Strzok Testifies/Fights, Trump NATO/EU, Economic Warning

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 343 7.13.18)

Trump hating FBI agent Peter Strzok testified in front of Congress this week. Strzok tried to explain many uncovered Trump hating text messages to his girlfriend Lisa Page, but GOP lawmakers were not buying his excuses.  Republicans skewered Strzok while Democrats came to Strzok’s defense.  Strzok helped clear Hillary Clinton in the FBI email investigation of security breaches on her unprotected server.  Looks like the Democrats were protecting the person that protected Hillary from being charged with multiple obvious felonies.

Donald Trump is in Europe meeting with NATO and raking some of them over the coals for not spending enough on defense. One big target was Germany, who is not spending much on its military.  Trump also criticized Germany for doing a multi-billion dollar pipeline deal with Russia.  Trump pointed out how Germany was allowing the USA to protect Germany from the Russians, who they are doing an energy deal with.  Trump is also meeting with Vladimir Putin while abroad.

A Wall Street legend is warning of another market meltdown and sounding the alarm of a “perfect storm.” Jim Millstein is worried about record poor quality debt with corporations.  Millstein says this is the same sort of set up for the 2008 meltdown, only with much more debt that will likely not get paid back.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. paul ...

    It is a simple matter for Trump to force Germany to provide for its own defense … close down our American military bases in Germany … we can save a lot of money by this one simple action … just bite the bullet and bring our boys home … WWII ended 73 years ago … if the Germans have good relations with Russia building gas pipelines into Germany what threat are we defending them from??? … and spending Billions of our precious dollars for nothing????

    • paul ...

      When we bring our boys home … we can station them along our southern border to prevent the “immigrant invasion” (being implemented by the Demon-rat commie conspirators with funds from Globalists like Soros) “to create a revolution in America” to destroy our Constitutional Republic that believes in principles antagonistic to Fascist-Commie-nism … it is perfectly legal under our Constitution for Trump to use US Troops “within our Nation” if it is to protect our borders … but seeing as how our Military seems to be controlled by the Deep State and allowed 9-11 to happen … they will likely “stand down again” as the immigrant hoards may be carrying box cutters which seem to have the power to neutralize all the sophisticated multi-billion dollar weapon systems we have paid to provide to our military “to defend us”!!

      • paul ...

        Danger … Danger … the Military Industrial Complex is in Mortal Danger if Peace breaks out between the US and Russia … Warmongers of the World Unite!! … Unending War cannot be allowed to end in Peace of all things!!! …

        • Galaxy 500

          Actually, if we have peace with Russia, there will be Zero impact to the Defense Contractors. China is and has been the biggest threat to the world for the last 2 decades. And you can thank Bill Clinton for selling them our missile technology.
          The Clinton’s are Traitors just like anyone connected to them. Comey, Mueller, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, Holder… all evil, all corrupt, all the time

  2. June Bugg

    Everybody’s wondering what are these guy’s so afraid of?
    Thinking about it myself, I can’t help but think, it must be Seth Rich.

  3. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report.

  4. paul ...

    Why does Hillary and the Demon-rats want to stop Alex Jones and Infowars? … because Jones has the Globalists number and is airing “True News”!! …

  5. Nick de la Gaume

    One has to assume that Schmuck has the manure on lots of people.

  6. FC

    “Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought” Sun Tzu.
    The only problem is we are the last to know who the winner is, but we certainly know the man on the street is the losers if you’re not prepared.

    • paul ...

      The reason we are going to win this war against the globalists before it is fought on battle field Earth … is because the people running the governments all over the world are not the best and brightest … it’s just the opposite … they are immoral low IQ money grubbing power-seekers who think they have an absolute right to control other people’s right to speak or defend themselves … ordinary people with brains can easily outwit them … which infuriates the dumb asses to extreme violence … this is why their guns must be taken away … lets outlaw governments from owning guns and put the weapons in the hands of the people … once we get the guns away from governments and they don’t have standing armies to do their bidding … the battle will have been won before it will ever have to be fought as Sun Tzu states … We Need “Gun Controls Imposed Upon Governments” … to put these serial killers out of the business of war which they use to satisfy their evil desire to shoot kill and maim men, women and children and smile as they bathe in their blood which fills their insatiable lust for power and their greed for unending profits!!

  7. Derek Sinclair

    Greg, I’m afraid you and the POTUS are wrong about Boris Johnson. Johnson is an unprincipled opportunist who wanted Turkey in the EU when the UK was still firmly ensconced within it. So, he has no problem with MORE of the muslim immigration that is destroying Europe. He has also proposed amnesty for illegals (1 million+) already in the UK. Johnson just wants to be PM and it ain’t going to happen.

    • Ray

      Hi Derek,
      I have a solution for stopping so called Muslim migration destroying Europe……
      US, UK, Australia and European nations …..all stop invading and bombing nations full of Muslim people.
      I reckon that would stop the tide of people running out of their homelands and looking to settle in Europe.
      Certainly, before the slaughter of bombing and invading began 18 years ago, not many Muslim people were running up into Europe to get away.
      What do you think of my solution?
      Please don’t say anything about stopping global terrorism.
      Everyone here at this website is adult enough to know that the “war on terror” is utter BS.
      Hope all is well with you (and agree with you about Boris).

