North Korea Threat Turns Hot, FBI & CIA Look for Traitor, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 280 4.21.17)

North Korea made the most provocative and dangerous threat yet through the state media when it said Kim Jong-Un may order a “super-mighty preemptive strike” against South Korea and the U.S. The U.S. says it is sending an armada to deal with the provocation. China and Russia, which both border North Korea, reportedly have deployed troops there. The threat is the worst ever for the Korean Peninsula as the North now has nuclear weapons that it did not have in the Korean War in the early 1950’s.

The CIA and the FBI are now looking for a “traitor” that worked on the inside that leaked intelligence to WikiLeaks. They say it is “one of the worst breaches in CIA history which exposed thousands of top-secret documents.” Meanwhile, it’s reported that the U.S. is preparing charges to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The U.S. authorities are no longer calling WikiLeaks a news organization but a “non-state intelligence service.” Assange maintains he has 1st Amendment rights and is a journalist.

The economy continues to signal the continuation of a vicious downturn. The Atlanta Fed recently revised the GDP down to just .5%. Another sign the economy is losing steam is this week’s announcement that Subway is closing down nearly 360 stores nationwide. It is the first time in the company’s history that it is closing stores and shrinking its business.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(There is much more in the video newscast.)

After the Wrap-Up:

Bill Holter of will be the guest on the “Early Sunday Release.”

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  1. Mohammad

    here is something i have been saying for long time on your blog and my posts are there for any one to see.
    I maintained that China is not an enemy in the coming global showdown, Russia is.
    Also said that Russia is going to to have the surprise of lifetime from the east.

    I read this and my mind went Hmmmmm:

    ” A $43 billion takeover deal that would merge Chinese state-owned agriculture company ChemChina and Swiss-owned seed company Syngenta is expected to turn the world’s second largest economy into a biotech titan.

    In recent weeks, the deal has been approved by EU and US authorities. Once closed it will be China’s biggest overseas acquisition. It will create the world’s largest farm-business oligopoly, concentrating agricultural power in the hands of the three countries – the US, Germany, and China.”

    So here you have Russia banning GMO and Monsanto, China turning into the largest produce of GMO.

    Putin wants to be the world’s largest producer of NON-GMO food……

    And Russia is the demon??????

    Anything wrong with this picture?
    Does that tells you where are the good and the bad are aligned?


    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      It tells me that Americans with no insurance need to eat better food, Russian or not. Russia has no desire to thin out the herd. ..I hope they export good wheat and corn. Our own rice has too much arsenic to eat more than once a week…which is making these vegans unhealthy. Thank Clinton for ruining the Haitian rice farmers when he was governor of Arkansas. Shmuck.

    • Tin foil hat

      Jerry is the one who has been screaming on top of his lung about “The Working Group”.
      The merger of ChemChina and Syngenta is indicative of the merger of currencies.
      The Japan’s Central Bank and Swiss National Bank have been in the stock buying sprees. Now, the Chinese are pouring yuan into the Swiss economy by merging a Chinese state owned company with a Swiss owned company.
      I infer the Chinese will not stop acquiring Japan, U.S. and Swiss companies any time soon. The SDR as the next reserve currency is not happening. The squids win again.

    • Frederick

      Mohammad Maybe it’s China’s way of reducing its population of elderly anyway I always thought that Russia and China make a perfect partnership actually China needs resources ,Russia needs inexpensive manufactured goods and they are neighbors but who knows Crazier things have happened you could have a point there Doc

      • Mohammad


        Russia is eastern christians.
        China are Atheists.

        Actually the only one protecting christians in M.E. now is Russia, am thankful to god for that because we Syrians (or whatever left from us) cannot live without our mosaic.

        The Iraqi christians are almost vanished since there is no Russian protection there, it was US…Hmmmmm.

        Also in the rebels’ backed by US areas in Syria there is almost no christians left.

        Assad and Russia are the only protection to whatever left from christians in Syria.


      • This sceptred isle

        They have also held joint military exercises. In their case the enemy of my enemy…

      • JC, the legal illegal

        I doubt China is doing that to their elders. Being older in China is a sign of respect. Old Chinese are very taken care of. I am afraid it is the unborn that are in danger in China do to their one child policy. Now they have a two child policy, if you get permission from the government.

    • Justn Observer

      Is there any correlation to the ‘events’ and places involved in the M.E. concerning archeological area as some suggest. Seems like a lot are mentioned but beyond the ‘sacking of those in Iraq do you know of any others in Syria or that might have been missed by the Nazi interests in World War that were at that time overlooked? Since it appears then- some were reported found and taken to Spain and lower France by Germans’ that had been working for Saddam Hussain ? So as reported by Ph’d Farrell Just curious if you might have tracked that as a possibility outside the ‘competitive’ pipeline race thru Syria of if that is a cover story?

      • Mohammad

        Absolutely and I talked about it here before, I wish Greg can give us the ability to search by poster name, should be easy since all those blogs are indexed.

        Please notice that ISIS trail of death follows the Silk Road.

        They concentrated on Palmyra, my gut feeling is whoever behind them needed a piece of the grand puzzle from those artifacts that they did not pay attention to when they were roaming M.E. before.
        Worth noticing that when ISIS pulled out of Palmyra and its ass was kicked by Assad and Russians THEY DESTROYED LOTS OF ARTIFACTS THERE TO COVER THE TRAILS:

        Makes you go Hmmm… why would they (or whoever behind them) do that?

        Their path was leading to another very very important ancient location in Bakaa Vally in Lebanon and that is Baalbak….!

        The article here gives it a political spin concerning hizbullah in Lebanon but to my instinct and the preceding events I right away thought of Baalbak’s artifact, there is something there they need to complete the puzzle or so to speak. please read this paragraph am quoting from Huffington post article:

        “Perhaps more importantly, Baalbek is the site of one of the most remarkable archaeological wonders in the world. Its ruins have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Baalbek dates back to Phoenician times and reached its pinnacle during Roman occupation almost 2,000 years ago. It contains the Temples of Jupiter and Bacchus, which are considered to be some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world.”


        Is that is also the reason for YEMEN war…Since the queen of Siba there are lots of artifacts there, then comes Egypt…again…

        Something to ponder…..right?


        • Justn Observer

          Mohammad, Yes Ph’d Farrell says after Iraq most of the museum pieces were returned …but not the clay tablets that those German archeologists had box and listed in the basements… where the ‘written records’ of those of even earlier history … much of his work covers the ‘technology’ aspect that the German’s were interested in ‘reverse’ engineering…which might have ‘applications’ concerning what is happening with what the interests the Nazi were doing and looking for in Antarctica… you can go to his stuff …long you tubes but some 11 or more books on it… He is an investigative journalist from Oxford…. you might look at it….most do not bother…since if it is not ‘sound bites’ most people never bother to take the time to understand between the ‘simple’ narrative of Christians and Islamic people hate each other! This has been an ancient game of chess since Alexandria…and the stolen libraries…etc. And actually the Illuminati that people focus on did not start in Bavaria…but India. Only later during the drug wars so long ago and the silver-opium trade of “East India Company’ did that part of history meld towards Europe…
          And that part of story…including the Knights Templar =Crusades = Jesuits (Ignatius Loyola)= their demise on Friday the 13th…reentry into the Church and those that fled going to England and the Cathar’s in southern Spain (Scottish Rite of Freemasonry) , the intermarriages from Persia-Ottoman – Byzantine Area…up thru greater Germania…etc… the story of King Bulan and that shift west to Kiev and the Baltics…all a trail …thru the pyramid in Bosnia/Crotia area…all I believe the ‘real’ back story that is part of this whole world domination play.
          I for one see the justification for what many think and others know about the ‘real’ people of those areas…Palestianians- Edomites – Surmerian – Egyptians etc…. Why there are obliesk in the center of the Vatican, in the center of the City of London, in front of the White House…and so much of the Egyptian motif is in Freemasonry… Tammuz ‘the widow’s son’ etc and Shrines having a Moroccan/Algerian hat and tasel – the OTO there..and the more like a Turkish sword… well …symbols do mean something or what is all the ‘coat of arms’ about?
          Ideally – when the smoke and mirrors go away…all our children will finally find peace…since what ever is to be found pre-dates us all and should be an inheritance to all on earth . Seems we are fighting like greedy relatives after the funeral? Somewhere the – ‘do unto others’ refrain has gotten lost – eh? Time the ‘forgiveness’ part kicks in and all focus on who is pitting the people against each other for what…
          The Code pt 1:
          The Code pt 2:
          The Code pt 3:

          Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilization

          Sorry this was so long…my apology… but …then answers to be found and shared we all have to look more deeply at what might ‘really’ be going on…that has taken us down this road of ‘mutually’ assured destruction…that might become more than just economic…is the crazy game of world domination as it were…

          • Mohammad

            It is simple Justn,

            It is opening gates for the satin to take over earth.
            Satin cannot do that without the help of humans, he is too weak, weaker than what you think.
            Humans only can foolishly let him dominate earth.

            The fight between good and evil will remain till the end of time.

            I know the result and good will triumph.

            On the way there is a lot of pain humanity will endure because of their foolishness and ignorance.

            I know the deep dimension of the story.
            Confident of the end result.


    • Diane Shear

      Wow…Muhammad, you have it backwards.
      China and Monsanto are the problems!
      GMOS and PESTICIDES are killing people worldwide. Putin campaigns to save bees.
      Bees worldwide are being killed by Monsanto pesticides. If bees die…so does our food supply.
      Your comments are just wrong.
      Clean organic food and a ban on Monsanto Roundup and other poisons are very important to our health…as is clean water.

      • Mohammad


        I love it when people comment on a post before they read it.

        God bless your heart Diane.
        Read my post first then comment.


        • Diane Shear

          I read your post right Mohammed. ..I stand by my comment to you .
          I read all your posts very carefully….in the future I will not.

          • Mohammad



    • Mark Maples

      I don’t post much but I do enjoy reading different opinions. That being said I thought I would share something that I hope might give someone pause to think about our world, our role in it, and what we can do to make it a better place. Mohammad, I selected your post to respond under because I assume you worship Alla. I don’t know where you are from but I do know that I will not allow anyone to dictate who is my friend and who is my for.

      I see a lot of comments saying America this, Russia that, Isreal this, Iran that.

      I spent time in the 80s in the USMC. As a young man even before I enlisted I took at face value that the Soviet was my enemy, was evil, and wanted to destroy me.

      In the 90s I Hassan the opportunity to spend time in Russia. I now have a friend who spent time in the KGB and although we don’t agree on much in terms of government and politics, we do enjoy our conversations and I count him as a good man and my friend.

      I know I am rambling so I will close, governments, nations, religions are not monolithic. They are all made up of millions of people who make millions of decisions every day. No entity is all good or evil, right or wrong, corrupt or pure. If I have not walked in your shoes I cannot know your reality.

      I would love to have more interactions with those who I disagree with to try and understand why they think and believe the way they do.

      My father (who I miss terribly as he passed in 2009) used to say ” son, Gid gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.” I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have never learned anything from talking, but I have from listening.

      I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful weekend

      • Mohammad

        Well said, and well taken. thanks for choosing my post to put wisdom in it, am honored.


    • ross

      Have you ever considered Mohammad that it is all dog and pony show ? The Russians were tipped off that the USA was sending 59 missiles to Syria and no serious damage was done. The elites of all countries including socialist Venezuela see the people they have screwed, as being the enemy . So why not have a few pretend conflicts and maybe a limited nuke war with strategic nuke weapons to blame the economic collapse on and keep the masses ignorant and enslaved for the next 500 yrs ?
      Our elites cannot afford an all out nuke war since they too are put at serious risk. With all the new technology in robotics and their ability to breed the new super race, it does not look good for the dumbed down masses who are so totally unaware of just how powerful and deceptive they are.

      • Mohammad

        36 of 59 tomahawks only landed…!!!!
        it may implicate that Russians shot down the rest…?

        Think about it..!
        What is at stake is bigger than “dog and pony” show.


        • ross

          Mohammad; They’ve been doing this since Ancient Egypt and the Roman days. Deception is their art form. The dog and pony show show is the deception. Do not trust any of our elites no matter the race or religion , since they all think the same when absolute power is their goal.

          • Mohammad

            I do not trust them.
            That is why am so vocal to wake up others.


    • Kevin Price

      For those interested in some great, easy to understand, and logical explanation of silver charts and why you should buy and not buy at certain levels, check out this guy’s logic. Greg, I’ve been following this guy for 6 months and he’s really got it going on. You ought to consider having him on as a guest. Thanks for allowing the suggestion.

      • Macray

        I don’t know anything about your guy, so it would be foolish of me to comment.
        If you or any watchdogers have 40 minutes of listening time this weekend, I suggest giving a listen to Craig Henke, who I believe has an excellent handle on exactly what is happening in both the Silver and Gold markets today. This is one of the better quality podcasts that you will hear. Again, IMHO

        • Macray

          When i listen to podcasts on the internet, including the one’s that Greg brings to USA Watchdog, I walk along the beach while I Listen. Not everyone has a beach they can walk on or the ability to walk a few hours a day, but if you can get some exercise while listening, I strongly suggest to my fellow watdogs for some of the following reasons.

          • Macray

            Smart phone and some ear headphones are needed.
            And if you have a Dog, you really can master the art of multi tasking, by getting in their required daily walks as well!!!!

  2. Elusive Joseph

    This 5 minute video, regarding the year 2017, will be of interest to Christians:

  3. coalburner

    I like your review Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CB.

  4. Christopher Earl Strunk

    WE tried to get Trump to understand how Washington is controlled by the DVD I think Kushner sidetracked the book.

    That according to my associate British Intelligence Expert Michael Shrimpton, the theft of the special trust accounts is interrelated with crimes accomplished by the post 1945 German Military Intelligence racketeering enterprise, Deutscher Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) based in Dachau Germany, see SPYHUNTER: The Secret History of German Intelligence published by June Press in 2014, whose Red Chinese agents operate as do their North Korean and Vietnam mis-adventures still operative, and having promulgated the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act repeal of much of the Glass-Steagall Act, a.k.a. the Banking Act of 1933 (48 Stat. 162), during which time in the Clinton White House attorney J. Paul Oetken enabled merging of Commercial with Investment Bank investments for DVD / Red Chinese looting of up till then safely separated private trusts with all of the names registered in commerce including Undersigned’s property as is historically used in the decennial percapita NAMES in commerce as collateral guarantee for the National debt since 1933 rather than constitutional money per se, and that the theft was discovered by the FBI Senior Special Agent investigation of the 2008 DTCC’s crafted so-called Derivative / Mortgage collapse that involves the criminal cover up of the Certificates of Birth collateral security underlying the very risky investment derivatives used after 1999 by DTCC Etal. the perpetrators.

