What Tucker Could Not Talk About, Bank Runs Coming, Nuke War Coming

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 579 4.28.23)

Media icon Tucker Carlson was fired from FOX this week, and it looks like we can all see what FOX has turned into.  Tucker didn’t so much get fired for what he said, but for what he might say in the future.  Tucker was the number one show on FOX, and he did nothing wrong except tell as much truth as his overlords would allow.  The country should be eternally grateful for him having the balls to air the video of the so-called J6 insurrection that proved it was another frame job by the FBI and totally false.  It was a protest about a stolen election, and you can’t talk about any of it if you have a job on the Lying Legacy Media (LLM).

It is sure looking like another big bank failure is coming.  First Republic Bank is in deep trouble and is trying to stop the hemorrhaging of cash withdrawals.  The bank stock plunged more than 60% in a few days and is looking for help, but none is showing up.  Is the FDIC going to step in again after the second and third largest bank defaults in America’s history that happened just a few weeks ago?  Are more bank runs coming?  In short, yes.

Vice President Biden has promised South Korea that if North Korea attacks, Nukes from the U.S. arsenal will be used.  The Biden Administration is promising a so-called “nuclear umbrella” to protect the Korean peninsula.  Are they going to promise they can stop the nuclear fallout too?  This is new and dangerous.

There is much more in the 46-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 4.28.23.

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***Video will play after it finishes processing on Rumble.

After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned biotech analyst Karen Kingston will be back to update us on the big push to put more bioweapons called mRNA in our food.  It’s already happening, and she will tell you what to look out for.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    I do wish the best things for America as they have always been a beacon of freedom, hope and prosperity.
    I watched this documentary and come to the same conclusion that it’s all done by design to shut the balance of power over to the East.

    Leaving California: The Untold Story | Documentary


    • Anthony Australia

      Something I think we all have known for a long time now.

      Maria Zeee and Dr. Rima Laibow – 90% of the Global Population will Die! – NWO Agenda!

    • Alex

      I respectfully disagree with some of your points…

      A tipping point,;a point of Critical Mass, is slowing evolving in America among its more mature citizens. People are fast becoming awakened, and you can see it almost everyday where I live, in one of the most prosperous counties in California. It is becoming the topic of everyday discussion as the treachery, lies and propaganda can no longer be ignored.

      Upon close examination, the so-called East will be taken down too! The WEF and the nutcase environmental Nazis not only want to ban beef, chicken and almost all other forms of protein essential to continue human life on this planet, now they want to ban rice production! Without rice 4 – 5 billion people will starve to death! And, for what?

      People are getting tires of a few unaccountable people attempting to take control over their lives, their children, and generations yet unborn. It’s going to get very ugly, and nobody wants to avoid it more than average people like me. With that being said, forget China becoming a true world power. All China can provide is labor. Sure, they will get better with innovation, but up to this point the West has provided them everything they have needed to make things cheaper not better. Additionally, the West, and the rest of the world, has greatly benefited from the West’s (British and American) legal system, and no other nation/s come close. Without the rule and respect for law, commerce and confidence collapses. China following IP and other laws? Please don’t get me going. For five years, I was a vice chairman of an Asian-based international airline, so I happen to know what I am speaking.

      The bottom line is that we, the human family, are facing the greatest series of terrestrial threats we have ever faced. Succinctly, it has become obvious it has evolved into the epic battle of Good versus Evil, and that cannot be denied. America as we have known it may soon cease to exist because the lunatic politicians filled their pockets with money (currency) that ultimately will have little of no purchasing power. The same is happening in Europe. Prepare for the worst, and pray if doesn’t fall apart completely, however I would be remiss if I were to be confident in immediate victory. In conclusion, God is watching, and all the Biblical prophecies are rapidly coming to pass. As a non-religious person, there can be no doubt! So, don’t worry! We know the final score, The Good Guys Win!

    • Ken MacPhee

      So it appears the latest news is that Tucker was not fired was just removed from working and from email access. His contract is still active and states he cannot go to any other media platform until after the elections. What a brilliant contract written up by Fox, keep Tucker muzzled until it’s too late .

  2. Joseph

    Rare that no video is available. Suggestions? Thank you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not finished processing on Rumble yet, but it’s on the way.

      • Mike

        Well said and well done.
        I am so glad you are on. Many like some family had the shots and now a brother in law in excellent shape with heart problems. He went to a cardiologist, but, since the vaccines will NEVER be mentioned by these doctors, my brother in law will never get the right treatment as they will not admit the cause. They, meaning the doctor and brother-in-law law who did not listen and took the poison jab.

        • Greg Hunter

          Ivermectin and Nattokinase are 2of the top treatments that Dr. Kory uses.

    • Astraea

      Listen in to LibertyTreeRadio. Mark Koernke is really worth hearing. He is a real American patriot and very strong.

  3. Farmer Johnny

    The timing of Tucker and Lemon being canned together on the same day is proof that all media is coordinated and fake. Lemon was canned to provide an outlet for the angry masses to not feel completely irrelevant. Without that, unrest would probably happen and rightfully so. Hopefully, Tucker will join the ranks of many other Real journalists and start a show on an internet platform. Spotify or Rumble would be a good start.
    Btw.. I hope you’re doing well Greg. How’s the weather in MO? Our crops in GA are doing OK but we’re not off to a super start. Many cloudy days and cool nights. Not good for corn, wheat, and especially cotton. We need warm and sunny with occasional rains. I pray that God sends us the help we need.

  4. Todd

    1 hour? OK, I’ll hold.

    • Greg Hunter

      May be a bit longer but the video is not processing on Rumble so it’s on the way.
      Thanks for “holding” and supporting USAW!!

      • Sheryl

        Great wrap up. You don’t give up trying. I guess I did. My brother said the other day he doesn’t believe there was cheating in the election. Not worth arguing anymore. He has a successful busines, college educated, life of the party 🥳 kind of guy. Can’t save every one. Keep up the great work and stay healthy and safe

        • Paul from Indiana

          It works until it doesn’t. Best always. PM

      • Alex

        Love you, Greg… You are helping to save lives and souls. God judges men’s hearts, and yours is solid gold!

        • Rick

          There are some people who will throw gold into the streets!!

      • Diogenes

        My reception of the video makes it unwatchable. It is bring throttled on and off. I can’t spend 3 hours waiting for each section to play for a few words. Sorry.
        Either Rumble is incapable of providing reliable service or my ISP is blocking me.

        • Greg Hunter

          Try this and let me know if it works for you:
          (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

  5. Boz From Oz

    This Biden criminal cabal need to removed ASAP, the criminality must be so entrenched its hard to see or know how the removal can occur.
    The majority of the American population are brainwashed so they are a no show, maybe Tucker Carlson and his removal might wake a few people up.
    Overall very distressing to witness such nonsense to the point of a nuclear exchange happening and then all bets are off.
    Russia wont blink, so the US will either have to stand down or get wiped off the map forever, thats the stark choice facing people in the United States.

    • Anthony Australia

      Perhaps Boz, That’s why we have aided and sold out to the Chinese.

    • Rick

      The Fed also has to be removed ASAP – “The seeds of the impending catastrophe now facing our Nation were sown with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 (this private bank has grown in power over the years until it has now became “The Effective Government of the United States of America” (with it’s tentacles extending around world). In 1971 it eliminated the necessity to have any gold backing for its fiat dollar and it global dollar ponzi scheme has expanded exponentially to the point we are at now – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 (where the dollar is intrinsically worthless) and the world is only now beginning to figure this out”!!

  6. Mat G

    Tucker Carlson was the most successful news commentator in history; The Deep State has had another successful take down, but it now shows people that it exists.

    Clearly, Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who only a day ago called for Tucker Carlson’s firing, was given a heads up on his termination. She got her wish or had an inside track… She looks like a player now…

    There will be no way that these people allow America to get to a 2024 Presidential election. I hope Americans understand this simple fact. COVID-19 lockdowns were the peek behind the door. Now imagine your bank account tied to the government.


  7. Robert Maloney

    GREAT WORK ! YOU have done a remarkable job at educating and informing ALL who want to know. IT is indeed a murder weapon ….You are always on target and you our friend should have been offered the 25 million dollar contract NOT him.

    Keep up the passionate truth telling…….. our USAWATCHDOG is on it!
    God Bless and keep you and yours

  8. Robert Maloney

    Roe vs Wade is no longer needed because they no longer need to abort the children as the murder weapon/vaccines, food additives etc are causing people to become sterile.

    So they are all praised for overturning the case when it served its purpose and the next phase was ready…..this is all planned for decades while the sheep sleep comfy and stress free……complaining about those who care enough to call out the injustice!

    Please ask Kingston and Ed Dowd about sterility of clot shot victims and DOES it also cary over in transfection/shedding?????
    Wonder if the treatments for spike etc will help with the sterility issue? DJT said something to the effect that we will need to have a WWII type baby boom when all this is over to get the population up…..

  9. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,the uni-party of the Neo-Cons who will be sending our sons then daughters to die for an era of continuous war.
    Here in the UK our Stasi having a Keystone Kop moment,
    all to protect “our beloved” prime minister none of us who are plebs voted for.Democracy is DEAD, still needing a revolution here.
    As if Mr Putin if is persons non grata ,
    Now perhaps Mr Blinken wants to replace Mr Putin,but standing between this integral stands Mr Prighozhin and even worse and those cretin Russian wealthy who are “hiding” their wealth in the West will be viewed as traitors and will be lucky to survive rather like the wealthy in the West who will be impoverished by the Neo-Cons after all they,the wealthy,are the wrong sort according to Maureen Lipman a minor actress here in the UK of the right type.
    See what happens when democracy dies,
    Our very elections are now so corrupt that the Prime Minister’s Office will prevent mere plebs from VOTING here in the UK! Even the Blair regime knew not to do this!
    #Still,our economy is beyond the cliff edge, inflation in food is utterly ghastly at 19.1% per month not per year as many would have us believe yet official stats are still a staggering 10.1% per year.

