playing our own game of chess, your move.

    Transcribed by Franz Mayer, errors and omissions excepted, 3-Jan-2020.
    Complete and unaltered reproduction allowed!
    Without Prejudice UCC 1-308

  40. Stan

    All Iran has to do to end this conflict is to accept US Dollars for all oil sales. Is that so difficult? Why is Iran being so recalcitrant?

    • Arthur Barnes

      Stan, because they need a boogie man that wags the dog to their people so they can hate the Great Satan and not look for justice & freedom from their own leaders.

    • paul ...

      They are gold bugs Stan … and they don’t want “fake paper money the Fed prints out of thin air” for their precious oil!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … A prejudiced mind is blind to logic … it takes an extra ordinary effort to think while your pre-judged thoughts keep hitting your brain nerve centers … the way to overcome this is to purposefully and methodically blank out your mind from all previous ingrained thoughts and emotions and then review what logic tells you with an open mind!!

    • Ray

      And what backs US Dollars, Brain Box?????
      You need to raise your critical thinking skill set to above kindergarten level Stanley.
      Fair Dinkum.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  41. MCasey

    Your comments (listed below) illustrate exactly why Trump was elected and why he will be re-elected by thinking Patriots.

    Your comments exemplify why we need fewer politicians who leverage every action against their re-election or political image.

    Their motivation is exactly the opposite of President Trump’s and how he measures his actions. America is his first priority; not his re-election.

    HOW POLITICIANS THINK: “Should I allow Soleimani to kill more Americans? It’s an election year and killing him will hurt my re-election!” “Yeah sure…..what’s a few more dead Americans compared to my ambition for power, control and money.”

    HOW PRESIDENT TRUMP THINKS: “Should I allow Soleimani to kill more Americans? It’s an election year and killing him will hurt my re-election!” “Hell no!…..He will not kill one more American! Take that sorry son-of-a-bi#ch out!….We inherited this $#@$ fight and we will finish it..….That I can tell you!”

    “…Trump has done the most stupid thing he could have done in an election year “declare war on both Iraq and Iran”….

    “…without re-instituting “a draft” right before the 2020 election… “

    “…How come everyone in the world (except Trump) can figure out that Iran will just keep raising the body bag count as we get closer and closer to the election??? …”

    “…will likely “time their response to Trumps attacks to his re-election campaign” whereby they make him send more and more soldiers overseas…”

    “…now let’s watch how Trump tries to explain to the American people why our troops “should not be brought home” (giving political ammo to Gabbard and other Demon-rats that “he has reneged on his promise to bring the boys home”) … this is why I disagree with Mannarino who thinks Trump will be re-elected!!…”

    • paul ...

      Do you think that killing one man is going “to stop war”? … the Deep State won’t try negotiation with Iran because “grabbing the oil” is more important to them … they will take us to war instead … even if it means WWIII …

      • paul ...

        And it is easy to see how the Deep State plans do it … the first step already implemented was the assassination of Soleimani and other top leaders (to cause an extreme provocation) … designed to trigger some kind of counter attack by Iran … that can then be used as an excuse to launch a stealth bombing campaign against Iran’s oil facilities … to drive the price of oil up over $100 dollars … to save the evil banksters loans to the shale oil industry … and even if Iran exercises maximum restraint … and does nothing (beyond making empty threats to calm their enraged population) … it may still fall victim to an unholy evil military onslaught from the 44 US bases surrounding it … after the Deep State does a “new 9-11 false flag attack inside America” (that kills thousands of Americans) which can then be blamed on Iran … the Deep State will use the same play book Bush and Cheney used back in 2001 … but this time … to invade Iran … and steal their oil!!

        • paul ...

          And where will the “new 9-11 false flag take place on American soil’ that will be blamed on Iran?? … idiot Trump “spilled the beans” … by his “Threat to Bomb Iranian Cultural Sites” … … so it seems he and his Deep State buddies are preparing Americans for a false flag Iranian retaliatory strike against “An American Cultural Site” (the Washington Monument?? … Lincoln Center??? … etc., etc.) … Americans should take note and avoid visiting such places!!!