  8. AW


    Want an interesting story about AT&T that the mainstream news media has refused to cover? A 16+ billion dollar fraud….that is the genesis of the AT&T of today.

    Check out:

    If you ever wanted to interview Lt. General Burpee, Mayor Clements, or others, I would be happy to set it up.

  9. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,indeed the paedophile rings here in the UK and Europe are indeed powerful.So much so that individual countries’ governments are being controlled from Brussels by this dreadful mechanism and Mr Trump is not unaware of this.
    Here in the UK many people are positively pro Trump and indeed many liberals are anti Trump,neither will influence Mr Trump.The economy for us peasants still sucks and life chances diminish .

  10. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, Your characterizations of Peter Strzok are way out of line and over the top. Peter Strzok is a patriotic honorable American who was doing his job to route out the collusion between Trump and the Russians. Everyone can see how chummy Trump is with Vladimir Putin who is our arch enemy. Instead of playing nice with the Rusians we should be bombing them into the stone age. Look what they did to Crimea ! Huh ? Huh ? Obama never stooped to the level of just allowing Russia to run roughshod over our election processes not to mention these weasels and scoundrels stole the election and turned the American dream into an American nightmare.

    You better believe that in the coming elections in 2018 and 2020, we are going to be loaded for bear. Not only Hillary, but we are coming in force. Luminaries such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Shiela Jackson Lee, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein and Oprah Winfrey will be organizing in force and putting together an irresistable grass roots coalition to defeat the monster in chief called Trump. No longer will his charade be tolerated after 2020. Children and babies need not be separated from their parents ! Donald Trump will be exposed for the monster he is as the there there comes to full light. You say that “peope know the truth when they hear it.” Your words are going to come home to roost in 2020. Hillary will be president !

    • Gina M Mancarella

      One other thing Greg and this is just a matter of human decency. It should not matter if someone is a Canadian, Mexican, Columbian or Brazilian. We are all AMERICANS ! This whole idea of erecting a wall and sending ICE out to harass and terrorize innocent civilians is appalling ! Greg, You need to rethink what your vision of America is all about.

      • Greg Hunter

        WE are NOT all Americans. This is your lefty ploy for new voters because the ones already here don’t like the Commie BS you folks are pushing.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Gina should be happy about North America being awarded the world cup in 2026.

        • Springfield Rifle

          Gregg, technically Giner is right. We’re all North American O’s, except Brazilians, there South Americans. Which I’m afraid to say, were all Americans. Even Central Americans are Americans. A bit both north and south American, but centrally located. Just think at one time even the Russkies were part American. Till Seward’s folly and we got stuck with Alaska. I wonder what the Eskimos thought of that deal? Well, now they can legally retire to Florida with all that oil wealth!
          So I say to all Americans. We the citizens of the United States of North America welcome you, to visit and even stay a while, but if you wish to stay, do it legally and consider Australia, where Ray of Canberra will let you set up a billabong in his back yard, out back. Invite him over for some Tucker sometime and don’t forget yer digerredo !

      • paul ...

        Gina … you say Trump is a monster for separating children and babies from their parents … isn’t this exactly what Obama and now his Demon-rats are currently doing when they support “women’s reproductive rights” to kill babies by abortion? … your monsters are far more evil … in your corrupted minds “killing kids” is much more honorable and moral? … then simply housing them at military bases for eventual reunification with their parents??

      • Tin foil hat

        The entire community involved in the rape/murder of an 8 y/o girl are savages. I can’t imagine one single American would protect a group of mature adults who participated in that heinous act. They are not Americans and they will never be.

        If you want to be their neighbor, you should bring your daughters and move over there but don’t you dare bringing them here.

      • flattop

        Sending ICE out to terrorize innocent civilians??
        They entered this country illegally, therefore they are criminals.

      • Frederick

        Gina I have been around Hillary when she came to my village beach as my NY state senator in 2006 It was so boring that I went home and watched Seinfeld reruns Little did I know that my neighbors the Browns husband Ron was probably murdered by her bunch over the Balkans I did work for his widow and his grandchildren were so adoreable It was so sad for me when I learned what had happened to their grandfather and knowing that the culprit was a couple hundred yards away made my skin crawl to be honest Regarding Seth Rich’s murder it wouldn’t surprise me if the DC police were somehow involved as I had a crazy thing happen to me while attending my sons graduation from Georgetown in 2007 that truly made me aware of just how corrupt those people truly are

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        How is Putin an arch enemy of the US (me or you or anyone else)?
        He’s been a role-model of leadership and citizenship for people in Russia, the US and Brazil alike. Much better than Obama and Clinton. He’s not perfect but he’s not a shiftless con-artist and psychopath like Obama and Clinton.

        And BTW Canadians and Mexicans are not US citizens. They come and go legally. They can even come here to stay legally. But they can’t come here illegally and stay illegally. The US has right or wrong some of the most convenient and liberal (small “l”) immigration policies.

        There’s no excuse for anyone coming to the US illegally and then staying illegally. You want restrictive (and arguable greatly unethical, corrupted and racist) immigration policies? Look to Australia, India, New Zealand and other countries. Not the US.

