2020 Election Most Corrupt in American History – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post–corrected)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said his computers picked up massive fraud coming in the 2020 Election years ago.  Armstrong explains, “The computer doesn’t ask my opinion, or anybody else’s, it just goes on the numbers from the economic data.  It’s never been wrong.  Besides 2016 (predicted Trump win) and for this one, it said it would be the most corrupt election in American history.  I published this out at least two years ago.  People have to understand, this isn’t my opinion.  This has gone far beyond anything I would have anticipated.  Every election you have had dead people voting.  That’s pretty standard, and that’s not something new. . . . This is just off the charts.  This is the Left, and they are so desperate to take over the United States.”

If the cheating is “off the charts,” then how bad was it in terms of fraudulent votes, including votes taken from President Trump and votes given to Joe Biden?  Armstrong contends, “The cheating is in the millions, definitely millions, and perhaps as much as 3.8 million.  (This was corrected down from 38 million.)  This is some of the information I am getting from behind the curtain.”

Martin Armstrong also warns, “They (Democrats/communists) want to eliminate the Supreme Court—period.  This is outrageous what they are doing.  That’s why I have said this is not a simple election between Republican and Democrat.  This is something much more sinister. . . . You will own nothing, and you will be happy.  Their idea is to strip everybody of all property—period.  That’s communism.  Then you are going to give guaranteed basic income.  If you don’t do what the government tells you to do, like get a vaccine or whatever, then, oh, your guaranteed basic income will be suspended.  Then how are you going to eat?  This is what they are doing. . . . In communism, they take all assets away from everybody.”

Armstrong also says, “They are using CV19 and climate change to set an agenda for control.”

In closing, Armstrong says, “We are getting into a situation where it is a war against us.  I hope Trump wins because . . . he’s our last defense against some of these people, and that’s why they have been trying to steal this election. . . . They are promoting this great reset–and it’s communism.  These people think this is good for the climate, but they are going to find out they are selling out, not just themselves, but their families and all posterity.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One in this in-depth interview (40 mins. in length) with Martin Armstrong of ArmstrongEconomics.com.

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After the Interview: 

Martin Armstrong says he likes gold but is more bullish on physical silver.  He says you can make small transactions with it.  Silver will probably not be confiscated by the government, and it is also not tracked by government, at least for the time being.

There is some free information, analysis and articles on ArmstrongEconomics.com.

To get a copy of Armstrong’s latest book “The Cycle of War and the Coronavirus,” click here.

For Armstrong’s book “Manipulating the World Economy,” click here.

To become a subscriber for detailed research of the Socrates program, click here.

To get information on the “2020 Orlando World Economic Conference,” December 4-5, 2020, click here.

There is also other research and analysis you can purchase from Martin Armstrong by clicking here.

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  1. Mohammad

    Very impotent Greg to counteract the psyop that puts the narrative that the legal challenges of Trump are going no where…That is not true …. very very important now more than ever to expose the media psych warfare since you have been inside that institution once before and you are familiar with their tools.….


    • Greg Hunter

      Please stop giving your opinion as fact. Trump won on election night, and all this massive fraud will be revealed. This will all be settled with Trump as the rightful winner.
      (Update: I did not read your post carefully and I realize I got what you said wrong. I am so sorry. Please forgive me.)


      • H.Craig Bradley

        The Electoral College will settle the score soon, by Dec. 14. Are you forecasting a election vote reversal or “upset” decision ? Alternatively, the Electoral College could vote a perfect split decision, sending the final decision as to who the next President will be to the U.S. Senate in January, 2021. So, there is still certainly more than one possible path for this contested election to go.

      • Mohammad


        Did you read my post?


        • Greg Hunter


          I did not read your post carefully and I realize I got what you said wrong. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I also put this correction on my original comment. And bolded it too.


          • Paul in Oz

            good on ya … it was a bit confusing so I can understand why you took exception, but we all need Trump more than we have needed a leader before! Trumpeteer’s UNITE!

          • Mohammad


            No need to apologize , all is good here. Love you Greg, you are a true professional reporter.
            Trump is the last hope for humanity to stand against the evil that unleashed this virus in Wohan sponsored by lousy France.
            He has to activate his exec orders and foil their plan to dismantle US.


            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks Mohammad. Not an excuse but I get 300-500 emails and comments a day. Sometimes I miss.

        • clayusmcret

          Your misspell in the first sentence gives the opposite context than you intended.

          “Very impotent(sp?) Greg to counteract the psyop that puts the narrative that the legal challenges of Trump are going no where…That is not true ….”

      • Paul ...

        Greg … Wasn’t Mohammad supporting Trump and trashing the Main Stream Media stating we need to counteract their psyop??

      • al

        I think he agrees that the media PsyOp is a problem here, their lies must be exposed. Maybe I read it wrong because of the broken English.

        • JC

          The first word gives a negative impression if you read the comment fast.
          He meant “important” not “impotent.”

      • Paul ...

        Greg … Armstrong made a very important point … that the “commies” are out to destroy our Third Branch of Government (by packing the Supreme Court with extra Justices) … and then the “commies” will destroy our Second Branch of Government (by packing the Legislature with extra Democratic States) … leaving us with a “Marxist Dictatorship” (namely commie Joe Bribe’n controlled by Communist China) … say goodbye to our (three branches of government) Republic under the Constitution if these “cheating commies” are not locked up by the rightful winner of the 2020 election (Donald Trump)!!

        • andyb

          What you opined will not be possible if the GOP retains control of the Senate. But what is possible is a tsunmai of 200 million illegals under the Marxist agenda. If you believe Widington of Geoengineeringwatch (I do) that the USG is controlling weather, then the 2 latest hurricanes hitting Central America will certainly produce more caravans to the promised land.

      • Self+Exiled

        Is Mohammad not agreeing with your mode of reporting? Is that not an opinion. He evidently is not conversational fluent in English; I think that’s what he is saying.

        • Self+Exiled

          Here I have heard it referred to as pigeon English.

      • Mario

        Hey Greg
        I think you misunderstood Mohammad.

      • Ann

        Read Mohammad’s comment again slowly, Greg, he is on your side!

      • Self+Exiled

        The best current/projective lecture on sociology I have heard, thank you for allowing him to meander a bit. Thank You. ”What ever you have we will seize it. A war against us. No stories on fraude.” This is the beginning of sorrows [my opinion]. A war against God’s people creation and His creations abilities. It will not stand! That is why He returns in person. He will deal with this personally. We get to see Christ the warrior. How can you fight Him who has overcome death.

        Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; but rather be afraid of Him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Matthew 10:28

        • JC

          “…and His creations’ abilities.”

          Exactly right.

      • sam

        Greg, here is Sidney Powell on the fraud, however the globalists (WEF) seem to ahve something else in store for us, maybe a massive cyber attack which maybe will delete the evidence??


        • Paul ...

          Good post Sam … Trumps attorney Powell is about to release the Kraken on the evil “commies” … she states: “We’re getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states … adding that she has enough evidence of election fraud to launch a widespread criminal investigation (to bring all the evil demon-rats to justice) and that she does not make comments without having the evidence to back it up”!!

      • James

        Mr. Hunter,
        I was not familiar with your work until seeing this column which was linked by Citizen Free Press. It is extremely rare to see anyone apologize for a mistake which you did. To me, that is an indication that you can be trusted. I will start following your work from now on. It’s obvious you love America.


        Curious if you are gonna have Bo Polney in the next couple days? Tomorrow is the 18th. Curious on his thoughts. Not totally sold on him but if he calls it right this time, I may be sold on his numbers.

    • Tin foil hat

      I think Grey stopped reading at “Very impotent Grey ……..”.

      • Mohammad

        LMAO…Did not see it until yo mentioned it…


  2. H.Craig Bradley


    I like Martin Armstrong and read his free blogs daily. Martin does not emphasize the economic cycle with most Youtube viewers but his A.I. software program (Socrates) forecasts a really bad recession starting sometime next year and extending into 2022. Socrates, says Martin, is NEVER wrong and not anyone’s personal opinion either. Just the facts as they are developing.

    So, the coming Great Recession II is likely to be the anticipated (coming) insolvency phase of the Covid contraction and its global, or at least the full effects are impacting primarily the Western Democracies. Real debt deflation (creditor losses) are coming next year to America under a President Biden, as well. Federal Govt. spending probably will skyrocket and the national debt may double again in 4 more years to $60 Trillion.

    Go figure how much (less) your dollar will be worth in four years. Voters who hated Trump will be getting exactly the government they deserve. KARMA is inescapable in life. Stupid is stupid and there is no known medical cure for this inherited cognitive trait either.

    • Paul ...

      The inescapable KARMA America faces will HARASS us until we are all “commies” … and we can thank Traitor Joe Bribe’n for choosing the Kamala that will Harris us until the bitter end!!

      • JC

        Do you really think he chose…
        …or perhaps he was told who to choose?

        • Self+Exiled

          I think most to possibly all []the last 4 presidents are dependent on their information gathers; a mentally compromised one is absolutely a dream come true. Obama was a CIA follower [assest].

          • Paul ...

            S+E … If the “commies” take control they will eventually declare that all private wealth belongs to the State (just like Roman Emperor Maximinus did in 235 AD) … but it will not end well for the “commies” … just as it did not end well for Maximinus (who’s own troops eventually turned against him, beheaded him, and sent his head to Rome) … a lot of people died back then … and I’m afraid a lot of people will die now (in the process of overturning communism) … the Republican State Senate in Georgia needs to stand up to the Demon-rat Governor who has made a deal with Hillary’s attorneys to simply declare the State for Biden (which he does not have the legal right to do) … Trump needs to go to Georgia and address the Senate!!

            • Paul ...

              This “commie” move to end our Constitutional Republic “by voter fraud” is exactly what Buttigieg is suggesting for the very structure of Europe … where he wants heads of the EU States “to no longer stand for election by the people” … but simply be “selected” and placed into power by a Cabal of Mafia Criminals!!

  3. The Shark

    Impossible to tell? Time will tell!
    They saw the Trump rally in Washinton D.C., in Australia and the world. Only in our National Socialist operation Mockingbird mainstram media was it ignored because they’re afraid of something. Well were usually the last to know anyway, but because of USAWatchdog.com we gotta pretty good idea!

  4. Francis Bondi

    The mainsteam news isn’t coverig the biggest rally in Washington D.C. history. Hears the reason.

    • Paul ...

      FB … The yellow stream media is still pissing on Trump (not showing the massive Trump rally in DC) along with Pee lousy (who’s husband owns the Dominion Voting Systems Co. that stole 38 million votes from Trump and gave them to Bribe’n) … three whistleblowers from this Demon-rat created software company (Dominion Voting Systems) have alleged that the company’s software was designed to simply transfer our votes for Trump to “commie” Joe Bribe’n … this pee lousy Dominion Voting Systems Company has now been caught in the act of pissing on Trump and it also has links to Sore-ass, Diane Frankenstein and you guessed it “never conceive or concede” Hillary Clinton!!

      • JC

        Pelosi’s husband is Dominion Software?

        • Frank+D2

          No, he just owns stock in it. So does Bill Gates.

          • Paul ...

            Frank … Are not the owners of the stock also owners of the company doing the sleazy vote switching? … the evil criminal Demon-rat “commies” who owned this company thought that by keeping the server in Germany Trump would not be able to get access to the server … however Trump fired the Demon-rat General Esper (who could have blocked the US Military from going in or had the evidence destroyed) … but Trump (with Germany’s permission) now has the damning evidence available for use in legal court battles and for the State Department to work in tandem with the Department of Justice to bring the evil criminal traitors to justice … with server in hand Trump can say with absolute confidence … “I Do Not Concede”!! … this server in Trumps hands has on it the direct evidence of when the criminal Demon-rats were instructed to stop counting … who gave the orders to stop the counting … and who initiated the algorithm that began the switching of votes from Trump to Bribe’n … Trump smartly kept the Deep State CIA completely in the dark about this server snatching (GETSLPYJOE) operation … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYnf1r8mXXs&feature=emb_logo

            • Paul ...

              And we the people who believe in freedom of speech … should dispose of all our Google, Facebook, Twitter and Fake News Media stocks (otherwise we are being complicit in our own destruction) … is fiat paper profits so important that we would immorally help the Demon “commies” to destroy our very precious Constitutional Republic??

            • A C Rhoney

              I surely do hope you are right. I have read some info supporting what
              you exposed to many who do not know. Yes, I think Pres. Trump should
              never never CONCEDE to fraudulent votes removing his great victorious win
              which would somewhat have banished the awful awful treatment he has
              endured for nearly 4 years. The Radical Dems showed no class, no
              objectivity, no concern for the truth whatsoever, law breaking and continued the brainwashing of half of America (party obsessed) people into diminishing Pres. Trump’s good character and brilliant actions on behalf of “We the People” and “America first!”. It is sickening and treasonous when a person can be arrested and jailed (?) for pretending to be an officer of the law. What about a higher level officer? We see Joe Biden in his hypocritical pretense of being “President Elect” already picking politicians and setting up a cabinet, when he is NOT”? The CCP owns Biden and son, in my opinion, and most likely, actually!!!!

        • Diane

          Yep the PIGlosi family are organized crime

        • Self+Exiled

          That’s Bidens source, the information that he announced to US citizens that the Democrats have the most efficient illegal voting system ever created. I can see Pelosi feeding Joe ice cream, patting Joe on the head saying, don’t worry you’ll win, we got it all under control. Just do one more speech, here Joe let me wipe your chin.

      • JC

        Rebel News has uncovered thatTides, the Soros funded leftist organization shares the floor in the same building with Dominion Voting. They also uncovered that Dominion donated at least $50,000 to Hillary Clinton. They are by no means impartial and has offices in Canada, which is its international headquarters. That fact alone shields it from lawsuits that could uncover wrongdoing for any suit would need to be brought in Canada and then there would be the question of enforcing even subpoenas. I am stunned that a company in charge of the US elections is not even an American company.


  5. Marie+Joy

    IF democrats prevail, they will have to crash America, ASAP, so they can blame our President Trump.

  6. Jojodogfacedboy

    The mainstream media hilarious in this fake news that they are pushing.
    It is helping President Trump immensely as it exposes people who could have possibly staying hidden and possibly harmed him or his Presidency as they are so sure he lost that they come out to celibrate or make the fatal error of thinking he is leaving and don’t do as ordered. The media really failed to understand when the Whitehouse told them Constitutionally he was President for another term. Fatal Mistake to underestimate that.

  7. Fred Daake

    Thanks for the interesting interview. To many judges, “justice” is synonymous with injustice. I pray that your analysis that Trump will overcome all the election fraud, voting fraud and litigation fraud proves true. It might come down to a new untested Supreme Court appointment who we know as Amy.

  8. Marie+Joy

    My neighbor buried his important stuff, at his second home, in a capped PVC pipe, in his back yard. The next day his neighbor came over, dug it up and demanded to know what was in it. He made him uncap it and prove what was in it. Burying your important stuff, in your backyard, may not be a good thing.

    • Twox2

      Well, at least I’d already have a hole ready to bury the neighbor in…

    • notyourpatsy

      Marie, Then your neighbor should have called the local police, and had the neighbor who dug it up arrested for trespass, theft, and everything else that could be thrown at that liberal! If your ‘neighbor’ did not then you are just repeating an internet lie you read somewhere. I guarantee you that if anyone trespasses on a person’s property that has something to ‘bury in a pvc tube’ in their backyard, they sure as hell are’nt going to do it in broad daylight in front of a nosy liberal neighbor!
      When I was sighting in my guns on my own property, with a legally mandated backstop constructed with my own bulldozer, a nosy ass liberal called the cops. The cops told the liberal to ‘piss off’, as I had every right to shoot my guns on my own property. I proceeded to play the National Anthem at Dawn every morning over some nice speakers and fire off a few rounds just to remind that liberal! The rest of my neighbors hung out American flags and asked me to play it LOUDER at Sunset! The liberal asshat MOVED!

      • Marie+Joy

        This 75 yo man is not a prepper. He’s a super nice, somewhat naive, guy who, when a restaurant gave his wife salmonella, and, almost, killed her, they didn’t sue. He would never call the police on anyone. When someone broke into his house, the police asked him if he wanted them to take fingerprints. He said no because it was, likely, a neighbor’s child, was the culprit. Not everyone is you, not.
        Peace and love.

    • Edwin Calais

      I’ve always speculated that if I wanted to bury something safely in the backyard, I’d dig the hole for my coffee can treasure, then plant a tree on top of it. Sure, after a few years you may need some machinery to uproot the tree, but nobody would ask why you’re digging a hole, and you’d always be assured your hidden treasures are securely in place so long at that tree is still there. It would be pretty hard to use a metal detector there too. I have a dream… of a backyard orchard.

  9. Marie+Joy

    To hide your stuff, pull a John Wick.

  10. Just sayin...

    His computer picked up massive fraud in the election years ago? Another ‘hindsight’ prediction. He always talks about how his computer predicted events after they happened. Surely Socrates should have predicted the greatest economic contraction since the second world war. Why did he predict a top in markets in 2015 that never came? A lot of missed calls for a computer that is never wrong. Where did his prediction for sub $1000 gold come from?

    • JC

      Just sayin…

      I understand what you are saying, in one of his past interviews here Greg asked him about a stock market crash and he replied that it was impossible because there was no place for the money to go.

      Maybe that was just his opinion, and not something generated from his super powered computer?

  11. Self+Exiled

    Greg Hunter11/14/2020 •Don’t fall for the psyop “Self.” Thank You Greg. IT JUST MAKES ME MADDER and more dangerous says a 71 year old with chopsticks in his pocket and a heart condition, asthmatic—-LOL

    • Andy

      i could not agree more. A extreme case of Hindsight = 20/20. I used to believe in M Armstrong but cross checking what he claims in the last years with others I will choose to ignore what his magic box “chooses to say”
      If i would have listened to him in 2011 – 1014 I would have made so many wrong decisions.
      I am really glad that I came to my senses. Being skeptical and reading a lot helped me a lot.

      • Self+Exiled

        ”Being skeptical and reading a lot helped me a lot.” I have been skeptical, and a reader since the Kennedy assassination, [13 years old] worked part time as a bookmobile librarian. I believe nothing I hear and less than 30% of what I read, wait and see the outcome. Results [fruit] bearing is my Dictator.

  12. Foot in the Forest

    If the “Media” don’t report it, did it happen? We shall see Greg but no matter who wins we are going to all loose. There will be blood in the streets before this is over. There is an ongoing color revolution coming to a head, couple it to a world wide economic collapse and the institution of Communism of the .001% and you have the makings CHAOS. Keep praying people cause it sure can’t hurt .

    • Beverly

      I think what will need to happen, is that city and State militias will have to organize and go after those who are terrorizing their States or cities. The people of the U.S. are going to have to organize. And, that is one of the main reasons for all this covid crap, social distancing stuff too. No talking with neighbors means no organization on how to overcome. People have to organize now and plan for how they are going to overcome the rioters of BLM(George Soros). If the people don’t fight for their freedom, then it will be swept away. Hopefully the men of this country know this, and the women should know it too.

  13. Marie+Joy

    Communism is a Depopulation agent. The intent is to destroy America, Americans and the dollar with a transfer of ALL wealth and a cull. WE are to be genocided/culled/murdered.

  14. Mike

    If there is a civil war following a Trump win it will not be a regional fight but a fight around city centers. I think the proportion of left/right is not 50/50 as implied by elections but an illusion of 50/50 created by propaganda and data manipulation. When it comes to the capacity to fight a civil war I don’t think “the left” which is dominated by snowflakes and bullies would last long in a real fight. The discontent of “the left” would be real but the motivation of personal liberty is what makes people willing to die in a real battle.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … the chicken little BLM and Antifa cowards that sneak up behind you (to hit you in the head with a brick) will scatter like Demon-scum “commie” rats when confronted by real Patriots who finally say … enough is enough … the yellow stream media is too frightened to show the massive rally against the stealing of our election now taking place in Washington DC … the yellow “Chinese commie loving” cowards simply won’t air it on National television!!!

      • Paul ...

        A million disenfranchised voters march on Washington to show the Supreme Court “that the 9 Justices will be next to be disenfranchised by the Demon-rats” … and “the yellow stream media piss on us all” by not even showing the event on TV … but they widely show on every fake news channel Bribe’n, Harris and their families dancing around on stage “like they won the election” (before even being certified) and Trump has not seceded and is still in court to overturn the massive voter fraud committed against him by these commie stooges for China!!

      • Important Questions

        Today (Nov 16, 2020): China fight back after US navy steps up war preparations with china in SCS
        257,700 views•Oct 2, 2020
        Today: China fight back after US navy steps up war preparations with china in SCS

        China-US tensions escalated once again after an American regiments badge sparked outrage from Beijing. Last month, the US conducted a training event called Exercise Agile Reaper which focused on how to deal with naval ships in the Pacific region. The exercise involved the use of MQ-9 reaper surveillance drones, with the airmen wearing a red silhouette of the Chinese state on their arms.

        I wonder what JimCrow quid pro quo, Joe. China bought and paid off, president elect wanna be. Thinks of his master’s, pulling out all the stops, fer Taiwan and onto a compromised Australia? Or should we just skip over Bribe’n Biden, or a Trump triumphed? For a communist sympathizer. Willie Brown’s own, Kamala’la Harris?
        Where’s Huntress?

