Recession Started Last Year – Money Printing Coming – Marc Faber

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Legendary contrarian investor Dr. Marc Faber says forget about the coming slowdown because the economy has already been backing up for months. Faber, who holds a PhD in economics, explains, “Investors are relatively complacent. Nobody thinks a recession has begun. I think a recession in the U.S. probably began in October/November of last year. If you define a recession as peak economic activity and subsequent declining growth rates that can turn overall negative in the process, I think this is happening now in the world. We are probably already in a recession. The central banks, in my view, will continue to do more or less what they have done in the past, namely, print money.”

Dr. Faber warns, “When I started to work in 1970 on Wall Street, the stock market capitalization of the U.S. as a percentage of GDP . . . was between 25% and 30%. Now, the stock market capitalization alone is 150% of GDP, and when you add the bonds to it, we are at 300%. It’s a huge asset bubble compared to the real economy. I think no matter what they do, this asset bubble will be deflated, and it will be very painful. The asset holders are the powerful ones here, and they don’t want it deflated. . . . The question is would it have been better economically to go into the hospital in 2008/2009 and clean up the system rather than to essentially inject the sick patient with more opioids to keep him alive? It’s going to get much worse the next time it happens.”

Faber says, “You ask me what I fear. I say you and I and your viewers do not know how it will end. . . . I am not hopeful for the global economy. We can have a recession at any time, but I think the asset market will hold up because of the money printing.”

Dr. Faber thinks that the problems in the West are not just financial, but geopolitical with the rise of socialism and communism. Dr. Faber says, “I can assure you that people who lived under socialism and communism in China, Russia and Eastern Europe, that is the last thing they want to go back to–the last thing. The Westerners, who have never experienced the devastating lifestyle under socialism and communism, are amenable to the idea. The millennials think the government should do more. They don’t know what that means. When the government can do more, it can do everything. They can have people build bridges in the desert where no bridges are needed to keep people busy, and that leads to a complete economic calamity.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Marc Faber, Editor and Publisher of “The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report.”

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  1. jack

    It looks like Marc is right already, as I just read today that Central Banks are returning to QE as world economies falter. Also we are beginning to see property markets again collapsing. Many people are invested in more than one property , so all this money will be seeking better gains and safer havens. Many will be tempted to go into a rising share market as QE kicks again and we could see the mother of all share market bubbles since the Great Depression. Why would anyone Marc ,invest in Bonds returning 3.6% when the inflation rate according to John Williams is 10% and after tax you’d be losing another third. Also we are looking ta the prospect of Govts and big corporations defaulting on their Bonds. Globally 23% of Govt Band are already returning negative yields. You have to be an insider to play the share market because you don’t know when confidence will be lost. Mike Maloney said that insiders began to leave the stock market back in 2015 so pension funds and mug punters take up the slack. JP Morgan Reps have been in Aust to tell institutions to get out of our property market. Property is sinking like a stone here. Our Reserve Bank wants rates to drop and wages to rise so people can service their mortgages but many of those eligible are too scared to do it. If the debt cannot be serviced banks will go down too. Don’t know if you can fully trust cryptos either as they are too volatile and can have back doors accessed by Quantum computers.

    • Bob

      In Australia there was a politician whose wife worked for Deutsche Bank. She was in the know so they started dumping their assets.
      At the same time one of the politicians constituents sent him a letter asking if there was any danger of a global collapse. The pol replied saying there was no danger at all.

      f.f. to 04:45 Senior minister, 12th Aug 2007 said he “disagreed vehemently that the world is facing a global collapse”.

      Years later in 2013 there were articles promoting this Mp as treasurer, but there was one article that said, in 2013 to the effect that the MP knew a GFC was coming and was told by his wife who was a senior executive at DB and they were selling assets.
      “They were selling everything, but he convinced her to keep the house, but they were headed for the greatest financial event since the Great Depression. Then they bragged that his wife was very smart and saw the GFC coming.”

      But he never told anyone.

      It’s possible that he didn’t know about the GFC before he signed the letter, but the fact is if he revised his view he didn’t tell the letter writer either. Apparently he did not break any laws, or any rules. Parliamentarians are under no obligation to alert the public about impending problems or danger.

      So it looks like we need to rely on the internet, but that’s full of liars and dummies too.

      • jack

        John Adams an economist here ,was an economic adviser to some of our senators. He says many politicians know how bad things are and the attitude is that rather than let the banks fail and have a depression , they will debase the currency via QE and have much lower rates. Also it is feared our big 4 banks can bring down the entire global system .Our property market is 3.8 times our share market and that will be far more devastating than an share market collapse for us. They will blame the collapse on OS factors. Bail In is the last thing they want for fear of a public uprising and loss of faith in the banks but they passed it just in case. Being a huge importer of manufactured goods, our standard of living will drop very quickly. Already our $ has lost 39 % against the US $ in the last few years.

        • Galaxy 500

          The big Panic of 1837? Wild land speculation with phoney money.
          The Great Depression? Wild land speculation and 5 year loans that were rolled over… until credit tightened. Had we not been forced into war, we might still be suffering from FDR commie policies.
          The crash of the 90s. The crash of 2007? Phoney land loans. Thanks to Sen. Barney Fag… er, Frank’s, banks were forced under pain of phoney enforcement action to make loans to people that could not qualify to rent an apartment. The Bankers were blamed but the fault lies with Congress, Freddie and Fannie Mae.
          They made Securities out of paper that was so poor quality it would be worth toilet paper.

      • Anthony Australia

        John Adams is a brilliant man. Good guest for USAW.

  2. Shadow of Doubt

    Thanks again Greg for providing us with another great guest!
    Dr. Faber touched on an interesting topic recently highlighted by John Titus (if interested see and click on John Titus Best Evidence-his video appears as: We Use to Throw Criminals Off on where he refers to our government as a “Mafiacracy”. In 13 minutes he tells you what this means (The Rule of Law is Dead), who is in control (Not the Man residing in the White House) and most importantly where our Nation is headed (This may alarm many). Interesting times certainly lie ahead, SOD

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SOD! Happy travel.

