Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.30.13

Bombing Syria is the Ultimate Lose-Lose ChoiceBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

To bomb or not to bomb.  That is the question for President Obama on Syria.  This is the only real story to be concerned with as Syria is the domino that could spark World War III.  I am not being dramatic.  It looks like the President has already made his choice with five U.S. Navy destroyers off the Syrian coast.  Will our closest allies help?  In a word–No.  France says there should be a diplomatic solution.  The Parliament in the UK voted “No” to bombing Syria.  According to a recent poll, 91% of Americans do not want the U.S. to take military action in Syria.  It should come as no surprise the President is not going to get formal approval from Congress, even though nearly 120 members from both parties want him to.  Congress would surely vote No, and that would include many Democrats that think this this is a very bad idea.  Even so, it looks like the President and his “Red Line” talk on the use of chemical weapons in Syria has painted him into a very tight corner.  By the way, the Russian and Syrians say the rebels used chemical weapons, not the Syrian government.  If President Obama bombs, he looks like a cowboy and a loner.  If he holds back, he looks weak.  This is the ultimate lose-lose choice.   

Meanwhile, Speaker of the House John Boehner sent the President a letter asking him about his plan and goals.  Boehner did not ask the President to ask for Congressional approval.  Some say the President doesn’t need it and cite past presidential actions in places like Panama and Grenada.  Those places could not set off a global war.  The President has said this is a “shot across the bow.”  Firing a couple hundred missiles into a country is not a “shot across the bow.”  It is an act of war, just like firing missiles into New York City or firing missiles into a U.S. military base would be an act of war.  

The Iranians and Syrians say if attacked, they will attack Israel.  Israel will surely counter- attack.  What would the world look like then?  The Russians have also warned against an attack and have moved warships off the Syrian coast as well.  Will the Russians shoot down our cruise missiles?  Will a counter-attack close the Strait of Hormuz?  Shut down the Suez Canal?  How fast could the world spin into war if poison gas was shot into Israel?  Would Israel directly counter-attack Iran?  What would happen to the financial system?  Could the banks crash?  Could the derivative market go haywire?  Could the battle turn nuclear?  The answer is maybe to all the above, and that should scare the heck out of everybody.   

I have been telling you about the Syria story for the better part of a year.  Gerald Celente warned at the beginning of the year when countries get into financial trouble, they often turn to war.  People like Jim Rogers and Greg Mannarino of TradersChoice.net say war is coming, and gold, silver and oil will go much higher in price.  If this conflict turns nuclear, and it could, that will be the least of our problems. 

Finally, I have one last word on Edward Snowden.  Up until now, I thought he was a hero for exposing a massive NSA program that spied on millions of innocent Americans.  I applauded him for exposing unconstitutional acts.  That said, his latest release of our black budget has gone too far.  He exposed our strengths and weaknesses.  What we know about our enemies and what we do not know.  He surely exposed our agents in the field and probably put some in jeopardy.   I think releasing this information to the Washington Post had nothing to do with unconstitutional acts and just hurts America’s national interests. 

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. William M. Head

    Hello Greg: I don’t believe Obama has any choice but to bomb, due to his own bad-ass blustering leaving him irreparably wedged between the rock and a very hard place. I see Obama as the worst sort of psycho-sociopath who cannot digest the thought let alone the awful reality of being branded as a BS b**ch worldwide if he refrains, and it will not surprise me if he anticipates a sick satisfaction at inflicting the ultimate harm on a country/world that have roundly and mockingly rejected his self-styled infallibility and “divinity”. Remember how Hitler sought to punish Germany with devastation for “failing” him?

    Also, please bear in mind even if Obama appears to refrain, he can always choose to rely upon some false flag incident here or abroad. Regarding this, don’t forget that on Tuesday, September 17, falls the anniversaries of the ratification of the Constitution in 1787 and the bloody battle of Antietam in 1862. Be prepared is all I’m saying.

