The Real Crash – Inflationary Implosion of Bond Market – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Michael Pento has long warned the global financial system was “not sustainable or viable” because of record debt creation. Pento has also long said, “This was the biggest debt bubble in history, and it is going to pop someday.” That day has arrived. Now, Pento says, “This is a global depression just like we had in the 1930’s combined with a 2008 style credit crisis. That’s what it is. I was on your program about three months ago, and I predicted a global recession. That was wrong. It is a global depression. . . . We have learned that the S&P 500 earnings will decrease by 10% in the second quarter. We also know that GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for the second quarter is projected to decline by 35%. . . . We also know, according to the St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard, that the unemployment rate in the United States could surge to 42%. . . . April is going to be a disaster. We are not in a recession, we are in a depression, and it is global in nature.”

Pento also cautions, “So, what do you have left for the month of April? The lockdown is going to continue, and then you are facing a plethora of earnings warnings and economic data that is going to be absolutely horrific. . . . I think the stock market has to go lower for the month of April, and then I think we start to find our legs probably in the summer. . . .We have to get through this lock down, and the news is going to be the likes of which none of us have ever seen before–bad, horrific, rancid . . . It will be the worst economic data ever reported. . . . You are going to see GDP plunge at a 35% annualized rate. That has never happened before.”

As bad as this sounds, Pento says it’s going to get worse, “We are not headed into it–it’s here. This is it, a global depression the likes of which we have never seen before, but this is not the real crash. We are going to come out of this, but we are going to come out of this the wrong way, by borrowing and printing money. . . . But that is not the real crash. The real crash is when you have an inflationary implosion of the bond market, and there is not a darn thing central banks can do about it because you can’t bail out inflation by increasing the rate of inflation. . . . After the inflationary implosion of the bond market . . . . and they realize they are destroying the economy because of inflation, they will throw in the towel, and then there will be bail-ins and resets. We are going to default on the debt two ways. First, through inflation, and that’s going to fail. Then, we are going to deflate and rest.”

Pento also predicts, that in the end, the bond market will collapse, “Yields will rise, bond prices will crash.”

Pento thinks physical gold and silver are some of the “must have” assets. He has also recently doubled his investment in precious metals.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with money manager Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

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  1. Stan

    Hey Paul: Maybe you can enlighten us? If there is a huge Gold shortage as you profess, then why is Gold dropping day after day? Oh, and it looks like most bullion dealers are stuffed with inventory.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your kidding right Stan? You do not know about market manipulation and naked short selling the CFTC allow to happen? Try and make a call and purchase some actual physical gold and you will be educated.

      • Eric

        The shortage isn’t here yet. There was a blip last week where maybe supply was super tight but retail supply is back –

        Here is all the gold any small buyer needs

        • Phil

          Right Eric. Go to and buy as much as you want.

          • Eric

            I have all I need. I’m just saying that you can easily order gold at apmex for shipment within 3 days. I just added $20k worth to my cart and could have checked out.

            Part of the problem with all the manipulation is supply always seems to be in arms reach of small investors. Sure one day it won’t be but that day is not today.

      • Ray

        You’ve really gotta wonder sometimes about Stan…..I mean, who is he really?
        Add “a” nother letter…….Satan????
        Just a thought………
        Best wishes to you Stan……in my view, perhaps even Satan needs to sit down with God one more time for a proper chat regarding he Universe and all that is happening!
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Anthony Australia

          Hi Ray,
          We are screwed here too hey. Take care Mate.

          • Ray

            Hey Anthony my Brother,
            Yep…..seems like everyone has lost their friggin’ compass mate!
            I think the best thing anyone can do is to attempt to quiet their mind (as in meditation…….whatever form one can obtain it), just look around and breath!
            The Sun still shines…..the trees still grow…..the birds still fly and the wind still blows.
            It seems it is only Man that is losing the plot…..the rest of the planet turns as per normal.
            Stay strong with family, stay strong with friends, and reach out to “the stranger”, who is surely your Brother from another Mother…’re just seeing The Other.
            That said, if Gov Inc try to force a needle into my arm for their Bill Gates vaccination drive…….that’s when I will try another approach.
            Take care mate…….keep throwing out the left jab.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

            • Anthony Australia

              Keep punching Ray Mate.

      • Rodster

        The class clown has to be the first to post a comment?

      • lisa

        Greg Hunter, you are correct. Gold and silver dropped like a rock , so of course thought I would pick some up . None to be had. I initially went to Kitco as this is where I normally buy. I was looking for Gold Eagles, and all that was available was gold cufflnks:) Finally 2 days ago, I was able to get 13 gold coins.

        • Greg Hunter

          Call Discount Gold and Silver trading and talk to Melody the owner. She is my only sponsor and I have never had a complaint. Expect to pay up for Gold Eagles though. I get zero commission by the way, but she won’t rip you off and gouge you. This is just the exploding market we are in. 1-800-375-4188. She’s busy so keep calling until you get through.

      • Jim1a

        Likely some creative and not so creative things being done to cover paper losses. By desire or by demand of lenders. Remember we had record margin money at work before current troubles started.

      • Claude

        Stan, Go ahead and order about 10 ounces today and see, 1. if you can get it, and 2. what it might cost you. Send in your check today!

        • Stan

          I don’t buy Gold. I hold Dollars for safety

          • Alex

            Stan , I will tell you a true story . I left home for college in 1959 , found a room to rent , but after working the summer as a laborer , my jeans were in rough shape . I told my room mate that I wanted to buy a pair of Levi’s and he offered to take me to Penney’s since he knew the town .
            Off we went to Penney’s . I found my size and went to checkout . The Levi’s were $3 , I believe , and I handed the salesgirl a $10 bill . She took it and said “Paper?Silver?” . My room mate piped up and said ” Do you want paper dollars or 7 silver dollars as change ? Take the paper , the silver dollars will wear holes in your pockets because of the weight and rough edges .”
            I did .
            BIG MISTAKE in retrospect .

      • The world's greatest trader

        awesome Pento, thanks Greg.

      • Julie

        Hi Greg! I took hydroxochloroquinine (ooops I think I misspelled that) for approx 3 years for lupus. I was told the side effects were unknown other than possible macular damage form long term use. My prescription was for lupus. I say “was” because i stopped taking it. The cost was approx $30/month for my cost (not insurance). I didn’t think it was effective but it was supposed to relieve inflammation. From what i’ve read, the worst case covid patients develop ARDS-adult respiratory distress syndrome. This means the lungs actually become hard and are unable to inflate/deflate without extreme pressure via mechanical ventilation and so are unable to exchange oxygen/carbon dioxide. I was a respiratory therapist for 17 years and we had 50/50 positive outcomes when a patient became that bad. Also I have a hard time believing azithromycin actually kills anything other than basic bacteria. It was prominent in the late 90s but quickly became obsolete because bacteria became resistant to it. ( in my opinion, it was overprescribed.) I could be wrong but I do NOT believe what I’m hearing medically so far. Anyway, I love your show and your guests. So grateful for USA Watchdog!

        • Greg Hunter

          The reporting for Hydroxychloroquine and a z-pack is good and bonafied peer reviewed results in France. It works in 90% (plus) of patients in these trials–period the end. It should be used in wide review considering people are dying and a ventilator is NOT a cure. For some reason the MSM is not covering this much.


          • Julie

            Hi Greg, I’ve read that short article too. I suggest everyone take a deep breath and not panic. My experience with both drugs is not positive. In that article, I saw only numbers with zero details of patient demographic, progression of disease and underlying medical conditions. I don’t mean to make you angry but IF it works for some folks great, but no real facts. There is so much hype and outright lies concerning just how deadly this virus is…..please, please, please slow down and critically assess just what is happening. The MSM is now part of the socialist government spreading fear and taking constitutional rights. Health care will be truly socialized from now on-there is NO GOING BACK. People I used to work with tell me they are busy but not hectic, balls to the wall, we’re all gonna die BS that I hear on the MSM news. Thanks for letting me vent. Again, I love your show.

        • eddiemd

          Troll. From the first sentence…

      • Mike R

        Greg – Stan is just trolling you and everyone else here, and having his warped definition of ‘fun’, getting a rise out of you. Just stop posting his garbage like this. Stan is a little child seeking attention. You’ve given this clown and troll WAY too much air time. IMHO.

        • Stan

          Mike R: Oh, so you are for censorship? You can’t handle opposing viewpoints?

      • Bill B.


        Evidently Stan is trying to spoof you on April Fools Day. Surely anyone who listens to USA Watchdog.Com would have a problem in realizing physical metals and paper precious metals are not the same.

    • Anthony Australia

      Dealers are almost out here.
      Mint is back logged with orders. Premium over spit like I’ve never seen before.