      • TSI

        Greg, Warren Buffett definitely benefitted from the greatest stock bull market in history. Not sure he would be so successful starting out today.
        I have been trying to find a good video or article exposing him. I had previously thought that he was a clever guy who used the advantages at his disposal. Apparently he had $6,000 at 15 and his dad was in congress. Not sure if the latter is true.

        • Galaxy 500

          Buffett would be bankrupt if the Taxpayer had not have bailed him out.

  3. paul ...

    As Faber says: “Nobody thinks a recession has begun … but probably began last October/November in the US … because peak economic activity was reached … and has subsequently declined … as for the Fed … it will do what they have always done in the past (print money)” … so what should people do as a recession gets underway? … reduce your exposure to the industries that always get hurt in a slowing economy … meaning you will be holding cash that the Fed will be making more worthless … this is not to say holding cash is a bad idea … it is not a bad idea … but what is the best form of cash to hold … you can leave it in US dollars which is better money then feathers or beads because many more people “believe” paper US dollars is “better money” then feathers … in fact many people “believe” Bitcoin is better money then feathers or paper … but the money with the best record of “being money” over centuries of time … is gold and silver … so take your choice and live with the consequences of your actions … but since money is based upon “belief” … my personal choice would be to stick with gold and silver as money … as they have the longest history of people believing it is money!!

    • paul ...

      Dr. Faber also sees socialism (commie-nism) rising in the West as a bad thing … where people everywhere now expect to get things for nothing like the elite have been getting … they want their fair share of the pot of infinitely created paper money out of thin air … the banksters and brokers have had it too good for too long getting bailed out … now the common people want their pensions bailed out and all the stolen money from the Social Security Trust Fund put back … this is why AOC will give Trump a big problem in 2020 … as she promises to “level the playing field” … sort of like how Blockchain technology seeks to level the playing field by “making everyone” keep a set of books … but what kind of future can such a Block-chain system have? … imagine a Corporate CEO trying to run a business while being constrained its show exactly where all the money is going to his shareholders? … do you think CEO’s are going to use Block-chain technology and hand out a copy of the Corporations books to every shareholder? … remember corporate crooks want to run things so as to maximize the Corporations stock price and his personal stock options … this is why he keeps just two(2) sets of books … one for the public to see … and a second set of books so the CEO’s can maximize the money being skimmed off the top and sent to his private Swiss Bank Account … you know … that these crooks will “pay” to have their children receive fraudulently high SAT scores (to get them into the best colleges) … they would have to be “Block-heads” to use Block-chain technology (that will hand out a set of “real” books to every shareholder) … those gullible enough think Block-chain technology “is the future ” are living in a dream world (devoid of crooks) … can anyone tell me Hillary would use “this most wonderful Block-chain technology” to make sure a record of all her e-mails is distributed to the public??? … can anyone tell me the Fed will use Block-chain technology to make sure everyone knows exactly how much gold is at Fort Knox???? … do you think crooks are Block-heads????? … that will put not only their heads but hands in Chains?????? … No! … the “true” Block-heads are the people who think all the crooks are going to adopt this new technology to constrain their ability to make (rob) easy money … now why would they make things so difficult for themselves??????? … where they would have to “fake their death” to rob all the money locked away in secure crypto-wallets and then put the corporation into bankruptcy … isn’t it much easier to keep the corporation going (with just two sets of books) to generate a continuing stream of profits … to shear the sheepish pigeons for many many many years!!

  4. Anthony Australia

    Best interview of 2019! Thanks Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow thank you AA!!

      • TSI

        Apparently Warren Buffett buys insurance companies so that he can use the client’s upfront money, interest free, to make further acquisitions. This seems like a high risk strategy. Could this be why he required a bailout? He may also have been forced to buy dodgy assets by the government when the system crashed in 2008.

  5. criticalthinking

    Never Judge A Book or Terrorist by His Cover
    As the world reels from the tragic terrorist attack against two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, much attention has been given to sensational information about the single named suspect, Brenton Tarrant. However, the hyperfocus on Tarrant distracts from the fact that the Australian national was arrested along with other suspects.

    An investigation and analysis by Disobedient Media indicates that Tarrant and the group he worked with likely have professional military connections, are part of the same cell that perpetrated a February 22nd break in of the North Korean embassy in Spain and potentially have intelligence ties to various agencies that cooperate under the UK USA Agreement popularly known as Five Eyes (FVEY).
    Despite the characterization of Tarrant in the media, he was no run-of-the-mill white supremacist. MUCH MORE BELOW;

  6. criticalthinking

    Fighting The Socialist Revolution: The real solution is resolution, not Civil War!

  7. Scott

    World-class guest and an outstanding interview – thanks for this, Greg, I’m very grateful for the excellent work you do. Please keep after it!

  8. criticalthinking

    Report: Ex-Putin adviser who died in US had broken neck
    3 hrs ago

  9. Doogie Houser

    Limited Access
    Read the comments section, very telling!

  10. Fred Haight

    Christopher Steele says he used unverified information to support details about web company in dossier
    By Katelyn Polantz, CNN 12 hrs ago

  11. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Very, very interesting. You are asking all your guests about the possible impact of Basel III and strangely, very strangely, they are avoiding this issue. Both Peter Schiff and Marc Faber answered your specific ‘Basel III’ questions in round about ways – managing to avoid saying the words, ‘Basel III’. Clearly, both these guests are fully up to speed with all matters financial, including Basel III. So why the coyness?

    A couple of years ago, I recall reading a Zerohedge article about the President of one of the …….stans (as in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan) officially advising his people to buy gold. Specifically, he advised all farmers to acquire USD$2,000 equivalent value in gold to secure their futures. It occurred to me at the time that, as head of state, (part of the ‘elite’ circle) he may have been given confidential information about future (global) plans for gold. Wonder what happened to him? To add to this, central banks have been acquiring gold since 2012 (after the price was knocked back in 2011) and in 2018, purchased more gold than in any year since 1971 – when Nixon took the USD, and in consequence the world, off the gold standard.

    Your well informed guests’ circumvention of your ‘Basel III’ question suggests to me that they have been officially briefed about what is about to happen – viz a viz gold – on very strict understanding that the information is not for public consumption.

