Obama DOJ Wrote Phony Trump Dossier – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the next revelation that will come to light will be that Bruce Ohr, who was the fourth highest ranking official in the Obama Justice Department (DOJ), wrote the now infamous phony Trump Dossier which was used to apply for fraudulent federal wiretaps (with the FISA Court) to spy on Trump. Shipp, who is a former CIA Officer with a high security clearance, explains, “It all started from the fake dossier which led eventually to the appointment of Robert Mueller (Special Prosecutor) and the entire foundation is based on a falsity. . . . I understand the next revocation of security clearance is probably going to be Bruce Ohr because he crafted the fake dossier with Christopher Steele, and he may even have written the thing. . . . After the FBI supposedly fired Christopher Steele, Bruce Ohr had at least 70 communications (with Steele) back and forth talking about the ‘firewall’ is still there to protect us. Recent accounts show that Bruce Ohr either wrote the dossier with Christopher Steele or he wrote it himself in communication with Christopher Steele.”

So, the only piece of so-called evidence to frame Donald Trump came from the Department of Justice? Shipp contends, “Yes. Oh, they coordinated it for sure. There are 70 emails back and forth between Ohr and Steele crafting the dossier. So, the FBI and Department of Justice were intimately involved with the creation and publication of that dossier.”

Shipp goes on to say, “They even went further than that. The FBI and CIA counter-intelligence even placed an agent inside the Trump campaign.”

The MSM is laser focused on the recent Cohen plea and the Manafort conviction that have nothing to do with Russian collusion. The Left wants to remove Trump from office even if the Mueller investigation is illegitimate and started with phony documents and fraudulent wiretap warrant applications. So, don’t expect to hear of this failed coup to remove Trump from office from the propaganda mainstream media (MSM). Shipp says the MSM are conspirators, and Shipp charges, “We know the mainstream media (MSM) is not interested in the news. They have, from their editors on down and their corporate owners, an objective and, in this case, to remove Donald Trump. He stands against everything that they are, the Left or the ‘Dark Left’ as I call it. Trump is actually confronting the Shadow Government and Deep State, and he has them shaking. He has the news media shaking that pushes these really leftist things. So, they are intentionally and on purpose blocking the news and deleting the news about things like this soft coup, the (phony) dossier. . . . They are co-conspirators because they have reported against the President using the soft coup to make it look like it is legitimate. Their editors know better than this, and they are doing this intentionally and on purpose. They covered up Hillary Clinton’s obstruction and violation of the espionage laws. They also covered up the FBI’s false FISA applications, and they are complicit in all of this. . . . Now, and this is really difficult because this is a civil war I am talking about . . . they have . . . brought in social media as part of the coup against the President of the United States. That memo has just come out and it’s 45 pages long, and it is now proven that’s what they are doing. This is social media propagandizing together with the MSM against the Trump Administration.”

In closing, Shipp says, “I think we are at the beginning of a civil war. You’ve got the ‘Dark Left’ and you’ve got the Conservative people, the Constitutionalists. In progressivism, one of its tenets is to change the Constitution, especially the First Amendment, and uproot traditional America. Whatever happens in November is going to intensify that. . . . Their attack is against Christians and the Constitution.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp.

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  1. This Sceptred Isle

    Apparently, Julian Assange’s mum posted on twitter indicating democrat leaker was a Bernie supporter annoyed at the vote rigging in favour of HRC. Sorry no link. People are saying description fits Seth Rich.

    • William Stanley

      TSI: I’d be careful about placing too much credibility in Assange’s “mum.” We have more credible sources that it was Seth Rich who gave Assange the thumb drive. Julian’s credibility could be attacked if his “mum” is discredited as a person. Has she been vetted?

      • This sceptred Isle

        Yes it is prudent to remain skeptical as you advise, though the information was reported on the infallible Zerohedge site. Have you been on holiday William? You hadn’t posted recently.

        • William Stanley

          TSI: Thanks for asking; my MacBook decided that I needed a “time out” from the Internet.

