Financial Calamity- It’s Coming, Be Worried, Be Careful-Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers: Financial Markets Are Going to Go DownBy Greg Hunter’s 

Famed investor Jim Rogers says, “This is the first time in recorded history all the banks are printing money at the same time. . . .   This is the first time we’ve had massive debasement, and it’s going to end very badly no matter what they say.”  Rogers, who has written books on global investing, says, “Whether they keep printing or stop printing money globally, it is going to end badly.”  If money printing stops, Rogers contends, “Banks are not going to be lending.  Financial markets are going to go down.  Currency markets are going to be in great turmoil.  It’s not going to be any fun.”  And if the money printing continues, Rogers says, “You’ve got bubble in some sectors, you have inflation, and then you have interest rates going up.  Currency markets are in turmoil, and it’s a mess because printing money is artificial.  It’s never worked.”  As the economy slows down, Rogers predicts, “They’re going to take money wherever they can. . . . They’re going to take our bank accounts and retirement accounts.”  Rogers concludes by saying, “We’ve had perilous times, and it’s going to get worse. . . It’s coming, be worried, be careful.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Rogers, author of “Street Smarts, Adventures on the Road and in the Markets.”

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  1. Allen Ols


    Plain and simple; be worried, scared, etc. And get ready, hard white wheat, powdered milk, sugar, salt, canned goods and how much should u stock. 3-5 yrs vacuum packed rotated as a piece of bread will buy a bag of gold.

    Finger on pulse@usa watchdog

    Be afraid

    Al ols

    • Greg

      It is sad that most people are still asleep and will only wake up when they realize they are totally screwed. That is a problem for prepared people in and of itself. Thank you for the comment.

      • Allen Ols

        I bump into the ” denials unlimited” in the midst of overwhelming evidence.

  2. Snorky

    Great interview as usual. Thnx. I was reading Stockman’s book “The Great Deformation” just last night and now I listen to this interview. These are smart people. And the message is clear …

    • Greg

      Anyone who does not prepare for what is surely coming is doomed. It is that simple. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Andrew

    Typical Jim Rogers. Same things over and over again. I wonder why he did not mention farmers and tractors.
    It’s pretty much “Doom Porn” with Rogers or Schiff or Faber.
    I wish they would distinguish between private debt and public debt, where is public debt not much of a major problem to the USA.

    In my view their arguments lack of proper backing. Although there sure is reason to be concerened.

    Nontheless I like watching these people.
    So keep going Greg Hunter

    Greetings from Germany

    • eppoh

      This is the song that nevers ends… it goes on and on my friend….

    • steve

      Public debt may not be a problem now but it will be when it gets stolen to pay for Government debt. We have and are already seeing signs of this.

  4. Rodster

    Excellent interview Greg, was looking forward to it. You did not disappoint. I just wish Jim was not in the middle of excercising, that was a little distracting.

    Everything he said is what we already fear. That this will end in a Global economic collapse. We now have the US taking us to war in Syria. As Gerald Celente likes to say: “Trade Wars, Currency Wars, World Wars”.

    History tends to repeat itself. Stupid politicians are too busy milking the public and fighting each other and not learning from the past. 🙁

  5. Jerry

    WOW Greg…..WOW! Jim Rogers has never stated it more clearly. The end game by the globalist is becoming more transparent everyday. The money printing that is being done by the various countries world wide is simply nothing more than leverage to collapse the “World Banking System”, and nothing more. The technology that has developed over the last decade has provided a way for them to create a “One World Exchange System”. That is the “End Game”. Its no different than changing computer programs. The only problem is innocent people will be caught in the middle when the old system is taken down. Centrist governments don’t care about collateral damage to obtain an objective. They never have. Jim Rogers is right. Prepare now! The countdown has begun. Anyone who thinks we have any other way out of this debt bubble without a collapse is a fool, pure and simple. I wish for the sake of my children and grandchildren, that I and Jim Rogers and many others were wrong, but right now I can’t see any other way out of this mess, other than a reset/ Thanks Greg for the courage to state the truth.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry, J.C. and Art for weighing in and for your support!!!

  6. J.C. Davis

    Wonderful interview Greg. Clear picture of the insecurity world wide.
    Jim gave the best advise (Don’t listen to anyone for your security).
    Side note: I received a add from the local dollar store. When I went to the store to buy the sales list I made the prices on every item was much higher. With my shopping cart in line to cash out I realized I now must find another way to eat. I left the cart in line, and left the store. Thank God for home grown fruit and veggies..I ate that day.

  7. art barnes

    Greg, thanks for having him on. “Its coming…” Sadly, for the working man its already here for the most part. I’m betting on more money printing as opposed to less as that has been the last 50 year trend historically – and remember the FED’s policy is inflation as opposed to deflation which equates economically to more printing. The “middle class” is rapidly turning into the “working poor class” one low wage reduced hour job at a time, that is the trend with no end in sight. Yea, I’ll agree with your learned guest, “Its coming…”

  8. Rebecca

    Good morning, Greg.

