Weather Warfare Biggest Threat to Life on Earth-Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington says the number one threat facing humanity is extreme weather modification to cool the planet.  It’s being done by geoengineering (commonly known as chemtrails) and it must be stopped now because it’s having the opposite effect.  Wigington says all climate engineering is really just “weather warfare” and explains, “How long can humans survive without habitat?  If we have an issue that is mathematically the greatest single assault launched by the human race against earth’s natural life support system, why wouldn’t we deal with that first and foremost above anything else?”

One scientific report shows that, at the current rate, life as we know it could end in 10 years. Dane contends, “That is not my data. That data is coming from the best and most recognized frontline arctic methane climate scientist.  Methane is the issue that is not being reported either.  That is the linchpin on our collective coffin if the atmosphere fills with enough methane.  I don’t want to downplay the damage done to the planet because we have cut down over half of Earth’s forests, we’ve poisoned the oceans, we’ve paved the planet and those are all significant sources of damage, but the single greatest assault on Earth’s natural systems at this time is climate engineering.  When we have that kind of engineering going on, it prevents the planet from responding to the damage done.”

Dane goes on to say, “The power structure knows this is going on, and they know they can’t hide it much longer. What’s their likely hole card that they will play when they know they can’t hide it any longer?  They’ll start World War III, and they are maneuvering for that right now.”

Dane also points out the phenomenon called “weather whiplash,” where it is hot one day and snowing the next, as it did recently in New York. Wigington says this is all being covered up to keep the public in the dark for as long as they can.  Wigington says, “We have the paid liars, and I wish I could use a more diplomatic term.  For example, The Weather Channel is owned by the corporate power structure. . . . We have the foxes running the hen house.  We have people at The Weather Channel trying to explain away the completely engineered weather as natural.  At this point, can we call them anything but paid liars?  With “weather whiplash,” people should understand that something is radically wrong in New York when more than a week ago, we went from record shattering high temperatures to snow in less than 24 hours. . . . This kind of “weather whiplash” can only be created by climate engineering.”

In closing, Wigington says, “We are facing converging cataclysms. When people focus on jobs, economy and retirement, how much will any of that matter if we have a planet that doesn’t support life?  If we lose our habitat and every breath we take is full of toxic heavy metal that is making us sicker and dumber by the day . . . . And my only goal is to bring this issue to light and to a halt.  We know we have major collusion between all the major powers in the world on this issue.  The single biggest leap we can take in the right direction is to expose and stop weather engineering which is weather warfare, and stop these programs in their tracks.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington, Founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Dane Wigington has jam packed with information, numerous sources and articles to back up his points. Wigington sent me a few links that reinforce the points he brought up in this interview, and you can click on them below.

You can also donate to, and that information can be found at the top right hand side of their homepage.

Wigington’s supporting Links:

-Record low ice at both pols in January

– Manufacturing winter

-Mass extinction of species, including humans, within one decade

-Weather Whiplash

Dementia and Alzheimer’s in UK

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  1. Paul ...

    Without pilots the chem-trail spraying will cease … Dane should be speaking before military and civilian pilot associations and tell them they are destroying ten(10) of God’s creations every hour of every day … how long can this go on before every one of God’s creations are completely destroyed by Satan’s globalist minions … who have launched a holocaust not only upon all humanity but upon “all the life God created” on our planet … how dumb has the human race gotten and how immoral is it to sit back and do nothing to correct the situation!!

    • Paul ...

      And how is this for human stupidity … the State government of California allowed “uncontrolled” blasting to take place within a few miles of Oroville Dam … supposedly “an earthquake” damaged the Dam spillway … when in all likelihood it was due to blasting in a quarry a few miles away … with such stupidity prevalent in our society … it’s a wonder we humans have survived as long as we have!!! …

      • al hall

        Paul/Greg: Dane is correct about what the government is spraying on us and the end results. I hope he and everyone realize this is just a small part of what they are doing to the population. One must tie together this assault of spraying with, GMO foods we eat, and specially your “home smart meter” that give off microwaves during the night time- affecting the brain. Couple that with the microwaves coming from your modems, cell phones, and the cell towers now placed everywhere. Many towers now have nothing to do with cell phones- they are just mircowave towers blasting us all the time!( fake cell towers!)
        This is part of the elite’s plan of massive population reduction, ie the warn given by the “georgia guidestone”!
        On top of this we have planet Nibiru coming back within approx. a year!! See the latest on that here & dates !=

        This is all timed to happen about the same time!!

        • al hall

          greg: for your guests: Dane is correct- this has been happening for sometime now!
          Rising Sea Levels Are Already Making Miami’s Floods Worse

          All of Florida will be under water soon! If you live there– get out now before the big rush for higher ground starts! Greg-I’m told by “W”, oceans will rise to approx. 600ft. higher than right now!!! all of the east coast will be gone- Miami will only be one of the first!

          • Frank D

            Take a chill pill dude….

          • Frederick

            Sea levels will rise by 600 feet That seems alittle extreme to me 600 mm is more reasonable I believe

          • andyb

            The problem with your comment Al hall is that it is doom porn BS. I have owned a piece of property on Biscayne Bay for 30 years. Normal high tide rises to within a foot of the top of my sea wall. This hasn’t changed since I have owned the property. Four times that I can remember, the water breached the sea wall and rose in the back yard; the cause was hurricanes or hurricane force winds during high tide. Many Miami and Miami Beach streets flood, principally from the limestone subsidence of the soil as the underlying aquifers are depleted.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Pilots need to eat and pay the bills. Most of us suffer from short sighted lifestyle choices. The enormous methane clouds released in feedlots for our cattle, the use of plastic bags, the formaldehyde on all our clothes, the big thirsty cars….the pilots are just folks like us. Pogo was right….”We have met the enemy and it is us.”

    • mal

      They haven’t needed pilots for a long time. They don’t even need them to fly most combat missions today.

      • Dan

        I will accept your confession as yours. Your guilty. I, am not. Nor are any of the other civilians. Industry, Investors, Insurance Companies, Oil & Gas, Rail, Shipping, Transport, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Academia, Government, Weather Modification and many other corporations, non-profits, PPP’s are responsible. The people working under employment contract, or outsourced contract who take a pay cheque and the promise of a pension as payment for disregarding the nature of and deliberate harm they impose on everyone need to make a choice. Will they make the right choice? Time will tell. FYI – info on what many consider to be a benign activity – Weather Modification.

    • Concerned american dad

      Little confusing…. thought Monkton proved global warning a hoax- not to mention last week’s story of UN official admitting it is only a ploy to tax more. Market ripping higher again this morning…….

  2. Corleone

    — Chemtrail can only be found over the countries that have nuclear power plants.

    — Its main purpose is to push radioactive gases down, so they will not increase the electrification of stratosphere. The radioactive gases come from the aging nuclear power plants (from the pipes around the reactor vessels and also from the spent fuel pools).

    — A highly electrified stratosphere can blind the RADAR (radio detecting and ranging) devices of civilian and military airplanes. With blind RADAR devices, the airplanes will have a higher risk of flight accident.

    — The main ingredients of chemtrail are water vapour, microscopic plastic fibres, and aluminum dust. Water vapour is not hazardous. I do not know about the plastic fibres and aluminum dust.

    — Annunaki have a much more efficient and much cheaper way to deal with radioactive gases, but I am not allowed to tell it to Earth humans.

    • James Hastings

      Does it come in an aerosol can…sold in Walmart? I would have liked to hear their techniques.

      • Corleone

        If I tell you how they did it, CIA would take you to their torture house in Bucharest, Romania. For your well being, forget about it and prepare yourself for the coming civil war.

    • Soldier of God

      For three days I Prayed for chemtrails to disappear. It worked. It got to the point where they were vanishing as soon as the planes were spraying them. Then on the fourth day there was complete cloud cover. It misted but never rained. Through God all things are possible.

      • al

        Wake the H up man- nothing has changed up there.!! When Nibiru passes by- ask your God why he let this happen and didn’t stop it as the Earth surface is burned to a crisp!!!

      • Corleone

        Please pray for the innocent men on the street. Many of them will get heavily wounded in the coming civil war.

      • phil

        I also pray that God neutralizes the Chem trails and the fukishima radiation.

    • Frederick

      Aluminum is suspected as the a cause of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

      • Corleone

        That is interesting. Radioactive gases can also cause alzheimer.

        • Frederick

          Radioactive gases can cause more than just Alzheimers

    • Mike

      Are you for real? You don’t have a clue and shouldn’t be posting anything! You should check yourself into a psychiatric hospital.

  3. FC

    The logic of the Elites to depopulating the Earth by poisoning the oceans and the very air they need to breathe doesn’t make sense to me.
    Why would they choose that method, over chemical warfare?
    At least the latter will depopulate the planet without harming the environment where the 1% can still enjoy the beauty Mother Nature has to offer without the 99%……………….after all blood and bone is the very best fertilizer available.

    • This sceptred isle

      My theory is that the earth will eventually be so toxic you will need artificial adaptations to survive. They will control these adaptations, so in order to survive you will need to accept their modifications to the body. They will then have furthered the transhuman agenda and be physically plugged into the matrix.

      • AA 🇦🇺

        Living like the Jetsons

      • This sceptred Isle

        This means if you don’t comply you will be ‘switched off’ .
        oh, and all these necessary bits and bobs will be subject to planned obsolescence, break down and need repairing/replacing so you will be at the mercy of the corporations that manufacture them.

    • Seeing Clearly

      The logical foundation of the power structure is grounded on the sins of the Bible it’s a demonic spirit living in them, they are like when the cells in our body mutate and give us cancer

    • RichM

      I think it is satanic and demonic and that is why they are so willing to depopulate much of the natural beauty that God created for us. They opt for a perverse world of the future of their own choosing. Also, they could clone to bring back a species of extinct plants and animals.

      • Seeing Clearly

        The world is getting sicker and more insane by the day we are blessed with so much education and recourses eats and what are we we use it for evil this world being overall an anti-Christ just look at Hollywood and all these things from weather control to deception and backwards thinking and more if you’re awake, you know we are near the end of days we are in a fragile situation we can end up in world war three or a solar flare etc..

        • Charles H

          It DOES take eyes to see, certain things. No matter where we are along the time line; we are heading in the direction of the conclusion.

    • This sceptred Isle

      According to this pubmed abstract, it is one of the goals of biotechnology to improve crop resistance to aluminium. If aluminium toxicity makes growing conventional crops impossible it seems the biotech companies will hold the keys to our food supply…

      “To develop high tolerance against Al stress is the major goal of plant sciences. This review examines our current understanding of the Al signaling with the physiological, genetic and molecular approaches to improve the crop performance under the Al toxicity. New discoveries will open up new avenues of molecular/physiological inquiry that should greatly advance our understanding of Al tolerance mechanisms. Additionally, these breakthroughs will provide new molecular resources for improving the crop Al tolerance via molecular-assisted breeding and biotechnology.”

      Also, another study on pubmed found that silicon plants treated with silicon showed more resistance to aluminium.