          • Beverly Kingsford

            Thanks for this fantastic interview, Greg, and thank you Kevin for coming on. It’s always great to hear from you.

  2. Frederick

    Lock her up Mr President His name was Seth Rich

  3. Donald

    “Their attack is against Christians and the Constitution.”

    This is only partially correct. They are against anyone and anything that interferes with their ability to lie and steal and get away with it, and be as morally disgusting as one can imagine and not be punished. Their only interest in any position is to cheat, embezzle, steal, get bribes and kickbacks and so on. They contribute zero to the world. They are total parasites and criminals. It would seem though that the free ride is just about over.

    • William Stanley

      Donald: I wish you were right. Unfortunately, I think it’s much worse.

      • Donald

        “Unfortunately, I think it’s much worse.”

        You are right – instead of saying “they contribute zero to the world”, I should have said all they contribute is hatred, evil, suffering and death to millions upon millions of people. That is the world of the psychopath that pretends to be normal, and have fooled most people throughout history. The big mystery in all this is the apparent limitless gullibility of the masses that allows them to be fooled so much. Once you realize just how much the mainstream media lies, it becomes much easier to understand what is going on.

    • Frederick

      Donald Let’s hope so I’m much less optimistic than you though

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks, but that was pretty sobering, especially regarding AG Sessions and Mr. Huber. I thought things were moving along much better. I think we need to focus on our preps more than ever.

    • Greg Hunter

      Other sources say differently.
      “Fear Not”!!


  5. Justn Observer

    Greg, Think the ‘in progress’ take down of Duncan Hunter has something to do with Mueller and Project Pelican/Gulftainer expose’ ?
    Was wondering if Kevin Shipp has any knowledge of this Trojan horse program?

  6. FC

    Only an act of God can cleanse this filth we are ruled under.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s coming, Matthew 28:18.

    • Wade

      I agree with you 100%. The way to move God is when his people cry out in desperate prayer.

  7. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Shipp.
    A stark reminder of the vulnerability of the USA and her president with the dark state ensconced at its heart and ready to destroy so much of what is good.Almost two years later and many are free to cause mayhem,let us see post election.
    Here in the UK our economy still sucks and violence abounds,many tourists have been targets of assault whilst here only those big spenders from the UAE and Saudi have been adequately protected.

    • Tad

      “Here in the UK our economy still sucks and violence abounds,many tourists have been targets of assault whilst here only those big spenders from the UAE and Saudi have been adequately protected.”

      Makes sense to bring your personal security staff.

    • Derek Sinclair

      Hi Maria, yes we are in dire straits in the UK and we don’t have the depth and breadth of alt media that is present in the US. This puts us in an even worse situation with the majority still lapping up the garbage spouted by the BBC. Hopefully more people are doing what you and I are doing and getting our info. from the US alt media. Because at the end of the day what goes for the US goes for the entire western world.

    • paul ...

      If anything happens to Trump … lets elect Mr. Shipp as our next President!!

      • paul ...

        You know … the Russian people lucked out when they put Putin (a good former KGB insider) in as their President who knew exactly how to fight the Russian Shadow Gov/Deep State … lets elect Kevin Shipp to take our Shadow Gov/Deep State down!!

  8. Jerry

    I have no doubt that military tribunals will be used to try the globalist that have infiltrated our government and attacked our president. The only question is how do we get there? My guess? By killing two birds with one stone. Collapse the stock market, pin the blame on the central bankers that rigged it with rule 10B-18, and install martial law.

    Justice cannot be achieved in our current system. The courts are just to corrupt. Judges just like the MSM and members of our Congress have been bought and paid for by the deep state and their globalist puppet masters. It all has to come down to make America great again.

  9. Roger D

    There is a lot of truth in this interview. Thank you Greg and Mr. Shipp.

    When folks like Shipp use the words ‘civil war’, we are making progress toward reality. Survival expect James Rawles nailed reality when he wrote, “Civilization is just a thin veneer. In the absence of law and order, men quickly revert to savagery. The average American family has four days worth of food on hand. When that food is gone, we’ll soon see the thin veneer stripped away.”

