Russia Threatens West, Pfizer Bait & Switch Confirmed, Economic Slide Continues

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 533 6.10.22) (UPDATED)

The mainstream media (MSM) is largely not reporting or, at least, underreporting the threats that Russia is making against the West, mainly the US and UK.  Russia is making threats to strike because NATO it is supplying rockets to Ukraine that can hit Russia.  If that happens, then Russia says it would strike targets such as “decision-making centers.”  Why is the MSM underreporting this huge turn of events?  Are they trying to hide the fact that this ridiculous Ukraine war is a very bad idea that might produce even more very negative consequences for America?  I guess if it gets bad enough, the propaganda press will say ‘nobody saw this coming.’  Please know warnings are being made and ignored by the propaganda press, and the White House is not being questioned about its stupid and dangerous strategy on Ukraine.

The week Pfizer’s CV19 vax called Comirnaty was “approved” by the FDA, told you it was a fraud and a bait and switch from the very beginning.  Dr. Michael Yeadon told us “Pfizer never made Comirnaty for the U.S. market.”  Now, the CDC is running for cover and saying Pfizer’s experimental BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine changed its name to Comirnaty.  Spoiler Alert!  That does not make it approved!!  Pfizer, the FDA and CDC convinced millions of people that the experimental BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was approved, safe and effective, when, in fact, it was and still is experimental.  Now, Pfizer says it will not make Comirnaty at all and will make a new mRNA type of CV19 vaccine. summed it all up with this quote from a top mRNA doctor: “Dr. Robert Malone – the inventor of mRNA technology – has said for months, if Pfizer doesn’t give out its ‘fully approved’ (Comirnaty) version, they keep the immunity, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.”  The bottom line is this rip-off vax enticed millions of CV19 vax hesitant people to get stuck with something that was experimental and not proven to be safe and effective.  The CV19 vax data that keeps rolling in shows it’s just the opposite.

The national average for gasoline is now more than twice the price it was when the Biden/Obama administration started in January 2021.  It’s $5.00 per gallon, and America is hurting and struggling with inflation in everything they touch and consume.  It’s not peaking anytime soon either.  All the big economic folks are saying a big recession is dead ahead.  Unemployment is tracking up, and housing is rolling over.  What’s the answer for consumers?  Data shows people are maxing out their credit cards to buy fuel and food until the whole thing blows up, and it is going to blow up.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 6.10.22.

(Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

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After the Wrap-Up:    

World renowned lung doctor and Covid expert, Pierre Kory, will be the guest for the “Saturday Night Post.”  Dr. Kory has new treatment protocols for the millions of people suffering from vax illness and injury.

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  1. z

    Weekly Wrapup !!!!!!!

    • stefan

      Our warrior princess Amazing Polly does fantastic work. Here’s another one of her shared insights NOT to dismiss:

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree!

        • Steven Ives

          Greg I just search Truth Social and Dr. Penny is on it the platform.

          I just followed her and she also provides a link to her website.

          • Earnest

            I don’t think it is accurate to call Russia’s actions “threats.” They are really warnings. They have been threatened for decades, and they are simply drawing that line in the sand. I cannot blame them one bit.

          • Nika

            I noticed, TRUTHSOCIAl reverse it’s decision, and put her back on the same day!
            I also noticed, President Trump didn’t realize that Dr. Oz, was a Trans-Gender Activist.

        • Dennis P.

          Greg I need Ivermectin…. please help me get some….

        • Arlan

          Greg …… injuring a few keeps a lot of people occupied….is this just war strategy… God bless

        • Ray

          I cannot get on to your feed, perhaps as I have a Philippine computer ID. After GW Bush reneged on the 2007 Short Range Missit Treat. US DoD built 3 No. harden facilities in the former Warsaw Pact Countries of Poland (2) and Rumania (1) for their Aegis Ashore missiles. That is why, in part, this war is happening. The Russians feel threatened like the Americans did when semilar happed in Cuba. These same missiles would be 5 t0 7 minutes flight time to Moscow and other large cities in Russia from Northern Ukraine.

    • Mike

      Greg. Excellent show. Your passion is reporting the truth and you do great. Trump is smarter than his advisors. He cannot be that dumb for cancellation of Sherri Tenpenny. Thus, he must have now become an enemy in disguise. If he does not admit the shots are deadly, he is a plant, and he is finished. Are we to believe all of his advisors are behind closed doors screwing him and he does not know it? Keep up the good work.

    • Chris wren

      Greg love ya man but if you think doesn’t know what’s happening then I have a bridge to sell ya, the moron endorsed Kevin Mccarthy & Lindsey Graham to name just two.

      • Greg Hunter

        It’s called politics Chris. It’s multi-dimensional.

    • Valorie Wolking

      Hi Greg,
      I’ve been watching your posts for years and this is the first time I have subscribed to anyone! I just needed to ask you if you have ever read this article:
      It sounds to me that you still think he has been deceived about this vaccine issue. I don’t see how you can still believe that.
      I greatly appreciate what you are doing!!!


      • Greg Hunter

        This was long before CV19 and in the grand scheme of things not that much money. Especially for a billionaire. But I will agree it is a very bod optic. Your point is well made and well taken. Trump should give it back.

    • Roger

      Greg, what an excellent summary regarding the kill/clot shots. It baffles me as to why the sheeple continue to support these evil jabs which are causing so many diseases, sudden and unexpected deaths across the different age groups and yet our medical “experts” (sarc) continue to follow the science (sarc). What really bothers me is that Trump continues to dig his heels by supporting these death jabs. I thought he was a prolific reader. Sure doesn’t appear that he reads anything these days unless it is something that will inflate his ego as his narcissism is nauseating.
      Keep the great investigative report Greg. Your are a treasure.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Roger!!

    • AlannaK

      I watched as my local gas station in the Twin Cities, which is one in a large chain of gas stations, reiforced the pillars around the pumps with steel and bricked it over. What are they expecting? Your right gas stations and grocery stores are becoming dangerous.

  2. Saved by Grace

    a banner for the people

    a Nazarene



    Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ our Lord

    Jesus Christ our savior

    Jesus of Nazareth

    judge the living and the dead


    king of ages

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    the Word ( logos )

    true bread from heaven

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    Wonderful Counselor

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    • eddiemd

      Are you a member of the church that you link to?

  3. Steve

    Hi Greg, I am anxiously awaiting your latest masterpiece. I took your advice from a prior WNW and bought new tires for one of our vehicles a few months ago, but had to wait six weeks to get them and paid much more than the last set. I decided to get two more tires for each of our vehicles from to have on hand in case we need them. We may get to the point where our money is not worth much and tires are either unaffordable or unavailable. That would make one of our cars undrivable. A mechanic friend told me that as long as we have the tires, we can get them installed anywhere.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good move man! I have a few extra tires too!

      • J. Loughran

        Thanks for the great work you do. I perked up when you did the supporters list and described the Harris Assembly Group. Finally dropped the last corn and bean from the planter this past week (unusual wet-cold spring in the mid-Atlantic this spring). Things are looking up. Also, for those of us on the brink of not just going without a pension should think about the caloric budget of all the corn and bean grown with natural gas and diesel to produce fuel for the tank and not the stomach. Maybe this tax payer supported stupid if halted would help get Europe through the pending “Dark Winter”.

      • Tim

        Hi Greg,

        Based on the information that I received here and other places, I think things will eventually turn for the better (after it gets much worse ) Although this will only happen when the vast majority of people realize that the current people in power have poisoned them and their family.

        God bless you


    • marti baker girl

      Steve and Greg,
      I have a question based on this experience: Going into COVID I decided to get tires for my vehicles due to expected shortages. The tires on one vehicle had very low miles, however they had been on for about 5 -7 years and unbeknownst to m, while they looked great, they had dry rotted. I’ve been trying to find out what helps preserves tires for storage purposes and just this week a body restoration employee told me he noticed that tires of customers who use a silicone based tire shine product, their tires seem to be less brittle and in better shape over time and that the silicone seems to bond to the tire. Do either of you have any feedback on this as I have struck out with the dealership’s service dept. They really don’t like to tell you what to get for these times of preparedness as it relates to vehicles and their standard response is, “O, we don’t have a problem getting our parts in…” (Fat Lie). Thanks for any feedback.

      • Peter

        Here’s a link to Sweet Project car Youtube channel on what these detailers do to extend the life of tires, check it out:

      • Charles H

        Look for “AT-205”. It is a polymer used to ‘rejuvenate’ rubber seals in engines and transmissions. I put it in my 23 year old Honda scooter engine, and treated my original tires that have fine cracks. If the tires hold together (tube) – I will get the wear out of them. Advance Auto store?
        I have another set of tires for a Camry – I’ll treat one-a-year while stored.

    • Won Witness

      My experiences Buying used and spare tires:
      Save the best tire from your old set your replacing because most all cars now have “kiddie” spare tires and rims.
      Who wants to drive 50 mph on a temporary use tire searching for someone who can sell you a new tire durring a supply chain crisis ?
      If existing space allows, you might replace spare with standard rim and tire ? (pick a part / junk yards had the rim(s) with tire I needed).
      after checking local junk yards I found four rims so i could have ready to go snow tires if we end up retireing in snow country (have family far North and far South)
      When I started getting some extra USED tires (from craigslist, ebay, and pick a part junk yards) I learned a lot.
      Most people don’t know how to check a tire’s age, there is a DOT string of #’s on one side of tire ending in an oval with 4 digits in the format of WWYY so lets say it’s 2519 = tire was manufactured 25th week of 2019. Tires age and harden and if you go out past 6 years may not perform as well, age is even more important with the softer snow tire rubber blends. Avoid used tires with sun damage / small cracks in side wall of tires.
      I know snow dwellers know this and more, but for those in the sunbelt, this might be helpfull info.

      • marti baker girl

        Won Witness, thanks for that great info. I learned about the tire dating 2 years ago when mine did the dry rot thing. The tire storage issue continues to be a kunudrum for me. Also trying to not store anything with soft plastic or rubber in my overheated attic.

      • JayJay

        Yep–Mine was 0521 and I had them installed summer of ’21.
        Made in Thailand.

    • Robert says no

      Steve, I bought new tires a year ago for the same reasons and kept two of the old ones that were still with lots of tread.

  4. Anthony Australia


    I used to think anti-vaxxers were eccentric loons. After the last two years I now wholeheartedly concur with them, there is zero chance of my children having any vaccine from now on. This has ripped the scab off the vaccine industry and revealed what lies beneath.

    • Anthony Australia

      A lovely quote I read today….

      Multiple neighbourhoods in Shanghai were placed back under lockdown,

      The current financial and economic crisis was neither caused by Covid, nor by the Russia and Ukraine war.
      The current crisis started with the strategic problems in the banking systems and policy makers then exacerbated by Covid and war and …

      What we humans always forget to learn from History:
      Every Recession is backed by War and another disaster to take the Global Economy out of it…
      Many examples throughout History!

