Nuke War Close, FOX Ignores 2000 Mules, Inflation vs Roe

4.15.22 sinking of Moskva

4.15.22 sinking of Moskva

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 528 5.6.22)   

It is now confirmed by intel sources that the U.S assisted in sinking the prized Russian warship called the Moskva.  Sinking a ship is an act of war.  Here’s what history says about the U.S. entering into the first world war:  “Lusitania, British ocean liner, the sinking of which by a German U-boat on May 7, 1915, contributed indirectly to the entry of the United States into World War I.”  Are we close to world war and a war that could very easily escalate into a nuke war?  I think we are going to find out sooner than later.

Every mainstream media operation is simply ignoring the new movie “2000 Mules,” which creator Dinesh D’Souza says proves beyond a doubt there was widespread voter fraud in the form of ballot box stuffing in the 2020 Election.  Even FOX is ignoring this explosive film.  Shame on fake FOX News.  The mainstream media is desperate to discredit it and try to totally ignore this earth-shaking revelation of a stolen election and an illegitimate President in the White House.

Looks like the federal abortion case Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned by the Supreme Court.  Is this enough to give the Democrats an advantage?  Don’t bet on it as Americans will be struggling to survive in a world of staggering inflation, the worst in 40 years.  Getting behind killing the unborn is going to be low on the priority list when trying to pay for food and fuel that is exploding in price along with everything else.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 5.6.22.

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After the Interview:

Best-selling author of the Harbinger, Jonathan Cahn, has a new movie out called “The Harbingers of Things to Come.” Cahn gives a warning for America and has stunning insight into how to keep America from having the same fate as Israel hundreds of years ago.  The parallels between ancient Israel before it fell and America are stunning.  Cahn will explain in detail.

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  1. barsoom43

    Greg.. if you’re going to interview Jonathan Cahn, maybe someday soon you might consider interviewing Howard Storm..
    Rev Storm had an NDE.. He went from a blaspheming, atheist tenured professor to an ordained minister.. Somewhere in his NDE, he got the living crap scared out of him and turned his whole life around. He gave up everything from his old life..
    He is interesting to listen to..

    • Charles gillespie

      Perhaps putin will microwave our traitor leaders from space and do us all a flavor

    • GM Florino

      Hi Greg
      I like listening to your news reports. I wonder if the oil that Biden is purchasing from foreign countries is in fact Russian oil. Putin has been giving sweet deals on his oil sales. Wouldn’t it be easy for Saudi Arabia to purchase a large quantity at a very cheap price and then turn around and sell to US at a very high price since the West needs it so badly.

      • Stephen Smith

        I really think you’re a national treasure Mr. Hunter. God bless you from Houma Louisiana.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Stephen but I am just a guy standing watch on a wall.

          • larry giglio

            I’m a guy standing halfway on a mountain, not desiring anything. I tell myself wisdom defeats actions, and waiting is the course. My view is obscured by disinformation, and my soul anchors to God.
            We will not have war on our soil. Any insurrection will transfer into overthrowing our own government. They know that.
            So we watch, and do nothing, and pray for the global insanity to end.
            My regular query is why do they perform in slow motion? Are they that incompetent? Or that greedy?

    • Dawn

      I’ve watched the Storm video .
      Another to watch is Tyrone Williams – he had a NDE after a car crash- lost his right arm too.

      Williams was a petty drug dealer and woman cheater —- but not anymore .

    • Art Simpson

      The third seal is famine and the 4th seal is a war that kills 1/4th the earth. Re 6:8 God authored this. Re 1:1

  2. Michael

    Hi Greg, can’t get the video to work . Says its waiting for an encoding server to claim video?

    • Greg Hunter

      No worries, it will be playable soon. It’s an uploading thing on Rumble.

      • Ken Locke

        Diesel in Massachusetts is $7 dollars.
        This is the time of year farmers use massive amounts of diesel, the government is trying to make it unbearable for farmers.
        At some point even the most dead of thought is going to realize the government wants you dead.

        • Garth Alan Bentley

          Your correct ,

          They are penalizing us for voting for Trump , and want us all dead. Evil is here

          • BB

            They are not “penalizing us for voting for Trump”! They are penalizing us for being alive and in their way.

        • BB

          Unbearable for truckers is just as important.

      • Jean Luze Revaul

        McCarthy should never become speaker of the house.

        • Nika

          I agree. He has trouble, remembering what being loyal to America First means!

  3. Nancy

    Breaking bad news on the J & J covid vaxx.
    I also saw information that was uncovered in the covid research papers regarding dangers to pregnant women.
    Just wondering if you will cover any of this in future episodes?
    Keep up the good work.

    • Computer Guy

      They’ve known about this from the beginning, all of these so called vaccines are dangerous and deadly. They are still mandated in many parts of the USA and the world. This is a crime against humanity.

    • Ken


    • Pieter Ott

      19 million got the J&J vaccine. Not sure if true but allegedly about 9 people got trombosis. Not so bad if you compare that to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine’s variety of bad side effects affecting thousands. I am not sure about the exact numbers but it’s a big difference. I think I know the reason why…. Money.

  4. IIG

    As our illegitimate President brings us to “nuclear war” along with creating an energy, food and inflation crisis – he has now set up a “Ministry of Truth” (and put his son Hunter Biden at the head the Disinformation Governance Board at a $600,000 dollar yearly salary) “to control our free speach” and thus destroy all remaining remnants of our First Amendment Rights – thus putting a stake into the very heart of our US Constitution as he calls for the “jabbing of every American” with an experimental HIV and AIDS, etc. gene therapy that eventually will stop all our hearts – on May 22, 2022 this illegitimate President will give the World Health Organization complete Dictatorial Power over “everyone” and we all will be forced to take the “experimental jab” – if we don’t immediately stop it from happening – so get on the phones to Congress folks – call night and day and write to everyone one of “our representatives in Congress” and force them “to do their job to protect the American people from total extermination by both nuclear and biological weapons by “a bunch of Demons (queer psychopaths who have stolen our Constitutional government and put us on a path to Nuclear War and World Dictatorship)!!

    • IIG

      Not only Americans – but all the people of our world – must quickly awaken to the Satanic forces (now trying to murder every one of us and our children) – and “don’t allow” the World Health Organization(WHO) on May 22nd (just 16 days from now) to take Dictatorial Control of Every Government in the World – tell your elected representatives to recall all the un-elected delegates being sent to approve the formation of a New World Government under the auspicious of a Health Organization (that is really controlled by Demons like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Soros, etc. etc.) – better act now folks! – this is your last chance to save our world as God intended!! – you have only 16 days left “to act”!!! – get off the couch now and call every Congressmen and every Government Official in your respective governments and tell them to STOP the giving up of your National Sovereignty (to a bunch of Demons who worship Satan)!!!! –

      • Bob dole

        Phone calls will not work, your advice sucks, this organization is committed to world destruction and you want to make a phone call, WTF dude its war

      • Russ McMeans

        I have zero plans of complying. And I’m armed well and living out in the desert. I don’t give a damn what our commy/ Marxist leaders do. They can shove it! Btw: go to hell Biden. I hate you you corrupt miserable wrench. You’re not even supposed to be in our White House. Get the f outa there!

        • Jay A.

          Exactly Russ! Many of us feel the same way!

      • Judy has articles about Baby Farms in Ukraine raised for Big Pharma. Brutal treatment of the women by medical staff. Hideously evil.

    • Southern patriot

      I’m sorry to say phone calls and letters don’t work! I think it’s more than ” pitch forks” and it’s more than “tar and feathers” that’s required for this operation. We might want to give some thought to what it will be like in taking our country back. Sacrifice, death and destruction are the harbingers in saving this Republic!

      • IIG

        If our Congressmen won’t represent us – they are in default of their duties and therefore should automatically be put in a “non-pay” status and replaced by the candidate who lost the election to them – same with Biden (who is not representing the American people but is instead representing a bunch of Globalists who want war and genocide)!!

  5. Anthony Australia

    Vindication at last Greg!
    One of my favourite guests on your show has been recently interviewed by ABC Australia.

    How many times did I send your clips around with Marc Faber to only be ridiculed because they are so hooked on the MSM brainwashing indoctrination .
    Yet now they said to me today, “oh we know this bloke.”

