Alex Jones Rips Piers Morgan a New One

Alex JonesBy Greg Hunter’s

Alex Jones was on Piers Morgan’s CNN show last night to talk about gun control and, boy, did Jones take it to Morgan.  I found myself mesmerized by the debate.  Well…not much of a debate anyway, more like a verbal beat down.  I don’t think Morgan knew what to say.  I thought Jones won hands down, and Morgan didn’t have a single comeback to the points  Jones made to Morgan on guns.  Jones also brought up “suicide mass murder pills.”  Morgan didn’t touch that subject because he didn’t want to stray from his narrow worn out argument.  Take a look at the video, and see if you can turn it off before it gets to the end.  I sure couldn’t.  Enjoy the blowout debate between Morgan of CNN and Jones of 

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  1. UncleJoe


    I hate to say this because you are always spot on with your reports and commentary but this time I have to disagree.
    I felt he did the gun owners of our country a great disservice with his continuous rant. You are right in that it wasn’t a debate. It appeared to me that Jones acted more like a teenager facing an angry parent than an educated man arguing his point in a mature manner.
    Morgan’s guests that followed Jones took full advantage of his ranting to make him look like a loon, reinforcing the perception promoted by the state sponsored media that gun owners are a radical fringe element of the American population.

    This point aside, keep up the good work that you do in keeping us informed with real news.

    • Greg

      Uncle Joe,
      Point taken. I still think Jones did make some good points. I want all views heard here.

      • KGB

        I’m going to be blunt. It’s naive in the extreme to think that Morgan wanted an informed debate. He didn’t, doesn’t and never will. He’s just as a much a “shock jock” as Jones is accused of being. The difference? Morgan is ‘made for TV’. It’s all about the ratings you see, how many he can pull in for an ailing Network. That’s the only reason he had Jones on – nothing to do with facing his accuser, or pushing the issue forward. So, it’s hardly surprising Jones went in there guns blazing (pun intended), given that Morgans last *cough*reasoned debate*cough* ended up with him insulting his *GUEST* as being a “stupid, stupid man”. No-one really called him out on that did they? Irrespective as to the issue being discussed. And yet *he* has the gall to reprimand Jones (and Pratt)? Absolutely incredible levels of irony being glossed over by the ‘buddypress’.

        So, Morgan is hardly a paragon of virtue. Notwithstanding the above he slithered out of the UK, so as to avoid having to be held accountable for the controversy surround *his* fabrication of news in a National paper. Maybe it’s his British accent? Or his apparent air of authority?. I don’t know. But his feigned reasonableness is something to be wary of – he’s had a lot of practice at it this side of the pond, so don’t be fooled by his demeanor.

        As for his counter-points. Taking his cherry-picked logic to it’s actual conclusion (something most miss in this ‘discussion’), [paraphrasing]”no guns in the UK”, should return a “0” (zero). Any number other than that means the outright gun ban hasn’t worked. End. Of. Discussion. As has been said countless times (and the numbers he quoted ironically back this up), criminals don’t care about laws and bypass bans/prohibitions with impunity.

        But for you Americans, the bigger picture is this…

        It starts with ‘military’ weapons, then rifles, then other larger capacity weapons, then handguns, finally shotguns (the last vestige of the farmer to protect his livestock) and ‘air’ weapons (in the UK you need a license for an air-rifle/pistol, and cannot own or modify a paintball gun with an above sanctioned psi limit before it needs to be licensed).

        But it doesn’t stop there.

        Where it ends is you not being able to defend yourself in any way what-so-ever for fear of being prosecuted yourself. You happen to have your keys in your hand at the time (car jacking) of an attack? Deadly weapon. Swing your bag that just happens to have an iPad in it? Deadly weapon. Think you can use that baseball (or more appropriately for the UK, a cricket bat you have in the closet) during a home invasion? Think again. That’s assault with intent to harm with a deadly weapon. In your house. Protecting your familiy. And your property.

        During the summer 2012 riots in London, Amazon UK had to suspended the sale of baseball bats, cricket bats, broom handles et-al because they were being used by “vigilantes” protecting their neighborhoods. Both “vigilantism” and the use of that type of material in that context is illegal in the UK.

