Suicidal to Stay in this Market-Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s

Renowned financial and geopolitical analyst Charles Nenner is doubling down on his prediction last year that the financial markets will crash in the fall of 2017. Nenner says, “People not positioned correctly may lose everything.”  Nenner points out, “We all know they say the market goes up 8% on a yearly basis.  That’s based on the fact if I draw a line through the markets, it shows 8%.  I don’t think anybody realizes how much we are above the line.  In order to get back to 8%, we have to go much below the line . . . So, it’s total nonsense to say we go up 8% a year when we are already 40% to 50% above that trend line that averages 8%. This is almost the longest bull market in history.”

Now, Nenner has additional research that backs up his position, and it involves the number 7. Nenner explains, “You go to my research that goes back to the 1800’s, 1900’s and 2000’s.  Go back a little, and you will see the market topped in 2017.  The next year was 2007, which was clearly a high.  If you go back to the next year that ends in 7, which was 1997, that was clearly a high.  1987 everybody knows about that, and I don’t have to go into it.  Then go to ‘77 and ‘67, ‘57, ‘47 and ‘37.  1929 was a little aberration, it should have been ‘27.  I still hold because it continued up and didn’t come down.  That’s why they had the huge crash (in 1929) . . . . Based on the past, the future repeats.  You have major correlation with major tops that are in years ending with a 7.  If you are a reasonable person, you would say this is too much risk for me.  If you are a super gambler, you say this time is different. . . . My cycle tops in September or October of 2017.”

Nenner says staying fully invested in this market is “suicidal,” and Nenner goes on to say, “I would advise people not to listen to people with all kinds of stories that this market is not dangerous. . . .This is the end of the bull market.”

Nenner predicts a big rally in bonds and gold, but not until mid-2018. On gold, Nenner says, “We always have this price target of $2,500 per ounce.  If they reverse what Nixon did, the financial system will be so much under presser they will go back on the gold standard.  If you really calculate it, the price of gold today should be $30,000 per ounce.  For the moment, in our model, gold is a bit expensive.”

On the “War Cycle,” Nenner, who is also an expert in both market and war cycles, says, “Wars come in cycles. It seems people have to have a certain amount of time so they forget how bad it was so they can start a new one. We talked about this a few years ago and said it’s not going to be the Middle East.  It’s going to be China and the islands.  In the aerospace industries in China, Japan, Vietnam and Korea, something is cooking over there.  I still think the whole thing is coming from there.  It’s just an accident that has to happen.”

Nenner adds, “I don’t think there is really no clean way to get North Korea under control. I don’t think there is any clean way to keep the United States safe.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with world renowned cycle economist Charles Nenner.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. This sceptred isle

    The problem is when you take the chips of the table how do you store the money safely?

    • Frederick

      T SI The answer is don’t delay the selling too much as Yourll get slaughtered and in my opinion you should buy undervalued REAL assets such as precious metals and some cash
      Protecting your assets with lead I suppose would be advisable as well

      • Chip

        OT but watchdoggers you MUST see this video on Comey, the Clintons, Obama, Trump, and the Russians. This thing is a Tom Clancy novel in real life of biblical proportions….

    • The Seer

      Spread it around. Pay off credit cards, utilities and property taxes a year in advance.
      I think the system will freeze and the banks will not be open. It will
      not last very long in the USA. Prep for three weeks – water, food,
      natural remedies, vitamins, soap, shampoo, pet food, stored
      gas or get an EV car. Enjoy the time off and build neighbor ties.
      Don’t fret. Meditate and pray and listen to your soul’s inner voice.
      I am not fleeing to NZ even though I have residency established there.
      It’s too cold. I have relocated to FL for warm weather and easier food
      growing in the shade with rain and water supply here and northeast
      enough to not be in hurricane path. Good luck! Thanks Greg for continuing your
      website interviews!