    • Justn Observer

      Financial Vipers of Venice and the Debt Theory
      Premordial Debt Theory:

      • Christopher Earl Strunk

        It would be well worth Mr. Hunter’s time to interview my friend Michael Shrimpton and or my fellow New Yorker Dr Robert E. Kaplan, PhD. who did the forward to Mr. Shrimpton’s Book about the DVD. Both a must read :

        The Venice connection is actually the Dachau / Frankfurt/ London GCHQ / Gehlen Organization (GO2) in Washington connection all under Jesuit oversight along with the Brennan snake. There is nothing fancy about this and as far as the Doge / QEII / Zionist Rothschild drum beat they are employees of Pepe Orsini’s 13 families I outlined in my own book – and because Venice can be a very miserable place where you walk around on boards during high tide those familes are elsewhere (ask Count Vivaldi).
        Take note that Merkle was Stasi / Markus Wolf connected and that Wolf worked for the CIA as a double agent. Putin worked in East Germany with the Stasi and is well aware.
        If you think the wall came down to help West Germany rethink that. The old Canaris networks control Red China from the time of the Boxer rebellion, and when it comes to what Admiral Byrd really was doing in 1947 of ONI as a resupply operation to incorporate the German Navy officially as our tool. I like Mr. Hunter’s weekly wrap-up but he has much to do as an interviewer to broaden the scope beyond a half hour. Fir instance I note that Steven Quayle has a ONI connection.

        • Paul ...

          The “deep state” has put Trump in chains … they want World War III … both Russia and China are preparing!!! … only “an outcry from the American people” will stop the insanity …

          • Mohammad

            Trump is deep state.


            • Greg Hunter

              That’s not what “Deep State” Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) thinks:

              • Mohammad

                Infowar as a reference ..LOL
                Common Greg, you can do better than that..!


                • Greg Hunter

                  Check the sourcing inside the story please. There are links.

  5. andyb

    Excellent wrap-up Greg. The next 90 days will bring a confluence of events that will create a perfect storm; debt ceiling, war-mongering, a USD devaluation, and the first of many mini stock market crashes. Hold on tight; there’s a bumpy road ahead.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thus is the year the Prozac stops working.

      • Charles H

        Or sales go through the roof. Comfortably numb.

        • Mohammad

          I love that song.


          • Sayonara

            How about Sheep?

  6. dlc

    “The Silence of the Sea” overview. A story of occupation similar to “Suite Francaise.”

    Baffling. Enabler France went from Nazi occupation to Islamic occupation with a short breather in between. Learned absolutely nothing from their experiences. You would think after 2 world wars something would click. France and Germany both beaten in the end by rag tags.

  7. David

    Greg Hunter,
    Awesome, Awesome Newcast ! ! ! Thank you for doing the news!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David!

  8. dlc

    “Silence of the Sea” Part 1 of 10, French with English subs.

  9. BJReid

    Great Wrap-up Greg …. One of your best ever …. Thank You for all that you do.

    PS …. Lose Bo’s number

  10. Lord Ha Ha

    Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, & Mike Cernovich LIVE In Austin
    Is this the latest George Soros neo-con CIA/Muslim brotherhood holder’overs take down?
    They started with Flynn, even got O’riely and. . …
    now along came Jones!

  11. Andrew Buchanan

    Greg, you talk about all the points of tension around the world; North Korea, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, etc., etc. Take the USA out of the equation and there would be no such tension. I’m not an idealist and realise other intra-national tensions would surface were the USA to confine itself to its borders – but it makes you think. Right now the world would be a much safer place if only the USA would stop pushing everyone around and mind its own business.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah man,
      The US should have stepped back when Japan Invaded China and Hitler invaded Europe. Yeah, the US should just stay away and let things go. Right on man.

      • Andrew Buchanan

        Greg, I love your broadcasts and mostly what you say. I anticipated you would not appreciate my latest comments because you are above all an American patriot. However, the global situation pertaining when Japan invaded China and when Hitler invaded Europe is vastly different from the geopolitical reality we are faced with today. The U.S. administration – not the American citizen per say – has become the world terrorist, not the world peacekeeper of the 1940s and 1950s. I know you respect the views of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and, unpalatable as it may be, I do not believe my views differ greatly from his.

      • Ray

        Please be fair mate……Andrew makes a reasonable point regarding US and it’s foreign policy. USA needs to go back to being a nation of leaders BY EXAMPLE, not by BRUTE FORCE. and CIA FILTH.
        By the way, regarding WW2, I believe Hitler invaded Europe in 1939.
        The US didn’t ride in on some white horse the very next week to save Poland. Fact is, the US waited until after the attack on Pearl Harbour, Dec 1941……an event where many say the US government “allowed to happen”.
        Anyway…..I didn’t come here to bash you….I always enjoy your content and I truly believe your heart is in the right place, given all that is going on in our world. I am thankful for your contribution sir.
        Take care Greg.

    • This sceptred isle

      The west feeds the chaos and off the chaos. When you realise which nations are the two biggest weapons manufacturers globally it is easy to see who benefits from the chaos.

      • Justn Observer

        TSI…. that is not necessarily true….It IS who ‘ controls the minds ‘and economics ‘of the nations that manufacture and USE the weapons that benefits the most. They – can sit back – unmolested – of the ire or hatred – as they accumulate their profits. The concept of an Illuminati had its origin first in India not Bavaria. And replicated but the THUGS in other parts of the world. Where do the oldest, most wealthy banks and families in the world reside? Certainly not on the list of who’s who…they seek darkness. One can not hit a target one can not see.

    • Frank jeffries

      Yes! The US is the demon.

  12. JCD

    Greg. I love the wrap ups. Puts a lot of things in perspective. 2017 should go down in the history books.


    Greg , I live for your weekly wrap ups . They’re always great . Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ashley!

  14. Justn Observer

    Greg, Yeah- you might know your CREDIT RATING…but do you know your ‘THREAT RATING’ !
    If you participate or view any ‘alternative’ media news you can be assured it is much higher:
    How they are shutting down the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.
    Congress gives Government Authority to Microchip people H.R. 4919 …

  15. Justn Observer

    Does the Christian/Protestant/Greek Orthodox/Coptic communities really not understand what is occurring?
    ””THE”” World Peace Plan and founders:

    The religions are all being turned upon each other too exhaustion so the a ‘NEW AGE’ -Gnostic /Atheist one can rise like a Phoenix along with the new currency system…

  16. Aussie Clive

    Isn’t it ironic how Trump benefited by the TRUTHS published by Wikileaks during the election, and what we see now, where Attorney General Jeff Session’s priority is to arrest Assange.

    Really! This is one of your first priorities?

    Assange has a perfect record for reporting the truth. Didn’t he say that Vault 7 was not leaked by the Russians. No fake news there and no threat to National security.

    Mr Session, I hope you realize that there is:
    Still no Government backed independent investigations of 911;
    Still no prosecutions of Bush, Clintons, Cheney, Obama, McCain etc. for Treason;
    Still no prosecution of corrupt bankers.

    At lest trump wasn’t awarded a Nobel Peace Prize before he embarked on continuing the aggressive US Governments’ pursuit of war.

    Where were (are) the famous anti-war demonstrations across the USA after you bombed Syria and Afghanistan and steam your Weapons of Mass Destruction towards North Korea.

    I now get irritated when I hear anyone refer to Le Pen as the European version of Trump.

    Marine Le Pen is the real deal!
    I don’t know what Trump is anymore.

    Also, Politicians in Australia get into a lot of trouble for nepotism – spin it all you want, it just isn’t a good look.

    • Mohammad


      Populists are the new soft dictatorship which is phase 2 in the grand scheme of the NWO.
      Think about it..!
      They have to bypass the congress here in US and the Parliament in UK and in France if Le Pen wins to start running the necessary executive orders that jumps over the check and balance process we had for years and been eroded slowly and gradually only to be delivered the K.O. now with the rise of the populists.

      It is a soft dictatorship that runs the pen signing executive orders and can turn any time the planners wish into a hard one.

      Think about it …..


      • Andrew Buchanan

        Hi Mohammad, What you appear to be saying is that there is no hope. Either you endure the status quo, the corrupt policies and politicians traditionally in power, or you try to elect a non-establishment, populist, candidate and inadvertently end up with a ”soft dictatorship’. Should we all then just give up? Seems a bit nihilistic to me – so I sincerely hope your pessimistic analysis is wrong.

