$21 Trillion in Missing Money Could Trigger Meltdown – Dr. Mark Skidmore

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

About two years ago, Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore revealed there was $21 trillion in what he calls “missing money” from the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This was a stunning revelation and the biggest auditing discovery in the history of accounting. Dr. Skidmore, who is an expert in public finance, along with a team of academics, used publicly available government accounting reports and revealed their results in late 2017.   In the accounting world, this is like discovering the “God Particle” or discovering a cure for cancer, and, yet, academia is largely silent and ignoring this discovery by Dr. Skidmore and his team. Dr. Skidmore explains, “It’s been pretty quiet. A few people have contacted me. . . . I have asked for professional opinion and have offered to pay for it, and I had one conversation and he never responded again. . . . Similarly, I have done that with other academics to work on this issue. . . . For example, I had a dean of a major business school in the country who I know, and he has a background in both accounting and economics, and his response was ‘yes, there is something really wrong.’ Then nothing, no response to any other inquiries. . . . I haven’t been shunned–just ignored. . . . Other people just sort of weigh out the costs and benefits of the whole thing. They ask themselves what are the benefits of me chiming in on this issue, and what are the costs? They look at it and say I don’t want to be involved. Some people realize there is much more at stake here, and they just don’t want to be involved. That’s what I think is going on.”

The “missing” $21 trillion is a fact, and, yet, it has not been fully understood by the public. What happens when all Americans realize the size of dollars already printed? Skidmore says, “First of all, I don’t think this would be revealed in an official way until there was an underlying backup plan and financial structure in place. If this was acknowledged by someone on the stature of the President of the United States, which I don’t think is going to happen because risks are too high, we are so messed up, it’s possible we could have a meltdown if we don’t have some sort of plan in place to shore all of this up if there are trillions of dollars floating around that people don’t really recognize. I have to believe that other countries know about this and know what is going on and are aware (of trillions of missing money). . . . I am surprised that the global economy has functioned as well as it has for the past 10 years since the last financial crisis. Debt is keeping everything alive and afloat, but how long can we continue that? ”

In closing, Dr. Skidmore says, “The financial crisis that may come in the near future may not be the worst thing. That may be the best thing so we can reset and get a footing in reality and something that has integrity. I am concerned we won’t turn back and move in the right direction. What does it mean to my children when a government can say we can just create fake books and pretend they are real? This sure looks like a giant fraud to me. . . . These unsupported adjustments are a sign of fraud. Why don’t we look?”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Michigan State Professor Dr. Mark Skidmore, who discovered $21 trillion in ‘missing’ federal money.

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After the interview: 

To hear the song “Missing Money” performed by Dr. Skidmore’s daughter, click here.    

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  1. Mike G

    No need to rob a bank when the Fed will just give you the money.

    • Rob

      These elite do not care what we know now because they already have their holes dug in the ground called d.u.m.b.~ “deep underground military bases”:


      The target date for these ten creeds of the NWO is 2030 so they are planning on going underground as the world begins killing each other at the rate of over 600 million a year over the next decade to reach their first creed of a population of 500 million left by 2030:


      What these poor elite souls do not understand is that they will be begging for the very same mountains they are hiding in to fall on them when they realize who they were really messing with:

      Revelation 6:15-17 And the kings of the earth, and the princes, and the chief captains, and the rich, and the strong, and every bondman and freeman, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains; (16) and they say to the mountains and to the rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: (17) for the great day of their wrath is come; and who is able to stand?

      The last 8 years that the “feast of Tabernacles” is a prophesy of will run concurrently with the next decade:


    • Greg Hazelton

      If a person where subjected to ” TAR and FEATHERS ” would that be fatal??

      • Glenn Shumway

        It depends on how long you hold them under.

        • Saturn

          Tar and feathering is indeed a fatal treatment. The body is deprived of oxygen via the skin. Its not a pleasant way to go.

          • DavidC

            Tarring and feathering is NOT fatal. Do your research. It MIGHT be fatal given a specific set of circumsatnces but it is NOT generally fatal.

    • Bradley

      That is the bottom line. Our system is a joke.

    • Mike Ogle

      In your article with Dr Skidmore you ask a very pertinent question….if academia is not going to pay attention to this travesty, why should we send our children to the universities? My son graduated with a degree in Accounting from Washington State Univeristy, I am going to send a letter to the Dean, asking him this same question.

    • Ray Kilmer

      Here’s one approach that actually solves the immediate issue of prior debt in this country.

      Arrest the Rothschild family as financial terrorists.

      The family started the Federal Reserve which has directly resulted in theft of 98 cents on every dollar since the inception of the Fed in 1913. It was unconstitutional (illegal) then and still is.
      Haul them into court and fine them 98% of their wealth. The family’s net worth is estimated at $700 Trillion.
      We’d still have to implement a balanced budget amendment and overhaul and downsize our government to be sustainable , but its do-able and just.

      • iwitness02

        I second the motion put before us.

  2. paul ...

    Remember how Congress passed legislation known as the “Victim Compensation Fund” which gave relatives of 9-11 victims nearly two million dollars each (and charged the defendants with racketeering)?? … let’s also have Congress pass legislation to have the Fed print up enough money to pay every American a “racketeering refund check” (RRC) for $61,764.70 dollars each … under the anti-racketeering RICO laws whereby the defendants DOD and HUD are thus held accountable for the missing $21 Trillion on their books and the American people are made whole again … the new legislation can be called the “Pigeon Compensation Fund”!!

    • DavidC


      • DavidC

        Dorry, it looks as if this is in the wrong place – it is meant to be a reply to Greg Hazelton
        “If a person where subjected to ” TAR and FEATHERS ” would that be fatal??”.

        • paul ...

          Speaking of something that is fatal … all the Repo money the Fed is printing has just driven the “official price of gold” up by over $1000 dollars in just 10 days … from $7629 on Nov14 … to $8671 today on Nov 24 … see the US National Debt Clock … https://www.usdebtclock.org/
          Hey Stan … the fake gold price may be in bankster chains … but I am still getting my Christmas rally in the free unencumbered gold market that accounts for all the fed money printing!!! …

          • paul ...

            I bet when the US National Debt Clock price of gold reaches $10,000 dollars per ounce … the Banksters will feel the price is exactly right to do an over-night re-set!!!

            • Tom

              I wouldn’t bet on it.

              • paul ...

                Neither will Stan … but I have!!

                • paul ...

                  The reason the “unmanipulated value” of real gold jumped up by $1000 dollars (in only 10 days) is not just the $23 Trillion National Debt and the $21 Trillion in missing DOD and Hud money … but also because of the electronically-engineered $29 Trillion the Fed gave to Wall Street during the 2009 financial crisis and the Fed’s recent Repo operations!!

                  • paul ...

                    Tom … An alliance between the “commie” Welfare State and the “neocon” Warfare State along with help from the “fake” News Media and the “crooks” at the Fed … threatens not only our Constitutional Republic but the very economic foundation of our Nation … which is clearly reflected in the current official “real” price of gold now being $8,673 dollars per ounce … to defeat the Cabal Alliance every citizen should be betting on gold!!

            • Warren B.

              What is coming is Great Inflation. That should be obvious to everyone by now. That will put wings on the Stock Market, and along with our great Country and Economy , out President will ensure those that are invested are heavily rewarded.
              Gold doesn’t pay a dime in interest. It wont be allowed to go to the number that you are so patiently waiting for. I know that too well.
              On the other hand, Stocks will fly and my prediction of 100,000 on the DOW by 2050 still stands.

              • K. Wayne

                I sense that you may be about to get a rude awakening. The Stock Market is floating on the assumption that the China Trade deal is a done deal ….. NEWSFLASH…it isn’t.
                Regardless of the trend in rates and the QE4 program, stocks cannot and will not be levitated indefinitely. The Everything Bubble is in its last dying days.
                Ride the wave while you can….but when the doors to the exit shut … you will be watching while there is a vacuum in the market with no bids across the board. I trust you have insurance (put options) on the downside…..when the house is on fire its too late to take out cover.

        • FarmerGray

          Hope so !

  3. victor young

    Greg did you forget set back during the Iraq war the head of the defense department admit it and it was on television you can YouTube it he said it was 21 trillion dollars that has gone missing and could not be accounted for.

    It was not mentioned at all India tremendous interview about the impending meltdown. Love you program keep up the good work. Be safe be well be blessed Victor Young North Chesterfield Virginia Vic John three three @gmail dot-com of course that was shipping numerals talk to text responsible

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Victor, I think you were talking about Donald Rumsfeld (Sec of Defense) the day before 9/11/2001 and said 2.3 trillion was missing in the Pentagon budget.

      • AL HALL


    • Montana Guy

      Victor Young, it goes back even further. On Feb. 12, 2001 John Isaacs president of the Council for a Livable World stated, “The inspector general of the Pentagon said there are 2.3 trillion dollars in items that they can’t quite account for. That’s not billion. That’s trillion dollars. $2.3 trillion”

      The page has been removed but AE911Truth have a link to an archived copy:

  4. paul ...