        Again, the US isn’t perfect but it’s already much better than many other countries when it comes to immigration. A much greater problem than immigrating to the US is emigrating from it. Getting out of the US if you’re a conscientious man and citizen is getting difficult. Corrupted by senseless bureaucracy and greed.

        A growing number of US citizens (growing rapidly) who want to leave the US (even without denouncing their citizenship) are denied the freedom to do so. They’re literally prisoners. And it’s not just because the US wants to claim all their net-worth as a condition of their departure (although this is a problem). Many men would be grateful to leave if all they had to do is divest themselves of their net-worth to the gov’t, but the US still will not let them go. It needs these conscientious men as slaves.

        The US is not a debt-based economy. It’s a usury-based economy. Slavery. Both Liberals and Conservatives promote it. Liberals by inviting in massive numbers of illegal immigrants as slaves. And Conservatives by denying citizens their right to leave. So it can keep them as slaves. Yeah things are that bad and getting worse. Wait until the economy completely tanks. Then you’ll see how truly bad things have become.

        • sk

          One RENOUNCES one’s citizenship when one gives it up voluntarily. Denouncing it is a different kettle of fish!

          • Dr Darryl Jewett

            thanks, sk

      • Justn Observer

        Gina, How uninformed do you have to be to be a progressive idiot? Do you get talking points before breakfast or after… how about some more facts for you to digest.

      • RTW

        Sir, don’t take this personally, but YOU belong in prison, because anybody who entertains thoughts such as yours is a danger to society.

        • sk

          So now the RIGHT is going to jail people for ‘thought crimes’?

      • Frederick

        Isn’t it ironic how Gina talks of human decency and yet sings the praises of a psychopath like Hillary

    • Greg Hunter

      Strzok is going to jail. Hillary probably won’t make it there. She knows too much.

      • Charles H


        The Devil will call in his markers; and the Clinton sacrifice will serve to put the rank and file into line. What a price to believe a Lie!

    • Charles H

      The policies of seperating children from parents was put into place by OBAMA; but don’t let that stop you from misplacing the indictment. Thousands of those children, not having adults to correspond to – being ‘sent over’ ALONE: disappeared throughout the United States, dispersed by Federal Agencies. Please give us an update as to this OBAMA ploy – where they ended up, and how they are cared for. You might also venture how many went into paedophilia the many Democratic practitioners.

      What a broken record of Liberal talking-points you have become. Have you given any consideration that you will face God and give an account of your life?

  11. NH Watcher

    The Strzok hearing was important, but also sick to watch. It epitomizes the elitism of Washington, and why I left my government job almost ten years ago. So I am now one of the “ignorant hillbillies,” albeit with two master degrees, including one from the Ivy League. I proudly wear that label then, as I know the worst elitists are the ones who grew up poor and unknown, and sold their soul to become part of the “inner ring” (C.S. Lewis).

    In many ways, Trump is handling the impossible. That is why some of his decisions appear like he is following the “deep state,” but really, he is calling their bluff more often than not. The corruption is being exposed as never before. As a librarian, I handle materials everyday representing views that I personally abhor or disagree, and yet some of these materials I even promote and highlight based on the parameters of my job. If only one side of an argument is allowed into the light, that is not a democracy; that is a dictatorship.

    I implore everyone on this forum to prepare and be ready as best they can, in whatever ways are most accessible to them. Again, I am most concerned of the immediate aftermath of the next crisis/crash, versus the ensuing years. To me, it is most prudent to think 3-6 weeks, or 3-6 months ahead. Get out of debt, and don’t assume new debt unless you absolutely must. Keep cash on hand, but in small amounts (coins, $1s, $5s, $10s, $20s); you wouldn’t want to go to the grocery store with a $100 bill to pay for $20 in groceries, only to find out the store doesn’t have change.

    And live in a state of forgiveness; don’t hold a grudge. That is key to surviving into the next life.

    • Charles H

      Excellent post. Thanks.

  12. Nuff Nebl

    Greg check out I think you will find it very interesting and a great way to engage your followers.

    • Springfield Rifle Rick

      “I believe that the 2020 election could be dramatically improved by the application of ClearPoll. ClearPoll enables free speech and immutable voices that will force government entities to acknowledge corruption. It allows anyone with a smartphone to vote on anything, any time, and their votes are secured on the blockchain where nobody can edit, remove or censor them. No more media manipulation and no more ignoring real public opinion.”
      John McAfee
      2020 US Presidential Candidate

      Greg & Nuff, like the Donald say’s. This is bigger than himself. It’s a movement.
      A movement to kick the bum’s out!

  13. John Mills

    Really like the settings/ backgrounds you use on your Friday wrap-ups.
    Thank’s for all your coverage/ comments Greg … Very Good !
    PS. – always great to listen to people … ‘who know what’s going on” !

  14. STFB

    I agree, Greg = “Masterful Policy” = It looks like Trump is playing on the Big Board…

  15. tsuki

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    I agree with you about the state of the MSM. Before Ed Schultz passed, he gave an interview concerning his firing from MSNBC. It can be found on the Jimmy Dore Show, , starting at the 5 minute mark. I think you might find it interesting, if you haven’t already seen it.