      We are racing towards Global Recession unseen in history so its a tough long battle ahead…

      • Chris

        Why is is it a “lovely quote” that Chinese people in Shanghai are being further subjected to the same lockdown tyranny the Australian politicians and their police thugs subjected Australians to for nearly two years? Are you equating the people of China, who can’t even protest, let alone vote against, their tyrants with the CCP?. As an Australian myself I think the psychos running Australia could teach Xi and Co a few lessons on the brutality of police state violence against citizens. And we keep voting our tormentors in. The people of Shanghai actually have been fighting back. More than you can say for the compliant, fearful sheep of OZ.

        • Clayfaced Klayman

          Chris, you guys had a more compliant colonial government after our revolution. Mum didn’t want little brother leaving home like big brother U.S.! So she gave in somewhat on rights and freedoms and of course you complied, somewhat.
          But with our hard wrought fought independence and subsequent freedom, we came up with a bill of rights which provide a way of throwing out the bums literally if need be, if they cheat or try to hold us hostage. We haven’t had to come to that. But if this third term Obomber administration refuses to let go of the reigns of power after destroying the country to build back worse and you mates down under want to join us, don’t shoot till you see the whites of they’re eye’s!

    • Johnny Cool


      Rense: Did X-Files Predict The Future? – No, Chris Carter Was Told…

      4 minute clip. Vaccine/Altered DNA (2016 Season 10 Episode 6)…-did-x-files-predict-the-future.html

      • Tim


        That was very Interesting. I used to watch the X-Files, but I do not remember that, That is spot on.



      • Anthony Australia

        I initially thought you were referring to Jeff Rense who is a pioneer.

  5. Justin Harmon

    Hi Greg can’t watch video it is not attached

    • Greg Hunter

      I am running late. I am going to post it soon but it will still be processing when I embed it on USAW!

    • Michael

      I went to Trump’s save America website, went to the contact section and told him exactly what I thought about him banning Dr Tenpenny from truth social. I recommend using respectful language should anyone choose to do likewise. Jesus can’t come back soon enough for me. I’m ready to go home!!!!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

        • SunDial Diablo Sánchez Sr.

          It was probably Ivonkaka’s weird husband Jarheads!

  6. Ron

    The risk to our food from fires and other damage to food suppliers all over the Western world are now being compounded by the closure of the UK’s second last remaining fertiliser factory.

  7. Ed Mustafo

    Trump’s endorsement record for candidates to date. 116-7. Getting the troops in place.

  8. JJ


    I’ve been watching Lira for years, as Coach Red Pill .
    A dating coach. I can’t see him settling down with a Ukrainian Women,
    or any women, for that matter. Lira was apposed to marriage in these modern times,
    as the courts are a one way street for women.

    I watched Lira the first week or two, updating the war, then he went missing, popped up again after weeks of no show…

    Greg, I would be wary of ” Coach Red Pill”

    • Nick Reynolds

      I second that opinion. Coach Red Pill loves the spotlight and is full of himself. Just be wary.

      • Frank D2

        Maybe, but Gonzalo is very, very smart and has been absolutely correct on his Russian SMO analysis and predictions. Don’t let what you think you know about his personal life cloud your judgement about his local knowledge of the Ukrainian situation. He has been spot on.

        • Shiloh1

          Really good 10 minute Gonzalo video posted on The Automatic Earth website a few days ago. Sums up the Ukraine situation in terms of U.S. directions to start the war and scapegoating now.

  9. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Looking forward to WNW533 – not up as I write.
    Re your prologue, “Russia is making threats to strike because NATO it is supplying rockets to Ukraine that can hit Russia. If that happens, then Russia says it would strike targets such as “decision-making centers.” Why is the MSM underreporting this important news story?” My two (three) cents: The whole Ukraine debacle has been provoked by the ‘Anglo-American alliance’ since the ‘Maidan’ coup in 2014. The current fiat currency system (Babylonian Money Magik) has run its inevitable course and the dynastic banking families need to terminate it and launch a new one – ‘rinse and repeat!’ They MUST hide the fact that they are to blame for the collapse of the current monetary system or they risk losing the public trust to author its replacement. At such times, they take us to war. War can be blamed for the bankruptcy of nations, the collapse of currencies, and war-weary, demoralised, people accept whatever new monetary arrangement the banker class tell them is necessary. The Chinese character for ‘chaos’ is the same as the character for ‘opportunity’. The banker class engineer societal chaos to create the opportunity for them to dupe ‘we the people’ into accepting the otherwise unacceptable. To your point, the warnings being issued by Russia are not being disseminated, so that – if the worse happens – the masses will be easily persuaded that Russia has launched unwarranted ‘pre-emotive’ strikes against ‘Western democracies’. Also, the whole narrative is setting the scene for some outrageously provocative false flag event targeting a major European city. The press is supposed to act as ‘The Fourth Estate’ – to hold the powerful to account on behalf of ‘we the people’ – but has dissolved into a lapdog to its paymasters. To your point, the MSM tell lies by omission.
    Thank you Greg for providing a valuable counterpoint to the MSM.

    • Tom Deplorable

      No matter what you think of Lira’s personal life, he speaks the truth in Ukraine. The Ukie Nazis have been shelling the Donbass civilians (of Russian ethnicity) nonstop since 2014 and the US deep state/CIA/Obama/Biden/Clinton/Nuland/Soros color revolution. The US NWO Elites including Neocons, LiberalCons, and Financial elites need a distraction from the failures of their governement and financial ponzi’s. What better distraction than to start WW3. They have been poking the Russian bear’s eye for years and have refused to listen to the bear reply firmly to stop it! So when the bear finally acts, they look surpriseed and blame the bear for clawing back! He who messes with a cornered bear gets what’s coming to him!

    • IIG

      Russia is making threats to strike “the decision-making centers” of the Globalists (if the rockets these Globalists are now supplying to Ukraine are used to hit Russia) – hopefully Klaus Schwab and the WEF is on the Russian target list – along with the World Banking Institutions creating the worlds various unbacked fiat currencies (which are simply paper IOU’s linked to that deadbeat swindler Uncle Sam’s overdrawn 300 quadrillion dollar account – and it sure would be great if Russia also targeted Demonratic Headquarters to get rid of these totally evil politicians (who continually lie to our face for a living) and are out to make all “Jan 6 Patriots into terrorists” – if not “it will be up to us to get rid of the Demonratic Party” using the Patriot Act to declare them a “Terrorist Organization” (out to kill their opponents along with the American people with their “Jabs, Inflation, Famine and War”) – these Demon-rats boldly admit they are working for the WEF,WHO, UN and CCP – and are right in our face doing “the bidding of foreign entities” against the American people (which is “Treason”) – by just using the Patriot Act we can have all these “Terrorists in Congress” security clearances revoked – and have them behind bars in a matter of weeks (we can simply temporarily appoint “Known Patriotic Representatives to fill their positions” until the next election) when the Demonratic Party “Outlawed as a Terrorist Organization” will thus be legally unable to promote “their criminal compromised candidates” – who as we all know will represent the interests of foreign entities over the interests of the American people for a buck!!

      • Earth Angel

        What a great idea! I wholeheartedly support your suggested plan of action IIG.. A perfect way to rid this nation of the commie treasonists which have been infiltrating American politics for the past several decades. We know Hollywood and the movie industry has been a hotbed for them and their evil work as well. High Time for a clean sweep and disposal of the trash.

        • IIG

          Earth Angel – Listen to the first 4 minutes of the following post – – it tells us exactly what the hostile evil Globalists have in mind for humanity – it will be a world where every human mind is connected to the internet (where they will surveil our every thought “like Gods” and if we ever had a thought of disconnecting from their net they would hit a “kill switch” and get rid of you) – our existence would mean nothing to these Globalists except to use us as their pawns for whatever purpose they desire – listen carefully to Horror-i – as he explains the coming New World Order where “we no longer exist as individuals as God wanted” but become a mind controlled AI Borg under control of Demonic Elites who think “They Are Gods” – and we have dumb ass Demon-rat politicians helping these immoral queers destroy Humanity – we must completely destroy the Demon-ratic Party and lock away all those who are advancing the agenda of these WEF “mind control” Satanists before they inject a control chip into us (if they have not already done so with their “jab”)!!!

        • Earth Angel

          PS- I received an e-mail of a member’s list of Klaus Schwab’s WEF and the name of Stacey Yvonne Abrams appears on it. If this is confirmed to be true, she should be barred from running for ANY sort of Public office in Georgia or anywhere else. I submit that NO ONE who is a member of these international globalist groups should be allowed to hold public office in America since this presents a HUGE conflict of interest. Anyone running for a State position should NEVER receive funds from ANYWHERE other than from RESIDENTS of THAT State! We know politicians have been accepting money laundered in from other places- (States, Countries; who knows where?!) through corporate donations for decades; but has it now become so blatent that they aren’t even trying to HIDE it anymore?!! ( Hear former top secret Army counterintelligence officer Scott Bennett’s story at if you haven’t yet- its another mindblower!) It was also stated in our local news in Georgia some weeks ago that the aforementioned candidate Stacey Abrams was SUEING to be able to receive campaign donations from some sort of foreign sources! Perhaps she is hoping now to be able to directly accept monies from international buddies in the WEF for her run again for Georgia governor this year. I have no idea what became of this, I haven’t heard anything else about it. It is also said that the judge who threw out the ‘firehose’ of evidence of election fraud in Georgia in the 2020 election cycle was Ms. Abrams sister or perhaps a cousin?.. some relation to her at any rate.. No kidding- truth really is stranger than fiction, eh?

      • June Bugs Bunnied

        Like Hunter and big daddy? In the Ukraine money laundromat and they’re Chinese communist party, family slush fund.
        A billion here and a billion there and before you know it. To much laundered money chasing to few goods and your talking real Michigan state uni professor Skidmore inflating money supply!
        money supply!

    • Fatima message

      Consider: all US antitank missiles and other US and nato weaponry goes to Ukraine. This leaves an almost open door for China and Russia to attack. Word is out that 1) China is financing Russian’s little war in Ukraine to deplete the west’s weaponry and 2) the Russian troops in Ukraine are not the elite military troops, but fresh recruits from the east of Russia.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Correction: pre-emptive (not, pre-emotive).

    • Astraea
      I wonder whether Gonzalo gives any thought to this – why is Putin allowing the lie to continue in Russia???

  10. PersonaNonGrata

    Wow! ‘TruthSocial’ bans Dr Sherri Tenpenny.
    Makes ‘TruthSocial’ an oxymoron!!!

    • Roger...

      Maybe Greg’s poll should be:

      Is Trump?

      A) Real
      B) Fake
      C) Dumber than a box of rocks (mental IQ of a retard)

      • Ed Mustafo

        Or maybe we should ask ourselves if there’s a much bigger plan in place and dividing the base in ANY way right now would be a terrible idea. What’s done is done. After the midterms everyone will get their say and everything will work itself out in regards to the jabs. Between now and then we need to stay together and vote together or we’ll have no future at all.

    • Richard Longacre

      Absolute proof that Trump always was and is controlled opposition and guilty of premeditated genocide through the jab. And yes, I voted for him twice but Trump owns the Vaxx damage completely. No excuses. Expect a lot more people to be banned on TruthSocial as they try to expose truth like Greg does.

      • Greg Hunter

        (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

    • Joe

      Maybe they need to change the name then…how about Untruth Socialist?

