NATO Invites War, Israel/Iran War, Dem Panic

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 628 4.5.24)

In a surprise announcement, Secretary of State Tony Blinken said Ukraine will be joining NATO.  This has grave implications for an expanded war with Russia.  In 1991, the U.S. promised never to allow Ukraine to join NATO.  Ukraine was supposed to be neutral and not have a robust army.  All that changed in 2014 with the coup that was orchestrated by the Obama Administration.  From then on, the West has inched towards war.  Now, it looks like it’s an unstoppable slide of a NATO war with Russia, and NATO is inviting it with glee.

Israel attacked Iran’s embassy in Syria this week killing some high-ranking military commanders.  Iran is vowing revenge.  Israel is warning against attacking its territory.  This could turn up the heat to high in the Middle East if these two nuclear powers start trading shots.  Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is about to sell Israel $18 billion worth of F-15 fighter jets.  That will settle things down.  Maybe this is why renowned cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said this past week on USAW, “Everything points towards war.”

You know things are bad when true blue Dem James Carville panics and sounds the alarm about people “leaving the Democrat party in droves.”  Carville put this out this week in a video where he was talking about what’s at stake if Donald Trump wins in November.  Maybe the reports of Gen-Z revolting against Democrats over high inflation is another warning sign on the road to Democrat perdition.  Now, it seems Democrats are concerned about high crime, high prices and high illegal immigration.  It might be way too late to fix this after three years of the Biden Administration.

One last thing not in the video version:  Virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche issues a dire warning: “A massive tsunami of death among highly vaccinated is imminent.”  This is why Dr. Pierre Kory, and other doctors are saying the vaxed need treatment such as Ivermectin.  The medical mafia is still restricting its use.  Dr. Kory says don’t look at this problem as vaxed and unvaxed.  Look at it as treated and untreated.  The untreated do far worse than the treated according to Dr. Kory.

There is much more in the 46-minute newscast.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned radio personality, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will talk about global war, the coming bank crisis, nationwide phone blackouts, power outages and terror coming to America.  Quayle has top notch sources and data to back this up.


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  1. Susan Hansen

    Where can I see the Saturday Night posts??

    • Greg Hunter

      You have to wait until Saturday Night.

      • Ray

        Boom Boom Greg!!!
        Splendid reply.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 😎🇦🇺🦘

  2. Kent Greenough

    Greg, Finland was railroaded in to NATO illegally by their WEF politicians, or should I say, “ puppeticians “. By law the Finnish constitution requires a national referendum to approve any foreign treaty. These weasels took a poll!! Thus avoiding having an open, public debate that would reveal the truth about the corruption that isNATO.

    The former prime minister is now working for the Tony Blair institute at twice her public salary and our former president now works for an EU think tank. Oh yes, our current president just signed an undisclosed agreement to support…..Ukraine. Finland is sleep walking into war, all with no, zero public debate or referendum. Criminal!

    • Greg Hunter

      Finland shares about a 600-mile border with Russia. Why the hell join NATO and automatically become an enemy of Russia after all these years? If they said NO to NATO, they would have saved themselves. Now, all bets are off.

  3. stephan

    NATO is not Europe or its peoples, NATO is the USA and its bought assassins.

    • Shiloh1

      What that Patton guy said, a few months before the random car accident, after which he lingered in a hospital and …. died. All of what he said was documented in letters to his wife and colleagues leading up to it.

      • Christian

        Shiloh. Time has a funny way of proving things true or false. Time has definitely proven Patton correct.

    • Earth Angel

      Hello stephan, Likely most people of the uSA ( not the USA Inc.) do NOT want to be in the UN either. I remember seeing bumper stickers from years ago that stated: ‘Get US out of the UN!’ I for one want NO PART of it. It certainly has become a clique of nations with foul intent, if ever it did start out with a decent one.. Simply another international slush fund to launder money around the world- with very little good to show for it, imo. WAY overrated- and perhaps time to dismantle this behemoth.. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings bit!

  4. Rick Smith

    The satanic depopulation ghouls who see humanity as a cancer on THEIR planet,
    and who own and operate the depraved Western Powers, are about to see their
    fondest dreams come true. DEATH on a scale not seen since the Great Flood.

  5. Nick Leddy

    This entire prodution is being orcastrated by psychopaths.
    The world should be reminded by history which no one pays
    attention to. Nikita Khrushchev former leader of the Soviet
    Union once said about nucler war and it’s aftermath,” the
    living will envy the dead”.

  6. James macareo

    Tell your listeners to get out of blue cities before its too late.
    We will be attacked by nuclear weapons any day.
    Maybe it’s better to see the flash because the living will envy the dead!
    Blessed are the peacemakers for they will see God!
    These leaders that want war are not humans who are controlled by devil to destroy God’s people.
    Death from food.
    Death from water.
    Death from the clot shot.
    Death from the economy.
    Death from war.
    Death from criminals invades.
    Death from pestilence.
    Death from famine.
    Do you see a pattern?
    He steals,kills and destroys!
    Do the math.
    May God have mercy on us!

