Nuke War, Bioweapon Awakening, Dollar Dies & Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 566 1.27.23)

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), former Assistant Treasury Secretary and international award-winning journalist, is the special guest for this week’s Weekly News Wrap-Up.  Dr. Roberts gives his deep dive on the three biggest stories of the week.  The U.S. and NATO is stumbling towards nuclear war that nobody even mentions.  How close are we to a thermal nuclear exchange?  The symbolic Doomsday Clock says just 90 seconds from midnight and total global disaster.

The news for the CV19 bioweapon is all bad, and I mean all bad.  Dr. Roberts adds to the bad news with new information that says the CV19 injections helped nobody.  Dr. Roberts also says the awakening is unstoppable, but will enough people wake up to bring these criminals to justice?

Finally, big news on the economic front about the U.S. dollar no longer being the exclusive currency accepted by the Saudis in exchange for oil.  This effectively kills the U.S. dollar’s reserve currency status and thus the buying power.  The Lying Legacy Media is not even reporting this huge development that will affect the entire world, especially the U.S. consumer.  Is America getting ready to feel a tsunami of inflation?  Dr. Roberts says yes.  When a former high ranking Treasury official is warning, you should take notice.

There is much more in the 59 min. newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of with special Guest Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for these stories and more for the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 1.27.23.

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After the Wrap-Up:

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Filmmaker, alien researcher and renowned radio host Steve Quayle will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Quayle has more mind blowing artifacts freshly dug up from Central America.


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  1. Mitch Bupp

    Bottom line is that the Russians can not trust American diplomacy and the only thing Russia can count on is continued provocations from the West.

    • Christian

      Dumitru Duduman and David Wilkerson prophesied Russia attacking USA.

      We are living in interesting times.

      LOOK UP!

      • Andrew

        Hey Greg please watch this , you may like to bring him in some day.

        • Mac Beavers

          Greg, if inflation or hyperinflation cometh do not pay off your debt now. Wait, and pay it off with cheaper dollars.

          • Greg Hunter

            I would not be cute on debt. They can reprice your debt in the new currency, and that is probably what is going to happen. Shed as much debt as you can. Buy gold and silver.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Andrew,
          Thank you for the link. David Martin is one of those rare humans, like Karen Kingston and Jim Richards, who have almost total recall. This gives them an ability to ‘see the big picture’ and to relate the facts – what, when, and who. The ‘why’ is challenging, even to such gifted people. I suspect because decent people cannot imagine the depths of immorality to which TPTB have sunk.

      • John D.

        Putin, Zelinski and their stooges are equally evil and reprehensible humans. With that being said mother Russia and Putin are doomed, they are in an un winnable situation.

        • Richard B.

          Shirley, you jest.

      • Art

        Well we already know they were wrong since it’s clearly the other way around. As always, it’s the elites using the US as their tool of provocation.

      • Eligio Rodriguez

        His laugh send chill as if saying People we’re so screw you have no idea.

    • Anthony Australia

      Wake up Humans!

      Project Veritas Reporter Exposes the True Danger of Pfizer Director Admitting to Big Pharma Engineered Pandemic

    • Joe Maxwell

      The American people themselves cannot trust their own government. DC, London, Berlin, Davos are seats of the most demonic forces on the planet.

    • Deb B

      Paul Craig Roberts is right about the bio-weapons. However, Russia is not at war with Ukraine…they only went in to destroy their bio-weapon labs, and their money laundering. There are threats of nuclear war, but it will not happen. Also, Trump’s military have the technology to thwart any nuclear activity.

      Also, the USA is now gold backed…the fiat system is gone as of February 1st. 209 countries are all in on this…Trump made sure of that the minute he came into office as president. We will need to turn in any currency that was produced before 2021. There is a new “rainbow currency” that is now at the banks and ready for distribution as of February 1st. There is also a digital system coming in soon, that will be safe and secure for all.

  2. Shirl

    That nervous laughing is something of a habit that PCR does along with his excellent invaluable analysis. Great interview Greg!!!

    • Michael

      Solid interview Greg. I enjoy listening to people of great wisdom who don’t sugar coat things.
      PCR reminds me of my father. He is well informed, exceptionally well spoken and presents factual matter in such a way that everyone can understand.
      Hard to imagine that anyone with counter arguements wouldn’trchange their mind after hearing PCR, calmly and rationally, lay out reality.
      Thank you

  3. Anthony Australia

    Huge! PCR at his best, what a wonderful man.

    Thanks Greg – You & USAW Community honestly keep me going.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks A A!!

  4. Anthony Australia

    Judge Blocks California’s COVID-19 Misinformation Law

    • Won Witness

      Anthony there’s more good news..
      Another California law PASSED that requires all children to be bio weapon jabbed before attending public schools has been DELAYED until the bio weapon’s status was changed to “approved” from “authorized” which would allow law suits to flow so that bill intent will probably never be allowed.
      I protested these laws and was ignored by the politians who then passed them.
      That left only the weapon of Prayer…and it looks like the Lord was listening.

  5. Lyon Barbara

    This man’s a genius when it comes to knowing what’s going on.

  6. Paul in oz

    PCR’s advice “Expect the worse” PCR’s words … the sensible action prepare for it as well as possible NOW. If you have enough to survive for a period, purchase trading currency (stuff people will demand when little is available.) Also put your trust in the Lord. GLTA

    • Glen Garry

      whiskey/whisky, dark rum, i.e., barrel aged liquor (moonshine is not barrel aged so you still have value advantage even if there is a local moonshiner or fruit wine maker). And all things tobacco, rolling-papers, nictoine gum. These are visceral items—i.e., the trading partner immediately knows the use-value to themselves or others. … Whereas with coins you will have long explanations. They will tell you they have to think about it. They will leave and talk to twenty people. And that ain’t good.

      Liquor and tobacco . . . and homemade (butter/coconut/palm) shortbread. These will allow you to deal with the locals. Note, if you had to eat shortbread, and you take a small mount of Lysine amino acid with it, you would have a relatively complete macro nutrition; albeit not micronutrition.

      ps. , get to Dollar store — a lot of reading glasses. Otherwise Bibles won’t be read. Those who tell you to get some Bibles, never mention the reading glasses. And that’s because they are not guided by the Spirit.

      • Shiloh1

        Yes on the reading glasses!

        The Twilight Zone episode Time Enough At Last with Burgess Meridith.

  7. James

    We will all DIE! By nukes by virus, or something else sooner or later.
    In the end, we will all DIE! With this cheerful note, have a great day!

    • Greg Hunter

      Hang on to Jesus and Fear Not.

      • Spiegs


    • Anthony Australia

      James in the 90’s I started to prep for survival here and now I am preparing for the spiritual afterlife.

    • Dwight L. POWERS

      We don’t all have to die!
      CBS Reports (1964): “D-Day Plus 20 Years
      Eisenhower Returns to Normandy” CBS News
      They Bought us Time. . President Dwight D. Eisenhower speaking with Walter Cronkite at American cemetery Saint- Laurent -At -The-Sea….Rochester N.Y. TV Archive [1984]

    • D.POWERS


    • Nicole

      First of all, nukes don’t exist, and secondly there is not one published study in the world medical literature of any pathogenic, that is a virus being found in any biological fluid from any sick person. No virus has ever been isolated. The pseudoscience virologist have been using since 1954 saying they have isolated a virus is laughable. Dr Stefan Lanka, who is a virologist, has proven this fact.

      So James, you can take off your mask and come out from under your bed. Next, throw out your TV and stop listening to the media propaganda. It’s all lies based on fear.

      Even the story from Project Veritas is controlled opposition to keep the virus nonsense alive. When a virus can’t even be isolated in the first place, we’re expected to belief that they can tinker with it and make more variants. Totally absurd. Critical thinkers are an endangered species these days.

      • Spur

        Nukes don’t exist…??? Try to remember Tianjin 2015 and Beirut 2020…!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Nicole,
        Regarding the existence or non-existence of viruses. This has become a major distraction and is fruitlessly dividing the ‘anti-vaxx’ community. David Martin makes this point VERY strongly. Link provided by ‘Andrew’ at start of this USAW comments section.

      • Art

        Exactly Nicole, if project Veritas was an actual organic threat to them, the criminal FBI would have raided and arrested them for some BS reason long ago and a guy like Tucker Carlson would not be reporting on it. Damage control through misdirection, just like the Flat Earthers that expose so many legitimate crap science anomalies that should be exposed and questioned but then in the same breath misdirect you into a ridiculous false narrative in the attempt to put you into one of two camps that are both false. They do this, and have been doing this all the time from micro to macro.

    • Marti Baker Girl

      How so?

      • Art

        Can you be more specific in your question please. How so what exactly?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Canal is a little stressed out I fear…looking at it and trying to figure it all out (impossible), I do notice he has a special mention (“There you are Morell”) of Dr. Theodor Morell, Hitler’s personal physician and drug dealer, specializing in intravenous administration. Interesting. We’re on the train, barrelling along, and the tracks ahead over the canyon are missing. We’re not there yet, but we will be eventually, and likely soon. Best always. PM

    • i: a man; travis

      Yeshua said to her, “I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Resurrection and The Life; whoever trusts in me, even if he dies, he shall live.”
      Aramaic bible in plain English

  8. Linda Covert

    Come Lord Jesus Christ. Maranatha!

    • regaleagle

      Amen Linda…….I’m on that same Maranatha train myself…….Frontier Alliance International(FAI). Do your research, folks.