  42. Anonymous

    I have followed my father the last 9 years on this and sacrifice many things because I thought this global reset was coming…. you have two kinds of people in this world givers and takers. Money is the root to all evilness to all of you here no disrespect including Greg my father has been on here because he thinks this global rest is going to occur… people come and people go I have had many clients that believe the same thing and they have died believing it… so with this being said there is one way to make money you have to spend money to make money…. risk it for the biscuit… I’ve watched this for the last 9 years, get behind our president that has made several people I know a lot of money get behind him for the next 4 years and make more money… follow him and the lord and savior. I Do like to take in all the comments and the knowledge you all share but the internet can not control a chess game… if you go back through all the wars in history there has been a lot of blood shed as it roots back to oil, gold and soon to be disrespect to anyone… let’s have a great 2020 Happy New Year

  43. RichM

    You know, I have no problems with us taking out thugs when we have a focused President who will get in and out and let our trained troops do their jobs unimpeded by pussie beurocrats and Tied to stupid PC rules of engagement. So far,I am not drinking the Dem snd RINO cool-aide tgat this will lead to another endless war. I see it as opposite and simply an OP. This is the first time since Reagan I see a focused President and Commander n Chief. So I am patiently waiting to see this go thru. I do not believe he succumbed to the deep state and military industrial complex here but came in focused. Thank Gard Bolton is no longer there advising him.


    • paul ...

      Who defines who a thug is RichM? … the Oil Companies and their Deep State hit men??

  44. Dave (Seattle dude)

    Celente’s comments are spot on. This is a dicey move by Trump. Trump supporter Michael Savage is somewhat suspicious of it all. Celente said earlier Trump will likely win re-election short of a wild card. This could go bad and be the wild card that ends in Trump’s losing. Lindsey Graham was one of the few in Congress informed of this? And he wants Trump to go all out? And now some GOPers are saying Iraqi’s vote demanding US troops leave the country is not valid? This is not good folks. Celente is saying a US/Saudi/Israeli triumvirate is wanting war in the Mideast. Of course Saudi Arabia and Israel won’t put their sons up as fodder. Let the US do that. Trump has failed to deliver on most of his promises. If this turns into a protracted war even via terror incidents, which Iran has already launched, it could spell political trouble for Trump.

    IMP Trump is a plant so this all makes sense. For those who don’t think so and are against this move the spec is that through the impeachment threat the Deep State and GOP PTB in th Senate forced Trump to do this. BTW, this possible leveraging of impeachment by the GOP and Deep Starters was/is Brannon’s greatest fear.

    • paul ...

      Dave … Trump may be able to save himself and win the 2020 election … if he simply agrees to take our boys home out of Iraq “like he said he wanted to do when we elected him in 2016” … now he has a very good excuse for doing it … Iraq has told America to leave their country … how do you think it will play with Trump’s base in 2020 if he now say’s: “I’m not bringing our boys home unless they are in body bags”!!

  45. Alfy

    Good interview. for most people, buying a one ounce gold eagle is far beyond what they can afford. For those who have little wealth, they could buy 1/10th ounce gold eagle. Something to consider.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would just but silver. Gold coins usually require a commission per coin. If you pay the commissions per coin, say on 1/10th ounce gold Eagles (and buy 10) you will be paying way more per ounce than if you bought a 1 ounce coin. Silver is still a deal.

  46. silverMAGA

    Iran General Soleimani Possessed Bio Weapon & Trump Destroyed Him — to prevent greater harm to Americans and World

    • paul ...

      Come on silverMAGA … do you really think killing one man “destroys all the bio-weapons Iran may have”???? … all it does is create more incentive “to use them” … and more then likely … it was done “to set up conditions to blame the Iranians for a false flag bio attack” … so Trump (who promised us no war) can have an excuse to nuke them … wait a few months … I smell a false flag coming!!!

      • paul ...

        Trump has already sent nuclear B52 bombers to an island in the Indian Ocean out of reach of Iranian missiles … now waiting for orders to take out Iran’s oil facilities … so as to drive the price of oil over $100 dollars … and save the US shale oil companies and the banksters who lent them trillions in shale oil development loans!!

        • Greg Hunter

          You don’t know what the targets are Paul and I do not think it is going to be a nuclear response. I am a bit worried though.