  16. Clare Doll

    How is it that Strzok can talk about his FBI oath and his work ethic in the same breath?
    Is the oath of marriage worthless because the FBI oath is a paid contract and the marriage oath is not? He is an idiot! An oath is an oath!

    • Frederick

      He’s an idiot and a hypocrite the worst kind of idiot

    • Djejdj

      You’re an idiot-wake up

      • Frederick

        At least post your real name when insulting me please jackass

  17. Charles Turnerct

    Thank god for Trump calling out Germany. The UK keeps its commitments to NATO and pays 2.2% of its GDP. Germany pay 1.2% but provide all their student FREE university education. The way the EU works is that a German graduate can come to the UK debt free, get their first job. Thn when they want to buy a house, guess who will get the house loan: The German or English graduate? it will be the German graduate as the English graduate will have £50,000 in university costs. to pay off.I have crunched the numbers. If the UK paid the same percentage into NATO as Germany, we would be able to provide all out students free university education, buy them a brand new car and send them on a good summer holiday every year. You couldn’t make it up, but unfortunately it is true.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Great point Charles.

      • Charles Turner

        If the UK has paid the same percentage into NATO as Germany since the world war we wouldn’t have a national debt. If you crunch the numbers for the USA you would be astonished. Check the figures over the past 50 years and factor in inflation. If the USA had put the same percentage of GDP into NATO as Germany (currently 1.2%) you may find out the USA wouldn’t have a national debt either. The Germans may not have won the won, but they sure took everyone for mugs afterward.

  18. Gregory Mannarino

    Thank you for the mention Greg! I think your followers should see this… There Is Trouble In The Financial Sector. By Gregory Mannarino Click here:

    • paul ...

      Gregory … The combination of rising short-term interest rates and a doubling of crude oil prices preceded each recession since 1970 (with absolutely no false signals) … are we now going to see a breaking of this indicator? … we now have rising short-term interest rates … the oil price has doubled … yet no recession (yet)!!

  19. Clint

    Hey Greg, What the heck do you use for a bug repellent?! I live in North Central Iowa, and if I were in the corn fields like you were, i wouldn’t last 30 seconds before I would get eaten alive! Great wrap this week. I cannot believe what I see in the news everyday. Thank you for your podcasts and the weekly attending of Financial Survival Radio show.

  20. freebrezer

    Hi Greg – I watched a good portion of the Strzok testimony with congress … what a smug, snarky elitist. He exemplifies the left thinking … They Basically think they are better than the rest of us – End Of Statement! His text that he could smell the Trump supporters in southern Virginia is proof! And this is what is running our FBI?

  21. Gary Galant

    Strzok and Page flip and jail? I’m not so sure. Seems like Rosenstein is part of the “deep state” and Session is not doing anything. I don’t pretend to know what is going on behind the curtain but I’m getting a little impatient.

  22. Andre

    Greg you look really good in this corn. I really think you should be a farmer. You would need a straw hat though.
    Trump will back up Federal Reserve Notes with gold? Maybe gold from his vault because where is he going to find it if JFK couldn’t and had to turn to silver?
    Fort Nox is heavily guarded by marines and the less gold is in it the more marines less someone could see.

    • Frederick

      Sorry to be a stickler but I think it’s Fort Knox

      • Andre

        Thank you.

  23. Jerry

    You are more accurate than you realize voncering the emergence of a gold standard during the coming reset with China.

    As I have detailed for years on your site, China has been buying gold to backstop a currency reset, and not because they’re having a love affair with gold. Why were gold prices smashed in 2012 and allowed to be manipulated by the likes of Deutsche Bank? There’s an easy answer. The elites and their friends know what’s coming, and are filling their vaults with cheap precious metals while they artificially control price structure.

    Greg you farm. Would you pay top dollar for seeds that you could produce yourself? Of course not. And neither do the central banks who control the COMEX and bankroll most of the gold production in the world. Rob Kirby was right. Once the gold supply is drained, they will have no reason to continue the fiat Ponzi scheme, at which point they will reset the global exchange system using gold. In your last interview with Rob he stated that delivery was becoming an issue for orders submitted by some of his largest investors. To me that’s a sign of where we are.

  24. Gregory Mannarino

    We have seen the implosion of companies like Enron, banks who by creating massive distortions in the financial markets coming to a head in 08′ required public bailouts, a Federal Reserve, and other central banks, who have re-inflated stock market and housing bubbles on the back of hyper-inflating global debt. All this will again correct to a fair value, because that is the only job of these markets-all of them. We have seen the failure of companies, banks, and next time because of the extreme distortions which now exist because of the debt bubble, we may see the fall of countries.