    • Cassie

      You are RIGHT ON, Linda!!!! You understand truth and you speak truth. Stefan Lanka, Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman and others have proven this fact. Our own bodies release messengers (that fools call viruses) from our cells to alert our bodies when we have been poisoned. Calling these messengers “viruses” that originate from the outside, is like condemning cholesterol. Calling cholesterol bad instead of what it is, repair material, is like blaming the firemen who show up to put out the fire. Until people stop believing in the virus nonsense, they will continue being duped. When we feel sick, we are actually experiencing the detoxification our body is trying to do to keep us alive. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  9. Cat Merry

    I just don’t buy what this person is selling. Greg you awesome guests, but not this time. Too war mongery. Sounds like he prefers a war and a bit too Mitt Romney in feeling.

    • Michael

      Wow, I thought he presented the reality of things exceptionally well. No sign for me that wants to have a war anywhere.

    • Mark f

      I live in Utah, PCR and Mitt are polar opposites. PCR former Wall Street journal editor, Asst treasury secretary, accomplished writer and journalist. Mitt family like Biden family a bunch of grifters padding the family pockets with I’ll gotten gains and only self serving not Public Servants like PCR
      Paul Craig Roberts is a national treasure and a brilliant man!

    • Earth Angel

      Mitt Romney another globalist stooge, Cat!

  10. Richo

    Russia is not fighting a war with Ukraine. It is fighting a war with NATO. Both sides acknowledge this. So instead of the goal of demilitarizing Ukraine, the goal is to demilitarize NATO. What would demilitarizing NATO mean? It would mean destroying the means that NATO has to wage war, destroying sufficient amounts of military hardware and manpower so that NATO would not be a credible military threat.
    To do that, Russia must lure in this military hardware and manpower close enough to Russia so that they can destroy them with their conventional forces. This they do by fighting a slow, steady war, and giving NATO time and motivation to infiltrate into Ukraine so as to be in position to be destroyed. Thus, agreements by NATO to infiltrate tanks and other heavy armaments is a good thing. It puts them into position to be destroyed, and thus motivated to bring in more and more, with similar results. This is what will be seen as demilitarizing NATO, luring them in to place their limited war machine in position to be destroyed.
    The long-term goal of Russia must be to destroy the ability of NATO to threaten Russia. Taking over and defeating Ukraine will not in any way accomplish this. What will accomplish this is to destroy the majority of NATO’s conventional war machine, and this can only be accomplished by a long term conventional war on the grounds of Ukraine with the assembled NATO war machine, which Russia should be motivating, and is in fact doing.

    • Don W.

      Richo, you have some very strong points as we also know that the number of tanks the US has sent leaves the US short in our own Military. That is also the case with the other countries that have sent them there. You must be retired Military as well.

    • Mark f

      I haven’t heard this analogy before, It makes perfect sense! It may be the only thing that saves humanity in the long run. NATO is the military industrial complex!

    • Paul K

      Interesting, never heard this before but makes sense. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Marti Baker Girl

      Richo, I thought I was the only one thinking that perhaps either Putin, or God has a plan within what seems to be Putin’s inaction. I also think by not making some decisive moves on Ukraine perhaps the goal is to draw the snakes from their holes so the whole world can see the bad actors. Maybe my military training paranoia (lol).

  11. Harry

    We can blame the Saudis for killing the US dollar’s buying power – but lets face it – the Fed was really responsible for killing the US dollar’s buying power over the last 100 years! – – American’s need to wake up – they should take out a $1 dollar bill and a $100 dollar bill from their wallet place them side by side and consider their worth (the only difference between the two bills is the number written on the Fed’s fiat paper note) – so intrinsically – both the US $1 dollar bill and US $100 dollar bill “Have the Same Value” – now – take a one ounce silver bar and place it next to a 100 ounce silver bar – note that there is “a significant difference between them in both weight and size” – that’s how it should be when you compare different denominations of “real money”!! – same with crypto – all crypto bits are the same – and assigning a 1 or 100 to the bit “does not make the electronic bit more valuable” (crypto like paper fiat is not real money)!!!

    • Gary Horton

      Excellent point, Harry!

    • Harry

      However “gold backed crypto” just like “gold backed fiat” will be something the Fed and US Government will have to get a handle on – Russia and Iran are currently setting up their own “gold backed stable coin” (this signifies the start of gold being used as money once again) – so – the immediate US response has been “war with Russia” and possibly Iran next (and we may have to include Saudi Arabia “now that they are breaking away from the US dollar”)!!

      • Steve

        PAXG is a crypto backed by gold that has been around for a few years now.

    • Mark S Holtz


    • Mark f

      Brilliantly explained👏👏👏👏

    • John

      Greg I’m an anti vaxer and had been getting immune globulin monthly for 2 years then I was talking to my doctor and he said the blood supply has had vaxed blood in it for 2 years so the blood supply is contaminad warn people

    • regaleagle

      I don’t know about you guys, but there is NO WAY I’m giving up my small silver stash. In fact…..I’m gonna keep swapping out dollars for silver when I can for as long as I can. We have a saying in Texas……”Come and Take It!!” Good luck to anyone who tries…….

    • Paul from Indiana

      I disagree with your premise. The FED did not cause our problems, government did. The FED only acted off the government’s lead. Federalism came back around to bite us in the ass. As we got prosperous, we also got complacent and lazy, and in the process, neglected oversight and discipline of the government, and you see the results. Government overreach and malfeasance are at the core of all of our problems. Best always. PM

    • i: a man; travis

      The only difference between a dollar and a trillion is 12 keystrokes; Mike Maloney

    • larry giglio

      Hello. I do not think you comprehend value.
      When you state “gold backed” , that is defined as you are trading an exact representation of actual existing gold. Without gold, there is no value. Derivatives are not actual, hence the fluctuating false representation, and market manipulation. In the USofA dollar, in God we trust. Our value is in that the dollar is supported by the work of our God fearing people, and we will honor that value, by always paying our debt. We are willing to trade our labors to pay the assigned face value. We as a nation give our fiat its worth. Once evil destroys our beliefs, as is the road we are on, then we no longer believe in the American Dream, and have to reason to work for a better future. Enough of us will not allow that. Ever.

  12. MLK

    The Russians have always threatened nuclear war. Ever since they developed nuclear weapons. That’s more than 70 years ago. Just in 2021 they threatens China with nuclear weapons.

    To all the sudden now, jump up in fear is a bit silly in light of their history of threats. You think the US is the bad guys. Other people think the Russians are the bad guys. I think everyone of them are the bad guys. Just back in July AJ played a video of Schwab saying Putin was one of their ‘young leaders’ graduates. That should have sent a red flag up as to what the real agenda is. You have to assume that Putin is playing his role for the NWO.
    Think about it. Putin is fighting a war where he is not taking control of the airspace. He is fighting a war that does not cut off supply lines. This is a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ war not an attempt to win a war.
    The only reason there has not been nuclear attacks is because these massive egos want to be the top dog at the end of it all. Each one of them don’t plan to share power with the other egos. Which requires all the other NWO idiots to not survive the nuclear war and/or bio war. It’s the big shots individual’s fear that they, and their families, may not survive is preventing nuclear war or a major bio war.

    It will be hidden from you. But, watch very closely. Before anything deadly happens. The big shots and their families will start leaving town. You’d be wise to monitor the location of their families as an early warning indicator.

    • Greg Hunter

      The USA broke the Belgrade agreement and the Minsk agreement and the Bioweapons agreement. SO, yeah, the USA are the bad guys concerning the war in Ukraine.

    • Shiloh1

      The book and original movie Fail Safe, the late night cocktail party scene, the Professor Groeteschele character (Walter Matheu) – “Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the start of WW3”. (with the Soviet Union; Japan had accepted term of surrender a couple week prior)

    • Art

      MLK, I don’t know where you get this idea that the Russians threatened China with nuclear weapons, but you are factually incorrect. On the contrary, Russia has extremely close relations with China and that’s been growing for the past several years, mainly because they both see the West as a globalist threat to them as well as the rest of the world, which they are. Last time I checked it was the US that had around 200 military bases around the world in other countries, how many does Russia have around the world in other countries…like 5.

      As for Putin being one of Schwab’s boys, yes, Schwab did say something like that some years back, but you left out that more recently he’s said that he sees Russian and China as threats. Putin doesn’t show up at the World Economic Forum anymore and neither does China’s leaders. Just because Putin showed up at past WEF meetings doesn’t mean he’s a puppet for life. For many years Putin and Russia were bending over backwards to be part of the West and was always involved in Western meetings when he could and even continued officially referring to Western countries as ” our partners” up until the first quarter of last year despite all the domonization and sanctions the West was putting on Russia. Could Putin be just playing his role in some grand plan for world globalism through mutual distruction, it’s possible, but for now it’s clear who the rational leader is in the world and has been consistantly for a very long time, and that is Putin. Putin had little choice in taking this war with Ukraine slowly to keep very important countries like China and India on his side. If he would have gone in super aggressively China and India as well as many other countries that are behind Russia now would not have supported his actions and it would have been a bad move in the long run for Russia.

  13. Bryce

    A sober analysis. Thanks Greg for all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bryce.

    • Paul

      What a man.
      Can you handle the truth.
      Thanks Greg for your choice of people you bring on.

      Paul from arkansas

  14. Won Witness

    ONE More ITEM to add to lists ???
    Spike protean / bio weapon defense
    Ivermectin horse paste from Trackter supply…. CHECK
    Vitamin D, C, Quercetin, etc…..CHECK

    POTASSIUM IODIDE for Nuclear FALLOUT from prep stores/amazon ???

    note: Fallout damage from radioactive iodine collecting in the thyroid gland is a major cause of Radiation damage to humans. Potassium Iodide tablets have been a standard civil defense item. When taken, the thyroid gland absorbs the safer Iodide leaving little room for the radioactive Iodine to collect in the thyroid gland.

  15. Albert

    So you see where the banks are with their DEVIL currency.

    For what it’s worth.