    Mr. Rawles would be an awesome guest on USAWatchDog.

  10. Rickey

    Great job Greg! Thanks for continuing to bring great guests with interesting topics.

  11. Hugh


    If all of this is true, then why in the world don’t we stop this non-sense and bring these people to justice. Everybody in the world is laughing at us. What a clown show the USA has become. There are suppose to be 40,000 indictments and nothing still. No one has gone to jail or charges against them. Its hard for me to believe any of this! The clock has been ticking to long! Just talk!

    • Greg Hunter

      Get out there and lead the charge man!!!

  12. Brianroy

    Former NSA head of tech, William Binney, has already told all of us that NSA already installs in EVERY Computer, cell phone, et cetera, an NSA chip, as an always present NSA back door to you and your data, and anybody else’s for that matter.
    Apple, in order to get a 0% tax break in China with Chinese slave labor, has given over its encryption key codes to Guizhou – Cloud Big Data Industry Co Ltd,
    which in turn gives all Apple encryption data keys over to the State run version of NSA in China at Shanghai. It affects MORE than just all Apple CLOUD users in China, it is a national security breach for the USA cyber-security as well. Please consult and re-interview William Binney regarding all this.
    Through hands on encryption code reverse engineer application, the Chinese can access anything here in the United States using Apple encryption and Apple CLOUD technologies. Meanwhile, Google also wants to give China its CLOUD technology keys, which too can be reversed engineered, and adversely in the short term affect not only companies like Toyota, Charles Schwab (via Chromebooks) , and others on the Google Cloud, but also all electronic voting machines in the United States
    via both securing Apple and Google technology encryption keys, and making an entire election examination of software never know you were there.
    In effect, CHINA is being given the ability to install anybody it desires, and destroy anybody it desires at election time affected by electronic voting machines, not to mention infrastructure access to most all telecommunications and power and water with its own ability to create unimaginable devastation and/or incapacitation. In the immediate short term, all electronic voting must be stopped for all current and future elections. Please interview Bill Binney and address this concern. The 2018 election could be the biggest China hack ever, and make the 2008 theft of data out of the Obama and McCain campaign look like that of a playful child by comparison. Thanks.

    • Donald

      Probably what a person needs is two computers – one for the internet and one for personal use.

  13. Charles

    Kevin Shipp is a real American hero.

    Have him on as much as possible.

    • GodblessAmerica

      He is an American hero, but does not match American Sniper who is a superhero. Second to none is captain America, the bravest of the brave a true American exceptionalist.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Is this Charles H or a different Charles?

  14. Paul Anthony

    Love Shipp and love the interview.

    Thank You!

    I Pray for our county every day. I also think we’re winning. If we weren’t there wouldn’t be chaos. Keep praying keep fighting until it’s right.

    • Greg Hunter

      Love your “Love” Paul and I thank you for supporting USAW!!

  15. Country Codger

    Good interview Greg,
    Dodd-Frank Act 2010 forced one time Federal Reserve accountability and we saw how many hundreds of millions of dollars the government was paying the news media. The CIA has paid reporters and outlets overseas more than a billion dollars over the years to report the CIA version of the news.
    Lo Iyrah!

  16. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Thank you Mr Shipp for your absolute courage and integrity. May God bless you and restore you and your family with absolute healing.

  17. RAY SAY

    And yet Mueller chases decade old tax evasion and payoffs to gold-digging whxre

  18. Dan

    See > https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/case-mueller-firing-break-glass-democrats-prep-emergency-plan-n902526

    The “investigations”, convictions, confessions, MSM attacks, and Social Media Muzzling, Omarosa with the “N” word tapes, ETC, all coordinated to maximize damage prior to NOV election. If it looks bad for Trump, the Republican Party WILL abandon him in a New York SECOND.

    Of course, ALL your so-called “elected representatives”, “judicial appointments”, and top officials in the VAST array of US bureaucratic agencies are ALL bought and paid for…they are simply highly paid lobbyist whores masquerading as “public servants”.