  7. Robert Coleman

    China’s Ships, Subs, Missiles, Planes’ Fake Strength Exposed: They’d Fall apart Without Enemy Action – –

    Follow you every week here in the PRC – keep up the great work of informing humanity with the truth.

    • Chris

      That’s what they said about the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy just before they came up against the Zero and the Imperial Marines. Japanese were supposed to be makers of shoddy junk and they couldn’t see in the dark. And they were all dwarfs too. Take all that propaganda about China with a large dose of salt. It is wishful thinking at best and outright lying at worst along the same lines. You start a war with China and you’ll be sending lots of body bags back home before it’s over. And for what? Or should I say, who? Not the American people, that’s for sure.

  8. Shirl

    Crazy times to be sure…Brilliant Wrap-UP Greg!

    Very much missing President Trump the President Of PEACE including America FIRST Policies that proved to be brilliantly successful.

    To put it another way, for the LibTarded Dims, The President of NO WARS and who placed America First -vs- the DISASTER- n -THIEF in ALL Directions on ALL Subjects, “psdckejfertpft C’mon Man ! ”

    Very Interestingly, we have a Total Solar Eclipse crossing America in a path over towns called Nineveh come Monday April 8th and the last Total Solar Eclipse in 2017 had a path over towns in America called Salem – coincidence?

    Stand Up Speak Out and most importantly Pray Up!

    • New Madrid Earthquake


      No coincidence at all April 8th Solar Eclipse. There are a LOT of black swan possibilities. I think the black swan under the radar would be NEW MADRID earthquake sometime this year.

      followed by inflation, loss of entitlements(ie SS, foot stamps etc), then riots( they will call civil war) they will get a big assist from the illegal invading army.

      • Shirl

        Hi NME, so many things are lining up it’s WOKETARDOLOGY Consequences of Biblical Proportions meet Brick Wall…as if God Almighty knew it before it’s happened. 😁
        Greg’s guests combined with his messages of God’s word, common sense and of preparedness are pearls of wisdom that are invaluable.
        Buckle Up!

      • Ken Yu

        The New York area was hit with an earthquake this weekend and I’m not talking about ground movement. Seems Hokell is out to shake her citizens into “accepting more illegals into their communities and school systems” to burden every New Yorker with the “Increased School Taxes” it will take to train these all these “illegals” i.e. like that two men can have a baby (and therefore children cutting off their private parts without parental oversight has no long term consequences)!!!

  9. David

    Moe and Curly….. Love it.

  10. Keith

    Sounds like since they think that the vote is going to be so bad that they can’t cheat enough to win, so instead of finding someone better next election to run they will just go ahead and destroy the planet.

  11. Galaxy500

    You know me. I have a younger coworker who lives in CA. She works 40 hrs a week with me and then after work on Friday, she goes to her 2nd job, works another 8 then 12 hrs Saturday and 12 hrs Sunday. She’s a zombie Monday and Tuesday and I do my best to cover for her. She is a good hard worker but living in CA , her family is struggling.
    One coworker left CA and moved to AZ. Same wages yet a much higher standard of living.
    A theory I have is that IF they can push thru the Central Bank Digital Currency, the next thing will be the Mark of the Beast to use the CBCD. Evil has a plan. Chaos is their goal and the destruction then subjugation of America people. It’s simple, They want us dead. Christians are a problem for them. And not the Beijing Biden flavor of Christian.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing, 500!!

  12. Galaxy 500

    You have to get close to Jesus and YHWH! Be the Elect. Praise YHWH in His Only begotten Son’s name.

    Also, my Weston 2700 has really had a big impact on my life. My house is my PURE AIR zone. I took your advice and took my CarryION in the restaurant and SNAP, I didn’t feel like I was getting sick. It didn’t realize how this small device could help me so. You can bet the next time I am forced to go to the Office, you know, Vax-Central, I am bringing my CarryION. I previously asked about bringing it in but it’s against policy to add anything to the plugs. Problem solved, I bought a battery.

  13. Pete

    Greg- Thank you for all you do. I look so forward to Friday’s and your Friday weekly wrap up.
    God bless and thank you.

  14. Galaxy 500

    If anyone, US or NATO or Russia fires a nuke, look for Israel to obliterate IRAN and maybe a few other Arab countries. There will be NO downside for them.

    • Glenn

      Let’s hope that is the case.

  15. Linda

    No rferee in the house…folks

    • VegasRob

      The Antichrist will rise as the ref!