    • JC

      silverMaga, yes, sure, of course, right, I remember we were told Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction… uh-huh… yeah, ok…smarten’ up.

    • eddiemd

      Bioweapons are the poor man’s nuclear weapon.

      No doubts that the Iranians have them. Question is if there are sleeper cells within the USA with them. Perhaps a false flag operation in the making.

      No worries. We look to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Lion of the tribe of Judah. Almighty God in the flesh. The image of the unseen God. Bless His Holy Name.

      We are under no condemnation. We have been given the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. It has set me free from the law of sin and death. Praise God.

      Offer up the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. With singing I will praise Him. The garment of praise and the Oil of gladness. Glory to God.

      That we should be like Stephen full of faith and the Holy Spirit. That we should be like his servant Caleb, having a different spirit and totally dedicated to God Almighty. We worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  47. Rock

    I do not understand the 10% allocation of precious metals in his portfolio. If what he says is true, why not put 75% in it?
    Thanks Greg, another great interview. Really appreciate your work!

  48. paul ...

    Now this is an interesting response to Trump assassinating their man … they offer $80 million dollars to anyone in the Deep State (with absolutely no morals) who would kill Trump for money (and who they likely despise and want to get rid of anyway) … wonder if they will up the ante as Trump kills off more Iranian leaders … this is sort of what we Americans did in the Old Wild Wild West when put bounties on people doing harm to others!! …

    • paul ...

      Actually this is the same tactic the banksters used to get Christ … they offered a bounty … one “high enough” to make even one of the Apostles turn on him (I bet Bolton is seriously considering the offer)!!

  49. regaleagle

    Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” might be the bible of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party, but the Lord God Almighty wrote the Bible. and in it gave man His instructions on how to live in these flesh bodies on this earth and how to do battle against evil. The Lord of Hosts will do our battles for us…….if we as a Christian nation will repent of our many sins and pray in the name of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior to rid our nation of the evil leadership that now permeates the halls of Congress.

  50. Jerry

    More military police units being sent to Gitmo.

    To my count that makes three battalions with Kentucky and Tennessee.

  51. Merry Piper

    To Greg Hunter and Michael Pento: I wish this oustanding interview would be broadcasted throughout the world. Thank you both for your truthtelling. God bless.

  52. Leo

    If we have a 600 million dollar embassy and cant protect it then we might want to get the hell out. Did somebody leave the door open or give the key to these boneheads . Maybe this is a false flag. This general was a slime-ball and yet killing him will lead to more involvement in the mid-east. Gerald Celente says it is the first shot of WWlll. Bibi was involved in some way so we can fight his wars.Our banks are failing, our republic is gone, must be time for WAR– What is good for, absolutely nothing, good god yall, huha say it again.

    • eddiemd

      The Baghdad/Green Zone security force is a mercenary force. The US government contracts ex-Latin American special operations soldiers and can pay them at a discount compared to regular contractors. Granted the security force has backing by US miltary and air assets on call.

      DynCorp runs the show. Just like everywhere else in the world.

  53. Scott

    LOVE Mr. Pento – excellent interview, Greg. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    All the best,


  54. Mike R

    As of 8:07 pm central gold’s bid is at $1582. Climbing like there is no tomorrow.

    • oneno

      There has been four days of selling (looking at volume) and the price action is above the Bollinger Bands. Short-term over-bought

  55. tim mcgraw

    “Paul Volcker, God bless his soul.” Michael Pento.
    I will take issue with that. Volcker convinced Nixon to close the gold window. Volcker raised interest rates to 18%+ in the late ’70’s early ’80s and that destroyed my family’s chances for buying a house or succeeding.
    I personally hope that Paul Volcker is rotting in Hell!

  56. iwitness02

    We are not far into 2020 and the headlines are getting huge.
    Top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani killed in US airstrike in Baghdad.
    Iran puts 80 million dollar bounty on Trump’s head for Soleimani hit.
    This is just the first week. This could be an eventful year.

    • Coalburner

      Anyone who kills Trump I for nukeing them and China at the same time.

  57. Manny

    Hi Greg, thank you for the amazing job you are doing. You are my first choice for news these days. Your guests are exceptional and you have introduced us to a whole range of brilliantly smart people who see the world as it is and not as it is presented to us.