    This is very powerful … as it is written by a writer who has consistently voted “as a Democrat” … someone who has never been (and could never ever consider himself to be a Republican) … he effectively states: “In no way does this article reflect a Republican viewpoint … it is not partisan and brings only trustworthy evidence (rather then hearsay and untrustworthy witnesses, etc.)”… he goes on to say he is a consistent progressive (a person who values truth and nothing less than 100% honesty) and that he presents only personally verified sources and real facts where intense care was taken to check and cross-check and validate all information before accepting it as factual information … a very interesting article “written by an independent Democrat” who thoroughly researched the impeachment-proceedings against US President Donald Trump!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/ukraine-trump-biden-real-story-behind-ukrainegate

    • Hockey Puck

      Excellent article, Paul. Thanks for the link.

      The tragedy in all this is that the democrats have believed for a long time that Political Theater is what wins votes, not Truth. Rhino republicans believe the same nonsense too, unfortunately. Sad! Very sad! What does this mean for the nation? It means that “The People” no longer deserve to be free. Why? The vast majority are dumb sheep. How can you have a democracy when dumb sheep are so easily brainwashed? Thank God we have a president who can withstand this kind of abuse. Trump, despite his faults, despite the unrelenting challenges and despite the lack of faith, even in this forum, is, at the end of the day, a very courageous man. The sheep don’t deserve him.

    • William Stanley

      paul …,
      Yes, this is very interesting both for what it says and who it names (going up to and including President Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Biden and George Soros) AND for what it doesn’t say and who it doesn’t name.
      However, “the issue” is far more extensive than the article seems to imply. My suspicion is that the entire cabal is so threatened that it is willing to throw Obama and the Clintons to the wolves in order to save themselves. I think this article is simply admitting that which is already widely known and heavily documented. I suspect that the author is trying to shape, limit and misdirect the focus away from far bigger fish and much larger crimes. It won’t work.
      Get ready and stay ready.

      • paul ...

        Hock and William … as David Stockman effectively says … since when does America’s National Security depended on the status of some Russian-speaking State half way around the world?? … it is as ludicrous as saying the entire security of US agricultural system is threatened because one cow on a farm in upstate New York didn’t get her monthly quota of free hay and thus can’t be milked by Biden, his son and the Deep State!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/david-stockman-exposes-ukrainian-influence-peddling-rings-part-3-3

        • paul ...

          The reason the Deep State considers Trump “a Russian agent” (and is out to impeach him) is because Trump is the very embodiment “of America First” (that implies Trump is letting-go of the Deep State globalist agenda of “World Empire”) … Trumps core electoral base “is isolationist” and wants an end to the “forever wars” … and “peace” strikes at the very heart of the gravy train the Deep State needs continue to rake off Trillions of dollars from the American people!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/trump-covert-ally-multipolar-order

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Skidmore,just horrifying!Although unsurprising,just look at the army/navy/air bases peppered with the most expensive imported cars,how?
    Here in the UK we watch astounded as young American men throw money around like confetti at a wedding all from American security services of some kind.The same is the same for Russian security services and Ukrainian security services all lavish spending on whose dime?
    Of course,
    “He who can make you believe absurdities,can make you commit atrocities.”
    How many more “absurdities”will lead to “atrocities”,we are a society abounding in “absurdities” academia seems to be in the absurdity level.
    Here in the UK atrocities abound as do absurdities.

  6. Ronnie

    Fake money to pay hundreds of fake “popular up rising all over the globe.” The entire corrupt, “ America Aristocracy,” has been getting a way with mass theft.
    The rubber band that holds the Benjamins is just going to snap and then it will be over just like that.

  7. mal

    “…In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
    We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.
    Akin to and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial-military posture has been the technological revolution of recent decades.
    In this revolution research has become central. It also becomes more formalized, complex and costly. A steadily increasing share is conducted for, by or at the direction of the Federal government. Take the solitary inventor tinkering in his shop. He has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. …..The prospect of domination of the nations scholars by Federal employment, project allocations and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded. Yet in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite….”
    President Dwight D. Eisenhower
    January 17, 1961

    • Hockey Puck

      Thanks, Mal. Awesome contribution to this Forum. And thanks to you, Greg, for making this Forum possible. It’s what “informed citizenry” is all about.

      • mal

        Only if people take the time to read it.

        • paul ...

          And act on the information provided … for instance like getting rid of your smart phones … so killer drones “can’t locate you” and fire a missile to take you out for being a threat to the Deep State … those who just can’t do without a smart phone … should at least buy the smartphones emitting the lowest level of radiation a missile guidance system can track and are also more brain healthy (i.e. the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and the ZTE Axon Elite)!! … https://www.statista.com/chart/12841/the-phones-emitting-the-least-radiation/

    • AndrewB

      Mal, brilliant quotation! Spoken in 1961 – it was so prescient and so relevant that it could have been written today. Unfortunately few, if any, heeded Eisenhower’s warning. Or maybe they (we) were unable to comprehend. To quote from Don McLean’s ‘Vincent’, “They did not listen, they did not know how. Perhaps they’ll listen now”.

  8. Southern Patriot

    So how many suitcases did it take to move that kind of currency? So is it 65,000 each American owes or does the government owe us 65,000. If it’s the later, then I’ll take my cash today. I’m looking to buy a 1955 Chevy Bel-Air. So cough up the money. Thanks for the new car. Southern Patriot.

    • Dan

      Wish you had asked the Dr. how he was positioning he and his family monetarily for what repercussions that he believes could arise from this fraud.

  9. H. Craig Bradley


    “Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go. Let it melt, let it melt, let it melt” A financial melt-down, Just in time for the Holidays. Merry, Merry, Merry.

  10. H. Craig Bradley


    We are truly living on ‘borrowed time’. That means all our freedoms, lifestyle, standard of living must continue at all costs or else. How long can our government defy the law of gravity? Will mere official edicts do ? If so, send in the Clowns:

    So, we “trust and obey because there is no other way”.


    If the $ Trillions of govt. debt America has created (printed) were to suddenly rain down, it would have a similar devastating effect on the “American Dream” as the steaming-hot ash cloud when it collapsed upon the town of Pompeii during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, Italy in A.D. 79. After such an event, Life would end, as we have come to know it. Few would make it as before.

    Are we all now living in “Slavlandia”, as Gerald Celente often claims ?

    Pascal’s Wager Should Apply to Americans:

  11. H. Craig Bradley


    A network ( only open to police officers ) called “Black Asphalt” allows officers in one state to flag a vehicle going to another state as to the likelihood they have cash in-hand. Then, the fellow officer pulls over the subject car and driver and conducts a search under the authority of a traffic infraction and you must surrender your cash. It is assumed to be the result of a criminal enterprise. Of course, you are free to go afterwards. Legal Recourse: File a Civil Lawsuit against the Department to recover your cash. Nice Christmas bonus?

    This is called a “civil asset forfeiture” (happens somewhere every single day of the year to the tune of $ billions nationally). In half the instances of civil asset forfeiture on the road, reportedly half is for $9,000 or less. Hardly enough to even buy a brick of cocaine, I imagine. Fleece the little guys.


  12. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview with Dr Mark Skidmore – thanks.

    After your last interview with MS, you honed in on the $21tr missing money as being, “in addition to the national debt” – at the time, circa $20tr. I wrote a comment that, in my opinion, the missing $21tr should not be regarded as additional debt, but more correctly as funds misappropriated (stolen) from authorised budget allocations.

    Clearly, I misunderstood how huge (no adjective adequately applies to the numbers MS reveals 3:30 into the interview) the undocumented adjustments were in comparison to the corresponding budgets. I naively assumed that the adjustments were on the high side of accepted norms – say 10%, rather than a conventionally acceptable 1%. However, MS articulates that in one year, 2015, the army budget was $122 billion and that the government published accounts (since removed from the internet) show ”unsupported adjustments” amounting to a truly staggering $6.5 trillion – the adjustment was not a fraction of the budget but exceeded the entire budget by a multiple of 57!!! Using numerals may put this into some kind of perspective, army accounts for 2015:

    Budget $122,000,000,000
    Conventionally acceptable maximum undocumented adjustments (1%) $122,000,000
    Actual undocumented adjustments $6,500,000,000,000.

    Since this money was not allocated to the army in the US budget for 2015, it must have been ‘printed’ into existence and, since all fiat currency created is an IOU with interest attached, I must retract my earlier critique and agree with you that the accumulated ‘undocumented adjustments’ uncovered by Dr Skidmore and his highly qualified team of researches does in fact add to the national indebtedness.

    This whole sorry mess represents an extreme abuse of the world’s reserve currency and Governments external to the US will have taken note. Dr Skidmore is clearly a brave man. Bravo!

