Elites Know Economy in Deep Trouble, ISIS Will Attack US, Election Update

1bGreg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com
(WNW 226 2.12.16)

The economy is in deep trouble and elites know it.  I think it’s so dire that it’s safe to say the trouble coming is going to be unlike anything we have seen.  It will be Biblical in nature.  The headlines this week were touting plunging markets and spiking gold prices.  You know people are nervous when Drudge Report has a main headline that talks about gold demand.  Anybody with two neurons touching knows the economy is in trouble, and the Fed is totally out of options.

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, says ISIS is the “pre-eminent terrorist threat” around the world, and their top target is the U.S.  He also said at a hearing on Capitol Hill, this past week, that ISIS would be directly involved in the attacks and not just inspire lone wolves.  In that same hearing in Washington, Clapper said that North Korea has about 10 nukes, but could have as many as 100 by the year 2020.

In the election update, the Republican field is beginning to narrow.  Of course, Trump and Sanders were the big winners, but, once again, Hillary took a beating.  That said, Clinton and Sanders ended up with about the same amount of New Hampshire delegates.  It seems the so-called Super Delegates can vote for the loser.  Seems like a rip-off to Sanders to me.  Clinton was way ahead of the national polls, and now it appears they are tied.  By the way, the State Department has issued a subpoena to the Clinton Foundation over its charity work while Ms. Clinton was running the State Department.  Hillary Clinton is now tied to at least four investigations at the federal level, and, yes, the FBI probe into Ms. Clinton is criminal.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. allen ols


    …………Beyond Ted Cruz, however, the anti-establishment campaign is a horror show. Even as the nation endured FDR’s New Deal and Truman’s Fair Deal in the last century, it would now have to face Bernie’s Scary Deal and The Donald’s Hairy Deal this time around.

    As to Bernie, what you hear is what you get. To wit, unadulterated statism and redistributionism that would be the death knell for what remains of American prosperity and capitalism. But the Sanderista campaign is rooted in irony….


    • Jack

      Capitalism ended in 2008

      • Mohammad

        Capitalism ended with the coupe de tat that took Kennedy with it.


        • diane s.

          Sure seems that way Mohammad.

        • Gord Higham


          Very astute if you mean to reference the de-monetization of Silver and the last real vestige of a monetary system backed by precious metal. The gold standard was still in effect however the writing was on the wall to end it once Johnson embarked on his guns and butter platform and the neocons took control of the White House and ultimately all foreign policy decisions including ignoring France’s repudiation of the USA entering the Vietnam war.

          Silver was desperately needed for industrial use (military industrial complex) and therefore had to be demonetized. France forced the US government under Nixon to abandon the gold backed Treasury Note as a direct result of the Vietnam War and the massive deficits produced to finance it.

          So yes capitalism and free markets as the world knew them started the long, slow decline back in 1964 and now 50 odd years later we face the total implosion and the ultimate removal of the US Treasury note as fiat for trade and commerce.

          At least thats how I see it.


          • Mohammad


            It was the nazi/zionist take over of US after Kennedy.
            I have a lot of vacuum inside whenever his name is mentioned, sadness for the potential of this great country had he had enough support to protect him and let him go with what he wanted to do.
            How Americans let this slide is beyond me.
            But hey they are paying a hefty price now aren’t they.
            RIP Mr. Kennedy you did your best.


            • Diana Dee Jarvis

              Mohammad, the Nazi takeover was before Kennedy. That’s why they got away with both JFK and RFK’s murders.

          • diane s.

            I understand Kennedy wanted to do away with the federal Reserve.

          • Galaxy 500

            Nice post Gord.
            On a personal note, my wife’s dog is called Gord for short and he is a very intelligent and noble

        • WD

          I will say it started with Federal Reserve creation in 1913?

          • Mohammad

            Kennedy was last hope.
            He was the milestone.
            He was the last true American president every one should of been proud of.


            • diane s.

              I agree.
              I believe some evil doers wanted him out of the way.

              • frederick

                evil bankers who had ALOT to lose Imagine actually having to WORK for a living perish that thought right?

            • bob


            • Silence is Golden

              Really ???
              What gets swept under the rug…stays under the rug.

              • allen ols

                The old World Trade Center that Larry and his friends (including Bibi Netanyahu) blew up on 9/11/2001 was a prime example of the “aging stock” that had to be “replaced.” The old WTC was:

                *Riddled with asbestos that would have cost billions to remove;
                *Cursed with antiquated communications infrastructure that was also too expensive to replace;
                *Hemorraging money due to high vacancy rates;
                *Considered an aging eyesore by the community and the City, which had been unsuccessfully looking for an affordable way to demolish the Twin Towers since at least 1990.
                So Larry and his friends came up with a plan for “urban renewal by other means.” For the relatively trivial cost of 3,000 lives on 9/11 itself, and several million more in the wars that followed, they were able to tear down some “aging stock” and put up “replacements.”

          • Galaxy 500

            I am going with 1933 and FDR stealing the people’s gold

            • john henesy

              Too late now for that. With the coming of Nibiru and the pole shift, there are going to be changes in this world we cannot even fathom at this point. PRAY!

          • Silence is Golden

            WD…I am impressed…very impressed….sincerely.
            If people only understood who were involved in the FED’s creation and which Bank had at that time, 25% control of all American Businesses. That’s not capitalism by a long shot. That was an oligopoly…now its a Monopoly.

            • WD


              Thank you…but it seems simple to me. And soon after came income tax to pay bank this collection of out of control banks.

              That control ever aspect of our lives.

            • WD

              My next read is The Creature from Jekyll Island….

              Thanks again SIG

            • allen ols

              This is getting just plain nuts. Here is what Janet Yellen said today about the possibility of negative interest rates:

              In light of the experience of European countries and others that have gone to negative rates, we’re taking a look at them again because we would want to be prepared in the event that we needed to add accommodation.“

              The operative words here are “European countries” and “add accommodation”. Yet even a brief reflection on those items demonstrates that Janet is a delusional Simpleton. To adapt Jim Kunstler’s felicitous phrase about Senator Rubio’s 4-Peat incantation during the last GOP debate, our financial system is being led by a monetary android with a broken flash drive.

              She says the same damn stupid thing over and over, endlessly.

              Someone should tell Janet and her posse of Keynesian money printers that there is no such economic ether as “accommodation”. That’s Fed groupspeak for their utterly erroneous conceit that the US economy is everywhere and always sinking towards collapse unless it is countermanded, stimulated, supported and propped up by central bank policy intervention.

              No it isn’t. Janet may prefer a dutch boy hair cut, but she’s not got her finger in the dike, nor is she warding off any other catastrophe. The deluge that is coming is actually the handiwork of the Fed and its bubble ridden Wall Street casino, not the capitalist hinterlands of main street.http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/simple-janet-the-monetary-android-with-a-broken-flash-drive/

          • Diane D.

            Agreed WD. And in 1913 the 16th Amendment was ratified, ushering in the direct income tax and evil Internal Revenue Service. Also in 1913, the 17th Amendment was ratified seriously undermining State sovereignty.

        • Turbotony

          Capitalism = Capital Is for them. that is what capitalism is. like we say in holland: all for them and the rest can suffer!
          Like Greg Man. always says: become your own central bank.

      • brian

        Capitalism probably ended earlier than that; one could argue it ended when the central bank was created, another argument could be made it was just another casualty of the civil war, a victim of the affect the civil war ultimately had on the balance of powers here in this country…………but in the end most would agree that capitalism has indeed died, along with its god parents, the rule of law and free markets; and of course it is to be interred with its silent offspring and beloved children whose names are prosperity, dignity and the value of life.

        Lets all have a moment of silence for such a terrible and momentous passing, for these things shall truly be missed by us all as we sink into the cold mud of tyranny, chaos, loss and suffering.

    • bullethead

      the establishment would like to scare the public with another neocon false flag, and blame it on that. never fails, except this time as our eyelids have been cut off after the recent information blitzkrieg thanks to the internet and alternative media. we see right through their lies, they can’t keep pulling off the the same old stuff. if they want a new currency and north american union, just do it, everyone is doped up as it is. no need to shed innocent life.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      With respect, which “American prosperity and capitalism” would you be talking about? Truthfully and tragically, your country no longer has either of the above conditions.

      Socialism is essentially a redistribution of wealth from the wealthy to the poor and capitalism is the polar opposite. Neither system is sustainable in its purest form long term. A blend of the two systems [social democracy] is one solution and there are many successful working models globally including:
      New Zealand
      United Kingdom

      Bernie Sanders labels himself a “Social Democrat” and if he ever got to power would have many aspects of these working models to aspire to. Perhaps anything is preferable to the current US model which is clearly neither capitalist nor democratic……neither is it successful.

      Cheers and best wishes.

      • Mike

        The United States may not be what it used to be but socialism or a social democracy were not what made America the greatest country in the world. From the richest to the poorest, all Americans were better off when we had true capitalism which created the opportunity for all to live a better life.

      • Jeff L

        With all do respect Colin…. these countries exhibit way too much socialism and are as broke as the rest for that very reason. Especially the European ones…..just saying

      • WD


        Capitalism and Socialism is like oil and water…they NEVER really mix and NEVER will.

        These countries, especially the ones in the EU are dying faster and faster.

        Socialism is like a snake eating its tail and trying to satisfy its hunger.

  2. Dan

    Hi Greg,

    I think that we all know what is coming. When the banks in the US really start to get in trouble, we know that they will impose a bank holiday, bail-in, etc. But a concern I think you should start preparing for is the survivability of usawatchdog.com. Let me explain.

    When the mass population starts to revolt, they will not begin by getting out their guns and protest shoes (they are too intimidated by the Police State); instead they will take to social media (Facepuke, Twitter, etc.). We have seen that these two social media companies alone have already incorporated Orwellian-style censorship clauses into their policies. So the gov’t may easily get them to “cooperate” and censor any kind of gov’t related criticism. My main concern is with sites like Usawatchdog.com, PaulCraigRoberts.org, and LibertyBlitzkrieg.com. What these sites have in common is that their servers are hosted **within the United States** and could easily be put offline if the gov’t and its muscle agencies tell their ISP providers to do so.

