Ron Paul Warns of Coming Economic Collapse

By Greg Hunter’s 

Congressman Ron Paul put out a startling warning  video just over a week ago.  This tells me things must be getting really messy right now.  Keep in mind this is not from some crazy blogger holed up in some cave, but a respected Congressman.  If  Mr. Paul is half right we are in deep trouble.  The video is below:

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  1. Brad Thrasher

    When, depending on your political leaning, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich seem to be the voice of reason, should tell us all “things must be getting really messy right now.”

    • Greg

      Good point.

      • Brad Thrasher

        Hey Greg,

        Another of my fave quotes that seem to define the times:

        “The great American experiment with democracy will work so long until the people find out they can raid the Treasury.”

        Alexis de Toqueville.

        • Greg

          I like it too!

    • Generic White Man

      So Paul is generally unreasonable, according to you? Then show me a congressman or congresswoman who has their “act” together. Then let us compare, in detail, this individual to Ron Paul. I think you will find you have no legs to stand on. When the status quo in 2010 becomes the voice of reason, you have reached the point of your own insanity and I question your ability to reason.

      • Greg

        I love Ron Paul and his views.

  2. AZ Cojones


    I have read Ron Paul’s book End the Fed. His reasons are valid and full of common sense. I like his current legislation to have a full blown audit of the Federal Reserve but there are those in Congress who will be found to have their influences and hands in the Fed’s cookie jar. Just today there is a report out stating that China is not showing up to purchase our debt as in previous months. That does not bode well for our economy and should serve notice to our so called experts in the financial industries.

    I fully support the citizens of this great nation getting involved politically to clear out the current disease that is running rampant throughout the halls of Congress. As with any organization who is teetering towards bankruptcy or declared under the rules of engagement of Federal banruptcy, it is time to change the management. We, the citizens will effectively be changing out the current management and hopefully replace the new management with effective and responsive fiscal leadership. Those who are elected will be served notice that they all can be replaced and quickly with the effect of our very important vote(s).

    Things are very messy and will continue towards more messiness. I am ready to defend this great country with whatever means possible to get us back to fiscal responsibility and righteous conservative values.

    Keep up the great website, Greg.

    Thanks for the vine.

    • Greg

      I like Congressmman Paul too.

    • GWM

      Ending the Fed is an interesting goal since the Federal Reserve appears to be owned by the same private wealth interests that also own the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the central banks is most countries worldwide.

      Wouldn’t the more appropriate goal be to audit the World Bank and IMF? Attacking the little toe of the giant is no way to tame the giant.

      Or maybe “Ending the Fed” is all the international central bankers will allow Ron Paul to try to do.

      • Greg

        We have to start somewhere. Thanks for your insight.

    • John

      Ron Paul needs to cut the crap with these not even half measures for reigning in the fed. The federal reserve system should have never been a substitute for what is a congress responsibility. Andrew Jackson fought tenaciously to rid our system of international bankers. Pres. Jackson knew how these parasites could suck the economic life out of the REPUBLIC (we are not a democracy but a republic). During Jackson’s time bankers were viewed as the scum of the earth. School children should be taught what the public and Andrew Jackson knew about bankers in their time.

      Why are we not lending money to ourselves as the founders intended? Ron Paul is nothing more than a great false hope by presenting the idea that a fed audit is in some way a life saving measure to the dire economic mess which was created by having a Fed in the first place.. Auditing the fed is comparable to telling someone who has stage 4 cancer that we are not going to remove the tumor that is going to kill you but in our magnificence we are going to check and double check where every single tumor tentacle and stray cell are. LETS CUT THE THE CRAP MR. PAUL !!!!!!

      • Luke


        Ron Paul IS also for ENDING the Fed. That’s why that phrase became a virtual mantra during his campaigns for president. He KNOWS that the fed should not even exist and is also well aware of Jackson stopping both the first and second “bank of the United States” back in the 1800’s.