  6. John Forgione

    you can buy it but you pay thru the teeth… such as they’re in CA

  7. Andrea

    With plasma votexs , or cropcircles, the wheat seed heads are after the fact, 4 to 5 times bigger. They can and will feed more people that way. Crop circles are getting more numerous , it is a ,magnetic result of plasma and magnetism from our core earth. Manifest as crop circles. If we would only open our eyes.

  8. stanley skrzypek

    How many YEARS do the American Citizen have to Patiently Wait for our CORRUPT Officials of this Former Republic to follow the Constitution, until the American Citizen takes Back OUR Country by “any means available”?

    • IIG

      Looks that way!!

  9. Ben Golan

    No matter what we do SHTF is coming. Our government is compromised. The GOP worthless. We are now being bombarded from all sides. “We The People” is nothing but an illusion. Believing we can solve this politically is folly. Since Obama’s reign it’s all been the same bravo sierra and worse. We are in serious trouble and no one is waking up to reality. All we can do is prepare for the inevitable. God help us.

  10. Marie Joy

    Politicians would rather have WWIII than lose the 2922 and/or 2024 elections. They don’t seem to care they and theirs will be crispy critters, right alongside us.

  11. ulrich sherry

    And lets not forget The Gulf of Tonkin……….US false flag to keep them in the Vietnam conflict…

  12. Graham Leadbeatter

    People who cannot get Hydroxychloroquine can make their own. All you need is lemon peal, grapefruit peal and a clove of garlic. Put it all in a big pot, bring it to the boil and leave it for 5 minutes, and then let it cool. There is your Hydroxychloroquine. Drink up.

  13. IIG

    All Corporations “reimbursing abortion travel expenses” for their employees – are right in your face demonstrating “their loyalty to Satan” (and should be boycotted by everyone who believes “killing a baby is murder” – and that those who assist in the murder of babies should be punished)!! – – also boycott all those Big Pharma Corporations instrumental in giving people “deadly clot shots” and “uncontrollable convulsions” (it’s not a vaccine folks) – we need to teach these murderers a lesson they will never forget – we wield huge economic power and can easily put these murderers out of business – use that power – instead of doing nothing (but simply looking at all these poor people in horrible life threatening convulsions) – asking us and praying to God – to “Please Help Me”!!!

    • IIG

      The Demonrats “dance” – as the vaccinated “convulse” and say: “It’s not a vaccine – we need help” – the Demonrats response: “Those who have not taken at least 6 booster shots Are Un-vaccinated” – therefore – “This is “A Pandemic of the Un-vaccinated”!!!

  14. IIG

    The sinking of the Moskva by the US has forced Russia to declare war on the US and NATO “exactly as the Globalists wanted” – now the Globalists are hoping and praying that Putin responds by launching a Poseidon 2M39 (to create a 1500 foot tall radioactive tidal wave that will wash over England killing all 68.4 Million people) as justified payment in their eyes “for England dropping out of their European Union”!!

    • Don Bass

      IIG, your hilarious! Yup, jolly old Farage is to blame and for that matter, Tumps to blame too.
      Because Monday Russia’s Putin, will declare. Hypersonic warfare on any participants. Arming any further, the Russian border. With complete and total annihilation.
      Let’s hope he’s bluffing!
      Where’s Hunter’s, Beijing’ Biden Russian and Chinese friends? When we needs em, NOW!
      Arma gettin outa here, exit stage left!👨‍🦼🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️👩🏻‍🦽💃🦍

  15. DavidM

    Hi Greg,
    great show. At about 40:30 You mention people lining up in a “cool-aid line” for the shots. I mis-heard and thought You said “Coup Aide line”. And then it occurred to me, what a perfect metaphor for the MSM and the Jim Jones-esque administration You have in the USA today.

  16. Rick Larson

    Start a garden now its spring time!

    • Justn Observer

      Depends on where ya live Rick….doing starts in a greenhouse for sure…but the world is wide-and varied as to WHEN…might check one’s area at WEATHERSPARKS =

  17. David Bagley

    Trump is cabal.. No one would allow Americans to knowingly take the injection. The agenda of globalists is common knowledge

    • William Glaser

      I am afraid that you are correct. I thought Trump was the greatest President until he started pushing the clot shot. Put your faith in no man, Trust Only Jesus christ.

    • Mark

      Absolutely. I think he was offered a chance by GOD to do the right thing,clean his own house and be a hand of God but he balked. The story of Melania trying to remove the pagan idols from their residences and Donald throwing a fit is true.
      Bit for context, many men are given the strength to sober up, but molachs minions are skilled, so the drunk runs back to the bottle. It’s hard to answer the call of God. This I know as a fact.

      • Tin foil hat

        Trump is an outaider but he either balked or he made a deal.

  18. Gary Horn

    Unfortunately Greg, I think even if Trump resumes his rightful place as president, most major governments are now controlled by globalist corporate entities, and so no matter who is president at this point Davos (and eventually the U.N.) will be making most all decisions for us. So not sure which is worse, that culminating in the tyrannical Agenda 2030 plans, or Russia throwing a wrench in those plans with a nuclear war?

    • Charles H


      The impassioned Dems (anti-God Liberals) – who cheated and stole the elections: are as children who have not been punished. Cake on their face and hands, but still denying they did anything wrong. How do you deal with adults like these?
      If Trump had such a hard time to get anything done before – how will he do the least of anything with all the opposition?? It’s not the Media, but the ABC government agencies stacked and against him. At this point – France also learned the trick of national cheating – there is such a tide throughout the world against FAIRNESS AND HONESTY: those who would challenge this are like Don Quixote charging windmills.

      • Tom Grier

        I couldn’t believe my ears when I read Macron had won the election by 65% even with 10s of thousands of Parisians in the streets protesting vax mandates . Sounds like the French election was just as rigged as the US!

  19. Robert Coleman

    Keep up the Great Work Greg !

  20. Jerry

    I can’t say how I know this man, but let’s just say I know him very well and the young republicans running for the midterms are doubling down on Donald Trumps message of America first, and it’s scarring the heck out of the globalist who are running our country.

    In reality I do not believe the globalist will allow another election to take place, because just like this young man running for the fourth district in Missouri, to many people are waking up. They are pulling out all the stops with war in Ukraine, and civil unrest with Roe Vs Wade to stop a free and honest elections. Listen to Kyle’s message. The government is lying to the American people about the economy and every time people fill up their cars at the pump, or buy groceries they are reminded of it. The Democrats are masters at lying, because they control the MSM. But the fraud is so massive that even they can’t control it. Thanks to alternate media stars like you Greg, the truth is finally getting out to the American people. Kyle is a huge fan of USA watchdog, so if you ever want to interview him, just let me know.
    God bless you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jerry!

  21. David Bagley

    God said in the last book.. he concluded his message.. I believe God.. not Bol Polny.

  22. Caroline

    Thank you for all your hard work in reporting Greg. I look forward to your uploads and appreciate your diligence to get the words out and the fact that you are backed by divine guidance makes you one force to recon with. Keep your footing with G-d in your heart and you will remain a mainstay in this world of chaos. We have no fear and we do care. Be well, be safe and make it a great Mothers Day weekend my friend. Thank you again, G-d bless you and all that you do!!

  23. Clint D Young

    If Russia is the Daniel 7:5 bear, then it will arise and devour much flesh after it has 3 ribs in its mouth between its teeth. Those 3 ribs may be Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk. Crimea is now in the mouth of the Russian bear. Donetsk and Luhansk will follow as the Donbas is taken over by Russia. If what is going on now is fulfilling the Daniel 7:5 prophecy, watch out after Russia takes and secures the Donbas. The nukes could be flying soon afterward, and that includes the USA and possibly any of the NATO nations and Russia. I see this all occuring by July 4, 2022.

    • regaleagle

      The 3 ribs could well turn out to be Finland, Sweden, and Ukraine……just sayin’.

  24. Roger Stamper

    tks greg!

  25. Tommy

    Why anyone believes there will be a red wave in November is beyond me. We will still have the same election system as we had in 2020; mail in ballots, drop boxes, phony news, etc. As Joe Biden said two years ago, the democrats have developed the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud system in political history. The democrats are now in a position to create as many votes as they need and take as much time as needed to do so. And if you question the election, well we now have a minister of truth.
    PS…the FDA just announced that they are restricting the use of the J&J authorized for experimental use vaccine due to the ongoing risk of “rare, but serious ” blood clots.