      “Al-exposed plants pretreated with Si exuded up to 15 times more phenolics than those plants not pretreated with Si. The flavonoid-type phenolics, to date unconsidered, appear to play a role in the mechanism(s) of Si-induced amelioration of Al toxicity.”

  4. Jeff


    Thank you SO MUCH for running the segment on Geoengineering – I have been following for a couple years now & all of what Dane is saying is very true & very frightening, my belief is that it is the so called global elite’s depopulation program. This HAS to STOP! I live in Washington state & WATCH them spraying toxic chemicals into the air DAILY! We are all breathing this in all day – every day, it is wrong, inhumane & they are killing us and our environment!
    I’m sure Dane filled you in with more info – PLEASE bring him on more often – like he said, we HAVE to inform the masses (most of whom are clueless or in denial on the subject) before its too late. I know that the Trump team has been informed about this & I was really hoping that we would see a slow down or stopping of it after he was in office, but at least here in the Pacific Northwest, it seems to have actually intensified.

    Keep up the great work & THANK YOU for helping bring this insanity to light!!!

  5. This sceptred isle

    I won’t believe there has been a regime change until those things in the sky disappear. In the meantime, drinking silica rich mineral water can remove aluminium from the body, including brain.

    • Greg Hunter

      TSI where do you get silica rich mineral water ?

      • This sceptred isle

        Silica is found naturally in some mineral waters such as Volvo, spritzer and Fiji water. I will post the link to the scientific studies later as am posting from my mobile.

        • This sceptred isle

          Should read volvic water

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you TSI.

        • Southern Girl

          This sceptered isle,
          Thanks for the information on silica rich mineral water. I live in Arkansas and we have a National Park (Hot Spring) that allows anyone to bring a gallon jugs and fill it up with Ozark mineral water.

          My brother got me to buy some Mountain Valley water and I noticed an immediate change. I didn’t ache so much and I felt better. Made me feel 10 years younger. I kept buying it until I could not find it anymore at Wally World so I bought some Ozarka Water…check the website and it contains the same minerals and is a whole lot cheaper. I use to use a Brita Pitcher…which I don’t use anymore. I have looked for information on whether it is silicon I the water, but it did not list it. I am going to try some of the other water you listed. THANKS!!!!

          • This sceptred Isle

            It is good to feel that there is something we can do on a personal level otherwise the subject becomes too depressing!

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        At grocery stores, Greg. Fiji, Volvic, and Spritzer are named in several online articles based on this research:

        Apparently the study used Spritzer, but Fiji and Volvic are supposed to have similar silica levels.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you!

        • Frederick

          Interesting they poison our air so that we need to spend outrageous money to buy their bottled water as an antidote I see a pattern here

          • This sceptred Isle

            They are also developing aluminium resistant crops so they will be well placed to benefit. Thankfully the biotech giants will be there to rescue us again!

            “To develop high tolerance against Al stress is the major goal of plant sciences”

            • Charles H

              I have to take the side of – tampering with Nature will always have a knock-on effect or unintended consequence. Modify Nature and trust man if your want: I won’t.

      • Paul ...

        If one cannot find silica rich mineral water … eat lots of celery … celery is very high in silica!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Paul.

          • Lance from BC

            Here you go Greg…
            I have no affiliation but I have read the horrifying story of its inventor.. Too bad he passed away, it would have made for a show for sure!

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          I use V8 juice cans as my soda pop of choice those veggie juices have lots of celery. Celery also has a calming effect…a mild effect like camomile. Good old celery!

        • lastmanstanding

          Celery is a very absorbent vegetable. It needs high amounts of water. Celery pulls everything out of the soil that it can get and that includes any pesticides used in its planting and growth. Especially glyphosate or roundup as it is commonly called.

          Make sure you get certified organic produce and do diligence on all of your food.

          • dadiz

            Thank you for the info.

        • Eric

          I especially like the beer idea. I’m sure we can find some use for wine also. Love that silica.

          • This sceptred isle

            Although go for bottles over cans if trying to reduce aluminium.

    • Diane

      Thank you so much for this information TSI
      I stayed home today to research it.I’m convinced.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Most people probably have a silica deficiency which would compound the aluminium problem. From what I have read modern processing takes a lot of silicon out of the food we eat. Whole-grains like oats are high in silicon but it is not the water soluble version, which is more bio-available.

        Just found a study linking low levels of silica in drinking water to cognitive impairment.

    • FC

      I personally know 26 people who suffer from Alzheimer’s including my father and the common thread these people all have is that they drunk very little to no water during their life’s, preferring to drink alcohol and sodas to quench their thirst.

      • This sceptred isle

        Aluminium in the cans?

        • FC

          Very true……………and let’s not forget the copious amounts of aluminum chem-trails most people produce when applying deodorant.

          • Charles H

            Under-arm deodorant containing aluminum – read the ingredients and DON’T use it.

            • FC

              I stopped using it 15 years ago when I realized aluminum was in it.

  6. This sceptred isle

    How can 70% of people responding to the questionnaire think obama is the worst president in history? Hello? Memory of goldfish.

    • Charles H

      Criteria with differing basis, as well as perspective. But I have to agree with them. Economically – dug the hole twice as deep. Politically – Obamacare un-Constitutional and an umitigatred disaster. Culturally – divided the country worse than the 60’s. And Immigration…??? Undeclared Wars and Middle-East tensions…???

    • Diane

      Because Watchdoggers are informed voters..unless they are trolls.

      • Dan

        Ah yes, if someone disagrees with your point of view & you are incapable of presenting an intelligent counter-argument, simply accuse them of being a troll – WEAK!

        • Charles H


          This sceptered isle wrote a scathing comment – deserving of a harsh response. Diane actually gave a reasonable answer -“Watchdoggers are informed voters..” ALSO – Diane did NOT accuse anyone of being a troll: you twist her words unfairly, and proceeded to a false and foregone conclusion. Her use of the word “UNLESS” brings the suggestion of a likelihood to the point of “if the shoe fits: wear it”.
          Her comment may look as if it is weak: but your comment looks as if you are gunning; or are trigger sensitive to the use of the word – “troll”.
          Lots of people come here and dance, intellectually; but it is when you see people pounce: that is the revelation. So, Dan – are you dancing or pouncing here?

          • This sceptred Isle

            Apologies for any offence. I have probably inhaled too much aluminium! I was just pointing out that there was probably a recency bias in the responding. Surely Bush junior deserves more than 6-7%? The majority of people usually think the current president is the worst no matter when the poll is conducted.

            • Charles H

              This sceptered Isle,

              You are good. In fact it’s dog-gone straight-up to offer apology. I doubt aluminum has anything to do with your powers of composure. The goldfish thing just seemed too generalized and broad – as, like yourself: a lot of people, and sharp ones – comment here. Maybe only certain ones answer the questionnaire?

  7. Jeff


    Glad to see that you are on top of your posts here! – I am curious about the mineral water myself. My family (and those who have been watching this ongoing assult) are detoxing our bodies as best as we can. Nascent iodine, colloidal silver, herbal detox teas, and many other items are available – I agree with the post by This septered isle that when I see the lines, clouds & unusually thick fog STOP – I will TRULY believe that President Trump is ON IT! He is doing GREAT things & I love him for it, but he HAS gotten MUCH information on the Geoengineering program, knows what is going on & HAS to help EXPOSE & STOP this!

    Thank you again for ALL you do! Both my qife & I are AVID fans! 🙂

  8. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Since the spraying’s not accomplishing what they say they want to accomplish, wonder what they’re *really* trying to accomplish with it. Of course, it could very well be the usual unwillingness by “scientists” to admit it when they’re wrong instead of a secret plan. I still don’t buy into the global warming scenario though. There are signs the magnetic poles are flipping or will flip, and we don’t know what effects that will have. Also, if the sun’s entering another Maunder minimum, we could actually be headed into another Little Ice Age. (Reminder: Clif High’s predicting ice age — along with some scientists who don’t agree with global warming.) Too many cataclysms at once. Methane leaks also causing craters and other issues in Siberia.

    • Dane Wigington

      Hello Diana, yes, there are indeed many agendas being carried out by the programs of atmospheric aerosol spraying. This being said, the damage to the climate system is very real and geoengineering is helping to fuel the overall fire (short term toxic cool-downs at the cost of a worsened overall warming). About the current causal factors for the changes taking place on our planet, all available science data paints a very clear statistical conclusion. Anthropogenic activity (which includes climate engineering) is at the core, FYI

      • Freebreezer

        Dane – Just a thought … In that man has only touched knowing what the cycles of the sun are … and this factor (the Sun out put energy), if it changes makes everything mute. Here a 1 % change up or down per the suns energy output is a factor hundreds of a time more devastating then anything these fools are doing … though their actions could have a catalyst effect – oh the unintended consequences! I think the Science is clear that the sun is going/or is in to a new maunder minimum. the last one in the 1600 to early 1700, was associated with a demonstrable cool down. Thus, the present change/trend towards a cool down can not all be associated with the ‘man made ‘ factor. In fact, i do not think science has the mastery to put a number to it! My worry is the long term – the charts say ICE AGE and it comes/changes suddenly – and our present knowledge of the sun (or what ever caused these ice ages) today gives no clue to when these changes are due … Is this current trend a blip or a sea change? Scary! And no one knows!

  9. Paul ...

    Latest: Now the pedophiles want to impeach Trump … very likely because Trump wants to give all of them the death penalty …

    • This sceptred Isle

      I think that was one of the reasons Hollywood was so vocal in its opposition to Trump. They are scared…
      Now the crown has slipped (but not yet fallen) from the head of the Bush, Clinton, Obama power nexus, the child trafficking arrests seem to have increased in America and globally. It must have taken a lot of effort and energy for the powers to cover up all these industrial scale scandals. Now they are involved in a turf war with Trump’s gang they no longer have an iron grip over the justice system. Many authorities will have been documenting evidence against the child trafficking gangs and networks for decades but been unable to use it because of top down interference. Therefore, the arrests/convictions may happen surprisingly rapidly.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Heath was a former British prime-minister…

        • Paul ...

          And Obama a former US President …

        • Paul ...

          With evil pedophile politicians like Heath (who would slit little girls throats while having sex with them) we have little chance of such politicians actually giving a damn about the world losing 10 species every 24 hours!!!

          • Paul ...

            As for Obama (the peace prize winner) who came into office with 3 wars raging and left office with 8 wars raging … golfing and having gay pizza parties … would have any worry about some aluminum being dropped on our heads !!!

      • Milo Edwards

        I don’t know how many people remember the blurb from Hillary Clinton when she was informed that her leads were maybe not what was being polled. She did say, “if he wins, we’re ALL going down”. To me that was an obvious threat to make sure the rigged election would happen.

        • Paul ...

