U.S. Government Criminal Enterprise – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Financial expert and investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says the U.S. Government runs on massive criminal activity. Fitts explains, “The U.S. economy is deeply dependent on criminal cash flows.  We’re the global leader in money laundering.  If we stopped doing that, the economy would be in for a major, major change. . . . The preference for most Americans is to keep that system going as long as it works for them.  So, it you are a public official, you are between a rock and a hard place.  If you press the red button and stop the illegal cash flows, then all hell breaks loose. . . . The U.S. Government has been run as a criminal enterprise, and I have documented and proved that on multiple occasions.  The swamp that exists in Washington is from sea to shining sea.  It’s not just in Washington.  It’s in every county and every state house in the country.  If we are going to change and clean ourselves of enormous financial dependencies on criminal activities, we are talking about a very big change, and it’s not just in Washington.”

So, in the big picture, where are we now? Why are so many top people in politics and Hollywood being taken down?  Fitts says, “These people are expensive.  This is a fundamental re-engineering. . . . We are watching purges, but these purges are knocking out the expensive people, people we no longer need from the financial coup d’état period, and you are bringing in a new wave of people or you are just downsizing.  So, we see sex purges in Hollywood and in various forms of media and entertainment. . . . You have various purges going on because the reality is the world needs to move on.  This money needs to be reinvested, and you can’t afford a bunch of egotistical maniacs who were good at stealing money.  You can’t use them to build the future, and you can’t afford them. . . . There is a huge amount of money that is floating around in fixed income and derivative markets, and now you’ve got to bring it down into the hard economy and hard assets.  How do you do that?  You need to switch the caliber of the people for management and reinvestment of the money.  You have to do it in a way that doesn’t kick off hyperinflation.”

So, what are the rich doing with their money?   Fitts says, “Gold is what it has always been and that is a real store of value.  I am a gold girl.  If you look at the smart money and central banks around the world . . . the smart money is buying gold, and the smart money is buying land.  If you read the land report, that’s the top holders of land in the United States.  Their holdings have doubled since 2008.  I see tremendous amounts of money moving into hard assets.”

Catherine Austin Fitts, who was also an Assistant Housing Secretary in the first Bush Administration, talks about the Mueller/Trump investigation that she says is twisting in the wind and also the gun control and why Americans need firearms now more than ever. Fitts also says a large market correction will probably happen in 2018.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of the Solari Report found on Solari.com.

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After the Interview: 

There is free information on Solari.com. You can also become a subscriber for much more original content and analysis from Catherine Austin Fitts by clicking here.




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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks. That was fun!

    • Steve

      Greg – Arguing with an independent commentator was tiring. Talking over such a respected personality was rude. You can take direct ownership of your share investments in that company and achieve dividend returns i.e. that is an investment!!

      • Greg Hunter

        You are entitled to your opinion, but my point was (and still is) there are zero honest markets. This is a fact and it is not debatable. That means, there are no real investments because there are no real markets with real price discovery. You are trading, gambling and playing the intervention and manipulation by central bankers. That said, you are welcome to call it what you want. I, am likewise, able to call it what it really is on my totally free website”!!!”

  2. Anthony Australia

    Most of my family and friends are watching ‘crap’’ TV of a Sunday night, which I find acutely demented. I’m having my Sunday bath and tuning into USAWD, they may laugh at me but I find the honesty and transparency of this show relaxing.

    I feel refreshed and able to tackle the working week! Thanks Greg

    Oh, 60 Minutes Australia are broadcasting a ‘special’ on North Korea, the drums are beating WAR.

  3. Robert

    Wow, what an excellent interview. Especially about what’s behind this bitcoin craze. Makes sense. Love CAF…wish she was my neighbor or if I were younger, my favorite aunt.

  4. This sceptred isle

    Great interview! Jim willie made the astute point that the American government and economies reliance on illegal cash flows is an insurmountable barrier towards a cashless society. Tough questions well handled by Austin Fitts. Still would like her to answer how the debt crisis will resolve itself. Stock prices and debt levels are highly correlated so if we are in the middle of a long-term bull market for stocks she must be predicting debt levels to go much higher.

    • Chip

      Have you heard ANYONE in government talking about making the government smaller? Yes debt levels will be going much higher, you can bank on that… Chip

    • Diane

      Subscribe to Solari. If you are a subscriber you can ask her or probably find her answer in the hundreds of available articles on Solari

  5. AndrewB

    Hi Greg, Great interview with Catherine. Good to hear some robust debate toward the end – so rare to hear a difference of opinion debated with such vigour without one or other party being ‘triggered’ and resorting to personal insult and ultimately physical assault! Catherine is one smart and BRAVE lady. If only she and her ilk could get airtime on the MSM (no chance) the world could start to heal itself.

    • Diane

      So true Andrew.

  6. Neil

    It is clear to me now that the situation in the US is irredeemable and a reckoning will be severe. It is also clear to me from my investigations that even the prepared could not survive if there was a 80% population reduction resulting from a deep global crisis. This next year rather than trying to raise Americans awareness of the true situation and the causes in the hopes of changing the outcome for people everywhere I will be working towards isolating the US internationally by collaborating with the like minded in other countries. I will protest at the US embassy and boycott American goods. Aside from all of the other reprehensible buggery committed around the world in the name of the US over the years which people might take exception to this intractable financial criminality and its extent has become a threat to all humanity. This cannot be excused, ignored or accommodated. I would much rather side with the Russians and Chinese despite our differences than allow bad things happen locally because Americans won’t deal with their issues. The US must address its serious economic problems constructively or find itself in a fiscal arrest or quarantine. What ever it once had going for it, the US is now a rather vile and unsavoury fellow to have around. No one is going to give way to bad behaviour. There is no other way of putting it.

    • tin foil hat

      If you voted for Trump, you’d done your duty to make America honorable again. I believe Trump is trying to side/work with the Russians and Chinese despite our differences than allowing bad things happen locally because American, Deep State establishments, won’t deal with their issues.
      I wish H. Bush will go straight to hell.

    • Julia

      As an American I agree with your assessment and this has led me to the conclusion that we may not be able to clean this up ourselves and may need outside assistance. As an aside my Doctor recommended I move out of the US to a more laid back country. My search of possible locations led me to the conclusion there is not a country to large or small the US govt won’t bomb, conduct a drone strike, assassinate its elected leaders or interfere in it’s internal affairs. The country could be the size of a pin head, and it’s citizens elect to use sea shells as currency and the US govt would attack it.

      • tin foil hat

        “….. has led me to the conclusion that we may not be able to clean this up ourselves and may need outside assistance.”
        Hell no!!!!! Gorbachev made the mistake of trusting us to make Russia a better country. No way we should make that same mistake, exposing our belly to outsiders to clean up our mess will likely be disastrous. Russia is lucky to have Putin to break free and turn things around, we may not be that lucky.
        We would need their cooperation but not their assistance.

      • Paul ...

        You know Julia … A recent survey conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) revealed a majority of Americans are apparently so corrupted morally that they are agreeable “to preemptively nuking other nations” … knowing full well that millions of civilians would die … living in a nation controlled by crooks and moral degenerates who prey on little children has changed the character of our Nation’s people to being “predatory” and evil rather then loving and good … the swamp is not just in Washington … but in the very evil hearts and minds of “a majority of Americans” as shown by the MIT survey!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Neil, nice of you to come on an American forum and tell us how bad we all are. Be careful for what you wish. I’m sure you’ll love the Chinese and the Russians when or if the American presence you find so distasteful is no longer there. And take your rubbish about Americans not willing to deal with their problems elsewhere. This forum is filled with courageous individuals sticking their necks out trying to do the right thing. Best always. PM

      • Neil

        Nothing personal Paul but your country is not actively dealing with the issues. I am sure beyond this modest forum there are other concerned people doing their best but they too likely operate in conditions of duress/repression. This is not an openly active force as say anti Vietnam marches happening. Many people remain oblivious to the truths and realities because of the cover-up and propaganda and this is very dangerous for their wellbeing.
        In respect of world opinion you cannot ignore the bad karma that has been generated around the world because of the rogue leadership of the Deep State exploiting your decent and patriotic ‘working class’. If it is not confessed to and handled maturely this coming clean that needs to happen could play out very badly as international relations sour and fracture on old resentments.
        Despite what has been indicated so far by the new administration when we need to see fiscal responsibility the US military budget goes up $600m. People dream on they are going back to the Moon and then on to Mars. When the country needs to address basic infrastructure the answer apparently is Hyper-loops. Tax and health reform only amount to more impoverishment. When will the people in charge get real? The answer is – they won’t. They are enmeshed in self interest and pretending everything is all apple pie and will act surprised when it snaps in the worst way possible. I am really not sure this can be tackled without outsiders embarrassing and disciplining the US government on your behalf. We all know this is no children’s game we are involved in. Those that think on know that very likely a crisis of the scale we are expecting means people starving in the street and likely by the millions. Such is the state of the US economy I doubt anything more than a partial devaluation could be absorbed now, certainly no where near a full reckoning. At any stage the effects of this failure can be lessened but as it is it runs on unchecked toward epic disaster. This has to be dealt with honestly and constructively. Show me a politician however who is standing up and saying out loud anything of substance of the likes that crosses this forum. I will bet if there is one they are viscously shamed for being un-American or a loser because we are going to make America Great again in impossible circumstances and after all America is an exceptional country. Reality simply doesn’t apply here. Let us understand however that by not admitting to the serious nature of this insolvency and doing something prudent America is also driving everyone else into the same corner. We certainly are talking about a collapse of civilisation and dark age if not an extinction event IMO.
        I am very sorry you find my stance offensive Paul but I have to do my best to bring this matter of the bankruptcy of America into focus. I will protest about this at the US embassy not just because I object to the Deep State perpetrating its evil everywhere but I seek to reduce the harm to your countrymen as much as possible as well. Outsiders cannot sit by and let this go on it is also in their interests not to.