    • Frederick

      We’re already seeing it with Venezuela

    • Ray

      Fair points there Greg…..but it will never happen.
      The global public are now dumbed down to such an EXTREME level, all that TPTB have to do is say “everything is OK”…….and it WILL BE for their Sheeple……even when every single bank is bankrupt (like now), when every single indicator is flashing “game over”, the game will go on….and on….and on…and on.
      Just like it always has throughout history.
      Those that control “reality” keep it to their advantage, ALWAYS.
      That game, sadly, will most likely NEVER end.
      Just as the sheep never escapes his fenced in paddock. He is fleeced often and eaten by the heard master at a certain point in time. For the sheep……it is just his lot in life, and he can never escape it. For the heard master…..the sheep is something to be, ahem…..”capitalised upon”. Such is the filth of Humanity…..we do it to the land, the animals upon the land….even to each other. By extension, it is wisdom to understand that we do it even unto our own very selves.
      Humanity DECIDES each day to submit……to stay in the herd and get treated like a herd animal does.
      Not saying I like it, because I don’t, but Humanity is so enslaved and dumbed down today, staring into their little electric oblongs, that it is obvious that TPTB have things EXACTLY how they want them…..TOTAL, UTTER CONTROL.
      We need a revolution…..a proper Paris 1789 bloodbath.
      That is THE ONLY course of action that will have ANY chance of getting us out of the heard master’s well fenced paddock.
      Guillotines in every capital city across the planet… that would be a great start.

      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • freebrezer

        Ray – I agree with Greg … Your scenario is just a blood bath of misery, torture, and wanton maliciousness, destruction, and utter disregard of life that (you imply) needs to be wantonly slaughtered. Who is the judge to have these hundreds of million slaughtered? You? and what are your qualifications to pass life and death on an individual or millions? … because you think them sheep or a ‘slave master? Maybe a little reading up on the French Revolution would be a good thing – It started with good justifications (and intentions) and ended badly! The name Maximilien Robespierre should jog the memory of what rein of terror can ensue!
        And the name Trump shows that TPTB do not have utter control! The biggest force against the TPTB and evil is the US Constitution! The only constitution written to limit government and ensure peoples rights (“The Bill of Rights …

        • Ray

          You need to grow up son.
          Firstly, don’t fool yourself into thinking that the US is some giant Freedom and Liberty Machine that assists the nations of the Earth into a better world.
          US does more of it than any other nation…..invests in it MORE than any other nation…..that is a FACT son.
          The USA today is a GIGANTIC WAR MACHINE.
          Moreover, I have studied the French Revolution, and yes, it was a bloody affair.
          Sometimes one has to spill some blood to get the evil ones out of control, because that is the only available avenue.
          Now… me a favour…..go back and read some more of your constitution……that fabled document that you hold up as “the way forward”.
          Then, if you agree with the second amendment, pick up a gun and do something about your tyrannical government.
          If you’re not prepared to do that, then, please……stop with the argument surrounding this fabled document, because you aren’t even willing to follow what it outlines.
          Again I say…..grow up son.

  25. Tad

    Don’t know what to make of it, other than anyone having Bush administration connections and a potential gambling problem could be compromised. Hope it’s not true.

  26. Independent


    nice market wrap. You should get Penny Kelly on for an interview about the Robes and our future. These Robes came to her in 1979 and she wrote book about them in 1999. It was now time for her to come forward about it.

    REALIST NEWS – EXCELLENT Interview with Penny Kelly (The Robes author)

  27. Julia

    Hi Greg, I would also like your secret for bug spray! I cant even sit outside without the bugs attacking. I went to my local vegetable market this afternoon here in Central Indiana. The corn, tomatoes, peppers,and lettuce looked great!

    The top of the FBI and the Justice Dept. are a disgrace. Both Agencies need to be cleaned out. FBI possibly closed keeping only honest Agents. We need Military Tribunals because the Justice Department has no credibility. Someone else pointed out that Chief Justice Roberts could be putting an end to all of this. My conclusion…..there are a few honest men and women in Congress.

    I thought President Trump and Mrs Trump were terrific whether it was at NATO or in Great Britain. When I read the comments in Great Britain most people were very upset with the balloon and like President Trump.

    Always good for a reminder not to loose faith.

    • Jodyp

      Another reason it’s a shame Brits allowed being disarmed. Can’t ‘deep six’ a balloon with a butter knife.

  28. Frederick

    If Hildebeast is against Infowars I’m even more in favor of them to be honest MSM is nothing but propaganda no doubt and no matter how much money they spend people get that fact Nice looking corn there Greg

  29. paul ...

    As the mid-term elections approach … the Demon-rats are preparing to win back the House by promoting the issue of a woman’s “reproductive rights” (i.e. the right to kill their unborn children) … and the “reproductive rights” of the neocon warmongers to foster unending wars (i.e. the right to kill our born children) … they also believe in the “reproductive right” to reduce the world population by 95% … I believe the American people should have the same “reproductive rights” with regard to traitors!!

    • RTW

      I am a “dyed in the wool” pro-lifer but I have been giving it a lot of thought of late regarding their stance, as evidenced by all the uproar from the left about the issue. I am now thinking that since it’s all those left – leaning loons that are so passionate about killing their kids, why don’t we do the country a favor and not only let them, but encourage them. They’ll think thy’ve won and when they finally wake up it’ll be too late….for them. When I see them on the news agonizing over the repeal of Roe I can’t help but ruminate how better off we’d be if her mother had chosen an abortion.

  30. Russ

    Thanks Greg – It’s been a slow news week ever since President Trump was elected 😉 not…
    I heard on the radio this morning that, “Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Intel Officials For Hacking DNC, Hillary Campaign”
    Huh!!? What??? Yeah, Mueller is indicting more Russians, but this time he got smart and indicted (I’m speculating) supposed members of Russia’s GRU (military intelligence) who wouldn’t dare show up in a US courtroom.