          Hey you Demon-Rat Hillary lovers out there (in a huff about Trump being a Russian agent) … get your brains straight … Trump and Putin having the same moral values only makes Trump a Russian “agent” in the same way you immoral Pizza-gate perverts are “agents” of Satan!! …

    • Frederick

      These pedos must be ingesting ALOT of aluminum themselves Otherwise how can they rationalize their bizarre and disgusting behavior

  10. AA 🇦🇺

    Many thanks Greg
    Biblical answers aside, I’m not sure why this is happening to us.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” AA!!

      • AA 🇦🇺

        Buddha guides me and I’m not fearful at all dear friend.

        • Greg Hunter

          Christ guides me and I too am not fearful.

          • AA

            Blessings Greg, you wonderful man.

    • James Hastings

      Yes. Reminds me of a few warnings….

      one-third of of all things living in the sea died…..that two parts in it will be cut off…

      one-third of the earth was set on fire,… and all the green grass.. Revelations 8:7

      This is the greatest open secret in history. 🙂

    • Charles H


      Anyone looking outside of Biblical answers will only see diversion, distraction, and decoying. Philosophically – problems caused by man should be solved by man: the godless, Humanistic reasoning excluding the Divine – for obvious reasons. But the flaw is there is true Evil in the world. Science won’t admit to God, so Evil in the form of the devils is poo-poo-ed as well; but more quietly. But the devils have WAY, way more input into the Halls of Science – than most people begin to imagine. Knowledge was the carrot back then, in the Garden: and it still is today, in the wider world.
      There are only two poles. To loose from the one: is to gravitate to the other.

      • Seeing Clearly

        Go to the Tribulation Saints Website By Levi Price @

        He is aware of the “chemical ” and NWO and all of that kind of stuff enjoy:)

        • Charles H

          Thanks S C. I subscribe to a pre-Tribulation Rapture, so the idea of “Tribulation Saints” is a real, but non-applicable issue to the Church and work of the Gospel – as my view is Christians, as the bride of Jesus Christ are off the scene. I am preparing a pamphlet intended to be left behind for those who may become those saints, and the conditions to be met for it eschatologically. Three harvests: First Fruits (O. T. saints); (main) Harvest (born-again Christians); and Gleanings (Tribulation Saints) – it makes sense to be in the Harvest of the Church Age; ‘today, if you will hear His voice’…
          I have Jewish relatives who I hope will come to their senses; hence, the pamphlet. But I will take a look at the site mentioned.

        • Charles H

          S C,

          I looked at the Statement of Faith on the site you link to above. I did not detect any firm stand on the Rapture, from a ‘pre’, ‘mid’, or ‘post”-Tribulation view. I have no problem with any of that, or being “A-millienial”: but some statements there DID alarm me.
          From the site:
          “We believe the only way that we can be justified and cleansed from our sin is through repentance and faithful obedience to the Son of God. Then his blood will cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
          We believe that we must work out our salvation and bear the fruits of righteousness in order for our faith to be counted worthy.”

          The problem I see here is: what is the character and amount of “faithful obedience” necessary before the blood will cleanse? Also: how much working to bear the fruits of righteousness is needed before one’s faith can be counted worthy? I must strongly disagree with these.
          Salvation is by Grace through Faith (Eph.2:8,9) – to the EXCLUSION of works. Just as many, too many emphasize a false approach engendering “Easy-Believism”; also some swing too far the other way to exact “works”: the both are disqualified. I submit it IS BOTH Repentance AND Faith to arrive at Salvation: but it is God who judges whether our Faith is valid, and not works, so that Grace can be entered-into. Grace is the operative principle – and Faith is the entrance to arrive at God’s spiritual adoption, we call Salvation.
          Those who put emphasis on “works” – not just forfeit right-dealing with God; but they are placed in a certain type of bondage to the leadership. Again – WHEN is it enough ‘faithful obedience, and work to be a fruitfull’ is enough? This is like Roman Catholic doctrine of “Purgatory”. Just about EVERYONE who dies goes there – and the living have to pay alms and for misas – to get them ‘prayed out’ and into Heaven. (Besides there NOT BEING a Purgatory) How does anyone KNOW WHEN enough prayers and alms and paying misas is enough to get loved ones into Heaven? I’ll give you a hint: when the family is well tapped-out. It’s a racket; and a method of bondage. Only in the case of the site you mention: people are held to doing, doing, doing. That makes for a great ministry, as people sure want to get to Heaven: but works do NOT define Faith – works evidencve faith. God ses the heart; and if His Word is there, and you are trusting it and nothing of works: He is the One who qualifies your faith to gain entrance into His Grace. Repentance is not only used to forsake sin: it is also applied to forsake self-righteousness in the form of works. One gets saved by Grace through Faith – then works follow. One cannot use works for faith to get to Grace. God set the order and the conditions: if you don’t meet them – you don’t get in. I would be careful about this site. It has some good things: but misses the main mark. And the main mark – Salvation: is everything.

  11. AA 🇦🇺

    Christopher Monckton has his views published but I can assure you he ha never walked around in Australia with a tshirt on.
    Moat noticeable times; the moment the Sun break through the clouds, anytime of the year, it feels as if your skin is in fire and a hole is burning.
    Then I read this….

  12. AA 🇦🇺

    *edited (bloody iPhone)*

    Christopher Monckton has his views published but I can assure you he has never walked around in Australia with a tshirt on.
    Most noticeable times; the moment the Sun breaks through the clouds, anytime of the year, it feels as if your skin is on fire and a hole is burning.

    Then I read this a few days ago…

  13. Rodster

    “US EPA Scientist Fired For Trying To Tell The Truth About Climate Engineering And Fluoridated Water”

  14. Beulah Bondi

    My Country ‘Tis Of Thee
    1950, Academy Award nominee
    This was made before the cultural marxists took over and injected us with all the negativity about America being some terrible place that killed Indians, had slaves etc… These would be considered the good old days!
    You better download this now before they change our history, as they’re already doing.

    To Those Around The World
    Here It Is Old And New America!

    FULL EVENT: President Donald Trump Rally in Melbourne, Florida 2/18/2017 Trump Florida Speech

  15. mike molyneaux

    Dane’s facts are not always correct. He said Antarctic sea ice extent is decreasing. That’s a half truth. The latest research shows generally less ice in summer but more ice in winter. The very latest data shows approximately 5% less than normal but in 2013 to 2014 there was approximately 5% more than normal. The annual mean figure for sea ice extent at the south pole has remained relatively constant since 1979. Some people are not properly trained to interpret scientific data. Check the data below and be careful of “fake news.”

    • Dane Wigington

      Hello Mike, in regard to Antarctica, I hope you will take the time to examine ALL the available data which includes melt rates on all regions of Antarctica (land and sea based ice deposits). Antarctic ice is absolutely decreasing, FYI

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks for taking some questions Dane!!

  16. ivan kruger

    Geoengineering better known as weather modification is real , but climate change better known as global warming is a hoax . The global warming scam was created so that dummies could be carbon taxed . The equation used for global warming does not work, and the satellite data shows no global warming for the past 18 years ,so why does Dane Wigington try to link weather modification to something that’s not real like global warming . It causes me to think he’s a kook or a part of some sort of a psyops operation .


      Coal fly ash dispersed from aircraft absorbs water and stops rainfall , and it creates artificial clouds that keep heat from leaving the earth at night . This is the method use to create rain – These tools are used to sell global warming/extreme weather to the public .


        I viewed the videos you posted . Here’s my theory – I don’t believe the power plants have been or are creating the vapor clouds on purpose to modify the weather . I think the vapor clouds are just an inadvertent byproduct of creating power , but the power plants are liable for all of the destruction the vapor clouds have caused and will cause in the future , so I think when Al Gore and his global warming scam came along it was a convenient thing to blame the extreme weather changes on.( the natural weather changes that are occuring from the magnetic pole shift helps them out a lot too) I think the power plant people spray the coal fly ash to mitigate the vapor clouds . I could be wrong, but it makes a lot of sense to me .

  17. glen charles

    having experienced a level of heat the exceeded tolerable levels on two different continents in the previous 12 months the conclusion points toward an accelerating process of weather terror,


    I see strange temps for the last few years. Here in Detroit and the Midwest high temps or record breaking. Yesterday Detroit 63 degrees and the week ahead 50 to 58. Last February 2016 in Detroit 4 days of 60 degrees and one day at 70. The Midwest this week 60 to near 80. Come on people wake up. UNFORTUNATELY, I have Facebook friends who enjoyed yesterday but don’t see a worry at 60 degree temps in February. No, nothing to worry about. Finally, around the Great Lakes, Huron, Michigan, Erie, and even parts of Superior are ICE FREE. I mentioned here on Friday I played hockey on Lake St. Clair as a kid, Detroit River, no skating last year and this. Think about that…….

  19. William Betts

    The original story about chemtrails was that an effort would be tried to modify the jet stream to get more rain over the upper midwest so that the aquafers could be replenished because they were drying up due to so much irrigation. Monsanto was the lead player here. The pentagon was going to run the op using Evergreen Airlines out of Washington state to do what they called Stratopheric Aerosol Injection ( SAI). They used heavy metals, Al, Stronium and a couple others that I don’t know about. But this thing morphed into more than that. The sky over south Georgia from last Oct to Dec was saturated with chemtrails. Evergreem Airlines is a small contract op for the pentagon. They don’t have enough airplanes to do the op all over the US.


    RECORD SHATTERING TEMPS in the Midwest yesterday, today and the week coming……………. Detroit 69 Chicago 70 Pittsburg 69 Omaha 75 Des Monies 75 Minneapolis 63 St. Cloud 63……………… February 2017 and the start of the 3rd week is one of the coldest months, weeks, on the colander. These were record shattering by 5 to 10 degrees from the old records which some were from 2012.

  21. Dwight Erickson

    Thank you Greg for covering this topic. To everyone out there, please help Dane and others spread awareness of this critical issue. Take the lead and put up billboards in your community. Let’s start a movement together so that our voices can be heard.

  22. Jerry

    I have some pictures I took a week ago (that I don’t know how to post) that shows everything Dane is talking about. My son was taking pictures of planes spraying chemtrails just before sunset, when something very strange appears just perpendicular to the sun. I couldn’t see it with the naked eye, but when you looked through the camera it appeared to be some sort of comet, or planet? It was not a refraction from the camera because the sky was beginning to cloud up from al the spraying. Usually cloud banks form within an hour or two after the spraying. If you send me an email, I will send them to you, so you can decide for yourself what you think it is.

    I agree with Dane. The spraying is making it worse. Yesterday for the first time in my life I had to turn my air conditioning on in February. Today its supposed to be even hotter with temperatures in the high seventies. Its been warm like this before, but not for months on end. To top it all off I know bunches of people who have developed respiratory problems. And every time I blow my nose this white gunk comes out.
    Greg I guess my question for you is, who can I sue for this? I don’t remember giving anyone permission to spray me like a cockroach. The government requires written authorization for everything else they do, why not this?

    • Jerry

      I sent you the photo’s. My theory is (and that’s all it is), there’s more going on than greenhouse gases. I think the suns rays have intensified because they are reflecting off whatever this object is like a magnifying glass. It only appears at certain times of the month so it tells me that whatever it is, its passing through our solar system and not orbiting our planet.