    But I don’t expect Trump to go silently into the night….ain’t his style….so if they want to “slash and burn”, they better plan for a FEROCIOUS counter attack, the likes of which they haven’t seen in their life times….that could be when the “sealed indictments” are “unsealed” and all hell breaks loose.

    Trump is a mirror reflection of exactly how ugly these politicians have become.

    A giant firehose needs to CLEAN OUT THE CAGE, and sweep all these creeps down the sewer drain, once and for all.

    • Greg Hunter

      NBC and Liar Holt are propelling the false narrative that this “investigation is legitimate when it is a total fraud.

      • Kat Stevens

        Ya, and didn’t he hand off the debate questions before the actual debate to Hilly?

      • Dan

        The investigation may be a fraud, but the people we have elected (both parties) are the real TOTAL FRAUDS.

        Why not get a “guest” (not a “profit”, please) who has traced the ownership of the MSM and can tell us just exactly WHO has enough controlling interest in these companies to exert the kind of influence that has brought our society to the very brink of MORAL collapse.

        It didn’t happen by accident.

    • Roger D

      Dan, I hear you. And Trump is Commander in Chief of the military. Gulp…. But desperate evil doers won’t think twice to threaten (and murder) close family members. Trump is naturally ‘ferocious’ and covets power. But if forced to choose between power and family I think he would relinquish power. But even if he stepped down we would remain on course for civil war.

      The common takeaway: Prepare accordingly.

  19. iwitness02

    Kevin Shipp is a man that has skin in the game. When he speaks, I listen.
    Thanks to both of you Greg, for trying to bring light to the truth. We live in a time of gross darkness among the people. (seems ironic at this late date in ‘modern mans’ history)
    “If these days are not cut short, no flesh will survive.” I believe our Lord knew what He was talking about. We are solidly in “these days.” In my view. This is serious business.
    Isaiah 26: 20, 21. Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will Be Done. This is the future I long for.
    But I am still going vote.

  20. iwitness02

    Isaiah 26: 20, 21. THEN Thy Kingdom Will Come.

  21. Hoosier river rat

    Donald, I agree with you and I get disgusted and impatient for the atty. gen. To act, but maybe our faith is being tested . Like David said in the psalm I hate thine enemies with a perfect hatred. God is working on his timeline and he will confound them. T. S. I , I believe you are quit right and the evilarchy will answer for rich’s murder eventually if not in this life then the next where the real trial will begin.

  22. OutLookingIn

    Social media.

    Interactive? Only if you tow the official line.
    Any criticism of the left results in your account being deleted or suspended.
    Freedom of speech? Only if it agrees with Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and now Google itself Alphabet) has joined the fray and is actively censoring anything they consider to be derogatory to the left and deep state, in their attempts to overthrow Trump.

    This post will be lucky to be posted!

  23. chuck

    The ‘dark left’ is also in league with the Catholic Charities https://www.catholiccharitiesusa.org/our-ministry/immigration-refugee-services/ who are flooding the nation with people who have no allegiance to the Constitution or any of the laws of the country, politicizing them and then giving them the vote. This tactic by the Vatican and the Jesuits, acting in concert with like-minded democrats and radical republicans, of perverting the immigration laws also occurred in the years prior to the Civil War and is detailed by Samuel Morse [who briefed Lincoln on the subject] in his book, Foreign Conspiracy against the Liberties of the United States. History is definitely repeating. http://www.Lulu.com/spotlight/ctwilcox

    • This sceptred Isle

      What I found curious was Trump was all over this case where an illegal alien has been accused of murder, which is fair enough…


      …but then no comment on the Catholic child abuse scandals. Why? Is he being supported by the Catholic Church? Does he not want to alienate his core supporters by going after white Christians?

      • This sceptred Isle

        Trump has given his opinion on the state of London numerous times so where is his opinion on this scandal? Still waiting…

        • Greg Hunter

          What scandal? This is more communist/NWO smoke screen to not talk about the failed coup.