    What if one of them (just one, not all twelve) did show up with a team of lawyers and asked for discovery. He’s been indicted and is just looking for his day in court. I’m sure those guys are all guilty as charged, after all they are Russian GRU and it may have been their job. Ergo>> Guilty

    So is that the new protocol, indict foreign military intelligence operatives who have possibly never been to the U.S. of violating U.S. law? It looks good on paper and they’ll never show up to refute the charges because they might have actually done it and they’re Russian and they’re spies, ergo they won’t show up to face the charges. What a cop-out…

    What if one of them decided to test that theory…

    • flattop

      Hey Russ;
      Ever wonder if the US meddled in Russian elections???

    • Russ

      1. In or around 2016, the Russian Federation (“Russia”) operated a military intelligence agency called the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (“GRU”). The GRU had multiple units, including Units 26165 and 74455, engaged in cyber operations that involved the staged releases of documents stolen through computer intrusions. These units conducted large- scale cyber operations to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
      2. Defendants VIKTOR BORISOVICH NETYKSHO, BORIS ALEKSEYEVICH ANTONOV, DMITRIY SERGEYEVICH BADIN, IVAN SERGEYEVICH YERMAKOV, ALEKSEY VIKTOROVICH LUKASHEV, SERGEY ALEKSANDROVICH MORGACHEV, NIKOLAY YURYEVICH KOZACHEK, PAVEL VYACHESLAVOVICH YERSHOV, ARTEM ANDREYEVICH MALYSHEV, ALEKSANDR VLADIMIROVICH OSADCHUK, and ALEKSEY ALEKSANDROVICH POTEMKIN were GRU officers who knowingly and intentionally conspired with each other, and with persons known and unknown to the Grand Jury (collectively the “Conspirators”), to gain unauthorized access (to “hack”) into the computers of U.S. persons and entities involved in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, steal documents from those computers, and stage releases of the stolen documents to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
      9. Defendant VIKTOR BORISOVICH NETYKSHO (Нетыкшо Виктор Борисович) was the Russian military officer in command of Unit 26165, located at 20 Komsomolskiy Prospekt, Moscow, Russia. Unit 26165 had primary responsibility for hacking the DCCC and DNC, as well as the email accounts of individuals affiliated with the Clinton Campaign.
      10. Defendant BORIS ALEKSEYEVICH ANTONOV (Антонов Борис Алексеевич) was a Major in the Russian military assigned to Unit 26165. ANTONOV oversaw a department within Unit 26165 dedicated to targeting military, political, governmental, and non-governmental organizations with spearphishing emails and other computer intrusion activity. ANTONOV held the title “Head of Department.” In or around 2016, ANTONOV supervised other co-conspirators who targeted the DCCC, DNC, and individuals affiliated with the Clinton Campaign.
      11. Defendant DMITRIY SERGEYEVICH BADIN (Бадин Дмитрий Сергеевич) was a Russian military officer assigned to Unit 26165 who held the title “Assistant Head of Department.” In or around 2016,BADIN,along with ANTONOV, supervised other co-conspirators who targeted the DCCC, DNC, and individuals affiliated with the Clinton Campaign.
      You get the picture. Members of Russia’s GRU, while doing their job in Russia, are being charged with violating U.S. law. So you dangle a piece of meat in front of a hungry dog and then you’re shocked the dog eat it?

      This is opening Pandora’s Box … So the next thing we’ll see is members of US Cyber Command — — being indicted in Russia/China/EU on the same grounds with the difference being that the US military is based and operates worldwide. Mueller may be setting a precedent that will be difficult to put back in the box, all to justify the $20Mil he’s spent finding virtually nothing.

      As I recall there were a bunch of NSA developed cyber-tools stolen from the CIA which were released by Wikileaks — — Makes me wonder if it’s possible for some college dropout living in his mom’s basement to use the tools provided by the US Intel community via Wikileaks to do that hack and make it look like the Russian’s did it.

      If any schmuck hacker can do it and blame the Russians, what does that say about the quality of the evidence. That’s a real question. I’ve never looked at the wikileaks Vault 7 release, but if they were after all CIA cyber tools… I really don’t know anything about cyber other than it’s a bunch of 1’s and 0’s that can be faked. The CIA knew how long before wikileaks released Vault 7…

      That being said, the guys named at the top are all Russian GRU officers, therefore they’re guilty…

    • Russ

      From PCR —
      Trump Should Fire Rosenstein Immediately –

      … “Does Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers for allegedly hacking Hillary’s emails and interfering in the US election have any purpose other than to throw a monkey wrench in President Trump’s upcoming summit with Putin?” …

      The whole thing just stinks, but look at the damage this BS might cause. When the moves in a game don’t make sense, sometimes you gotta ask, “What game is this?”

  31. H. Craig Bradley


    Debt Bubbles are now endemic. Unless there is a widespread die-off, they probably can continue indefinitely. They ARE sustainable, after all.