  13. Hockey Puck

    Thanks for the update from Dr. Skidmore, Greg! It’s always great to have his calm, thoughtful demeanor on your show.

    Here is the essential problem: All debt based economies are based on one thing: CONFIDENCE IN THE FUTURE. If people lose confidence, they stop investing, they stop buying, deflation takes over, economies collapse. Now most who have studied economics already know this. What is seldom spoken of are the social, political and cultural implications. What a debt based system does is make every politician in a democracy a pathological liar. I hate to be so blunt, but it’s a fact. If politicians don’t paint a pretty picture for the dumb sheep to marvel at, they won’t be elected and they won’t be able to carry out their mandate.

    What does this do to a whole civilization is worse. It creates a civilization that worships lies and deception. That’s why nobody wants to join Dr. Skidmore in his fight for truth. It’s too risky. It’s also why the democrats can get away with telling lies, year after year after year. It’s a cancer, the sign of a very sick society. The missing $21 trillion, then, is simply symptomatic of a people that don’t want the truth. They want illusion. Sad but real!

    Turning to the question you asked as to when everything will collapse, that’s obviously a tough nut to crack, especially in a world based on lies. But here’s a recent video from Kyle Bass which is worth watching. It suggests that 2020 will be relatively calm. Though President Trump is “holding all the cards” and would probably like to bankrupt China (as Reagan did Russia), he can’t. If he does, the US economy will likely implode as well, the S&P will crash, he won’t get re-elected and everything he has accomplished so far will be undone. So whether he likes it or not or whether we like it or not, he has to play the game of kicking the can down the road. Once the election is over, it’s a whole new ballgame.

    So get ready for 2021. That’s my bet. Gold will probably trend sideways for the year (barring some black swan event), possibly retest its break-out point last summer, then bottom out in June/July 2020, then take off like a rocket around September. Just a guess. All lot of people will be expecting hell to break loose after the election.

    China: The most reckless financial experiment in history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s6wC6PbpLI

    • Hockey Puck

      I tried googling a recent video of Putin claiming that the USD will collapse soon. I could not find it. So if anyone has a decent link, that would be great.

      What should be said is that the USD is not controlled by the Fed. It has been controlled by the Elite since 1913 to bring about one-world-government. Now according to Bannon, Bass, Spalding and others, the Elite is controlled by the CCP. Yikes! The big question is whether President Trump has been able to gain some degree of control over the Fed with his recent appointments. Who knows?

      If there was ever a “Black Swan” that could turn the world upside down, it would be the CCP going to a gold-backed currency to recapitalize their banking system AND proving up the 20,000 tons of gold they supposedly have. If they do have this gold, this could quickly bankrupt Western economies and put China in the driver’s seat. Will they do it? They certainly can’t have another 4 years of Trump. But maybe that would be an invitation to WWIII. Hmmm! This 4D chess match is very difficult to predict.

        • Hockey Puck

          Thanks for the link, Greg and sorry for the very late reply. To be honest, I find it challenging to stay on top of all these posts AND manage a business AND manage a family. To me, “dumping the dollar” is part of the globalist agenda to destroy America and to destroy freedom around the world. Trump is, I am sure, aware of it. I think this is why Bolton was fired. The USD has been a tool of the globalists/neocons/rhinos/demonrats (now the CCP) for a very long time. We will have to see if Trump is successful in reversing this trend. Our prayers go with him.

          God bless you and keep up the great work!

    • K. Wayne

      ….” All debt based economies are based on one thing: CONFIDENCE IN THE FUTURE” …
      Not entirely true.
      Debt based economies require ever expanding GROWTH…in Debt / Inflation.
      That is the real MO of the CB’s of this world. Without it, there is contraction/destruction. That is the nemesis of every economy. What we are seeing is that every Dollar of Debt created is producing fractionally smaller percentages of growth (GDP). One of the real reasons we are headed towards NIRP is that now the World requires unlimited Debt because the Keynesian theory upon which Debt based Economies function, isn’t working.

    • K. Wayne

      I don’t subscribe to the view that 2020 will be a calm year (as per Mr Bass).
      For starters the Trade Deal with China will get BS’d.
      Forget the charade and the Deal / No Deal rhetoric. Consider the Bill that Congress just passed in relation to Hong Kong. That right there is the Straw that broke the camel’s back.
      Your predictions (guess) about Gold (2020/ 21) seem to be at odds with history and Gold’s yearly trading patterns.

      • Hockey Puck

        Hi K. Thanks your insights and sorry for the late reply. I essentially agree with you. It’s a question of nuance. For an economy to grow, ever increasing amounts of debt (i.e. slavery) must be created. If the populace (i.e. markets) lose faith in the future, then debt stops being created and the government has to step up and create the debt itself. Otherwise the whole system collapses. My point, however, is that politicians, knowing this, always have to paint a pretty picture and are forced to lie to the people. This is the fundamental flaw of democracy that we are all dealing with today and is why Jefferson warned us about giving private citizens control over the nation’s money supply.

        Regarding 2020 being calm, you are probably right. My point simply is that Trump is in a very delicate situation. If he negotiates tough with the CCP the way he’d like to, he risks pulling the plug on the US economy and not getting re-elected. It’s a very difficult situation to be in… (and is another reason the Elite believes that, in the end, China has the superior political system).

  14. Nick de la Gaume

    Brave man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May the Almighty Lord guide and protect you and your family, Dr Skidmore.

  15. Uncommon sense

    “Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide was a ‘perfect storm of screw ups’, says AG Barr as he reveals he’s watched footage that shows no one else entered his cell – and warns FBI are getting close to bringing charges against anyone who helped the dead pedophile”.

    This is simply not good enough!!! Trump’s man was in charge of the prison in which Epstein was killed.
    Why did Trump not protect this vital witness?
    No we have to listen to Barr’s lies. We were told their was no surveillance footage. If there is why has this not been publicly released. WE ARE NOT STUPID!
    The only defense is if Epstein’s death was faked and he was moved to a secret location so that he can provide evidence in secrecy. I do not think this is likely as they are now prosecuting two innocent prison guards. Why would they prosecute two innocent prison guards if they know he is alive to provide evidence?
    The only other possibility is that Epstein wasn’t killed and was removed with the intention of him NOT helping with the investigation. In that case they could prosecute the two guards without conscience.
    Can we now stop with the BS about Trump fighting deepstate. He is up to his neck in the swamp.


    • lightning

      Uncommon Sense,

      Epstein filmed everyone in their debauchery, undoubtedly for extortion purposes. Where are the tapes ? Who is involved ? Are any of the children killed on tape or missing now?
      Extortionists survive because they make multiple copies of the tapes and have confederates involved who can release the tapes in the event of harm coming to the extortionist (Epstein). Who are his confederates ? The Mossad? The CIA? Who?
      The confederates still have copies of the tapes.

      The FBI supposedly raided his NY apartment, his Island in the Caribbean and his New Mexico Ranch. What did they find there? Did they get copies of any tapes? Is anyone on those tapes going to get arrested? Bill Clinton visited the island twenty something times. Supposedly hundreds of powerful people did. Who are they?

      My bet is that Epstein is still alive and Bill Barr knows it. As the old song goes “Nothing from Nothing leaves nothing”…. and justice and the lives of children mean less than nothing to these folks. I had hoped Barr would take his role as the Attorney General seriously, but he seems to be a mob type fixer. I pray he proves me wrong.

      • uncommon sense

        I feel like the attention on Prince Andrew (though warranted) is likely to be diversionary tactic to draw attention away from the senators etc. across the pond, implicated in Epstein’s circle.

    • Hockey Puck

      You have never fought a war, have you, Uncommon Sense? The #1 rule about war is that it is highly unpredictable. And let’s face it. The USA is at war. It’s been that way for a very long time, but especially the last 25 years.

      I’ve followed your arguments. They’re sound. I too, have had my doubts, more than I’d like to count. But to say that President Trump is part of the Deep State is a leap of faith that only religious fanatics are capable of.

      To quote Rene Descartes from 500 years ago “If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.” Calm, questioning doubt is healthy and I salute you in that regards. But the problem we all face is that none of us are on the front lines. The best we can do is try to discern what is really going on from the bleachers and that is very hard to do.

      My take is exactly the way Steve Bannon paints it in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH5QzuzD01A

      Point#1. The Elite controls America. That’s been the case since 1913. Point#2. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) produced a document 25 years ago aimed at how to defeat American in a war. They realized they could not win militarily. But they could win an economic and information war. That’s what they started doing 25 years ago. The result? It’s the CCP that now controls the Elite. Point#3. The Elite and the CCP have trillions of dollars behind them. That’s partly what Dr. Skidmore has revealed, and if they can’t print enough money, they can steal it with accounting gimmicks. So to try to fight that kind of enemy is unfriggenbelievably difficult. Point#4. Trump is not a stupid guy. He knew the battle he’d have to fight. I can’t prove it, but why would anyone want to fight a battle against an established Elite, unless you thought you could win? Point#5. No president has the time to babysit every situation happening around the globe as well as his own backyard. This is where your argument falls apart. You assume that he can or he should. Not wise. It may very well be that Barr has defected to the other side. Who knows? $21 trillion can buy a lot of bureaucrats.