  16. Cmoore

    I’m ready for the collapse to go ahead and take place so we can start rebuilding

    • Dawn

      But we need accountability b4 a rebuild
      I personally would like to see ALL those responsible in front of a firing squad.

      Then we can rebuild the world over to better this planet for people / animals and the environment

      If there is no accountability by those who do wrong then there is absolutely no point
      And please, prison is not good bc they still win by getting:
      Three squares a day
      A nice warm cell
      Hot showers
      A bed to sleep in
      Work out apparatus
      And more

      Please in front of a firing squad is the only punishment for these people

    • regaleagle

      The USA as we knew it is no longer…….it’s not even mentioned in God’s Holy Word…..or even referred to symbolically. This alone speaks volumes about the USA in the End Times. Prepare yourself and do read Revelation extensively for your own revelation from God Almighty.

    • Paul from Indiana

      We don’t control the timeline, but yes, you understand that all of this must play out, and therefore, what counts is what becomes going forward from there, but first the collapse, and no one knows the specifics. Best always. PM

  17. Roger Stamper

    tks for post paul greg

  18. Nick de la Gaume

    PCR keeps saying that it is Putin’s fault. BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the great principles that I use against my enemies is: OCIATT.

    ‘Over Confidence is a terrible thing.’ Nick de la Gaume.

    America and Europe are getting what they invited. Slowly ground down by their own supreme over confidence.

  19. Jack M Stein

    I woke up this morning to find your interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on your website. I haven’t listened yet, but want you to know what a treat it is to know that I’ll be able to hear this interview. Thanks Greg!

  20. Rachel K

    Maybe this delayed response from Russia was not a mistake. If Russia had addressed this bullying propaganda at the beginning then the spotlight would have never shown the money laundering and corruption that the West ( and NATO ) have been involved in. It takes several months for law abiding citizens to absorb reality and begin to connect the dots.

  21. Justn Observer

    Greg, The ‘good’ ? news in the sense people are waking up about the injections is widening. Crazy the LLC is STILL hanging with the narrative this long. If Mr. Roberts knows one has to believe many others with high past positions in the gov’t know aswell…so do they think the public is that unconnected from the truth?
    Also, nowhere is the news Wells Fargo losing their suit and fined and ordered to pay $3.7 billion.
    Bix Weir reported he went to that bank to draw out some funds and they were closed because of a ‘glitch’=
    “My local Wells Fargo Bank was closed due to a “systems glitch” but then I read that they were just fined $3.7 Billion for abusing their customers! COINCIDENCE?! ”
    Can we expect a contagion? That is considerable larger than the $900 million JPM was fined so expected that to be in the news? Also, Reggie Middleton was now given more patents on his digital payment system software….the INCLUDES the CBDC and most other DEFI applications…which Bix thinks might slow down or put a kink in going to CBDC use =

    For those with time…and interview with Maryam Henein and here MOVIE about the REAL story behind the George Floyd event and how such are being used to trigger an Article 3 UN intervention into U.S. cities as she found copious amounts of never seen security camera footage she got via FOIA’s that apparently never made it in the trial of the police? Also some of same of Jan 6th event
    Another ALT Media truther, CITIZEN REPORTER who’s work is being suppressed….Her movie can be found at =
    ” Maryam Henein would argue that the event was designed to do precisely that. At the very least it was plucked and co-opted. Consider, this day changed the world, forever. The psyop was instrumental in carrying out the events that followed, in order to bring total destruction to America – this documentary demonstrates how the media and government lies, through a timeline of undeniable evidence.” But what really happened that day?

  22. lonni

    France may be the next country to send its tanks to Ukraine, but officials worry they could be ‘a poisoned chalice’ By [email protected] (Michael Peck) • 49m ago

  23. Linda

    The USA is a bully. Bullies are insecure and seek to prove their worth by pushing others around. China is our true adversary, but our politicians are owned by China. I am so very concerned about where this is going.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Look, it’s simple: WE exhaust ourselves by fighting a needless war with Russia. When inflation begins to cripple us, and most of our assets have been consumed in the pointless Ukraine arrangement, the door is open for China to do whatever it wants to do in the South China Sea. With our “elected” dunderhead, Mr. Biden, as Commander in Chief, we will be powerless to do anything of substance, except make a mess. Welcome to the New Era. Best always. PM

  24. Lars Andersson

    Russia is not a superpower and have never been that.
    To hear Mr Paul Craig Roberts are like to hear all of the self made strategic expert that now what will happens in the future. It is a loot of bullshit.
    We who are living in a state whit border to Russia now that folk.
    Russians are nothing they are alcoholic and drug user.
    Russia have no industries, and they make nothing that you will buy, they living of oil and gas. Putin is talking about his nuclear bombs. Nothing to be afraid of because France, England and USA will then end Russia for ever.

    Lars in Sweden

    • Dawn

      America has never really been a super power either compared to other countries
      All empires / super powers of the past have been far far greater for their day / time than America has been or ever will be .

      America has only lived this so called great life due to debt and bc Winston Churchill gave America
      all from the British Empire on a silver platter.

      But NO country should rule over another.

    • Harry

      Lars – Russia defeated Germany in WWII – and they will defeat Germany and NATO in WWIII – the Russians will soon conclude that they simply didn’t kill enough Nazi’s “last time around” – and you (along with the rest of Europe) “are making a very big mistake” by taking Putin’s “restraint” as a sign of weakness!!

    • Linda Walling

      Last night I tried to post a comment that refers to the event that the book Crime and Punishment so powerfully describes, when the great General Kutuzov utterly defeated Napoleon’s attempt to conquer Russia by luring them into a trap (the city of Moscow) and letting Napoleon think he had won. Greg deleted that. I guess that was too hateful or something since I expressed a disagreement with PCR’s assessment of how this is going to turn out. Russia has produced some of the greatest scientists and authors, and she freed her peasants from serfdom in 1861 without any great uprising, she is the guardian of an ancient form of Christianity that has not been contaminated by the Satanists of the west, unlike the catholic church and all of the protestant sects that derived from Rome’s conflation of the early Christian movements with Rome’s pagan religion, gods and festivals. I’ve known and worked with Russian scientists and they were the best of the best in every way, morally and intellectually. I believe that the Russians may be the only ones who can clean up the Satanic nest of name-stealers that they have been battling ever since they conquered the Khazarian Empire the first time.

      • Greg Hunter

        I do not know what happened to your comment but here it is.

  25. Glen

    For what it’s worth, the depleted uranium round that is fired by a M1A1 Abrahms tank is not an explosive round. It is a little misleading to call it a dirty bomb. It’s a solid depleted uranium core, traveling at about 300 yards per second. It cuts through any other metal like a hot knife through butter. The intent of said round is to create secondary explosions from whatever target that it hits. (Think about the Soviet T72 that uses explosive rounds)

    • Greg Hunter

      You do not know what you are talking about!!!! Every target it hits had a 50-meter circle of DU radioactive heave metal around it. There is 4-billion-year half-life for DU rounds that hit targets.

      • Glen

        Hi Greg,
        I served and trained with people who deployed in these tanks (M1A1 Abrahms). The information I presented is what I garnered from them. On the rumble site there is a post by a former tank commander that corroborates what I said. I have no dog in this fight, but I’m pretty sure the information I presented is correct. The comment by the tank commander on the rumble site dials it in pretty clearly…

      • Bob

        How can people like in Hiroshima and Nagasaki now?

        • Occasnltrvlr

          I’m pretty sure Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t bombed with depleted uranium.

  26. Glenn c Rossi

    US dollar backed by Bananna Republic.
    Hey Maybe the US should find a sponsor for the dollar like Tesla or better yet Braick Gold.

    • larry giglio

      Hello. I see you agree a corporation should be the leader of the world. I do not.

  27. Jeff


    Keep up the good work. I like many of the people you have on here. Thanks for getting the truth out to the public.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeff for your kind words of support.

  28. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg great guest. We are living in perilous times.

  29. MP

    What if there is method to Russia’s madness? What if the plan all along was collusion with China to deplete western military reserves and thus weaken the west in order for China to make its move to displace the US and become the new unipolar world power?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Bingo! Go to the head of the class. Our current “elected” dunderhead, Mr. Biden, fell for the scam and swallowed the bait, hook, line, and sinker, and we go with him. Best always. PM

  30. Wallace Kleaver

    “Expect the worst” That’s all I needed to glean from this interview.

  31. Akoben Adinkrahene

    Good to see Paul Craig Roberts back on again. Thanks!

  32. A+Jones

    Two subjects came up in this discussion that stirred my imagination. One is nuclear weapons and the other is a digital monetary system. In my mind these two subjects are closely related. Let me explain. A few weeks ago my wife went to the grocery story. She was back home in a few minutes. She said the entire shopping center had no power and a clerk met her at the door saying they could only take cash. A digital currency is nothing but an electric blip recorded on a chip made from sand. The more use we make of these electrical digits the more we are putting a target on the electric and energy grid. What idiot would work all his or her life and save for retirement and end up with a few blips on a chip as security for all that work? Because of this, in my opinion, nuclear weapons are obsolete. Why bother blowing up a city when all you have to do is shut down the power/energy grid? The other day I watched the Secretary of Defense at a ceremony presenting the newest bomber airplane. Cost billions of dollars and they said it could carry nuclear weapons. Every day we get news of a new F22 or F-something fighter plane. Mean while we are being invaded at the Mexican border and we have no idea who they are or what they are bringing with them. In a battle of the minds our leaders are defenseless. I think we are in the middle of a global plague of stupidity and it is spread by mass state media. Maybe they can come up with a jab for that. I think they tested it on Biden with obvious results. A booster to follow? Stupid is as stupid does! That is all I have to say about that.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi A+Jones,
      Nice one! May your imagination be stirred more often . . .