      • dbcooper

        Seer, No disrespect intended … Three weeks of food??? Three weeks plus 72hours equals death. I know that most here cannot/will not do what we here have done but I have been preparing in one way or another since I was about 14 years old. It is a sad reality that if and when the fecal matter hits the oscillator … there’s gonna be a whole lot of dead … brace your self. I do not mean to sound sanctimonious but the reality here may well be beyond our comprehension. Build neighbor ties and don’t fret ??? I have long contemplated which of my neighbors I will have to dispatch because they did not heed the warnings that we have given for years and THEY WILL show up on our door step empty-handed. It may well be a very sad and sobering reality. As SQ and many others advise … repent and take it to the Lord in prayer.
        Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

        • Freebreezer

          Db – ‘per yours in faith’ … I am a bit lost per were in the bible it teaches to dispatch your unprepared neighbors? That seems a little harsh and is not the christian background I have learned?

    • ross

      I’m not a fan of Nenner. He contradicts himself on gold saying it should be $30,000 an oz but in this market is over priced presently ? He does not address market manipulation and thus I don’t trust him. This attitude suggests Nenner is playing both sides of the fence thus having an each way bet.

  2. Oracle 911

    The problem is also systematic not just cyclical. I mean the foundation of this financial system is phony and it is coupled with a cyclical crisis which is its own.
    This mean your guest is half right.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Alpha_Furyan

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      My latest posts…subscribe…

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      It’s written completely in JavaScript – the language of the web – and uses WebRTC for true peer-to-peer transport. No browser plugin, extension, or installation is required.

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      The new Periscope is cool, but not really a permanent answer since it’s owned by Twitter…but for now check out…

      At the end of the day and perhaps throughout today, you can see and interact LIVE. This really raises the usefulness of communications and ACTION.

      Web Torrent has a lot of apps – platforms already….get going watchdogs!
      P2P is the future folks…

  3. This Sceptered Isle

    Many ancient cultures believed that time moves in cycles rather than in a linear fashion. It is our lack of a transcendental perspective that limits our perceptions such that we perceive time as linear. I believe that time moves in ascending spirals. On completion of the time loop old concepts re-emerge and fuse synergistically together with new ideas initiating a new paradigm. One possible example of this could be the idea of using gold as a monetary metal fusing together with the idea of crypto-currencies to create a gold backed digital currency such as bitgold.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      so viewed from within the flow of time it appears linear, from above it appears cyclical and from the side it appears as a spiral.

      • Lia Fail

        So true Sceptered Isle. This wisdom comes from the Isle.

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t believe any of this but I will post it for now. Any objections from anyone?

      • Flattop

        Sceptered isle; HUH???

        • Tin foil hat

          Speed = Distance/Time

          Example: you are standing on a moving train traveling at the speed of light. You install a mirror on the ceiling and a flashlight on the floor, the distance from the floor to ceiling is 10 ft. If you turned on the flashlight, what is the distance which the light has traveled?

          The answer is 20 for anybody who is on the train, time is linear. The answer is around 28-29 for anybody counting outside of the train. In this case, time has to be expanded to keep the constant, time is distorted and probably cyclical – time goes slower on the train.

          The speed of light is suppose to be constant in quantum physics. However, even light cannot escape the gravity of the black hole. If the speed of light is distorted and deviate from the constant as it is being suck in, time would probably move in spiral.

          • This sceptred Isle

            good summary of special relativity

      • Evan J

        TSI, Elegant image

  4. ross

    You cannot assess this present economic situation by past results. Never has there been so much market intervention with QE, the plunge protection team, and high frequency computer transactions. Charles does not impress me.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      Agreed. There is a sizeable amount of unpredictability at play. We can attempt to map the probability of events happening but not predict exactly what will happen. The more complex the system the more difficult this becomes…

    • Frederick

      Ross I agree with your comment

  5. Tray

    Definitely not one of my favorites and, in my opinion, not one of your top knowledgeable guests. I don’t agree with a large portion of what he said and he does not come off to me is having much conviction on anything. Meh.

  6. Tad

    So far, David Stockman , Charles Nenner, and possibly Clif High are in agreement about timing.