    • marcus

      you nailed it.

    • Greg Hunter

      No person or country is irredeemable in God’s eyes. There is always hope.

  7. Andrew

    Excellent end to the interview, Greg. There is no free market and you were spot on to press this point. I’m surprised at Ms Fitts opinion and it undermines her credibility.

    • Robert


      Catherine is in the Investment Advisory Business. She knows if she followed her instincts she would have been in cash years ago and then she would have lost all of her clients as the markets rose. Investment advisors that try to time the market seldom are right especially in todays markets . I agree with Greg that there are no markets any more and they are all manipulated . Catherine stressed that her clients are hedged so she is doing the job she was hired for.

  8. Justin T. Justice

    Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore
    She and Obama thought they had it in the bag. All the crap to be covered up. Guessed what????????
    She was a sure thing, what could possibly go wrong?!!!
    The Donald!

    Yes we have much to be thankful for. . ..Think Brexit!

  9. Jerry

    I truly feel sorry for people who fail to see the reality of the world we live in. We can theorize all we want to about the percentages of a global economic collapse, but the numbers don’t lie. You can’t pay for 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 3.4 trillion dollars in tax revenue without printing money. America and its criminal bankers have abused the privilege of being the worlds reserve currency, and its chickens (or dollars in this case) are coming home to roost.

  10. Loren

    Great discussion. Jeff Sessions is the key. If he refuses to be part of solution, then he must obviously be part of the problem. Who got to him about what? There is no logical excuse as to why he has been absent in this whole Russian debacle and if the Russian collusion issue is bogus (which it is), then there is no excuse for him for not getting involved. Logic tells me the he is in on the soft-coup against Trump and working for the other side. Trump is very naive if he doesn’t fire him and replace him now.

    • Flattop

      I believe he will as soon as he comes up with a reason. Just firing him will add fuel to the impeachment/ collusion fire in congress. Just be patient, Sessions will do something soon that will bring it about. Mitch McConnel threw him a soft ball when he suggested he resign and run for his old senate seat in Alabama, but he blew it off. He will now have to face the consequences

  11. Paul ...

    With all the corruption in Washington, State and Local Governments … I wonder how much Bitcoin has been seized by law enforcement in anti-corruption operations in the United States? … if little Bulgaria was able to seize 213,519 Bitcoins (now worth $4 billion dollars) … in the highly corrupt US we have likely collected 100 times as much … so this opens up a very strange opportunity to help pay off the National Debt … what if the US has confiscated 20 to 30 million Bitcoins so far (worth $400 to $600 billion dollars) … then perhaps the government would have a big interest in seeing Bitcoin go to 1 million dollars each (as some people have predicted) … 20 to 30 million Bitcoins at a million dollars each is $20 to $30 Trillion dollars … and presto … the entire National Debt is paid off!! … just a random thought that may make the Bitcoin crowd very happy … but then again … imagine Bulgaria, the US and a host of other Nations with bitcoins in their possession (that were seized in anti-corruption operations) overhanging the Bitcoin market and just one of them decides to sell? … Bitcoins could have one hell of a ride to the downside!!

    • Paul ...

      So Bitcoin (with all its potential volatility) is not “a safe” environment to “store your wealth” … only gold (and silver) as CAF (gold girl) states … is “a real” store of wealth!

      • Paul ...

        As for Government Agencies that spend more then what was authorized by Congress … and then their budget deficits being covered up by the Fed issuing money to them … “should be declared illegal” … if money “goes missing” from a Government Agency … they should be required to bring their budget back into balance by laying off government workers or cutting back on services … “period”!!

        • Paul ...

          Good News:
          The Army, Navy and Air Force will be audited “finally” … now lets do the right thing and balance their budgets that get overdrawn by cutting back on the purchase of tanks, ships and planes and if necessary personnel … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-10/pentagon-undergo-first-ever-audit-after-decades-sloppy-accounting-and-missing-trilli

          Bad News:
          Trump wants to build more Nuclear Weapons (while keeping other nations from building any) … this is like “fast and furious” where machine guns were being given to the criminal drug cartels (while at the same time trying to take away the common peoples right to own a gun)!!

      • Michael

        This is what I don’t understand. The people developing these cryptos are not idiots. They are smart. And most of the software is open source. And many are motivated because they want to change the world. What keeps coming up for me is this scene from Goodwill Hunting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJHvSp9AKYg

        People from all over the world, not just citizens of the USA are working on crypto technologies and many are not motivated by money per se. They can see the need for change just as well as Greg and Catherine can.

        Any hint of co-opting by the USA or PTB – I reckon developers will just jump ship and start again. It is not just this crypto, or that crypto that matters. What matters is the idea that is now a reality – a “trustless de-centralised system” can be built.

        As McCafee commented, “you can’t un-invent gunpowder”. In England in Tudor England even to attempt a translation of the Bible into English was a crime, potentially punishable by death. But it won’t work.

        You cannot stop an idea…

      • zteve.0

        interesting idea…but i don’t see the gov wanting to pay off debt – their mission is to squeeze money our of its people – directing it to their interest groups until the economy dries to dust.

    • Bob

      They would need to sell the bitcoins first to pay off the debt. This would have certain side effects, like the price of Bitcoin dropping 90% perhaps. Your scenario is unlikely.

    • Mario

      There are only 21,000,000 bitcoins available. Only 16M have been mined I think.
      Your “what if 20-30M bitcoins were confiscated” is impossible.

      • Paul ...

        Mario … you did not include the forks (i.e. Bitcoin Cash, etc.)!

  12. Allen Starr

    Based on the things she said today, this criminal activity was probably going on even before Bush headed the CIA. The USA is terminally ill and there just isn’t going to be any way to save it. The whole system must first be destroyed and that would include at least half of it’s people who are totally worthless and add nothing to the society. This all fits in with what China and Russia are doing and why they are starting their own financial system and turning their backs to the US and their allies. It also makes all the sense in the world why Putin brought back the KGB last year and why they expect the US to interfere very heavely in the Russian elections in 2018. The Russian KGB and the Chinese White Dragons will also need their killers to stalemate the CIA killers. Now, a lot of what Jim Willie has to say makes some sense and fits right in with what Catherine Austin Fitts had to say. This really is an awful world we live in right now. I am so very fortunate to be living in Siberia now and won’t have to face what is headed your way in the USA. I took a pretty good screwing back in the late 80’s early 90’s and had no idea what I was up against. I survived by going to Russia and I’m a lot smarter now and know it was the Deep state even then. The Deep State is not your friend and they will not bring down China and Russia.

    • tin foil hat

      Allen Starr,
      Yes, this criminal activity was going on before Bush headed the CIA but I believe H. Bush perfected this U.S. Crime Syndicate.
      You will need couple of bottle of wines before you start watching this video. I wonder why the Deep State allows this video to remain on YouTube.

      • Paul ...

        These criminals must be taken down … their uncontrollable greed has made them into mass murderers of women and children … the pictures of human beings being used as slaves and murdered and then bulldozed and tossed into mass graves in the video above is beyond comprehension … these evil devils must be removed from our world … and they do it for “counterfeit paper money”? (printed by the Fed in unlimited quantities) … how can any human being do such unbelievable evil … to collect 50 trillion or 100 trillion of these fake and worthless pieces of paper??

    • Donald

      “The USA is terminally ill and there just isn’t going to be any way to save it. The whole system must first be destroyed and that would include at least half of it’s people who are totally worthless and add nothing to the society.”

      Your observation is right on. Its not just the USA. Its the whole world. The world has been overrun by narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, the lazy and stupid, and so on. Your solution is in the right direction. Although, the greatest forces in the universe will look after cleaning up this mess. No need to go out there with a gun or anything. See Isaiah 13:12, Revelation 16:13-21 plus many other references in the Bible. We should know soon if this cleansing process is about to commence.

  13. jim c

    Greg, Hurray to you, for calling her out on the stock markets, How can she say that their is investing in the markets when she knows how manipulated it is. It just goes to show you, she will change her story just to protect her business , I just don`t like her at all.

    • jim c

      And it just kills me when your guests talk about silver and gold breaking threw key levels to break out. And talking about the stock market having a correction, Nether are going to happen, Only time PM`s and the stock market will move big is when ALL the manipulation stops, And I think it is all up to china for the when it will all happen.

      • This sceptred Isle

        seems like you are going to be right.