  26. Bill Albano

    BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Greg Hunter…The leviathan cesspool of COMMIE BS you articulated in semi Celente style in this broadcast was not “refreshing” in a GOOD way:-) I happened to run into a guy at the checkout of the local supermarket yesterday. He looked at me and in an accent said…’The country is a disgrace and an embarrassment. I lived under ‘COMMUNISM” and you don’t wan’t it” …I asked him what country. “Hungary” as he shelled out 33 cents a bag to carry his grocery’s. Our Comrade Governor here in NJ banned plastic bags in the larger supermarkets as of May 4th. Thank you Comrade Governor for another visionary mandate for we the people. Albeit, paled by your masking up, fatten the curve, safe and effective we know what’s best get your BOOSTER and the ban on anything over a ten round clip signed in with typical COMMIE arrogance.

    Bo P’s prediction was huge re: Roe vs Wade…Not huge enough…These VERMIN need to be tried for HIGH TREASON and hung on the gallows at sunrise. Good riddance to all and to all a good day as I down a shot of Jack Daniels made in the the USA Tennessee Whiskey.

  27. G. G. Liddle

    Germany’s Scholz: ‘Western Balkans belong in Europe’
    Deutsche Welle – Yesterday 12:59 AM
    The leaders of Serbia and Kosovo met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin. Leaders voiced optimism at the prospect of both joining the European Union. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Wednesday voiced his support for Serbia and Kosovo in their aspirations to join the European Union as the leaders of both Balkan countries pledged to push forward with the necessary reforms required to do so.
    The invasion has put Serbia, for instance, in a difficult position. While it has condemned Russia’s invasion, its historical religious, ethnic and political ties with Moscow have kept it from signing on to sanctions.
    Serbia’s Vucic says compromise with Kosovo possible.
    [Wow, because of the historical religious, ethnic and political ties, Russia has always considered the Serb’s as they’re little brothers. Slav’s are all related, but only some hit all three, religious, ethnic and political ties, as Serbia and by the way, Ukraine does or did, also.
    It is obviouse, Mother Russia is being isolated. The Slav’s and Germanic people have fought as enemies for over a thousands years in Europe. Making both far from being racially pure at all, capturing each others women and all that. But it is significant that the two countries Serbia and Ukraine, brothers to the Russians. Are today moving into the former German enemies sphere of influence, the west. Leaving mother Russia’s orbit, following the in the wake of the new world dis-order]

  28. Shirl

    Greg, one of your best yet IMHO. Thank you and I pray protection for you and all truth tellers out there.

  29. Michael Cagney

    Had our PC party potential leaders debate last night and they all pledge to drop all covid mandates, totally against the WEF and to make Canada the most free country in the world. To up oil and natural gas production and export as well as our other resources. To overturn basically most all of the things our present dictator Trudeau has and is doing. Oh and to defend the media.
    All but one, an ex liberal.
    Problem is we don’t have an election until 2025. We pray for a Conservative win then and that things will can still undo all the damage. I have to believe that by then the vast majority are well awake in both of our countries and even the puppets fear what they have done as their own families existence will be far from what they thought they were designing.

  30. Mark Gunderson

    Morning Greg,
    I have watched as our country is driven into the ground and people still defend this turd in the out house. They think their is nothing wrong with the clot shots or abortion on demand. The msm and politicians walk lock step to lie and deceive us at every turn. I have been looking forward to the collapse of our economy only because that will force these morons to wake up. It will also take a great deal of power away from evil men who use wealth to destroy lives.
    You can deny reality but you can not deny the consequences of denying reality. Rand knew what she was talking about because she lived it as a youth. It is a shame this lesson is forgotten and has to be learned over and over again.

  31. tim mcgraw

    Great Weekly Report! Everyone in California is going nuts over the Roe vs. Wade leaked draft. Gasoline is over $6/gallon, but abortion is in the news. San Jose still requires its public transit employees to get the jabs. 90% are jabbed, but 213 employees are not. Local bar here in town still has a sign up saying, “Proof of vaccination must be shown to sit at the bar.” School kids still wearing masks in our town as they walk home from middle school. Governor Newsom will probably shut down the state again around election time.
    We have had some rain in Sonoma County, but are on level 2 water restrictions. So of course the city is raising water and sewer rates.
    No good news from California.

    • regaleagle

      I guess those good 0l’ days in the 60’s and 70’s are forever gone in Cali now……like everywhere else! The USA will split apart soon……in more ways than secession. Glad I live in Texas is all I can think now…….I’ve always been glad to a Texan. At least here we still believe in individual freedoms and the right to voice our discontent.

  32. A+Jones

    I have a book on my desk that foretells exactly what is happening in the World right now. It was written in 1867, by a theologian named Professor Robert L. Dabney DD. On the first page he states that this little book, “A DEFENSE OF VIRGINIA AND THE SOUTH” DR Dabney states that this book is not for the present generation but is directed to a future generation of young patriotic people that will emerge as leaders in about 150 years to rebuild society after the death of the cult. He traces the history of a movement, at the time known as Jacobinism, known today as radical extreme leftism, from the time of the French Revolution where it had its origins. He explains exactly how this will play out in the coming decades. He states that we will know the end is near when they start talking about animal rights. Everything he stated has happened exactly as he predicted.

  33. The Ogs

    I’m recently ‘itchy’ Greg, can’t sit still, I’m agitated! Apprehensive about something.
    My mood is soured lately, my thoughts a raging sea. Calm thinking eludes me.
    Notably (in comparison) the whole covid thing hasn’t touched my psyche like this at all, heheh… so what’s up?
    Something’s goin’ on. I think maybe the bad smell is coming from… China?
    And I can sense Russia’s intense dismay, I can feel it, it’s palpable. They recognize now that the west WANTS nuclear war. They are crestfallen. Has their trust in sanity not been let down?
    And China, that’s just not normal whatever’s happening there, and it’s beyond bizarre…
    Something’s up.

    • Tin foil hat

      Covid is a bioweapon made to terrorize. Whatever is happening in China is not bizarre at all if the CCP were indeed horrified by this virus. The only ones not frightened by it are our dear leaders, who are mostly old and frail.

  34. Valerie

    Thank you so much, Greg!
    Praying we don’t have nuclear war!!!!!!
    Many people have been totally brainwashed, or they are under an evil demonic spell!!!!!
    This is starting to be a nightmare!!
    God help us! God help our country! God help the world!
    Praying for peace and protection!

  35. Klaus Meyer

    Jenn Psaki takes a parting shot at the Trump White House, where press secretaries got a bad rap because they were Republicans. No one at the Trump White House wanted drama, only fairly represented in the White House press corps. McEnany, Huckabee-Sanders and Spicer were relentlessly abused by the White House press corps, with only Doocy offering up relevant questions. Over the last 18 months Psaki proved a loyal Biden apologist, not once questioning any White House policy, especially on the Ukraine War. Psaki was a leading voice for Biden prosecuting the Ukraine proxy war to undermine the Russian Federation. No matter how close to WW III, Psaki always said Biden never wrong or at fault for anything.

    • regaleagle

      Let’s call her what she is…….a witch! She will pay for her sins dearly soon. She has given her soul to Satan and is now relegated to eternal damnation…….unless she miraculously confesses in earnest before God Almighty and changes her wicked ways abruptly.

  36. Scott

    Remember, to the globalist class nuclear war is a feature not a bug. Their goal has always been to weak in the United States economically and then embroil us in a war in which we would surrender which would permit them to negate the constitution that they view as the biggest impediment to world government. Let the Russians hit a few of our major metropolitan areas with modest size nuclear devices and Biden will capitulate and all of the media and blue stators will support him.

  37. Catherine Cronin

    Greg. Johnathon and you are the prophets of our time. In the Torah OLD TESTAMENT Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel etc. warned the Jews at that time for decades. No one listened. After a time The LAWS OF ISRAEL made by human kings of Israel legalized sacrificing their children to Baal and other false idols among other forbidden sexual perversions that they knew were forbidden by God laws..
    The 10 tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel were captured by Syria dispersed and put into slavery and are lost in time THAT WAS THE FIRST PUNISHMENT.
    Then after king Solomon who also followed false gods, the-son of David died, the Temple he built was destroyed by The BABYLONIANS (Iran) THAT WAS THE SECOND PUNISHMENT.

    After a time they built the second temple by King Herod. However they once again became incapable of following Gods Commandments. This would have been Jesus’s era. Jesus the Messiah also warned the Jews of that time all the time knowing it was too late. And you all know what happened there. THE THIRD AND FINAL PUNISHMENT Boom ! The Romans destroyed that temple and THREE STRIKES YOUR OUT!!

