The Anti-Dollar is Coming – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s 

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says his analysis shows there is big trouble coming for the U.S. dollar.  The dollar’s reserve currency status is on its way to being a thing of the past.  Nenner explains, “The dollar is still up.  We have a target on the dollar of 113 (on the USDX).  It’s now around 110, but it’s not going to be surviving as the major currency.  People don’t trust what is going on in the United States. . . . We have seen this happen to other countries.  We saw this happen to the British.   They are going to go to another major currency.  The BRIC countries and China are preparing to have an anti-dollar.  I have told you for years that the dollar is not going to crash, but now it is time.  In a year or so, they will really be getting into trouble with the dollar.  If the dollar goes down, of course, the inflation goes even higher.  So, actually, there is no way out anymore.  Every Federal Reserve President has said let’s keep it going.  The dollar is going to collapse, but not in my lifetime, and now there is almost nothing left to do anymore. . . . If you forgive the student loans, you will have a big problem.  First of all, it’s impossible.  They pretend nothing will come out of it, but it will destroy the economy.  When they get out of college, students make 4 or 5 times what other people earn, and it is being paid by the simple people.  You are going to have more social unrest than you have ever seen.”

Nenner says a big crash is inevitable.  Nenner says, “Soon the pensions are going to be in trouble.  The buying power is going to be in trouble.  This is simply a situation that has been crated for . . . many years.  There is simply no way out.  We have to crash.  We have to get a depression.  The whole economy will have to start all over again.”

Nenner predicted in May that a “Third of the global population will be killed in next war cycle.”   The only good news is that it has been pushed back a little and will not start at the beginning of 2023.  Nenner says, “We are going to continue on this pace for war, and it is going to explode in the second half of 2023.”

Nenner says you have seen the lows in interest rates, and the long-term trend is up.  Nenner has been out of the bond market for close to a year.

Nenner has never been more bullish on gold and silver.  He says because of the massive money printing, there will be massive inflation.  Nenner says, “This happened to the Dutch economy.  It happened to the British Empire.  That’s how it goes.  At the end they always print money, and they don’t deserve it.  It’s hard to say, but this usually ends in a war. . . . You have to buy gold and silver. . . . Gold will be up strong up until 2027, but you have to have a strong stomach to take the ups and downs.”

There is much more in the 42 min. interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner. (9.6.22)

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  1. Robert Coleman

    BINGO ! Have got 99% of my liquid funds out of the US Dollar into Singapore / Russia and Chinese Currencies as well as Gold and Silver. The Dollar as we know it is Toast.

    • Janet

      Good going Robert – but Stan is not going to like hearing “The US dollar is Toast” and that Gold and Silver will be strong for the next half decade!!

      • Johnny Cool

        The U.S. Dollar? What about the Euro?

        MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Russia has closed the major Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany claiming it is off for 3 days for maintenance due to turbine issues. Europe and the U.S. dispute those claims and have accused Putin of “weaponizing” energy.

        Thus, Putin would play the major card and cut off ALL of Europe from Gas. He can easily sell it elsewhere. Then what for Europe?

        Is that the collapse our model has forecast for the Euro?

        • Johnny Cool

          Look up European U.S. Dollar money market funds. Up about 14% for the year in Euro terms.

          Brent Johnson’s ‘Dollar Milkshake Theory’ explained here in detail by George Gammon.

        • Amrev2

          Yes, the euro too. The west. The clash of Titans ,globalists vs bric’s, is the real war that lamestrem never mentions. The iron bank needs a catastrophe to blame their sins on. Retirement funds and other human centric liabilities will go to ZERO. This gentleman’s conclusion is exactly the same as that of Klaus Schwab’s. This is reality. 99% of people know neither the players,nor the real rules of the central banker’s game which plays out over the heads of people and even nations. The inevitable end of this cycle is over. Now come the price and only human beings will pay in blood and suffering. Get out of cities. Love

          • Amrev2

            They are not crazy. They are evil.

        • Janet

          Does anyone (using their God given brain) consider it strange that Western leaders “think it is perfectly OK” to sanction Russia and confiscate the assets of individual Russians – but “that it is somehow not OK” if Russia responds by sanctioning Europe back??

          • Tinfoilhatted Canuck


            It is perfectly normal once you embrace the “exceptional nation” pronouncements. Thus it ( the US ) and all its various minion states ( the ‘west’) can convince themselves the inherent double standard / hypocrisy in play is valid.

            • Tom Breukers

              When Charles is in Amsterdam he’s a 100 miles from Germany not 1500 miles or 2000 miles, lol

              • Greg Hunter

                Amsterdam to berlin is 409 miles. So, we are both wrong. LOL!

        • Johnny Cool

          ‘Tuomas Malinen is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GnS Economics in Helsinki, Finland. Today, Wednesday, September 7, 2022, he is publicly saying that Europe is heading into a total collapse of business, and its currency, within weeks.’

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Robert, I live in Thailand and have 50% here in the Baht and this country has a Debt to GDP of 50% and the people work harder than most. I have gold and silver with 35% and the balance of 15% in the dollar now. Very sad and makes me so upset what is going on now. Thanks Greg again. Charles is every bit as smart as Martin Armstrong.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks, DGD!
        I agree and Armstrong is very smart.

        • A. HALL



          • Robert Messina


          • FireDog

            POTUS Trump has been in-office since 2017 and will continue to serve a third term in 2025. 🙂 It is MILITARY who controls CHINA since they overthrew USA by the rigged election to “occupy” the White House, Media, federal government, Big Tech, and Hollywood because COMMUNISM is the commonality that Military blocks from causing a civil war in America.

            • Hillbilly from Arkansas

              Q – says Trump is omnipresent.

              real raw news states Trump has had every member of congress that opposes him as well as world leaders that oppose him have already been executed at Gitmo.

              Most of congress and world leaders are just body doubles and Trump is in control of all of them.

        • Dawn

          It makes me laugh at how the USA always thinks the wars are going to be aboard. Well thy are NOT, not for much longer.

          Everyone on the planet knows the USA cannot and will NOT be able to handle a war here in her own ground but that IS what is coming. Can’t wait even though I live here.

          Keep dreaming America, your day is coming and it will make 911 – an inside job no less – look like a picnic in the park because compared to what some go through, 911 is exactly that – a picnic in the park.

          I know Greg, you are NOT going to allow my comment because it’s the truth and even with you – we can’t speak the truth now can we esp. if it slags of the USA.

          • Steve Bice

            “Everyone on the planet knows the USA cannot and will NOT be able to handle a war here in her own ground but that IS what is coming.”

            “Can’t wait even though I live here.”

            Appalling and naive comment. It is easy to be glib until death arrives at the door of your family and friends. Sad…

          • Trevor Powell

            I get where you are coming from but it isn’t a focused or intelligent focus on who is responsible. America is a slave to the bankers, and the bankers have enslaved all of humanity, not just the US. Civil war is not the answer. War against congress through ratifying the constitution to impose term limits on congressman, dissolving the central banks and waging war with the IMF is the solution. We need a fair and equitable money system that isn’t controlled by derivative markets. With out this we we never see change.

        • Dawn

          I still fail to understand why people the world over are NOT making those responsible accountable for the liar wars / financial shit / murder / corruption / fraud and so much more.

          People everywhere WILL get exactly what they deserve and rightly so, all the while those responsible will ride off into the sunset with OUR money to like like God’s because WE did sht about about it.

          I know many people who have absolutely no interest whatsoever as to what is going on. They don’t even have an inkling or even want to know or care.

          We are the absolute minority so I don’t think we stand much of a chance at the end of the day.