    • Self+Exiled

      What amazes me is how The Divine/Wonderful Counselor/Almighty fiercely protects that freedom or right to our own free will. Thank You Lord Jesus

  15. William+D+Yotty

    Sidney Powell, Giuliani and Jay Sekalow along with others have enough evidence of FRAUD to put hundreds of co- conspirators away for years and some may receive Sedition and insurrection charges and wind up in GITMO! No nonsense here…just facts and incredible Crimes perpetrated against Trump and the U.S. Voter! Watch and see who WINS in the end. Get it?

    • Paul ...

      Let’s hope so … but Creepy Joe Bribe’n has already declared himself King … a little boy says to his Mother “look Mommy how the King touches little girls” … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H5NJZMDumY … quiet son says the Mother … as soon as he is “certified” he will be wearing no clothes!!

  16. Jeannette+Rowden

    If this information is true, then the election is fraudulent and a lot of people go to jail.

  17. al

    I have to say that I got little from this Interview. I liked the 38 million votes stolen and the International connection, but he wouldn’t commit to your good question. I’d like to know what his program says about Trump’s re-election, instead he kept stating the obvious and went on and on and on.
    I wanted for him to expand on the reset but he kept digressing.
    Sorry, not one of my favorite Interviews.

    Trump won. Let’s face it. The Marxist Media narrative is crumbling. All they have left is censorship and it’s not working very well. More and more People are finally turning the media off….. FINALLY!
    Thanks to Citizen Journalists and the power of streaming, I saw the Million MAGA March in DC in full. It was like I was there. One mile of people spread out on Penn Ave. Some were walking back to their car because they were so far away they couldn’t hear let alone see the speeches.

    The crowd was chanting CNN suks but added FOX suks! WOW! FOX? People are awake!
    But most importantly, another chant was added “TURN IT OFF” (referring to the media). Powerful stuff, very powerful.
    I’ve been screaming that chant for over a decade now.

    Apparently People are awake! The Enemy Media narrative has crumbled. The lockdowns are waking more people up having the opposite effect of what the globalists want.
    Thanks to this whole cheating delay BS the swamp has been drained and Trump is picking off the creatures flopping in the mud one by one.
    He didn’t get this far only to be cheated out of his seat by some brain dead moron. Sidney Powell said they can’t keep up with whistleblower information, so much is coming in that the evidence screams out FRAUD!
    The FEC Chairman mentioned the word Fraud as well! That’s the FEDERAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION CHAIRMAN!!! HELLO? TRUMP WON !
    It’s a done deal.
    Take it from me. Lists are being made and they will all pay for this TREASON!
    I CAN’T WAIT for his 2nd term to start, as it is he is ignoring media questions.. I LOVE IT!

    • Her Majesty's Regent

      I agree this guy is way too vague and rambling. Surely Socrates can tell us who will win the election if it is never wrong. He never really describes the great reset or what the world will be like after it.

      • JC

        Her Majesty’s Regent,
        What if his computer is in error?


      • sam

        Socrates did predict Trump would win but that because of fraud he may not be President.
        Socrates indicates something very bad in 2022 which Armstrong guesses coold be if Biden wins then the DEMS split in two and if Trump wins that he is assassinated in 2022. Of course the compauter cannot predict exactly what will happen and that is just Martin’s guess. Just some major event in 2022 so all is not plain sailing whoever wins but the NWO carry on with the Great Reset come what may

      • Gary C

        If you want more specifics you should subscribe to his Private Blog, he puts out enough
        free information, however you can’t trade on generalities.

        His recent posts on Socrates would make any Canadian crap their pants as to
        what governments are doing, including down playing Trump.

        Perhaps the Red States and Western Canada should form a new country?

    • notyourpatsy

      Al, I attended the Million Man March for Trump, which is why I am late in posting to the comments on this thread. I went down with 4 other patriots in 2 trucks flags a’ flyin’ the whole way! We got plenty of horn honks on the highway both ways! Heck of a drive from NE, but worth seeing fellow PATRIOTS standing up against the political machine/media.
      One of the reasons for people leaving before it got underway was the way the LIBERAL mayor had the streets shutdown it bottlenecked us. Thus if you were at the far end it was a no go as far as hearing what was going on at the very front.
      I said we should encircle the white house and stand facing away as a show of strength. Alas it did not happen, maybe the next go round in Dec.
      Thing was, everyone to a person was polite and courteous while there. Imagine that? Not a single ‘issue’ unlike the liberal blmantifa demoncrat riots!
      I went for all of the UWDogger’s that could not attend. Believe me your spirit was there!
      Lots of friendly discussions and opinions were voiced amongst the crowd on where we would go from there. Every STATE MUST show strength when the shtf was something everyone agreed upon. Neighbor by neighbor standing against tyranny however it is presented locally.

      • eddiemd

        I have an older sister attorney who lives in Bethesda. She is completely brainwashed. She works for some international law group. She speaks fluent german and French and worked in Stuttgart at one time for the German ministry. She lived in France also.

        Clinton, Obama, Biden supporter. Really blinded by reading the Washington Compost for the past 30 years. Comey is her idol.

        She was a Fulbright scholar. Back around 1991 I went to a Fulbright reception meeting with her in DC. I felt like crocodile Dundee in that crowd. At that time I was a enlisted medic in 10th SFGA. Surrounded by a bunch of jackals in cheap suits.

        • notyourpatsy

          EddieMD, What you are describing is happening in the majority of families in America today..SADLY. This is mainly because women are ’emotional’ creatures who spent more time watching crap on the boob tube, which was brainwashing them with subliminal messaging! Daytime tv was created to destroy the family unit by the un/nwo/demoncrap. Most of the stay at home crowd are liberals because of their brainwashing from media. Look at the elen degenerate type shows, amongst others, the millenial crowd grew up thinking that crap is ‘normal’. Which is why there are so many identifying as metrosexuals on their ids! They are confused to their own genders from birth!
          You must have had to hold your tongue to be polite for your sisters sake that evening. I could see myself doing some serious coughing to not choke out some liberal who opened their mouths!
          Patriots have no issue ‘dis-owning’ family who are not true Patriots. I won’t even associate with someone if their spouse is a liberal because it means they’ve been neutered already. Sorry, I have no time to trust that someone else has the balls to back me up in crunch time. Rangers Lead the Way!

          • Self+Exiled

            Women have been done a great disservice of their character identity in our culture. That’s why also the gender abasement/shame introduction, identity confusion. I have noticed women here don’t understand why a women would want to be a man [60’s women’s/lib introduction/womens rights]. Why would a women want to wear a tool belt and be with men all day anywhere. They are proud/honored/noble/satisfied to be a woman. They are honest about you as a man to the point of cruelty/barberism but this passion is also shown in all aspects of their emotional content to you as a man. They have well defined character definition. They are an interactive joy to be with, watch, and converse with. We as men did not protect their rights as women.

        • Self+Exiled

          Sometimes going up is going down; social/political achievement, and going down is going up. That’s what I liked about Christ when I studied HIS personality/character from a strictly human viewpoint. Turned everything upside down. He was the ultimate rebel. Such is our God.

  18. Paul ...

    War was declared on our Republic and “on we the people” by BLM and Antifa … it is time for us to stand up to these “commies” (and let the Supreme Court know that they will be the first branch of government to be destroyed by the Demon-rats)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/blmantifa-thugs-attack-trump-supporters-including-children-after-dc-million-maga-march

    • notyourpatsy

      Paul, This is a known enemy of the state antifaa/blmoney, so the govt has a duty to the American people to shut these organizations down. They won’t lift a finger because they are bussh/clitrns/obummer holdovers warming the seats on federal paychecks and benefits!

      Read John Loftus’s book, ‘The Secret War Against America’!

  19. Self+Exiled

    Watching a Tagalog news station on TV, had caretaker/nurse translate. We have had three bagyo/typhoons in the last three weeks in Luzon. NOTHING puts covid in perspective than a typhoon. [No we’re not going to drown with our mask on.] Anyway on the news: a small minicab transport van [private citizen] made it to a small town to give out water to the victims , no masks , no distances. They must have had call ins complaining, boy did that light up the announcers who emphatically denounced this complainers/covid police who had no empathy for the victims. System overload, no government assistance. If this would have been US no one would have waited patiently in line or lined up like these people do, for a 16oz bottle of water respecting each other.

  20. al

    PS: Please have Mark Taylor on. He lifts all our spirits.

    • Beverly

      Plant flowers and plan for your garden. That’s what lifts my spirits. The world is still blooming. Today at a family get together, we played and sung hymns. It was wonderful! Sing songs of Praise to God. If the U.S. turns towards God and humbles themselves deeply, then God might be persuaded to give us few more years. But, people have got to STAY humble, not just turn to God in their moment of trial, and then when it’s over, go back to their old ways. I’m afraid that we are all going to receive such a humbling as we will NEVER forget, whether dead or alive to remember it. America has to realize where it’s been and where it’s going if we don’t look to God.

      • JC

        Beverly… Singing? Music?
        Danger! Danger! (sarcasm intended)

        “The official mantra has been to avoid travel and to avoid Thanksgiving gatherings as a general rule, but acknowledging many won’t heed that advice, officials have released varying guidelines. Limit any dinners to immediate household members. Do not have more than 10 people in your home at any given time. Persichilli said earlier this week that singing shouldn’t be permitted and music should be low to avoid shouting, which could spew saliva — and spread COVID.”


  21. Steve

    Have a neighbor who had a yard full of pro democrat campaign signs. Took them down after the election. Put up a huge inflatable brown turkey. Go figure.

    • Self+Exiled

      Denial!!!! Don’t disturb my little world.

    • Tim

      Hi Al. I have also been asking for Mark Taylor. He does lift our spirits.


  22. Anthony Australia

    In theory communism works.

    • Greg Hunter

      And yet is never does in real life.

      • Sir Manley Robinson

        Capitalism failed us. We deregulated the banks because the capitalists told us that big government was getting in the way and stopping all these smart people making money. How do you explain that capitalism and deregulated markets led to the financial crash of 2008?

        • Dave

          Mature capitalisms inevitably destroys itself as the upper class gains more control of wealth and large corporations take more and more of the market forcing small time capitalism, Mom and Pop businesses, out of existence. The middle class becomes more economically constrained and ultimately the “masses” vote in socialism or vote to actually tax the large corporations which pay a pittance in taxes compared to Joe and Jane Six-pack.

        • Lightning

          Do you really believe we have anything remotely approaching FREE MARKET capitalism today?

          The financialization of the world destroyed honest price discovery decades ago.

          Govt should regulate ( with transparency and active citizen involvement) but not participate in the markets…. I would argue that the stock market is at these insane levels due to government money.

          When companies are too big to fail… that’s called socialism, and because the weak aren’t allowed to go bankrupt, the remaining, deserving companies plod on a get weaker themselves… that is not capitalism.

          When I have to pay $2800 per month for health insurance…. where govt mandates I have to have it …that ain’t free market capitalism.

          When markets are openly manipulated ( like precious metals) for decades… by banks connected to governments… that isn’t free market capitalism either.

          What we have today is government redistribution of wealth and crony capitalism… where your money is made due to the government not due to the competitiveness of the business.

          Warren Jakass Buffet is an investing bafoon, but deeply connected to government handouts and graft.

          Smart and fair regulation is essential in a free market…

          It’s been absent for decades and our current predicament is largely the result of the market going from a fair, free market to a unregulated anything goes and the govt will look the other way or backstop your largesse.

          • notyourpatsy

            Lightning, Great post! I posted months ago the stock market has/is being manipulated by the govt…where did the $21 billion go? the demoncrats shared it amongst themselves, the mic, media owners, big business (walmart, amazon,etc) by giving them preferential treatment in the courts,ad nauseum…
            Read Richard Preston’s, ‘The Hot Zone’, and ‘The Demon in the Freezer’. Yes, they were published a few years ago. STILL pertinent today! Books can’t be ‘unprinted’ folks there’s the info for the taking and sharing!

            • notyourpatsy

              Oh, and a few weeks back I posted how warren buffoon owned gei co ins govt employee ins co= YOU pay HUGE premiums, DEMONCRAT federal employees with their HUGE fed paychecks and benefits pay a token amount for the same!!! I also mentioned how warren buffoon ‘invested’ those ins prmiums into the stock and bond markets and essentially controlled them for his Demoncrat cabal!!

              Now the Demoncrat/ccp want to use social media for their benefit by allowing their jackals, the collection agaencies, to harass people online/cellphones. I can’t see THAT going well for them. Imagine all of the snow flakes about to have nervous breakdowns at their workplaces. LOL!

            • Lightning


              Thanks for the book recommendations.
              You said something I never fully digested.
              “Books can’t be unprinted”.

              With all of the re writing or deleting of history by the Googles and bogus fact checkers of the world, think of the threat to all works of literature if we only keep in digital form . They could erase The Gulag Archapelego , or Common Sense or The rise and Fall of the Roman Empire or any of a thousand non woke books… to extinguish or alter their content.

              The 1619 project was overtly Attempting to do exactly that. I didn’t appreciate the power and ease of covert control.

              Thank you for that “ a-ha!”

              The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient.

      • Jim

        My dear ol’ dad was a benevolent dictator. Might not fly in today’s society but we three kids are all successful and we were well provided . Emphasized education and personal responsibility while he walked the talk. Too much of that kind of example is missing today yielding the bad actors fake news loves to cover. Tragic for our country.

        • notyourpatsy

          Jim, That was the problem with kids from the 1980’s onward. Not one of them got a good old fashioned ass kicking when they did something to dishonor their family name. No, the mothers stepped in between little Jonny and turned him into the little antifablm pawns they are today! Folks who grew up with a former military father towed the line and either went to further education or in the service, or both in my case. You did something to dishonor your family name, you’d probably have run off and enlisted to get away from your father!
          One day I was home doing something in my room upstairs, 3 story NE type house, when I heard gunshots. I ran to the window to see my father on the deck cracking shots off from his 45 at a car burning rubber in the dirt driveway. Turns out my older sister had brought 2 ‘friends’ home and my father smelled pot on one of them. Lucky for them my sister yelled at them to get the F out of here before my father got to them. My father put 3 rounds into the trunk of their car as it sped off. Since coming back from the Korean war my father did not tolerate ANY BS. TRUE STORY! Those ‘friends’ never came back and neither did anyone else because my sister smartened up!

      • Mushroom

        How do you know?

        • Greg Hunter

          How do I know what?

    • Self+Exiled

      I think Armstrong just disproved the Conspiracy Theory theory; therefore conspiracy theory does not exist.

    • Anthony Australia

      Pathetic comment and shame on Greg for posting it.

      • Greg Hunter

        So sorry AA. I missed that, but have now removed it. I get 300-500 comments and emails a day and sometimes things do not register with my brain. I agree it was disgusting. Forgive me please.

  23. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    1. Thanks, I enjoyed that!
    2. Mr. Armstrong says many things with which I agree, but;
    3. I wish he would stop it with “The computer told me,” and;
    4. I’m unsure whether he definitively answered your question about the outcome of the election (he didn’t reveal what “the computer” says).
    5. All in all, a great interview.

    • Just sayin

      That’s the strategy. Stay vague and don’t commit. Then with hindsight you claim you made all these wonderful predictions. Do you really believe his computer is never wrong? That would imply all the data fed into it (by humans) is not wrong. Impossible.

      • Lightning

        I have followed Mr Armstrong since he sent out typed letters from prison ( I was a subscriber).

        He is smart, makes mistakes but clearly has a decent algorithm.

        But he always has the benefit of saying “ the computer said it not me”

        Pretty clever.

    • sam

      computer said Trump should win but may not because of fraud

  24. Mario

    What have you heard about Trump’s executive order from 2018 and the U.S military seizing the server farms in Spain and Germany. The notoriously corrupt Dominion and a bankrupt company out of Spain known as Cyteil.

    • notyourpatsy

      Mario, I’d like to hear/read more about this too from the Alt media. I’m also curious why either P’Trump’s aides/friends in the media don’t continually play harris’s nasty attack on stage against byeden? You’d think THAT would help P’Trump’s situation and move more people onto the side of justice.

  25. MCasey

    So today. a “heart to heart” with dear, sweet friends. A young professional couple; she is a social worker and he owns a small franchised eatery. Both voted for Biden.

    Yes, they suspect Biden has a compromised mental capacity, but “he has good advisors he’ll listen to” and they trust Kamala.

    Trump? Surprisingly, they at least knew of his accomplishments in the middle east, “But, he’s a racist and arrogant”.

    So, they voted for this mentally impaired man who “has his finger on the nuclear button”. After that, what is left to be said?

    • Self+Exiled

      Definitely a spiritual war. ??? Please explore their faith as I’m beginning to think people maybe born again and still missing the significance of all this. If that is the case then I must quit using this as a [personal] spiritual designator.

    • Paul ...

      What is left to be said? … just wait … you will hear a lot when the Social worker loses her job … and her husband has to close his business because of Bribe’ns lock down!!

    • eddiemd

      Ask them if they plan to take the vaccination.

      Today’s headline news in Phoenix.

      More psyop with Fauci as the frontman.


      You will be forced to take the vaccine. You will have no choice when the digital system of currency takes place under the great reset. It remains to be determined if they will use RFID or the nanotechnology tattoo when the time comes. It is coming.

      Be prepared.

      • eddiemd

        Some advanced technology to be used to put people in FEMA camps.

        This study is very interesting. Aircraft carrier plandemic testbed.


        This PCR test was used on everyone onboard.


        It can be used to identify coronavirus and other pathogens rapidly. Ifluenza A/B also.

        The upgraded version.


        I have not evaluated the sensitivity/specificity of the test. Not sure what the cost is.

        • Paul ...

          eddiemd … Look at this graph and tell me something is not very wrong … https://zh-prod-1cc738ca-7d3b-4a72-b792-20bd8d8fa069.storage.googleapis.com/s3fs-public/styles/inline_image_desktop/public/inline-images/VIX%2010.30.jpg?itok=lzreKjLV … the more testing they do for the corona virus … the less infected people they find … which is unacceptable … so they test less … and they find more people infected????? … its sort of like what happened in the 2020 election … the less people who voted for Biden … the higher his numbers went … if the election was a fraud … so is this corona virus testing a fraud!!!

          • eddiemd

            I believe the Vix graph is the wrong one. I saw the graph you meant to post. I could not figure out that one either.

            We are living in a giant psyop. I am not sure why the surge in numbers unless they have released a second virus very similar to the first one. Across the world. This is part of the current push for the vaccination which the media has amplified since the election.

            Even members in my church are onboard to take the vaccine. They have been brainwashed by the media gaslighting. There are many people who have fallen for the delusion and it will get worse in the near future.

            Put down the iPhone. Pick up your Bible and read. Start in the New Testament. The Gospel of Mark. Get a Bible. When the comms are shut down you will have access to the most important book in the world. A printed Bible. It will give your life.

            • Self+Exiled

              ”We are living in a giant psyop.” and I watched it happen. 85 year old lady once told me [no electricity/no telephone] in 65 told me ”Watch, nothing good will come of the TV box.” The older I get and the longer I’m exposed to this culture the more details of the giant psyop I see.

      • Lightning


        Nano particles are proposed as an addition to these mandatory vaccines as part of unique identifier ( with the subdermal tattoo).

        I have attended many conferences where nanopartickes were used for revolutionary cancer treatment. In short, certain nano particles preferentially migrate to specific cancers . Once they find the best nanoparticle / tumor pair, they then use the nanoparticle to carry toxins to the cancer to kill it… very clever . In some cases the nanoparticle itself can be excited via an energy source to kill the specific cancer cells as well.

        These matrix of screening tests look at tens of thousands of nanoparticles with various tissue and tumor cells to understand and categorize which nanoparticles segregate to which tissue or cancer cells.

        In some cases, the nanoparticles affinity can be changed in the presence of an externally applied and frequency dependent energy source.

        Lastly the nanoparticles are so small, even your body’s immune system doesn’t “ see” them. They are also so small, they can’t be filtered out unless using extraordinary technology.

        Aggregating the above information , one needs to understand that anyone having these nanoparticles in their bloodstream, has ( essentially) a forever marker identifying them by simply using a unique cocktail of nanoparticles.

        Furthermore, it is possible for someone to direct specific nanoparticles to specific areas of the body .

        So, if Eddiemd is becoming a problem to society based on his social score…. Eddiemd could find himself suffering a stroke due to the directed aggregation of nanoparticles in a brain blood vein.

        Or a heart attack, or kidney failure , or….. you get the picture.

        5G is also a key enabler for this as it greatly enhances the pinpoint accuracy of GPS… which is critical for accurate application of a localized external energy source.

        This makes every human injected….Snake Pliskin.

        And by the way, nothing says this ability to neutralize or kill you is limited to the “ Friendly” US govt ( Sarcasm)…. it could be applied by anyone with knowledge of your injection nanoparticle type..and ability to direct the energy signal.

        It may even be within the power of the 5G band ( upper range) to be that externally applied energy source. Speculation on my part.

        My opinion is….Receivers of this type of injection are totally enslaved .

        And that’s just based on today’s public available info… who knows what is possible based on TOP SECRET research. They may even be able to impact memory archival in your brain.

        I’ll stop there

        • Lightning

          Oh, just to trouble everyone more….

          I have long feared that Chemtrails contain nanoparticles.

          Aerosol dispersal would be effective…

          These would get into food source, air etc and make their way into our body… no stopping them.

          If these were of one type that could be used lethally…. they already have the kill switch.

          And it wouldn’t ruin their unique identifier concept as they would just ignore the amount of the baseline nanoparticle type in the ID.

          Pray to our Lord Savior Jesus Christ to have mercy on our souls and for us to prevail over the wickedness of evil doers who roam the world seeking our physical and spiritual ruin.