  23. Deanna Johnston Clark

    The chemtrails are incessant here in southeast Georgia, where all the military is. We are the no. 3 target after NYC and DC in a war, God forbid. I assumed the chemtrails were protecting the use of communications. Others say it’s coal ash from the power plants up in Tennessee. Dane…what ARE they for exactly?

    • Frederick

      And bees Aren’t a lot of honeybees dying in North America That’s very disturbing as well

  24. Linda L.

    Canaries were once used in coal mines to check for air quality/toxic gas, so it makes me wonder why more attention/concern isn’t generated on all these birds that are dropping out of the sky and dying in mass events all over the planet right now. By the way, the region where I live in Arizona, which isn’t far from a military base, is always loaded with exhaust jet trails that resemble a checker board:

    • Paul ...

      Linda L … Actually they should be “more concerned”… as these birds dropping out of the sky “are not canaries” (canaries are very very sensitive to toxic gas) … the fact that “less sensitive” birds are dying and falling from the sky should be even more of a warning!!

    • Frederick

      There was one big canary who is a senator from Arizona right now A big fat warmongering old fool named Johnny “Wetstart” McCain

    • Linda L.

      Years ago, I remember seeing multiple flocks of birds in the sky and now here where I live in Arizona, I see an occasional flock/grouping of birds high in the sky, and other than that, birds are a rarity for viewing up in the higher atmosphere (empty skies). More birds are noticed in the neighborhood, staying closer to the ground, hanging out in bushes and making nests on rooftops, sharing our air. Likewise, when I lived in California a few years ago, I remember going to the beach and as a child, seeing sea shells all over the beaches. Now my kids say that when they visit the beach, seashells are in short supply for viewing. On another subject, one of the comments here on this site related to the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. Nuclear waste is leaking at high levels from Japan into the Pacific Ocean, and nuclear waste is being carried via air currents towards the United States. Chem trails are a concern, but the Fukushima disaster may be a higher risk to humanity than the chem trails. However it doesn’t seem like this dangerous situation is getting the international media attention that it deserves.

  25. francis m reps

    Mr. Hunter. Please get Dane Wiginton together with Ms. Fitts.

  26. Zak

    Gerg it’s true awareness is the first step – people have to understand and believe this stuff (assuming that it is correct of course).
    But how are you going to get people who are more interested in their lottery cards, fast food, or crappy TV shows to sit up, take notice, and start to take action?
    That is the question.

    • Paul ...

      WikiLeaks is bringing true awareness to the public … by releasing the names of the “Very Fake News” reporters who are “on the payroll” of the evil perverted neocons (none are from FOX news) …

  27. Josephine Milligan

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for interviewing Dane Wigington and for highlighting this vitally important subject! I live in the UK and they never stop climate engineering over here. We, the people, need to take action sooner rather than later, but how, is the question.

    Humanity has to take it’s power back and as far as I can see the biggest block to that is the media! So I’d like to suggest something. Not sure if it’s feasible, but for what it’s worth here it is.

    Basically we need ordinary people to take charge of their local media!

    This is my idea… know how McDonalds have a blueprint which they franchise – people come up with the money, there’s a legal contract and whoever takes on the franchise has to meet alot of criteria including buying into the franchise, guaranteeing meeting all the requirements – from the service to the food, to everything about running a successful McDonald franchise. I’m not sure about all the regulations but all I know is, it’s very precise. It doesn’t matter what country you go to, each McDonald is an identical copy of the rest and the accounting is done by the main accounting organization in that country, which then is connected back to the main one in the U.S.A.

    Well my idea is to set up something similar but with a news organisation, except it would be a non-profit organisation! People would be able to buy into the franchise and the organization would supply the printing presses, computer software, legal contracts etc. If people were encouraged to set up their own local REAL news organization, I’m sure many would jump at the chance. The newspaper would be FREE to the public – it would be entirely paid for by local advertising.

    I came up with this idea because not too far from me in Dorset, England, U.K. there is a magazine (a weekly newspaper) called ‘The Blackmore Vale Magazine’ and that is exactly how they are run (except they are not non-profit). The magazine is completely free to the public and entirely paid for by local advertising. Every Friday, the magazine is delivered to all the local newspaper outlets and within a day they are all gone. Everyone rushes to get their copy! The Blackmore Vale Magazine literally has the pulse of the community and everyone loves it.

    The reason I suggested making it a non-profit organization is so that you can guarantee getting people involved for the right reasons, not so much to make millions but rather because they care.

    Just a thought! If you need a copy of more info just let me know.

    Thank you again Greg for getting the Truth out there!
    Have a Great Day!
    Jo x

    • Eric

      Good luck. Last week I posted the idea to start a nationwide organization to boycott these left-wing corporations that want to stop any “change” we are all looking for. Money is the ONLY thing these *ssholes understand. Not one (1) reply.

  28. helot

    In my neck of the woods, in a single day, 100’s of jet aircraft leave trails across the sky until it looks like a grid. Some people say, ‘Those are only normal contrails’. If that were true, why is it that on days when the sky is clear there are Never 100’s of jet aircraft flying overhead with zero contrails? Where does this armada of aircraft go, especially on days when the national weather map shows clear skies across the entire nation, meaning, they were not diverted due to bad weather.

    Is it SOP that on days when the sky is clear and blue all jet aircraft must fly higher than people can see? That seems like a ridiculous explanation.

    A few years ago, the days on either side of Thanksgiving Day were clear and blue, hardly a handful of jet aircraft crossed above, a week or so later and there were 100’s of aircraft turning the sky into a grid. If these grids were created by normal passenger aircraft, where did they go on the busiest air travel week of the year? And, why?

    • flattop


      Its my understanding that jet airplane engines no longer create contrails. The Military asked the manufacturers to build an engine for their spy planes that would not leave contrails.

    • Leslie

      very easy to understand, if there is clear skies your in a high pressure area with low humidity there will be no condensation!

  29. Russ

    Thanks Greg.
    Besides the aerosols that Dane Wigington discusses, there’s the disaster emanating from Fukashima, Japan. From Dane’s website:

    When I saw the first news release on this back in 2011 my first reaction was that they’ve killed the Pacific Ocean. Sounds like a bit of over the top hiperbole, but it’s not; however, the official reports continue to tell us it’s all okay. Yeah, I feel all better now, time for some sushi…

    Sorry, when a different independent group tests tuna taken from the north Pacific and 10 out of 10 test positive for radiation, my thoughts go to seriously not good — time to eat something other then tuna, salmon or any other Pacific sea life. What about Atlantic salmon? Yeah, I’d like to see reliable radiation numbers from the Arctic where a lot of salmon from the Atlantic and Pacific hang out and feed during their years at sea. I don’t have a link, but do a google search for Pacific ocean radiation map. You’ll find a link with a map with the Pacific Ocean in red and orange but the good folk at Snopes (you know how PC they are) puts a big false on that saying it’s really a map of wave heights from some Tsunami —
    I feel so much better now. goes into it a bit but also discounts the danger. Go surfing, eat sushi, it’s all good!! So what’s the real truth regarding nuclear contamination of the Pacific. Go back to Dane Wigington’s site at and read it.

    As for the ice shelves melting and oceans rising, I’m at a high enough elevation I think, but it’s probably time to buy a boat … to float around in all the nuclear contaminated sea water that will be devoid of edible life.

    So much for subsistence fishing in my retirement…

    • Russ

      Hyperbole doh!!

      • Charles H

        We changed our diet. The only time we eat any fish now is when we visit Florida and have mullet caught off the pier. Even that will end.

  30. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    The only thing I have against Dane is he has a lot more hair than I do. LOL.
    He is spot on. Revelation 6:15-16; Rev. 11:8.
    I was going to send you pictures of us tunneling bu I can’t find them. When I find them I will send them.
    Raytheon manufactured a lot of our comms gear in Southeast Asia and also several weapons systems. Several of my buddies left the Superconducting Super Collider and went to Raytheon. Go figure.


  31. Gallup On

    Greg, I very often enjoy reading your take on issues. Overwhelming the insight on USAW is learned and reflects true compassion and respect for people and our Lord.
    Occasionally a few are off the wall such as impending doom of our financial system. The geo-engineering is the topic of the day and a prime example. I live in NW Ohio and see the vapor trails of aircraft, yes, following prescribed flight paths. Am I in an area that is truly just fly-over country? (No pun intended.) Are more posts from the populated areas on the coasts?
    Please help me to understand.

  32. Teeter

    Didnt this guy on last interview say the oceans would die off in 60 days ??

    • Greg Hunter


  33. Russ McMeans

    I’m not buying any of this, but then I’ve never seen any evidence. I live CA/NV Sierras and everything seems fine. And ‘extreme ‘ weather has been going on since we’ve been around. Mother Nature will always be a bitch at times. Ask old people and they will laugh and tell you tales of ‘extreme weather ‘… the elephant in our room is really a civil war due to Obama allowing LAWLESSNESS. And of course a world war with nukes. Certain leaders, both here and abroad, are stirring the pot as we speak. The former Agitator In Chief is a prime example. The Black Bloc is recruiting more everyday. And Iran and N. Korea keep refining their nuclear and ballistic middle technology. Everyone is blaming the Russians again. Utter folly. And finally maybe one of the biggest enemies ( we’re about due)… our feathered friends have been getting bad flues lately world wide. and we’ve been picking it up too. But only
    a little bit. If bird flue morphs into highly contagious mode, were not going to be worrying about ‘climate change ‘ anymore….

    • Greg Hunter

      Do some research Russ. Don’t be fact resistant.

    • Lore

      Quite right. Notice the lack of press attention to the great rainfall of 1862. Always, you’re supposed to think “It’s different this time.” As usual, real news gets perverted into FAKE NEWS.

    • Dane Wigington

      Hello Russ, truly, I wish that all was fine also, but the front line facts make clear that this is absolutely not the case. I hope you will continue to investigate, FYI

      • Paul ...

        Dane … If according to scientists we are facing extiction in 9 years … putting Trump in as our new quarterback won’t be enough to win the game … Satan just has to run out the clock to win … so it is easy to understand why the perverted pedophile rooters for Satanist wanted Hillary as President (to bring about Nuclear Armageddon and a “quick death” for them … rather then a long drawn out death by starvation, etc.) … and it is easy to see why the elites want to change themselves into machines (so they can live without food) … as for the rest of us … we better make each day we have left count for something good in the eyes of God … and just perhaps he will find it in his heart to save us (even though most of us could not find it in our hearts to save his other creations)!!

  34. Russ McMeans

    Oh I forgot! Thank you Greg for all your accurate news wrap ups (weekly news burritos) and awesome guests. And Gerald and Catherine the Great were especially most excellent. Russ.

  35. Jeannie

    I’m not sure what to believe about our climate. You had a guest on recently who said we were heading for an ice age and now a guest who says the opposite. They both sound knowledgeable but right now I am at a loss of who to believe. That just bodes the point that there are different views on many issues and when there is “data” to support opposing views know what to believe is impossible. I honestly believe you can find data to support whatever view you take. Kind of scary to me. Thank you for presenting all sides but I don’t know how to process it all.