    This is the closest I have come to being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and I may well be completely wrong – but, if your guests do not believe Basel III will happen, or that it will make no difference, why not just say so?!

    • paul ...

      The impact of Basel III will be to increase the banksters confidence in what ordinary people have “already known” for thousands of years … that the gold created by God “is money” … not the paper created by man or the feathers created by birds or the shells created by clams or the electronic bits created by computers!! …

    • Clare Doll

      Dear Greg,
      One more article to add from an EXCELLENT writer (although I don’t think English is his first language) but the information and presentation is quite admirable and damning! ANDREWB I agree that Basel III is not being adequately addressed. Here, Here. This may be what you are seeking — Gold Withdrawals From The ETF Despite Higher Prices! What Is Happening?
      By Gijsbert Groenewegen
      I found this to be absolutely wonderful!

    • Gldgtr

      You can add Catherine Austin-Fitts as well. Do all these people know something we don’t?

  12. Jimmy Carter


    Central Bankers around the world have engineered a new arrangement where sovereign governments are entirely dependent upon an inflated stock market. All asset prices must remain high to keep the required amounts of tax revenue coming-in. When the stock market corrects, as it did last year, then some states get into the red, such as California. California income tax receipts without the usual amount of capital gains will be far lower than estimated, while costs or spending will be far higher than assumed. A state budget crisis has been caused when financalization fails to keep assets from tanking. A budget crisis is coming to California by this Summer.

    In addition, governments around the world are addicted to zero percent interest rates to enable more spending and socialism. The side-effect of all these financial treatments (Rx) is anemic economic growth. In the U.S., it averages only about 2.2% a year, only slightly better GDP growth year-to-year than when President Obama was in-office. If we have a bear market and stocks really go down a lot more, then all governments will tank right along with them into insolvency. So, yes, we are really operating with Zero Margin for Error. Any mistakes have potentially huge consequences. We all are now on borrowed time and living dangerously.

  13. Evert

    Good interview, thanks! However in Russia, (my wife is Russian) there is a growing sentiment in favor of ¨good old time sovjet union¨, yes, a bit worrying. In Europe there is a growing resentment against socialisme. The EU parliament elections will show that in May, I hope…

  14. al

    Besides being endearing, the man is spot on and fully awake!

    I don’t watch CNBS (no cable) but at times see clips of my favorites on youtube like Mark Faber and I listen closely to what this man is saying. He has never wavered.

    I am so glad to hear him speaking for more than 10 seconds without being interrupted by some lame stream wall street fake news enemy medial shill.
    CNBS calls Mark Faber a perma-bear/conspiracy theorist. He has had that fallacious title for about a decade or since this Ponzi scheme started with BS Bernanke and the gang printing (ie: cheating the system) faster that Al Capone (as Faber alluded to).
    We are also at fault, our credit cards create billions out of thin air as well… let that sink in…. What’s in your wallet? … But I digress…

    As an Engineer I truly appreciate his thoughts. Daddy Bush admittedly turned this economy to a “service economy” such as financial services. Everyone else be damned (ie: the “little people”)

    As for socialism in the west, I can see the Trump Factor at work. I have a job that allows me to speak to Canadians and U.S. Families at random.
    I can tell you for a fact that socialism is looked down upon and the indoctrinated children are for the most part being re-educated by their parents on the vile sickness of socialism and communism (what youtube and the collages are promoting and are now being legally punished for in various ways).
    Given that fact along with true and fair elections in the future, the Trump Factor will insure a free and prosperous future indeed.

    As for Bitcoin, it has never been hacked for the 10+ years it has been in service and there’s a solid technical reason why. The hacking stories come in the form of alternate cryptocurrencies deployed by bad programmers or crypt0-wallets that have lax security measures, this is very different from hacking the blockchain. Bitcoin blockchain hacking means hacking all participating computers in the World at the same exact time, and the more it’s used, the greater the hacking difficulty. It’s a virtual impossibility!
    If it could be done the central banks would have paid $Trillions of fake printed currency to hackers to do it by now.

    Faber’s monthly report comes to $25.00 per Month. I will check it out. I’m writing to request a sample report to [email protected]

    Thank you Greg for having Mr. Faber on, he is a voice of reason and stability.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al!!

  15. Arrowflinger

    Thank you for having Dr. Marc Faber on, Greg!

    He lives in Thailand, far from his old career on Wall Street, but has never been far removed from the realities of our predicament.

  16. john duffy

    Media Gorges Itself on Hatred While Ignoring Atrocities:

  17. JC

    Love that expression “The Money Shuffelers”…. those who make bundles of cash while the engineer gets peanuts and is probably buried in student loan debt.
    Nevermind, it doesn’t matter, we’re all doomed. Let’s think about something more cheerful, like breakfast.
    Hotcakes, anyone?

    • paul ...

      JC … Someone with your exact initials was hung on a cross years ago by money changer’s (like present day Hillary) … but today the money changers grub not only money … but grab children like evil pedophiles … and eat their hotcakes on Jeffery Epstein’s Lolita Island!!

  18. john duffy

    Interview with a Retired Vaccine Researcher

    “[These days,] If I had a child, the last thing I would allow is [my child to be vaccinated].”

    • Southern Girl

      john duffy,
      Thanks for that interview. I’m 65 and the last shot I was dumb enough to get at age 50 was for pneumonia. Have so many friends who took the shingles shot and then got it. They are too stupid to realize what happened. They reply that their doctor told them their case of shingles would have been FAR worse if they had not had the vaccine. Cannot even convince my friend who was a school nurse. I just agree to disagree with her.

  19. Da Yooper

    Love Marc Farber he calls a spade …a spade
    The Financial circle exploded because of unaddressed lawless corruption by the BANKERS
    remember a Rothchild said
    “Let me coin a Nations currency & I care not who makes it’s laws”

    Until this financial infestation in the US government is call out & indicted & prosecuted & the money changers dealt with nothing will change

    In 2008 they bailed out the bankers now it is time to bail out the taxpayers. The money changer’s built this & THEY should pay for it.