    Have you ever thought about this? I think it would be wise to start to prepare now and consider moving your server to another country. ZeroHedge.com, for example, is hosted on a server in Switzerland. Maybe you could do the same. Ideally, choosing a country that is not a IS puppet state would be best for obvious reasons.

    I think I speak for many Watchdoggers here (gov’t / CIA trolls excluded of course) when I say it would be a damn shame if Usawatchdog.com were to suddenly “go dark”. Think about that for a minute.

    As you guys may know, I live in China were such kind of censorship is blatant, not to mention extremely frustrating (for example this Chinese New Year holiday week, we’ve been completely shut off from the outside world – major VPN services attacked by the Chinese authorities here and not working at all). To think that the US would not resort to such measures would be quite naive to say the least.

    I am just thinking ahead. When the SHTF, we will need Usawatchdog.com even more!

    Bless you all!

    • Gord Higham


      Very astute if you mean to reference the de-monetization of Silver and the last real vestige of a monetary system backed by precious metal. The gold standard was still in effect however the writing was on the wall to end it once Johnson embarked on his guns and butter platform and the neocons took control of the White House and ultimately all foreign policy decisions including ignoring France’s repudiation of the USA entering the Vietnam war.

      Silver was desperately needed for industrial use (military industrial complex) and therefore had to be demonetized. France forced the US government under Nixon to abandon the gold backed Treasury Note as a direct result of the Vietnam War and the massive deficits produced to finance it.

      So yes capitalism and free markets as the world knew them started the long, slow decline back in 1964 and now 50 odd years later we face the total implosion and the ultimate removal of the US Treasury note as fiat for trade and commerce.

      At least thats how I see it.


    • frederick

      Dan I agree when I noticed that Greg hadn’t updated his site for 12 or more hours after getting that disturbing message from a socalled govt employee I was nearly panicked and at that moment I realized what you are saying is so true The problem is finding a place that is out of reach Does it exist?

      • Linda L.

        I doubt that the self proclaimed govt. employee disturbed or scared Mr. Hunter. I Would imagine that he just needed some rest. Can you imagine what it would be like to work a site like this without a break every once in awhile? When he (Mr Hunter) has to find a place that’s out of reach, we’re all going to be in trouble anyway. For the time being, have a great weekend!

    • Wilfong


      When I lived in China last year, I always used Strongvpn, but started to notice that it was becoming more and more unreliable as the days went by.

  3. dave roselle

    Hi Greg
    Nice post with having Peter on.One of my favorite guy’s.Didn’t mean to be so harsh with you last time, but you should inform people of the core problem ,which is much deeper than a lot of your topics.The true problem is within or own GOV.Most of us knows this and IMO you should expose it

    Thanks Dave

    • frederick

      Dave don’t be harsh on Greg we all want him to remain around on cyberspace for as long as possible and getting too close to that subject could put him in great jeopardy We all understand that fact and are thankful for all we get from his wonderful site

  4. Sayonara

    Passing thoughts on this week’s WNW – Excellent job as always!:
    David Morgan’s avalanche analogy at the beginning of the year is spot on as the financial implosion is now gaining volume and velocity. The Elites know this is happening, but your average “I will choose a Hershey bar over a 10 oz. silver bar” dumb American has no clue. It will get really ugly and nasty when the clueless finally gets clued in.
    Global Terror Threats:
    George W. Bush and Obama’s disastrous foreign policies have sowed the seeds of WMD terrorism and it is just a matter of time as to when something horrific will occur. If I am ISSIS, I am refining the WMD terror strategy and waiting until the economic implosion hits hard and then hit hard with a WMD terror attack and get exponential results from a completely freaked America populous and government. This is imminent.
    Favorite Political Subject – Hillary:
    Too Big to Fail – Too Big to Jail. Hillary demonstrates the utter blatant corruption that represents American politics and economics. I now do not believe she is electable because she is just arrogantly mean. And now because – I am scared “Swordless” that the average “I will choose a Hershey bar over a 10 oz. silver bar” dumb American will vote a 74 year old Marxist curmudgeon as the next president – if they get a chance.
    I am still holding to my conviction that there will be no 2016 Presidential election due the events mentioned above resulting in the convenient declaration of martial law by the current Marxist President. This is just history repeating itself .
    Sayonara over and out!

  5. Gregory Mannarino

    Excellent Greg and thank you. Your work is truly top notch!
    Greg I want to share this with your followers, I hope they are paying attention, “Humanity At A Crossroads: Deliberately Created Systemic Risk Coming Apart.” Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2a-p5dMX_A

    • Mohammad


      The premise is correct, the timing is wrong.
      They still need this big mule to do the job for the few, the chosen, when they are done with this big mule they will slaughter at the end.

      Time will tell.


    • Mark


      Great video which does a solid job of summarizing the parabolic mess we’re in. I’ve heard several economists use the term “peak debt” and most say the bond market bubble is far more concerning than the US or global stock markets. The everyday citizen is in a trance and dumbed-down too much by state-run MSM that always says “buy the dips” instead of “sell the rallies”.

      Glad to see my favorite investment, PM’s, are starting to gain traction! My fear is that many won’t join the party until the prices have soared far above what they can afford and need to be protected. I can’t say how relieved I feel for dumping the stock market years ago in favor of real money and have been trying to encourage many to listen to your videos as well as other economists that are like-minded.

      The true reality you and others warned about is finally coming into clear view. I do believe an awakening is starting to develop, but as you feared many will be too late to the party. Keep sending the message and educating the masses and I’ll do what I can on my end along with fellow “doggers”.

      • Jeff L

        I see no awakening

    • Linda L.

      Mr. Mannarino:
      I saw your video (watched it a couple of times). THANK YOU for all your time and valuable information.

    • Southern Girl


      THANK YOU!!!!! My hat is off to you for such a passionate plea for us to understand what is going on. I am not a wizard and there are some things I cannot wrap my head around, but I read you loud a clear about this is a resource problem. I remember seeing a video about resources in America…showed a photo of 2 men sitting on a small mountain…that is what I thought…it was copper above ground. We have since taken all the resources above ground and now we keep digging deeper into the ground to find the same resources.

      You explain in such a concise manner…about the bubbles..thanks I would have never understood that. I am thankful I pulled out of the stock market years ago…not knowing why but just a gut feeling. Now you give me the understanding of my gut feeling.

      Have been stock pilling food, supplies, etc. for about 6 years now. I am still canning and planting seeds to grow my own vegetables.

  6. Faith

    Another great wrap up! Thanks Mr. Hunter, as always.

  7. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Did I hear you say you liked Fiorina!
    You cannot have watched the first 2015 GOP debate.

    Just me, but after hearing her first two statements I completely wrote her off as an extremely dangerous psychopathic warmongering neocon. In the Warhawk stakes, she made most of her Republican competition look like sunday-school children by comparison. In one of her rants she said;

    “Having met Vladimir Putin, I wouldn’t talk to him at all. We’ve talked way too much to him…….What I would do, immediately, is begin rebuilding the Sixth Fleet, I would begin rebuilding the missile defense program in Poland, I would conduct regular, aggressive military exercises in the Baltic states. I’d probably send a few thousand more troops into Germany. Vladimir Putin would get the message…..We could also, to Senator Rubio’s point, give the Egyptians what they’ve asked for……..We could give the Jordanians what they’ve asked for…bombs and material. We have not supplied it…We could arm the Kurds.”

    If that wasn’t bad enough she went on to say;

    “We need the strongest military on the face of the planet, and everyone has to know it. And, specifically, what that means is we need about 50 Army brigades, we need about 36 Marine battalions, we need somewhere between 300, and 350 naval ships, we need to upgrade every leg of the nuclear triad…….we need to reform the Department of Defense, we need as well… …to invest in our military technology, and we need to care for our veterans so 307,000 …aren’t dying waiting for health care.”

    Furthermore, she appears to be a complete disaster in business as well and was instrumental in all but wrecking not one but two great American Companies. This is what David Stockman had to say about this;
    “What she didn’t excel at was learning a single thing that qualifies her to be President of the United States—-not the least of which is humility. Indeed, having helped to destroy two once great American companies based on flash card salesmanship, it is unthinkable that she should be given the opportunity to try her flash cards again—this time with charge of the lethal power of Washington’s massive imperial machinery of war and intervention

    If you care to read the entire article that Stockman wrote about this thoroughly nasty piece of work, here is the link;

    This is just one small opinion from “The land of the long white cloud” but I would say if this delusional and dangerous creature ever became POTUS then the world would be at war within weeks of her taking office. Thank God she is no longer a contender.

    • frederick

      Hi Colin Frederick here how are you? Yes I get a cold shiver up my spine when I think of Fiorina or Hitlary in the white house You seem to have quite the grasp on insane American politics from way down under

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Hi Fred
        I don’t watch movies or read fiction anymore as current events are far more interesting. As the saying goes……..you couldn’t make this shite up.

        I often think of the many ridiculous antics of the Roman empire on its way to ruin and in particular, of Caligula making his favourite horse a Senator. Of course, this is not so far fetched anymore….
        After all, Obama appointed Kerry as SOC!

        Now we see the unbelievable, lying, thieving piece of work, Hitlery lining herself up for POTUS when her treasonous deals as SOS yielded hundreds of millions of dollars for her Clinton foundation.


  8. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Looks like a lot of fools in London are now wanting
    that “worthless relic”!

    If I didn’t have a large mortgage I would be spending every last available dollar on PMs.
    My buy ratio would be 2/3 Silver 1/3 Gold and yes it would be physical not paper!