      All I know is that I’m not willing to thrown in the towel just yet. Do you know that by 1781, George Washington had lost most of his battles and was having to deal with traitors defecting? That’s 5 years into the war. Washington was, at that point in history, a total loser. Did he give up? No, he pressed forward. And the history of the whole planet was changed forever.

      So is that who you are? Somebody who gives up? You will have to decide! Either you believe in the cause of freedom or you don’t. And freedom is never won by stupid, blind sheep who shit their pants at the least sign of opposition. It’s won by people who have courage.

      • uncommon sense

        Like you say, we have to attempt to read between the lines when looking in from the outside.
        Of course one has to work with what we know and it may well turn out that Trump is a genius strategist that is playing 4d chess in order to win a war.
        That being said, I think that the simpler explanation (AKA Occam’s razor) is that he has either been compromised by the deepstate or was their boy all along.
        The danger with your line of reasoning is that Trump could unleash all manner of tyranny and it could all be explained away as 4d chess or Trump deceiving his deepstate opponents. In effect giving him carte blanche to do or say whatever he pleases.
        You make a good point about Barr. Perhaps he was turned. I liked your analogy with Washington as well. Let’s hope it is a well deserved comparison.
        I did find it strange that he was quick to blame the Iranians for the attacks on the Saudi oil tanker and refinery despite the lack of evidence yet he tried to defend the Crown Prince over the Khashoggi murder. I think that the only point that we can be certain on is that Trump is a liar. The only question is is he lying for the greater good or because he is corrupt.

      • K. Wayne

        …”Point#1. The Elite controls America. That’s been the case since 1913″..
        No my friend …this goes back to the days of Washington. They had already infiltrated the highest offices in the land.
        ….” Point # 2….the CCP that now controls the Elite”.
        The International Bankers, The RCC and the European Aristocracy I can assure you do not answer to the CCP.
        ….” Point#4. Trump is not a stupid guy. He knew the battle he’d have to fight. I can’t prove it, but why would anyone want to fight a battle against an established Elite, unless you thought you could win?”….
        JFK thought the same way.
        How do you fight a Battle (let alone War) if you have surrounded yourself with the enemy (Marxists/Communists in his Cabinet) ? Don’t give me the nonsense about keeping your enemies close.
        Did you ever consider that Trump is working on his own agenda…..saving himself, his career, his Empire. After all….Presidencies only last a max. 2 terms…then he must continue where he began. All of that needs to be intact (reputation included) by the time he leaves the Oval Office. To add insult to injury….have any of Trump’s policies to date had any real beneficial effect for the Middle/Lower classes ? Categorically NO !!! Any patters emerging here ??? … any ???….someone…???

    • Keith wilson

      I listened to Lady Victoria Harley who was Prince Andrews girlfriend at the time of the Epstein and Prince Andrews friendship. She witnessed many things and didn’t want to name people. Parties where arranged with Politicians and businessmen. Many teenage girls where available at these parties and things where going on in the rooms. All of Epsteins apartments had secret cameras and where bugged. Many politicians where caught on camera with there pants down and this includes presidents of the USA. Who was Epstein and Maxwell working for. Did Prince Andrew work for MI6. Did Epstein and Maxwell work for mossad and the CIA. If Epstein was a mossad operative working for the secret services . I can guarantee he did not die in a prison cell. Probably having a drink with the 5 dancing Israelis who where involved in 9\11. When Andrew goes abroad he has royal protection officers with him. Plus members of special branch and overlooked by MI6. These people’s would be reporting back to headquarters what Prince Andrew was involved with. Why was Andrew allowed to carry on with a 17 year old girl and have Epstein be his best friend ?

  16. Larry Hansen

    Dear Greg,

    Thank you for your recent interview with Dr. Mark Skidmore. I particularly agree with you, that Dr. Mark Skidmore is a HERO, PATRIOT, and is BRAVE and COURAGEOUS beyond belief. Dr. Skidmore is clearly a man of the highest INTEGRITY. What we need to change things is, 100,000+ more people like you and Dr. Skidmore.

    He has uncovered facts, as well as evidence that are hard for most of us to not only comprehend, but also, to UNDERSTAND. After your interview with Dr. Skidmore, it is obvious that there is plenty to be distressed and concerned about, especially regarding the future of children and grandchildren. Thank you again for hosting this interview.

    God Bless You Both! We send out our prayers of protection for you, Greg; as well as Dr. Skidmore, and for your families.

  17. Jerry

    I appreciate the interview you have done with Dr. Skidmore, but the truth is, you don’t have to go very far to find theft in the government. It’s been going on for quite sometime for those who have been paying attention.

    I have come to three conclusions.
    1. If you want to rob a bank, you don’t need a gun and a mask. All you need is a three piece suite and a cheap lawyer.
    2. Debt doesn’t matter. In the senate hearing posted above , the major concern was about 1.3 trillion dollars in missing money from the federal reserve. In today’s environment, that’s couch change.
    3. In today’s technological environment, debt is just a number in a computer, and if you tell the same lie long enough, everyone will believe it.

    When I was a kid, a billion dollars was considered a lot of money. Now we throw around trillion dollar figures like its pocket change, and talk about quadrillion dollar debt as something sustainable. Reality sailed away along time ago on the good ship lollipop.

  18. A. E Jones. JR

    You people worry too much about ‘Economic Melt Downs” and such! I welcome a return to the reality I was born into. I will turn 75 in March. I had a perfectly happy childhood and life. We had no health insurance, the Doctor made house calls for $4 per visit. We had one closet of clothes and a few pants and shirts. My grandfather had a big garden. We had 4 kids and I remember going with my mother to the A&P supermarket getting two carts of groceries and her forking over $15. Our life centered around the church. We went to the movies for $.25. A year’s dues at the YMCA were $7.50. It cost 10 cents to ride the city bus. My paternal grandmother served lunch every Sunday. On Saturday she went into her chicken lot and got the fattiest hen and slung it round and round snapping its head off. She churned butter on Thursdays. Wednesday was wash day. We had the chicken for Sunday lunch. Then we played ball and rode bikes. I played little league ball for 4 years and Babe Ruth league for 3 years and it didn’t cost me a dime except for the $15 ball glove that I still have today. My grandson pays $200 for one baseball bat today! Happiest days of my life. Money was of little concern. Get my drift? Life is not about how much money you have, it is about who you spent it with. I am like Burr rabbit in Uncle Remus stories. Please Mr. Banker, don’t throw me into the brier patch! I came into this World empty handed and I have no fear of leaving it the way I came in. As the saying goes: “Money can’t buy happiness!”

    • Hockey Puck

      Wonderful comment and well said. Thank you.

      The only thing I would add is that every generation has to fight its own war. The War of Good and Evil is eternal. Either we fight it or we don’t. It just so happens that the War against the Deep State is our fight. Either we fight it or we don’t.

      America will be purified. It’s part of The Plan.

  19. Montana Guy

    Imagine of your children and grandchildren 10 years older…. and living in China, the model of the financial elites.

    Nothing will be resolved until they are removed.

  20. john duffy

    INCREDIBLE! This rates up there with:
    “Trump drops repeated threat to jail Clinton: ‘She went through a lot’ ”

    Barr Ends All Conspiracy Theories: Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself In “Perfect Storm Of Screw-Ups”
    If you think Barr is a white hat who is going to arrest the “bad guys” you are beyond naive!

    • uncommon sense

      This whole Barr thing stinks to high heaven. How are the Trump supporters rationalizing this?

      • Greg Hunter

        Let’s see what he does with the coup first? The whole Epstein thing does suck out loud though.

  21. Da Yooper

    “21 trillion missing money”………… naw the Federal government knows where every penny went

    THEY just dont want the GDP (the taxpayers ) to know where all the money went.

    “The numbers are so large it is hard to comprehend”

    I am sure the bankers the US government borrows the money from can account for it to the penny

    “This sure looks like a giant fraud to me. . . . These unsupported adjustments are a sign of fraud. Why don’t we look?”

    Why ……..because the biggest “pay to play” involves not the small potatoes of the Ukraine (millions ) but what the globalist bankers & the globalists ( billions ) who control our corrupt US POLITICIANS

    Greg our “fraud” is political & can & will go on for a long time as long as the Fasbe ( sp) 56 is used it will not end till the bankers run out of digits. The USA suffered a banking coup in 1913 & it is just now coming to light but the GDP are too stupid to see it. That is the biggest “pay to play ” there ever was & IS…. & the corrupt MSM will not touch it with a 10 foot poll . I vonder vhy?