  36. Justn Observer

    Greg- Any updates from Rabbi Kahn?
    Arch of Baal displayed in ‘Honor’ of The World Government Summit in Dubai !
    Kinda goes with the whole ‘pedophile-pizza gate’ of the world elite revelations?

  37. Tad

    If Mr. Trump is unable to end this climate manipulation, I can’t imagine anyone else–unless Mr. Putin has an interest.

    Why do I think the Deep State is responsible for this global engineering program?

    I would be interested to know which landlocked country (s) don’t engage in these efforts.
    If I had ten years or less. . .well why not? I may have only five if one solely looks at an impending economic collapse.

  38. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, seen the chem trails last year myself, they look like spider webs of sorts, this is real stuff, aluminum causes mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s; the research is pretty well supported now. Also, throw away your aluminum cookware if you use, you can recycle it anywhere.

  39. Mike R

    It was 70 F here in Chicago yesterday. 60’s today, and for at least a few more days. In February no less, when the highs are usually in the 30’s.
    Somebody is certainly messing with the climate, as we see all sorts of strange temps at odd times of the year now. While I love the weather now, with blue skies, sun, and warmth, it certainly can’t be good for premature sprouting of plant life, that could easily get killed off next weekend when 30’s and snow is being forecast.

    Frankly we have enough crap to worry about without someone messing with the weather.
    Clif High says we are seriously looking at a repeat of the Maunder Minimum, whereby we go into a mini-ice age. This has to do with Jupiter and Saturn knocking Earth a bit further out of its orbit, around the sun, at a time when sun spot activity is very low.
    It could consistently get so cold in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, that we have to develop a completely new way of producing food. Agriculture as we know it here in the US would be dead. He says the mini ice age has been underway for several years now, changing climate in many areas, and not necessarily making it just colder, but warmer spots were they didn’t used to occur, due to the change in ocean currents by the decreasing radiation from the sun. The sun does seem weaker to me the past 5 or 6 years, than in recent decades. even when its perfectly clear.
    So maybe all this geo-engineering is actually being done to try to trap the suns energy and to prevent the planet from actually getting colder during this mini ice age ? Maybe the PTB knows in fact we are entering this mini ice age, doesn’t want to tell us, and is actually purposely deflecting attention, by saying we are dealing with global warming when reality is the just the very opposite ?
    Clif High isn’t the only one forecasting the mini ice age. I’ve seen many other more notable actual researchers indicating the same, from non MSM sources.
    In any event, this long stretch of warm weather here in Chicago in mid-February is breaking records set years ago, and further when those records were set, they were in seperate years with one or two day anomalies, not entire week long or two week long warm ups. Which is what we have had. We also haven’t seen any snow since December, which is also hugely unusual for Chicago. All the freakish storms seem to be occurring on the coasts, or around us, bypassing us completely.
    People are in shorts, and actually going to the beach on Lake Michigan here. Bizarre stuff for mid winter.

  40. RealityCheck

    G. Edward Griffin responds to Wigington…

  41. Jim


    Are you aware Dane Wigington and G. Edward Griffin are at war with each other, over global warming? It would be the fight of the century, to have both heavyweights battle in the USAWatchdog ring, with you as the referee!!! Let them go old school 15 rounds!

    • RealityCheck

      In the “Old School” days they would fight until one of them could no longer answer the bell… My money is on GEG.

    • Eric

      Dane had his say. Give Griffin undivided interview. We are going into an ice age NOT global warming. Cycles do not lie.
      In case you missed it this is who you should listen to……

      • Greg Hunter

        You cannot simply have two people have “their say.” You must compare the body of evidence. research and sourcing. Check Wigington’s It is a huge mountain of videos, sources, articles and scientific research. Then compare this to what Mr. Griffin has. That is the only real way to get to the truth.

        • Jo Milligan

          Absolutely Greg! I’m sorry but I just don’t get how ANYONE can believe global warming is a lie. There is SO MUCH evidence everywhere, from the melting of the ice caps, to the rising temperatures of the oceans, to temperatures everywhere, to expanding deserts, you name it. All I can say is, thank you Dane for your tireless campaign of informing people about the facts so that people can get to grips with what is happening and support the movement to bring climate engineering to an end. We need to stand together!

  42. Barn Cat

    I don’t believe that humans can control the weather. I know cloud seeding exists but that’s about it. We know God controls the weather and nothing can happen without His approval.

    (Amos 3:6p NIV) When disaster comes to a city, has not the LORD caused it?

    • Jim

      RealityCheck, my money is on GEG too!

  43. Justn Observer

    Apparently Chem trails are a world policy agenda:

  44. john duffy

    What we have is a Satanic takeover. Pedophillia and corruption is rampant now in all gov. institutions, Hollywood, and Msm etc. Billions of abortions world wide. Satan can not kill God, so he attacks his reflection, humanity. We live in a time that would embarrass Sodom and Gomorrah. Mankind in his pride has rejected God and his graces, and the result is that we are at the mercy of Satan, who is far superior to mankind in intelligence and cunning. He is after all the father of all lies and a murderer from the beginning. I see no hope unless mankind repents.

    • Charles H

      Satan is not described as the “god of this world” – for nothing. Thanks john.

  45. Agent P

    On a somewhat related issue… There’s this guy (name escapes me at the moment) on Youtube who does research on ‘HAARP’ weather modification. Satellite imagery showing unnatural ‘straight’ lines/shelfs which act as ‘blocking’ mechanisms for what would normally be incoming weather systems. On the surface it looks plausible…

    Then a casual search on the subject matter today brought me here:

    Now, this is not intended to piss on anyone’s parade, but one must also always ‘question’ – regardless of one’s preconceived biases, the veracity of anything these days. Real truth (now there’s an oxymoron for ya), is fast becoming the rarest of commodities…

    • sk

      Interesting, indeed! Thanks, agent P!!!

  46. Tad

    Have you ever had Stephen Leeb on? He seems to have a firm grasp on Russia, Asia, and the OBOR.

    • Frederick

      Stephen Leeb is brilliant and a great idea for Greg to consider me thinks Tad

      • Charles H

        Leeb nails it in that article.

        • Tad

          His analysis is relatively dead on. No mention is made of China’s impending population decline (extinction scenarios).

          It may be too optimistic and probably assumes a showdown with NATO isn’t forthcoming.

          We can hope.

  47. Roger D

    Dane is a savvy guy and I love his passion. Here in Montana patriots are convince that evil Big Brother is poisoning us with chemtrails. DC is definitely evil and certainly capable but that is in itself is not proof.

    We have a local scientist, Ed Berry who disputes this. Ed is a scientific method, fact-driven guy. He is definitely on the right side of 9/11 despite surely taking a financial risk for him. He was one of the first Montanans who got behind Trump. Being active in Republican politics he dared to tick off many local politicians. I’m finally going with Ed regarding chemtrails.

    Last but not least, I’m an old coot (70s). I swear as a kid jet contrails lingered what seemed like forever, just like today.

  48. Damon A. Duval

    someone well to do, with the monetary means,

  49. Tim Curry

    Dane Wigington and Clif High both agree on Geo Engineering but are 180 degrees apart as to global warming or cooling it would be good to see a debate between these two people and other people you have on your show that don’t agree on other subjects.

    • Old Dog

      I don’t know about Wigington and High in a debate, as I do not believe climate change is one of Mr. High’s areas of expertise.
      It would be good to hear a debate between Wigington and John L. Casey, author of “Dark Winter: How the Sun is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell.” G. Edward Griffin would be another good selection for the cooling side of the climate change argument.

  50. Lore

    Notice the brainwashed green neurotics coming out of the woodwork. “1998 was the warmest year ever recorded on the planet?” Sorry, but credibility just went out the window. This guy is filled to the brim with Club of Rome Kool-Aid. The earth has been a helluva lot hotter in eons past, and we’re cooling now.

  51. Justn Observer

    Thank you so much for the many interesting topics you are bringing awareness to!
    A wonderful place to share with so many like Dane Wigington , Clif High, Greg Mannarino, CAF, and others that have the depth of knowledge needing to not just shared but absorbed and re-transmitted to create a force to cause change.
    President Trump will not be able to deal with it all without persistent support …much is now beyond just OUR borders…and I am encouraged here…that this place you have Greg, spans the borders widely so we as a social community of conscience can see what is occurring affects us all …that it is not just an ‘evil’ empire …but a globalist web that is projecting its web from diverse points …and pitting one against the other …as their weapon by which to control us all …each within our own plantations! The tools are wide and diverse….weather, political, spiritual, economic. Awareness is key to Action!
    Action then requires a Plan and a Leader with courage and energy. I’ll post these as I did above this last time so all that are unaware have a door to walk thru on Dane’s topic…
    So let’s all get those not up to speed…rev’d up !
    Past Leaders touting using Weather as a Weapon:
    HAARP nothing =New Ionosphere heaters = Eiscat 3D Norway 2016 is 100 giga watts !
    Lyndon Johnsons:
    Report from Iron Mountain:
    Between Two Ages by Zbigniew Frzezinski: as explained a new way to get to communism?
    Technocracy by PatrickWood/ on CTM, John B Wells:

  52. Susan Feguson

    Dane Wigington is a man of relentless courage and impeccable integrity. He bases his research and draws conclusions only from data that is scientifically verifiable. Tragically, America’s institutions have been made utterly subservient to the control and manipulation that serves only the corporatocracy and the very super rich elite. These institutions, such as journalism, labor unions, and the judicial system, would have in the past served to protect the public, and offer us alternative information other than the Orwellian propaganda continually spewed from the minions of the corporate state. We are seeing the face of fascism, and suffocating in a miasma of ever increasing mendacity. Dane Wigington has drawn a line in the sand against the tsunami of lies that aggressively seek to extinguish any whisper of truth, and the opportunity to expose the deadly heinous consequences of geoengineering/climate engineering. The planetary omnicide that is being conducted world wide can easily daily be observed on NASA EOSDIS Worldview. The evidence in these images is blatant and irrefutable for even the most untrained eye — endless images of bizarre, angular, unnatural, even demonic cloud formations, and the visible ripples of radio/frequency microwave transmissions coming from numerous small islands, such as Guadalupe off Baja CA., Stewart Island NZ, Port-aux-Francais, Galapagos, etc. – which are being utilized to generate the electrification of the atmosphere and consequently destroy the ozone. While it may already be too late, we know that these man made interventions are only exacerbating the situation, thus hastening the collapse of the biosphere and our only home. We need more people to come forward, people of courage in positions of technical expertise who can help expose these terrible operations before time runs out on planet Earth.

  53. al

    Has anyone taken the Sun in to consideration at all? The outer planets have warmed up considerably, does anyone have a clue that possibly the sun, that big bright ball in the sky, has something to do with our climate change? All the earth has to do is pop a pimple and half the population will be gone. Pollution is a local problem for us puny little monkeys called humans.