      • lancelot

        On the other hand you can’t help but like Stan. Kind of like wrestling. We know it’s fake but good entertainment. I look forward to Stan’s comments and then watch Greg tear his behind up.

    • Anthony Australia

      Dealers are almost out here.
      Mint is back logged with orders. Premium over spot like I’ve never seen before.

    • paul ...

      Gold dropping?? … On March 24, 2020 only about 1 week ago Stan … gold was priced at $12,982 fiat dollars per ounce … today April 1, 2020 gold is priced at $16,514 fiat dollars per ounce … and you call a rise in gold of $3,532 fiat dollars in only one weeks time … “dropping day by day”??? … the Fed has already printed 30 Trillion new fiat dollars and is about to print even more to bail out other Central Banks … the rise in gold of $3,532 fiat dollars “in one weeks time” shows you the magnitude of the fake fiat printing going on at the Fed … they are easing and buying up assets with cheap worthless paper (printed out of thin air) during this manufactured pandemic and financial crisis created for this very purpose … look for the first company to develop a vaccine for this Corona Virus (SARS-COV-2) and they will likely be part of the psychopathic band of criminals behind the release of SARS-CoV-2 in the first place … strong evidence points to people at WHO being behind it … seems they got hold of the virus when the Military bio-weapon lab at Fort Detrick was kicked out of the bio-agent tracking program run by the CDC … and the custom clothing being made in northern Italy for the Military Parade in China seems to have been the vector they used to spread the virus … but I’m getting off on a tangent … this financial crisis we are having (due to the pandemic) has given the banksters the green light to try and bring about “A New World Order” that will get them off the hook with all their criminal derivative games they play … the Fed will inflate to infinity to make all the banksters debts go away … and the more worthless the Fed’s fiat debt dollar IOU’s become … more and more of them will be needed to buy an ounce of gold … so watch the US National Debt Clock Stan … Gold will soon exceed $20,000 “fake” dollars per ounce … and Silver will soon exceed $2,000 “fake” debt dollars per ounce …

      • Stan

        Paul: Are you blind? $16,514 for an ounce of Gold? The price is around $1500

    • J Rod

      PLEASE tell me where I can purchase some physical precious metals and not the fake stock shares?!

    • jim

      Stan you are out right lying

    • Raffael

      Hi Stan,

      Please stop embarrassing yourself. You don’t know what you are talking about. The Canadian Maple gold and silver coins are nowhere to be found. Delivery ETA on common silver and gold coins are being quoted at 12 wks, if they are available!

    • Brian

      Stan, go to
      I have been buying from them for years. Mainly silver… some gold. since 2008 I could place an order on Anything I wanted, coins, bars, whatever and I could have it in my hands in 3 days or less.
      I bought some PM 2 weeks ago and it’s still not in my hands.. and I was only able to get some single grams of gold… no coins, no other bars, NO silver period… not sure where your shopping but if you have a source with lots of PM and low spot prices PLEASE share the link with us!

    • Frank D

      Haha! I LOVE you Stan. Every time you brag about shorting gold (like you did at $1300 and it’s now at $1627), it tends to skyrocket the next day (up $35 today). Thank you Stan! What a brainiac you are!

    • AL KIPF

      Where are the bullion dealers “stuffed with inventory”?

  2. Stan

    So we had a little hiccup in the economy. It will soon be over and the Dollar will be even more respected than it is today.

    • Anthony Australia

      No I know you are telling fibs.

    • paul ...

      Yeah Stan … Like a whirlpool must be respected by someone in a rowboat!!

    • Anthony Australia

    • JC

      Stan, you’re very misunderstood here at USA Watchdog. To me, you are a modern day Nostradamus, everything you write has to be decoded. Thanks.

      “So we had a little hiccup in the economy. It will soon be over and the Dollar will be even more respected than it is today.”

      “So, the economy has been almost destroyed. Soon it will all be over, and the dollar will be more despised than ever. “

  3. Chip2

    Thanks, Greg, for having Pento on. Pento is right about the value of your efforts here. Your interviews and guests are excellent and are a source of truth amid a cacophony of lies. Thanks for doing what you do, and all your guests, as well!

    • Timothy Roach

      Ditto! Thanks Greg

  4. Fredrick Getzschman

    The American people are continuing to buy guns and ammunition because the United States Government and all its political subdivisions are not prepared for anything, the US Government is going to print federal reserve notes, it’s all the are actually capable of so they will print. Government is reacting after the fact of the pandemic and that is too late. Government is stacked with a deep state of term thinkers of instant gratification is what US politicians are all about, long term planning is not done in their system, prepping is not in their system, government spends their time social engineering society with the power and funds they do have and personal enrichment off the backs of the productive economy. Watch them all they do is talk, no action. The pandemic is not the cause of the problems in the United States and it will cause premature deaths guranteed, no doubt about that. The pandemic is highlighting the bankrupt government and its bankrupt political entities and its politicians. If you have lived in America any length of time you already know the governments are not capable of anything but talking by story telling, war and with the value of the governments services near zero, how could any competent American reasonably rely on government for security, safety or good health. Governments are King at waste, fraud and abuse of the American people. Any way you can’t blame Americans for exercising their right to keep and bear arms by arming up and supplying themselves with ammunition to protect their homes, families and property. The government is not going to protect you. The risk is high for supply chains to collapse irregardless of the stories told by government mouthpieces and this state of emergency will continue even as it changes shape, the effects of the current state of emergency will last for years at minimum until a new more profitable war breaks out that Americans will be drafted into by the war machine. The courthouse crowds will make a literal killing probating the estates of the pandemic dead, those judges will be digging around in the bottom of coffins looking for every last penny to probate for the corporation Statees. Rick.

    • Bob

      Maybe the US govt wants Americans to shoot each other in large numbers one day….

      Something to consider.

  5. Anthony Australia

    Pento is a shining star. Thanks Greg
    God speed my brother.

  6. JC

    “This makes the Great Depression look like a Dick Clark Dance Party. ”
    That’s a good one, Greg.

  7. JC

    In closing, Michael says “The fourth time is gonna last a long, long, time.”
    I agree with that prognosis.

  8. Maurice

    Has the fed stuffed up the economy – yes. However it is by design not by incompetence. They are not idiots, they have achieved exactly what they set out to do and that is totally wreck the world economy, opening the door for this NWO. Are they evil – yes. If anyone believes what is happening is caused by incompetency then they are looking at the situation from the wrong angle and miss what is really going on.

  9. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Felt a bit ‘uncomfortable’ watching Pento. What he was saying is dire (and has been predictably obvious for some years now – for anyone paying attention to USAW) but IMO his facial expressions showed he was ‘loving it’. Undoubtedly, people familiar with trading calls and (more appropriately) puts have made huge profits since January 2020 – Pento being one such financially savvy person. But that is no reason to gloat. Watch the interview again and you will see what I mean. You asked him specifically, “What should the little guy do?”, but you did not get an answer – except for a veiled recommendation for his economic forecasting model (hint, subscription only). Other guests have shown genuine concern for your audience but this was not the impression Pento left with me.

    Couple of factual points:

    Pento predicts the the $4 trillion deficit will represent 20% of GDP this year – but I doubt this accounts for the massive decline in GDP being wrought by the ‘lockdowns’. You were correct to point to the probable PERMANENT closure of many nationwide retailers, and since retail is 70% of the US economy this will significantly reduce 2020 GDP. If the divisor (GDP) is reduced, then the deficit as a percentage of GPD will surely be much higher than 20%.
    Pento trivialised your expressed hopes for hydroxychloroquine (+ azithromycin) and kept on pushing a ‘vaccine’. A vaccine for the media hyped Covid-19 is big pharma’s ‘wet dream’. Big pharma has already prepared the ground for mass mandatory vaccinations by persuading their lapdog politicians to pass legislation exonerating them from all liability for vaccine side effects – including death! In this respect Pento sounded to me like a spokesperson for ‘the deep state’.

    I have enjoyed Pento in the past but, has he made so much money shorting the market that he has become one of the ‘elite’ – in his estimation at least?

    • Greg Hunter

      Unless you have some sort of Devine power you do NOT know what Pento is thinking. He’s not loving it. He has been predicting this sort of thing and I think he is being proven correct after years if ridicule and doubt. Don’t shoot the messenger who warned about this for years. It is simply not a fair analysis or even accurate. Your opinion is not a fact.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Greg
        “Your opinion is not fact”. Yes, I agree. That’s why I did not make a statement of fact. My observations were made based only on my opinion – per “IMO” (in my opinion) early in my original post. I hope I’m wrong about Pento.

        • Greg Hunter

          You do realize you are on a free site? Is someone on yiour end holding a gun to your head to consume this free (and often correct) information?