    • notyourpatsy

      MCasey, They are’nt ‘dear’ they’re BRAINWASHED IDIOTS! He’s delusional more than his Social (justice) communist Worker wife! Wait until the blmantifa crowd enters and demands free shit in his franchise! It’ll burn to the ground when he does’nt ‘submit’. These are the typical voting idiots that got OUR Country to this day.

  26. Paul ...

    You know … Goldman Sachs just proved that Bribe’n attacking the coal, oil and gas industries (to cool the planet down) is in fact “helping to accelerate the spread of the Corona virus” … someone needs to tell Traitor Joe that his policy against global warming will increase spread the Corona virus all around the world … if CCP Joe insanely lowers Earth’s temperature … the cooler weather will increase Corona virus infection rates … now watch … as this Goldman Sachs study is deleted from the internet to protect “commie” Joe from looking like a demented idiot!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/goldman-pinpoints-temperature-below-which-covid-19-outbreaks-start-accelerate

    • JC

      Are we really expecting the “Big Oil Boys” to just roll over and play dead?
      Expect the unexpected.

    • Beverly

      But, that is just what these people want to do—–kill other people. So, they are happy to destroy crops, lower earth’s temperature or raise it, cause droughts or whatever it might be to kill people off. People have to understand that. This is about killing off populations.
      You probably already knew this and I don’t mean to preach just to you. Just saying it for whoever reads these comments.

  27. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Armstrong has a great blog on his site, and most of the posts are free to read. I always enjoy his interviews. Thanks for having him on again, Greg.

  28. Claude Ramains

    Its not just America its in Australia too.
    Our wicked “leaders” have sold our covenant with God (The Australian Constitution) out to the Chinese. Even our so call ‘christian” Prime Minister has shown by his actions that his christianity means absolutely nothing.
    All western leaders have sold their populations out. They will experience the fiercest righteous judgement. As God did to Israel so it will be with the Christian western democracies. Why? because we have had the gospel and the greatest light and the greatest blessing because of it. But when a nation turns its back on God will Heaven help us? These treacherous leaders through their greed for temporary power and money betrayed that God and their own people and will get what they deserve.
    Its a shame. The democratic institutions have been the greatest in the world. The framework underscoring those institutions is still. But because of the vile corruption of the political, financial and corporate class the common people have lost all trust in those institutions (all by design) and I believe they will rise up and overthrow them all in an attempt to rid themselves of all the corruption and injustice being perpetrated by them. By doing so they are throwing the baby out with the bath water. What we will get in its stead is even more deadly.
    If only anybody could “drain the swamp” this wouldn’t be necessary but they didn’t because the swamp was just too deep.
    The institutionalised church is mainly to blame. If they had been the salt of the world as they should be the rest of the world wouldn’t have descended into such a murky hole so quickly.
    But even the Church doesn’t preach about Jesus Christ anymore – well not the Jesus of the bible anyway. Most of them don’t even read their bible anymore either.
    This Covid 19 is a mere deflection of blame for our collapsing economy to something other than the true culprits which are the political class and the bankers.
    It will be and is being called the Covid recession when it should be the corrupt leaders collapse.
    Theres a reason why so many people are depressed. We can all thank those in charge.

    • notyourpatsy

      Claude, Have and KEEP YOUR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST THE LORD! HE WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU! Don’t follow others into despair of neglecting your personal Bible study.
      I voted for P’Trump, twice, but I have my doubts about his Faith. I was NOT impressed when he went in front of the church in WDC and held up a Bible, upside down at that!, and smugly got his photo op. To me that was not the ‘sign’ he’s a Christian Believer. Say what you will, but those of us who are Christians don’t care for that type of behavior.
      I also am not a fan of his recent activities in light of what’s at stake for OUR Country AMERICA in the next 60 days. It is NOT a time to make light of what’s transpired as a leader. Military people see his lack of astuteness with regards to how he is being ‘seen’ by working class people, most who could’nt afford a day off from work, let alone to go golfing.

      • Beverly

        It could be that he accidentally held that Bible upside down. Once it was raised up into the air though, it was probably best to not call attention to it being upside down, by leaving it that way. He took risk by walking over to that church like that. His life is at risk all the time. He has to constantly think about staying alive, as well as doing his job. So, I tend to think that he didn’t mean anything by holding the Bible the way he did. I think it was an accident. The point was…..read your Bible Americans

        • Self+Exiled

          I should give him more credit than I do. I can’t imagine what he has learned in the last four years. Thanks for a different perspective.

  29. MCasey

    Do any Canadian readers have any knowledge of this? Is it true? https://hongkong.asiaxpat.com/news/eds-must-reads/264352/shocking-covid-leak-out-of-canada/

    • Lightning


      It’s been around for a few weeks. Based off some ads the govt ran to outsource the interment camps.

      On a related note ..,The Canadian military is openly admitting to running false flags on the population… they ran a false flag in Nova Scotia telling residents to be wary of wild wolves… using provincial letterhead… even set up speakers to broadcast howls. An Ottawa reporter caught them and they admitted it as a “ mistake”.

      They also paraded military conveys around Vancouver for a few hours…. presumably to get the populace desensitized to A martial presence.

      None of that sounds encouraging to me.

      Trudeau is not a good man. I’ll leave it at that.

      Good luck .

      Btw … I realize that might not get lots of Canadians concerned so I started a rumor that they are closing all Tim Hortons, lowering the alcohol content in Canadian beer to 3.2% and shutting down the Canadian ballet.

      • MCasey

        Lightning: Thank you for all the info.

      • Lightning

        Actually not shutting down the ballet… Trudeau is mandating ( in the interest of inclusiveness) a 80 kg min dancer weight and all well drinks will be 10% off if you show up in blackface

        • notyourpatsy

          Lightning, Your previous post and this one cracked me up LOL! Thanks, with all the negative crap around in all media forms these days we all could use some levity here on UWD. Mention Tim Horton’s closing and canuks go nuts! Though the one where I used to live went out of business in 2018 only a year after it opened.
          That boa lovin pm hipster liberal they got north of the border is going to make it easy for the ccp to take over his country….oh, wait, they already have Hongcouver! Not surprised, but another reason for us to make it harder for canuk snow birds to cross south to stay warm! Once they realize it’s due to their limp wristed rollover politics maybe they’ll switch beers!

    • Tony

      This E-mail leak came out around Oct. 10. Seems real but, up here in Canada, nobody really knows. I am keeping the timeline on my desktop and watching to see if it unfolds. So far, it is unfolded as it states in the e-mail.

    • Mario

      Hello Mcasey
      I hope all is well.
      I live offgrid in rural Nova Scotia.
      I believe that is true. I posted the article several weeks ago when it first came out. Several sights were talking about it. Hal Turner, Jeff Berwick and a few others. I think it is true unfortunately.

    • Gary C

      MCassey, Armstrong put this up on his website last month, the article appeared on a Australian website, however he could not verify it as truthful yet. The whistle blower
      a liberal MP obviously had to be anonymous.

      If you search for. Spencer Fernando you can get the full article provided
      that it has not been taken down.

  30. Paul ...

    A slew of dead voters for Bribe’n have been rounded up (hiding out in Egypt) they have likely been voting in our elections for years!! … https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/ancient-mummies-antiquities-unveiled-egypt-over-2-500-years-after-n1247836

  31. Stan

    Trump will win this election. When he does prepare for mass rioting. Make sure your firearms are in working order and have plenty of ammo. My Glock 19 is cleaned and ready to go with 1000+ rounds of ammo (p+ ammo, not the low end crap).

    • Self+Exiled

      Biden to make Cabinet Decision. That should also wake up a few more.

    • Paul ...

      Stan’s saving grace is that he is “anti-commie” … which more then absolves him from being “anti-gold”!!

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree Paul. We love you Stan even if we don’t always agree on the markets and gold.

        • Stan

          Greg: Thanks Greg, great interview as usual

          • JC

            Stan, the postcards never arrived, but we know it’s not your fault, it’s the postal system, right?

            • Self+Exiled

              Hay. that’s my excuse. Still haven’t mailed the second flag. Been sick and typhoons.

    • Diane

      Mass rioting for sure Stan.
      I witnessed the rioting in Los Angeles.
      Most people I know are prepared to defend their homes and businesses if it happens again.
      So sad this has happened in America.

    • Bob

      Trump should have one 460 votes.

    • Self+Exiled

      I always bought Israeli amo, thinking it was battle proven/dependable.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Stan, surely you know you don’t go to or win a war with sidearms? Rifles are the platform in your scenario. Best always. PM

  32. iwitness02

    Master The Human Domain.
    Big gamble.
    All of us are ‘all in’ whether we want to be or not.

    • Frank+D2

      Agreed. I think this is why Trump fired his SecDef and a bunch of senior Pentagon officials when he did (right after the election). I couldn’t understand why Trump would fire them THEN (with only 2 months to go in his administration), but I believe he put in loyal replacements who will support him when Trump calls up the military to put down the INSURRECTION that will take place when it comes out that Biden lost due to fraud. Stay locked and loaded.

      • eddiemd

        True. He has placed counter-insurgency people in positions of command. Even Milley is former 5th group.

        I suspect he has full support of the DOD. Surely there are subversives in the ranks. Hopefully they will be smoked out early and dealt with a 7.62mmx52mm FMJ.

        Vindman types come to mind. Probably more Benedict Arnolds like him at mid-level and above. Obama people still in the ranks.

        They need to keep an eye on the SADM weapons. They are still hidden in the inventory somewhere. 10th group had them ready to go in the 1980s/1990s. They make a good false flag choice.



        SOF soldiers from different nations are top notch. This includes the Russians. I trained with the Canadians, Brits, Austrians, and Bolivians. All disciplined, tough, conditioned, top marksmen.



        Trained with the Royal Marine Commando in 1992. With Canadian Para in 1985. Austrian Jagdkommando in 1986. With Bolivian UMOPAR in 99.




        • eddiemd

          7.62x51mm. Correction.

          • notyourpatsy

            EddieMD, Yeah, those vindman types are still very much in the middle and upper ranks as o’bummer installed them with his a’ action hiring. There are plenty of sof’s in the US already as they were given free entry by the demoncrats to be used for a fals e flag event. Of course they’re being paid with the missing $21 bil/tril usd’s.
            Still wondering who’s in control of those n’kes at incrilkafb? THAT is a MAJOR problem that P’ Trump has not squared away IMO.
            Lots of fraggin’ to go on if the mil troops split into lifers and millenials.
            You should have those bklyn relatives send you a Rolla Roaster care package! Gargulios would be too much LOL! Though if you want I’ll go down to L&B and send you a REAL care alot pkg LOL! Oh, I forgot you can go over to Monte’s or the Boston Slice spot in tempe, miss those.

            • eddiemd

              I go over to Chompies bagels here every once in a while. They make decent food, New York style. I went to high school with the kids back in the late 70’s. They ran the original place off 32nd street and Shea. The kids used to get out of school and bake bagels every afternoon.

              Monti la Casa Vieja closed down a couple years back.

            • JC

              not your patsy, you mentioned Gargiulos?
              Classic Italian/Neapolitan food.

              ‘Gargiulo’s Restaurant was established in 1907 by the Gargiulo family. Throughout the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, Coney Island was a famous summer resort with Gargiulo’s being the Grand Ballroom for weddings and other social functions. In April 1965, the Russo brothers (Michael, Victor and Nino) embraced Coney Island as their new home and acquired the restaurant from the Gargiulo family. The Russo family kept the name and implemented their Neopolitan hospitality and cuisine, making it the landmark that exists today.’


  33. wayne hardin

    Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock: ‘America Needs to Repent for Its Worship of Whiteness’
    Is anybody else getting sick of these blacks talking s//t . He says he is a rev. He might
    want to read the bible . They say they want to be equal but in reality they get preferential
    treatment . The bible says to prefer no man over another . I would think that giving a person a job because of their skin color would be the definition of racism .
    And they walk around talking about kill whitey / whitey is the devil / i could go on and on but no use.
    If blacks have a problem being black they need to talk to God .
    If blacks have a problem with people being white they need to talk to God .
    And as far as the so called rev. the race baiter goes i pray he talks to God because if he
    is teaching people what he believes he is making them 2 fold the child of hell .
    I am not racist i am a realist .
    We shall see ………..

    • wayne hardin

      What happened to common sense ???????????
      If somebody comes onto your land with out your permission and drops a baby does
      that make it your job to take care of them . ????????????
      The last time i checked trespassing was against the law .
      It would be like being a sleep in the car riding with someone and they drive up onto
      someones place .
      And you wake up get out and think you have a right to stay because you weren’t
      driving . In reality you are still trespassing …So push for anchor baby”s.
      What happened to common sense . ??????????????

    • notyourpatsy

      Wayne, He’s a ‘reverend’ like al ambulance chaser sharptton is. More blm bs, luckily educated people of color see right through these charlatans and speak to their neighbors about it…we hope and pray.

  34. H.Craig Bradley

    “Baghdad Bob” on Trump’s Presidential Election Victory

    Shall we imagine a Trump Second Term and What Would Be?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are surely talking about the MSM and Biden.

  35. tim+mcgraw

    Great interview!
    “In 2030 no one will own anything. And they will be happy.” Klaus Schwab (aka “Dr. Evil”) World Economic Forum.
    Armstrong is an interesting man. The government “justice” system put him in jail in New York for years because he wouldn’t give up the source code to his “Socrates” computer program. The government even tried to kill him in prison. Armstrong has talked to world leaders and given them good advice, which as Martin points out in the interview, they ignore and do what they want anyway. No one gives up power willingly.

    My favorite Armstrong story was when he was invited to Kazakstan to help the dictatorship there figure out how to get the economy going. The economy was so bad that even the dictators couldn’t get rich. Armstrong told them to open up the economy. Let people and capital freely move around the country to where they were the most efficient. The dictators asked Martin, “You mean let the people live where they want and do what they want?”


    “Oh, no. We can’t have that.”

    If I was a young man, I’d be buying some land in the hills. I’d be putting in my own energy, food, and water supply with a defensive perimeter around it. I’d buy that land in a community of like minded individuals.

    The Nazis and Marxists are back. And we all know how that turns out.


    • Her Majesty's Regent

      Where is the evidence he was wrongly convicted? From the ‘forecaster’ movie that he funded. I have yet to see a good call from this guy.

    • Russ

      I was wondering who is this Schwab guy to whom Martin Armstrong referred. But with that name floating around in my brain, I found an article and yeah, this Schwab guy is a real piece of work.

      “Klaus Schwab: Great Reset Will “Lead to a Fusion of Our Physical, Digital and Biological Identity” “
      Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of “The Great Reset” when he said that the fourth industrial revolution would “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” which in his book he clarifies is implantable microchips that can read your thoughts.
      As we highlighted earlier, “The Great Reset” is attracting a deluge of fresh attention in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, which Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said was an “opportunity for a reset.”
      The agenda is primarily based around dismantling the current capitalist system in favor of greater centralized technocrat rule which will lead to lower living standards, less fuel consumption, fewer civil liberties and the accelerated automation of jobs.”… unquote

  36. Self+Exiled

    Did the US Raid European Software Company Scytl and Seize their Servers in Germany? — Company Refutes Claims? I like the part that said the CIA was excluded.


    • notyourpatsy

      SE, I’m curious about this too. When news like this gets online the rest of the Patriot Media(tm) (reserved for Mr greg Hunter to use for his own in the future), should highlight it and keep investigating.
      SE, wished I had known you longer here on UWD. I had some friends head your way last Oct. They were in manila and would have hand carried anything you needed over to you upon my request. Make your list in case either of them head back that way.

      • Self+Exiled

        I suspect I’m lockdown impoverished now, Thank You.

  37. Thomas Wigand


    The dystopian preview provided by Mr. Armstrong alone should be enough for Christians and patriots to be motivated to “Stop the Steal” with all our might.

    I wish that (something like the final scene of “A Clockwork Orange”) we could strap all Americans over 18 into a chair, force their eyelids to stay open, and have them watch this interview.

    Most (understandably) have “normalcy bias” and can’t fathom the machinations of the “Great Reset” crowd and what it intends for the globe — essentially a sort of corporatist Fascism and a “sustainability” neo-feudalist existence for the masses.

    As Mr. Martin and you confirmed, Donald Trump is the only thing standing in the way.

    Earlier today I published a piece because I’m simultaneously frightened by, and barely-controlled mad about “the steal.” Mad that occurred, frightened at the prospect of the evildoers succeeding. I did this knowing that I am possibly risking my job if certain folks at my employer get wind of it and complain. Largely because I callout the Democrats for what we really are (Satanists). It calls for all Americans to rise up and defend President Trump and the integrity of this election. It’s titled “So, You Want to Steal My America? MOLON LABE!” https://www.trevorloudon.com/2020/11/so-you-want-to-steal-my-america-molon-labe/

    (I receive no payment for submissions at that site; my labors are for love of God and country.)

    We are in a battle of Biblical import — we MUST do all in our power to reinstate genuine legal election results, and celebrate President Trump’s second term next January, The fate of America, and the entire world, is riding on this!

    • notyourpatsy

      Thomas, Great post, and I concur, Christians and Patriots, most are one and both, need to pray for GOD’s support of P’Trump in these next weeks, especially his wife and son. It seems like the burden upon their lives has been as great or even greater than the P’t’s. I don’t wish the life that young man has had to endure these past 4 years on anyone. Notice the difference between the media/demoncrats/world treated o’bummers spawn and this young man?!!
      The future of America is at stake and as many of us as possible are going to have to shore up our defenses with neighbors we can trust.

      • Thomas Wigand


        Thanks for the compliment on my post. IF a “critical mass” of us pray and otherwise do what we can during these critical weeks, God will hear us and answer our prayers.

        Since I wrote that post, just looking at the personnel being floated for the Biden administration, and so what they intend, confirms that as far as The United States of America is concerned, we are very much in the heat of an existential battle between Divine Good and Satanic Evil.

  38. Self+Exiled

    Read the Tweets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  39. Justn Observer

    Greg. Link to movie Mr. Armstrong suggested…=

    Mr. Jones a made in 2020 movie of events in 1933

    * 1933. Gareth Jones (James Norton) is an ambitious young journalist who gained fame after his report on being the first foreign journalist to fly with Hitler. Now, intrigued by the Soviet “utopia”, Jones travels to Moscow, where he meets Ada Brooks (Vanessa Kirby), a British journalist, who reveals that the truth behind the regime is being violently repressed. Hearing murmurs of government-induced famine, kept secret by the Soviet censors, Jones travels clandestinely to Ukraine, where he witnesses the atrocities of man-made starvation – millions left to starve. Deported back to London, Jones publishes an article revealing his findings, quickly denied by Western journalists in Moscow under the Kremlin’s pressure, including Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Walter Duranty (Peter Sarsgaard). As death threats mount, Jones has to fight for the truth. Meeting a young George Orwell, he shares his findings… helping inspire the seminal novel Animal Farm.


  40. Self+Exiled

    Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs: Release The Kraken! From Lou, unbelievable.


    shorten version


    • notyourpatsy

      SE, I stopped watching Lou Dibbs on FraudNews. If he was such an over the top talk over his guests host his ‘show’ would possibly be worth watching. If he really is that Patriotic and not playing the part for ratings; then he should quit FraudNews and get on an Alt media. Not kidding, Not watching him ever again unless he leaves that bogus network! If you’re reading this Lou realize I’m not the only one not impressed with all your tantrums to make your point.

      • Self+Exiled

        I think he should work for CNN, he’s hurting Fox’s ratings I suspect.

  41. Self+Exiled

    CIA director meets with McConnell amid speculation over possible firing she also meet with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.


  42. Self+Exiled

    Haspel not in attendance at latest Trump intelligence briefing:


  43. Self+Exiled

    the State Department has not been involved with facilitating Biden’s calls to foreign leaders


  44. Self+Exiled

    China warns of action after Pompeo says Taiwan not part of China

    I have been to Taiwan and it was a place I could have retired;a good place if you like Asia. There are many retires there and has modern doctors and dentist. They have excellent information/espionage because so many of their people are still in contact with China through relatives. There handling of Covid was held up by some news media as one of the best in Asia and because of there connections in China. They were already preparing in early December.


  45. Self+Exiled

    New Defense chief signals potential troop drawdown: ‘All wars must end————————WHY


    • Paul ...

      S+E … War is obsolete because “we are one world and we are all brothers” … but it doesn’t mean we can’t have individual Nations and borders where we live by certain rules of law (like freedom of speech, etc) … the commies want no nations, no borders, no freedoms and no personal possessions … which is exactly what creates wars!!

      • Self+Exiled

        I was also suspecting a possible war with China or need of troops for American on US soil.

  46. Self+Exiled

    Deep State Diplomat Lied To Trump About Syria On Behalf Of Military-Industrial Complex Troop numbers?


  47. Self+Exiled

    DHS boss Chad Wolf defies Trump order to fire cyber chief Chris Krebs——————–deeper and deeper deep state


    • notyourpatsy

      SE, I resigned because of the things I saw in the pipeline while in the first year at the ‘dish happens socially’ org. Not to be pendantic but I’ve mentioned this in the past. It is NOT a benefit to America to have that idftype org on us soil. Trouble from that org working with the mic/nwo/un!!!

  48. PCP

    MA consistently high value information.