        • Mohammad

          The hope starts with understanding and knowledge….
          If you fall in their traps then I agree ….no hope…
          people fell big in the new populist trap.
          I did not, I saw it, and talked about it and crucified here by the same people crying foul now who where cheerful months back.


  17. Jim Gilly

    There is no case for Christ as it is the most ludicrous bunch of nonsense ever conceived by a group of unknown jews writing about a cosmic zombie who never existed.

    Research Lee Strobel a little more and you will find his marriage was headed into the dumpster and the only way he could save it was to appease his Christian wife, knowing full well the bible is a bunch of BS. The fact he found he could make a good living off promoting this garbage didn’t hurt either.

    • Greg Hunter

      Facts say you are 100% wrong. Seek Christ.

    • Charles H

      Jim Gilly,

      Thanks for your input. No doubt it shows where most of the world is going in what they believe – science, the anti-thesis of Theocracy. There’s no problem IF the universe works democratically, where the majority wins: but it doesn’t work democratically.
      The problem facing mankind is this: God, in human form – died on a cross to provide something for mankind that man could not provide for himself. If Jesus Christ IS God: then His Person and work cannot be ignored without consequence. If He isn’t God – then man has nothing to give account to; and benevolence is gone out the window: we are on our own, with one brief journey through life.
      Statistics alone – a 50/50 proposition: the bet itself is too great to chance. Forever. Even gamblers know you don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Is Jesus Christ God or not? You are betting forever.
      Humanity messes-up the Truth: but man can’t remove Truth from being what it is. You better start looking not at people: but for real answers. The Bible has a track record through history you totally ignore.

    • Mark Maples


      Is it your goal to enlighten people, because to me it looks like you are just trying to anger and insul people. How can you insult someone’s belief system when you know nothing about them?

  18. Russ

    Thanks Greg, food wrap-up.

    For those who need a scorecard to follow the French elections, the article at:
    makes an attempt at figuring the odds of the candidates. The attack in Paris will shift those odds even further in Le Pen’s favor.

    Why should we care about French elections. If Marine Le Pen wins, she will stick a fork in the EU. It will be done, just waiting for a referendum to make it official. The French elections are huge. First round of voting is this weekend, just in front of the week that Bo Polny spoke about in his interview.

    Interesting times.

    • Russ

      Typo: “Good” wrap up – typing in the dark…

    • Russ

      Not to beat a dead horse …
      …”Supporters of Francois Fillon, a center-right candidate whose momentum has been curtailed by graft charges, and a sizable chunk of Macron’s followers would probably rally to Le Pen’s cause if she were to face leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the final round, according to Gave. He sees only Fillon with a chance to defeat Le Pen in the run-off.”…
      The horse race is Sunday.

  19. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Kim Jong-Un loves attention, but like a dysfunctional child heading straight for juvenile hall he might not be able to back off and “lose face”. Therefore, I suspect he will at some point get to close for comfort like sending submarines off the coast of the U.S. with missiles, at that point which may already have arrived, Trump will have no choice but to fire to protect the homeland. Yes, Greg, this weeks Wrap-up was N. Korea as the lead story as it should have been. Very good that you are following this story closely as it looks like even Kim Jong-Un’s powerful dutch uncle China can’t control him & even might help take the spoiled boy child out.

    • Mohammad

      Another concern is one of Netanyahu’s German nuclear subs he acquired recently that can post a false flag and start WWIII that he always drooled over, they did it before to our vessel and they can do it again:

      Does USS LIBERTY rings a bell?


      • Greg Hunter

        It concerns you the Israelis would dare to protect themselves. I was wondering when you would bring up the Liberty. It’s always those evil Jews and never the Muslims committing murder and terror.

        • Mohammad

          USS liberty happened…right?
          I did not do it Israel did ….right?
          netanyahu wants a war at any cost, Obama did not give it to him, I am praying that Trump will not either.


          • Greg Hunter

            Looks like the Israelis made a mistake 50 years ago. None of the people running Israel in 1967 are in power now (or even alive,) but it is always the evil Jews. The “good” Jews will allow themselves to be executed again em mass-right??

            • Mohammad


              I love this country, it is the only home left for me, if any thought I put here can foil an evil act against it I will, when we talk about it we foil it.
              Keep in mind that the Israeli mentality is the same, and over thousand times here I will say it again, it is the zionists and have nothing to do with jews that I love and respect.


              • Greg Hunter

                Good to Know.

            • Arthur Barnes

              Greg, I don’t how many whiskers the Lord has on his chin but I do know that your not ever to ever again line up the Jewish people and load them into box cars; and, rightly so!

            • Arthur Barnes

              Greg, I don’t how many whiskers the Lord has on his chin but I do know that your not ever again line up the Jewish people and load them into box cars without a fight; and, rightly so!

    • wondrouscat

      One reason I voted for Trump was because I believed he would at least try to negotiate first, and that he was good at that if nothing else. Kim Jong Un seems to me to be in want of some respect from the West, and could have been quietly “fathered”, so to speak, recognized and encouraged to go along for his own gradual success, gradual westernization and enrichment of his country, by Trump, who is apparently very effective one on one. Very sad to see this tactic thrown out.

    • Andrew Buchanan

      Hi Arthur, Does anyone stop to consider the source of the information upon which their collective opinion of North Korea is ‘informed’? Isn’t the source the discredited MSM? North Korea has not invaded any country since the ceasefire between North and South Korea. Contrast this with the military expansionism of the so called Western ‘democracies’. Could the propaganda against North Korea have anything to do with the country’s rejection of Rothschild central banking? I would not wish to defend Kim Jong-Un as an individual, however, if there was ever a time to question perceived wisdom, it’s right now – a very dangerous period in world history.

  20. Mohammad


    You are played in the globalist hands when you point the finger to the wrong place and here it is Islam.

    Can’t you see the timing of that terrorist attack?
    Can’t you see it is a PERFECT false flag?
    We all know that FREXIT is going to be stopped by all means by the Soros .
    Why the timing of this attack is not raising flags on your radar?
    Why always running to blame Islam when in reality muslims are living in EU and America for hundreds of years and not a single incident, actually the other way around , we do not drink and we do not steal and we are law abiding taxpaying citizens in the countries we live in.
    Heck I guess my taxes are paying about 1000 lazy ass couch potato “American citizen” living on welfare.
    My son and my daughter are in the college and am paying them cash so they are not going to be loaded with debt like most of their colleagues, I can tell you that almost 100% of my muslim friends are paying cash for their kids college education. This is what Islam teaches us, to respect the covenant we made when we came here.


    I have a lot of respect to you and that is what keeps me coming back to your site even after I say to my self to the hell with it, I will not comment any more. It is the hope I have for you to see that Islam is not what you paint here, THER IS NO SUCH THING AS ISLAMIC TERRORISM, there are deranged twisted Soros funded organization that hits whenever it is convenient to the globalists, and YES THE ZIONISTS.

    Just ask your self this question Greg:
    Muslims?…….HELL NO …. they are the first to suffer from it. can’t you see that?
    When you answer those questions you will know who did it.


    I still no matter what you think have a great deal of respect to you and I will carry that on with my future presence on your blog.


    • Greg Hunter

      Me saying the Jews did the most recent terror attack was a joke but apparently to you it was not. I Guess the Jews do all the stuff listed on this site each week too: You simply have to admit that some in Islam are radical and commit terror. It is a fact and you cannot blame this on another religion or government.

      • Mohammad

        I disagree Greg,
        Flags are allover those incidents.
        Good men disagree.