  16. Brianroy

    The USA has 9 diplomatic missions for the Israelis in the USA. When the bombing of the Iranian General happened on embassy grounds, I commented at the Jerusalem Post early on that they removed the hindrance of attacks on their diplomatic missions (Consuls and Embassies) around the world, and that airports and transits to and from are subject to violence. I based that last statement on the DC Freeway attack we had some years ago on a DC freeway that involved a diplomatic car, an RPG and automatic rifles, and Saudi Arabia without any serious diplomatic repercussions as I recall. If I am not mistaken, it was between Dulles International and the DC Embassy, but at present, I cannot pull up the story. It may be back in 2017, but I cannot remember.
    The fact that we have 9 cities in the US
    — DC, NY, LA, Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta —
    that such could hypothetically happen in the US to the Israelis and cause US Citizen collateral damage, might have repercussions that shut a number of these down, not just be on “red alert” as they are currently. But that is only in my opinion.

    • Chris

      An attack on an embassy or a consulate is an attack on the nation that owns it. It is effectively national territory of that nation. There will be repercussions. Perhaps not what most people would expect, nor when they expect it. But given the Moscow theatre atrocity and the Iran embassy attack by the Fascist Israeli regime, it is clear the West’s “leaders” want WWIII asap. They are deranged. They will sacrifice their own people for the diabolical objectives of their masters. Absent a revolution (I can’t see the dumbed down, deracinated and emasculated masses of Western countries having the stomach for that) it is coming down the pike soon.

  17. Steve jones

    When it comes to the congress and senate, it’s one for all and all for one.

  18. Peter

    Hi Greg,

    You’re my go-to source for weekly news wrap up and spot on point calling out all these cowardly, slimy “leaders” who love war…as long as someone else’s kid dies.

    I’ve been saying all along, if they want to go to war so badly, let them and their families lead the charge, and then maybe we’ll follow behind them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for supporting USAW!!!

  19. Anna

    “Moe and Curly” lol…This was an awesome weekly news wrap up..u are on fire. I’m going to listen to it again..Have a great weekend Greg 🤗

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Anna!!

    • Shiloh1

      I also liked “numbskulls”!

  20. Susan R

    Humankind is endangered on almost every level known. The only safe refuge is ascension to our eternal home that I pray all here attain. Talking about our migrant invasion, that will transform this country forever. When I watched videos from the Darien Gap I got it. Where I live everything still seems normal, but there is plenty to watch what is happening in major cities. Who could have ever imagined this HERE? We have been sold out, our life supports are being weakened on every level. It is imperative to be ready for what is coming on every level. I have accepted I may go Home sooner. This is I believe an attack on Humans. Ask Steve Quayle about that, I am pretty sure he will agree!

  21. doug martens

    great job Greg.
    love your show.
    the fools causing all of this grief on a global scale will find out.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is why Jesus has to come back.

  22. Wayne Todd

    Greg I do enjoy your site – you are one of the few popular sites that tells the truth about what has happened in Ukraine. The US and NATO were the cause of this useless WAR and Ukraine is finished because they listened to the US / NATO !
    And Israel sadly was a mistake, made over 70 years ago – created by a Banker, the British and the UN because no one wanted Jews in their country !!! Now we have World War 3 inching closer. Keep up the hard work.

    • Shiloh1

      The Balfour Declaration – another Brit scheme in 1917 middle of WWI. George Galloway stated it was not the Brits to give.

  23. Thomas Beatty

    Hello, Greg.
    Thank you always for your reporting and insightful interpretations.
    Regarding the FBI, I hope you’d on some occasion let the public know that they are “not licensed to operate outside of DC”. I cannot personally confirm this, but I heard this repeatedly from Dr. William Mount, another very honest reporter. He advises his audience to call 911–that armed people are at their door. (Dr. Mount also apparently appreciates your reporting.)
    Please keep up your good work. I am sure very many find comfort listening to you.
    T. Beatty

  24. Felix

    Excellent wrap up greg,any moron that can’t see the chemtrails every day the sun is out is brain dead. Our government leaders and all governments are controlled by Satan at this point in time,they all serve him and are possessed by him.The world is controlled by the money changers small hats.Russia,China,America all owned by the synagogue of Satan. Why in revelation 2:9 would Yahweh reveal to JESUS CHRIST in that verse in the end times if it wasn’t true.I don’t believe the small hats are Yahwehs chosen people.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Felix!!

    • Chris

      Some people are definitely morons, Felix, but more are simply so propagandized by the media they consume that if they saw a chemtrail they’d just see it as jet condensation. If you mentioned chemtrails they’d either ask what you were talking about, because they’ve never heard of such a thing, or think you were a conspiracy theorist because they’ve been brainwashed to react that way. As for the chosen people it was only chosen for one thing. To be a conduit for the incarnation of Christ. That happened 2000 years ago. At that point they ceased to be chosen for anything.

  25. Ken Yu

    Martin Armstrong has posted that Blinken “our crazed neocon controlled puppet” is pushing Ukraine into NATO in order to get WWIII started and American cities nuked to ashes before Trump gets elected (so the damage done to our Nation will be beyond repair even if we get Trump elected in November)!! We need a Coup d’état by loyal American Military men “Right Now” to arrest all these crazy out of control insane neocons “Before the Nukes Start Flying”!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree with Armstrong!!! These people are nuts!!!!