          • This sceptred Isle

            The Catholic Church is a misery machine designed to mess you up then tell you you are going to hell. The worm, otherwise known as Pope Francis, has belatedly made a comment on the child abuse scandals, in order to take the heat off himself and the Vatican. This evil will continue to go on until the Vatican is stripped of its sovereign powers and opened up for investigation. I have trawled the internet to find Trump’s reaction and am troubled to find none (Just like his best mate Alex Jones).

            • Greg Hunter

              It has also done some good in the many centuries it has been in existence. I guess when it come to God the Father or religion you have nothing to bash. I am happy you are legitimizing your belief in the black hole of nothingness. Now you can sleep and dream of, well, nothing.

              • Brent Jones/ BJ

                This pope is prophesized to be let up a hill and assasinated!

                • Greg Hunter

                  I hope not.

                  • JungianINTP

                    Greg, one may get a far better understanding by studying the late Father Malachi Martin’s books, re his insights into the Vatican’s evolving corruption; a correspodent of mine.

              • This Sceptred Isle

                I would rather be in a black hole of nothingness than a Paedo infested church. I have suspected that they are trying to literally bring about hell on earth and await the return of their master in manifest form.

                • Greg Hunter

                  There are not just two choices. Seek Christ.

            • Frederick

              TSI You are exactly right and Greg knows it The Catholic Church is evil and an abomination As Lionel says break it up , strip it of immunity and ALL of its assets Sounds like a plan to me

              • This Sceptred Isle

                Yes, that would go some of the way to paying off America’s debt and actually do some good.

              • JungianINTP

                Frederick, how may one not be outraged to the point of WRECKLESS condemnation of the entirety of the RCC – the lay people, the hierarchy, and the history – in the face of such evil behavior against children? // Well, the present-day RCC is victim of the Marxist-/Socialist-/Feminist-driven Sixties sexual revolution (an anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-REASON/-LOGIC!, anti-Western/pro-atheist COMMUNISM!). // This book may help you and the other outraged USAW posters to become far less wreckless: “How The Catholic Church BUILT Western Civilization,” by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. Ph.D. // BTW, the architects of that anti-Western revolt shall not be named here (( far too PC protected to risk it )).

      • Bill

        Sceptered isle;
        You are either blind or ignorant. Take a look at what the AG of Pennsylvania is charging the Catholic Church with. Pres Trump doesn’t have to be involved in everything that happens. We do have state and local law enforcement.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Ok, then why does Trump need to be involved in the Rivera case then. The man has been arrested and the matter is being investigated by the law enforcement? Perhaps it is you that is blind or ignorant.

          • Greg Hunter

            You really want him to go down don’t you? Are you for the New World Order? Maybe you should concentrate on PM May in the UK as she is selling out the Britain and running kangaroo courts to charge, try and convict someone in a few hours for pointing out rape grooming gangs and pedophile rings run by Muslims.

            • Frederick

              Ahh those pesky Muslims again You are beginning to sound like your buddy Robert or John Bolton The pedofile problem is throughout every religion as we see with people like Jimmy Saville and Epstein Hollywood with creeps like Weinstein , Woody Allen and Polanski The Catholic pedos are not exclusive as there are plenty of Pedos in the Protestant Church as well
              How can you point to Muslims as the problem That’s inaccurate and disingenuous and you know it

              • Greg Hunter

                The radical murderous radical Muslims can be found here with a daily tabulation of their murders and crime: https://thereligionofpeace.com/ There is no other religion that compiles a track record like this globally day in and day out!!! These are “pesky crimes”???

            • This Sceptred Isle

              No, I prefer Trump to Hillary and a liberal acquaintance actually unfriended me on Facebook for posting anti-Hillary messages and the documentary The Clinton Cash on his wall prior to the US presidential elections, all using my real full name and with a profile picture. I am certain Hillary is evil, whereas I am uncertain on Trump. Trump has done some good things, but questions remain as he is selling massive amounts of weaponry to Saudi Arabia (like the conservatives in UK), supports Israel unconditionally and has not criticised the Catholic Church over the latest scandal. So he has deescalated tensions in Korea, child trafficking arrests have increased and it is liberating to hear some non PC truths expressed. However, I still don’t know if he is controlled opposition, designed to rupture America and cause a civil war or whether he is a genuine revolutionary.