    • Mark Maples


      Are you from the Middle East? If so I would like to ask you some questions

      • Mohammad

        I am originally from Syria, Damascus in particular.


    • Tin foil hat

      I know Islam is not our enemy. I get it!
      Sharia law is our enemy because it is not compatible with democracy.

  21. Mohammad


    This is a big one:

    So Turkey is leaning eastbound and that fits the recent political titanic shift from parliamentary to presidency referendum that gives Erdogan more powers and keeps him as a president for 25 years to come.

    It also will revive the gas pipeline from Russia to EU through Turkey.

    Expect US to undermine it through the KURDS in Syria/Turkey.


  22. Jerry

    The globalist IMF, World Bank, dog and pony show starts today in Washington even though they have been meeting behind closed doors for weeks.

    From my sources (though I can’t verify it) the IMF has been injecting large amounts of money in the form of SDR’s and RMB into our banking system to help keep it afloat until the alternate exchange system is complete. As Greg has reported the central banks have been dumping billions of dollars in fraudulent gold contacts into the market to stave off pressure on the dollar by rising gold prices until they are ready to push the reset button. Don’t hold your breath for any indictments because all the major players know what it is. A stall tactic. Will their plan work? I have no idea, but with the EU on the verge of collapse, and Deutsche Bank sitting on close to 65 Trillion dollars worth of derivative contracts that are about to default, we’re about to find out.

    • Jerry

      Secret IMF meeting with Blockchain.
      There is a prevailing story that I keep hearing, that when the reset smoke clears we will all be living in a digital banking system. I must admit my skepticism takes a back seat when I see pictures like this.

      Unconfirmed sources say that a May 1st announcement to the public by the IMF and World Bank is forthcoming to prepare the public for a new U.S. gold backed currency. I for one am skeptical when I hear such news. Since when do the paymasters need our input for anything? But something is clearly going on. Anytime you see Hank Paulsen and Timothy Geithner crawl out from underneath their rock with “The Working Group” (working for what?), you just know something is afoot.

    • Jerry

      I’m starting to feel like the proverbial husband who has a sneaking suspicion that his wife is cheating on him behind his back, but he can’t prove it. The Chinese are definitely playing both sides of the isle to their advantage.
      With China’s GDP close to 8.0% in the first quarter, while the United States could barely muster 0.5% the Chinese are no doubt going to press the IMF for more drawing rights or threaten to leave the IMF. In reality I think the decision has already been made to redistribute the currency weights, putting all of the currency’s in the IMF basket on equal footing. Its just a matter time and how to implement the transition.

      • Greg Hunter

        No link man. Folks would like to see it.

  23. Hatemail

    Why is Government penalizing banks for rigging when they are doing their bidding?

    • Greg Hunter

      Political cover?

  24. Neil

    Hi Greg, the WNW 280, now that is worth watching! Always a fair barometer of how much I missed during the previous week and where I need to pay better attention.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Neil.

  25. Daniel Smith

    When Obama asked illegals to vote in the 2016 election I think he needs to be charged with treason!

    • Frank jeffries

      Agree… communist Muslim , Barry Sotero.

  26. Flattop

    GREG: You have had some great Friday illustrations, but this one is your best so far. Thank you Greg for your efforts to put forward truth. You are becoming one of a very few voices who stand for honesty. You da man Greg.

  27. Roger D

    Radical Islamic terrorists? Of course. That’s exactly what one would expect if they invaded Muslim countries and killed, maimed and displaced innocent people for 16 years. Of every nation mentioned, in the eyes of God, the US is the most wicked. Who do we think we are?

    ‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18

    • Greg Hunter

      You may allow yourself to be beheaded for Islam but not me. The people they are killing did not cause their problems.

    • dbcooper

      RD, Remember the Gates of Vienna. The leathernecks were not created 16 years ago … while we do not have to endorse the imperialist type actions of the US Empire all over the world we cannot escape the heinous teachings and actions of the Fascist Ideology of islam.

      Remember the Gates of Vienna. Yours in Faith (in Jesus) and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Tin foil hat

      Roger D,
      Thailand, Philipine and India didn’t invade any Islamic country. What will you call the Muslims over there who killed and maimed innocent infidels?
      As far as I know, Muslims are the only ones who can’t pray in the same sandbox with others in the 21th century.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Roger, go back and read about the Moorish invasion of Europe, Islam murdered countless in their path to go north and get out of camel world, they are simply at it again. It is a shame really as I have been told the Middle East is a vast treasure of culture, sea, sky and landscapes. Here is the news for Islam: YOU CANNOT HAVE EUROPE!

  28. Flattop

    GREG: The CIA and FBI going after a traitor?? They should be thinking traitorS. Glqd to hear they are getting serious about swamp draining

  29. al

    Housing market here is slowing down again. Existing home sales are way down but the building of homes here and there go on, I saw this in 2008 all the way through 2010 until all the contracts were over, then literally starving construction workers were looking for odd jobs to do. It was awful and I’m afraid it’s going to get worse in a year or two. I don’t see home prices falling by much but the value will crash because of high inflation.
    As always, your professional news briefs are awesome! I wish there were more.

  30. tablesturned

    Gosh, Trump certainly loved Wikileaks – remember “I love Wikileaks” – when they worked with Russia to interfere – bigly – in our election.

    • Greg Hunter

      Table troll,
      Russia did not give info to WikiLeaks according to recent revelations from the CIA and FBI. You are propelling the fake news theme.

      • Purely

        They are looking for an inside leaker who leaked information about CIA operations. That’s completely different from the Russian hacking of election. Youre conflating two different investigations.

        • Greg Hunter

          No I am not. The CIA and the FBI have both said the Russians were feeding WikiLeaks information and they Still have not proved that. In my world I don’t separate the BS. It’s all BS and tied together. The FBI and the CIA have basically confirmed this–Again.

          Oh and by the way, this is part of the same story:

          It’s actually the real story and not the fake one propelled by the MSM!!

          • Purely

            My favorite chroniclers of the trump debacle are tom nichols and Rick wilson. Savvy, patient, experienced, funny, and on target.

          • Justn Observer

            Greg – completely agree… nothing proven …they AVOID the question that requires an answer !

    • Flattop

      Tablesturned: Keep on drinkin the koolaid bro

  31. Macray

    US, UK and France refuse to send forensic scientists to site of alleged chemical attack in Syria
    “The OPCW is not willing to properly probe the alleged chemical attack in Idlib. This is very odd”.

    Not Really. Why would the US want to participate in such a probe when the Don Administration narrative easily falls apart upon expert analysis? They wouldn’t.

    • This sceptred isle

      Maybe they can investigate the white phosphorus incidents further east.

      • This sceptred isle

        West I mean…map upside down!

  32. Unsettled

    This is my understanding of the narrative of events, post the DNC Hack,

    Seth Rich…dead Served as DNC IT Specialist
    Assange offers 20k reward
    Sean Lucas….dead re: Bernie Sanders Election stolen Gets $650,000.
    John Podesta..character revealed..still alive
    Jeffrey Epstein..Little St. James.
    Not related to Wikileaks.. John Ash Dead..CGI..Clinton Glbal Initiative attestation witness.
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepped down from DNC Chair and rehired by Clintons to serve somewhere else.
    All info released from Wikileaks and all TRUTH otherwise why were actions taken to remove these people from there positions?
    Now, John Nunnes is being investigated for doing his Job all related to Wikileaks. Trump Spying.
    Seems there is a behind the scenes entity that is pissed about some truth being shared with the American Public and they want it ended. Something big is in the works for Truth release in my opinion that is going to reveal what is actually going on behind the scenes and the entity behind it all is in full Liongates Rage to make sure it doesn’t happen.
    These events are so bizarre and strange I don’t know how else to explain it.
    This is just the way it seems to appear when you start connecting the dots!