    All the Jews were dispersed and even though they earned the country back due to their sacrifices of the Holocaust they have not rebuilt the third temple. They are incapable of maintaining a closeness to God. Just like us at this time.
    So All the warnings and attempts to change the future have been unsuccessful.
    All these stories are for us now. Historically and metaphorically they describe all western history. When ever humans begin to think they are God or, and think God doesn’t exist or refuse to make the effort to know Him, Destruction and Judgement, restriction and suffering is divinely served to the world.
    Look at us now. We are Israel. We are Gods children. We are heading for the fall of our lives. All predicted all warned and yet no change great enough to prevent the JUDGEMENT of God
    Heaven help us.
    Just know God promises to remember and save the righteous at the end of time and promises they will see the destruction of evil. They will be the ones to rebuild the world in a righteous way and the Messiah will lead us. So if Gods stories are real when it comes to Judgement He is also true to His word when it comes to Salvation .

    • IIG

      It is hard to fight Jews like Kissinger, Soros and Horror-e “who will kill their own” to garner all the worlds wealth and power – that Satan is now promising them – if they continue to follow Satan as their leader – all the righteous Jews must begin to stand up to those among them (who put the Jewish people in a bad light) – Putin is now calling out Israel “for supporting the Nazi’s under Zelenskyy” – one would have thought Jews of all the peoples of the world “would not be supporting Nazi’s – but Jews “who will kill their own” are doing just that – and it will ultimately result in the destruction of all the Israeli people (95% percent of the righteous Jews “have likely already been given a death sentence” with the “jab” and 6 booster shots they’ve been given by that evil Jew running Pfizer (just so he can make Trillions of dollars)!!

      • Catherine Cronin

        Its very very true about your observation. The fix was in to destroy jews in a way that made them choose their own destruction by their choice to follow the rules of man instead of trusting God. During the escape from Egypt Israelites were given the choice to follow Moses and leave or stay behind and die. 80 percent of the jews of that time stayed and on Passover their first born died alongside the Egyptians. Only 20 percent chose Moses to follow.
        Yes the Bible does say that many jews who are alive in this time will suffer and not be part of the redemption, (consequences of the jab indeed) significantly applies to Israel who completely disregards teaching Torah to public school students and liberal jews who profess no connection to God on any level including abortion and homosexuality etc. . Of course Soros, Schumer and Kissinger are at the top of the list with others (Gates? not sure his background) Zuckerberg, Bezos etc are in deep trouble. They are supposed to be a light unto the world, and they obviously are in complete compliance with the Satan and darkness.
        Christians though are not judged as severely because Jesus did what he did and saved those christians who choose to follow God.

  38. Fred Engel

    The deep state actors and corrupt politicians are looking for a cover story to blame for the mess in the USA. A war will do, they are willing to sacrifice every American life to hide their crimes and not be held accountable. You hide things when its wrong.

  39. Charles H


    Gold and silver will not gain anything – let alone reach the value represented by the money supply: until it gets outside the system. And only the failure of the system will insure that.

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur 100%. The system has replaced gold and silver with Bitcoin. Only the failure of the system will manifest the reason why Central banks hold gold as reserve rather than Bitcoin.

  40. wallstone

    Greg, I couldn’t help but laugh when you told the story of your encounter with the
    manager of your local movie theater. People like him are so completely brain
    washed it’s unbelievable how they rationalize what’s happening all around them.
    All I can say is keep up the good work exposing all the craziness.

  41. Mark
    This is very important information you need to hear.

    • IIG

      Biden is giving our American Sovereignty as a Nation – over to “a Dictator at WHO” – in just 15 days – the date May 22, 2022 “Will Live In Infamy” – for all humans born into this world from now on (or at least until 2030 when the Globalists “who will kill their own” have succeeded in killing every one of us)!!

  42. Charles H


    Face it – Identity Politics is now more important than money. Herd Mentality means more to people than making a living. I guess losing your business is just a “time-out” in the corner of life?!?

  43. Gerald Hammond

    Send your supporting vendors out on a weekly or monthly email. Your site hasn’t loaded, correctly, on my computer in two months. I can’t see your ads. Also, I was sending you a small monthly stipend; however, I had a case of online fraud and my card was canceled. Where can I go to redo that?

  44. eddiemd

    Not only the Southwest USA in extreme drought, Mexico is in the same conditions and facing problems.

    “I have no doubt that in 2022 there will be a crisis,” said Sanchez, who anticipates possible social unrest. “The reservoirs are completely depleted.”,5%25%20each%20year%20since%202012.

    Most recent.

    Here in Phoenix the majority of fruit and vegetables at any time are from Mexico. I am sure it is the same in most border states.

    They are already talking about power outages this summer because of Lake Powell falling below levels to generate power.

    80% of Arizona population depends on water from the CAP canal for drinking and other resources (farming). This comes from the Colorado River.

    “Central Arizona Project (CAP) is Arizona’s single largest resource for renewable water supplies. CAP delivers Colorado River water to Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties, serving more than 5 million people, or more than 80% of the state’s population.”

    Today, May 6, they are having a meeting to discuss the crisis.

    • BB

      Dane Wigginton has been warning about this climate control and weather manipulation for years. A voice crying in the wilderness. Almost no one knows why the drought and fires. Think it’s “natural”…somehow.

      • IIG

        All the chem-trail spraying “has nothing to do with global warming” – the Globalists are spraying to block the Sun so we can’t get our vitamin D (and thus will die more easily from their “jab”) – and the aluminum and other chemicals they are spraying in the air is giving everyone Alzheimer’s – so we will all be walking around like Biden (needing an Easter Bunny to guide us) – and to get those who flush the aluminum and heavy metals out of their bodies with cilantro – the Globalists have flooded our environment with microwaves (5G (which can cause radio-frequency induced Alzheimer’s) – plus the aluminum kills our fruit trees and our vegetables (needed for food in their current manufactured famine) along with the aluminum killing all bee’s (that are needed to pollinate any fruit or vegetable plants that may have half-way survived) – unknowingly Einstein gave the Globalists all the information they needed to kill every one of us off by 2030 (Einstein told them that without bee’s – the world would starve to death within 4 years) – and they are using Round -Up on everything (not only to kill the bees) but to cause deadly cancers in any humans that somehow survived their other killing methods!!!

  45. Dave

    Nukes, eh? The original symbol of the US in the 1790’s was either a snake (now who could that represent?) or the Phoenix (which the freemasons wanted). The first “eagles” on the reverse of our early coins is clearly NOT an eagle, but a phoenix. This is an illuminati/babylonian plan – and a nuclear war would certainly be a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    • IIG

      And isn’t it appropriate that these Globalists “who eat their own” – would have an Eagle eating a Snake – as “their symbol” on their “unbacked” fiat currency!!

  46. swimfinz

    Greg Hunter comes through again! How many of us check Greg Hunter’s website daily?
    I know I do. Excellent podcasts, excellent guests, thank you!

  47. Susan R

    Yesterday I ordered a hand crank grain mill to make my own flour and a 100lbs. of wheat berries. I like to make sour dough bread with a starter. We all need to find our personal way to adopt to where we are headed, it’s !coming! from every corner. First we have to anchor down and trust God and put our part of Him, our Soul, as impenetrable and use that armor to stand firm.

  48. A Day

    Greg, I tried telling my own son about some of this and he told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. He believes the election was legit. and that the efforts of our government’s involvement in Ukraine is necessary. So I don’t hold much hope for any sanity to ensue and relieve us of the craziness.

    • IIG

      Nukes going off in America might jog his mind to reality!!

      • Tim Kapsala

        Hi IIG:

        Either that or the massive jab deaths. However some people will take it to their graves

        Take care Tim


    Can’t wait for Cahn!!!

  50. Judith

    I cannot understand why anyone would be stunned by the fraudulent election. We’ve known it since day one. It was so bloody obvious !!! God’s many Blessings to you and yours, Greg.

  51. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg for another weekly wrap up. Id like to state, in support of your claim that down ballot positions within our states were and have been as compromised as our federal presidential election. In Washington state there would be a different governor. There would not be Senator Maria Cantwell in that chair. I hope to heaven in 2024 the people of Washington state eliminate Patty Murray but I have little trust in the election process after an obvious landslide victory by #45 in 2020 was, or could have been, successfully stolen. The illegitimate placement of these criminals is the reason and way our country has come to this place in time. Yet, they still remain in control. I ask you what will it take to remove and prosecute these enemies of our Republic?