  10. Brian Howard

    Thank the good Lord above for people like you, Greg, to be there for the little guy and as a source for what’s really going on. Now more than ever we need folk of your quality and integrity to guide us through what are only going to be more & more difficult times. Thank you Greg. Keep up the fantastic work and don’t let the turkeys get you down 😉

    • Paul

      A few more things that destroy the human race: politics without principle, progress without compassion, wealth without work, learning without silence, religion without fearlessness and awareness without action.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Diana Liu

        I would also like to quote:
        Politics without principle,
        Education without character, 
        Science without humanity, and Commerce without morality,
        are not only useless, but also positively dangerous.
        – Sathya Sai Baba –

  11. John Geis

    Thank you Greg. Sadly we are in 1941 and the only question is it May 41, September 41, or November 41. See email. You need to get to the farm and live there!
    God Bless,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John, I agree.


        Hi Greg, Your a great investigative reporter and I believe honest, my two sons Daniel & James who live on Earth ( 3 of my boys are in Heaven) have degrees in communication but not using them yet I pray they will have eyes to see like you do as in Ephesians 1:16 “that the eyes of their understanding will be enlightened to see what their hope and calling is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
        I’d only make one change at the end you said fear not which is true Lord Jesus Christ said but Jesus did not say He was in Total Control of this murder, rape, war, bio-weapons wouldn’t have been injected in humanity babies wouldn’t be aborted. Jesus said
        “I give YOU all power and authority over the enemy” so if we don’t pray speak the Word of God , decree a thing and command the evil to stop and desist their evil agenda against God’s people it’s our fault. Jesus also said You have not for you ask not. We can’t throw this one on Jesus HE told us what to do to win this fight the world just has to many evil and rebellious people who won’t listen and are lazy, somebody else will do it. We need to turn off the boob-tube TV get on our knees and ask Father God to show us what to do in Jesus name, then get up and start praising God for His deliverance like the young people down south in the Bible belt. God sends the praisers out front then Lord Jesus Christ can bring the deliverance. I think a great start would be”I thank you Lord Jesus that all the baby and children killers and abusers would have a millstone tied around their necks and thrown into the sea” I’ll rejoice in that praise the Lord for that Hoho. Thank you Jesus. Also praise the Lord all the liers and fearful will go to the lake of fire Hoho. How about “the fear of the Lord God is the beginning of wisdom” Hoho. On and on like that. Open your mouths get up off your buts and start praising the Lord and His deliverance will come. The whole Earth is growing for the SON’s and Daughter’s of Almighty God to open their mouths and declare His Majesty and Might. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.let your good works be known unto man for the Lord is at hand. AmenAmen


        I praise the Lord that time is up for those who are corrupt in Jesus name. Lord Jesus is the One that holds all things together so what ever who ever Blackrock, Vanguard, Blackstone, Hollywood, Congress, the Senate, the Executive branch, Governors, Mayors, FBI, CIA, UN, WEF, EU Governor Baby Killer Cooper, Nev for Dave H Common Sense & Kari Lake & the people Pa,Wash St,Or,Calif,Ohio, NY,NJ,Del,MD,,Vir,Alabama FL, Georgia,Mich,add more, will all fall apart NOW in Lord Jesus Christ name the name above all names. And a seven foll return for every Christian believing God and His Word Jesus I pray the Holy Spirit and God’s Heavenly Host Angels go to work and hover over the entire Earth. NOW faith is NOW.


        Colossians 1:17 all things are made and helded together by Jesus. So whatever doesn’t want Jesus will not be held together any longer. Lord Jesus Christ said “it is finished” NOW

  12. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the WNW, Greg. I always enjoy watching your take on current events. The Fed will no doubt just create more fiat currency to bail out the banks. That is why the Fed was created. The Fed is there to protect bankers, not us. It’s a giant Ponzi scheme of fractional reserve banking and rigged interest rates with a currency backed only by force.
    Fun times.
    90F here in Sonoma County, CA. Summer is early. Too hot. Too soon. We had over 50″ of rain last winter and now the plants are growing like cancers. Fire season will be fierce.

  13. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great WNW as per usual – thank you.
    I applaud your RELENTLESS coverage of the ‘cv-19’ scamdemic, eugenics/MURDER operation. I have people in my own family who know what really happened and, despite having this knowledge, are already growing weary of ‘Covid’ related discourse! To my mind, failing to call out this despicable crime against humanity is to condone it – to enable those responsible to hide in the shadows. To paraphrase Howard Beale in the movie ‘Network’, we need to get ‘as MAD as HELL!!!’ Thank you for continuing to remind us . . .

  14. tim mcgraw

    I agree, Greg. Covid Scamdemic, the disease, the “vaccine”, the lockdowns, the masks, the social distancing, the loneliness, the broken families, friendships, shuttered businesses, children abused, ignorant, and masked.
    My wife and I never took the jabs, but we were around people who did and we got sick. We are still sick. Our health is gone. We take Ivermectin. But it can’t reverse the damage to our bodies.
    My wife and I both hope that soon we pass on. I’m sure Sam/Sylvester will be happy to cheer on that outcome.

    • Paul from Indiana

      You’re not done yet; there’s something out there needing to be done that only you can do. I don’t what it is, but I know you’ll answer the call and rise with the occasion. Hang in there. No walking on the beach just yet. Best always. PM

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul from Indiana: I think you are right about a job still to be done. I’m doing my best to get my mobility back. Never give up. Never surrender.
        All the best to you.

    • Stinking Bull

      Tim, do you have immediate next door neighbors that are domsick army> Thes people are provided directed energy weapons and are paid to blast the EMF waves or LF waves right t you thru the walls while you are in bed trying to rest. They will also geo locate your positions using cellphone soldiers and blast your small areas with an available satellite.
      Read the patriot act. And look at the army insane obamama built. They are working hard to kill everybody they can for profit.

      • tim mcgraw

        Stinking Bull: The houses next to us are empty most of the time. They are second homes of SF Bay Area millionaires. There is a cellphone tower 5 blocks south of our house.

    • Sam

      “I’m sure Sam/Sylvester will be happy to cheer on that outcome”……..Not True!….I hope you’re Wife Makes it!….She deserves to be Happy for once.

      • tim mcgraw

        Sam: Finally, a witty put-down. Thanks for the laugh.


      Hay Tim, we can’t give up. We have to encourage ourselves in the Lord. When King David and his men were out to war when they got back an other enemy had come in to their camp and kidnapped their wives and children all the men wept and mourned for their families and the men wanted to kill King David. King David went to the Lord God in prayer on what to do then he encouraged Himself in the Lord singing and thanking God for everything God had done in the past for him, then Father God gave King David a Word of Knowledge “go after that other evil army and I’ll help you destroy the enemy and you and your men will recover all that has been stolen from you and all your men will rejoice in God’s goodness ” also when God got the Hebrews out of Egypt after 440 years with Moses leading them the Bible says that that multitude of people came out healthy (no one was sick or lame, or diseased) whole nothing missing nothing broken, they came out rich, and well dressed. God didn’t forget about us. If we get knocked down a day or two we get back up the next. I’m praying for my husband (had cancer then cancer came back after the shots so we fought it again) 2 of my children a daughter and one of my son’s have type 1 diabetes for years and got the shots so I’m praying and thanking God for their deliverance from this bio-weapons, my granddaughter got three shots too also my youngest son his wife and two little boys all got the shots.I had to get 2 also to see my grandsons. Then they all got mad at me for telling & telling them all that all this was on purpose and that it’s poison they haven’t talked to me for almost 3 years. I just keep speaking God’s WORD over them, No weapon formed against them will prosper, they are the head and not the tail above and not beneath, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and am saved and my household. Tell the devil to take his hands off my family, my state, my Country USA. I believe God wants to and is well able to deliver us, we just have to let God know we trust and believe Him in Jesus name. 💊 I take my medicine the WORD of God mixed with Thanksgiving out loud out of my mouth, take the extra vitamins, fasting, horse paste, not to many carbs, warm shower before bed is supposed to help our bodies recover and go to bed about same time every night and turn off anything that would make the brain be busy, no TV, no phone for a few hours so the body can heal when we’re asleep. Bill Gates, Tony Falchi , CDC, WHO, NWO, UN, EU, Ukrainian, Natzs, Clous Swaub, Prince Charles,Kissinger, Winkin, Blinking &Nod Biden can all pound sand I give them all to Father God and Lord Jesus Christ and I’m turning all my attention to God ,prayer, Thanksgiving, praise,and health, I will be adding walking and sunshine again when it warms up a little. Be We’ll get through this, remember our families made it through the Black Plague and Europe and coming over on those Coffin ships from Ireland. 🙏🇺🇸🌄 Plus we have to get President Trump back in and most of the American people are sleeping or watching TV or video games. Father God will you please wake the USA people up, thank you Lord it’s Linda again.
      We’ll make it.

      • Heather NoVax

        Your family made you get the coNvid shots in order to have access to your grandkids?

        I would have lied.
        I would have used one of the proof of vaccine cards found all over the internet, made one with my name on it, and lied.
        I truly hope you will be ok and not have some catastrophic consequence from the frankenshot

  15. John Barry

    Dear Greg,

    I love what you do. I pray that you ask a question of Scott Stapp the lead singer of the band Creed, is the prophecy he sang about true? And is what I told him from God true? Please ask him. God has a rescue plan and I wrote about it and know how to save us from the end of days as we literally have to walk there. Scott Stapp can tell you that what I prophecy is true. Please look at this video. HE wants to save the people Greg and we literally have to do stuff! https://youtu.be/HGFJ6_eFA6M

    • John Barry

      Tucker Carlson’s hometown is where I live and were this gathering or rescue is to occur.