  49. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Armstrong,not only for the interview but you and your guests’ bravery.You and your guests are most certainly on a list,Mr Warren Pollock alluded to this in interviews a few years ago,now it has come to pass.Here in the UK our Bolsheviks in government,both local and national,have exclusion lists in which certain people are not allowed jobs,eg, administrators at hospitals are exclusively Bolsheviks after that qualifications and work experience mean nothing.
    Sobering and disturbing .
    Here in the UK our elite murder journalists ,indirectly of course,as in the case of Lyra McKee,who was investigating the supply of guns and explosives to the terrorist,not just Irish terror groups,but British terror groups and Islamic and Jewish terror groups,who had received money and materials from agents of the European Union before during and since the Brexit vote.
    Still or economy is dead for us plebs the elite are crowing.

    • notyourpatsy

      MDS, I know I’m on a list since 2004 but dont give a damn. I come from a long line of Patriots who’ve all served Our Great Country America. I’m a Christian, they can kill my body but will NEVER get my Soul!

  50. JC

    Well, one thing is for sure, Armstrong is right when he says this is not a simple election between Republicans and Democrats, it is something much more sinister.

  51. Rachel

    Hi Greg, Thanks for having Martin Armstrong on. He always has something interesting to say and in this interview he gives us a clearer understanding of the processes and motivations behind the events that we all see unfolding before us. He joins the dots!
    On a lighter note …. Support for Trump across the Sydney skyline today!… 9news.com.au/national/donald-trump-2020-skywriting-over-sydney/86b4bf59-1292-4361-996e-31c2f7f8fe0e

  52. Neville

    AAcrime at its mostly ugliest best .What we must all understand like the Corvid C19
    virus AAcrime spread around the world,this took anything up to 10 years to plan and execute when they thought the time was ready.The RIGGED elections on the other hand took a mere 4 years to prepare .What we should look at for a moment was the 2016 elections which the crooked ,corrupt and cheating demonocrats botched and went onto blame Russia,hence Russiagate was a still born baby of theirs but they will swear on satan’s life that’s what happened.
    Their corvid abomination is the brain dead action of the likes of ghatis gates,fauci and the hierarchy of the demonocrats .This has a threefold action .One, that it will mask the absolutely parlous state the american economy is in in fact one step from being declared a failed state.Two, that this is,was and in all likelihood a last chance to ransack AAcrime by selling TRILLIONS of dollars worth of dirty chemicalised vaccines which WILL destroy more lives and YES!! they will get the mortality rate where there demonic wishes would have them.
    Three and probably most important to these sons of satan is two have a one a government world order…….which is the sickest joke ever.WHY?? Because every filthy government from AAcrime to Zimbabwe are all leaderless ,like rudderless boats on the ocean waiting to hit their nemesis a great BIG ICEBERG .
    Now I believe in a One World Government and one that WILL WORK
    In our Nicene Creed we learn that JESUS WILL COME BACK TO JUDGE THE LIVING AND THE DEAD AND THAT HIS KINGDOM WILL HAVE NO END……JESUS WILL RULE US WITH A ROD OF IRON…….So let us welcome OUR LORD as we are now in a very dire situation ,what with all the evil going on today.

  53. Fred Hughes

    2.7 Million Votes Potentially Lost; Dominion Voting Strong Ties to CCP and Dems| Beyond The Noise
    202,833 views•Premiered 6 hours ago
    The dominion voting system and it’s software is being exposed for alleged voting fraud by switching votes. It comes after multiple different investigations by experts and analysts through calculations. A large number of votes for Trump were switched over to Biden. More than enough to change the course of the election.
    Strong ties to the Democrat party and the CCP, we will investigate through various sources of information being uncovered in this week. Make sure you watch the full analysis to find out how this software has been impacting the American election.

    ‘Great Reset’ in Davos at the forefront of a ‘great deception’ in the free world
    89,971 views•Nov 14, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Powerful individuals, groups and large global organisations are at the forefront of a plan labeled ‘The Great Reset’ which intends to use the fear generated by the coronavirus to reshape the world and achieve net zero emissions says Sky News host Rowan Dean.
    “The Australian taxpayer spends a fortune sending top politicians and public servants year in year out in luxury style to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos to help map out global economic structures”.
    However, Mr Dean pointed out behind its lavish exterior the World Economic Forum is working with the UN, IMF and other high-profile globalist organisations to introduce online activist movements and compliant local and national governments through a vast network of connected corporations.
    “It is a global commitment they have made to use the panic and fear generated by the corona virus as a means to reshape all our economies and laws and move to a new form of capitalism that focusses on net zero emissions”.
    “To use all the tools of COVID to tackle climate change”.
    Mr Dean said “if implemented successfully, The Great Reset will undeniably and deliberately have extreme and possibly dire repercussions”.
    “‘You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy’ is just one of their marketing slogans,” he said.
    “The plan involves replacing shareholders of big companies with stakeholders, who happen to be left-wing bureaucrats and climate change zealots. Replacing Mum and Dad small businesses and private enterprises with big tech and big business”.
    “Remember, it’s not only a great reset, it’s a great deception.”

  54. Joseph Burpee

    Pro-Trump groups gather in Washington to protest election
    2,174,806 views•Nov 14, 2020 CNN

    Massive crowd rallies for President Trump at ‘Million MAGA March’
    409,587 views•Nov 14, 2020

    K Wayne JC & DAVE, hope you three can get together at Langley’s dumpster and start your steal of the Trumpsters. Just thought you might like to see what your up against.
    The People Try and Lick that!

    Trump fans, BLM protesters face off in Washington DC
    41,463 views•Nov 14, 2020 Sky News Australia
    After a day of mostly peaceful protests in Washington DC, scenes have turned tense after Donald Trump supporters clashed with Black Lives protesters.
    A notable presence among the Trump supporters were the Proud Boys, a far-right group.
    The day started of with tens of thousands of people descending on DC to voice their support for Donald Trump not conceding election defeat.

    Protesters voice their opinions during Bristol’s anti-lockdown march | SWNS
    24,117 views•Nov 14, 2020 SWNS

    UK: 14 arrested at anti-lockdown rally in Bristol
    15,063 views•Nov 14, 2020

    Some 14 protesters were arrested in Bristol on Saturday, after going on to hold an anti-lockdown

    Germany: Coronavirus sceptics and police scuffle during massive Leipzig rally
    62,537 views•Nov 10, 2020 Ruptly
    Sporadic brawls broke out in Leipzig on Saturday night, as police attempted to disperse thousands

    LIVE: Coronavirus-sceptics rally in Frankfurt, counter-protest takes place
    39,652 views•Streamed live 21 hours ago
    Ruptly is live from Frankfurt on Saturday, November 14, as members of the ‘Querdenken’ (‘Lateral Thinkers’) group and other coronavirus sceptics gather to protest against coronavirus restrictions.
    “The Day of the Lord — Revelation 6:17”:
    :Very many Scriptures seem to teach that the kingdoms of earth will be overthrown by a rising of the people: goaded to desperation from lack of employment and seeking relief from the oppression of bloodthirsty governments. Such a rising and overturning, Socialists, Communists, and Nihilists of today [1879,LOL!]would gladly bring about if they could. Now the Scripture recognizes wrong and oppression as existing in the nations and foretells this as the way in which they will be overthrown, . . . Yet it does not recognize this Communism as right but the contrary rather instructing believers to “obey the powers that be” as long as they last, saying to us — “Be patient, therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord.”
    . . . When those with a few others declared these things only a short time since, and called attention to the fact that trouble was taught to be occasioned by a rising of the people and the overthrow of governments, Communism — we were laughed at; there was truly little sign then of Communism; but today every civilized nation is in dread, and Nihilism, Communism and Socialism, are household words.
    “Financiers are fearful of losing their holdings. Labor is fearful that it will not be able to exist. Statesmen, politicians, and rulers fear radicalism or Bolshevism. In fact, every one whose mind is not stayed upon the Lord is in a state of fear and distress. (Isaiah 26:3) . . .
    “What is really feared by the ruling factors is radicalism or Bolshevism. Bible Students, who are Christians, are unalterably opposed to any unrighteousness practiced by any one class upon another. They are neither radical nor speaking for the opposite alliance. They believe that the nation that will be blessed must recognize God the father and Messiah as the Lord and King.” — The Golden Epoch, as of January 4, 1922, page 214.
    By bad conduct toward these, the Communists put themselves in the ranks of the symbolic “goats,” who will be cut off from all existence, according to the parable of the Sheep and the Goats with which Jesus closed his prophecy on the end of this world or system of things. (Matthew 25:31-46) There is not a government on earth today that satisfies any reasonable proportion of the world. Many of the nations are ruled by dictators. The whole world is practically bankrupt. Leading men of the world have advanced various schemes or methods for governmental reform. But these all have proven abortive. — Page 5, paragraph 2.
    Page 54 speaks of further trouble “similar to what Russia has already undergone.”
    Referring to conditions on our earth under God’s new government over mankind, page 27 quoted Revelation 21:1 (AV) as follows:
    “And I saw a new heaven [invisible ruling power] and a new earth [new order of things on the earth]: for the first heaven and the first earth [the old order] were passed away; and there was no more sea [restless, anarchistic humanity]. . . .” — Note also on page 38 the statement: “Under that government wars, famines, pestilences, revolutions and anarchy will forever cease.”
    Truly as a result of the second angel’s pouring out his bowl of God’s wrath upon the symbolic sea it became as “blood as of a dead man.” It was like blood that had flowed from a man violently killed and which blood had coagulated, caked. Every “living soul” that functioned in such an unclean, thickened “sea” could not keep living. Every soul died, from God’s standpoint. All the radicals, revolutionaries and the pushers for world domination by ungodly Communism were judicially viewed as dead by GOD his Son and his witnesses. Radicalism’s program of human government, as against God’s heavenly kingdom, came forth from the “dead” and held forth no hope of life to mankind. In God’s new order with its “new heavens and a new earth” there will be no more such a symbolic “sea.” — Revelation 21: 1.

    • JC

      This is a long comment, but the mention of “blood” caught my eye.
      Here is very interesting “blood test.”


      • Paul ...

        JC … We need to have “eugenicist” Gates … and “gain of function” Fauci … submit their blood for testing … before they inject all the rest of us (with what they have spawned)!!

    • eddiemd

      Is this JW, mormon, or 7th day adventist teaching? Worldly wisdom cannot save you.

      Everything begins and ends with Jesus Messiah of Nazareth. He is the Almighty God in the flesh. There is no other way to Salvation.

      • Paul ...

        Jesus is Almighty God “in the flesh” … sort of like in the movie Avatar … God the Father (like Jake) entered a human body (Jesus) to walk among us!!

      • Beverly

        It’s very rude of you to say things like: Is this JW, Mormon, SDA doctrine? You lump these religions together, when you have no idea at least what Mormons are all about. I can’t tell how much you know about the others because I’m not of their faith. But, your comment on these religions is demeaning and uncalled for. If you are too stubborn to study more books on religion, such as the Book of Mormon, then keep it to yourself. There’s so much out there that you DO NOT REALIZE! Yet, you just keep publishing these types of comments that are offensive. Give it a total and complete rest, please.

        • eddiemd

          The book of Mormon. Was that written by Joe Smith? The man with the secret scanning eyepiece? What happened to the golden tablets?

          Here is an excellent book about the mormon history. Read it and form your own opinion. Read some of the reviews. I highly recommend buying the book and reading it. It is mostly the history of the mormons. It is well referenced.


          • Beverly

            The Book you referenced talks about break off groups. These are not part of the LDS church. Yes, I agree that people throughout history do evil things in the name of religion. The Lafferty brothers are two of them. That doesn’t make them “Mormons” or members of the LDS Church. They did their own thing, for whatever reason, and I don’t agree with their insanity—– just like the Catholics did their own thing and other churches out there have used religion for monetary gain or power.

        • wayne hardin

          Beverly if that is your name .
          I can see you don’t believe in FREEDOM .
          You come on here talking about a lot of stuff that i am sure nobody agrees with .
          But you seem to think you have the right to / more or less tell somebody to shut up .
          Freedom means being able to say anything right or wrong .
          And if you don’t agree with someone that is OK to .
          But you most think you are special or something to think you can tell somebody to
          not talk about something you don’t agree with .
          GROW UP >

        • eddiemd

          I know enough about the latter day saints religion to know it is a cult and is deception. Are there saved members within the ranks? Perhaps. The doctrine is demonic.


          People should hear the truth. I am an equal opportunity watchman. I posted a video last week on the false teachers in the evangelical movement also.

          • eddiemd

            In case you missed the video on the evangelical preachers.


            • Self+Exiled

              I guess I will say it, I’ve have been cautious a long time, American Christianity has basically become a cult. I see it more clearly after being exposed to Christianity in another culture. The culling is about to begin, a culling of the heart [world wide].

          • Beverly

            You DON’T know enough about the LDS Church. It’s not a cult. Why do people want to keep calling it a cult? Do people call the Amish people a cult? No, they just recognize them as a separate community of people who want to live their belief system out. There are Mormon people all over the whole world. They go to church, sing hymns, take the sacrament, listen to a speaker, say or listen to prayer and study the scriptures, which includes the Bible. Is there anything so strange about this? Why do you want to use this word cult? You try to make us look fanatical when we aren’t fanatical at all. And, I think you should realize that if Christ came down here in disguise and preached to the truth about many things, half the world if not more, would reject His words. Didn’t His own people kill Him for what He said and preached? They didn’t know and understand. And yet, you’re all so sure that what you’re saying about Mormons is the truth. And, within the LDS Church, the people have varying beliefs, just like other Protestant faiths out there. So, you can’t just label people. But, if you want to call us Mormons, then I want you to KNOW that Mormon people DO believe in Christ and that the doctrine is not of the devil. You should know better than that.

      • Burpee Joe

        I think Witnesses, it mentions witnesses. Watching the Trump rally and all the protesting throughout Europe Saturday. I thought of a comment I saw a few guests ago, here on USAWatchdog.com. The rising of the people. They do seem to be riseing and I never saw that before, all same day. Seeming to be spontaneous, not coordinated.

        Checked Witnesses weren’t official till the 30’s. Before that they were a few groups that separated. This started American religions, not from Europe. They didn’t have mobile’s, TV. ect so they could see what we can’t staring us in the face, today. Back then they called themselves bible students. To small to be a cult, but grew into major religion cults of today.

    • K. Wayne

      Suggestion: Why don’t you get together with Svetlana (see below)…you two could be twins….you have a lot in common.
      You are a fool and have been blinded by the perceived democratic process.
      As I have alluded to…the Election is a SCAM and FRAUD on the American people.
      There is clear evidence that the People do not have any influence over the decision to put someone in the WH. The whole construct is designed to push the electorate into a frenzied state …where disagreement is not resolved with words …but by physical action / destruction. That is the agenda.
      If you bothered to open up both eyes….and remove the opaque glasses on your skull…and use your god given brain……you might just understand the psyop.
      The BIG picture …is centered around the DEBT. COVID was the means to justify an economic shutdown. The ELECTION FRAUD will be used to further advance the “Division”…..the agents for the Globalists will do their thing to de-stabilize the already unstable and dis-United States. The aim is for Civil War. This will usher in the Military and with it the removal of the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Economic collapse is all but guaranteed…as is a Compulsory Vaccination…..that is the entree….the main course will be served with a side of NWO. That Train has already left the station.
      I’m no fan of the Buffoon DJT…neither of Blo Joe. Both are captured elements of the Real Government/Power in this Country. Politics is a sideshow…replete with distractions and misdirection.
      When you wake from your slumber, put aside all of your differences and beliefs….the truth will knock you out of the park. There is no Knight on Horse coming to rescue the Nation. You …like many millions ….are transfixed on the notion.. that all of the corruption and deceit, theft and malfeasance will be vanquished…..NOT GONNA HAPPEN. We all wish that life would go back to some degree of normality…..that’s just fantasy at this stage of the game. Like the rest of the Nation’s citizens….your life has been a fabrication. You are literally holding on by a thread….and only time will bring about the end…..either by the failure of the thread or through compliance with the Communist / Fascist Agenda.
      I’ve wasted enough of my time explaining this. Trump nor Biden fix the problem…they merely perpetuate it.

      • notyourpatsy

        K Wayne, Your post is informative, intelligently written, and IMO, accurate as to the current/future state of Our Country America! It should be reposted all over the internet so as to enlighten the zoned out amongst us. Not everyone has the (not so) common sense to read UWD! WE must educate them when and as we can. I often read info I’ve read here on UWD from other top posters who know what they are talking about to people I have conversations with during my day…YOU should too! EddieMD’s posts are VERY relevant and worth sharing as often as we can.

        • K. Wayne

          Its not pretty, but that’s my take on the state of the nation.
          No need to put lipstick on a pig.
          I would encourage you (and others to view the link I posted below – in response to William Stanley).

  55. Luther

    Greg, thank you for who you are and what you do!

    There is a saying, “The wheels of justice grind slow but they grind fine.” This may be why the draining the swamp is taking so long.
    This lawyer is credible, start at the 20 minute mark: https://howiecarrshow.com/2020/11/11/l-lin-wood-11-11-20-hour-1/

    Also this from Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs: https://youtu.be/WbMyfo7zcwA

    Also this documentary just released: https://youtu.be/pThexZ1m8nA

    The swamp may be in the process of being drained! We can only hope.

    Time will tell.

  56. Gary Farina

    President Trump is God appointed, God protected and God wins. One in God is a majority. No weapon formed against him shall prosper dimdims

  57. roger+stamper

    tks for post

  58. Jerry

    It’s only a matter of time before they come after us. This is what happened yesterday.

    Greg, I grew up two blocks from the university of Missouri journalism school. As of matter of fact I went to school at the university of Missouri lab school. Trust me when I tell you this. What we are seeing today in the MSM is not journalism. It’s newspeak straight out of George Orwell’s 1984. Turn off your T.V. folks. It is classical mind conditioning. They will continue the mindless drip, drip, drip, of mental “ programming” until you buy the narrative that the pandemic is real. Event 201 never happened. And that Agenda 21 is a conspiracy theory. And oh yes…of course you’re a nut bag if you believe the election wasn’t rigged. It’s all part of the plan folks. They want to shove that needle in your because they care. Righteous indignation. They want to “save the planet” from global warning. Yes it all makes sense now. Klaus Schwab and Joe Biden are simply here to help us because they care? That’s the oldest con job there is folks. We’re all being played. Get ready.

    • JC

      You mentioned turning off the TV. Good advice.
      Brought to mind this scene from “The Shining.”


      • Self+Exiled

        Isn’t that the name of the cafeteria at The University of Boulder Colorado named the The Donner Memorial Cafeteria, or is that just what they called it in the 60’s when I was in Boulder

    • Paul ...

      Part of the commie Demon-rat three part plan to reduce the human population …
      1) Fight global warming to make the Earth colder …
      2) Release the Corona virus that will kill you as the Earth gets colder …
      3) Have Death Panels that automatically kill you when you reach 75 (better yet 65 to save Social Security)!!

    • notyourpatsy

      Jerry, You and I and some of the others here are on the same page 99% of the time. Uncanny? No, it’s intution from having been there, seen/heard that/ paid attention and are recalling that! Yes, the general public are being played YUGGELLY right now by the media. I speak with everyone I come into daily contact with to get a feel for public sentiment. 75% are buying the over reaction to a super flu and cowtowing to local dracoian orders from pipsqueak mayors to tyrannical gov’nrs! The other 25% ask if I have any extra ammo I want to sell, or gear to barter.

  59. Jerry

    Choose your sources wisely during this mental shell game.

    Meanwhile, while the public is busy fighting each other over who one the election, the World Economic Forum is busy making plans for the “Big Reset” with meetings starting the 16th and running through the 22nd of November. The trucker strike? It’s scheduled for the 29th of November. If it’s real at all? I’m beginning to think it’s another psychological operation to blame the coming food shortages on the truckers. Most of the truckers I know have to make payments on their Riggs and can’t afford losing a contract. To me food somewhere along the line will be used to get you in line, and roll up your sleeve. We”ll see? All I can tell you is this. A few years ago, a friend of mine who works for a major food storage company told me DHS sent a letter to the company demanding a list of clients who had purchased food. Gee I wonder why? I guess if you store food our government sees you as a threat. Can you imagine if you wear a MAGA hat what they think of you? Second amendment rights? That’s on the chopping block to. During that same period of time DHS lifted a database from my state that contained the names of every person in the state who has a CCW license. Hmm. Why would they care? When I got mine, I had to be fingerprinted and pass a background check. I’m sure every criminal in the state would do that? Give me break. You know darn well why they did it. Our government is not our friend folks. In fact Donald Trump is enemy number one, and is on the hit list no matter what happens next. This is it folks. Get ready while you still can. Greg’s server could be taken down anytime as we move closer to the “ Big Reset”. It’s all planned.

    • Lightning

      Look closely at this Executive Order that President Trump issued in 2018.


      Dominions servers were in Spain and Germany and the company’s Headquarters are in Canada.
      Clearly a foreign interest.

      Foreign persons involved equals George Soros?

      United States persons involved equals Bill Gates, Podesta and Donna Brazill?

      If this server Raid in Germany is real , and the evidence of tampering is solid…..

      The game just got interesting.!

      Release the Kracken!

      • Jerry

        It’s about to get real interesting? That’s an understatement.
        Look at the timelines on the board behind the general in this interview.

        The artificial intelligence tracking the biometric upload in the vaccine is named Tiberius. Research biblical history and you will find he was actually the one who gave Pilot the order to execute Jesus Christ. Nothing has changed. Only the times. Decision time is coming. December 15th is the start of operation “Dark Winter”. Even that clown joe Biden couldn’t keep his yap shut about what they have planned for us. Get your spiritual house in order. Only the blood of Christ can save you from what’s coming. This isn’t about a vaccine. It’s about who you are going to serve, and which NWO you will be in.