    • frederick

      yup precious metals sure made a quick turnaround and I bought some yesterday during the runup Planning a trip to the famous covered bazaar in the Old City of Istanbul where you can get all the kilo bars you want certified by the city as pure I really want to get as much of my money out of the banks as possible with whats coming and asap Plan on some good farmland with a good pure mountain spring fed water supply as well Cheers from your friend in Turkey

      • Mohammad


        The Balkans are going to be a basket case, AGAIN, no way the west will let Russia get full access to warm water after they take Istanbul or more rightfully CONSTANTINOPLE.


    • Silence is Golden

      Quite a litany of stories are making news about PM’s.
      I find it fascinating that the narrative “that Gold is being sought as a safe haven” in these very uncertain times…is being quoted as the reason behind the sudden rush.
      Ahhhh…..forget that it was suppressed for the last 5 years (from its high) , forget about the leveraged paper markets, forget about the implosion within the LBMA, forget the divergences between paper and physical prices….and FORGET that China/India/Russia have all been acquiring it faster than it can be produced…..again the Sheep are asleep….and the Banksters did their job very well.
      I also find it very amusing that the market makers, once part of the LBMA, have parted ways…Barclays , Credit Suisse & Deutsche. That tells me that THE GAME IS UP….. THE FIX IS BROKEN….and …they got positioned LONG …right at the lows.
      Nothing to see here…..KEEP CALM ….& BUY GOLD!!!

      • Jeff L

        ” That tells me that THE GAME IS UP….. THE FIX IS BROKEN….and …they got positioned LONG ” …..couldn’t agree more.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        My advice….hold on to your hats… and buy PMs if you have any available cash.

  9. DLC


    First Ebola, now Zika.

    The nuns used to show us movies once a month. This was one of them.

    It fits with all the fear mongering since 2001 — ISIS, viruses, the Russians, meteors, strange objects/lights over cities, rainbow lighting of WH.

    • Southern Girl


      Love your sense of humor….we never got to see that from our nuns.

  10. your fan in Japan

    Greg, another great week. Thanks for your work. Two things. I spoke to my uncle who lived in CA today. He says the drought is still a SERIOUS problem- not going away. My uncle had a few comments about the election. He was a Vietnam vet. Talking about the Benghazi incident, he said there is NO WAY Hillary should be allowed to be president. On the weekend I will be meeting with some Koreans. I’ll see what they can relate about North Korea.

  11. Deanna Johnston Clark

    I disagree. There is more to our country than money and FDR later told his sons that his hand was forced by the banks to do things he hated.
    Roosevelt with his lameness gave great heart to many poor people and was the better angel to a dictator…which many Americans (Bundus, KKK, etc.) would have welcomed.
    On a lighter note, my grandparents were the only ones in Crosbyton TX to vote for Hoover in 1932…everyone knew them. They got their windows soaped for it!!

  12. Benjamin F

    My opinion is, what do you call it, non-debt denominated QE dollars for the pyramid base, is financially what’s needed. I’m not talking full crazy/stupid living wage QE, I mean 40-100 into every American’s account in “4th currency.” That’s about $300 billion/year (to be printed in 4th currency) or about 2% of national debt.
    1) dollar 100% backed by gold
    2) “this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private, and is redeemable in lawful money at the united states treasury or at any federal reserve bank”
    3) “this note is legal tender for all debts public and private”
    4) RIP secret private fed

    Preserving the system will preserve the 1% wealth and security. Consider this QE a dividend for all those born into 20 trillion debt. An issue is mass psychology, people will be claiming “runaway inflation!” “the fed is owned by criminals!” “OMG!” Foreign owners of US money will also threaten to dump it on our shores if they do not have a use for it. We could distract everybody with peace-minded-moves in the middle east. We could deal with the Saudi people, while dealing with Russians, to let the Chinese rebuild Syria with refugee labor while we create U.S. backed territories in Saudi Arabia, and offer referendum to people in Yemen.

    Rice: $1/pound
    Silver: $16/ounce

    Forget the comex, why not auction off gold/silver every month. That would be fun. This QE could be done using existing government employees, could even use the military.

  13. JC Davis

    Thanks Greg.
    If the republic that is the USA had a true voice Hillary would be in prison, and Barney 5 would be on a boat to China.

  14. DLC


    “The Long Way Home,” as told by the survivors post war, ’45 to ’48. Just one of the many economic-based world fits.

  15. Tommy

    Yellen looks like a grandmother who doesn’t remember if she put a cup of sugar or a cup of salt into the cookie batter. Strange how many companies have mandatory retirement at age 65 but our fed head is 69 and our two democrat candidates for president will be 75 and and old 69 if and when they are elected.

    • frederick

      Tommy to me she looks scared as if she knows something terrible is imminent Deer in the headlight sort of look

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        To qualify for the FED chair you would do well to be either moronic, disingenuous, a compulsive liar, also delusional…………………………… or absolutely ideally all of the above.

        I watched the nomination ceremony where Obama announced the changing of the guard and the body language of the outgoing and new Chairpersons really stuck in my mind. Bernanke for all the world had the uncomfortable countenance and that I would compare to a rodent that is anxiously waiting to scurry from a sinking ship.

        Yellon on the other hand, had the expression of moronic and gleefull delight at the prospect of her new appointment. She seemed for all the world absolutely oblivious to the fact that she had just been handed one huge hospital pass.

        Obama blathered on about the wonderful job that BB had done during his tenure and also mentioned the dual mandates which incidentally are a complete joke since neither are adhered to in any shape or form.

        Yellon in her acceptance address mentioned a third mandate which is “to look after the interests of the American people”….. another sick illusion.

        Below is the link. Beware! If you are not of strong intestinal fortitude I would advise you to have a very large bucket on your lap.

        Cheers and good luck to you!

  16. ED1

    Good WNW, Greg. Thank you for your hard work.

    I wanted to share with you and all the Watchdog gold bugs out there something I ran across by accident a couple days ago on youtube about gold (sorry I do not have a link for it). It came from a speech Ronald Regan did back in 1964 during the Barry Goldwater days. In that speech Regan stated “We have 15 billion dollars worth of gold in our treasury and we don’t own an ounce”.

    I find that interesting considering we did not go off of the gold standard until the Nixon days nearly 10 years later.

    On the state of our economy: It certainly appears we are heading down, as even someone at JPM stating so. That in itself speaks volumes on the true state of our economy, as well as world-wide.

    I fear most of the predictions some of your guests have made in the last year or so are coming true. Worse part is, as an disabled broken down old man there’s nothing I can do about it other than hope and pray for the best. I no longer have the funds to purchase anything extra, much less gold and silver. I’ve tried to do what I can and tell some folks what is rapidly coming but they do not want to hear it, or they simply do not believe it. I’m now to the point of giving up on trying to warn friends. I will continue to grow my garden, raise chickens, live right, sit back and watch it all unfold. I will not even attempt to try to change the government or big bankers because I find it to be feudal. Heck, I don’t even know if I’m going to vote this year as it seems to make no difference.

    Considering everything, I fear another terrorist attack here in the U.S.A. and I hope and pray one will not happen this year, considering everything is being as fragile as it is. Lord knows we do not need anything else to be thrown into the rats nest. I detest all forms of terrorism and the damage it does. Sad, so sad.

    • Galaxy 500

      I’d love to see the speech to judge what he said and to see the context

      • Vince Shook

        A TIME FOR CHOOSING (The Speech – October 27, 1964)

        Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you and good evening. The sponsor has been identified, but unlike most television programs, the performer hasn’t been provided with a script. As a matter of fact, I have been permitted to choose my own words and discuss my own ideas regarding the choice that we face in the next few weeks.

        I have spent most of my life as a Democrat. I recently have seen fit to follow another course. I believe that the issues confronting us cross party lines. Now, one side in this campaign has been telling us that the issues of this election are the maintenance of peace and prosperity. The line has been used, “We’ve never had it so good.”

        But I have an uncomfortable feeling that this prosperity isn’t something on which we can base our hopes for the future. No nation in history has ever survived a tax burden that reached a third of its national income. Today, 37 cents out of every dollar earned in this country is the tax collector’s share, and yet our government continues to spend 17 million dollars a day more than the government takes in. We haven’t balanced our budget 28 out of the last 34 years. We’ve raised our debt limit three times in the last twelve months, and now our national debt is one and a half times bigger than all the combined debts of all the nations of the world. We have 15 billion dollars in gold in our treasury; we don’t own an ounce. Foreign dollar claims are 27.3 billion dollars. And we’ve just had announced that the dollar of 1939 will now purchase 45 cents in its total value.

        • Galaxy 500

          Thanks Vince. He’s talking about the national debt

  17. Jerry

    Greg I posted this a year ago.
    Jerry 02/25/2015 •

    I keep going back to the four Star General who left this country only a year ago, who made a bold prediction. He said that the United States economy would bottom bounce for a period of 2 years, collapse by the end of 2015 , go through a year of upheaval in 2016, and then cease to be a nation by 2017 joining the NWO. Do I think he was right? I don’t know.

    If you consider that the current slide in the stock market actually began at the end of 2015 and has had a steady downward trajectory ever since, you could conclude that he might have been right in his prediction.

    Folks…. the Guerilla economist has come out and said, that his inside sources have told him that Deutsche Bank is getting ready to go down. If that is true, that might explain why people and banks are lining up to buy Gold in London. Deutsche Bank is after all the flagship Bank of the EU. More importantly it will indirectly cause the derivative markets to explode since Deutsche Bank holds almost a quadrillion dollars in derivatives. In addition this doesn’t take into consideration the Gold Benchmark in April by China. Time is short people. Use it wisely

      • Galaxy 500

        You always point to its and maybe as proof.
        If DB goes down, how many US banks would it take? The European Union has committed suicide letting a million terrorists in. That will do a much or more harm than DB going under

        • Jerry

          First the central banks killed the bankers, and now they’re eating each other. V-the guerilla economist has private insider contacts who are on their way to Germany to pick the bones clean when DB goes down. I trust this man empirically, so I would take this information seriously. If this information is true you can kiss HSBC, Barclays. and Citi Group, goodbye as the domino’s will begin to fall. JP Morgan Chase has been buying Gold so they may be in it a little while longer.