      • Robert Coleman

        Thailand is a Great Place to Live – been going there since 1995 and only recently due top Covid Lockdowns have not been able to travel to Thailand as I have lived in the Guangzhou China area for over 20 years now and bought my property before the crazy Boom that has lead to a Bust – when property was built to last and not ToFu Construction like today in China where the builders cut so many corners that the end result looks good and yet is not safe and will collapse and fail easily. China is going through Hell at the Moment, Chengdu Earthquake 6.9, Covid Lockdowns and Drought Conditions destroying crops and businesses throughout China. One Electronic Factory within 30 minutes of my home has closed it’s doors after 39 years due to Covid Lockdowns, lack of business and loss of money as a result. Thousands of workers are now without any job or income. This is being repeated thousands of times throughout China. Eben My Own factory making Fire Safety Supplies is hurting domestically due to closure of Hotels and other businesses who normally would require our products. Workers at our own factory have not been paid since June of this year. The SHTF is everywhere. Will be tested again tonight for COVID – Minimum of twice a week where I live – thank goodness it’s free – most other places still require the individual pay for the testing – a money making scheme by the members of the CCP to fill their coffers. Same everywhere in the world – those elite 1%’ers are screwing over the remaining 99%. The Masses are waking up to the corruption.

        • FireDog

          Blessing to you Robert Coleman.

        • Chris

          Thank you for your comments Robert. I understand where you’re coming from. I lived and worked in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Chengdu and Xingtai mostly) from mid 90s to 2019 and I saw a lot of good things happen during that time. Sure, a lot of corruption and all that, but generally things were moving in a positive direction. Nothing like the last few years under Mao #2 (Xi Jing Ping). It’s as if he and his clique want to do exactly the same as the western elites – destroy their people. I don’t buy the BS about China being the baddies and the US/West being the goodies though. True, Xi has beefed up the military and they now influence policy more than the civilians but I think the US has a lot to answer for. Xi is a reaction to planting US bases all around China with missiles aimed at key Chinese cities. And the US navy sailing through the South China Sea like it’s a US lake. I believe the US will provoke war with China over Taiwan (unless the stooges in Taipei get a wake up call) and it and its puppy dog allies (Japan and Australia) will be drawn in with empty promises. They’ll all get their backsides handed to them (unless the nukes fly and we’re all dead then). I can’t understand the madness engulfing the world at the moment. Like Nenner said, they are all crazy.

      • Wolfie

        Hello David, I live in Thailand, too, Prachuap province, Hua Hin. I have also transfered around 40% of my Euros to Thailand hoping the Baht will do better than western currencies when SHTF. But, frankly, I am not fully convinced of it. Thai economy not lloking good. Too much depending on Tourism. Greetings

    • Tommy

      If people ask what percentage of their wealth should be in precious metals, simply ask what percentage of their wealth they would like to keep after inflation.

    • Trevor Powell

      I suggest you look up the history of the BIS the IMF and The Fed. The way I see it the Fed is going to sacrifice the dollar to the BIS, The BIS is going to sacrifice all currencies to the new Gold Backed IMF dollar. So when you dig into it who controls the the Fed? well the BIS dose. Well who controls the BIS? well the IMF dose. So what do they all have in common? They own more gold and silver than any country on the planet. So who is backing the the new Eurasian gold exchange pricing mechanism to compete with the LBMA? Well that would be the IMF. There is no winning if you stay in fiat. Do what the big money is doing and get into no counterparty risk and buy gold and silver. primarily gold.

  2. William Simonton

    Thank you for another Dutch/Swiss great interview 2 in week 👏

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words of support.

  3. No worries

    Hi Greg ,
    As a longtime viewer & contributor, another “hit outta the park” excellent interview!
    Charles Netter was right about this interview . He normally plays it close to the vest, this time he provided actually more information. (I’m going to give his service a try) His comment at the end verified my observation. His European perspective of the US and the can’t-wait-to-lose (traitorous) Republicans and Democrat communists mirrors the US conservative views. So, it’s not the conservatives who aren’t seeing reality….

    I wonder what his view on the vaxx and it’s consequences are..

    I never miss an interview. Thanks for all your hardwork and steadfast conservative broadcasting and Christian ethics. God bless, prosper and protect you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nenner has never been this bullish on gold and silver.
      That says a lot. Thanks for the kind words and “blessings”!!

    • Bob Brinker

      I wonder what his [NENNER’S] view on the vaxx and it’s consequences are..
      No worries.
      No Worries, No worries,
      I can safely assume Charles is up to snuff and as an follower, WHY even the sheeple are demanding answers and the truth and consequences are obviouse!
      Americans Demand Answers to Blood Clot Crisis Expanding Nationwide
      Posted 4 hours ago
      A high school athlete just had six feet of blood clots removed from his legs
      And you’re seeing headlines nearly every day about people suddenly suffering from blood clots.

      • Mike G

        My son has blood clots in his entire right leg, was “let go” from walmart because he could not keep up with the job due to continual pain and suffering. Doctors say they may have to operate. Just a coincidence of course. Double vaxxed.

        • Earth Angel

          I’m so sorry Mike G. Praying for you and your son. I hope he will recover and be ok. Why on earth did he take the 2 jabs? Was he required by his workplace? God Bless you both. So much suffering because of the evil lies and jabs. Very sad.

          • Mike G

            yes required at previous employment at nursing home.

  4. John Maskell

    Always comforting watching USA Watchdog. Do you know why, because it’s the truth . Thank you Greg .

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind John!! Thanks.

      • Roger Stamper

        thumb up

  5. Doug

    I feel like I’m at the top of a roller coaster. You know the bottom is coming, and coming fast, but you start off slow and then, BOOM, here we go. Thanks for bringing Charles on Greg. Good timing on your part!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Doug, and I know what you mean about the roller coaster!

    • Janet

      The bottom is coming fast for Europe – soaring energy bills are threatening to put half of the European manufacturers out of business very soon – hope the people who voted the “commies” into office are now happy about it (as they will soon own nothing) – Europe’s gas crunch deepened even further over the weekend as Russia decided not to turn the crucial Nord Stream pipeline back on after maintenance was completed – if you think things are bad now – it will be much much worse this winter when the price for natural gas will explode upward and the EU Governments will have to “subsidize both people and industry” with more worthless fiat paper printed out of thin air so people can heat their homes and keep the factories open – but “exponential money printing” is going to push prices even higher – and – at the same time the EU and US madmen (also known as politicians) will be trying to keep their debt-funded Ukraine war going with hyper-exponential money printing and will even try to intensify and expand the war into Russia and start an additional war with China besides – “requiring even more hyper-exponential money printing” – seems to me – the Banksters are going to have a hard time keeping the price of Gold and Silver down (Stan will likely have to work overtime to get us to Sell our Gold and buy insolvent Deutsche Bank with the proceeds of our precious metal sales)!!

      • Janet

        The de facto total annihilation of Europe and America is now underway – and the WEF/UN Globalists are jumping for joy – one of them even said: “God created us humans with two arms so we can get jabbed with the flu shot in one arm and the Covid19 kill shot in the other arm” (and thus be terminated of “all our life functions”) – yet – unthinking people are still lining up to be put into the Globalists Social Credit Score System (even subconsciously “knowing” that anyone who’s Social Credit Score falls below 50% “will most likely be automatically scheduled for extermination”)!!

        • Johnny Cool

          Yes Janet, but listen to George Gammon’s explanation of Brent Johnson’s Dollar Milkshake Theory, see comment above, has link.

          • Janet

            Make a milkshake of marbles and feathers (where the feathers are US dollars and the marbles or Euro’s and Yen) – and pour the contents to the ground – the US dollar will fall at a slower rate then the marbles but still losing value (as prices in the US rise) – but the Euro and Yen (marbles) are falling faster then the US dollar (and prices in Europe and Japan will rise faster then in the US) – when the US dollar is charted against the Euro and Yen (although the US dollar is “falling in value”) – it “looks like” it is holding up relative to the Euro and Yen – but the US dollar is not rising – it is falling – and ultimately (when people step back and see the entire picture) the fact that it is falling will be reflected in the US dollar price of Gold as well as the price of Gold in Euro’s and Yen!!