    LOL Marc talks about Socialism “building bridges in the desert – where no bridges are needed ”
    Kinda like building bridges to Hawaii & Europe & doing away with planes from the lunatic AOC

  20. al

    An honest voting system is coming. Proof is by the rush of illegal invaders on our borders and the cry for no walls by the left-tards. The invaders are told “come in, we will give you money, vote for us and you won’t be deported. Do it before the wall gets built.”
    This is why the dumdums want illegals to have the “right” to vote, because Trump is cracking down on voter fraud so every vote will count.
    Without the illegals and children (16 year old) voters, it will be a 90% to 10% landslide for Trump and his constituents.

    • paul ...

      A Landslide? … Not if Trump keeps those warmongering neocons around him in the White House always looking to start a war wherever they can … and not with Trump shooting himself in the foot by making it look like he is going against his campaign promise not to touch Social Security!! … remember AOC and the Demon-rats will be proposing to use Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) to fix Social Security and workers Pensions … along with guaranteeing a free monthly income payment “to everyone” (including illegals) by just printing up whatever money is necessary … and if printing all this money out of thin air (for their social programs) begins to result in inflation … their solution is simple … just raise taxes on everyone so high it will keep inflation under control!! …

  21. Jerry

    The final pieces of thenew economic exchange system is being moved into place.

    The Lynch pen will be the timing of BREXIT. Once that happens the EU will be replaced by China and the one belt system as the ECB is converted to AIIB. FYI China has purchased gold vaults in London, Frankfort, and New York. That should tell you what the long range plan will be.

    • Jerry

      Still not convinced? The major banking player in the U.S. is not shy about stating where it thinks the future is.

    • Jerry

      According to Ken the reset will occur on March 31 with Basel III.

      Apparently the new banking standard will require gold backing. That makes perfect sense to me, as the main reason the Chinese have focused their attention on gold. I guess leasing it is no longer enough? The next question. How do you get rid of the criminals that are in the central banking cabal? The answer to that question will be found at Gitmo.

      • OutLookingIn

        The Big Reset 2015 – 2025
        Protect your wealth.
        The B.I.S. Basil III Rules in 10 days time.

        When the big reset occurs, (soon) concerns over paper claims and encumbrances on central bank gold bullion, will drive liquid capital into physical gold ownership.
        Holders of paper claims to gold will be offered settlement in cash at prices well below the physical market.

  22. Chris Foster

    So basically Gold is useless in the future.

    • Greg Hunter

      He did not say that. he said you could not remove it from the country you are living in. Faber is a holder of Au.

    • TSI

      try taking 1000s of dollars through the airports in a few years and see what happens.

      • Tin foil hat

        If the US restrict any amount of gold from leaving the country, I don’t think the TSA would care if you take 1000s of dollars thru the airports; nobody outside of the US would want those dollar when that happened, they would prefer gold.

    • Tin foil hat

      Chris Foster,
      Perhaps Marc believes socialism will prevail in America. If that is what he meant, gold is indeed useless, nothing except power or connection to people in power will be useful.

  23. iwitness02

    The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. Sounds like a synopsis of mankind’s history on the earth. With socialism on the rise here at home, it looks like we are heading into another doom phase. I am looking forward to a new phase. The Bloom phase. Getting there may be a bit gloomy and doomy, but for crying out loud, lets get there. Seems like we are stuck in a slow motion nightmare, where you want to run, but your feet are caught in quicksand.
    I want patience, and I want patience right now! It is so hard to wait for the Bloom. At least there is plenty to do in the mean time.
    I enjoyed this interesting interview. Thank you Greg and Marc.

    • iwitness02

      Junior Kimbrough: Most Things Haven’t Worked Out

  24. Joe Lalonde

    Hi Greg,

    There a a few powerful countries that want gold slapped down to as low as possible in US dollars as they trade away these for tangible trading assets.
    It will be when the reserve currency status is taken that the prices will skyrocket as dollars being dumped for whatever is tradable and hyper-inflation runs amuck.

    I too have been stocking up on tradable assets in the semi-precious category. Gorgeous stuff and cheaply priced direct from China by mail. It too has changed massively in the last couple years. Trading currency for tangible assets that I have in my hands.

    Take care,

  25. Mohammad


    More and more info is coming out on the TERRORIST in NZ:

    “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed the gunman, 28-year-old Australian national Brenton Tarrant, had targeted Erdogan, Turkey, and “the whole Muslim world” in a speech on Friday.”

    This is THE definition of TERRORISM, targeting unarmed civilians to achieve a political gain, in this case to reduce muslim populations in western countries by terrorizing them with those acts.


