Trump Warns of Nuke War, Ian the Destroyer, Vax the Killer

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 549 9.30.22)

President Trump is openly warning about the possibility of nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine.  Trump has offered to negotiate a peace deal, but no one is taking him up on his offer.  Instead, the U.S. Congress has approved a fresh $12 billion to keep it all going.  There are zero peace talks going on now, and Biden and NATO do not want them.  They want war, and it’s only a matter of time with the latest blowing up of the Nord Stream Pipelines that carry natural gas  from Russia to Germany.

Hurricane Ian has landed in Southwest Florida, and it has caused severe damage.  Governor Ron DeSantis said it brought a 500-year flood to some parts of the Sunshine State.  Estimates are up to $40 billion in damages that were caused by the hurricane.  The mayor of Fort Myers Beach says the city is 90% gone, and there is nothing to come home to.

The vax keeps killing and maiming people, and they keep injecting this bioweapon into unsuspecting people.  The latest death was a one-month only baby that needed a routine blood infusion and got vaxed blood.  It killed the child, according to his mother.  Now, we find out the American Red Cross is not separating vaxed blood from unvaxed blood.  Could this be as deadly and damaging as the injections?  To the mother of the one-month old given vaxed blood, the answer is sadly, yes.  The vax is still finding a way to kill even if it is not injected.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 9.30.22.

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After the Interview:

Three-time, best-selling author Nomi Prins will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Prins will talk about her new book “Permanent Distortion.”  She will explain the problems we have are permanent because of all the money printing by world governments and what comes next.

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  1. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Let’s remember Alex Newman right now in the eye of ‘Ian’.

  2. Astraea

    Greg, please watch this. It is all stranger than strange.

    • Megan Johnson

      I just watch it and went wow!!!

      • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

        Me too. This should go world-wide. Thank you.

    • Cecelia

      I have been trying desperately to get folks to pay attention to SC 12-398 and to take firm resistance to the gene jab, for over a year.
      Few would listen. Telling me we ” have to take it, for our jobs” now many of them are not well. A couple have died of the “baffling suddenlytis”
      I don’t know what it’s going to take to convince them, altering their dna makes them a transhuman with 0 “human rights

  3. Johnny Cool

    Is destroying a gas pipeline an act of sabotage?

    Once something like this starts isn’t there the possibility of ‘tit for tat?’

    (Tit for tat is an English saying meaning “equivalent retaliation.”)

    • John

      It is an act of war by the US & NATO, and retaliation is to be expected.

    • Aaron

      Putin never said he wouldl use nukes , you need to read his speech and previous others. The West have mentioned the use of nukes, Putin never did.

  4. Robert Coleman

    FYI – Dane Wigington shows how the IAN Hurricane is controlled through GEOEngineering

    • Guy DeMullet

      THAT is exactly the problem. The physical damage can be repaired relatively quickly. But, the attack on a “mutually beneficial” and non-military target opens the door to similar strikes against civilian infrastructure.
      Without a ‘patsy’ to pin this on, retaliation against ‘assumed enemies’ can run rampant.
      Russia has already blamed the UKEs for a clearly retaliatory missle attack on civilians leaving Zaporiska for Russia.
      Like their blatantly rigged “Referendums”, this is another in your face crime that Russian defenders simply ignore because Comrade Putin claims to be anti-WOKE.
      Well, beware of jumping into bed with this tyrant. He doesn’t hesitate to Arkancide his erstwhile friends when it suits his needs.

      • Mike G

        Bot Alert

      • Cool Hand Pukin

        Sir Guy, Please clarify. Sounds like an oxymoron. Shelling of the Donbass since 2014. 13 thousand killed. The Serb’s didn’t come close to that with the Albanians Living and still coming into Kosova, yet the Yanks bombed Belgrade. Did that bother you in 98?
        Me thinks you were going to pot like the rest of the woke, your generation?

    • JungianINTP

      Yes, Desantis/Floridians are
      being punished by Commie-
      controlled HAARP array :

      Forwarded Message :

      Florida Hurricane Wrecks Vital Fertilizer Plant

      Hi, Helena :

      Re: Intensity of storms increasing—here’s reason :

      “ A N G E L S Don’t PLAY This HAARP, “
      by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning
      ( 1995 )

      Page 176 :

      “In 1966, [ Geophysicist Gordon J. ] MacDonald was a member of the President’s Science Advisory Committee and later a member of the President’s Council on Environmental Quality. He published papers on the use of environmental control technologies for MILITARY PURPOSES [ my emphasis ]. The most profound comment he made as a geophysicist was,

      ‘The key to geophysical warfare is the
      identification of environmental insta-
      bilities to which the addition of a small
      amount of energy would release vastly
      greater amounts of energy.’

      While yesterday’s geophysicists predicted today’s advances, the HAARP program managers ARE DELIVERING [ my emphasis ] on the vision.”

      Think of Kentucky’s unusual Tornado storm!—and Boulder
      County Colorado’s not-climate-change-caused fires
      but HAARP technicians playing deadly games with U.S. lives,
      so that dumb-as-a-box-of-bent-nails Climate Nazis can
      PROFIT from our lack of vigilance and knowledge.


      • Dee S Noober

        The Yugoslavian conflict was longer and currently more intense than the Ukro/Russian military op.

    • Steve Bice

      Maximum damage would have been to send it just north of Tampa Bay so the eastern eye-wall would drive all that water into Tampa/St. Pete. A 12-foot surge would have been catastrophic on top of the 155 mph wind damage.

      So, if they are steering, and the goal was maximum destruction, there would seem to be limits to their precision. Tampa dodged a bullet being on the west side of the storm.

      I don’t doubt for a second they are trying to control/steer the storms, but personally don’t believe they have the technology to do so. Living in FL for 60 years tells me there was nothing unusual about Ian. Check out “Donna” in 1960. I was there as a six-year-old when it roared through. Awesome experience; we didn’t get the detailed warnings in those days. Massive oaks uprooted…vivid memories. We were in an old cracker-style asbestos-shingled house set on concrete stanchions in the middle of an oak hammock. Only the Lord knows why we didn’t pull a “Dorothy” and blow away…

    • Beverly

      I believe this hurricane hit Florida because DeSantis is standing up to the Federal Government. Any State that says No to what the Government is trying to do, is going to get persecuted. But, we need to stand up to these monsters. Has a national relief fund been established for Florida? I don’t think the Fed. Government is going to give it to them. Not unless DeSantis starts to compromise and keep his mouth shut. Nobody wants that.

  5. John Maskell

    Great coverage Greg. Here in the UK people are sleepwalking . What has occurred with our pound is horrifying . Then next two weeks will be crucial as to what damage the pounds devaluing has done . Truss and her tax cuts have served the rich not the poor or middle-class and this is the women who wants to push the nuke button on Russia . They’re all WEF puppets our UK government and clown world cabinet is a joke. They’re pushing the flu jab along with the 4th clot shot now , so God help us. The only thing keeping me sane and hopeful is watching your interviews with honest, truth speaking human beings . What kind of world is this Greg? Thanks for what you do.

    • Frank Cooper

      John:🗽 Is keeping US. Sane, in an insane world!

    • Richard Longacre

      John, Don’t be deceived. The DNA altering trans-human jab, along with the soon to be forced on us all and made mandatory (or else) global Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) total life control economic system, is the Mark of the Beast (MOTB). Don’t take any shots at all. This year’s flu shot contains 10 strands of DNA altering MRNA self assembling nanoparticles and the CEO of Maderna admitted this in an interview.

      Every single fiat currency system in the world will fail and fall to zero purchasing power before this is all over. Don’t accept or participate in their replacement economic system or their Universal Basic Income scam. Your very soul depends on it.

      God is in control and Jesus will return for believers that have not accept the MOTB. We are told to occupy until He returns, to persevere, and to hold to the testimony of Jesus to the end.

    • Laura

      All politicians are UN/WEF puppets once in office. Incl .governors since they like Trump pushed vaccines and later did at MAGA rallies.