    • notyourpatsy

      Jerry, Spot On! Truckers for the most part are hard working Patriots who support their families working long hours away from home. They would not stop their routes unless their bosses shut their supply chains down.
      That Did Homer Steal the food letter is legit as I know the source and mtn hse got it.
      ALL states gave their ccw lists over to the feds. That’s ok, let them come at us first. We are within our Rights to defend Our Country against ALL DOMESTIC GOVT terroistic orgs. The American Patriot is tired of the BS attacks on our GOD given freedoms. Oh, it’s going to come down on them like a broken f’n arrow I tell you.
      And if you still are in Mo it’s a carry at will state. I strap on my gun belt before I walk outside my house everyday. I am free to carry on my own property and deter crime like it IS MY Castle Doctrine!

      • Jerry

        It appears that the NWO will be using food as another phase of Lockstep. Apparently they want to modify its development and distribution to pear up with their need scoring system.

        All because they care? Right. It’s all about control. Look at how these idiots hoard toilet paper. Newsflash. What do think people did before they shredded trees to wipe your ass with? There was a reason that they had a wash basin in the outhouse. As far as metal protectors? If they see us as to much of a threat, they’ll just drone us. Technocrats don’t like to soil their hands to much. In fact I’m predicting they’ll shut the power grid down first, and blame it on a cyber attack when it’s -10 degrees outside. Most people lose their will to fight when they’re cold and hungry. The purge in Russia is a primary example of that. Kissinger even let that spill out of his lying mouth, about how food could be used as a weapon. The truckers could be the scapegoat?

  60. George

    My concern for this country is that the people just don’t seem to care, at least not enough, to make any change in direction.
    Even is there is proven massive fraud, so what!
    What will happen? Nothing, that’s what will happen. Just like every other scandal, not one power broker or politician will even be questioned, much less arrested.
    History, the last 40 years, proves that as a Washington DC Beltway Politician, you can murder people and you won’t ever be arrested.
    For God sake they ran an attempted failed coup d’etat and not one treasonous person was arrested. LMFAO!!!!
    Biden gets in, America turns Socialist, all because not one so called Patriot would stand and fire in the defense of the Republic.
    We are not a Democracy!!!

    • Beverly

      People are starting to care, for sure! Did you see the pictures of the Trump rally in Washington DC just recently? Voter Fraud rally. Millions of people in downtown DC! Oh, people are coming together alright. We have to think positively. We have to get socially involved in this. It has to be a movement. If we say it’s never going to happen and be discouraging, then it might not. But, if we are hopeful and make it happen, then it will.

      • K. Wayne

        People are being brainwashed…that’s it !!!
        This is all Psychological Warfare on a Grand Scale. The Election and the Voter Fraud….are all Scams along with the Plandemic. Your have no rights & just a few (soon to be taken away) privileges. That is by design to keep the masses docile and placated….. and from revolting against the status quo.

    • K. Wayne

      “We are not a Democracy!!!”….therein lies the truth.

  61. George+Eddleston

    Greg, It’s green fascism, population genocide, seven billion plus cut down to one billion or less, your head is on the chopping block. For God sake wake up and fight like hell now because once they (the oligarchy) takes over the chance will be lost IN YOUR LIFETIME.

  62. ivan anaconda

    Greg, this is the most important interview I saw on your website. The scenario Martin painted is truly frightening. I grew up in a communist state and I know exactly what he is talking about. Let’s just hope he is wrong, but my gut feeling is that he is right. Get ready.

  63. SilverHawk

    Ah, that felt good. Intellectual weed for the brain. Did I mention Montana passed rec weed? 2 oz. max. Yeah, I remember back in 1989 going to work the day after the Berlin wall came down, and all the guys were laughing and rooster chesting about the fall of the USSR. I just laughed and said “You got no clue whats coming for your a** in the near future for this country.” What do you mean, they said. “I mean the USA will turn into the USSA and the USSR will turn into the USR.” You can imagine how the conversation went after that… Yup. Right again. Gotta use that Book of Revelation as your foundation of prophecy and predictions. The rest is elementary. Silver. It’s God’s Money.

    • notyourpatsy

      SilverHawk, Another poster with foresight to have hindsight! Great Post! People always thinks ‘crime happens to the other guy’ on the tv…until THEY get jacked up!
      True, there is only 1 Book of Life in this World, and it contains the ONLY LAWS YOU NEED OBEY…..The 10 Commandments!

  64. Hangthem High

    Their corruption will not stand and they know it, which is why it will get worse and worse until they are removed from their positions of power and their judgment rightfully executed from the people on these criminals trying to take over and enslave the world. Not only are they going to lose, they are going to lose so hugely that this world takeover will never ever happen again.

    • Jerry

      Like I said,
      What is there left to say?

    • Self+Exiled

      These generational elites world/thinking gets smaller and smaller as it is confined to their head size. When you see things up from the bottom of the pyramid; instead of from the top down, the pyramid collapses when the middle is destroyed. The intricacies of how the world really works completely escapes their inner dynamics of thought. They a totally dependent on the structure below them for their existence, technology has completely blinded them. Here where the pig is screaming as steaks are being cut off his hind quarters is screaming at them to wake up, but they are also deaf. At least the feudal lords saw the connection. Excuse my cruel analogous thinking.

  65. Elaine Coker

    He says he knew about this two years ago. Why did he wait UNTIL NOW to reveal this information. This is what makes me sick, when people WAIT to put this info out, AFTER it is too late. Everybody does this. Hannity, Dobbs, Tucker, Ingram. I guess they are handed a script from that TURNCOAT FOX NEWS to read on the air. Everybody should BOYCOTT Fox news and start watching News Max, where you will get the TRUTH, NOT LIBERAL LIES. Also, The New Green Deal is the same as AGENDA 21, AGENDA 2030 AND VISION 2050. The writer of this Article did touch a little on AGENDA 21, BUT he DID NOT REVEAL the worst of AGENDA 21, LIKE: No Air conditioning for residence, businesses, no meat for the middle class or poor, no fences, no dam-yes they want to tear down all the dams, undam the lakes, rivers, etc., no ranches, no cows (no milk, butter, cheese, etc.) Their main goal is to reduce the POPULATION by 90 % World Wide. That means they have to murder BILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORLD WIDE. Everyone needs to go to http://www.AmericanPolicy.org and click Issues at top, then click AGENDA 21. Listen to Tom DeWeese videos and read the Articles. This is not hype. This is the TRUTH and this is how the GLOBALIST ELITE, WHICH INCLUDES CORPORATIONS, MSM, DEMOCRAT PARTY PLUS RHINO(S), PLUS SILICON VALLEY (Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc.) Agenda 21 use to be on Google, but I am sure they have removed the info by now or changed it.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you listen to the interview Armstrong said he did publish this a least 2 years ago. I also trans scribed that part in the write up I did.

    • notyourpatsy

      Elaine, Welcome fellow Patriot to UWD! AT least you are educated about what is going on in 2020. It’s too bad this forum is like an echo chamber for 90% of us, including Mr Hunter. We all have knowledge of what’s coming but it’s falling on deaf ears. I mention UWD to every single person I speak with daily. “Hey, did you see what that guy on Greg Hunter’s UWD said in the video the other day?” I don’t elaborate I just try and drive traffic to Mr Hunter’s website as a THANK YOU for having it here for Patriots!

  66. Justn Observer

    Greg, Story does sound familiar- right. A Glenn Beck post .

  67. Lora

    Hello Greg
    Watch this video by Prophet KEVIN ZADAI. Music intro plays for bit, but hang in and listen to this powerful message because America still has a covenant with God (and his people) that started with the MayFlower. Trusting God right now is the KEY.


  68. Jerry

    Here we go folks,
    Get your nano treatments today.

    It’s not about the elections. It’s not about the fake pandemic. It’s not about agenda 21. Follow the money. Microsoft wants to invest in you….literally ….using nano Technology. Do you know what’s in the vaccine? It ends with RNA, and has to be stored in subzero containers to suspend molecular activity. Yum! I cant wait to shove that in my arm. How about you? Get ready folks. As we say in the Ozark, it’s nut cuttin time.

    • Self+Exiled

      I thought I would just take nano silver before and after as it would render the induced particles ineffective, because the nano silver particles have a + or – charge they would induce a cancellation of other nanoparticles. My thoughts.

      • notyourpatsy

        SE, On that I’d like to hear EddieMD’s opinion, whether or not ingesting a bottle of silver would cancel out the effects of the shot?

        • eddiemd

          I don’t know much about colloidal silver. I do know that it will turn your skin/complexion to grey when consumed.

          I do know that it has antibacterial properties for use in disinfecting and use with water. I would have to see studies on which particular bacteria it destroys.

          I don’t know if it would neutralize the coronavirus vaccine. It is an intramuscular injection. Perhaps it could have an effect once the vaccine components gets distributed inside the body. I would suspect that it could.

          I will have to research it.

          In the meantime…refuse the vaccine. I watched the news tonight on local broadcast and they are pushing the vaccine hard.

          When they come to force the vaccine…tell them that you have had anaphylactic reactions to vaccines (Hep B, tetanus, DPT…take your pick) and the last time you received a vaccine your tongue and throat swelled requiring a visit to the ER. Your chest tightened up and you could not breathe.

          • Self+Exiled

            ”Nano” silver—– NOT colloidal silver, I use a nebulizer and used it when I thought I had coved. I would not ingest colloidal silver. Some do.

        • eddiemd

          After posting I remembered a common topical use of silver.

          Silvadene cream is very common to treat partial and full thickness burns. I have used this a few times in the army. I did a rotation on the burn ward at the Brooke Army Medcen way back when I was doing OJT as a SF medic. I was tasked with doing bandage changes on some severely burned adults and children. Used to give them IV morphine before the bandage change to take the edge off the pain.

          It contained sulfa and silver.


  69. Pete

    Trumps lawyer claims math experts have discovered vote changes in the 2020 election results, due to Dominion software programming. This is major fraud that democrats have used perpetrated.

  70. mike martin

    If it smells like fish and tastes like fish it probably is fish.

    Many decades ago I had the opportunity to work with a phychologist that was based in the DC area. At that time I got the opportunity to visit the US Capital area and many of the historical landmarks of the area.

    This giant of a man from the perspective of human behavior had a saying “What people do Outwardly tells you what they are thinking Inwardly”.

    The principle of his teachings were that Actions are very telling of Motivations.

    Many motivations may be deep seated but they are usually hard to hide if one looks with open eyes.

    Case in point….Stop the Steal….
    Why are these people willing to do what they have attempted “Steal of the Election” and why would they do it so IN OUR FACE??

    Answer is likely Arrogance and Desperation.
    Arrogance because they got away with it before, and Desperation because the good people of America are now wise to their games and they are feeling the heat.

    Socialism has never worked in the past and there is no reason why it will work in America now.
    However, the power of division is the tool these people are using against you.

    Why not fool them all and why not pull the rug from under them.

    Refuse to let them get away with the “Steal “and refuse to fight your neighbour on their behalf.

    The power of GOOD here will prevail and each of us can play a role.

    Do not Give up and continue the fight.

    I believe this is what God wants from us.

    • Lightning

      Amen, Brother.

      Keep fighting the good fight.

  71. Trinacria

    Thank you Greg, you do such great work, akin to a modern day Paul Revere !!!
    Armstrong, without a doubt has the big picture correct. As a retired CPA/financial person, I have been concerned – to say – the least about government and muni bonds for a number of years now….did I purchase some over the last several years…yes, only because I believed interest rates were coming down and, have now been out since early summer. The Fed, and other central banks in their own countries, for some time now, need to purchase bonds by “sleight of hand” basically through their primary dealers as they are now very risky so less and less will want to own them. So, this is really about two things:
    1. Ability or inability to sell bonds in order to finance ever increasing deficits with the debt going to the moon.
    2. Depopulation.
    Question: does one want to go forward with Trump or Biden ? No question in my mind we are looking at massive fraud – Greg, I pray you are correct about the reversal and exposure of this fraud !!! I live for the day these evil clowns go to jail.
    Amazing how the psy-ops by major networks on demonizing Trump have worked on many in the population- so sad. So many don’t understand what the real issues are.
    This reminds me of the big orgy and golden calf that Moses found once he returned from the mountain with the 10 commandments !!! We are back to that !!!
    Lastly, here is the comment by Armstrong that I don’t understand fully:
    he said that big tech is aligning with the left because they want a part of every transaction…well, if we are in they type of economy he describes and I believe as well is coming, there won’t be any consumers paying for anything. Also, people won’t be able to afford the vaccines that the evil clown Gates is trying to peddle. Maybe the government will pay with printed money, so nobody wins here. So this comment makes no sense to me.
    In this dystopian system, there won’t be enough room for all the massive egos of these evil tech clowns….so, they will turn on themselves, much like the 5 armies you talked.
    about from scripture.
    Finally, if they confiscate everything by around 2030, nothing will have value as there is no market. In fact, buildings, houses and real property will be liabilities as they require….drum roll please…..MAINTENANCE….no one will want to do this: yes, can be forced but the result will be bad. Will be just like the modern version of Ant and Grasshopper fable; the ant worked hard but had to share with the free loading grasshopper, all was abandoned and, the spiders took over the neighborhood!!!
    Really would love to hear your thoughts on my questions or those of anyone else.
    God bless all of us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Trinacria!!

    • Paul ...

      T … We need to be like the ant and prepare for hard times … and not listen to the song of commie grasshopper … who promises free food forever … if we would simply stop working and give up our possessions!!

  72. Greg Hunter

    Maybe he’s right this time.

  73. Jojodogfacedboy

    With a lot of people sucking up that sweet nectar of CNN propaganda, more people expose themselves thinking that Biden is coming in. You have people dropping investigations and not firing people.
    Is it December 10 that this Election finale ends?
    And President Trump shocks the world again.

    • notyourpatsy

      JoJo, I am praying that the Big Sweep happens when all the politicians are in one bldg next month. If ever America needed a brken arreow it’s NOW!
      If P’Trump can cause a media blackout until they are all contained/detained onbd a ship headed south, that WILL stun the World! If nothing happens at THAT opportune moment in history…next spring will bring ‘nam to America I’m sorry to say.
      i intentionally misspell words in my posts, and or spell phrases to keep my posts from being picked up by goooogal.

      • Self+Exiled

        I noticed and understoad. Copy that: coming in hot on a 999 scramble. Cola over and out.

  74. Dave

    The Dominion story about “potential” lost votes is speculation. Based on computer projections – there is no proof and of note Mr. Armstrong would not answer about the possibility Trump could win. Why? Likely his answer wouldn’t please Greg’s listeners. BTW, “potential” will not pass court muster. In the end neither Roberts nor Kavanaugh will vote to overturn the elction even if it gets to the SC. Gorsuch might not either. The votes aren’t there.

    Listen to Sekalow’s podcasts from last week. He was never optimistic about the outcome of the legal challenges – everything had to line up “like dominoes” for it to pan out. That is a tall order and, as Mr. Sekalow says, it would take several states cases being joined to even get to Scotus. One state that does not make a difference in the electoral outcomes (swapping winners) will not be heard by the Court. Conservative Congressman Gallagher from Wisconsin said that the margin is too great to trigger an automatic vote count. Trump could request one but would have to pay for it. Gallagher does not think a recount will change the Wisconsin results.

    Georgia is doubtful too but what irked Sekalow’s team was as of late last week it was not clear the recount ordered would include the Tillis Senate race. Odd they felt as just a few thousand votes more in his favor would obviate the need for a runoff. The GOP seems to be missing in action in marshalling forces for the runoffs. I’ve received e-mails and texts from the Democrat Party, women’s groups, neighborhood groups and non-profits (one that I volunteer at) encouraging people in the Bay Area to help with the Georgia Senate races and insure a record setting turnout which would favor the Dems. Nothing from the GOP or conservative groups – and there are conservative groups in Cali.

    The false hopes raised by some on the right about a change in the results will backfire. Trump will concede and likely before 12/14. If the court challenges fail Sekalow says all Americans need to accept that result as this is a nation of laws – he is speaking to Trump supporters. However, a group of Trump supporters will refuse to accept the results when Trump concedes. They will become embittered towards Trump and some will give up on politics altogether. There will be a splintering of the conservative movement (as Chronicles and The American Conservative have been writing about) and the GOP itself will be up for grabs. The PTB that ran the GOP before Trump likely win out. The new Tennessee GOP senator is a Romney acolyte which he played down during the election. It’s likely a 3rd party will emerge but it may be a little too late. Conservatives should have formed that 3rd party long ago when it would have possibly made a difference.

    • eddiemd

      Dave the DNC hack.

      The election fraud is obvious. The psyop by the democrats and msm is also obvious.

      If you cannot see this, then there is no help for you. You are part of the delusion.

      Most everyone who reads and posts here can see through your psyop. You are not going to convince anyone here.

      Election fraud. That is what it is called.

    • eddiemd

      Provide the sources for what you state as fact.

      Otherwise you are part of the gaslighting psychological manipulation. You are part of the msm psyop.

    • Norman Ice'in Veins

      Dave, you and your ilk couldn’t take Syria with your psyop’s, what makes you think you guy’s will be successful screwing the American people? Believe me, un-like the so-called moderate Syrian rebels you and McCain banked on,[woman and children in cages on top of buildings] the Americans can not be fooled all the time and cage-free. You won’t be able to cage em, you will be found out and be found wanting. Mark me woid’s!

    • Self+Exiled

      . ”If the court challenges fail Sekalow says all Americans need to accept that result as this is a nation of laws – he is speaking to Trump supporters.”

      A nation of laws for one group but not the other. Like Washington said this Constitution will only work if it is a nation of moral people. And that is nothing more than the Divine recipe for all nations. One of my first post on Greg’s Gift I said looks like judgement, still does.

  75. Trinacria

    Greg; one more thing came to mind and hope you will post this . To me it is evident that the big tech companies (and others) are against the people. The evil clown from Amazon uses his profits to buy a newspaper and effectively lobby against the people. We need to vote with our dollars. I have NEVER purchased anything from Amazon as I smelled a rat many years ago. Unfortunately, too many are hopeless consumers, which has contributed in some degree as to why we are in this mess. Amazing how when you look for something on line Amazon is immediately in your face….I will spend a dollar more if I have to, but in many cases Amazon is not the cheapest (I check but don’t buy there). So I URGE people for openers to at least do the following:
    1. Don’t use Amazon, find alternatives !!!
    2. Delete Facebook – get out of this negative feedback look and get out of the junior high mentality.
    3. Go to alternative sites like Parler.
    4. Do NOT support professional sports, especially NBA and NFL.

    This is a start and, trust me, your life will be better and if we all do in mass, a massive statement will be made !!!
    God bless us all.

    • JC

      Good advice. I think Amazon had low prices some years ago to suck everybody in.
      Facebook? My wife thinks I’m a loser because I refuse to participate in Facebook.
      It has actually reached an angry phase where it is threatening our marriage.
      Are we all descending into digital hell?

      • notyourpatsy

        Trinacria, great post! I keep telling everyone to shop with fellow Patriot Christian businesses when at all possible. DO NOT SHOP THE ENEMY! If you can’T get it without going to one of their stores/websites you can live without it! Millenials and hipsters are sucked into their phones. This holiday season shop locally and don’t give the enemy any more personal info or money!
        If the rest of the World sees what’s happening in America NOW is the time to STOP SHOPPING ONLINE and destroy the enemy! To the rest of the World, “if you EVER want to come to America, NOW is the time to stand up and do your part in your own Countries!”

        JC, I feel for your situation; but you now know your liberal wife WILL out you to the authorities when the time comes. DUMP HER ASS AT THE CURB! You DO NOT want a liberal in your midst with what’s coming in 2021! They are the enemy..wife, relative, family members one and all are security risks. Pack up what has meaning to you and drive the heck out of state! Leave it behind for her to suffer with! Not worth your life and we’re going to need good men like you staffing watches. Move to a red state like Montana where outside city limits it’s a ‘carry at will’ state!

        • JC

          not your patsy,
          Many years ago I used to work for a bakery equipment company and we had a customer in Montana that opened up a bagel shop. He was a nice guy, we had some interesting conversations, I remember him telling him that everybody there had firearms. He described his pickup truck with rifle mounted in it.

      • Trinacria

        JC, sounds like at your house FB and the TV are in charge !!! The brainwashing that takes place here is very subtle. George Carlin said it best….” most people aren’t to f’ing bright” to begin with… This is what the tech tyrants want. Tech now has a life of it’s own and it’s chewing people up and spitting them out. We don’t notice this. The problem is the negative feedback loop, dulls the brain, subtly makes people unhappy and then they got you. I am not exaggerating when I say these tech tyrants are built of same cloth as Sauron from Lord of the Rings. Practice three things, simplicity, simplicity and simplicity…if we all did this in mass the system would change through a peaceful revolution. Remember, your treasures are where you heart is….(Gospel of Matthew).

  76. Mohammad


    The latest clean up of the DOD was meaningful and the theme is no more wars , bring troops home .

    Add to it the fact that in battle states the judicial branch is corrupt beyond repair.

    Add to it the difficulty proving the Dominion software cheated since it had to be done real time ( they erase the logs so you cannot prove it retrospect).

    I see one scenario and only one:

    The military tribunals are coming….!

    I was skeptical about it when you first mentioned it in your show a while back and when you talked about the sealed indictments that are to the tune of tens of thousands, I could not see then how that scenario would unfold.

