Trump is Free to Throw Mud on Clinton-Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s 

Former Bush Administration (41) Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts, says this presidential election will be most painful for Hillary Clinton. Fitts explains, “Here’s the thing, Clinton has never had to answer for the real deal issues and dirt on the Clintons.  Here’s what’s interesting.  One of the reasons the Clintons never had to answer is so much of it was done with the Bush family and the Republican establishment.  They were really partners in many of the things they did.  Before the campaign, Roger Stone came out with a book on the Bushes and a book on the Clintons.  It was sort of a compendium on all the real deal dirt.  That’s now in the body politic.  The second thing we see is George H.W. Bush, W. Bush and Jeb Bush all come out and say they are not going to back Trump.  That means Trump is free to throw the mud, and it will hit the Clintons, but it will splatter all over the Bushes.  Now, Trump is free to go.”

Fitts goes on to say, “It really comes down to where the military and the intelligence agencies stand on this. If he can get enough support in the military and intelligence agencies, I think Trump can win.  Trump is ahead in polls in the military two to one.”

On the economy, Fitts, who is also an investment banker, says, “People are saying where do I put my cash that is safe from the game of musical chairs? I don’t think the problem is it’s all going to collapse.  We are going to get liquidity hiccups, and chairs are going to get pulled.  Some people are going to lose, and some people are going to win. . . . People who have borrowed money in currencies that they can’t print, Puerto Rico being one . . . that borrowed way more money than they can pay back, same with Detroit.  You are going to have all these creditors, both countries, municipalities and companies who can’t pay back the debt . . . when their revenues are going down. . . . Some pensions are going to get killed.  Some insurance companies are going to get killed because their model depends on a certain rate of interest, and they’re not getting it.”

On gold, Fitts says, “Always have enough gold to bribe the border guards, that’s what I say. Gold is very volatile.  This year, it’s been volatile to the upside, but we can still get another big down if we get into a deflation.  I talk about an investment position and a core position.  The core position is the gold you use to bribe the border guard.  That’s central bank insurance.  You don’t care what the price is.  You need to make sure that for your core position, you are not worried about the price.  If it goes down to $700, you are not worried, and if it flies up to $2,000, you are not going to get excited and sell it.  It’s your core position, and you want ounces of gold or silver, and you don’t think about it as you would an investment position.”

On the total fraud propping up every corner of the economy, Fitts says, “Here’s the problem with this situation, and it’s mind boggling. When you have an economy on a managed basis, and get this far away from a market economy, the problem is the primary trend in the dollar, bonds, stocks, and gold is . . . totally in question and can go either way.  A lot of it is because you have a politically managed system and not a market economy.  The more you politically manage it, the lower the productivity goes.  So, it is really a house of cards.  The money managers are looking at this, and they are very nervous and for good reason.  A politically managed system is not as robust and healthy as one managed by market economics. . . . You have a failure of the political system to face and manage and deal with what is going on. . . . We have managed this system by being more and more and more secret.  George H. W. Bush said the other day that the American people can’t handle the truth.  I think they can handle the truth, and one of the reasons I am encouraged by Trump is he is going to start bringing more of it out.  That’s what we need.  It’s the only way we can get out of this.  We are being killed by a politically managed system that is being driven by more and more privilege and more and more secrecy.  We’ve got to go to transparency, and it’s going to be a very painful process for the American people.  It’s not going to be pretty.  The game of musical chairs is upon us.  It’s not coming, it’s here.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, creator of The Solari Report.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is free information on Catherine Austin Fitts’ website, If you wish to become a subscriber to The Solari Report, click here.

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  1. Robbie41

    Hello Greg, Hey, did you too catch what was said during the video streaming video during the transit of mercury 2016. I think they just let the cat out of the bag.. There’s no hiding this anymore, the cover-up is now out in the open.. Wishing you all well.. Nibiru / Planet 7X is now seen by Millions of people..

    • Dave

      How completely irrelevant. You are on the wrong site to jabber about UFOs.

      • MCasey

        Dave, Robbie41’s remark about UFOs was completely relevant. If you spent more time becoming informed rather than attempting to censor comments on USAWatchDog, you would know Catherine Austin Fitts’ statement that, “George H. W. Bush said the other day that the American people can’t handle the truth”, was in direct reference to UFOs. This was George Bush Sr. reply to a journalist who asked Bush when the US government was going to reveal the truth about UFO’s to the Americans. George Sr. responded by saying, “Americans can’t handle the truth”.

        People like you who attempt to censor our freedom of speech, is why there are so many “truth-seekers” out there. Keep up the good work Dave and jabber on.

        • anthony kujawa

          Dave isn’t censoring anything. He is replying to a comment. There is a difference.

      • Htc

        Yeah man, ufos. I hope you know Jesus as your personal savior because what is coming is going to wreck any plan you think you have outside of him. This site is more than just economic news and if Greg didn’t want to post that very relevant comment then he wouldn’t do it. If you like censorship go post on some msm sites.

      • Brad

        The guy in the video said we have two suns and NASA covers it up.
        He must have been joking.

        • paul ...

          Brad … binary star systems are very common in our universe … that is no joke!

          • Tracy Welborn

            Yeah, but the video showed two massive suns right next to each other. That’s impossible. At least according to the physics that govern our universe. Plus, if you look outside, there’s only one sun.

          • paul ...

            Actually those “long rectangular UFO” sightings in space that our telescopes are picking up in Earth orbit … may actually be “Noah’s Arc’s” built for the elite (with the missing $8 trillion dollars in Pentagon money) as an alternative “continuation of government” safety measure … just in case their deep underground bunkers get filled with magma!

        • Robert Lykens

          Brad, you’d think they were joking, wouldn’t you? It’s just that they take themselves so seriously.

    • MMM

      I saw it.

    • paul ...

      Robbie41 … Catherine Fitts speaks of political mud being thrown … when what you speak of “makes its appearance” real mud from Yellowstone will be flung … and Los Angeles will be shifted right up to San Francisco (in a magnitude 9-10 earthquake) … besides just praying … it might be wise to take a vacation “else where” around the more dangerous times of the month for something to happen … at New Moon and the Full Moon the gravitational forces on Earth are more intense and especially if we all begin to see “something else” in the sky!

      • paul ...

        At least Russia and China have built their underground bases large enough to house a good portion of their population … they even have room to put ships, planes and even submarines underground … but Hillary and the Neocons won’t do anything for us American citizens who paid for their underground hideouts (except to send us to war) … the American MSM won’t dare even ask one serious question for fear of losing their jobs (jobs that won’t exist when the Earth starts to split beneath their feet) … seriously think about why the government won’t lock up all the banker crooks and not send “one of them” to jail … because they know they are all going to die (with the rest of us common folk)!

          • paul ...

            Some scientists say the “ring of fire” and Pacific Ocean Basin was created when a giant asteroid hit Earth in the past with such force that it blew out a crater so large that when it filled with water (it became the Pacific Ocean) and plunged so deep into the Earth that it almost came out the other side (and pushed up the Himalaya Mountains and the Indian continental plate! … as Shakespeare once said “there is more to this world Horacio then our minds can even dare dream about”!!

            • paul ...

              It is now a lot easier to figure out why God gave us humans a life span of only 100 years … it was so each generation could live a life of happiness and peace their entire lives … and only the last generation (that gets hit with “the big one”) will have to suffer a living hell! … and from the look of things we may just happen to be the last generation!!

    • trox

      Reference ….Nibiru…
      According to Professor Nassim Haramein…… Nibiru came and went in 2003.
      For anyone interested just Google…….Video Proof That Nibiru Has Come and Gone

    • Robert Lykens

      Millions of people can see “planet x”? Wow, they’re really good at keeping it secret.
      So why can’t I see it? I guess in order to see it you must first believe in it.

      In that case, I’ll never see it.

    • Robert Lykens

      By the way, Robbie41, “planet x” was supposed to have hit us in March. That was two months ago, and there’s still no sign of it.

      Except for the “millions of people” who can “see” it, that is.

  2. Scott

    So good to see Catherine back, Greg. She’s one of the few people in this world who gives me any hope…

  3. Md4

    ” I don’t think the problem is it’s all going to collapse. We are going to get liquidity hiccups, and chairs are going to get pulled.”

    ” We’ve got to go to transparency, and it’s going to be a very painful process for the American people. It’s not going to be pretty. The game of musical chairs is upon us. It’s not coming, it’s here.”

    What’s here?

    Here’s the real problem.

    Most of us know the old economy is dead. We also know we’re being played, and that there’s no real recovery. We also know (or should know), that the “core” problem is the fatal result of 40+ years of shortsighted, bonsai outsourcing by western corporations.

    There can be NO doubt about this. That IS the core problem, and it CANNOT be repaired.

    Even IF every outsourced job were repatriated (per Trump), those jobs would NEVER pay what they once paid–as long as cheap foreign labor remains abundantly available.