  6. Johnny Cool

    It’s disgusting the way Biden abuses the word ‘democracy.’

    ‘Biden warns Italy over election results as Draghi receives award from Ukraine’

    The US President Joe Biden warned that global ‘democracy is at stake’ as Italy’s outgoing PM Mario Draghi received one of Ukraine’s most prestigious awards.

  7. tim mcgraw

    My sister and her husband had a house on Useppa Island years ago. Useppa is a tiny islet west of Ft. Myers and Pine Island. Hurricane Charley came right over Useppa in 2004. Every house on the tiny island was damaged, but no one died and the island survived. Useppa is maybe 1.2 miles long and at its narrowest point, you can throw a baseball across it. It is made of sand.
    My sister sold the house years ago after repairing it from the damage from Charley. They still have friends on Useppa. My sister has tried to call Useppa and friends in Venice, FL, but all communications are out.
    She fears that Useppa was washed away.
    BTW there is a museum on Useppa that is dedicated to the Cuban Liberators who invaded Cuba in the early 1960s in the Bay of Pigs invasion.
    I have been to Useppa. It is very tiny and probably was washed away by Ian.

  8. Johnny Cool

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: The media is clearly in the wrong when politicians from the other end of the spectrum are coming out to condemn fake news. Former Italian PM Matteo Renzi (2014 to 2016) is putting his political views aside and defending newly-appointed PM Giorgia Meloni. Countless articles have compared her to Benito Mussolini, claiming she would bring fascism back to Italy. Renzi said that this is fake news.

    Renzi took to CNN, a platform that immediately compared Meloni to the deceased fascist dictator, and defended her character. Renzi admitted that Meloni is his rival and that they will continue to fight in the political realm. “There is not a danger for Italian democracy,” Renzi said on CNN. “She’s my rival, I’m her rival, we will continue to fight each other, but the idea now that there is a risk of fascism in Italy is absolutely fake news.”

    Does the media recall what the Italians did to Mussolini in the end? They hung him and his mistress in the streets and brutalized their corpses. Italians certainly do not want a repeat of Mussolini’s fascist reign, nor do they want to give the government more control.

  9. Breck

    Listening to the program right now. Glad to hear you taking on the “claim” that Russia blew up the Nordstream pipeline. I posted a similar statement on Truth Social when I saw that Fred Fleitz made the statement that this was Putin. Excuse me, Putin is not the type to commit economic suicide; then there is the statement/threat made by Biden.
    The Germans have got to be freaking out about the coming winter weather, but they can than their own leaders.
    Also, thanks for the clarity on the Russian speaking provinces in the Ukraine. How dare the Russians expect treaties about land near their borders to be kept.
    Aid to Ukraine – goes to Soros NGOs and then back into congressional members bank accounts.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Austin

      The MSM gaslight by calling Meloni “fascist,” when Mussolini was the one who said “fascism out to rightly be called corporatism because it is the conjoining of corporate and government power.” Rather, corporatism–fascism–is what the supposed “free” countries of The West are suffering from today, not that Meloni’s version of conservative nationalism is in any way “corporatism” while the liberal parties are not.

  10. Slvrwllwn

    Me Thinx Biden is biden his time. He knows he’s going down and he wants to take every last body with him.

  11. Johnny Cool

    Jennifer Gibson takes vaccine, gets Bell-Palsy, and says she would it again!

    She reminds me of surfer Bethany Hamilton.

    Bethany Hamilton became an international sensation when she lost her arm and nearly lost her life in a vicious shark attack while surfing off the coast of Hawaii almost six years ago.

    Despite the attack, Hamilton, 19, has proved she could still compete with the best of them, jumping right back in the water one month later.

    “To me, it’s like never getting in a car because you’re afraid of a collision. Not surfing doesn’t work for me,” she said.

  12. Derek Sinclair

    We’re being railroaded into war by evil Godless lunatics and most of the people of the West are too ignorant to know it. At the moment the only adults in the room are not in the West.

    • Dan

      Losing an arm to a shark and talking a killer bioweapon are not even close. I have dodged cars try to kill me for over 50 years, and I still ride a motorcycle. Almost every danger on the road can be avoided if you look for it. Seeing a shark in the water is not the same. I have never feared death, we all die at some point in time, the question is how and when we die. Many people go around fearful of everything and never enjoy they life in front of them. If you fear anything fear not living, and living in fear.

  13. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg

  14. Breck

    Being a resident of Florida, was this a geo-engineering event from the evil dweebs in this Nation against our President -#45 and our governor? What does you geo-engineering contact say? Also, the largest domestic fertilizer producer in the USA got hit by the hurricane.
    Michael Yon would be a good interview from a global perspective about the attack on food supply and coming famines – barring the intervention and miracle power of the LORD Jesus Christ.
    Blessings to you, brother.

  15. Martin Coombs

    Debased minds ( as God said he would allow) evil is good ? Up is down wrong is right. It’s not falling apart, it is written & is falling in to place as foretold. Put all you have in to the word of God, the word was with God & is God. Repent , trust what Jesus did on the cross , trust his blood, it is finished 🙏❤️🕊

    • Dwight Branson

      Yes! These things must happen. The birth pains are getting stronger and closer together. Keep an eye on Israel; they now have 5 unblemished red heifers and the Third Temple can’t be far behind. Jesus is Thee Way, The Truth and The Life!

      Believe on the LORD Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved!!!!

      • Beverly

        These things don’t HAVE to happen this way. All that our Heavenly Father and Jesus want, is for the people to come together in unity and brotherhood and to get rid of pride and this whole attitude of keeping up with the Joneses. We are very materialistic in this country. We try to be better than others. God hates that. He also hates the murders and abortion and homosexuality, etc, etc. We have become very evil in this country, and we let it happen. Heavenly Father is our Heavenly Parent and He is not going to be endlessly patient. Also, it WILL be proven that Satan’s plan does NOT work at all. Satan’s plan of force is only destructive and people have to see that it’s total nonsense and kick it off the planet.

        • regaleagle

          Sorry Beverly, but you lack a great deal of spiritual knowledge…..which is free for anyone that wishes to educate themself in the Holy Bible. You can even educate yourself pouring over dozens of different teachers on Youtube for free, and gain some semblance of cognitive knowledge viewing differing perspectives to formulate at least some foundational truths.

  16. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter well worth the wait here in the decrepit UK.
    Our illustrious leaders here in the UK and of course WEF graduates never mind Oxbridge, are out in force to ensure we plebs are destroyed.
    Mr Ward does a lovely demolition of incumbent incompetents and treacherous liars and the utter results we plebs will have to endure.
    Such learning yet such lying,conniving ,thieving shits! I suppose that is the least requirement for public office here in the UK and as for the Prime Minister a concupiscent loosey goosey if there ever was one.
    Outside of a revolution little will change here in the UK just the slope got a lot more steep into the oozing manure pit of corruption.

  17. David Bagley

    Stockholm syndrome is when people fall in love with their abuser..

    Until Trump condemns the jab and calls it Jenny O Side… I say he’s the bad guy.

  18. DAV

    Get your heart and your house in order, because all of this is just an appetizer for what is to come.

  19. Sheryl Pardue

    Great wrap up! Thanks

  20. S W

    It looks like the SWIFT system replacement is coming online in November. Kent Lewiss was interviewed by David Morgan on Youtube. Lewiss will send out his PDF presentation if requested with all the hyperlinks to the information he talks about. I had just seen the interview and gotten the PDF but haven’t had time to dive into the information yet.

  21. Dusty Dude

    Great report Greg. Fear not….

  22. Timmy

    The Jennifer Gibson story shows just how thoroughly the useful idiots have been brainwashed.