  33. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Roberts. War is here and now.
    Here in the UK the word “conscription” is barred from public life and the insane arena that is our so-called media. I wonder why?
    Our former prime minister Boris Johnson who was impoverished just a few months ago is now earning £1Millions a week! Whatever the product or service is it must be juicy beyond belief!
    We plebs here are searching high and low for affordable food and heating is a luxury as is any electrical use. Any public space offering free charging of equipment such as phones are inundated by us plebs. Our standard of living has plummeted and access to medicines has become a nightmare. Trying to obtain a prescription from a family doctor,the usual arrogant uncaring kind, for simple antibiotics for a chest infection,that is doing a very large rounds here, is no trivial matter. If the prescription is obtained then the pharmacy is usually short and in some cases not at all. Life certainly does not get any better and irony barely conceals the anger and contempt!
    So we send our sons to war who will die and we will mourn and hate the wrong side for most assuredly it is the thieving cartel of Neo-Cons like sugar hips Victoria Nuland/Kagan, and lickety lips Ursula from the European Parliament are untouchable but we must clap like sealions at their theft from us plebs and ensuring our sons have a quick death march.

  34. Prospector

    Damage Control in progress.

    CDC Deputy Director Admits COVID Jabs Are Causing Debilitating Illnesses
    “We understand that illness is disruptive and stressful, especially under those circumstances” – Tom Shimabukuro

    Ukraine is Vietnam all over again , with NUKES ! Where are the peace talks ?

  35. Kim Novak Jokavich

    Interview with Col. Douglas Macgregor
    VotumTV: Heretics 15K views Streamed 21 hours ago

    McGregor meets Vladimir Putin at 2018 World Cup Final

    Earth’s Inner Core Just Stopped Spinning And Then Flipped Its Direction @TheCosmosNews

    • larry giglio

      Hello. About the inner core stopping. If that is true, does that not prove that gravity does not come only from the core of Earth, as we would all now be chemicals floating in the matter of space?

  36. Denise Andersen

    Egg Prices high because:

    Tried to set a LinkedIn link, but no go. Look for Deborah Belle’s post on LinkedIn. It’s the feed.

    Hi Greg!

    • larry giglio

      Hello. Ever considered dominos of corporate greed?

  37. Cliff Bondi

    ⚡ EXCLUSIVE | Interview with Viktor Bout | The real truth behind the case of Viktor Bout / Scott Ritter 34,518 views Streamed live on Jan 25, 2023
    On episode 20 of the show we are joined by Viktor Bout, a man whose life story is quite worthy of a film adaptation. A polyglot, entrepreneur, graduate of the Soviet Military Institute of Foreign Languages. In the West Viktor is portrayed as the “lord of war” and the “merchant of death”. A Russian businessman, a case against whom was fabricated by the American intelligence services on the basis of a provocation they carried out against him in Thailand in 2008.

  38. Ozden Tuna

    Greetings from The Netherlands.
    I keep on listening !!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ozden for all your support from the Netherlands!

  39. Felix

    great anylysis always by pcr but the evil bankers rule the world,all wars are bankers wars.In my opinion the bankers are of the lineage of the money changers CHRIST kicked out of the temple. they feed us all kabuki theater,everything out of governments mouth is lies.I tell people at work if you don’t know the love of GOD then you don’t know how evil man can be because they follow satan’s plan.Their digital currency is definitely coming when will it be utilized everywhere is when the mark of the beast rears its ugly head,then come the 42 months of hell on earth.Prepare in GODs name

    • Harry

      If the Fed sends you a “digital” charge card you better cut it up as you obviously won’t be allowed to buy gold or silver with it – and later on – they will tell you – you can’t buy meat with it (only artificial meat made from bugs)!!

  40. Susan R

    PCR is opening the window and letting in fresh air, or as fresh as air gets these days. I love him and you Greg for allowing him to speak. What he said, particularly about the financial system, resonated as truth. If we game play that fact alone, we are already in war on us, the people. PCR also said the vax program had been in the works for 20 years! We are the target. Who are our enemies, we need to name them! I doubt the names we hear every day are them. I believe there are controllers above all the faces we know.

  41. ron martin

    Paul Craig Roberts, Scott Ritter & Colonel McGregor are three of the very few among the many that have eyes to see the truth of what is happening and what may come soon in the Ukraine/Russia conflict. But, try as they might nobody is listening. My location is not among the predicted blast zones if nukes are launched & I’ve spent less than $200 to survive the effects of the radiation in addition to every conceivable prep already owned after 50 years of prepping. Not one of my family or friends are the least bit worried or prepared for what might happen. Ignorance & apathy have rendered America ripe for destruction or enslavement and I see both coming within a year or two. Most so-called Christians expect to be swept up into the clouds and are likewise unconcerned. They too will have their come-to-Jesus moment. Yes, Jesus will clean up this human-made mess when ordered by His Father but we will have many surprises prior to that event.

  42. Phil

    If you want to know how to protect yourself! It’s simple. Know that the government is not government it’s a foreign corporation acting as government. The real government is back and it is here to help you when you join in governance of your location. So go here and see what I mean:

  43. Marie Joy

    Ukrainians are being genocided and we will have our turn. It’s almost funny how everyone just bends over and lets this happen. Almost.

  44. Jerry

    I was on Dr. Betsy’s telegram page the other week and came across a video of two young men swishing out their mouths with cranberry juice, spitting on a plate and then adding drops of rubbing alcohol in it. The video portray all “these” black things squirming all about. They said it was NANO tech from chemtrails???

    Well I did in fact give it a try. I used non concentrated pure organic cranberry juice, swished for exactly 2 mins. and spit it out on a white plate. Sure enough a fair amount of black stuff came out. I then dropped some alcohol in the mix. MY GOSH YOU WILL SEE “THEM” SQURIMING ALL OVER THE PLACE. THIS STUFF IS REAL!!! NOT SURE WHAT THEY ARE BUT IT IS HORRIFFICALLY NASTY.

    • Jerry

      This is a poser. It’s not me. I’m not sure what he’s talking about even though I like cranberry juice.

  45. jenny

    Well…..the CV-19 death jab helped the billionaires to become more wealthy…..AND THAT IS ALL THEY DID.

  46. Scott

    First let me say that I we have no place screwing around in the conflict in the blood lands between Ukraine and Russia. Second I certainly appreciate Paul Craig Roberts assessment of the situation. However, this Russian military is not the wanted military of the 1960s and 70s. I have acquaintances who have access to information on the ground regarding this conflict that tell a bit of a different story. What they’re saying is that 30 years of graft and corruption in the Russian system have completely depleted their military infrastructure to the point where prosecuting modern warfare of movement difficult bordering on the impossible. The Russian oligarchs built their yachts with the money that was supposed to go to equipment maintenance, and procurement. Consequently their trucks breakdown quickly, they have no parts to fix them. Their tires are mummified and blowout on first use with little hope for a replacement. This was the principal reason the 40 mile convoy coming south on Kiev stopped. It’s not their magnanimity the has saved Ukraine from blitzkrieg. It’s that the Russian military lacks the military infrastructure and logistics to do so.

    Except for a thin veneer their troops are essentially untrained. This new 300K forced recruitment are given a month of”training” if they’re lucky and sent to the front where they’re being slaughtered. This is reaching back to the days of Stalingrad where there was one rifle for every two men and instruction was when the man with the rifle was shot the man behind him picks up the rifle. Because of this the Russians also have lost over hundred thousand men in the last year of fighting and faced significant numbers of defections and surrenders. These factors have reduced the Russians to pursue the World War I strategy of intense artillery barrage destroying any structure capable of being targeted forcing the population to become refugees which means they leave the area and cost quality you can shoot anyone that remains because they must be a fighter.

    Givien this situation why are we bothering to get involved. I believe it’s because over the last 30 years, everyone in Washington, both Republican and Democrat have been profiting off of the foreign aid graft to the Ukraine. They can’t risk the scam becoming exposed. Zelinsky has a little black book and all he has to do is make the veiled threats that he might go public and the money flows. Let’s face it, we have a Congress cut cannot agree on anything yet in the middle of the night they can authorize $40 billion at the drop of a hat. Everybody in DC is dirty in this and that is why they are trying to run away from it as fast as they can and probably explains why the sudden turn on Biden by the left. Some may be hoping that by letting Biden burn they can say that it was all Joe and Hunter. They have done this before particularly with Nixon, it worked then, they will do it again

    • Thomas Malthaus


  47. Mike Reid

    The purpose of the war is to provide a front for money laundering and further impoverishment of the middle class. Putin will piddle fart for as long as these objectives are in play. Nothing is as it seems while the nation is run by the national security state crime syndicate. We can lock them all up or be driven into serfdom. Time is short.

  48. Art Simpson

    Russia will back out of Ukraine as the west escalates the war, on the pretext of avoiding ‘dirty bombs’. Then the 3rd seal famine will make news. Then Russia does the 4th seal war and nukes the west, most assuredly the U.S. Re 6:8.