  22. Dr. David Bernhard Bowers

    Greg, Why is no one concerned? no one involved? the issue ignored? Without God there can be no standard of truth, without truth, there is no integrity. Illusion becomes the desired element in which to live as illusion requires no accountability, as it leads us into greater evil which will result in ultimate destruction. Fraud becomes acceptable because ignorance is desired: among the masses, among government, even among the church. The most fertile ground for evil is the ground of mass illusion where no one cares. Where are we going? God has given us an opportunity to consider and change our ways, to return. If we ignore that, then only judgment can result.

  23. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Dr Skidmore truly did a good thing in discovering the missing $21 Trillion. That’s a huge number. Is anyone paying interest on that money?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct Russ! Thanks for weighing in.

  24. Jerome

    “You have opened the hole” but you are not close to the bottom. PROF

  25. Mike

    A fraud “ends quickly” when the justice system is not complicit in the fraud. The shock of rule of law restoration would be greater than the official recognition of massive accounting fraud. People know that something is wrong but they feel helpless to do anything about a problem of this magnitude. The most shocking statement by Trump is that “we got all the swamp”. It will be a shot heard round the world when justice comes to the swamp.

  26. Leo

    To quote a line in a Tom Cruise movie “Everything that ends, ends badly or else it wouldn’t end.” Dr Mark says the crash of the economy is OK as it would help usher in a better system, but the question is; will it go down the right path.” Yet according to the Bible in Mathew 24 it will implode the entire civilization, with the end result that the Kingdom of God will be ushered in.

  27. Ross Herman

    Good thing no other government agencies have any “missing” money.

  28. Stan

    Greg: Do you really think a 21 trillion accounting mistake would not be caught by the GAO or other entity? Please, only people like Jerry would believe this.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a fact resistant idiot. Michigan State University acknowledged this. I have posted a link before and I not doing it again. The government acknowledged this with accounting rule FASAB 56. Search Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts interviews on USAW and elsewhere for detailed proof. Not posting links to that either, do your own homework. Don’t just shoot off your mouth here and show your profound ignorance. Enjoy your Bentley while you can before you have to liquidate it to pay for your stupid trades.

      • Stan

        Sorry Greg – I was just being the devils advocate

        • Greg Hunter

          You are advocation pure ignorance of facts.

      • Rodster

        You are being trolled, that is all. Sometimes it’s better just not posting a trolls comment.

        • Greg Hunter

          You mean “Stan”?

          • Rodster

            Yup and Gina as well !

    • Jerry

      So says the man that rides around in an imaginary Bentley, and makes 20. Deutsche Bank stock predictions. Stan, the only one living in lollipop land is you chump.

  29. Mike

    No one ever states exactly “who” the money is owed too.
    Why won’t anyone simply state “ the money is owed to the non -federal , federal reserve”. Why won’t anyone tell the people about how their future taxable labor is used as collateral for all the borrowed money. I really appreciate the info you bring forth, it certainly helps fill in the blanks, as I research the strawman . Mike

  30. Oliver-Eugene Dyer

    The missing money has been funneled thre the big corporations so they will act like the boogy man and scapegoat when the money has gone to build underground bunkers and transportation systems. Governments all know the Galactic species extension event is coming with rogue planet and its 3650 year now getting close enough to cause geological chaos.
    NASA admitted it around 1985 and it was quoted in newspapers until someone tied all the calamities like Noah’s flood with the planets passing. They wont tell us because nobody would go to work and the world economy would evaporate with all hell breaking loose.
    THATS the reason to ban ar-15’s because it’s the perfect politician correction tool. Imagine 100,000
    People showing up in D.C. to clean house. Wonderful.

  31. Kevin, WV

    Skidmore analysis of the malfeasance of “missing money, “ should not be dismissed, but, unfortunately, POTUS will not do anything about it.

    He is complicit in the skyrocketing national debt, a result of his bad policies such as the tax giveaway to corporations and the rich. The giveaway didn’t result in the much vaunted growth of GDP that he promised would offset the debt. It was, at best, a sugar high that inflated the stock market – a binge of stock buybacks and a wealth boon, to a few.

    We should not be surprised that Trump doesn’t care about debt, Trump businesses are based on OPM (“other people’s money“), as he once candidly admitted. Little wonder, US banks stopped lending him money and he went foreign sources including Deutsche Bank.

    The Trump farm bailout is now more than double that of Obama’s auto bailout. GOP hypocrites, who cried foul back in 2009, have now conveniently gone silent on the socialist farm subsidy and The
    farming depression today. The auto bailout, at least, saved and added new jobs that resulted in the auto sales boom up until Trump. On the other hand, the farm subsidy is a result of Trump’s ill conceived “easy to win” trade war. In providing farmers with handouts, he is hoping rural America will turn up to vote for him next year.

    Where are the fiscally responsible conservatives who once roiled against socialist market intervention and subsidies?

  32. H. Craig Bradley


    Dr. Mark Skidmore suggests a financial reset might not be so bad, even if it results in mass hardship. He is correct in the current debt based economic set-up can not persist forever, but it already has persisted longer than he though it could, to his and our surprise. So, we live until one day, we die.

    One afterthought about Dr. Skidmore’s accounting and academic colleagues ignoring his Govt. Budget research and either ignoring him or softly shunning him ( no replies ). Its ingrained and cultural. The status quo is the safest place to be in the intermediate term. Nobody will attack you for blending-in. So, there is fear of the unknown or maybe just professional complacency.

    This really is symbolic of today’s contemporary America. If you think independently and talk about your views with others you often are the odd man out. Being seen as usually out-of-the-mainstream which often as not, exposes you to disparaging comments or gossip (behind your back). You will be marginalized. Who wants that? So, its just way safer and easier to conform with the mainstream views and practices and blend-in. Nobody wants to become a “bump on a log”.

    Incidentally, the same social dynamics existed during Hitler’s rise to power in Germany in the 1930s, as well. Everyone just stuck their arms out in front of themselves when in public like the rest and blended-in. Sig Heil ! However, they all suffered greatly when Germany lost WWII. East Berliners lost big time. So, there is a price to pay for a nation that goes down the wrong path and its always a voluntary choice. This is a world of consequences. Secular government is not benevolent government. We have made our collective choices. God Help US !

    In this Twilight Zone, nothing really makes much sense. Fake accounting, Fake news, Fake profits, Fake budgets, Fake elected officials, Fake Impeachment. Everything is permissible and upside down, as well. Disorderly Society and a fragmented society evidencing not just late cycle Bull Market, but late cycle Democracy. The Greeks (Plato) believed what historically comes next is always an Autocracy. The ancients may be right.

    As far as a reset, how that might turn-out depends greatly upon who happens to be in-power when the game ends. It would be best if it happens under President Trump’s watch, but he might not agree at all on timing. In addition, a reset does not necessarily mean any more government budget transparency, just more transparency about you. If its the Democrats in-power and someone like Senator Elizabeth Warren in-office when a financial (currency) crisis occurs then we might end-up with a fully centralized and controlled socialistic economy with much higher taxes and much lower living standards for the indebted Middle Classes. Slavelandia or just Huxley’s Brave New World ( society addicted to debt and Hedonism).

    The poor and homeless will still be SOL and the ultra rich (Billionaires) will still take (good) care of themselves. However, with other foreseeable changes like a cashless society powered by fintech developments such as a digital (blockchain) currency from the FED or private bankers replacing banknotes you can see a much different America resurfacing.

    So, its easy to envision a tightly controlled national economy with no loopholes to hide in and few places to go for privacy or confidentiality post reset. Big Bro could take-over the entire country and the Left ( including George Soros ) is just waiting for the right crisis to spring a new Global Order upon the masses. No more Constitution in-practice, no due process or jury trials, no more Liberty, no more America.

    We might be just become similar to Mainland (Communist) China today with Reeducation Camps for those with “sick thinking” ( non-conformists or oddballs). Everyone equal, all ‘think’ the same. No social conflicts. Malcontents just disappear. Pravda for News and Shangrala for the rest. Happy Ever After. Senior citizens like myself would not accept such radical changes well or at all.

    So, they would have to pull-the-plug on HMO Medicare Advantage patients. Not worth all the money near end-of-life to keep a bunch of disagreeable old folks around (Euthanasia). Soyolent Green. Work and invest in the young people who are all “new” and “don’t know” (the difference).

    • Greg Hunter


  33. Tom Wigand

    WOW! Just WOW!


    First some BIG question(s) came to mind as I watched this mind-blowing interview:

    Does that $21 trillion appear on the Fed’s balance sheet, or is it off the books there too???

    Were there Treasury auctions to account for this???

    Or was it somehow created / manufactured from another source???

    When did these “off-the-books” (for lack of a better term) expenditures first begin in earnest?

    It’s not like this represents an unfunded liability – this is “money” already spent.