      Much Love, john

  16. Marie Joy

    When America wakes up to the bioweapon, politicians/gates/soros etc will have to give us something worse to distract us so we don’t hang them in the streets.
    Given the circumstances, it is reasonable to bring back vigilanteism.

    • Rick

      If we can bring just One(1) of the Evil Globalists to Justice – it may give the rest of the Demons pause – for fear their lives may be taken as easily as ours!!

  17. tim mcgraw

    Yeah, disabled and can’t work much. Dead soon. That’s my reality. And I didn’t even get the jabs!
    One thing in life has always pissed me off and that’s when I have to pay for some dummy’s mistake.
    That’s Covid.

    • Paul

      Covid the plannedemic was not a mistake. All the populists human rights movements died- as well. And the banks were temporarily recapitalized. Definitely the jabbed have recourse, amongst the jabbed I talk to.

      Be well.

      Paul from arkansas

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul from Arkansas: Oh, I agree that the Covid Scamdemic wasn’t a mistake. The dummies who wore the masks, used bleach on their counters and delivered goods, put up Plexiglas barriers at the businesses, insisted on being 6′ apart, and took the damned injections and forced employees and customers to take them are the problem.

    • Sam

      GOODBYE….I just Hope you are NOT TROLLING us…I just wonder how many dummy’s paid for your mistakes…

      • tim mcgraw

        Sam: You remind me of the old Rodney Dangerfield joke:
        “My parents took me to the beach. I came out of the water and they were gone. I went up to a cop and said, ‘I’m lost and can’t find my parents.’ The cop said, ‘I’d like to help, but there are so many places for them to hide.”

    • Sam

      Who gets the Plane?…hope you give it to Joel Osteen….or Jimmy Swaggart

      • tim mcgraw

        Sam: Don’t worry. I put you in my will. You get the photo. You can put it up on your dart board.


      Tim Jesus said “you will get what you say” if you don’t take those words out of your vocabulary immediately you will be dead soon but it will be from your own mouth. No one can tame the tongue but it’s owner. Jesus Christ said” by YOUR WORDS YOU will be justified and buy YOUR WORDS YOU will be condemned. Do you want sympathy or Victory? You, choose this day who you will serve. Ask Jesus for His help and He will He is willing and able.
      God bless Choose wisely.

  18. Keith

    Hi Greg,
    Hope you are doing well. Any adds that play before you video, do you get anything from that? I skip them but if you get anything I will let them play. I assume it is rumble.

    • Greg Hunter


    • Jerry

      Yes I have been getting ads as well. Very annoying!

      • Greg Hunter

        Free-tards are very annoying.

  19. Nika

    Republic Bank might be the Next to fail! Last month their stock sold for $147 a share, today their stock sells for $5.00 a share. Look out, below!

  20. Linda Luhtala

    horse paste try Amazon

  21. Marie Joy

    There are estimates of a Billion dead by 2025. At some point, people will wake up.
    I expect violence but I hope they don’t use boom sticks.
    Quiet disappearances and burials would be best.
    All the companies that mandated a bioweapon can be sued but the courts are corrupt.
    There will probably be “vaccines” for the next plandemic. Don’t take it. No matter what.

  22. Michael Kronk

    Yes, The Hospitals , Politicians are in on this Murderous, treasonous Covid cover up. I still see people walking down an empty street with masks on. No one has gone to jail, no one. This is Terrible for Humanity, now and in the future. We need truthful people like you Greg.

  23. Rodster

    Greg said: “Vice President Biden has promised South Korea that if North Korea attacks, Nukes from the U.S. arsenal will be used. The Biden Administration is promising a so-called “nuclear umbrella” to protect the Korean peninsula. Are they going to promise they can stop the nuclear fallout too? This is new and dangerous.”

    Martin Armstrong just posted today something about the US pulling off a False Flag to start a war just in time before the US fraudulent elections. As the Neocons believe no US President has ever lost an election during wartime.


    “We must still be on guard that the West will create a false flag for they now NEED a war to unfold before the 2024 US election. They are using the old-school playbook whereby no president has ever lost an election during a time of war. At the latest, we might see that false flag by April 19/20th, 2024.”

    • Mat G


      Interesting that Armstrong came up with the dates April 19/20th…

      April 19th is the occult day of The Blood Sacrifice to the Beast. This begins the 13-day countdown to the second most sacred day for satanists, The Beltaine Festival on May 1st, which requires a “fire sacrifice”.

      April 20th is Adolf Hitler’s birthday. I discovered this sacrificial two-day period while I was trying to interpret Nostradamus Quatrain I-42. It was the long bloody history prior to Adolf Hitler’s April 20th, 1889 birthday that I found so intriguing and that lends credence to its occult origins.


  24. Rodster

    Greg, thank you for bringing up the subject regarding mRNA bioweapons in our food supply. Hopefully Karen can address whether it can cause problems for us.

    Looking forward to the interview !

    • Rick

      Dr. Malone has warned that mRNA vaccines “are already being used in livestock” – hopefully Karen will be able to tell us at what point we must we STOP buying conventional meat products (due to spike protein risk)!!

  25. John Barry

    Dear Greg,

    Tucker Carlson lives in the town where this remnant gathering is to occur. The rescue I have been emailing you about and commenting on here. I love you Greg. The end is scary as you report but HE has a plan. Elijah has come and the end is not what we have been told by THEM. Elijah wrote about it and made ten videos explaining it simply. Seminaries have confused us like governments. This is the play list of the rescue. Its the book the angel was holding when HE visited me.


    • regaleagle

      Not just meat products……read the label on the ice cream products produced by Great Value…..the Walmart Brand. It says it right on the packages…..”bioengineered food products”. I guess we should all stay away from Walmart’s Great Value products, huh?

  26. Wayne Todd

    Greg really enjoyed your news rap-up -surprized to hear about the US reserve currency level of use now -not long ago it was around 60% now just over 40%. I am desperately trying to get my American family members to prepare – not having much luck, I suggested they watch you if they don’t believe me.

  27. andyb

    DeSantis has yet to comment on the J6 patriots who have been unjustly imprisoned. He talks a good game but he is aloof; definitely considers himself an elite. As a Floridian, I respect what he has accomplished for Florida residents, but I will not vote for him in the primary.

    Naomi Wolfe has revealed that all vaxxed women and girls have been rendered sterile because of placenta damage caused by the vaccine that will not support a full term fetus.

    The UN is legitimizing paedophilia. Biden and his cohorts are engaged in the sexual trafficking of migrant minors. Potential more $$$ than drugs.

    More than 1/3 of high school students have gender disphoria.

    In Dem controlled cities, less than 50% of all students are at grade level in the 3Rs.

    Points to ponder folks.

  28. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg.

    Looking forward to Karen’s interview.

  29. Bennet Cecil

    The teller at PNC bank in Clearwater Florida refused to cash a $40 check this week. She said you can deposit it, but no withdrawals except from the ATM. We are closing our accounts at PNC. PNC has a large position in derivative contracts and is one of the largest banks in the USA. If you are a PNC customer, you might want to buy physical gold or move your cash into a local credit union. The next step from PNC will be only $50 per day allowed from ATM.

    When you deposit money in a bank, it is no longer your money. You have just lent your cash to a bank. You are an unsecured creditor of the bank and are behind the people who own the derivative contracts. Your property rights are ruled by banking laws. FDIC has very little cash and they have 99 years by law to pay you back.

    • Wayne


      I am sorry but you state a number of things that are not completely accurate and, in some cases, not accurate at all. First off, I have a very hard time believing what you said about your incident with PNC. There has to be more to it than what you are telling. I just cashed a check at PNC last week and deposited most of it into my account and received a small amount back in cash with no problem. Also the average credit union is really not any better than the average bank because credit unions are also doing the same kind of things that banks are doing. I read complaints from people about their credit unions just like what I read about banks.

      Secondly, you are correct that when you deposit your money in a bank that you are loaning it to them, but to say it is no longer your money needs to be explained since in a way it is really still your money. When you make a deposit, the bank, while having legal title to the money that you deposited and is shown as an asset on the bank’s balance sheet, also has to have the deposit listed on the bank’s balance sheet as a liability because the bank owes this money to you, the depositor. So the bank does not have outright ownership of your money. What they do have is outright control of your money, that is until you take back possession of it. This is also true when you borrow money from the bank. The bank lends you the money. That money does not really become your money (meaning free and clear). It is still really the bank’s money and you are legally obligated to pay it back. If you do not pay it back, then the bank can take legal action against you to get their money back. When you lend your car to someone is it now their car or is it still your car? It is still your car. Ownership does not change, only control. The statement “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”, is not true in many cases. The correct saying is, “if you don’t hold it, you don’t control it”.

      And while it is true that all depositors are considered unsecured creditors, those with insured deposits are never behind any other creditors including those that involve derivatives when a bank fails. It is only depositors who have uninsured money in the bank who might be behind some other creditors if the bank fails and are at risk of not getting all of their money back.