    That being said, I think that there is a widening detour to the relevance of your information of late which renders most of your interviews nowadays a little bit behind the times and even mis-directing. No insults intended, please allow me to explain.

    I sincerely believe that you are trying to inform us your audience with up-to-date developments in the world you have a sizeable audience well receptive of your views and opinion and I find it astounding that you shy away from the ‘elephant in the room’ topic of TECHNOCRACY.

    THIS IS NOT A PLUG or subterfuge, please lend me your ears(eyes) for another paragraph.

    The global race toward TECHNOCRACY (mentioned regularly by Catherine Austin Fitts) in its finishing roll-out stages nowadays and its ultimate goals give copious explanations about the dire warnings all your guests provide on your programme e.g gold, silver, crash, reset, unrest, war etc. So albeit good, sensible and poignant information your guests provide the interviews are becoming all a great misdirect and old news in the face of the urgently dire realities of a rapidly impending future e.g the final stage roll out of a NEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM called TECHNOCRACY. A new global economic system which is NOT money based but rather energy based (AOC, green new deal, IOT, 5G etc). So if the whole world is tightly controlled by Technocrats on the basis of energy gold & silver will be useless as money because they will be banned at best and more likely confiscated and as far as the ‘ordinary person’s survival’ question you ask of your guests, their fate will soon after be sealed as decreed in the engravings on the The Georgia Guidestones.

    The brilliant journalist and writer Patrick Wood (Trilaterals over Washington) has spent several decades on research and documenting of TECHNOCRACY ( and his information is in urgently dire need of dissemination. I feel it would be of utmost importance to bring him on your show ASAP and get your audience up to speed on impending danger which will render the way of life as we knew it, money, the USA and the world a crueler version of Logan’s Run and 1984.

    I thank you in advance for lending me your understanding and patience!

  58. JC

    Greg, here’s something by Martin Armstrong I’m sure you can appreciate.

    “The press was FREE in order to protect the people. They have abandoned their role in preventing tyranny. Not that individual journalists have abandoned their role, it has been the establishment that owns the press which makes the major editing decisions that obstruct even the best of journalists. The press are condemning their own posterity to tyranny because they lack the courage to stand up for what is right.”

  59. niphtrique

    Wake up folks!

    It is easy to escape global debt monetisation, only you may not like the solution. It may be the only solution that will work without creating a catastrophe. The problem is not only too much debt. It is only one of the symptoms.

    For 75 years no mayor world war has destroyed capital so an abundance of capital emerged. To keep that capital employed, people borrowed to buy more. This may be the end of the line, unless interest rates are allowed to go negative.

    There is a liquidity preference. People like cash or currency at an interest rate of zero if interest rates are low. That’s why central banks are printing money like there is no tomorrow. But with negative interest rates there is no need to.

    With interest rates being negative, the market can do its job and balance supply and demand for money and capital.

    Something has to be done to halt the debt explosion. Banning interest alltogether once interest rates are negative, could curb debt growth as equity will be a more attractive investment than debt risk and it will curb risk as interest is also a reward for risk.

    For instance, if central bank currency carries a holding fee of approximately 10% per year, banks will not hoard currency, and there will not be a liquidity crisis (ever) and there will be no need for money printing.

    Think about it. This may work. And you not liking the idea may be the problem.

  60. Arthur Barnes

    If Trump had not killed the Iranian butcher and Americans were killed as the result of a non action the Demogods American hating political class would find fault for his not doing so. My father used to say “Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t”. The Demogods would find fault if Trump cured cancer as they could claim it was far to much of an expense to do it. There just is no way our great President will ever get a break from the corrupt political, elite, and MSN class. God Speed & may He protect you Donald J. Trump!

  61. JC

    I agree with Martin Armstrong. War will be the distraction.

    …….they will turn to international war as a means to retain power and distract the people from the real economic crisis which is befalling civilization.