  23. Galaxy 500

    Joe Biden… Ok, he is a figurehead, Ole Slow Joe isn’t in charge of himself, much less America… Which begs the Question : who or what is. Let’s call it “Shadow Joe”
    Drinking a double Expresso trying to claw my way to consciencousness.
    Reuters News says that the Nordstreams I & II leaks are a mystery… Shadow Joe blew up the pipelines. And the US media here is blaming Putin. You have to be a LOW IQ uninformed person… So uninformed that you would either be a homeless person, high on meth or have severe mental retardation… Putting your IQ in the turnip range… You know, the key Demoncrat voting demographic.
    I was skeptical of whats called the Great Reset… Blowing up this pipeline destroys the middle class and even many powerful manufacturers in Europe. People will freeze and then starve.
    And TPTB, Shadow Joe, if you will, has weaponized ALL Federal Agencies against the American people. If you sit home on Election Day, you are voting to destroy America slowly. You vote dor any Demoncrats or Rino (only slightly better than Demons) you are voting for the QUICK Destruction of America and your own enslavement.
    God helps those who help themselves. Pray, prepare and like Greg says, “Fear Not”
    The One True God, Jehovah, the God of Israel, is on our side and will bring evil to desolation. DO YOUR PART!

    • tim mcgraw

      Galaxy 500: (Great car btw). The “Shadow Biden” is Barack Obama. It’s easy to see.

  24. Shirl

    On the Energy bill going up, oh yes. I had a 2 year contract for Nat Gas that was set to expire a few months or so ago and looked into it as usual. Lo and behold and to my utter amazement, the rates had quadruped or more by competitors. Fortunately, after much looking into it I found that with a longer contract instead of the previous 2 year lock in, I was able to get a deal for ONLY for a 125% increase…YIKES!
    I feel bad for those that will be facing their Winter Heating Bills unaware of the price shocks that they will be in for if they don’t know about it yet…
    The thing is, none of this is necessary. The Green New Deal GLo-Bull Warming SCAM is a load of CRAP from the start. President Trump had America on the right course with Energy Independence and prices well below what they should be now due to the unnatural shutting down of pipelines coals plants oil wells non-explorations etc etc etc

    The Question remains Will the whining ninnies who fell for the Legacy Media Orange Man Bad Lies and the incessant NONSENSE of Glo-Bull Warming Green-Con miss the stability and Promises Delivered under President Trump or will they remain howling at the skies in their Trump Derangement Syndrome?

    • Fred Freelounger

      Girl, we had to run Germany into the poor house to run the Russian gas station, rough shod into the out house. A wet methane up your arse, two’fer! We already put the ma and pa Kettle, American middle class in the crapper, so we couldn’t have allowed Germany to team up with Russia and save any semblance of Western European civilization. With Freakin, mudder Russki!
      Welcome to the unsinkable Titanic that even God couldn’t sink?
      So long suckers! From the Beijing Biden/Obomber hag’s, tag team. The CIA operation Mocking bird brained media and least we forget, brought to you all by Pfizer and thank you big tech for teaming up with government. Creating our present fascist paperclip national socialist lazy workers party. Remember Herr Fuher’ , Adolfo Hitlers parting words.
      “When I return, no more Mr. Nice guy and don’t let the FBI back door slap you in the ass on yer way out of your misery, because it’s Cummin Conned’gress!”
      The ASW operation gaslight, lit the match made in heaven. Thank a Frogman when you see him and by the book. Soon to be a Holly weirder 🎞 ?

  25. Galaxy 500

    And the MSM (Mendacious Skat-Eating Media) is trying to spin that Ian is caused by Glo-Bull Warming… Oh, hmm that was proved incorrect, so they pivoted to Climate Change… Very quite Hurricane season, much to the Demon’s dismay.
    And DeSantis is Pro Hurricane because he called out the MSM and their Myth of Climate Change… The part that CO2 and mankind is causing it.
    They go after cars that produce 6 percent of the CO2 in the world… IF we were causing climate change, we aren’t, but say we were, would you start at a place that had such a small impact? Nope, but their motive is not to “fix” anything… Well, anything except their wallets (making fatter) and our Freedom (eliminating freedom of movement, etc).

    The more the Principalities of Power and Darkness talk, the more they expose themselves.
    Shadow Joe say prepare for the Hurricane by getting the Covid Deathshot… Dont buy water, food, batteries etc… Get the Clotshot. Thst make sense… Only if you think they’ll be dead after the shot and wont need any food and water… The Bible says you will know them by their actions… The Demons are pedos corrupting and destroying children, they are destroying the citizens by flooding the ZONE with illegals, and they are setting violent minions loose on the Public going so far as to let murders out of jail…
    But Trump and those mean tweets
    Trump the first President with a ProAmerica platform thst followed thru… Build the Wall, No Wars, Made America Great again and even some here found him lacking. No he wasnt the second coming . no he wasnt perfect but he was the best President in the last 100 or so years

  26. Earl

    Excellent weekly wrap-up Greg!!!

  27. Catherine

    Don’t you folks think that Florida was seeded by the demonic weather control abilities in our government that caused this hurricane to be so powerful? I think it’s extremely possible.
    Remember in the Book of Genesis when Nimrod built the Tower of Babel in an attempt to destroy God and eventually take Gods place here on earth? Of course God dispersed the group of dissenters at that time and confused their speech so no one could communicate and their plans were destroyed because they all scattered and left. The left in the form of the UN is the current Tower of Babel thinking they have the right to be God over the globe? Doesn’t that sound like todays libs thinking they are gods in the attempt to decide who lives and who dies or that men can have babies etc? They will not prevail over God obviously but they don’t believe in God so they can’t fathom their end is assured. Have no doubt they will loose everything and they will be held accountable for their deeds.
    I just finished THE RETURN OF THE GODS by Jonathan Cahn. Definitely worth the read. Mostly because it will give you the underpinnings of why the world is now possessed by the spirit of evil.

    • Dwight Branson

      Catherine, I like your Tower of Babel analogy, very well said!

  28. Galaxy 500

    Well Greg, the Red Cross is taking blood from high risk lifestyle, and they aren’t screening for the Bioweapon. Another rouge medical experiment on the American people. Remeber what AIDs infected blood did to Hemophilics ? Or even healthy people like Arthur Ashe?
    It only makes senses, if its an experiment… They know there are blood borne pathogens. Why dont they test blood for rouge DNA/mRNA unless they want to see what happens…

    • Ed Mustafo

      Confirmed. The Red Cross is Dirty and Corrupt in many ways, no doubt….

  29. Tommy

    The same freedom hating Freaks Liars and Fools of the Legacy FAKE NEWS media who are attacking Georgia Meloni are the SAME who have been attacking President Trump for the same reasons…this is NOT complicated.
    Unfortunately, there are still those brainwashed tools under the spell of that Orange Man Bad PROPAGANDA that they swallowed for years, who will refuse to open their eyes to see and ears to hear the truth for they wouldn’t know the truth now if it slapped in their face.
    “They won’t listen” exactly!!!