  14. Chris M. in Arkansas

    Great interview. Really enjoy Catherine Austin Fitts viewpoint. She has a very realistic view on the economy. I think it’s ok to challenge your guests Greg (it’s your show) but please don’t push your view on “no markets” so hard that it overpowers your guest’s viewpoint. Time wasted and she had more to say. Nice recovery on a positive note wrapping it u, and the conversation was real and not scripted or carrying an agenda.

    Bottom line, great job exposing a different way to think about markets especially crypto currencies. The choices on investment channels have expanded and I completely agree these alternative currencies have more room to run up, although with great volatility. Really need interviews like this to level set expectations and think about where crypto fit into the picture.

  15. Erika Miller

    Wonderful interview. Lively and informative. Thank you Greg. Thank you Catherine.

  16. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, criminals abound, they have always been around, but I bet America has the greatest percentage of all countries. Your guest is right in that after a few stored millions/billions of dollars just sitting around in some pedophile or other evil criminal’s digital account really does not help the economy. The economy acts on the velocity of money, not the amount of capital out there in right holding digital bank accounts. I suspect your guest is correct in that the trick is to get that money in circulation without kicking off inflation. There are so many rich & very rich white collar criminals out there who would know where to start. America has itself to blame for their elite wealthy criminals, should have started cleaned the swamp 50 years ago.

    • Paul ...

      What all the criminals in the world must agree to first … is to “stop killing children”… then little by little “peace between nations” will become sufficient to then include women … NO WOMEN – NO CHILDREN “must be agreed upon by all criminal elements in the world” to bring any semblance of Peace to Our World!! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-10/trump-walks-tightrope-mideast-peace-plan

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, Once the politicians figured out they could buy all the votes they wanted and not have to pay for it (just print money to cover it!), it was Katie, bar the door; our downfall was assured. Should there come a day when we can no longer play that game, and the US has to balance the budget and pay as it goes, we are in for a dreadful experience. Imagine the US having to cut its spending 50% and no longer able to undertake all the social spending currently in place. Best always. PM

      • Arthur Barnes

        Paul, I have often thought about the time when the Government has to pay its bills on time like I have too, pay as you go as you said. I know that will be a time of trouble when the swamp can’t buy any more votes, but I am still kind of looking forward to it in a strange kind of way. I feel that a reset is needed to clean the deep state swamp, sort of like spring cleaning. It is coming too be sure, hope I live to see it. Best Regards, a b

  17. Alanon

    FINALLY!!!! There we have it!!!!! We should have been investing in diversified funds the whole time. There will be no crash, a minor pull back but no crash. In fact the take away from this is we should get back in. What you should learn from this is you might want to consider having alternative view points on so we/others don’t make the same life altering retirement mistakes! By the way most, if not all, Investment companies have diversified investments in these good companies, not just CAF.

    • This sceptred Isle

      If CAF is correct about the stock market it will have been a paradigm shift. MASSIVE call to make.

  18. Buffy V.S.

    Fascinating that at about 4:44 you discuss that Donna Brazil was afraid for her life; it didn’t occur to either one of you that it might be the Russians who were the real threat, not Clinton, the Democrats or the Republicans! Both of you overlook the point that there are more than 35,000 FBI employees, every one of them most likely of high integrity, and solid US citizens – but no, you choose to side with conspiracy theoryBS and think of them as ”deep state” menaces. Idiots, both of you! Wake up! Trump’s the danger, not government employees like the FBI who’ve protected your sorry asses from danger, both domestic and international, for DECADES. But along comes Trump, the Great Liar, and both of you fall at his feet:, as if he were an honorable man— what a malevolent spell you are under!

    • Greg Hunter

      Stupid comment, but I will post it. Brazil was not talking about the Russians but the Clintons.

    • Charles H



      First of all – the disingenuousness of your comment begins with 1: anonymity. You chose to remain anonymous – which is spineless, or cowardly. The impression is you are young or immature; so using your own name for a negative comment is beyond you.
      The next is the choice of your screen-name. Who would make an association to such a mind-melting, fantastical, zombie-apocalypse mindlessness of a TV series of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” – except a fan? From this I might as well be writing back to a person who lives in Videodome-land, or Naked Lunch-world. You are already partially assimulated by the world; but can you know that?

      And the real reason you get a hard come-back here is because you trash the Guest and the Site-owner uncharitably, based upon making a heavy argument and hanging it on a thin nail of a true assertion of there being some honest integrity at the FBI. What tripe! There is world full of good police; but there is no problem there: it’s only when you cross paths with one who is looking to speed trap you. You can’t indict Mr. Hunter and Ms Fitts based on a non-problem! Is this what is taught in schools today for logic? Or is this an acquired methodology of non-sense? One cannot simply proceed to a foregone conclusion by filling-in all sorts of half truths and assigning assumptions to others along the way to stating an indictment. Free Speech, in this instant, has only allowed you to hang yourself. If you think there are idiots here: you need to get rid of all your mirrors.

      And in deference to the many unsung heros in the world – our police and military, and yes, even our FBI: my hat’s off to them! Virtue is it’s own reward – because nobody is paying off the honest folk.
      As to your summation of President Trump being “the Great Liar” , and insinuation he is not honorable: your crass criticism of the highest Office in the Land and the person there – is the only malevolence to be found here. There is no dishonor is disagreement: only disrespect. Your marks here are monumental.

    • Donald

      What drivel – where did this come from? From the mainstream “news” media? Its an old concept that a wealthy person or small group of wealthy persons can take control of the media and have reported what they want. This has been done for well over a century. Also, its been well established over 100 years ago that the wealthy often set up a “charity” to promote their political views. And so on. Too much corruption going on and with too many simple minded people actually believing this “news”.

    • Bob

      The Federal Bureau of Intimidation isn’t that pure Buffy.

  19. daniel turner

    I think she got it. Trump a complete surprise to the Deep State (D.S.) as to the mood of the population So put pressure on him to play ball if you want 4yrs and the next 4 is yet to be determined. Donald is doing things he told us he would not do. I think they will let him toss us a bone so to speak so he can keep some promises and be presidential. All the other scandal going on,some real other made up as in the case of Moore is to keep the “troops’ of the D.S. in line. MS. Fitts just told us she went through the same thing herself. Have you seen big players go down recently ? Cynic that I am I say the Clintons and all the other big players that should be in jail get away. Rule of law is dead in this country. Thanks for another great interview .

  20. George

    Rule of law? That’s all you hear, the rule of law is arbitrary and changes to suite the situation, it’s like fake news. What about Natural Law. God’s law? How about “life liberty and happiness” did we forget who we are as a people? Yes! Where is the National Bank of the United States, the low interest long term credit issued without some sticky fingered wall st. investment banker getting his cut first. Where is Glass-Steagall that’s the real law of the land. Where are the laws that help establish successful families, businesses and workable communities, laws that protect the vulnerable, the young, the disadvantaged? Or is it that laws, legislated laws don’t work in a collapsed culture? You do a good and needed job Greg and I thank you. It’s not a lack of laws it’s a lack of classical culture.

    • Bob

      I agree. “Rule of Law” is a Talmudic concept.

  21. al

    Great interview! Excellent! Great back and forth, that was needed. For the most part it is gambling due to the Fed intervention on everything. I see Katherine’s point and I do “invest” the way she says to but ultimately it’s a freak show on Wall Street and Cryptos.
    I had no clue that the BIS in Switzerland accepted Bitcoin, that’s ENORMOUS news and should be looked at. Very telling indeed.
    Katherine was right, please take it to heart Greg. You have to expand in to more trusted platforms and the audience will follow. Alex Jones has a competitor called Hunter Inc. and I’m sure he would give you some pointers. We’re all here for you, reach out to any blogger in the space and they will give you good advice on expansion. You have a product that is crucial to today’s needs.
    Thanks again

    • William Stanley

      al: Isn’t this tread on a dedicated server with its own domain name? I’m not tech savvy, so please explain what platform would be more trusted? If you, know, would you (or anyone else) please make an estimate of the costs for hardware and software. What is the approximate cost of Greg’s set-up? Greg, a little help here would be appreciated, since YT has become so unreliable on controversial topics.

  22. daniel turner

    India is a test case as I have read some say. Get a near complete cash economy toward cashless and then someday when it is all figured out at your local farmers market or garage sale,transactions can be made without cash and taxed and controlled.

  23. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks, Greg, for interviewing Catherine. But you’re both wrong.

    The stock market (DJI, NASDAQ, etc…) is not a casino BUT it also doesn’t represent any legitimate businesses under real free-market-capitalism. There is no real or even remotely meaningful price-discovery in our present “stock market.” It’s all the result of extreme gov’t intervention. The gov’t steals the real proceeds of real labor from real hard-working and conscientious men operating under a private labor contract like myself and gives it to the companies and their investors.

    The gov’t steals the proceeds from men like me by exploiting bureaucratic mechanisms to avoid compliance with law and then creating false pretenses under those mechanisms to justify the theft. For instance, if your wife and mother of your children doesn’t want to be married to you any more and wants to live with her boy-friend with whom she’s been adultering for some time, she just makes up a lie about domestic violence, rape or child abuse against her husband and then under VAWA gets a divorce, gets custody of the children, collects child support and alimony and a huge property settlement.