        Unfortunately America only had about 100 years of ACTUAL freedom. Since the Civil War, which was designed by the Rothchilds to bankrupt the US, America has been once again caught up in the corrupt penal and corporate maritime police-ies that are masquerading and operating under Color of law ever since. This is why they started to stop the open carry of guns known for in the old west, began restricting freedoms, adding licensing (seeking the kings permission) to everything and in these subtle and evil ways, removing freedoms for the past 140 years until we find ourselves in this place we’re in now.

  3. Joe

    Thanks for the post Greg! Im optimistic about the future because the status qou is unsustainable and will collapse, therefor better options await. While everything seems like the world is crumbling, maybe we should look at it on the bright side. Debt fueled exspansion will no longer be viable, Wall Street will be reigned in under faulty accounting gimmicks and outright fraud (Goldman possibly being banned in the EU), and possibly a political revolution (not of the tea-party) but of competent independents with no corporate or public union ties. Though maybe im too optimistic 🙂 Keep up the good work


    • Greg

      I am optimistic to but I’ll be more so with my capital in tact.

    • Generic White Man

      Daniel Estulin (independent journalist) has strong personal ties to elite insiders who are revealing the details of what is happening. They are spewing their guts in an effort to balance the equation a bit. Everything he has predicted via these sources has come true. All of it, so far. This is a 100% track record.

      So what is next? Global depression and currency destruction, intentionally created to usher in a new world currency that is tied to carbon credits. Further regionalization of world government (which includes the EU). World socialism/communism governed by international central bankers working through the facade of the United Nations. The progression of the UN’s Agenda 21 program which includes an overhaul of religion, health, the economy, food, and education — worldwide.

      None of this is new. If you are at all educated, then don’t miss your front row seat and be in the dark about Agenda 21, otherwise you will not understand the presentation.

      What is unfolding before us is a work of art. These people are strategic geniuses and we are the buffoons. The deniers are intentionally-created buffoons, and there are plenty of them. I wish I had a nickel for every one of them.

      • Greg

        You can only save yourself at this point. Thank you for your well thought out comment.

      • July Blue

        What has been created is intimidating form…meaning that it is not real if we don’t choose to participate. all the steps are there: bank small and locally, don’t eat processed foods, don’t invest in the stock market,insist on shutting down the Fed and issuing debt free money…..refuse to invest in the current structure. sound wacko? it’s a game changer if we do it.

        love your articles, Greg.

        • Greg

          Thank you July Blue.

  4. Jack

    Ron Paul has the right words but completely misses the point, that being, that every position of significance in our society, from each level of government, industry, banking, and military, is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the elitists. The only question for me to Ron Paul is, how do we the people overcome such a power elite that owns all positions of decision making that protects their power interests?

    • Greg

      This crisis will bring great change to America and the world.

  5. Steve

    The sad part is that RP has been warning us of the evils of Centralized Banking for 25 years and only now that we are in the final demise are some us now listening.
    Of course the good news is that we are now listening and there is still hope for real change. It’s not going to be easy to get out of this mess but fiat money is just that – fiat. Let’s start over and get rid of the Federal Reserve and the IRS.

    • Greg


  6. Chris

    I think one of the main reasons we have come to this point is unfunded Federal and State mandates. Once the politicians took away our over-site on local spending the electorate felt impotent. The quickest way to get our country back is take away the money. I work in CA and when our state is broke business operates with less interference.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your insight!

  7. RCombs

    Where can I find this video in its entirety? I did a keyword search for “Ron Paul economic collapse” and did not find it. It is not on his website either.


    • Greg

      R Combs,
      I don’t know.

    • Sandra Claus

      simply Google’Ron Paul message 46′

  8. D.

    Location of the video. Answers the question.

    Where can I find this video in its entirety?

    • Greg

      I am sorry, I do not know where to find the original video.

  9. mark charlin

    Hello everyone:) I can not understand how to add your site in my RSS reader. Please help me

    • Greg

      I am so sorry but I can’t help you with that, but I will tell you I know it works. Please keep trying. I’d love to have you aboard!