    I believe Obama is well aware his shelf-life as a tool for the real Establishment is likely nearing its expiration date and thus he may well be prepared to unleash hell to somehow postpone his inevitable fate. This is someone who was awarded the Presidency with about as little experience as anyone could have for the position, and if he’s not the proverbial “Manchurian Candidate” of some sort, I shudder to think who is. I wish Obama would experience a vision, like ex-Pope Benedict, and resign saying that’s what God told him to do but alas
    I fear he consults with an entity reeking of brimstone. If he does go ahead, he should have hell to pay indeed, after this country and the world get through with him. Talk about interesting times!

    Best wishes,
    William M. Head

  2. bob

    very good commentary. it shows how we have run amuck. i believe karen hudes put it best about follow the money. she talked about the natural gas pipeline in syria and look at halliburton pipeline in afghanistan(dick cheney). oh, the weapons of mass destruction (euros for oil). why can’t we stay out of everybodies business.
    it’s the corporations. i forgot they run everything. it’s about money. i could go on an an but the real change that i see started with ww2. in the 80’s it was corporations buying corporations, you made great money on your stocks. in the mean time your jobs started the major flights across the borders. thats fine my stock is up and i pay lower prices for s@$%. guess what. we let it happen, for what? greed. we are all guilty because of capitalism. it’s great but you have the riff raff that can ruin it in a new york second. we better lok back on history. what country, nation ever made it without the backing of gold and silver. read the bible. i’m by far not the best educated person but i can feel and listen to better educated people and understand that this country is in trouble. god bless you greg, and god bless this this country in hopes of us waking up.

  3. Mohammad

    You have earned my respect long time ago, that respect is more today for your comment on Snowden, it was obvious we have been in cold war with the Russians for while, and for him to give them all the secrets he knows is nothing but an act of treason. Kudos to you on that stance.
    As far as Syria go what you have said is true, Obama has no choices, If he does not go on the offensive as far as the Iranians they will get the nuclear power, as far as their “peaceful program” it is a not. They have a dream of getting back to their old Persian empire they had once, their ticket to it is nuclear power, if they have it they will be knocking at our doors soon, Syria is their Achilles’ heel and that what could possibly be hit soon as you have expected, lets pray for the best outcome of this showdown, i agree it is scary.

  4. Jerry

    CODE PINK!! CODE PINK!! Greg my sources tell me we’ll be going into Syria this weekend. Obama is going to stick his head in a “bee hive” while the rest of the country sticks its head up its “you know what”?
    Typical of this warm and fuzzy all caring administration. What did you expect from a narcissist? Greg you have been right all along about Syria. It is the “perfect diversion” away from the real truth. Connect the dots. Buy-up of bullets… buy-up of assault vehicles.. buy-up of MRE’s.. urban warfare training. You get the picture? Never let a crisis go to waste. Cloward and Piven at its best. Interesting times indeed. Greg thanks again for giving us a place to find “The Real News”. Be safe out there my friend.

  5. Brian

    Thanks for the latest Snowden mention. I wasn’t even aware of that.

  6. john


    well done news wrap up, Syria is indeed a big issue, I personally don’t think any of our recent presidents make the call on if we go to war, it is made for them. TPTB in this country are the same as they were 500 years ago, they always want wars its profitable for them, they don’t go fight the poor do, they believe wars help reset the debt. based slave system in which we all live, that way it can continue anew until they corrupt it so much it falls apart again. The unites states is an empire in its final stages humans don’t learn from their mistakes of past empires, they are too greedy.

  7. Pip

    Disappointed Greg. We need patriots of the human race not of artficial nation states. And after all your nation and my nation does with that black budget, you’re still waving that flag 🙁 God help us all.

  8. rodster

    It’s time to get out the popcorn before the fireworks start. 😉

  9. Ray

    I’m very disappoint in you because of your Snowden remarks, the USA is way over the top in it’s spying machine. Liberty or security and you just picked security. Snowden didn’t expose that much new material if you have been awake and listening. He did tell the world of sheeple that something was not right in River City. This spying is a criminal act and you can’t cover it up without it getting a lot worse. Where do you draw the line. If you do criminal acts you have to expect consequences.
    thank you,

    • Greg

      The point I should have made is sometimes you can go too far. I should not have called Snowden a traitor. I will post an addendum to the Weekly News Wrap-Up soon say I made a mistake.