  30. AnObserver

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for today’s WNW. It’s now, how can I say, part of that proverbial Friday feeling, you know, part of the can’t wait for Friday thing during the week, etc.
    So, Giorgia Meloni, would definitely advise caution here. She is definitely not anti establishment. I don’t understand how she could even remotely come across as anti establishment, unless, to those who haven’t really been following Italian politics closely enough the past few years. Can’t say that I have, can’t claim to, in a way, but in another way, I actually have, very much so. The independent free citizen journalist media has mushroomed in Italy as well in recent years, so I more or less listen to them, exclusively, every day. Therefore can categorically say Ms Meloni is definitely part, an integral part, of Italian mainstream politics. She has frequently stated, pledged, to continue with the ‘work’ already done by Draghi, she is pro EU, and she pledges to continue financing Zelenski, therefore continuing this war. Also her siblings recently tried to reassure the Italian Left, that she is not necessarily against abortion, etc. Finally, apologies for saying this, to you and I imagine a large part of your audience, being your local kin, but she is pro ‘Atlantian’, shall we say.
    I think it’s all just smoke and mirrors, a gigantic theatre, and They’re all just playing out their roles. I’m reminded, in a kind of poetic way, of Shakespeare’s The Globe Theatre.
    Greg, this could be the Period, the Birth Pains, we’ve been waiting the past two thousand years for. There is only One worthy of breaking the seals. As many say, there’s noone coming to save us, and even in this time, we are not able to save ourselves. We have not been able to collectively say NO to this unfolding transhumanist situation, much like our original ancestors in The Garden, they weren’t able to say no to the serpent of old.
    And so, there is only One that can save us. Perhaps it is time that we focus our attention, our minds and our hearts, exclusively on Him, perhaps therefore also observing the present earthly events unfolding, from a more detached perspective, knowing that these things must happen, as it is written…
    He alone is worthy.
    Ciao Greg!
    God bless

  31. J. Loughran

    Backdrop to WWIII (The War to End Family as the Unit of Society?)
    Thanks for the Houck update. Typically (see Clinton era) folks in violation of a prayer restriction ordinance sit in jail for years. Has anyone looked into prison pop numbers recently. Up or down? Given that the misunderstood criminal is being released while those who assemble “unlawfully” are jailed, I suspect the prisons are as full as ever. Apparently, making Atomized America a permanent budget priority comes with some cost.

    St. Augustine, “… but large Empires are piracy writ large.”

  32. DADIZ

    Could the election of Georgia Meloni of Italy, be the event predicted by Bo Polny for the weekend of the 24th???

    • Lucas Doolin

      I was thinking the British Pound.

  33. J. Loughran

    Does Congress and all those exempt from mandates and the “Affordable Healthcare Act” also have a separate “bloodbank” (pints of blood and not pounds of flesh)?

  34. Really Awake

    You should have Michael Yon on USA Watchdog. You’d not only like him as a colleague, but he’d validate many of your beliefs. He’s just getting back from Germany where he has personally seen for himself a collapsing economy on the brink of disaster. Michael is one hell of a newsman who actually speaks German, so his investigative reporting is second to none.

    Reach out to him. He’ll be in Texas soon visiting Mike Adams’ ranch where the two men will be discussing the details of Michael’s investigation(s) all across Euroland.

    Michael was just on the Epoch TV. You can catch a glimps of him and size him up here:

    Or on the Health Ranger Report here:

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Thanks RA,
      Your link led me to another about the SIX best foods to grow at home.
      Great tongue-in-cheek delivery from a down-to-earth Aussie. This info could save your life . . .

  35. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Democraps own all of what is happening.

    Why do I have the feeling this is where Europe’s natural gas will be coming from somewhere down the road.

    Leviathan gas field

  36. tom

    Dear Greg,
    As a long time fan and supporter I would like to disagree with your point that “russia is threatening nuclear war”. Perhaps we are picking nits but after reading his speech several times there is zero reference to Russia threatening the west with nukes. He is essentially just restating long-standing russian military policy as to how they will react to attack on russian soil. The USA has a slightly different tactical approach but say the exact same thing whenever these clouds of doom emerge.
    On the other hand several western voices have not only threatened, but rather encouraged the use of nuclear weapons. Putin ended that speech with, “this is not a bluff”, and I for one believe him.
    God bless you.


    Thank you, Greg for the informed update. I agree with you that Trump needs to inform people to stop taking ANY JABS. It is possible that the deep state has threatened him with something much more lethal if he speaks up. Or, perhaps, those who took the jab would blame it on Trump and not the real perpetrators and that would impact the results of the upcoming election.

  38. Larry Espedal

    You have had Ken Holter on as a guest in the past and I was wondering what happened to his website jsmineset seems to have disappeared

    • Shiloh1


      Late yesterday on the Ed Dowd thread I posted comment with a link to a JSMineset podcast ‘The Bubble Has Already Burst”, with Bill Holter, Jim Sinclair and Dave (?) on Saturday September 24. Great podcast and Jim said the whole thing will blow prior to Election Day. Talking about the vacks scam and financial derivatives house of cards.

      I tried to post the link here but ‘video unavailable’.

      They are right over the target!

    • susan

      Larry, do you mean Bill Holter?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Larry,
      Are you using .com? That’s wrong. It’s .org . .

  39. John Maskell

    Greg , excellent info this week. From your language I take it that you like BMWs. My favourite was the early 80s M5 . They’re worth a fortune now ! Sorry , got carried away.

  40. David combs

    Just don’t understand why anyone would want Trump as any kind of leader ,,, you say they knew of the effects of these shots ,, ya ,,,,,,, Trump also knew ,,, aaaahhh little Donnie got lied to ,, bull,hit ,,, he’s still pushing those shots ,,, he knew ,,, he’s a lier ,,, and he’s killed a million plus ,,, he’s in the club ,,, just the other side of the same coin ,,, hang Trump with all the rest ,, he’s guilty as hell…….

    • J. Loughran

      When the addiction to the Petro dollar ends it will be interesting to see how many of the Puppet leadership class flip. More interesting will be how many of the audience class continue to tune in to their song and dance anew. Without saying, Progressives get a pass because they as every knows “EVOLVE” (progress to the direction that their finger in the wind points). Go team go! I think?

  41. jomer

    Well, if you could judge a book by its cover, then Nomi Prins book look pretty cool and interesting. I want one just for the cover art, but I think I need one for the valuable information within it.

    Hope you can have her on again.

  42. Galaxy 500

    Wow Greg
    Great New analysis.

  43. CJ

    40 year old Sarah Huckabee Sanders was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and recently had surgery. She was also vaccinated, praised Trump and operation warped speed in an op-ed article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette July 25, 2021, link to the article below. She “protected” herself from covid, but got cancer. Now I believe she had the best intentions at heart, but some of the worst things that have ever happened, have happened with the best intentions for the greater good. As more and more people get sick or die, citizens are going to start waking up and realizing it is linked to the vaccines. Has anyone in her run for governor camp put that together? If so, they need to get out in front if this and explain that she was mislead with false data and regrets suggesting that the citizens of not only Arkansas, but the country take the jab. If the right doesn’t make the first move on this, the left, “let no crisis go to waste” crowd will use it to their advantage.

    At least she does say that each person needs to decide for themselves and comes out saying that mandates are wrong. At least she got that right. Like I said, best intentions…

  44. Wally

    Is Trump still bragging about how many people his beautiful vaccine has saved?

  45. jon

    Hi Greg, There seems to be a Divine influence over our beloved politicians. Euripides: Those whom the Gods wish to Destroy, They first Drive them Mad”

  46. Doug W

    If loved ones don’t find out what their loved ones died from… they are fools…..

  47. Patrick Alaggio

    We have to realize that there are now three distinct types of people in the world. #1. Those of us who KNOW what has been done to us. #2. Those who WILL NOT BELIEVE the evidence even when point after point has been shown to them, and #3. Those in the middle, be it 20, 30 or even 40% who are coming to terms with this as the evidence mounts and are trying to deal with the enormity of this globalist EUGENICS AGENDA.

    I would sugges that WE stop WASTING OUR TIME on the morons on the bottom, family or not,they are UNREACHABLE and to spend a moment more on them is to take that opportunity away from a life you CAN SAVE in the undecided, or only slightly awake category… THIS IS WHERE WE MUST FOCUS OUR EFFORTS and on TRYING to get those who are “in the know” to grow a pair” and speak up at every opportunity.

    There’s little sense commiserating with each other WHO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING becuase that is also a waste of our valuable resources that should be spent saving the lives of children whose parents are too cowardly to get out of the line to the slaughterhouse.

  48. It's worse than you know

    The weather is controlled 100%
    I’m amazed how many people signed on to help this rise of destruction that will kill themselves and their families too.
    Type in see where it takes you
    The dumbestsick army is ruled by these same handlers.
    You people playing secret agent for this evil are fools and deserve what you get from God.

  49. jeff b

    Greg- Do you remember when Rob Kirby said that the dollar would go straight up before it tanked? Rob was right! Here we go. That’s exactly what it is doing. Rest in Peace Mr. Kirby. You were right. Thanks for all that you do.