    • Haywagon

      Hello Ken Yu,
      As a US Veteran I have been wondering where in the world has our military gone in reflecting on the Military Oath I Swore to as well as the meaning of it, in fact, since the 2020 election was stolen…and then we all WITNESSED WokeTard “Ruby Red Slippers” General Millie floundering around Siding with Foreign Agents and the O’Briben Regime who are really one and the same, UNFORTUNATELY! Uggh!

      • Ken Yu

        Haywagon – We need a Victoria Nulandsky to do a “Regime Change” in Washington DC to oust all the Corrupt Neocon Psychopaths (otherwise we are all dead)!!

  26. BigE

    Embassies are sovereign territories of the Countries they belong to, period! Israel broke a cardinal rule of diplomacy with their latest war-mongering endeavors, and I fear it will eventually harm many American Soldiers whose families will pay a horrible price for their arrogance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Big E,
      Iran has 10 military bases on Israel’s border in Iraq, Syria and proxies in Jordan. Talk about “arrogance” AND willful Ignorance. I know it’s tough hearing the other side of the story. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Iran funds terror with Hezbollah and Hamas. What about that????? You are on the side of evil hope that works out for you.

      • Perry

        Great response Greg. As usual you are on the side of good. Thanks.

      • S_Adams

        Greg and from where Iran get those pallets of cash to fund their wars from?

        All wars are banker’s wars. Iran is a fabricated “evil” nation. I bet, a dime a dozen of donuts that Iran is a Deep State nest. The perfect hideout that nobody will suspect. They are playing a role, like the Heels in a wrestling match. They are not who you think they are.

    • Jeffersonian

      You’re spot on. What comes around goes around. The essential question is the deep state /central banks encouraging and promoting conflict both in the Middle East and Ukraine to create ww3 so they can blame inflation, economic decline, and the millions of deaths and disabilities on ww3 and then issue in their Cbdc?
      And of course look like the good guys trying to save humanity when what they really want is democide.

      Like they say when all else fails they take you to war!


  27. John

    Merle Haggard said it best in a song.
    Are we rolling downhill like a snowball headed for Hell?
    With no kind of chance for the flag or the Liberty Bell?
    You bet we are, and the landing is not going to be pleasant.

  28. Mo Howard

    The Guantánamo Spy Who Wasn’t
    Ahmad Al-Halabi was an immigrant who did the most American thing possible: join the military. Then the U.S. government accused him of espionage.
    By Tamara Audi
    Tamara Audi is a journalist based in Los Angeles. For this article, she revisits a case she covered 20 years ago for The Detroit Free Press. April 4, 2024
    It was all a big mistake. Ahmad Al-Halabi was sure this had to be some sort of misunderstanding that he could clear up before his flight in a few hours.
    It was all a big mistake. Ahmad Al-Halabi was sure this had to be some sort of misunderstanding that he could clear up before his flight in a few hours.
    It was July 2003, and Al-Halabi, a 24-year-old American citizen and Air Force airman, was being escorted through the naval air station in Jacksonville, Fla., by four government agents who said they wanted to talk to him. They walked him into an empty bathroom, where they searched his pockets and removed a small Quran that he always carried as an observant Muslim. They told him they had some questions, but they didn’t want to talk in the restroom; he would have to come with them. Al-Halabi told them he was worried about making his flight, but he agreed. They told him they were going to handcuff him.
    “Why?” he asked.
    Now that our deep state un-intelligent agency controlling real government leftest uni-party UN-representative, representation we fought the British for in 1776, has hijacked our governance through voter fraud.
    We can go back to when it was under a more RINO George Bush Sr. operation paper clip type controlled governance and see how it was like to have the big boys come after you! A time we all loved New York and hated these strange people we found in our midst blaming a religion on 9-11.

  29. Jake Clapper

    Former Goldman Sachs Exec:
    “Gold’s Final Bull Market Has Just Begun”
    The world’s elite are covertly draining gold vaults… smelting down bullion to hide their trail… and even deploying para-military groups to lock down as much gold as they can.
    Their actions have already made gold more expensive than any time in human history. But for millions of Americans, things are about to take a much more disturbing turn…
    🔴 CBDC LIES? | U.S. Congressman EXPOSES Fed’s Real Plans On CBDC Launch
    Lena Petrova 53 minutes ago

    • Ken Yu

      As world governments destroy their financial systems by printing fiat paper and soon “unlimited digital CBDC’s” Gold’s price just keeps rising. Yet the Gold/Silver Ratio (which for centuries has been about 16 to 1) still remains at a whopping 86 to 1 but with solar and AI consuming silver supplies this ratio should begin to drop. The spot Gold price is now $2329 thus the historical Gold/Silver Ratio should put Silver’s price at about $145 (or 5 times higher). And if Martin Armstrong is right (about Gold reaching $5,000 per ounce by 2025-27) Silver has the potential to reach $312 dollars per ounce (or 11 times its current price) by that time!!!