    Now, having been spent, some more questions – where did the money go (the classic “waste, fraud and abuse” is wholly inadequate):

    Did it go for more “off the books” bailouts of financial institutions, here and/or abroad?

    Bailouts of governments?

    Under the Obama administration, off-the-books “aid” to Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and/or other Islamic interests?

    Did any of it go to the “Clinton Foundation?”

    All of the above (and more)?

    Finally, whether one believes that the whole fiat currency / central bank model is intended to fail after a period of time, or not, this appears to me to be an indisputable sign that this “Humpty Dumpty” system is now in its terminal stage.

    P.S. Kudos to Dr. Skidmore for having the personal, intellectual and academic integrity to bring this into the sunlight.

  34. Joe

    When will people ever learn that government is the biggest rip-off there is?

    Yet people reflexively turn to government to solve all of society’s ills.

    As a result government gets bigger, more powerful and of course, more corrupt.

  35. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg Hunter, thank you Dr. Mark Skidmore, and thank you Maria Skidmore for your awesome song! Greg Hunter’s “community” is the best!!

  36. Howard Doodle

    So, You Don’t Think Were In A unCivil War?

    Just ask Rudy;
    Giuliani Says Biden Documents Released ‘If I Disappear’
    By Ros Krasny: Updated on ‎November‎ ‎24‎, ‎2019‎ ‎12‎:‎38‎ ‎PM
    Fox interview downplays suggestion Trump will dump him
    Actions in Ukraine have been a focus of impeachment inquiry

  37. H. Craig Bradley

    Pascal’s Wager

    We should all review our individual position in relation to belief in God and what the price is of being wrong about the unknown. Pascal had a very logical decision making process applied to a “philosophical” subject (faith in deity) using mathematical and physics concepts. He was a independent thinker and scientist ahead of his time and one who had a multi-variate approach to problem solving or analysis, as well.

    Unfortunately, France took the wrong fork in the road starting with the French Revolution and resulting socialism (Fraternity, Equality, Liberty). Modern Marxism was first introduced by intellectuals in France during this period. Thus, we have been infected or contaminated here in America, depending on your point-of-view (perception).


    • paul ...

      Here is a more simple proof: God exists because we are here thinking about the possibility that he doesn’t!!

      • paul ...

        For example … say in the future when robots become “self aware” and the entire human race has annihilated itself because the evil warmongering demon rat neocons did a Nuclear First Strike on Russia (or China) during one of their aggressive non-stop continual wars killing off every single human being on the Planet … a robot “atheist” will be correct to say “there is no creator” … but can’t deny that there was once a creator “who is still alive within the very self aware mind he created and that is currently doing the thinking!!

        • paul ...

          Therefore we (and all the other creations of God) are living breathing representatives of God the Father himself here on Earth … “he is alive within all of us” … he is within the trees, within the many various animals, the bees, etc. and we should show a reverence “for all living things as reflections of God” as the Na’vi did in the movie Avatar (where an extraterrestrial race of blue humanoids better understood their place in God’s world then we humans do)!!!

  38. Randy Osborne

    Please ask Dr. Skidmore to go after the low hanging fruit and request the HUD records? Our government is financing “white flight” by paying the big banks the difference for the extreme discount in millions of home prices to those who couldn’t legitimately qualify for a home. Actual principle is just forgiven. This is nation wide, still growing and collectively in the Trillions. If you think housing and auto subprime is ominous, you ought to check out the Fast Food Subprime Mortgage. That would be McDonald’s, Burger King’s, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc.. Government Guaranteed financial institutes called CDFI or Community Development Financial Institute banks (Wells Fargo, etc.), finance to minority recipients that do not have enough money or credit to qualify. This also consist of Apartment Complexes, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores and Motels. In act since the 1970’s it’s in the Trillions. Thank you Greg.

  39. Justn Observer

    Greg, Not looking too good for the Bidens at this point…
    Also- I have caught drift of a Bahamas Papers coming not unlike the Panama Papers?
    hmmm – who lives in the Bahamas?
    http://listofbanksin.com/List-Of-Banks-In-The-Caribe-Bahamas.htm And what other off shore banks in the surrounding islands are there in the Caribbean.
    Could it be POTUS Trump has an ‘asset forfeiture’ Christmas surprise coming?
    or just that Bloomberg is stepping into the Presidential race?

    • Justn Observer

      Blowback-Gladio- rat-line kids now are who?

      TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 23h23 hours ago
      Maher Bitar seems to work in the UK so we have to be thankful he came home to be by Adam Schiff’s side until the next staged color revolution

      TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 6h6 hours ago
      I will be on McDuff Channel for a Special Sunday Show – McDuff Told You Dulles-Lebed Ukraine Group of Nationalist Ukrainians Was Still Being Used By CIA/MI6. Now the Impeachment Kids Proves He Was Right.
      “Impeachment Kids Prove I was Right!”- Special Sunday Report with George Webb =

  40. H. Craig Bradley

    WHAT MEANS MORE: -$21 Trillion Dollars or God ?

    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding”

    Intellectuals or “Academics” like PhD Economists Bernanke, Yellen, or Powell are not the best leaders or policy makers. The truth goes much deeper than mere “experience” in the private sector or not. But why:

    Knowledge= (Academic) Facts
    Wisdom = Application (practical experience)
    Understanding= Result

    Biblical or Godly Wisdom is all three, not just 2 of 3 possible defining attributes.

    Good or exceptional leaders need all three personal attributes to qualify or make the cut with The Almighty. Close does not count- no cigar. Its graded only on a pass-fail basis. No A, B, C, or D Grades assigned.

    REF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtAKMN6nvBU
    (Dennis Prager on Why We don’t have Freedom of Speech)

  41. Stewart and Kate Henry

    Dear Greg
    Please could you post the link to Dr Skidmore’s daughter Maria’s $21 trillion song.
    Many thanks for another excellent interview.
    Stewart and Kate Henry

  42. I love St. John Chrysostom

    I’m not voting for Trump in 2020 despite having voted for him in 2016. He has proven to be part of the Swamp. No rule of law for those who rule over us. I’m not voting at all. It’s all bogus and designed to keeping people thinking they’re free & empowered.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are wanting the commies tom take over? Brilliant!!

  43. jim

    two very patriotic and courageous people: greg hunter and dr skidmore.

  44. Mike

    Hi Greg

    Great interview and I truly believe an additional $75 Trillion has been spent vs the additional $21 Trillion.

    Vladimir Putin: “The Dollar Enjoyed Great Trust Around The World. But For Some Reason, It Is Being Used As A Political Weapon, Imposing Restrictions. Many Countries Are Now Turning Away From The Dollar As A Reserve Currency. US Dollar Will Collapse Soon.”

    As the old saying goes a rat will never rat out another rat. Trust me bothe Russia and China are doing the same thing x 100

  45. Conrade Blackmoore

    WOW! Chris’s dad must be turning over in his grave!
    Fox host calls out GOP senator for pushing conspiracy theory
    Yahoo News: KADIA TUBMAN Nov 24th 2019 4:03PM

  46. Boring Media

    Fake New’s. Our bought and paid for, Mocking Bird brain dead press. Destroyed Sarah Palin, over this. Thus enabling Barack Obama, to be our first Black president. Taking the title from, William Jefferson Clinton. Who obviously, wasn’t black. But rather, pale in, need of a tan!
    As our ex soviet Ukrainian friend, Yakov Smirnoff , now Americanski, used to say. “WHAT AH COUNTRY!”

    Can You Really See Russia From Alaska?
    Yes, but only the boring parts.

    • J. McGillacutty

      Wow besides Canada and Mexico, Russia is our closest neighbor. It even beats Cuba by 88 miles. I’ll have to walk over there someday, on a cold day in the middle of January!

  47. BennyBB

    I had to laugh when Dr. Skidmore said a crash or reset might be a good thing so we can start over. That’s what the American Indians thought with every new treaty that put them farther and farther into a corner.
    Let’s be real. The “reset” will be a cashless deal, preferably with a chip implant where if your social credit score isn’t good enough, your “money” is turned off. The “reset” will likely be the “Mark of the Beast.”
    At least here in Utah and a few other States, gold and silver are legal money (on the books at least.) It might take a civil war to quell the uprising of those of us determined to use gold and silver money but “Every Warrior hopes a good death will find him.”

    • paul

      Only two states so far, Utah and Oklahoma, have passed laws declaring that ONLY certain types of gold and silver coins are legal tender in their state. Utah in 2011 passed House Bill 317 which reads, “gold and silver coin issued by the federal government is legal tender in the state.” In 2014 Oklahoma passed Senate Bill 862 which reads, “gold and silver coins issued by the United States government are legal tender in the State of Oklahoma”. There have been several more states that have had some attempt to have gold and silver coins issued by the United States government declared to be legal tender but they failed.