          • AndrewB

            Wow! No one is ‘holding a gun to my head’. I enjoy USAW as stated many times over the years. You have some great guests who have added considerably to my understanding. I have posted comments both fore and against, and have tried to add to the knowledge pool by posting links to articles which I genuinely believe will be of interest to your audience. They are free to agree / disagree as they see fit. Most responses to my comments have been favourable. As a member of your audience, am I obliged to agree with every one of your guest’s opinions? I thought you were a supporter of the First Amendment. I am puzzled by your responses. Thank you for your free site which I enjoy. As you know, I tried to make a $20 contribution to USAW but you did not send a payment request to my PayPal account as I requested.
            Sincerely, Andrew

            • Greg Hunter

              Don’t be so thin skinned. Thanks for your participation, but I also have a 1st Amendment right especially on a site I built and put out for free.

          • T-Train

            What the hell is “yiour”? Maybe you should get someone to proofread your typing tantrums;)

    • Doug

      Come on now precious you can’t face the reality! Maybe Mr pento could hand out pacifiers and free Netflix. Open your eyes and look up to the sky ! Remove head from back side! That’s my Canadian opinion.
      And believe me ! we up here aren’t much brighter. I look at most folks I know with a smug look too! Not my fault they’ve chosen the herd mentality.

      • sk

        Reply to Doug: Now, where did I once read the phrase “pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall”? Probably Shakespeare. Or maybe Jefferson? Someone enlighten me as to the source, please.

        • iwitness02

          SK—–Proverbs 16: 18

        • Luther

          The Holy Bible, Proverbs 16:18

    • Doug

      That was meant for Andrew .BS

    • JC

      AndrewB, you wrote “You asked him specifically, “What should the little guy do?”, but you did not get an answer.”

      Wrong. Listen again starting at 34:15 he gives very specific recommendations for the little guy.

    • Bob

      He did push a vaccine pretty hard.
      Personally I’d be wary of any hastily-produced vaccine.
      They are already finding live Coronavirus particles in medicines. Quality control is very low, even if its not deliberate.

  10. Lucas Doolin

    Everyone should supplement up with vitamin C.

    I would also suggest everyone go watch Clif High’s videos on youtube about virus protection using vitamin C and chaga mushroom.

    • Lucas Doolin

      Clif High is also on Twitter and Gab.

  11. AndrewB

    One more observation – if you will allow:

    Pento asserted that (even if it works) hydroxychloroquine is in short supply. Really? Is this a fact based statement? Hydroxychloroquine is a long established anti-malarial cure. Malaria is one of the most prevalent diseases in Africa and hydroxychloroquine has been the remedy of choice for so long that in some regions the malarial parasite has evolved immunity. Given this history, how long would it take to ramp up production of an established pharmaceutical, hydroxychloroquine, compared to the estimated time to invent, test, mass produce and distribute a vaccine which may or not be effective, may include a ‘genetic marker’, and could even be fatal?

    • AndrewB

      “and could even be fatal” – or you could ‘just’ lose the use of your legs. Watch video . . .

      • AndrewB

        Sorry, link has been taken down. Try searching on title:

        CoronaHoax Pandemic Proven Fake… Yet The Lockdowns Continue…

        Hope you can find this very interesting video.

  12. Courtney Smite

    Greg, God wants people to enjoy life on this planet, earth. He created the earth and everything on it because he loves mankind. Soon he will act to provide a better future for people in every land. He will relieve mankind of the causes of suffering.​—Read Jeremiah 29:11.
    No government has ever succeeded in eliminating violence, disease, or death. But there is good news. Shortly, God will replace all human governments with his own government. Yup, its subjects will enjoy peace and good health.​—Read Isaiah 25:8; 33:24; Daniel 2:44.
    Suffering will end only when God clears the earth of bad people. (Zephaniah 2:3) When will that happen? God’s Word foretold the conditions that now threaten mankind. Current events indicate that God’s time to act is close.​—Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5.

    We should learn about God from his Word, the Bible. It is like a letter to us from a loving father. It tells us how to enjoy a better way of life now and how to enjoy life on earth in the future, forever! True, some may not like it that you are learning to understand the Bible. The media, perhaps? Look how they fried the my pillow guy. But the opportunity of a better future is too good to miss out on!—Read Proverbs 29:25; Revelation 14:6, 7.

  13. Courtney Smite

    The media and the virus, gotcha B.S.!

  14. eddiemd

    Beware of the stimulus payments. You cannot receive the payment unless you have a bank account and therefore can receive electronic payment. This is the start of the one world currency. You must have filed a tax return for 2018 and/or 2019 and to have used electronic payment.
    Do not accept the stimulus payment by electronic payment. Get out of the banking system if possible.

    The antichrist financial system is here now. Beware. Do not accept the one world currency. Your eternal life in Jesus Christ is now. We must give our testimony of the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray always. Seek the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The people who know their God shall be strong and do great things. Seek the Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ. King of Kings. Lord of Lords. Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Messiah. Wonderful. Counselor. Almighty God. Prince of Peace. Lamb of God. The True and Faithful Witness. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Name above all Names. Blessed be the Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ.

    • eddiemd

      Take heed.

      Freedom of speech will cease to exist in the very near future. Websites such as Greg’s will cease to exist.

      Prepare your heart for Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He will hear your cry for mercy. Now is the day of salvation. Repent and turn away from the world. Your treasure is not here on earth but it is eternal life in Christ Jesus.

      Romans 8:1-2
      1There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. 2For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.

      Praise God! Set free by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

      Romans 8:12-17
      12Therefore, brethren, we are debtors—not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh. 13For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. 14For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. 15For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” 16The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, 17and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.

      Set free by the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Hosanna!

      Psalm 85:4-9

      4Restore us, O God of our salvation,
      And cause Your anger toward us to cease.
      5Will You be angry with us forever?
      Will You prolong Your anger to all generations?
      6Will You not revive us again,
      That Your people may rejoice in You?
      7Show us Your mercy, Lord,
      And grant us Your salvation.

      8 I will hear what God the Lord will speak,
      For He will speak peace
      To His people and to His saints;
      But let them not turn back to folly.
      9Surely His salvation is near to those who fear Him,
      That glory may dwell in our land.

      He will speak peace to His people and to His saints. To us His people and saints. Hear the Words of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Way, The Truth, The Life. He will speak to your spirit. Glory to the Almighty God of Israel. The Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

      • eddiemd

        Lamentations 3:24-26

        24“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul,
        “Therefore I hope in Him!”
        25The Lord is good to those who wait for Him,
        To the soul who seeks Him.
        26It is good that one should hope and wait quietly
        For the salvation of the Lord.

        Ephesians 5:14

        14Therefore He says:
        “Awake, you who sleep,
        Arise from the dead,
        And Christ will give you light.”

        Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Light of the world. Emmanuel. Messiah. El Shaddai. Jehovah-Rapha.

        Exodus 15:26
        26 and said, “If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the Lord who heals you.”

        Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Wonderful. Counselor. Almighty God. Jesus healed all who came to Him. Blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  15. DanielSong39

    I’m predicting pain. No one will be exempt.
    No one will be talking about the coronavirus in a few months because the economic fallout will be many times greater.

  16. Ray

    Gee that was an EXCELLENT interview.
    Thank you to Greg and Michael.
    First things first………America and Australia……..get ready to eat your karma.
    That means, you intentionally foistered UNIMAGINABLE SUFFERING upon innocent nations around the world (“Because dems are terrorists I tells ya!”)…….get ready for the perfect blowback which we absolutely have coming and deserve 100%…….nay…..100,000,000%. There’s nothing like Karma, the perfect balancing force in this Universe.
    The interview was fantastic, aside from one core observation: Where was the call for an HONEST MONEY SYSTEM?
    I concluded that Pento (who I like and respect) indicated ways that one could be “better off ” within the current TERMINALLY SICK system, via trades and positions therein.
    That’s not good enough for me I am afraid.
    We are in the position we are in now because of our collective western nation hubris and inability to face real mathematics.
    My dear departed Father…….now gone some 30 years, told me when I was a boy:
    “Raymond……it is ultimately your choice whether to lie or not to lie. But know this son: If you lie… is not the truth…..and the truth will ALWAYS find a way to percolate through, now matter what. You can try to hide your lie…..BUT YOU WILL NEED ANOTHER EVEN BIGGER LIE TO COVER THE ORIGINAL LIE…….and so on until, in the end, you will be caught out”.
    I have NEVER forgotten that wisdom.
    What we need now is that wisdom applied globally.
    Who then will have the courage to step out and say it?
    Phuck it…… might as well be here in Australia…..let it be me and anyone who will follow me……and I can await the sweet JFK bullet from the bastard CIA /USA Government, which is the scourge of this world.
    Revolt friends……..linch a banker or a politician tomorrow……it is the only way forward out of this mess. I am saddened to say.
    To sit back is to allow them to reset the debt and make the common people pay, whilst they keep ALL the riches……YET AGAIN.
    Who is with me?
    Who here at USAWATCHDOG would stand with me if I stood up?
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Anthony Australia


      • Ray

        Legend……True Blue.
        Ray, Canberra Lap Dog Nation

    • JC

      I’m with you Ray, let’s do it the old-fashioned way with tar and feathers!