      • Greg Hunter

        (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

        • Joe

          Thank you for the update. I am sorry to say I still don’t trust Trump as I can never trust anyone who pushed the clot shots.

          • Greg Hunter

            I sincerely think President Trump is being push on with very bad advice. The Comirnaty/Pfizer thing is the perfect opening to say Hey wait a minute, You weasels lied and told us this was all approved when it was not.

    • Frank D2

      Not true. I am accessing her link right now on Truth Social. WTH are you talking about?

      • Greg Hunter

        (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

  11. Svartberg

    Donald Trump will not run, he is vaxxed and I guess his health will decline. Ron is the obvious choise for the people. Donald is the same greedy and stupid as the swap, he sorounded himself with powerpeople and enriched all of them.

    • Jeff Robbins

      Don’t count out his kids. Sometimes its the name that sells. Don jr. sounds pretty good when speaking.

  12. Sheryl Pardue

    Enlightening as usual!!

  13. PaulaFox

    Sou Paula, tenho 23 anos de idade.. Um modelo s e x u a l aspirante. Agradeço as minhas fotos de n u d e z no link >>>

    • eddiemd


      This is porno spam.

      • Greg Hunter

        Do you know how much of this crap I delete? This one got past me. So sorry. I spammed it. Thanks for the backstop!

  14. Bob Clayton

    Hi Greg.The issue with the Vaccines Long Term is that with weakened immune systems millions of people will die of issues that relate to what else they are doing,massive inflation leading to unaffordable power costs,leading to lack of heating / cooling and poor sanitation.Food shortages and poor diet due to cost,unaffordable medicines and medication.This will lead to massive amounts of secondary infections which will not be put down to the vaccines but mean people will be seriously weakened and die of immunity deficient conditions.It is pure evil that is happening now.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Bob,

  15. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for an enlightening commentary of the world this last few days, rarely if ever does our media report any of these articles,of course that’s why I am here.
    Here in the UK our economy is in utter turmoil and our parliament is more concerned about “procedure” than in getting to the nub of the problem that besets our country. Of course what do I know, I’m just a cleaner here in London? Yes I clean nice houses,but I don’t own them, but each day the cost of maintaining these houses is going up dramatically, many owners are now leaving just as the recession is biting deeply. These owners are tired of being milk cows for a predator class that has them and us plebs firmly in their cross hair.
    We need to accept that this predator class are terrorists like the WEF, Bilderberg,UN and many more,they have openly called for the murder of us plebs,yet the last Davos meeting was “protected” by the Swiss military and police and secret service. The Swiss as a nation are enablers of this predator class of terrorists and should now be on a naughty list.
    Meanwhile , we in the UK are dependent on LNG from the USA and diesel as well from the USA, might this explain your galloping costs in the USA?

  16. Shirl

    Greg, your Wrap-Up is done to perfection.

    On the Clot-Shot roll-out and President Trump taking arrows for it..I’d ask, what hasn’t he taken arrows for? Last night the 1-6 MORON COMMITTEE televised & shouted from the highest roof tops how ORANGE MAN BAD was again…it was an arrow slinging CIRCUS orchestrated by the SAME CLOWNS !!

    Also, the Truth Social website is excellent and predominately Pro Trump, Pro AMERICA FIRST, Pro Patriotic people, however, IS NOT MANAGED by President Trump…Former Rep Devin Nunes runs it as CEO. So…we need to get that right and last checked President Trump has backed away from endorsing the Clot-Shot and doesn’t mention it as he did before. Remember, it should have been a real “VACCINE” (meaning Safe&Effective) and who wouldn’t have ordered one at any cost and at any effort as he did under “WARP-SPEED” to save millions of people?

    Anyway, like Mr. Dowd concluded the other day here, they will not be able to keep hidden the deaths disabilities etc as the Genocide casualty numbers go exponentially higher.

    • Roger...


      The Jan 6 “communist show” is laying the ground work to arrest, detain, charge, label, bankrupt, etc Trumps associates and SUPPORTERS. That is what communist do to their political opponent’s. Trumps associates and supporters have already been arrested, charged and detained, some financially ruined.

      Trump and his family will never be arrested!

      While he was in office not one single person was charged or arrested. (Sessions and Barr) They will hit him with “arrows” that is it. Him and his family will NEVER be arrested.

      The people from Jan 6th are not as fortunate.

      • Earth Angel

        Well, I guess if the commie/globalist imposters currently running the DC show aim to arrest, detain, charge , label, bankrupt, etc. ALL of this nation’s Trump supporters- I say they have their work cut out for them. My estimation is that would amount to about 80% (or more) of American people who are actually LAWFULLY born here or assimilated LEGAL residents of our nation. Not that these fraudulent criminals hijacking America aren’t making life miserable for hundreds of innocent, peaceful, freedom loving American patriots now- who are totally undeserving of this- or that they won’t keep trying it until they are STOPPED.

      • Shirl

        Hello Roger,
        Yes, the “communist” faction inside America have tried to arrest anyone of significance that disagrees with them…recall They had shamefully started with General Flynn and outrageously tried to throw a way the key on Roger Stone, Paul Manafort among others…all while targeting President Trump. The reason they haven’t been able to actually “arrest” President Trump himself or his family is because there is no there there…its always accusations of smoke and mirrors.
        Commies are liars and power freaks, thank God Almighty for Patriots that fight back like President Trump. Hang in there, the fight has only just begun.

        The Rally goers ensnared in the FBI trap of 1-6 are political prisoners…not unlike those innocents caught up in the tactics used in communist countries…imagine that!

  17. Randy Avera

    Russia is not using frontline troops…No Spetznaz…Frontline troops moved to far east for China lead operation against USA Korea Japan
    Beijing’s War Plan: An Interview with Lude Media

    Secret recording translated into English…

    Spaetznaz Read Ch 15…

  18. Paul

    Thanks Greg for calling out the swine everyday, every week with your wrap ups and guests. A service to many.

    My youngest daughter a college athlete , two jabs, has passed out unconscious while standing after workouts twice. Has me worried. Never happened before.

    Tomorrow I embark on 200 mile canoe trip thru wilderness areas, to sort, finalize and decompress the insanity reigning thru society. Nature always grounds me.

    Out of pocket for awhile and look forward to episodes I missed when returning.

    Paul from arkansas

  19. Catherine Cronin

    I am very very disappointed with Trump. His Truth Social is a sham. I have been censored too. Shocking as it may be I must say HE IS DONE.
    He is either not wanting to run again OR he was always one of them. I think Trump is all show. That is why his election loss was expected. He could have stopped the fraud voting or vaccine lies but didn’t. Put your trust in God. Human life is very temporary and when the body dies all our plans die with it.
    Evil is disabling us with fear, drugs and disease and rest assured IF (God Forbid) we are “attacked” with nukes it is OUR OWN GOVERNMENT who will do it. There really is nothing in it for our “fake” government if we go down. It’s pure horrifying evil! They will have no ability to enslave a nation of sick, depressed, starving, and poverty stricken population who can’t work or pay taxes.
    God is allowing them to do all this to us. Why? I believe He is very angry with us, and testing us to see how faithful we are. God will not totally destroy our world. He promises that in the Bible. God keeps His promises to the faithful , righteous and downtrodden victims of evil.
    As we know the Divine is a God of judgement and kindness But we must acknowledge Him and ask for His protection and His kindness. He will respond to our pleas .
    Our immortal soul is the observer to our ridiculous world of lies. remember we are playing our roles here temporarily. When we return to God at the end of our lives we will be at peace with the fact that our lives meant something that was noble and constructive and we will shine with that golden light of holiness .
    So stay strong and stay peaceful as we are experiencing the results of LIES in the world and it is horrific indeed. God is showing it to us. that knowledge is very important and liberating because we will now make a better world based on truth not lies. When God shows His hand the world’s evil will end. The light will be so bright that only good souls will be able to withstand it.
    As our world disintegrates before our eyes, we why are still here? We must have a very important part in Gods plan for the Redemption of this world,
    We are His faithful body here on earth and we will build our future with Gods Help. Stay strong!

    • Greg Hunter

      (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

    • IIG

      Catherine – Last time (in the Garden of Eden) Satan got Adam and Eve “Not To Follow One Very Simple Rule” – back then Satan said: “Do not follow God’s “One Commandment” – Satan told Adam and Eve: “You can be as God’s” and “You can Build Back Paradise Better” (and it resulted in them “owning nothing and working as slaves” for a very long time)!!
      Today – Satan (once again) is using his Demon Sporn (Klaus Schwab, Horrori, Soros, Gates, Fauci, etc., etc.) to tell us “once again” not to follow God’s “Ten Commandments” – stating: “You can be as God’s” and “You can Build Back Better your current Paradise “by owning nothing and working as slaves once again”!!
      Fool us once Satan (and the shame is upon you) – Fool us twice (and the shame is upon us) – it is only because of God’s kindness did he not take revenge upon Adam and Eve the first time humans disobeyed his single Command – God forgave their sin and let them live with the error of our ways – but there was a price to pay – God imposed nine(9) additional Commandments for us to live by (to be in his grace) – sadly – today Humanity (under Satanist’s commands) Mankind “has committed every blasphemy in the book” – even to the point of disobeying the most important Commandment of all – “Thou Shall Not Kill” (we are killing own children) – nor does God want us to tamper with the DNA Code of Life he created (in his own image) – God showed us he can forgive “almost every sin” – except for when the Holy Spirit within man “is tampered with” – we have seen that God was willing to destroy the entire world in a Great Flood (when the DNA of Giants was artificially mixed with mans DNA) – if we listen today to the forked tongue of that evil Satanist queer Horrori – and tamper with our DNA Code to remove what God created (in his image) – and instead insert “new genetic code” to make us Humans into AI Computer Borgs – do so and the “Full Wrath of God” (without any mercy) will once again be witnessed by Mankind (for willingly turning ourselves into some ugly queer demonic half breed that eats its own children – just like at the time of Noah!!
      If somehow a few of us are graciously saved when this world is ended – be prepared to have to follow “One Hundred Commandments” to once again be in the grace of God!!

      • Catherine Cronin

        IIG. Yes the world has always fallen to the distractions of life and the temptations that we were forbidden to utilize. But God seems to respect whenever one of His creatures is sorry and changes to a better person. (Scrooge) It’s the same story repeated throughout our journey on earth. There will always be a core group who will keep close to God. Being perfect is really not expected. We are not gods. However as long as we are alive God will forgive if we repent and do our best to be good charitable and kind. The truly evil are what they are. They feed off of us if we allow them to.
        It’s a really crazy world right now. Like a curse that has been given to the world and no one is allowed to escape.
        Very depressing because it isolates good people and life becomes very difficult. Those of us who continue to keep God in the forefront of our lives yet continue to deal with all these distractions will not be destroyed by the temptations that evil will try to seduce us into following. (Vaccinations and sexual deviancy ) which seems to be their soup de jour on the menu of lost souls. Just go to another restaurant and eat from that tree of life. I am sure it’s not vegan 😉

    • larry giglio

      Hello Ms Cronin. Pres. Trump is no different than any modern capitalist. Profit determines loyalties. God, to myself, is only observing, until we die. Individually, it’s how we act. As a population, we appear to be sedated. Is it possible to kill another human in the name of morality, and be forgiven? I don’t think there IS ANY forgivable reason. Should someone kill a Putin, or any other unforgivable inhuman beings? That would be pleasurable. However, would God approve? Not in my spirit. Capture, castize, torture, enslave, debilitate, everything to torment their remainder on Earth. Unbearable human slaughter by social cause is humanity not evolving. Has God sent a spirit to embody human form for these times? Or does the insanity fool our meager intellects, like usual? Profit where you can, then you can truly help.