  48. Annie

    Excellent interview to our Hero Dr. Skidmore and our beloved Greg Hunter~
    I have been in Accounting for many decades. Sometimes a person’s reaction to it is as if one hears about a major storm hitting another part of the world where they know no one and cannot relate. Detachment is the word, I believe. However, if that damaging storm is headed straight to you or to your family or those you know — then the words might be: Fully Engaged! … Upon reflection I felt a real shudder…….thinking of Building 7 and the rumors of what was in that building and its possible reason for “take down.” Gosh, could our whole monetary/economic system be “taken down” to cover up such things which could include what Dr. Skidmore and his team uncovered? Perhaps the phrase then might be: “It was coming down [soon] anyway.” Do we really live in such fatalistic times?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Annie!

  49. paul ...

    All this talk about Assange dying in prison … can only have one saving grace … that it will be used to set Assange free (by replacing his body with another one like they did with Epstein) … now if “the ears don’t match” and he is clean shaven … I’m not going to say anything about it!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/international-group-doctors-warns-assange-will-die-prison-without-urgent-medical-care

  50. Bill

    Where did the 21 trillion +++ go? – Read a book called raven rock or go to youtube and search for “raven rock” My opinion — our standard budget covers surface stuff. The “black/secret budget”, the one non of us normies are allowed to know about covers all other expenses and has been going on for years — (secret space program and underground facilities/doomsday preps) . An interview with Mr Graff might be very interesting.

  51. Diane

    Why isn’t this on the MSM

    Biden guilty……..!!!!!

    • paul ...

      Diane … Vindman did not witness any crimes … “he” (an un-elected Deep State military/industrial cabal member) just didn’t think “the elected President of the United States” and the Chief Military Commander had any right to change US policy by denying “offensive weapons” from being sent to the Ukraine!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/its-official-united-states-now-banana-republic

  52. Stan

    Paul: Another big down day in Gold today. You still have faith in that Bull Flag theory 🙂

    • paul ...

      Stan … Put your money where your mouth is … and make “an imaginary bet” with us USA Watchdogers … that the “official price of gold” as posted on the US National Debt Clock https://www.usdebtclock.org/ … will not rise any higher then its current price of $8673 in the next month ending on December 25, 2019 … and if you are wrong … you will make “a nice donation” to Greg Hunter as a Christmas present!!

      • paul ...

        As for the “gold bull flag” … patience Stan … it’s recent move from $1277 to $1566 was a massive 22% run … and in the process gold became a bit overbought … so it put in a slight retrace of about $100 dollars (which makes technical sense) … but look at the following chart Stan … https://northmantrader.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/GOLD-1.png … gold is just about at a Fibonacci support level from which a strong rally can begin … gold simply needs to break out above $1480 and hold for a few days … and we will be off to the races (where the next move for gold will be to $1,800 plus dollars per ounce level)!!!

        • paul ...

          Stan … I know you consider yourself a contrarian … so have you ever thought about investing in Russia? … instead of isolating Russia financially and destroying the ruble Trump has weaponized the dollar to such an extent that holding US dollar denominated stocks poses a greater risk (to investors in the West search for safe returns) then holding Russian stocks!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/stay-strong-go-long-bulletproof-russia-becomes-contrarian-haven

          • Stan

            Paul: Why in the world would I want to use any currency other than the Dollar. US Dollar is king! And I stick with King. Contrarian thinking does not apply to King Dollar!

  53. Robert Clayton Bob.

    Hi Greg,first of all thanks for always brightening the week with your insight and dead pan humour which is certainly required with all the BS around the ” important ” issues of today,in fact humour is at least as good as a suit of armour.
    One thing most people seem to be missing on the the $21 Trillion Absent without Leave Army $.How can anything be valued ? How can an Exchange Rate for the $ be worked out ? In fact how can any sector of the economy work normally? How can Ratings Agencies and Accountants Price Anything ?
    In Short how can this happen and the Economy is NOT affected even when this becomes known.This shows we live in an age of so short termism that this does not seem to exist,as in because this event has already passed into history it is being forgotten and ignored.In other words if it is not reported on,acknowledged,recorded or at the least questioned on then it never happened.
    That is why your record and our memories are important,why YOUR average viewer is informed and will hopefully survive the total S….storm that is coming down the pipe.Total Respect and Good Wishes Bob.C. ……. Manchester,England.

  54. Matthias

    Regarding Professor Skidmore’s revelations there are some MAJOR similarities to another recently published University study, that should have produced nation and world wide headlines but is instead getting totally ignored by the main stream media as well as academia — namely the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ World Trade Center 7 study that was conducted by Professor Leroy Hulsey and his team.

    Greg reported on it just recently:

    Deep State Never Wants 9/11 Truth to be Revealed – Kevin Shipp (Pt #2)

    The study was first presented on September 3rd 2019 at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, then again on September 5th 2019 at the University of Berkely, California and then a third time on September 11, 2019 at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

    According to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth “Fox News did send a cameraman, who recorded the entire event”. See:

    First Responders, Family Members, and AE911Truth Take to the Halls of Congress on 9/11

    The response was a total media blackout, despite the fact that Richard Gage pointed out that the destruction of WTC7 was the “most important collapse in Unites Staates history (outside perhaps of the Twin Towers)” as mentioned at around 32 minutes 30 seconds of the press conference’s video feed. See:

    First Responders Urge 9/11 Investigation — Sept. 11, 2019 Press Conference

    And the American Society of Civil Engineers also tries to bury these results. See:

    ASCE Threats Reveal Growing Fear of Project Due Diligence Message

    “The leadership of the ASCE has begun threatening to expel PDD representatives from national conferences for sharing information critical of the official account of the World Trade Center’s destruction on 9/11. Organizers were especially aggressive at the most recent conference, the ASCE 2019 Convention, held October 10–13 in Miami, Florida.”

    Moreover, already 10 years ago, in April of 2009, Professor Niels Harrit and Professor Steven Jones did already publish a study documenting samples of unreacted Nano-thermite in the WTC dust, as mentioned in the “9/11: Explosive Evidence” documentary at 35 minutes 25 seconds. See:

    9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (Free 1-hour version) AE911Truth.org

    All of this is also directly linked to the missing 21 trillion dollar through Donald Rumsfeld’s announcement of some missing 2,3 trillion dollar on September 10th 2001 that Greg already wrote about in the comments above.

    In his recent “reverse Interview” with Rob Kirby Greg also mentions the hazardous dust around Ground Zero and the attempts to cover it up. See:

    Project Veritas and the Death of the Mainstream Media

    In his latest documentary “911 Whistleblowers” James Corbett features Dr. Cate Jenkins (at around 19 minutes 20 seconds), who blew the whistle on the EPA’s cover up and the fact that parts of Manhattan should have been declared a Superfund site. See:

    911 Whistleblowers (FULL DOCUMENTARY | 2019)

    • William Stanley

      Thanks for assembling this information.

      • Matthias

        You’re welcome William!

        Regarding your comment in Greg’s “Deep State Never Wants 9/11 Truth to be Revealed – Kevin Shipp (Pt #2)” article concerning Dr. Judy Wood I’d like to say that I feel exactly the same!

        The “Judy Wood theory” is most likely disinformation intentionally fed into the 9/11 discussion to make critics of the official story look like tin foil hat wearing nutjobs. This view is also shared by some prominent figures in the alternative media like The Saker and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

        In his last interview with Jason Liosatos Dr. Roberts calls the “Judy Wood theory” outright disinformation at 39 minutes 35 seconds and also mentions that he contacted weapons experts about the issue and they confirmed to him that no such technology exists up to day while Nano-thermite is known to be operational and its residues were found in the dust! See:

        Paul Craig Roberts 9/11 The Twin Towers Truth What Really Happened Interview

        It also contradicts the testimony of heavy explosions going off in the buildings like the story of Barry Jennings who got trapped in WTC7 by a heavy explosion that destroyed the stairway at the 6th floor and that went off before the two towers fell. See “911 Whistleblowers” at 41 minutes 40 seconds:

        911 Whistleblowers (FULL DOCUMENTARY | 2019)

        It also contradicts the testimony off William Rodriguez who worked as a janitor in the basement of the north tower and was pushed upwards by a heavy explosion that occurred even before the first plane hit the tower and that went off in a floor underneath him. See “911 Whistleblowers” 1 hour 30 minutes 10 seconds:

        911 Whistleblowers (FULL DOCUMENTARY | 2019)

        And there is also the case of Bobby McIlvaine who was killed by an explosion in the lobby while entering the north tower. See:

        9/11 Father Seeks Justice | The Bobby McIlvaine Act

        (His father Bob was present at the press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on September 11, 2019.)

  55. Coalburner

    Greg and Dr Skidmore, I liked the song. Made me smile.