      Concerning the FDIC insurance fund, the fund really does not need a lot in it to handle a banking crisis. It had enough in it to handle the last banking crises when about 500 banks failed (2007-2013). The reason why the FDIC insurance fund does not need trillions of dollars in it is because in over 90 percent of time when a bank fails it is acquired by another bank which results in little and sometimes nothing being needed from the deposit insurance fund. Such was the case when Washington Mutual, which had over $300 billion in assets, failed in 2008 and was acquired by JPMorgan Chase. No depositor lost money and no money from the deposit insurance fund was not even needed. But should the FDIC really need more money they currently do have a $100 billion line of credit with the Treasury. This line of credit was temporarily increased to $500 billion during the last financial crisis. Today that line of credit could easily be increased to $1 trillion, and it may already be unofficially with the government’s guaranteeing of uninsured deposits in the failed banks of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. So right now it does not look like there will be a bail-in involving uninsured depositors if a very large bank does fail as many thought that there would be. Looks like more bailouts, just not bank bailouts, more like depositor bailouts.

      Lastly, nowhere does it state that the FDIC has 99 years to pay insured depositors. I have heard this 99 year thing a number of times by people saying it is in the fine print with no one ever pointing to where it says that. Here is what the FDIC says about it (see misconception #5).


      • Glenn

        You are correct about what happens when you deposit money in the bank and when you get a loan from the bank.

    • Glenn

      Bennet, could you please give us more details concerning your problem with getting a $40 check cashed at PNC. Did they say why they could not give such as small amount to you in cash? Also why would you recommend people go from a bank to a credit union since they have many of the same regulations and they have the same types of risky assets and liabilities as a bank? Are you not also loaning money to the credit union when you make a deposit in which that money is no longer your money according to you? Are you not also an unsecured creditor? And does the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), which insures credit unions, have enough money in their insurance fund to cover all their insured deposits? Of course they do not. Not even close. So I see no real difference as far as a credit union being safer than a bank. Credit unions though may have slightly better rates and service from what I hear. That is about it.

  30. William Jefferson

    Hey Greg,
    Just wanted to say I hope you will give a hard look at( convention of states), and the progress they are making and give them time to speak on your program..thanks

  31. Todd

    To answer your questions, “Are these people stupid?”, “Are these people evil?”, “Are these people godless?”, “Are these people inbreeding?” The answer is YES.

  32. Brian

    Greg how can I get a print out of that your reading from, I need to pass that information out to my neighbors, PLEASE.

  33. Michael Anenberg

    Great report Greg. All is humming along here in AZ high -country. Thanks and God bless !

  34. Jeff owens

    Great reporting Greg, as usual! Thanks for the truth!

  35. Fred Engel

    Looks like Sudan may be a problem. Another country with bio labs, and Gates talking points of another pandemic. The UN push for emergency power to override national sovereignty in crisis. Then normalizing pedo’s because their troops have been accused
    in the past.

  36. Kim l

    Thank you Greg for not letting people forget about all those that have been murdered by the shot and remdisivir/ventilators (with a government protocol in place for hospitals to make money). I have lost my husband to hospital protocol and my brother to the jabs. They have ruined lives and families. I want the politicians, mds and scientists to be accountable.

    • Rick

      If the Globalists think they can get away with murder “they will do it” (look at what they did to JFK in broad daylight) – what they have done to us Americans under cover of “a supposed vaccine” is unforgivable – they must all be rounded up put on board one of Musk’s Space X rocket ships and sent directly into the Sun!!

  37. Damien

    Greg, good work my friend. I would only say that one thing you need to understand is that there is no American government. There is ONLY a mafia with a flag architecting the greatest robbery and mass murder of all time. There is ZERO possibility of a political solution as we are in a post-political situation. WE are the ONLY ones who are capable of saving US. We MUST NOT place ANY HOPE in any one person (Donald Trump or otherwise) to help us. God Bless and take care Greg! 😉

  38. Richard Longacre

    Greg, I watched your video at 10:45 CST and First Republic Bank stock is already down 50% today at $3.09. (Was $6 to start the day). Great call

  39. Stan

    As I was driving my Bentley this morning I got a call from my good friend at JP Morgan. He has many contacts at the NY Fed. He told me to buy FRC hand over fist when it gets close to $3.00. I put in a huge order for $3.10 a share and it got filled! I was so excited I lit up a Arturo Fuente Opus X. Hope y’all have a nice day 🙂

    • Rick

      Stan – Does this mean the Fed will be bailing out all First Republic Bank depositors and lowering interest rates??

      • Wayne

        It will be interesting to see if the government will also guarantee the uninsured deposits of First Republic Bank like they did with SVB and Signature Bank. If they do not guarantee all the deposits, then you will see more money fleeing the banks. Of course, if the government finds a buyer for FRB who takes all the deposits (which they probably will) then no depositor will lose money and you should not have any kind of bank run because of FRB.

    • Jerry

      Your friend lied. The dollar is preparing to tank.

      It has lost over 8% in last four months. Its reserve status is living on fumes. Of course buy low and sell high. But who knows where the bottom is? The Fed is not running anything. They are nothing more than errand boys for the BIS.

    • Sam

      Well, as I was driving my ’97 Ford Aspire last night…I got a Call from my wife from our house…she has many contacts at EBAY…and she was excited to tell me that since ’06 we have acquired over 7000 troy ounces of Ag…and it was over the top because our latest order of 40 ozTroy of Ag just came in the mail…I was so Excited i put on my Grateful Dead tape…

      • Stan

        You will always be poor

        • Greg Hunter

          You will always be stupid, and you cannot fix that.

  40. Jackie Pollock

    Hi Greg, I am, like many here, very glad you talk about this (Covid!) a lot and I agree it is the biggest story out there that we have ever had and it is still just getting started!
    Great high energy Weekly Wrap report! So many danger points ready to explode!
    -Jackie from Texas

  41. In the Hood

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr tells Tucker this is turning America into a system of socialism for the rich [National Socialism or better known as Nazi/FASCISM]
    Fox News 420,523 views Apr 19, 2023
    2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tells Tucker he seeks to put an end to corporate control of government on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’
    Your all wrong! They thought Robin was gone, over and done with too, but his merry
    band of outlaws, against the deep creep state of jolly old England, wouldn’t let him go….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MZeI_aiD1M
    Donald J. Trump, the Trumpster and his band of outlords. Is our Robin Hood, sir!
    Like Hitler and Satan the Devil. Hitler defeated, wanted to take Germany with him into oblivion and so Satan. Knowing he now too, has a short period of time left. Thinks he to will take all mankind down with him, in utter defeat. Down to the bottomless pit awaiting him!
    Jesus Christ, our lord and savior, along with and through his heavenly father, ours too. Will defeat Satan and this wicked system, of terrible things.
    Unless these most terrible of days, now or forever more in human history, were not cut short, no flesh would be saved. But on account of his loyal ones…..
    Matthew 24:21-23
    Amplified Bible, Classic Edition
    21 For then there will be great tribulation (affliction, distress, and oppression) such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now—no, and never will be [again].
    22 And if those days had not been shortened, no human being would endure and survive, but for the sake of the elect (God’s chosen ones) those days will be shortened.

    Robin Hood one of the 50 Greatest Heroes of all time.
    Inducted into the Library of Congress National Film Registry.
    Tales of Robin Hood (1951) Adventure Movie
    100,783 views Premiered Nov 20, 2021

  42. Mary Marentette

    AMEN Greg and as always I nod in agreement through your videos! Yes, Covid “vax” is THE biggest news & should be shouted aloud!!! I live with my sister and her husband in AR on a small farm, we are 66, 68 and 70 years old. They have used Ivermectin for decades to treat horses. When Covid first blew up we all got some and still have it because thank the Lord none of us got Covid! Our visiting sister from TX also went and got some! From the feed store. Hoping to be able to keep on seeing your videos, you are much appreciated. Your “excitement” sometimes makes me chuckle and when you get REALLY loud and excited I worry about your health!!! God bless you.

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg, Passionate and valid on all points ! The gas-lighting and propaganda in the U.S. rarely higher and the MSM ‘mockingbird media’ clearly is no longer a ‘conspiricy theory’ any longer! Tucker’s stand is just an EXCLAMATION POINT on that ! Nothing new to most all here at USA watchdog…for how many years now?
    To that end more on that =


  44. Prospector

    Coverup continues. Senator Rand Paul grills Samantha Powers on U.S.A.I.D. grant money to bioweapons labs. April 26.

    This has confirmed everything I have been saying for 3 yrs. WUHAN lab in 2008 started the Hu-ACE-2 affinity with HIV pseudovirus. Further enhancement was developed in Dr. Baric’s and Dr. Shi’s labs from ’08-’19 before the virus release. USA is hiding the bioweapon development.

    Dr. Paul Cottrell

    Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™
    EXC: Fauci, DOD, & CDC Funded Deadly Pathogen Research At Sudanese Biolab Seized By Militants.

  45. Arthur Chitauro

    Greg, I am writing from the UK. The media is constantly pumping out positive news about the vaccines. A Member of Parliament by the name of Andrew Bridgen was punished by his Conservative Party and expelled from it because he had the nerve to warn about the dangers of the vaccines. It is not just in the States where the vax is pushed by those in authority. Maybe you could try and get him on your show

  46. Kay

    Tuckers Jan 6 coverage as well as his election corruption coverage was just strategic controlled opposition to increase his credibility. The plan is for him to move to the internet w/more trust. He hates us and Trump. There was no courage or honesty from him.

    See AmazingPolly.net research on rumble, and Sons of Liberty channel on rumble (rather crude in style) on Tuckers history and family background.

    Be not Deceived- LOVE your work Greg you are my number one go to for truth!

    • Mr Nobody

      Every time a conservative shines a little light there is a good samaritan with some dirt to put it out…. Evrey dam time.
      What does your past look like I wonder.

      • Sam

        C’Mon MAN!…I LOVE Tucker…but one cant Ignore POLLY and the Bradlee Dean guy either..