        Is that what you want?

        A wholly confused citizenry that don’t have a clue what Rights they *do* have, in an environment where the exercise thereof is fraught with so many problems and has such broad reaching consequences that *normal people* (the person on the streets, not those able to afford private security like Morgan – who contrary to the lie he told has, and probably will, continue to use) are afraid to swing back. Instead they cower in fear, mute to be accosted, assaulted and general driven into deeper disenchantment.

        “You okay Bob? Where were the police when this happened?”.

        “On their way”.

        Don’t be under any allusions it’s just about “assault weapons”.

        It’s not.

        (P.S. Apologies for the rant)

        • Greg

          No apology necessary, and this was not a rant. In my mind it was pure analysis from a concern U.S. citizen. Loved it from top to bottom.

          • KGB

            Thanks Greg.. For the record, and to put the above into proper context (so as to avoid accusation of ‘gun bias’, being a “gun nut”, having a hidden agenda et-al), I’m not a US citizen and I don’t own a gun 😉

            Great site BTW, always interesting perspectives on ‘things’ here.

            • Greg

              Noted and appreciated my friend. Where are you from–Russia?

          • KGB

            I’m in the UK 😀

            Slight correction. Air-rifles under a certain power don’t need a license but can’t be in the possession of anyone under 18yrs.

  2. Nathan Hale

    Talk about public humiliation, I bet the little brit cried all the way home “mommy mommy there’s a mean American after me”!

    • duckwithnukes

      Oh come on… Alex Jones completely humiliated in this “debate”. I doubt anyone is actually reading this comment three, but what the hell…
      Alex Jones did a far better job of making gun owners look like nutjobs in the space of a few minutes than Piers Morgan could have done in several hours.
      I have to strongly disagree with the author of this article. Piers was not unable to answer Alex Jones’ questions; Jones didn’t even ask any valid questions. “Suicide pills”, really?
      You really need to be biased beyond all help not to see that that Alex was completely dodging everything Piers said. He brought great white sharks and chimpanzees into the argument for NO reason (other than to avoid admitting that he didn’t know something or didn’t want to say something).

      It is NOT a debate when one person spends all their time screaming at the other and refusing to let the other person say anything. In terms of maturity, Alex was somewhere around what I’d expect from an eight year old child. Alex went on unsubstantiated, senseless rants such as the accusations about working for the NWO and whatnot. And to top it off, Alex tried to imitate Pier’s accent as a way of mocking him. Author, how can you possibly say that someone who had to resort to name-calling, screaming, and imitating the other person’s accent WON THE DEBATE?
      We watched this in class today (just a a joke) and not single person wasn’t laughing at Alex’s failure here. This was a disaster for the gun-owning community.

      • Greg

        If you look art the You Tube data of “thumbs up and thumbs down” currently that total stands at 4144 thumbs up to just 372 thumbs down. There have 651,000 views of this particular version of this video. The data suggest you are dead wrong. That said, could Jones been better prepared and rehearsed? You bet he could have, and many wish he did a better job. Despite that, it appears most people back him up overwhelmingly. Here’s the You Tube link I am talking about: Thank you for your comment.

        • duckwithnukes

          The data does not, as a matter of fact, suggest anything of the sort.
          The views are obviously irrelevant.
          However, the thumbs up and thumbs down are too. They are never in any way an accurate reflection of what the community at large thinks. There are videos claiming that the Earth is hollow that have tons of likes to only a few dislikes. There are countless obviously-faked videos, videos that make claims such as reptilian shapeshifters ruling the world, and videos that are complete trash that all have many more thumbs up than they do thumbs down. I remember going on a video of some stupid prank that was actually incredibly obnoxious. Every comment below that videos was criticizing it. Every top comment criticized the video. When the uploaders posted comments, their comments were voted down until they were no longer visible. And yet, that video had many more likes than dislikes.
          Face it, the data you are trying to use is absolutely worthless.

          Jones was ranting incoherently and dodging every point Piers made. He acted like a eight year old throwing a temper tantrum, albeit with a more expanded vocabulary. He screamed at Piers Morgan for no good reason, he was unable to stay on track, and overall, he made an absolute mockery of himself. We watched this video in class just to laugh at how ridiculous Alex Jones was.