  50. Dale Whitmore

    We are disturbingly OUT OF CONTROL!

  51. KC

    Always appreciate your site! Good, reliable news.
    One comment: the color being used on the website font (for articles and this message) is VERY light and VERY hard to read.
    All the “woke” news is using this light grey rather than the traditional black, and I have no idea WHY…isn’t the point to be able to READ what is written ? I have had to enlarge the font to 150%, and still have enough difficulty that to read the entire article, I would have to copy it, drop it in Word, and change the font…even for GOOD articles, I just don’t have time to do this.
    (and no, my eyes are fine – some sites are still using the BLACK and I have no difficulty with them.)

  52. Mark Eliser

    It’s heartbreaking what the world is doing to itself, yes, to itself. All this is reversible if only reasonable people would prevail and the monetary incentives for these terrible self inflicted actions were removed. It’s all being funded by unscrupulous people. We have vote out these vermin.

  53. Thomas Malthaus

    Far be it for me to offer the ludicrous suggestion Hurricane Ian was geoengineered, but what does Dane Wiginton think?

    While the Bo Polny prediction missed the date, he was closer than some Treasury officials would care to admit. How does it not collapse in October?

    Ukraine looks more and more like a money laundering operation where we have new funding nearly every week since the war started.

  54. Dale Whitmore

    By the way, Facebook is monitored, and I won’t sign in to give you a “like”.

  55. William Calvert

    Just an FYI – Ft. Myers looks very much like Biloxi Miss after Camille. I was in Biloxi for that one in ’69. I cannot believe no one took their yachts out of harms way. A simple boat ride to the northern gulf coast for a day would have made a world of difference. While I feel for those who lost homes and businesses, I have no pity for those who lost their multi-million dollar yachts simply because they made no attempt to protect them before the storm . Their lack of planning should not be a reason for me to have to help buy them a new one.

    • Shiloh1

      Did they have liens on them AND insured?

      • regaleagle

        Yeah…..the two best days in a boatowner’s life: The day he gets one and the day he gets rid of it.

  56. Matt

    Thank you for reporting the truth, not worry about fancy graphics/transitions, and focusing on the content. We need more reporters like Greg Hunter.

  57. Lightning

    I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that the Chinese blew up the pipeline.
    Of all the possibilities… they have the most to gain from a Russia / NATO war or at least a situation where the world ( especially Europe) blames the USA.

    Biden set himself up for this based on his ridiculous February interview where he asserted the US would close down the pipeline in the event of a Ukrainian invasion.

    With Biden depleting our strategic oil reserve, depleting our weapons and ammo supply via Afghanistan and Ukraine, Biden culling conservatives out of the military while forcing clot shots on the rest……. If China were to invade now ….we might not be in a position to inflict enough damage to stop them.

    By the way, Russia deeply distrusts China because they know that with 185 million Russians spread out over a HUGE area , loaded with water, energy and natural resources … their next door neighbor ( China) has a huge population with almost no resources.

  58. Justn Observer

    Greg, As ominous as your report sounds…the triangle of death will be worse and sooner than most can even imagine. In my opinion all by design by the ‘evil spirited minds’ that are NOT of any particular nation state…but of a like-minded cabal bent on world domination since at least 1066 which have changed/used different names but with roots and tentacles are wide and deep throughout the world. But as we know THAT list is a long one so will save posting it…
    As to the triangle = pandemic/famine/war = osmatic pressure = migration.
    Mayorkas knows and has been seen at the point of the problem where a UN outpost has been set up to facilitate the migration? = @13:4o
    @ 29:50 =’the WEF has been ‘talking’ about a 1.2 billion deaths by 2024
    These are must vids if one has not seen it yet = before it too goes away…

    • regaleagle

      The population for the whole of Europe is estimated to be around 740 million in 2022. In Russia…..we are talking about approx. 150 million……just to look at some numbers. So one billion deaths is major league. Of course, China and India comprise the bulk of the population in the world today…..each with over 1.4 Billion.

  59. Robert K

    Actress gets facial paralysis, and says she would get the shot again… Insanity at its finest. She has Bell’s palsy, and she would STILL do it all over again…You can’t fix stupid.

  60. Nick

    Another great wrap up Greg.

    Liz Truss was a weak candidate that won,
    A warmonger from the outset. No good
    Will come from her. Another WEF plant!

    Transfusion nightmares! Is there no end to it?

  61. Scott

    Putin benefits greatly from the chaos caused by blowing his pipeline. he is facing open protests at home. draft eligible men are fleeing the country in droves. he is facing political unrest in his cabinet, and India (a big customer for Russian petroleum products, was not happy with Putin weaponizing natural resources. what a better time to take advantage the fact that Biden ays stupid things.

    Anonymously blow the mostly shut down pipeline to cut off the gas Putin was going to do anyway, but now he can point external threats to quell the unrest at home, All the while he sows suspicion between NATO members. It works for him on all fronts

    • Greg Hunter

      I call bull crap on that. Biden said he would destroy Nord if Putin went into Ukraine: You can hear him say it for yourself (2/7/22).

      • RTW

        Putin gains nothing by blowing up his pipeline unlike us. We have a history of using “events” to usher us into wars and some of our politicians have been working overtime to do just that. We also, coincidentally, have conducted drills at or near these events prior to their taking place, ie: Seal Team doing a drill on underwater demolition. Biden letting the cat out of the bag, regarding shutting the pipeline down, was just the icing on the cake.

      • Rick

        my example of it could be true is look at the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is known that our government allowed it to happen because people in the US didn’t want to go to war so they allowed japan to attack Pearl harbor. That got the US people behind the war. Almost all governments are evil.

      • Rick

        Pearl Harbor was a great example of allowing important infrastructure to be destroyed to get the people behind the war with Japan. Our government allowed it to happen.

      • Rick

        … except the fact of perception matters. If Russia cuts off gas to Europe in winter and they freeze to death, the world will hate Russia but if Russia makes it look like America did it then America is demonized. Deception and perception are powerful weapons of war. (art of war)

        Also pearl harbor was allowed to be destroyed to get americans behind the war with Japan.

        Why are you removing my comments. Allows had a feeling you were fake

    • Mike G

      bot alert

      • Rick

        no he withheld them and made it look like they were deleted and then put them all there to make it look like a bot. Deception. I don’t see him disproving any of my points.

    • Rick

      Scott this guy is a phony. I had logical answer to why Russia would do it and why not to necessarily trust trump. He deleted every answer as he will this before you see it.

      Pearl harbor was allowed to be attacked by Japan so the people of the United States would be convinced to join the war against Japan. We live in a fake world with people that are deceivers. (Art of war). Deception and perception are weapons.

    • Earth Angel

      I agree with Greg. Its ridiculous to me that Putin would blow up his own pipeline then claim credit for doing it. I just don’t think he’s that much of a lunatic. The globalist banking cabal is notorious for engineering these types of events in order to create wars. Looks like another page from the same old tired playbook.. SSDD. (same sh*t; different day) And NATO members ARE the most suspicious- as far as I can see! We all have to stop feeding into this madness. What was the old saying; What if they held a war and nobody showed up?.. What if EVERYONE held PEACE in their hearts?

  62. James PTY

    Every trend economic or political ends the same way: Like a pendulum swings to the farthest extreme until reversing into what constitutes the opposite direction. The (not so) Great Deceiver has minions hard at work accelerating crazy time to the point that will force the inevitable end of the “trend in evil”. All with eyes that see recognize the lies and be witness to His Light. Remain undaunted. REMAIN UNDAUNTED!

  63. Jim Lawson will now take you directly to the white house. Prior to the election it went to Biden’s donation page.

    I think the only option the dems have at this point is to suspend the election, possible because of a nuke attack.

  64. Todd

    Fear not? That’s a tall order considering everything but I’m trying.