    It would be nice to hear from someone who can tell us about Syria.
    What is going on there, truly?
    The truth behind what’s happening? What we might expect is yet to come?

    An update on the Middle East, from sources that will tell us the truth, would be great!

    One of your bloggers attached a link to a Mr. Swann. That was good. It put a desire to know more about what’s really happening over there. Can you help us?

    Thank you.

    • Greg

      Syria has been regularly included in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for more than a year. I have been telling you this is a problem. I have said things such as the U.S. is funding al-Qaeda (rebels). I have said the Russians have a navel base in Tartus that they will not let go. I have said the Iranians have draw a line in the sand in Syria as they know an attack on is coming if Syria falls. I have pointed out repeatedly the U.S. has thousands of troops on the northern Jordanian border with Syria. I have talked about the F-16 and Patriot missiles already positioned there. I have said this area is where the valley of Armageddon is located. I have repeatedly said this could spark a regional or another World War. I have recently pointed out that the latest poison gas attack is in dispute as to who are the perpetrators. (Rebels or Assad regime) What have I been missing in the last year or so? Not giving you a hard time but the picture is we are headed for a very nasty war that I hope does not turn nuclear. Thank you for your comment and support.

      • Rebecca

        Thank you, Greg.
        I have listened to your weekly wrap-ups.
        What is missing – in my knowledge – is the honest-to-goodness reason why? As one blogger stated, Syria is not our ally. Why are we involved?

        The US must take down Syria before taking on Iran?
        Yet, you say that US troops may face Iranian troops as they engage in Syria?

        Are we picking a war with Iran through Syria?
        If yes, WHY?

        Does everything boil back down to the petrodollar?

        I cannnot make sense of the madness.
        We fight Al Quaeda on one front, supply them on another.
        Are we so stupid or lack any coherent foreign policy?

        Someone must know the reason for the madness.

        It would seem our government no longer has any moral compass and the American people can no longer understand what their government is doing or why — and who benefits from all this madness.

        It is surely not the American people.

        • Greg

          I cannot make sense either but I know we are going to war. Good comment thank you.

          • Allen Ols

            Jim willie says

            Iran is trying to put a gas pipeline over to syria, and usa, israel out to stop it

            See; goldenjackass public area for recent free interviews

            Al ols

          • Rebecca

            Thanks, Allen.

    • Mohammad

      If you allow me to put an opinion regarding Syria, i may know one thing or two about that country since i was born and lived most of my 51 years there.
      There are two ways to approach your question:
      Economical, geopolitical…..etc, and eschatology:
      Few points i will throw regarding the first approach.
      1- You need to know something called SILK ROAD, which was a road that goes from China to Syria, and from Syria to Rome through Mediterranean sea.
      All wars since the Roman empire was revolving around controlling this road and today is no exception. China intends to link its main land to the Mediterranean sea by many rail roads passing along the SILK ROAD, we screwed them in Afghanistan, Iraq, and we need to control Iran, Syria/Lebanon to choke them up. This is part of what is happening.(if you think our war in Afghanistan was to get Al-Qaeda who pulled September 11 from their caves, on their camels, with 11 terrorists none of them was a pilot… then please think again).

      Russia has to block Qatar from sending its gas to Europe through SYRIA/TURKEY in a cheap way like major pipe lines that will make energy less expensive than the current Ocean/red sea/ Suez canal/ Mediterranean sea, Syrian’s Assad is an obstacle.
      if it was not for Russian’s control of Syria they could of not twisted the arm of Germany (Europe) and control their energy. the Russian gas would mean not much to Europe if they can get it cheaper from another source, hence SYRIA IS ESSENTIAL TO RUSSIA AND CHINA, that is the reason why Syria is the make or break of the west.
      another thing regarding energy is the huge gas deposits in Cyprus, and the eastern coast of Mediterranean sea (Syria) that they are fighting over.
      There are many other points that could be made in this area but the second way of approaching the question is the eschatology and Greg was very accurate in pointing to the valley of Armageddon that is in the southern border of Syria in the Golan heights.
      It is very important to go back to the bible to understand this, if you do not look at it from that angle you will never understand what is happening and what will happen.
      I can not speak for Christians since am Moslem, if i may explain it from our view i can say that the core of the conflict in reality is between good and bad. the first is represented by Christ {Jesus) who will come back to Damascus Syria, and the latter (Anti -Christ) who will falsely declares him self as Christ from Jerusalem, the conflict between the two will end up by the victory of Jesus in Damascus and the believers will follow him to Jerusalem.
      That is the meaning of Syria, mainly Damascus. if one does not sees it that way he/she will be lost in small details that will not put the jig saw puzzle pieces together and reveal the whole picture.