    However looking at this blatant steal of the election and corrupt judicial branch where you will not go anywhere with those judges that sold their souls, I can now see it happening and the pieces of the puzzle are falling in place to complete the picture.

    This is my reading:

    Between now and Jan 20th, if the legal challenge initiated by Trump’s “war room….Notice Greg the name” is going no where , obviously so in GA and PA, MI, then the martial law is coming with the military tribunals and the activation of the previous exec orders he did in 2016-17…on , add to that unfolding the sealed indictments and sending the cabal to Guantanamo……


    • Diane

      Possible, Mohammad.

    • Gary C

      Mohammad, I agree with your view, the only way Trump can pull this out. Is through
      a military tribunal and Marshall law. He had better beef up his security BIG TIME
      as he is up against the NSA, CIA, FBI, CFR, etc

      “When the Nose of the Camel is in the Tent the rest will surely follow”

    • notyourpatsy

      Mohammad, Great post! Now if it comes to fruition through martiaaal laaaw then that’s how I said it had to happen last year! It’s the *only* way it can be accomplished by P’Trump. I keep saying get THEM all when they are in the same bldg in dec. If P’Trump does this for the American people the history books will forget who George Washington was!!
      Plan for the worst hope for the best, is well spoken advice in times like these. Americans had 4 years to get their lives in order and ground in. If they did not then that’s because they’re slow learners that none of us can help at this point in history. I don’t like newbies in my prescence regardless of what I’m doing, they just muck it up and get in the way. We cannot trust ‘wannabe’ Patriots in our midst at this point. If you’re not vetted you’re not getting inside MY wire.

  77. ben

    My opinion, the people do nothing.
    Biden wins.
    If I discuss pretty much anything now, people dont believe it, they dont trust the net, the msm, politicians nothing and nobody.
    They look at the towers coming down exactly as controlled demolition and dont believe it.
    They will do nothing because they dont know what to believe.

    Why would they believe Trump, he has been caught in thousands of lies, I dont think we can blame anyone for not believing anything, they have not been taught to critically think for themselves.

  78. Pete

    If we manually count the votes honestly in PA ana Mi it will prove what happened either way. There are math and computer scientists whom will testify the election is rigged based on science and data. If manual recounts differ from machine counts we know the dlelection was rigged.

  79. H.Craig Bradley

    Martin Armstrong just reported on his blog that President Trump has officially conceded his defeat due to fraud. A loss is still a loss. More Trump voters should have gone to the polls. Tough titty, said the kitty.


    • Greg Hunter

      Trump has NOT conceded.

      • Mohammad

        Keep the spirit up Greg,

        Nastiest propaganda you will ever see to defeat people from within.

        He knows what is ahead and he will pull a surprise, wait for the military tribunals with martial laws.

        The reason why I’m saying that, is comparing this to Syria, Same play book different theatre.

        I can tell you although I believe no collusion with Russia is there, but Russia will not let China take over US, from my experience in my mother land, the side Russia stands with WINS.


    • Paul from Indiana

      LOL! I grew up in a neighborhood in the 50s that had lots of kids (you know, back when white people still HAD kids) and that saying you quote was popular. At about age 5, I had learned the saying but not the significance. My mother at some point scolded me for something, and I recited the line in response. In doing so, I broke 2 rules: no back-talk and no disrepectful attitude. Needless to say, I never repeated it in the house again! Best always. PM

    • William+Stanley

      H. Craig,
      The article doesn’t seem to support your characterization of it. What did I miss?

    • Rodster

      I think you are reading into it the wrong way. What I am reading is that Trump is not saying that Biden won legitimately but rather he won the election by fraud. He’s saying that because both Biden and the Media have declared him the winner.

      Trump has not confirmed he won legally.

  80. Mohammad


    I read Thomas Chittum book in 1997 and it is to the letter happening now, gangs influx from the border with the caravans are lean mean and young, the Trump supporters are families and no match for them, Trump has to get the military involved.


    • JungianINTP

      Re the violent leftists, Mohammad and Greg Hunter, copy my essay to paper, then delete my post :


      Hey, Lefty!

      Name Right-Wing Mass Murderers

      of the

      20th Century

      – You Stand in the Camp of the Most
      Evil Men in History –

      Most politically left-wing Jews and Gentiles agree with John Kenneth Galbraith’s view of America’s conservatives:

      “The modern conservative
      is engaged in one of
      man’s oldest exercises in
      moral philosophy: that is
      the search for a superior
      moral justification for

      Galbraith was left-wing – i.e., emotion-driven, which means “irrational” – in his evaluations of and advice about America’s political, social, cultural, racial, and financial matters.

      In the tradition of the emotion-driven leftist mind, Galbraith was what reason-driven conservatives name-call, “do-gooder.”

      If you sit down with pen and paper and make a list of the most famous do-gooders of the Twentieth Century, you’ll discover they were all mass murderers, wishing to “crack a few eggs to make an omelet”; that is, they were UTOPIAN-MINDED men on the Left, hell-bent on creating Heaven on Earth through violence and mass murder—in the names of FAIRNESS and EQUALITY.

      And, yes, they were men opposed to Man’s selfishness, hoping to more equally distribute the means for living a comfortable life to everyone—to create a fairer, more equalitarian, near-classless national and/or global society (Note: National socialists conflict with universal socialists, as the former are unwilling to give up their nation-state borders for the open-borders global society that universalists seek to impose).

      Those mass murderers were socialist and/or communist in their politics and engineering schemes; a distinction separated only by the degree of applied totalitarianism, with socialism being less controlling of individuals’ personal affairs than communism—the former being, for most leftists, but a stage towards achieving the latter’s degree of control.

      Can you name them—those left-wing mass murderers?

      Of course, you, like most people, believe Hitler was a right-wing tyrant, rather than the left-wing socialist he and his Nazi Party actually represented. Many political analysts have documented that fact, but their evidence cannot penetrate leftists’ false propaganda about him—about his left-wing, national-socialist movement. And so, to this day, most people mistakenly tag America’s conservatives and conservatism as “Nazis” and “Nazism.”

      [[ Note: Leftists cannot abide being badly tainted by the gas-chamber killings associated with one of their own left-wing comrades, so they deceitfully call Hitler’s Leftism “right-wing”. ]]

      Hitler was a leftist. Can you name the rest in Leftism who committed mass murder during the Twentieth Century?

      Lenin, Stalin, Chairman Mao and Pol Pot were left-wing “do-gooders,” who managed to “break a few eggs” on their march towards a FAIRER world, numbering over 100-million deaths through warring, starvation, torture and firing squads:

      If you see a left-wing
      do-gooder coming
      down the road, fear him!

      The so-called “selfishness” among rightists has done far more to spread wealth – and to effect good civilization – than leftists’ do-gooder social engineering could ever hope to achieve. And, yet, Leftism marches into the 21st Century holding the exact same emotion-driven, do-gooder schemes responsible for such brutal savagery throughout the 20th.

      Now, name those “SELFISH” conservatives who had committed mass murder.

      Hmmm…—and, now, drop your left-wing positions, as you stand there in the camp of the MOST EVIL men in human history. [[ Note: There is much that’s wrong with how Western conservatives and conservatism have applied meritocratic capitalism, but mass murder isn’t one of their failings. Capitalism isn’t to blame for this financial crisis in the West, but CAPITALISM ENSLAVED to and INFECTED by leftists’ socialism/communism is. ]]


  81. Dave

    This talk of the military stepping in or of some state legislatures trying to block electors from casing votes for Biden is more of the same conspiracy stuff that has been out there for four years. Hillary will go to jail, the FISA abuse will be prosecuted. Strock and Page will be charged. Comey will be charged and the biggest non-starter – that Barr and Durham would bring everyone to justice. Now Durham may not even issue a report. Folks like to talk of psyops and who knows – this talk promoted by some on the right that be patient, rest assured, all will be brought to justice may have been its own psyop to keep people tuning in and donating to certain groups. .

    It looks like the legal decisions will go against Trump. When that happens people like Jay Sakulow will call for acceptance of the decision and move on. As he said this past week, their (ACLJ) work will continue under a Biden Administration. They will challenge Biden’s executive orders as required and work against legislation they see as harmful that is being pushed by Biden and the Democrats. Sakulow is a devout Christian and strong pro-lfe advocate. His acceptance of Biden as the legit President should the courts rule that will will force Trump to accept the decision. And will have an hopefully calming impact on many conservatives. Cotton, Cruz, Jim Jordan. These guys will not stand with efforts of Trump to ignore a final court decision. Trump won’t do that. He is acting somewhat nonchalant given the situation. Its a good bet he is striking a deal for his concession and ending the legal battles. That deal – that his family be protected from prosecution by forces in the Biden Administration. Many Democrats and progressives are chomping at the bit to go after Trump and his family and that is something Trump will not countenance so a bargain is likely in the works.

    • Mohammad


      Trump is smart enough to know that any deal is not worth the ink written in it, and he will go to jail under Biden for tax evasion crappy narrative.

      He will trigger the executive emergency orders he signed in 2016/17/18 , I can pull them for you if you wish , they make all the sense now, this is a war waged by China on US , he even called it ” War room” .

      No deals will stand 5 minutes after Biden gets with Clintons and Obama’s and Bush’s in the WH.

      He knows that damn well.


      • notyourpatsy

        Mohammad, Right on! You are correct that we are at war with China who infected America with a biological warfare agent. Game on! Hopefully P’Trump has the best poker face ever played and IS outwitting the Demoncrats/ccp both at the same time. I pray daily for America, her President, and her Patriots. If America has to writeoff 2021’s economy as a total loss and avoids a civil war that is what we actually want!
        Think about how evil China’s govt is and the demoncrats aspire to be to us!
        They can control the population with:
        Fake gas ‘shortages’ caused by ‘the weather’ Oops!
        Food distribution ‘interruptions’ caused by ‘the weather’ Oops!
        Fake ‘lockdowns’ that are/ have destroyed countless small biz Oops!
        Screw with DMV’s statewide due to ‘fake’ employee + tests Oops!
        Media/3 letter govt agencies pscyh ops non stop Oops!
        Comms> Internet/cable/gps cell tower access Oops!
        Weather Winter is coming less mobile population Oops!
        Now go sit down and watch the movie, Sicario, it’s more real than you think folks….
        EddieMD, the only Country I did not motorcycle in was Columbia while there for obvious reasons you know. I bought a Suzuki 175 in the Panama free trade zone and went North from there to the US border. Been everywhere you went and then some I reckon. We probably travelled some of the same roads. San Jose’s mercado used to be a great place past the airport coming in from the west, puntereanes CR where I played soccer with the young kids in the park past the marina. Yeah, the checkpoint out of David north bound was a real shitshow! I recall seeing afgani dressed characters on the greyhd in the midwest back in the early ’90’s. I even got one to write his info down in my address book. You’d really enjoy that handwriting! Like I mentioned, had a great life saw all of S & C A from Tierra ‘Fuego north to Diego.

    • donna+s.

      That is pure crap. Trump won and the people are going to fight this with him. That may be what the deep state wants in all reality and they may not like what they ask for.
      Confucius , says sometimes you sound more intelligent when you shut your mouth

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “a bargain is likely in the works”

      The Dems and Deep State tried to steal the election. Why would President Tump trust them to keep “a bargain”?

      • Jim

        Pray they can get appropriate courts to here their case!

      • Dave

        At this point he has no choice. I’d bet his kids are lawyering up as we write. Trump does know things supposedly – for all the good that did during his four years. Durham is not going to indict anyone as just announced. Who knows who was “zooming whom”. Trump did squat to contain the Deep State and therein lies the out. IMO Trump was a plant from the get go. I have stated that here before. He has done his job if that is the case – allowing the chaos of his Administration to usher in a path for the Globalists to quickly consolidate their control. Trump will perhaps be “allowed” to retire to a comfortable life for a job well done.

        • Self+Exiled

          If he is untouched at this point he was [possibly] one of the opposition. We shall see. He was definitely used by The Divine to reveal to HIS people who have been deceived and who have not. I think it is a revelation of the beginning of sorrows Christ refers to in the Bible.

        • William+Stanley

          Re: “At this point he has no choice.”

          Then he has no choice but to fight.

          NSA has it all. And the Director of NSA reports to the Secretary of Defense . . . who reports to the President. IMO, the President’s people now have it all, too. Trump won in a landslide and his people know who the treasonous coup plotters are, exactly what they did, and exactly how they did it.

          For me, the main question now is whether or not this gets resolved by military tribunals, or whether there will be a pretense of resolving this under the Constitution. IMO, President Trump is in utter and complete control. If deals are offered, he will be the one offering them.

          • K. Wayne

            “Control” is such a subjective word. It tends to be used in the context of wielding Power and Influence. That is not something that can be attributed to POTUS….whether that is DJT or JRB. Both are either owned / surrounded by Swamp creatures. That in and of itself demonstrates the inability or capacity of any President to correct the wrongs.
            “Duly Elected “…but not in the sense of what a Democracy represents. We have none and our Republic is now in a state of deterioration. All of the bought and paid for Bad Actors are creating such an illusion ….a Show to end all Shows.
            The contested Election was well planned and executed….even Trump alerted us all to this very fact well in advance.
            If you doubt my statement…then I would direct you to this:
            EYES WIDE OPEN……
            Not dissimilar to the Event 201 – simulated Virus Pandemic.
            We are / have been corrupted and played by these psychopaths who have unleashed a torrent of thought shaping upon the unsuspecting. The intended consequence is for the great awakening ….a loss of faith in the Democratic process…….a swing back to the status quo…Trump Administration……with the continuance of a non-accountable and corrupted political framework held hostage by those of the Aristocracy, Industrialist, MIC and Banking fraternities.
            What should (and will) follow is the leftists coming together to create mass civil unrest.
            We enter the Great Reset with the Nation ablaze, an Economic Collapse with Trump being used as a scapegoat and the rights of every American revoked. Does that sound like a resolution to you? Time for the RED pill.

          • K. Wayne

            Go to Appendix B : Game 4 (near bottom)
            This is Live.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Fascinating concept. President Trump is a deal-maker, no doubt. What makes him think the opposition will honor the deal? Does he not have to have something on them as a counter to their potential doublecross? Best always. PM

      • Self+Exiled

        And that has been Trump’s weakness/miscalculation/error in his decision making and selections. These people/US political opposition do not make deals. The Chinese elite maybe but the Chinese leadership/CCP do not make deals. Deals to them are a means/instrumental/mechanism/route to an end.

  82. tim+mcgraw

    “I receive 300-500 emails and comments a day.” Greg Hunter.
    That proves that Greg is reaching a large audience with his channel. Maybe 1% of people write comments and emails.
    In these dark times I am reminded of Sam’s speech to Frodo in “Return of the King”. Sam reminds Frodo that the good in life is worth fighting for.
    I’m 68. I’ve seen a lot of good and bad in life. What is worth fighting for for you? Every man and woman has to answer that question for themselves.

    • notyourpatsy

      Tim, Gladly stand alongside you in any fight. We need to let the demoncrat commies make the first moves so as not to jump the gun. What comes depends on how the spring comes in. We, the American Patriot must stand down until spring before any type of major reaction. No knee jerk reactions from any loose cannons in our midst. Talk down those Patriots in your area who want to move first. Those type reactions get people killed. We move as units not as ‘hotheads’. A winter battle never amounts to anything except high casualties. Now a ‘nam style 6 month battle in fair weather we’ll have the upper hand state by state if we reserve ammo for only those coming for us. We’ll have to use a mil’ strategy in order to put up a resistance like the french, cough, did.
      MathGuy Shawn, GOD is ALWAYS on the side of His Believers, do not waiver in your Faith in Jesus Christ the Lord!

  83. wayne hardin

    Most people don’t even know what freedom is .
    Freedom is being able to open a business and hire who you want .
    Freedom is being able to say anything you want right or wrong .
    Freedom is being able to not wear a seat belt .

    I could keep on but i think the point is made !!!!!!!!!!!!
    In the world we live in people don’t even know what freedom is and most will end up
    giving what little they do have for a little money .
    And before long for a bowl of soup ……..

  84. Gina "M" Mancarella.

    Joe Biden won the election FAIR and SQUARE !

    ‘NUFF SAID !

    • Greg Hunter

      You crack me up Gina!! How much are they paying you?

      • Gina "M." Mancarella.

        Noone has to pay me for doing the right thing. Joe Biden is going to be a wonderful president. I’m just sorry that Beau isnt still with us physically to see it. You see Greg, Joe Biden is a man of integrity and honor. Joe Biden is a uniter not a divider. He speaks the truth and is worthy of great praise for his voluminous work supporting and serving our country. When Trump was out there trying to rebuild the cotton plantations to re-enslave the African population, Joe Biden was there to stop it. When Trump was on the southern border building walls instead of bridges, Joe Biden was there to slow down the process and hinder it. When Trump was making fin of the LGBTQ community and the disabled people, Joe Biden was there to call him out on it. The fact is, Greg …… Joe Biden is our president and he will restore honor and integrity back to the white house that has been lost during the last 4 years ! WE LOVE JOE !!!!!

        • Gina Thought Youlike

          Operators Active
          25,038 views•Nov 17, 2020
          X22Report Today

          A ‘new form of cancel culture’ is at work in US presidential election fallout
          322,498 views•Nov 16, 2020
          Sky News Australia
          It is clear now that there is one thing the “left-wing agitators and Trump haters” don’t want to hear which is that there may have been mail-in voting fraud, according to Sky News host Alan Jones.

    • tim+mcgraw

      Gina: Francis Bacon’s essay Of Prophecies, 1604 is the first known use of ‘fair and square’:

      “Faire, and square. The gamester calls fooles holy-day.”

      LOL! Yes, the gamester has called the fool’s holy day, election day, for Biden.

    • notyourpatsy

      Gina, Thanks for your post. Now we all know what the ‘M’ stands for > MORON! See ya! Don’t want to be ya! when it all goes south for you liberal commiecrats! And it IS going to go south for ALL you liberals in 2021. You’re just moving targets like at a carnival duck shoot LMAO!

    • Paul ...

      Gina … Your Nuff is small potato’s … compared to the power of our Powell “To Release the Kraken”!!

    • Paul ...

      Gina … We all know what Nuff said: “Heads I win tails you lose” …
      Here is what the Kraken says: “Trump will end up in the White House for a second term”!!
      Because there was a massive and coordinated effort to steal this election from we the people of the United States of America by “commie” Demon-rats delegitimatizing and destroying votes for Donald Trump and manufacturing votes for Joe Bribe’n … and it can all be easily proved with the server (now in Trumps possession) that Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes but “by millions of votes” that were shifted by this server software (expressly designed to rig elections) and all backed up by sworn witness testimony that an algorithm was used that could be watched in real time to calculate the votes they would need to flip … and then they stopped the vote count and flipped the votes from Trump to Bribe’n) … it’s going to blow the minds of every single “commie” Demon-rat in America when the affidavits and the experts bring this evidence to Court … your brazen pronouncements Gina do not overrule evidence … and criminal investigations will be launched to bring every “commie” perper-traitor to justice!!

  85. Mark

    Watched the movie mr. Jones ‘chilling’ is what I can best describe it to be..
    If socialism/communism are the forecast. Buckle up gonna be one eventful ride.
    Thank you president elect Trump for exposing the truth. We as a nation are at the defining point. In the past we have echoed names of leaders who have kept us on the straight and narrow and now we are seeing new names added to the list of leaders that are keeping the oath.
    Greg, I have followed your work for multiple years. The list of of people you bring to us is stunning. Being one of the million silent majority followers I have to say is that you are at the right time and right place.

    • tim+mcgraw

      “Mr. Jones” should be watched by every American.

  86. Rodster

    “The Democrats Are Aiming for a One-Party Government”


    • K. Wayne

      We are past that point. Just that most cannot see it.

  87. jail bird

    Bill Gates hired BLM “students” to count ballots in battleground states
    Sunday, November 15, 2020 by: Ethan Huff
    (Natural News) To ensure that Joe Biden “won” most of the key battleground states, Bill Gates and others in positions of influence replaced veteran poll workers with “young black students,” also known as Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists, who committed election fraud for pay. READ MORE BELOW;
    Where’s election storming Norman Eisen, when Obama don’t need him anymore? Gitmo? Gitmo Joe> Gitmo Joe

  88. Paul ...

    What will Baghdad Bob say when Antifa tears down Bribe’ns Presidential statue??

  89. Russ+F

    Thank you Greg for having Martin on the show; I especially liked his comments of opinions versus facts. MSM is 99.9% opinion, .01% facts.
    Please consider having Charles Nenner back on. With the market making new highs as he said it would by the end of November even though the economy is dead, it would be interesting to know if he is still predicting the current cycle to end by the end of November. This would make sense fundamentally based on the market making new highs while the economy is continuing to die even more and still more when the next round of lockdowns are put into effect. As he is a technical analyst, would be great to know if technically the market is confirming this.

  90. eddiemd

    More on the vaccine.


    Revelation 16:1-2
    Then I heard a loud voice from the Temple saying to the seven angels, “Go and pour the seven bowls of God’s wrath on the earth.” 2 So the first angel went and poured his bowl on the earth. A horrible, painful sore appeared on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshipped the image.

    Perhaps an immune reaction to the vaccine.

    Rev 13:16-17
    16 The second beast forces all people—important and unimportant, rich and poor, free and slaves—to be marked on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that no one may buy or sell unless he has the mark, which is the beast’s name or the number of its name.

    The great reset digital monetary world system along with evidence of the vaccine. You will be forced to take the vaccine. If you don’t, you will not be able to buy or sell.