          It doesn’t matter what side of the debate you’re on. The fact of the matter is that Alex Jones completely failed to act in a mature or intelligent manner and undeniably lost the debate.

          • Greg

            Your entitled to your own opinion but your are not entitled to your own facts. The likes vs. dislikes is the only metric you have and Jones (poor performance or not) won by that metric. I agree with you Jones did poorly. On that point you are spot on. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Brad


    Like you, I watched it live. I thought Alex did not do the argument any favors with the way he handled it, but, hey, that’s Alex Jones. It’s his signature just like Clinton and cigars. But I also understand that he is looking all the way down the road to the end of the movie, and it upsets him. I feel CNN knew that, and it was probably planned before the plane went wheels up in Austin. Alex probably, like many others, feels this should not be an issue up for debate. CNN should be happy though because with their dwindling ratings, this will most likely be their best night, ratings wise, of the year. It’s a sensitive issue to say the least.

    • Greg

      I think you are correct. He’s upset because he see what’s coming. I wish he held some of his composure too. This is still a news worthy event. just my site had nearly 3 dozen comments.

  4. Brad

    p.s there is a follow up video he just filmed in his hotel room on youtube

  5. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    The “interview” was amazing; enjoyable to a point. It must be understood that Piers Morgan, and EVERYBODY – anyone who sympathizes with him will not credit Alex Jones with anything except being rude, overbearing, and caustic. None of the facts he presented; none of the issues, like the sacrosanct character of the Second Amendment – will mean anything to the Liberal mind: it all gets summarily disqualified because to them “the glass is half-empty” – guns and gun ownership will always be evil and wrong. I personally admire Alex Jones, and believe he is Patriotic straight as a gun barrel; he makes sense to me; and is refreshing to see him stand up and be heard.
    The problem is that Piers Morgan played an effective role as a true Drama Queen: patient and insistent to (try to) put his point across. It is here that I really got sickenly annoyed – trying to put his diversionary questions out in order to manipulate Alex Jones into being a good puppet: which didn’t happen. Liberals will characterize Morgan as a civil, intelligent professional; and characterize Jones as a brute animal, and stupid: all playing to their supposed “intellectual superiority”.
    Alex raised some VERY good points, but wasn’t allowed to give much substantiation. What he SHOULD HAVE done was to make it a “Quid Quo Pro” and said – ‘I’ll answer this gun question – if you answer this personal historical question’. That would have broken the Drama Queen role-playing of Morgan.
    We see the good side of Alex Jones’ forceful depictions of facts and issue; but Liberals will only “see” a rant. Alex Jones was at an inherent disadvantage by the context of the stage he appeared in: and the only way he could have come out on top was as if he could have had an Ann Coulter coolness (?) to have turned the tables at Morgan’s own game: subtle belittlement. Piers Morgan’s context as attacking the Constitution and Country indirectly should have been compared to Alex Jones going to England and “examining” the validity of the Royal Family and English monarchy on the BBC – as to how inappropriate and ill-received the whole subject is for a foreigner to raise it; let alone champion it.
    My apologies for a something less than wholesale positive commentary for this post. ( A boxing ring with one Union-Jack shorts and one American flag shorts – think of that!!! ) Keep up the good work my friend. Great Top Stories links.

    • Greg

      Thank you Charles,
      I agree it was uncomfortable but so is gutting the U.S. Constitution. I’d love to be invited to debate Mr. Morgan. This is all about a declining economy and the gutting of the middle class.

      • UncleJoe

        Now THAT would do us a world of good! Although I’m not sure how your former employer would feel about it.

  6. james

    I agree. I thought Alex won hands down. If one can ignore Alexs’ “animated” delivery and focus on what he said, you’ll find a very sound argument. I think Piers wanted to let Alex rant- thinking thar Alex would come off as some kinda kook – and that backfired on Piers. Interesting that later with some of the other guests, Piers thought that his plan had worked. Must be bad to have so much aplomb that you can’t realize a beatdown being inflicted on yourself.