  20. stanley skrzypek

    Well………if the American People Will NOT remove the CORRUPT Political DEMONS Entrenched in the Government…………. RUSSIA might do it…………..So…… we deserve whats coming?….or….Do we finally do the right thing?

    • Gary Bjorklund

      I highly doubt it, the USA is not the country it use to be. It is now certifiably insane!

  21. HD

    Hi Greg,

    I am a longtime fan and I am from Germany.
    I am afraid you are correct. This winter will be horrible.

  22. Laura B

    Hi Greg, thank you so much for all you do! I share your videos wherever I can.

    Here’s a short clip on the Biden lies:

  23. randy Avera

    More on Nyquist…

    The claim is that China is currently mobilizing into a war economy. Past essays have also stated that the Ukraine operation could possibly be cooperation between Russia and China to divert and use up finite resources that cannot be easily replaced. Chinese blockade of Taiwan is to follow mobilization and after that, testing the USA resolve to come to the aid of Taiwan, along with Japan and South Korea. Also, he finds the communist willing to use nuclear weapons.

    have been reading JR Nyquist for quite a while and find him very level-headed . He is a staunch anticommunist who believes the US has been infiltrated and subverted at many levels. Apparently, he works with individuals in the commercial intelligence field and has gone as far a purchasing current satellite images of Ukraine to count destroyed Russian tanks.

    Randy Avera

  24. Denise Naylor

    Greg, You are always first with the key news. Today (Friday) here in the UK the top message in my Yahoo homepage is headlined “Experts recommend restarting nuclear attack ads”. You couldn’t make it up! Thanks for your careful and on-point broadcasts

  25. Breck

    Greg, I am listening now to your broadcast. You are talking about the natural gas problem that Europe faces. The sabotage of the LNG export facility in Freeport was probably done by the Deep State folks, not the Russians. Just like the 20+ food processing facilities that have been sabotaged here, the plan is depopulation – freeze in the summer, starve year round – here, there, everywhere.
    Jesus Christ – the way, the truth and the life. He overcomes and we overcome through Him.

    • Greg Hunter

      You might be right.

  26. dlc

    Phoenix went from a sleepy backwater retirement destination to Baltimore light. Don’t want the wife to get gas alone? The day is fast coming when women cannot go for groceries alone. You’ll stand the chance of ending up like this lady.

    The guy is said to be schizo but had the calculating presence of mind to steal money and phones which he sold. For sure, no hate crime here.

    • stanley skrzypek

      dic…..that’s what one gets when one embraces them and allow them in ones neighborhood………schools……..and clubs……this INSANITY started in the 6o’s when our Corrupt Political Officials saw fit to insert them into our intimate domain……now we are feeling the cancer that they have conceived…..and that cancer is burning down our neighborhoods………like it or not Greg, it is the TRUTH…… me whatever name you want…’s OK….its Reality……..

  27. Greg Sabourin (Machinist)

    This one of your top five WNW’s Thank you Greg

  28. dlc

    What got me reconsidering my stance on Trump is his refusal to accept and admit his bad judgement regarding the warp speed fiasco. I would imagine that many who hang on his every utterance took the jab based on his approval of it.

    I don’t think he can do a 180 at this point. Only days ago Peter Navarro was touting Trump’ s warp speed vax. I used to watch his rallies but stopped after watching him taking credit for this, his biggest display of poor judgement among many.

    I have bad feelings about 2024. People will be angry and hungry, broke and broken. Georgia just voted for the secretary of state that is currently the SOS, ?Rathensberger. Vote count said to be padded by 15%.

  29. William Simonton

    The Blanco political cartoon was great!

  30. Richard

    Maybe instead of Covid, they use gas prices as a reason to do mail in ballots and CHEAT again!

  31. TJZ


    I have always been held to account for my personal decisions. As such, I am always suspect of those who make up excuses for bad behavior/decisions of those they hold in high esteem. It is an attempt to coverup an agreed to decision!
    My trust is in God!

  32. Dan

    Interesting character, Michael Flynn. More revelations will be forthcoming.

  33. jon

    Thank you Greg. Regarding targeting of western assets connected with damage on Russian soil caused by Nato sent missile systems. There are several Command and Control and Western Intel processing facilities on Western Ukraine soil. In Kiev and further North. Further North are Nato/Cia/Mi6 Intel Targeting facilities. In Kiev are the main AFU C&C facilities. “These” will probably be what is taken out. That is if by chance (low probability) that one of the western missiles get through. All these media announcements regarding sending all these great weapons to Ukraine. Only a fool of an adversary would announce to the world what they are sending. Notice only western media and gov’s tout what is happening in Ukraine 24/7. Russian MOD, very very little. One group are professional with secrecy the other loud mouth fools.

  34. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, that Russia threat I was not aware of, what if it’s timed with China’s invasion of Taiwan? Have a good weekend Greg.

  35. Carl

    Why didn’t Dr. Tenpenny address Devin Nunes?
    Does the Dr. have another example of this happening with someone else mentioning the jab and being booted?
    This is simply more matrix drama to keep the masses disgruntled and deceived about the planetary war to save humanity.

    • Greg Hunter

      (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

  36. Future Boy

    Rush out to all the stores and buy up everything in sight, max out all credit on the day Biden announces freezes, rations, controls. The system will freeze up totally within a week of that act. This isn’t the 1970’s Ford/Carter. $100 loafs of bread, $250 the next day, unobtainable the next. Don’t leave home without it… sidearms.

    January Sick Hearings… a gaggle full of entitlement Karens all claiming irreparable damage to their souls. It was scary!! And those inferences of antirace and antiLGBT+cake. They covered all the victim class and freak bases on all the narcissistic Karen victims. Like a political version of a modern day Jerry Lewis Telethon. Boo hoo, the marxist/dem Soros backed Ukrainian Jan 6 thugs were so scary and were attempting a coup. Let me tell you, if Trump wanted to coup his CIA would of done it in a split second!!! The CIA’s main function is coups. They are agent provocateurs.

  37. dlc

    We may well elect our own Uncle Joe. We may have one now behind the scenes. It sure isn’t the fool in the WH. Once again, hunger seems to be the weapon.

  38. Susan R

    Greg, You know I have been watching you for a very long time. You are my priest, doctor, lawyer, best friend, brother. Please do not taunt authorities. We are who you want to save, we are who owe our awakening to you and your life is too precious to us to see you harmed and your family will agree I am sure!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good advice Susan R. As I said in the video I get angry when I am witnessing a genocide and the FBI is silent and I suspect is exempt from the Vax!

  39. Sue Patterson

    “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” 2 Timothy 3:1
    Looks like we are there now.

    If you are looking for possible advertisers check out

  40. Kay

    India is refining Russian oil and selling it. Smart dudes are selling it to Europe.

    There are several YouTubers in Ukraine reporting directly from the conflict zone. You can see for yourself what is going on.
    Patrick Lancaster-knows Russian language and is American vet

    Maximilian Clarke-Brit

    Gonzalo Lira-Graduated from Dartmouth-Chilean/American

  41. Jeff Martin

    The NSA (National Security Agency) is currently cyber attacking Russia. Russia has told them to stop otherwise they won’t like the response.

    Imagine tomorrow morning you wake up and part of the electrical grid has shut down due to cyber attack. You have no electricity or running water. Suppose it’s payday and the banking system has been hacked and shut down. You can’t pay bills, no grocery shopping, no night out at your favorite restaurant. This could all happen because of the stupidly of the US federal government.

    Up to two-thirds of the munitions the US sends to Ukraine are ending up in the black market for sale. Check out the Dark Web. They are there for sale. $30,000 US for a US Javelin anti-tank missile system. Where are these weapons going to end up? Your city?

    Maybe the US should learn to mind its own business…

    • IIG

      Hopefully one of those missiles will be bought by someone who is disgusted with the highly racial and prejudiced Georgia Guidestones which boldly states (carved in stone in many languages) the evil eugenicists dire hatred of Humanity (to such an extent that they want to see 99.9% of all humans exterminated)!!

  42. George

    Trump needed to be humble unbanning Dr Tenpenny is the way to go so that he can get away from jab curse

    • Greg Hunter

      (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

  43. Disne

    What’s the negative and positive of holding cash dollars

    • IIG

      The positive to holding currently worthless cash dollars is that some idiots (in the crisis to come) may still think they are worth something – the negative is people may “too rapidly wake-up” to the fact that they are worthless!!

  44. Harvey's Wallbangers

    King Midas: everything he touched turned to gold.
    King Joe Dumbass: everything he touches turned to shit.

    It’s good to be the King!! -Mel Brooks
    Brooks endorsed sock puppet Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

  45. Fatima message

    Greg, you are right on!
    Catholic prophecy predicts that Russia and its ‘secret’ armies will attack both the US and Europe. Strangely, Germany will ‘invite’ Russian troops to cross Germany to attack Switzerland and Italy. Why Italy? Not clear yet. The German military will not leave Germany. Rome will be destroyed and the pope killed along with many Vatican officials. A series of battles will then occur along the Rhine river, but strangely, an event will occur to cause the Russian troops to ‘drop’ their weapons and try to return to Russia. They will not succeed in doing so! Then the world will be purified. No evil in the world, as Our Lord taught us to petition: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven!” God’s Will allows for no evil in heaven!
    The purifying event was depicted by God as “The Miracle of the Sun” at Fatima on October 13th, 1917. The real miracle at Fatima was the drying and purifying of clothing of all witnesses and the drying of the very soil in the little valley there during the suns strange 10 minute maneuvers. This was no UFO story! Our Lady also predicted at Fatima that communism would take over the world! And here it is today!
    Thank you, Greg.

  46. Saved by Grace

    Wow. And we have Him and all that He is in us!!!
    John 14:20. “In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.”

    Breathern Greg Hunter, I thank God for you and USA Watchdog.

    eternal King

    Lord God Almighty

    God’s Son

    indescribable gift


    Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ our Lord

    Jesus Christ our savior

    Jesus of Nazareth

    judge the living and the dead


    king of ages

    Lamb of God

    Voice of the Almighty

    Voice of the Lord

    Wow. And we have Him and all that He is in us!!!
    John 14:20. “In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.”

    • Astraea

      I read somewhere that Hitler once visited the very famous seer called Bab Vanga in Bulgaria. She is said to have told him that The Vatican would become the Caliphate – and they say he left he house in tears – but it looks as thought she may have been right.

  47. eddiemd

    Of course it was a bioweapon.

    Hantavirus and Machupo have been virus of choice since I worked in the NAMRID in Lima Peru in 1996.,risk%20and%20high%20community%20risk).&text=Hantaviruses%20are%20cited%20as%20being,can%20be%20used%20against%20humans.