      • Rebecca

        Thank you, Mohammad.
        You have given me a lot to ponder on.
        As a Christian, I agree with you that events revealed in God’s Word are destined to play out before our eyes as God has foreordained to happen – and the Middle East sits squarely in the center of it all.

        But I confess, I am lost in all the details. I believe I understand the end result — Christ will return and reign for a 1,000 years. But between now and then, a lot of “not good” things happen.

        God’s Word warns that “almost shall the chosen be deceived.”
        The Word also says those who are watching won’t be deceived.
        We need to watch; we need to search for understanding — that we won’t be deceived.

        That you for sharing your inside knowledge. I appreciate it much.
        It would seem that what you wrote fits scripture perfectly: the kings of the earth are being deceived through their greed/lust for power and pulled into the Final War — Armageddon.

        • Mohammad

          You are more than welcome, i do not claim i know, i sense things and my instinct tells me if any strike (war drumbeats are loud) to Syria should be associated with crippling strikes to the nuclear facilities and missile capabilities of Iran and Hizbullah at the same time.
          If the west is not BLUFFING, it does not make sense that they will strike Assad and leave the chance of retaliation to Iran and Hizbullah in Lebanon, the logic says they will cripple the triad (Iran,Syria,Hizbullah) and not give them a chance to fire any thing meaningful back in retaliation, otherwise it would be a theatrical strike that will cover some under the table dealing that is going on between Iran and the west which i doubt, Iranians are patient, please allow me to remind you that they take more than a year to make a Persian rug, they have a lot of patience and they will not give up their nuclear program no matter what, i think the strike will be lightening fast and crippling to the degree it will stun the world.
          Recent gold take down was not by chance nor by accident, the suppression of commodity complex lead by gold and silver was meaningful in the light of what will happen, remember also that financing the strike and its consequences would not happen with out the approval of the Saudi’s and the gulf countries who hate Moslem Brotherhood, so what the west did to satisfy them? they removed Morsi of Egypt so the oil rich countries can be on the same page as the west in financing and participating in what is yet to come.
          I could be wrong though, but this is what my instinct is telling me.

          • Rebecca

            Mohammad, Al and Charles.

            What are the chances the US might be hit with terrorists attacks before the government strikes Syria?

            Reading all your comments, it all sounds like a tangled web. So many things factoring into each move — so many powerful entities have to give their approval before a move is made.

            Thank you all for your comments.
            They have each helped a lot.

      • Allen Ols

        Spot on mohamad exactomento!

        Al ols

        • Allen Ols

          … more item mohammad

          Jesus will set foot on temple mount and cleve the mount in 2 and will rule the nations for one thou. Years w/rod of iron called the second coming of christ. Jesus christ the son of God who died purposly to exchange my sin for his righteousness. Sin is my nature, sins are what I work at not to do, thus—grace and mercy.

          Al ols

          • Charles H.

            Rebecca, Mohammed, Al ols –

            Bible Eschatology places Jesus Christ, God the Son, coming to the Mount of Olives AFTER the seven years Tribulation (3&1/2 peace w/ Israel, 3 &1/2 after Anti-christ reveals himself by desecrating the temple with the red sow.) That ‘one’ who will be mistaken by Israel, and possibly the Muslims (by headquartering in Damascus???) will cause the NATION of Israel to turn back to Jehovah Adonai; but will endure the last half of Tribulation. THEN will Jesus Christ the Lord come from heaven in the clouds to the Mount of Olives, to split it in two and finish Armageddon, and begin the Millennium. ONLY the God, Who comes out of heaven will be the true Christ.

          • Mohammad

            The false Christ (anti Christ or al-dajjal which means in Arabic the lier)is not going to be mistaken for the real Christ (Jesus) since the first will have one eye the other eye is damaged, Jesus is complete and beautiful, there will be no doubts nor mistakes about him when seen.
            Jesus will kill Anti Christ in Damascus and will go to Jerusalem with the believers. Feel free to believe what you want. I mentioned clearly in my post i cannot speak on behalf of other beliefs, i mentioned what i believe in from Islamic eschatology, time will reveal the unfolded events.

      • Liquid Motion

        Great work Mohammad. You’ve earned my respect. I think you covered in a nutshell, the geopolitics of ME extremely well. We can only wait and see and watch in awe as this unfolds before our very eyes.

  9. Mohammad

    Thank you Greg another spectacular interview.
    No wonder why Jim is a great investor, he knows how to fake and bluff while he positions himself correctly, He is not exercising…. I can see him using accessory muscles and flaring nostrils to get more air, it has to be a chronic lung issue that is getting worse, besides that he is a great investor and definitely it was worth listening to him, thank you Greg for keeping us informed.