      • Ray

        Thanks JC,
        You guys might see me on the news soon.
        I intend to stand in front of the Australian Parliament with A MASSIVE PRINTED PICTURE of a Guillotine…….the caption above will read “Honk if you get my drift”.
        I expect to be arrested within the hour.
        I also expect around 1000 honks inside that hour as well.
        Paris 1789 is going to look like a squirt gun fight when people wake up to all this.
        Someone has to stand up properly…..I’m getting out from behind this keyboard……feels good.
        Anthony……mate……can you please bail me out if they put me in the slot?
        Thanks Cobber.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Self Exiled

      +3 I will not linche any one; but I recommend they be given a small plot of ground, a two room cement house, no air conditioning, seeds, a well with a pump, same health care as their neighbors, a 125 cc motorcycle for transportation, and no fence or gate guards. They will have to learn to get along with their neighbors, who might be of a different mind set, different religion, maybe even a different color [oops I said it]. Turn us to Yourself Oh Lord, and we shall be turned and restored! Renew our days of old! Lamentations 5:21

      • Ray

        Respect your comments……full of wisdom.
        Thank you for reading mine.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Self Exiled

      “Who here at USAWATCHDOG would stand with me if I stood up?” I too had this mindset for many years as people would not listen, blind, unconcerned, indifferent. So I self exiled. One of the most radical decisions of my life and the most blessed. “He also said to me. Yet again you shall see greater abominations which they are commiting.” Ezekiel 8:13

  17. Adam Giessler

    I loved your interviews with Mr. Polny and Mr. Pento this week.
    I appreciate your reporting of the truth through guests who know what they are talking about.
    Thank you for standing firm in Jesus.
    A small donation is on the way.
    Take care

  18. Country Codger

    Excellent interview and Thank You Mr. Pento for your kind words about Greg!!!
    For all those who are looking at hydroxy chloroquine as a panacea please be careful. I have had three rounds of it back in the 70’s for malaria. They give you a list, or did back then, of possible side effects and one that I remember was temporary or permanent blindness. Instead try large doses of vitamin D3, Liposomal Vit. C or C60 Vit. C and Zinc so you won’t get sick to start with. You might also consider Chaga mushroom powder and MMS as a prophylactic.
    No matter what Lo Iyrah!

  19. Jerry

    The plot gets thicker.

    Yesterday I went to a hardware store in a nearby mall to get parts and saw a testing station in the parking lot outside the store. These testing stations seem to be popping up everywhere, and then I read this. We are truly in the twilight zone.

    • paul ...

      Be careful Jerry … the area around testing stations could be highly ineffective areas (it’s where people who think they are infected are concentrating)!!!

  20. Jerry

    I wonder how the BRICS alliance feels about this?

    When the shackles come off gold pricing, look out! With the dollar topping the 100 index, it could be a bumpy ride down come mid April.

    • Jerry

      I hate to break the news, but something much bigger than the corona virus and economic collapse is brewing.

      As I have detailed over the past two years ( in the light of naysayers) my sources in the military have been telling me that Northcom has …and is preparing for civil unrest and possibly a red dawn scenario.
      I would suggest in the light of this news that if you haven’t firmed up your long term food storage, the time to do so will quickly be coming to an end as many companies such as Wise, and Auguson farms can no longer fulfill immediate orders.

      • JC

        Jerry, thank you for everything you do. G.A. Stewart has also been warning us for a long time.

        G.A. Stewart:
        The Second Civil War, The Left Military Hand, The Right Military Hand, The Second Thrasybulus, The Great Scandal, The Great Plague, Global Economic Collapse, they have been chapters of my books and articles on this Website for the last thirteen-years, and the Medieval scenario Hal Turner predicts was actually predicted by Nostradamus, and I described it over a decade ago.

        In the last Update, I gave every reader in the world the checklist they need to be watching.

        I want to thank those dedicated readers who recommend this Website to their friends and family. Recently, one long time reader, now under lockdown in Northern Italy, tried to pitch my work and this Website to some friends. Given the current conditions of the world, especially in Italy, they told him, “A nut job“. Hence the irony in his Email.

        I have heard that kind of crap for a decade, and it does not phase me. My world is much more intense, believe me.

        Doom and Gloom for me is Doom delivered from the sky. So, I am not pimping doom here. I get paid a lot more to help deliver it on a silver platter.

        I have four decades invested into this material, and as those two quotes from 2010 and 2013 indicate, I seem to have gotten it right. So, welcome to The Wo-Jo. Do I need a lawyer to write that?

        So, I will close out today’s Update with two Nostradamus’ prophecies that I like and that tell everybody how bad it will get, and what is real in this world.

      • Jerry

        And then there’s this.

        The musical chair song is about to stop. Will you have a financial chair to sit in?

      • Lucas Doolin

        Listen to Jeff Nyquist.

      • Kevin S.

        Too bad that they left their own families behind to defend for themselves.

      • paul ...

        Jerry … to protect the American people the CDC should have immediately shut down the the Fort Detrick Bio-weapon Laboratory “as soon as they had a containment breach” … instead all the CDC did was simply remove the Fort Detrick Bio-weapon Laboratory from the US Inventory Tracking System (which potentially allowed Bavari who was running lab the opportunity to easily remove the Corona Virus (SARS-Cov-2) without oversight … then Bavari quits Fort Detrick and sets up his own bio-company … and then (likely with WHO’s help) somehow the virus gets to Northern Italy probably to be sprayed on the custom military uniforms that were to be used in the China Military Parade in Wuhan … the psychopaths WHO released this virus obviously thought they could sell the vaccine (which was already developed in 2019) for billions of dollars in profits (all they had to do was kill a few million people) … two strains (the L strain and S strain) have likely been released … but three(3) more strains of this weaponized Corona Virus exist … which can be used to extend this pandemic for many more years and thus possibly generate Trillions in vaccine profits!!

        • AndrewB

          paul …
          I don’t doubt what you say – but could you publish a link to source/s? Thank you.

          • paul ...

            Andrew … Obviously it was just a coincidence that Event 201 ( a Corona Virus pandemic exercise) was hosted by Johns Hopkins in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019 right before the Corona Virus was released after the virus could have been easily taken from Fort Detrick when the CDC shut down oversight!!

            • paul ...

              1) So it is just coincidence that Bavari has rights to an anti-viral drug discovery effective against Bat Corona Viruses …
              2) Just coincidence that Bavari had free access to the Corona Virus SARS-CoV-2 (after the CDC takes Fort Detrick out of the bio-weapon oversight tracking system) …
              3) Just coincidence that the Northern Italy garment district in Milan making custom uniforms for the Wuhan Military Event becomes a Corona Virus (SARS -CoV-2) “hot spot” … inflicting Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) on city residents …

              • AndrewB

                Hi paul …
                The English language is obviously open to ambiguity. I agree with you. All I was asking for was a source for, “… but three(3) more strains of this weaponised Corona Virus exist …” because I had intended to pass this info on. I always try to link to source wherever possible.

  21. Joe Lalonde

    Hi Greg,
    Even Russia had to stop buying gold and I doubt it has to do with not wanting it.
    The world inventory and delivery must be broken and would be difficult to buy as the prices will have no choice but to rise as many people are trying to exchange their greenbacks to an actual substance of value as dollars inflate.

    • JC

      Joe L, regarding “as dollars inflate,” think about this.

      Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:3
      It will seem that God the Creator has loosed Satan from the prisons of hell to give birth to the great Dog and Dohan,

      TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:3
      After the collapse of the dollar and the global economic chaos that ensues, [Gog and Magog] will be given the powers of Satan and set free from the prisons of hell.

  22. dresl

    here in Germany and as of today, with the exception of collectible coins, every dealer is sold out of silver and gold. The online platforms of these dealers are extremely slow and one of these closes down after 500 orders. They were open from 9-about 11:00 for about 5 days. Even the 15kg bars of silver are gone.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dresl for the street reporting from Germany!!

    • Anthony Australia

      Some ‘Nut’ tried to say it is because the dealers are using this uncertain time and buy it all back at a cheaper price. The buy to sell ratio is widening by the day.

      • AndrewB

        Anthony, Have you tried They are based in Singapore and were recently offering 28% over spot for Silver Eagles.

        [I am not an agent for BullionStar and have not dealt with them]

  23. john duffy

    What the hell is going on?

    • AndrewB

      WOW! As per usual, I am bound to ask myself – who is John Cullen? – but very thought provoking. This is one to pass on to family and friends. Thanks.