    There could be others.

  33. J W

    Greg. All the crooks running around…….and their now declared #1 enemy of the state is Julian Assange. Really? Can it be any more obvious they want us in complete darkness? We the people don’t deserve facts! We the people deserve propanda! Unreal.

  34. Wayne D

    As you cite, Greg, the fine paid for rigging markets by Deutsche Bank (and before it many others) is just acknowledged as the cost of doing business today. Wall Street learned it could get away with anything once it pulled off the TARP bailout following the 2009 crash. Derivatives have since mushroomed, debt saturation/enslavement and bubble-blowing are a way of life. Crony capitalism conducts business through legislation and regulation, not merit. Ad nauseam. As Lord Acton remarked: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    It’s what Michael Hudson calls the rentier economy, where all productivity is directed to the profit of the financial sector before this parasite finally kills its host. Then it must find a new host. That is the power shift paradigm now underway from West (US) to East (China). Interestingly, it appears the City of London may be hedging its bets already.

    But let’s not harp on just “telling” Obama he implored criminals (illegal aliens) to vote. Have the DOJ (an oxymoron?) indict him for his many crimes against this nation and the world, including his war crimes. But then, what of the Bushes-Clintons-etc.? A few smaller fish have been indicted but right now it doesn’t look like it will go any farther than that. Why? Fear of indictments for pedophilia would trigger a great unraveling, pandemonium in an already dysfunctional government. (And we thought American politics couldn’t get any worse!)

    While it appears that almost everything in the US, if not the world, is corrupt and falling apart, it also appears beyond saving or repair. So it’s just a matter now of what will replace it after the collapse. I’m guessing most of your viewers would prefer a Constitutional Republic in practice, sound money usage, no central banking, a meritocracy, peace, self-discipline, self-reliance and helping others when you can. We certainly have our work cut out for us.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not believe the MSM–period. Lets hear what they have to say. So far, not shred of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians but Hillary cutting a bribe deal that puts 20% of U.S. uranium production in Russian hands is OK?? MSM is total fake news.

      • donna

        so you are saying that the story is fake and there is no hearing for may to call the three people in?
        Also am seeing on internet that the story by CNN on trump administration seeking way to charge or arrest assange is fake.
        how can the news sites under trump continue to release such stories about his administration doing these things and not have something done about it? and yes I know most MSM stories are fake so what I am specifically asking is how they can get away with saying the administration is doing things that it is not? hope that makes sense

  35. James Brown

    Thank you for the Easter “Present” – your interview with Martin Armstrong.
    I kept asking and you delivered.
    Subway sandwich closed-this is more than economics. One of my friends with a household income of $200k+ complained that his tab at subway for he and his wife was $27.
    I bought a Tri-tip roast, grilled it to perfection, fed my family of 6, along with gourmet garlic mashed potatoes, and baked asparagus (glass of wine for Mom and Dad)-it was $18 total. Which meal would you like-the awesome gourmet or the Subway sandwich?
    Also, people are eating better quality food and an aging “baby boomer” population eats less food and eats out less (this is what Gerald Celente and Harry Dent are telling us). All levels of government are taxing us severely which also kills people’s ability to afford $27 for Subway. They are all closing stores-McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. It’s not because Amazon started selling burgers “on the line”, it’s a trend and it will continue. Oh yeah-speaking of Amazon, “they” are blaming Amazon for the closure of all these stores-that’s not the real truth of it. Sears is a horribly run company which is most of the reason they are going out of business (after 131 years). Again, the aging population buys fewer things and that is the biggest reason for the retail downturn-a trend that will continue. But I know you know all this.
    Where will all the housewives go when the malls close???

    • Paul ...

      Did you ever think McDonalds must shut down some of its many stores because it is harder to get “meat” (now that the pedophile slave trade worldwide is being broken up)??

      • Paul ...

        With it being harder and harder to get meat (by snatching children) … it makes perfect sense for the Baal worshipers “to go to war” to get the “meat” supplies they need to stock their underground bunkers (in preparation for the great famine to come) …

        • Paul ...

          The de-population being planned for is about 250 million people (how long will that much meat last??) … look at the map in the following post … … it seems like someone is making official preparations for a Yellowstone eruption and cooling of the planet (with limited food growing ability) for many years!!

    • Sayonara

      Great Points! I can provide much better food for a fraction of the price and enjoy quality family and friendship time to boot.

    • Flattop

      James Brown:
      Example— Wanted to buy an item from sears, priced at 19.95 for one. Went to Amazon and found a package of 3 for 13.95. That’s why sears and others are in trouble!!!!

      • Macray

        I agree with Flattop.
        Prove it to yourself. Next time your at any Brick and Mortar, price out 3 items that you might want to purchase, even if they are on sale.
        Then do an internet search on these items and I bet you will find a cheaper or equivalent price for the same exacts item at Amazon or other internet establishment.

        • Macray

          “Where will all the housewives go when the malls close???”
          Hopefully to the gym where I work out at!!!

  36. Mohammad

    Another store chain goes out…..So much for a recovery:


  37. Mohammad


    Something does not add up with the sequence of events taking place makes one asks are they a reaction to globalism or A NEW PHASE in the gran scheme of NWO?

    What am hinting to is the rise of populism in US / EU / TURKEY / RUSSIA…so on so forth.

    One valid question:
    why the globalists flooded EU /US with immigrants after they themselves removed the totalitarian regimes that kept them in check (Qaddafi for example)?

    Their plan of NWO was going as per schedule, Euro was replacing the local currencies, borders were removed in EU , SDR experimented with, China sat on IMF, so for any follower can look and say why the hell would they derail this by removing the checking valves in M.E. flooding EU/US with those illegal immigrants that will later on deliver the populists the tool to easily take over the driving seats in all of those regions?

    Are they stupid to not see the repercussion of such actions?
    OR ARE THEY DAMN SMART TO MOVE THE SHEEPLE TO PHASE 2 which is now known as populists that is not much different form another form of executive orders and soft dictatorship that can turn hard at a later stage any time the designers wish?

    How many pen happy executive orders passed in US without going to the congress over the last 80 days including major, major war – peace decision?

    How many will from there on?


    • donna

      I think I understand what you are saying. My son and I discussed it in a similar way. When Bush was in, the government was out of control and corrupt . The Iran war woke a lot of people up as to telling us something was not right. I believe after that there was no way the majority wanted another republican in and here comes Obama. He was Bush on steroids. the government was the most corrupt and blatantly so that I have ever seen. The elite bankers and government officials that were being caught in corruption and never prosecuted was more than most of us could stand especially knowing if we did a tenth we would be locked up and the key thrown away. By now most Americans were fed up with both parties so throw us a populist Trump. We could all get behind that and what happened? right more of the same. I have thought a lot about this as I see you have to. I think that he is throwing us crumbs to keep us in line. crack down on immigration on some fronts and go along with the previous administration on others, to keep us believing he will do what he says. But when you look at who he has put in his administration it is beginning to look bad for us. I am a Trump supporter but am sure starting to think he is more of the same.

      • Mohammad

        Ditto Donna,

        Worse of and more dangerous now is bypass of our check and balance system which is on steroids, they need to pass draconian measures and it just started allover EU and US .

        A new phase of the same scheme , no more no less.


  38. dlc

    Paul Joseph Watson was saying today that the UK takes in 300,000 plus immigrants each year. Hard to imagine. The welfare state is a magnet like no other. Watson said the ERs in the UK are flooded by these new arrivals. Trump is supposedly allowing the DACA immigrants to stay. I do not understand why there is all this generosity. The gov’t is spending like it’s 1957, a roaring industrial base.