        • WD


          You took the words right out of my mouth. This is the truth G 500, no doubt about . This will be their down fall and the next war.

      • Mohammad

        That will be dollar positive.
        FOR A WHILE until the shorts turn on the dollar.
        We still have sometime,
        A lot of mess needs to be cleaned up in ME by US for the few and chosen.
        Then when every thing is done the hell will break loose.


        • Jerry

          Mohammad .
          I love your post, but you don’t want to bet the farm on this one. V – the guerilla economist has had his hand in the central banks pulse for the last five years. He accurately predicted the banker suicides five months before they started. If he says his inside sources say DB is going down, I would not rest on this information. With HFT this system could pop overnight in its current condition. Why take the chance? Be prepared.

          • Mohammad


            The engineered drop in oil is meant to bust DB.
            That will bust any hope in Germany Russia links.
            The Euro will go with DB and the whole world will have the smoke and mirrors of the ONLY left reserve which is the dollar, until the next phase comes in.
            Why do you think Yellen did raise interest rate when every one else goes negative?
            If she goes negative or continues zero the dollar will bust before the Euro, then Germany and Russia will happily marry.


            • Jerry

              Right Idea. Wrong currency. They will flee to Yuan for safety with the gold reset in April. This is by design. As I have posted numerous times, this is a two pronged attack by Russia (who controls the oil through Rosnefts trading desk), and China who has acquired the worlds Gold to take the petrodollar down. NO ONE and I mean no one will be fleeing to the dollar for safety. Why did you think they created AIIB in the first place? Its a replacement for Bretton Woods.

          • Jerry

            O.K. – I’ll put my post to where my mouth is. Here is first hand information from V the guerilla economist himself about what’s really happening at Deutsche Bank. Enjoy.

            • Mohammad


              I listened to it .
              VERY INTERESTING..!!!!
              On the Mark 15:00 is a support to my theory.
              Thank you for posting yet another source that is in line with my premise….!!
              Just keep in mind that DB is the highest bank exposure to ENERGY including oil.
              Keep also in mind that what was mentioned in the video about BIS instructing DB to raise its Tier 1 capital was in 2014, and what happened in 2014?
              Rockefellers bailed out of EXXON and after that they brought oil down from 100 to 60.
              If you have big exposure to oil and oil went down 50% then you need to double your liquidity as a bank to be operative.
              Imagine going 50% (to sub 30) more lower then you are BUST.

              And oddly the name of that program was “WARREN” who benefited from being on the opposite side of oil trade and positioned now long oil.

              In my book it cannot be any clearer.


    • Silence is Golden

      Deutsche Bank will not be permitted to file for Bankruptcy.
      The WHOLE financial system would implode if it did.
      1,000%…no survivors.

      Mohammad…are you paying attention ?

      Your theory about GS wanting to suppress OIL…to kill off Deutsche Bank(debt and derivatives exposure to energy)…doesn’t factor into the equation…that it would stab itself in the heart. Stop with the GS…BS…already……every day you post another attempt to support your thesis. Its becoming very tiring.

      Also I find it amusing that you can now admit that Oil is going into the teens $$ when you were adamant that Oil was going to rocket higher at $30 and that GS was positioning itself to push it into the $150-300 area. YOU’RE GUESSING and changing the evolving narrative to suit (every time you find a new story over at ZH). LMAO.

      I see recently also that your original theory has now expanded to include the House of Saud…and how they are working in tandem.
      Hmmmm…maybe…just for one moment …..you might admit…that the OPEC Nations are not in agreement about “Oil Production” …and that SA is delivering payback for all its stolen gold and all the worthless UST paper that it got loaded with (which btw has been bundled up and collateralised over the years- so its now officially not a debt of the US Government). Should we also discount the fact that the US has sided with IRAN (SA BIGGEST ENEMY) ?? SA has given the Banks (HF’s) open slather on playing the Oil futures….given the abundance of Oil supplies. Just like with Gold…..suppression is all about “delivery”. At the same time….it has caused havoc…on the Debt markets….havoc in the Banks holding the debt….havoc on world stock markets.
      Next step for Saudi is to sell Oil for Gold/Euros/RMB.
      First we have to see the final leg of the USD bull trend.

      • Mohammad

        Did you read my post about “WARREN” Buffet?

        If all those dots did not draw a picture in front of your eyes then do not waste your precious time reading my posts.
        I did not ask you to.
        You do not have to.

        It screams loud ENGINEERED drop.
        I did not call any bottoms in oil, it was GS who said they are calling “teens”, i posted the links that support my premise.
        And yes Buffet is betting long on oil and with “WARREN” program of GS’s Kensho that was the invention of Chavez that busted the dotcom is what positioned Buffet to strike the sweetest deal he can imagine in OIL, also posted the links that support my premise.

        If you do not see it, it is either you are blind, or your brain is disconnect from your eyes input.


        You do not have to waste your precious time reading my posts.


      • Mohammad

        And here is another article to hint to Saudi’s intention after i talked about it in a previous post for you to chew on:


        “Saudi Intentions

        The view that the Saudi market share strategy is focused on crushing the U.S. shale indust……..”


        • Jeff L

          It’s no secret I agree with you Mohammad …… No reason to waste energy with those that disagree. I personally stated my opinion that oil is a steal and going to astound disbelievers.
          Time is short and it will all be evident. The dollar will drop AND war is coming sooner than any of us want.

    • Jerry

      Lets not forget that tied to the death spiral of the world economies, the globalist have an agenda sitting on the table waiting to be implemented. Can you say agenda 21?

    • Jerry

      It looks like the Bank of Japan will be joining Deutsche Bank on the list of potential victims from the world banking collapse of 2016. Even the ESF won’t be able to clean this mess up.

    • Jerry

      People, this is not hard to figure out.
      You have:
      – zero money velocity
      – zero Baltic dry index
      – almost zero liquidity in the banks.
      – Deutsche Bank getting ready to implode.
      – The Bank of Japan getting ready to implode.
      – Greece preparing to default once again.
      – The Chinese resetting the Gold Prices the first of April.
      – The BRICS starting an alternate exchange system.
      – Saudi Arabia preparing to send forces into Syria.
      – Oil heading to $20. a barrel.
      – The Stock Market headed to 15000
      Other than that………….things are great!

    • Jerry

      My prepper video of the week. An off the grid washing machine. You know what they say about cleanliness? Its next to OCD.

  18. David Bain


    In all likelihood the FBI is probably helping the Clintons cover their tracks so to speak.
    It’s like Common Core revising American History.
    If you try to connect the truth dots they will all be replaced so she is found to be clean all over from the criminal dots she is really at odds with.
    The truth in this case may well be… I am here from the Government and I am here to help. I mean to help keep you from going to prison!!!

    David Bain

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think so David. Hill is in deep trouble and will be charged.

      • Jerry

        I rarely disagree with you, but can you point to any significant information that would substantiate this claim? Lynch is a Langley puppet and won’t lift a finger to take Hilary down unless the NWO see’s a need. Right now she’s doing what she’s told.

  19. Oxfarmer

    Greg, thanks for an excellent roundup, as usual. You are the only one I know who regularly states what every farmer knows: CA is in trouble for crops, and those are primary foods in American households. A quick Google lists them.

    Some states do not grow enough vegetables for themselves, never mind wheat, corn, milk and potatoes. In the Northeast, insects and diseases with a vector to barberry make growing wheat almost impossible. Except for Vermont, which says it can feed itself, all New England states depend on trucked in food. I use this area for an example but there are other states across the country in the same boat. Drought means more expensive produce? Of course, but also poor quality or some items simply unavailable. People who pay a premium for ‘fresh’ don’t realize how little nutrition is left after a trip across the country.

    Many small farms have disappeared, now housing developments. The biggest reason is no one to take over the farm when the old folks can’t do it any more. Hard labor for pennies. Developers love all that cleared land. No one seems to realize that soil of that quality doesn’t develop overnight. If we don’t encourage farming by every available means, we will be short on food without a Depression.

    Let readers understand that America’s days of cheap food are almost over. If you have to pay a local farmer a living wage to grow veggies or meat the price will be double or triple the sale price of trucked in food.

    • diane s.

      Thank you oxfarmer
      I couldn’t agree with you more.
      Over development Sacramento Socialism has destroyed our food supply. GMOS and Pesticides are in the majority of our food.
      I am writing this inside enemy lines in the Socialist Republic of California.

    • WD


      Jim Rogers believes that the “new” era farmers will be the next millionaire/billionaire class.

  20. B & K

    Hey Greg,

    Great wrap up this crazy week!! We really appreciate what you do and report each week. If you are ever back in central Florida warming up, please give us a shout. We’d love to have a few cocktails and treat you to dinner. Your friends. B & K

  21. vincent_g

    Greg – no reason to keep talking about California
    The state is bankrupt.

    One only has to listen to these Mark Dice interviews and it explains all.

    If those interviews are representative of the majority and it seems to be so then the state will take a big fall and maybe those people will wake up.

    But I doubt it.

    • diane s.

      I’m awake Vincent…there are a few of us here in the Socialist Republic of California , the
      corrupt government is bankrupt. .they are finally running out of our money.

  22. CrazyCanuck

    ISIS targeting the US first and foremost? Why those ungrateful mad dogs, turning on the very masters who supplied them, trained them, and set them loose to conduct their mayhem.

    I’m thinking there are more than a mittful of world leaders who are nodding knowingly about the hazards of being owned by the great benevolent Empire.

    • Galaxy 500

      All complaints of the 0bamachrist ordering the CIA to find “good” Al Qaeda and arm them against Assad. Can someone explain how Assad is anywhere near as bad as what is going on now. There is no way he was. Just like Gaddafi and Saddam are preferable to what is happening now. I voted for Bush both times and for the milk toast Mormon turd Romney. Trump wouldn’t have started this middle east turmoil like Bush did turning against Mubarak and Musharif.
      0bama is a shiite following in the footsteps of his father and step father. America turned it’s back on its Christian roots and elected a moslem, the epitome of evil and America is suffering the consequences.
      This election is likely our last to save the country.
      Trump 2016 , the last chance to make America great again

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Actually the US needs IS attacks to justify the continued police state war on terror. Without IS they’d need to do more false flags.