  7. Tad

    What a coincidence that the president was discussing peace from a series of tweets only days ago. Secretary Mattis was talking “tragic and prolonged” in an interview yesterday.

    If Gina was still around, and had a knowledge of the obvious, I would recommend gold and silwer as screaming buy signals.

    When his upcoming budget was released a few days ago, what stood out was cuts to the budget. the past few budgets under previous president should increases, though Bush II cut welfare to a point. Since nothing, really ever gets cut in DC, this to me, was another signal.

    How many hints does one need?

    • Frederick

      I agree that stocks seem WAY overpriced here and gold and silver WAY underpriced but things are so manipulated who knows This has gone on over five years

  8. Jerry

    According to my sources (which I can’t confirm) AIIB (Asian International Investment Bank) is going to roll out a new gold backed crypto currency to be used in place of the dollar, with its member countries, sometime between now and June 7th. If it is anything close to what happened with ZenGold last week, it should be epic.

    Its my understanding that the BRICS central planers are encouraging their member countries to develop their own gold backed crypto currency to be used in the AIIB trading platform. As is the case with ZenGold and so many other crypto currencies, the Shanghai Gold Exchange is backing the new currencies with their gold. In addition, it is my understanding that HSBC bank is overseeing all of the global exchanges with repurchasing and revaluing currencies from Tier 1 world banks in more than 70 different countries.

    Since the United States and several of our allies like Japan are not part of the AIIB membership network, the impact of this rollout on the dollar is a complete unknown.
    But I would imagine, that since China has opened a gold backed crypto currency trading platform in Dubai, it won’t be long before we find out. Who would have thought that a return to the gold standard would be carried out using digital currency?
    Certainly not me. But it does make perfect sense, and explains why the Chinese cornered the gold market.

    • Jerry

      Apparently most of the new alternate reserve currency is being released under the guise of infrastructure development by AIIB to avoid immediate conflict with the petrodollar.
      Though I can’t confirm this information, it does make perfect sense to saturate the currency markets from the bottom up, instead of the top down to avoid disruption in the current exchange system. The best part is the Chinese have put in place quantum satellite’s in their CIPS system so that the new exchange system set up by AIIB can’ be hacked by the western banking cabal.

      • Macray

        As always, may thanks for your posts.
        I am wondering why no one in the Gold community, other than your personal sources, and please correct me if I am wrong here, have not echoed your posted comments. Any thoughts here???

    • Greg Hunter

      I am told the only reason why the Fed allows Bitcoin to exist is to study it. I have heard talk of the Fed going to their own block chain crypto currency. Folks say they are going to call it “FedCoin.” I cannot source and confirm this it is rumor but a plausible one and an interesting one.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, the federal government already has an extensive worldwide blockchain network, into/onto which “Fedcoin” would fit well, possibly seamlessly. Look at the serial number on a dollar bill. It is static. Blockchain means that the identifying digital code (serial number) assigned to a “dollar bill” can be modified/extended endlessly, thereby creating an electronic trail of the experience of the asset. In the case of Fedcoin, it would make tracing of money and its transacting participants relatively easy. There is nothing secret about blockchain coding. Anybody can learn about it. I did, and I am no “techie” or secret agent. Technology is explosively out of control. Robots, Fedcoin, self-driving vehicles, cell phones that give out your info 24/7, drones and more; forget “privacy” (not sure it ever existed anyway), but anonymity did, and it’s gone, too. Best always. PM

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, April 20, your last “deadline”, is long in the rearview mirror, and we’re still here. Now we have to wait until June 7? OK, it’s only 6 days away. As Popeye used to say, “Well blow me down!” Don’t you get tired of living on the edge like this? It’s years now. I appreciate your sincerity. Maybe China cornered the gold market, because they realize fiat money fails eventually? Pull the plug on the USA, and you pull the plug on the world. Everyone knows this, and it’s why it hasn’t happened. Best always. PM

    • Freebreezer

      Jerry – this block chain stuff seems to be a HUUUUUUGE scam! give me some of your currency (preferably in Euro, dollars, yen, etc.) and I will give you some letters/numbers in a unique combination and transfer it to your computer and call it a ‘blockchain’ and wamush it is worth something? And it is not backed by anything other then a lot of computers saying that it is unique? It smells like a black opps out of some corrupt deep state government.