    Even though she defaulted on the marriage contract and lied in court. The courts acquiesce to her lies and manipulation and the state and federal gov’t pay the jurisdiction and its thugs like the judge, attorneys, guardians ad litem, law enforcement personnel, agents of child support enforcement, etc… with subsidies attached to the child support and VAWA. There are many scams like this to defraud men of the proceeds of their labor. This one I just described is called the Divorce Industry. Also called the Domestic Violence Industry or Child Abuse Industry.

    The money is transferred, redistributed, among varying entities, women, feminists, corporations, etc… including the stock market. In exchange for votes and absolute power. You can make huge amounts of money during the past decade from the stock market BUT you have to be willing to participate in the violation of a private labor contract of a man, steal the proceeds of his hard labor, condemn him to poverty and even death. If you have the stomach for that and no conscience, then the stock market is a viable institution for you.

    But Greg is wrong because it’s not gambling or a casino. It’s a Ponzi scheme, usury, fraud and slavery and that’s all it is. Most men who are victims of it are not voluntary contributors. And Catherine is wrong too because there are no legitimate companies participating in them. They all borrowed money illegally (participated in usury), have never yielded a return on the investment, and require the enslavement of and fraud against real, conscientious and hard-working men to stay in the black. Otherwise, all these companies are essentially broke if not worse. They have extreme negative value.

    Almost all these companies represented by our stock markets invest almost nothing in R&D (or such a tiny percent of their profits in it that they seldom come up with any good or at least novel ideas). Most of the money goes to a huge and expanding bureaucracy designed to defraud hard-working and conscientious men. That’s almost all of what all these companies do. They don’t actually do anything. They’re essentially parasites.

    There is no stock market. And participating in it isn’t a crime but it is profoundly immoral and a reprehensibly sadistic act for anyone who knows how the stock market actually works. And on top of all this, the gov’t makes men who are victims of this scam pay to be victims. You can’t make this s#%t up. The DJI has shot up from 10,000 to 23,000 in eight yrs. Does anyone believe that these anemic and bloated companies have actually done anything of any value? They’re mostly applying the Enron formula of wealth creation. There’s no there there. And eventually it’s all gonna come crashing down.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      It’s not only the divorce courts…the RC Tribunals advise fibs so that people can remarry and receive communion. I’ve had friends who refused this and remained Christian but no longer Catholic. It is excused as “forming your conscience” and such magical advice. But a lie remains a lie and children will sense these things…

    • Charles H

      Dr. Daryll,

      It is always gratifying to read you reasoned as seasoned comments; though it hurts like stroking an old wound.
      I had a doctor on the Texas border, who had to take a pregnant and delivering illegal who crossed the border for free service, and a chance at an American Birth Certificate. He didn’t want to do it; but didn’t refuse the gravity of the situation. He deliverd her well, and cleaned her up, and sent her back with supplies. But later a lawyer showed-up to sue him for an infection this woman developed after returning to her shanty-town. A nice thank you -howdy-do for footing the bill.
      Other doctors offered to “take care of” the suit or problem, in an economical way. This interested him; but just “HOW” would the cost of $1000.00 make the problem go away?These border doctors would NOT specify. After considerable probing – it was revealed that a mexican law-enforcement type would ‘get rid’ of the plaintiff. Needless to say – he didn’t go that way. There are boat-loads of injustice in the world today; and real heartless actors. Don’t ever feel alone.

  24. John

    Thank you Catherine & Greg.

  25. Linda L.

    You firmly stood your ground regarding the market issue with Ms. Fitts and you’re so right. There are no real market for sure. I love Catherine Fitts, but find it interesting with her vast awareness of all the criminal activity via a personal history of persecution from the deep state that she still has a level of confidence in this corrupt investment system. However, I guess I can’t be too surprised because Ms. Fitts is an experienced investment advisor, where most will be like sheep to slaughter. Great interview and thank you!

  26. Julia

    Greg, good morning! I haven’t gotten to the interview yet. I am sure it is very good considering the guest. I just wanted to post this story I just saw regarding a 9th Circuit Judge and Mark Taylor’s appearance on your show.


  27. John


    You are correct and I am glad that you held your ground that “investing” in todays markets is a form of gambling – it just is. The markets today – imho – are simply money sinks meant to divest people of their hard earned wages. You can’t on one level say that the government is run like a criminal enterprise and then argue on the next level that placing capital in “investments” such as stocks and bonds by what has been disclosed since 2008 is anything other than monetary Russian roulette. Next, if it is true that there is indeed 21 trillion dollars missing in two government agencies – HUD/Defense – then I maintain that the money is already gone because look what has taken place during that time period – the housing crisis and ongoing wars. Now its time to get that money back – that is why there will be no tax reform for the middle class, that is why heath care was mandated for everyone as a form of taxation, that is why rates are near zero percent, that is why gold/silver are being manipulated downward and that is why social programs are going to be re-evaluated. In my opinion, the government will be made whole at the expense of the middle class who are being corralled into financial sectors based on pseudo-momentum rather than any underlying fundamental investment strategy. Face it, the middle class is being sacrificed in order to cancel a debt in order to preserve the political and financial status quo. The corporate coup d’etat to the middle class will be in the form of robotics and artificial intelligence eliminating the need for mid level white collar workers and skilled blue collar workers as well. This is not going to end well. In my view, don’t worry about “investing” – just get out of debt!

  28. tin foil hat

    Fitts had me until she said she was poisoned on MULTIPLE occasions. I still find everything else she said credible but poisoned on multiple occasions. What did she do about it???

    • Charles H


      I personanlly know a missionary who was poisoned because she stood up to pedophilic homosexuals with officials. She almost died and was driven from the field for poor health. This stuff happens more than throwing acid.

  29. Bob from Mo.


  30. Tad

    Gamble, only what you’re willing to lose.

    You might already know this Greg, but the chip card or debit card is here. It’s advertised as a security feature, though bank compensation for unauthorized use or hacking isn’t possible.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I cut mine up and have managed my money much better with pencil, paper, and personal trips to the bank….more fun, too.

  31. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    CAF always gives Greg fits. Excellent interview, sir. Ms. Fitts needs to be in Mike Kelly’s job and then we could get somewhere draining the swamp.

  32. Russ

    Thanks Greg, always nice to hear CAF’s perspective. She definitely has a different way of looking at things. It’s been my contention for a while that Bitcoin is a trap. Anything the government does will simply improve the trap so that the door closes faster and lets fewer participants get out intact. Yeah, I totally believe that NSA has a solid handle on Bitcoin and the other crypto currencies.

    Bulgaria knows how to invest in Bitcoin — confiscate it from somebody who has some.
    Bulgaria Government Shocked To Discover It Owns $3 Billion In Bitcoin
    They’re shocked!! Too funny, sell it and pay down the national debt, or hold it a while longer and pay off the national debt??? Watch that greed thing take over.

  33. Larry G Carter

    Greg, great interview with Katherine. I really enjoyed the ta ta ta with you and Katherine over the question, do we really have markets functioning to day. I am with you and the answer is no. The elites have complete command and control of all markets which makes the markets non functioning. Yes their are specific companies that offer potential for growth but they must still act the way the manipulators will allow them to function.

  34. Brad Skiles

    Greg, great job of confronting the illogic at minute 46:57. Fitts is an important voice and this is an important interview, as always. BUT … you demonstrated she can’t see the forest for the trees. As a financial outsider, you can easily see the gambling point. She can’t because this is her career and she doesn’t want to accept the reality that her knowledge and experience isn’t applicable in our completely rigged system. This is the same attitude people had just prior to the Great Depression. According to the History Channel, the average market participate in 1929 knew it was a rigged system and they knew they were gambling. They just thought they could get out before they got hurt. If Fitts is “hedging” with derivatives, she is trusting the future will work like the past. She is trusting the counterparty will always deliver on that bet. In the worst case, those hedges will be a piece of paper and an unfulfilled promise. It is a concern she doesn’t get your gambling point. She may be “investing” in good companies, but the price/value is undeterminable in our rigged system. Effective investing requires buying at the right price. What is the “right price” in this rigged system?

    • Lance

      The “market” is gambling.
      I have been a trader for 25 years and the only
      difference is the ability to use technical analysis
      to time your trades. It’s Las Vegas without the
      booze or the women.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I guess CAF’s job is to find a place for her client’s money. She has to put it somewhere and I guess it would be the best advertisement for her to say that she is speculating.

  35. Diane

    Catherine Austin Fitts is among the top 1%
    of highest caliber of integrous people on the planet.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree.


        And I’m inclined to think you owe her an apology. Regardless of how crooked, pumped up or whatever they are, to my understanding a market is where one can buy and sell and one can still buy and sell in what is called markets today. Was a great interview though as usual and I do appreciate your work.

        • Greg Hunter

          She is a friend of mine and she is much tougher than I am. We talked, and she was not only not offended but loved it. She said it made the interview more interesting. Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the very top GOOD Guys, and in my opinion, a NATIONAL TREASURE.”
          Thank you for your comment and concern.