  52. Victor Showman Shokan

    President Vladimir Putin, 69, has been warning the West about not pushing things too far in Ukraine, where a determined U.S. effort has supplied Ukraine with the most advanced U.S. weapon systems to beat back the Feb. 24 Russian invasion. President Joe Biden,79, has insisted from Day One the Russian invasion was “unprovoked and unjustified,” despite the fact that the 85-year-old neutral prince of peace Pope Francis said May 3 that NATO might have provoked the Ukraine War. White House officials warned months before the Feb. 24 invasion that that Russia would invade “imminently,” despite months going by with no invasion. White House officials insist they had nothing to do with Russia’s invasion.

    Well folks, it you take Putin at face value, he warned Biden for months about continuing to arm the Kiev regime. Putin told Biden Dec. 24, 2021 that if he didn’t meet to renegotiate security arrangement in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, he would be forced to take “military-technical measures.” So the Ukraine invasion was no surprise at all, a direct consequence of failed diplomacy. Putin has been watching Ukraine receive massive shipment of U.S. and NATO arms, essentially becoming a puppet U.S. state on the Russian border. Mmmmmmmm. . That arrangement would never work for Russia, despite the fact the U.S. continues to funnel massive arms shipments to Ukraine. When Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin turned heads in Ramstein, Germany April 26 saying the U.S. military’s aim in Ukraine was to weaken the Russian military, it sent shockwaves through out the world’s capitals, realizing the U.S. goals had changed too or admitted.

    No one in the European Union [EU] signs on or even endorses the new or finally admitted U.S. mission in Ukraine. All EU countries wanted a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine War since the start and at the earliest possible time, knowing the risks of continued conflict. Thursday’s Iskander ICBM test in Kaliiningrad fires a warning shot to the U.S. and NATO that if the Ukraine War gets out of hand, Russia reserves the right to use nukes as it sees fit. U.S. and NATO officials react harshly to the Kremlin’s suggestion that nuclear weapons are on the table. But the Biden White House hasn’t come to grips with the fact that the Kremlin views the U.S. involvement in Ukraine as a proxy war against the Russian Federation. As long as the U.S. floods Ukraine with arms, the Kremlin will push back in Ukraine with a ferocity not seen in recent times. Putin said that he thought it was inevitable the U.S. and Russia would eventually go war.

    Whether admitted to or not, the Ukraine War is being run out of the Soros son, Obomber, Susan Rice, Valery Jarret, White House, [neither one admits to being in the Easter bunny suffocating suit] enforcing Biden and the American sheeple, in the realization of who’s the boss and pulling the strings in this fake administration that stole the 2020 election from the voters and pushing the Kremlin to take a more brutal approach toward the war. No longer does Putin fight only Ukraine but now engages in the U.S. battling Ukrainian proxies of the new world dis-order, that Biden admitted didn’t want Putin leading, but him and of course D.C. Comic’s party boy Soros’s son, seeking, as Austin said April 26 in Ramstein, to weaken the Russian military. So much of the Ukraine War has been propaganda, especially the U.S. and Ukraine Soros puppets, promoting the belief that Russia has sustained massive casualties and loss of equipment. But if anyone looks at the video coming from Ukraine, it’s obvious that Ukraine has been reduced rubble, thank you Georgy Sore ass. Yet if you listen to Washington and Kiev, Russia has been taking a beating, telling the Democrat-friendly U.S. press that the Russian Federation is nearing collapse. Biden and Ukraine’s 44-year-old Russian President Volodymyr Zelensky should be careful not to believe their own propaganda.

    Bill O’riely said today, on the Glen Beck show, we have the most ferocious weapons on earth today. What planet is Bill from? The planet Trump? Trump admitted such too without proof. Well everybody knows who has given the proof and it’s been Russia! Bill. Sure we’ve seen the Anglo-American ground combat lethal weapons’ in Ukraine. Trouble is ground force battles don’t win wars anymore, or even air superiority. But Nuclear does and Russia will only be pushed so far and Putin will not allow Mother Russia to be ground into the ground before he does use the lethalness’ weapons’ there are and in his quiver Bill and you won’t be able to run and hide from! In fact most of us will be dead, before we even realize we’ve been attacked!
    The same people running Biden are the same ones that allowed our nuclear deterrence to and yes literally, go to pot! But the big money for the military industrial complex doesn’t come from nuclear war, but ground war’s gizmo’s and air war boondoggle’s. Look at the F-35 boondoggle. That’s why our nuke deterrence is crap and was allowed to go to crap because b. s. walk’s and money line’s the pockets of D’C., and they just keep walkin! just ask Lloyd Austin or aunt Nancy’s son Paul Jr., or Hunter Beijing Biden, even RINO Romneys son!! Were broke, busted and disgusted because of these scum and now they’re taking us to waging a dog to cover up the nefarious deed’s done in the worlds biggest money laundromat Ukraine. So we can all end up dead with a HyperSonic multiple tipped nuclear burger up our proverbial asset’s! Thank you mam, Madame spook’er

    • Coal Burner

      When you start denigrating the us military capability , you are wrong in capitol letters. We do have the most ferocious weapons on earth and Russia knows it. This weekend, my little grandson was at an airshow and he is an expert on airplanes and war planes. No one but the top can out information him, a fifth grader. He talked to the number one or two Knight pilot. I never got the exact story yet because all the kids took p1ctures with, and talked to the top three. He, they were flying 15’s and he was a test pilot of a 35 for five years and that he loved that airplane more than any other. Of course someone who helped build it was standing there listening who never gets any credit because that person has to keep a secret life. Point: you are full or it if you think that 35 cannot walk and talk in any position while defying gravity in any location and any velocity from zero to mach whatever. You have no freaquing idea.
      Now do I want us in a war with Russia, Hell No. No reason to kill half the world. Just kill the NWO , they are making all the trouble. They own Obama, Biden, Jarrett, and the clowns who stole the election. They own McConnell, GRaham, SChumer, That Alaska numb skull Senator, Including total idiots running the Departments, Blinkin, Maorrorkouis, and the rest of those dimwits!
      Shokan, are you willing to bet all out lives that every Nuke Power doesn’t have suitcase Nukes in every big city in the world. That is why China won’t dare go beyond jawboning Taiwan. Taiwan will gut them like a filthy hog hung by one foot in a slaughter house. Russia and the USA, along with China have them everywhere. Forget the danged rockets.

  53. Lora Santillan

    Of course the documentary “2000 Mules” by Dinesh D’Souza is not available on Amazon, and so wondering where one can buy this video?

    • BB

      Not yet in theaters. So won’t be available as video until after that.


    As for the western USA water shortage, I have long been a proponent for building a water pipeline from the Mississippi delta to the western lakes which could send excess water (flooding) to parts of the country that need it. As for the Covid virus, Ivermectin can be obtained from American Frontline Doctors. Check it out! I cic, and now I have a supply “just in case”…

    • BB

      Water pipeline would not be needed if we stopped the weather modification programs that are causing this artificial drought in the first place. See Dane Wigginton.


    Remember BO from a couple weeks ago? What happened on the 24th of April? Musk bought Twiter(a week end deal) And Russia had a refinery blow up. Next date, was May 14th. Cant wait to see what happens.

  56. Maria das Santos

    Thanks again Mr Hunter for a much needed dose of truth.
    Here in the UK the World Economic Forum appointees are out in force and assuring us that we are ready to slaughter Russians and grab their assets. As a cleaner in an up-market part of London,UK,(Chelsea a d South Kensington), I have been privy to the comings and going of visitors to my former bosses houses who happened to be Russian. Unsurprisingly many of the guests are and were the same appointees of the WEF who are now sitting in our parliament demanding that Moscow be nuked! So we plebs lost those jobs and the WEF politicians keep their jobs and pensions,but we plebs have the pleasure of sending our children to die for the glory of the Malthusian WEF all the way from the Club of Rome.
    Anyway,our economy is truly awful and food and fuel inflation is through the roof and the peasants are indeed revolting so much so that our ministers of state have to have armed guards,which is a bit surprising as most of us could barely pick out any of them out of a line-up other than being gargoyles. Gilbert and Sullivan would have a true comedy with these baskets of deplorables.