    As we cannot order world-changing inventors, and their breakthrough science leading to revolutionary products (think Edison, Bell, Watt, etcetera), whose groundwork laid the foundation for our explosive economic growth in the twentieth century…we are not likely to “discover” our way out of this either.

    Even if we did, the follow-on products stimulating new manufacturing would likely be sent abroad anyway. All one has to do is ask oneself: “Where was the iPhone invented?”

    “Where is it made?”

    Please start asking these guests what specifically the ninety-nine percenters need to be doing to manually crash this thing already.

    I’ve said before, we won’t get better until the present is no longer an option.

    It should be clear…the American people are going to have to break this thing themselves.

    • JC Davis

      MD 4 That was a interesting comment. What do you think would be the result of opening the (Sealed) patents to the USA people? A one time event. This would serve to allow inventions to be used by any USA citizen. One can only wonder what is being withheld from use to protect the current investments..
      Also, other then preps, land ,copper, silver, and yes gold. What would be the best place to put cash for the average man ? Thanks for your input.

      • JC Davis

        I forgot to add this may be one way to crash the current system, and bring in a new one. Just my thoughts.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Have to agree with you, we either find away to escape this system ourselves or be subject to its dynamics of control. In order words, step out of the system & change it or get prepared to get on the boxcars for the FEMA camps; etc., etc.

      • Brad

        The US will be de-industrialized and
        gays “given permission to act out.”
        Women will be masculinized.
        Music would get “much worse.”
        Much of what Dr. Day promised
        in 1969 has come to pass.
        But many more ominous measures
        designed to establish a police state
        have yet to transpire.

        If this is true, then its all deliberate. But we all kind of feel that sometimes don’t we?

    • Randy

      There is NO WAY to have any kind of a recovery after the crash, if we do not immediately go back to using PM (gold, silver and copper) as our medium of exchange to facilitate our trades. If we do not go back to a medium of exchange that is based upon human labor, and lots of it, we will be right back in the soup again with “inflation” eating up our stored wealth.
      The perceived purchasing power of our medium of exchange must be as high as possible, in order for us to have a vibrant and growing economy that will be around for a long time. This is why ALL fiat paper currencies eventually fail one day. The lower the confidence level in the medium of exchange, the more unstable it is, and the sooner it will fall out of favor.

    • rahrog

      The “core” problems are central banking, fractional reserve lending, and fiat currencies. Until those evils are eradicated there is no way to save the fruits of ones labors.

      • JC Davis

        Yep. I still like to think of how it could be a softer landing to the bottom.

    • jeanruss

      We were given the road map to the future from the American genius Walter Russell. His work is available at His work has been pushed aside and ignored because it ends the oligarchy economic system we have been forced to endure for the last hundred years. Russell’s Hydrgen engine was rejected by FDR because he claimed it would destroy the economy (meaning the fossil fuel economy). Free energy should have been enjoyed by all of humanity for the last century. He provided the road map to expanding into outer space. His good friend, Nikola Tesla, told him his work was a thousand years ahead of his time and Walter replied “We don’t have a thousand years”. His new science would solve all of our modern problems and create a new world.

      • SusyQ

        I am an ardent follower of Walter Russell. So glad to see you are also. He is an incredible genius on all levels.

  4. Dwain Decell

    I like to simplify the economic farce.
    Money printing out of thin air makes possible the creation of jobs out of thin air.
    Heres how it works: Central bank pays government employee, speculator, banker, doctor, builder, educator . . the house of card foundation. These in turn pay the contractor, bartender, retail clerk, financialist, etc. etc. Flocks hone in on the carcass.

    In the meantime, inflation goes through the roof. Housing, rent, food, utilities and insurance. Consumption goes down as carrion supplies are depleted. In fighting increases over few remaining morsels and then massive die offs ensue. Some will survive and some won’t.

    Pertaining to our day, an ancient wise master once said, “where the carcass is there will the eagles be gathered”

    • Greg Hunter

      Simple and to the point thank you for the pithy analysis and comment.

      • The Mohawk

        Thanks for “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

        Good day

        • Greg Hunter

          The Mohawk,
          I screen the comments so people don’t say crazy evil things.

          • Scott

            And rightly so…

            • Charles

              And that is why I only come to this site occasionally. It’s not that the news is not good or valid, it’s that freedom of speech is non-existent. The fact that comments are screened on the basis of someone saying things that are “crazy and evil” flies in the face of freedom of speech. It is more akin the speech police patrolling college campuses these days. In a truly “free” society there will be people who say crazy and evil things. That’s a given. But, what gives me the right to label them “crazy and evil”? That’s just my opinion. It’s like the Second Amendment. I have no right to dictate to anyone when, where or how, they can carry a weapon to defend themselves. There is only one site that I know of where truthful news, with true freedom of speech exists, and that is ZeroHedge. Yeah, it’s the “Wild West” sometimes with everything vile and rotten know to mankind, but there is also insightful comments, and a forum where your are free to voice your opinion, no matter how crazy or evil it is. Commenters all seem to just take it in stride. Everyone there is an adult and know that the right to not be offended, is actually not a right at all. With great freedom comes great responsibility, and you must endure good and bad, but I like to think the seeing of the bad, makes the good look all the brighter. I, for one, “can” handle the truth, and would prefer to endure one hundred “crazy and evils’ if that is necessary to ensure that one “profound and virtuous” comment is not un-objectively censored. Judging the motives and opinions of others is a risky business. I do not consider myself worthy of that task. I do enjoy the articles and finds Greg’s analysis timely and insightful, but compromise in the realm of freedom speech is something I am not able to do. You are either free to speak or you are not. There are no hybrids. Being this is Greg’s site gives him every right to do as he choses, as I have the right to chose to come here or not. I do wonder if by censoring at all, do we run the risk of missing that one nugget of truth buried in the crazy and evil?

              • JC Davis

                Charles. Anarchy is kin to no control of actions. It never comes up with lasting educated thought.
                I for one am glad someone stands up to say this is wrong and not allowed. The wrong direction often screams for the hillside overriding those in the bottom land. I don’t comment on other sites because they are rude , and crude. No good judgment can come from foolishness.

              • JC Davis

                I have posted over a thousand times not one restricted ever.

                • Greg Hunter

                  1,841 times to be exact JC.

    • Suting Davison

      Well said, this is exactly what happened today in China. Chinese people go to European countries and the States to spend their money and buying a lot of stuff’. Since a lot of household items, clothing, and cars, etc are much cheaper than in China.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        And that’s all that matters to everybody? Cheap? cheap? cheap? Freedom, fair wages, and caring for family are kaput?

        I hope China is happy…they have imitated the worst of the loathed British industrial revolution and none of the best in British culture. Why is the bad so imitated?

    • Shadow of Doubt

      A Lesson from Yesteryear:
      My Great Grandfather slogged thru the Long Depression (1870-1900) and my Grandfather survived the Great Depression !929-1939). Neither were well off or college educated but both had become convinced that all one had to do was focus on the actions of the local bankers. Not the huff and puff of the political class or mavens of Wall Street–they referred to this as the “Siren Song” of the soon-to-be doomed.
      Your Take Away:
      Big Brother has always teamed up with the Big Banks–and know your economic welfare and future well being has never been on their list!

    • md4

      Granted. Central banking is in itself an anathema, and the congress on 1913–and all successive congresses are culpable in its continued existence. The Framers did NOT authorize congress to cede its exclusive authority to coin money to anyone.

      But, who’s supposed to be the masters of congress?

      Further, I completely disagree with the idea that the Fed caused this mess. They certainly enabled it with policies from Greenspan on, but they did NOT cause 2008.

      2008 was an economic heart attack brought on by the anesthetic of cheap money and the subsquent pseudo prosperity of asset inflation. The shack mania of the last decade and a half are powerful and deleterious efforts to counter the effects of a dying middle class consumer.

      It’s all they have to mimic they fatal decline in those incomes due to four decades on western corporate outsourcing. They can do nothing else.

      Even THEY realize what we’ve done to ourselves, and also realize, they can’t fix it.

      EVERYTHING we’ve seen Wall Street, government, and the Fed do since outsourcing’s REAL impact began to be fully felt fifteen or so years ago, are mere efforts to cope with this reality. It isn’t working because it CAN’T work.

      It took generations to build what we gave away. Meanwhile, the rest of the world grew up, became competitive, and now demands to be heard in world affairs.

      We can’t fix this by ourselves. We MUST sit down with the rest of the world and honestly, own our share of this mess, and seek real, respectful, solutions with them.

      For decades, we wanted to meet China and Russia across boardroom tables instead of battlefields…

      …well, here’s our chance.

  5. Zaha

    I am from Pakistan. I always read your blogs, which are enlightening the people worldwide.

    Many people are trying to find the dates and figure heads in US to blame for all this mess. Unfortunately, this is not created by a single person but by American Nation.