  10. archivesDave

    Thnx Greg…
    Another doozie.
    Still wondering if a coming wild card/ Black Swan will be more cooperation (collusion) with the IMF, BIS, BofE, WTO, BRICs, to come up w/some type of globalized FR &/or 100 Trillion dollar tax bond.

    • Greg

      So many wildcards and Black Swans, so little time.

  11. Tom

    Great job Greg. I’ve been a watcher of your videos for some time and I’m hooked. Rogers has it right on, be worried!!

    • Greg

      as I said in the interview, Rogers scares me the most of anyone. As Mr. Rogers says, “It’s coming.”

  12. AndyB

    Greg: Kudos for getting Jim on. There appears to be no way to avoid financial armageddon. There is, however, a far more serious threat to humanity and the planet. The purposeful non-exposure of the inconvenient truth about Fukushima and the uncontrollable radiation emissions that have already polluted the Pacific and will affect millions in the Northern Hemisphere. Yes, I understand that yours is a financial blog, but the investigative journalist in you should look into this problem; already 1000 times worse than Chernobyl.

    • Greg

      No way but you can put yourself in a much better position than the unprepared. Hope you are doing some prep work!

  13. KEN

    GREG: wonderful interview with Mr. Rogers. Thanks for taking that initiative and for the great info from both of you.

    • Greg

      Thank you Ken for your kind words and encouragement. The bail-in will happen in the UK and Europe first, so don’t be afraid to hold some Sterling outside of your banking system. It will work really good for a short period of time. Peace friend.

  14. nm

    Jim Rogers is almost never wrong and I get what he’s saying, but again, what is the advice to give an average Joe who has no savings and needs to keep a job?

    I was told to start looking for government jobs (state, federal or city) that will provide you with a pension. i.e. unless you have an idea that can make you money, a job with a pension is your only temporary hope at this point.

    What say ye?

    • Greg

      There is no easy path that will put the common man in the clear. We will all be screwed but some more than others. The best thing you can do is stockpile food and water. It is cheap insurance that can be consumed. You’ve been coming here a long time, I am sure you know this by now. Do not hesitate to act as we should all be in some sort of preparedness at all times dfrom here on out.

  15. John joslin

    Why will there be bail-ins if they can print as much money as they want?

    • Greg

      Did you get any of the $16 trillion the last time the Fed turned the printing press full blast? Of course not. There will be money printing to bailout who the Fed picks as a winner and bail-ins for the losers. There will be many losers. Thank you for support.

      • george

        I think the depositors will be the losers regardless of who the fed picks as winners.

  16. Jughead

    Greg….not a fatalist,….but…like Martin Armstrong, who looks to 2015-2020 for paradigm shifts in attitudes and monetary effects,…or celente, who says when all else fails they will take us to WAR,….or the myriad of other prognosticators who see bad things coming in the next 1-10 years, Jim Rogers is right on the money, but probably only right in considering the result but not the timing….or what we can do about it…..I believe this crap can’t go on indefinitely, but probably longer than we might like to acknowledge…but like Celente, war will most likely be the “end game”…..and do we really think that china/Russia/Israel….will restrict their weapons to non-nuclear methods??….do you know what the effects of multiple megaton thermonuclear bombs are….prepping and PM purchases can alleviate any interim “events”….a little inflation, deflation, bail-Ins, bank holidays, shortages or insurrections,….but the real tragedy when It comes, will be the massive depopulation and destruction through nuclear, biological or natural event(s) that occur…..ok, maybe I am a little bit of a fatalist…..hope I’m wrong….

    • Greg

      Who the heck knows. I am not timing anything. I’d rather be early than late. Thanks for weighing in. Strange times we live in.

  17. Corey

    Very informative video thanks Greg for keeping us average Joe’s informed. The mainstream media still pretends there is no problems. I got a question I don’t think has been really been covered what do you think will happen to gold, silver and stock price in the event of deflation. Deflation is inevitable is it not? They can’t keep printing forever so how do we protect for deflation? Or do you think they will keep printing until money is worthless.

    • Greg

      Corey and Dwain,
      Thanks for the comments.

  18. Dwain

    For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. MATT 24:21.

    Its easy to see how life without gas or electricity or a dollar/banking collapse would easily bring this about.