  65. DAVID

    Good Morning,Greg everyone

  66. Gary Allison

    Back in 2019 there was an undersea Observatory in the same region as NordStream 2. And it was destroyed by earth movement as there are a couple of faults right there. Imagine that’s what happened this time to the pipeline. Plates around the world seem pretty restless of late. But the NWO/Devos/Satanists and their MSM are desperate to get WW3 going. All this hype about Russia. Why would they destroy their greatest bargaining chip?? Also, why would they use nukes in their own backyard? They’ve already won. The 4 Eastern Ukrainian States voted overwhelmingly to join Russia. This has become official today. Seems the Satanists are desperate. Oh, and X CIA Director Brennon says it was sabotage. A Deep State player in which few if any words of truth pass his lips. Calm down folks. We are being played.

  67. Johnny Cool

    Support the war effort!
    Buy defense stocks!

    Barron’s – Russia’s War on Ukraine Is Escalating. It’s Time to Buy Defense Stocks

    The Death and Destruction industry, it’s the American way!

  68. Valerie

    Outstanding job reporting, Greg!
    Now we all have to worry about getting dangerous blood if we ever go to the hospital! That poor baby, and his poor parents! The religious group that said “no transfusions” had it right! I’m even afraid that if I’m ever taken to the hospital unconscious for some reason, that the staff will vax me without my permission!
    I’m 66, and feel like I’ve lived under the threat of nuclear war most of my life. I’m constantly praying for peace! God help us!!! Our country’s leaders (the Biden Regime) are INSANE and EVIL!!!

    • susan

      Valerie, I used to live in Hot Springs, Montana! This was just unbelievable. I’m sure they had the baby in a larger hospital under those circumstances. To live 50 or more miles away from the hospital throughout the process makes it much harder. Maybe we all should get some official paper saying that we refuse a blood transfusion except from family and carry it with us at all times. I’m sure the whole county there are grieving over this. Well, except for the very few brain dead.

  69. Self Exiled

    Concerning the child that you reported on that was killed by a blood transfusion.

    Surely this came on Judah at the command of the LORD, to remove them from His sight because of the sins of [King] Manasseh, in accordance with everything that he had done, and also for the innocent blood that he shed, for he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood; and the LORD would not pardon it. II Kings 24: 3-4

  70. Joseph

    “(Natural News) New research published in the journal Science Translational Medicine reveals that Big Pharma is now using insects to deliver “vaccines” to humans without their knowledge or consent.”

    With any luck the mosquitos will ‘die suddenly’.

  71. Brian Perks

    I generally like what you do but your reading of the nuclear option Russia has isn’t correct. You are quoting the MSM line that the Russians have threatened to use nuclear weapons. If you read the transcripts from the Russian Government you will find that they are positing using nuclear weapons in extremis, ie if they are attacked first or maybe if nuclear weapons find their way into the hands of the Ukranians.

    • Gary Allison

      Exactly! It’s the West pushing the nuclear issue. Like they pushed Russian interference in the elections. And everything evil they could make up about Trump. Even how he ate ice cream. And like I posted above, highly likely the NordStream was damaged by a natural event. That area is very unstable. Once again, we are being played. But it seems many are wired for, There Has to Be a Nuclear War. It’s like a mantra.

  72. Mark Pierce

    Greg, concerning the Vax Deaths and Disabilities, my police scanner here in our mid-state Missouri town, population 165,000, is busy 24-7 taking 911 calls from people reporting “medical emergencies” for a friend, relative, stranger that is unconscious and not breathing, experiencing stroke symptoms, not responding, etc. A stranger lying in the grass, unconscious, or lying in the parking lot at Walmarts, or anywhere for that matter,etc.
    My question is why I am not seeing any of these medical emergencies occurring during live events like a baseball game, or football game where there often is a packed stadium of 45,000? Does anyone have any ideas why there are no emergencies happening at these events or players collapsing on the field? I am an avid sports fan and watch a baseball game or football game almost daily…

  73. John duffy

    Russia blowing up its pipeline instead of just shutting it off is like me throwing a hammer through my tv screen instead of just shutting it off!

    • Greg Hunter

      Noice explainer and analysis!!!!! Thanks for making it that simple!!!

      • Keith Wilson

        Well I think it was the British Government who blew up the gas pipeline. If they can destroy the economies of Germany France,Italy, and most of the European economies who depend on the German financial services it would allow the city of London to be the last man standing in Europe. Don’t forget that the city of London holds 1000s of tons of other people’s gold and does not intend to give in back. The Rothschild family dynasty never got wealthy by playing by the rules and have many cards still yet to play.

    • tim mcgraw

      John duffy: Great analogy, but you might be better off putting a hammer through your TV. LOL.
      PS: No way Putin blew up those pipelines. I smell a US Military rat.

    • Shari

      The people telling you Russia blew up its own pipeline are the same ones who claim the 2020 election was “the most secure ever” and the “vaccine” would prevent you from getting covid and that Jair Bolsanaro, Georgia Meloni, and Donald Trump are all Fascists…
      You can’t make this stuff up!!!

    • Rick

      … except the fact of perception matters. If Russia cuts off gas to Europe in winter and they freeze to death, the world will hate Russia but if Russia makes it look like America did it then America is demonized. Deception and perception are powerful weapons of war. (art of war)

  74. Hunter Wolf

    Putin should release all the intel he has on Biden and the Biden family, including the Clintons and Obamas.

  75. Clay Lane

    DONBASS, Kherson and Zaporozhye JOINED Russia. Ukraine Applied to Join NATO. LIVE with Ronald [American ex-pat] Trying to stay in Mudder Russka. A Hoot! Lol!
    512 watching now Started streaming 14 minutes ago

    • C.Lane

      Sorry forgot to include. While watching live during a lighter moment.
      Baklykov. Live
      20.8K subscribers 30th of September, 2022 is a truly historic day
      Donbass (Donetsk People’s Republic, Luhansk People’s Republic), Kherson Region and Zaporozhye Region joined Russia today!
      In Kremlin, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, signed the agreements with the heads of those regions who asked to re-join Russia by the results of referendums on those territories.
      Before that, Putin made a big speech.
      He mentioned that Russia is still ready for negotiations with Ukraine.
      However, the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, refused any possibility of the news negotiations. They are possible only with the new President of Russia, he said and claimed that Ukraine is now signed an expedited application to join NATO.
      It was a BIG historic day but the escalation continues…
      Sergei Baklykov

      Folks, this is serious stuff. We are at war with Russia. How we get out this mess, only heaven knows and Mr. Allison of course!

    • Rodney

      Would it change anything, has it changed anything? A lot of that info is out there already.

      • Rodney

        My comment was to Hunter Wolf, hit the wrong reply button, my mistake.

  76. Marie Joy

    Like Hitler killing 6 million Jews and Stalin killing 8 million farmers/Kulaks, your government has turned against you and wants to kill you, any and all possible ways, for money from foreign countries (China), The Fed, and crazy billionaires (Gates, Soros). This is a genocide.
    We, all, should have well stocked, self contained, very deep bunkers.

  77. Stephen Weber

    Dear Greg,
    Thank you for everything you do. You are one of the most courageous people I know.
    I just wanted to inform you of this in case you wish to add it to your database.
    A while back I wrote that My late wife had the vax in February of 2021. She seemed to be going downhill albeit slowly until this past April. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital with pneumonia. She already had COPD among other non-respiratory health issues, though they were under control with meds.
    She was in he hospital for 3 weeks then into a nursing home which is the time I found out about her getting the jab. She was allowed home under Hospice the beginning of August and passed away on September 4th. Her nurse said that her left lung seemed non-functional. Since we both donated our bodies to science, there is no forensic work done to the corpse.

    Thanks Greg.