  24. Russ

    Great interview with Michael Pento. It’s going to get really ugly in 2021. As much as I would like to think I’m ready for hyper-inflation, it really depends on who occupies the Oval Office and what measures he takes. I trust President Trump to do the right thing.

  25. Chip

    Agree with what Michael said about you at the end of the interview Greg! Thanks for all you do… Chip

  26. Harold

    FYI The REAL PM market… just purchased (on ebay after diligent shopping) a Roll Tube of 20 2016 1 oz Silver American Eagle coins for $459.00 PLUS shipping and taxes. That’s about $23. an ounce.
    Also, two $5 American Gold Eagle 1/10 oz coins for apx. $200.00 each. likewise: that’ s about … ??? Making the Gold silver ratio: 87. Interesting article:
    P.S. I stopped checking KITCO for pricing… no longer relevant.
    Hey Greg, keep up the GREAT work! Thanks
    One more thing: is it possible to get Wolf Richter (WOLF STREET) on?

    • JC

      Harold, Wolf Richter is a good guy, very intelligent, and he does great analysis.

  27. Courtney Smite

    Back again folks! I’m a retired talk show, alternative health and alternative media junkie. Which probably makes me a typical I just wanted to share some conclusions I reached, keeping my mind and ears open.

    On INFOWARS they talked about the anti-malarial drug that’s proven to be able to stop the Corona virus Covid19, dead in it’s tracks! The bio weaponized virus, let lose on the world by, who knows? They welcomed the presidents efforts to get this drug available for everyone to fight this demon virus. INFOWARS mentioned, with fact sheets. That if your otherwise not exhibiting symptoms of the virus attack, you could be protected and could protect yourself. By supplementing with zinc and Quercetin. That these two health food supplements, do the same thing as the anti-malarial drug. From what I could make out, the zinc protects the cell from invasion and the Quercetin gets it into the cell! But before I could get to the health food store, to see the empty shelves of this stuff. Listening to Michael Savage. I learned if you eat nuts, you’ll get plenty of zinc, with no worries of zinc toxicity and Quercetin is abundant in apples and broccoli and myriads of other fruits vegetables and even the nuts and seeds. Google it.

    With warnings of not going over 15mg’s a day on Zinc, because of your kidneys having to handle the zinc in its naked form and being careful with the Quercetin. Getting it in food, was a no brainer. Especially waiting on a virus attack and having to take chances on the anti-malarial drug, what the heck. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Quack, quack! Ha, ha, he, he, lol!

    Face it were all Guinee piggy’s now! China and Italy are well know for a high population of cigarette smokers. Smokers don’t eat apples, or eat fresh fruits and vegetables of any kind. Or take vitamin supplements. If they did, they wouldn’t be smoking! We have to eat fresh, raw foods. Eating only dead cooked food’s, we’ll end up dead, sooner than later. Garbage in, garbage out! Some people take care of they’re cars or computers, more than they’re own selves.

    Bottom line, be a health nut! Eat nuts and a apple a day and distance yourselves from the quackery’s!

  28. link

    Stan-Which bullion dealer do you use- my dealer-Provident Metals-is pretty much wiped out of everything. Do you have any physical metals you would like to divest, since there is an abundance available?

    • Stan

      I don’t use a bullion dealer because I dont and never would buy Gold

  29. paul ...

    Why would the World Health Organization (WHO) help China cover-up the Corona Virus outbreak early on? … to make sure it got a good start and caused a worldwide pandemic?? … so the people at WHO (who have a patent on a vaccine for the Corona Virus) can make billions of dollars??? …

    • Jim J.

      Geez!….I see my comments have not been posted…or…Approved???
      I don’t think that USAWatchdog should be joining in suppression…VITAMIN C WORKS,

      • Jim J.

        Never mind!..I did see the posting below……Thank you!…and VITAMIN C ROCKS,
        Go Greg!

      • Greg Hunter

        This is the first comment I see from you. I have a comment counter in the control panel.

  30. Wim

    Hi Greg. Food stuff again. As from 2007 I am out of the system. Couldn’t sleep being in there.
    One day the system tumbles. As long they enforce some discipline with printing, it could hold longer than we imagine. Imagine the USA had 10 trillion savings, which they employ in a crisis like this…all fine.
    When that now gets printed it keeps the system going as like before the crisis……of course as long faith in the system holds……. that’s not a big worry with the sheeple unless they all tune in on USAwatchdog.
    The sheeple getting fleeced by the Devil, as their status quo remains to be.

    President Trump changed his tune yesterday, as he wanted to open up the economy again. We created Covid-19, as the day of reckoning is approaching.
    This virus is a morality hostage clam. Since 2016 I began to experience that at time things go down what I imagine. In 2016 the moon got out of sight a few times when I focussed. Recently I focussed that Mr. President experienced drowning longs….then ventilated….. a few cycles, while he heard a voice not to open up the country……morality….
    Yesterday ….. tuesday……. I saw the impact, as a CNN reporter stated “I never saw the president like this…..he was scared. First time I didn’t see him talk so much. His performance was exactly as he got told. Mike Pence rarely spoke….etc.
    Trump is not an annointed one… it’s a business shark with an huge ego. We are against him.
    We make sure they don’t crash the system intentionally. We are invisible in control.

    • Wim

      Not food stuff……. good stuff

    • Self Exiled

      Me too. ”Woe to the shepherds [the civil leaders] who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasturing! says the Lord. Therefore says The Lord, the God of Israel , who care for and feed My people: You have scattered my flock and driven them away and have not visited and attended to them; behold, I will visit and attend to you for the evil of your doings, says the Lord” Jeremiah 23: 1-2 This is why we have to make the Lord our righteousness; his visitation is inevitable and our Hope.

  31. AndrewB

    The most credible account of what’s going on I have heard in many a month. Interview is in German with English subtitles. Worth watching.

  32. iwitness02

    Grim and grimmer. Until a new day dawns. Sounds like we are entering a time of trouble from which mankind cannot save themselves. On the other hand, certain outlets would have us believe that operators are active now in bringing down the deep state. The counterpoint to this is; certain outlets would have us believe the globullists are ready to buy the world and establish one world government, religion, and currency. So we are looking at slavery, or freedom and justice. I read today that Defense Sec. Esper announced that states can use the National Guard to enforce stay at home rules. What comes next?
    I sat and wondered.

    • iwitness02

      The day is at hand.
      Poor, fainting spirit, still hold on thy way—
      The dawn is near!
      True, thou art weary; but yon brighter ray
      Becomes more clear.
      Bear up a little longer; wait for rest;
      Yield not to slumber, though with toil oppressed.

      The night of life is mournful, but, look on—
      The dawn is near!
      Soon will earth’s shadowy scenes and forms be gone;
      Yield not to fear!
      The mountain’s summit will, ere long, be gained.
      And the bright world of joy and peace attained.
      “Joyful through hope,” thy motto still must be—
      the dawn is near!
      What glories will that dawn unfold to thee!
      Be of good cheer!

  33. JungianINTP

    Greg – once again! – why isn’t there a juxtaposition of Corvid-19 deaths and, say, last year’s flu-bug death at this moment in time, since we’re repeatedly told “this isn’t the flu”? // Are not people dying from the current flu strain? // Four of five deaths, we’re being told, have underlying bad-health issues (diabetes or heart disease or cancer or old age ). // Does this unfolding Greater Depression have a two-fold, Deep State purpose: 1) Mask central banksters’ decades-long stealing of the common man’s honest labor, via slight-of-hand financial bubbles; 2) Topple “Orange Man” at any cost? // Study these reports:

    Something Huge is Coming

    People Dying in Hospitals Equals Corvid-19 Deaths?


  34. Stefan Petersson

    God Bless you Greg Hunter!Followed you a Long time now.For us small savers you do a very important job.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Stefan!

  35. Jerry

    I’ve warned you, and your readers for years about this development and now here it is.

    This couldn’t have come at the worst time, with the economy crashing under the weight of the corona virus. Forget about the recovery. There won’t be one.

  36. Pat

    Stan, What you fail to understand about the majority of Greg Hunter’s readers is that we are, by and large, educated people who not only believe in The Lord Jesus Christ, but have read His Word and try to live by it in our daily lives. Since Silver and Gold have remained the only ‘true currency’ worldwide since Jesus’s time, many of us choose to rely on physical metals for our investments. What you choose to do with your income does not interest any of us here. Maybe find another outlet for your ‘enjoyment’? Otherwise, you may find it helpful to those around you to read the Bible. I’d be glad to send you one if you can’t afford one since you’ve lost most of your ‘fortune’ in the stock market.
    Physical metals are only available for prices that have nothing to do with the carnival sideshow that the ‘financial tv networks’ would have the masses believe.

    Thank You Greg for having Mr Pento on again, he’s a real guy in the trenches, so I’m inclined to pay attention to what he has to say.