    My neighbors live on underground wages, gov’t supplements, utility discounts. If paper money goes by the wayside, they are up a creek with that full disclosure thing. We were not always like this. Good wages made for willing workers.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the French mood is through their elections and if this will have a ripple effect throughout the EU. Not sure what Mohammad means by populism. I just think we are all fed up, been too accommodating for too long. It is hard to fill the gap when your pay is halved, then job is made part-time, then laid off.

    Today, the wages would not compel me to go back to working for the corporate slavers. It’s a far different landscape from when I started. Offshoring and H1B made it pointless. Also, I’m not living in China, the corporate PC blather is too much to stomach just to make the meager shekels. I’ve always been a go-getter but someone else can assume that hamster wheel.

    And, no more aggravating calls to India for tech support after sh*t canning the company staff in Marietta, GA, our Americans, people you could actually understand.

  39. dlc

    The books that made the films “Suite Francaise” and “The Silence of the Sea” were, as it turns out, written in the same time frame. “The Silence of the Sea” was written in mid-1941, published in early 1942, secretly distributed in occupied France as a model of “mental resistance” to the oppressors of that time. The film made more sense and had a broader message knowing that.

    I saw a comment on another site that asked: Where is that French arrogance when they need it now?” They were supposedly a standoff-ish lot. Now, the French and Germans take every form of abuse to avoid being called a name.

    I worked with a Czech girl who once remarked: “They (communists) controlled everything about our outer selves. We smiled but inside despised them. They could never force us to like them.”

  40. Oxfarmer

    Mohammad is getting a bit tiresome.

    Great wrapup. I was looking forward to hearing what you would say. And I am always grateful for the closer, ‘God the Father is in charge.’ He is. Over every nation and dominion, in heaven, on earth and under the earth. And Easter means Jesus Christ is seated at His right hand, to be our Saviour and Judge.

    • Mohammad

      Your insult will give me the right to have a civil answer, Greg allowed the insult he should allow the response:

      prophet Muhammad is a human, and his message from god is been around for 1500 years without change despite all the separate attempts to change Qur’an over time but to no avail.

      Muslims have ONE QUR’AN ….ONE ….over 1500 years, the same number of surats, ayas, letters….NO ONE DARE MAKE A CHANGE TO IT, NO ONE WAS ABLE TO, NO ONE WILL EVER WILL , because god is protecting it, because it is the TRUTH….

      And here is the good news for you ….

      It will stay until the end of time, despite the nose of your Mussad/CIA’s ISIS creation, and despite whatever scheme they will come up with when this current scheme is exposed and fails.

      By the way…
      How many bibles do you have?????????


      • Tin foil hat

        “Muslims have ONE QUR’AN ….ONE ….over 1500 years, the same number of surats, ayas, letters….NO ONE DARE MAKE A CHANGE TO IT, NO ONE WAS ABLE TO, NO ONE WILL EVER WILL”

        Do you wipe your behind with your bare hand or do you use toilet paper?
        If you are still using your bare hand in accordance with the wisdom from over 1,500 years ago, the Directorate of Religious Affairs in Turkey has issued a fatwa declaring that Muslims can use toilet paper without violating the commands of Allah.
        I guess this is why I like the Muslims in Turkey, lol.

        • Mohammad

          Muslims are clean from inside and out.
          They are humble.
          Greg, you chose to keep the insult and delete my response.
          That tells me how much hate you carry to muslims.
          I will say it again to you because am not concerned with this tin foil hat crap:
          Clean up your heart Greg and you will see.

          We are civilized , we taught the world civilization .
          posting insults that do not add to any useful discussion is beyond me.

          Any way ..

          I will carry on to wake up the sheep.
          No one will silence my truth voice no matter how many insults I get here.
          Up until you decide to block me then I know that you lost to the truth.

          I always conduct my self here in a civil manner.
          I will continue.


          • Greg Hunter

            We disagree on the facts so I have to “clean up my heart”? That’s rich. Please stop. This is the last comment about this.

            • Mohammad

              Insults allowed on your site are facts?

              Do you accept it if someone insults your religion ?

              How do you allow it on others?

              Stop what ?

              Defending my self against lies and insults you allow knowingly and you call it facts?


              • Charles H


                Are we all mind-readers? Do we somehow understand what other’s childhood experiences are all about? NO.
                I respectfully submit that you are acting out-of-hand lately. I do not understand your dogging Greg Hunter and the accusative attitude you present here. Please consider the following:
                1) It IS Mr. Hunter’s site.
                2) Due to the postures, representing the different belief systems: each accords authority differently. Chistians question the Quran; Muslims question the Bible – and EACH of us accept only one as fact. In this case – agreeing to disagree is civil. You should NOT find Mr. Hunter guilty of offenses for criteria he does not recognize.
                3) YES, Christians are quite regularly offended, and insulted here.
                4) Greg Hunter is NOT responsible to protect the sensibility of commenters. Some MAY present unique perceived offenses; and protecting the thin skins of all is too much to expect. Moderating or quelling big clashes is all he should have to do.

                You are acting as a Justice Warrior (Religious). Coming at those here that don’t agree or oppose; and coming at the site owner borders on manipulation by constant pushing. We ARE guests. And even giving money to fund this site doesn’t give any right to determine it’s content.

              • Tin foil hat

                (This is Greg Hunter. Please stop. I am not posting this.)

      • Charles H


        There certainly IS more than one version of the Quran. English versions are definitely ‘friendly-d’-up, and are toned-down or missing verses. This corresponds to the different Bible versions out there.
        Here’s a link to a source to consider (Acts17Apologetics) – dealing with internal evidence of WHY the Quran appeared in Arabic:
        As to “Divine Inspiration and Preservation”: BOTH the Bible and the Quran make the same claim – only the Bible makes the claim hundreds of years before the Quran. The Bible includes the Hebraic Scriptures ( of Pentateuch, Prophets, and Psalms – and so neither removes, changes , or takes away fromr the Divine record). I am aware of the claim of memorization of the Quran as an argument to authority and preservation: but Scribes had the Old Testament in front of their eyes: and they still had errors. I cannot subscribe to the idea that people had such good memories – that they performed better than written records. This idea of memorization is a CLAIM. And it is a claim in the human realm – one unnecessary for God to need to back-up His own work.
        With a fragment of a Quran dating back to the Prophet’s time – even the comment of the “expert” gives a conclusion of “more or less” what was then you can find now. This alone is evidences of variations. Here’s the link:
        It can be said that there is ONE Bible, and ONE Quran – which are unadulterated: each perfect and makes claim to being the only Truth. I will go further… The Bible is Divinely preserved through the Language Barriers: perfect to it’s own language; and not only in Arabic.

        Again – the crux of Humanity hinges on this point: is Jesus Christ God Himself? If He wasn’t God: He wasn’t perfect; and if He wasn’t perfect – then His death and blood atonement wasn’t effective for Humanity. I, again, say that He IS God – Who died for man, to be a Savior (not just a prophet). Jesus Christ’s death (and resurrection) makes faith in Him a Grace-based faith: a complete uniqueness. Mohammadanism does not put forth a Savior; but is an ‘obedience’, works-based faith – which lumps it in with all other religions. In my faith: God saves me. In all others: one must by their own deeds – make the cut. And I am satisfied that when I stand before God: that I will stand in the measure of His perfect righteousness (imputed by Grace); NOT in the measure of my own works or obedience (earned by my imperfect efforts).

        • Mohammad


          There is no English version
          To pray you have to recite it in arabic
          You have to say it the way it was revealed to prophet Muhammad 1500 years ago.
          And all people who embraced Islam they learn Arabic to read Quran and they love it.
          It is ONE ..this is the fact.


          • Greg Hunter

            Islam denies Christ was the Son of God. Islam is not a friend of Christianity. That is a very simple fact and there is nothing wrong with my heart. I will NEVER believe if Christ denying Islam and many here will not either.