    • Justn Observer

      LOL – and yes we are not allowed to actually view the attack, or see the perp’s face and now it is being made ‘illegal’ to do so? Why? and Podesta, Clapper just there…and Hillary a while back… all while a U.S. citizen who has inside knowledge on the Mitubishi bonds and Colo. saving and loan dealings = Clinton/Rose law firm and current AIG Horowitz ”’investigation”’ of emails and Clinton Foundation.., and now a need to ‘disarm’ the citizens and effect similar ‘patriot act’ policy there in NZ like here after ‘OUR’ 911 style events = New town, Florida, Las Vegas? all while possibly an attempt at starting a ‘religious’ warS , or race wars, and open borders in Europe, the US, and South America (Venezuela) seems to co-incidental and orchestrated in my opinion…all the ‘five eyes’ stuff but who’s eyes are those? Who is behind the U.S., Britain= UK, Australia, Canada, NZ and who set up Israel…focus… who was/is the protectorate of Rome? Charlemagne? Otto II? and those later of the Hanover-Hessian area? Where is the wealth of the world stored? Who guards the pope? How did the House of Windsor =(The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha/ germans )end up on the England throne? Maybe to many people wrongly focus to much on ‘jews’ rather than ‘german’ bankers that may or may not be jews ? And that it is NOT the ‘jewish’ part but the ‘german’ part people should better focus on? Why is the BIS where it is? Why does ‘their policy dictate IMF and City of London, the central world banks and THE FED (set up when, where, why)?
      as those post Crusades/ Byzantine era faded and the German ( UK, EURO and their ‘five eyes’ came into view via trade routes/colonization/and plantations via the Hudson Bay and East India trade settements etc…as they divided up the America’s between Spain, Italy, UK, France, Belgium … sending those like Cortez and the Jesuits to defeat those like the Mayans and Aztecs…enslave the southwest Indians…and where else did the ‘franks’ move into? India? Pakistan? Laos? The Muslim issue seems less relevant when you consider the flow into and out of so much of Europe by them over hundreds of years…certainly many must have inner married over that time…so one has to think….the ‘conquest tool’ has been’ religion – to divide the sheeple via Protestant, Christian, Islamic lines for the now universal church = Catholic/Jesuits who want all to now just get along, open the borders, and form under a one religion = new age, one government, one world currency system run by who? Anyone notice the whole world encircled within Caesar’s wreath on the Flag of the UN? IS the NWO just the old world to be run by the corporations that the old world REICH industrialists and wealth diverted after the WW’s ?
      Mohammad…who did you once say those in Saudi Arabia really were decendants of?
      Remember at the end of Laurence of Arabia…the squabbling over the infrastructure and the resources… what’s changed ? My guess is ALL the people of the nations have been and are being led by the nose and hating and doing or (putting up with) the machinations of those industrialists and bankers of all nations…as they ALL meet in Davos etc and laugh and plan the ‘next’ abhorrent tragedy…while we all are supposed to ‘blame’ it either the Muslims or the Jews…or the blacks or whites…or rich …or global warming deniers…or … what ever todays meme is ! Cui Bono ? Who has the patents and exclusivity on uranium, gunpowder, the drugs( heroin, morphine, opiates ?)
      So just who is ‘nerrrrvous’ about POTUS Trump exposing and draining which swamp creatures? Are those on ‘the secret team’ the minion of those of Jim Marr’s ‘The rise of the Fourth Reich’?

      • Justn Observer

        Secret Team by Col. Fletcher Prouty pdf =

      • Mohammad

        Man, what a rant …
        I concur with your post, adding to it that unfortunately their plan is in full working order.
        Look how much hate is dispersed where the sound of reason is muffled , and whatever escapes falls on a deaf ear.
        We are sleep walking into abyss.
        No matter how mush reasonable people will try to avert course seems hatred is louder and sucking humanity into satin’s black hole.
        We have to keep trying though, we should never quit.


      • iwitness02

        I feel like I just read the longest Q post, since I started reading them in October of 2017. You present much to consider. Thank you.

      • Diane

        Great post JA0

    • john duffy

      So is this reducing muslim populations?

      • Mohammad

        John ,

        It is absolutely condemned, it is evil and what I am trying to convey on this blog that we have to rise above the game they are playing us, I mean by “they” the satanic Babylonians that have no face no soul and no name.

        We have to understand the game John, it is essential for our survival to point the finger to the perpetrators that hide behind thick veils.

        I cannot stress more on the importance of us understanding their game to survive, if we do not, we are doomed and they win.


    • Nick in UK

      Nobody cares Mohammad, it’s a one grain of sand event against a beach of worldwide Islamic terrorism. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come, the pendulum swinging back the other way. , do some research.

      Import the third world become the third world.

      Islam is a cancerous cult and cancer needs destroying otherwise it always kills the host.

      You can reply by giving me a list of Countries that are Islamic that are not sh**holes, where women are treated equally and where other religions are tolerated and other places of worship are permitted and everybody lives peacefully side by side for generations. (Everybody includes all colours, all beliefs, all sexual orientations)

      For every ONE example you provide I will give you TEN examples of issues caused by Islam.

      And then explain why you live in the West, and why someone in your families past decided to leave where you were originally from and why you don’t want to go back.
      Or if it’s so wonderful when are you leaving so we can come and help you load and wave goodbye at the airport.

      • Mohammad

        Nick ,

        Your hatred is obvious, you will not prevail, you and the other side of hatred will not crush the vast middle that do not give a swat about your ideologies.


        • Nick in UK

          I conclude from your reply that you cannot give me even ONE example and it is easier for you to label me than to produce some facts or counter arguments to support your religions intolerance and inability to integrate.

          Can you even condemn the ALL the worldwide murders by muslims, Islamic extremists and jihaddis ? Or will that put you on the naughty step at the local mosque.

          Who is the head of the Muslim church ? Please share a video of him condemning any murders by Muslim extremists. Again for each ONE video you produce I will provide TEN videos of threats and actions by Muslim extremists.

          I need facts not finger pointing and name calling.

          • Major Payne

            When Mohammed has no meaningful rebuttal he will call you “childish” or say you are filled with hate or some other such rubbish. Winning a debate with him is like shooting fish in a barrel.

            I strongly suspect he’s a government troll – the handle is just so painfully obvious. It might as well be “I’m Muslim”. Greg has said he’s real although I would caution Greg to be more circumspect. In Mohammed’s favor though he does demonstrate that peculiar habit of condemning you for critical and independent thinking so common to Islam. Carry on.

      • Bob

        As Sadiq Khan said “Terrorism is just part and parcel of living in a big city”.

        Friday was just a normal day in a big city. Nobody’s even talking about it here. I talked to dozens of people yesterday and nobody said a single word about it. They really don’t seem to care.

      • Bob

        Nick there is nothing good about the trannie movement. It is 100% evil and it now destroying young people’s lives.

        • Nick in UK

          For the record, Bob, I do not support the trannie movement, I don’t support same sex marriage and I don’t think these relationships should be allowed to adopt kids.
          I have no idea how you got this conclusion from my post to Mohammad about Islamic issue ?
          Whilst not supporting the LBGT portion of society I don’t support stoning them to death or throwing off tall buildings either which is the Islamic solution.

          • TSI

            Yep, and Trump and Theresa May are selling record amounts of weapons to Saudi Arabia when it executes homosexuals.

    • Anthony Australia

      Imagine was a great song by John Lennon.

  26. paul ...

    You know … for a man besieged by Satan’s Demons trying to do a coup against him … Trump has the balls to do exactly what the evil Satanist Demons are trying to do to him??? … what kind of logic is that???? … is acting like that … going to make America Great again????? …

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Paul,
      This is an opinion piece and really just propaganda from Russia, Iran and China. It mentions nothing about these countries who are heavily involved in Venezuela. The U.S. cannot let this fall into their hands for a variety of reasons. There is pure evil on the other side of this. Oh, and hey, go live in Iran, Russia and China and then trash those governments online inside those countries. You would not last a day.