  19. Jim H

    I am afraid I have to play devil’s advocate here as it seems as if Mr. Rogers does not understand what monetary system we are functioning under.
    We went off the gold standard in 1972 and since then there has been no restraint on the amount of money the government and or the Fed can print. It is a system called MMT.
    That is not to say that there is not a consequence for printing, but only to the degree that the money being printed finds its way into the M2. If the money being printed does not find its way into circulation, then the hyperinflation everyone is panicking about cannot happen.
    So before investing your life savings in dehydrated food and bomb shelters, make sure you understand that at the present time there is no vehicle in place for those billions of dollars which the Fed is printing to make it from the banks, Freddy Mac, and Fanny Mae into the general economy. In addition people need to realize that this is not real physical money being created; it is nothing more than key strokes on a computer. The real M2 money supply is falling not rising. The other thing you need to remember is this virtual money that is being created by a keystroke, can disappear just as easily by a keystroke, it is simply an accounting entry, not real dollar bills.
    What is going on is simply accounting tricks. The public does not understand how the monetary system works, and the government cannot explain it without running the chance that people will begin to understand that the Federal Government no longer has any fiscal need to levy taxes against the citizens.
    And so the government would prefer to let the people panic from a misconception than to tell them the truth and to admit they use taxes to control the economy and the peoples wealth.

    • Liquid Motion

      The FED has ownership of the money supply (creating debt). Written into law (Federal Reserve Act)in December 1913.
      The FED supports the Government by indirectly buying treasuries (to finance the budget deficit ….> $5Tln not the reported $1.0 Tln).
      The Budget facilitates i) the Government functioning ii) The government employees being rewarded via salaries iii) The Government supporting unemployed/retirees/sick & injured…to name a few…no make that in excess of 100 MILLION people who make up a nice chunk of the economy…and what do they do with the money they receive ???? The money is real and it does find its way into the economy. Sure its created out of thin air…but the economy and the people ultimately receiving the funds, do benefit.
      Keep in mind also that the destruction of debt has serious implications other than decreasing debt it wipes out the assets that benefited from their introduction.
      We don’t see inflation because of the lies and fabrication from the keepers and publishers of the data…..but we experience it.
      We haven’t seen hyperinflation …YET…but give the world a reason to quit the currency in a hurry…and the lack of concern you expressed over food and shelter…would be discarded like passing wind in a snow storm.
      Interestingly the FED has 3 mandates not the 2 often quoted by MSM and other economic writers….i.e. Max. employment, price stability and Moderated LT Interest Rates….FAIL, FAIL….Success.
      Success in managing interest rates is a short-medium term aberration. The market is bigger than the FED and will in due course dictate what levels interest rates should be at. This is currently in progress.
      The recent gathering of US Monetary heads with the President examined the exact issue. Not a dry eye or clean pair of pants in the house.
      Its time for the US Government/FED to act responsibly….financially and otherwise. Economic Laws are something you cannot and should not mess with. Every conceivable convention under those laws has been abused. Whilst we patiently await the outcome…like lambs to slaughter….we can consider our fete.

      • Jim H

        For the US government to act responsibly would require elimination of the FED and to do the job constitutionally mandated for them to do. Short of a civil war, that is not going to happen.

        The FED is going to continue to do what is in the best interest of their constituents, the member banks.

        What is in the best interest of the banks is not the collapse of the system. There will be no bond collapse, nor will there be any orchestrated bond calamity perpetrated by foreign governments.
        There may however be war, in which central banks both here and in worldwide profit from the mass destruction and murder of people.

        You see that is the historical pattern of established central banks; they institute economic depression, from which they confiscate property, followed by war, where they lend massive amounts of money in order to finance the war, after which the wining countries pay war debts, and the losing countries pay reparations, this is followed by prosperity and more lending from the banks for the rebuilding of what was destroyed in war. It is an endless cycle which assures their complete control over the governments and the people.

  20. Charles H.


    The one question not asked: “Why are you living in Singapore?” It’s safer; there is better rule of Law; and if the SHTF – less rampage and looting will occur. I’ve been there, and drank a Singapore Sling from the original Raffles Hotel where it was invented. You better watch your P’s & Q’s. Not like the USA: they punish criminals. Those of us in the Western Hemisphere won’t fare so well.
    One good source of suggestion is: “”. This woman tells it like it is, and covers the nitty-gritty issues of surviving a major collapse. People aren’t like they were in the 30’s – it will be way more dangerous.

  21. Jill

    Greg, as a busy mother of two little boys I do not have much time to watch the mainstream news but I make a point of checking your site regularly.

    Can you tell me what law Mr. Rogers is referring to regarding confiscating retirement funds? My husband just received a nice chuck of money from his employer into his 401k. I’m trying to convince him we need to cash it out and purchase something of actual value with it, or just pay off our home mortgage. He does not believe that if everything goes to hell in a hand-basket the bank will take our home. He says, “And give it to whom if everyone else is in the same boat?” I do not know how to answer this question.

    Thanks for your site!

    • Greg

      He’s talking about stealing it or forcing you into Treasury Bonds that you cannot sell. It has happened before many times through out history. Cashing out is a personal decision, but many have told me they have cashed out of their 401-k’s and taken direct control of their money.

    • Charles H.