  57. ronald L howell

    Look Greg this we are witnessing, global judgement of Babylon. This Is not the second coming this is how God judges nations who reject the Gospel, when their sins are piled high up to heaven, This fall of Babylon is a global collapse. here is Revelation its explaining what is happening. There have been 18 empires, and they all fell the same way. God judges and suddenly they are all out of business and the results is no one buys their cargos any more. Rev 18:11 “And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their cargoes any more;
    Rev 18:12 cargoes of gold and silver and precious stones and pearls and fine linen and purple and silk and scarlet, and every kind of citron wood and every article of ivory and every article made from very costly wood and bronze and iron and marble,
    Rev 18:13 and cinnamon and spice and incense and perfume and frankincense and wine and olive oil and fine flour and wheat and cattle and sheep, and cargoes of horses and chariots and slaves and human lives.
    Rev 18:14 “And the fruit you long for has gone from you, and all things that were luxurious and splendid have passed away from you and men will no longer find them.
    Rev 18:15 “The merchants of these things, who became rich from her, will stand at a distance because of the fear of her torment, weeping and mourning,

  58. Brent

    The powers of heaven shall be shaken
    “Dynamis Ouranuos saleuo” or close.

    Passive verb as in “profoundly disturbed”. To the brink… will scare (👉🏻💩 out of) everyone. Do not fear when it does.

    Read Isaiah 61. 😁

    Daniel 2:44 “During the time of the kings of the fourth kingdom, the God of heaven will set up another kingdom that will continue forever. It will never be destroyed. And it will be the kind of kingdom that cannot be passed on to another group of people. This kingdom will crush all the other kingdoms. It will bring them to an end, but that kingdom itself will continue forever.

    Daniel 7: 26 “‘But the court will decide what should happen, and that king’s power will be taken away. His kingdom will end completely. 27 Then God’s holy people will rule over the kingdom and all the people from all the kingdoms of earth. This kingdom will last forever, and people from all the other kingdoms will respect and serve them.’

    It doesn’t take a genius to comprehend.

    May I conclude… the world will be rocked soon by the true racial identity of Israel. That will change everything they errantly believe about prophetic interpretation.

    Only a few people find it!!!

    Matthew 7:21 “Not everyone who calls me Lord will enter God’s kingdom. The only people who will enter are those who do what my Father in heaven wants. 22 On that last Day many will call me Lord. They will say, ‘Lord, Lord, by the power of your name we spoke for God. And by your name we forced out demons and did many miracles.’ 23 Then I will tell those people clearly, ‘Get away from me, you people who do wrong. I never knew you.’

    Jesus is not Jewish (Edomite). He is Judean ( of the tribe of Judah) .

    My opinion… The churches are in deception almost across the board about His racial identity and who the Lost Sheep really are.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Thank you Greg for your dedication to exposing evil and corruption without favor.

    • Catherine Cronin

      Brent I certainly hope the world does find out the racial identity of jews that are, let’s just say, of lesser quality then they should have been. Most of those whose choices were poor will be shocked when that occurs.

  59. Jim W.Foley

    LIVE from St Petersburg, Russia under Unprecedented SANCTIONS on Friday Night
    367 watching now Started streaming 28 minutes ago Baklykov. Live

    • IIG

      Take a look at all the normal Russian people Biden wants to kill with our nuclear weapons – “To Make The World Safe For The Globalist Transgender Warmongering Perverts”!!!

  60. Karm

    Another good program Greg. Right on the money. Things are progressing as expected, unfortunately.


    Before it’s too late, it’s time for French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to put Biden on notice that the EU or NATO does not support a U.S. proxy war using Ukraine to fight the Russian Federation. EU officials need to tell Biden to confine the war to helping Ukraine preserve its sovereignty and territorial integrity but the mission can’t go beyond that. Nazi Germany battled the Soviet Union for six years killing over 27 million Russians before Adolf Hitler and his partner Eva Braun committed suicide in his Berlin bunker. No European wants to see WW III acted out on the European Continent. Biden and Zelensky may despise Putin but they have no right to drag the rest of Europe or the world into a border dispute between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Zelensky needs to find a way how to get along with his neighbor, not a wage the proxy war against the Kremlin.

    Tulsi Gabbard: Washington’s power elite want to turn Ukraine into another Afghanistan

    • IIG

      How nice – Ukraine will become another 20 year Afghanistan War for the perverted warmongers in Washington AC/DC!!

  62. James Burris

    Remember FOX is just another branch on the legacy media Tree!

  63. Conrad Smack

    It’s Happening
    62,988 views May 6, 2022 Russell Brand
    Joe Biden’s puppet master’s have taken the fight against disinformation one step further, by setting up a new “Disinformation Governance Board”, or DGB – only one letter different from KGB… so nothing to worry about there.

    • IIG

      And guess what “Truth Teller” Biden appointed to run the DGB – his son Hunter Biden (at a yearly salary of $600,000 dollars) – I wonder what disinformation Hunter will keep on his new laptop??

  64. Colleen Marie

    The 16 yo Tiara Teen died by suicide. I live in the same County. The family announced the COD Wednesday and asked for privacy. Apparently they are being inundated by news organizations and are quite upset about it. Other than that, there has not been any other announcements. Death was investigated by the Blaine Police Department and the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Department. Her body was found in our local state park.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Colleen for the clarification and street reporting.

  65. Doug J

    I do not view these scoundrels as stupid, despicable is more like it. I am in the camp that says they are doing and getting everything they intend to do and get. I am also in the camp that is waiting for the hammer to fall hard and fast, right on their evil heads.

  66. Nigel Brewster

    Intense Footage of the Pacific War in Color | Smithsonian Channel
    3,430,791 views May 28, 2021

  67. Michele

    The entire Biden Obama, Clinton gang must be held responsible tried for sedition, treason and manslaughter and swing at the end of a rope in the public square

  68. BigAl

    You’re reading the currency chart backwards. If you want to buy a Euro it will cost you $1.05. If you want to buy a dollar it will cost you .95 Euros.
    Still, the Euro is getting trashed and is a very vulnerable currency.

  69. Clay Lane

    Tucker: Violence is already beginning
    1,966,376 views Premiered 18 hours ago

  70. Frank S.

    Great update, Greg. Looking forward BIGLY to see your interview with Rabbi Cahn.

  71. Bad Homburg

    Just maybe I know what I am talking about and 99% are brain-dead wrong supporting this Ukrainian. This truth will come out someday, perhaps after America gets her woke freak rainbow butt kicked.

    US-CIA runs a coup in Ukraine, then over the next eight years this US installed leader then kills tens of thousands of its own Ukraine citizens.

    USA couldn’t admit it was wrong for the coup it caused and found it unpalatable to remove the murdering leader of Ukraine after it was the USA in the first place that installed this rouge murdering puppet.

    Russia wants it to stop, after all this Ukrainian butcher is killing tens of thousands of Russia supporting Ukrainians.

    Russia enters Ukraine, the west calls it a war.

    The brain-dead American working taxpayer ends billions of dollars over there in support of the wrong side. This “war” will continue as long as a brain-dead party and MSM fools the brain-dead American working taxpayer public.

    Long long overdue, it is time for the working American taxpayer to raise hell and wake the heck up.

    • Coal Burner

      Well, Homberg, some of us know you are right on target. That is what happened! And yes Z needs to get his meeting with hell.
      PS. I don’t believe any of the staged visits with him on a Hollyweird set. Pelosi would never be able to make the trip to Ukraine. The old dilipidated Alky can barely get across the country once a year. Jill is just not smart enough to keep the script and Joe was left at the old peoples home for the day as necessary.

  72. Tony Lauria

    Love your stuff and your guests.
    One point though.
    The people running things are not stupid.
    They are malevolent and evil.
    Those below them are obedient.

    God Bless
    Tony Lauria

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Tony the people are stupid because they think they can defeat GOD, I am unafraid of stupid!

  73. Really Awake

    Regarding Russian deployment of nuclear weapons. I tend to agree with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. It’s unlikely that Russia only uses tactical nukes;however, a limited use of nuclear weapons is still possible. It cannot be completely ruled out. The Kremlin could decide that a demonstration of limited nuclear force on Ukraine would be a logical first step, e.g., wipe Kyiv and another major city off the map like the USA destroyed two major Japanese cities to obtain capitulation from Japan.