    FBI Agent, Peter Strzok is a little arrogant “fuckboy”. Need I say more. I predict he will do no jail time or be convicted of an actual criminal offense. They (political insiders) get-off easy. Long Live our “Deep State”. Its by and parcel of the Federal Government. Live with it or not.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      They are sustainable until they are not.

  32. H. Craig Bradley


    Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico are short of water this year due to a below average snowpack this past Winter in the Rockies ( Colorado River Watershed). Consequently, outdoor water restrictions have been imposed in Grand Junction, Colorado, St. George Utah and Albuquerque New Mexico. There is insufficient water supplies to support the current populations in the Arid Southwest.

    There is no solution to a lack of moisture imposed by long term climate cycles. Geoengineering, politics, or rhetoric will not change reality. There currently is not sufficient water to support existing populations unless the long term drought ( since 2000) breaks. So far, no luck. If it continues, many people may be eventually displaced ( as occurred in the 1930’s in the Great Plains Dustbowl ). Migrations occurred and many actually died of starvation. It could happen again in our lifetimes.

  33. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Did you guys see how little that giant baby Trump balloon in London actually was? It’s pathetic, especially given all the media attention it got.

    Regarding Page flipping, it was reported in April that she had flipped against Comey & McCabe and cooperated with the IG report. She’s not the biggest fish, though. That would be Bill Priestap.

  34. Tad

    Yes, she is Greg. Spectacular.

  35. JT

    The drought is the worst over the four corners. A very significant place.

  36. Sayonara

    Thank you Greg for your ongoing outstanding WNWs.
    I found Peter Strzoks outrageously arrogant and defiant testimony to Congress to be absolutely Bone Chilling! And I found the Congressional Committee Democrats protection of him absolutely Bone Chilling as well.
    It is a blinding glimpse of the obvious that we are no longer a unified nation. We are now a 3rd world divided country spiraling at an accelerating rate into civil war and at the end a country of evil tyranny if the tyrannical marxist Democrats prevail.
    I am currently placing my beautiful home in the San Francisco Bay Area for sale and I am looking relocate to a very rural location in the Pacific Northwest away from mainstream urban population centers where at least I stand a chance when this country imminently implodes. We are living in times that have not been seen in this country since the Civil War and probably much worse.
    Kudos to you reporting from a farm in Missouri! The crop and drought report is very important Real news that has an impact on everyone whether a marxist democrat or constitutional conservative.

    • RTW

      Try Lynden Wa. It is a stones throw from the Canadian border and is one of the few conservative towns in the evergreen state. It is only 15 miles north of ultra liberal Bellingham, a short 30 minute, drive if you get the urge to see a”freak show”.

      • Sayonara

        Thank you RTW. I will have nothing to do with anything close to the I5 corridor. Will not live liberaly squeezed between lunatic Seattle and Vancouver BC. BWT – I grew up in the summertime in Victoria BC. Victoria back in the 60s/70s was a completley different and respectable city then. Very south central Washington is where I am foucused.

  37. paul ...

    I have stated before that I would not listen to “a God” that ordered me to kill my enemy’s women and children (as I would assume “this God” to be a false God!! … the same goes for God’s representatives here on Earth … if they ordered the killing of enemy women and children … they too should be rejected …

    • paul ...

      If we can’t follow the “True” God’s words to the letter “Thou Shall Not Kill” … at the least we should have the moral decency to follow the rule “No Women … No Children”!!

      • paul ...

        If that scum bag Hitler had followed such a rule 2/3rd’s of the Jews would have been saved from the gas ovens … but he was “pure evil” and believed in genocide and total extermination!!

        • paul ...

          And if “No Women … No Children” is still “too strict” a law for the Satan worshiping evil traffickers of women and the pedophiles among us … let’s at least have the human moral decency to follow the watered down rule … “No Children” !!

  38. Wendy Bryan

    I noticed a lot of flies when you held up the papers, but not one landed on you face unlike Obama and HRC. Tee Hee – sorry I just had to throw in a little humor. Love your podcasts!

  39. Billy

    I see Russia and Germany having a pact much like pre ww2 until Hitler attacked Russia. Funny how history repeats. Germany cannot be trusted they started 2 world wars and will start the next one. Remember Thatchers words you have not tied Germany to Europe but Europe to Germany. Amazing how true they control the EU.

    • Frederick

      So you believe Germany’s refusal to commit economic suicide is wrong huh? I’m not sure you are seeing the picture clearly Bill

      • Billy

        There fearful of Russia due to gas, they will do a pact. its already been done. Germany control the EU ask any one in europe.

  40. Hoosier river rat

    I watched a portion of strzoks testimony and I can’t blame some of the republican congressmen loose their composure . Strzok was seething with arrogance and contempt. He knows he is backed by powerful mattoids we call the deep state. The man has a dark heart . I hope dr. Jandas info is correct in that a.g. Sessions and pres. trump are biding their time getting their ducks in a row before they strike a blow on the deep state because the real Americans need to be shown that nobody is above the law .

  41. paul ...