              • Greg Hunter

                That’s the spirit!!

            • This Sceptred Isle

              Yes I hate Theresa May and the conservatives. They too sell massives amounts of arms to Saudi Arabia and support Israel unconditionally. Then we had all the anti Russian crap coming from them as well. Like Trump, I have big reservations over Corbyn, but he seems to be the lesser of two evils.

              • Greg Hunter

                Corbyn is the lessor of two evils????? I guess if you like Islamic terror groups and Islamic pedophiles he’s great: https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/271091/there-islamic-terror-group-uk-labour-leader-corbyn-daniel-greenfield

                • This Sceptred Isle

                  Patrick Stewart left because he is a remainer and was disappointed at Corbyn’s half hearted defense of the EU. I am not sure if these latest allegations are true as Corbyn claims he was honouring the victims of an Israeli bombing raid in Tunisia that even Thatcher said was illegal (and she was a psychopath! Even if it is true Israel regularly honours Zionist terrorists. In 2006 they put up a plaque commemorating the bombing of the King David hotel!

                • This Sceptred Isle

                  Slight amendment: Thatcher condemned the Israeli attack in Tunis 1985. She did not say it was illegal. Apparently the victims of this attack are in the cemetery that Corbyn visited.

  24. al

    The NAZI party called themselves “progressives”. The Enemy Media is their mouthpiece and Humanity’s enemy. Social Media is equally becoming the enemy of the people. No centralized large media should be trusted no matter what the structure! This includes Fox in the hen house news and communist sites such as Yahoo and Google.
    Don’t give them your eyes and ears and they will wither away.
    There is no “entertainment”. You think you’re watching a movie or comedy, but you are watching subtle propaganda.
    This is a war against Humanity and Christian principals and I fight back by shunning them like the plague that they are.

    • susan

      DuckDuckGo.com is a great search engine and they collect no data.

      • Jodyp

        And don’t forget Brave.

  25. serialbrian2

    muller, cohen, brennan, clapper, storzk, ohr, clinton, bush, trump…cia, nsa, fbi…russia, iran, nk…sealed indictments, pedophiles, pizzagate, uranium one, qanon, collusion…blablablablabla…. so many words, so little action…its all irrelevant nonsense, but it keeps you busy and the audience exited.

    • Greg Hunter

      You hope you can convince people it’s “irrelevant nonsense. Tat is the false narrative you are pushing troll.

  26. GodblessAmerica

    I will have a good lough, when the hookers bring Trumpuff down…what a jerk this bloke is.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not going to happen. Laugh all you want. There was a failed coup that involved foreign governments including Australia and the UK. That’s OK with you–funny?

      • Anthony Australia

        Please explain?


      • Gustel

        Donald Trump: “If I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash, I think everybody would be very poor. Because without this thinking [points to head] you would see, you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe in reverse.”
        Yeah, pump up the stockmarket, Trumpuff ! The bankers love it !

        • Greg Hunter

          He’s warning of a crash because of the phony charges and hyperventilation and the Russian hoax all in effort to remove him by fraud.

    • Donald

      “I will have a good lough, when the hookers bring Trump”

      What if this is all just a diversion, that its all fake just to fool simpletons who believe everything from CNN is gospel? Will you still be laughing? LOL….

  27. Lisa Lewis

    Dear Greg,
    God has Big Hands and if they (the deep state) think they’re untouchable we know the end of the story and We Gods Children are victorious! We win! You’re blessed and loved more than you know. Keep doing what your doing. Keep your armor on at all times brother. Great job!

  28. flattop

    GREG; A question.
    If the DOJ the FBI and the CIA are all involved in the coverup/ Dossier etc, who can we trust to serve the indictments and the prosecutions.
    Is that not like putting the fox in charge of guarding the hen house?