            • Johnny Cool

              Yes, but listen to George Gammon, the Dollar Milkshake Theory is very interesting. At some point the dollar and gold may rise together.

              And one other thing Janet, aren’t you due for another change of persona?

              • Greg Hunter

                I do not see them accounting for all the trillions in derivatives or the trillions in “missing money.” They are missing major ingredients that are unaccounted for. I don’t know what that means but it will dramatically add to volatility.

                • Janet

                  Speaking of missing major ingredients – I would like to know who was left on the Moon to film the Apollo 17 take off (and adjust the camera to follow its rise into space)? – – was this done by an alien brother?? – proving beyond any doubt that they do exist???

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Good one!!

            • FastMark

              They’ve already printed trillions and trillions of dollars out of thin air and PM’s are going nowhere. I agree with you theoretically but they manipulate PM’s 100%, they will likely never appreciate like we expect and want them to.

              • Janet

                Once the digital Dollar goes into effect – people will begin to realize why PM’s are valuable – because – their new digital money can easily have “an expiration date placed on it” – (where you must use it “only on the things the government allows you to buy” or you lose it) – people will begin to “see the benefits” of owning Gold and Silver – that can be spent as you wish and are a real store of value as governments can’t say it becomes valueless after a certain date (so people can store such money and even pass it on to the next generation untaxed)!!

  6. Better Chetter

    Chas Nenner noting at interview-end, of event happening within 30 days . . . coincidental to Vatican moving money by end of Sept. . . . and oddly enough, my local bank stopping the credit lines on rental property as of Sept 3, 2022 !! Financiers are looking to be more liquid, then, to take advantage of some buying opportunity, when the bottom hits ??

    Ben Fulford notes similar ideas on his site: High-level sources are mentioning dates like September 8th, 11th and 23rd, as part of a Khazarian Mafia attempt to extort money from the rest of the world as the September 30th payments deadline for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation and its KM owners approaches.

    • Janet

      You know – Earth (by the Grace of God) – really “lucked out” – and just missed being hit with a massive Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) – which could have fried our entire electrical system and all our computers (luckily Noah Horrori still has not put chips in our heads “that will fry”) – luckily the massive CME went off on the back side of the Sun opposite the Earth and is now headed for Venus (if it blows away the Venus atmosphere – it won’t hurt any life forms like the massive CME that hit Earth years ago that blew away Earth’s atmosphere for hours killing the Monmouth’s grazing on the grass and who suffocated and died with uneaten grass in their mouths) – “but there is bad news” – in 10 days (about September 18) “the Sun will have rotated” and the Giant Sunspot AR3080 that just released this Massive CME “will be facing Earth once again” – the Pope is not taking any chances on any internet/financial breakdown and has ordered all it’s money be returned to Rome!! –

  7. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Nenner great interviewees in such a short time.

  8. Anita

    Thank you both. Nenner is one of your better guest in my opinion. Could listen to him for hours.

  9. Vince Osburn

    Thanks for bringing on Charles Nenner. Might be my favorite of all your guests.

  10. stanley skrzypek

    Just a little history lesson….”Kennedy in 1966″….(minute 23:30)… actually was 1962 the “Cuban missile crisis” took place…..with all due respect…and NO Disrespect…

  11. Igor Mak

    Mr Hunter, I think US is a great country and always was. You say 11-12% crazy this mean 90% not, one of the great american with Jesus in heart, Edgar Cayce, coin therm “greatest war in human history” in regards of 2nd World War. This means there will be NO WAR, will be transition to better life and Russia is part of that. Looks like russians seting up new system and new type of money and should offer americans to add “IN GOD WE TRUST” on that money

    • Greg Hunter

      There will be war, but I hope I am wrong.

      • Don Wohlers

        Yes, Greg I agree that there will be a war and the Bible tells us a fourth of the people will be killed. It is coming very soon.
        Blessings to you and Charles Nenner for another excellent art.

        • Scott W

          This view point only matters if do you not believe in the idea of Pre-Tribulation Rapture…

          • Don Wohlers

            That is true but if you read Rev:6 and the opening of the 6th seal, that is what describes the coming of Christ with his Angeles to gather us. Just look at Mat:24 and others. It is when the sun darkens and the stars fall etc. that is when He comes for us. That is after the first 5 seals.

          • Sean

            The Federal reserve owns over 1 trillion dollars in student loans. The Govt along with the FED can “erase” that debt and it would both clear a portion of the FED’s balance sheet while simultaneously working as a MMT infusion thru debt payment relief into the economy.

    • Chris

      Igor, Cayce prophesied that “on Russia’s religious development will come the greater hope of the world” (that has definitely started). He said Russia would be “guided by her friendship” with the United States” (Reagan started down that road with Gorbatchov but then the Neocons took over). Cayce’s prophesy was delivered in 1932 at the height of Stalinist oppression. It seemed whacky to everyone at the time, but since then much has changed in Russia, obviously. However, if this prophecy is going to come true as regards the second part, it will need a complete change in the people in charge of the US (and the Anglosphere generally) and western Europe There is zero friendship for Russia among the secret societies that currently control America and the West generally, who wish to see the Atlanticist sea based empire continue. Their greatest fear is a Russia-German alliance with the Central and East Asian nations across the land mass of Eurasia (China’s Belt and Road must be destroyed at all cost and the 20 years of pointless intervention in Afghanistan was part of that). Germany twice destroyed itself in the twentieth century (with a little help from its enemies in the West), and it looks like a third self-destruction is on the cards. If a German-Russian alliance happened it would spell doom for the Anglo-American 250 year imperial reign. Therefore, they are determined to destroy Russia, not befriend it. I think their days are numbered but they will create a lot of destruction and misery globally before they disappear, mercifully, from history. I’m not American, but to me the US ruling elite (military-industrial-banking-espionage complex) is evil. Only the average, decent, honorable ordinary American (the 99%) can get rid of that diabolical complex. That’s the only hope for us all. Incidentally, Cayce also said China would one day be the center of Christianity applied in the lives of mankind. Food for thought, isn’t it.

  12. Donald Bryant

    If we are “going to war” why would you not want a nice large cashe of physical? I don’t trust Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Energy, Big War and especially Big Banks. I like Nenner but me thinks he talks his book a bit much. It’s time for Clif High, Bo Polny let’s get Marc Farber on here. He never pulls a punch. I appreciate what you do Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Donald.

    • Ray

      Agreed 100% Donald.
      Whilst Nenner’s views on the possibilities of global war were interesting, much of this interview had to do with his thoughts upon “timing the market”.
      Unfortunately, early on in the interview, Nenner talked about JFK doing something in 1966.
      JFK’s head was destroyed by a bullet…….in 1963.
      So……Nenner’s discussions around “timing”, for me, goes down with the wine & cheese.
      Other than that… enjoyable interview…..thanks to Greg and his guest for their insights.
      Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation.

    • Free_Loader

      And the great Gerald Celente!

      • stanley skrzypek

        Hey Free_Loader……Jerry Celente is a Vietnam Era DRAFT DODGER .. his Credibility is Zero to any Vet who Fought and Served for our Country….along with the FACT that he detests our President Trump and is a close Piasano with Andy Nepalitano the disgraced former judge who has a “Beef” with President Trump because he was Passed Over for the Supreme Court that he is totally unqualified, along with four other members sitting up there……the only word I think of when these two “Clowns” are in the “Spotlight” is NARCISSISM….and BIASED Blabber……

        • Bodych

          Your attack on Celente is clownish. I knew many people who avoided Vietnam, and it was NOT a badge of dishonor to do so. Vietnam was a meat grinder of American kids, ALL FOR NOTHING: Parents sacrificed their kids for a corrupt MIC and a corrupt sequence of presidents who purposely, knowingly caused an unnecessary slaughter of young Americans.