  10. Oracle 911

    What if the last Snowden release was not from him?

    • J.C.Davis

      Oracle 911 VERY GOOD PIONT.

  11. John

    Hi, Greg.
    I enjoy your videos. Keep up the great work.

    However, I wish you would reconsider your opinion of Snowdon.

    The passage of time, and their own daily destructive & immoral actions, will continue to demonstrate that the actual traitors lie within our own, now completely corrupted, federal government.

    Black budgets & an Orwellian domestic/international spying network are not indicators of virtue.

    This malignant boil must be lanced. Success at that task requires our absolute, unrelenting focus on the source of the infection, not distraction due to momentary discomfort. The central criminals involved count heavily on our predisposition towards distraction.

    Please stop decrying the surgeon because his scalpel cuts.

    Very best regards.

    • Greg

      I have and I have shot an addendum to the Weekly News Wrap-Up that I will post soon.

  12. David

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about how “Obama is going to bomb Syria”. Sure he can issue an order to do so but who pulls the trigger? Who presses the button that launches that Tomahawk cruise missile? Who presses the button that deploys the bombs from that B-2 bomber?

    Each and every member of the military is culpable of murder if Syria is indeed bombed. People want to hold president Obama responsible while giving a pass to those that actually do it. This is nonsense. The military has done a brilliant job of marketing itself as different, morally superior than the rest of government. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is no difference between a soldier and an IRS agent. One is trained to kill, the other to steal. Both actions are immoral.

    I’m a Vietnam war vet and last year I put my honorable discharge through the shredder. There is nothing honorable about ‘serving’ in the military. The american military is guilty of the very same things that Syria is being accused of. It deployed dioxin based defoliants in Vietnam, 20 million pounds worth, and even today some 40 years later an area the size of Maryland cannot sustain crops. The american military uses depleted uranium (which isn’t really depleted) in Iraq and Afghanistan and the damage done has been incalculable. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, these countries suffer birth defects in the hundreds of thousands because of this. The american military uses white phosphorus indiscriminately and caused massive civilian deaths in Fallujah. The u.s. does not hold the moral high ground when it comes to using weapons of mass destruction. And the united States military is guilty, guilty, guilty of causing vast amounts of death and destruction with them.

    • g.johnson


      thank you for standing up like this.

      you have stated eloquently why I no long “support the troops. they no longer fight for our freedom or to protect the constitution, but only serve to pave the way for high crimes to be accomplished against humanity and to protect high criminals from the people.

      war is a business that profits a select few more than handsomely and creates unimaginable loss for everyone else.

      Russian, Chinese and middle eastern people are not our enemy, they are just people like the rest of us, trying to get through life in as much comfort as possible while trying to figure a few things out.

      our enemy are the liars, murderers and thieves at the very top of the heap and the mindless minions who do their bidding.

      • Greg

        Thank you for adding your comment and perspective.