          • DUANE GRIFFITH

            Thank you sir. I have no doubt that is absolutely true. Acquired toughness is one of the benefits of hard times. Both of you are sparkling jewels in a dark world. In spite of the darkness the scripture that says the earth is full of the goodness of the Almighty still holds true. I love your closing statement, most important part of each interview. Btw, Bill Holter, especially if Mr Jim is included, is my next favorite guest. Thanks again, with prayers and best wishes.

            • Greg Hunter

              I like the same people you do. Merry Christmas!!!!

  36. Tad

    Catherine’s reference to Mr. Trump’s private investigators/alternate legal reality as leading to “totalitarianism,” necessarily struck a chord.

    For native Americas– defined as either white or black, American Indian–this is what we’ve read about, and not necessarily experienced. That may be dependent on defining discrimination, police brutality, freedom of speech, media propaganda, etc.

    In some form or degree, maybe we’re there. Democracy is a commendation notion, until one addresses the country’s criminal elements as Catherine did.

    Somewhere, somehow, a society has to address these issue as Mr. Trump is attempting.
    I doubt I’ll criticize his methods, as I’ve seen the past and present. We may have only one shot at personal or national redemption, President Trump’s efforts don’t appear self-centered.

  37. Andrew Johnson

    Greg, love the news you give. Thank you! Gotta say though, Catherine is dead wrong about crypto currency. The IRS sees it as property and therefore it is taxed as short and long term capital gains. It is in no way looked at as currency. Also, there will always be cryptos we can use outside of whatever bs they give us. They cannot control Blockchain.

    • Ray

      Think about this sir,,,,,,,,
      Respectfully I say unto thee:
      Once upon a time, those held in the bondages of slavery were tied to a ball and chain.
      Now, it would seem, you and many others are unable to see that humanity will once again surrender to slavery, this time via the “Block-Chain”.
      WAKE UP…..
      NOTHING is private.
      NOTHING is decentralised.
      If you are using a computer sir (Bitcoin CAN ONLY be used via computers…..please, don’t insult my intelligence by saying Bitcoin codes, often over 23 characters long, can be written down on a piece of paper and traded for goods)……then EVERYTHING you do…..EVERYTHING, can be known, seen, tracked and recorded.
      Bitcoin is every Bankster’s Ultimate Wet Dream.
      Best wishes be with you and yours for Christmas.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Paul from Indiana

      Andrew, I HATE to agree with the government, but from what I can see, Bitcoin is not a currency, as it is not liquid at all, nor is it suitable as medium of exchange. To me it has all the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme. And if it is a currency, why is it valued in dollars? Why does it take dollars to buy in? And what is backing it? The full faith and credit of a computer program? How does a “coin” differ from a “share”, and where is the equity? If Bitcoin is the future, I am happy to be left behind. Best always. PM

    • tin foil hat

      Andrew Johnson,

      After the reset (if that happened), I envision BLOCKCHAIN will be the tool to keep central banks honest. No more funny money out of nowhere unless it’s within the regional currency, the new asset backed global reserve currency will be kept honest with the BLOCKCHAIN technology and central banks’ digital “wallet”. New coin will be mined via increase productivity rather than wasting electricity solving equations in the computers.


      Couple of great comments regarding private crypto, Bitcoin/BLOCKCHAIN:

      – I was on coinbase and decided to move my .025 Bitcoin into a wallet. Transaction time required…drum role please..48 hours. I’ve bought PMs with Bitcoin and to be honest I thought it was a very complex transaction that took 30 minutes to confirm. I’m just thinking…is this really the future? By the way coinbase used to be much faster. I can only assume their systems are under denial of service attacks and or there are many as in thousands of new users joining Coinbase to catch the run up in the cryptos.


      It’s because of the blockchain technology; it guarantees that with higher demand…the more the utility of the so-called “hard asset” starts to degrade. Really…what other market destroys its inherent utility the more people adopt it? Imagine if gold started rusting when exposed to open air just because more people had it in their possession…. The answer is none that has any honest integrity. The only comparable system that comes close to simulating the collapse of inherent utility with rising demand is…a multi-level marketing scheme (which is just a cleverly disguised pyramid scheme), we get the same effects as what we are now seeing in the BitCoin market.
      The price goes up fast, and the early promoters get out rich…but it becomes extremely difficult for the latecomers to actually sell the main “product” for its intended purpose … so they are forced to overcome this by selling their “business kits”. In BitCoin’s case, the product is a intermediary banking service (a very lousy one at that – unless it’s adapted by the central banks), and the business kits are their digital “wallets”.

      • Andrew Johnson

        Well, we need somthing when the fiat currencies and banks fail. Gold and silver cant do it. Crypto currencies can get us through at least until we do another system. Whether it is the SDRs or if its a world reserve cryptocurrency, there will be other cryptos for sure. Just like there are other currencies now.

    • Bob

      But they can suppress Bitcoin by making people too scared to use it.

  38. R. Patrick

    Nice work Greg.

    I’d like to John Rubino sometime.

    • Andrew Johnson

      Its being used big time now. You can get a bitpay visa card. You load bitcoin and it converts it to dollars and you use it anywhere.

  39. john duffy

    Catherine mentioned the deceased Aaron Russo. Here is a interview with the charismatic patriot.


  40. ross

    You are 100% right Greg. Even if you invest in a sound company, the inflated price of the money that buys those shares can easily halve. In a big crisis as in the Great Depression, values dropped way lower than their real worth. If the derivative bubble goes ,it will be total devastation. I doubt banks would have created Cryptos that are outside of their control. It is more likely that they realise their impotence and have decided to use Crypt0s and blockchain to their advantage. The likely scenario is a big collapse will happen in cryptos and the Central Banks will come up with their controlled, regulated crypto system with lots of mining done only by them. i.e. a fiat crypto.

    • Bob

      I’m no expert but I have read the Bitcoin website and it seems to me that a fiat crypto wouldn’t even need mining. It just gets created out of thin air with no requirement for the “proof of work” that Bitcoin has. So long as it is traceable (via the blockchain) back to a govt authority it would work.

  41. H. Craig Bradley


    Ms. Catherine Fitts brings refreshing perspectives on ongoing economic and political trends. I have often even considered subscribing to “Solaris”, her online publication. She sees things that others do not or can not “see”. Ms. Fitts can be your “eyes”.

    However, she might not always be correct in her interpretation or forecasts. For example, her prediction that Speaker Paul Ryan is going to “take the safety nets away next year” in regards to entitlement reform. This is as much a guess as anything else.

    First, we need to see exactly what reforms are proposed and IF they can pass muster in the Senate ( Not assured by any means ). Welfare should carry a work requirement, as should food stamps (EBT). I thought former Speaker Newt Gingrich and President Clinton worked that out in the mid-1990’s. Somehow, we have to reemphasize work and not benefits from Uncle Sam. I do not think applicable Federal law has changed, rather I suspect its being ignored by some states like California. Federal Law does not seem to apply in Calif (“Sanctuary State”).

    As far as growing homelessness, its pretty regional and location specific. California and the rest of the West (Left) Coast is seeing above average annual increases in homeless populations in major cities like L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, etc. I donate to a non-profit which assists the homeless. My understanding is in Southern California, the number one reason for growing urban homelessness is unaffordable rents.

    Many of them who do work simply can not earn enough to pay their rent in full and end up on the street eventually. There is insufficient Federal and state funds to provide shelter for all the homeless we do have ( 55,000 in L.A. alone). Local non-profits try to help-out, but funds are tight. More needs to be done. The problems are more complex than simply the availability of welfare or food stamps, which many homeless individuals don’t even bother to apply for. Its a personal choice to just “check-out”. So,
    nobody can help them.

    The recent brush fire in tony Bel Air, CA recently was probably started by a homeless individual who needed a fire to warm himself up. Probably not intentional but a offshoot of immediate survival needs. The campfire simply got away under current dry, windy, fire conditions. This brings-up another consideration: The very affluent better contribute and get involved in housing the homeless or the homeless will cause them to lose their mansions in the future.

    In addition, we have had recent spot outbreaks of Hepatitis in both San Diego and Los Angeles do to increasing homeless populations and a lack of proper public hygiene. There is a shortage of bathrooms (port-a-poties). This can be addressed with additional funding. The wealthy landowners better get involved, as they have the most to lose.

    The plethora of causes and issues currently plaguing California seems to suggest a trend or set of adverse circumstances that ramped-up this year. The recent Kate Steinly Murder Trial Acquittal in San Francisco of a 5-time deported, convicted Felon and drug dealer Garcia Zarape of all murder charges shows how corrupt Calif. has become. Therefore, I can not exclude the distinct possibility that ongoing droughts, fires, hepatitis outbreaks (public health issues), and earthquakes are all part of a “Divine Retribution” against Liberals and Secularism Values which now rule in California. Consider it a sort of “Karma”, if you will. Its a distinct possibility for sure.

  42. Rock

    Greg, that was the best CAF interview yet! She was on Fuego with the information.
    I have grown to respect her more every time I hear her thoughts.
    Thank you for such a great guest and enlightening work.
    Merry Christmas!

  43. Julia

    Now I finished listening to the interview. You were right what you were saying about the markets. I, as someone who is not knowledgeable about the markets believe it is gambling. Catherine has the experience and knowledge to invest in the market. Catherine is right. You should move to another platform. People would watch your news and you would pick up more viewers.