    Americans want comfort without any effort (Benefits / credit card money / loans).
    US Citizens should learn to live within their means.
    US Citizens should prefer to work than benefits
    USA just need a revolution, ‘ MADE IN USA’. Bring factories back to USA and USA will rule the world for next 3 centuries 1775-2375. otherwise this is the last century 1775-2075

    According to 14th century philosopher / educator IBN E KHALDUN, nations have life span of 300 years or 12 generation.
    Russia 1683-1989
    Mughal Empire of India 1556-1857
    Spanish Empire of Umayyid Family 756-1050
    British Empire 1649-1947
    French Empire 1520-1815

    But few empires lived more than 300 years like Romans or Ottoman Empire 1299-1922. USA can be another double cycle empire by simple revolution, ‘ MADE IN USA = 1775-2375’.

    • Greg Hunter

      According to the Center for Global development, the US has given “. . .nearly $67 billion (in constant 2011 dollars) to Pakistan between 1951 and 2011.” since 2011 I estimate Pakistan received, at least, another $5 billion. So, you folks in Pakistan need to “live by their means” and I am sure you will be sending that $72 billion back to the American taxpayer!

      • allen ols

        Zahhhhhhhhhhhh that was funny 🙂

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Allen!!

          • ronin

            greg, you should differ between the pakistan people really got the money from the us or only the 1 percent of pakistan. maybe the people of pakistan stayed in their means while the 1 percent did not.

            • Greg Hunter

              The money was sent to Pakistan. What Zhaa did was pompous and un-factual. I answered with pure fact.

      • Arthur Barnes

        The only thing Pakistan will be sending the American people is more of their religion of peace and the terrorism which goes along hand in hand with it.

      • Janet G.


        Thanks for your reply to the Pakistani named Zaha. Rightfully so!
        I am an American female, born and raised. I. as well as any other relative, friend or co-worker do not know nor seek comfort without effort. We were raised and work throughout our lifetimes to work and work hard. We are the Middle-Class. The Middle-Class that is coming back with the next presidential election of Donald Trump. We are The American Revolution. We stand against the Criminal Crony Establishment of the last several decades that have destroyed our American. We stand for “America First.”

        You, Mr. Zaha do not know my country, America, and you do not know real American people.
        And, I want to stand up to Ms. Fitts comment about women, and to the phony tv networks that work for the wealthy financial terrorists. Women for the most part, like myself are not fluff, Ms. Fitts. You really don’t have any knowledge of us or what we believe in.
        So, please, all of you pseudo-journalists, who are not, Women want Trump. Period.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Zaha, many here remember grandparents who paid cash only for cars and even houses…who had a horror of debt.
      The American people were blasted with consumerist propaganda after WWII. Their faith was ridiculed (I don’t mean church…I mean the old fashioned values based in Bible teaching about justice, keeping one’s word, financial responsibility, avoiding debt and usury, believing covetousness was wicked.
      Now the internet blogs and comments are crammed with covetous language and jealousy of wealth…another virtue down the drain.
      If you didn’t go that way, you were ridiculed, often by your own family.
      I heard on the radio this very morning that a Muslim bank in Michigan was working out a way to compromise usury and Islamic teaching. Let’s see how long you all hold out!!!

  6. Mark

    Greg, I love your reports and respect you tremendously. However, listening to you carry on about your Iran deal prediction is embarrassing. With or without any signatures, everyone knew the Iran “deal” would not hold water. I value your reports and thank you for having Catherine Austin Fitts on as a regular guest.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was a prediction of mine and it came true. Since this negotiation was one of the main jobs of the U.S. State Department for five years and now we find out it was a total fraud and shame, forgive me for thinking it is a very big deal. The Iranians have publically stated they would use part of the $100 billion for terror. You can thank the lapdog MSM for providing cover to the Obama Administration for this fraud. Thank you for your comment and support.

      • Tommy

        Things are different today Greg. If John Kerry believes he has a deal with Iran then he does. It doesn’t matter if there is no evidence. If you believe you are a woman, then you are, regardless of the evidence. If you believe the economy is great, then it is.

        • Greg Hunter

          Too funny Tommy. Thank you.

      • David S


        I doubt Iran said they were going to use their money for terror. The US calls their terror funding defence spending by the way. And Trump says he wants more of this spending! I hate saying it but i think Celente has it spot on when it comes to Trump and Hilary

  7. Silence is Golden

    The Criminality and the Illegality is a Global phenomenon….not just US centric.
    The reason they (Business, Bankers, Government) have been able to succeed (grow and survive)…is because…
    There are no weights and measures / checks and balances…. to counter the activity
    – OR –
    The Establishment have enough power and influence to facilitate and expand their power base infinitely.
    – OR – BOTH.
    These issues are not resolved by enlightenment through “Transparency”.
    The Controlling/Ruling Class are beyond the reach of the Law… they are untouchable. The working class will react nevertheless. It will prove to be fruitless. This revolution/uprising that is being fomented, will only achieve their desired plans… destroy the fabric of society….to force large scale conflict amongst the masses….to bring about lawlessness….to force a NWO. We have already witnessed the loss of integrity in government and banking….with all things credit based having artificial paper values. We now sit idly by waiting to be raped and pillaged …in the next scene.
    Everyone thinks Trump is a good thing for USA Inc. (and the world).
    Extrapolate that concept and reach some conclusions about what may transpire should he win the CIC role.
    Hillary we all know is a war monger. She has directives (as CAF vividly points out)…to ensure the longevity of the hegemony that they work so hard to achieve.
    Trump…when considered in the context of what “They” have planned …..would to very few….seem like the Devil. He will bring about the NWO through his good deeds and good intentions.
    I have been not been actively posting…just observing.
    This interview has forced my hand.
    Best always

  8. Anthony


    Again thanks for your work.

    Please do not underestimate how clever the establishment really is.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Anthony, the word resilient certainly comes to mind with regard to the establishment. Sooner or later those “clever” elite will become so arrogant that they will implode from their traitorous greed and fall on their own sword.

      • Diane D.

        Yes, and we tend to think of ‘the elites’ and the NWO as one but they are not of one mind. My hunch is that the Chinese view of those leading the NWO is different than the Bush’s. Ultimately Christ will define who is in charge.

  9. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Great interview Greg. As an ‘establishment hack’ (ha ha) Catherine Austin Fitts is a national treasure. Just as in the UK so you in the US have your tireless, courageous and principled rescuers holding the line. Ms Fitts is a lovely example of that.
    Re your slightly divergent take over John Kerry and the Iran ‘deal’ there’s a part of me that sympathises with Kerry. In his younger years he struck me as seeking to be principled over his take on Vietnam. But with the globalists controlling his every move yes he’s acting the criminal over Iran. But aren’t we all criminal (sinful) in this crooked world? For instance when speaking of JP Morgan’s sheer fraudulent criminality am I not also implicated after investing in a JPM Japanese fund and which proved profitable for me before withdrawing?
    Of course there’s sin and sin, just as there are degrees of criminality, leaving us to safely conclude that the Bushes and Clintons are in a league of criminality that simply beggars belief.
    But prayer and repentance alone will save us. I like to think of Trump as a man who having gone through some sort of epiphany himself will by God’s sheer grace bring about some sort of deliverance. But that’s not to say that deliverance won’t be preceded through a furnace of suffering.

  10. Dale

    Hello Greg

    I really appreciate your videos and the people on as your guests are first class. Your questions are very good questions and you have insight on most subject matters.
    I do not need this to be posted on your site for I would like to address one issue as regards your interviews. With the utmost respect to you Greg, I would just like to mention that more and more lately I feel that you may be frustrating your guests by interrupting them on a regular basis, therefore making them lose their line of thought.
    You said “Go ahead I just cut you off” …then you cut your guest off again and continued to speak. Please re-watch your latest video with this in mind and yes you be the judge.
    Please take care.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going to post this and I have no hard feelings to you for saying it. You are watching an uncut live interview. There is no script just some general topics I tell the gust about. There are no do overs. Once I start, I continue until I am finished. I put it all out there mistakes and all. Thank you for your comment you make valid points. Always trying to get better my friend.

      • DL

        Thanks for being clear about this. I agree with Dale’s comment, but as some one who has edited a lot of video, it is pretty amazing how well you do with some very amazing guests without editing. Keeping up with CAF is hard to do. I have to re-watch the interview several times to catch all she is saying because her point of view is so different than a lot of what is out there–there are many layers to what she is saying. Keep up the good work, and great guests, I’ll get thru the few parts I find annoying as there are so many gems to be had in what you are providing.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you DL.

          Some interviews are better than others. I put it all out there for you guys to see and judge.

  11. Anne Elliott

    Love CAF’s perspective; thanks for having her on!