  47. Dave

    Fox has long been a supporter of the neocon agenda and the endless wars going back to Bush’s Iran fiasco. It has towed the line of Covid despite what shills like Hannity now say. Back in the day Michael Savage was kept off of appearing on Fox by Hannity. His crime? Calling the bushes and the neocon agenda out.

    Talk radio is, largely, a part of the neocon agenda and that includes the late Rush Limbaugh who is credited with keeping the burgeoning Tea Party movement on the plantation (and under control) back in the day. Talk radio was successful in neutering the Tea party movement. So called deficit hawks like Limbaugh are not. They had no problem when during Trump’s first 2 years the deficits reached all times highs. Now they are squealing when Biden insists on raising the debt ceiling, but they were quiet when Trump did the same.

    Carlson is an interesting and intelligent guy. Charlie Kirk has had great interviews with Carlson. As Kirk brought religion into the talk Carlson didn’t miss a beat – saying you can’t take the Bible completely literally. A reference to ancient Jewish theologians such as Philo who famously said the six days of creation were allegorical and pointed out the sun was created on the 3rd day so prior to that you could not have had a first day and a second day. Carlson is a Christian but has provocative things to say on that topic as he does on the current political situation. It will be fascinating to see what his next step is. Podcasting? That is what most assume but Carlson is a brilliant writer and maybe he will turn in that direction.

  48. Shirl

    Thank You Greg for another EXCELLENT wrap-up, JUST WOW!!!

  49. Bob "FakeFink" Woodward

    Putin sends Russian bombers near Alaska; US, Canada scramble fighter jets | Watch

    Hindustan Times
    5.38M subscribers




    59,009 views Apr 20, 2023 #russianjet #russiantu95bomber #alaska
    Russian bombers were intercepted near U.S. for the first time since the drone incident in March. According to fox news, U.S. fighter jets intercepted two Russian bomber aircraft near Alaska on monday. NORAD said that the Russian Tu-95 bombers did not enter U.S. or Canadian airspace. This marks the first incident in the area since an American drone was downed by Russian forces last month.

    Chinese operating ‘secret’ police station in New York nabbed; Beijing slams U.S. ‘slander’

    Hindustan Times
    5.38M subscribers




    29,673 views Apr 18, 2023 #uschinarelations #xijinping #manhattan
    U.S. and China are at loggerheads again, this time over the arrest of two New York residents over allegedly setting up a ‘secret police station’ on behalf of the Chinese government. The two men arrested by Manhattan’s Chinatown have been charged with conspiring to act as agents of the Chinese government without informing the U.S. authorities.

    ‘WE’RE TALKING ABOUT NYC’: Chinese police station could’ve been used for ‘influence’

    Fox Business
    2.16M subscribers




    351K views 2 days ago #FOXBusiness
    Fox News senior strategic analyst Ret. Gen. Jack Keane calls for the U.S. to ‘push back’ against Chinese aggression and deal with their ‘intimidation.

    China expert warns this could ‘blight’ US food production

    Fox Business
    2.16M subscribers




    335K views 1 day ago #foxbusiness
    Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang unpacks various actions from the Chinese which threaten U.S. national security on ‘Mornings with Maria.’

    Putin has the last laugh as Ukraine lashes NATO; ‘Come on, beg us for membership’ | Watch

    Hindustan Times
    5.38M subscribers




    162,250 views Apr 20, 2023 #ukrainenato #ukrainenatomembershipstatus #ukrainenatomembership
    Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.K, Vadym Prystaiko, told Newsweek in an interview that NATO should ‘beg’ Ukraine to join the bloc after the war with Russia. The diplomat of the war-battered country said that Ukraine’s accession to NATO will happen ‘sooner or later’, expressing frustration at the delay. Remember, Ukraine has received extensive military, financial, and political support from NATO but the transatlantic bloc has still not given a clear roadmap for when the country will join NATO.

    FAB-500 smart bomb of Russian Aerospace Forces brought down Ukrainian & NATO troops base in Ugledar
    An airstrike of FAB-500 smart bomb launched by Russian Aerospace Forces brought down a high-rise building serving as a base for Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO troops in the Ugledar direction. Under the rubble in the building where the military personnel were gathered were a number of dead soldiers. This attack is part that Russia is conducting a defensive operation against the collective West.

    James Comer: The walls are closing in on the Biden family
    Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., gives an update on the Hunter Biden probe and says it all points back to President Biden on ‘Hannity.’

    Biden is underwater… and it’s going to get worse: Newt Gingrich

    China certainly knows how much it costs to ‘buy a Biden’: Murray

    Tucker: ‘Here’s Proof The CIA Staged A Coup Against President Nixon’ | You Have Been LIED To! Benny Johnson Apr 16, 2023
    Tucker lays out step-by-step how Watergate was a CIA-FBI Op against Richard Nixon. The Deep State staffed the Washington Post with fake “reporter” Bob Woodward and the FBI fed him information

  50. Susan R

    Greg, your warnings of not getting a shot probably saved my life, so your insistence on this is vital. Beyond that and the obvious, why the earth shattering effort to wipe so many of us out. What is the plan after that? Who benefits? Now with the WHO planning to be in control of any and all health emergencies planet wide, the takeover is on, but by who? If it is the WHO, who are they? Planet population reduction has echos of science fiction outer space invasion getting ready to re-populate with a different species. WHO may already be under their control. The obvious truth is humans are being eliminated. Already, there are rumors of the next pandemic which is going to roll from one to the next till the results are acceptable.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Susan,
      Events are SO STRANGE that my thoughts chime with your own. It seems to me that the sustained savagery of the attacks on ‘we the people’ lack any vestige of humanity. Despite the notion being ‘fantastic’, I find myself wondering if the-behind-the-scenes ‘central planners’ are other-worldly?!

      • Rick

        Satan comes from “some other world” and he has many human mules (Demon Rats) pushing his other worldly agenda, which includes population reduction by jab, wars, famine and anything else he can think of that will kill off the human species (like cutting off human children’s sexual organs)!!

      • Richard Longacre

        Other-worldly? Or perhaps demonic (as in fallen angels and Nephilim)

        • Bison


  51. Prospector


    Red Line Crossed: DNA Contamination of mRNA “Vaccines” Poses Risk to Everyone on the Planet
    Why the disturbing discovery of DNA contamination with plasmids poses a severe risk to the mRNA-“vaccinated” and the people around them.

    APR 27, 2023

    Potential of Shedding
    In a recent publication: “Persistent Nonviral Plasmid Vector in Nasal Tissues Causes False-Positive SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic Nucleic Acid Tests” by Beck at al., asymptomatic laboratory workers who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 were found to harbor a laboratory plasmid vector containing SARS-CoV-2 DNA, which they had worked with in the past, in their nasal secretions. While prior studies had documented contamination of research personnel with PCR amplicons (bits of DNA sequences artificially produced), their observation was novel, as these individuals shed the laboratory plasmid over days to months, including during isolation in their homes.

  52. Jerry

    She really lays it on the line!

  53. NIna

    I’m a retired federal law enforcement employee under DOJ for the BOP. When I saw the J6 video of men climbing over the Capital’s wall, I saw a training scenario. No members of the public would do that when they could walk on a side walk and walk through a door. I can’t believe anyone can buy the narrative the media and Congress is going with.

  54. BioWreck

    Jamie Foxx’s “medical complication” was an aneurysm. And, yes, he was fully vaxxed in accordance with the Sceen Actors Guild’s production site vax mandates. Jamie got spiked!

  55. Marie Joy

    So, if beef has mRNA, is the dairy industry poisonous? Is my sour cream, cottage cheese, sharp cheddar, etc all poisonous? Looks like the only thing I can eat is sardines (ugh). Weaponized food. Just what every grandmother needs (sarc).
    I’m concerned about the next plandemic and I’m trying to educate myself on the possibilities and treatments. Meanwhile, I’m taking a bunch of vitamins.
    Also, do mRNA, graphene, etc self duplicate in the human body? It would seem no but…
    I expect more mandates, grid down, internet down, etc with the next plandemics. WHO is now in charge of American plandemics.
    Woodstoves with a lot of hidden ( basement, porch) wood because wood will be precious in winter.

  56. John Maskell

    Greg i rate you much higher than Tucker because you had the balls to talk about the vax and other off limit topics . Yes, i know Tucker could only go so far but he never got censored or he his money stopped during lockdown . Ok, he has been close but not hard hitting like you reported . You got kicked off YouTube for telling the truth . I have high praise for you Greg , a true honest man who can stand his own.

  57. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Great report Greg ! Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  58. Sue Dominion Taxpayee's

    DETROIT NEWS__If You Read the News, You’ll Know!
    EXCLUSIVE: Former Michigan state senator exposes voting scandals in Detroit . . . . . . . ..
    Patrick Colbeck explained how he encountered blatant violations of voting law and procedure at every step of the process. He says the perpetrators should be tried for sedition. [And hung Pat?]
    Colbeck noted, “The poll workers themselves are fairly cooperative; they just want to do the right thing. But some of the chief election officials seemed to be intent on interfering with actual oversight activities of our officials, which is blatantly against the law. And that interference did not start on election day, November 3 – it started well before that.”
    “The stuff that was really egregious, and frankly a threat to election integrity, wasn’t that exciting. In addition to being a former Michigan state senator I was also an aerospace engineer. I worked doing cabling design for the space station, and I also am a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist,” said Colbeck.
    “So the first thing that I checked out when I got into the AV counting board was the network topology for the computerized tabulators, the electronic poll books, adjudicators, and the election official computers.”
    ‘Blatant lying’ about internet connection
    Colbeck told Stover he found it very concerning that “every single one of these computers [used for the voting process], except for the electronic poll books, connected to the internet.”
    “That’s kind of interesting, because that opens up the door to a lot of people tapping into this network,” he explained. “I don’t care if it’s secure, if the communications are encrypted, if they got a VPN network, it doesn’t matter. There are people a lot smarter than I am that know how to break this in a matter of minutes.”
    “When I walked in, one of the first things that I did was I walked around to all the computers. With the exception of the electronic poll books, and they all had that icon saying they’re connected to the internet.”
    “I asked the head of the election bureau – his name was Daniel Baxter – I go, are any of these computers connected to the internet? And he told me, ‘No they’re not.’”
    “I walked through again, and I heard about what happened earlier in the day, I think it was 10 am, a message had popped up on a computer screen that startled one of the poll workers, that said, ‘Your computer is being hacked.’”
    “So there’s another election official, the former state representative by the name of David Nathan, and I said, ‘David, are these computers connected to the internet?’” explained Colbeck.
    “And he says, ‘No they are not.’ And I go, ‘Well can you verify that for me?”
    “And all he had to do was move that little mouse cursor over the land connectivity icon in the bottom right hand corner, and it’ll pop up and say you’re connected to the internet or you’re not.”
    “And he said, ‘No, you’re just gonna have to trust me.”