          And one day, on top of a draft that excluded females, a lottery system was started: Get a low number, boys, and get a free ticket to certain death or lifelong PTSD. That undeclared war CRIPPLED hundreds of thousands of Americans who never deserved what the US government handed them.

          You don’t seem to have a clue as to what you’re talking about, and you seem to have glaring affection for billionaire Trump, who for one reason or another, got bailed out decades ago after teetering on bankruptcy for his investment idiocy. You might look into exactly who bailed him out, and then ask yourself, are there strings attached…favors to be granted?

          So instead of making libelous remarks about Celente and Nepalitano, why don’t you crack open a few history books and teach yourself some facts about the Vietnam era bloodfest, where young Americans served the best interests of the war profiteers that are still drinking their blood today. “Fought and Served for our Country”, my ass. What an insult to our collective intelligence.

          • Johnny Cool

            And watch ‘Born On The Fourth of July.’


          • Janet

            And our politicians “are still unnecessarily slaughtering young Americans” (with their killer clot shot) – you know – many (like Trump) say they believe the official narrative (when the real science clearly indicates “the jabs are not safe” and “do not protect anyone from contracting Covid”) – these people are in fact participating in murder – and they need to settle their earthly affairs (and come to terms in their own minds how they will eventually present themselves to God the Father) – they can simply blame and justify their actions on the Powers and Principalities at work in this world like Big Pharma and the WEF – or they can say “they were simply following orders – but – does anyone believe God the Father is going to buy that excuse? – better to turn around and “engage in the fight against the Satanic Powers that be” (which will be more helpful toward ones spiritual redemption in the eyes of God) – rather then – stick with the Luciferians and “enforce their endgame”!! – to simply go along with the worldwide Holocaust now being inflicted upon humanity by an Immoral Evil Cabal of Satanic Trans-humanistic Globalists (devoid of a soul and devoid of the God-given spark of life that occurs upon inception) Is A Prescription For “Eternal Damnation” – how can some people “just ignore what is going on” as a depopulation eugenics “Final Solution” is taking place “right before their very eyes”?? – how can people just detach their soul from the body God created in his image – simply for the greedy lust of fiat paper? or the lust for power?? – these people must repent and push back against evil – they must choose “to be the moral beings God originally intended for them to be” – they must reject the sacrifice of their body and soul to an Evil Trans-humanist Cult headed by Noah Horrori and Klaus Schwab – and be one with our Lord and Savior “Jesus Christ” – Who Did Not Choose To Die On The Cross “To Save A Bunch Of Robotic Borgs”!!!

          • Mike G

            Well Said Bodych.
            They fought and died for the Military Ind Complex, as has most US soldiers since then.

          • stanley skrzypek

            not sorry if i offended you…..You’re total IGNORANCE of Patriotic Americans who stepped up to the Plate for service to their Country and their disdain for COWARDS is truly Mind Boggling…..It is people like you who are woke and tolerant of TRAITORS,the Sodom and Gomorrah types, and CORRUPT POLITICIANS.. are the downfall of this formerly Great Republic that is now Inhabited by people like YOU…..are Pathetic..

            • Mike G

              Yes Ok Stanley. Guess you disagree with the founding fathers to avoid foreign conflicts. Those were the true patriots, not the policemen of the world US Military Industrial Complex congress critters that sit in DC. Yes those of us who did not get to be inducted into Vietnam where cowards because we didn’t enlist. NO we weren’t idiots.

        • Shiloh1

          Hi Stanley.
          I was born a little after that war started. What was it about? The old globe in my 4th grade geography class did not have a ‘Vietnam’ anywhere but did have a ‘French Indo-China’. I once came across a picture of a young Ho Chi Minh at Versailles ~ 1919 and the a Victorious Top Hats told him to scram. I see plenty of Made In Vietnam products on the shelves in the Big Box Stores.

    • Shiloh1

      Would like to hear from Faber. I think it’s been about a year since he’s been on.

  13. Johnny Cool

    As Nenner says you have to know when to sell!

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Pelosi knew when to sell! Paul Pelosi, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, sold off 25,000 shares of Nvidia. A month later, the US government banned Nvidia from selling chips to Russia and China to “address the risk that the covered products may be used in, or diverted to, a ‘military end use’ or ‘military end user.’” Nvidia also happens to produce the A100 GPU in Taiwan, where Nancy’s attention has been suddenly diverted.

  14. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg- Awesome guest, it is always good to hear a different perspective-from Europe. It is almost like we are in a cartoon. Side note- the ten year treasury yield has been moving around a lot lately and that is not good. It means something. Also, we put some baby catfish in our pond this summer and they are big enough (5-6 inches) we have started to give them a little floating food around sunset, and i have discovered it is a lot of fun especially when the grand daughter says ‘more time, more time’ to throw out a few pellets. I hope everyone reading this can find something to enjoy also. The news is heavy.

    • Robert F

      As he blamed america for war, its his europeans masters pushing it

      why did he ignore the WEF rothschild enterprise that is behind this all including whats happening in america?

  15. Janet

    Remember folks – the Evil Demonic WEF “Nephilim” Globalists want to mingle our seed with computers – but God through his Angel Gabriel gave us the power to stop these scorpions, snakes and vipers – a day is fast approaching when we will begin scheduling these WEF Demon spawn for destruction and extermination (and continue to keep Satan and his “Fallen Angels” locked up in Antarctica by using the Arc of Gariel – for it seems the day of Yawm al-Qīyāmah (or Qiyâmah) which means literally Day of “Satan’s” Resurrection is here now in our lifetime!! – we can now easily see the “grave global implications” of the extraordinary evil planned for us (The Total Annihilation of the Human Race) by these WEF Globalist Demons – thankfully I believe the “Ark of Gabriel” has been unearthed “to save Humanity” – it has been reported that Pope Francis contacted Patriarch Kirill requesting an urgent and immediate meeting warning that “The End Is Near” – after which Patriarch Kirill agreed to meet the Roman Catholic Church leader in Cuba (a historic meeting that had not taken place between these church leaders in nearly 1,000 years) – although the exact nature of the talks between Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis remain unknown – supposedly an “ancient secret manuscript” was given to Patriarch Kirill by Pope Francis that pertained to the “Ark of Gabriel” – Patriarch Kirill (using this “secret text” given to him by Pope Francis) preformed an “ancient ritual” over the “Ark of Gabriel” in the Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity Church in Antarctica – and immediately thereafter the “Ark” was transported into the vast interior of Antarctica by a Highly Specialized Military Unit (to a destination and purpose not yet identified) – but I believe we can logically conjecture it is being used to “keep Satan and his “fiery” Fallen Angels – Locked Up!! –

    • Janet

      Jesus Christ is right here with us folks – “Ruling his Kingdom” using a “Rod of Iron” (i.e. the Arc of Gabriel) “To Save Humanity” – and he will punish the Damn Evil WEF Nephilim Devils, Vipers, Serpents and Scorpions – the Demon rats are scared and in fear and are beginning to jump ship (starting with Fauci)!!

  16. Ed Mustafo

    A Red October, then a Hypnotic November….Transition is coming, nothing is perfect but it will get better. Almost time to take back our country. Keep the Faith…..

    • Hillbilly from Arkansas

      Q – says trust the Plan.

      Trump is in charge of the world.

  17. Jerome Not Powel

    what if Putin’s-Russia is just following a script, the said
    anti-dollar is a shadow of what’s coming to be an all out war and destruction worldwide to escape blame from hubris, tyranny, greed by this cockroaches fake money master’s.

  18. Johnny Cool

    HAL TURNER: Today the Russian Foreign Ministry made a remark, on the record, to Russia’s Sputnik News Service which changes the entire dynamic concerning the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, and the remark is frighteningly ominous.