  9. David John Williams

    Thank you Mr Nenner, I hope you are not correct about war, but suspect you are unfortunately. Everyone brings their unique insight to the table…nobody will have it all correct. I think many old school financial pundits are missing the boat on blockchain.
    Two words about blockchain: DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY
    The usual metrics do not apply.
    It doesn’t matter whether the present cryptocurrencies are trials set up by the financial elite(IMO very likely) or if they are legitimate human cleverness circumventing the rigged system(if inclined, pray to God they are); blockchain will form the structure of every aspect of society and economy.
    Establishment is rallying around Bitcoin and Ethereum…it’s my strong opinion that these two cryptos are either their creation or their target for a coup(‘fork’ in crypto-speak). Greg, I think you’ll inevitably be talking more about cryptos as the capital flow will defy comprehension.

  10. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, about every 75 to 80 years there is a major war, seems a generation or two must go by thereby forgetting about the horrors the grandfather & grandmothers went through. Its been almost 80 years since 1945, the end of the second world war, where millions upon millions were killed and or devastated. Your guest is quite correct in that we are in the “time zone” for worldwide financial crisis and war!

    • This Sceptered Isle

      What is worse is that a lot of our leaders used to have military experience. Now they have none. War has become merely an abstract concept to them.

  11. john duffy

    Why The Seth Rich “Investigation” Should Terrify Everyone

    • Frederick

      Thanks for mentioning Seth Rich We need to keep the pressure on and not let TPTB deflect what happened with noise

  12. Paul Anthony

    WOW! A slow 4 year burn of the stock market? It would be interesting to be able to see in a 100 years what society thinks of what we are doing today …OR 100 years Previous of what would the past think of what we are doing today. My guess is there would be a consensus of astonishment between both generations. We seemed to be really “dumbed” down for lack of a better term. Why we as a whole put up with the elite has I guess in a way always been astonishing. Charles Nenner an interesting and seemingly very smart man.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      The problem is the money bubble has been with us for over a hundred years so no one has any experience of what it is like to have sound money.

    • Tin foil hat

      Our parents are the “Greatest Generation”, we are the “Craziest/Ponzi Generation”, our kids are the “Dumbest /Brainwashed Generation” and we will be studied like the Roman Empire.
      Jimmy Carter was a honest man but a weak leader who inherited a bankrupted nation. We were disrespected and treated with contempt, Saudis wouldn’t sell us their oil and Iran charged us an arm and a leg. I remember oil in Canada was much cheaper and plentiful.
      I suspect that is when/why the Deep State stepped up and took over the country in the late 70’s, the onset of the insanity.

  13. Russ

    Thanks Greg, it’s always interesting to Charles Nenner. I really appreciate that he doesn’t have an opinion on things that have limited data, such as Bitcoin. There’s no track record to speak of, and without a past how do you project a future. But then he referenced selling your home to buy Tulips and his “gut feeling” came through loud and clear.

    His thoughts on the price of gold is interesting — $2500-$30,000, but it’s a little expensive at $1260? My interpretation of his statement is that the price of gold is situational. Now, today in our debt based financial system, $1260 is expensive to the “models”, but in a different situation where it was determined that a gold standard was required, a price of $30,000 might be more appropriate — but that won’t be with a debt based financial system. A lot of “wealth” will be destroyed (or transferred) shifting from one system to another.

    Which brings us to war. There are simply too many unknowns imo. If Nenner’s war cycle repeats, I’d much rather be sitting in something tangible even if it seems a bit expensive. Insurance is purchased before the fire, not after. Anybody smelling smoke?

    • Russ

      …”it’s always interesting “listening” to Charles Nenner”.
      It’s too early. Pretty bad when you (in this case I) start with an incomplete sentence.