    Machupo. smallpox.

    “The post-World War II list (in addition to tularemia, epidemic typhus, and Q fever) included smallpox, plague, anthrax, Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis, glanders, brucellosis, and Marburg infection. Other agents studied were Ebola, Junin virus, Machupo virus, yellow fever, Lassa fever, Japanese encephalitis, and Russian spring-summer encephalitis.”

  48. Saved by Grace

    Breathern Greg Hunter, I thank God for you and USA Watchdog. Eyes on Jesus

    a banner for the people

    a Nazarene


    Alpha and Omega

    Ancient of Days

    Anointed One

    apostle and high priest

    author and perfector of our faith

    author of life

    author of their salvation

    blessed and only Ruler

    Branch of the Lord

    bread of God

    bread of life


    chief cornerstone

    Chief Shepherd

    chosen and precious cornerstone

    Christ Jesus my Lord

    Christ Jesus our hope

    Christ of God

    consolation of Israel

    covenant for the people

    crown of splendor

    eternal life

    Faithful and True

    faithful and true witness

    first to rise from the dead

    firstborn from among the dead

    firstborn overall creation

    firstfruits of those that have fallen asleep

    fragrant offering and sacrifice to God

    friend of tax collectors and “sinners”

    God of all the earth

    God over all

    God’s Son

    great high priest

    great light

    great Shepherd of the sheep

    guarantee of a better covenant

    He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world

    He who searches hearts and minds

    head of every man

    head of the body the church

    head of the church

    head over every power and authority

    heir of all things

    him who died and come to life again

    him who loves us and has freed us from our sins

    his one and only son

    Holy and Righteous One

    Holy One of God

    holy servant Jesus

    hope of Israel

    horn of salvation

    image of the invisible God

    Immanuel ( God with us )

    indescribable gift


    Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ our Lord

    Jesus Christ our savior

    Jesus of Nazareth

    judge the living and the dead


    king of ages

    Lamb of God

    light for

    revelation to the Gentiles

    light of life

    light of men

    light of the world

    living bread that came down from heaven

    Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

    Lord ( Kurios )

    Lord of glory


    Lord of peace

    Lord of harvest

    Lord of the Sabbath

    Lord ( Rabboni )

    man accredited by God

    man of sorrows


    Mediator of the new covenant

    merciful and faithful high priest

    messenger of the covenant


    morning star

    my friend

    my intercessor

    one who makes men holy

    one who speaks to the Father in our defense

    one who will rise to rule over the nations

    our glorious Lord Jesus Christ

    our God and Savior Jesus Christ

    our only Sovereign and Lord

    our Passover lamb

    our peace

    our righteousness, holiness, and redemption


    Prince and Savior

    Prince of Peace

    Prince of princes

    Prince of the hosts

    ransom for all men

    refiner and purifier

    resurrection and the life

    righteous Judge

    righteous man

    Righteous One

    Rock eternal ( rock of ages )

    ruler of God’s creation

    ruler of the kings of the earth

    Savior of the world

    second man

    Shepherd and Overseer of your souls

    Son of Man

    Son of Blessed One

    Son of the living God

    Son of the Most High God

    source of eternal salvation

    sure foundation


    the Amen

    the atoning sacrifice for our sins

    the Beginning and the End

    the bright Morning Star

    the exact representation of his being

    the First and the Last

    the gate ( door )

    the good shepherd

    the Head

    the last Adam

    the life

    the Living One

    the living Stone

    the Lord Our Righteousness

    the man from heaven

    the man Jesus Christ

    the most holy

    the One and Only

    the only God our Savior

    the radiance of God’s glory

    the rising of the sun ( Dayspring )

    the stone the builder rejected

    the testimony given in its proper time

    the true light

    the true vine

    the truth

    the way

    the Word ( logos )

    true bread from heaven

    wisdom from God

    witnessed to the people

    Wonderful Counselor

    Word of God

    Word of life

    your life

    your salvation

    a deposit ( earnest )

    another Counselor

    breath of the Almighty

    Holy One

    Holy Spirit

    Holy Spirit of God


    Spirit of Christ

    Spirit of council and of power

    spirit of faith

    spirit of fire

    Spirit of glory

    Spirit of God

    spirit of grace and supplication

    Spirit of his Son

    Spirit of holiness

    Spirit of Jesus Christ

    spirit of judgment

    spirit of justice

    Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord

    Spirit of life

    Spirit of our God

    Spirit of sonship ( adoption )

    Spirit of the living God

    Spirit of the Lord

    Spirit of the Sovereign Lord

    Spirit of truth

    Spirit of wisdom and of understanding

    Spirit of wisdom and revelation

    the gift

    the promised Holy Spirit

    the same gift

    Voice of the Almighty

    Voice of the Lord

    Wow. And we have Him and all that He is in us!!!
    John 14:20. “In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.”

    • Greg Hunter

      I love Jesus but I cut this because it is too long.

  49. Marie Joy

    President Trump can be reached at
    Fill out the form and tell him what you think of his suspending Tenpenny. Please.
    And consider becoming politically active.

    • Greg Hunter

      (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

      • Ellie

        Thats good i not happy. I voted for trump both times. Second time i dont think counted hokie stuff going on at local voting place. All locals who are usually running the voting station were gone and a fat big dem from oregon was in control. Everyone whomever u vote for need to show up at ballot boxes and voting stations and watch and video . Please suggest this greg. Anyways i dont want trump back but as usual hes better than the other choice.

    • Ray

      Pick up your guns America.
      And ALL this BS will be over when 5 million US Patriots show up outside the White House with guns drawn.

      Ray, Canberra, Disarmed Lap Dog Nation.

      • IIG

        Ray – On Jan 6 we simply picked up our American Flags (and look how it scared the Hell out of the Satan worshiping Demon-rats) – is it any wonder they keep sending their mind controlled psychopaths into our schools to shoot our children and tell the police to stand down so enough kids can be killed – it is exactly because they truly fear “we may one day pick up our guns” and toss the Traitors out of our Government!!!

  50. eddiemd

    Old Yeller. No inflation next year…

    The demolition of the world economic system. They are going to confiscate the 401K and all retirement accounts. It will be for your best interest, to combat climate change.

  51. LFOD

    Greg, loved today’s WNW. I checked the Tenpenny story and she appears to still be on Truth. Just an FYI. Thx bud. Best-

    • Greg Hunter

      (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

  52. Steve Bice

    The cover story is already out there…

    * “As the Covid-19 pandemic and resultant social restrictions have abated in much of the world, other viruses are rearing their heads in new and unusual ways.”

    * “Influenza, Respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus, tuberculosis and monkeypox are among a number of viruses to have spiked and exhibited strange behaviors in recent months.”

    * “Health experts say Covid-19 restrictions could have reduced exposure and lowered immunity to infectious diseases, making society more vulnerable to new outbreaks.”

    “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.” – Jean-Claude Juncker

  53. Justn Observer

    Greg, You covered it all very well! Agree, this summer will be a ‘fest’ of biblical proportion. I see it building in the people temperment and in their awakening daily now.

  54. eddiemd

    I saw a comment on RT about trading the 2 British mercenaries for Julian Assange.

    “British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, meanwhile, discussed with her Ukrainian counterpart the plight of two British nationals who were sentenced to death by a pro-Russian court in the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic on Thursday. Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner had both lived in Ukraine for several years before signing up to join the country’s armed forces. They were captured and sentenced alongside a Moroccan man, Brahim Saadoun, after they were accused and convicted of working as mercenaries.”

    WSJ is full propaganda.

    Ukraine war is done.

  55. Stan

    DXY 104+ and charging higher! Many laughed at me over the years when I recommended holing significant Dollar positions.

    • Steve Bice

      Higher against other currencies…lower against a basket of goods…that we need to survive. I guess you missed the CPI print. Better read up, Bub…

      “Holing” is probably the right word…

      • Ray

        He has all the intelligence of a Cumquat, Steve.
        He said last week that there is “profit to be made from war, death & inflation if you know how to position yourself in the markets”.
        What a horrible, low being this “Stan” is.
        As I said……perhaps he should add another “a” between the “S” and the “t” in his name.
        Ray, Canberra, LapDoglia.

        • Steve Bice


          Made me laugh. My grandmother had a Kumquat tree in her yard that I remember from when I was around 9 or 10 years old.

          I know he who shall not be named is a puppet and a foil, and don’t usually respond, but I didn’t want people to be mislead by dollar “strength”. Strength derives from the dollar’s relatively slower pace of decline (compared to other currencies) against a basket of goods…but all are declining. Ed Dowd may be right about the dollar “failing up” and its subsequent squeezing of non-dollar economies, but here in the U.S. it is dropping like a rock in terms of what it can buy. But you know all this…as do most of the readers here.

          On we go…it’s getting uglier out there, so take care…

          • Steve Bice

            P.S. See “set up” above for heroic protagonist(s) below…rinse and repeat. Why respond to characters in a play? Just enjoy the show, and glean from it what you will…

    • IIG

      Stan – How many of those strong US dollars did you have to use today to buy a gallon of gas for your Bentley? – Twice as many as a year ago?? – do you know what that means Stan??? – and don’t give me your phony charts – it means the US dollars “value” ** HAS BEEN CUT IN HALF ** – still don’t understand what that means for the price of gold Stan? – let me tell you – if the price of a gallon of gas in US dollars has doubled in price – the price of gold in US dollars will also double in price – get it!!

    • Johnny Cool


      Do you follow Rick Ackerman?

      ‘Rampant Dollar About to Undo the Fed’s Best Plans’
      May 1, 2022

  56. Ginny Silcox

    I just deleted my Truthsocial account. Censorship of Dr. Tenpenny’s work is just NOT TOLERABLE. What ELSE are they censoring?

    • Greg Hunter

      (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

  57. Juli B.

    God forgive me, please, but if Russia could contain the bombing to Capitol Hill and maybe the Pentagon, would that really be such a bad thing?

    • IIG

      I think many many people would think it to be wonderful (as a way to get the Deep State monkeys off our back) – which means if you just so happen to live in the AC/DC area – it would be prudent to move out of that area now – as the Russians have clearly stated they will hit the “decision-making centers” of the Globalist Cabal out to destroy their Nation!!

  58. Robert Coleman

    As I am originally from St. Louis and am living in Guangzhou China area for the past 18+ Years always appreciate and look forward to your broadcasts. Always insightful and truthful. Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert. How is the economy there from your street perspective?

  59. Todd

    This vaccine business is a horror story.

  60. William T

    Great rant! Want “Saying No to Vaccines” by Sherri Tenpenny, free here:
    Still trust Trump, father of mRNA approval? He dragged out a Moderna officer at a Trump rally and got booed. He must know it is a genocide program and all vaxxxed will end up with AIDS soon. Nobody talks about Trump raping a 15 year old girl on pedo island. I think Trump is controlled opposition.

  61. Jetjock

    Regarding Navy F-18 crash at China Lake! The pilots there are famous for flying very low. I mean lower the better! A Challenge of the young! I have been there too! Young and Stupid!

    • Greg Hunter

      Was the pilot vaxed? LTC Teresa Long says many vaxed pilots should not be flying and especially not doing those types of maneuvers.