  23. Bernie Sadners

    How many Super delegate do I have?

    How many does Hillary Have?

    And who’s going to win?

    • Mohammad



      • Galaxy 500

        Happy to explain. The leaders of the Communist Party don’t allow the peons’ vote to count.

        • RTW

          Mark Twain once said; “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it”.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Bernie,
      We can see you took common core math and economics. Here’s looking forward to Trump 2016

    • JC Davis

      Right Barney. Hillary will be elected and run the nation from prison.
      Superdelegates ? What would be another name for them… Vote riggers.

    • brian

      yeah Bern baby Bern; the question you should be asking is how much money has the government left on the table these past few decades, and how can the government get more out of its citizenry under the slap in the face lie of provision born of confiscation.

    • RTW

      Not you I’m afraid. Alas and Alak, dear Bernard, this is not your time, and given the amout of time you’ve already spent on earth, this will be your one and only chance. You are going to be schlonged by a serial liar and criminal for the simple reason you won’t call her out on any of her past transgressions, of which there are many. Do you think anyone really gives a rats behind about her befriending Wall St.? Keep it up and you’ll be watching her accepting her party’s nomination from your room at the senior citizen home. Don’t misinterpret this. This isn’t an endorsement of you. I don’t want to suffer with you, as president, any more than Mrs Clinton, it’s just that I think you are infinitely more beatable, by a republican than your fellow socialist candidate. Good luck.

  24. art barnes

    Greg, yea, old Jeb Bush & his rich elitist & family & friends just can’t stand not getting crowned and their ring finger kissed by the basic working family any longer. Look, we still are in a war his brother & father started which was touted to not be a quagmire; my definition of a quagmire and the Bush’s are not the same. Further, Jeb’s open border immigration & religion of peace policies are not resonating with the people who actually have to live in the neighborhoods the Bush’s have helped created, they don’t. How many times do you think Bush’s mother when to Walmart last month looking for a cheap box of soap? They use the word summer as a verb, the working people have to sweat in it. Yea, Greg, he might go to the convention cause he just doesn’t get it, that the people are tired of the same O same O, just like Jaillary, but that will be just more evidence of how desperate the Bush’s are to remain like the French aristocracy of the 17th century; oh, can you here the Bush’s saying “let them eat cake” cause I sure can.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Art,
      I love the way Sr. Heb attempts to show us get is a “real” man and a “real” conservative. Except for Reagan, there isn’t a single conservative that I have voted for that remained a conservative once elected.
      All of these politicians pander for money for this election or the next. EXCEPT TRUMP
      Hillary, or as a friend calls her, Hildabeast is the epitome of a bought and paid for politico. If there is any law left in this land, she’ll do time

    • annony-mouse

      Pin the tail on the donkey–Clintons–Council on Foreign Relations [killed Glass-Steagall]—Greenspan–Council on Foreign Relations-[killed Glass-Steagall]-Rubin–Council on Foreign Relations-[killed Glass-Steagall]-Summers–Council on Foreign Relations-[killed Glass-Steagall]-Geithner–immediately to Council on Foreign Relations–Soros [owner/mentor of the Obama}–Council on Foreign Relations–Biden–Council on Foreign Relations—FED owned by big banks owned/influenced by members of –Council on Foreign Relations—people of Jekyll Island–founded Council of Foreign Relations–All of our problems are caused by these people of this organization–Is This Protecting and Defending The Constitution or is it Treason against the American people…?

  25. DanielSong39

    I’m not a Bernie Sanders fan but let’s remember that the argument is not over socialism vs. capitalism. It’s between two competing forms of statism – one dominated by fascist cronyism of Wall Street and Federal Reserve, and another dominated by the ever-expanding welfare state. The real argument these days seems to be which form of statism should be given more weight.

  26. Diane D.

    Greg, what a great week to have had Peter Schiff on USAWatchDog!

    Re. ISIS, author/former Navy Seal Matthew Bracken detailed HOW Islamic radicals are ALREADY in position to bring Europe to its knees as early as this year. Expect the same on US soil soon. Bracken is no fool. And he has ‘done the math’.

    Link: https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2015/11/29/bracken-tet-take-two-islams-2016-european-offensive/

    • john duffy

      The problem is our politicians are cowards and the population is too dumbed down to care. In the old testament, nations were destroyed because of rampant child sacrifice and sodomy. Sound familiar?

      • Galaxy 500

        Sounds like the Demon-cratic Party to me. And islam, where you can rape a child and it be called a sexual emergency or our islamic culture. What kind of perverted culture masquerading as a religion’s holy book says that’s ok? What kind of holy book says it is ok to rape Christian and Jewish women and murder our children ?
        Hmmm… who could it be ? Who could it be?
        Satan? [Apologies to Church Lady @ SNL]
        Sorry but all belief systems are not equal and there is only one True Real GOD and it ain’t Allah, it is Jehova.

        • frederick

          Im not a religious person but expressing your opinion in that way certainly sounds extremely condescending and obnoxious buts that’s just an opinion

  27. Galletta

    Morning Greg,

    I read your review rather than listening to the video. Just a time issue, nothing personal. But do you think Isis will attack the US or do you feel it will be an orchestrated event blaming Isis in order to move closer to martial law?

    • Greg Hunter

      Either way the attack will be something big.

    • 8Ball

      The only way “ISIS” will attack America is the same way that 9-11 was orchestrated. It will be planned, financed and implemented by Western powers in order to terrorize their own people and to implement more draconian laws while further limiting their rights and freedoms.

      • frederick

        That sounds about right 8ball most likely you are correct Another false flag in other words

  28. Michael Harvey

    Thought for the Day – Friday 12th February 2016
    Let men be wise by instinct if they can, but when this fails be wise by good advice.
    Peace be with you on this day

    • freebreezer

      Allen – I found this video funny on one level and very scary on another … did you see how political correctness has constrained/numbed/stupefied all the kids (the term adult does not even apply here) from responding or even voicing an opinion. WOW. I can not even imagine what the unintended consequences are going to be from all this Political correctness and left brainwashing gone array! These parents have raised kids that are going to be fed to the lions and all these kids will say is “nice puddy cat” before it eats them.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Freebreezer, I don’t think the consequences are unintended at all.

  29. andyb

    Greg: Isn’t is amazing how the propaganda/lies/obfuscations just keep coming, coming, coming. Yellen raised rates because the economy looks to be in full “recovery”, and 2 months later backtracks 180 degrees. Clapper, the congenital liar warns us about ISIS, which is a fake boogy man to keep us scared and willing to give up more of our liberties. The fact that ISIS is nurtured, created, armed by a coalition of CIA, Mossad, and Saudi intelligence is now well known and documented in truth media. Clapper’s warning means that we will definitely get some simultaneous false flags in the near future to drive that point home, probably around a particularly symbolic time like Easter. Stay safe and armed everyone.

    • Mohammad


      When i was saying way back ISIS is a Mossad/CIA operation every one jumped on my throat.

      The name is NO COINCIDENCE, the attempts to change it to ISIL is NO COINCIDENCE, and hell no it has nothing to do with Iraq Syria initials, it is IN YOUR FACE arrogance by the enemy that is considered in US a friend.

      What do i know.


    • frederick

      Ahh yes their favorite the false flag to get us to go to war History does repeat

    • Mary Casey

      andyb….exactly! Clapper (and the rest) are just laying the ground work.

  30. pat the rat

    do you have any links to the Clintons investigations ? thanks the rat man.

  31. Southern Girl


    Caught how much gold went up yesterday…the toilet is flushing and it is only going to get worse for the rigged stock market.

    Loved the “Got her tail tore up” comment about Hiltlary….She and Bill must be in fantasy land over her even running at all.

    • Mohammad

      Southern Belle,

      Gold price up or down is not important any more.
      When interest rate turns negative, digital money is reality, cash is banned, gold/silver are irrelevant. They will be in the vaults of elites and public will have no access to it.
      Whatever average joe and Joette managed to save will be banned by regulations.
      Welcome to digital everything.
      Welcome to the shackles of slavery.
      Hard reality it will be, but true.
      We entered this cage by over own will with the lust of convenience of electronic gadget that we rushed ourselves to buy for us and our kids.
      No one to blame but ourselves.


  32. F.W.

    Please, Greg, love you
    but never ever use Bo Polny as a source, this guy is just moronic.
    It hurts your credibility.

    • frederick

      The regulars at Silverdoctors tend to agree with assessment of Polny FW Evidently his predictions haven’t always panned out

      • Galaxy 500

        Have they ever panned out?

      • JMiller


        You are correct. Not only at SilverDoctors but a number of other sites as well. Bo Polny has predicted the final bottom in gold several times over the last couple of years. And each time it went lower. May be finally this broken clock will be right this time.

  33. Galaxy 500

    Moslem update :
    Somali man hacks 4 to death … in the USA.
    Why are we allowing these savages to come here? You can bring a dog in without proving they aren’t rabid, why do we allow these animals in? They make rabid dogs look like children’s party favors.

    • Galaxy 500

      Correction; hack attacked four.

    • Diane D.

      Globalists need to destroy national borders to usher in a world government. National borders are transparent to Islam. The ‘invasion’ of Europe by militant Islamists serves both groups’ goals.

  34. Ken

    Mrs. Clintons emails some of which are reported to be so secret that the FBI investigators don’t have clearance to read. This should be proof enough for an indictment.
    But taking this a step further…..what if not only were foreign governments reading these emails but pulling information from them allowing them to penetrate other US govt data bases?





