We the People vs. the Swamp – Patricia Muth

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Author Patricia Muth says the two-party system is not what you think it is in today’s political landscape. It’s not Republican vs. Democrat, but “We the People” vs. “the Swamp.”  Muth explains, “We don’t have a two-party system in this country.  We have a one-party system in Congress, and that’s the establishment.  What the people want is not in the minds of the establishment, and you can see that happening all over.  Somehow, along the way, Congress forgot they work for us.  The Senate certainly doesn’t believe they work for us.  Do you think that (Senator) Bob Corker could have a rally, plan it in four days and bring 20,000 or 30,000 people there?  Donald Trump can, and Donald Trump can actually be the spokesman for the American people.  The people want the agenda that Trump is putting forward, and the Congress and Senate does not want to go along with it.  Many in the establishment will be unelected in the 2018 election.”

Muth recently wrote a book on the Ross Perot Movement of the early 1990’s. It’s called “A Title in the Making.”  The outrage over the establishment back then is more intensified than ever.  The book basically asks the question: “Where do we go from here?”  Both parties are taking a hit right now.  Muth explains, “The Democrat Party is in trouble, really, really big trouble, and so is the Republican Party.  So, what you have is the establishment and the other people in Congress are with the people.  So, that’s your two-party system.”

Simply put, it’s “We the People” against “the Swamp.”

If the Republicans don’t support Trump, there are going to be big problems for all incumbents. Muth contends, “The Republicans can lose their hold on the Senate and the House if they don’t start doing what Trump has put forth.  If they don’t pass healthcare and they don’t do a tax reform, the people are not saying Trump is going to be blamed for this.  They are looking at their individual Congressmen and their individual Senators.  The people are awake.  On my book tour, everyone said the same thing and said the United States was given a reprieve.  People are awake.  There is a movement, and I would say it’s more of a spiritual movement right now than anything else.  How else could you do what is happening?”

Muth, who is a former floor trader for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, thinks that the establishment is afraid of President Trump being successful. Muth contends, “That’s absolutely right.  People are strongly supporting Trump, and the more the establishment bucks him, the stronger the people become.  The faith in God is what is moving all of this. . . . If the tax plan doesn’t go through, and major corporations . . . are counting on that happening, if it doesn’t go through, I think we have a different ball game as far as the markets go.”

So, if we get the Trump tax cuts, Muth says the economy could “take off.” If we don’t get those tax cuts?  Muth says, “We