    • Greg

      I bet many folks wanted to say the same thing. The MSM will look at this as a crazy rant. Many citizens will not. We are losing out Constitutional rights. The Fourth Amendment is gone with the NDAA. The president can kill any one he wished with a drone strike outside or inside of the U.S. and now (with the economy unwinding and reaching terminal phase) they want to gut the 2nd Amendment and leave law abiding citizens unprotected. Thank you for weighing in here.

  7. jim H

    Good morning Greg
    Always fun to watch Alex being Alex. “Suicide mass murder pills” indeed. I think Alex does have a pretty huge following but because of his spirit many will not go to the streets with him and his megaphone. Back in the late 70’s, I saw a 76 year old woman lunge for her Daughter’s throat because she was abusing her valium and the Daughter hid it from her. The “mood mellowing” drugs being handed out like candy for several years now make valium look like a placebo. At some point in many cases the Patient snaps and there is no predicting what they may do. As Alex said, Let’s cut that off because these are profitable Sponsor’s. The New World Order Bush Sr. and Jimmy Carter told us about is still very much on track and is now called Globalization. Let’s ask the poor sucker’s in the EU if it can be stopped. That new government is being crammed down the people’s throats. They have taxation without representation also. I’m sure after the “debate” Piers offered Alex some of his mood mellowing aids. Just joking (or am I)?

    • Greg

      Thank you Jim T and James for the comments.

  8. James T

    It looks like Jones wouldn’t allow a decent debate on the matter. Of coarse he’s right about one thing. There will be some sort of war if the Gov. tries to take the guns.

  9. Janice

    ‘Ranting Showmanship’ does seem to draw ratings in our society. There are serious issues that may impact the number of gun killings here in the U.S. We all know there is a problem. Can we have a civil discussion/debate, an airing of ideas/opinions/data ?

  10. Richard Martin

    Honestly, I thought Alex Jones made an ass of himself. His case could have easily been made without all of the theatrics. I don’t know who was watching this “debate” but if it was a foreigner, they would have thought that Alex Jones was the typical American. Loud, big mouthed, not willing to let anybody else talk, and thinks they know everything. He embarrassed the entire nation and he certainly does not speak for me.

    I support the second amendment 100% but I do believe we need a different spokesperson.

  11. Quin

    I have no respect for a person who cannot make coherent and factual points in defense of their argument. Yelling and acting like a fool instead of answering questions with logic only weakens your argument, Alex destroyed it by deflecting the questions, why “suicide mass murder pills.” thats another subject and another debate.

  12. Brandon

    Jones cleary outed Morgans attempts to manipulate the argument but i wish Jones would keep his cool a little better. I think when Jones invited Morgan to box him it took away from his argument and sounded silly, but i loved it when Jones called Piers an agent for the NWO elite or something like that.

  13. Robert

    Canada crime rate down to a 30 year low….strict gun law. Alex Jones is a ranting lunatic. Jones is unable to answer simple questions.


    USA Watch Dog has lost all credibility.

    • Greg

      Really? I lost all credibility because I posted one thing you didn’t like? I thought the segment was news worthy as it buzzing all over the Internet. You know what this is really about? Mental health and a U.S. economy in a terminal phase. What do you think would happen to your crime rate if the Fed stopped printing (“open-ended QE”) of $85 billion a month? In a word “collapse.” This isn’t just me saying this but money managers who handle billions of dollars in investments. Bankers commit fraud in the trillions of dollars (LIBOR rate rigging alone sets interest rates on up to $800 trillion in transactions.) This is unwinding as we speak and the middle class will be gutted. The bankers know this and want to disarm America as fast as possible. I wish I were there for the debate, but I wasn’t invited Thank you for your feedback.

      • Brent


        You are totally correct here that you would have absolutely killed Piers Morgan in a debate on gun control. I am a member of infowars, and listen to Alex almost daily. Unfortunately, even I will admit Alex blew it here. I am awake to what is going on unlike the sheeple, but now the sheeple think Alex is a total kook because of the way he acted. He should only have gotten into gun control and psychotic drugs, and left the conspiracy theories behind. The sheeple are not ready for that. I am a member of a more mainstream forum, and unfortunately nearly everyone in thinks Alex is a total kook now….