    Here is a potential problem with the mRNA vaccine that they fail to mention.


    “MicroRNAs (miRs) are short, non-coding RNA species that have been proven to activate messenger RNA (mRNA) in normal development and disease [25–28]. MiRs are either released by cells protected from the surrounding environment in a variety of vesicles or are associated in complexes with proteins. The package through which cells communicate with the outside world by using miRs is extremely important and exosomes were the first extracellular vesicles shown to contain microRNAs [29–32].”

    mRNA lipopolysaccharide nanoparticle vaccine have the potential to act in a similar manner. Triggering a Graft v Host reaction (GVHD)…see Revelation 16:1-2

  91. Svetlana Stalin

    Trump ‘is not conceding’ because the voting software is allegedly ‘crook’
    34,020 views•Nov 16, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Paul Murray says the “key piece of information” being given to Donald Trump and the reason he is not conceding, is “the voting software” that is to vote and to count the ballots “is crook”.
    Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said, “it (voter fraud) is way beyond what people think, including a very, very dangerous foreign company that did the votes in 27 states.”
    “A company that’s not American, a company that is foreign, a company that has close, close ties with Venezuela and therefore China,” Mr Giuliani said.
    “And use Venezuelan company’s software that’s be used to steal elections in other countries.”
    Mr Murray commented, “this is why he won’t concede, because the allegations are this system can and has been fiddled with in the past.”
    “It’s been used to cheat in elections in south America, it was banned by the United States about a decade ago, it’s come back now as a sub-contractor to other companies,” Mr Giuliani said.
    Mr Murray said, “this is why he’s not conceding.”
    Trump ‘is not conceding’ because the voting software is allegedly ‘crook’
    34,020 views•Nov 16, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Paul Murray says the “key piece of information” being given to Donald Trump and the reason he is not conceding, is “the voting software” that is to vote and to count the ballots “is crook”.
    Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said, “it (voter fraud) is way beyond what people think, including a very, very dangerous foreign company that did the votes in 27 states.”
    “A company that’s not American, a company that is foreign, a company that has close, close ties with Venezuela and therefore China,” Mr Giuliani said.
    “And use Venezuelan company’s software that’s be used to steal elections in other countries.”
    Mr Murray commented, “this is why he won’t concede, because the allegations are this system can and has been fiddled with in the past.”
    “It’s been used to cheat in elections in south America, it was banned by the United States about a decade ago, it’s come back now as a sub-contractor to other companies,” Mr Giuliani said.
    Mr Murray said, “this is why he’s not conceding.”

    “Many un-Democratic and un-progressive, are chomping at the bit to go after Trump and his family and that is something Trump will not countenance so a bargain is likely in the works.” Dave, WHAT A CROOK CROCK OF POOPSTER!
    “When Dave fears the American people there is freedom, when the people fear an UN-intelligence Dave, there is tyranny” Thomas Jefferson
    Dave there is still freedom! So go threaten un-Justice Roberts. Bring out the former thug -n-chief Obama.
    Dave where’s your budgie Kay Wayne. Busting heads at a rally somewhere?
    Un-like your ilk, real patriots aren’t cowards and can’t be cowered by you thugster’s.
    Soon you all are gonna get it in the mugster, you muenster Munster, smelly monster’s.

    • K. Wayne

      Wow …A real commie….with a comprehension deficit disorder.
      If you are a reflection of the acumen of the wider citizenry …… then God help America.

      • Sveetie

        Try telling that to me dad, mate!

  92. Stasie Stalie

    Oop’s David,
    Almost fergot!
    Trump ‘is not conceding’ because the voting software is allegedly ‘crook’
    51,268 views• SkyNewsOz Nov 16, 2020

  93. Bill+B

    Had all i can stand of fox news. Ive changed to OAN. Much more believable in their reporting.

    • notyourpatsy

      Bill, All Patriot Americans should turn on Fox News then shut it off/change the channel at the top of each hour to send the message! We are not believing their BS antics anymore! FN is as complict, and their staff, as the enemy demoncrats. FN is like the prisoner who’ll give up dirt on the rest just for extra rice in their bowl. Lou Dobbs you suck! There’s people I know back in Ireland that also think you suck! Your tantrum antics as a host are a cover for your lame reporting. You could’nt sweep the floor in Dr Savage’s radio room!

  94. Wildman93

    What does it matter Mr. Hunter if we can prove it or not. Most of our judges are corrupted and will just throw it out with no justification except how they feel. You would think if they thought all these witnesses were perjuring themselves they would go after them, but they don’t even do that. I guess it would require testimony and investigation, I am sure they don’t want that. They, the liberals and their collaborators have witnessed no adverse actions taken against their wrong doing by any form of the Government for 4 years now, no state, no city, no county, no Fed. Talk is cheap, action, action, action. The libs understand this. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

    • Self+Exiled

      And that was half of all the reasons I self exiled after 3 years of prayer; tears, more prayer: the dark night of my soul.

      • notyourpatsy

        SE, Sorry you left and have to have the guilt of not being here to defend the Republic. Don’t worry I’ll be glad to shout your name a few times going against the enemy for you.
        Like I mentioned in the past, the demoncrats set this scenario up way back in the ’60’s allowing chinese nationals to build ‘chinatowns’ across America. Those will be the first to burn I can assure you, with no firemen going to their aid!

        • Self+Exiled

          The anguish I felt was not leaving the US but what Wildman stated; not Edmund Burke’s statement. In 2011 America was still blind I had been warning people for 30 years , ”there he goes again” our local conspiracy theorist. No the Dark Night of my Soul was a spiritual experience. A cleansing of what held me back spiritually. A Gift that looks dark and feels like it but is not. PHHN

  95. Marie+Joy

    WE deserve what we tolerate.

    • Self+Exiled

      I tolerate a few people I know I don’t deserve their company.

  96. Jerry Davis

    Awesome interview, Greg. I added you to my list of daily reads, and forwarded your interview to my subscribers. Super powerful, and very, very concerning. This era is both exciting and terrifying, and we haven’t seen anything yet. Its going to go hyperspeed on us in Q1, 2021.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jerry!

  97. Dave

    The Dominion software was used for same day voting which Trump won. Not for absentee ballots. So way too much is being made of Dominion – Sydney Powel talking about the software having been used in Venezuela and other such. That proves squat. . Where is the smoking gun, the chain if e-mails that allowed the dastardly forces to pull off such massive voter fraud? Some people on the right are going bat-crazy. Sebastian Gorka said today he will not accept the Court’s decision – if it goes against Trump. Hugh Hewitt is warning about folks like Gorka. They are every bit as willing to ignore the law and court decisions as is the extreme left. To burn down the system. These guys are upset that Cruz or Cotton or Jordan are not doing more – what more? Like state they will ignore a decision handed down by the conservative Supreme Court? Some on the right are being manipulated by TPTB who want to turn Americans against one another and take power/consolidate control over them. Gorka and Levin and Hannity and some others may urge the broader conservative base to take that kind of drastic and unconstitutional action but most conservatives will not follow these guys off the cliff.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Dave you are wrong.

    • eddiemd

      More gaslighting psyop.

      Next you will tell us about anonymous sources close to the president Just start quoting Bolt-ons. Or maybe Mattis.

      Dave? Or are you CNN reporter Jim Acosta?

  98. Mohammad


    This is huge…!

    “Executive Order on Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies
    Issued on: November 12, 2020”


    it is indicating that Trump is acting as the president for a second term, and for people who doubt that I will say read carefully the language of this executive order that came on the heels of the fraudulent election past Nov 3d, this is huge, it nails all the Chinese shady companies by 4 departments:

    1- The secretary of Treasury.
    2- The Secretary of State.
    3- The secretary of Defense.
    4- The Director of National Intelligence.


    “The Secretary of the Treasury, after consultation with the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence, and the heads of other executive departments and agencies (agencies) as deemed appropriate by the Secretary of the Treasury, is hereby authorized to take such actions, including the promulgation of rules and regulations, and to employ all powers granted to the President by IEEPA, to carry out the purposes of this order. The Secretary of the Treasury may, consistent with applicable law, redelegate any of these functions within the Department of the Treasury. All agencies shall take all appropriate measures within their authority to carry out the provisions of this order.”


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the posting Mohammad!

    • eddiemd


      We missed you for a long while.

      • Mohammad

        TRUMP won this election fair and square and they stole it from him:


  99. Greg Hunter

    Never give up the con H. You expect me to believe Obama and CBS news. You got to be kidding!!

  100. eddiemd

    December 8th is the safe harbor date for the electoral college.

    December 14th is the deadline date.

    January 6th is the date for finalization of the electoral vote.

    Plenty of time to reveal the deception and fraud.

  101. Self+Exiled

    Here we go> Sidney Powell: Smartmatic Voting Machine’s Chairman of the Board Peter Neffenger Named to Joe Biden’s ‘Transition Team’


  102. SilverHawk

    The way I see it right now is President Trump has 2 aces up his sleeve. One, the Supreme court. 2, under a national emergency that was declared for covid, the president basically has total dictatorial power (see Patriot Act). Including nullifying the entire election. So, get ready for the show to start…

  103. wayne hardin

    So the Reparations talk goes on .
    Anybody that thinks that they are owed something for anything that they didn’t work for .
    Or in the case that the blacks talk about slave reparations is living in a delusional world.
    Nobody owes anything for something they had no part in doing . Black or White / Brown
    or Yellow or any color in between .
    There black people that laugh at the blacks that talk about reparations and racism .
    And they all call the blacks like that / racist and another word i cant say because
    i am white .
    Until people start telling people that nobody owes them anything for nothing that
    didn’t happen to them personally nothing will change .
    They say it starts in the home but i don’t no about that .
    Their are good black as well as white or any color for that matter parents that try
    to teach their kids right to no avail .
    You have teachers and peers and yes even preachers telling them they have been done
    wrong .
    You see people with more money and fame than most in the world and all they can
    do is complain .
    And then they talk about reparations .
    They are proof that money / fame / or what ever wont fix what is wrong .
    Where is common sense .

  104. wayne hardin

    Police Ignore BLM Attacks on Restaurant Patron .
    OK we have 2 sides .
    1 hates the police and wants them gone with is the dumbest thing ever spoken .
    And the other loves them and wont say anything about them just watching people
    get beat and spit on and they even send people into the middle of blm .
    Cop should be held to a higher standard than ordinary people because they
    are paid to keep order .
    If they wont quit .
    And if their boss tells them they cant do their job / there are more important things
    than money .
    They need to tell the boss TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT > and commence to
    putting a ass beating on the thugs that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

  105. Clint+D.

    My hope is that Trump will remain as president for another 4 years. My concern is that the USA may be the last days Babylon and this election is activating Jeremiah 51:46. If so, such will be evident by faintness of heart, fear, rumors, violence and ruler against ruler. If this scenario begins, such is exactly what will happen to Babylon before she is destroyed by an attack from foreign nations from the North.

  106. Last Day's New's

    Ingraham: Biden’s ‘reset’ will strip Americans of freedom, money
    50,728 views•Nov 16, 2020 Fox News
    Laura Ingraham weighs in on Joe Biden’s economic plan and the media’s treatment of Trump supporters

  107. Jvianney

    I live in WI and I was on the WI elections board Website and found this:
    Correcting Misinformation about Wisconsin’s Election

    Apparently according to WI officials, Ballot dumps for Biden at 4:00AM are all perfectly normal.

  108. Ministry of TRUTH

    The Affidavit: Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs
    509,775 views•Nov 16, 2020 FOX Business

    102,833 views•Nov 16, 2020 Black Conservative Patriot

    Evidence Will Blow
    59,631 views•Nov 16, 2020 X22Report Today

    The US election is ‘far from over’
    5,823 views•Nov 17, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Alan Jones says the US presidential election is “far from over”.
    “How much more evidence of voter fraud do people need,” Mr Jones said.
    Mr Jones pointed to Sidney Powell, one of five attorneys on Donald Trump’s legal team, who said there is substantial evidence which shows Dominion Voting Systems are capable of vote switching.
    “Apparently switching the votes from one candidate to the other or deleting them is easy to do on these Dominion Voting Systems,” Mr Jones said.
    Mr Jones spoke with New York Post columnist Miranda Devine about the issue.
    “Yesterday in Georgia we had 2,600 uncounted votes were discovered from one of these Dominion voting machines, and most of those – you won’t be surprised to hear – were for Donald Trump,” Ms Devine said.
    “There’s still a ways to go, there are a lot of lawsuits wending their way through the court system.”

  109. Hjalmar Bergman

    CNN has given up ‘any semblance of objectivity or truth’
    45,656 views•Nov 17, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Rita Panahi says CNN has given up any semblance of objectivity or truth as they have shown themselves to be “full blown activists”.
    It comes after multiple CNN reports suggested the violence on the streets surrounding the US election were actually Trump supporters and that Trump celebrated them.
    “That’s CNN and we don’t expect anything better from them,” Ms Panahi told Sky News host Paul Murray.
    “They really are [the most putrid of networks] and they have given up any semblance of objectivity or truth.
    “They are just full blown activists and they’re not beyond lying to their audience.”

  110. HIGH NOON

    Sarah Palin respnds to Barack Obama’s latest personal attacks
    310,429 views•Nov 16, 2020 Fox News
    Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin joins ‘Hannity’ to react to the former president’s recent attacks on President Trump and herself

  111. Win McBullar

    EP 2199-9AM Sidney Powell: Impeach Justice Roberts If He Doesn’t Take Up Massive Election Fraud Case
    1,163 watching now•Started streaming 95 minutes ago The Pete Santilli Show

  112. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview and work on getting the truth out as always. One guest I think you should have on again is Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante). He has been doing some great work lately that would be enjoyed by your wider audience.

  113. Self+Exiled

    WOW————Possible,gotta prove it! Is their a war between the Army and CIA???

    BREAKING: US Military Raid In Germany Revealed Trump Won 410 Electoral Votes!!


    • Self+Exiled

      notyourpatsy—————-Maybe this is the Kraken.

  114. Self+Exiled

    Anti-Trump Engineer Of Dominion Voting Systems Said “I Made Sure Trump’s Not Gonna Win” In Secret Call With Antifa Claims Man Who Infiltrated Group


  115. Self+Exiled

    If Gambling Sites Have Not yet Called the Presidential Election, Why Should We?


  116. Self+Exiled

    Trump Allies Explored Buyout of Newsmax TV as Fox News Alternative


  117. Selma Alabama

    The Great Reset is ‘crazy, kooky stuff’ which aims for ‘no private property by 2030’
    10,373 views•Nov 17, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Nationals Senator Matt Canavan says the World Economic Forum’s plan for the Great Reset is “crazy, kooky stuff”.
    Mr Canavan said the Forum recently released a video clip outlining that by 2030, “they don’t want anyone to own property”.
    “You’ll own no property and you’ll be happier apparently,” he said.
    “This stuff is crazy, kooky stuff.
    “The real battle line – in my view – in politics, is between those who want to allow people to take control of their own lives and communities and run their own countries, their own states, their own local councils … the way they’d like to see them run, and those who are pushing for one, unified, global order that takes away agency or sovereignty from any individual.
    “Because if we have one global order, you’re one of about 8 billion people and you can’t control your local environment.
    “When we invest in smaller communities and give power to local governments, to state governments and to national governments, you can have a lot more influence.
    “I think we’ve seen a push back against the globalisation order in the last few years.
    “The more we give power back to local and small governments, the better communities we’ll have, the more investment, the more vested interest people will have in their local community and therefore the better decisions will be made.”

  118. King Lear Jet

    BREAKING: Josh Hawley Uncovers SECRET Facebook Content Monitoring…
    126,472 views•Nov 17, 2020 FOX

  119. McBullar Win

    Trey Gowdy demands ‘zero acceptance’ for errors in elections
    140,086 views•Nov 17, 2020

  120. Miles Randall

    Mulvaney reacts to Biden’s COVID comments: ‘A play by Dems’ to blame GOP
    116,855 views•Nov 17, 2020 Fox Business
    Mulvaney reacts to Biden’s COVID comments: ‘A play by Dems’ to blame GOP
    116,855 views•Nov 17, 2020 Fox Business

    “YOU’RE EXPOSED” Mike Lee GRILLS Zuckerberg and Dorsey Over Republican Bias Claims
    172,287 views•Nov 17, 2020 NewsNOW from FOX

    • Randall Miles

      Mulvaney reacts to Biden’s COVID comments: ‘A play by Dems’ to blame GOP
      242,234 views•Nov 17, 2020 Fox Business
      Former Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney reacts to President-Elect Biden’s comments on coronavirus.

  121. Questions

    BREAKING: Former Dominion project manager who helped execute $25 million contract with state of MI was Democrat mayor at same time
    BY NEWSEDITORS // 2020-11-16

    How can Dem’s say BLM don’t matter. Were handing the running of the United States of America over on a gold platter. Where’ AOC, WHERE’S HUNTER? Don’t corrupt lives matter anymore?
    Were As Mad As Hell

  122. wayne hardin

    Study Warns That New Work From Home Trend is Making People More “Racist” ???????
    I think it might have a little to do with watching people get sucker punched from behind
    and then get kicked in the head before getting robbed .
    Or seeing towns burned to the ground after being lotted .
    And then people saying that is OK .
    Upon further investigation it would seem that they are demon possessed sense they
    can neither control them selves or see anything wrong with what they are doing.
    I hear a lot of them say they believe in Jesus
    Satan believes in Jesus to …… There is a difference in believing in Jesus and knowing
    Jesus ……. In other words their auctions and speaking so LOAD it is hard to believe
    they know Jesus .
    He says if you do wrong and I don’t tell you then you are a bastard and not not one
    of mine .
    The difference in believing in Jesus and knowing him is knowing when you do wrong .
    Because we ALL DO WRONG …….
    I judge nobody GODS WORD DOES >>>>

  123. Marie+Joy

    Communists are, extremely, vicious and they will not hesitate to kill anyone, to further their ends.

  124. Mohammad

    HUGE …..


    In my state MI that stole it from Trump, the decision of the board of canvassers to certify the election is REFUSED by 2 state republicans on the committee …..HUGE WIN TO TRUMP:

    “BREAKING: This evening, the county board of canvassers in Wayne County, MI refused to certify the election results. If the state board follows suit, the Republican state legislator will select the electors. Huge win for @realDonaldTrump”


  125. Linda

    Sydney Powell speaking about Hammer again. . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMDtOtGFrYg

  126. Hunt Hunted Haunterd

    China-Australia Trade: Australian Wine Piles Up as China Shuns Imports_ 179 views•Nov 17, 2020 Bloomberg Quicktake
    Australian wine exporters should be preparing for their peak selling season, the months preceding Christmas and New Year celebrations in China. They are instead watching stockpiles of product mount in warehouses as its biggest market clamps down on shipments from the country.
    Already on edge after China announced two trade probes into the country’s wine industry earlier this year, people familiar with the situation said this month Beijing had also ordered traders to stop purchasing at least seven categories of Australian commodities — including wine, rock lobsters, barley, and copper ore — in its most sweeping trade move against Canberra yet.
    The prospect of indefinite bans would be a worst case scenario for Australian exporters, who have already been hit this year by Covid-19 lockdowns.
    The issue is keeping Alex Xu awake at night as he tries to keep his business afloat. The Sydney exporter sells his own brands of wine from vineyards located in South Australia’s Coonawarra, McLaren Vale and Barossa wine regions, as well as custom products. About 80% of its clients are in China.
    Lately, his company Royal Star Wine has had six or seven orders from China canceled, resulting in a financial hit of A$200,000 ($146,000) to A$300,000. The importers had been recently ordered not to buy Australian wine, he said. By whom, it’s unclear.
    “This is a very serious matter because we don’t know how long we’ll be banned,” Chinese-born Australian Xu said. “Every night I’m still thinking about ‘what should I do tomorrow?’”
    The orders not canceled are being delayed at customs in China, Xu said. He currently has two containers, holding about 14,000 bottles of wine apiece, waiting on ships to clear customs in China. He’s been told they will be processed on Nov. 25 but isn’t confident that will happen, given reports of ongoing hold-ups from other exporters.
    China hasn’t officially confirmed whether the bans are a government directive. Still, last week a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Australia is to blame for worsening relations between the two nations, after Canberra called for an international investigation into the way China handled the coronavirus outbreak.
    Still, the wine trade to China appears to have effectively stopped, according to Tony Battaglene, chief executive of industry group Australian Grape and Wine. Product set for export is down by as much as 60% and shipments that do reach customs in the country face intense scrutiny.
    About 40% of Australian wine exports would typically be shipped in the final four months of the year, he said. “This is the peak export period,” Battaglene said. It’s “not good at all.”
    The question now is, where is Hunter?👀🦴Here boy!

  127. Crepe Rosette

    Biden is not president-elect: Dershowitz explains Trump team’s legal strategy | NTD
    106,640 views•Nov 17, 2020
    Dershowitz on Trump Team’s Legal Strategy
    With the many lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign, many are wondering what the Trump team’s strategies are and what potential scenarios may play out. NTD spoke with legal expert and attorney Alan Dershowitz for his analysis of the situation.
    03:31 Dominion Smartmatic Computer Fraud
    Trump’s legal team says they have enough evidence that voting systems were ‘used to rig the election,’ to overturn the election results. And a Trump lawyer alleges that the voting system used in this election has ties to a company involved with the Venezuelan socialist regime.
    07:36 GOP Senator: Hunter Biden Probe Not Over
    Republican senator Ron Johnson says he will continue investigating the Biden family’s business dealings after the new Congress is sworn in.
    08:19 Lawsuits Against Big Tech Funding Election
    Ahead of this year’s election, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg donated hundreds of millions of dollars to a private nonprofit. Which then granted the money to local elections boards in key swing states. Now, a watchdog group has filed lawsuits in many of those states. WATCH;
    What zuckerberg Zuckerman (whatever his name is) has done is nothing short of bribery!
    The news in the US has turned on its own people for money
    They’re mad that Trump won’t let them steal the election like they did Bernie.
    Comments they’re priceless and there’s more…….