    The Clintons have exploited the “Progressive Agenda” for profit. This is evident via the Clinton foundation. But what they are just now figuring out is that agenda has passed them by and gone full blown socialist. Sanders run up, is proof the FSA after 7 plus years of O want every thing for free. In fact Sanders election motto should be “What’s in Your Bank Account?”

  35. Mohammad

    For every one scratching heads why the market is in green today on OIL REBOUND, here is something to ponder on, following on my post from Schiff’s interview about oil manipulation:


    “Defense Secretary Ash Carter is convening his counterparts from more than two dozen anti-ISIS coalition partners in Brussels on Thursday. Carter aims to goad them into stepping up their contributions to the war on ISIS. But the meeting coincides with what Sunni Arab partners consider a far greater threat in Syria: a Russian-Iranian-Assad offensive on the verge of recapturing Aleppo from rebels.”

    “CARTER: We need capable local forces. The Gulf states can make contributions to galvanizing recruiting such local forces. Up to now, they haven’t done enough. We want them to do more.”

    Saudi/Turkey/Israel extorted US (by possibly manipulating oil price) and they are getting their way (TIME WILL TELL).
    Market is in the green, and all of a sudden the oil supply SHRUNK so oil went up bringing with it all the indices up.

    All that despite Previous Medvedev WARNING that any invasion by Saudis/Turks to Syria may ignite WWIII:



    • Galaxy 500

      And here I thought it was because there were rumblings that OPEC was going to cut production. Which is going to have to happen as storage is running out of space and oil tankers are expensive storage

    • Jerry

      Wrong, Wrong. This is about the takedown of the petrodollar by the Russians through Rosneft’s purchase of Morgan Stanley’ purchasing desk. The Russians are selling oil for Gold while destroying U.S. fracking companies.

      • Mohammad


        In war times liquidity is the most needed grease to keep the wheels of war machines going.
        If you load up on gold at the expense of liquidity you lose the war and eventually lose the gold. That is history….
        Please keep in mind what Catherine Austin fits said once and i agree with her statement:
        She said that the G7 are puppy training the G20 on who the master is. They are withdrawing liquidity from their systems.
        This is what we are seeing now.
        Russia is set for big defeat in Syria, they will be Euphoric when they invade and take out Turkey that the west set as a bait for the Russian bear only to find out that this bait was a poison.
        Mark my words.
        They will bleed there until they die.
        Unfortunately they will take out with them what is left of Syria.
        Sad but true.


  36. Robert

    Hi Greg!
    Another week of good shows!
    Ted Cruz is not a good person. I watched some very interesting footage of him and his handlers and he is a Classic conman in my opinion.
    His “Faith” is a sham or “beard” used to reach into the only group who he can use for votes as most every other voter group rejects him.
    This was on display in the footage I saw as he appears to be very controlling and angry at his core while putting on the “airs” of a pastor.
    You are either a good person or you are not and there is no way to hide that fact over time when you are saying one thing but are doing another.
    Also, his parents may have actually left a record of their Canadian citizenship in a 1974 voting document but I encourage everyone to check for themselves.
    I lived in Hazelwood Mo. during the riots and I know a number on folk in the area and the accepted story about mike brown was he struck the officer through the window and pushed the car door shut really hard as the officer was trying to get out and then attempted to run off..
    What folks around me say makes them angry was the cops left him laying in the street with no covering or barricade around the body for 4 hours and then finally dumped the body in the back of a police SUV .
    Most of them agree he was in the wrong but felt the incident was similar to when black folk were hanged from a tree and left for other black folk to see.
    That is what most say caused lasting anger.
    Anyhoo, how about investigating how we can be on the verge of War with Russia while we are still buying rocket engines and partnering with them on so many projects? What two or more factions in government are fighting as we seem to be acting as if we are mentally ill and of two minds to the worlds’ viewpoint.
    Also, Trump does not know enough to be President but enjoys the limelight but will falter when addressing smarter voters, Rubio is literally unable to think on his feet, Jeb Bush is getting shown we all know about the crimes of his brother and all the money in the world can not wash the blood off their hands nor his involvement with the Florida vote rigging (remember the ballot was changed that year to a new format that was proven as deceptive in how candidates were selected. “Butterfly ballot”)
    Let us pray for Truth this year.
    Thank you!
    Respectfully, R

    • Galaxy 500

      A man that has built a 10 billion dollar fortune is more than capable of being President and in my book, much preferable to some paid for politico. Who does that leave? Kasich who says he should run as a Dem? W
      I am praying for truth and Trump.

  37. Diane D.

    Now Yellen is saying that negative interest rates are ‘not off the table’. USAWatchDogs already knew that.

    An interesting related comment on SurvivalBlog: “However, they have painted themselves in a corner, without an “event” that provides the cover to say, “Well things were going great until XYZ event, which was totally unforeseen and unpredictable.”

    Saving your financial assets is great. But more important is getting good with God, and preparing to protect your loved ones. They can’t eat cash or precious metals.

  38. Galaxy 500

    Carrier Air conditioner moving to Mexico and then to ship it here. Trump will stop this bull shiite.
    Loss of 1,400 jobs.
    TRUMP 2016

    • JC Davis

      G 500 this is a shocker, and a sign of things to come If we don’t get some leadership in office. These were full time jobs. Good post .

  39. Linda L.

    Thank you for all your information. Have a great weekend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Linda!! You Too.

  40. Don

    Isn’t it amazing, that those who attacked precious metals for so long are how simply willing to state what is becoming obvious to public. They always try to play innocent when they can know longer deny something. The bond market is what undergirds all of these pension funds, and the poor people on fixed incomes, I now fall into this category, with disability, are going to be ruined, because when push comes to shove, the government will seek to take cash out of our hands, even if it means a little uncomfort to the banking system. The banking system is factional reserve, and it all money loaned is 10 to 1, and even then they do this by treating someone elses money as there’s on balance sheets, with deposits. They have nothing in loaned money, its a mire balance sheet entry. But in time of depression, which the mother bank, the federal reserve creates by policy, they get to repossess all assets that borrowers have borrowed to buy. They are in effect the anointed government engine, that controls all monetary activity, and never have to put one once of true GDP sweat in the economies of the world. Good job Greg, I love it when you remind us of God’s sovereign control.

    • Galaxy 500

      The markets are rigged. We agree on that but the best rigging, like a ponzi scheme, can only go against real fundamentals for so long. Oil storage is approaching 100% utilization. At that point, they’ll be using your swimming pool

      • Paul

        To get the world economy moving and raise oil prices (the elite will try to put Volkswagen out of business with their 200 mi/gal “steam-gas” engine) … then to bring the world back from global deflation (as seen by the Baltic Dry Index) now threatening a wave of defaults (starting with Deutsche Bank) … the world fiat money managers will have to orchestrate a “Global QE” … first at bat will likely be the Fed which will “effectively print and print” to push the US dollar down (making oil, gold, silver, commodities, etc., etc., rise) giving some relief to world markets (including stock markets) … but to “manage” the US dollar from falling to quickly the Fed will continue to implement additional rate hikes (to stem and put a stop to any US dollar “free-fall” or any breathtaking gold rebound that may develop) … but buying foreign goods with “very weak” dollars can create “boycott conditions” that may prevent the Baltic Dry Index from rising … so a judicial use of “rising interest rates” will be necessary to give the US dollar strength when needed!

      • brian

        The rigging can go on for as long as they can force us to go along with it, and my friend, you have not even begun to see any real exertion of force yet……….I don’t think we need to hold our breath too long, because when the lies stop working (and they are) the liars take the gloves off and we start getting our faces pushed in.

    • Silence is Golden

      What was the program they used for GOLD suppression again…?
      Program !!!…..stop with the GS…BS.
      My eyes are fully connected to a functioning brain.
      You paint a picture …joining your imaginary dots….which I don’t need or desire to follow……I have a different perspective…..far removed from your GS theory.
      You on the other hand only still see Black and White…..you should upgrade to color…..its free until June 2016.
      Everything in your world is cut and paste to align with your beliefs.
      Confirmation bias “the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories”.

  41. Don

    http://goldsilver.com/video/ron-paul-anatomy-of-the-deep-state-an-open-conspiracy/ an interesting and timely video explaining the Deep State, by Ron Paul and guest. Thanks again Greg, to do your best to bring true to the people. And fear not, God’s in control.

    • JC Davis

      Thank you Don. I will not vote anymore because Ron Paul exposed how controlled the system really is. America missed it (Big Time) for not standing when the chance was in reach. A man said to me, well he is so winey. The damn fool did not know anything about the substance of Ron Paul’s message. RNC lost me forever. Here is the youtube link to your post. I had problems with freeze up on your link. Thanks again. https://youtu.be/39DxGw7ut90

  42. Grafique

    I agree that ISIS is the #1 terrorist threat – from the Sunni side.
    From the Shiite side, Iran/Persia is the #1 threat.

    The famous Israeli Avi Lipkin predicted about 5 yrs in advance that Hussein Obama would institute a massive wave of muslim immigration into the USA.

  43. Noel

    I read that millenials are embracing Socialism as they inherit a world gone up side down thanks to Capitalism. The mainstream media whitewash of the Venezuelan disaster has done them no favor, and they are too young to have witnessed the horrors of previous experiments.

    The problem is not Capitalism. The problem is corruption. Corruption is a plague on both regimes.

    Greg, may I respectfully request a presentation from you directed to the millenials. We in your ‘advanced youth’ audience can then use social media to spread it. A treatise for the young who have not been educated properly. We have time in the election cycle to influence, but it dwindles. Is there a guest from among their ranks that will have some real gravitas? Young Brandon?

  44. Mike from the North

    The Game changer of all GAME CHANGERS.


    someone get out the glasses and the bubbly.

  45. Mohammad

    In USA no crooks go to jail, just if they are poor:



    • Paul

      We can’t expect “the crime families running America” to put someone into the White House who is holy, pure and clean … they will rig the coming election to put in “one of their own” … no doubt the baddest and most evilest one they can find and feel most comfortable with.

    • Manfred

      Yea Mike celebrate the rise of gold.
      Then when a loaf of bread is $450 a loaf
      let’s talk.