  49. Scott

    Regarding vaccines and toxicity this just crossed my desk; an email form my brother who is a college professor. “A former student of mine just turned 30: She was NCAA 3rd in the nation discus, ranked shotput, and a basketball player and a music major…..turned very liberal and for sure got the jab: Just diagnosed with MS. We are starting to see people blaming the vaccine for this…”

    Followed by their report from National library of medicine
    New diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in the setting of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine exposure
    Karlo Toljan  1 , Moein Amin  1 , Amy Kunchok  2 , Daniel Ontaneda  3
    Affiliations expand
    * PMID: 34922126 PMCID: PMC8656147 DOI: 10.1016/j.jneuroim.2021.577785

    Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) with onset in the setting of acute SARS-CoV-2 virus infection has been reported, and reactivation of MS following non-mRNA COVID-19 vaccination has been noted, but there have only been three reports of newly diagnosed MS following exposure to mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. The association cannot be determined to be causal, as latent central nervous system demyelinating disease may unmask itself in the setting of an infection or a systemic inflammatory response. We report a series of 5 cases of newly diagnosed MS following recent exposure to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Latency from vaccination to initial presentation varied. Neurological manifestations and clinical course appeared to be typical for MS including response to high dose steroids in 4 cases and additional need for plasmapheresis in one case.
    Conclusion: Acute neurological deficits in the setting of recent mRNA COVID-19 vaccine administration may represent new onset multiple sclerosis.
    Keywords: COVID-19; COVID-19 vaccines; Coronavirus; Diagnosis; Multiple sclerosis; SARS-CoV-2; Vaccination.
    Copyright © 2021 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  50. Kim

    There are two fundamental laws of human nature that make civilization possible. Earlier when America followed these laws we were free and prosperous, but not prefect. Humans will never be perfect!
    Common Laws
    1) Do all you have agreed to do. 2) Do not encroach on other people or their property.

    American is great! The federal government is crazy chaos with self interest. Remember America is wonderful, but the government is nuts.

    • Plowboy

      Yeah, I read Richard Maybury years ago too!

      • Kim

        The February issue is outstanding!
        Richard Maybury is asking people to make copies and give them to people. Very generous!

  51. John Maskell

    Great interview Greg . Nuclear war , no thanks . It will get ugly but I go with
    Martin Armstrong and Scot Ritter ‘s analysis . That is ,Russia could have this wrapped up by late summer . Too many people awake now and growing . I think America will have a government takedown by the public due to the knowledge of the vax being a killer . People will seek revenge and hunt these elites / politicians down then realise the lies that hides in Ukraine e.g. Bio labs and money laundering . The dirty secrets of the WEF will leach out to ! All the best Greg .

  52. Michael from Indiana

    What a wonderful surprise!
    Thank you for this wrap up interview. The truth cannot be hidden.

  53. Greg (not Hunter)

    If China Joe and our military get us into a nuke war. Then the survivors need to start executing those responsible. Starting with the big guy.

  54. tim


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Tim,
      I agree – jabbing babies is evil incarnate! I’m 100% confident that PCR holds to a similar point of view. His ‘laugh / chuckle’ at seemingly inappropriate moments indicates the absurd irony of the subject matter under discussion – NOT amusement.

  55. Terry

    Thanks Greg. Another top notch WNWU

  56. Really Awake

    Dr. Roberts has a great mind, and his opinions are well worth listening to;however, there are other possibilities behind Vladimir Putin’s reluctance to go all in on Ukraine…. I used to play chess every day for hours. I used to compete. I was pretty good at the game. I used to study the chess moves of Russian chess masters.

    Russians like to partially base their war strategy on the winning principals of chess. Putin thinks of himself as having mastered the game; therefore, it should’t be a suprise to anybody who has really taken the time to analyze the current geopolitical situation that the Kremlin partly thinks in terms of chess.

    1) The Kremlin has known all along that Washington and its NATO partners have been lying for decades. The Kremlin understands that Washington wants to bring Russia to its knees. Yes. The Minsk Agreement was a delaying tactic, but there is no way that the Kremlin didn’t know that from the very beginning. Let me put it to you plainly: the Kremlin has never trusted Washington. And Putin has always known Washington wants Russia checkmated. Period.

    2) Currently, Ukraine is merely another pawn of Washington. And Putin isn’t commiting his most valuable chess pieces to the battlefield just yet. Stop and think a few moves ahead for just a minute. What if last February the Russians rolled into Ukraine and smashed the entire country including the infrastructure to dust? Tens of millions of Ukrainians would have become refugees. How many would have starved to death? Froze to death? Now think of what ALL of the Western fake news would have shown to the dimwitted public 24/7…. Think of the seething hate Americans would have felt toward Russians. Washington would then have “just cause” to go all in and the halfwit Americans would be screaming for war with Russia.

    3) Since Ukraine is just a pawn it is important for Russia to carefully think through this deadly game of chess with NATO so as to either win or stalemate. And without me saying too much else, this game of chess between Washington and the Kremlin will probably end up being a chess game the entire world has to play – including China, North Korea, Iran and other countries who are against Washington and its allies.

    This isn’t just about Ukraine. And it never has been. The Kremlin’s spies informed the Russians what the West was planning years ago. Vladimir Putin wasn’t suprised… The only suprise was the initial poor performance of Russian troops. But the Russians have a history of starting out poorly. Moreover, the Russians are actually doing better on the battlefield than is reported on by Western Propaganda News.

    The bottom line is this: prepare for nuclear war. And don’t be suprised when Washington starts it. And don’t be supprised when it turns into WW3.

    Finally, I don’t take sides. Personally, I know precisely what’s going on. Satan wants another world war. And so long as Almighty God allows Satan to instigate wars, then wars will continue to happen. And during this next war Satan could snuff out billions of living souls. The bottom line is this: it’s the unseen forces of evil that we all have to be concerned about. And personally, I take Jesus’ side. And Jesus isn’t on the side of the Kremlin or Washington anymore than He was on the side of Rome…

    • tim mcgraw

      Really Awake: Good analysis. I agree with you. I used to play chess, too.

    • Kim

      Very well said!!

    • Saeed

      Thank you for your carefully laid out analyses/thought. I agree with you that President Putin knows the West’s intentions as their monetary system is collapsing, that is, they need a big war to turn the table over and start the slavery system with digital currency.

      The only thing I am not sure about is whether God Almighty, Allah, will give Russia the upper hand as HE gave the Byzantines over fireworshipping Zoroastrians in the early 7th century because of the belief in God Almighty.

      Also, taking into account that God Almighty can use HIS unbelieving servants as HE Mighty and Majestic did sending King Nebuchadnezzar to destroy Jerusalem in 586 BC, and enslave Children of Israel back to Babylon.

      Satan may plot but he too is carrying out God’s Masterplan without knowing. After all, why won’t God Almighty demolish the current oppressive structures and disbelief amongst majority of humanity.

      In the final analyses God Almighty has the final say of the outcomes.

      The Majestic Qur’an, Chapter 30 (Rome), Verse 41:
      “Corruption has spread on land and sea as a result of what people’s hands have done, so that Allah may cause them to taste ˹the consequences of˺ some of their deeds and perhaps they might return ˹to the Right Path˺.

  57. Greg Hunter

    I have a hatred for Nazis. Not Germans. I have a hatred for the godless CCP and not the people of China.
    Get it?

    • Paul from Indiana

      The irony is that the POLITICAL, SECULAR Jews (as opposed to orthodox, God-fearing Jews, God’s Chosen) to whom Claudia coyly refers are the ones who have become Nazis. This has been a trend for several decades and is just now reaching its climax. It is unfortunate, but here we are. Best always. PM

    • Fred

      (Fred, This is Greg Hunter and I deleted your comment. If you want to post Jew hating content, and pass it off as truth, then get your own site and post all you want. You are not using my platform for this sort of crap. Nothing is stopping you. It’s not like inventing Twitter or YouTube. Anyone can develop a site, so don’t use mine.)

  58. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Another great news report.

  59. anonymize

    Penny Serenade | Cary Grant | Classic Romance Film | Drama | Love Movie
    Well girls, what would you do? If a tall dark and handsome Cockney, just off the boat. Walked into your life!?🛳

  60. James

    hey G thanks–
    re: awakening….careful with that snooze button (LOL?)

    • James

      thanks…dimwitted? maybe they’re only pushing the snooze button?

  61. Coal Burner

    Greg: I wanted to chuckle with PCR but I kept choking on the truth which is making him so nervous. He is right about the Delusional morons agitating for WAR, WW3! When they Nuke us, I will be far more pissed at our idiot leaders that the Russians. As said before by others, The ” USA Warrior Families” and that is who they are in this country, both, I say respectfully the Gundogs and the Weapon and Toy Builders, are all the same families and with the brain power to win wars are not interested in this war and we are not supporting it and do not see cause for such a war. None of these leaders nor the leaders in these other country’s (NATO, WEF especially) deserve our blood and wealth in support. We are not going to support this stupid waste of humanity.
    Ukrainian Nazis with our own evil leaders starting with Obama and Victoria Nuland and their backer Soros started this way back in 2014. They are responsible for the shooting down of that passenger plane full of Dutch and Asians during the Obama administration and two coups of Ukraine, and stealing their gold, building Ukraine Bio-Weapon Labs and the deaths and destruction in Ukraine for eight years and now two more years. This is the extension of the Obama/Soros attack on Russia.

  62. iwitness02

    Watched a short video on Twitter where Joe Bioden, leans into the microphones and says “Make no mistake about it. This is world war 3.”
    The media is maintaining radio silence so far on Pfizer’s Jordon Trishton Walker. Jordon told an undercover operative that Pfizer is mutating viruses, so they can develop new vaccines. Which are a cash cow for Pfizer, but bad for the American people. To me, this is a pretty big crack in their wall of secrecy. God bless James O’Keefe and Project Veritas and of course God bless Greg Hunter and USAWatchdog.

  63. Marie Joy

    “Arrested and put in jail” is not enough for mass murder”.