      • paul ...

        Greg … Bolton, Pompeo and Abrams are not my favorite hawks … so I like to hit them over the head whenever I can “even using an opt ed propaganda piece” if I have to … and I don’t like Cheney … or Pence now either … to see Trump surrounding himself with these neocon warmongering guys just sets me off … because “I know” deep in my heart Trump could be better … why can’t the US be “a good example” to other Nations like America was years ago (when it was Great) … and be a respectful Nation that follows the rule of law in its dealings with other Nations … perhaps then … Russia and China would begin to follow in the same path … am I being grossly naive … perhaps so … but is believing in “doing to others as we would have them do unto us” naive? … a man named Jesus had such thoughts 2000 years ago … and I personally do not take “his murder on the Cross” as the final say on this matter? … his words make sense and ring true for me!

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s not objective Paul!!! If you have to use propaganda then your position is one-sided and weak. You are so biased I guess you are OK with China, Russia and Iran taking over — correct??? There is way more to the story, and you are, in fact, misinforming people with PROPAGANDA. I do not appreciate this.

          • TSI

            But Greg, Trump complains about a coup attempt against him and then supports a coup against the democratically elected Maduro in Venezuela. Is someone else onesided?

            • Greg Hunter

              There is also a coup/control attempt by Russia, China and Iran. Please mention this when you comment because it will be more accurate. The U.S would not be as worried about this if it were not for China, Russia and Iran wanting control of the vast mineral and petroleum assets of that country. It is also militarily strategic to ALL countries. If it were just greed, the US would have stepped in long ago. The Venezuela voters put Chaves in power and the voted for Maduro. They have some responsibility for there actions. You can’t have it both ways.

              • TSI

                I am sure the Democrats will and have said that a coup to remove Trump is necessary to stop Russia taking over the US but that is also codswallop.

                • Greg Hunter

                  What I said was fact TSI what you said was “codswallop.” You cannot compare the two. Let’s not be stupid here.

              • TSI

                Greg, even Fox news admits that China and Russia are supporting Maduro – How is that a coup when Maduro is the current leader?


                Syria has shown that America is losing its touch at implementing regime change.

                • Greg Hunter

                  I said they are all involved in taking control of the assets.

                  • TSI

                    That is the problem. Venezuela is entitled to work with whom ever they want if it is their country and resources.

          • paul ...

            Your right Greg … I’m too biased and hateful against what I conceive of as evil … I have been venting my anger here like it is a group therapy session … I’m going into retreat and won’t be commenting any longer!!!

            • Greg Hunter

              Paul, suit yourself Paul. So sorry you feel this way. Just so you understand, I am NOT asking you to leave.

              • Arnold

                He’ll be back.

                • Mohammad

                  Greg is hard to part with, ask me about it.


                • Diane

                  Of course

                  • Mohammad

                    I love Greg for his sincerity , tough to find this caliber in journalism nowadays, when I see him it flashes back to me decades back when journalists, anchors on the main networks were trust worthy, their word was true unbiased journalism, he is one of a kind, and I do not say that always.


            • Jerry

              Hi Paul,
              Until you get your personal troll like Stan, you’re not allowed to leave. Even though I don’t agree with all of your post I do appreciate the work you put into them.

            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

              Thankyou Paul… in this comment thread you have just highlighted the outrageous and delusional hypocricy of this site and its host.

              The echo chamber will continue to diminish as anyone with half a brain leaves of his own accord or is booted out for not being a parrot…what will remain will be a sorry mixture of rabid ‘Christian’ fundamentalists, dimwits and neocons…perhaps some might be a curious blend all three of the above. [come to think of it that combination is very much in the mold of two of Trumps team..Bolton and Pompeo!].

              You never know these two psycopaths might even agree to an interview when they get done with their murderous global plans.

              • Greg Hunter

                I booted you because you are a jerk not a bird.

              • William Stanley

                Perhaps this comes too late. Despite never having told you, I appreciate your dissenting views. I have even mentioned the clarity and quality of your writing to friends who don’t even watch this channel.
                We are all frustrated. Please consider continuing to comment. Although I don’t expect minds to be changed, I think it possible that everyone here, including you, could still benefit.

            • William Stanley

              paul . . .,
              Please continue to comment. You are important here . . . and this is an important place. Please reconsider.

          • Mohammad

            Why don’t call it the way it is:
            REGIME CHANGE using terrorists funneled funded trained by largely, call them ISIS in M.E. or drug cartels in South America or call them whatever you want, the bottom line is harvesting stealing annihilating countries one after another under the premise of bringing democracy to the doomed next.


            • Bob

              Tulsi Gabbard will stop the wars and Andrew Yang will give everyone $1000.

            • Wade Waters

              Food for thought, Mohammud.

            • Jerry

              Let’s just call a spade a spade. If I allowed terrorist to highjack my church there would be an uprising. Whenever Muslim terrorist perpetrate your religion for violence. Crickets. I have yet to hear one Islamic leader denounce their actions. If the victims happen to be Jews, cakes are handed out, and celebrations are held in the streets. Please tell me I’m wrong?

            • Anthony Australia

              I like you.

        • AndrewB

          Amen brother ~ you are ‘over the target’. The Christian principle, “Do unto others as you would have others do onto you” no longer applies to DC neocons and their partners in crime, NATO and (Zionist) Israel. I wish it were otherwise – but to make excuses for the hegemonic excesses of the ‘Western’ powers is to excuse murder and pillage – NOT acceptable.

  27. JAK

    This interview with Marc Faber was outstanding. Marc is a very wise man, let’s hope he comes back more often.

  28. Russ McMeans

    Mr. Faber is like Yoda to me. I listen very carefully to his decades of wisdom. Then luckily since it’s on ‘tape’
    I listen to this great interview again so as not to miss anything. Great hard to obtain score Greg!
    ( now I just thought of Jim Rickards too) sure he works for the deep state, but he knows things. Also I heard a Kevin Shipp interview on John B Wells weekly radio show. Kevin worked for the CIA I think.