  46. dee garmon

    Sarkozy in France and Hillary over here, two criminals running for presidency.
    That is why nobody takes the West seriously anymore!

  47. Mohammad

    Is this why GS named its Kensho’s top notch program “WARREN”?


    And may be this invested “WARREN” program is what makes him a new fortune in non other than energy that i bet my money he smashed down with other babylonians?:


    Where are you Kennedy to expose those criminals?
    You must be turning in your grave now with the founding fathers.


  48. Mohammad

    WTF moment:



    • Paul

      Just vote for Trump … who will likely put a “Homeland Security Tax” on any Carrier air conditioners brought back into the US to be sold here … he will make it an “unwise business decision” for Carrier to destroy American jobs and move their operations to Mexico.

  49. hoopshound

    I hope Bloomberg runs. Smart of enough to leave both parties in the dust and become an independent.

    • annony-mouse

      Bloomberg is just a male Hillary—another Council on Foreign Relations Elitist who will bury the 99%

  50. just observing

    GREG… Your wrap-ups always great to put a smile on for the weekend !
    On the ‘bright’ side—ending a ‘tad’ ….do mean tad….positive note….BDI is up a point ! lol
    Upto 29 1 from 290 — Did some way anchor somewhere? RUMORS – DOCK WORKERS PUTTING ON WEIGHT AND GETTING REALLLLLY BORED !

  51. Oxfarmer

    I had been leaning toward Cruz until the dirty trick saying Carson had dropped out. This could only be done on purpose. What kind of decent staff doesn’t even call Carson Hqtrs to verify? Then, when the damage is done, Cruz apologizes. No heads rolled which says to me that Cruz wants to take the high ground while his staff sharpens the knives. And Carson is a fellow Christian.

    I also don’t like the sorcerer type calling for ‘the Body of Christ’ to arise in his behalf, or his wife’s comment that Cruz is ‘the face of God’. Some Evangelical Christians are tired of being invoked at elections and betrayed or ignored the rest of the time.

    I do hope you are right, Greg, that Hillary will be charged. I would be relieved to know justice is not completely dead in this country.

  52. Diana Dee Jarvis

    This country depends way too much on California for food. People need to support their local farmers markets and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) as much as possible!

  53. toejam

    If you think Hillbillies emails as Sec. of State was bad chew on these two articles.
    The FBI spending all their time on the emails may be a cover for the more serious criminal activities of the she-wolf and hubby from the pits of hell.



  54. Mike R

    For all those who are worried about markets, gold, silver, prepping, food, corruption, hyperinflation, contained at this link you will hear and see something unlike you have ever witnessed before.

    John Williams hyperinflation forecast for last summer, will come to bear this summer. In spades from what it sounds like. Gold will go no offer, in otherwords, no one who holds it will want to sell.

    This year is it !

  55. rahrog

    Stock those pantries! Don’t forget copper when purchasing precious metals; SCHP (solid copper hollow point) is always a wise investment.

    • Sayonara

      Remember the three most precious metal are copper, lead and brass. Without them, you are subject to tyranny and oppression.

  56. Tad

    If events occur where Hillary becomes unindictable, perhaps it really is time to leave Mayberry.

  57. Harden Cor

    Why The ‘Sultan Of Chaos’ Is Freaking Out
    Who controls this corridor will control the final outcome of the war in Syria.

    An Exasperated John Kerry Throws In Towel On Syria: “What Do You Want Me To Do, Go To War With The Russians?!”
    Russia and Iran have encircled Aleppo and once it “falls” (to quote Reuters) that’s pretty much it for the opposition. Or at least for the “moderate” opposition. And the Saudis and Turks know it.

    Why the Amerikan people are fed up with the FED!
    Here Is The Exchange That Left A Stunned Janet Yellen Looking Like A Deer In Headlights!

  58. Zoey

    California rapidly turning into medical police state: Mandatory vaccines and genetic discrimination now routinely harming children.

  59. DLC

    G500: You’re really loaded for bear lately. Appreciate the info and I must say I enjoy your turn of phrase.

    I, too, went the W/Romney route. Could not believe how the voters returned the likes of McConnell to the Senate in 2014. I expect John McCain to be the winner once again — he of the filthy temper and filthier language.

    Cannot defeat Trump on the issues, so now his mouth is the issue. Trump could not hold a candle to McCain’s use of language.

    No one had a problem, it seems, with GD America. I picture Obama in a body stocking, trailing boa feathers at those private celebrity parties in the WH, a total degenerate. I’m sure that as a dope smoker, cocaine user, he knows nothing but 10-dollar words at those parties.

    Everyone feigning shock and reaching for the smelling salts over Trump’s language. Madonna, an aging foul-mouthed skank, with overflow audiences waiting for hours for her to haul her drunk self to the stage. And Trump is shocking?

    I go by actions. The current politicians symbolically F us over at every turn. I’ll take rough speech over how we’ve been raped every which way in the last decades. I agree and am willing to try a guy with a proven record of success over the career jackals.

    If nothing else, he knows how to push back and I don’t expect him to turn into Paul Ryan after the inauguration.

  60. Concerned American

    In regard to what is coming up, I recently worked with my land lady on her account with one of the top 5 banks, hackers in China drained her account, and using the MS IE browser, we discovered that web pages have been set up, to notify the customer that access to online banking is suspended (supposedly due to technical difficulties which diligent technicians will shortly resolve, ha ha ha)
    Seriously, it would appear that the major banks already have their web pages set up in order, to call a bank holiday and the customer (yes, you and me) will take the hit and be left standing out in the cold with no access to our own monies. Yes, I know, the moment you put your money into a bank, it is NOT yours.

  61. DLC

    I was looking for something alternative on the radio to the Republican hustlers – Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Gallagher, Beck, Bennett, Medved, et al, who all claim to be independent. I find that they mostly work off the Drudge Report which I can read myself.

    They are also very clannish, and if you criticize one, you welcome a bee swarm up your briefs from the other hosts. I can listen to one and tell you what I will hear throughout the day from the other hosts, a clique who make a fat living off the Republican party.


    I came across Edward Woodson, a voice from out of nowhere, and I listened for awhile. I believe he broadcasts out of Miami and he has a younger, fresher presentation than all the other 60-ish stoggy fogies. He moved to GCN on 02/01/16.

    As the campaign moves south, if you are following politics, he is a good alternative. Of course I like the fact that he seems to be supporting Trump. Give a listen though. I think many of you on this site will like his take on things.

    He has an “on demand” button you can click any time of day to listen to his latest broadcast. He airs live from 3 to 6 p.m. EST.

  62. DLC


    S. Belle Gal: By Friday, I’m laughing at everybody and everything. I caught this program while I was out mucking in the yard and I just howled.

    I thought of how you said you knew strong men in your family. I don’t know about strong, but this uncle and nephew sure are funny. This is typical of Friday programming when they get together. They give out horrid news, all the while storming hell with ice water and laughing all the way. That is the way I remember men before the ninny-nanny brigades, the “oh, you offended me” crowd got a solid foothold on conversation.

    I think you will enjoy this zany take on news and finance. These guys remind me of the late 1950s, lying in bed and listening to my uncles conversing and laughing into the night out in the kitchen after 2 beers (maybe 4) playing penny poker.

    Remember when you could disagree totally with somebody on you name it and it didn’t result in an the Cold War? I miss good thought-provoking conversation when you didn’t have to lower your voice or look over your shoulder. Anyway, see what ya think.

  63. Oxfarmer

    Find your local farmer now and be a regular customer. Right now there are not enough farms in most states to feed everyone but good sales will help us expand. And, frankly, if stocks are low, I would serve old customers first. What say you, Colin the Farmer?

    Having a garden of your own isn’t a bad idea, either.

  64. charles turner

    I am very, very worried that the USA and NATO are increasing the rhetoric against Russia when it seems that they may have achieved an upper hand in Syria and could go on to take the whole country.

    If the West know the system has to crash, what better time to crash it and blame it on a war started by Russian aggression?

    The first time I listened to Geralde Celente I remember him saying, ‘when all else fails they take you to war.’

    How much further can we go before war is the only option to smoke screen what has really happened.

    • Mohammad

      They will throw Turkey to the bear.
      Nato/US set up the trap for Turkey (encouraging the kurds), the latter swallowed the bait, Russia will move in boots on the ground, then they will bleed heavily by Langley mercenaries until defeat.


    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      That makes two of us….I couldn’t agree more.
      Cheers and best wishes.

  65. Eric from NC


    Excellent WNW, as always. I know I troll you sometimes, but it’s only because I am a real cynic. Frankly, you are one of the very few that gives the real deal to your followers – and I thank you for that. This was a big week with the debate, Greg M and Peter S on your site – I think it is finally diving the message that our system is broken.

    Some conjecture on Hillary? I see that she can’t drop out now as that would put Bernie on the throne. She may be convicted, but I see that happening between election day and the last days of the current administration. I am sure there is a ‘presidential pardon’ already signed and dated for December 23, 2016. The newly appointed president can’t be a criminal, after all.

    On that note, I am going to Home Depot to pick up some supplies for that Aquaponics project I had been putting on hold. It’s time.

    One last thing.. I have noticed that so few people see anything but the official narrative expounded by the MSM. I know that I try to feel folks out as to alternative causes for current events, and they just say I am a conspiracy guy. Out of my entire circle, I have but two or three that ask the deeper questions. It’s sad, but true – as a society, we have been ‘managed’.

    Keep up the great Work!


  66. Mohammad

    Monsanto is to blame in the congenital deformity in Brazil.

    The added chemicals (pyriproxyfen—a larvicide ) to the water tanks to control mosquitoes could be the culprit to the disastrous deformity in pregnant Brazilian women:



  67. Wilfong

    Bush is unelectable. That’s a serious problem. Honestly, I think it’s going to be Trump/Sanders, but the establishment will try their best to having something different.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have a feeling Bush will make it to the convention. He won’t run out of money. Good to see you commenting here!!