    • Tin foil hat

      “price of gold is situational. Now, today in our debt based financial system, $1260 is expensive to the “models”, but in a different situation where it was determined that a gold standard was required……..”
      I think you nailed it. The only thing I would change is gold reserve rather than gold standard.
      I have been smelling smoke since 2008. Some folks who are a lot smarter than me have been sounding the smoke alarm since 1998. The squids are the crazy firemen who have kept us from seeing the fire. Sometimes, I really don’t know whether I should thank them or curse them.

  14. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I like Mr. Nenner’s example of Constantinople. The Confederate congress was aguing about how many newspapers should be thrown on the steps of congress the day Richmond fell.
    The problem with Mr. Nenner’s and Mr. Polny’s cycle models is that they believe the cycles go on ad infinitum and they don’t. That is why I say that the destruction in the US by 2024 will by horenndous. After 2024 will be much worse.
    Remember what CAF said, “The value of the gold will be what it takes to bribe the border guard for you and your family.”


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes fall of Roman Empire good comparison but we all might mount a counter and keep it from falling for a generation or two.

      • Tin foil hat

        I think the collapse of the Soviet Union is more appropriate and better comparison. We will likely be around as a strong regional power.
        Nobody will bribe the border guards to get out unless we forsake the constitution and turn communist.

      • Country Codger

        Hi Greg,
        You may not want to post this since it is meant for you. If my calculations are correct, and they have been confirmed by two independent witnesses ((Deut. 17:6; 19:15; Matt. 18:16; 2 Cor. 13:1; 1 Tim. 5:19)), their research was independent of mine but reached the same conclusion, we have 27 years left in YHVH’s calendar. We know that the days will be cut short because Yeshua (Jesus) said so in Matt. 24:22, but how short? All 3 of us have varying views. Fukushima is an E.L.E. and I believe it corresponds to Wormwood in Revelation. The Pacific Ocean, 1/3 of the Earth’s surface water, is becoming a nuclear cesspool and is dying, very quickly.

        I believe that the Scripture shows that the US and every other Christian or Jewish nation will be embroiled in war to the death within the next two and 1/2 years. We will lose 90% of our population (Eze. 20:37. When you pass under the rod 90% die and only 10% survive.) Many of my former comrades within the USG have left the country but I believe the judgement is global this time and there is no safe place to flee to.

        Prepare the hearts, minds and spirits of your family and friends. Also, don’t ask me why, but try Red Rice Yeast for your cholesterol rather than a statin drug, which you are probably not taking.

        Keep up the great work. Your brother in Yeshua Hamachiach (Jesus Christ).

    • This Sceptered Isle

      Maybe there is some truth to their methods but…
      “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes” so you can stick too rigidly to this idea of cycles repeating with little variation.

  15. jodyp

    From all the experts,here and other sites,i keep reading,get out of the market! Now, buy bonds? Greg, i know your guests all have opinions, but this one is confusing to me.Maybe i just see things going so badly, i can’t see a bond market in the future.Hope I’m wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a forecast for mid-2018. I would be dollar cost averaging gold and silver coins but what do I know.

      • Russ

        More than most…

  16. neville

    If you are going to PANIC ,PANIC FIRST…..Charles is absolutely correct to warn people about getting out of the broad market.I suggest that includes bonds and etf’s as well.

    About Gold timing is key but hey !!! No one is buying anywhere near the top and as such I recommend not to try and fine tune your buying as there is a lot of low hanging fruit on the precious metals board and that goes for the rest of the commodities complex.

    Trump inherited a train wreck and there is nothing he can do about it ….HUMPTY DUMPTY IS NOW TALCUM POWDER ……and stock markets world wide are at or near highs and yes 2017 could be the year of the worlds biggest crash ever as we have stretched the elastic band so far back now that when it snaps it is going to hurt.

    The american economic model which we likened to ECONOMIC HIV/AIDS has infected the entire globe …so this time it won’t be different even the poor Polar Bears are going to feel the blast.