    Commenting about the situation and the actions taken by the European Union and United States, the foreign Ministry told Sputnik “The security of the European continent is at risk due to EU action in Ukraine.”

    Did you get that? Did that sink in? “The security of the European continent is at risk due to EU action in Ukraine.”

    That remark, casually reported by Sputnik, seems to convey to those paying attention, that Europe is now risking a very much wider war over the things it has done, and continues to do, in Ukraine.

    It seems to some keen observers that Russia is coming to the conclusion that they may have to take all of Europe.

    • Frank D2

      Russia has no interest whatsoever in taking over debt ridden and anti-assimilated Europe. The danger to Europe that he spoke of meant the coming collapse due to EU/NATO/US sanctions against Russia which have boomeranged against Europe (and US) and are destroying them. Russia is all about traditional morals and religions and wants nothing to do with the immoral “west” anymore.

      • Chris

        Frank, you hit the nail on the head. By the way, it isn’t just Russia that sees the psychosis afflicting the West and its rulers (many of them unelected mandarins in Brussels). Africa has opted out. India (supposedly part of the useless Quad, with tin pot Australia and Japan backing the US) has said “no thanks”. ASEAN nations and most of Latin America have also seen the madness and declined the offer to join the loony bin. That’s 85% of planet Earth’s population. Outside Europe, only the US colonies Australia, NZ and Canada and its vassal state Japan are buying into the insanity – and even Japan is beginning to realize it’s an Asian country after all.

    • Janet

      The UK is taking the threat serious and has moved its fighter planes to civilian airports (just like the Ukrainians have moved their weapon systems into Hospitals and Churches for protection)!!

      • Johnny Cool


        Anything can happen.

        Death and destruction is a recurring theme in human history.

  19. Naomi

    Hello Greg,
    This was an interesting interview – thank you.
    I see a new article from King World News:
    If there is only a small amount of gold and silver available in the market, maybe it would not be wise to wait till October to buy???!

    • Stinking Bull

      They have been harping that for twenty years. Call your local coin shop and talk to them.
      -Or go on Discount Gold and Silver Trading 800-375-4188 ask for Melody the owner.

      • J. Loughran

        “Janet”, Thanks for the Intel… English and the Empire backed expanded EU forces are installing weapon systems within civilian compounds, schools and hospitals?… Long Live the Hegemony?

    • Lucas Doolin

      I think Nenner is going to buy an ETF. That is why he can wait and buy at the bottom.
      As you probably know most gold bug analysts say that GLD and SLV are frauds and have no metal. I wonder if Nenner follows them. Sprott in Canada supposedly has the gold and silver.

      • Greg Hunter

        Nenner does NOT own or trade stocks in any way.

        • Lucas Doolin

          So can you tell us how he invests his money. When he says he is out of stocks or bonds how does he do that if he doesn’t have a trading account.

  20. Allen


    Absolutely you cannot give up Mr. Nenner!Nunnery!! The problem is weak, fearful people!!

    As for Communism of course it does not work. All it does is give Absolute power to a select group of people who then rule the others like slaves.

    ONLY A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC that starts with a Bill Of God Given Rights that separates power and actually empowers the people with a TRUE FREE MARKET and Honest PRICE DISCOVERY without Government Intervention will work.

    This is PROVEN. You have to be a literal MORON to believe in or promote Socialsim or Communism. They don’t work.

    • Paul

      Capitalism will always survive, because socialism will be there to save it.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Chris

        Apart from small to medium businesses, when was the last time you saw any real Capitalism in any Western country? Not in the last 30 years, I’m guessing, All I’ve seen is creeping Corporate Fascism and predatory monopolism. Mussolini would be proud. In the case of the West, especially in the US, there seems to have developed, complete with ideological censorship, creating “non-persons” out of dissenters from “Big Brother’s “agenda and other Orwellian dystopias, a hybrid monster of the worst aspects of all these systems. It’s not Capitalism, and it’s not classical Socialism either. It’s closer to the kind of State Socialism that Mussolini started, Stalin perfected and Hitler took to war. The worst of all possible worlds.

  21. Nikki

    Totally off topic but, very important ! Dr. David Martin exposes the
    “kill shot scam”.

  22. Martin Coombs

    Excellent, Charles first statement says it all, when Rome was burning in the senate they were discussing were angels male or female, exactly what is happening now .

    • J. Loughran

      Not quite. Constantinople contemplating the angels and heavens beyond the material realm and pantheistic wonder is not the same as today’s mind numbing debate to whether a man can give birth. The only good news about today’s debate, like the silver and gold prices, we are all soon to feel bottom. Brace (drink and smoke responsibly?) for impact. Enjoy.

  23. Roger Stamper

    tks charles greg

  24. stanley skrzypek

    Correct me if I’m Wrong…..Washington DC is a Democracy….The rest of the States are a Constitutional Federal Republic……So………when the Corrupt Demons say that President Trump and MAGA is a THREAT to Democracy……..they are totally CORRECT………….Democracy must be stamped out……GOD SAVE Our President Trump!

    • b0fa

      cry more fascist

      • Scott W

        Clif High has a recent video explaining this and much more detail. Would be worth looking at his program on Bitchute

  25. Linda

    I come here for frequent and painful doses of truth, thank you Greg Hunter. 😂🤣😂 You are an awesome source of truthful, honest reporting. You are saving lives.

  26. Walter in NH

    It’s premium not commission.
    Big fan!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Walter. You are correct. My bad.

  27. Country Codger

    Greg, it was a great interview. You just have to love Mr. Nenner’s attitude. He is one of the very best.
    Lo Iyrah!

  28. Mark

    Trump kicked off ‘The Great Reset’ in March 2020…don’t expect him to save you from it if he, God-forbid, runs and wins again in 2024.

    • Seven Arts

      It doesn’t matter who wins, the biggest waste of the economy is the part that can never be cut…. the need for $2 trillion per every year from now on, to pay for the food, shelter, MEDICAL, education, institutions, prisons, etc. for the [underachievers] aka the lower 50%ers, the felons, druggies, dead beats, morbidly obese, professional terrorists [aka Bibden’s peaceful protesters that burn down cities and rape pillage].

      You can’t expect someone who hasn’t worked a day in their life to actually get a job!! Noooo, noooo, NO!! You must support theses poor fragile, totally irresponsible, “I need my safe space”, “address me by my imaginary sexually confused pronoun”, lazy gold-bricking adult-children!!

      Those aged 18-62 that are able to raise a fork and knife, ought to be cut from all entitlements. And that day will come when all entitlements cease, and literally half the population will perish as they know nothing and can do nothing!!

      Until then, watch DC piss away and burn several trillion each and every year just on the bottom 50%ers. Talk about eating your seed corn!!

    • Ed Mustafo

      Yes of course….. two years later, it’s still “ “Orange man bad”…. But hey, good news, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will save us:…

  29. b0fa

    discount gold and silver ads all over the place lmao

  30. Susan R

    Mr. Nenner was more worried than ever before. I was not surprized by any of his conversation. To anyone who follows here we see it and expect it. As always it is the timing and regarding that it seems prudent to be ready NOW.