  62. Judd

    Regarding the pilot,

    This happened at China Lake and these planes do a lot of very low level flying in and out of canyons. It’s practice for inserting into enemy territory without being identified on radar. Pilots have to be comfortable maneuvering that low.

    All it takes is misjudge a distance and your dead second later.

    I doubt it had anything to do with the jab and everything to do with screwing up that low.

    • Greg Hunter

      You don’t know that. He didn’t eject. Takes about a second. Was he vaxed? Probably. Did that hurt his reflexes?

      • jon

        You are right to question this Greg. Any decrease in mental and physical performance, ever so slight. Could have a catastrophic error result. Whether it is with a High G, stress of a fighter pilot. Or even an electrician working on a high voltage power line. Even a neurosurgeon working with micro movement brain surgery. A physically performance damaging “Vax” could be dangerous. When post-mortem analysis is conducted. Those that do the troubleshooting will figure it out. Whether made public honestly, that is another story.

        • IIG

          They should check to see if his veins are clogged with long “tape worm” looking strands – that could have affected the blood supply to his head (and thus his motor skills)!!

  63. cheryl

    Trump needs to admit big pharma, fauci, the cdc and fda all played his ass. I hate the arrogance he carries about him. He needs to get on his knees daily in repentance and prayer cuz i dont want his ass back unless he is seeking Christ and doing his will not his own. He needs to be humbled by the Lord our God.

  64. John Geis

    Did you see that they were using Ukraine to harvest and sell human organs? Look into the Red Cross records at Maripol

    • IIG

      Buying fake vax certificates today (in full-evil times) is just like the evil people years ago (in mid-evil times) bought “absolution tickets from the Vatican to get into Heaven!!

  65. eddiemd

    The 4th Industrial Revolution. It began supposedly in 2011.

    This revolution will have the greatest effect in China. Massive unemployment leading to unrest. China is going to war with the USA. An invasion of the mainland USA. Tribulation times. They are also going to Australia.

    The WEF. One world government. Vax passports, microchips/micro tattoos.

    This guy is demonic. He will deceive many.

    • Charles H

      “But now, we must bring that to an end…” “Science” thinks it can do anything with complete impunity. There are no gods: but us.

  66. andyb

    Some thoughts:
    Merkel, the globalist, doomed Germany when she decommissioned all of Germany’s nuclear plants when Fukushima blew up. She was just a decade ahead of the coming apocalypse.
    If someone was purposely trying to destroy the US, they would mimic everything that Biden has done.
    Diesel will be rationed starting in the Northeast and then moving down the coast to Florida. There will go the supply chain to supermarkets and gas stations. Keep your vehicles fueled and your pantry full.
    When the riots start in late summer, martial law will be declared and the elections may be postponed or be allowed only with 100% voting by absentee ballots (assuming that the USPS will still be operating).
    US National Guard (and LEOs) will protect their own and refuse to patrol. Biden will call in Blue Helmets and the UN will use Chinese troops. And that folks, is all she wrote.

  67. Lora

    Hi Greg
    Transitioning the United States from energy independence to dependency on outside energy sources, along with massively created food and supply shortages, open borders and so much more destruction, are all profound acts of TREASON against American Citizens and their safety. Meanwhile a crony, illegitimate Biden Administration (all criminal hacks) are ALLOWED to continue taking the United States down this path of total destruction with zero hopes for recovery now. Meanwhile our worthless, sellout Congress (both sides) and others in power who could really make a difference, all idly sit back doing NOTHING (except collecting bribes) to turn this massive, satanic boat around. Makes me sick to death thinking about the stone age world my poor grandkids are going to have to confront.

  68. David Bagley

    Greg …how could Trump not be aware of the Globalist’s depopulation agenda through big pharma.. they openly speak on it.

  69. Diana Brown

    Thank you Gregg for another weekly report packed full of important information. I did a bit of inquiry on your Dr Sherri Tenpenny TS permanent ban as she is one that I follow and respect highly. I see she, as well as her fan club (which I do not follow) are still registered there. I also made inquiry to a few other TS members looking for either confirmation or the fact there has been a reestablishment. So far, all coming back to me is she is still there. She is logged on as @busydrt.

  70. Farouk Vevaina

    Greg, Donald Trump is a strategist. He came out bragging about the vaccines because he knew well in advance that his doing so, his supporters would not rush out to take it. The survey that you yourself conducted indicated that very few were willing to take this poison because they knew it was harmful despite Trump endorsing it. On the other hand, the democratic base supporters who have been heavy supporters of the vaccines may have stopped in their tracks to get waxed or boosted simply because Trump said it was a good thing to get vaxxed. In that respect, Trump did save a number of lives endorsing the vaccine. This is not my theory. I picked this up from one of Clif High’s videos.

  71. eddiemd

    Monkey Werx Friday broadcast.

    Getting ready for civil disturbances and/or WW III

    • Self Exiled

      When the US government preps as this data seems to be exhibiting; how far in advance do these actions usually precede the event? Realizing it depends on the nature of the event.

      • eddiemd

        Hard to tell.

        I would be interested in knowing if there are movements of armor on the rail lines around the country. That is a better indicator of prepping for war in cities.

        I would also like to know what is outbound at the ports on the east coast, Gulf of Mexico, and west coast. The 1st Armored Division is in El Paso, 1St Cav Division at Fort Hood Texas, and 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley Kansas. These three have armor, rotary wing support, and are heavy combat units. 3rd ID in Fort Stewart Georgia is also heavy. They would need to move by rail lines to ports.

        During the LA Rodney King riots they needed to bring down soldiers from Fort Ord 7th ID and a USMC MEF from Pendleton to quell the riots. We don’t have the capabilities to shore up the police in most all the big cities across the country. They will have to use drones and missiles against the population. This I believe is the plan.

        DC and the people in charge don’t care. When it gets to that point, they will do what is needed to preserve their power. Hopefully there will be patriots left in the woke military to defend the Constitution.

  72. Mark


  73. jeff

    Wow! Great wrap up. So much to report and you have the ability to summarize and and put it into perspective. If the FBI doesn’t kill you, you’ll probably have a great future in the new world being created.

  74. James Hall

    Trump was given millions from the pharmaceutical company’s. Research it, very big disappointment. Will be okay if he gets some of the blame.

  75. Jim

    A federal judges already weighed in on this, they are not interchangeable.

  76. john basso

    Greg, I think the outrage you voiced in this video is shared by myself, and I’m sure, millions of our fellow conservative Americans. Well stated ! I remember when we could have uncensored discussions on facebook. When biden was installed, I told my democratic co-workers that they wouldn’t like it when gas goes to $6.00 a gallon. I was told I was full of B.S., that will never happen, biden is an advocate for the working man……. YEAH, RIGHT. Thanks for great investigative journalism, alot of facts you bring to light that we don’t hear anywhere else.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John. I do have an update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account: (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

  77. Dave

    Trump is wrong. Period.

    • Greg Hunter

      (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

  78. Martin Thorne

    Dr. Pierre Kory on Saturday. I see another home run ball going over the fence!

  79. Robert

    Got Omicron, Dr gave me Paxlovid. Big change within 24 hours. No Vax.

  80. Rene Hernandez

    God Bless You Greg Hunter, you are truly a blessing.

  81. Linda

    The Truth Social thing really upsets me. I really like Dr. Tenpenny.

    • Greg Hunter

      (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

  82. JP

    Regards to Dr Sherri Tenpenny- I am a fan of Dr Tenpenny. I searched her up on Truth Social and her account appears to be intact.

    • Greg Hunter

      (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

  83. Jim

    Strike 2 for Trump …..sad

    • Greg Hunter

      (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22.  Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago.  She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.) 

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Greg,
        I understand you are trying to set the record straight. Turns out Dr Tenpenny was not permanently barred from ‘TruthSocial’. OK, that may have been an overstatement, however, it appears she WAS temporarily suspended. If her suspension was not due to a technical glitch, then WHY? Are we just to accept that freedom of expression is no longer to be tolerated?

  84. Stephen Weber

    Hey Greg.
    Once again I praise your intestinal fortiude and that of your guests. God will not let this destroy those of us in his light, in my opinion. But a lesson will be taught here. Funny how sometimes we get the test first and then the lesson. Blessings to you and yours.


  85. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia….

    GREAT. EMOTIONAL. COURAGEOUS…..Good job. “Good times create weak men.”

    Thank you….

  86. Baregil de Gomçesval

    TruthSocial bans Dr Sherri Tenpenny.
    I may be no-one Gregg, but I have withdrawned my support for the Orange man ever since he endorsed the ‘injections’ and said they are good.
    TruthSocial is a farce and censors and represses free speech as much as those main stream platforms that it intends and pretends to replace.

  87. Johnny Come Lately

    Thanks for the heads up on Tucker Carlson’s Tonight covering the latest Democrat/RINO Charade. He has a great way of putting things into perspective that absolutely gets the LibTarded Heads Exploding….EVERYTIME….BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  88. James A. Driscoll

    Just announced, Justin Bieber cancels world tour due to facial paralysis, (Ramsay Hunt Syndrome). His wife had a blood clot. I’m sure that this is just not a coincidence. It couldn’t be related to the jab, could it? Justin is 28.

  89. eddiemd

    Justin Dweeber.

    Has a case of Herpes Zoster. Shingles infection involving a cranial nerve. That is the part they don’t specifically tell you.

    Most likely related to immunosuppression from his covid shots.

    He is lucky to be alive. His clock is running down.

  90. Colleen

    Just saw that Justin Bieber is suffering a virus that causes the right side of his face to be paralyzed. He canceled his tour. I think I heard that his wife had a blood clot after getting the jab. The Truth is being revealed!

    • IIG

      This world “is our world”
      And your fight “is my fight”
      My breath “is your breath”
      And when you’re hurt (by the jab) “I’m not right”!!

  91. Eli

    Great to hear Trump camp reinstated the doctor’s page. I think Trump listens to Don Jr., who listens to the boots on the ground, pro America voices (I’m reticent to use the phrase “America First” bc I think Nick is getting into some hot water r n). He’s far from perfect (understatement of the year) but I think his instincts are mostly on point and he’s not afraid to alter course when traveling down the wrong direction. God Bless you, your family, and your sponsors, Greg!


  92. Felix

    Greg Hunter you are one of jesus’s disciples,love your scripture,you put them in such great context at the right time.You have been hitting grand slam after grand slam and batting a thousand in your last multiple interviews.Yes christ tells us these things must come to pass but tells us to not live in fear he has our backs.Sometimes that is hard to keep in perspective but we are here for a reason at this time.Love GOD,family and country,we are the enemy of ur own government.It makes me sad when people will sellout their families,their country and their souls for a buck.But we have to put on the armor og GOD and resist evil at all cost,GOD bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Felix. Hang in there. Evil wants you to be afraid–Don’t Be!! These people are stupid. Don’t be afraid of stupid!!
      Brother Greg

  93. Steve Bice

    Justin Bieber has Ramsay Hunt Syndrome…facial paralysis. It is a known side-effect of the Covid shots.