    In conclusion ,get out of debt as fast as possible,if you can down size your home …do so.
    Buy as much Gold/Silver as possible as there is very little time left now for averaging.
    Learn to live within your means ,become a Homeopath as the Remedies are far superior to alopathic chemicals ,Best of all Homeopathic remedies are FAR CHEAPER…GOD’S CURES FOR MANKIND….


    • Greg Hunter

      Nice analysis Neville.

  17. francis m reps

    Poor Mr. Nenner, Restates the Obvious ; Markets dangerous…Bitcoin a Mania…and big war on the horizon. Will agree with him completely. He is wrong about Milkin. Milken was a conniver who destroyed perfectly good enterprises in a legal…but un ethical manner. Milken was not a victim of his actions….but deserves sympathy because of his illness. Mr. Nenner might be well advised to have an interpreter at his side ; so he can answer questions in his native tongue and have a literate translator let us know exactly what he means. His presentation is a mish mash of valid truths that are not clearly defined. He is certainly not a Hugo Salinas Price who speaks good understandable English. Mr. Nenner’s insights are worthy of a hearing but it is real work to try and get through his grammar and syntax.

  18. Secret

    Hi Greg

    I wasn’t sure how to send a message but this military website forecasts huge GDP and population decreases by 2025. The USA hit the hardest at the population level at 54 million by 2025. So not sure what we will experience but there are think tanks that believe the G7 countries are diminishing greatly. God Bless. Also I have thought about you when listening to the Sheila Zilinksy podcast as her guests which discuss how the body of Christ do not understand the authority we have . Luke 17-19. The seventy-two returned with joy and said “Lord, even the demons submit to us in Your name.” So He said to them, “I saw satan fall like lighting from heaven. See, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy . Nothing will harm you .” God bless you and your family. Yours in the Lord.

  19. Flattop

    Interesting concept of the 7 Mr Nenner puts forth. Does this match with Clif Highs predictions.

  20. Flattop

    GREG: Regarding his prediction that the war will start in the far east. John Paul Jackson said 10 years ago that China was the dragon and N Korea was the dragons tail. We should beware of the dragons tail.

  21. jacque

    Greg, I know you are friends with Gregory Mannarino. Is he okau? He hasn’t posted anything in awhile…

    • Greg Hunter

      Gregory Mannarino is OK. I talked to him at around 4:00pm eastern time today (5/3/17). He took a few days off with the wife.

      • susan

        Greg is married? Rats!

  22. andyb

    Greg: Charles appears to be a good market analyst, and makes several prescient points. I have just one point of contention. He opines that the market (DOW) will collapse gradually; perhaps he means by 500-1000 points at a time, and perhaps over a 4 year period. Given human nature and the current economic circumstances, I must disagree. Already in the past few years at least 10 major hedge fund managers have cashed out billions, knowing full well that the corporate financial engineering has reached a peak, and that 3 significant segments of the economy are on life support; retail, autos and housing. The first 500-1000 drop in the DOW will create an absolute panic causing a waterfall effect that not even the Plunge Protection Team will be able to rectify. The gold price and the DOW will be 1:1 at 5000. My timing is this Fall.

    • LakeM

      If silver follows gold to the average ratio of 16:1, that’s $312
      or a return of nearly 17x the current price.

      My guess is gold is manipulated by -50% at this time. A reversion to the mean
      of 1 Dow share = 1 oz of gold. How about Dow 10,000 = Gold $10,000?

      You may definitely be correct that a waterfall may occur and the western central banking cabal may lose control and be overwhelmed by market forces. The waterfall could be supported or enhanced by the HFT nature of current stock trading methodology. Its a deep, deep canyon and a long way to fall.

  23. Linda L.

    Mr. Nenner says it’ll be better to hold off to buy gold in 2018, but as the crash/reset approaches, who’s to say by waiting that the metals will be easily obtained, or without sky high premiums?

    • Frederick

      Linda Waiting is a fools game Once the crisis hits in earnest getting physical metals will very likely be very difficult if not impossible I own some and sleep better at night with the insurance they bring

  24. Flattop

    NYT is offering buyout of newsroom people. Question, is this just a reorganization or are they circling the drain?