  62. Justn Observer

    Greg, You have to admit- Michael Pento does make one laugh – except for the situation being so true and serious. Smart person.
    As for the consternation over the Iran no deal deal now clearly no deal …and why people are so confused about it…and Fox News now caught not reporting all they know and could have shown so people really would know what -why – who of what was behind ‘the no deal deal. And if those confused has been following the links of McDuff and GW they would understand what POTUS Trump is doing and why ! So here is the latest analysis and then they can go read the links in prior interview…and catch up to what Iran ‘really’ got tech and nuclear wise in that shady deal and sell out by the compromised in the U.S. government to Iran… and the real ties with Iran of many of the with players who have family in and from with Iran =

    • Justn Observer

      Want to catch up…understand the metadata…who the players are…and that it IS NOT nations that are the problem…it is people doing pay to play with those nations tech and national security secrets and weapons…
      People that want to ‘Stop the coup’ and expose the ‘players’ that do it…and ‘rig’ elections world wide for ‘their’ puppets to get into elected positions to keep the ‘compromise’ and game going for fun and profits for ‘them’ while innocent civilians and well intended youth in the military lose life and limb …time to step up?

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, Truth stranger than fiction… POTUS Trump needs to un-classify one word …just one…. is it Matthew? Watch MSM one gets what is above the waterline…. watch this you get to see what is below it ! Is it what people can’t believe or is it what they do not want to?
        Time people WAKE UP…time people take the time to do just that…and share and help STOP the impeachment charade !

  63. WKSwanson

    A 1/10 oz. of gold (or 3 gm.) at a time is good also.

  64. JC

    Greg, today George Ure at Urban Survival has this to say about Pelosi. Think about getting him on as as a guest.

    Just when I though this power-mad b**ch couldn’t be worse (trying to inject herself into the Senate’s due processes on the Trump impeachment paper – which she’s stalling on for blatant power-grabbing purposes), here comes Ms. Sniveler trying to put handcuffs on our Commander-in-Chief. Clearly Iran’s gotten to her…

    ISYN – go read “Pelosi: House to vote on resolution limiting Trump’s actions against Iran.”

    Counterpoint: Trump Warns: U.S. Has ’52 Iranian Sites’ Picked Out in Case of Retaliation.

    Sure, sure, the House can resolve it’s ass off all day long, but it isn’t binding and yes, Trump is the Commander In Chief, hoo-rah.

    It’s bullshit like this that tempts me to move to Pelosi’s home district just as I can vote against her and be an aggressive supporter of Anyone But Her.

  65. Stan

    Textbook blow-off top. Absolutely textbook!

    • Greg Hunter

      You mean in the stock market? What is your verifiable full name Stan?

    • paul ...

      Yeah … we have reached “Peak Stan”!!

  66. DavidC

    I love Michael Pento’s interveiws, brilliant stuff!

  67. Andrew de Berry

    Thank you President Trump. You have just helped thwart World War 3.

  68. oneno

    Affordability of physical PMs is not an issue with Sprott PHYS, SPPP, and PSLV.

    MP’s comment on Silver requiring increasing growth and increasing inflation is on-the-mark for Silver (PSLV).

  69. oneno

    Forgot to mention Sprott PHYS, SPPP, and PSLV are actual physical holdings by Sprott. There is a management fee that is more costly than holding actual physical in a Brink;s vault, but the actual physical in your hand comes with a steep premium.

    Also purchasing PHYS, SPPP, and PSLV are in street name (held and owned by the broker). If the Broker goes bankrupt, they have the shares in hand which they will likely liquidate forcing reliance on Brokerage insurance to make you whole. So it is important to get those shares out of street name where you take possession of the shares. If there is bank and brokerage failure, the shares can be tendered to a surviving broker for sale.

    There is no options trading on the Sprott Physical Metal shares.

  70. paul ...

    Maybe all Iran has to do is tell the US to begin closing down the 44 military bases surrounding them … and they will pull all their forces back home?? … could it be that simple to prevent WWIII???

    • paul ...

      And imagine all the trillions of dollars that can be saved by closing down 44 military bases … we could easily balance the budget … fully fund Social Security … provide free Health Care for everyone … etc., etc., etc. … and with the money left over even provide a bonus check of $1000 dollars to each and every American!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Why in the hell don’t you move to Iran and comment from there? I am sure would find plenty to criticize in Iran. Oh you could not comment because they would jail or behead you.

  71. paul ...