  12. ivan kruger

    I’d like to further simplify by adding this . In 1913 The Rothchild family financed Woodrow Wilson into office , and they had their corrupt politions vote the Federal Reserve Act through,and on December 23, 1913 President Wilson committed treason against the american people and signed it into law .;thus,the privately owned federal reserve central bank of Rothchil was created and the amercan people were to be held responsible for all of the future debt it would accrue through fractional reserve banking ( fractional reserve banking is money creation) . It’s stated in our contract ,that thing called U.S. constitution, that only Congress shall have the power to coin money ,so the privately owned U.S. Federal reserve bank of Rothchild was never given the authority to create money ;thus, the quadrillions of dollars they have created is counterfeit . The money and the debt are a fraud . The whole thing is a big fraud . The End

    • Randy

      Basically you are right, Ivan, but you are missing quite a lot of very important data. ANY alleged contract is voided for fraud, threat, duress, coercion, mistake, illegality, immorality, insanity, impossibility or minority of age. Please show me how it can be otherwise.
      Please read my paper What is Money?, as well as The Scam of the Financial System.

      Best wishes,

      • ivan kruger

        Randy ,that’s my point .The whole thing is a fraud and null and void of law ,so we the people don’t owe the central banks anything .

    • Chip

      you’re right ivan. and also 1913 brought us the federal income tax. two daggers to the heart of the US of A… Chip

    • David

      If it a fraud, the Rothschild’s should be held accountable for all the fraudulent debt, and tried under the RICO Act, and also tried for crimes against humanity. Seize all he ill gotten money and imprison the worlds most corrupt family. Then the world will be on the way to building a better world.

      • frederick

        İve had that exact same thought Dave but with all their money and power how would that be possible?

    • Phil

      President Wilson was Jewish (Wolfsohn) and so was Colonel Mandell House (Huis),
      who was the real power behind the Wilson White House.

      Edward Mandell House had this to say in a private meeting with President Woodrow Wilson:

      “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will effect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.”

      More …

  13. Ken Russell

    Wait a minute, Trump needs intel and military support to win? Okay, then how come Obama was elected twice? Hillary doesn’t need either. My suspicion is the illegal alien vote and the 200k Virginia prisoner vote will push her way over 271 electoral votes and the presidency. Man, I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think so.

    OTOH, her financial knowledge and recommendations seem really brilliant.

    Thanks Greg, always like her but thanks much for nailing her on the Iran deal. Good grief; a fan of John Kerry? Really?

  14. DLC

    I overheard 2 employees talking in a slav dialect at the Scottsdale Wal-Mart a few days back. I turned to them and asked, “Yugoslav?” One of them, a supervisor, said that yes she was from Sarajevo.

    The other employee was from Ukraine. I began to realize that the Ukrainian spoke no English at all. She is fairly new to this country. The woman from Sarajevo is a product of Bill’s little war. She came to the U.S. just after Clinton leveled Bosnia as have the others that I have asked. The girl from Ukraine is a product of Barry’s little war. She is the latest of the dispossessed.

    We bomb them to the point that they are eating pigeons and grass, destroy all their infrastructure, steal all of their gold any anything else of worth. I don’t know if it is just networking or a gov’t program , but the several Wal-Marts that I have been in heavily employ from Eastern Europe — Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria.

    With Hillary, I suppose we can expect a doubling down of meddling and destroying, and we as citizens will ride clean back on the fender of the bus.

  15. Mike M.

    Sorry but you and the majority of your followers will not be around next year at this time posting the same idiotic posts you have been putting out.

    You might make it through 2016 but 2017 is the date of infamy you will all face. By 2018 there will no longer be a USA. I’d love to take bets on this but there is no way I will be able to collect when I proven right. Time is running out, get out while you can.

    • Robert Lykens

      Easy to fabricate predictions out of thin air.
      Without them, yours is just another “idiotic post”.

      • aussie jeff

        Was kinda thinking the same as you

    • Htc

      Lol, Mike you seem pretty arrogant. But I agree with you man. This country is fixing to get wrecked. Too much talk about the election. 1 of 2 outcomes will happen. There will be no election, or the next president will be at the helm when the end comes. There’s no dodging this train wreck.

    • frederick

      Mike things may get worse but as for your prediction of no USA after 2018 i have serious doubts A very different USA yes for sure and by the way İ sold my house and expatriated in 2014 never been happier to be off the hampster wheel

  16. Jerry

    You and your readers may want to mark JUNE 23rd on your calendars. This will be the next inflection point of the global economic collapse. On June 23rd England and most likely Germany may be leaving the EU for greener pastures with the AIIB. Yuan bond sales in England are off the charts and are the highest in the world outside of Beijing. Frankfort has already been established as the main Yuan trade hub in Europe and have offices and trading platforms in place throughout the EU. Why now?

    The LBMA is predicted to default on physical delivery sometime the first part of June. Should that happen, the gold price fix will shift from London to the SGE in Shanghai and the Chinese will reset the gold price, with a much higher benchmark than it is right now. The central banks will have exhausted their ability to control the PM markets with paper contracts, and the dollar is going to get slaughtered in the market as people rush to the gold backed Yuan for safety. The British and Germans know it its coming. That’s why they were the first ones to sign on to the AIIB over a year ago. Now with CIPS and SWIFT in place and SDR by the IMF, they are ready to push the plunger and let it rip. Even the anointed one couldn’t stop it.

    • Jerry

      Link to my last post.

      Greg, we might want to be reminded that EU central banks are holding close to 303 Trillion dollars in bank derivatives that the American taxpayer is on the hook for should there be a default, thanks to our illustrious congress. England leaving the EU would most likely trip that wire, not to mention Germany who has had IT with the Greek debt, and Moslem immigrant invasion.

      • Greg Hunter

        The array of black swans is stunning Jerry. The arrow that sinks the global economy could come from any variety of places. Thank you for this!
        Most people are going to be left with no chair in the ongoing game of musical chairs.


      • The Mohawk

        This is why John Boehner, Paul Ryan and pretty much the entirety of Congress and most unelected bureaucrats need to be arrested and tried in a Crimes Against Humanity proceeding. This includes the banks, their owners and their “elected” puppets……aka Obama and his mob including the Bushes, Clintons, Emanuel’s et al among others.

        This includes the entirety of the banking sector and many corporatists included. The last number I read was closer to $350 trillion. It might as well be $100 quadrillion. Justice needs to be served and soon. These slobs with enormous pensions and wealth who evade taxation need it all to be seized. Every dime and the trial needs to be public and soon.

        My fear is that these people are proponents of eugenics and will attempt to “thin the heard” soon as automation increases and the need for people is greatly diminished. Google’s Schmidt is now in charge of a new department in The Pentagon that will utilize these new soldiers and I fear we are their first enemy to be eliminated.

      • JMiller


        You state, “that EU central banks are holding close to 303 Trillion dollars in bank derivatives that the American taxpayer is on the hook”

        I am not real sure what you are talking about. No offense my friend but I know there are times when dealing in some financial matters that you are not accurate or as accurate as you could be. I believe that this is one of those times.

        Where are you getting the idea that the EU central banks have $303 trillion in derivatives and why would the U.S. taxpayer be on the hook for them? Perhaps you meant to say that EU banks, not central banks, have hundreds of trillions in derivatives. And where are you getting this $303 trillion in derivatives that the U.S. taxpayers being on the hook for? The U.S. taxpayer is certainly not on the hook for derivative losses by EU banks. Are you getting this $303 trillion number from this ZeroHedge article which is talking about the amount of derivatives of U.S. banks, not EU banks?

      • Alex

        “On June 23rd England and most likely Germany may be leaving the EU for greener pastures with the AIIB.”
        This is just another false alarm, Jerry. The UK will stay in the EU and I am ready to take a bet on it. Uncle Sam cannot and will not let the UK leave the EU. Period.
        As for Germany – I believe they will have elections in 2017. What does June 23 has to do with Germany leaving the EU?

        • Jerry

          I’ve heard all that jazz before. The IMF won’t let China have SDR rights until October of 2016. China won’t reset the gold benchmark on April 19th 2016 . ALL WRONG!

          I’ve posted several links to substantiate my claims. Read them. If you’re looking for links from MSNBC, FOX, or CNN, you won’t find them. They are propaganda tools for the banking elite. Just ask Greg.

          A few months ago people like you were saying there was no such thing as market manipulation. Fear mongering they said. WRONG AGAIN!

    • Macray

      As always, appreciate your posts and links! For the record, Friday June 17th will be a quadruple witching hour end-of-quarter day. Just saying.

      • Jerry

        That’s interesting. They used to say follow the money. In todays economic world you have to think like a criminal in order to understand financial transactions. That’s why we have a criminal cabal running our government and “Crooked Hillary” running for President.

    • Robert Lykens

      “Depleted central bank gold stockpiles below official statistics; likely far below official holdings. Central banks only hold claims for the return of their gold.”

      • Jerry

        Good information. Its all coming to a head. Meanwhile the Chinese are sitting back biding their time. “Art of War”.

  17. DLC

    Remember the remark, “Why can’t we be more like Sweden?”