  25. Jerry

    Its time for a wakeup call. While most Americans have been basking in their self righteous hubris, the rest of the world has been making plans, BIG PLANS and it doesn’t include us! Beneath the surface, and on private exchanges the global currency reset has already begun.

    • paul ...

      A gold backed crypto currency will work for the masses the way gold backed paper currency worked for the masses … until the government arbitrarily removed the gold backing of their fiat (remember Nixon) … so I say … if you want a gold backed bit coin that can’t be defaulted on by governments … buy yourself “a bit” of physical gold (like a 1/20th ounce gold coin) … to me gold backed “electronic fiat” is just like owning gold backed “paper fiat” … the danger is that you are placing other entities between you and your money!! … if you can’t afford gold … buy “bits” of silver … or “bits” of copper and nickel and put a few boxes of pennies and nickels under your bed in case the banks close and people will no longer take the counterfeit paper fiat IOU’s printed like water by all governments!!!

      • paul ...

        A nickel (bit coin) costs 5 cents … an electronic (bit coin) costs $2300 dollars … people buy electronic bit coins because “they have great future appreciation valve” and can go up in value by say 100 times … but consider what a five cent piece has to go up to … to give you 100 times your money? (the answer is $5 dollars) … and what does a nickel (bit coin) with “five steps” currently sell for? (the answer is anywhere from $500 dollars to $5000 dollars … or even $50,000 dollars) … talk about appreciation value … the nickel “bit coin” is heads and shoulders above the “electronic bit coin” and has “zero downside risk” to boot!!!

        • paul ...

          Nenner talks of war … likely in Asia … imagine nuclear weapons flying and exploding everywhere overhead … the “lucky” survivors most likely won’t have working computers … trading will have to be done by bartering “physical things” … so how is a not so lucky survivor going to barter with an “electronic bit coin”?? … at least those with nickel “bit coins” in their pocket may be able to!!!

  26. Bone setter Brown

    If you think it’s gone to far with CNN [Central Negligence Network] with all their attacks on our president, even though they got rid of the IS imitator, redheaded head chopper Kath Griffin, you still can give Exon, a supporter a call, especially if you use Mobile gas or oil, you can register a complaint to Exon for still supporting CNN
    (832) 624-9400. Leave a message. LOVE!
    My line to Exon’s direct!

    • Frederick

      Do you mean Exxon?

  27. NotYourPatsy

    Mr Hunter, I posted something a couple of months back, before I went into the hospital, from Mike Adams ‘Health Ranger’ website. A few readers/posters took exception with Mr Adams personal lifestyle and tried to defame the information I was trying to pass along. This time I hope those who previously passed judgement find this article financially beneficial, as well as everyone else here. If one cannot understand the logic of this article then they are beyond help. I’m recovering just fine and glad to be home (DBCOOPER).
    DO THE MATH: Here’s the rational analysis why 99% of current Bitcoin owners will never be able to sell Bitcoins for anything close to its imagined current value
    By: Mike Adams Date: May 24, 2017 in: Health Ranger


  28. NotYourPatsy

    This was supposed to go along with my above post on ‘Bitcoin’.

  29. NotYourPatsy


  30. francis m reps

    As an aside ; The USA Watchdog” Troika” { Cliff High..Nenner and Polney } . These comprise the Entertainment section of your website. Fitts..Manarino and Kirby { as well as some others } are your serious guests.

    • Justn Observer

      Francis M. Reps, Please offer some opinion …suggestions… but stop the incessant trolling of others… You seem to come to the potluck and complain about the food while you bring nothing. YOUR PLAN IS?

  31. DaDiz

    How do you beat a computer?
    Pull the plug.
    There went your crytocurrency.

    In a cryptocurrency, all one’s financial moves are known, ….by computer experts and government.
    As all governments generally favor those in power, does the citizen wish knowledge of private affairs to be also held by the “wonderful” few? Yikes!

    Consequently, it seems to me; cryptocurrencies are crud.