      It may be that your husband will have to source this kind of information for himself – IF you think he can take it. Caution him that everything on the Internet is to be taken with a grain of salt, meaning, nobody is perfectly representing the issues exactly right. But there ARE many good people, experts in their field, that concur some bad things are going to happen. This site, JSMineset, and King World News centers around the peripheral experts, and generally aren’t trying to work-up a following like Glenn Beck (who I rarely watch at all). It’s better to be safe than sorry.
      You might get him to “review” some clear presentation that you can show him. Get his feedback, and question him on some terms like “bail-in”, etc – little by little. You don’t want to frighten him OR drive him away; or cause him to forbid you from viewing either. He IS your husband, and the leader – build him up and follow him. Who knows if he may get to be a better “source-er” than you?!? God gives wives a sort of “contrarian wisdom” for their husbands – so they can be helped to know their blind-spots. But don’t push him, or make him guilty in arguing. Instead involve him; engage his abilities. Many men have melted completely – just from having their hand held right. Whatever you decide – follow him and build him up.

      • g.johnson


        if I may, your beliefs are sacred… you. use them judiciously, learn from them, take solace from them….but do not impose them.

        many many many married couples in this modern world have discovered that marriage can be very successful as a full partnership.

        don’t try to dictate to people you do not even know who the leader of their marriage is. they can figure that one out for themselves. had you started that chestnut with “I believe that…..” then, no problem. you would be giving your opinion instead of a dictate.

        we have to respect each other man.

        your advice regarding not pushing was spot on and golden. another example of mutual respect.

        and that thing about contrarian wisdom had me near rolling on the floor. it has been my unforgettable experience that women do indeed seem to process differently than men. but that is not reason to follow patriarchal idealisms. it’s nothing to fear, just something to both savor and learn from.

  22. DAVE

    SAY WHAT????

    Hi Greg
    Nice reporting as always. Im on the Syria ordeal with all pointing fingers at Assad and what kind of response is needed.Well no one is saying what will be needed if the rebels are responsible which i believe they are.What a bias view.This is a bogus disaster in the making.The U.S. war machine is hungry again.Your thoughts Greg

    Thanks again Dave

    • Greg

      The U.S. is clearly headed for war and it could turn nuclear.

  23. george

    Thanks for having Mr. Rogers back. I believe he’s right when he says the world has never been at this point before.

  24. Aussie Codger

    If the Central banks stop printing, who will buy the bonds? Nobody wants them!

    It is FAR more likely that those banks, including the FED, will vastly INCREASE printing, they have NO choice!

  25. Jerry

    Hey Greg everybody is looking for the proverbial needle that’s going to pop that debt bubble right? Well as they say on the street
    ” Whoops there it is “…..maybe.

    The recent Treasury TIC Data Release shows foreign holders dumped $40.8 Billion in June. And June was the third month of dumping in the last four, for a total of $79 Billion. China alone dumped $21.5 Billion and U.S. Ally Japan dumped $20.3 Billion. And Billions in FNMA and Freddie Mac Securities were dumped as well.

    How long can they keep printing money at that rate ?
    Just a thought.

    • Thad

      Be careful, who will the Nazi’s come 4 this time?

  26. mike

    Typical Roger’s response regarding gold. He never seems to think now is the right time to buy it ($1400 plus/minus). He alway says there will be an opportunity to buy it lower some other time into the future.

  27. Nathan

    Hey Greg , this is off the subject but right now would be a really good time to refresh your viewers memories of what General Wesley Clark said 10-11 years ago . Part 6 of the 7 country plan is VERY close to happening with Syria .

    Great job as usual .


  28. Liquid Motion

    Nice …and very timely.
    There are many themes in this presentation …but the one that doesn’t get mentioned and one that intrigues me the most is Jim’s reasoning for Living in Asia (Singapore). What does Jim know about the western financial system other than “be worried, be careful…its coming” referring to the collapse and theft about to be unleashed on the masses. Of all places why Singapore? Does he have a farm nearby (which he has immediate/convenient) access to? Is it the Health system ? Singapore doesn’t have a lot of natural resources and is dependant on Imports. Its a financial hub and perhaps offers him some tax benefits being outside the USA. But I understand he still has a US passport. He owns some Gold and Silver but doesn’t get overly excited about that theme.
    Whilst Jim has strong convictions about his beliefs, I sense that there are other matters troubling him which convey a mixed message. He has (to my knowledge) never qualified what he has said by stating “everyone has to make their own choices to protect themselves” & “I’m trying to figure out ways to protect my bank accounts and 401K”. The important message is…as Jim says…people need to remove themselves from denial. That is the first step.

    Keep them coming Greg (the interviews and the messages) ..they are like golden bullets….rare and providing some protection.