    Twitter, Facebook executives face Senate over alleged election interference
    4,177 views•Nov 17, 2020 Sky News Australia
    More than 300,000 tweets were flagged as potential misinformation during the United States presidential election.
    Don’t forget those comments!
    The extraordinary figure was revealed as the heads of Twitter and Facebook faced the Senate Judiciary Committee.
    The Republican line of questioning focused on the need to protect freedom of speech and scrutinised how the tech giants decide what should and should not be blocked.
    The Hunter-Biden email story was raised as an example of content which was blocked on Twitter, because it contained hacked information, when other similar stories were not censored.

  128. Jim Bedford

    Foreign Teacher Lands in Rural America: ‘I Was Surprised’ | VOA Connect
    3,162,582 views•Jul 24, 2019 VOA News
    Northeast, NewEngland, West coaster’s
    take a little trip, up the mighty Mississipp. To, known as flyover Trump country and a little lady from overseas and her thoughts on rural America.

  129. Klay Vain

    After 4 years of trying to take down president Trump from crossfires hurricane, Russian collusion,Robert Mueller and the impeachment. Never trust the mainstream media and Democrat. All legal ballots must be counted and all illegal ballots must be thrown out such as the ballots of the dead people, none residents, none US citizen, no signature, no post date , manufacturing ballots of the elderly people in the nursing home. The American people want integrity of the election regardless who will be the president.

    Former CIA officer explodes on Secy Esper: ‘Get the hell out of the Pentagon’
    2,162,979 views•Jun 4, 2020 Fox News
    Democrat and Former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright says if Secretary of Defense Mark Esper doesn’t see what’s going on he should leave.

    Tucker: Big Tech’s coordinated suppression amounts to a ‘censorship cartel’
    190,147 views•Premiered 4 hours ago
    Junior Manning 2 hours ago
    This is enough to charge. If zuck doesn’t know what his company has to monitor people it’s too big and he admitted it.

    Whistleblower alleges order from supervisor to favor Biden mail; USPS whistleblower: I didn’t recant
    20,232 views•Nov 18, 2020 NTD
    Whistleblower Mail Carrier Alleges Order From Supervisor to Favor Biden Mail
    Another whistleblower has come forward, and this time, the claim is about giving both camps different treatment regarding mail. Speaking to Project Veritas, the letter carrier claims a local postal supervisor in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, gave an unusual order on Nov. 9. “We were told that the only political mail that will be delivered from now on will be, that of the winner, in this case, Joe Biden,” the anonymous whistleblower said.
    0:00 USPS Pennsylvania Whistleblower: ‘I Did Not Recant’
    Richard Hopkins, the U.S. Postal Service whistleblower in Pennsylvania says he’s standing by his statement. He said he overheard superiors discussing backdating mail-in ballots. He’s also alleging that he’s being coerced by investigators to recant his claims. And now, Hopkins has released a video denying he fabricated his allegations. That’s after the House Oversight Committee claimed on Nov. 10 that investigators told them Hopkins had recanted his statement.

    Jesse Binnall: “We Have Declarations From Over 400 People” About Voting Irregularities In Nevada
    9,475 views•Nov 17, 2020 GOP War Room

  130. tEX Whittier

    K. Vain
    Is this your Idea of our future without you? The ultimate morell mushroom dry dream of concurring mudder Russka and blame it on Trump. Or like a good little NAZI, bite off more than you can eat. Like mom said Mikey, your nearsighted eye’s are bugger than your stomach!
    Do we believe election integrity has been maintained and that the 2020 Presidential elections represent the voters of America?
    Nope, Nada!
    The 2020 elections are corrupt, not believable, turned into a wicked game to place National Socialism/Communism in control of a free people.
    It won’t work.
    Either election honesty, integrity and reliability is restored or the nation must split up into a group of Constitutional Conservative free States and a separate group of National socialist/communist government-worshiping States.
    Nobody trusts anyone anymore, in the US Government House, Federal & un-intelligence agencies, or Supreme Court or State fraudulently elected officials.
    Redo the 2020 elections if this nation is to remain United States as opposed to Communist Bloc satellites interspersed with Sanctuary Republics.
    You do know what they say, a stupid and ignorant people eventually get the government they deserver. So continue to let your operation Mockingbird brained corporate media fools, fool your people, by making themselves into even bigger fools. Hear that Wolf?

  131. Diane

    Thank you posters to this thread.
    You have made many great comments.
    God Bless you.

  132. Lightning

    I had two posts that were deleted discussing the science of nanoparticles .

    What happened?

    • Lightning

      I responded twice to Eddiemd detailing nanoparticle research details. Can I ask why you took it down?

      They are relevant posts for readers to digest

      • Greg Hunter

        You made a very nasty comment to Anthony Australia about a “threesome” and I took them down. Don’t ever make a nasty comment like that again.

    • Clara Bowman

      Lighting, you have to outsmart the algorithm!
      I know, it can be a bummer. You spend maybe all day on something and really put your heart into it. You try to make sure not to trip up the Algo -rhythm and bonkers, all for naught. A swift kick in the asset and left to spend the rest of the day wondering, what the heck screwed you up this time. This is my second comment so it’s likely nobody will ever see this. Thank you Crypto Hippie!

  133. Smith Kaline Glax'so

    Trump preparing Iraq, Afghanistan troop withdrawal
    92,952 views•Nov 17, 2020 FOX Business
    President Trump is planning to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Congressman-elect Col. August Pfluger, R-Texas, with more.
    People are dying in the Afghanistan War, who were not even born when this War started… Let that sink in.
    We need to concentrate on America, we have enough problems to deal with.
    Only like 17 years late, but hey better than in another 10 years
    Today’s soldiers are standing where their parents once stood – enough already. Read
    Why isn’t this top news after 20 or so years this should be the top news
    “We have destroyed the ISIS caliphate” ……… There’s no more ISIS!
    Bring our sons and daughters home before the holidays. God Bless.
    We need to use our money to repair America. Roads, the teachers union, medical care, PPE etc.
    Over 1 Million innocent civilians lost there lives. Let’s not forget about that. There will be so many happy children to see their mothers and fathers coming home.
    Furthermore, let’s never do this again.

    Actor Jon Voight urges Americans to ‘fight now for Trump’s victory’
    42,127 views•Nov 18, 2020 LifeSiteNews
    Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight called on Americans “of all colors, races, and religions” to “fight now for Trump’s victory … as if it is our last fight on Earth.”

    GO HOME NOW: Georgia Investigating “Flooding” Claims And GOP Vote Watchers Told To Leave
    8,792 views • newsNOW fromFOX Nov 18, 2020
    Why doesn’t the news tell us something we want to know, like are the same criminals counting again, like last time too?
    Yes, but much more experienced now this time. Catch me if you can. Not!
    So who had custody of these so called thumb drives? We’ll never know, in witness election protection program. Check out all overseas passenger flight logs out of Atlanta, Philly and Detroit and any Celebrity cruises out of port of Miami, to Venezuela.
    But know that the Biden corruption family and SanFransicko corrupt elected, without any interruption, are forever appreciative of they’re service to Democratic National solicitous Socialism. All together now, Hi ell Barry!
    Trump ballots were tossed away. Democrats will just have to pay, fine em high! Repeat,
    Trump ballots were tossed away. Democrats will just have to pay, fine em high! Repeat!

    CAUGHT ON CAM: California Governor Gavin Newsom Caught Dining With A Huge Group
    10,904 views•Nov 18, 202o NewsNOW from FOX

    • Glax'so Smith Kaline

      Grow some Newsom knows covid-19 is as dangerous as the seasonal flu and that as soon as anybody gets the sniffles, your doctor throw’s you into ICU . Why hospitals are loaded up and finally in the money! Nobody is dying now of covid because the hospitals aren’t killing you as before. No over medicating to take down the immune system overreaction and no use of all the ventilators. Basically letting you cure your cold yourself.
      There is no cure for a cold, except for yourselfie! Flu is a cold on overdrive, the body’s way of telling you to slow down. Sure, this is a weaponized Wu-han \*/ Kung-flu, but still, just the flu! So be smart, rest up and don’t let yourself die of cold, take the sunshine vitamin_ D3! 6 buck’s at Costco, you wont need a trillion dollar economy busting vaccine! You think Bill Gates is gonna take it? The man sports a year round tan! You don’t think his vitamin D levels are up. If not, I got ah private island in Washington state to sell you!

      • Bob+Lamb

        Corona viruses and flu viruses are not the same.

        • Clara Bowman

          What’s the difference Bob?
          And Glax’so, I heard that before. Yes, he eventually got well, despite his doctor!

  134. JC

    Yoichi Shimatsu:
    American values are being killed off not just by the infection rate or digital sloth or mindless arson but more from the unrelenting intent by our worst sworn enemy, as astutely predicted by the Marquis de Lafayette. “It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country, the United States of America, are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars of Europe.” So what’s it have to do with Joe Biden, a member in good standing in the Knights of Malta, servant of the Illuminati Order of the British Empire and Jesuit CIA spy? Nothing to a mind-controlled clone, everything if one happens to be a patriot.


  135. H.Craig Bradley


    U.S. Attorneys Appointed by President Trump in 2017 are starting to leave in anticipation of a new (Biden) Administration. Eventually, all U.S. Attorneys must vacate their posts, as the new President will appoint new ones to replace them, as is the custom during the transition period between the election and inauguration. President Trump has little or no chance to keep his job, as Biden won by 5 million votes. Its all over but the shouting Greg.


  136. notyourpatsy

    Mohammad, Check this ‘theory’ of mine out….ALL of the DEMONCRAT gov’rs that chose to lockdown their states in a knee jerk reaction this past March, are the same states that have the MOST voter fraud!!! All of the ‘problem states’ have corrupt election officials because the MAJORITY of election personnel are DEMONCRATS! I’ve stated this earlier this year that this would be the cause for the problems we have now.

    • eddiemd

      Not only the governors…but the county recorders and secretary of state.

      Here in Maricopa county we have a rabid democrat recorder, Adrian Fontes, (ex-USMC even) who I suspect tampered with the vote counters and a radical leftist SOS (Katie Hobbs) who has tweeted anti-Trump in the recent past.

      The people who count the votes.

      Adrian Fontes…communist subversive counting the votes…Benedict Arnold


      And the mayor of Phoenix. Kate Galleta. Ex-wife of Ruben Gallego…another ex-USMC communist…another Benedict Arnold. Green New Drug Dealer.


      Katie Hobbs. Radical leftist. This was known when she was running for office. The tweet just revealed who she was afterward. Check out her twitter profile.


      • notyourpatsy

        EddieMD, And when you and I served AD before the 1990’s a Marine was ALWAYS trustworthy on your six. What the hell happened to ‘death before dishonor’ as a US Marine?!! What is with all of these transgender USMC idiots turning on Our Country?!! I had a business transaction with a US Marine, in his late 20’s best I could tell, in 2018. He failed to uphold his end of the deal/his word, stole from me and then went dark so I could not locate him to prosecute him. I trusted him based on the fact that he had served 10 yrs as a Marine. This must be the ‘new US Marine’ they are enlisting…transgender liars who don’t understand what wearing a USMC uniform entails!!!
        I never ever had a problem with trust or honor in any of my previous dealings with any veterans that served prior to the 1990’s.
        Sad to hear Monte’s closed in tempe. I hope ‘midnight run’ and (chris) ‘Bianco’s’ are still open out there. I used to eat at the Chompies on 32nd & Shea back when I was out there.

        JC, Yes, THAT ‘gargulio’s in Brooklyn! The special occasion place for CI locals. At least the parking lot across the street was easy to use.

        SE, I used to shop at the Landmark stores when I lived there. Friends own a couple of condos in manila so I could stay as long as I wanted.

    • Mohammad

      This is not new, if you remember Bush’s brother who was Gov. in Florida gave it to him in a fraud that got Gore out.

      What is happening is more grave.

      It is CHINA attacking us through this virus and the plan is to allow the election result as we see it today, that is why it happened this year.

      Trump has to deal with it as an act of war started with BIOTERRORISM. I am a doctor and it cannot be seen otherwise, this is not a natural virus that just evolved and covered the globe in 3 months from the hot hot Sahara’s to the frigid frigid Alaska, from the advanced countries to the underdeveloped backwards countries from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere in freaking 3 months ….common …. it has to be sprayed from the skies, and may be those pilots flying those trails has the answer to what they sprayed the globe with… a hand shake , a cough , a fart, will not spread it allover the globe in 3 months. Some one has the answer.

      Trump has to declare it as such and activate the military tribunals since it is a WAR.


  137. notyourpatsy

    Ponder this folks, if P’Trump declares ‘martiaal laaaw’ for any reason he CANNOT be removed from office until HE lifts it! Which is what I suspect he is going to do right after Xmas. Why after? Because he does’nt want to hurt the working class’s economy any further. He’d rather small biz be helped by any revenue they can get from holiday sales.
    This means YOU need to be ready to ‘Katy bar the door!’ at any moment and hold tight until Spring of next year. So go ahead, BUY everything you and your family needs until then NOW. Screw the jonny come lately commiecrats who show up at the stores only to find the shelves bare! Be a Patriotic ‘ant’ and be ready for the long haul.

  138. Self+Exiled

    Mark Steyn Interviews Sidney Powell on Rush Limbaugh Show…

    Absolutely listen to this——————————-


  139. Self+Exiled

    No geoengineering, ya sure. 3 typhoons here in the Philippines in 3 weeks hits the same Luzon Island each time. 2 of these storms where category 5. People still living on their roofs, no food , no water. Have to open damps: so no water level relief. Wear your mask, wash your hands.

    Though the LORD is exalted,
    He regards the lowly [and invites them into His fellowship];
    But the proud and haughty He knows from a distance. Psalm 138:6

  140. Jerry

    Decision time is almost here.

    What will you do? The choice? Roll up your sleeve or be cut off from your digital wallet. We are about to find out who’s who, and what’s what. While we’re debating the election debacle, operation warp speed is moving ahead. At this point ask yourself do you feel like you’ve been played? The answer is simple. The dominion election system was routed to Frankfort Germany for a reason. Klaus Schwab and the boys over at the World Financial Forum are located in Germany and have had their finger on the voting button the whole time. Don’t you get it? They want Joe Biden (their China doll) to lead the great reset in January after the inauguration. Short of a full blown revolution, there is no way to stop this. The Trump legal team is simply buying you time. Use it wisely.

  141. ty thorson

    Oop’s Greg, If you’d like please eliminate last post above. This is in much better shape! Thanks

    19,062 views•Nov 19, 2020 Black Conservative Patriot

    4,119 views•Nov 19, 2020 THE BCP REPORT

    98,706 views •Nov 18, 2020 Black Conservative Patriot

  142. Noon IS HIGH

    Trump WINS BIG in Michigan | FoxNews Ratings Collapse MAGA Viewers Walk Away to NewsMax
    Brian Craig show 2,076 watching now•Started streaming 2 hours ago

  143. Brandon Bourbon

    Trump would have ‘won in a landslide’ if not for the ‘Wuhan flu’: Mark Latham
    As history takes perspective on the US election it will be judged that President Trump would have “won in an absolute landslide” if it weren’t for the “Wuhan flu,” says NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham.
    “(Trump) had the economy racing ahead, obviously it was a tough issue for him,” Mr Latham told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.
    “The Democrats seized upon him and used the whole COVID distancing as a way of creating new mail-in ballot rules that seemingly played a role in Biden’s victory.”
    Mr Latham said the broader perspective is “not everyone believes the commercial TV coverage of these things” and people generally “make up their own mind”.
    “The fact that Trump got more votes this year than Obama in 2008 just shows that in the most difficult of circumstances there’s a raging constituency for people who want to attend to the facts,” he said.
    “So while Trump looks like he’s on the rack, it’s fair to say that there’s some solace in that type of result.”

  144. Self+Exiled

    The whole world has drunk of your cup of wantonness.


  145. Diane

    Mohammad makes an excellent comment here.

  146. notyourpatsy

    Mohammad, I posted as much up above in this thread. You are seeing it as clearly as the rest of us here on UWD. The problem we have is spreading the word exponentially from UWD. I mentioned in another post how I casually mention, “Did you see what that guy on UWD said the other day?” It’s to drive traffic here so other people multiply our warnings to a larger portion of Americans.
    Glad you’re a doctor, together with EddieMD, we UWDoggers are very grateful for your posts to guide us with regards to the medical aspects of what’s transpiring in America.

  147. notyourpatsy

    Thomas Wigand, Yes, if there is a leadership (oxymoron!) change coming in January, then ONLY Divine Intervention can save America from destruction. It’s what THEY want, for America to tear itself apart so THEY can bring in the UN invasion. We must try to resolve this with all means before resorting to fighting our own people.

  148. Borden

    So, what’s up with no new interviews in a week?

  149. Mike R

    Folks, turns out Trump did not need Barr to arrest the treasonous demoncrats who perpetrated the attempted coup, with the Russian collusion hoax, and then the shampeachment. He had these puppies nailed from day 1, with his very super super genius election fraud sting ! He baited these nimwits six ways to Sunday.

    In the Presiden’s recent EO, the President also states that people and organizations located, in part, outside the United States are known to be able to, “interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections, including through the unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure or the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation.”

    The EO further states that this foreign interference in U.S. elections, “constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

    The EO gives the U.S. government the authority to seize all assets of any corporation or organization engaged in rigging any national election. This means Trump can now seize Twitter, Facebook, CNN, the New York Times and all the assets of every Democrat involved in election rigging.

    Election rigging is also a felony crime under current U.S. law.

    But how will the thousands of Democrats, deep staters and treasonous actors who participated in all this election theft actually be arrested and questioned?

    Answer: U.S. Special Forces, answering directly to Chris Miller. This change just happened after Trump fired well known traitor and deep stater, Mark Esper (an obama acolytye).

    Trump already has total authority to secretly arrest domestic enemies under the NDAA, (actually signed into law by Obama himself. How convenient you did that for Trump, Mr. Obozo)

    Trump will likely invoke the Insurrection Act, which authorizes military forces to be deployed in the United States to put down acts of open rebellion or insurrection against the United States government. Even without the Insurrection Act, Trump already has the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, which specifically allows the President to use U.S. military forces to arrest and detain enemy combatants even if they are U.S. citizens.

    The coordinated election rigging that took place — using technology from Venezuela, servers from Germany and money from Communist China — is of course an act of international warfare against the United States government. All those engaged in these acts are, in fact, enemy combatants even if they are U.S. citizens or lawmakers. They can be arrested by U.S. military personnel, relocated to black sites like GITMO, and interrogated or prosecuted under wartime military law.

    Here is Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller’s recent conference and press briefing remarks:

    “At the same time, should any maligned actors underestimate our resolve or attempt to undermine our efforts, we will not hesitate to restore deterrents and defeat any and all threats.

    As we implement the President’s orders, we also recognize that transitions and campaigns are fraught with risk and unexpected challenges and opportunities. That is why I am here today to announce that I have directed the special operations civilian leadership to report directly to me instead of through the current bureaucrat channels. This historic step finalizes what Congress has authorized and directed and will put Special Operations Command on par with the military services for the first time.”

    Note how Chris Miller, specifically invoked the words “transitions and campaigns,” and although the word “campaign” typically refers to a military campaign, paired with the term “transitions,” this now most likely refers to Presidential transitions and political campaigns.

    This is very likely a ‘dog whistle’ to other patriots throughout the DoD, broadcasting the fact that patriots are now in charge at the DoD, and they now directly command U.S. special forces assets. In other words, those assets have just been removed from the control of the deep state swamp bureaucrats that haunt the halls of the Pentagon, (formerly rubbing elbows with John Bolton and other swamp slugs in the hope of starting more wars.)

    Special Forces assets are now being deployed to take down America’s domestic enemies and traitors.

    Now, many dots are beginning to be connected here, with unconfirmed rumors circulating over the last few days that U.S. Special Forces teams have already arrested certain high-level Democrat and deep state traitors who are behind the recent foreign election interference in the U.S. elections via the Dominion and Scytl voting systems, both of which were rigged to produce a Joe Biden “victory.”

    The fat lady is warming up her vocal chords folks. Stay tuned to your boob tubes. This ain’t over by a long shot. (and note how Biden-elect’s VP has yet to resign her Senate seat. If she was fully confident she’d be a real Presidential VP, her resignation would have been a done deal by now.)

  150. Lightning


    Sorry to all for responding that way to Anthony’s comment that In theory communism works”.

    My comment, albeit edgy, was that , in theory you can fantasize about anything.. in reality it will be received very differently.

    It’s your site, your rules. Fair enough.

    But why delete two posts unrelated to that with significant detail that people could benefit from?

  151. Craig Michael Vandertie

    17 states denied presenting their case to SCOTUS magistrates in regards to electoral corruption because the SCOTUS magistrates are corrupt and treasonous Activist/Legislating scum, get it through your heads folks we will all soon be enslaved in a nation ran by the loyal marionette politicians for Globalists and there does not seem to be anything other than an all out Civil War against those evil members of the U.S.C.P. to prevent it.

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