  44. R. Stephen Dorsey

    Great Fitts interview. Thank you very much.
    On the issue of investing vs. gambling, you are both right. Your example of Joe Sixpack going to a stock broker and just “buying in” IS gambling. Doing the deep research and applying years of expertise as CAF does with a focus on productivity and societal value, is investing.
    One other comment: Listening to you two back and forth and comparing to what I have been following for years in world affairs, financial affairs, coverups, exposures, etc., I am afraid that I see no happy ending for the US citizen nor much of the rest of the world. For a nation to be so indebted to and supportive of the horror of drug trafficking and a citizenry who is both unwilling to take action against it as well as being truly intellectually slothful, I see no good future. A few like you, CAF, Matt Bracken, Ron Paul and others are not enough in the face of the criminality of our governments local and national and their willingness to destroy those who oppose them (CAF mentioned her 11 year, $6 million fight against the deep state). An armed citizenry is not enough, though vital to the citizens who have guns. Frankly, I see no hope for a better future than the one described in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and even then there are luxury bunkers for the criminal governmental class.

  45. Tad


    Iran might get one out of two with Saudi Arabia. The crown prince is probably still a large target by way of Langley and Mossad. They did miss each other in Vegas massacre.

    Why not try a new friend(s)?

  46. Flattop

    Just read a news release of a career foreign Service Officer that Sec Tillerson pushed out the door. She was angry that so many of her fellow career diplomats have been sent down the road with pink slip in hand. Sounds like Sec Tillerson is draining the State Department swamp. Hallelujah.. Go Rex go.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree a disgruntled deep state, Marxist, New World Order Satanic, Democrat.

  47. Benny Sweat

    Hi Greg, Thank you for having CAF on. I would like to speculate that the CME Bitcoin contracts will have no effect on the actual Bitcoin price and the CME will shut it down. The idea that there is no actual Bitcoin associated with the futures contract, is like watching an NFL game on tv between two actual teams with a real score. Then off somewhere a group of guys are playing fantasy football creating a pretend score. One has no effect on the other.

  48. Joe

    Amazing interview, Mr. Greg. Very thought provoking! Everyone needs to hear it.

    Mr. Greg, do you have any cryptocurrency? At this point would you recommend people get it or if they have it sell it? Does CAF have any crypto-currency?

  49. James Miller

    This was a great interview Greg. The light bulb went on for me when Catherine was talking about Bitcoin. I have no doubt that crypto currencies are an evil diabolical scheme to get the masses to embrace digital currencies and lead us where the financial elites want to take us right into the virtual financial world. The fact that Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity is so elusive only leads credencce to Bitcoin being a psyop.

  50. marcus

    Fantastic information all the right questions and understanding answers, this is priceless information ……Go watch dogs.

  51. Don

    Catherine Austin Fitts is coy and dumb like a Fox. She reminds me of Jim Rickards and Martin Armstrong two other insiders that I don’t trust. Thank you Greg for taking her on when she tried to talk about the market like it is a real market. I found her comments on silver very “insiderish” if you will talking about a strong USD which is down big this year. Catherine is the worst kind of insider imho.

  52. Wade

    Catherine Austin Fitts said this is a star chamber, the Spanish Inquisition referring to our Justice department. I worked with a man who helped a mother and her little girl escape from this country. He went to prison for kidnapping. What he did was save the child from child abuse and the FBI never looked into that. Check out the MillerCase.org I am ashamed of our Justice system here in America. A lot of it is corrupt. Ken Miller is a man who went to prison for saving a child from abuse.

  53. The Seer

    It’s all entertainment. Only when it becomes painful enough does anyone want change.

  54. Mike R

    SHe makes an interesting point about ‘putting the money ($21 trillion) back on the table’, but who exactly is going to do that ? First it has to be found, and then who as citizens are going to implement a plan to put that back on the table ? Its probably spent money and lost money forever wasted on all sorts of military operations, or bribes to countries, and banks the world over. Citizens have no chance in this sort of endeavor, and how would you even rally enough people to believe this story ? People are from MS. “Show me.” as in prove there is that money missing, and show me where it went, and how we can get it back, and then MAYBE, they might start ‘demanding’ it, but the demands will go to those they voted into office, who we all know are totally corrupt.

    Is the $21 trillion actually what created the national debt ? That’s $20 trillion give or take, and so if that is what was wasted over time, and now is a ledger recording on the ‘books’ as “debt”, then demand it be paid back, and the debt erased. How ’bout dem apples ? So really, we aren’t in debt, and the whole ‘debt’ thing is just a fiction, and the deep state and those like the Prez. know that the national debt isn’t real so thats why they can be perfectly fine with telling the people, that its ok to lower taxes, and its ok to increase the so called deficits, bc they in fact have all the national debt ‘covered’ by this missing $21 trillion.
    Then if thats the case, we don’t need to worry at all about that $21 trillion missing. Just keep letting these criminals in power do their thing, BUT vote every incumbent out of office, every single term, to put into effect term limits that will then rip up the control of the deep state, bc they won’t be able to keep the charade up with such a high turnover in every seat. The power from any of these clowns comes from the fact that they’ve been allowed to stay in power longer than just one term.
    Americans need to wake up, and vote against every single damn incumbent, and oust them every election, no matter how good or bad they are, because if they stay they will be corrupted.
    This whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach. We are powerless with so many people not smart enough to recognize whats going on, and not smart enough to know what to do.

  55. JohnH

    Great interview Greg!

    I find it fascinating that CAF can point out the Hubris of those PHD, Wall St types for being unable to beat a monkey with their investments in this manipulated, false economy but somehow she will.
    She might want to check her own Hubris…

  56. JC Davis

    Greg we love what you have done. Don’t let the utube numbers let us be second. Keep up with the ones that stuck with you.

  57. Lorrie Henry

    Great Interview with 2 of my favorite people. I also love Catherines “brain”.
    Merry Christmas !

  58. Kim

    Thank you for the great interview! Tons of information!

  59. Tom

    A very good interview Greg. While I was listening to it, I came across this. http://johngaltfla.com/wordpress/2017/12/10/is-jeff-sessions-preparing-to-nuke-the-mueller-investigation-in-2018/

    Could it be that Trump , Sessions, and Flynn knew full well what was going on in advance and “played” the Swamp? Btw have you heard or read about “Q”? https://www.theburningplatform.com/2017/12/10/calm-before-the-storm-2/

  60. Charles Turner

    Brilliant wrap up. Its goods to see someone so strong that you feel you can push here to the edge, without offending her. Thats what real news, real opinion and real journalism is about. Thank you.

    One thought. The deep state may well have threatened Sessions that they will go for him if he resigns. They need him exactly where he is, a buffer between Rosentstein. Trump could not fire them both

  61. Deanna Johnston Clark

    When we change own own corrupt habits which assist the evils, hey, PRESTO!, the culture will all straighten out. By the way, we are committing suicide with all this EMF and electricity and our passion for convenience and speed. What’s the old saying? Someday God will pull the US over for speeding.”

    • Paul ...

      The Amish people had it right … no TV, no cell phones, no cars, etc. , etc. … they must have intuitively known about the NSA … likely from the story of Santa Clause (he sees you when your sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows if you were bad or good, so be good for goodness sake) … so without a cable box, cell phone or dishwasher it makes it hard for Santa (the NSA) from spying on us … the only part of this story that doesn’t make sense to me is that the NSA doesn’t go around giving gifts out to everyone for Christmas?? … unless it’s those hollow point bullets!!

  62. Keith

    Hi Greg, just a question here. If you can buy 1/100th of a bitcoin, can you buy 1/1000th of a bitcoin? And if you can buy 1/1000th of a bitcoin, can you buy one/100,000,000th of a bitcoin, etc etc etc. Doesn’t this mean there really isn’t a limited supply of bitcoin? And if so, doesn’t that destroy the idea that it can’t be created to infinity like currency? Maybe I’m missing something here.

    • Paul ...

      You are correct Keith … remember how Jesus solved the problem of there being a limited supply of bread (two loaves) … he just divided it up equally among the thousands and fed them all (a small piece to each but everyone got some) … same with the miracle of Bitcoin … you may believe it is “limited” … but it can be divided up infinitely to feed unlimited numbers of people just like the fiat US dollar (and why the banksters want to eventually create Fedcoin)!!

  63. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, loved to see the President rally in Florida filled the house again, his Make American Great again aka “drain the swamp” is continuing. The swamp is deep and wide to be sure, but its a start.

  64. Rick Hester

    Founding father John Adams defined Patriot as Honest and Fearless.
    Catherine Austin Fitz and Greg Hunter are Patriots.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick!! “Fear Not”!!

  65. Michael


    please for heavens sake get Andreas Antonopoulos on and ask him some hard questions.

    Catherine says Bitcoin has been hacked. It hasn’t. Bitcoins have been stolen but that is not the same thing. If I put gold in my safe and the gold gets stolen the value of the gold has not diminished one iota. Just been transferred. Maybe I should invest in a better safe. But to conclude that the gold itself not a good store of value is to confuse the safe with what is in it.

    Every hack up to now is equivalent to gold being stolen. The gold itself remains valuable.