    Russia could also fire a warning shot in a non populated area and let the entire world see a mushroom cloud on TV…

    In my opinion, I totally agree with Joel Skousen that Russia will, indeed, when the time is right, launch a massive nuclear attack on the West…. But not yet. The time is not right, yet.

    I have given the nuclear war senario decades of thought. And it seems that Russia will want to launch at just the right time. I repeat: Timing is everything. The Kremlin is strategically smart enough to wait until China invades Taiwan and North Korea attacks South Korea and Iran and Israel go to war… Russia needs another front (two would be better) before it takes on the West. Were I Vladimir Putin I would not want to fight a nuclear war with the West and just let China and India sit it out… I would draw in everybody.

    If there is nuclear war, I believe it will be go time for all of the nuclear armed countries. All or nothing… Nobody is going to sit this one out… Satan won’t allow any nuclear armed country to remain neutral.

  74. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    The only way this will possibly turn around is if the vast majority (i.e. 80%) realize that the current psychopaths in power are trying to murder us.

  75. Pam

    Hey………….What could go wrong? Schwab said it in one simple sentence. “You will own nothing and be happy.”
    A couple of my friends have never heard of Schwab and they’re quadruple jabbed. Scary time.
    It maybe another water parting moment. Perhaps it’s already happened with the jab. If there is a God gene then there has to be a lucifer gene. Does there not? What if that lucifer gene was loaded into the jab material…………..
    Keep the faith. Know the evil doers will parish…………… of their own volition.

  76. Spartacus

    The media used a unnamed source ie made up to claim that for proproganda reasons because they are stupid. The Pentagon has had to give a statement denying it already. A us official without a name or even a job title means made up but if Russia believes it then it doesn’t matter

  77. wayne hardin

    The number one thing that people Ignore is reality .
    It doesn’t matter how much proof you have people want to hear and believe what they want . People say they want the truth but that is a lie because they keep making excuses
    for people when it has been proven they are not telling the truth .
    And at this point anybody that cant see the lies has to be blind ./
    They are blind leaders of the blind.

    Wayne Hardin

  78. Raymond C. Hardie

    Both Russia and China have a doctrine which they have adopted in case of war with the United States, and it is called the doctrine of overwhelming superiority. They have determined that a limited strike against America or NATO will not be met with a retaliatory strike of limited response, so they have decided that if they must use Nukes they will need to hit the United States and NATO countries with an overwhelming launch of missiles which we will not be able to intercept and destroy all and thereby they will be able to inflict massive destruction upon us and our allies even if it results in Russia and their federated nations suffering catastrophic destruction as well. The Russian military has successfully installed and tested an automated missile launch system since the mid nineteen eighty’s they call it the Perimeter Defense system and NATO with Washington have nicknamed it the DeadHand system! This system is set up with pre-programmed launch signals so if Moscow or Valadivostock, or any major government or military control facilities are destroyed and the data link is severed or silenced it causes an automatic launch of unknown number of missiles, ( the pentagon estimated as of 2015 the number was 600-800 nukes), it may well be even more! The leaders of America are sick twisted perverted fools and they are fumbling towards destruction in their arrogant and absolutist self deception. Wake up America.

  79. Scott

    Today I had a patient 58 year old who has been assisted living for a year after developing severe DVT(blood clots) that became pulmonary embolisms. The problem began a few week after receiving his Moderna booster. He was really proud that he took his 4th jab just a few weeks ago. this is medical Stockholm Syndrome

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting, Scott. Please keep telling us what you are seeing on the front lines.

    • IIG

      How many women who took the “jab” – and are now in “constant twitching convulsions” – are asking for a booster shot?? – the only people happily clapping that they were “jabbed” are those dying of blood clots, etc., etc., etc. who are just too proud (or too ignorant) to admit their medical condition was caused by the “jab” – and to make matters worse – Fauci and the WHO considers “jabbed people” (who do not continue to take booster shots) to be classified as “un-vaccinated” – in just 14 days “when the WHO takes over” – they will have the authority to send anyone in any country they deem “un-vaccinated” to FEMA Camps “for the Safety of the Public”!!!

  80. Robin Shoemaker

    I began the spiritual journey of my life four years ago. I was at my wits’ end. The way I had approached life had led to loss, disrespect, being abused, and even contemplating suicide. I felt like a complete failure. Since my turn, when I faced my problems instead of ran from them, the truths that The Holy Spirit has revealed to me have given me freedom and wisdom and made me feel calm and confident. He has also given me a quiet trust in what my intuition tells me. How do we get right with God/Jesus? Go to my podcast at to find out!

    Thank you, Greg, for your stellar and honest reporting. I rely on you to give me the truth about what is going on. I am so sorry that Google ads is putting you through the ringer; that sucks.

  81. Jeff Robbins

    Thanks Greg, a couple thoughts- i just picked up another 330 gallon i.b.c. Tote and planning to put either fish food or cracked corn in it. It’s good for just shy of a ton of grain. Was planning on getting it out with a small auger. Also, how can groups like Wimbledon prohibit Russian athletes from events?? Isn’t that discrimination based on nationality?? Could i do the same based on age or gender preference.?? Lastly, is it possible that Russia and China (having game theory as practice) are using energy and manufactured inputs into the global economy are going to push inflation higher to get the fed to raise rates?? They are getting the EU to voluntary cut out Russian energy and china has shut down Shanghai- no press about the later. The ten year is going up so fast that i am starting to worry about worthless bonds- bankruptcies and the deflationary side effects. What’s the value of all those bonds with super low interest rates??

  82. Rob Logan

    You knocked it out of the park this time Greg. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rob!!

  83. Pete+only

    Here’s proof that the 2020 U.S Election was stolen by “mules” stuffing the post office boxes which is seen by surveilance cameras, and many owning the same cell phones that were involved in Antifa and Black Lives Matter proven with data from geotracking, and these people were paid by the usual suspects like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and other left wing organizations.

  84. Marie Joy

    I expect elections will be canceled and they will need one helluva reason to do it.

  85. Roy Woodrum

    I was stunned when you showed the value of the Euro versus the dollar. I now have to go back and watch the last interview you had with Martin Armstrong. He said when you see the Euro falling look for ???????? to happen.

  86. Fredrick Getzschman

    The largest collection of liars, imbeciles, idiots and incompetents reign supreme in the United States Government at all levels, wether federal, state or local and corporate. All the important structural destruction of America has 100% come from within the U.S.A., by politicians and their lobbyists and owners of said politicians, so called elites.

    The influence and control over foreign nations by bombing them, murdering them and forcing them to trade in U.S. Dollars appears to be at the end of the road for the phony reserve, big banks and their counterparts of International Monetary Fund and other entities of financial control.

    I notice that as the influence of Washington DC has diminished over foreign nations that Washington DC increases their control over Americans which is evidence that they have lost control and are lashing out at Americans since their war losses seem to be stacking up, a loss to the taliban after nearly 20 years of big military occupation and the U.S. had to run and flee out of Afghanistan at short notice that they were being overrun. If you notice that politicians and the so called federal government have ramped up censorship of speech as they have lost multiple wars. Just an observation.

    From what I can observe, the last war the military industrial complex won was wwII and was the last war that Congress actually declared by procedure. The U.S. would not have been able to win wwII without Russians doing all the heavy lifting and de-nazification by Russians. Now the US Government funds, trains and equips Nazi’s for the reason that they can assist with regime change in Russia and China by having nazis on the payroll helps Washington DC’s agenda in Ukraine, but nobody is supposed to discuss these facts.

    The only solution I see is america totally collapses and starts over, it is collapsing all around us, it’s not a choice wether the collapse happens fully, the so called government and their corporate business partners “fascists” has made sure that collapse is constant and wealth transfer has gone in a straight line to the top. I say that collapse is required because their is zero will to arrest, charge and sentence the corrupt US officials that are responsible for all the bad decisions, incompetence, voter fraud, treason, illegal wars and corruption. The corruption in government continues to grow with no end in sight. The courts are corrupt and dependent on politics and lobbyists and bribes. The congress is corrupt and dependent on bribes, the executive branch is dependent on corruption, bribes and fraud with non-stop unlawful acts that have no basis in the foundational documents and no basis in reality, a fancy dictatorship made to look like a free nation in image only. The State Run Media is official propaganda that is mass communicated out to the masses via the tel em a vision with whatever narrative the so called government wants you to think, believe and support on any issue, US State Run Media is the ministry of truth and according to the numbers viewership is getting lower by the hour which I say is a good trend.