  10. forpal Jane

    That’s too nice, when it comes in the hope that India can make a place for child rocking .. We hope become reality.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jane.

  11. john bachy

    What is the captcha code?, Pls give me the code or codes captcha plugin, Thanks in advance.

    • Greg

      Please email me at [email protected] what you need and I’ll check with my folks on what captcha code is and how to get it to you.

  12. forpal Jane

    I do not usually respond to posts, but I in this case. 🙂

    • Greg

      Thank you forpal Jane!

  13. john bachy

    Keep working, great job! Super Duper-site! Me like this! Back again – that will also take him food, thanks.

    • Greg

      Thank you John.

  14. dicky

    i am watching this video on january 8,2011. I also believe our system is unsustainable, after a year has gone by i have had no luck convenceing anyone of the problims involved.

  15. Stu Skinner

    Thanks, Greg, for posting Mr. Paul’s speech.

    Although Congressman Paul’s oratorial skills are amateurish next to Mr. Obama, it is WHAT he says that power.

    Mr. Paul is spot on. He identifies the dangers that lie ahead–true this year more than ever. He warns of massive loss of liberty, economic ruin, totalitarianism. He touches every important nerve, yet the sicophanitc media praise the forces that will stifle everyone, including information.

    Never mind Obama. If powerful handlers want silken-voiced liars, for a price there are salesman aplenty to pick from. No need to demonize Obama at this late point. Notice no mention of Obama by name in Paul’s speech. He is concerned about our country, and all Americans should pay careful attention to what hs has to say.

  16. Connie

    The only one getting free lunch around here are the elites and the corporations. I like Ron Paul until he starts glorifying Ayn Rand’s philosophy on economics. That is just more of the same Republican thought system that turned our country into this nightmare to begin with. You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. He is not a better way. All that I do like about him would probably go where Obama’s went. . . .flushed, by the man behind the curtain, the one pulling their strings.

  17. Porfirio Ambrosio

    R Paull is undoubtedly doubtless my personal beloved prospect in the impending election, but My spouse and I tend not to think such as he has been receiving ample beneficial photos through the particular opinionated media in order to tricot over the victory.

  18. Raihan

    Love this guy !!
    May he restore peace and security !!!

  19. josef zack

    If’n about 20-25 million or so, “Rulers” and their enablers

    were captured, bound tightly, then led to a “head chopper”, then had their removed heads soccer kicked into a vast eager crowd,

    then PERHAPS, the disease of “Ruler-ism” might be staunched for several generations,

    where the new school definition of a generation , that being 20 years, applies
    but this would have to be bloody, vicious, with no quarter given to bankers, politicians, out of control cops, intelligence agency personnel, government workers, liar “scientists”, abortionists, racialist riot monger-ers, etcetera.

    perhaps Flying Saucer People from Outer Frickin’ Space could descend down to Planet Earth, and do this little task for us; for the benefit of the whole of mankind.

    ha ha ha


    I forgot to include weapons manufacturing management, and Generals to win an additional star, or to get a questionable additional “Valor Award”, and of that like.


  20. Mad as Hell

    I love Ron Paul for his courage and conviction but we all know there is no way he will ever win this election. I realize it’s been awhile but doesn’t anyone remember what happened in 2000? It doesn’t matter Republican or Democrat, they are both owned by the same financial backers (Political Hedge fund)and will continue to rule and ruin this country. No one did anything in 2000, we all sat back and let the Supreme court pick our president while citizens were kept from casting their votes in states like Florida. Yes, the economy concerns me but the police state is far more terrifying and Mr. Paul is sadly outnumbered there.

  21. Tate

    If you vote was actually counted then we might actually be able to get rid of the filth in Congress, but votes for Congress and the President have not been counted since Kennedy. How do you think a loser like George “Dummy” W Bush and a sneaky liar with no legal background like O’bama got elected. It is all a scam. Getting ready for the fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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