    Please try and see the distinction. If I practised daily I could memorise both my bitcoin public address and private key. Then the only storage device would be inside my mind and apart from torture or amnesia no one else can rob me. Even gold has to be stored somewhere physical. People pay to have their gold stored in secure vaults. What does that say about the gold? That it is hackable?

    • Paul ...

      Michael … keep in mind that those numbers in your mind that can’t be hacked “are not real physical things” like gold but electronic zero’s and one’s … so although “imaginary” things can be saved in your “head” safe for free … a secure vault is necessary for gold as it is a real “physical” entity!

  66. BobT

    If my memory serves me well, Father Abraham was rich in “gold, silver, land.”

    Probably a lesson in there on financial investments for the modern world.

  67. boris chikvashvili

    And what is the news, here besides of her excellent personal experiences and very interesting views.
    As far as bitcoin goes. It took me exactly 5 minutes to figure out and wrote here that, cliff high is a half expert and liar, because he was delivering nonsense with such conviction. I am sure he fooled few of your readers. Not me. Somebody that build and saw everything that moves on wall street and high tech. Only moron could not tell the kind of people pushing bitcoin were BOUGHT by those who most desperately need it. And you all know who , MOST DESPERATELY needs cashless society. Thanks I do learn details of what i totally believe is true, from your guests.
    Just in case some people want lies of Cliff. Bitcoin Cannot Be Tracked( he later gave different song), Bitcoin Cannot Be stopped without stopping entire internet. These lies were told by all idiots promoting the bitcoin. Dear Greg you are great guy and provide great service. I just hope that you use your best resources to check on lunatics and hired guns. And yes, I am long bitcoin from 3000 and did that publicly. See my posts in real time at Linkdin. Crap out time is coming for BITCOIN and that is within next 6 weeks. Exactly projection retained for clients

    • Greg Hunter

      So Bitcoin is getting wacked sometime in early Feb or late Jan??

      • boris chikvashvili

        I would say no later than February,
        Bitcoin will get in cycle top, if that is final top can only be told after examination of the first decline. After that decisions can be made where next top might be and if it is the higher or lower top than one anticipated before February

    • Paul ...

      Boris … if there is a theoretical limit of 21 million (to the total number of Bitcoins there can ever be in existence) … and Bitcoin rises to 1 million dollars per coin … you would have to be a millionaire to buy one … but how many of us are millionaires? … according to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report there will be 47 million millionaires in the world by 2018 … so not every millionaire will even be able to own “one” Bitcoin … thus making about half the millionaires “cashless” when Bitcoin replaces all the currencies in the world! … only then will they realize gold is “a very liquid” store of value … and enough gold exists so that each millionaire can own “many” gold coins!!

      • boris chikvashvili

        I do not have a competing idea with yours.
        I would just say that, anything can be divided, especially electronically ( I learned computers are best ad DIVISION(:- ). But I an not sure if this is an issue I care about. Either Bitcoin will be divided ( all of us AMERICANS will learn math finally(:-, image we have to remember that we have 1e6 ( 1-6 degree , millionth) of a bitcoin(:- ). Of course, they will invent bitcoin(o) by then. That will make it easy, or they will issue some other coins aside bitcoin( I thought they already had). Thanks for the question or statement. I was not sure which one it was, but appreciate your considerations. If i did not understand your point exactly, let me know.

    • marcus

      Bitcoin is hackable the program has been rewritten before. You only need to have 51 percent and your in…. some time back in 2010 Bitcoin was hacked and 184 million bitcoins wear added left out in crypto space….when this was realized it was shut down and quickly corrected, however the 184 mill is still valid and legitimate as bitcoin….the hackers have been pumping this for years, so they can unload 184 mil slowly.
      This Bitcoin is controlled by the big boys and they know how to create a frenzy like shark bait, humans skavang every cent they can, or in this case mine the 184 million.

  68. Jodyp

    A National registry for the guns you buy. A National registry for the people that carry. A national registry for the legal drugs people are prescribed. What could go wrong. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-11/nra-republican-backed-bill-makes-it-easier-feds-disarm-citizens

    • Paul ...

      How about a National registry for children “in Hillary’s Village” who still call their parents Mommy and Daddy! … when they know Uncle Sam is their real parent who decides what age they die (as an aborted fetus, as an 18yr old soldier, or by Death Panel at 65 to 95 yrs old) … all for the greater good … as Hillary says “it takes a Village” to have “complete control” over the people!!

  69. Diane

    Anyone who invests more than they can afford to lose is GAMBLING.
    I’ve been a horse race handicapper for over 50 years.
    Catherine has never discouraged anyone from taking a shot at any investment…BUT ONLY IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE
    I know she has always stressed that.
    If you believe in gold or silver, any equity or real estate, cryptocurrency, bonds, etc….invest what you can afford to lose .
    Good luck to all who dare!

  70. Tim McGraw

    Fantastic interview! Interesting take on the crypto currencies and why they are valued so high. Fascinating! Thank you. I agree with CAF’s advice to you about changing platforms if YouTube goes totally Communist and censors you or takes away your cash flow. Your followers will follow you to another platform.

    • William Stanley

      Tim: Everyone is looking for the least censorable platform that does the type of thing that Greg is doing here: video followed by comments section. What is better than your own site, server and domain name, which is what Greg seems to have here? I don’t know, maybe you do. Any opinions by anyone would be appreciated, especially Mr. Hunter himself or an expert he might be able to interview.

  71. Tom Davis

    Greg. You asked about Jeff Sessions. He was involved in the prison industrial complex with his pals on the hill. Inmates get payed 1.30 per hr. taking away jobs for the american public. He does not want this widly known and is afraid that it will be used against him so he’s treading on thin ice. We really need a Trey Goudy to have a real A.G.

  72. PJ

    On Dec 8 it was announced that a large financial audit of the pentagon is starting. Link:


  73. Flattop

    Don’t know if you saw the report that the Rams issued free tickets to the game but they had to all sit in one section so when the camera panned on them it gave the impression the stands were full.
    Fake news, fake NFL attendance. What next will they fake

    • Greg Hunter

      I cannot believe that Goodell’s contract was renewed for 5 years!!!!!

  74. John M.

    Greg, I really liked how you emphasized over and over that investing is truly impossible without free markets of any kind. How can a country of free people live and think when lies abound everywhere you look?
    I think it might be best if Americans can find their own personal caves somewhere so they can try and ride out the breakdown of both society and the economy. There’s a consequence that must be paid for all the cheating and lies.
    Trying to invest (or even live) in this kind of environment is like driving at 95 mph down the freeway on bald tires, at night without headlights, all the while texting your wife that you had a wonderful day and will be right on time for dinner, and you did not tell her that you also had been drinking heavily with the boys.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John! We live in one big casino.

  75. Mike R

    More on the fraud that is Bitcoin, and how it cannot EVER be a currency….

    “I don’t consider it a currency and I’ll tell you why,” O’Leary tells CNBC Make It. He recalls an experience that taught him firsthand the problem with bitcoin’s volatility.

    “I recently tried to settle a transaction for around $200,000 with bitcoin. It was an international transaction with a European entity and I suggested, ‘Why don’t we try bitcoin?'” O’Leary explains.

    The benefit of using bitcoin would be to eliminate the hassle of exchanging currencies and clearing the money through banks. “The whole idea of bitcoin as a currency is you don’t have to do any of that,” O’Leary says. “You just buy $200,000 of bitcoin and then send it to them.”

    Then he hit a snag. The Europeans he’d be paying, wanted O’Leary to guarantee the value of the bitcoin against the price of the U.S. dollar.

    “In other words, I have to insure [the bitcoin] because it is, as you know, very volatile,” O’Leary says.

    The Europeans certainly had a reason to be concerned, bitcoin has seen wild swings in recent days. After it hit over $19,000 trading on the Coinbase exchange, it then fell more than 20 percent to just above $15,000. Tuesday, the price had just topped $12,000.

    The problem? Imagine O’Leary paid his European counterparts the equivalent of $200,000 on Thursday when the price of bitcoin was trading at $19,000 — that would be roughly 10.53 bitcoin. Later that very day, the same 10.53 bitcoin were worth just over $160,000.

    O’Leary decided he didn’t want to take on the risk of the value drastically changing either.

    The experience taught him bitcoin doesn’t work as a currency.

    “If clearly neither side thinks it is stable enough to transfer in one minute, and they don’t even want to take one minute of risk, it is not a currency,” he says.

    To think about it another way, consider U.S. dollars. When you use dollars to buy a cup of coffee, you and the coffee shop both expect the value of the dollar to remain stable between the time you order and the time you pay. Each side agrees, $2.50 equals one cup of coffee. O’Leary says bitcoin lacks that quality.

    “The fact is, it is so unstable — volatility is both directions, it’s up and it’s down — that nobody in a substantive transaction will take that risk,” O’Leary says. “So it is a long way from being a currency.