    Oh God!! … the Deep State is refusing to leave Iraq!!! … seems a lot more prayers are going to be needed!!! …

  72. James j

    Hello Greg, it has been a while. I very much respect mr michael Pento, for his straight talk…and of course his experience. I especially valued knowing that China had reduced its reserve rate 8times in 2018. Years ago, after 2008, i commented to friends and family that a ‘debt that cannot be paid, will not be paid’ and i’ve no reason to change my thinking…hyperinflation and default are the two horsemen the bankers will use in their evil cabal. We will see both, i’m sure.
    Interesting how so many of you commentors find the persian general was an evil man, killing those poor us soldiers, who we are told, were only in Irak to defend democracy …it saddens me tosee such stupidity, ignorance, and sheer malevolance. The usa is the primo terrorist in the entire world. Everyone with two brain cells know this…that is why you keep losing innocent soldiers lives in your 800 plus bases across the world…. history will acknowledge this time in the west as the most depraved time in all world history. Compared to you guys, Nero was just a piker. We all eagerly await your final come uppance. Cheers!

  73. Russ F

    Trump, unlike JFK, has aligned himself with our military complex. Thus the actions in Iran.

    He has sold us out.

    Had he not aligned himself, likely he would have soon been 6 feet under.

    We need another JFK, and now it is clear it is not Trump.

    Sad times in our country.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not sure you are right about his Russ. “He sold us out” is your opinion.

      • Russ F

        I guess time will tell.

        I do appreciate your website, your guests, and everything you do to enlighten us.

        Thank you!

        • Russ F

          And I hope you are correct and I am wrong.

          I have 2 20 something year old daughters, one of which is building her career in NYC.

          I pray for their safety.

          • K.Wayne


            • sk

              Soleimani: Likewise. Me too.

  74. Dave

    Interesting – Bolton wants to testify and Romney wants him to. Both announced/coordinated on the same day. Romney has had contacts with Pelosi and Schumer and apparently has the votes to force McConnell to allow the testimony. Trump supporters seem to be frightened of what Bolton will say – makes you wonder. Levin, to this moment a huge Bolton fan, said this is not the man I knew.

  75. paul ...

    Here is an interesting twist to the Soleimani assassination … it was fine with the Deep State that Soleimani was killing Americans for years … as it gave the Deep State a reason to remain in the Middle East … but as soon as Soleimani started to negotiate “peace” with Saudi Arabia over the last few weeks … it was necessary to kill him!!! …

    • paul ...

      Just use the brains God gave you and you can see that if Soleimani worked out a peace accord between Iran and Saudi Arabia … how would the Deep State sell trillions of dollars worth of weapons to the Saudi’s … he needed to be taken out immediately … “seeking peace is deadly asymmetrical warfare” to the warmongering Deep State that survives by justifying the need for continual unending wars!!

      • paul ...

        The Corporate Defense Contractors need to be forced into making products that help build a nations infrastructure … instead of making products that destroy civilized life throughout the world … this should be done by imposing a very high tax on Corporations that manufacture weapons of war … for instance all the armaments that the US needs to defend America should be given to the Government “for free” as the patriotic duty of defense contractors … which will also help to balance our budget … making America even stronger!!

        • paul ...

          You know when a defense contractor sells a plane or a missile to the US Government for $35 billion dollars “each” … we should be looking at these corporations “as traitors” not patriots!!!

          • paul ...

            If American boys have to “sacrifice their lives” to defend our nation … it is about time the Defense Contractors “sacrifice their profit” to defend our nation … all weapons they manufacture should be given to the US Government “for free” … it’s their patriotic duty … just as we give our lives for our country as a patriotic duty!!!

            • JC

              paul… calm down before you pop a vein in your neck.

    • JC

      paul… what’s new? Hussein, Ghadafi, etc. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  76. helot

    The thing I don’t understand is, why was this General in Iraq in the first place. If hits had been made on him recently, if he is this high level target, it seems a bit – unusual – for him to have been hanging out at Bagdad Intl. airport, don’tchya think. I read an article saying he was trying to broker a peace deal, do you think there’s any validity to that. Would any western journalist try to find out. Or, is all journalism today, only about changing the world, rather than finding truth. I don’t know.
    I just watched, The Sound of Music, the parallels to today are kind of spooky.