    Yours in Christ, Pat

    • Self Exiled

      Thank You Pat: ” we are, by and large, educated people who not only believe in The Lord Jesus Christ, but have read His Word and try to live by it in our daily lives.” If I may convey “For I says the Lord, will be to her a wall of fire round about, and I will be the glory in the midst of her.” Zechariah 2:5

    • Stan

      Do you also believe in Big Foot and Crop Circles?

  37. Open Eyes

    Greg, are you going to include a segment on New York City on your Weekly News Wrap Up? I think NYC is getting hit hard by Wuhan-400. It can be a warning to the rest of the country.

    • Greg Hunter


      The warning is don’t let your stupid governor withhold Hydroxychloroquine and a Z-Pack for treatment of this China virus. This is what the idiot Cuomo is doing.


      • Sensei George

        ‘China virus’? wHAT A RACIST COMMENT. Shame on you sir!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Go pound sand you Marxist, New World Order, globalist, godless, Satanic order troll. Is the term German measles racist? How about Chinese food? Shame on you for trying to “Shame” people into not using their Constitutionally given First Amendment right withOUT “SHAME.” Oh, the virus came from China. So, China virus, China virus, China virus and did I say China Virus????

    • Bob

      So why are they using Italian footage as NYC evidence on TV, and why are they pretending to load dead bodies out in the street? And why are most of the hospital coronavirus wards empty?

      Answer: big hoax supported by mass hysteria.

      • Open Eyes

        Get your rear in gear if you don’t want to end up pushing up daisies. I’ve been following Wuhan-400 since January. Dr. Fauci’s projections are for 2.2 million dead without interventions. So what virus kills 2.2 million citizens? Answer: a biological warfare weapon.

        Watch: Dramatic Footage Of Bodies Piled Up In Manhattan Hospital

        by Tyler Durden
        Thu, 04/02/2020 – 05:35

        As bodies pile up at New York City area hospitals, 45 refrigerated tractor-trailers were dispatched to the city to act as temporary morgues last month. We noted last week that morgues in the city were “nearing capacity” and would be full by the first week of April.

        In a matter of weeks, the city has transformed into the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the US, with 1,714 deaths and 76,049 confirmed cases (as of Wednesday, April 1).

        • Bob

          Open eyes, you’d believe anything.
          Other reporters have been to other NY hospitals and found most empty.

          They were making a show of loading bodies out on the street were they not? That is not needed when normal facilities have the capacity. 500 people die a day in NYC normally. Numbers right now are lower than previous flu tallies.
          How many of those deaths are because of Covid19? If Italy is anything to go by then the answer is 1% of them.
          Yes, 99% of the deaths in Italy which are attributed to Covid19 are just people dying of something else who happen to have detectable virus. Everyone carries viruses, coronaviruses, rhinoviruses. They cause flu and common cold. 5000 people die each year of common cold in the US.
          Is that a big deal too?

        • Bob

          * What is being called Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a “novel coronavirus.” Every year during flu season, 7-15% of flu infections are from a novel coronavirus. Even if this were to turn out with a high death toll, it would still just be a bad flu season. However, at time of writing there are 25,000 people in America dead of non-corona flu viruses, and just over 5,000 deaths from corona flu. So we are on track for this to be a normal flu season.

          * In 2018, 80,000 people died of the flu. The hospitals were much more pressured than they are today, going so far as to put up tents to treat people in parking lots.

          * The mortality rate statistics they are reporting in the media are being calculated completely differently than the flu is calculated and then compared with the flu mortality rate. Whereas the normal way to report the flu is to estimate the total number of infected and then calculate an estimated mortality rate based on the estimate of the number of those infected, with Coronavirus, they are reporting a mortality rate that is the percentage of deaths from those who test positive. As we know that the symptoms can be light or even nonexistent, the number of infected is likely 20 times more than the number tested, which would mean that the mortality rate they are reporting is 20 times the actual mortality rate, which would put it exactly where any other flu tends to be. The media and government have stated this frankly, and yet they continue to compare the death count to that of the flu.

          * In Italy, doctors reported that over 99% of those who have died have had preexisting conditions. They were also counting anyone who tested positive for the virus after death as having died of Coronavirus, even though it is certain that some of these people, particularly the old people (the average age of the deaths was 79.5-years-old), went to the hospital for some other reason and got infected with the virus at the hospital. Italy admits that this is the way they were keeping statistics – everyone who died and tested positive was a Coronavirus death. Given the way that viruses spread in hospitals, it is likely that everyone who died in the hospital was infected.

          * Even if you are unaware of the way they are abusing statistics, it is still totally remarkable to get worked up about this. Even by these ultra-inflated numbers the media is presenting, if you are under the age of fifty, you have less than a half of one percent chance of dying. If you do not have a preexisting condition, your chances of dying are effectively zero.

          * Flu season is almost over. There is no way that the infections will continue at any significant rate after the weather breaks later this month. According to the CDC, it is rare for much of anything to linger into May. Somehow however, we are talking about an incoming wave of infections and deaths.

          And remember that the virus is close to its peak in the US because flu season is over so you can’t credit the shutdown if the numbers reduce. But they will, even though they talk about new waves at the same time.

          This is a mass hysteria event.

  38. Justn Observer

    Greg, One might listen to this…very enlightening as to what may be coming and the use of quarantine as a ‘conditioning tool’ and for coercion to accept UN-Constitutional digital ‘currency’ = central bank digital wallet for the heliocopter money issuance?
    as Mnuchin violates the law by not making Gold and Silver available to met demand…You might want Bix Weir to explain the ‘illegality’ of that and when they altered the law regarding Mnuchin’s ability/decision power in sidestepping that aspect!

  39. Canadian Prepper

    Stan is like Wily Coyote running over the cliff. His feet (in this case his mouth) are still moving thinking he is on solid ground. He won’t realize it til he looks down and sees the impending result of his ignorance.

  40. fred

    Get the economy rolling, we have to find out who we can go to war with.

  41. Mike

    The worst prediction presented by Michael Pento is the concept of Universal Basic Income. There is no economy that can exist where the majority of people are paid to do nothing. A financial reset will occur before price inflation drives people into starvation. The US economy based on financial engineering must be replaced by an economy based on production of goods in service of a free market. I think Trump knows this and steps being done with “free money” are just part of the reset plan. Zombie businesses will go bankrupt and new businesses will be created to replace the loss of imported goods (trade will be forced into balance).

    • Greg Hunter

      I think he was talking on a temporary basis.

    • Dave

      UBI may be coming. It will be hard to roll things back as Pelosi and the Democrats insisted on the timing when this stimulus runs out. Not that far in advance of the election. Trump will be forced to agree to an extension of the benefits Then, with the Democrats taking the Senate and holding the House, a formal UBI bill will be passed in Congress. If Trump wins reelection he will sign such a bill. Of course a Democrat win of the presidency only further insures UBI.

  42. Conrad Blackmoore

    Lab-Made Coronavirus Triggers Debate
    The creation of a chimeric SARS-like virus has scientists discussing the risks of gain-of-function research. Nov 16, 2015
    Update (March 11, 2020): On social media and news outlets, a theory has circulated that the coronavirus at the root of the COVID-19 outbreak originated in a research lab. Scientists say there is no evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus escaped from a lab.

    Get Ready for The Second!
    Rising from the Great Depression: Rare color photos

  43. Jim J.

    A BIG THANKS, Greg!…for what you do!…
    There IS a cure!….Your Body’s own Immune System will protect, but you need Vitamin C and other quality supplements like Zinc and Vitamin D.
    Please consult great work that Dr. Andrew Saul is doing and the great SUCCESS that Dr. Cheng is getting with treatment of COVID 19 in China!
    This information is being suppressed by Big Pharma and Major Media…because they are not in the revenue stream!…..
    Supplements work!…Consult your local Homeopath!

  44. JC

    April 1st, Dow down almost 1000 points, gold steady to higher.
    Let’s not forget what Bo Polny said.

  45. Francis reps

    Mr. Pento is putting as good a face on the up coming depression as any thinking person could. He is Hopeful. The reality of this situation { in my studied opinion } is that the current Pandemic is cover for a Worldwide Financial Crisis ; Engineered { over the years } by Talmudic Jews to destroy decent Cultural Norms and Nations ” Worldwide ” , to reduce the Earth’s population by eighty percent or more……and rule over the remaining Human Looking Animals that they consider to be inferior beings. Read an “accurate” translation of the Talmud….or read Israel Shahak’s book on Jewish History. Professor Shahak was a Polish Jew who survived Birkenau in 1945…emigrated to Israel , became a famous University Professor and tried to warn decent Jews about the universal mischief Talmudic practices were visiting on Humanity. Greg, Not likely you will post this since your emotional core is still not completely developed…..but on the hope you may get a glimmer of the truth a couple of decades from now. Good luck to you & God Bless.