  78. Bruno Bottarelli

    I underwent a quadruple artery heart surgery at the beginning of the Covid debacle. I refused any vaccines up to that time. Just before being sedated for the procedure, a nurse presented to me an authorization form to sign granting the hospital to use blood bank blood in case of blood loss. I asked if the blood bank separated vaccinated blood from their blood pool. Nurses had no idea, so I said get the blood bank on the phone. She did and the blood bank said they do not monitor for vacinated blood. I refused to sign, so the nurse requested the surgeon to convince me. He told me 33% of patients need blood replacement during this type of procedure. I said “ make sure I’m not one of them because I’m not signing”. You must advocate for yourself…because the hospital establishment won’t.

  79. Christopher Hagan

    In Canada our Fascist Prime minister Trudeau has made it legal for HIV positive people to donate blood. It is official the left are trying to kill as many people as they legally can. Here you can get a kill shot from a doctor for simple depression. The left is just a death cult at this time!

    • Colleen

      I did not know this information about Trudeau. Thank you for posting it. 👍🏼

  80. aaron sierra

    I love you broski. Always a great message.
    Take care from the Sierra family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Aaron!

      • Ed Mustafo

        Greg, even if Trump came out and said “ stop the shots” it wouldn’t help. The Fake News and Dirty Doctors would mock and ridicule him as usual. Anyone getting their fourth booster at this point is Lost in Space. However, if the weasels who are actually administering the jabs came out and said “ hey we’re done with this” . That would actually be effective at this point.

  81. Marie Joy

    Hang 2000 Mules before November.
    Destroy Dominion before November.
    Decide how far you’re willing to go before November.
    Get a wood /coal stove and a lot of wood/coal before November.

    • Mike G

      Not much time left as far as dry firewood concerned, but better to burn it a bit unseasoned than not to burn it at all. Seasoned wood up in NE is scarce, but there is usually some dead wood mixed with green. Pick your starter wood. All the rest get it well split and in the sun with just a cover over the top and come february/ march it won’t be too bad. Warms you Twice.

  82. Linda Majors


    Thanks for the weekly wrapup!

    I listened to Putin’s speech (Ref. link below beginnig at 31.18 min. mark). It saddens me to say that I agree with his criticisms of the U.S. and “West.” Putin, like Italy’s new PM, Giorgia Meloni, and Victor Orvan of Hungary, has traditional values. He lists all the policies that I despise coming out of DC and the EU. As long as we promote non-traditional families, child mutilization, trannies, queers, drag queens, and pedophilia, which I consider satanic, will God and Arch Angel Michael be motivated to save us? I don’t think so. Unfortunately, politicians who have the power, have gone “mad” and I believe are possessed with evil. If we don’t vote those devils out of office in November, we are doomed.


  83. WeKnowItAll

    Barr didn’t investigate the cheating, because he is an investor in DOMINION. He made MILLIONS!

  84. Justn Observer

    Greg, Very high speculation Comex is in a close down phase? = Will all metals go to zero? Will they pass a law making the use of PM illegal?

  85. Steve

    Greg, do you have a link you can share regarding the baby who received a vax tainted blood transfusion and died? I wanted to share it with my cousin

  86. Faith

    Sad story of the newborn getting vaxxed blood who died is horrific.

    I can’t donate blood to the Red Cross due to having served in West Germany during the Mad Cow scare but it’s okay for the vaxxed to donate? Time for a secondary blood market. I’m guessing they will pay top dollar for pure blood / unvaxxed blood at a future point in time.

  87. Kim M.

    Great video! Here is a video by a guy in Australia, talking about US banks asking Europeans to give their cash back in a simulation experiment? Will this happen in the US?

  88. iwitness02

    Washington DC is so corrupt, vile and evil that I don’t have a vocabulary large enough to express my disgust for that huge collection of rat bastards.

  89. Scott J McGowan

    How to submit article to USA Watchedog ?

    here is a sample article (link) I wrote several months ago on AmericanThinker:

    I reside near Seattle WA, in City of Federal Way WA, 98003

    Best regards,

  90. Jennifer Sue Smallin

    Why is Europe putting up with their idiot leaders, you ask? Probably the same reason the US is putting up with our own!!

  91. William Mitchell

    As Rober’t Hunter Biden says “these are times that try men’s souls”.

  92. Lord Nasdaq

    It’s been a long time but still listening brother, Greg.
    S&P 3800 to 3200 year-end close still in play.
    Yes, this tropical depression has hurt our brothers and sisters in South Carolina, especially. PRMW should benefit form the demand. And speaking of water, I’m still accumulating. I loaded up during the latest quad on my water ETF’s, CGW and FIW. Also, I have low bids on my food industrial leaders (and potential takeover targets) in CPB at $42.00ish and CAG at a $31.00ish. CTT purchased by PCH. So I also have a DRIP plan on all of the above – buy quarterly on dividend re-investments – my winners. I’m selling my EV sector holdings like BLNK and NIO an way up such as the case prior to melt-up of FOMC head Powell’s bombshell August 26th, announcement, “There will be pain.” So selling the debt-ridden bad plays since 2021, EV sector for me.

    Water, food, and timber (staples) trump discretionary goods like people buying from KMX. Staples and short-term fixed income will rule through 2024, especially large cap, divy. paying international stocks. Everyone will say in 2024, “Do you remember the S&P at 4800!”

    Look at 3 month c.d’s. from banks on-line via SCHW or TD paying 3% to 4% with future rate increases? Half my camp on Wednesday nights says the FOMC will pivot. I’m saying no choice, regardless the increased interest rate on national debt. You’ll see no rate increase at best but continued rate increases. Powell has more balls than Greenspan, Bernake, and Yellon combined.
    But buy short-term c.d’s, T-bills, and 2 year notes in regards to fixed income investing, and stay away from 20 or 30 year bonds.
    God bless you, Greg and

  93. Grant Hill

    Our economy can’t afford to win a war. All our troops have been vaxed with the death shots!! Brilliant!!!!!

  94. David

    The tainted vaxx blood given to that baby is very sad. Prayers to the family.

  95. Roy madison

    It appears to me that the people pouring in from our open borders is off setting the deaths and disabilities Caused by the “vax”. Another thought is… Once the Hispanics vote 51% republican the democrats will finish the wall so fast it will make your head spin.

  96. Colleen

    I was listening to Rep. Chris Stewart from Utah on a Glenn Beck short video today. He stated we just gave another 12 Billion to Ukraine. He said we didn’t just fund the Military efforts, but also the Government , AND the Ukraine PENSION PLANS! I thought Glenn was going to explode as he was SO upset when he heard this.

    You said it Greg….that Ukraine pension plans are toast. But I guess we are holding up the pension plans temporarily. 💸💸💸🙃

  97. tim mcgraw

    I’ve been watching TIK’s (British historian) video series on the Battle of Stalingrad in WWII for over a year now. Currently, TIK is talking about the Soviet counter-offensive called Operation Uranus. In late November of 1942, the Soviets launched a huge attack to encircle the German and Romanian Armies at Stalingrad.
    Now it is almost 80 years later to the day.
    Colonel McGregor believes that Putin has called up 300,000 reserves for another Operation Uranus in late November after the ground freezes. Tanks, artillery, and troops move better on frozen ground than mud.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin launches his big attack on the 80th anniversary of Operation Uranus.

  98. tim mcgraw

    Putin’s latest speech, “America is the only country that used nuclear weapons twice bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They set a precedent.”
    Putin is quite capable of using nukes.

  99. Marie Joy

    Most of the world’s problems could be solved if 100 people were dead.

    • tim mcgraw

      Marie Joy: Or if 100 people would stand up and do the right thing.

  100. Warren B.

    Scientists altering weather to FIGHT DROUGHTS…..aha aha aha…..!!!
    And what else are they doing …..”IAN” …..???

  101. Warren B.

    Here we have Bill Gates flapping his gums again …this time he’s enlightening us about the FAKE Climate Change agenda and letting us know how he advised DJT not to investigate vaccine side effects…amongst other things. Enjoy.