  77. oneno

    Au could come down to 1427.36 around 01-MAY-2020 before moving higher.

    See monthly chart.

    Plan for both possibilities!

  78. JC

    Interesting perspective by Hal Turner.

    HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: If we get nuked, it’ll be with missiles built with technology given to China by Bill Clinton, using uranium sold to Russia by Hillary, refined by Iran with money from Obama. But President Trump is trying to fix this mess and he’s the traitor . . .

  79. adam

    BEANIE BABIES …. the Stealth Gold ….. everything is quiet about them now, but just wait ….

  80. Jerry

    Greg and U.S. watchdog friends,
    I would take this threat very seriously.

    Though the largest threat appears to be cyber attacks, almost two years ago on this site I documented that several propane cylinder tank storage facility units here in the Midwest had been broken into. Perfect bomb making material. Be vigilant. And stay out of large crowds.

    • eddiemd

      Down south during the 1990s in Colombia and Peru propane bombs were the standard. The FARC and Shining Path insurgents used them routinely. Remotely detonated using a pager device.

    • Jerry

      I’m now hearing from several sources that if President trump attacks Iran, the democrats will call on the United Nations to remove him from office, claiming he has no congressional approval under the war powers act. Meanwhile there are Iranian sleeper cells all over this country. I would anticipate from my contacts, that they’re number one target will be the power grid, either by cyber attack or EMP. Either way DHS has been telling people to prepare for a grid down scenario for up to six months. Prepare accordingly.

  81. paul ...

    The biggest nightmare scenario that Iran can inflict on the Deep State … would be to complete Soleimani’s work in “asymmetrical warfare” … and “make peace” with Saudi Arabia!!! …

  82. Klemens

    Federal Reserve Admits It Pumped More than $6 Trillion to Wall Street in Recent Six Week Period

    • Justn Observer

      Looks like ‘the boys’ on WALL ST. were a tad short for their XMAS BONUSES at years end? Looks like having some ‘seed money’ set aside was a more serious warning than most suspect…and having ‘physical’ seed even more so coming sooner than one thinks…along with a decent place to plant them. As for the new attacks … we can thank the deep state for all those cruise missiles and high tech Iran showed they have today…
      Wonder what they have hidden UNDER those ‘religious / cultural sites or are the missile launchers just parked next to them?

    • paul jr.

      The Fed did not pump in more than $6 Trillion in the last 6 weeks. The correct amount is about $500 billion in the last four months. That is what has been added to the Fed’s balance sheet. Not $6 Trillion. Wall Street On Parade is misusing the numbers to make it sound much more. Would not be the first time they misused data.

    • paul jr.

      That roughly $215 billion per day was not new money being added each day like Wall Street On Parade is trying to make it sound. That $215 billion was just the average daily amount of repos that they had in the system.

      • Greg Hunter

        So you think that the Fed will be paid back all the money it put into the system in the repo market? Rolling it over does not count as a payback. The Fed for sure issued $500 billion in the last 3 months of 2019 and that $ is gone. Anyway you cut it is not a good sign of financial stability.

        • paul jr.

          I do not know. All I know is just what I said.

  83. Justn Observer

    Greg, Pictures – Places – Lures and a new white board approach to understanding the story behind the ‘COUP ATTEMPT’ , the history and who behind it =

  84. leo

    There are B52 bombers on the isle of Garcia maybe to go after Iran oil this seems like a likely target. It could send oil over 100 a barrel as Celente says this would spell the collapse of the world economy and the end as we know it of modern civilization . Better get ready as best you can folks these are deep state nefarious people on both sides of this looming war. There will be no winner only smoke and ashes as the book of Peter says. “the heavens will melt”

  85. paul ...

    Hey Stan … the Deep State has sent six B-52 nuclear bombers to the Diego Garcia military base in the northern Indian Ocean … as preparations for military action against Iran move forward … … notice what happened to the price of gold on the announcement … ever wonder in your mind what will happen to the price of gold and your gold short position when Trump gives the order to nuke the Iranian nation!! …

  86. Keith wilson

    Greg. Lots of comments on your site. Over 300. Most ever. Remember what I told you months ago. Trump your President is watching and reading everything we write. All the best.

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