  59. Domino'sSUED

    “And I said, ‘Dave, I’m sorry, but maybe somebody lied to you.’ I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. And I’m saying, ‘I’d like to have verification that the computer isn’t connected to the internet.”
    “And he said, ‘You’re just gonna have to trust me. And that’s where it was left.”
    Commenting on whether there are laws in place prohibiting use of the internet during vote counts, Colbeck said, “There [are] laws against manipulating election results. I don’t care if you do it by throwing in a whole bunch of extra ballots or whether or not you decide to be savvy with SQL databases. Either way it’s the same effect and you’re manipulating election results.”
    Blank tally boards
    Colbeck then described a conversation he had with another senior election official, Chris Thomas, in which he tried to figure out how Detroit was going to communicate its election results.
    “I said, ‘Help me out here, I want to understand, it wasn’t shared with anyone beforehand, how are you going to communicate your tabulated results to the county and other third parties?’”
    “In other words, with all the viewers at home, when CNN and Fox News are going off and [people are] watching updates as to what the status of the votes is in Michigan, how’s that being communicated?”
    “Because normally the way it’s supposed to happen is that you close out a precinct, they have balanced all their books, they have a little printout of the vote tally for that particular precinct and then they will share that vote tally with the public, with the clerk’s office, with the county, and they’ve got like 5 different copies of it that they send across the board. And that is the official vote.”
    “But in Detroit, they never had one of those printouts. They never had a tally.” Colbeck noted that vote tallies were supposed to be posted on red boards on the wall next to green boards containing initial zero tallies for each machine. The observers told him it never happened.
    “All the red boards that were supposed to be printing out that stuff here were blank. And yet they kept reporting results. So I was very curious, I was like, how the heck are they doing this?”
    “So I went back to Mr. Thomas repeatedly, kind of like the kid in the backseat on the way to Disneyworld, who says, ‘Are we there yet? Are we there yet?’ And for the first couple times he said, ‘No I don’t know yet.’ And finally he said, ‘You know what, I’m not gonna tell you until after things are done tomorrow.’ And mind you, this is my primary duty: to monitor the execution of these processes.”
    Colbeck reminded viewers, “There’s an old adage attributed to Josef Stalin: ‘It’s not he who votes that counts, it’s he who counts the votes that counts.’”
    He went on to count the ways that the election process in Detroit abused four different key areas of vulnerability for vote tampering.
    MUCH MORE; https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/exclusive-former-michigan-state-senator-exposes-voting-scandals-in-detroit/ UNDER THE RADAR NO LONGER DOMINION!

  60. I Jacek

    Hi Greg-

    So Tucker got paid millions of dollars a year working at Fox News, but I am sure you have earned millions of likes from GOD for the work that you do! 🙂

    It’s my opinion that you have done more than anyone else I know to bring the credible people who are in the know onto your show to tell us the truth about the jab, the war, and the economy.

    Thank you so much and God bless you and your family!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jacek for your very kind words. God Bless you too!

    • Tarey

      Please note: Tucker took a 35-40% pay cut from the onset in order to present topics and guests of his choice! The only caveat: No Alex Jones. It’s NOT about the money with Tucker, and this is what makes him a hero among men in these times. No, it was FOX that made millions from his hard work and tremendous popularity.

  61. Diamond Sue em

    Search for: Does Michigan county vote count glitch pose systemic threat?

    What went wrong in Michigan in 2020?
    Michigan went blue in 2020, adding its 16 electoral votes to Biden’s total, but Trump overwhelmingly won Antrim county, receiving nearly twice as many votes as Biden once the glitch was fixed. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office released a statement on November 7 explaining what went wrong in Antrim, and how it was corrected.
    Michigan county vote count glitch was not fraud | Fact Check

    Search for: What went wrong in Michigan in 2020?
    Does Michigan county vote count glitch pose systemic threat?
    Michigan county vote count glitch does not pose systemic threat (AFP / Seth Herald) Copyright © AFP 2017-2023. All rights reserved.
    Michigan county vote count glitch was not fraud | Fact Check

    The 2020 Coup: What Happened. What We Can Do. Paperback – May 9, 2022/ by Patrick Colbeck (Author) 4.5 4.5 out of 5 stars
    The 2020 Coup takes bits and pieces of evidence from across America and knits them together into the definitive work on how the election was stolen.
    Patrick Colbeck served as a certified Poll Challenger at the TCF Center in Detroit. He witnessed the fraud firsthand. He witnessed the late-night ballot drops, poll challenger lockouts, pizza boxes taped to windows, and voting equipment connected to the internet.
    He has been investigating the scale and significance of the fraud ever since.
    After reading The 2020 Coup, you’ll be equipped with: a solid understanding of how elections are supposed to work, documented evidence of what actually happened, and a plan of action to thwart the efforts of those behind the coup.
    America is in an information war between coup activists who seek our fundamental transformation, and proud Americans who seek to preserve the blessings of our constitutional republic. This book breaks through the Big Tech and mainstream media information embargo to equip you with the truth they do not want you to hear.

  62. homemadecockroachburgerncheeseregurgitator

    I share your wonderfully truthful and passionate videos with every one of my friends and family that yearn for honest reporting of geopolitical events, Greg!

    Which is zero people.

    How aboot that recent sports game though? That guy was F#$%’n great/terrible, eh?


    “Pat has been over the target since the beginning when he
    let everyone know about Dominion voting system internet
    connections in Detroit. He has continued to expose the stolen
    election ever since. Listen to what he has to say. You’ll learn
    something the fake news media doesn’t want you to know!”
    -Mike Lindell, CEO My Pillow, Inc.

    “There are only a handful of people who relentlessly pursued
    the truth regarding the 2020 Election. Patrick Colbeck takes
    the “GOLD” in this masterful work – meticulous details on
    our voting systems along with solutions for the future.”
    -Liz Harris, AZ Grassroots Leader

    “Elections belong to the people not the government”
    -Mark Finchem, AZ State Representative

    “Pat Colbeck has painstakingly worked to investigate the
    corruption surrounding the 2020 election. His knowledge
    of the subject and dedication to cleaning up our elections is
    an asset to anyone wanting a better understanding of what transpired in 2020. He is a dedicated patriot, and his work
    reflects his passion for honesty and transparency.”
    -Christina Bobb, Former DHS Executive Secretary
    and USMC Judge Advocate

    “Almost immediately after the 2020 general election, Senator
    Colbeck and I began collaborating and investigating election
    irregularities. He traveled the country talking with people,
    listening to their accounts of how this particular election was
    so out of the norm, and collecting evidence. This book, like
    his website, letsfixstuff.org, are organized to enable Americans
    everywhere to connect the dots and understand with clarity
    what really happened in the 2020 Election.”
    -Phil Waldron, Col USA (Ret)

    “Pat Colbeck witnessed fraud in the 2020 election firsthand.
    He’s worked tirelessly exposing it ever since. His work will go
    a long way to prevent it from ever happening again.”
    -Liz Harrington

  64. SUE SUE SEE U!

    Dozens of boxes filled with ballots dumped in Detroit vote counting center in the middle of the night
    November 15, 20220204 by Arsenio Toledo, DC Clothesline:
    Videos taken from outside a vote counting center in Detroit show a massive number of ballots being dumped in the middle of the night.

    Images of the Stuff!

    Cooter COOTER SEPTEMBER 8, 2022
    This new video adds hours of profound evidence. Democrats can no longer deny the fraud. It has been caught on camera. The footage is from dozens of Detroit drop boxes. Ballot traffickers are caught taking pictures of each ballot they stuff into the boxes.

    Records: Too many votes in 37% of Detroit’s precincts
    Voting machines in more than one-third of all Detroit precincts registered more votes than they should have during last month’s presidential election, according to Wayne County records prepared at the request of The Detroit News.


  65. jomer

    Has anyone noticed their milk turning to slim? We just had some milk that was past the best by date, didn’t smell sour, but when poured it was slimy.

  66. Not So Free

    This might not be a problem for you, but info from users of Rumble are saying that they are being shadow-banned.
    I guess it really shouldn’t surrised me.

  67. Derek Sinclair

    No great sympathy for Foxx since he said it was great that he got to kill all the white people in his movie.