    • FC

      Thank goodness Al, you’re the only one addressing the 800lb gorilla in the room, called the sun.

  54. Kathryn

    Bravo on your recent guest Fitts who was superb, but you’ve gone off the rails with this guy, who is at best a distraction/disinformation from the real story. The sun “feels” hotter since our magnetic shield is weaker but the sun is verifiably going into a grand minimum like the Maunder Minimum making it very challenging to grow enough food to support current life. Add in more cosmic rays due to our weaker shield and we’re facing more albido, earthquakes, volcanos, climate chaos etc. For a proper understanding, check out

    • Greg Hunter

      Before you make derogatory statements like this, you should check out Wigington’s site It’s packed full of videos, experts, articles and sources. To take a short cut, Wigington supplied me with some links/sources that back up some of his points with this interview in the “After the Interview” section.

      • Old Dog

        Please excuse me for disagreeing, but I do not believe Kathryn made any derogatory statement. She simply stated her belief that instead of global warming, we are on the verge of global cooling — and that Mr. Wigington’s rhetoric is distracting people from the truth as she perceives it. The scientific documentation on the cooling side of the climate change debate is as convincing as what Mr. Wigington espouses.

        I listen to Mr. Wigington’s weekly radio broadcast, as posted on the Geoengineering Watch website. I have heard Mr. Wigington bash G. Edward Griffin and other proponents of the cooling theory, on more than a few occasions. He takes a very hard line against anyone who does not see the “end of the world” scenario as he believes it to be. He shows little respect for the honest research and beliefs of other scientists, who draw a different conclusion than him. He is welcome to his opinions; so is Kathryn.

        Wigington’s consistent derogatory remarks have changed my opinion of his work. I listen to his weekly report solely for the purpose of hearing the headlines on what’s happening in the world that he gives us. Then I do my own research and check out the statements he makes.

        I live in Northern Minnesota where winter can be fierce and very long. Three winters ago we had a winter reminiscence of the 1970’s. Bitterly, bitterly cold and snowy. That was followed by two mild winters. This winter has been a little more harsh than the last two. Yet I know that back in the 1960’s, Minnesota had one winter that it was 60 degrees in January and it was a snowless winter. In 1976 it was 86 degrees at Easter and the northern half of the state underwent an historic drought and catastrophic wild fires. I have a lifetime of watching weather swing back and forth between extremes. One needs more than record heat or record cold to make a claim for catastrophic weather change.

        Recently Rick Wiles on TruNews interviewed John L. Casey.
        I have read Mr. Casey’s book, “Cold Sun”, and I have found his synopsis of what we can expect to unfold on the earth as the solar minimum advances to be more in line with what is actually happening in the world than what the global warming proponents predict. Ten volcanoes erupted in one week just a couple weeks ago. Casey argues increased volcanic activity goes with the advancing shut-down of the sun’s energy.
        Increased volcanic activity would indicate the possibility of the oceans floor warming up (due to the increased activity in the earth’s mantle) and would cause mass extinction of sealife.

        There are two sides of the climate change debate.
        Wigington is a voice for global warming.
        John L. Casey, G. Edward Griffith and many others would argue that their research shows “global warming” is the greatest lie being told to mankind today.

        Who is right?
        God only. He has determined the final outcome for earth.
        What shall unfold in the days ahead?
        Read the Bible.
        The LORD does nothing without first revealing to mankind what He is going to do.

        • Greg Hunter

          Maybe a poor choice of words. People critical can do some research dispute with facts. Go to and study the facts ad sources was my point and that is not being done by some who are critical.

    • Leslie

      Bravo Kathryn, well stated !!

  55. John Farr

    Diatomaceous earth is inexpensive and more effective. Mix a tablespoon or two in a glass of water. This form of silica with some Metamucil to push it through works well. If you really want to clean out your metals use a product ny MRM called cardio chelate. Make sure to replace your vitamins and minerals with an organically derived product like Mykind organic. Synthetic vitamins are completely worthless. I also highly recommend replacing your iodine with Whole Foods or another brand of potassium iodide. I take three drops twice a day. If you have your thyroid tested and it’s functioning at 30% you check out as normal! Most Americans are suffering from thyroid deficiency caused by soy products. You won’t need the viagra anymore. Avoid canola oil, and soy products. Read all labels before eating. Research soy toxicity!

  56. Berky

    Piers Morgan Discusses Anti-Trump Hysteria & Fake News on Sean Hannity
    Intel on loose?

    • Frederick

      Piers Morgan isn’t he the guy who laughed at Jesse Ventura and basically called him stupid when Jesse claimed that the 911 attacks were not as the official report claims? Yup that’s the same guy I have to call “fake news” on old Piers

  57. John Farr

    I’d like to one more piece of advice for the afflicted. Gluten intolerance is B.S. It’s the gmo soy and live virus in gmo foods. You can prove this for yourself. Eat a bunch of pasta which is made from Durham wheat, a non modified ” Heritage Grain”. Or a big bowl of signature kitchens bran flakes which is loaded with gluten but no soy. Last but not least. Soy causes a myriad of digestive disorders. There’s an incredible product called liver support factors made by country life. Unlike other products that are for liver cleansing which clean and also deplete, this product supports and has given me Impressive improvements in my digestion, and elimination of constant arthritic symptoms. I do not sell foodsupplemts for a living. I forgot in the previous post, drink lots of water when cleaning out metals!

  58. Seeing Clearly

    The censorship of reality should be insulting to every man of good (TO EVERY AMERICAN) you want to know what a real insult is it’s the cover up and concealment of reality and the government not doing anything along with many other things this is just one of them.

  59. Seeing Clearly

    In regards to the propaganda issues:
    Many people don’t realize this, however, there is no such thing as fake news or alternative facts, there is only news or a made up story there is only facts or lies these words paint a notion of confusion, deception, alternative reality or alternative morals, it’s like the half truth thing you can only say the full truth or a lie also know as an alternative news, it’s these oxymorons it’s strange words are spirit words are communication we need to pay attention to how we communicate we need to do it the right way to get our message through as effectual and as effective as possible.

  60. Jason Hodel

    Hi Greg – Excellent work, I love your show and am excited to see this topic as it affects my life daily in Idaho. Geoengineering is a the biggest immediate threat to our health with no way to combat it as we need air to live and cannot avoid the nano particles and poison. In Idaho (Pocatello and all south east) we are sprayed heavily daily and I have tons of photos and proof of spraying on my twitter account (devinator23bear) and tweet the government almost daily about this. I found out about them in college at ISU in 2008 and have noticed them almost daily in Idaho. While in San Diego (Pacific Beach) they spray much less but still do spray and it is unacceptable. Thank you for bringing this topic to those unaware.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jason. Wigington is the real deal.

  61. Hatemail

    Methane Dane is a FAKER. He admits it and says over and over not to believe him and do your own research.
    So I did.

    • Greg Hunter

      You did NOT do any real research. You have posted a video done by an anonymous source. Who did this video????? You do not know!! You believe this crap, and you do not believe the mountains of sourcing and research on Geoengineering Have you studied the Geoengineering site??? Have you done any research on the internet about this well established climate engineering science???? I am sure the answer is no. We are talking established science here. Last year the former CIA Director Brennan talked about Geoengineering and solar radiation management when he addressed the Council of Foreign Relations:

      I don’t mean to be mean, but what you are alleging is I am putting a “FAKER” on my site!! I AM NOT. I did hours of research before I committed to having Wigington on, and HE AN I POST WITH REAL SOURCABLE IDENTIES NOT ANNYTNOMOUS IDIOTS. THAT”S WAHT I CALL A “FAKER.”

      Now you know where I am coming from.


    • Hatemail

      You get very defensive protecting your guests and I commend you for that, but I am not the only person critical of Dane’s motives.
      If you were really concerned about the health of our planet you would be outraged about the ongoing disaster in Fukushima. This situation is devolving out of control into an extinction event.
      I could care less about Dane’s pixie dust fantasy.

      • Greg Hunter

        Here we go again. Who is “Fake News Watch” Who runs this site, and who pays for it? Can you give me a name of the person or people running it? You know, contact someone like me, where I have a track record and post my credentials. You post some more total trash source, and you expect this to carry some weight? I get it. You don’t like this and that is your OPINION. You are welcome to your opinion, you are not welcome to you own character assignation false information and posting it here.

  62. dlc

    Clif High’s latest on SGT Report.

    By the way, in a different interview recently, Clif contends that we are entering an ice age where things like corn can only be grown in the tropics. I’m just out here taking in both views.

  63. Mike R

    I could tell that the whole Flynn thing was a set up by Trump, by how it all unfolded. Turns out it was a sting operation set up before Trump ever got into office. The leakers were set up, and Trump caught them all red-handed. Cleaning out the rot within Obama’s dirty house, had to begin long before Trump got into office.

    Read here if you want to learn more.

    Trumps is going to take down a whole lot of people, and this is just the beginning. You know the press is terrified and the demoncrats even more so, when they start publishing all the baloney about him not being mentally fit. They are truly desperate, and clinging to very thin threads to try to keep their entire party from imploding. There will no doubt be much more thorough cleansings as the weeks and months go on, but the rot is so deep, and the loyalists to Obama so embedded that its going to take a while to dig this crap out of our government. I’m sure many many people will remain in denial and dis-belief and will instead cling to the MSM lies that something is wrong with Trump, and that he is some sort of dictator. They will claim he will be impeached soon, and write obituaries about Trump over and over. They will make up stories about how he is restless, and having cabin fever in the white-house, and try everything to demoralize his supporters. This is going to get very very nasty in the press, and the press will do such horrible things before they are thoroughly discredited. Expect this to get worse and worse, but have no fear, as Trump is doing us all a massive favor, and cleaning out 40 to 50 years of government corruption.

  64. Rock

    Another fantastic interview with a top notch guest. Maybe I missed it, but who is doing the spraying, what is it ( aluminum mix?) and the biggest question, for what purpose?
    If we knew who was doing it, we could start to maybe shut it down.
    Get right with God and His only Son, as He is preparing to return and deal with this sinful world. He is the only way. Keep up the good work Greg.

  65. Phil

    The warming of the planet is accelerating.

    Metal nanoparticles in chemtrails reflect incoming solar radiation
    and help cool the planet.

    What happens when they stop spraying chemtrails?

    • Frederick

      What happens when they stop? You lower the thermostat right lol

  66. Doug


    I think many are dancing all around the big picture but because it’s so big were only able to see a part of the whole. I don’t buy into everything that Dane says and I don’t buy into everything any other guest here says or things that I come across on the net.

    However, if everything that Dane says is correct we are already past the ‘tipping point’ as it were as far as the global climate. We are past the tipping point as a nation, as an economy, as the financial and banking systems.

    Even if all the spraying were to stop today it wouldn’t change anything and fact is your not going to be able to get them to stop the spraying no matter what Dane or anyone else does. This is bigger than all of us….much bigger.