  30. Rod Sterlis

    in order to get their temple built in time for their Antichrist, the Israelis will soon explode the mosque on temple mount and try to blame Iran. They are now laying down the narrative for it ahead of time.

    Likewise, the Matrix movie was released in 1999, but included an announcement of the 911 attack upon NYC.

  31. 'a' simple horseman

    Greg, Thank you for talking about Dane’s efforts to stop toxic climate engineering. I hope you’ll take some time to learn how to repeat the science terms a lot more accurately. There are several phrases I use when talking about the topic. For instance, “climate change is climate control”, “roller coaster weather is not nature”, “chemical cool down” and many more. I have had a Geo engineering awareness booth at my local farmers market every week for 8 years. “What do you want to be caught doing when its time to go meet your maker?” I have had “black opps” folks from Boeing stop by my booth and thank me for what I am doing and tell me I am 100% correct in my message.
    I hope folks will go to Dane you tube channel, “Dane Wigington” and listen to the weekly Global Alert News broadcast. It is the single most important broadcast on the planet, bar none. If we don’t have planet that sustains life all the other things in the news will not exist. That includes us all.
    I believe that God isn’t going to save anything west of the Atlantic. The news cycle each week continuously reaffirms that notion. Uhmericans let God down and now we will all pay the price. Religious people say, “its all in Gods hands”. They’re right!!!!
    Love and strength my friends I have not met… yet.

  32. Sug Ray Arson

    World War III Is Now Inevitable – Here’s Why It Can’t Be Avoided
    by Brandon Smith |
    April 5th 2024, 11:55 am
    Much like WWI, the situation is being escalated by the political elites despite the fact that the general public in the west is increasingly opposed to participating in the conflict.
    The globalists want to send us to war whether we like it or not. Every decision they have made so far makes peaceful resolution impossible.
    If you’re getting the feeling like the globalists are really pushing hard for WWIII these days, you’re not alone.

  33. Tomasina Jones

    Women Are Getting Punched in the Face On New York City Streets!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 2 hours ago
    Women are reporting multiple incidents of being randomly punched in the head on the streets of New York City. Even celebrity Bethenny Frankel claims to have been targeted by such an attack, and the reports have city dwellers on edge and worried about rising crime.

  34. Ratco Massagist

    ‘Lefties are losing it’: MSNBC ‘dummies’ have a meltdown over Trump
    Sky News Australia 328,590 views Apr 3, 2024
    Rita Panahi says MSNBC “lefties are losing it” again over Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
    Ms Panahi reacted to MSNBC’s “meltdown” about Mr Trump’s social media platform Truth Social, which started trading this week.
    “But according to the MSNBC brains trust, this is proof of some grand conspiracy where nefarious forces are fixing the share price to boost the market value of this company,” Ms Panahi said.
    “These dummies failed Economics 101.

  35. Seer

    Be careful what one thinks and says as your destiny unfolds in those beliefs including subconscious main false distinctions. Not all we think, read and see is true. More time is spent repeating the negatives and evils than repeating the positive, how to improve matters, create good and love and support. This needs to be corrected to create better outcomes- better future to unfold. Teach positive semantics! They unfold a better future!!


    And there was war again. And David went out and fought with the Philistines and struck them with a great blow, so that they fled before him.
    1 Samuel 19:8

    Tomb of the Giant Gilgamesh Discovered – Ancient Technology Inside

  37. RatcoM.

    Lefties losing it: Riley Gaines asks college students to define the word ‘woman’
    Sky News Australia 377,402 views Apr 3, 2024
    Sky News host Rita Panahi reacts to former college swimmer Riley Gaines asking students to define the word “woman”.
    One man interviewed said it was a “difficult question,” and the answer depends on the current “gender norms”.
    A woman said everyone has their own definition of the word.
    Ms Panahi said the video is an example of the failures of the US educational system.
    “Toddlers could answer this question better than these adults,” she said.

    • i: a man; travis

      woman is not a LEGAL word ; it is a lawful word; therefore cannot be defined by a LEGAL SOCIETY.

  38. Robert Veklotz

    Our inching towards nuclear war all makes sense if Obama is involved. Obama is a Muslim and Muslims want chaos to bring in their 12th imam. What better way to bring about the world wide Muslim caliphate than to have the West destroy itself.

  39. Randy

    AAA>Greg>> have you ever read the prophecy of ELAM?> Its in your bible!!!!!

  40. Lora

    Hi Greg
    I think it simply boils down to fact that there are traitors in the US in power, who absolutely hate the American Republic. And their systematic scheme is right out Mr. Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals.” These satanic ones are using Ukraine and Russia as proxies in order to destroy the US dollar and life as we traditionally know it. Since these traitors want to completely destroy the fabric of America, killing as many people as possible, if necessary they will allow the use of nukes to do so. But just prior to this last desperate war maneuver, some will leave the US to remote regions, and others will retire to their multimillion underground bunkers for a time. When Obama said that he wanted to “fundamentally change America,” what he really meant was that he wanted to fundamentally destroy America. But what really surprises me is how far these monsters have progressed with the assistance from the sell-out so called “Right”, who somehow think that they’ll be immune to the deadly consequences.