  46. H. Craig Bradley


    Gerald Celente of Trends Journal was the very first to predict the Greatest Depression about a year or more ago. Since he was the first to call-it ( Its his job, after all ) then those who followed were also-rans or just the ones who followed the crowd later (ALWAYS the majority). You know, all the “Johnny Come Latelies”.

    Moreover, Gerald Celente says to his subscribers we are in a massive Deflationary cycle. All asset classes are being reduced simultaneously, from stocks to bonds to eventually real estate. Nothing will escape deflation. Its a tidal wave. The bond bubble, especially BBB- and below (JUNK) is going to be reduced the most as far as fixed income investments.

    In this cycle, both stocks and bonds are going-down together and may bottom -40% ( again, Gerald Celente’s forecast). We all have our own independent opinions. The S&P 500 Index is now down -20% year-to-date.

    To his credit, Gerald Celente blew the whistle first and all the rest came around publically months later or in this instance, up to a year later. Our “Republic” is no-more. Welcome to Bernie Sander’s World with Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Print baby , print $. FED balance sheet is now $5 Trillion and headed to possibly $ 9 Trillion by December, 2020. It has doubled under President Trump, the self-proclaimed “King of Debt”.

    Now, its old news well, maybe not for half the population who have not yet seen their income or hours reduced or their business fail or become insolvent. More of that to come in the future. It’s not yet over. I predict the economy and markets won’t stabilize for two more years. Unemployment will peak next year some time. Its going to be brutal for everyone between now and then.

    Furthermore, I predict martial law in many of our large coastal cities by summer and activation of each state’s National Guard to enforce mandatory curfews and restore civil order, as well. Its coming. Very Orwellian !

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Pento wrote and predicted this a few years ago but It appears Celente was the first (or one of the first) to declare it.

    • Bob

      Doug Casey’s been talking about a “Greater Depression” for at least 10 years I think.

    • paul ...

      Hey HC … did you know Gerald Celente hired Greg Mannarino to write articles in his Forecast Journal??

      • H. Craig Bradley


        No. Perhaps he just wanted to give Greg a job. As you know, Italians take care of Italians.

    • Robin Should

      “In this cycle, both stocks and bonds are going-down together and may bottom -40% ( again, Gerald Celente’s forecast). We all have our own independent opinions. The S&P 500 Index is now down -20% year-to-date.”

      So why do you always go on about Martin Armstrong (who couldn’t see a stockmarket crash) if your view is at odds with his?

  47. foggygoggles

    We are on the cusp of a global, economic and spiritual paradigm shift. David McAlvany just did a great interview with geopolitical strategist, Peter Zeihan. Put on the amour of God, give it a listen and be of good cheer.

  48. SilverHawk

    Ah, . . . Pissssst . . Have you heard there’s a big rock heading our way? And its gonna be real visible to the eye. The debris field is the width of 5 Jupiters. Think theres a chance of bitcoin going down? Gold Silver or Cash don’t need electrons. This may be Wormwood…?

  49. pat

    Greg, I’m here in NJ, so I’ll give your readers an insight into what’s going on here. First, too many Americans have been lead to believe that NJ is full of liberals. While the majority of us conservatives that live in NJ will tell you that it ‘feels like we live in California East’ because we are constantly exposed to the ‘liberals lifestyle ‘choices’, we won’t give up this state easily. Note how when the Liberal left wing gov’ Murphy attempted to circumvent the Constitution by closing gun stores. We were not going to let that go! Within a WEEK President Trump heard our voices and forced the gov’nr Murphy to let gun stores remain open so Americans could legally purchase more home protection for our families. Remember this when you vote President Trump back in to office!

    The Gov’nr here in NJ, as is Gov’nr Cuomo (far far left wing commie), are milking out the China Virus numbers on a daily basis. Lest they frighten the left wing liberals! They know the numbers are already up in the 1,000’s dead, and tens of 1,000’s infected. The borders to the tri state area should be shutdown to keep the population here from further infecting other states. Yes, that means I’m stuck here in NJ. That’s ok, I’m prepped since prior to 2001, ready to hunker down and can last years here on my farm.

    The Mayor of NY City is a real loser, as even his Presidential aspirations were laughed at by real Americans, and he came home with his tail between his legs. Now he goes on tv daily to ‘preempt’ our President. Mayor DeBlasio is the biggest commie I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. He keeps crying that the city has no PPE, but Our President Trump has delivered more PPE to NYC than anywhere else in America period!
    I have personal knowledge of what’s happening on local, state, and federal levels. I can physically show you in person Mr Hunter my credentials, but suffice it to say I served my Country proudly for 15 years. I hope to meet you in person someday and you might be surprised to see how far up the chain of command I was.

    Whenever General Milley JCOS speaks American Patriots should know HE is the REAL DEAL and stands by Our President Trump to protect America. He does not read from a script because he is ‘on mission’ 24/7!

    Yours in Christ, Pat

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Pat for your Garden State reporting!!!

  50. Olga Burch

    Sudden turnaround.
    Paul Joseph Watson | – APRIL 1, 2020
    Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is now asking the federal government to send her hydroxychloroquine just four days after she threatened to revoke the medical licenses of doctors who prescribed it.

    This woman takes the cake! Whitless went ahead with the March 24th primary making Michigan a Corona Covid19 hot spot by gathering Michiganders together aka Mardi Gras 2020 New Orleans, now a hot spot too. She put lives in danger because Biden promised she’d be his VP pick. Not any more Whitless! You would have been a terrible first woman president anyway Gretchen! She also has blood on her hands letting all the youngsters smoke dope and killing themselves and others on the roadways. Detroit traffic fatalities are through the roof! She’s very proud at having got the dope heads out to vote her in office. Congrats’s Gertrude. To bad, you would have been the prettiest president ever to turn the White House into a dope Whithouse!

    • paul ...

      Actually the big rush for ventilators by Gov Cuomo “may actually be the wrong strategy” … as the Corona Virus “destroys red blood cells” … without red blood cells “it doesn’t matter how much oxygen you force into the lungs” … the body is simply going to suffocate from a lack of oxygen … Cuomo should be directing his efforts toward purchasing hydroxychloroquine … which when “administered early” prevents the Corona Virus from killing the red blood cells … perhaps putting very critical patients into a high pressure 100% oxygen hyperbaric chamber may force enough oxygen directly through the skin of the body to keep the patients (who didn’t receive hydroxychloroquine early enough) alive !!!

  51. James sullivan

    God bless Greg;
    I am afraid that anythingi say cannot do justiceto the approaching storm. I always thought the 49 million or so on the EBT cards, was especiallydestructive, because it replaced food lines, whizch would have been a graphic clue as to the sickness of the USA.
    A biblical moment is coming. The greedy criminals have run the richest country in haistory into the ground. You talk of pandemic …what of the pandemic of greed, fraud, mal feasance that has infected every level of us economy, government and society.
    I cannot do justice to my disgust for this people.

  52. Merry Piper

    Hi Greg. Would you please check out/investigate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. He appears to be one intelligent man, trying to get the truth out about the “pandemic”. Of course he’s on youtube. And As you know, I like to investigate also. I just learned about him a few days ago. If you could have him on USAWatchdog it would be “over the top”! Thank you for your continual vigilance!!

  53. Bob

    Congressman Massie exposes greatest theft in world history, and for doing so Trump said he should be kicked out of the GOP.

    Listen to the first minute. The $1200 check for each family is just the cheese in a $60,000 trap!
    They voted for it with an unrecorded vote, so the people can’t even trace the traitors.

    Republicans and Democrats all voted off the record so they can’t be voted out next election, according to Massie.

    Plenty of insight into how Congress works. It’s rather rotten in there.

    • Greg Hunter


      Massie = Patriot!


    • Dave

      The CARES bill will lead to UBI being permanently implemented in the US. Trump would likely go for that. He is not and never has been a small government person. Hence his pushing a massive infrastructure bill right now. Pelosi and Trump are negotiating on it and Trump apparently is open to rolling back some of his 2017 tax relief package. Some of the elements most opposed to by the Democrats. The thing to note is that the Dems are getting much of their wish list in these bills. Not so the GOP. No effort by Trump to put restrictions on immigration in the bills, no efforts by the GOP to restrict funding of PP or NPR and such. Congress, the Democrats and the GOP are bought and sold and have been.

    • Lucas Doolin

      I quit following Trump on Facebook because of what he said about Rep. Massie. He owes him a BIG apology.

      • Greg Hunter

        I think you are correct Lucus, but I would still follow President Trump because you sure as hell can’t believe the Fake News Enemy of the people MSM!