  64. Art

    I understand why Dr. Roberts claims Putin’s big mistake was not decisively taking Ukraine in one big aggressive sweep from the beginning, but Putin could not do this while keeping as well his increasing support from the Chinese and Indians mainly which was and is vital to Russia’s future success as well as in the eyes of the world views of his actions. Putin has to weigh everything out, and he is trying to win over all the countries he can away from the West which he is succeeding. If he would have gone in aggressively like Dr. Roberts thinks he should have the non-western world would not sympathize with Russia and would not support him and be increasing their tyes to Russia like they are now. Putin also has to think about the moral and motivational factors of his people. Unfortunately many Russians still to this day think very highly of the West and Putin cannot afford to come close to appearing like the Western demonized status they give him of mad man who wants to take over the world. By being too aggressive it would have turned a lot more Russians off. As it is thousands of Russian fled the country to avoid personal military involvement. The Russian people are at a very crucial point in their history right now. They must go their own way now away from the West and develope their own modern cultural mystique they can be proud of enough to forget about the West suficiantly where they don’t need it in any way. This is a titanic balancing act that Putin must play just right and he seems to be doing it for the most part.

    People also say Putin should have liberated the Russian speaking part of Ukraine years ago before the West could built up Ukraine’s defenses against Russia, but again, Putin would have been foolish to do this in the long run because Russia simply was not ready economically and would not have withstood the economic blow the massive sanctions the West would have put on them back then. Putin had to wait until Russia was ready enough to have the best long term effects, and I’m sure the wait was painful, but it had to be done.

    Lastly I will say, even though I understand why Putin waited this long to finally liberate the Russian speaking people in Ukraine and go with this slow paced military action I do think there were some little things he could have done better, but then again, I don’t know what he knows. For one thing I always thought it was a mistake to allow people to fly in and out of Kiev like they have when they have full air superiority. No foreign officials should be allowed to fly in and out of Kiev. Nothing good ever comes of this. On the contrary, it just makes things worse. For the life of me I still cannot understand this policy that seems very stupid on the face of it by the Russians. Also, Russia has done a very poor job on their PR work, but they’ve gotten better.

  65. Pete+only

    Awesome interview Greg. I didn’t know how many books that Dr Paul Craig Roberts had written until the end of your broadcast. I like the way that you appreciate your guests. No wonder why you have them coming back on again and again over time.
    There was one thing that PCR alluded to regarding the Saudis allowing other currencies to be used for the sale of their oil, “unless there there was something that the saudis wanted from the U.S in return”, but I can’t think of anything except perhaps some defence, in case Russia or China sudddenly couldn’t be trusted.
    People forget that China could have a lot more Covid/Vaccine related deaths than they are letting on, (the Epoch Times believes 300-400 million Chinese people might have already died there) and Russia could be bogged down at the moment in the Ukraine.
    I think that the U.S has already depleted a lot of their weapons supply already, and their strategic oil supplies are on the very low end, so payment in straight oil could be in the cards, but who would be attacking the Saudis might be the Iranians, and they are now partnered with Russia. Just a thought.
    One more thing that I wanted to pass on is a Pfizer executive the other day came out and basically said that they were researching ways to mutate the Covid virus to gain more sales (without him knowing that he was being filmed). Here is the fall out video of this event when the two parties met a second time.

  66. Plowboy

    Is it possible that out of mercy Putin, perhaps even moved by Amighty God, is attempting to give the American people time to act and rise up to prevent this holocaust?

  67. Douglas Blair

    Greg you also need to stop selling yourself short. You did it with Holter and now with Robert’s by saying your way smarter than me. Yes they might know about the subject at hand but dollars to donuts you can write a better news article and I can out weld you all day long , but you will never hear me keep admitting that your smarter than me. Everyone has something be proud of what you have done in life.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Doug!
      I can weld worth a darn. I got one on the farm wish I knew how to use it better.

  68. Marie Joy

    PCR, one of the smartest men around.

  69. Leo

    Hi Greg; I wanted to give feedback on ready made resources since you mentioned them. I have done business with them and ordered one of their monoculars. These folks are a christian family business and I was able to speak to the owner and his son. I bought a military grade type of night vision that is really amazing and I can say that I see as well as in daylight as in very dark night. They got me in touch with a bank and low interest loan I even received the product a month before the loan started at 7% 2 years to pay it off. This night vision runs on a single AA battery. It simply gives a hugh impress to everyone I show it to and you can put it in your coat pocket or as the army does wear it on a helmet and flip it up when not in use. A wonderful family company 100% satisfaction.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Leo, for the feedback. I agree–nice people.

  70. `N.Y. TimesOVER &out

    Trump and Barr lose as ‘deep state’ bomb goes off: Failed DOJ plot revealed in exposé
    Fri, January 27, 2023 at 10:16 AM PST
    William Barr 77th & 85th United States Attorney General
    A New York Times bombshell investigation exposes new details and “ethical” breaches in the failed effort by Trump Attorney General Bill Barr to tarr the DOJ, and find a “deep state” bias against Donald Trump. Barr’s handpicked prosecutor failed to find supporting evidence or win the few cases he filed, and the Times reports intelligence agencies contradicted Barr’s theories — and ultimately his “strained justification” for the probe fell apart. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber analyzes the story on the day it broke, and, while carefully noting there were no alleged crimes, the account raises other questions of ethics and abuse of power by Barr.
    BOMBSHELL! Give it a break and break a leg, please! New York Slimes! BULL SHIITE! Nobody believes you guys anymore, since 2016 November, when Trump won and your warmongering lady of WWIII fame lost. Thank Gawd! None of your crap ever sticks and were sick, of icke! You’ll never touch Trump, never will. Sell your papers to the new Americans from down Mexico way and central American casting!
    [The Davos bunch, has mud on they’re face. They wont let up! What an embarrassment!]
    Prosecutor appointed by Trump Justice Department used claims from Russian intelligence to obtain emails from a George Soros aide: NYT
    ]Foreigners with dual citizenship should be deported]

    ‘A raft of broken and unfulfilled promises’: Jacinda Ardern ‘left her mark’ on NZ

  71. marquis de shalom

    so how does Trump–who is considered by even his most spiteful enemies to be a master of the media and internet–sit on his big hands while gone globally viral that very recent Project Veritas video of the Pfizer executive assaulting James O’Keefe?

    How does Trump at this point not come out calling for a vax moratorium?

  72. Justn Observer

    Greg, so, as to EQUITY…do we think they will print enough money and make everyone from CANADA, US. CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA all equally wealthy as the taxpaying middle class OR do we think they will TAX the hardworking middle class UNTIL they are down to the same lower level – making a two chaste system of ”’halves and have nots”’? as the state, = you will own nothing and be happy as they keep saying ! The same ‘old OBAMA’ message to – Joe the plumber – right ! THE CALL IT COMMUNATARIANISM…as the lower classes are just seen as small ‘take a village deplorables’ managed and ruled by the 1%
    Currently, really just another version of ‘regionalism’ like they tried a decade ago with the planting of three flags and ushering in the AMERIO… AND with the three flags of Canada-U.S.-Mexico and with a blue helmet UN military as then, like now calling for the dis-arming of the citizens. which at the time the people of the U.S. SHUT IT DOWN…
    So, it is back with a new packaged look! The private non-elected WEFer… as for AUSTRALIA AND NZ back then they were to be assigned to the CHINA economic sphere of influence and once all the regions established…they were/will meld into the greater NWO….one world corporate controlle entity. Remember the book…None Dare Call it a Conspiricy by Gary Allen back then in 1971 …it was all laid out by the plans of the CFR, Bilderberg, RIIA, Atlantic Council, Pilgrim Society turned into the 1001, Club of Rome, Committee of 300, ‘tri-lateral commission planning groups…. then CAME GLOBAL GOVERNANCE 2000, then AGENDA 21, then AGENDA 2030, now WEF. Just chameleon and morphing names. plans and policy using ‘their’ puppet leaders. AND yes, a ‘non-elected’ administrative group, without A NATIONAL entity as that would set a ‘tone’ of all the other nations being absorbed by another nation…which surely would not fly because of the more tribalism instincts….but with the same intent and outcome as each nation state loses its autonomy and sovereignty and eventually their borders as the forced mass migrations makes unwrapping their plan over time – IMPOSSIBLE. Not so unlike the killing of the CZAR of Russia which was a signal that there was NO GOING BACK to a monarchy. POTUS JOE just re-set that same old TRI-STATE PLAN =

    Just a new old plan =
    None Dare Call it Conspiracy Full Audiobook = ALL Downhill since they murdered JFK.= IT IS A LONG LISTEN….but if one has not read the book and really wants to know where they are headed with all our countries, away from nation states and here, away from our Constitutional Republic into a Globalist run private non-nation crony
    multi-nation corporate stakeholder owned tyrannical empire =

  73. Led Skelton

    1939 = 2023 Misery repeats itself
    Germans & Nazis against Russia
    This time Adolph Zelenskyy has the west as allies.

    To the people of 1939,
    If you had a time machine, would you go *ahead in time* and kill the Hitlers if you could?

    Zelenskyy will use all of the “donated” war material as DISPOSABLE THROW AWAYS. When the “donated” war material runs out of fuel or needs maintenance, you watch, his troops will ABANDON everything where it stops. Ukraine’s maintenance troops are going to desert AWOL, Ukraine won’t have control of the air. So you’ll see a trillion dollars worth of technology free for the taking. I wonder if Black Rock has first dibs if the Russians don’t take it?

    LOL — It wouldn’t surprise me if the Russians bring towing rigs onto the battlefield and cart away all of the abandoned American and German tanks et al. (RUSSIA WILL HAVE FULL CONTROL OF THE AIR) — Biden don’t think, he’ll make sure all of our “donated” war equipment contains millions of top secret electronics and classified documents LOLOLOL

    Here is how, why and when World War III comes to the American cities…
    !!! HOW LONG will the American Navy stay afloat in the Mediterranean Sea once they start sending attack missiles at the Russians in Ukraine? Answer: 30 SECONDS, bye bye Navy.

    Biden and the west has lost its mind.