  29. Jarl

    Where is the blood works, test for poison i heard about on yt?
    I’d love to see it, I’m a dissident in Sweden and I have physical problems almost as I’ve been poisoned, then it get better and suddenly worse, I’ve aged fast, strange zitz, blood pressure show normal but high pressure in my head. Eye sight differ from day to day, and alot of more sides.

    need a link please.

  30. Jodyp

    So, who do we believe? The one that says Sessions is a zero, or the side that claims Trump has the AG working on the indictments behind the scene. This is why I don’t put blind Faith in man. I’ll just ride my fence, sip a cold one, and enjoy the show.

  31. Gary

    Notice that every time Nunes & House Intelligence Committee gets close to the molten core Schumer squeals and specially selected Mueller runs around arresting people? Thus sucking the oxygen out of the 24 hour news cycle while the FBI, CIA, Obama’s sorority sisters et al delay, obfuscate and claim some “sources and methods” exemption from complying.
    The stench is so thick with these public servants.

  32. Mike

    Save America. HTTPS//national-assembly.net/

    Annavonreitz.com. Article no. 928

    The dick act. 6/28/1902 H.R. 11654.

  33. Machine Gun Kelly

    Wow, somebody at CNN dealing with reality and not Obama’s Holderover mockingbird Mike Morell propaganda! I’m sure Gina Macaroni Treadhead will be after this guy!

    It’s a big mistake to write Trump off
    Paul Callan
    Wed August 22, 2018
    And it end’s with;
    There may be other criminal offenses chargeable against Trump as more is revealed about Cohen’s shady dealings, but Trump’s opponents shouldn’t put on their dancing shoes just yet.
    Especially since Cohen is so shady and a real liar, unlike Trumps so called lying. Everybody knows Mueller is putting on the squeeze and coping a plea bargain. So who’s going to believe Cohen? He better have proof with any new allegations so Mueller can save his neck and the Trumps supporters better buy it or it’ll be hell to pay with half the American populace, misters Cohen an Herr Mueller, the most famous Flipper’s! Ga soon tike!
    F L I P P E R ! ~ ~ ~

  34. Machine Gun Kelly

    Never Interfere With An Enemy While Destroying Itself, This Is The Plan

  35. Justn Observer

    Greg, China space bases in South America?

  36. brian

    Unfortunately we appear to be stuck at the point where we get folks who claim to have the inside scoop on things but simply refuse to step up to the plate, swear an oath and tell what they know.

    I am a nobody with zero access to anything near the levers of power, but I can sit around and speculate and hint at what this guy does all the same………with the same results, albeit fewer people would hear me.

    I understand that the cost of naming names and bearing out proof would be great to the folks burdened with such knowledge; but until some of these people start to actually bring out names, describe specific events and back it up with proof or at least swear to it under oath (ie consequences for being proven inaccurate) nothing will ever change. People will never be motivated to do anything to meaningfully curtail the corruption here other than enjoy the show and eat popcorn if all we have is speculation, conjecture, innuendo and circumstantial evidence.

    • Greg Hunter

      First of all Shipp is a former CIA Officer who had a very high clearance. (Shipp protected the CIA Director.) He has stuck his neck out many times. Go back and listen to the interview. Ship describes his evidence in detail: After the FBI supposedly fired Christopher Steele, Bruce Ohr had at least 70 communications (with Steele) back and forth talking about the ‘firewall’ is still there to protect us. Recent accounts show that Bruce Ohr either wrote the dossier with Christopher Steele or he wrote it himself in communication with Christopher Steele.”
      What do you want?


      • brian

        I want a court system that will weigh the claims of people like Mr Shipp and if there is any truth to such claims I want a formal and transparent investigation done into any allegations made. I want the investigation to then lead to a trial where evidence that is lawfully collected is considered and a verdict is reached, then I want to see adequate sentencing meted out….overarching all of this is my desire to live in a society of people who are more than capable of ensuring such a process is not only supported and maintained but enshrined and revered as the vital gift from God that it is.