  29. Robert Jefferson

    Hi Greg, after a previous interview you did with Jim Rogers, I sent you a message a number of weeks back asking if he was okay; he seemed quite a bit distressed. I thought he had health issues. Turns out he was…EXCERCIZING! while doing the interview. Well, you never got back to me on that message, but you did address it in Monday’s report. It’s nice to know that Jim is just fine! I’ll be a paid subscriber by month’s end! Be well, my good man.

    • Greg

      I am sorry I did not get back with you but so many had comments and concerns. Thank you for your support.

  30. George Silver

    Dear Greg,
    Another great interview. As you are an investigative journalist is there any chance that you could cover the story that is NOT in the mainstream press that Hungary has kicked-out the IMF and is now issuing it’s own currency?

    • Greg

      George that is a good point man!! Thank you.

  31. Goud Kopen

    Really good interview, Go on Greg!

    You are doing very good work!

  32. Eric

    Mike: Rogers just bought gold again when the price breached 1200. He also suggested that it could fall again to 1000 or even 900 at which time he plans to buy more. Just because he isn’t a panic buyer and he can afford to wait doesn’t mean that he is wrong by any means.

    Great read here, Greg. Scary times we’re in. Doing my best to be prepared while still trying to live my life. Thanks for the info.

  33. J.C. Davis

    Greg. How do you think the economic talks will go at the G 20 meeting if war breaks out. Could it be a plot to change the outcome of the meeting.

    • Greg

      JC Davis,
      I expect war will not break out before the G-20 but who knows.

  34. Jerry

    Your husband is wrong. I work in the foreclosure markets every day. If you miss a mortgage payment, you will be defaulting on your loan and the bank can foreclose on your house. It varies by state when. In my state foreclosure proceedings can start within 30 days of the default. In an economic collapse money will dry up very quickly so its important to address this issue now. In my opinion, take the money and pay off your note now. That’s my opinion. I’m not an attorney or financial advisor so you may want to discuss this with someone who is. Dave Ramsey has a lot of good books on how to do this.

    • Jill

      Jerry, thanks for your reply. I understand that is what would happen in a normal circumstance. My frustration is that no one ever spells out how things would likely go down after a total economic collapse. When jobs are lost and homes go into foreclosure, who does the bank sell your home to if everyone is up the creek? Will they just let millions of homes sit empty with everyone homeless in the street? What purpose does that serve? I wish someone would set me straight here. An explanation of that scenerio would go a long way in convincing my husband we need to pay off the house.

      • Charles H.


        Perhaps it can only be put in an overly simple form – if property is not free and clear at the time of economic catastrophe – it becomes a Windfall to the banks. It doesn’t matter what happens to the people. Maybe FEMA is a staging for re-organization. What CAN be said is that after they close the accounts and hold all the titles: they can name their price – half-again, double, or near triple the price again: and desperation will be on their side at that time. Maybe the Chinese will buy-up America and lease it back The Blade Runner scenario would be realized then. Don’t for a minute think that Economic Enslavement couldn’t happen to even us.

        • Liquid Motion

          Yep gonna get real messy.
          Banks are already stuffed up to their eyeballs in Foreclosed Housing Stock.
          With even more Foreclosures whilst being beyond a shadow of a doubt, will only compound the issue. More foreclosures only distress the market and force prices lower. Lower prices beget even lower prices.
          Avoiding foreclosure is paramount for any homeowner wishing to retain their home (and any equity they have in it).
          Must avoid being in default…for delayed / non payments.
          Banks dont hesitate when the collateral they have (real estate) can be repossessed for pennies in the dollar.
          As for what they can do with the stock they have ‘re-acquired” through foreclosure…just think sub-prime packaging and selling.
          At the right price, investors will flood in and swoop up a greater portion of stock of housing. Private Equity/Sovereigns/LNW individuals/ Investment Funds …the list is endless. Credit might not be available to everyday citizens and some corporates, but there is plenty of capital/wealth out there just waiting for a “Home”.
          Jill, get rid of your debt as quickly as possible. The Banks in an Economic Collapse scenario will go after all available collateral they can get their grubby hands on. Debt will be required to be extinguished on both sides of the equation.

          Dont rely on the foreclosure process delays/rulings/processing..for peace of mind act now.

  35. Valerie M

    Unfortunately, the World Banks have become one trick ponies. They really have no choice at this point. They have become just like Bernie Madoff. The house of cards is crashing down, and they are desperately trying to hide the consequences of this huge Ponzi scheme.

  36. Steve

    If the banks are going to go down, should I pay off my loans I have? I mean if they are not in business anymore, who is there to collect the paper money?

    • Charles H.


      The government will ALWAYS back the banks; the government will always insure that the banks come out on top. The issue isn’t the money – it’s the title “The rich ruleth over the poor; and the borrower is servant to the lender.” I fear when the curtain comes down – anyone who owes anything will have to pay-up then and there: or totally forfeit what they owe on. That’s my view.