  29. Connie Packerd

    Kim Kardashian tried to pay a former prisoner’s rent so he could start a new life. But he was denied an apartment

  30. Mohammad


    I condemn this coward terrorist act and my prayers to the victims and their families:

    We should wake up to the rhetoric of hate that is fueling this madness.


    • Tin foil hat

      Why did you condenm the idiot who killed 3 in Utrecht but not the terrorists who killed hundreds of Christians in Africa?
      Is it because you are a racist, “Black Lives Don’t Matter”, or just a hypocrite who thinks “Christians Lives Don’t Matter”?

      • Mohammad

        I do
        I always do TFH.
        Greg knows.

        More important than condemning those acts, although it is important, is to foil their plan by not getting consumed in it, we should not be sucked in their trap, we have to survive as humans and they want the opposite.


        Do you know how many muslims in Middle East were killed by the same MASKED faces that killed those christians in Nigeria and Egypt, Syria , Libya….etc?

        I can tell you roughly 100 muslim to 1 christian is the ratio killed by the same hands and masked faces screaming Allah Akbar that 3 billion peaceful muslims say 5 times a day in their prayers allover the world.

        Those terrorists are FUNDED, TRAINED, ARMED, MOBILIZED, by the intelligence agencies of the west and east alike and you can add to them the Mossad.

        We saw them RIDING AIR CONDITIONED buses and moved from one part of Syria to another with their families to finish the intended job which is to empty the land from the river to the river.

        We have to understand the game and step up to the level of danger surrounding us humans. If we keep hitting on each other the Babylonians are dancing on our ignorance and eventually our demise with full rejoice.


      • Tin foil hat

        “we should not be sucked in their trap, we have to survive as humans …”
        – No problem there.

        “Do you know how many muslims in Middle East were killed by the same MASKED faces ….”
        – Yes, I know the ones who did most of the killings are Sunnis. Shiites don’t do suicide bombings. I know what you are hinting at – I accept ISIS is the CIA/Deep State’s terror army.

        ” …. and you can add to them the Mossad.”
        – I know Mossad was likely involved in 911. No American would be trusted by the Deep State to be directly involved in that operation, the job had to be contracted out. However, I hold no grudges against the Israelis. I know their people moaned with us for all the lives lost; even the ones directly involved were just following order. I can’t blame them since we are the ones who invited them.
        I didn’t blame the Muslims in general initially since I believed they were our ally in Afghanistan, Saudi …. That changed when I watched them dancing on the street not only in Palestine but in Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt …., then I saw the protests all over the world over a stupid Mohammd cartoon. I started the research on Islam thereafter and I believe that was the turning point for me. I have to be honest with you, the more I learn about Islam the more I hate it.

        “We have to understand the game and step up to the level of danger surrounding us humans.”
        – I concur we do have to understand the game and work together. However, you have to understand why Sunni Muslims have been used repeatedly again and again by the “Babylonian” since 1965.

        • Mohammad

          “Yes, I know the ones who did most of the killings are Sunnis. Shiites don’t do suicide bombings.”


          Who did the marines in Beirut, wasn’t it Hizbullah…Sheites

          Terrorism DOES NOT HAVE A FAITH…


        • Tin foil hat

          Well, Americans are not known to be Kamikaze in WW II but some Americans did act heroically in similar fashion in the Battle off Samar and the Dolittle raid.

          Just like the libs who alway have to use the Oklahoma City bombing to illustrate the danger of domestic terrorism, it’s a reach that you had to go back to 1983 to fetch an example of suicide bombing by the Shiites. The fact that Shiites are not into blowing themselves up in open markets doesn’t automatically make them the good guys; they just not into blowing themselves up.

          Btw, I’m not saying all Sunnis are ISIS terrorists. You should know most of Assad’s troops are Sunnis.

  31. Boris Badenough

    Costco has a brilliant strategy that allows it to pay workers $15 an hour
    Kate Taylor 4 hrs ago
    Dr.Dave Janda’s favorite store & bargain best pizza!

  32. Paul in oz

    Last week I was thinking that we haven’t heard from Dr. Faber for some time and boom we get the gloom and doom man himself. A great contrarian who always presents different viewpoints that make you think. As an aside I have two other thoughts after watching an older Jim Rickard presentation (Feb 2108).

    I better understand the U.S. Intervention in Venezuela (the coup they are again behind). With any form of reset the IMF will obviously be involved … the US who is the only country with the ability to unilaterally veto IMF proposals is promoting an American as the next leader of the world bank (no opposition) to ensure they control the process. Even the combination of the BRIC countries do have such voting authority. HOWEVER, add in Venezuela (Maduro would count China and Russia as his allies) and that alliance has sufficient clout to veto and hence much more dramatically impact any reset. In addition to the oil you have IMF clout … Venezuela is strategic in every sense and how that progresses will determine the mechanics of a reset.

    My second thought is that although MMT is considered a joke, it is no laughing matter … the reason that it is gaining popularity is that the current promoters understand it has already been implemented. To believe that the money printing and debt creation was an accident and those involved thought that sufficient growth could be achieved to be able to pay back the debts is naive as a minimum. What began as a necessary evil to avoid complete economic collapse in 2008-9 evolved into MMT to make everyone feel wealthier and to encourage them to spend. MMT is the current modus operandi … there is not one iota of fiscal restraint and although it may be true that Trump is buying time and simply adding to an impossible situation in any case until a reset occurs, the fact that there is no hope of repayment simply means MMT is current US policy.

    The EU decision to restart bond buying (engineered intentionally by Trump trade policies) is just what the doctor ordered for America. As Mr. Rickards points out that money creation ends up propping up the US treasury markets as some of that searches for higher bond yields than the negative rates of Europe and filters into the US and other sovereign debt instruments. Mr Trump is having his cake and eating it as well.

  33. Boris Badenough

    BOMBSHELL: George Soros Tied to Anti-Trump Dirty Dossier Hoax
    Pamela Geller 7 hours ago 2.2k Views
    Big news but hardly surprising. Soros is the black hand.
    All the dope!