    Currently the so called government is distracting the public with a Depp v. Heard trial and the intentional leak of the alleged Supreme Court decision regarding abortion, both intentional distractions to keep the people arguing in circles while they wreck your country, fund Nazi’s in Ukraine and attempt a coup on Russia then China.

    Why didn’t the American people get wall to wall coverage of the Ghislane Maxwell case? Because the client list is US officialdom and other so called elites.

    • Mark Maples


      The anti American revisionist history is staggering

      You would fit right in with the Putin fanboys at Zero Hedge.

      The US had no interest in “winning” in Afghanistan

      The Russians cannot win a conventional war with the west. If they could, they would

      The US single handily defeated the Empire of Japan, drove the Chinese across the Yalu River in Korea, before calling a truce and retreating to the 38th parallel

      Gulf War 1 was a textbook military victory, and an indication of what our military can do when victory is the objective

      I am disgusted with the current state of our government, I must state that so people don’t think I am cheering on these Washington lunatics

      That being said, if Russia and China are so superior to the US military, then why is the world still run primarily by the US/West?

      Russia is in many way a corrupt 3rd world nation, with nukes

      It’s GDP is roughly the size of Texas, with a median income around 8k a year

      Criticize the never ending wars, but don’t think for a minute the goal was “winning” in Afghanistan

      The goal was a never ending quagmire MIC money grab

      Interesting that as soon as one quagmire ends (Afghanistan) another appears to have started (Ukraine)

      Who benefits?

    • Raymond Carl Hardie

      Great analysis of the current modus operandi of the US government! I agree 100%. Thank you for your discernment.

  87. Chevy123

    Great show Greg.

  88. Skip Havely

    Well done, again, Mr. Hunter.

    God bless you for standing on the wall for all of us……

  89. Marie Joy

    IF there is a serious investigation into WHO leaked the SCOTUS Roe v Wade decision and they found the person who did it, what could/would they charge him with?

  90. Jill Conroy

    Greg, I came across this quote a while ago. It’s so simple. “Abortion-Is a woman’s right to make a second bad choice “.

  91. Jack

    Hi Greg, remember that prophecy Mark Taylor read on Your air about Roe vs Wade?

    I found it here:

    Best Regards.

  92. Dan Knight

    Leftists … ‘Nuclear War! If it saves just one life … ‘

    Wish I were joking …

    God bless you and yours, Greg, and everyone here.d

  93. BB

    Well Mr. Hunter, call me a nihilist if you wish.

    I’ve said all along that I hate the 21st Century. And recently, no one has asked me ‘why’?
    So, if it comes down to living under the likes of Klaus Schwab and his gang or a quick and painless death in a millisecond, allowing me to move on to the next world, well…it is, as they say, a “no-brainer”.

    It’s encouraging (sort of) to see that Dinesh has picked up where Mr. Pillow and Donald Trump left off. Their approach and execution of the story was pretty weak and died without a fight. If the tide can actually be turned, decisively, and the 2020 election FRAUD becomes a fact known to a majority of My Fellow Americans, and we put Tony Fauci in jail awaiting trial for crimes against humanity and eventually hanging, and let’s see…what else?

    Oh, yeah, and we End the FED and get back (somehow) to an honest financial system…then I will feel it is worth hanging around the 21st Century a while longer. You know, give the Old Girl a chance to mend her ways.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mend your ways now. Armstrong says the NWO is NOT going to work, and the globalists will be unsuccessful, but it will cause lots of damage. The top authority is on this whole era of time is the Bible. It too says it will not work and Jesus will intervene and return.

  94. z

    Weekly wrap up !!!!!

  95. Grant Hill

    Putin will only take so much of bidens crap!! It’s a very dangerous world we are living in! I’m stickin with Joshua 1:9!!

  96. Zip

    The “JABBED” are the walking dead. Next 2 years many 1,000,000’s will be gone. AND THEY’LL NEVER TELL YOU WHY.

  97. Marie Joy

    With the amount of new money created out of thin air and the amount of declining goods and services available, inflation is closer to 40%. People are starving and things will get much worse, probably, after the election.

  98. Zach

    Great video thank you. I was able to get some ivermectin and hcq from indiamart. I ordered it a month ago and it came yesterday. I’m in Canada but I’ve heard people in USA are getting parcels from indiamart. I have a more detailed write up on gaw search ivermectin
    It appears legit but people say stuff from india is fake, I don’t believe it. Lots of talk about fenbendazole. Apparently with all three cancer doesn’t stand much a chance.

  99. Jo

    Israeli News Live is reporting that there are many Israelis purchasing land/property in Poland and there will be a movement out of Israel soon. The Belt & Road Initiative maps indicate the ‘road’ runs right into Ukraine and basically through the Kiev area.

  100. Linda

    Well, folks, I am watching this on May 8. Last night at 8:00 I watched the streaming premiere of 2000 Mules. It was “astonishing”, but not surprising.
    I love what Mike Lindell and his team is doing, but that is highly technical and a difficult sell to many people. What True the Vote did, and DeSouza documented, was the real low hanging fruit (not that it was an easy task which they undertook). It was enough to steal the election in and of itself.
    I do think Lindell is right about his allegations, and God bless him for what is is doing. He is relentless and we should get rid of machine voting and counting.

  101. David Ray

    Greg I didnt realize Greensboro was as liberal as it was. Its terrible in Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh. Its crazy how people will not accept the truth Im starting to think its a pride thing, arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand.

  102. “Slavic Christian Society”

    US, CANADA, UKRAINE AND RUSSIA 2022 DISPUTES – HISTORICAL BACKGROUND AND SEQUEL TO FR. PETER MORELLO’S COMMENTS: (1) US, Canada, Ukraine and Russia are Caucasian-European nations by ethnic majority and nominally Christian nations by religious majority; (2) Ukraine and Russia are also Slavic nations and neighbors with similar laws (limits) on abortion and LGBT; (3) Russia was US’ supporter in the American Revolution at great cost to herself – the island of Menorca; (4) Russia was US’ supporter in the Civil War when US’ opponents were Britain and France, prompting US Secretary of Navy, Gideon Welles to say “God bless the Russians”; (5) US (western Alaska) and Russia are neighbors, and Canada (northwestern Yukon) is closer to Russia than to Britain and France or Mexico; (6) US and Russia were never at war, not counting the Cold War or proxy wars, as compared, for example, with the “G7” nations; (7) US, Canada, NATO and Ukraine have disputes with Russia since the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and militarization of countries neighboring Russia which was invaded over the centuries by NATO members Britain, France, Germany, (Mussolini’s) Italy, Romania, Lithuania-Poland, Turkey and by others including Sweden and the Mongols who inflicted on Ukraine and Russia death and destruction with hardly any parallels in world’s history – Germany also helped Lenin to impose psychopathic and deadly Marxism on Ukraine and Russia in 1917, while Ukraine and Russia, mostly by themselves, prevented Poland’s annihilation by Nazis and saved Europe from Nazi Germany and Mongols; (8) Ukraine and Russia have a border dispute, and a military conflict-war since the violations of the February 21, 2014 all-Ukrainian political agreement in Kiev and the violations of the 2014-2015 Minsk Peace Agreement signed by Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France (in the future, a joint venture by the Minsk signatories in securing Ukrainian segment of “Pan-European” gas pipeline might be a “win-win”) – by February 23, 2022 the war took some 15,000 lives and produced thousands of refugees as well as widespread material destruction in eastern Ukraine; on February 24, 2022 Russia escalated the war and invaded Ukraine resulting in many more deaths, refugees and material destruction across Ukraine; (9) US and Russia can destroy each other and the world with their nuclear weapons in an hour; (10) the irreplaceable way forward for resolving these issues are the eternally-valid biblical principles reflected in President Washington’s Farewell Address in which he called religion-morality the foundation of domestic well-being and peace with other nations and in President Lincoln’s last Inaugural Address “… with malice towards none, with charity for all … among ourselves and with all nations”, as well as in Pope Francis’ 2022 call for prayer and political talks centered on “human brotherhood instead of partisan interests”, all the while keeping in mind the 2022 Lenten message “Remember thou art dust and to dust thou shalt return” and “Repent and believe in the Gospel” which also includes “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” and the parable of “the speck and the log” – moral principles given to us by Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace and the just Judge of the world, principles ignored at one’s great peril.
    See also &

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