  31. Mark Alan

    Shortly after obama announced his intention of building a domesick army, I was visited by two fbi agents at my offe. Theyt wanted me to join anfera gard. They wanted to put an ap on my phone. They said I could remove my license plate and they wanted the spare tire on the left front to identify team members.
    I told them I was s tudent of history and what they explained is how hitler convined germans to war against the world. They were the brown shirts then today they wear red.. They said im eiher with them of a terrorist and would be put on the watch list. I refused and ordered them out of my office.
    Foreward to today several years later and I would100% identify as a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL.
    Bidens speach indicates they fully intend to round people up and put them in camps for re-education and worse. The camps are already built. they are staffed, stalked up and redy to bring in prisoners. What they call enemy’s of the state.
    They ARE coming for us, and if you read here you are most likely on the red list for roundups first wave.
    Nobody is taliking about the domesick army, people think they are saving the country from bad guys, but nothing could be further from the truth. And ther majority of infer gard members are going to the camps too. They just cant see it yet.
    If you have a website, please brigng this subject to the light, as it may save your life. It might make them back off from their intent.
    Best regards

  32. E. Tarantini

    Big fan, long time listener…

  33. Jerry

    While I did enjoy your interview with Charles Nenner I can’t help but believe he’s a little late to the party. We’ve know about a global reset now for a least three years. Klaus Schwab has gone on record many times saying so. Even Biden is laying the groundwork with executive order.

    What’s there left to talk about but the timing? Anything is possible even continuity of government if we have social unrest in the coming weeks during the midterms. There are literally a thousand moving parts to this, so predicting a timeline is next to impossible. What you can do is follow the money. If Charles is advocating for gold, he’s in the same camp as Bill Holter and others who are catering to their investors seeking safety right now. They wouldn’t be doing that if they didn’t know something. Insiders always know before the general population does. It’s always worked that way. Now you know how politicians get rich. It’s not what they know but who you know.

  34. Professor Lillolman

    Resident Bile says get an F-15.

  35. carolyn

    The charles nenner free trial link doesn’t work. I tried a few months ago and again today. Just an FYI.

  36. Coal Burner

    Thank You Greg and Thank You Mr. Nenner!

    Wow, he says unless we stop them, the Communists are in charge here and he is worried the USA will send it over too Europe.

  37. Janet

    Jesus said: “By their fruits you shall know them” – we shall also know them by the “fruitcakes” they hang out with!! –

    • Janet

      The WEF and their Corporate minions are just like Hillary – they are “a bunch of fruitcakes” (part of a Nephilim blood line – which makes them in actuality “aliens” living among us) – that is why it is so easy for the WEF Cabal and their Corporate minions to institute viral bio-weapons and economic weapons to “destroy human life” and “exterminate human society”!! –

  38. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    What I see is the United States Government through the CIA, FBI and Military have collapsed so many sovereign nations over time and apparently that business model of collapse, regime change, robbery and murder is not working as well as it used to. All the domestic tyranny is stepping up against the people here because the U.S. Government actors have lost control of their old business model of subjugating, collapsing, robbery and murder of other governments and nations, now they are turning their official anger at the people with their new bills, policies and schemes. We are getting closer to the day that former government officials, government employees will deny they were ever U.S. government officials which I think many already actually do based upon on their bad acts against people. It just seems to me that is where things are heading. Great report as always. It is a good idea to be prepared with the basics of at least one good functioning automobile. A household water purification filter to your main line or water filter that is capable of taking contaminated water and making it useful for cooking, cleaning etc. Be prepared not scared.

  39. Donna Bartlett

    GREAT INFO!!! THANK YOU BOTH for sharing it with all of us! God Bless!!!

  40. Anne

    Hi Greg,

    You are one of the very few people I listen to any more and I know that I can trust you to dig until you find the truth. I wish you would investigate the student loan situation, and get the truth out – I highly recommend contacting and possibly interviewing Alan Collinge at Student Loan Justice ( The federal government has really scammed the people who have taken out student loans. As Wolf Richter put it in his Aug. 7 column: “The educational-industrial complex is laughing all the way to the bank.” I am one of them and I am nearing retirement, and the loans I took out were for my son. Surprise surprise – the stories in the mainstream media to not convey true nature of the student loan program.
    Thank you, Greg, for all you’re doing for we the people, and God Bless you and your family.

  41. Marie Joy

    Nothing short of very aggressive guerrilla/kinetic will stop what is happening.

  42. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview. Great information! Let’s hope that war and chaos are avoided. I also expect the markets to go down another 10%. But inflation is killing us here in California. Our food and energy bills are skyrocketing.
    We received an alert on our cell phone yesterday from CAISO (California Grid Operator) to cut back power use until 9 PM. First time that has happened. 112F here in the shade yesterday. Only 100F today.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim. I agree. Get ready and stay ready.

  43. Greg Hunter

    No way this happens. It’s not going to be that easy. 12% approval rating for Biden. Democrats took all the shots at a rate of 19 out of 20. Are they going to try some crap? Yes, but so far, it’s not really working now, is it? I’ll let you post but what you are telling people is to give up there is no use and that IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!! Of course, there is victory in Jesus, but he never gave up YOU should not either.

    • HB

      It is a fine line of distinction but how can one state that Jesus never gave up? If He had not given up His place with the Father to come to earth, there would have been no salvation for mankind. If He had not given up His life on the cross, there would be no forgiveness of sin … and resurrection for mankind. Pick the battle you are willing to stand and fight for: earthy kingdoms that are passing away or the Kingdom of Heaven that is here on earth waiting for our King’s return? Fight for the Kingdom of Heaven, and never give up.

      • Greg Hunter

        Why didn’t Jesus fight his battle from heaven? Because Earth and our living souls needed saving in this world!!!
        Jesus never gave up–period. He still is there for us all.

    • HB

      You have stated a number of times that you are not a Bible scholar. I do not agree fully with AnnetteMarie’s interpretation of Revelation, but she stated truthfully what is basically written in that complex “unveiling” by Jesus Christ. I state humbly that perhaps it is your perspective that is not in alignment with God’s Word. But each person must pursue the Truth through their own seeking God and studying His Word prayerfully. Those who seek God with all their heart, soul, mind and might will find the one Truth. It does not come all at once; it is an ongoing effort.

      • Greg Hunter

        I said don’t give up. Jesus never gave up.

    • eddiemd

      Janet used to be Paul.

      For whatever reason there was a name change. Same person. He/She/him/her used have a different name before that.

      It can be confusing.

  44. Craig Carmichael

    Greg, you need some fresh blood and to broaden the scope.

    Try this guy: Michael Dowd; youtube “Collapse in a Nutshell” and many other videos about the inevitable collapse we face.

  45. JaunV.

    Antiwar Criticism and the Formation of Collective Opinion
    by Finn Andreen | September 6th 2022
    Once again, it is unpopular in the USA to be antiwar

  46. Jerry

    The timelines are beginning to line up.

    Insiders are moving their money into safe zones. Even the Vatican has ordered all liquid assets to be put into the Vatican bank by September 30.
    If you’ve been reading my post the past few months I’ve been warning you about this timeline. I’ve seen this play out before in my family when my moms aunt (who did business with Warner Brothers ) moved her money to Hong Kong ahead of the 1929 crash. Insiders always are ahead of the general public. Why does it matter? Whenever trust is broken, confiscation of funds to a safe haven is always the first move. And then the general public gets fleeced

  47. Richard Longacre

    Thanks Greg for the great interview.

    The queen of England is in the ICU and dying. That seems suspect when combined with the timing of the Vatican Bank recalling of all wealth (gold, silver, jewelry, cash, bonds, stocks, etc.) NLT 30 Sep 2022 and the energy hyperinflation coming this winter.

    Europe is in big trouble this winter. Many will die because of the energy scarcity and hyperinflation. The middle class will be destroyed trying to stay warm and survive, but that was always the plan wasn’t it? They agreed to commit suicide/murder of their own people just to support Ukraine and accelerate WWIII. The European futures market should fail this year. I suspect the US futures markets will follow within a few months after.

    Failure to deliver will become a common term everywhere over this next year. The horrible quality and quantity of the USA corn harvest is scheduled to begin deliveries on 16 September, the same day the railroad workers go on strike. We are being set up for total destruction. There are no coincidences. We should see these shortages in our stores by November or December.