  68. Tarey

    Thank you, Greg, for a powerful show and for persevering throughout this covid19 cluster-f*ck disaster. Bad news in Mexico this week: It is reported that President Lopez-Obrador, AMLO, allegedly has contracted covid 19 despite his being jabbed 3 times with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Those who read between the lines here say that it was a stroke (half his face in paralysis) most likely due to vaccine injury/blood clot. His condition could be much worse, of course, but getting the truth will be near impossible (much like the Jamie Fox situation). The Mexican gov’t meanwhile will never share the true story, putting the gov’t and the country in a very precarious position for fear that his opposition (pro-US) may foment a silent coup. As many know, AMLO is not friendly with the current US leadership, applied for BRICS membership in Feb this year, and backs Russia in the war effort. This event could also open the country up to Chinese infiltrators who are entering the region via the Darien Pass just south of Panama by the thousands to travel to and cross the US southern border. The CCP is a serious, imminent threat to the US and as you said, China is collapsing domestically, so it wears this mask of international peacemaker in order to overwhelm and control the US once and for all (all by design). I recall Bo Polny on another show talking about how this attempt by China to dominate the US as it is warring with Taiwan will be imminently averted and thwarted in 2023. I wondered if anyone in your comment section would know more about this? It’s sad and frustrating to know that AMLO was at first vehemently against the jab (early April 2021) and then 3 weeks later, changed his mind. His decision can change everything for Mexico (ironically, Ivermectin tablets are inexpensive and readily available over the counter here in Mexico). You are a true warrior, Greg, and I truly love you and your show. It brings me not only the correct and timely information but great peace, solace, and comfort as well during this highly turbulent time in history. God bless you, and thank you again!

  69. Chuck Mallinkrodt

    That is why it was called Babel —because there the LORD confused the language of the whole world. From there the LORD scattered them over the face of the whole earth.
    Genesis 11:9



  70. Tarey

    I just viewed a very brief press conference held by AMLO earlier today on yt, five days after his covid 19 diagnosis. Let’s see what happens.

  71. James F Moss

    Hi Greg I have been listening to you for years and love your show. I wanted to say my mom died died suddenly. As did my dad last year. My 15 year old daughter wrote and composed a song about their lives called America’s Middle Class and a few radio stations are playing it. You can find it on all streaming sites. Her name is BlueSkye and the song is America’s Middle Class! She is a great kid. The video will make you smile and cry. Let me know if you would like to view it. Thanks for all you do.

  72. Kevin

    There is plenty of Ivermectin horse paste on E-bay

  73. Robert Messina

    Greg, It is my understanding that if graphene oxide has been fed to cattle and we eat the meat, it would go into our blood stream, because it not a living organism. But what about the modified RNA?
    Would cooking it well done help?
    Would cooking help at all? . . And how much would we need to eat before we cross a critical threshold?
    Perhaps these could be questions to ask a future guest of yours in the know if you don’t know

    • Greg Hunter

      I talk about this with Karen Kingston on Saturday.

  74. Gary Whitlam

    This is a DEATH blow to the US Dollar | Morris Investhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0Lh69a7V4U
    164,897 views Apr 27, 2023 This is a DEATH blow to the US Dollar

    White House FURIOUS As Ukraine Turns Back On NATO
    Stephen Gardner 220K views 1 day ago
    Zelenkyy ask China to step in and help them find peace as NATO tells them to get ready to fight. New details about Tucker Carlson come to the surface. Trump is considering Ron DeSantis for his VP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyM7DL4P7IE

    Scott Ritter: Ukraine’s In MAJOR TROUBLE Right Now!
    Stephen Gardner 213,084 views Apr 27, 2023
    Scott Ritter joins Stephen Gardner on this exclusive interview to discuss the Russia Ukraine war, the conflict of Bakhmut, the bad feelings between Putin and Zelenskyy and how this war will end. China is doing the diplomacy the United States and NATO refuse to do. This is no longer a war, this is a humanitarian crisis says Colonel Douglas Macgregor. Scott Ritter agrees. Ritter also quotes Ray McGovern on the failed diplomacy efforts.

    White House FURIOUS As Ukraine Turns Back On NATO
    Stephen Gardner 220K views 1 day ago
    Zelenkyy ask China to step in and help them find peace as NATO tells them to get ready to fight. New details about Tucker Carlson come to the surface. Trump is considering Ron DeSantis for his VP.

    Putin warns NATO “We haven’t even started yet.” | Redacted with Clayton Morris
    46,199 views Apr 28, 2023
    Ukraine launched massive attacks in the Donbass region this weekend. The mainstream media doesn’t seem to care. Meanwhile Ukraine has changed its goals from “survival” to “victory.” What does victory mean? More money and weapons from the west. President Putin says that if Ukraine wants to escalate on the battlefield, Russia is ready. Peace talks now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOqTJx8UVb8

  75. G. Whitlam

    This is a DEATH blow to the US Dollar | Morris Invest

  76. Gary W.

    [Pelosi Still Says no to peace, Biden out to lunch, munching on Russki’s via Ukraine!]
    Medea Benjamin: Pentagon Leaks Show Ukraine War Is a Stalemate. Why Won’t the U.S. Push for Peace? Democracy Now! 31,919 views Apr 27, 2023
    Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke by phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky this week for the first time since Russia’s invasion last year. The call comes two months after China put forward a 12-point peace plan to end the war, and Xi reportedly said negotiations are “the only viable way out” of the conflict. The Chinese president also offered to send a special envoy to Ukraine to help resolve the crisis. To talk more about the war in Ukraine and growing calls for negotiations, we are joined by Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CodePink and co-author of the new book War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict. “The world is calling for negotiations, and the U.S. keeps saying no,” says Benjamin. “We are the ones who are holding up a peace process.” Her latest piece in The Progressive is headlined “Pentagon Leaks Punch a Hole in the U.S. Propaganda War.”

    Russia Ukraine War: What Is Xi Jinping’s Pitch to Zelensky? | Vantage With Palki Sharma Firstpost 52,459 views Apr 27, 2023
    Russia Ukraine War: What Is Xi Jinping’s Pitch to Zelensky? | Vantage Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky after waiting for over a year. Beijing is stepping up its bid to broker peace in the Ukraine conflict. But does Beijing have a plan? Palki Sharma tells you more.

  77. Marie Joy


    • Jerry

      Hi Marie, what do you mean by “stealth?” I’m I missing something?

  78. Aaron ML

    I think Tucker was removed because of the Jan 6th story. Although the footage he aired was sitting on Bitchute for two years prior to Fox airing it. As far as the covid scam goes…Greg you never led us astray. Bless you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Aaron!!

  79. Led Skelton

    Why are the American working taxpayers mute each time their tax dollars are spent on people that don’t work, annual trillion dollar hand outs, corporations that made bad decisions and should face the consequences, foreign nations that endlessly line up for free money, the endless wars, and the endless big pharma dope-ization of the human species?

    Taxpayer paid aid or assistance has become an endless automatic entitlement, and more and more must be sent over and over again. That isn’t ‘aid’, that is being royally screwed over!!

    Where are the elected politicians in our corner, where is the lobbyist voice in DC representing the American legal citizen working taxpayer? There certainly aren’t anyone in the DEM or REP lustful puck spending parties that give two shits about the American legal citizen working taxpayer.


    If you don’t go to work, why should you get any pudding?
    How can you have any pudding if you don’t go to work?
    There are millions of adult working aged people that don’t work at all, happy just to be on drugs, shoplifting and committing other felonies 24/7. And who feeds these multimillion number of people?

    That is a political third rail, don’t ever even think of cutting one red cent from those that don’t work.

  80. Lesley

    Greg I just simply want to thank you for everything you are doing, and for speaking out and standing for the truth. And for keeping us all informed. You are a man of integrity a rare breed these days it seems. I was watching you this morning on another video where you were talking about the drivers in USA being badly affected by the jab. Doing silly things on roads. It’s the same here in Australia, my family and myself have been commenting on this for some time now. Drivers doing insanely stupid things, risks on road and very impatient. There has been a noticeable difference since the jab. Yes we have had the same observation as yourself. God bless you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Lesley, for your street level reporting from the Land Down Under!!

  81. Suk Jung Choo

    Greg, I too was concerned about lowering the threshold for nuclear weapons use in case of war in the Korean peninsula. Strategic or otherwise Korea will be no more after that first nuclear bomb. But then, how do you reconcile with the need for some kind of deterrence? While we have no nuclear capabilities, they (NK) can annihilate our entire conventional forces with what they have. A single bomb will virtually wipe out the airforce. Another one or two will seriously cripple the mobile heavy guns (tanks and what not). Drop another one or two over the military factories for good measure, and we will be fighting them with rifles. These concerted attacks will probably occur simultaneously. Their first targets will not include Seoul because they want it and everything in it.

    • Rick

      Choo – Biden needs a war going during the upcoming Presidential election in 2024 in order to “guarantee his re-election” but if China succeeds in bringing an end to the fighting in the Ukraine (and can hold off it’s invasion of Taiwan) Biden is toast therefore Biden needs to get a war started in Korea, but if China is talking to the North Korean leadership most likely North Korea will not be attacking South Korea – so you can probably relax – unless Biden (in a panic over possibly losing the upcoming election) does a nuclear first strike upon North Korea!!

      • Mat G


        “Something” might go down tomorrow, May Day.

        Grab yourself a slice of blueberry pie and check this out.


      • Suk Jung Choo

        Rick I see your point. However, there are some people that constantly want war! Of course, not in my backyard though. As in Ukraine, and so it will be in Korea, the actual sufferings of war will never be and have never been taken into consideration. These are merely objects for “expert” management in the realm of public opinion while money is to made.

  82. Suk Jung Choo

    Just to be clear, a nuclear war in the Korean peninsula will drag in China, thereby Russia, US, and Japan into the conflict . It’ll be world war III.