      • Steve

        Thanks Charles, I am working at paying it down, but have a ways to go. SO I SHOULD hurry up the process. Thanks for your reply.

  37. Doug C.

    Looks like the Black Swan has flown. I think your country will be at war within a few days if not sooner. Just listened to Jay Carney talk about a responce to chemical attacks on the syrian people. The “Presidant” is desiding what to do. Dow down, Silver and Gold up. Hold on, here we go again.

  38. Ryan Anderson

    Thank-You Mr. Hunter for being real!

    Btw, to address your question regarding, when will the collapse take place?
    Here are the possibilites. There are only 5 ways to pay off the debt. Selling off assets and/or bankruptcy, produce goods and services (best option), write off the debt and/or bankruptcy(another good option), printing money until the relationship between creditors and debtors is so convoluting and the money becomes so debased the currency dies, borrow, tax, and spend which can only prolong the debt life cycle till it busts.

    Now, there can be a combination of these working simultaneously and in different sectors of the economy and society to differing degrees, but as Jim Rickards has pointed out that essentially the ruling elite (he calls them banks) will maintain control over the world, although not entirely in this country, and will have to decide between inflating away the debt and buying a particular asset class or investing in “something” that will gain a lot of “purchasing power” during a hyper-inflationary scenario and the second option which would be deflation; this would cause the banks, government, and many corporations to go insolvent.

    Whether building a larger deck of unstable cards or letting it collapse, the control freaks in charge will do whatever they can to consolidate power and control, giving themselves the upper hand no matter what scenario unfolds. I would guess it will take place in a few years, since so many people are at the very least, not trusting of the government; therefore, it would be advisable to slowly bleed the population financially. The elite don’t have a monopoly on force in this country, but in many other categories they certainly do, and the elite are losing control over the minds of the people. God is also raising up men who who are strong in the providence of God. So I think we have some years left.

    Although, it could happen sooner.

    Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters. Jesus Christ (God’s only Son or the greatest deceiver in history, Jesus didn’t leave it open ended; he makes people decide).

    Please don’t get mad about the Quote from Christ; he is simply either God’s son or not the creator of the universe; there is no inbetween with him unless you want to mutilate logic, like so many people do when it comes to economics. The most important disciplines in reality are always the most confused and misunderstood, namely; economics, politics and especially the spiritual world, since they are simply the most important.

    • Greg

      Thank you Ryan.

  39. Gabe

    Greg thanks for the interview with jim, I think he is right on the money! Start preparing right now with long shelf life food and lots of bottle water. I have been looking into the history of paper currency’s and without exception every time it always returns to being worthless paper!! Thomas jefferson said that paper was poverty it was the ghost of money and not true money. Gld and Slvr are real money. I think there will be a lot of barter also after the SHTF!! Like jim said “be worried and be careful” Take care

  40. Remote guest

    Greg, Like and appreciate your work verses msm. I have leaned most of the Seria battleconcerns the gas pipeline that is Russian controlled and will supply natural gas to the vast area’s currently under US control. Many US allies have accepted the deal for Russian natural gas, Saudi has accepted protection from Russia/China instead of US, GB also has accepted the resource all traveling through an uncompleted pipeline, partially through Syria. There are trillion of $$ involved we are being separated from our allies and it is working.
    Why did GP not approve the alliance with us on a joint action against Syria? New currencies are being generated all backed by Gold for trade in many regions, We are exempt from this activity. They will ignore the dollar and proceed as a new frontier. the battle in Syria is for the pipeline, not what is being proposed. I wish all well and pray God intervenes to halt this madness. I do believe this action will trigger a much larger War and many know this. We as people need to educated our families and friends. 90% of our population is lost when it comes monetary policy and reasons for war. It is almost always due to money and power. Not Protecting us. God bless all

  41. Sanae

    I have been brewing for soetimme now I just picked up 5gal of unpasturized cider (from a local farm up here in VT) I brought a carboy and they filled it for about $20. I know I know, they practically give it away up here ^_^I never naturally ferment anything..yes, it’s possible but not always a good idea. I kill the natural yeast in the cider ASAP, yes, the ethanol will kill most bacteria though; there is a stain of E.Coli you really need to watch out for. I kill the yeast with 2 Tabs and pitch Wyeast Cider yeast. 1. gives a much better flavor to any cider/mead but, also puts the abv% upt to 10+. Naturally fermented cider can only push 4-4.7% abv. Nothing wrong with that, but hardly brewing. Cider will stop fermenting once put in the fridge as the yeast (no yeast) can survive the cold. There is also, the option of bottle conditioning’ your cider. Called PRIMING I always do this, so that I have more of a champange like feel. I will be dry hopping’ 2gal of my cider with Cascade hops and I’ll let that sit for about 7-10 days. Then bottle.If you have any Q’s on brewing hit me up on Facebook search: Sugarwater Brewing Company.

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