    Fact of the matter is God is either sovereign in his creation or he is not. If you think that God is not sovereign in his creation then you can run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, drown your sorrows with drugs, alcohol or sex like so many after all it’s ‘eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die’, eh?

    However, if God is sovereign in his creation [he is!!] everything is right on schedule and going the way it’s supposed to go. There is nothing that you, I, Dane, Trump or anyone else can do that is going to change the way God knows that it has to go one iota! There is one thing that I tell myself all the time and I believe it to be inspired by the Spirit. Here is is;


    These things have to be in the exact way that they are happening. Since there is not a better way for God to bring about the restoration of humanity that is where faith comes into play. These things are all necessary in the exact way they are coming to pass. Just depends on your world view doesn’t it? I still sleep well at night and I suspect that I always will.

    I am reminding of Smith Wigglesworth [Google] and an experience he had with the evil one.

    ‘Wigglesworth knew the devil and treated him for what he was…defeated. Smith shares a story of an encounter with the advisory:

    “We were sleeping one night, when the manifestation of evil filled the room and the spirit of fear gripped both of us. Polly was so frightened she could not open her eyes. I suddenly sat up, in the bed, and saw the devil. I rubbed my eyes to be sure, it was him. I said, ‘Oh! It’s only you.’ I then turned to Polly and told her to go back to sleep, it was nothing of consequence, and I laid my head back down. Suddenly an overwhelming sense of peace and love filled the room and we had the most blessed sleep ever.”‘


    • Paul ...

      Gina … what you don’t seem to understand is that Trump has something in common with Putin … morality … unlike your Satanistic pedophile child killers who have no respect for women and children selling them into prostitution, slavery and worse … come over from the dark side … No Women … No Children!!!

      • Paul ...

        Educate yourself Gina as to how the Demoncatic pedophiles you love so much “slit the throats of children” as they sexually molest them!!!

    • Frederick

      Warmongering Johnny MCCain and his boyfriend Grahamcracker need to shut their senile pie holes already These people along with nuts like Schumer Pelosi and others are insane obviously

    • Diane

      Who do you work for, Gina. ..the Democrats or Obama’s OFA?

    • DeepState News&Views

      Schumer: GOP will break from Trump within months 1 / 19
      The Hill Jordain Carney 1 hr ago

      Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) predicted on Tuesday that Republicans will split with President Trump within months unless the administration changes course.

      Gina baby,
      Trump could destroy Schumsker in one little tweet!
      These guys were buddies, both New Yorkers.

      New York blood is thicker than water, but when push comes to shove. Just like when Trump couldn’t destroy Hillary over her wonderful Mafia like tactics in defense of Bill’s infidelity when the Accesses Hollywood hit piece, then with Chelsea staring at him in the front row of the debate. He eventually got over that and destroyed Hill in the next debate, he will do the same with up Chuck Schumer. He will let this loose!
      One little tweet from the Trumpster and it’s over for Schmoozer!

      Has Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Own Racist History Come Back To Bite Him?

      Democrat Minority leader Chuck Schumer has always been one to call Republicans ‘racist.’ He’s done it repeatedly to Donald Trump, tried to paste the label on the late Justice Alito and has promised to attack Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions,the judge who destroyed the Klu Klau Klan in Alabama as a ‘racist’ as well.

      As it turns out, it appears Senator Schumer may be living in a glass house when it comes accusing anyone of racism. As conservative talk show host Larry Elder relates, we have an eyewitness account of how Chuck Schumer started of his career as a New York State Assemblyman in 1974 by concocted a disgustingly racist scheme to push blacks out of a white neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. He convinced people living in the neighborhood that if they supported him, he would use his clout to defraud the blacks living in the neighborhood and get rid of them. The whole thing was a con on his part to gull gullible voters.

      Charles Schumer came to power as a New York State Assemblyman in 1974 by virtue of an overtly racist scheme that he created and sold to a naive neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. He convinced them that he would use his power to rid their area of black people;

      Schumers First Ultimatum for The Trumpster

      Whoopsie! More Chuck Schumer’s Own Racist History Comes Back To Bite Him!
      Robert Johnson, the billionaire founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET) openly accused Schumer of racism back in 2008. According to Johnson, Schumer openly and blatantly favored “white owned companies” over his own:
      Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson, the nation’s first African-American billionaire, made the explosive allegations in a Jan. 17 letter to Schumer, a copy of which was obtained by The Post.

      Johnson accused Schumer of trying to get the U.S. Justice Department to derail his efforts to create what he said would be the nation’s first minority-owned airline in more than 30 years.

      Johnson’s proposed company, DC Air, would offer discount fairs to many of upstate New York’s economically hard-pressed cities in a partnership arrangement with long-established carrier American Airlines.

      “As an African-American businessperson who has a personal net worth significantly greater than the market capitalization of [rival companies] Jet Blue and Air Tran combined, I am offended that you could argue that these two companies deserve an opportunity that should be denied to me,” Johnson told Schumer.

      “It cannot be that you believe that they are better businesspersons; perhaps it is because they are white businesspersons.” Full Skinny here;

      Chuck Check out Larry’s Face Book Page devoted To U. Media Bypass!

  67. Justn Observer

    To the point about Facebook and Google’s attempts to ‘adjust’ algo’s to alter the linking feed to viewship …apparently a subtle attempt to minimize free speech?…expressed by Clif High and places like Infowars…I was wondering if you or other’s on here have looked into GAB and had any opinions on it? Would be interesting if Clif High had one, as to its viability to accomplish or defeat those algo concerns being used to diffuse alternative news or more pro-conservative sourcing…

    For those that have some reservations about Clif High…and his POP culture approach to interpretation of data gathering…I would like to leave a few links that might give a more concise understanding of how that is developed and how long his history really is on such AI gathering…Personally I was quite impressed and more deeply informed as to how…computers and search engines work – are compiled -and the abilities and disabilities of them and there limitations or computers in general after viewing these. Those that might be skeptical about from where his views are derived might find this useful…and informative before…applying adjectives to his work…
    Greg – Have a great President’s Day! Also, it was nice to hear Mrs. Trump open with the Lord’ Prayer…,Was there any protest when Congress opens with a Muslim prayer? – why of course not…!
    It was ‘trash the messenger’ not the message… was not that she was praying to God… but that Melania Trump was, how dare her! lol The truth is Islam’s God and the Father of Jesus are supposedly the same as declared by the Pope Francis himself….so is the wedge about ‘who’s’ Prophet is perceived to be the ‘most’ relevant and accepted…or that they object to a GOD at all? If so – then why no outrage when Obama and the Muslim’s lead in a prayer? Yes– just more contrived controversy by MSNBC, CNBC, CNN ‘FAKE NEWS’ !
    Clif High:
    WEBBOT EXPLAINED-Webot Hits Again/Are you surprised? :


  68. Aussie Clive

    Is there global warming or are we headed for a mini ice age??
    Cliff High, Dane Wigington (and Christopher Monckton) are all intelligent, honest men genuinely concerned about the future of our planet, however, they somehow manage to come to completely opposite conclusions.
    As a scientist (not this field) I find this frustrating.
    Several years ago NASA warned that the sun was entering an 11 year cycle and that it may have a number of adverse effects on our planet – ranging from climate volatility to increased earthquake activity. Which we certainly have been experiencing.
    Yet, when I listen to the ‘experts’ on Global warming, rarely do any of them ever mention the influence of the sun.
    When I hear a politician arguing for a Carbon tax I automatically translate this to mean that “we need to increase the tax on the population to get us out of debt so that we can keep our AAA credit rating”. When the Carbon tax plan failed in Australia our politicians immediately began debating to increase our GST.
    I read a scientific article one year declaring that the Poles are shrinking, only to read another article the following year declaring that the poles are larger than ever. If Al Gore was correct the North Pole should have disappeared long ago.
    The problem for me is that I don’t trust politicians and I don’t trust scientists paid by those politicians.
    So how do the gentlemen above come to different conclusions? Are they cherry-picking the information they trust and which support their beliefs, and ignoring the rest? Is the whole equation involving the sun, earth and solar system too complex for us to understand and develop accurate models? Do they over/under emphasize the influence of man on the planet? I don’t know.
    People listening to Cliff, Christopher and Dane are going to believe what they want to believe based on who they trust the most. It will be interesting looking back in 30 years time to see who was correct.
    As an aside: With the lunatics running this planet I am more concerned with nuclear war than climate change.

    • foggygoggles

      Aussie Clive,
      I totally agree with your observations. Whenever politicians, scientists paid by politicians and corporate media align on the same side of an issue, it gives me pause. Whenever truth seekers like Jon Rappaport, Catherine Austin-Fitts and Clif High are aligned on an issue, I tend to trust the latter.

    • Paul ...

      Aussie Clive … global warming will kill us … global cooling will kill us … Nuclear Armageddon will kill us … loss of all the bees will kill us … so does it really matter who is right? … we are doomed!! … enjoy each day we have left collecting wood in case there is global cooling and finding a cave in the mountains in case we have global warming and finally making things right with God if its Nuclear Armageddon that gets us!!!

      • Aussie Clive

        Hi Paul. Yes it would be very difficult to survive extreme conditions of either Global warming or an ice age, but we are a brilliant species at adapting and we have a knack for modifying our environment and surroundings to suit our needs. Yes, many lives would be lost but I doubt that the human race would become extinct – as long as we can get clean water and grow some food we will survive.
        A modern nuclear war however would make Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl and Fukushima combined seem insignificant. There is only so long that the prepared can live underground. Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,000 years. So it does matter “how we go”.
        But on a more optimistic note you must realize that there have always been dooms-day theories that have induced panic amongst various populations and there will, in all likelihood, always be new imagined threats to our survival. Hell, I’m still waiting for Nibiru to collide with the earth and for the imminent Alien invasion.
        So don’t enjoy each day until you die, instead, enjoy each day as you get old.

  69. JQP

    Obviously, the only thing that makes any sense is… we were forced to spray this crap by the aliens in order to change our environment to their liking.

    One question comes to mind to debunk some of this crap… If scientists are keeping quiet to save their jobs while knowing life on earth will cease to exist as we know it within 10 years… I mean these are smart people and even a dumb person wouldn’t care about saving your job if everyone you know will be dead in 10 years. Again, the only thing that makes any sense is we are being forced to do this by aliens (not the ones from Mexico).

    • Paul ...

      You may be on to something JQP … those aliens the politicians and religious leaders are visiting in Antarctica probably breathe methane!!!

    • Pragmatic

      Dude, c’mon. Aliens? For their benefit? I respect your right to have an opinion but seriously, between you and me, one of us is completely nuts. It could be me, possibly…

    • Frederick

      I’m still up in the air on this(pardon the pun) but it seems to me the clusters…k in Japan is at least as big a problem as this or bigger But Everybody knows there’s nothing that can be done about a triple meltdown with existing technology Chernobyl was nothing compared to what’s going on in Japan

  70. Jerry

    If anyone needs a headline for the upcoming IMF, World Bank meeting in April this is it.
    Does the word “Shifting” stand out to you, like it does me, or is it just a metaphor?
    I highly recommend reading this report. It stands out as a program for what is forthcoming. I see a lot of dislike for nationalism in it.