    Now here is why it is NEVER gonna be one. Because if it EVER reaches a price where it is ‘stable’, and the price is no longer going up, up, up, at that point it’s value will actually plummet because it is no intrinsic value and is backed by nothing. While people could say something similar about the USD, the problem with that logic is that the US dollar is not only backed by the government, but it is backed by every US taxpayer, and every single corporation, because we all pay taxes to the government, and that is all backed by the US military, and its used in treasuries, which is held in the billions, and that is also backed by all the holders of that debt. As long as the government is collecting the massive amount of taxes it does, The US dollar is stronger than anything out there. Also, it is used by every country, and it is used by most countries for nearly every commodity on the planet, including oil. While you may think that China or Russia could bypass that ‘petro-dollar’ they really can’t do it practically for any significant amount of oil, because there aren’t enough other countries that can or are willing to supply oil to them, and not get US dollars in return, because they don’t have any reserves in China’s money, or Russia’s money, and that will take many decades to develop, because both China and Russia don’t have the massive world connected economies that would necessitate the massive reserve base, like the US has. They’d need to convince hundreds of countries to start using their currencies, and to use it for millions of different products, because oil is such a dominant commodity, and one of the highest traded in dollar volume, that they could not possibly balance their trade. Plus they’d have to run deficits like the US does, but they can’t because they are dominant creditors and exporters. Its called Griffins paradox.

    So if you want to blow your money, buying bitcoin is like buying unproven and speculative art. Sure right now its going up, but since its digital it can go down very very quickly, with nothing to stop it, and unlike art there are thousands of cryptos being produced, and more can come on-line, so its pretty much no different than the Beanie Baby phenomenon. It only has perceived value, bc people are caught up in the one way mania of it, just like what happened with Tulips too.

    I cannot emphasize enough, how incredibly stupid these buyers of Bitcoin are. Maybe the very very early investors who got in, and can now get out by selling will win, but that is like any other Ponzi. Very few winners, and 99% losers, who are the late comers.

    • Robert G

      Mike , you are correct about bitcoin and transactions costs and time it takes. That’s why you buy bitcoin cash. Its a one second transaction with tiny costs for transaction. Those who want standard bitcoin are likely going to keep like gold . Most are changing theirs to bitcoin cash which works for everyday stuff. https://www.bitcoincash.org/ Saw a guy on cnbc today that bought 25000 dollars worth of bitcoin for $1 a piece. Now worth 450 million. He swapped out to bitcoin cash and said he sent a million somewhere instantly for a few dollars.

    • marcus

      Very well written article
      Only one thing that you said that makes sence, US dollar is backed by the US Military. That my friend is the only truth you rambled on about. US Treasuries are being dumped by all your ex mates, no one wants to give you free commodities anymore, that is what has just been debated hear now…….21 Trillion printed USD missing, we the people no longer trust your US dollar, are you a sleep still…..sleeping……WAKE UP TO WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR HOME TOWN…..I live in Australia and i know if Trump can’t fix this mess and America keeps up with this steeling we are all headed to the Bush……Bush in Australia is away from major cities.
      MONEY needs to be a form of trust Gold certificates were once money, and you say every other nation will reject certificates .backed by gold, real store of energy……you see it takes energy to make 1 oz of gold so the energy is stored wealth……cryptos use energy to produce nothing once you turn them off they’re gone, energy is then needed to bring back that same crypto…..you can not hold that stored energy as spent.

    • Bob

      So in the time it would have taken to use Bitcoin, how far did it move?

    • Mohammad


      Bitcoin is the backdoor to the coming Fedcoin
      Like cash is the backdoor to the bank/gov transaction.
      Bitcoin is the Helm of Hades to the coming Fedcoin.


    • Tin foil hat

      I think Bitcoin really is a type of capital / currency flight. In a way, all fiat currencies are experiencing a hyper-inflationary collapse against Bitcoin. It makes a certain amount of sense, the logical outcome for the vast monetary printing of the last century is an inflationary blowout. But that conjures up images of Weimar Germany and wheelbarrows full of cash, the recent Zimbabwe collapse or perhaps Brazil?— where banks installed a second clock to display the value of your money eroding while you waiting in line.
      China and Russia are anticipating and preparing for capital / currency flight into gold but Bitcoin seems to have diverted that flow from happening. Ron Paul conducted a survey among his followers regarding Bitcoin. He found approx. 60% prefer Bitcoin and 30% prefer gold. If the COMEX were low on physical gold, the squids have the motivation to expand the Bitcoin market.

    • Diane

      Mike R
      Thank you for posting here.
      I ALWAYS READ your comments.

  76. foggygoggles

    I don’t know why Catherine Austin Fitts gives you the time of day. She is the ONLY person I’ve heard you repeatedly argue with. Why is that? With regard to your differing views on Israel, you were truly obnoxious. With regard to investing, she does make her living doing same. You, not so much. If one is hedged, one can be in any market. I’m doubting you will post this, as you deleted two of my replies to This sceptred Isle yesterday.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are “hedging yourself in a rigged casino and Fitts agreed with me. Listen to the interview again.

      • foggygoggles

        EVERYBODY knows the market is rigged, and it didn’t start ten years ago–talk with Max Keiser about that. The issue is whether you can hedge your risk and still make money. CAF is very risk averse, if she wasn’t able to make money for herself and others, she wouldn’t be in the “markets”.

        • Greg Hunter

          But it is not “investing,” it’s gambling against the rigging and manipulation. If you know this then fine but don’t insult my intelligence and call it investing–it’s not.

          • foggygoggles

            Potayto, potahto! If you can make money in the cesspool we call a “market”, who gives a rat’s rear end what you call it. What’s important is making a profit and living to fight another day.

            • Greg Hunter

              Fine Foggy, just don’t call it “investing.”

  77. Apollo

    Wait a min! Must be a good reason why the East keeps hoarding Gold. (Maybe Hedging against?) Must also be a good reason why the West is pushing and advertising Kryptos like crazy. (Maybe avoid future Hyperinflation by eventually turning off all not official cryptos??). I suspect they let Crypto Market reach few trillions (just about what QE’s created) before they turn it off and issue their own digital money.

  78. James Brown

    I love Catherine. Casino? Yeah, you’re right. But at the casino they don’t pretend to be an honest bank/market. Let’s be fair to the casino people.
    We live in a USA where we are back to worrying about nuclear (pronounced “nuke you lur”) war. You are one of the voices waking people up so that we object to the abject stupidity of the people in Washington pushing us towards war and poverty.
    Keep on truckin baby!

  79. Jerry

    According to one of my sources that has direct connections with the globalist, they are planning on taking the international banking system down sometime towards the end of February 2018.

    Do I believe it? I’m skeptical to. I have been misled before on dates that came and went.
    But this is different. The information he’s telling me aligns with what the PBOC has been putting out in various publications recently. We’ll see.

  80. Mohammad


    Why do you think SOPHIA the Artificial Intelligence, was granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia so “she” can work and be taxable yet announced “she” will work hard on the coming project, DIGITAL CURRENCY????
    Did your Solari report …report on “her”?


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you.

      • Mohammad

        Wc Greg,

        Amazon, Google, Facebook, …Already parked in bitcoin.
        Quantum computers with AI are at the service of bitcoin.
        it can explode to 20000$ in weeks. Mark those words.
        AI with Blockchain is at it.
        Blockchain is not only for digital currency, As a physician i can think of it as mimicking the structure of the human brain at its infancy and the branching out of its “neurons” with the growing and training of its AI is fed by us whenever we use phones, voice activated SIRI, transaction with our plastics, EMR of our doctor’s visits, iPads in schools instead of cursive learning on papers and with pens, even when am typing those letters on the net to your blog, we make that SOPHIA AI and the likes more dangerous to us Humans.
        We are feeding the beast.


        • Greg Hunter

          Good points Mohammad!!

          • boris chikvashvili

            Let us not confuse block chain with AI, please, not even rudimentary AI, is close to block chain. Block chain is distributed book. That is all it is. And we had block chain since mankind existed and info was distributed. Routers that make internet possible are block chains, because they hold distributed books of ( ROUTES) , i.e. how to get from here to there(from ip to another ip, i.e,name address of computer). How old are routers? at least 30 years. Enough said. Block chain not even invention it is innovated use of distributed databases, with encryption thrown in. Thanks
            If that boggles some people’s mind , so be it. It does not even move molecule in my brain(:-

            • Mohammad

              I do not know what to call your comment shy from sheer ignorance.


  81. Tad


    Looks like Secretary Tillerson may well meet with at least the DPRK’s foreign minister. I’ve always thought listening to others is more important than speaking. I hope Mr. Tillerson listens intently.

    He may hear little tidbits of history, as in 2.5 million North Koreans lost their life during the US charm offensive dating from 1950-1953. Otherwise know as the Korean War.

  82. Ron

    A belated reply:
    Greg, When you nailed Katherine with “There are no markets” truth it was a highlight of the interview.
    The problem I have had with Katherine since day one is that she functions in the total belief that what she is doing is real and will never evaporate. Baby the punch bowl has gone from watered down to a veritable mirage. When we go cashless and SOC SEC-less and 401k-less people will one day be saying; “Didn’t there used to be something called a DOW something or other?”.

  83. Brad

    Greg: I completely agree with you regarding the rigged casinos we call “markets” and I love Fitts but I don’t believe she is an impartial observer since she profits from investing other peoples money in… “something”. She could hardly agree with you about gambling without some affect to her own bottom line.


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