  102. John Mahoney

    Greg i told u i would get back to u, so here i am. this is about the water filteration. i love it, i like ice tea, thats why i have it. love it and thank u

  103. Jason

    Would just like to clarify: Truss, the UK PM, replied to a question during hustings, when asked if she was willing to release nuclear weapons if the situation dictated it. She said yes. She did not imply she wants nuclear war.

  104. thought bomb

    Victims appear to be getting raptured by frightful entities worldwide.
    Brief, 2-mins of video clips:

    ” Saint Michael Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; may God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. ” — Pope Leo XIII (1878–1903)

  105. Michael

    A young co-worker and his wife just lost their 5-month old son; cause of death was blood clots in the brain. The mother works at the local hospital and took the CV19 shots in order to keep her job. The loss of this innocent child and the tremendous grief of these young parents was almost certainly caused by the mother’s CV19 shots. It is heartbreaking to hear the statistics and the Pfizer adverse reactions summarized by Naomi Wolf (thank you for referring us listeners to her substack post on this subject last week) but devastating when someone you know becomes one of those statistics. God bless you for staying strong and continuing to be a voice of truth and reason. I can’t imagine the push-back, criticism and sacrifice that you must be enduring speaking these uncomfortable truths in this age of great iniquity and deception.

  106. Paula

    Sleep won’t come tonight…praying & asking God for discernment. Opened the Word to Corinthians 6:17, “Come out from among them & be ye separate & do not touch what is unclean & I will receive you.”
    Could the message be any clearer? Separate from unbelievers / sinners, definitely be not in the company of those shedding the spike protein from the Jab & reject tainted blood transfusions.
    Thank you Holy Ghost for abiding with me.

  107. paula

    2 Corinthians 6:17 is the chapter & verse my Lord God impressed on my spirit.

  108. Self Exiled

    Like Greg says fear not, fear often manifests itself in excessive planning. The evidence of this is evil is men doubling down on their efforts; this again is the manifestation of fear in their efforts to try and control everything around them: while they’re completely/totally out of control themselves. They have no compulsion or ability to stop themselves. They are driven to fulfill and meet their own needs by their planning, which is impossible. Fulfillment only comes from a relationship with the Most High. Yes, we can work and plan [need to] but the balance comes from Him in combination with His will for us.

  109. Self Exiled

    People are sheep. Yes: we were created by HIM to follow and worship, find our identity and fulfillment in HIM. Man was never meant to lead other men. We are seeing the results of Gods allowing mankind doing his [mankind’s] will and not HIS.
    Warning concerning a King
    10So Samuel told all the words of the LORD to the people who were asking him for a king. 11He said, “These will be the ways of the king who will reign over you: he will take your sons and appoint them for himself to his chariots and among his horsemen and they will run before his chariots. 12He will appoint them for himself to be commanders over thousands and over fifties, and some to do his plowing and to reap his harvest and to make his implements of war and equipment for his chariots. 13He will take your daughters to be perfumers, cooks, and bakers. 14He will take the best of your fields, your vineyards, and your olive groves, and give them to his servants. 15He will take a tenth of your grain and of your vineyards and give it to his officers and to his servants. 16He will take your male servants and your female servants and your best young men and your donkeys and use them for his work. 17He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves shall be his servants. 18“Then you will cry out on that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, but the LORD will not answer you on that day [because you have rejected Him as King].” 1 Samuel 8 10:18

  110. Justn Observer

    Greg, As we wait for your next interview…wondering if this was ever disputed =

    and if we are STILL being set up with fake data to give them more authority to control us via WHO, CDC, FDA? =

    Mark Kulacz, a data preservation and recovery expert and researcher =

  111. Self Exiled

    Suffering: it is a gleaner of the heart and soul of a person experiencing its capacity to do such. I have watched suffering and seen the results of its capacity to produce many different emotions from the individual in its grasp. I have seen people sleeping on cardboard, thin people staring into the water below on bridges, young ladies with 600-yard stares next to pools of green water. I have seen the eyes of Christ on His way to the cross in the eyes of a man bleeding and bruised on the Bay Walk in Manila. The suffering I have and I’m experiencing is nothing compared to these. It is God’s workplace and only He has the capacity to take us through it with positive results [prayerfully]. He allowed me to watch His artistry of an individual who had one foot missing, with white soars on his stump, a stick under his arm with a piece of tire nailed to the bottom end and a rage wrapped on top praising and worshipping Him in the middle of a street in Ermita. Jesus answered the call to suffering, no home, no income, only a few friends to comfort, no one to sit with and silently comfort Him except the few at the base of the cross. Yes, we are being called to suffering and it will divide and conquer men’s souls for and against He who calls.

    Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 2:3

    After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish 1 Peter 5:10

  112. Rick

    If people would wake up from their idol worship they may realize that Trump could be controlled opposition. Only so many things could be bad decisions or accidents vs. pretending to be the hope that people need to not do anything about the problem on their own. The plan moves forward.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      If you watch the video, how can it be possible that this weirdo – Zelinskyy – has been fated by the leaders of western nations?! These WEF puppets have no shame!

  113. Thomas Malthaus

    It appears the American Red Cross is supporting the globalist agenda until someone can prove to me otherwise.

    That the nation’s blood supply is widely contaminated with the COVID vaccine factors is mind-boggling.

  114. Peter Crofton

    We need Catherine Austin Fitts!

  115. Linda

    Russia didn’t blow it up!

  116. Peter

    FBI ( Fabian Bolshevik Insurrectionists )

  117. Pete

    Many of us were looking forward to that happening right away. Very disappointed. President Trump got many things done. One was the VA. where vets don’t have to wait for months to get their life threatening conditions resolved as they can now go outside the VA system.

  118. Robert K


    Almost another casualty. NFL star in peak physical condition goes into A Fib.

    Can we say vaxx?

  119. Robert

    I wonder if anyone has thought of the Israel connection? I read this Wednesday, “Today, Israel’s gas reserves are so rich that they can supply not only Israel but Europe as well. And that’s precisely what happened on Wednesday when Israel and the European Union signed a natural gas agreement. The agreement was forged in Cairo in Egypt, as the gas will flow via Egypt’s pipelines. Signing this trilateral agreement is Europe’s solution for replacing the Russian gas imports it has relied on for decades.” This gives the Mossad a motive to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines right? And they are able of course. This also places Turkey more in Israel’s control too, it really is a massive power shift.

    • Dee S Noober

      Annnd they attacked “Turk Stream” too.

  120. Russ McMeans

    Thanks so much Greg. This news wrap up was a doozy! Pointing out what Biden said re Nordstream 1 & 2 was enough proof that our State Department ordered this sabotage. God I hate our government and it’s foreign policy!
    I hated what Henry Kissinger said when the Ukraine war first broke out. But now I understand he was very wise. Eastern Ukraine is the cradle of Russia’s birth. Give it back to them! Modern artificial borders are being contested.

  121. no

    When the rich (corrupt politicians, lobbyist, corporations) overvalue their livelihood, don’t be surprised the poor laugh at death. The poor have nothing to live for.

    Expect blow back from Nordstreams, everywhere.

    Get right with God: prayer, fasting, help the poor.

    Jesus is coming.

  122. Coal Burner

    That is all right about the fascist Commies in EU. Klouse Schwab Rothchild is behind it. in cahoots with Soros, Gates, and many other evil murdering scum.

  123. Coal Burner

    Avoid a transfusion at all costs!!! If you are unvaxed.
    We all talk about Biden like he is actually President and walking around. He is not. He is hidden in a secret old peoples home dying of dementia. We are seeing his scripted doubles. They are getting idiot scripts to make you think it is him. What you are seeing is in impossible faking a Presidency.

  124. Robert Dziok reports 10/4/22 that Russia has blinded US/NATO satellites where they cannot see anymore 50% of Russian middle silos or that they are open. Also reports that large swaths of Russia on the ground are no longer visable by satellites so cannot tell what ground movement is going on or if tactile nukes being taken out of storage. Seems they may know who took out Nordstream 1 and 2.

    • Robert Dziok

      Should day miss!e silos and not middle silos.

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