    Humm … this is interesting … it seems global warming will dumb down Earth’s population … so geothermal spraying of the atmosphere to cool things down “is beneficial” … however … using toxic metals and chemicals to do the job is just plain dumb … non-toxic fine gold particles or silver particles should be used if we want to spray something into the atmosphere to reflect the Sun’s heat back out into space … however … this would put a lot of pressure on the gold and silver manipulators who want to keep the price of these metals down!! …

  42. J Marty

    Hi Greg, another great wnw. You mentioned Boris Johnson. I think you should be paying attention to this MP. Jacob Rees-Mogg.
    Jacob Rees-Mogg Says That He Opposes Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage | Good Morning Britain

  43. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Muller and his collusion illusion indictments are interesting. Notice that all 12 Russian Nationals were the only ones indicted & not one America among them, also notice the so-called collusion (election meddling) was during Obama’s last year (2016) and he knew about it. Muller & the Justice Department needs to go find something else to do with their time, does anyone really think these so-called Russian Nationals will stand trial in the U.S.? The time of the indictments with a summit looming with Putin is also telling that the “deep state” is still out to derail our President and steal the election from us. Hillary, Obama, Comey & his fellow brown nosing FBI’s and the DNC should be the ones under indictment, not the Russians.

  44. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Peter Strzok is a weasel of the lowest kind, a liar, a cheating husband, an unethical being of low morals; not to mention a criminal with a badge. Can’t believe he is on the FBI’s payroll still. Us smelly Walmart type people our here would have been fired from our jobs a long time ago; I say no deal for that weasel, and any book he writes I hope he writes it from jail!

  45. flattop

    GREG, a question.
    How much do you think it cost the Soros and Rothchilds to finance the 10 million person demonstration in London

  46. Roger D

    The US has 21 military bases in Germany. The US government has no jurisdiction in Germany, nor in its defense. Yet how many folks here (besides Paul) who call themselves ‘Conservatives’ will speak out and demand that Trump close these bases?

  47. Diane

    Wow…never heard this before.
    Have any of you Watchdoggers?

  48. Diane

    He died after recording this.

    • Diane

      Just did some research…appently a fake, false prophet.

  49. Peter Harris

    You really are typical misanthropic American poor white trash.

    You support a orange clown, but you show your racism, bigotry towards the mayor of London.

    The rest of the world will be so glad, when it’s Americans like you, who disappear, along with your collapsing country, because we’re sick of knuckle draggers like you Americans representing white western culture.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Peter you are not that smart. So please don’t come here with our condescending attitude, low information and small minded New World Order thinking. Also you lie and paint a false narrative because you have no real information let alone superiority. Go away.

    • Charles H


      What a low-life weasel you are. Sidik Khan stands to destroy everything England and “white western culture” ever stood for – and you DEFEND him? What a troll. Don’t you know – you reap what you sow?

  50. Mme. Hedin

    Greg, one particular right we are supposed to have as Americans is the right to free speech. Unfortunately we don’t seem to have that same right to free speech on YOUR website, You erase every comment I make if you don’t agree with it. Are you practicing censorship for when your President’s boss, Mr. Putin, gains control and runs the whole show?

    • Greg Hunter

      Free speech and the 1st Amendment pertains to the government controlling speech. was not funded by the government, but out of my personal savings. You are welcome to do the same and, start your very own platform. Then, you are free to put all the crazy hateful crap on there you wish.

  51. dan

    You might consider doing a segment about the “TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT of 1996″…(otherwise known as the CLINTON “American Pravda Enabling Act”)…

    “The Telecommunications Act of 1996 is arguably the single most important piece of legislation since the Communications Act of 1934, one that affects the telecommunica-tions industry, consumers, and ultimately the balance of political power. The 1996 Act was designed to usher in competition to telephony and cable by breaking down the cross-entry barriers that were put in place by the Communication Act of 1984. Yet immediately after the passage of the 1996 Act, telecommunication industries witnessed a deluge of mega mergers and acquisitions. This unprecedented merger wave resulted in a handful of conglomerates dominating industries that were previously separated by telecommunicati-ons regulations. ”

    (PDF) The Impact of the Telecommunications Act…. Available from: [accessed Jul 15 2018].

    6 corporations now control about 90% of the “main stream media”.

  52. Diane

    Catherine Austin Fitts’ Twitter comment:

    Solari Gold Star to President Trump @POTUS45 for his meeting with President Putin in Helskinki – He is right. We are competitors and competitors need to compete in a way that makes the pie bigger for everyone. If competitors shrink the pie, no one wins.

  53. Betty Drake

    Has anybody heard Rush today. A gotcha day for Rush. He hit the nail on their head’s, Greg!

    Rushster, we love you sir. Your the man! Along with our fine man here on But we’re all unfortunately still just a man or a woman.
    Rush please watch your back. We don’t want you murdered like Seth Rich or Arkansided like Anthony Bourdain.
    Rush your reward is truly secure in the heavens, but please no withdrawals anytime soon. Unlike Paul Ryan and Tray Gowdy you got guts Rush. They have more concerns for their futures, career and family, than country.

    Your the man Rush along with all patriots like our Greg here and so many of the commenters and your callers. Who put love of God and country above all else, thank you all. God’s speed!
    Like they say in Great Britain, God save the Queen!
    Everybody please pray to God, save our President Donald J. Trump. Extraordinare!
    He’s got work to do! Thank you sir and all peace loving people.

    Give peace a chance!

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