    • francis m reps

      Jusin Observer is correct. The people I mentioned as entertainment are truly ;” Pot Luck ” in all that the term implies. Truly serious analysis comes from Mannarino..Kirby..Wigington..Morgan..Paul Craig Roberts Fitts…Huge Salinas Price to name a few. A close analysis of the “utterings” of the entertainment guests has them as interesting….but not in the same league as the ones mentioned at the head of this comment. Pot Luck ?? I’d rather eat in a fine restaurant.

      • Justn Observer

        Still….they bring something do they not… and some do understand their approach of gathering information and data…and offering to make sense of it…be it cycles…or technical mining of cause/effect linguistics or frequency of repetitions that cause consequence… Their efforts are appreciated. But…. then here —again— we find the rants of man lost in his own ability to ”’offer”’ anything beyond dissatisfaction and to fulfill his life of being a critic of what he can not understand…nor offers one objective statement of the preparation or remedy of the topics discussed… Sir, you are the onion in the pot luck spoken of… that who arrives with nothing in hand but criticism of what others offer… Likely do eat at fine restaurants…complain of the temperature of the water served…excuse enough not to bother leaving tip… other than some criticism of the chef choice of seasoning! Enough …we move on! The wonder will be ….will be able to pay for
        the tab with bitcoins , filings off a gold coin, A few things we do know… things do happen at both death and golden crosses…and gap ups and down fill in the short run 94% of the time… Major conflicts have occurred every 100 years since God knows when and every fiat debt currency in history has in the end …like the empires…failed.

  32. Bruce Fadem

    Thank you for your wonderful interview from Charles Nenner who does some really innovative work. I enjoyed and learned from the interview.
    But the main reason I am writing to you is about your upcoming interview with Clif High. He is a serious supporter of Crypto Currencies. Consider asking Mr. High, if he sees any parallels with the Tulip Mania in the Netherlands or the South Sea Bubble.
    I am a monthly subscriber with Clif and enjoy his writings and videos very much. But I think to be balanced in assessing his work, you should ask him about the accuracy of his predictions. I believe it is around 50% and it might be good if listeners understood that before they take every prediction as gospel. He is very very good but not always correct. Before people lay down their money on his crypto currency predictions they should know his accuracy rate.
    I continue to believe in you and Clif and will support the both of you. To that end I will be sending a contribution to you at the end of this week.
    Keep up the great work and yes, The Truth will set us free.

    Yankee in NC

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bruce. Will do.

  33. J.Bullocks
    Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd on Hillary Clinton’s #CodeCon Interview Today
    Go to The Audio:

  34. Mohammad

    Today after the brave and tall decision of Mr Trump to pull out of Paris accord, I realized this guy is the real deal, he works for US , cares about US and he is all about the average US citizens, it came late to me but better than never.

    Nothing wrong with reassessing my stands and my positions and when I realize that I am on the wrong side I should correct it .

    The more time passes the more I respect our president Trump and what he stands tall for.

    Am out after this comment but I felt I owe him at least that much.

    God bless US and God bless our president.


    • Greg Hunter

      Happy you are back Mohammad!!

    • Tin foil hat

      Hey, don’t be a stranger. You are almost like my wife. She drives me nuts when I’m with her but I miss her when she is away.

  35. Elusive Joseph

    Non sequitur, but here’s a video of a new and recent undercover expose of Planned Parenthood. Youtube, Vimeo, etc are censoring the video, but the owner of the following site has downloaded it, and it can be watched here:!/#msg552303

  36. Paul van de Waarsenburg

    Thank you very much for this interview Greg Hunter and Charles Nenner. So it will be the start of a gradual decline of the stock market which will start in the fall of 2017, regarding Charles Nenner, whose opinion stands opposite to the prediction of Martin Armstrong. Armstrong sees a higher stock market – DJI 23.000 – in the near future (2017/2018), followed by a quick move to DJI 30.000+ – in 2018, if I understand him correctly – and he advises to dump governement bonds (now). So what’s it gonna be? I am waiting for a new ‘one-on-one’ with Mr. Armstrong.

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