    Every fiat currency system in the history of the world has failed and gone to zero. MMT (More Money Today) does not and will not work this time around because we are doing it the right way. No! It will fail as well and in fact is in the final stages of that failure right now. It is absolute foolishness to be discussing investing in the stock markets or the bond markets right now. A million times zero = zero. Invest in physical assets that will help you get through the coming collapse (silver, gold, food, tools, propane, generators, tires, weapons, etc.) and maybe we can still have a middle class in the USA when all the smoke clears.

  48. Julia


  49. Steve Bice

    “and I was insulted and mocked.”

    This is imbued with pride. “Scoffers” refers to someone who mocks God and rejects the gospel and return of Jesus…not our posts on the internet about our personal interpretation of the scriptures.

    From St. Peter: ” Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.”

    Are we near the end of the age? Lot’s of signs say yes…and we should “Watch”. Have the seals of Revelation been opened? Many would say no, as the horror poured out in the tribulation does not seem to match our current circumstance.

    I have seen others say a quarter of the world population will die in the tribulation, but when I do the math, it’s half. Four billion people. We may be on the cusp of such horror, but it clearly hasn’t happened yet.

    Is is close? At the rate things are collapsing, it certainly appears so. So we watch.

    Dogmatism is simply pride spelled with a “D”, and disagreement is not “mocking”.

    Humility is the order of the day as prophecy manifests in our time…

    • Steve Bice

      Again: “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.”

      So those that do not agree with your special revelation have deaf ears? Pride…

      Literally hundreds and perhaps thousands of biblical scholars disagree, and yet you claim to know. Pride…

      We would not be having this discussion if you prefaced your comments with “I believe”.

      Since I don’t think it serves any purpose to get into a tit for tat discussion of the scriptures, I will limit my comments to your (dogmatic) statement that the tribulation has already occurred:

      “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”
      Revelation 6:8


      “And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.”
      Revelation 9:15

      Note that neither scripture refers to the Jewish people; the first scripture reveals the power to kill over a fourth part of the “earth”…a fourth of all mankind.

      The second scripture refers to a “third part of men” being killed; again not the Jewish people.

      Assuming we have almost 8 billion people on the earth, a fourth part killed would be 2 billion. A third part killed of the remaining 6 billion would be another 2 billion.

      We disagree. Like many here, I have studied the prophetic scriptures for decades…but I do not claim perfect knowledge or special revelation.
      One does so at their own risk….

        • Steve Bice

          Just a couple thoughts on the link above:

          Most of my friends know I have written on bible prophecy for years. I wanted to share this sermon from JD Farag. It’s not his only, nor necessarily his best. But it is timely. He’s an interesting guy who is Palestinian by birth, but is now a Christian pastor in Hawaii of all places. English is his second language, but you would never know it. He has an outstanding vocabulary.

          This particular sermon is part of a weekly prophecy series he does where he links current events with prophecies from the Bible. Some of the things he links near the end of the sermon will make you squirm, as they seem extreme. But the reality is that extreme things are happening in our world. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. All of us should focus on what matters most.

          This video is typical of what he does, but each week he seems to feel more of a sense of urgency to encourage people to watch and pay attention.

          If you have friends that are worried or frightened, this is an easy way to encourage them with the promises Jesus made to us all. Just send them the link and tell them you thought it was a bit scary…but comforting to know that there is hope and life in the promises of Jesus.

          At the end he always includes a very simple explanation of the gospel…Accept, believe and confess that Jesus died for our sins so that we might live…forever. Jesus says he is the only way.

          According to RC Sproul, that leaves us with two choices. He either is who he says he is, or he is a crazy man and a liar. He doesn’t sound like the latter.

          JD believes time is short. So do I.

          Last thing. Something he said that I thought was really good: The Bible says we are ‘justified” through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and this sets right our relationship with God. So many struggle with shame or guilt about things they did wrong in their lives. They wish they had a “do over” for the sins in their lives.

          Here’s the way JD expressed it: When I accept Jesus, it is “just-if-I’d” never sinned.

          Awesome. I hope the video brings comfort and hope in uncomfortable times…

      • eddiemd

        Beware of seducing spirits and false prophets. They are out in force at this time.

        USAWD seems to draw them.

        People will perish because they do not know the Scripture or twist it to their personal beliefs. It is demonic. It is the new age mysticism that has been infiltrating the churches for decades.

        Mr. Bice has always been reliable.

        • eddiemd

          Beware of seducing spirits.

          You included.

      • Steve Bice

        “You did not read what I had written.”

        Of course I did. I just disagree, and this offends you.

        “Knowing is a barrier to learning.”

        The older I get and the more I learn, the less I know…

      • Steve Bice

        From Revelation 7 verse 9: “After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands…”

        Note: “All nations…”

        From Revelation 7:13-14

        “And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they?

        And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”

        The scriptures do not equivocate:

        ” These are they which came out of great tribulation…”

        Take care…

  50. Boy

    The USSA fights war to make the owners of the Haliburtons et al rich and prop up the petrodollar. We also kill your leaders and steal your gold if they try to buy oil outside of the ponzi scheme petrodollar. We are led by Nazi’s in BOTH parties. What did Ted Cruz say about the jan 16 th patriots……. called them terrorists.. Did you see the red back ground and dark veneer of the Biden dictate? The only thing missing were the swastikas.

  51. z

    Queen Elizabeth II ‘Under Medical Supervision’ in Scotland, ‘Doctors Are Concerned’
    Doctors ‘concerned’ about Queen Elizabeth II’s health

    NY POST pulled image of queens hand that looked black in color. the NY Post had a circle around her hand and said her hand was blue in color.

    Greg, could this be from the vaxxx? Blue skin lack of oxygen in the hand ? NY POST removed the pic with a circle around her hand and changed the story. Greg check out the photos from breibart and check out her hand.

  52. The Seer

    Very minor beta testing has been done.
    Very minor with selected beta test group
    Of IT professionals. Also, the medical sector has not had early preparation of any digital new system for payments and records yet.
    Will not be initiated in December, imo.

  53. z

    Queen Elizabeth II tests positive for COVID-19

    The queen was inoculated against the virus in early 2021, and has since received a booster dose.

    The news comes after her eldest son Prince Charles earlier this month tested positive for the coronavirus for the second time; her daughter-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall contracted COVID-19 four days later.
    check those hands. Image removed from top story of post. A better photo with a red circle around queens hand post describes blue in color. Though it looks black. PHOTo removed from POST.

    The VAXXX making her hands black or blue in color ? the Clot shot ?

  54. Leon Ber

    JULY 18 2018 thats 4 yr ago make your own decision on his accuracy Depression then Hyperinflation Coming – Charles Nenner

    By Greg Hunter On July 18, 2018 In Market Analysis 118 Comments
    By Greg Hunter’s

    Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says don’t believe the Federal Reserve when it says it expects “the strong performance of the economy will continue.” According to Nenner, it’s about to go the other way—down. Nenner explains, “Definitely, later this year, the interest rates are going lower, and it could be much lower. We did work on all kinds of economic indicators. Employment is not going to be as good anymore as they say. Inflation is not going to be as strong as they expect. The commodity index is breaking down. Copper cycles are down. Crude oil cycles are down. Soon, everybody is going to wake up again and say hey, what’s going on? It is very interesting how Wall Street is approaching all the indicators. . . . If you do your homework, everything actually looks like the economy is weakening.”

    How bad is this financial cycle going to get? Nenner is not afraid to use the “D” word. Nenner contends, “Still, the Fed talks like this could continue forever, and it’s the longest expansion. So, why do you think this time is going to be different? If you start with this low of GDP and interest rates and then you get to recession or depression, then you definitely get into at least disinflation.”

    So, does Nenner see an actual depression coming soon? Nenner says, “Yeah, I have been saying that for many years. . . . Yes, if you look at the . . . long term cycles. Yes, we are going to a hyperinflation, but first, we are going to have a deflation scare. . . . We have one more scare of deflation before we get into real big inflation problems. It is a matter of timing. So, it could be a couple of years away.”