  74. Marti Baker Girl

    Greg, I hope this question for the community is not out of place but given that PCR mentioned freeze dried food, I am going to take that as an invitation. QUESTION/SITUATION: I ordered a Freeze Dryer from the manufacturer recently and there was no fine print, but AFTER ordering and paying, the manufacturer informed me I had to make special delivery arrangements since I lived rural. Last week I went in circles between the manufacturer and FedX after the FD was received locally but could not be delivered. I ended up having to cancel the order and the undelivered dryer was sent back to Harvest Right. I do not live in an unusual location with special considerations but because they only deliver on semi- trailer trucks delivery to my home was a no go. I was told I would have to work it out with FedX or hire a moving company to meet them somewhere to pick up the dryer and deliver it back to my home (this was AFTER I had already paid shipping charges for home delivery). Does anyone else in the community have advice on freeze dryers? I have seen a lot of negative reviews regarding the customer service and freeze dryer quality for Harvest Right but it seems to be the only game in town when it comes to home freeze dryers. This is too expensive of a product for me to make a mistake. I would like to know other’s experiences with freeze dryers and if anyone had such unbelievable problems as I did? Is Harvest Right the only producer of this product and other than canning and freezing, any suggestions on long term prep and storage of proteins (i.e. meat)? Thanks to all who can offer advice/suggestions.

  75. Anita

    Thank you both. Always like hearing from P.C. Roberts. Roberts had a lot of things to say but what one of the best was, “those in government know nothing, they serve their own interests.” Makes one wonder why we have them at all ?

  76. Mark Washburn

    I have a lot of respect for PCR and his insights. I do have to wonder though about the idea that had Russia gone full force in Ukraine, that this would now all be over. The problem is the evil people who now run the US and most of the NATO governments. They are satanic psychopaths who totally want nuclear war,… and Putin knows this. They have been looking for an excuse for years. IMO, had Putin gone total war, that would have been enough excuse for NATO to bring a “limited” nuclear response. I think Putin is in a very tough position. When you have an adversary that cares not that they unleash hell on earth, and in fact want to, what are your options?

    PCR is correct that as long as the people behind the bio-weapon are not brought to justice, that they will only be more embolden. Well, this is exactly what has been happening for the past fifty years or more! Big pharma has killed more people than anyone cares to admit. And the now 72 vaccines that are pumped into children by the age of five and starting right out of the womb? Can we say autism, cancer, childhood allergies, learning disabilities, auto immune disorders and on and on and on… Yeah, I’d say they are pretty embolden already, and the past three years more than proves this.

  77. Ron

    I like Paul Craig Roberts but he is not a military man and not very informed. Vladimir Putin purposely went slow to avoid civilian casualties. Shock and awe was not the plan. The USA used shock and awe in Iraq and killed tens of thousands of children. The Ukrainians and Russian’s are Slavic brothers and from the same root race. Putin did not want to kill his own people and destroy the wealth of the country. A retired Polish General recently said, once the Russians get past the Donbass, the rest of the country is primarily agricultural. If the ground freezes, the Russians will move quickly toward Kiev.

  78. Eli

    What a wonderful man and you are wonderful too, Greg. It’s such a shame people like Dr. PCR have been shuttered from the mainstream journalistic network. I know it’s all fake new anyway. It’s just a shame that the statesmen and adults have been put on the outside of the conversation. God Bless you guys and your families!




  79. Eli

    I should add, it’s a shame CNN never renewed your contract either, Greg, but perhaps you’re better off..! God Bless,


    • Greg Hunter

      I am much better off, and I am happy they got rid of me. (I was not at the time as I was unemployed for 1 year until starting USAW. After that I worked for $0 for 4 years.) USAW is the best most meaningful thing I have ever done and I get to praise Jesus every week without getting chewed out or fired.

      • Self Exiled

        In peace [and with a tranquil heart] I will both lie down and sleep,
        For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety and confident trust. Psalm 4:8

  80. Rich Roz

    Great interview Greg. looks like the Vaxed are blaming the unvaxed for not warning them about the side affects. REALLY.
    They are saying “Our blood is now on their hands.”

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Rich,
      I tried to inform family, friends, and colleagues and was universally ridiculed and excluded. One of my sisters, a retired senior nurse, wrote me, “I believe in the vaccine. I feel sorry for anyone you may have influenced. Do not send any more information of this kind.” Now the vaxxed seek to blame the unvaxxed for failing to warn them?! WTF!!!

  81. Linda Walling

    I don’t feel it for PGC’s analysis. I smell a General Kutuzov in the background, laying the trap.

  82. David Caron

    Maybe Putin knows exactly what he is doing and maybe the west is playing right into his hands!!!

  83. Alex

    People are going to think this is crazy, but this WW3 is all theatre, it was planned over many many years, the goal is to depopulate, the entire world is under Satan’s control via his secret society minions. Given that they are liars and murderer’s most of what we see on TV is a hoax, I suspect that nuclear weapons is just another boogie man created to keep the sheep in fear, look into how many supposed nuclear bombs have been tested, we’ve been brainwashed that if a nuclear weapon goes off then it is a dangerous dead zone for thousands of years, yet you can go into all the places where they’ve been tested including Hiroshima and Nagasaki (BTW these two cities had the biggest Christian Japanese populations), that’s not to say they have big bombs like the nitro bomb tested on Lebanon recently, now here comes the next hoax: a thermal nuclear war where cancer rates will sky rocket, heart attacks, strokes and mortality rates will all be reported as increased, do you wonder why all the NATO governments and their media are doing everything to hide it???, well do not worry because after they detonate some big nitro bombs in the major cities (BTW who is the biggest nitro producers?, what goods are still allowed out of Ukraine?) all the sudden the increasing mortality rates will be all over the headlines, and the silly sheep will beg for a uniform and rifle to go fight for revenge, further bringing down the population. Look up Albert Pikes letter to Mazzini which of course the msm will say it’s a hoax…

  84. Olga

    WHAT IS COMING SOON: DIGITAL ID – ELECTRONIC TATTOO (or QUANTUM DOT TATTOO): Storage of ALL personal data [courtesy of Microsoft] on the physical body coming with a MICRONEEDLE SKINPATCH VA666INE like a band-aid) – will provide Proof of Va666ination Compliance – and will be the MARK OF THE BEAST needed to GET BACK TO NORMAL” and “participate in society” or access Internet and your accounts (Code for buy and sell)

    You won’t be held down and forced that way; but as Microsoft said about their Worldwide Digital ID system, “non-participants will be unable to buy or sell goods or services”. People who don’t get it just won’t be able to buy and sell; your financial transactions will be blocked. It looks like a patch and can come in the mail. This is part of the ID Alliance 2020 (compare with Revelation 13:16-18 and 14:9-12.

    2 articles on Digital ID

    SEE THESE PICTURES (click link for pic)

  85. The Seer

    Continual doom and gloom.
    how many minutes on real
    Solutions demonstrating
    needed leadership at this time?
    The reinforcement in his language repeating cabal plans continues to create such devolution ……
    Watch the semantics…….

  86. john beasley

    NATO and the USA are on the verge of financial collapse, just like England was in 1914 and again in 1939. The longer Russia stretches this conflict out, perhaps the closer the West comes to financial destruction.

  87. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for having PCR on your show. I read his column today on the LRC website about how Putin’s pussy-footing around in Ukraine will lead us all to Armageddon. It takes two or more to do the nuclear two-step.
    This is what happens when cynical, senile, sociopathic, and bitter old men are in charge of armies, navies, air forces, cyber weapons, and nuclear weapons of destruction.
    Why is anyone surprised? Did you really think those nukes were never going to be used?
    Good luck. How is that “saving the planet” narrative working out for you?
    I’m ready for the next adventure. This planet is past its due date.

  88. tim mcgraw

    Perhaps Putin is playing for time, while also having to placate the hardline generals in his government. Maybe Russia isn’t ready for a nuclear war. Russia is still recovering from decades of communism. The Soviet Union never really recovered from WWII.
    Russia has natural resources and a great scientific, artistic, and cultural community. It also has a strong Christian tradition. But the population is small compared to the USA, China, India, and other countries. Russia’s population is only 144 million. Look at the billions of people around it.
    Russia isn’t ready for a nuclear war. Putin knows this. He’s buying time and hoping that the West comes to its senses or goes broke first.
    This is a classic chess move. Let your opponent exhaust himself against your defenses, then strike their king.

  89. tim mcgraw

    At about the 22:00 minute mark PCR states that Putin should have conquered Ukraine immediately a year ago “Which would put fear” into the West.
    There is no “Fear in the West.” We are dealing with neocon sociopaths here. They are like Adolph Hitler in his bunker at the end of WWII imagining armies that don’t exist coming to save the Reich.
    Only death will end the neocon madness. They are like rabid dogs in DC.

  90. tim mcgraw

    This is the data that Pfizer tried to hide for 75 years, but was forced to reveal due to a court order. READ PAGES 16 & 17. There were hundreds of deaths from the Covid-18 vaccine in the testing of this mRNA shot by Pfizer.

    Vaccines are pulled from the market for 5-10 deaths, let alone hundreds.

    You can say it’s a small percentage of those injected. Fine.

    But hundreds died in the testing of the “vaccine”.

    For the FDA to release this supposed “vaccine” to the public under an emergency use authorization is murder, pure and simple.

    Read the report from Pfizer. The company (which has always been a @#$$$# company of liars and thieves imo) indicts itself with its confidential report on the results of its “vaccine” in testing.


  91. Andreas Kunz

    Thank you Greg for all the interesting Interviews you do!
    What about making once an interview mit Simon Parkes vom Connecting Contiousness?
    all the best Andreas

  92. Laura

    Why is the ratio of silver to dollar & gold to dollar at zero?? Could you or a guest share insight into this please?