    Yes Greg, the President knows and if he can get to the next election, he will do that while building up the country. I have said before he is trying to save our standard of living on a relative global scale against the globalists and the owned traitors inside our country. I believe they have underestimated the Americans and the reckoning will come due. The bankruptcy master will preside over the world bankruptcy. As for the Dr Skidmore’s lesser peers they fear becasue they know something is wrong too and now they know what. As for the money it was used t0 build part of our space war machine and wasted in illegals and improperly fought wars. The little signals the President is sending concerning the military is going to make a big change in how we spend soldiers, weapons and money. Big change is coming! It is just that time in history. The Fourth Turning , The Five Hundred Year Cycle and others are turning as certain as the seasons change.

  56. paul ...

    Recent data shows 75% of millennials may never be able to afford owning a home … so what are the banks doing about it? … they have come up with a new gimmick … offering a 30 year loan of $300,000 dollars to buy a house with “zero loan payments each month” and at a “zero interest rate” on the entire loan amount … so what’s the catch?? … well after 30 years they simply want “a big percentage share of the homes appreciation value” … which “could be in the millions” (if inflation of the money supply continues at the current pace)!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/75-millennials-may-never-be-able-afford-owning-house

    • paul ...

      Since the banksters can print up the loan money “at no cost to them” right out of thin air … they can obviously make such “no monthly payment, zero interest rate” loans … but them collecting “millions of dollars” from the house’s appreciation value after 30 years of inflation is “highway robbery” … welcome to the “commie” Modern Monetary Theory the Demon-rats are now implementing across America to supposedly “help” the millennials buy a home (that the “commies” will eventually own) … this is even better then stealing $21 Trillion dollars … it will likely amount to raking in a cool $21 quadrillion dollars for the banksters!!!

  57. Jerry

    The daily cash infusion.

    I wish I had someone hand me cash everyday to keep my business going. Absurd doesn’t even come close to describing how screwed up our financial system is. Zero percent interest rates. Quantitative easing, stock buybacks, and now Fed repos. Bubble on top of bubble in search of a needle.

  58. paul ...

    A foul wind blows … a crack opens … and Schiff now needs to turn off the fan before the Demon-rats get their own impeachment crap thrown in their faces!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/schiff-hits-fan-first-house-democrat-publicly-opposes-impeachment

  59. Justn Observer

    Greg, Some interesting facts many might not have heard about JFK assassination from the recent JFK conferences…

  60. jonathan o'quinn DPM

    Remember… this $21T was all from only TWO of many many Fed departments. Imagine what the ACTUAL number is if one could look at ALL Federal departments. It would probably be hundreds of trillions.

    That’s why They invokes the 1947 National Security Act

    Think Black Ops, DUMBs, secret (AKA the REAL) Space Program, TR-3B Astra etc etc etc

  61. leo

    You know what else could start a meltdown? A war with Iran which seems to be brewing right under our nose within the next 30 days. What timing as Bibi and Trump are mired in political turmoil. Nothing like a war to turn the narrative around. Oh well, lets not let it ruin our vacation, clap clap.

  62. Open Eyes

    The links in this series of posts are: Lucifer -> Karl Marx -> Communism -> Globalism.

  63. Open Eyes

    Vladimir Putin’s True Colors.

    It looks like the Russian Orthodox Church also got infiltrated by the Communists.

    Greg, you’ve interviewed Alex Newman several times.


    Tuesday, 16 January 2018
    Communism “Very Similar” to Christianity, Putin Claims
    Written by Alex Newman

    The communist ideology responsible for the slaughter of more than 100 million people and the enslavement of billions over the last century is “very similar” to Christianity, claimed Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. The bizarre remarks, first reported by Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT, also suggested that the ideology of communism could be found throughout the Bible — an idea ridiculed by mainstream Christian theologians who view the murderous “ideology” as practically the antithesis of biblical morality. Finally, Putin likened mass-murdering dictator Vladimir Lenin’s dead body lying in Moscow’s Red Square to the veneration of Christian saints…

    …That hijacking extends all the way to the Russian Orthodox Church’s present-day leadership. In 2009, Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyaev, known today as Metropolitan Kirill, was chosen to serve as the “Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia,” the highest position of authority in the Russian Orthodox Church. Metropolitan Kirill took over after the death of Patriarch Alexy II, who led the ROC from 1990. Prior to his post at the head of the ROC, he was a longtime KGB agent code-named Drozdov, or “Blackbird.” All three of the candidates to replace Alexy II were also reliably identified as agents of the KGB/FSB, including Metropolitan Kirill, who ultimately got the job.

    “According to material from the Soviet archives, Kirill was a KGB agent (as was Alexei),” explained Russia expert David Satter, a former Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal, in a 2009 article for Forbes. “This means he was more than just an informer, of whom there were millions in the Soviet Union. He was an active officer of the organization. Neither Kirill nor Alexei ever acknowledged or apologized for their ties with the security agencies.” With Putin and Kirill both tracing their careers back to the murderous KGB, their public affinity for each other should hardly be considered surprising…

    …Of course, it is not the first time Putin has made similar comments. In early 2016, the Russian leader claimed the “Moral Code of the Builder of Communism,” a dozen rules for Communist Party members that includes “intolerance to the enemies of communism,” were “wonderful ideas” that resemble the Bible in many ways. While he acknowledged that the actual implementation of the “wonderful ideas” was not exactly what had been promised, he expressed nostalgia for the Soviet days, revealing that he still kept his Communist Party membership card at home. Putin also described the apparent collapse of communism as “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.” He even admitted that he continues to like communist and socialist ideas “very much.”…



  64. Open Eyes

    Tuesday, 16 January 2018
    Communism “Very Similar” to Christianity, Putin Claims
    Written by Alex Newman


    …In “mainstream” history books, Marx is often portrayed as an atheist, and his “ideology” is often described as atheistic. However, a great deal of evidence suggests that Marx may have in fact been a deliberate and conscious enemy of God. Indeed, his own writings suggest as much. “I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above,” Marx wrote in one of his poems, echoing the boasts of Lucifer recorded in the Bible. “I shall build my throne high overhead, Cold, tremendous shall its summit be. For its bulwark — superstitious dread. For its marshal — blackest agony.” In another poem, Marx wrote: “My breast is equal to that of the Creator.”…

    …The late Romanian minister Richard Wurmbrand, who was ruthlessly tortured by communists for some 14 years for pointing out that communism and Christianity were incompatible, wrote a book on the subject called Marx and Satan. “The Devil disguises himself as an angel of light,” wrote Wurmbrand, quoting the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:14, after debunking various pseudo-theological “arguments” purporting to make communism and Christianity compatible. “Christian communism is a utopian impossibility, a nightmare of exploitation. The theology of revolution is a patent absurdity, a contradiction in terms.”

    The Catholic Church has always understood that as well. As far back as 1949, the Catholic Church vowed to excommunicate any self-styled Catholics who joined the Communist Party, voted for its candidates, joined communist organizations, defended communism, or supported “the materialistic and anti-Christian teaching of atheist Communism.” In his Encyclical On Atheistic Communism, Pope Pius XI explained that Communism “aims at upsetting the social order and at undermining the very foundations of Christian civilization.” And that is putting it mildly….



  65. Open Eyes

    Tuesday, 16 January 2018
    Communism “Very Similar” to Christianity, Putin Claims
    Written by Alex Newman


    …The notion that communism and socialism are somehow compatible with “Christianity” has become increasingly widespread among younger Americans indoctrinated into a phony version of history and offered only a cheap caricature of Christianity. Unfortunately, though, a world leader — one whose fan club is growing in the United States, even among conservatives — is now spreading that same dangerous lie. Christian leaders from around the world should speak out clearly to ensure that their flocks do not fall into such grave error. Communism remains an extreme threat to this day.

    Communism and socialism are evil and produce evil fruit always and everywhere: Mass murder, hatred, torture, starvation, persecution, terror, and institutionalized slavery. True Christianity and the Holy Spirit that Christians believe inhabits their hearts, on the other hand, produce fruit that includes compassion, love, gentleness, help for the poor, joy, and peace. The two could not be more different. Anyone who pretends otherwise should be rebuked and lovingly corrected by all Christians.

    Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe but has lived all over the world. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook. He can be reached at [email protected].


  66. Open Eyes

    Tuesday, 09 June 2015
    China: Staking Claim in the New World Order
    Written by Alex Newman

    Learning to speak Chinese may be a really good investment — at least if the globalists get their way.

    In 2009, billionaire establishment power broker George Soros, a close ally and financier of Obama, called for the communist regime ruling mainland China to “own” what he referred to as the “New World Order.” Speaking to the Financial Times about what Obama should discuss while in Beijing, the self-styled philanthropist declared that the United States and the U.S. dollar were on their way down, and that the Communist Party regime must step up to the plate.

    “I think you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order, financial world order,” Soros told the Financial Times. “I think you need a new world order, that China has to be part of the process of creating it and they have to buy in, they have to own it in the same way as the United States owns … the current order.”….


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