  41. Katharine W.

    Good reporting. But why usawatchdog’s obvious BLACKOUT on Gaza and Israel – which is so very relevant to the rest of the on-going warmongering of the MIC and the morons of the US Government! What’s missing here in reporting lately is an elephant in the room and it seems it is being deliberately avoided. WHY?

    • Greg Hunter

      I have reported extensively on Gaza and this week much bigger forces are at work. Maybe Hamas should step out in front of the IDF and put their women and children at their backs. The they did this on October 7th when they were murdering, raping, and kidnaping unarmed people. Let’s have both sides armed in the next fight and drop the puck. How’s that for reporting??

  42. Shiloh1

    Good summary and analysis of P Diddy situation, make sure you hang in there to the end. Could be that’s where MTG was going against Mike Johnson.

  43. US. NGO's Funded

    The welfare-addicted West is too decadent to rearm itself, let alone Ukraine
    Story by Lewis Page • 14h •

    Jeffrey Sachs: Biden is a miserable failure
    Useful Idiots 41,266 views 17 hours ago
    Useful Idiots Full Episodes
    Click here for the full interview with Jeffrey Sachs:
    Special mention of the paper of record intell leaks, NYT’s with everything fit to ignore! Except fake news leaks, of course!

  44. michael burton

    Jehovah’s kingdom is coming
    Here is something that is far more important than making money or politics of the world. That is learning about almighty gods’ kingdom that is coming to the earth very soon. Wouldn’t you and your loved ones like to live to see your loved ones come back from the dead and a world without sickness, crime, war, corruption and wickedness? This is what almighty god Jehovah offers, by taking in his knowledge and the one he sent forth his son Jesus Christ. I have this link for your reading enjoyment

  45. Jose Humanezski

    $1K Covid Drug Paxlovid DOES NOTHING?! Report
    The Hill 35K views 14 hours ago, a TOTAL RACKET!!
    Amber Duke and Jessica Burbank discuss a new study on Paxlovid, that shows it’s ineffective! _BROUGHT TO YOU BY Big Pharma $Pfizer!

    */$20Billion here, /*$20Billion there*/AND THEY DON’T WORK?
    That’s Your Tax-dollars, Workers! Your Being Screwed Worse Than Mike Morell’s Tax payee $Billions, Killing 500,000 Russki’s and getting 600,000 Ukrainians murdered! Because your being killed by medical neglect, to make the spurious fat cat drug lords filthy RICH! WTF? They got the Gold Mine and we get the SHAFT!

    Chris Salcedo challenges Joe Scarborough to discussion on Trump and race | The Chris Salcedo Show Newsmax Apr 5, 2024
    Chris Salcedo passionately challenges MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough to a discussion about Donald Trump and race on Friday’s “The Chris Salcedo Show.”

  46. Stephen Ryals

    Greg ur a referee in a dumpster fire. Ur days are numbered. I don’t know if u read the Bible but u loose. Warp speed isn’t going to fix this. Are u still paying for abortion? Then ur no better then the people u hate. Talk is cheap. American is about to fall and be judged. For the murder of 80 million via abortion. And warp speed. Enjoy your rearrange n the deck chairs on the Titanic. Kinda sad at this point to watch u be outraged while u pay for it.

    • Greg Hunter

      I believe in Jesus. How do I lose?

  47. Galaxy 500

    One Question… that girl with the 4 jobs. She is very unhappy BUT does she understand that Dems are the problem?
    Read where one poster said Iran’s Embassy was sacred. Did he forget what Iran did to our Embassy?
    And the FBI and DOJ are the New S/S.

    I remember when Congress would argue over spending an extra million and now they throw 100s of Billions around like it’s nothing.

  48. James Foster

    This is all a set up. Don’t you think that Biden is unelectable. They want everyone hating the democrats as to ensure Trump get elected. .
    The Republicans are just as dirty. We are being taken for a ride. The system today is the beast rising. The antichrist wants everyone looking to him for the answers. He want us begging for him. Don’t fall for all this . It’s all planned. Focus on Jesus. Trust the Father….he is in control.

  49. joyce Derske

    Tulsi Gabbard on Being Trump’s VP, Who’s Puppeteering Biden, and Corruption in Congress /Tucker Carlson 1.8M views 11 days ago

    • Christian

      If Trump picks Tulsi then the answer is known…he is NWO. Tulsi was #2 at the DNC under Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Tulsi has no fruit showing she is a different person, only some words she says she has changed. Watch very closely who he picks for VP this time, it will be a tell.

  50. Backward

    You are doing a great job at exposing geoengineering, thank you Greg. Keep up the good work!