    This is Sweden, Europe, and soon the US as a result of socialism/radicalism. The woman being interviewed said that they are forbidden to keep statistics in Sweden or to criticize what is taking their country over, what it is like to live in this new reality, and what to try to do about it.

    This is our guaranteed destiny if Hillary or Bernie should win.

  18. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, I for one can handle the truth, isn’t is interesting when the elite gain to an amount of money an power that they start to believe that only they can handle the truth. But in realty it is just a justification to continue their traitorous control of the sheep. When they look down from their ivory towers the sheep grazing in the meadow below represent wealth, power and, of course, food. Why would any elitist do or say anything that would damage their elitist rule. Continuing the ruse that the average American is free & controls our government works perfectly for them in keeping them in their ivory towers eating lamb chops. There will be no justice or freedom until the sheep evolve to an understanding that they exist for the elites dinner table, nothing more, nothing less.

  19. Jallen

    In order to put our financial house in order;
    1. Eliminate the Federal Reserve.
    2. Restore the US Treasury.
    3. Declare bankruptcy and pay our creditors so much on the dollar
    as bankruptcy allows.
    4. Never allow a corporation to excede 10 percent of market share.
    5. Tight controls over hollywood and the media to ensure fairness
    and decency.
    6. Jail time for any President that falsely leads us to War!
    7. Eliminate political donations from super pacs and the like.
    8. Restore our school systems to their former greatness and never
    allow the First Lady to determine the school lunch menu.
    9. Restore the Glass Stegal Act that can never be changed.
    10. Restore states rights and eliminate political correctness.
    11. Any person trying to undermine the US constitution will be
    prosecuted and put in jail if guilty.
    12. No Presidential Executive Orders!!!
    13. All Trade agreements will be put to a vote by the American people.
    14. The law is the law and we don’t need HATE CRIME prosecution
    or calling people ANTI SEMETIC because they are conservative etc.
    15. Restore the supreme court to interpreting the law not making it
    and allow the people to elect the justices.
    16. The best welfare for a man / woman is a job, government should
    do everything in its power to foster an environment that creates jobs.
    17. Taxes must be kept at a minimum. The Bible teaches
    10 percent is appropiate. Successful men and women are encourage to donate
    to charity. Note: If taxes exceed 20 percent, they become self defeating.
    18. No more Nancy Pelosi types in Government as she said concerning the Obama Care
    bill “Lets pass it, then we will read it”.
    19. The government can not allow physical money to be eliminated or negative interest
    rates to be allowed. Government confiscation of cash by police without cause must
    be eliminated. Government must allow its citizens to withdraw money from their
    banks without being harassed by goverment mandates that determine what amount
    thay are allow to withdraw.
    20. Our country is one nation under God with liberty and justice for all and is served by
    its constitution. We need to restore the Judeo / Christian principles along with our
    21. America was the greatest nation to exist and if we do not restore our love for God,
    justice, honesty, mercy, fairness, decency and common courtesy IT WILL FAIL.

  20. MAL

    Just for the record I don’t think you’re an establishment hack. I have watched a number of your talks/speeches on You Tube and I respect your opinion. I found your talk at the space conference very interesting.

  21. francis m reps

    Mr. Hunter, Dwaine Decell sums it up. Fitt’s analysis of our retreat from Iran is correct; but she still seems to have difficulty answering your direct questions without sliding off on a tangent. Something like a little kid who has so many ideas, and so much to say; that he babbles a bit as his thoughts push their way out of his mouth; however our time was well spent listening to this interview. Thank her for coming on.

  22. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview. There is something about Ms. Fitts that brings out the best in you. You have, over the past 3 or 4 weeks changed your format. Is this because you feel a time constraint to get the information out faster or what?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think some information should get out faster, so I am mixing it up a bit. Thank you for your comment.

  23. diane s.

    Catherine is the most integrous lady I know.
    Thank you for having her on, Greg.

  24. Larry

    I would agree on the pivot to Asia (but Kerry is still an idiot). In the DoD there has been a massive move to the Pacific as well as pumping up A2/AD (Anti-Access/Anti-Denial) technologies. A2/AD is code word for China.

    The problem lies in leaving the Middle East to stew in their own juices. Had we left all the brutal dictators in place, I could go for that. But, no. Bush had Saddam removed and Obama finished the deal on Qaddafi and Mubarak and tried to pop a cap on Asad. So, we went from one true problem child (Iran) to thousands of jihadis who are really interested in bringing their messed up belief system to the whole world. If there is going to be a global war, I see it being religion-based: Salafi Muslims and their supporters against everyone else.

    The Chinese are about 2/3 s into their 100 year plan to replace US hegemony. I don’t think a war at any level with them is in the tea leaves unless the US starts it. Russia maybe a different story. How dare they put their country near all of the US bases and new allies! I see a return to a cold war with them. It fits right into Putin’s plan to stay in power and keeps the military industrial complex here happy. Instead of a hot war, Putin will go old school like they did in Ukraine and unseat the pro west governments on their borders. As the west showed in Ukraine, they talk and do nothing more because 1) Putin has western Europe on a very short natural gas leash and 2) they all have bigger problems elsewhere. So, as the economies in Europe hit the fan, expect the Baltic states, Georgia, the rest of Ukraine, etc. to all go the Russian side in a Putin backed “eastern European spring.” Heck, Putin may even be able to make Poland and Slavic states to just go neutral. He is ex-KGB.

    • freebreezer

      Larry – I agree! … except that the cold war burst in to flames with Putin during the winter Olympics, and unfortunately the college pukes/politicians (Samantha Powers & hubby, Ben Rhodes, Susy Rice, Obama, Hillary and Crew) have no real life experience/training to deal with the escalation that they started … Scary. Putin has played these liberal/college idealist and showed what amateurs they are … and I am not a fan of Putin. The whole mideast spring, Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya etc all demonstrate that either the Neo-cons in control wanted this outcome (but why?) or they are incompetent. Hmmmm, I wonder which one?

  25. The Mohawk

    Greg, I’m a long time follower and this is my first comment. I had many things to say regarding the debt, etc. but I have decided not to bother. When this woman said she “likes John Kerry” she crushed any faith I had in what she had to say. Kerry is just another elitist, probably a Communist and not a very bright bulb. I then assume this “heroic woman” is just another wealthy elitist playing this crooked system just like Kerry.

    Listen, some of your followers are POOR and possibly disabled and will never work again. Suggestion I should “buy enough gold to bribe to border guards” is NOT AN OPTION! I read “buy farmland and have lots of precious metals to protect yourself and diversify your portfolio”. and I just want to cry. My first question is What Portfolio? What Farmland? What Gold?.

    The Federal Reserve IS the problem along with the international banking system. It is an organized crime syndicate and NO ONE in Congress will ever address this FACT! EVER. Repudiate the debt..all of it and hunt down these thieves, size their wealth (all of it-securities, real estate holdings, hard assets and pay the amounts you owe to foreign nations..period. Punish the perpetrators and be done with it.

    People like me are toast. I’m sure I’m on a list now and I don’t give a damn. I’m poor, a cripple and I’ll always be poor and NO ONE speaks for me. NO ONE!!!! I’m tired. I’m angry and I cannot weep anymore. I guess I’m just dry. Well, not that dry as it seems right now cause here she comes..the tears.

    Good day Greg.
    God be with you and all of us. Love one another.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Mohawk. The bad guys lose this one in the end.

      • The Mohawk

        Thank you Greg. God be with you. Thank you for posting my original message.
        Love One Another. I know you will.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Mohawk and never, never, never give up. “Fear Not” God the Father is always in charge.

    • Rod

      I feel your pain brother, the majority in this country are forgotten, pushed aside and trampled. Good people who have struggled, worked hard and minded their own are scorned by the politicians, the elite and on and on. D day, Pearl Harbor, The Baton Death March, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and on and on and on, where good Americans gave their all for this nation has been all for naught so these privileged bas***ds can play their little games in Washington. The only time Joe average is acknowledged is when its to their advantage or is politically correct to do so. My heart goes out to the millions of citizens in this great land who love this country and are spit on by the so called elitists and insiders. Jesus said But Many That Are First Shall Be Last; And The Last Shall Be First. Hang in there!

      • Greg Hunter

        Never give up Rob!!

  26. DDRAKE

    George Bush can not handle the truth, because it will lead to his EXECUTION. Same for Obama and Hillary.

  27. Clare Doll

    Vigilance for oneself, always. Think for yourself and come to terms with composting and human harvesting. No one is going to have the agenda for you but you!
    In this process, here is an example of training yourself to think about the obvious first (because you must learn to see through the obvious before you can uncover layers). Remember back to the first Fox Republican Debate when megan kelly asks each person,”Only one of you will become the Republican candidate for president when all is said and done . . . will each of you pledge here and now to give your support and endorsement to that person if it is not you?” The only one to balk was Donald. The others except for those who later took jobs from Donald Trump lied. Jeb Bush — liar. Ted Cruz — liar. Kaisich and supposedly Mr Ohio of honesty — liar. On tape! Think folks, for yourselves. Where is this in the news?