      • Mohammad

        It was VERY note worthy when the republican party hand picked the audience in SC debate instead of lottery.
        That tells you the republican party is favoring Bush.
        Trumpet is running that party over like a freight train and that scares the hell out of them.


        • Wilfong

          Bush vs. Clinton is my absolute nightmare. It will the continuation of the United States of Monarchy。

          • Mohammad

            Do you really believe we got our independence from GB?
            What was kicked out of the window got in from the big door of banks.


    • annony-mouse

      I dont know why people think their votes count for anything…There will not be a candidate that isnt owned by the elite.. if anyone should get in they will not not be able to be effective as the entire govt leadership is owned …

  68. Willard Ferch

    Howdy Greg, Right On, but I’ll have to see Hillary actually charged to believe it. Rubio stated the most important point–Obama Knows exactly what he’s doing! Good coverage on the drought; it’s much more important than what we’re hearing anywhere else. You had a man on about contrails & weather, now we need to hear about the coming severe cooling. Robert Felix may work for that. The sun’s energy out-put is diminishing, and now is as low as the Dalton Minimum, and if it keeps dropping, it may go as low as the Wolf, which turned Greenland into an iceberg and killed the Vikings, along with all the livestock. Fiddlin.

  69. Mohammad

    Rob Kirby’s Answer to Mr. Price’s one trillion question:



    • Mohammad

      In that interview, Rob Kirby’s goes on to explain the reason behind the DROP IN OIL price on the mark 24:00 .
      He says and am quoting from him:
      “I would suggest to you that by collapsing the oil price they are making the dollar look stronger in relative terms than oil”
      Here again i am more confident that it is an ENGINEERED drop by non other than the financial arm of the Exchange Stabilization Fund.
      I may add to Mr Kirby that busting the Euro by Busting DB will be DOLLAR POSITIVE for a short term.


      • Silence is Golden

        Half way there.
        DB is a SIFI. Change your line of thinking there.
        Different strategy….different tests.

  70. Gerty

    The Exchange That Left A Stunned Janet Yellen Looking Like A Deer In Headlights!

    Clearly, this exchange (provided by Harden Cor) shows Yellen as a total snippy arrogant, elite exhibiting an attitude that is all too easy to be disgusted by. After watching this I am convinced that Americans are and will continue to be FLEECED by the likes of these people who only give a damn about themselves, period.

  71. Ken

    I believe that the rash of security breaches in various Govt agencies is a result of Clintons private server! Read my comment above after you read this.

    Just a taste of what at this link,


    “ As a former SAP Program Manager I believe it is inconceivable that if it is verified that Hillary Clinton’s server actually had SAP information on it that she could possibly escape indictment and criminal prosecution. As hard as it is to imagine, that would even be worse then electing to not prosecute a mass murdering serial killer because even they could not inflict as much damage on our country as the compromise of a SAP. Compromise of a SAP not only could — but without doubt would — cause serious damage to our national security.
    If it is true that Hillary Clinton had SAP information on her unsecure server, whether it was marked or not, you can be sure that the FBI will strongly recommend that charges be brought against Hillary Clinton and continue in an exhaustive investigation to trace back to every single person that had even the tiniest role in this unbelievable security compromise

  72. Paul

    Greg, looking forward to Bo Polny interview. He is one of the best forecasters of Markets and his predictions have been errily accurate. God’s money will overpower man’s fiat creation. The house of cards are beginning to fall! As King Solomon said, get wisdom -get knowledge. Bo uses biblical insights and God’s perfect numer 777 to reveal what is concealed…and to believers he reveals …to the disbelievers they follow man’s folly ( and fiat!)

    • Paul

      The reason God’s money is healthy … is because it is “un-levered” bread!

    • Jeff L

      Paul Am I missing something ? He predicted $2000+ gold a year ago. What timing do you refer to ?

  73. Rock

    This is sad and serious breaking news. Justice Scalia was found dead this morning on a private resort in the Big Bend area of far west Texas. How convenient for the globalists who want to confiscate the guns of the American people. Scalia was the staunchest supporter of the Second Amendment. Natural causes? Sure…….

  74. r.j

    Mohammed I respectfully disagree with your theory that crypto currency will be the order of the day when the collapse comes. 1.5 billion chinese and 1 billion indian gold lovers will see to that. I am sorry I am not tech savvy , but just see what happened in Hong Kong recently when authorities tried to shut down street vendors. Or in Greece when farmers attacked police and destroyed a government building over austerity measures. There will be chaos in the future, but the pheonix of humanity will rise from the ashes and God help these so called elites , for they will be hunted down and destroyed. There will be no mercy given to these scumbags,and if there is a lower place than hell ,that is where they will end up.

    • Mohammad

      “Order out of Chaos” that you see in M.E. is the blue print to Asia Europe America.
      You see it in front of your eyes now unfolding in M.E.
      Take notice of it.
      I respect your view though.


  75. RTW

    A tragic event has just occurred. Sadly, Justice Scalia has just passed away. My prayers are with his family and friends during this time. Also my prayers are with the U S Senate that they stand up to any appointment that OB puts before them. This will be their litmus test to stand up for the good and future of the country by disallowing a lib to be appointed to the court.

  76. Vegas Bill

    Greg, I think deals have been made by Hillary to have locked up all the “super delegates” and will get the get the nomination irregardless of what Bernie Sanders does. Anyhow, one smart younger Republican candidate will pull out of the news files the Times Article from Nov. 23, 2014, when President Obama told everyone the following: “I think the American people, you know, they’re going to want—you know, that new car smell. You know, their own—they want to drive something off the lot that doesn’t have as much mileage as me,” Obama told ABC This Week’s George Stephanopoulos in an interview taped Friday in Las Vegas.” Neither Bernie nor Hilary can fill that order.


    • Mohammad

      I said Hillary on the democrats side in a previous vote.
      Lets see JEB materializes or not on the republican side?
      All depends on how oil game plays out.


      • Mohammad

        Previous post i meant.

  77. Sayonara

    We now have a real Black Swan – Justice Scalia is Dead and Obama is President. This is HUGE!

  78. Mohammad

    And the road is paved to the Bush to the WH:



  79. Mohammad

    OH MY……
    Who will they try to get rid of this time around?



  80. Tad


    Another boring geopolitical story about Gaddafi, Hussein, gold, and US-led invasions.

    Who will be next?

    • Mohammad

      No TAD that was not the reason, that was the bonus.
      The real reason was opening the borders that Qaddafi guarded to flood Europe with illegal immigrants.


  81. Michael Harvey

    Thought for the Day – Sunday 14th February 2016
    “The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debt.”
    Henry Ford

    Peace be with you on this day

    • Mohammad


      Henry ford wrote books about the few, the chosen and it was not friendly to them.
      He exposed them for what they really are.
      He built towns for Yemenis in Detroit and brought them in, despite the fact they where muslims because they were and still are hard workers.
      He had a vision.
      some may agree or disagree but non the less he proved to be correct and successful.


  82. mike r

    Just maybe, Justice Scalia’s death was not due to natural causes. With SCOTUS now at 8, if any election is rigged to the point of requiring the SCOTUS to get involved, it now makes things fairly dicey with one less conservative justice on the court.
    Something tells me deep in my gut, that Hillary and the Clintons are behind this, involved with sections of the CIA.

    • Mohammad

      Why not JEB?
      Do you remember when G.W.B won over Al-Gore?
      Do you remember who got the real vote and who stole it, and where? Who was the governor of Florida then…can we say JEB….hmmmm…?
      That is a precedent.


  83. Turbotony

    Greg, thx so much for being a real journalist and not a puppet on a string for one of the big news concerns. I have been following your work for years. live in the netherlands and do quite a bit of traveling in Europe for work. The general public are really oblivious of what is happening, even when it happens on their backdoor step, like Cyprus or Greece. The general media, where ever here in Europe is just a load of BS. I am self employed with a few workers, in Holland and in Poland. Some i have managed to convince that they must start thinking out of the box and told them to check your work out, Greg Mannarino and the nice videos Mike Maloney made. I have no time for trading, no patience, but am busy becoming my own central bank. I purchase my coins from one and the same supplier, for years now. I bought all the way up and all the way down. I don’t really care what i have to pay actually. You do see shortages now, 4-5weeks for coins is normal. I generally get coins from a few years back at the moment. silver is really hard to come by now.
    Banks are getting prepared for negative intrest rates now. The intrest rates on a savings account is down under 1% now. It won’t be long before we will get sizzled by the banks. I used to have a swiss account, cost me more than 600 francs a year on surcharges. At the moment we see a lot of retailers going cashless. Now the 200euro bills are not being accepted by a lot of retailers. Quite funny actually. I withdrew money like i always do. I keep just enough to pay expenses on my private account. The ATM spat out 200euro bills. I can’t spend those anywhere at the moment where i live. I had to go back into the bank to deposits the bills back into my account and ask for smaller bills.
    Anyway, a small update from Holland. Greetings and i hope we all can enjoy your work for years to come. God bless you all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your update from Europe and your kind words!!!

  84. Galaxy 500

    Major powers agreed on Friday to a limited cessation of hostilities in Syria but the deal does not take effect until the end of this week and was not signed by any warring parties – the Damascus government and numerous rebel factions fighting it. [John Kerry must have negotiated this. Not signed ]

    Oh, please Mr Putin, please stop bombing the good terrorists. We have spent so much money arming them and they promise to kill us last.

  85. r.j

    mohammed do you think east indian farmers will accept crypto currency in exchange for food.? Do you think Chinese farmers will accept crypto currency for fish or rice. ? East Indian people hold over twenty thousand tons of gold . Chinese people hold at least that much. I could care less what the stupid elites do . I have horses, cattle,grainland. and unless you show up with a fistfull of silver or a couple of grams of gold you aint gonna eat.

  86. Will

    There is no America, and we’re not American citizens. We are nothing more than taxable units for the immoral corporate police state.

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