  83. Scotty

    Greg ,
    Please interview on your show Marvin Haberland.
    He won his court case this week in Germany this week April 26, 2023
    No evidence of a virus, so all the fines (for not wearing a mask in 2020 was issued are invalid…

  84. Jeffrobbins

    Tucker Carlson? We should fully prepare for war with someone. China would be my guess because both the Chinese and the Dems want war going into the election cycle. They want Biden in the White House. Getting Tucker Carlson off the air is necessary- he would have asked too many pesky questions. At that point we will realize too late how dependent we have become to global trade. Even if some product doesn’t come directly from there, there for sure is some tool, chip, chemical, or component in the supply chain that does. The inflation or deflation will depend on the government response. I am honestly not sure how extensive my list is of things to stock up on.

    • Keith

      Greg I am having some weird dreams. Think it’s time to go and take holy communion again. Spoke to a clairvoyant and he told me somebody from the other side is trying to make contact with me ? JB has something to tell you ? Well two nights later I had a dream and JB came and spoke to me. He told me he didn’t die of a stroke . The neo-cons had him murdered with end of life drugs because he refused to send us combat troops into Ukraine before the Russian invasion started he argued and refused so they had him removed and done away with ? I honestly believe we are only months away from a major world war that will destroy the West . Who allowed them to take over the USA and have so much power ? The same people who had Tucker Carlson silenced and sacked from Fox news ?

  85. R. Patrick


    All we want for 4th of July is Mr. Cliff High! Work it out Greg, he is a wealth of foresight!


  86. S W

    A couple good data points. Mike Adams that runs Brighteon has been in contact with someone he knows that it down in Panama documenting the Chinese and others on their way to America. Latest update video. https://www.brighteon.com/134842b5-01d8-4b21-abd8-138deb0f14b6 Michael Yon his contact in Panama video link. https://www.brighteon.com/02de3522-4933-4118-9b36-fd092cbcf605

    Another data point is the Monkey Werx Channel. He does flight tracking. Over the past month there has been a lot of domestic surveillance flights using Lidar technology. Speculation is they could be looking for what is known as Club K containers. Club K is a Container missile system. Basically a shipping container that can be moved around the country and dropped until needed with a weapon system that could deliver different types of payloads. The Chinese could be the operators coming in to man the Club K Systems. Some of the US Ports have been turned over to questionable operators. The Trojan Horse has been brought inside the city. Monkey Werx video. https://www.youtube.com/live/jlYm2_lhvsg?feature=share Club K description link https://www.standfairoperations.com/products/naval-systems/shipborne-weapons/club-k/

  87. Steve

    McCarthy is a member of the WEF. It took them 15 tries to get him in Why did they try so many times? Well, because he’s one of them. They’re all in on it besides maybe a select few.


    Not wanting to see impending doom, what with the give away of US deterent, I believe the best alternative for the depleted US would be to not only stop the giveaway but to surrender to Russia.

    This would most likely prevent the Chinese from attacking us and Putin would gain a broken U.S. which he no doubt would restore us to a thriving country, the way he did at his home country.

    Tell me what you think.

    Ron Miller Sr, USN Ret., BS ED

    • Greg Hunter

      Not no, Hell No!!! Are that much of a loser you give up without a fight???

  89. Prospector

    Because they would never lie to us , right ? Smells like a setup.

    The United States is wiring Ukraine with sensors that can detect‌‌ bursts of radiation from a nuclear weapon or a dirty bomb and can confirm the identity of the attacker – NYT

    Drone attack on an oil depot in Crimea, heavy damage.

  90. John Church

    Thanks for keeping on keeping on as this is not letting up from the coupcoup.

  91. Nika

    Nikki Haley said: Joe Biden is “unlikely to make it to 86 years old. ”
    Nikki Haley likes to speak her mind, upsetting some People!

  92. Mark

    Exposing the collapse of the USD was the cat let out of the bag that meant Tucker had to go. All the J6 stuff is only “bread & circus” compared to the death of the dollar. Fiat currency is worthless without confidence. Big brother just can’t allow confidence in the dollar to fail.

  93. Basket Case in HELL

    How US Fed Chief Fell For “Zelensky’s” Prank Call | Biden’s China Policy
    Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 4,176 views Apr 29, 2023
    The chief of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell thought he was talking to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. Turns out, he was interacting with two Russian pranksters. Meanwhile, Pakistan is turning to its old friends to solve Islamabad’s economic woes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4-t2bZ98XQ

    Apr 26, The Russians have annihilated most of the defense network
    Douglas Macgregor SC 62,071 views Apr 27, 2023

    Sean Foo 61,235 views Apr 28, 2023
    The United States’ push for a total export ban is being resisted by the rest of the G7! Japan and the EU are opposing this sweeping embargo because it won’t just destroy their revenue streams, Russia could counter this by cutting off their energy supply! We are seeing a bigger split in the world as more countries are flocking to BRICS to join an economic bloc to sanction-proof themselves. Here’s what you must know! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqNDhbZDP0Y

  94. Banjo Pat

    Russia Strikes Ukraine with Vengeance | US and China Face Off Over Panda | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    Firstpost 45,843 views Streamed live 4 hours ago
    Episode 67: Russia Strikes Ukraine with Vengeance | US and China Face Off Over Panda

    De-Dollarisation: Argentina to Pay China in Yuan | Vantage With Palki Sharma
    Firstpost 114,054 views Apr 27, 2023
    The domination of the US Dollar is being challenged again. Argentina will pay for Chinese imports in Yuan. Does the Chinese currency pose a real threat to the greenback?

    Argentina Joins the Dedollarisation Club as it Joins Hands with China
    Palki Sharma Firstpost
    40K views 7 hours ago
    The domination of the US Dollar is being challenged again. Argentina will pay for Chinese imports in Yuan. Does the Chinese currency pose a real threat to the greenback?

    Russia’s Prank Wars: US Fed Chief Falls for “Zelensky’s” Prank Call | Palki Sharma Firstpost 4,653 views Apr 28, 2023
    Russian prank wars are hardly a new phenomenon. They’ve happened previously too, but the latest victim is an American. The chief of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell thought he was talking to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. Turns out, he was interacting with two Russian pranksters.

    Rival, Competitor or Enemy? The West’s Confused Policy on China|Vantage
    Firstpost 4.6K views 2 hours ago
    The US says it wants to “de-risk, not de-couple” from China. Germany is pushing for a Chinese port deal while looking to ban chip chemical export to China. Palki Sharma tells about the West’s confused China policy.

    Will the world eventually ditch U.S. dollar? – Facts Tell
    CGTN 9,272 views Apr 28, 2023 Facts Tell
    Entering 2023, a growing number of countries have stepped up their push to reduce reliance on the U.S. dollar. Is the Greenback not reliable anymore? What plans have been drafted so far? CGTN’s Facts Tell talked with Anton Fedyashin, director of the Carmel Institute and associate professor at American University, to explore why the buck’s supremacy in global trade is facing challenges.

  95. Justn Observer

    Greg, for for those here….maybe check before planting outdoors in may areas

    and a great Warning to share from Down Under = New Zealank about ‘MANAGED RETREAT’=

  96. Nika

    Minneapolis woman, 94, who got NOTHING from her condo sale after county pocketed full $40,000 because she owed $15,000 in unpaid taxes and penalties fights back in Supreme Court
    Geraldine Tyler, 94, of Minneapolis, had her condo seized by Hennepin County in 2015 after she didn’t pay her taxes for five years
    A year later, the house sold for $40k and the county kept the money, thanks to Minnesota law
    Tyler took it to the Supreme Court, which seemed likely on Wednesday to rule in her favor, saying ‘the county took her property and made a profit’ off her

  97. Prospector

    This is what else the U.N. has been up to while they try to distract us all.

    ICLEI is the UN takeover of local governments in order to implement the technocratic sustainability agenda. Before people caught on, ICLEI distributed a guide on Agenda 21.
    ( ICLEI = International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives )

    ( This is similar to ” Cable Splicer ” only using the U.N. ) – Operation Cable Splicer is “the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government.

    ICLEI is the UN control of local governments and municipalities. You MUST find out if they are in your area. If they are, GET THEM OUT NOW.

    “Local and regional governments across the ICLEI network represent a diversity of cities, towns and regions. Collectively, they form a dynamic force advancing sustainable urban development worldwide.

    These people allow fentanyl to pour across the intentionally open border to cause chaos that will eventually necessitate a global response (which is the goal). Their solution is not to close the border. It is to collect data AND SHARE IT WITH THEIR GLOBAL MASTERS to create the mass surveillance state and no doubt for some kind of sick social engineering scheme.

    In a sane world both Blinken and Mayorkus would be in jail for treason.

    Source: Twitter thread.
    The Researcher
    Technocracy is the enemy. Technocracy is a digital dictatorship run by “experts” (bureaucrats, NGOs, corporations, academics, & civil society), powered by web3.

  98. Nika

    REP. Raja Krishnamoorthi (Ill.) and REP. Mike Gallagher (Wis.), together held Taiwan War Games in the House last week. Raja is a Businessman, Polititican from the West side of Chicago, emigrated from India. Rep. Gallagher was a Captain during the Iraq War. Both of these gentlemen graduated from Princeton University! Further, both of these gentlemen are preparing for the Battle of Taiwan!

  99. Donna Riggs

    Thank you . We really enjoy listening to your reports. We get real information about today’s issues.
    Appreciate all your hard work.
    Cheers another Show Me state follower

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Donna!! Love Missouri!!!

      • Russ McMeans

        I want to visit Missouri. My friend fled Calitopia for there.

  100. Russ McMeans

    Hey everyone: Victor Davis Hanson talks about Tucker Carlson firing. Very insightful from an amazing historian.

  101. Coal Burner

    Tell that holster guy to demonstrate the wearing postions on video.

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