  51. Lgbqrst+Times @ WW3

    Female Soldiers and Crony Capitalists | Tulsi Gabbard | EP 332
    Jordan B Peterson 3,137,005 views Feb 16, 2023 The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Podcast Ep. 332
    Dr Jordan B Peterson and Tulsi Gabbard discuss her time in the armed forces, the concerns over women serving, crony capitalism, the Republican party, and the proxy war the US is waging against Russia.

    Iran Army Chief’s Chilling Warning After Readying ‘Revenge Plan’ Against Israeli, U.S. Assets Hindustan Times Apr 6, 2024
    Iran’s Army Chief has issued a fresh warning to Tehran’s ‘enemies’ during a ceremony to commemorate Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who was killed in a suspected Israeli air strike on Iran’s embassy compound in Damascus on April 1. General Mohammad Bagheri confirmed that Iran’s plan was ready and that it will strike enemy targets with precision to make them regret the attack in Syria. This comes after U.S. intelligence suggested that Iran could target Israeli diplomatic facilities or consular buildings in retaliation as it blames Israel for the Syria strikes. The U.S. is also on high alert, and fears Iranian attack on its troops in the Middle East.

  52. Guy Storm

    ‘Don’t Attack Our…’: U.S. Writes To Iran As Raisi Prepares For Embassy Attack Revenge Hindustan Times 66K views 1 day ago
    In a message to Iran, the U.S. has urged Tehran “not to attack American interests”. U.S. State Department Spokesperson said that Washington had no role in the strikes on the Iranian Embassy on April 1. It also asked Iran not to use the attack as a “pretext” to target U.S. facilities or personnel.

    On The BRINK Of WW3?! Israel BRAZEN Attack On Iranian Consulate Sounds Alarms Apr 6, 2024
    Trita Parsi, executive vice president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, explains the impact of Israel’s strike on Iran’s consulate in Syria.

    Jeffrey Sachs EXCORIATES Biden On Ukraine- Russia War
    The Hill 39 minutes ago
    Economist and professor at Columbia Jeffrey Sachs weighs in on the latest on the Russia-Ukraine war.

  53. Juan Valdezovichski

    Douglas Macgregor Exposes: The Startling Truth Behind Ukraine’s Strike & Russia’s Shadow War
    មាតុភូមិ Studio HD Apr 6, 2024
    Join us as Douglas Macgregor, a revered military strategist and former senior advisor, takes us deep into the heart of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In this exclusive analysis, Macgregor unveils the strategic maneuvers and countermeasures that have marked recent developments on the battlefield. From Ukraine’s audacious aerial strikes to Russia’s clandestine counteroffensive, uncover the tactical genius and the high stakes involved in this geopolitical chess game. With his unparalleled insight, Macgregor not only deciphers the immediate impacts but also forecasts the long-term ramifications for regional stability and global power dynamics. This is a rare glimpse into the minds shaping and responding to the crisis, a must-watch for anyone seeking to understand the complexity of modern warfare and international relations.

    Musk: Washington’s NATO Promise to Kiev Prelude to ‘Nuclear Apocalypse’_By RT April 6th 2024
    Ukraine joining the bloc is like the start of a movie about end of the world, the billionaire has said.
    A pledge by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that Ukraine will become a member of NATO looks like a scene from a movie about a nuclear apocalypse, entrepreneur Elon Musk believes.

  54. Dan Glover

    Vladimir Putin LIVE | Russia Will Find Contractors Of Deadly Moscow Attack, Says President Putin
    Times Now World Started streaming on Apr 2, 2024
    Vladimir Putin LIVE, Russia Will Find Contractors Of Deadly Moscow Attack, Says President Putin. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday those responsible for an attack on a Moscow concert hall which killed 144 people, will be found. Speaking at the meeting with law-enforcement officers, Putin said the attack in March was a “weapon” used against Russia, but warned that it’s a “double-edged weapon.”

    he View Is A “Rabies-Infested Henhouse!” – Joe Rogan
    The Jimmy Dore Show 1 hours ago

  55. Peter E

    Know who the Good pwople are and know who the decievers are , Know whats really going on in the world, Prepare – make the calls and have a daily talk and pray to the lord Jesus. Suport the giood christians as they support and inform us. CAF and Greg are the best, at what they do. Support them. Boycott the Mainstreem Media Liers and Goog. Boys who took down CAF and greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Peter!!