    • The Mohawk

      Check out the film by Vincent Bugliosi. I was left absolutely stunned. “The Prosecution of an American President”. The poor man is now deceased but he revealed some ugly truths I was unaware of. They will never be held accountable in this world I fear.

    • frank jeffries


  28. Joni

    “Cheapest thing we can do is build the military up.” Come again???? As compared to what may I ask??

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think you are grasping what kind of a loss of standard of living you would have if the U.S. did not have the military.

    • Robert Lykens

      As compared to stealing money from those who earn it and giving it to the lazy ne’er-do-well drug users, Joni. Far more money goes to welfare/entitlements than to the military.

  29. Rob

    If Catherine Fitts believes and admires John Kerry she is a complete ” IDIOT “

    • jim c.

      I agree, she is an idiot, she gives no use full info.

  30. Colin/IRL.

    You mentioned the WH correspondence dinner in your discussion with CAF. I read the attached report which ties into your question. I don’t know what to make of it. I suppose anything is possible at this stage.

  31. David

    Not sure what Fitts means when she says that Trump may have a chance to win the presidency if he can win over the military and intelligence organizations.

    Military and intelligence personnel, as a subset of the U.S. population, do not have the numbers to swing election outcomes. Possibly, in a tight election, but even then a very small impact when you consider the state electoral process. True, military and/or intelligence personnel, as a group, may lean ideologically toward one candidate or another, but their numbers vs. the U.S. population are infinitesimal.

    If Fitts is suggesting that the military and/or intelligence organizations are pulling levers behind some black curtain and that they, along with other “elite” individuals or institutions, will determine election results, then she is also wrong. The military goes to great pains to remain apolitical as an institution, as do the intelligence organizations (half of which are military).

    Fitts’ comment that you cannot afford to offend the military or intelligence organizations is silliness. Intelligence and military organizations salute and carry out directives. True, they may offer counsel against a specific course of action, and smart political officials may listen, but in the end they will execute unless it’s an illegal action (and even then, they may still carry out their orders). And by the way, our elected officials offend the military and intelligence organizations ever day. All. Day. Long.

    Americans have the power to determine the next president. Many just choose not to vote, only to complain for the next four years. If you do not like what you have, then vote!

    • Silence is Golden

      Washington DC is the 3rd head of the Serpent.
      Washington DC is the home of the Military.
      The Serpent Rules the World.

  32. Rock

    Great interview Greg…I like to listen to Catherine. She seems to get better with every interview you do with her, in terms of speaking clearly and laying it out there.
    I am befuddled as to why/how she can be a fan of Kerry’s though. The guy that pushed the Iran “deal” and also signed the UN Small Arms Treaty which sells the U.S. down the river and does away with the Constitution.
    She has yet to address the impact of the derivative collapse and the result of that on the system. I have a hard time following her when she says that some banks will go down and some insurance companies will go down when a derivative market collapse will seemingly take down the whole system…
    Thanks again for your fine work my friend.

  33. Diane D.

    Witnessing for Christ is good. But like the words of Christ, sometimes less is more.

  34. Steven R

    In a corrupt economy where does the little guy go? Without insider knowledge where am I supposed to put my savings if I cant trust a single thing any stock broker, company, bank, or government agency says? In the event things get really bad I wont be flying a private gulf stream jet when I cross the border with my my family we will be in a car or on foot after I give the guard my few gold coins what then? How do we eat? If trump is elected president and follows thru on his rhetoric wont the entire body of the congress and senate be against him? Wont the media be against him? Wont millions of Americans who are dependent on the current system and all the millions of illegal invaders be against him? What chance is there really for true change?

  35. Orlando

    Excellent Coverage. I always get so much out of listening to Fitts. Thank you!

  36. Macray

    The media’s strategy of ignoring the Sanders movement until it goes away is clearly failing miserably. Enthusiasm for Sanders was expected to dwindle as his prospects for the nomination became less encouraging, yet people are still showing up for Bernie by the tens of thousands wherever he goes.

    Media Silent as Bernie Sanders Packs California Stadium Beyond Capacity

    Hillary will most likely win the Democratic Party’s nomination for POTUS, but it would be quite a story if the Bern takes a majority of California! We know who Donald is rooting for!!!

  37. Mr Mister

    The Petro-Dollar system is not about oil, it’s about creating a demand for Dollars. The Petro-Dollar gives the perception that the USD has value. The Petro-Dollar is great for Wall St, money is printed, and cheap goods and services are sourced from the world. Compared to the rest of the world, America’s poor enjoy a relatively high standard of living, due to the Petro-Dollar.


    How on earth can somebody of her intelligence be a fan of John Kerry?
    Regardless of the Iran deal, John Kerry a.k.a. Mr. Ketchup was a crook
    who is driven, like Hillary, by his ambitions.

  39. Don

    Wow, looks like this wrap up, stands a chance of being a record. Just wanted to remind you of a post I made hear while back, about the only countries left that didn’t have Rothschild central banks were, N. Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran. At present China is amassing troops on the N. Korea border, and looks like an invasion may be in near future. Cuba has most likely agreed already or Obama wouldn’t have done want he did. Damascus is in ruin, as the bible said it would be. Now Iran, is the only one left, given N. Korea submits to the NWO, or be invaded. Just wanted to bring this back up. Also, Kerry, in commencement speech to college, has told graduates, they were graduating into a one borderless world, and eluded to global government. Obama, proudly announced the end of the republic, is at hand. We are in the mist of a NWO takeover, and the public’s apathy, is still reigning. Revolution is in the air, as Trump is the main sign, that the people’s chose is nationalism. The Law Of the Sea, treaty, if signed will seal the deal of UN authority, circumventing national sovereignty. We are in unprecedented times, as history marches closer to the return of Christ.

  40. William

    Hey Greg, one would wonder how long the Bush/Clinton outlaws will allow Cathrine to continue spreading the word, especially in light of the coming election. God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      She does not make these people happy when she talks. That is for sure.

  41. Everywhere The Bezzle

    CAF a big fan and admirer of Kerry ? She is truly clueless ! ! !

    I previously called her a charlatan the last time you had her on. That was a mistake.

    She is simply a buffoon in my book.

    Very disappointing comments from her.

    • 8Ball

      Hilarity for President!

  42. Marsh

    I am concerned about the military build-up with Trump. We are holding on to our dollar hegemony by brutal force. First this is killing and maiming our sons and daughters to continue to sustain a “lawnmower” economy for harvest by the blood sucking 1%. Second, our predatory trade practices are making us an international trade pariah. South America, the Middle East and other countries are refusing to settle trade in the dollar. Russia and China are moving in to the vacuum with development policies that build infrastructure in the emerging economies that facilitate the export of raw materials and the import of Chinese goods. Russia is moving to establish an iron fist over oil and gas exports and imports into Europe.

    The question is: are we reaching into more of the same predatory/force policies of “America first” to “Make America Great Again,” or should we be changing our focus to build our internal capacity to produce innovative goods and strengthen the provision of our own needs from growing small businesses and entrepreneuralism here. Then we can support the dollar with real value and American know how that makes us an attractive win-win trade partner, rather than a bully that exploits to serve the global corporatocracy.

  43. frank jeffries

    John forbes Kerry is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations so Catherine get a @#% @#$% grip… he’s a Globalist member working for the friggin liers, Obama and Clinton and all the trilateral commission traitors. Odd you didn’t know that. he is listed in the Whos who of the Elite by Robert Gaylon ross, Sr. otherwise thanks for your other insights.

  44. Russ

    Excellent interview Greg. I love CAF’s perspective — she never disappoints.

    Regarding HRC’s odds of political survival… Did you see the recent Joe Biden interview where he said he has no regrets but that, “I would’ve been the best President.” — Big Badda Boom IMO he is telling all the Dem’s wanting to draft Biden that he’s in.

    One of the recent polls showed Trump and Clinton neck-n-neck, but that Biden could win. Just like the R’s don’t want to risk a loss, the D’s don’t want to risk a loss either. They’ll throw HRC under the FBI bus and go with Biden in a heartbeat if there is cover so as not to alienate Hillary’s hardline supporters. An FBI/DoJ indictment of Hillary is that cover. Just my opinion. We should know before the Dem convention.

    • JC Davis

      Russ. I tend to agree. There is something strange going on with Biden. Either he knows it will not be a fun time at the helm, or just avoiding the darts of running for the position. Something is up when a vice don’t want the top position.
      What say you, will Trump show his dealings in tax records. Could be a bombshell coming. Then enter Biden.