  71. Leslie

    for all the tin foil hat wearers on here please watch this video and explain why a commercial jet and then two jet fighters would be spraying chemicals!! lets hear it LOL

    • Paul ...

      Leslie … look a few miles behind the planes … these are all “contrails” as they dissipate to nothingness … if they were chem-trails they would have lingered for many many hours!!!

      • Leslie

        exactly the point Paul all jet engines produce “contrails’ with the correct atmospheric conditions! and depending on the jet stream strength and direction they will linger or drift off!

    • Frederick

      Tin foil hat wearers is just the rhetoric of truth deniers and frankly that phrase is getting old and WAY overused

  72. Steven

    If what he says is true then we are all dead. The chance for any real change is zero….

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true Steven if it is stopped soon.

  73. Mike Weber

    Who manufactures and distributes the aerosols which are carried and released fro aircraft? How much in terms of weight is allocated for each flight spraying?

  74. frank jeffries

    Edward Griffin says this guy is 100 percent wrong on ‘Global Warming’…….. come on Greg………. is Al Gore gona be on your show next?????? how about Clifford Carnicom for real chemtrails info. Griffin says this guy Dane is a global warming fraudster. I go with Griffin….. stick with the best Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s look at Wigington’s sourcing and body of work on and the body of work found with Mr. Griffin. I’ll stick with the person with the best story and facts. I like both of these men, by the way. This is not a popularity contest. We are trying to find the truth here.

    • wondrouscat

      Griffin says global warming and the chemtrails are two different things and that he supports Wigington on the chemtrails existence, but differs with him about global warming. Also, Griffin says, supported by scientific literature, that the islands in the South Pacific are sinking caused by the tectonic plate(s) sliding under the other. Whereas Wigington says they are drowning due to the ocean level rising due to global warming. Seems either way they are ‘going under’.

  75. Bill

    GREG: I do not doubt your guests information and statistics. However, Psalm24 says, ” The earth is the Lords and every thing in it, the world and all who live in it ” Is my thinking wrong, or does God the Father have the last word on all this??

  76. Bondo

    I suspect the reason for the chem-trails is military- it is used to enhance some surveillance imaging, used as as a medium for some type of stratospheric internet network to transfer data, as a shroud to conceal things occurring above, etc.
    The fact it is so toxic and harmful to humans is just a bonus. Chasing it down as a weather phenom causer is a ruse that distracts from what chem-trails really are for and plus what is really causing the weather changes.

    • Frederick

      I’ve read that it might be related to the HAARP program but Leslie’s going to call me a Tin foiler any second now if I allege something so outrageous right?

      • Leslie

        Hey Fredrick when I put on my tin foil hat I get the best internet connection! LOL no chemtrails or HAARP required!

  77. coalburner

    WOW Greg; My fallback is Devine Intervention won this election. And that is what I am counting on with this stuff. No I am not convinced Global Warning is Man caused to start with. Not proven to me with so many false data revelations. Yes we are in a warming cycle that may be ending, since there has been little change in the last 18 years. We had a long drought but it is now gone. Look at the powerful storms coming ashore in the west this winter. I do not believe they are man caused, it is simply the earth adjusting within it s normal range of fluctuation. I still say Fukushima is far worse than anything else happening on the planet today. Oh yes Silica is just sand. In water disolved rock that is like sand. We eat it everyday in the west whether we want to or not. All in moderation. Best to you et al!

  78. ron hall

    Greg: I’ve been watching your show(about 3 yrs.) and have been making comments on for at least 3 years. I have done considerable research on this subject which includes reading the dozens of patents for climate engineering. One of the more powerful patents(which was fully approved) is the one which established HAARP–in particular the location in Alaska. There are some rather sophisticated physics involved regarding IONOSPHERIC HEATERS and PLASMA creation high above the stratosphere. I have a background in some of this, so it is simply MIND-BOGGLING to witness what the human species is bringing upon itself. We have generated THE 6TH GREAT EXTINCTION–or as Dane sometimes puts it, “we’ve gone through the guard rail.”
    IMO, it is crucial to grasp the fact that Dane is no “garden variety” cause pusher! The man is nothing but PURE WARRIOR and will NEVER give up his goal!
    And my respect for you, Greg, is your undeniable COURAGE for the “Common Person” and your guts to invite a real TRUTH SEEKER to appear and be interviewed by you. I cannot thank you enough, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ron!

  79. Mme. Hedin

    Interesting guest. Nice change from partisan politics. Thanks, Greg.

  80. DeepState News&Views

    Published on Feb 20, 2017
    A friend of mine who runs the SGTreport put up Vladimir’s Christmas message a few weeks ago, however, I had not seen it until this morning. It is a stunner, especially in this era of a possible alliance between century-long enemies, Russia and the United States.
    He has graciously given me permission to put this important message up on my channel.
    Putin also seems to divide the world up into the nationalists and the globalists with the Islamist militants doing the future bidding of the globalists.

  81. Table Rock Jayhawk

    Greg – I love your work. Have been following and your interviews for a few years now. Thank you for keeping us all informed.

    I’ve worked for the National Weather Service as a meteorologist now for 17 years coming up in October. Right now I’m at the Springfield MO field office.

    Be very careful with this guy. There were some things he said regarding the NWS in an interview over a year ago that I know for a fact wasn’t even close to be being true. This regards a supposed gag order…along with some quotes that were taken way out of context from a member of the NWS union.

  82. Hatemail

    You are a purveyor of Fake News. You should be ashamed of yourself. Hell of a way to make a living.
    Go back to CNN where you would be appreciated.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is you last comment.

  83. Mike from the North

    I used to use silver water to build up my immune system. Now I cleanse 1 or 2 days each week with a product designed specifically to remove toxins from the body. Full disclosure I started selling this product shortly after beginning to use it. Love just knowing I am doing something to detoxify my body.

  84. Linda L.

    For a natural food chelation to cleanse the body of toxic metals, routinely eat organic cilantro. I’ve also heard that parsley is very good for this too.

  85. MCasey

    “Earth has shifted” – Inuit elders issue warning to NASA and the world (Video)

  86. C.M. Gough

    Heavy spraying the last few days here in New York. My truck, and every other car, is coated with thick, grey particulate matter on these days. “Milky rain”, as they called it in Washington State, is an extremely common occurrence here in New York. This particulate matter makes night time driving very difficult as it diffuses and scatters head lights. Last night, I drove to the self service car wash around here and the line for each stall was several cars long. I just find it astounding that folks have no idea why their cars are covered, inside and out, with this fine dust. It is much worse in the winter time here, as the air is very dry. Almost everyone is coughing and sneezing in our office today, and wondering why as it is the middle of February. You can actually taste the dust in the air on the days they spray. Again, it is so prevalent that I find it astounding that no one has questioned where this particulate matter has come from.

    I spent 5 months driving around the USA, more or less living out of my truck. No matter where I went, the spraying, the rings around the sun, the chemical sheen in the sky, and the particulate matter was present. We drove US 50 in Nevada (the old pony express trail) and I did not once see the Milky Way. I remember in the 90s the skies in Colorado were so blue it was startling. Coming from the East Coast, I could not fathom how blue the skies were, how intense the stars were at night.

    Thanks Greg for covering this issue. Everyone should be outraged and concerned about this.

  87. foggygoggles

    Stefen Molyneux, provides a data-based argument on climate change at It’s titled, “Climate Change in 12 Minutes – The Skeptic’s Case”.

    • Jo

      It’s a dishonest argument to focus on the fact that the models were wrong and not recognise Global Warming is real. The fact is, global average temperatures are still rising rapidly and the potentially negative effects are still likely to occur if we don’t stop climate engineering.

      Must watch:
      Climate engineering has to stop sooner rather than later, period!

  88. wondrouscat

    Greg, Please have Bix Weir on as soon as possible as he is calling the Oroville dam situation a false flag event. He says the weather can be manipulated and that the storms could be pushed out to sea and the temperature dropped so that the snow would not melt just yet – instead, it is being allowed to happen. The 10 dams above Oroville have been filled to the brink, their run-offs closed, so to let the Oroville dam water level drop – but eventually these dams will have to release some of their water downstream, and there will be more melt-off soon as well as possible rain storms. Bix Weir sees this as deliberate.

  89. foggygoggles

    Here’s another rational and reasoned response to climate change by Richard Lindzen, Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT. “Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say?”

  90. Holly Duhaime

    Geo engineering is ruining the whole planet. How can collective intelligence go from a clear understanding in the mid 1800’s that metals = disease/death to spraying metals throughout the atmosphere as a ‘good idea’. Every aspect of our planet in the mean time is poisoned; water, land, air, plants/trees and animals/humans/insects/etc. no one is left out of this insanity.

    Ecclesiastes 8:9 “All of this I have seen, and I applied my heart to every work that has been done under the sun, during the time that man has dominated man to his harm.” we keep proving this true no matter what century it is.

  91. Jo

    Hi Greg,
    What about interviewing Dutchsinse? This is his latest video where he is showing clearly, Americans are being killed by man-made storms!

  92. Walter E. Long


    I am a researcher (50 years). I think what is needed is specific data… One person to come forward with what agency is involved… Airfields used… Types and number of aircraft used…Pictures or description of spray tanks used on aircraft…Types of chemicals used…Schedules of time and location of activity… With all or part of this information the veracity will be compelling to all open minds… Good Luck…

  93. sam

    Agree about geoengineering and about HAARP and cell phone towers
    However thought that we had disproved global warming?
    Might be a good idea to get this guy with Piers Morgan talking together so that Piers could explain all these extreme weather phenomena and what is the cause.
    Also Prof Svensmark might be an interesting guest
    Alzheimers in the UK increasing is not proved that it was geoengineering the cause. It is most likely because most old poeple are on a cocktail of medical drugs which cause dementia and are also exposed to microwave radiaiton in their home from cordless landlines and wifi routers not to mention cell phone and cordless landline use. Studies show this level of radiation causes dementia and early onset dementia. These are the 2 most likely causes of the increase in alzheimers in the UK.
    It looks as though the world is plunging into another ice age fmor now which will not be good for us at all. If goengineering is hastening this then it needs to be stopped. Can the global elite be so stupid as to believe their own climate change nonsense or is there something else at play here?

  94. mortise Mohammad

    This is good

  95. Bill from NC

    HELP !!! I’m TOTALLY CONFUSED. I’ve looked thru these posts and watched the interview but neither saw or heard an answer to the questions: WHY IS GEO-ENGINEERING BEING DONE, BY WHAT GROUP AND WHAT DO THEY EXPECT TO GAIN FROM IT? Who would have a goal of a planet devoid of human and most other life? It just does not make sense. The group directing and funding this has got to be very powerful and very rich. Who are they and what is their end goal? Who wins if they make the world on which they and their children must live uninhabitable? The only group I can think of is ET’s who want us out of the way so they can move in. Please somebody un-confuse me….

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