      • MargfromTassie

        Well said indeed!
        – Margaret from Tasmania Australia

  13. Charles H.


    “What happens if _______ ???”… That’s a whole lot of What Ifs. And MOST speculation is unprofitable, in terms of political/cultural forecasts. Scary stuff – but is this not the “wars and rumors of wars” the Bible speaks of???
    If one examines Obama – not by actions, but by OUTCOMES: a different perspective emerges. Actions are covered in pretexts and “noble” intentions, that tend complicate the trees from the forest. Outcomes speak for themselves. Bush tried to remove Saddam Hussein for the Twin Towers, and “Democratize” Iraq for Middle-eastern foothold and stability – all good intentions: but the outcome – disaster and waste. Now Obama , who is sole owner of Arab Spring uprisings, for all the noble pretexts and intentions: has set the whole of the Middle-east on fire. And apparently he is not about to stop inflaming that part of the globe. The pattern is – EVERYTHING he has done has turned out badly, in terms of American interests, to put it mildly.
    Two issues concern me. The first is that everything he has done has removed US allies and stoked radical muslim insurrections. Inconceivably he has ARMED the muslims. WTH (What The Heck)! This, as an outcome-based criteria, causes me to wonder WHERE his loyalties lie. Second is that he apparently answers to nobody – that he is above Laws and scrutiny.
    Has America gotten the Leaders it deserves?!?? To the ‘”You have to pass it to see what’s in it” Majority’ – it sure seems so. (Not they they will understand any of the outcomes of their actions.) The Dispensation of Grace, the Church Age is coming to a close – just as the Bible describes. The world-wide disappearance of true born-again Christians in the Rapture is upon us; the anti-christ will be revealed; and the first (peaceful) half of Tribulation will begin. This world-view scene speaks of the St. Luke 21:26 Scripture – “Mens hearts failing for fear…” With the next verse… “And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with great power and glory.” (The Rapture. Verse 28 speaks exclusively to the nation of Israel) God accords or imputes HIS salvation to real Bible believers: not institutional attendees or those who claim His name. Jim Sinclair recently posted that: “Truth in humanity is dead.” Truth is still around; and it is still to be found: but one must look in order to find. Just as the symptoms of this hemorrhaging world masks the causes behind them; so does the “cares of this life” provide a diversion from the spiritual realities that are of greater importance. The words are not mine… “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” of St. John 14:27 is predicated upon God’s own peace – available to those He has adopted. It’s a great ancillary benefit to saving faith.

    As to Edward Snowden – You have a good point, technically. If you were in his shoes, under the threat of death from your former bosses – would you take the deal to spill and save your life; or return to your death? Speculation is easy when circumstances are different. Keep up the fire.

  14. archivesDave

    Isaiah chapt 17 is now in focus Greg.

  15. Dave

    I really like your site, but I am having trouble with your comment on Snowden. His asylum in Russia was granted on condition he refrain from leaking material damaging to the US. Is this a breach of his agreement or blowback from Greenwald over the Miranda detainment? Something doesn’t fit…

  16. Omartin

    The whole situation should be avoided, but we are where we are. If I’m the QB directing this, I throw everyone a curve-ball and launch an pre-emptive attack & destroy Hamas & Hezbollah first, then let Syria beg for mercy. Dealing with and interacting with my competitors in my professional life, live by the motto “Never let’em see you coming”. I pray that Almighty God renders all the military forces deaf, dumb & mute so than then happens.

  17. John

    You are out of touch Greg. IT is all over the web that any bombs dropped are preplanned and are not going to set any war off yet. From October onwards might be another story. This is a story of two power structures fighting over new oil and gas fields off Syria, Israel and Lebanon. You need a better source of info so go read V comments on Steve Quayle’s site this man is far more in touch than most.
    The idiots the globalist use in Syria love to take video of all their actions and have filmed themselves using chemical weapons so they have blown the plot apart and now Obama will have to go talk to the Russians.
    IF he does drop a bomb it will be with Putin’s permission so hyping a world war three scenario is too soon. As for Snowden telling secrets half your CIA and FBI work against your nation, so stop feeling sorry for Obama’s puppets. Al Qaeda is a 100% CIA operation so come on Greg you are a great bloke and do some some great informative videos but in some areas you lack knowledge.

  18. albert tesla

    war, what is it good for?

    i was going to say absolutely nothing nothing, but then i remembered the benefits of war, land, resources, and global dominance, ugh why is evil always so tempting and “pretty”?

    i welcome ww3, the west has become soft. perhaps a wake up call of what war REALLY tastes like will inspire people to devote their energy and time to abolishing war in the future.

    • MargfromTassie

      I fear war will always exist as long as mankind does ( or perhaps I should say men and testosterone, sorry if this offends). The consequences of war are devastating but sometimes it is unavoidable. I speak of WW2 of course. You can’t let men like Hitler get away with it, at least once they have invaded neighboring countries. If it wasn’t for the USA entering the War in 1941, my country, one of the world’s continents, would be under the control of the Japanese. Not that this justifies any current intervention in Syria of course but we live in a complicated world. And the far reaching devastating nature of modern weapons adds another dimension to it altogether…….
      Margaret from Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

  19. Mickey Smith

    Greg, what a week of reports & different views! My view is we should get all of our ships the hell out of there ASAP before they end up at the bottom of the sea! There is no such thing of a limited war! One stray bomb & all hell breaks lose. One more thing, who the hell believes the data the U.S. has said it has on who did what? Not me! The following proves my point on how Americans are feed half truths from all sides no matter what color of the skin or faith.