          • Charles H


            It seems too narrow – to reduce Truth to ONE Scriptural Text in one language. All the world would have to learn Arabic or be damned. Other wise they recite something unknowingly.
            My Bible is dynamically preserved through history and language translations: so that the world can be reached. One version in each language – being a true and unperverted translation: perfect to the nuances and meanings of the language.
            God formed man and made him intelligent. He scattered the people and formed nations by comfounding language at the Tower of Babbel: making Him the Architect of all Languages – infusing complete language systems in a moment of time. With this power and mastery: why would He limit Truth to a single language? I don’t buy it. This smacks of “exclusiveness”. You may see many Bibles as a detraction or subversion: not so. It is a more sensible approach to disperse sacred knowledge abroad; which also agrees with the acts of God Himself. His power to use human instrumentality didn’t stop 1500 years ago. It makes sense He would see His Word through the languages He separated mankind with.

  41. Mohammad


    “‘Totally surreal’: Blackouts hit LA, New York and San Francisco”


  42. Frank jeffries

    Paul Craig Roberts says North Korea is not anywhere near as bad as they are being made out to be… we better look at this.

  43. francis m reps

    Nice weekly wrap up Greg, The people making comments are adding a treasure trove to your web site. It may be time for you to prep yourself on the ” real Russia of today ” which is a Christian Nation of long suffering people whose leaders are a lot tougher , smarter and more resilient than the Ivy League Snowflakes who appear to be walking around the centers of power in the States. Send a pair of shower shoes to the man with the ” funny’ hair in the White House. Turn your backs on the ignorant fools who did a one eighty on their promises before November of last year. I’m ROOTIN FOR PUTIN. He is the only hope of the world. At least he’s a Christian. Not too many of them at the Ivy League.

    • Bill

      Francis m reps; Heard a famous man say a couple weeks ago. ” Russia is now the Christian nation the US once was “

      • Greg Hunter

        USA STILL the most Christian nation on earth.

        • Mohammad


          Eastern Christianity is the origin, it is the Authentic , Jesus was not born in US/EU …He was born in Palestine.

          Actually the first the western Crusaders slaughtered was the eastern christians before the muslims/ And THEY STILL DO by their proxy ISIS.

          That is history and you can search it at your leisure but the facts are the facts.

          Finally to all ….All the respect.


          • Greg Hunter

            Jesus Christ the Son of God was born in Bethlehem. It was part of Israel. There was no such thing as Palestine in the days of Jesus Christ:

            Here’s some more information on how many times Crusaders invaded the M.E and how many times Islamic invaders attacked Europe and the Mediterranean world not counting the current invasion or “refugees.” :

            More facts. Enjoy!!

            • Mohammad

              Last of those F crusades is Mr Bush crusade that killed over million of Iraqis, ruined their lives, destroyed their country over lies and deceits?:


              Did you count this among the crusades?

              More facts for you to chew on?


  44. Mike Jose

    Well Greg, I understand the need for variety, but I gave old Blo Pony a miss…glad to see you are back on song with this nice crisp round-up.

  45. Mohammad

    DID Russia shot down almost half of what was fired at Syria?



  46. Larry White


    Just wanted to pass along this info. Starting tomorrow (4-23-17) I will run a 3 article series covering the just concluded Kemp Foundation Forum on Exchange Rates and the Dollar. A lot of very good and thought provoking presentations were made. As preparation for the coming 3 article series, I have posted this article that talks about the theme of the forum:

    I am running an article on Dr. Judy Shelton’s speech, Dr. Warren Coats speech, and then an overall review of the forum. They talk about the flaws in the current monetary system and ideas on how to fix them including gold, SDR’s and other ideas. If you have any interest in this topic at all, you need to see these articles and watch the video presentations.


  47. francis m reps

    Dear Mr. Hunter, The many comments by Mohammed are quite thought provoking. Of interest is his comment that the Quran will remain unabridged. Geert Wilders….Marine Le Pen, and Victorn Orban are in agreement. Even Cardinal Ratzinger explained that any Religion that uses force { threats of death } to acquire converts is not in fact ” a religion “.PLEASE have Mohammed continue to explain more about his ” Religion of Peace “. I am starting to wonder about your website Greg. Cliff High…Polny….and now a stream of nonsense from a member of a” SAVAGE PSEUDO RELIGION ” . leads me to think that perhaps more time should be spent listening to Lionel…Pieczenik and people with a little harder and realistic view of things.

    • Greg Hunter

      Francis M,
      I try to allow wide views here for discussion. Please jump in with your counterpoints.

      • Mohammad

        You love to take a jab at Islam Greg don’t you….
        Clean up your heart my friend ….Islam is not your enemy.


        • Greg Hunter

          The facts are the facts.

          • Mohammad

            And the facts say islam is not your enemy, am one of those 3.5 billion facts.


      • Gary

        Greg, a very spirited discussion with, Mohamed, Tin Foil,
        and the other posters, glad to see you tolerate a difference of opinion.

      • Peter Harris

        “I try to allow wide views here for discussion.”

        You do give me a laugh sometimes.
        And it is also amusing to see you, as a typically ignorant American, make utterly gormless comments regarding Israel and the treatment of Palestinians.
        But of course, along with your hypocrisy, you will ban my comments (like you’ve done with Mohammed).
        And needless to say, you can also display incredible ignorance.
        Many of your commentators are right.
        Trump is a failure, thus far, because he has failed to “drain the swamp.”
        Incredibly, if anything, he has added to the swamp.
        You really are a supreme coward, because you dare not speak out against the Orange Clown.
        It’s interesting to observe how you are now turning on many of your own commentators, which in the end, will be the downfall of your little You-tube channel and website.

        • Greg Hunter

          Why would I post your pompous comments like this one. I am not here for you to dump on me. There is zero value in this kind of thought.

    • Tin foil hat

      francis m reps,
      Do you like to live inside an echo chamber? Not me.

    • Mohammad

      Savage who brought light to Europe when they were burning witches?
      Savage who built the first universities in Spain where all the EU kings were dying to get their kids in there to learn?
      Savage when the kings and queens of EU were bragging about how many doctors, poets, physicist, were in their palaces?
      Savage when Muslims taught European what the clock is?
      When they taught them how to navigate in the deep sea?
      Muslims brought science and light to EU What did you angels brought to ME when your wheel was up, and you were on the top of the game?
      Death? Destruction? Divide and conquer? Drugs?

      ONLY BECAUSE GOD IS PROTECTING IT and more people are seeing the mercy in it to humanity.


      Last comment engaging you.


      • Tin foil hat

        Savages are the ones who wipe their ass with their bare hands!
        Btw, is it the left or the right hand.

        • Greg Hunter

          Come on man. Let’s just all stop with the religious comments.

          • Mohammad


            There is difference between religious comments and ignorant vulgar insults.

            You should of said something to him but I guess you like it when am insulted here.

            I will bear the insult to deliver the truth, small price I pay for a noble thing I do.


  48. francis m reps

    Thanks Greg, Allowing wide views for discussion is noble; but the factual…historical record of Islam and the misery Islamists have inflicted on all persons and nations who were, and are subjected to the ministry of the Mullas makes any apologist for this irredeemable cult someone who should be shunned . Why not also have an apologist for pedophiles explain the joys of “man/boy” activities. Our society seems to be acting like that completely unglued Russian society in the 1917s. It is beyond my comprehension how you ;a normal person { no matter how politically correct } cannot see that you are fostering the dis information from the member of a cult that seeks your destruction.

  49. Tbird

    As usual great reporting! I concur on the Case for Christ movie. Great to see such a movie with the Greatest Story Ever told! God bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you. It was very good T Bird!

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