  34. lancelot

    In one paragraph Mr. Faber says ” I think no matter what they do , this asset bubble will deflate.” On down he says ” but I think the asset market will hold up due to money printing. ” You can’t have it both ways. Which is right ?

  35. Gary

    Greg Mannarino, speaking from a financial perspective, describes how the United States, in his opinion, is already a socialist country. He says what the Democratic hopefuls for president are running on a fascist platform. He also describes how the middle class in this country is evaporating.

    I found this fascinating coming from someone who is not speaking in a historic context, because what he is describing is exactly the feudal system the Catholic countries of the world structured their populations after during the Dark Ages. It wasn’t until after the rise of Protestantism that political freedom we now enjoy became evident in Protestant nations.

    Mannirino’s testimony, the current political corruption in this country and the world’s manufactured economic crisis make it clear that this country is slipping back into the night of political, economic and religious darkness experienced by Medieval Europe. And we know who was “king of the hill” during that misadventure.


    (PLEASE SHARE). Post Market Wrap Up: “THE GRAND DELUSION.” By Gregory Mannarino

  36. iwitness02

    I watched the 17 minute video of the NZ mosque shooting. There is a link to the video on bit chute, that can be found at Fellowship of the Minds website. The video looks and sounds fake through and through. No brass on the floor. Bodies looked pre-stacked, or staged.
    Not much in the way of blood until the shooters second pass through the mosque. No movement to speak of from the bodies being shot at point blank range. No blood spatter, no damage to walls or windows, no death throes. No real sounds other than pop pop pop that doesn’t sound real. The shooter empties a 30 round magazine while shooting outside on the side walk. Not one piece of brass on the sidewalk and the shooter is stationary. He is not walking along. Just standing there and firing away at an unseen target. He fires a shot gun at the windshield of his car as he is driving away from the mosque. Nothing happens to the windshield. He fires out the passenger side window and that breaks, but you can’t see the muzzle of the gun. I would guess he simply broke the window. It all seems so fake that it left me feeling kind of weird. I have since read that one theory to the shooting is to parlay this into a political take over of our government and end the constitution and any semblance of freedom. A new world order it you will. As Spock would say: Fascinating.

    • William Stanley

      Agreed. Too much is fake here; and THAT is the story (along with all the censorship).
      The whole world has gone beyond creepy. Trust your instincts. As Greg has told us many times: get ready and start ready.

  37. Gregory Mannarino

    It is the debt based system itself which has lead to the global modern slave society, and the re-emergence of the two tier society system. If we had a wealth based system, the middle class would prosper… thus the debt based system was chosen. Gregory Mannarino

  38. Woadshaman

    I attempted to post the article below on facebook and received a message that I could not post it because it was against their community standards. I made a meme with the link, posted it, and the meme disappeared within about a minute of my posting it. Then facebook locked my account, made me change my password, and asked me to review recent posts and comments to decide if I wanted to remove any of them.

    New Zealand is threatening prison for people possessing the video. That’s a HUGE indicator the theory in this article is correct. Prior to this, has any video of an alleged terror incident been declared illegal to possess?

    facebook aggressively suppressing this article is another HUGE indicator the incident was a false flag.

    • William Stanley


  39. Mohammad


    I have been on the case of Brexit because of its utmost importance, if you remember I mentioned early on that the queen wants to exit EU to line up with China to float the Renminbi instead of the dollar as the new world reserve currency.

    The House of Commons has reached a deadlock and it seems after all the votings the options are limited to hard crash, may be that was the intended strategy?

    Today a nail in the coffin of a deal is put by the French president who rejected an extension for article 50 ..!

    So now the house of Commons is STUCK and their margin of maneuvering is narrower, Either they will accept the deal or hard crash Brexit that they fear.

    The speaker of the house of commons John Bercow had said clearly that if there is no substantial change to the deal he will not put it in the house for a vote, this was cheered by the Brexiteers since they saw it as an aid to their effort in striking down PM May’s deal to have the only default position of UK after March 29th which is exit without a deal.

    If that materializes EU WILL UNRAVEL….!
    And Russia WILL REJOICE the demise of the west….!


    • Frank D2

      If the EU unravels, that will not be the “demise of the west” but its rebirth! The entire EU is a false construct that does not benefit the average guy in the street, it only benefits the bankers.
      Frank D2

      • Mohammad

        Day dreamer,

        Everything is moving east for the first time in history, west is trashed with immigration that will fuel civil unrest, notice none of the immigration waves facilitated by the bankers went east…Hmmmm….

        Wake up.


        • Frank D2

          Its cyclical Mohammad. It is not true that “everything is moving East for the first time”. The East used to be the center of everything. China was the hub hundreds and even thousands of years ago (Marco Pollo anyone?). Then China closed its doors to the outside world and the West expanded. I don’t need to “wake up”. You need to open your eyes wider.
          Frank D2

  40. Dan

    Oh yes.

    I can see AND hear it now.

    When gold finally starts moving up, and stocks take a dive….

    WHENEVER that will be…

    all your assorted “GURU’S” will be paraded out for us to fawn over….


    But heh, the SHOW MUST GO ON !

    • Greg Hunter

      I had people on which were bullish on stocks such as Catherine Austin Fitts and Martin Armstrong. You are just a pissy little baby who wants to trash me with the “facts” you like. Now go play in the street.

      • TSI

        The fact is that stocks will have to be sold along with all other assets to pay down debt (once the credit bubble bursts). One exception might be physical gold as central banks won’t be obliged to sell it.

    • William Stanley

      You sound a little afraid that the “sheeple” are going to miss out on the seven lean years, too.

  41. Diane

    Socialism, Communism, Marxism is dying a painful death. FINALLY
    It has failed throughout history and is failing again.
    People still have faith in the American people but not in Government.
    Most all governments world wide are not for the people ..only for their own power and corruption.
    Malignant Messianic Narcissism disorder is present in most politicians.

    • Frank D2

      Spot on!

    • TSI

      Fascism is bad as well as is any form of extremism that restricts freedom.

  42. Tim McGraw

    Thanks for the interview. Marc Faber is one of my favorite economists. I wish he’d talked about taxes going up to cover those unfunded pensions in government. We fear the worst here in California.

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