  94. jon

    My wife and I are anti-vax and proud of it. Except for tetanus haven’t had any vaccine since leaving the USN in ’89. Both of us zero problems. Keep immunity up. Zelenko protocol, C60, NAC. And I know, I know…. we carry a silver impregnated mask in case we are in an enclosed area with coughing people, don’t care what the so-called negatives touted. Too much time living and traveling in Asia to suspect masks are not all that bad. Got to do what you feel is reasonable. And do not be a victim of anybody’s BS.

  95. Smokey Joe

    I’ve been listening to you for a long time, I heard you caution us not to get the jab,
    so my wife and I never got the shot, mostly because of what YOU said in your videos.
    Greg, I am so glad that I listened to you.
    Thank you and God bless you my brother in Christ.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fantastic!!! Thanks for the sharing this!! This makes all the crap I got for warning NOT to take the death shots well worth it!

    • Jeff robbins

      I’d like to echo that, been listening for a long time too. The facts didn’t add up about the vax, no animal experiments, okay for pregnant women and such. But to hear mr. Hunter repeatedly warning about the shots, i knew that there was no harm in waiting, and I’m not about to be bullied by an employer when Jesus has shown Himself to be the real provider.

  96. Raged 64

    My father and mother are 88 and 85 years old respectively. Last year they disregarded my best attempts to dissuade them from getting the jabs. Each of them had gotten two shots and the booster.
    Two weeks ago I learned they both tested positive for Covid. I went to see them and they were not doing well with congestion already starting in the lungs. I was able to get them connected with a physician who provided Ivermectin as part of a treatment protocol. Sadly, this was not as easy to do as it should have been.
    I am pleased to report that as of yesterday they are both doing well and on the mend. Both have said their breathing is better and they have more energy.
    I have not yet noticed any adverse reactions to the jabs for them as yet and pray they will be spared. It is so important to keep getting the message out that Ivermectin and early treatment work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Roger, for sharing and I am happy your folks are doing better.

  97. Pam

    You made me laugh with your rant about stupid people….I’m hearing more and more people using “stupid” to express their emotions about some of these morons that think they’re running the show.
    Season 10 of the X Files aired at the end of January thru February 2016….4 minute clip. IT WILL BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF!!!….Whomever wrote the screenplay had to be a genius way off the charts or somebody told MR. Screen Writer what to write because they knew the plan………….If you do watch the clip, keep in mind this came out in 2016. Amazing!!!

    • IIG

      They warned us way back in 2016 about the evil Globalists “exact plans” to inject us with a deadly DNA altering virus – and still 68% of the American people took the killer clot shot?? (most likely because they truly believed in Trump) – as for the next part of the warning (which is still to come) – is the closing down of the banking system on a Friday evening – and waking up Monday morning “to a currency re-set” (where the price of Gold is re-set over one weekend to $15,000 dollars per ounce) – everyone better own at least one ounce of gold (so they can “in a Jubilee” pay off all their credit cards) – as for Stan (who is short gold) all we can do is say a prayer that he sees the light before it is too late!!

  98. les

    I pray every night that Jesus protects you and others like you and your family from the dark side; I appeal to my Christian brothers and sisters to do the same

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Les!

  99. Robert Hakker

    Good day Greg; I’m no fan of any leaders and only seek the facts.

    Strangely, I find nothing that says Putin wants Ukraine. Does anyone have quotes or documents on this?

    Love your passion Greg, thanks; RH

  100. Baregil de Gomçesval

    Gregg, wholeheartedly the vaccisheeple deserve their lot; they have to cope with the consequences of their insouciance. I feel nothing but contempt for that people; their time of reckoning is fast approaching, they are doomed and so is the US, which will break apart into several countries when the dollar is finished and the world finds out that the government sold the gold reserve to prevent the dollar from loosing ground before gold, since 1971 when Nixon pulled the dollar away from being gold backed.

    • IIG

      Yeah – the Vacci-sheeple will have to cope with the consequences of their actions – just as Adam and Eve had to (when God gave them an extra 9 Commandments to live by for their insouciance) – but still – Man has spit in the face of God by disobeying his very lenient 10 Commandments – and now – under the direction of Klaus Schwab and Horror-i – men are being told to change their God given DNA – so they can link their minds to the internet – think God was too controlling? – under Schwab – Humanity will be under “complete control of a Satanic Dictator” who will impose a “Zillion Commandments” upon the Human Race – and if Schwab detects even “one bad thought in your mind” – your life will be immediately terminated!!! – so the choice boils down to us choosing good over evil – we know the Demon-rats are a lost cause – but the rest of us better begin to fear Satan “a lot more” then simply biting the bullet and actually following God’s 10 Commandments!!!

  101. Jeff Robbins

    I have wondered about Putins judo thinking. As we send all these arms to the Ukraine; how do we know they are staying in the Ukraine?, How many of these weapons do we have, and with supply chain issues can supply come back online easily? Would our military send out all of our reserves of some of these weapons? Putin may well want a long war for the above and so that sanctions stay in place impoverishing most of the industrial west. When the people freeze in the winter (Europe) that may be the end of NATO- I think you’re spot on. Sabattoge should definitely be on everyone’s radar here (America)- with the open borders a soft war could be sponsored by so many adversaries and we’d have no idea who or where to look. How many soft targets are there?- I’m a construction worker and could come up with hundreds within a days drive of where i live.

  102. Linda Majors

    Greg, this is off topic, but I believe it is important for everyone to know. (I enjoyed your weekly wrapup, as always.) Linda

    Truth about January 6, 2021: Investigative Reporter, Tayler Hanson, has videos of January 6, 2021, while Ashli Babbit was murdered. (Ref. link below.)

    “Right now, the American people are being subjected to some of the most highly politicized propaganda we’ve ever seen in this country.

    Over one year later, the left and many establishment politicians on the right and their media cohorts are twisting the events of January 6th in an effort to hurt President Trump and his supporters, and provide cover for Joe Biden’s domestic and international failures.

    The entire committee and hearings are a political sham.

    And one independent journalist by the name of Tayler Hansen, who was there on that fateful day, can prove it.

    Tayler has hours of incredible footage from January 6th, from the moment when folks entered the Capitol, to the murder of Ashli Babbitt, but the committee hasn’t even contacted him to review his evidence.


    Because it doesn’t suit their “insurrection narrative.”

    Watch: MTG Interviews Journalist With Hours of Compelling Video Evidence Who Is Being Ignored by Jan 6 Committee – Revolver

  103. CJ

    Back in 2016 there was a call to prayer for corruption to be revealed. At the time, it was about Hillary. But, God has a way of using prayer in amazing ways. How much corruption has been revealed since then? Corruption in our voting system, our banking system, our medical system, pharma, our media, our judicial system, our elected officials, the fact that there are two different sets of laws- one for liberals and one for conservatives, corruption in our churches, corruption in our social media, corruption in our delivery systems, every day some new corruption is revealed. I’ve gotten to the point that when something new is revealed I think we need to be careful when we pray. God may bless us with more answers that we actually wanted.

    • IIG

      Demon-rats have already chosen Evil over Good – so they are a lost cause – but the rest of us “must follow the 10 Commandments” to the letter (which means “we can’t keep killing our children or turning them into queers”, etc., etc.)!!

    • Linda Majors

      Greg, below is the link to the interview with Tayler Hanson, the investigative reporter wh0 captured on film the events leading up to Ashli Babbitt’s murder. Ashli was frustrated by the inaction of the Capitol Police to stop the troublemakers from breaking the window in the door. She was shot in the neck for no reason, other than interfering with those who were breaking the glass. Further, she was allowed to bleed out. The Capitol police dragged her off while she was getting medical help. Tayler also describes watching individuals changing into clothes t0 appear to be Trump supporters. The investigative reporter recognized the individuals as the same ones he had witnessed in other riots.
      (Please watch and listen to the interview. All the facts are there. Nancy Pelosi and Sergeant of Arms refused President Trump’s request for the National Guard, as well as requests from the DC Police Chief. It appears that the entire event was a set-up. Marjorie Green said she was part of a group who were demanding that the certification not take place, that the electoral votes should be returned to the states that wanted to reconsider. However, the problems and chaos prevented that from going forward. Pence approved the certification in the middle of the night. It was too late to stop it.)

  104. tim mcgraw

    If Putin does Nuke a “Decision Making Center”, I hope it is Washington, DC.

    • Hay Seed

      Timster, how bouts Sacredmento! He he he!

  105. Marie Joy

    Apathetic Americans say nothing, no matter what they do, so, of course, they move up their plans to an earlier date. Our collective apathy will be our undoing.

  106. Marie Joy

    Suggest you listen to The David Knight Show on Rumble. My eyes are opening and it hurts.

  107. Marie Joy

    Do NOT give up your guns.

  108. tim mcgraw

    At 39:00 Greg mentions the FA-18 training mission crash that killed the pilot and destroyed the plane that Tom Cruise “flew” in “Top Gun Maverick.”
    My brother was an engineer at the FA-18 plant in St. Louis. Many years ago my brother gave our Dad and me a tour of the manufacturing facility for the FA-18. It was a weekend so no workers were around. I was a seaplane mechanic at the time. I was impressed with how clean and orderly the FA-18 plant was.
    At the end of the tour my brother showed us a completed FA-18 in the hangar. This is a big aircraft. Much bigger than appears in film or photos.
    The FA-18 comes in two configurations; single cockpit and tandem cockpits. The tandems are used for training missions and for making movies. LOL. No way Tom Cruise was flying the FA-18. The real pilot was in the other seat of the tandem FA-18.
    So why was the pilot flying solo on a training mission in a tandem FA-18?
    The pilot may well have blacked out from G forces due to a weakened system from the vaccines, but we’ll never know.
    But if it was a training mission, where was the instructor pilot in the tandem FA-18?
    Something went very wrong on this flight.
    PS; The FA-18 is an amazing aircraft and way better than the overpriced and faulty F-35.

  109. rv

    The reduced graphene oxide with a weak positive pizoelectric charge and the lipid nanos causing the vascular issues such as the blood clots etc. Our bodies are electric and our nervous system and our organs are negatively charged. So when the graphene reacts with negatively charged organs or nerves, it causes the organs and nerves to go into a state of electric shock and complete failure, causing the myo and pericarditis, strokes etc. Never a good idea to do this.
    Confidential Pfizer Documents reveal Covid-19 Vaccination is going to lead to Depopulation.
    Legal Effort Against Pfizer for Fraud, Racketeering, Battery, and More.

    Good News:Missouri Governor Signs Law that Prohibits Pharmacists from Questioning the Effectiveness of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

    If Germany and the rest of the western European countries do not de-Natolize from the US, they are doomed for following the failed policies of the US.
    Finally, Biden Tells Exxon to Start Paying Its Taxes.

    Cain killed Abel with a rock God blamed Cain…not the rock. American holocaust due to southern border being wide open.

    Greg thanks for keep us up to speed!!!

    • IIg

      When Pfizer looked at the data as to effectiveness of their “jab” in killing the children of pregnant Mothers – they knew it was ready – and released it upon the public – – the results of the test “was spectacular” and the eugenicists were jumping for joy – out of 34 pregnant mothers “only 1” of the 29 known outcomes was normal – so the “jab” was 97% effective at killing babies before they were born and Big Pharma began a worldwide campaign to get every pregnant mother “jabbed” – did Trump even look at this data when he gave his authorization to Warp Speed an experimental vaccine upon all the American people? – and if not – Why not???