    On gold and silver, Nenner thinks they both rise in price, but not until after a bit more pain for holders of precious metals. Nenner says, “Gold is going to enter a new bull market. The first cycle will bottom after the summer. $1,212 per ounce is our downside target. If it hangs around there and it’s after the summer, we will probably give it a buy signal. If that breaks, we will come up with a new low price target, but it definitely will enter a new bull market. Gold is in a bull market even though it came down from $1,900 per ounce. . . . It’s going to pick up anyway in a couple of months, but is it going to be from $1,212 or a lower price target?”

    So, would Nenner be a seller of gold? Nenner says, “No, not now . . . it’s going to top $2,500 per ounce . . . in about two years or so.”

    Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned financial and political cycle expert Charles Nenner.

    (This report talks about the coming downturn in the economy, Donald Trump and gold starting a new bull market.)

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  55. Eli

    Great to hear a European investment perspective, as they are on the literal front lines of this economic and real (hopefully, it won’t become a full-blown) war. NATO’s first mistake was making Europeans suffer in order to strike at which, which is failing miserably. Failing, that is, unless they want Germans to suffer. We are being led by morons.

  56. David Dansker

    From Zerohedge:

    There is much more in the 42 min. interview.

    Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner. (9.6.22)

  57. Gunny HiWay

    Hi Greg,
    I always respect your guests, but why does Mr. Nemmer think we have until late 2023 before global war.
    I don’t know of any country worldwide taxing its subjects to death and sending the money to the USA.
    Biden just called half the country “facists” and the Ukraine/EU/NATO/Russia war will have gone nuke long before the summer of2023 or the entire Euro continent will be freezing this winter.
    Talk about societal collapse worldwide.
    Be well,

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s what his cycle work tells him. If you were Russia, why would you be in a hurry while EU and USA is in the process of destroying themselves? It’s going to be a cold winter in the EU.

      • Gunny HiWay

        The only reason they will not wait much longer is that Russia does not like to lose troops and equipment.
        They will soon tire of the snail pace and quickly destroy what is left of “ukraine” ( a fake country).
        The USA and the EU have zero means short of nukes to stop them.
        Be well,

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t think so. Russia will sit back and watch the EU destroy itself and take the dollar financial system with it. Watch.

    • eddiemd

      I think he is a year late. More likely late 2022.

      I can’t see the demoncrats allowing for the election in November. It means probable impeachment of Biden, investigations of the Biden crime family, investigation of the covid scams, investigation of Pelosi crime syndicate, etc

      I don’t believe it holds together for two more months.

      • Gunny HiWay

        Exactly my thoughts.
        The COVID SCAM is unraveling daily.
        The UKRAINE MONEY SCAM is losing steam.
        The average AMERICAN is BROKE and ANGRY.
        I have never seen so much anger in my 62 years.
        My head is on a swivel and I am at defcon 4 anytime I go outside my yard.
        Be well,

  58. Paul

    Your being a pessimist, an attribute not suitable for self employed business person.

    There are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, according to the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Office of Advocacy. Small businesses comprise 99.9 percent of all U.S. businesses.

    And it’s growing
    Self employed my whole life
    And my kids too.

    Your welcome however, to give your labor away.

    Paul from arkansas

  59. Mary-Ann I think that the conventional “money”/dollar, euro etc. will be totally abolished – with that the people can then be controlled and oppressed even more and are transparent like glass…

  60. Nika

    Karine Jean Pierre Tweeted to Kyle Griffin on December 17, 2016 concerning Trump’s Presidential Win, the following: “Stolen Emails, Stolen Drone, Stolen Election!
    Welcome to the World of Unpresidented Trump! “

  61. Shiloh1

    I’m just paid $4.05 / gallon at gas station about 20 miles SE of BP Whiting refinery. Free air with gauge on hose. Just off ramp of I-65 and US-231. I think it’s even cheaper on U.S. 41 between US-30 and 231.

  62. S W

    Is the United States in prophecy? Is Babylon in the Scriptures a picture of America? The destruction of Babylon takes place in a time known as the Day of The Lord. Is America destroyed at the beginning of the time of the birthpains in one hour? Do the 144,000 come out of America before its destruction? Are the righteous believers spared from the destruction of the time of the birthpains? How do the Festivals in Lev 23 reveal the timing for the events?
    Why is Babylon/America being destroyed and will no longer be inhabited?
    Jeremiah 50:11…O ye destroyers of mine heritage,
    What happens to the hindermost of the nations?
    Quick list of some of the verses
    1. Jer.50:3,9,41 a land out of the north
    2. Jer.50:3; Isa.14:4 made desolate
    3. Jer.50:3,13 no longer inhabited
    4. Jer.50:4,19,28;51:6; Rev.18:4 Jewish population shall depart
    5. Jer.50:8 land of the Chaldeans (educated people and a people who
    oppress Gods people)
    6. Jer.50:9 the northern weapons shall hit their mark
    7. Jer.50:11 a land that has become fat
    8. Jer.50:12 the hindermost of the nations
    9. Jer.50:20 God will pardon the iniquity of Israel
    10. Jer.50:23 the hammer broken (forger)
    11. Jer.50:26 open her storehouses (destroy her wealth)
    12. Jer.50:29,31 proud against the Lord (arrogant)
    13. Jer.50:30 army cut off (destroyed, made silent)
    14. Jer.50:32;Rev.18:8 fire in his cities
    15. Jer.50:35 a sword upon rulers and people
    16. Jer.50:38 waters evaporate (what causes heat enough to evaporate?)
    17. Jer.50:39,40 no longer inhabited as Sodom and Gomorrah
    18. Jer.50:40 neighbors suffer
    19. Jer.50:46;51:8 cry among the nations
    20. Jer.51:7;Rev.1:2 golden cup that makes the nations drunk
    21. Jer.51:12 watchman
    22. Jer.51:13 Rev.17:1 dwellest upon many waters
    23. Jer.51:13 abundant in treasures
    24. Jer.51:33 threshingfloor (void place); thresh (walk); harvest
    25. Jer.51:34,35 turn against Israel
    26. Jer.51:42 covered with waves
    27. Jer.51:46 rumors and violence in the land, ruler against ruler
    28. Jer.51:52 judgment on graven images (easter bunny, santa clause)
    29. Jer.51:53 defense mounted up to the heavens (star wars?)
    30. Jer.51:58 labor in vain because of fire
    31. Rev.17:1 judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters
    32. Rev.18:2 habitation of devils
    33. Rev. 18:3 all the nations of the earth wax rich through her
    34. Rev.18:10,19 judgment in one hour
    35. Rev.18:11,19 merchants of the earth weep
    36. Rev.18:16 clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and
    decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls. (exalted nation)
    37. Isa.14:9 Hell prepared to meet thee
    38. Isa. 24:5 Transgressed the Laws, changed the ordinance, and broken the everlasting covenant.

  63. James Apostle

    Don’t forget the metal prices are completely manipulated.
    In 1980 Silver was 80-100 USD. Then it was artificially deflated because we need silver.
    Adjusting for inflation that is ~$350 USD. Or the “Cumulative rate of inflation: is ~250%
    Not to be negative. But if everything goes digital. Not many will trade in Silver, let alone Gold. (Even with the special gold, break away cards that can be just a few grains of Gold)
    If the Federal gov. or a global CBDC exists, I believe metals will continue to be suppressed or not accepted.

  64. Linda

    Biden is not to blame? Well, he has allowed the administrative state to run wild and he is so corrupt, weak, insecure and emotionally needy that he is putting his back into appeasing the far left crazies in the Dem party.

  65. Matt

    Gold down to $1,646 and USD a whisker away from 113…followed Charles Nenner’s advice and bought some gold and silver today.

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