  54. wondering

    Hey Greg, another great interview. Someone mentioned that soon they will shut down all alt media. I believe this too. Would it be feasible for you to have a newsletter on the back burner in case this happens. People could contact you with information and you could put out the newsletter for a fee, since you would have to mail it out. That way people wouldn’t be in dark about everything. Knowledge is power. You could post your mailing address below the header so people could copy it now and have it on hand. I bet Stan would even sign up. Keep up the good work.

  55. Andy

    Yes Greg, you are a treasure and we listen to ALL of your content. Thank you for all you do and blessings are on the way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andy for the very kind words and blessings.

  56. Justn Observer


  57. Wallis Pepper

    What Dr Ted Broer Saw On I 75
    Apr 2, 2020

  58. paul ...

    Breaking News: In keeping with the governments goal “to kill off the old people and the disabled” … our criminal politicians have decided “not to give adults with disabilities” or “children over 16” or “old parents” (who can be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return) will not eligible for the $500 bonus or for their own $1,200 check!! … so adults with disabilities as well as seniors who are claimed as dependents and are in need of support “will not be eligible to receive stimulus checks” … however all the criminals in government, corporations, banks, and Wall Street will be sure to get their pork and stimulus bailout money!!! …

    • paul ...

      What kind of logic do these criminal politicians use?? … the people who need economic help the most (the disabled and old people) and who are fortunate enough to get some help from family members … are to be discriminated against?? … and denied by criminal politicians their own $1200 Corona Virus check (which would take some of the burden off those who provide dependent support)??

      • paul ...

        Guess it is better to let our dependents go on welfare and put the burden of supporting the old and disabled upon the Government … so these old and disabled people can get a $1200 dollar check “like everyone else”!!!

  59. donna s.

    donna s
    Greg with all the pandemic and economic upheaval we are seeing, one thing is starting to stand out and that is the democrats call for mail in voting for the presidential election. One thing I read is they were trying to stuff it in the coronavirus relief package? Not sure if that is true but sounds about right. The election is in November and we are supposed to be past the peak of the virus in late april. They have tried to remove a duly elected president from the day he got in office and are still doing so. Pelosi is already talking about another relief package and people had better be aware of this and start standing up against this now before it is slipped into the bill. I just read where Biden is now saying that is also a possibility which means voter fraud on a wider scale. It is the only way I believe they can win. I am not seeing when the Alt News is saying much about this but I sure hope they start.
    Thanks for all your hard work Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Donna!

  60. AndrewB

    Interesting info questioning validity of test for Covid-19 + succinct commentary on financial collapse . . .

    • paul ...

      I agree with this man that this is a contrived “false flag” pandemic created to bail out the banksters … but he then tries to say that all the people dying “is not really happening” … IMO this is an error … 9-11 “really killed people” … and this premeditated false flag created pandemic is “really killing people”!!!

  61. Rance

    Hi Greg.

    I hope you get this. I CANNOT break through the captcha gatekeeper (I am not a robot)

    In the event that you do get this, would you look at these 2 links. They are really sufficient unto themselves to question the entire CV virus debacle and to stop this insanity of world martial law etc. putting the world out of work.

    These are accredited doctors with lives and reputations and careers at stake. Why would they say these things if they were not the truth?
    How and why are we not seeing this on tv and ALL of the so-called alternative sites? surely it is the most important news in the world right now. Please find the time to see what these doctors are saying.

    Thank you.

  62. pat

    Greg, Immediately ALL recreationally boating from Maine to Florida is banned. Only commercial/LE vessels are allowed to be operational due to this EO! Marinas can make repairs and dispense fuel only to these vessels. State marine patrols LE will enforce local waters, CG offshore. If you own a liability, oops, I mean a boat, it will be a larger financial burden this year due to non use. If you are selling your boat you’re going to have a hard time finding a buyer, if any, because no one can enjoy it this year. Reconsider buying a boat this year because it won’t allow you to leave your immediate area. Better to harden up your preps as items you and your family are going to need won’t be on the market in the near future.

    I only wish President Trump would not appear in public at the same time as VP Pence, so that they both cannot fall ill at the same time. That is a great fear of mine.
    Thanks Greg for having this forum in order to allow info to be shared nationwide.
    It’s as bad as the MSM make it to be in NJ/NY/ CT so if you live West of the Mississippi prep hard and protect your home.
    Your’s in Christ, Pat

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting from the waters edge!!

  63. paul ...

    Good Idea … Let’s fire Navy Capt. Brett Crozier (Commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt) for trying to protect American boys on his ship from getting the Corona Virus (so as to make sure our defensive capability remains viable) … let’s do instead what we did to the passengers of the “Diamond Princess” … and keep them all on board … let’s prevent them from leaving (so the entire crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt becomes infected and the ship becomes as effective as the USS Donald Cook (a useless chunk of metal floating dead in the water) … we have a bunch of idiots running the Pentagon who are putting our Nation in danger (standing down again like they did on 9-11)!!

  64. paul ...

    At the increasing rate the Fed is printing fiat we will easily have an extra 40 Trillion fake paper dollar IOU’s in the world within one year … … and the “true price of silver” is currently reflecting this fiat paper debasement of our currency by breaking up over $2,000 fake fiat dollar IOU’s per ounce today … silver now on it’s way to $3,000 per ounce!! …

  65. H. Craig Bradley

    Has America fallen and can’t get up ( or Back to business, as usual ) ?

    • Jennifer Ohman

      How can we go back to business as usual?

      Well before the CoronaVirus Greg frequently asked his guests, “What event do you think could likely take down this market?” A little over a year ago I chimed in. I commented, “Socialism.” Socialism and a police state is the nemesis of freedom, Capitalism and privately owned companies.
      The CVirus is a red herring for several agendas…including a transition of the USA into a police state! We are witnessing, here and now , the ushering in of a police state …on a grand scale!!! And the populous should be outraged.

      All Americans must realize that we have an unconditional Constitutional Right to our Life, our Liberty and to the unrestricted Pursuit of our Personal Dreams!! A Right to one’s Life DOES NOT mean a “right to merely breathe!” It means…a RIGHT to freely provide for one’s livelihood, provided that one does not violate another’s right to their livelihood and property …that one doesn’t steal someone else’s property, ie, livelihood in order to prosper. This is how a civil society is maintained, grows and prospers.

      But our politicians are breaking down our civil society …INTENTIONALLY and they are using the CoronaVirus as an excuse to accomplish their goals.

      No man has a right to make a claim on another man’s life! This one has a right to prevent another from providing for their livelihood! Nature requires that one provide for oneself in order to live or else one dies! And our Constitution protects this RIGHT!

      Everyone is always at risk from some potential natural disaster, including flus, viruses, diseases, etc, in spite of this, we all must continue providing for our livelihood or else WE DIE! Period!!!
      And so…we all must take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves as we continue to provide for our lives! Life has risks! Every moment of every day! It always has and it always will!

      Now, the more at risk someone is to any natural event the more precautions that person must choose to take for their own safety. But No man can make a claim on another man’s life!! No one can effectively say to another, “Because I possibly can catch a cold or a flu or a virus or lice from you…that you must close your business and stay out of my presents and sight!!” This is absurd!!!
      Instead, this person should stay away from those he believes poses a risk to him, a risk that he does not wish to be exposed to.
      Our politicians are violating our fundamental rights to our life and our rights to our livelihood and our existence on a grand scale!! There is no going back unless Americans get a back bone and start to stand up for themselves!
      They should push back against their politicians! They should deny the petty handouts offered for the shut down of their businesses and lives! They should demand that their businesses be reopened! They should advise those at greatest risk to take extra precautions and self-quarantine! However, I have spoken to many elderly people suggesting that they should be at home and away from others , as experts are saying that they are at greatest risk! Almost all of them said , “Yeah…when it’s my time it’s my time.” They know the risks. They want to do what they want to do. That’ is a risk that they choose to take and it is their right to do so.

      • Jennifer Ohman

        …We are at war, but do not be brainwashed into believing that we are “at war against a virus!” Yes, the American people and our Constitution ARE at war, but the real war is against Socialism and Tyranny…and its progression will not be stopped until THE AMERICAN PEOPLE stop it!!

        The Virus is NOT the cause of our economic downturn and it HAS NOT brought down our economy. It is the government’s interference into the natural workings of the economy, something it should not be allowed to do, that has caused all of this economic devastation that we are now witnessing…It is government interference and their mandates that has brought our nations’ productivity to a screeching halt!…and NOT theVirus!

  66. Bob Lamb

    He got in trouble for sending the message through unsecured channels. You think it’s ok to broadcast one of our carriers is out of commission? Who says the Navy wasn’t going to get them off the ship? If they were not going to get the crew off of the ship then he might have been justified but I’ve not even seen that discussed.

  67. al

    I totally agree with Pento, especially his tribute to Greg towards the end.

    Not much can be added. I just have a large bowl of pop corn and I’m munching during this economid drama.

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