  56. ChancePeace

    NATO Faces “Fatal Defeat” In Ukraine | Wagner Fighters To Join Chechen Army | F-16s Won’t Help Kyiv? CRUX Apr 6, 2024
    The US and Germany are reluctant to accept Ukraine into NATO*, The New York Times reported. NATO nations can only forestall an inevitable loss to Russian forces by deploying their troops in Ukraine, according to a former Pentagon adviser. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said F-16 jets will not make a drastic difference in Ukraine’s war against Russia. Russian warplanes conducted a strike on Ukrainian positions in the southern sector of the front using high-precision glide bombs. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned of “consequences” if Chinese businesses were found supporting Russia in the Ukraine
    Zelenskyy Sold Out: NATO Shuts Doors On Ukraine Amidst Putin’s Impending War Threat? Times Of India Apr 6, 2024
    A recent report from The New York Times suggests that the US and Germany are hesitant about Ukraine’s NATO membership amid pressure from Putin. While NATO weighs reluctance over Ukraine’s entry, fearing escalation in Europe, the US appears tacitly opposed, while Hungary voices concerns. NATO seeks a “middle ground” solution. Additionally, uncertainty surrounds NATO’s ability to secure a proposed €100 billion military aid package for Ukraine. The report warns of Ukraine’s risk of losing the war if Russian pressure persists. Meanwhile, the US has approved sending F-16s to Ukraine and directed significant assistance, but a new aid package remains stalled in Congress due to Republican opposition. President Zelensky emphasizes the importance of renewing military assistance to prevent further retreats.

  57. Molly Brown

    New York Earthquake | New York Fire Department Said There Were No Initial Reports Of Damage | N18V

    6.99M subscribers

    2nd. Quake # news18
    New York Earthquake | New York Fire Department Said There Were No Initial Reports Of Damage | N18V
    New York City and New Jersey in the United States were in for an unpleasant surprise when the two major cities were hit by an earthquake of 5.5 Magnitude at a depth of 10 kilometres (6.21 miles) on Friday.

  58. MOlly B.

    East Coast hit with rare 4.8 magnitude earthquake
    ABC News 3 hours ago
    Experts warn that possible aftershocks following the tremors can continue for days.

    • Greg Hunter

      4/8 is the day of the eclipse. Bo Polny pointed out this is Jehovah’s 3-day warning and also told me on Thursday to expect earthquakes. BOOM!!

  59. Janice Blyth

    Bridge of Spies
    Free with ads PG-13
    A dramatic thriller set against the backdrop of a series of historic events, Bridge of Spies tells the story of James Donovan (Tom Hanks), a Brooklyn lawyer who finds himself thrust into the center of the Cold War when the CIA sends him on a near impossible mission to negotiate the release of a captured American U-2 pilot. High stakes and suspense power a story inspired by true events that capture the essence of a man who risked everything and vividly brings his personal journey to life.

  60. S_Adams

    NATO: Narcotics and Arms Trade Organization.
    The EU is the 4th Reich, see who is in charge 😉

    Todays Israel is not the Biblical Israel. The people from Israel has been diluted with the world population. What we have there are “posers” pretending to be Joos. If you go to the temple and accept their faith, you are automaticaly a Joo; it is that simple. It is cult that drives in deception.

    Interesting is, the Palestanians have more ties to Biblical Jews than the Jewish population. Beside, then “Jews” moved down to that region, they also mingled with the locals.

    War is coming, no doubt in my mind, the qustion is… is the US are going to give “Citizenship” in exchange for military service abroad? Or the US going to send its own people to the meat grinder and repleace them with cheap and docile migrants?

    Trump said… “Mexico will build and pay for the border wall” Why? Because Mexico does not want all those migrants trying to escape the US.

  61. Nat Black

    US prepares for ‘significant’ attack from Iran in the next week
    Story by Isabelle Durso • 1d •

  62. KAY Clayser

    MSNBC Reporter’s Mind BLOWN By Facts From Trump Supporter! (Live Show from Zephyr Theater)
    The Jimmy Dore Show 386K views 2 weeks ago

  63. S_Adams

    The earthquakes are a product of low solar activity and the earth’s core interacting with radiation from the cosmos. During this period, the core start to produce mass, expands and the earth crust start to crack. The energy has to vent somewhere and will go to the weakest points. Simply put, the earth is growing.

    That is why we have earthquakes on areas that we do not see as quake prone areas.

    • Greg Hunter

      Black Star.

  64. Rick

    Greg, nice weekly update. I will be 70 this July, retired AF officer including Pentagon assignment involving the intel community, retired defense civil servant and consulting work. IMHO 2024 is going to go down in the record books (assuming there will be anyone left to write them). Amazed I can sleep at night. Yes it’s that bad. Almost biblical.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rick!! What should common people like me and you be doing right now?

      • Rick

        Prep and pray. Oh some silver/gold coins might be helpful.
        Some are becoming expats.

  65. Charles Jankowski

    With the references to Moe and Curly, I couldn’t resist sending a Stooges video, You Natzy Spy, which really (first 5 minutes) describes why countries (U.S. ) go to war….all telegraphed to us via You will have to cut and paste the address….enjoy

  66. Gary Burns

    Would you consider being a guest on my Youtube channel ? It is Nickel Stacking Basketball Guru Auction Pro Music . I talk about Gold, Politics , Music etc.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure, but I doubt they would let it run. I had 90 million views and 3 hundred thousand subscribers when they canned me without warning.

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