    • Laura

      Edit: it’s Dollar to silver

      Dollar to gold

  93. Nick Reynolds

    “Expect the worst.” That sums up what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says most of the time. And he has been right about almost everything he has said. I read him every day and have for years. Nobody else comes close.
    The central bank digital currency is what the tyrants want. Not the de-centralized, non-bank, non-governmental cryptos like Bitcoin. They most certainly don’t want they. They can’t control that, and all their evil money-laundering is recorded for anyone to see should they use Bitcoin. I personally think their fear and hostility towards cryptos is why this whole covid nonsense is happening right now. Not only must they defeat Russia and China, but they must also eliminate Bitcoin, etc.. But they can’t stop Bitcoin. It’s an idea whose time has come. Nothing is going to stop it. They could if they shut down the Internet, because Bitcoin is a child of the Internet. A digital currency that they control is what they want, and they will try as hard to impose one as they have tried to jab us all. And, so far, they haven’t succeeded in jabbing us all.

    But no one knows how this is going to turn out. Just get ready for anything. Be as self-reliant as you can be, but co-operate with those around you. The first step in defeating any opponent, according to Sun Tzu, is to make yourself invulnerable and then wait and watch for the opponent to make a mistake, which they will. They have made and will make mistakes and probably even fight among themselves. Give them enough rope, and their own greed and lust for power will destroy them.
    Trust in God, above all.
    Thank you, Greg. Keep ’em coming.

  94. Rod Brumley, Sr. Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    The end of the Petro Dollar means the Reserve Currency in the World ends – this means total Nightmare for the entire world. Better have Gold – Silver, especially pre 1965 US Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars for Barter purposes
    Food to last for at least a year – Water – Guns and Ammo to protect what wealth you have along with your food & water. Most will be totally unprepared and will try to take from the ones that had the intelligence to get ready for what is coming – which is an Epic Nightmare of Historical proportions. In God I Trust

    • Greg Hunter

      Good analysis Rod. Thanks for posting it here!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Rod,
      “Most will be totally unprepared”
      Correct. And no doubt they will blame those of us who did prepare for ‘not warning them’ – just like the vaxxed now seek to blame the unvaxxed for ‘not warning them’. These people are not only stupid, they seek to blame others for their own failings!

  95. Won Witness

    I would comment onPCR’s comment about democrat Roosevelt outlawing gold (at about 49 mins into interview)

    Confiscation was very limited, from people’s (UN) safe deposit boxes. (That is an important lesson ! )

    My Grandfather said they still quietly kept and used them. Seriously would you not give discounts to your customers for payment in gold ?. When alcohol was outlawed during the prohibition, a man could still get a drink, the human race survives due to adaptation !

    Those who think BITCOIN is the solution – NEWSFLASH !

    This year, the IRS TAX FORMS require you to declare your “digital assets” (bitcoin, etc). Are you sure they’re not track able ?
    Gold is only report able (and only certain gold coins at that) and taxed at higher
    collect able tax rate) when you sell. Even so, some coins like the US Eagle have favorable tax treatment in the U.S. (this is why here, the premiums on eagles run higher than maple leafs, philharmonics, etc.
    p.s. article 10 US Constitution says gold and silver are money.
    The first and Last chapters of the Bible say gold is money.
    anything else’s value will not stand the test of time
    (like Discount Gold and Silver)

    • Nick Reynolds

      Important info for you. Gold has a physical presence and is much more confiscatible than cryptos, which do not. They hate Bitcoin because they, the criminal tyrants, cannot control it.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Blockchain ensures that EVERY transaction is recorded and archived. This makes crypto fully transparent to TPTB. Also, the crypto exchanges are subject to the dictates of TPTB. They can be ordered to divulge transactional information or face unsustainable fines – even incarceration – for non compliance. Exchanges can be ordered to close. Trading in crypto can be legislated as illegal and / or the BIS has the power to instruct all banks to refuse to process fiat to crypto transactions. Hide your crypto in your ‘off line wallet’ if it makes you feel any better, but do not kid yourself that your crypto asset/s are secure . . .

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Won,
      In the U.K., gold coins of the realm – those with the monarch’s head on them – are not subject to sales tax ( VAT) or to capital gains tax. Foreign (non-U.K.) gold coins and gold bullion bars are not subject to sales tax, but they are liable for capital gains tax.

      Silver coins of the realm are subject to sales tax, but not to capital gains tax. Foreign silver coins and silver bullion bars are subject to both sales tax and to capital gains tax.

  96. larry giglio

    Hello. First, I do not have time for an entire interview filled with a tone of self-laughing mockeries of supposed important issues.
    I appreciate the work from the interview and wanted to listen.
    To respond regarding the topics:(
    If a red flag event (and my apologies to residents there, as evil has no original thoughts, only actions upon others), such as the assembly of a dirty nuclear warhead and detonation in a heart of our country, Memphis, the home of Graceland and alongside the Mississippi River, and subsequent blame upon Russia; then it could be said we are at war with Russia, even if they had nothing to do with it. I put nothing off the table with our evil empire, as our military complex is only a profit generating business and war is good profit, which is what the Ukraine is about. Why civilians are sacrificed by stupid thugs with power is barbaric, but I never thought Putin would stoop so low in today’s evolution. He is only following our example of taking resources by force and using the military as protection for corporate interests not within his own borders. Another issue is the rapid decline of the dollar as the go to currency. Well, the world order likes crytocurrencies for the inherent social control implications, and in order to replace the dollar and provide a solution, they erroneously think you first have to crash the dollar. Another topic, as I forgot what, is about nobody, (including chatBOT which is programmed by someone thinking religion is a mystic cult), is willing today to sign the Constitution of the most glorious nation under God, the Democratic Republic of these United States of America. To elect a lying narcissist and think he belongs in political leadership because he fits right in, is blasphemous, and this nation was founded under God, and our citizenry believes, and we should act more respectful of ALL God’s teachings. If you believe lying is righteous, it is not God you follow. Peace is the beginning.

  97. Linda Walling

    No matter how many times my comments are deleted I will continue to listen to your shows because most of them are excellent.

    • Greg Hunter

      What comments?

  98. James Diamond

    True Richo,
    That’s why as we speak, talks are underway to partition Ukraine to Poland, Romania and Hungary. Ukraine is a lost cause, much too corrupt and to many buried secrets. It’s all going under the buss and swept under the carpet baggers rug. Russia will be allowed the Russian speakers area’s. EVERYBODY WILL BE HAPPY AND SAVE FACE AND THE PAST Slimy POLITICS FORGOTTEN. There are already large swaths of Ukraine’s populace [refugee’s] in these countries and these countries once controlled large portions of Ukraine. It’s either that, or Russia’s trap! OUCH!

    Tucker Carlson Asks: ‘Why Are We Not Sending an Armed Force North’ to Liberate Canada? (Video) / Story by Slav Kandyba • Thursday

  99. Pat

    The part that wasn’t said about the Saudis and the dollar is that that the Saudis were to buy Treasury bonds with Most of the money they made From the sale of their oil. It’s my guess they came after the money to cash in their bonds and there wasn’t any. Like France the seventies they called America’s bluff and america said, oh sorry we don’t have what you want. Because of this it’s even bigger than Paul Craig Roberts let on it’s huge.

  100. Tony D

    Trump fails the PCR test. PCR has zero tolerance for morons. And Trump is a moron because he keeps telling people the vax is safe & effective. And anyone who has yet to rebuke Mark Taylor is a moron. That false prophet lied to us that Trump was good for us. How could Trump be good for us when Trump calls himself the father of the vax?!

    Clif High & Juan Osavin are also morons. They tell us that Trump is saving us by killing us. Their cockamamie excuses are reminisent of those of Baghdad Bob.

  101. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great to have PCR on as a special guest, even though it meant foregoing your WNW. IMHO, this was one of the very best PCR interviews I have heard. In particular, he did not pull any punches when discussing the scamdemic, it’s origination and its ramifications. Unfortunate that the comments relating to this brilliant interview with PCR will be overtaken so soon afterward by the Saturday Night Post . . .

  102. Bill

    This is all about excessive influence of Zionist jews and their satanic belief system. If Russia does not act decisively and exterminate the zionists running Ukraine then I think the whole thing was an orchestrated zionist con job on the world. Chabad Lubavitchers controlled trump and Putin has them around his neck as much as the USA does. Is Madagascar still available as a dumping ground? Zionists supporting nazis? Does this mean World War 2 was fought for lies and the tales of woe about the holocaust were just so much theater to shake down and oppress Germany? Love to hear that coversation gentlemen. Germany should work with Russia to save Europe from the zioists who want to exterminate us. They did 9-11; they did Covid; they did fake Keynesian economic system with US Dollar hegemony to run their ponzi/madoff schemes. Wake up!!

  103. Joe Wong

    Greg – Great video by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

    Keep up the good work, and have a nice weekend.

  104. Jane jones

    Zakharova’s POWERFUL Message to Olaf Scholz (EN Translated)
    iEarlGrey 183,382 views Jan 27, 2023, SAINT PETERSBURG
    Maria Zakharova delivered a moving and powerful message to Olaf Sholz following his disastrous decision to open old wounds by delivering German Panzers once again to fight Russians.
    If you ever doubted the hurt, pain and trauma that is remembered, and still felt and carried by Russian people to this day, just look into Maria Zakharova’s eyes as she recounts the words of her grandmother.

  105. Jim Brashear

    37:15 What’s so funny about babies dying of heart attacks?

    Unfortunately, a lot of people were duped, forced or coerced into taking the jab.

    Why did Biden push the J&J out to the immigrants but then not mandate it for the immigrants?

    Why is the MNRA vax the only one being pushed?

  106. Bill

    When PCR is rolling on the floor laughing you’ll know the missiles are on the way.

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