    This being a long week end I hope your readers will save this link to read & pass it on because the truth needs/should be told. http://hatrickpenryunbound.com/?p=3683. “Something Wicked This Way Comes” “The Story Of Plume-Gate, The World’s Largest, Provable Cover Up”. It took guts to show how our government chose to protect the nuclear industrial complex over the health of all Americans & the very resources that supports life on this planet. Nations not even close to the plumes were told to not to use the rain water or eat certain foods. The faith in our government is sinking lower as each day passes, if Fukushima is not sending enough radiation to the USA & the world, these damn fools wanting to bomb Syria should LOOK to Trying To Do Some Thing FOR THE GOOD OF ALL MAN KIND, Like Trying Their Best to Help Japan secure SPENT FUEL #4 AT FUKUSHIMA BECAUSE IF JUST ONE MIS-HAP HAPPENS TO THAT CONTAINMENT POOL YOU WILL SEE & BE A PART OF THE UNTHINKABLE, THE GIFT FROM NUCLEAR POWER/WEAPONS SUPPORTERS THAT JUST KEEPS ON GIVING!!! That Pool holds Plutonium & all sorts of fine killing Stuff!

    I am sorry Greg, as each day passes & I read all the FOIA Reports it makes me sick, be it what ever government agency wanting to ensure their jobs are safe, even in my own extended family! We as Nation could have lead, but hell no, we let France & the nuclear power lobbyist own DC & all those whom are sent to represent us, what a lost bunch we have become when crooks are allowed to set up & run the whole damn show, so that makes the courts & congress worthless as tits on a boar hog!

    I had my rant & now off to spend time with love ones, may you have a safe week end & enjoy life while you can! Thanks again, you are a stand up guy! We need more like you!

    • Greg

      You are very kind Mickey Smith.

  20. Liquid Motion


    “Snowden is a traitor”.

    Some perspective:

    To arm and aid the enemy – Rebels in Syria (al Quaeda), is an act of treason. This is exactly the outcome of any military action by the US. There is one man who commands the armed forces. He is the public face of the criminals who mastersmind and fund every war. This instance is no exception. He merely conveys their decision. Nonetheless he should stand trial for the act, if he proceeds.

    On the issue of the whistleblower, No I’m sorry Greg, but Snowden has done exactly what your other esteemend guests do, without blinking an eye. The world is full of lies , deceipt, corruption, manipulation, coercion, theft, killing, hunger and one man’s crusade to dispense the TRUTH…is not to be foresaken. He has made the sacrifice and avoided public humiliation (and possibly jail without judicial process) should he have chosen a different path to bring these matters of public interest to bare. As demonstrated by many of your other guests on many occasions, there is an abundance of knowledge out there which needs to be shared for the sake of all. There is no distinction between what information the NSA has obtained and that which the public has /should have access to. Who is the enemy…really !!!!TPTB are not privy to nor are they the gatekeepers of wisdom or intelligence. Without these crusaders we are beholden to our masters and entrusting of them with our lives. That has, and will prove again to be dangerous.

    You have attempted to exonerate yourself from this comment about Snowden and that takes courage and integrity.

    To err is human, but to forgive is divine.

    • Greg

      Thank you Liquid Motion.

  21. gerald

    I’m listening to Elvis sing “If I can dream”. And then John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

  22. Insert_Name_Here

    It sure is nice that you removed my comments from yesterday, but you cant remove them from the SGTreport

    August 30, 2013 at 2:34 pm · Reply

    You had me until you started yapping about snowden. our corrupt gov needs to be exposed for the criminals that they are and showing how much we waste on these programs is not giving up any treasonous information.
    Sorry Greg you lost my respect with this one.
    August 30, 2013 at 4:08 pm · Reply

    I had to write a little more to Greg (at his website) because I think he might rethink his Snowden remarks and I do think he is one of the Good Guys.