    • Casey

      I’ve said four months, twice on this site, that I believe Hillary will get the Democratic nomination. After she received the nomination she will be indicted. At this point the Democratic National Committee can appoint whoever they want, and that’s when Biden will be nominated.
      Still just my opinion

  45. Willard Ferch

    Dear Greg, C. A. F. appears to have great knowledge and understanding, but she also has great wisdom, which is a rarity nowadays. You’re blessed to have such a guest, which also greatly blesses us. One of our ships passed close enough to Chinese territory to cause them to scramble planes, and that captain didn’t up and decide to test them on his own. So far the US hasn’t crowded Russia enough to bring on conflict; are we now tempting China? O has accomplished a great deal on bringing this country toward chaos, and it wouldn’t surprise me if hi topped it off with with a shooting war. Fiddlin

    • MCasey

      Hello Willard Ferch,

      Fiddle on! What you implied has been our leader’s tactic to enter most of our wars, while at the same time garnering citizen support to send our sons and daughters to war.

      And today the Missile Shield to antagonize Russia….if floating our warships near their shores (and China’s) won’t do it….

      As the WWII story goes, Roosevelt imposed economic sanctions to obstruct Japan’s economic advance in Asia. Roosevelt hoped to goad Japan into launching a war against the United States, which would also bring us to war with Germany, as Japan and Germany were allied. (England was losing to Germany and needed our help, but Americans favored an isolation policy and would not support American sons fighting in Europe. (see WWI Lusitania and 9/11 World Trade Center)

      American cryptographers had broken the Japanese naval code and Washington knew that Japan’s “measures” would include an attack on Pearl Harbor.[4] Yet they withheld this critical information from the commanders in Hawaii, who might have headed off the attack or prepared themselves to defend against it.

      Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War, confided to his diary after a meeting of the war cabinet on November 25, 1941, “The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.”[5] After the attack, Stimson confessed that “my first feeling was of relief … that a crisis had come in a way which would unite all our people.[6] 5. Stimson quoted in Morgenstern, p. 343. 6. Stimson quoted ibid., p. 384.

  46. coalburner

    This was a great interview.
    The military and intelligence deep state is us, our family menmbers, we are them. I know a lot of people don’t get this but, this collection of people do not have a race component, do not have a unity problem, and they include a whole standing column of people in the US. They are the soldiers, doctors, inventive brain trust(largely private and University) and officers. I remind that quietly behind the noise makers, idiots and Libtards who are grabbing the mouth puece of the Universities are the brains and they are laughing at these idiots just like us but they are too busy waste time on morons. Your answer to Joni was really perfect. The people in this column are doers, researchers, and payers of a large percentage of the working GDP and the civic organizations that make up our civilized society and keep fighting for a free country. That is the thing, Libtards, communists, pinkos, progressives, community organizers and many politicians just dont get. It is too complicated for them.
    I like Fitts but cannot understand her opinion of Kerry. He was the dumbest man in the US Senate and that is why Obama hired him. The guy wasn’t smart enough to say, “NO”.
    When Fitts says she is telling how the rich have kept their money for so long, I think she is right. Yes, under the millions of useless words, that is what Stansbury says too and some others too in pieces and parts. That list sounds a lot like Jim Sinclair too. People worth listening too.
    Oh yes, you were right about Iran too.

  47. J David

    Kerry negotiated with Iran on behalf of Obama. Iran is Shiite. Obama was schooled in Indonesia which is app. 99% Shiite. Obama is Shiite, as there is absolutely no Christianity
    I have ever seen in the man and he was educated in Islamic Shiite Philosophy. Obama’s secret agenda is obviously to help fellow Shiite’ s in Iran obtain nuclear weapons and help the Moslem’s to their stated goal of total world domination under heir Allah.
    Perhaps the CIA and NSA are asleep at the their post missing the obvious reality of what s really gong on.

  48. Ross

    Catherine” That steady inflation is harvesting the average person and most of them don’t realise it. They can print money and buy up any assets they want. Why wouldn’t you? ” Catherine you should elaborate on how evil this system is and the fact that absolute power has kept this planet ignorant, over populated and poor.

    As for metals and the economy, we have never been here before. Even with deflation most assets bar necessities for life will depreciate dramatically and people will look for safe havens. If bankers eliminate cash and have negative interest rates or bail ins , where do you store wealth ? Chances are there will be deflation followed by massive money printing and helicopter money, since this is all they know. They won’t relinquished their fractional reserve counterfeiting scams because this is the foundation of their power.

  49. Tad

    “George H. W. Bush said the other day that the American people can’t handle the truth.”–Catherine Austin Fitts.

    I can handle it if he and his son don’t mind a little jail time.

    • Hatemail

      The quote is out of context. Bush was talking about UFOs.
      UFOs, UFOs, UFOs. Little green men, Grays, alien abductions.
      Alien bases on the moon.

  50. wondrouscat

    I have one suggestion for Catherine Austin Fitts for us simpletons – say Yes or No when first answering the question as we can then follow the ensuing explanation much better when we know where you’re going with it instead of trying to figure it out as you speak. Other than that loved it when you said Trump is “free to go” attack Hillary (may I suggest with facts not mud) and think you should definitely be given a position in the new Trump administration.

  51. wondrouscat

    The facts are dirtier than mud.

  52. Hatemail

    Katherine confirmed my suspicions. The banks will loot your savings and checking then repo your home and vehicle when you can’t make the payments. The Feds will inflate the greenback so the cost of everything doubles.
    Get out of debt or you’re going down. I want to go broke with some sense of self respect.

    • jim c.

      Hatemail I disagree, that they will repo everything, First who will they sell it to,just about everyone owes for there cars and homes, And what give them the right to make claims on my car and home, when they just printed money to aquire it, It is no more their`s than mine.

      • Hatemail

        So you think it is just fine to be in default by no fault of your own?
        It is theirs and not yours until you pay for it and obtain title. Bankers are greedy or do you think they operate non profit charities?

  53. leena

    After what Catherine said about JPM, what if you have your mortgage with them?!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Refinance with a local bank the will hold the “Promissory Note” and not sell it off.

  54. David John Williams

    …don’t understand the John Kerry admiration though.

  55. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, George Bush & family can’t handle the truth about building 7. The reason is simply that if the truth got out even their power couldn’t keep them from being tried for treason in their beloved Federal Courts.

  56. Htc

    Greg, did you take a look at that economist magazine cover from Jan 1988? Man, I feel like that is the smoking gun if there ever was one. Also, did you see that Kentucky had a minor blip of an earthquake on the Madrid fault line? Honestly Greg I’m thinking that could very well be the tipping point for this country. Good old fashioned earthquake to rattle every home in the continental United States followed by massive bank closures, riots and martial law to usher the world into its final 7 years.

  57. tulip

    i think very highly of Austin Fitts but her stating that the U.S will be
    energy self sufficient w/in 5 yrs is not valid imo.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would take the analysis and personal connections Fitts has any day.

  58. Charles Turner

    Trump maybe a master in the ‘art of the deal’ but he also understands two other things that are new to politics, ‘the art of negative branding an opponent’ and the ‘art of a knock out competition’. As a Brit I have watched most of the republican debates and is an eye opener to watch.
    He has skilfully negatively branded his competitors and repeated and repeated the brand name so his supports repeat it, the media repeat it and people start believing it.

    ‘Low energy Jeb Bush’. It sounds like a failed energy bar. Jeb Bush even took it to heart and asked his supporters to clap at a rally.
    ;Little Marco Rubio’. Branded as small in stature but also small in leadership. ability. Trump did the damage. Chris Christie went in for the kill.
    ‘Lying Ted Cruz’. Trump jumped on the Ben Carson ‘resignation’ announcement by Ted Cruz team and has been drumming this up ever since.
    ‘Crooked Hilary’. What more can one say. It is summed up in two words.

    No other candidate from either side has managed to negatively brand a competitor with a name that sticks. Trump has done this to four key rivals and some of those names may stick way past the presidential election. If Ted Cruz is ever a contender again, ‘Lying Ted Cruz’ will be rolled out in newspaper headlines.

    Trump also understands the art of a knock out competition. Any one that has competed at sport internationally will have had it drilled into them it is the next match that counts, it is the next round that counts. Don’t ever look two matches ahead, concentrate on the immediate match, Trump has taken control of the knock out competition and decided who he is going to fight first. The biggest threat was Jeb Bush, who had the full weight of the establishment behind him and probably a preferred candidate to his brother 12 years ago. He was the establishments safe bet, that they could propel forward when the field narrowed. Trump destroyed him first. That left the establishments most preferred new boy candidate, Marco Rubio. Trump destroyed him next. Chris Christie was just the executioner. Then it left only one main candidate Ted Cruz, who the establishment didn’t like anyway.
    The key point is that he hasn’t met Clinton in a match yet. He’s just at the negative branding stage of ‘Crooked Hilary’. With Trumps art of negative branding and one to one competitions, I think Hilary would have to be a good 10% points clear in the polls to beat Trump. ’ What comes next will be like a free visit to the movies. Trump will take her apart in a one to one and probably even start quoting some of Bernie Sanders arguments against her. And the beauty for Trump is that because he was a playboy, had several marriages and failed business, much of the dirt they could get on him has already been flung and hasn’t stuck.