  37. Gina M Mancarella

    Juror Paula Duncan is an American hero.. She’s a Trump supporter, but once she saw the evidence against Trumps main man, she concluded guilty based on the TRUTH ! Remember the TRUTH ?????

    At least we can count on some Trump supporters to have an open mind and when given the evidence WILL CONVICT ! IMPEACH NOW !

    We can have a better America with jobs for EVERYONE not just the Trump connected people. We can have Universal Free Healthcare for everyone and Free College for everyone. NO MORE PRIVATE COLLEGES !!!!!!! We need real freedom ! TOTAL FREEDOM !

    • Greg Hunter

      Who is going to pay for all this free stuff???? There is not crime and there will be no impeachment of President Trump. On the other hand your Deep State/NWO buddies committed numerous crimes and failed at a coup. That’s how history will remember this. The Deep Stare is back to making crap up (AGAIN) like election crimes that are not crimes. “Bow down to Hillary” in prison–if she makes it that far.

  38. Ross Herman

    How could there ever be a civil war? Would the dark-left ever start whearing badges declaring their Marxist/Satanic agenda? Would they ever stop lying long enough for lines to be drawn? How would you ever know who to shoot? I think the civil war is with the propaganda “news” media and their CIA puppet masters, that has so effectively hypnotize my entire family, and apparently millions of other fools that are to lazy to ever investigate an issue. But seriously I would to here Mr. Shipps cinario for a civil war. Do there exist any military organization that are not controlled by the globalists? What organization could stand in the way of just moving forward with the red list agenda?
    Love you Greg

  39. Hilde

    Thank you for an amazing and brilliant interview! What an incredible courage Kevin Shipp has! It’s almost unimaginable the pressure and pain he and his family has gone through.
    Such a brilliant and brave person. Hats off!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Hilde.

  40. eddielaidler

    Why did Nellie Ohr need a Ham Radio License? Did she suddenly develop a new hobby at her age in 2016? This was after the crony FBI contractors were locked out of the NSA 702 database by Adm Rogers. https://www.nsa.gov/news-features/press-room/statements/2017-04-28-702-statement.shtml

    Nellie’s new hobby http://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/LicArchive/license.jsp?licKey=12382876&archive=Y

  41. Joseph Wagner

    I thought sealed indictments BEFORE the mid-term would work in the Republicans’ favor if some pervs were headed for jail.
    So what if the President’s accused of being ‘political’. In this environment?! Seems pretty benign.

  42. Linda

    Great interview with Mr Shipp, him and his family went through alot.
    I learned about some breaking news on Fox tonight that the Clinton emails on the Weiner laptop were not ALL examined, only a fraction were. Here is an excellent article and work done by real clear investigations about this matter.


  43. Sayonara

    Trump’s castasrophic mistake was not to fire Jeff Sessions the moment he recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation. It was very clear that Jeff Sessions was the subtle conduet to the current Witch Hunt that will result WHEN the Communist Democrats take the House and Senate in November 2018.
    Unfortunately Trump is sayonara in early Q1 2019
    By the end of 2019 we will be Venezuela on steroids!
    I am not a gambling man, but, this is a blinding glimpse of the obvious!

  44. Rickey

    Greg your interview made it to zerohedge today! Great job

    • Greg Hunter

      Ricky it was plagiarized by Mark Salvo. Here is what I wrote Marky: “Mark Salvo, You did not write this story!!!!: “Whistleblower: It Was A Failed Coup, Mainstream Media Are Covering Up Phony DOJ Dossier.” You took my story and my writing, and cut it up, and passed it off as yours. You are a weasel of the highest order. You want to be in the truth and justice league, don’t steal other people’s stuff and pass it off as something you did. You should retract this heading with your name on it now and give Greg Hunter and USAWatchdog.com full credit. I am pissed.”

  45. ROB FAST


    • Greg Hunter

      Many people say governments will nationalize the mining production. In America, U.S. incremented gold and silver coins will probably be safe from confiscation I am told by sources.

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