  110. frederic w dunn

    I like Trump but, and a growing but, is it’s looking like to he’s was to ill advised to be ill advised , to victimzed to be a victim , on and on it went. Frustrating . I would go with Ron DeSantis over Trump. Not saying Trump wasn’t good for America for the most part he was.

    • IIG

      For “the most part” – we are talking about 68% of Americans taking the killer “jab” based upon word of Trump “That the Experimental Jab was Safe”!!! – did he even look at the data???????

  111. Astraea.

    Greg, I read a book many years ago called The WILDER SHORES of LOVE. by Lesley Blanch. (I looked for it on Amazon this morning – and it is still there!)
    Part of it is the story about a cousin of Josephine, Napoleon’s wife. The ship she was on when travelling on, in the Caribean, on the way either to or from school in France, was captured by priates. She was sol;d in a slave market in the Middle East and ended up as a concubine in the harem of the Sultan of Turkey. She became the Mother of the Sultan’s on who became the next Sultan – and then – Napolean repudiated or divorced Josephine.
    He lost his war against Russia because the Sultan of Turkey’s Mother turned Turkey again France and supported Russia.
    They say that the wars against Russia are always decided by whichever side Turkey backs .
    Then there is a prophecy by an old Boer known as The Siener who said that Russia will over run Turkey in a day – and will go on to over run all of Europe – he wrote that in 1921. He also said that England would be be drowned – and America would become a small island!
    I also saw this morning that Justin Bieber has been strangely affected by the jab – the right side of his face does not work – the nerves just do not work, so that when he smiles only the left side of his mouth lifts. His wife is also ill since being jabbed.

  112. Astraea.

    I do not understand why Putin is allowing this in Russia – whose side IS he on???
    It might be useful to ask Kissinger – if we could. It is all quite strange.

  113. Rex Mac Innes

    Love your show Greg! Always great.

  114. MacGuy

    Hi Greg,
    I gave a good amount of thought to what you said in yesterday’s “real news” weekly news wrap-up. I have to agree with what you said about Trump getting bad council, he has traitors and back stabbers actively working against him in his own family. Sort of reminds me of how King David’s own son Absalom set out to destroy him. Personally I have always liked Don Jr and Eric Trump, however, Ivanka and Jared Kurshner always seemed to be a thorn in the side of the Trump Presidency. Honestly, those two reminded me of the Clinton presidency when all we saw was HRC running the show.

    Here’s an interesting article I came across this morning I thought you might enjoy reading-
    Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump said they privately accepted Donald Trump’s loss.

    Never trusted these two people and have always felt they were “controlled” by a foreign government! wink wink 🙂

    PS You will always be the best and most honest journalist I have ever followed. I thank God for you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mac!

  115. John

    Greg, Read, and reread Genesis and quote Genesis more often because it pertains — profoundly.

    • IIG

      In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth – Earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep … the Spirit of God then moved upon the face of the Waters and the Earth – and he molded “Man” from that clay (in his own image) – and God said – now I will let there be “consciousness and light” within Man – and there was light – and when God saw the light – he knew that it was good (but also capable of great evil) – and so God divided the light from the darkness – he called the light “His Children” – and he called the darkness “Deep State Satanic Commie Demon-rats” (who would kill their own children for a buck)!!!

  116. Wayne Scott

    Treason and other similarity acts by those in “government”, a reason the
    Militia was placed. Where are they, those young enough to accomplish it.
    Tough guys soldiers against unarmed people around the world they are, yet come here to their home where clear devilment continues and their works go quite.
    Too bad, so sad, open borders, and Militia does nothing, yellow gut cowards.
    Murders through the kill shots, and they do nothing. On and on from demonic bs’ers in gov. and nothing from the Militia.

  117. Wayne Scott

    Globe Earthers will have a real problem with the vids on this non$ site. The Firmament,
    Sun, Stars, (others, clouds and sky not up yet) all proclaim_take the SHOT (guns, get a bang out of it) to the Beast (picture proof always). This one on the Firmament (it doesn’t exist for Globelist), the fallen “gods” offering__take the shot for either ice cream or ass from a whore_all this in front of humanity 24/7. Mark of the Beast is THEIR MARK
    they have owned it for thousands of years.

  118. Wayne Scott

    Globe earthers will have a real problem with the vids on this non$ site. The Firmament,
    Sun, Stars, (others, clouds and sky not up yet) all proclaim_take the SHOT (guns, get a bang out of it) to the Beast (picture proof always). This oneon the Firmament (it doesn’t exist for globelist), the “gods” offering__take the shot for either ice cream or ass from a whore_all this in front of humanity 24/7. Mark of the Beast is THEIR MARK
    they have owned it for thousands of years.

  119. G.Muir

    In Our Great Struggle For Freedom,
    we have to trust in something a heap bigger than we be.
    Where’s the adults in the room, of the house of representatives?
    All this bickering and wars, will get us’ nowhere but poverty and the house fighting WW4 with sticks and stones….
    Albert Einstein
    Sergeant York “Render unto Caesar”

    Col. Richard Black: U.S. Leading World to Nuclear War?
    747,035 views Apr 26, 2022
    As that sage Rodney King said during the LA. Riots;

  120. Gaylene
    MATTHEW 24:13 KJV “But he that shall endure unto the …

  121. g.m.

    Sergeant York’s Son and Grandson Discuss Gary Cooper’s Portrayal of the General/96,958 views Apr 16, 2020, Turner Classic Movies
    Sergeant York (1941) Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan
    Alvin York from Tennessee was a hero. In 1918, the year of the war, he and his companions captured 132 Germans in France. Hawks ’film adaptation of York’s biography marked the climax of Hollywood’s moral arming against the German terror of war in 1941. The Warner brothers personally promised York that their favorite actor Gary Cooper (Oscar winner!) Would play the title role…

  122. Lester Fell Flat Jr.

    Amidst War In Europe, Germany’s back in the Balkans
    Calls for Peace and Security?
    Scholz calls for EU to open accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania
    4h ago/German Chancellor Scholz visits Skopje © Reuters/OGNEN TEOFILOVSKI
    – The European Union should kick off accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania to finally fulfil its pledge to integrate the Western Balkans, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Saturday on the second day of a tour to the region.
    Speaking in Skopje, Scholz said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine made it important for Europe to stand together and he praised North Macedonia’s support of sanctions on the Kremlin.
    “It’s very important to bring a new dynamic into this process,” Scholz said in a news conference with North Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski.
    “I will advocate that the next steps happen.”
    The Day of the Lord / Don’t be Fooled?
    …2 For you are fully aware that the Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.
    3 While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. 4 But you, brothers, are not in the darkness so that this day should overtake you like a thief.…
    Berean Study Bible ·

    Exclusive: Lithuania PM Rejects Russia’s ‘Nonsense’ Threat
    David Brennan – 5h ago

    Chetniks! The Fighting Guerrillas (1943)
    731 views Apr 1, 2020
    CHETNIKS! 1943 Original Trailer
    VLADIMIR trailer

    591,456 views Jun 4, 2022

  123. Phil

    Hi Greg,
    My 66 yrs old sister who is unvaccinated was diagnosed with covid Last Sunday June 4th. They just sent her home to ride it out. Tuesday she was very sick could not eat or swallow, let alone get out of bed, and they wanted to put her in the hospital. She was afraid to go to the hospital so I told her to get some (Horse Paste ivermectin), (Ordered off Amazon) : 5 doses and yesterday the 10th of June. she called me and said she was doing good and was out of bed and eating. No fever, sore throat gone, headache gone. Today She said she was going to go walk her dog. I live in a very small town and young people are starting to dropped dead in this little town now. You are right when people start to put this all together there will be hell to pay. The Drs who perpetuate this fraud are as guilty as Josef Mengele was. Keep holding up the truth and God bless you.

  124. Joseph A.

    Hi Greg,
    Good show. Thanks for putting this together, as usual.
    As for Dr Sherri Tenpenny, could her provider be doing the censoring?
    There are people on Truth Social that are sharing her information and they aren’t being censored. (Obviously).
    Perhaps there is something else going on here and I personally don’t think Donald Trump involved with this. Isn’t Devin Nunes the CEO of Truth Social?
    Have a great day and God Bless!

  125. Coal Burner

    Greg; Greetings friend and brother!

    On the matter of “end of days”, the return, the Rapture, and other discussions on the subject. Over and over Jesus said not to spend time worrying about that. HE said it clearly enough in my thinking that we should spend out time on other thinking things. I mean what he told us to do including Be Faithful! He wanted us to spread the good news about him and live like he wants us too as examples. Not perfect but but constantly tying to do the right things in his eyes. Just wanted to add my note to put on his armor everyday! You do a great service and by his power your shield extends far from you to protect others.

    • Steve Bice

      CB: I look up most every day…when we see the signs, our redemption is near. The signs are everywhere.

      Matthew 24 and 25 offer cautionary parables and tell us to “watch” over and over. I don’t think this means we stop living, but it does instruct us to stay alert and aware that Jesus’s return will come on us suddenly like a thief in the night.

      Matthew 24:42 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. 43 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. 44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

      From the parable of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25:

      10 “But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut. 11 “Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’ 12 “But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’
      13 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.”

      Worry? No. Watch? Yes. It is exciting to watch for the signs; it heightens our anticipation of our savior’s soon return and helps us keep our eyes on the path to the all important “narrow gate”…

      Watch…and like Mom always said, “Enjoy the journey…”

  126. Justn Observer

    Greg, Trump needs to send Rachel Maddow a thank you for clearing things up/ …lol

  127. H

    No Gay, I wasn’t listening. Now I’m barfing on the Wall STREET rollie coaster, drowning in the Wall Street casino summer of Hate! Should have bailed during the summer of love, lol!
    Now when I bail out of the Wall Street money machine “Fed printing press”, I’m sure they’ll be a
    pop in the market. Back to barfing.

  128. eddiemd

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. You must go through Him. Believe in Him. There is no other way to be saved.

    The JW doctrine will not save you. False doctrine.

    • Greg Hunter

      I took Gaylene Muir down. Gaylene Muir do not put JW doctrine on Got it? Respect my wishes or I will ban every comment you have made or will make.

  129. Skip Havely

    God bless you Greg.

    Your continued work to expose TRUTH will never be forgotten.

  130. M Sansone

    I’ve said it before: Framing is not an incident, it is a method. It is a longstanding, highly developed, exceedingly effective, extravagant and complex, SCIENTIFIC METHOD. It is a veritable tool in the toolbox. Audit the Police and you’ll find out.

    It’s one of the reasons for the Black Community riots.

    • Keith Wilson

      In Ukraine 20% of the population are pro Russian and support Putin and the Russian military in the conflict. With conscription many pro Russian ukrainians have been forced to join the ukrainian military . Using social media like Facebook Twitter and e-mail they have passed on intelligence to the Russians and this is one reason why the Ukrainian army is getting hammered .

  131. steve sicinski

    $25 to fill up my lawn mower, I think I’ll mow every other week.

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