  59. Pinocchio

    According to my formula, Bushs + Clintons = (Al Qaeda + ISIS) x 666. So it must be deductively said that Bushs + Clintons divided by Al Qaeda + ISIS equals exactly 666. If anyone here has a background in advance mathematics, please criticize my formula, so I can improve it before I send it to Nobel Prize Committee in Stockholm. Thank you for your attentions.

  60. Justn Observer

    Sometime back there was an article on Zero Hedge that J.P.Morgan was buying massive amounts of silver….so why are they now telling everyone to ‘buy gold’ …
    A recent post by Greg Mannarino remarked on the J.P. Morgan recommendation –
    Greg Mannarino:

    I think Greg Mannarino is on to something with his recommendation that it is Silver…to look to for the gains presently …maybe because of this past post ?

    As for Ms. Catherine Austin-Fitts – always enjoy hearing from her…but also was perplexed with her take on Kerry… and her although be a whistleblower of sorts…seemed to go along with the crony plays for some time before her ‘outing’ them…?

    Want to put the fear of God in the ‘Establishment’ –Trump should put her in his Admin.!
    Attorney General? lol Replace Yellin? Recommend C.A.F. and Hudes to the world bank? lol or even just fraud divison of the SEC… but then they didn’t listen to Brooksley Born did they !

  61. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg I hope your followers pay attention to all of this. EXCELLENT INTERVIEW! I would like to share this as well: CRITICAL ALERT, A WARNING TO MIDDLE CLASS AMERICA AND THE WORLD. By Gregory Mannarino
    Click here:

  62. Blake Mann

    It’s all good advise. Whenever I have a few extra pieces of fiat paper I move it out of the “system”. Out of the bank, out of the stock market, out of the bond market, out of their sphere of influence and into hard assets like gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. It’s also a good idea to have at least some fiat paper on hand for when they stop accepting credit cards (at least for awhile). Don’t forget to stock up on a little extra food and water. I’m not a prepper but I play one in real life.

    BTW, I support Donald Trump but not even he can stop what is headed our way.

    Thanks for the excellent interviews.

  63. Dan

    I think you’re a great inteviewer but I cringed at this one. You interrupted Catherine again and again.

    Have you asked Dr. Paul Craig Roberts or V. The Guerilla Economist about their opinions on US relations with Iran? They seem to think that it’s about pipelines, the petrodollar and geopolitical control of the region. The “Iran is going to nuke Israel” line is a ruse.

    They would be great guests.

  64. RichM

    She is absolutely correct. No matter how conservative or liberal Trump is… he or another outsider is the ONLY chance we have to fix the WA DC mess. Bernie doesn’t qualify because he would take us in a horrifying socialist direction. I was for a while perplexed why the Bush’s act the way they do… I mean Jeb seems like a nice guy and all… but when they buddy up toward supporting the Clinton’s over “Anyone but Trump” it becomes ever-clear. The same with Romney. I mean what is his problem? Another apparently “really nice guy” in Mitt Romney is fighting Trump so hard that he is all but making a complete fool out of himself. Trump was the one who supported him in 2012 and publicly and tried to protect him against Harry Reid stating Romney didn’t pay his taxes… demanding his tax returns released… all while Trump supported Romney that he really should be forced to but should only on his own. I remember that… how Trump tried to defend Romney because he knows that ANYONE’s tax returns can be micro -scrutinized and the media will have a hay day with it. This is why Rubio and Cruz only released the insignificant page 1. not their schedules c’s or whatever.

    So what bugs me so much is WHY ROMNEY of all people has become ball-less and dis-loyal to his once great friend and supporter Donald Trump.

    Like the Bush’s… what do the Romney’s and other powerful WA DC families have to hide???? That is all I can conclude from the ways he is acting.

    If you do not consider the elitist insider establishment self interests….. no one can deny that Trump is the BEST thing to ever happen to the GOP which had/has very little chance of winning those swing states against the Dems. So the only conclusion as to why they won’t support Trump is because Trump will inebriate the very power structure that keeps we the people as simple Serbs and them in power.

    I cannot help but think that George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson are up there in heaven totally cheering on Donald J. Trump.

    The Bush’s, Clinton’s, and even the Romney’s seem to be no different than the aristocratical families our founding fathers fought against… those aristocracies… who all serves KING GEORGE…. just as now the Bush’s/Clintons/Romney’s seem to be serving another George…. KING GEORGE SORO’s!!!!!!

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      “”I cannot help but think that George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson are up there in heaven totally cheering on Donald J. Trump.”

      Personally, I think that if you could install tachometers on the graves of George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson you would find that they are spinning several thousand times per minute. Connect that energy source to some turbines and you could power the megalopolis of Southern California for at least a year if not indefinitely.

  65. RichM

    I HATE typo’s… and I am sorry for them… Inebriate was meant to say = annihilate.

    Should demand his tax returns = Shouldn’t have to. But did anyway. as Trump will likely but why the hell is dis-loyal Romney fighting for it?????

  66. Archer

    Hi Greg,

    Catherine Austin Fitts asserts that the dollar based international monetary and financial system $(IMFS) is evolving towards a debt for equity swap. If, by that comment, she has in mind that physical gold- on the balance sheets of all, save one, of the world’s key central banks- will replace sovereign debt as the next global reserve, I agree. That does not mean that we are going to revive some past iteration of the gold standard. We aren’t. Going forward, no monetary authority will fix gold’s price to a unit of credit. That (universally understood) flawed aspect of gold standards of the past will not be repeated.

    Physical gold will, instead, float freely against all transactional mediums of exchange which, in tun, will float against each another. The world is slowing groping towards this elegant arrangement, though, unfortunately, as is usually the case in human affairs, a host of errant schemes will be tried first.

    I was disappointed to hear CAF contend that the so called reserve currency’s (waning) power rests on the shoulders of the U.S. military. I’m afraid that here Ms. Fitts has cause and effect entirely backward. Ex-privilege, which, over the last generation, has become more a burden then a privilege, exists only as long as the rest of the world chooses to recycle their trade surplus into U.S. debt, thereby allowing the U.S. Government, to, literally and figuratively, get something for nothing. U.S. military strength is entirely the result of the world continuing to voluntarily work for free. Many things will disappear entirely with the passing of the $IMFS, including the longstanding unrivaled power of the U.S. military which rests entirely on a dollar based monetary and financial system that is fast running out of time.

  67. Paul Jackson

    Greg – could you kindly suggest to Catherine that she get a better (closer) microphone?
    The echo from a small room, and a mic that isn’t close (or a directional shotgun mic) makes her difficult to understand.

  68. Kim

    Thank you very much for interviewing Catherine! I feel I learn a new perspective that is informative and enlightening every time I hear her! I understand she is a big picture thinker and respect her intelligence. I do think her intelligence has allowed her to survive all the traumatic things she has had to deal with and admire her outstanding tenacity!
    Our government has caused us to develop victim thinking and that they will take care of us. We the people need to wake up and respond like adults, not playing victim’s like irresponsible children. We need to be AWARE of our thinking that the government will fix everything is wrong. We can stand up, look around and ACKNOWLEDGE what is going on in front of our own eyes! We can “buck the system”! We can buy gold and silver and get out of our own personal debt. It would be amazing if we could boycott products made in China, but I am not sure that is possible lol! Covert economic war with the interdependent China nicely explained!
    Catherine mentioned that the “deep state” is in control and not the president. I wish I understood what the “deep state” is, and sometimes I here you mention about the “powers of the elite”. It’s as if there is another “world” of people that is unknown, yet effects us. Can you enlighten me on this?
    I am impressed about Catherine’s comment about subliminal programming investments and the dangers that we are unaware of. She mentioned the satellites and America’s dominance there and how the dollar is still in the dominance role because of it. Love the big picture information!
    I liked how she pointed out that we have a political managed economy,that causes decreased productivity and not a market managed economy . And how this allows all investments including gold to be questionable! So people are turning to gold anyways. That this political managed economy is not facing what is really going on and is being managed with secrecy and privilege.
    I am a Trump fan and feel he is a great patriot. Switching debt for equity and eventually stop currency debasement with supporting our Military is powerful! I think it will take a “wild card” brash imperfect intelligent person to make the needed changes and stand up to the false reality government has allowed. Trump wants to make America great again, while the Clinton cronies want to make government great again!
    I get a kick out of the playful debate you and Catherine have. Thank you for your blog and interviews and allowing us to be educated on what is really going on. There was a ton of great information here!!! We need to wake up and let the mud fly! God bless!

  69. Joe

    Why are you always shouting down Catherine Austin Fitts. I don’t want to listen to your lame opinions, when you have an awesome mind like CAF. You kiss most guests’ behind but you lose it with her. I am ready to write you off but I want to hear what she has to say.

  70. Makaan

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