    Greg I really like your reporting and I have been following you for years now, I look forward to your interviews and I believe that you “get it” Without Snowden’s releases (which the news organizations were to decide what would be released and what shouldn’t be released) most of the public would never have believed that our gov could spy on all of us, our allies ect. when you see all the info/phone calls/emails they have and the blackmail that they now can do to any of us for any reason they want to, our future seems to be pretty clear. Any one of us can have our lives ruined by something we said or wrote in the past (how long in the past they can go is the only question) We are now at their mercy and history will show you what chance anyone has in a police state and he showed us that we are in a police state already…we just didn’t know it before Snowden’s revelations. Everything needs to be exposed (except agents names and ways to indentify them) or we are looking at game over for our Republic. Please rethink your last statement about Snowden and look at it from a angle where we are living in East Germany and not in Kansas anymore.

    • Greg

      What on earth are you talking about I posted this comment where your wrote it on the 8/23/13 post. I took nothing down. So bold of you to comment with an anonymous name such as “Insert_Name_Here.”

  23. deedee

    Dear Greg,

    I believe that Snowden DID NOT go to the washington post. He was so very careful using the Guardian and very good journalist’s he could trust to help tell his story. The journalist”s have been detained and their computers confiscated, then returned probably extracted & wiped clean, etc. He did not trust US papers, think how far he traveled to be free from the US press. I think we need to take a position on transparency and whistle blowers and unconstitutional acts. I don’t think that it is fair to flip flop. Either a whistle blower is a good thing or a bad thing. If you believe transparency is good and whistle blowers show us hidden truths, then we should try to refrain from judgement based on how serious the information is that he/she exposes. Greg, I know that you are updating the blog, I was just surprised you did not question the validity of the source. Can you hear the war drums??……what if Putin”s team planted the article??

    • Greg

      You are wanting the world to be black or white and it simply is not. You said, “Either a whistle blower is a good thing or a bad thing.” This depends on the information released. The amount of money spent on spying is and should be released. Taxpayers have a right to know. Unconstitutional acts exposed is another thing that should be exposed. What we know about our enemies and what they know about us does not fall into the realm of either a taxpayers right to know or unconstitutional acts perpetrated on U.S. citizens. This is where the issue turns gray. Should the country be exposed? (I am not talking about the government I am considering only ordinary citizens.) Should our assets in the field be killed because of total transparency? My point is there should be some limits if we are talking about true national security. I should not have called Snowden a traitor and I admitted my mistake in a very public way. Thank you for your comment and for adding to the conversation here. By the way, I can hear war drums and have been warning about them for more than a year in Syria.

  24. mark

    This I absolutly one of the best analytical pieces you have ever done. Keep it up.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mark.

  25. Derrick Michael Reid

    Let it be known that recruitment of the Libereen Freedom Army has started for civilly and politically taking over the US Government by the vote to restore honesty and freedom in the USA.




  26. Ozawa

    Almost all discussions in the US about the Syrian situation seem to neglect that Syria and Hezbollah have a lot of resources. Russia will, at minimum, be providing electronic support and running interference where possible. Russia has great missiles, and has put God knows how many in, plus Chinese or Iranian systems, too. Very little of this is going to be in the press. Russia and Putin are serious, and you don’t mess with the news for that kind of thing. This is the missile age, and Russia has been pushing missiles a lot more than the US for a long time.

    So it looks to many like the US is trying to raise with a busted flush. Their terror gangs are getting crushed. So “we bomb in two days” as a tactic to see if Russia and Iran will back down and sell Syria out. They didn’t. An example of some of the details are at:


    Be honest. The British Parliament and American Congress don’t need to vote if the PTB want a war. That’s just to provide cover. And stupid talk like Jordan won’t permit the US to use its bases is ridiculous. Jordan is not remotely an independent country. This is just PR. The West backed down, but now they will likely try other crazy stunts that get us closer to WWIII.

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