        • Greg

          Jones performance could have been better, but you can’t question where his heart. I think he’s genuinely concerned, and we all should be. We have TBTF bankers laundering money for drug cartels and terrorists and getting away with it without criminal prosecution. Things are so fragile with the fraudulent economy that prosecutors they did not pursue criminal charges because they feared it could collapse the financial system!!! We have the 4th Amendment gutted by the NDAA. We gave the license to kill any American (anywhere in the world) without charge. Now, they want to they want to take the rights of law abiding citizens to protect themselves from a coming financial calamity of Biblical proportions. Really!!! I do not exaggerate. So, maybe this is what Jones was feeling, and it just overwhelmed him. Some think he’s a hero by comments on this site, and some people might overlook his performance because he’s genuinely worried about Americas freedom and future. Thank you for the comment, and your points were well made and well taken.

      • Robert

        It was not that you posted news…but your positive spin and your unbelievable view that Jones won the debate (what debate)…very biased news reporting…

        Then you have Mr TRENDS cheering this lunacy on…

        There is nothing wrong with debating and disagreeing but what happened with Jones was sad to watch and even worse to see the news “patriots” spinning this just like their NWO enemies do everyday.

        Thank you for allowing this post…

        • Greg

          Thank you Robert!!

    • doug

      I live in the murder capital of Canada. The knife has taken the place of the gun. We have dozens of murdered and missing women, and finally a police task force looking into it. We are the car theft capital of Canada. The police and government don’t count attempted car thefts and car jackings in their stats, only successful thefts. But people like me pay higher insurance and taxes for it. The police tell citizens if they live in fear, they should move. A local paper did a survey that revealed half of the population carry weapons of some sort, pepper spray, screw drivers, knives, etc. Most people don’t go out after dark because of crime. Don’t believe the food stained Michael Moore. Things are getting worse in Canada. Only the criminals have guns here. They have machine guns and Glocks, and they didn’t get them from legal owners. They brought them in right under the government and police’s noses. Gun bans are working wonders here.

  14. Bill

    Classic Alex.

  15. Craig

    They can come ask for my guns, they can take away the lead but no guns. Period. Pierce can be deported if he does not like OUR second amendment. Good luck to all the newly sheriffed Americans who try to come get our guns. If you fire on us the Civil war will begin.

  16. samhell

    I have seen other comments saying Alex was too over the top. They site other more rational spokesmen for the 2nd amendment. Yet Alex is the one who gets his rant linked on Drudge, shown here, and various other websites. It goes viral, because it is over the top. Any other debater would have participated in a yawnfest seen only by the paltry amount of viewers that Piers has.

  17. Robert

    Talk radio personality Alex Jones attracted attention for his petition to deport Piers Morgan. Then he showed up on Monday night on Morgan’s CNN show and attracted more attention, spewing conspiracy theories right and left. He spouted off about 9/11, the New World Order, suicide pills and at one point began speaking in a fake British accent. He leaped straight to Mao and Hitler without pausing to reflect on Godwin’s Law. All in all, it was a remarkable show. Morgan won the debate, but only, as Tim Stanley noted, because Jones did not let him get a word in edgewise.

    This is saying something. The last time Piers Morgan won a debate was against Clint Eastwood’s Invisible Chair Obama, and that was because most of the chair’s comments were too ripe for cable. Once an actual straw man came on, but they tied. Jones, as a talk radio personality, is as close to a living straw man as you can hope to get.

  18. BOB D

    Jones is funny and did the only thing he could in the NWO fake news room.
    9-11 was a inside job and the whole world knows the truth.
    If people just took one day and look up all the information about 9-11, they would know the truth. You won’t get it on CNN.
    I think they want the guns because the truth must come out. The truth is what gives money worth.

  19. Sophie

    Altho everything Alex Jones said was true, I thought he was very rude, And there was no need for him to yell
    like he did. I was so disappointed in he manner. I think he turned alot of people off.

  20. D. Smith

    Alex Jones always blows it.

    This was a complete waste of time, it was not a debate or even a fact-based meeting. Alex couldn’t answer the questions Piers asked, Piers evaded answering anything Alex threw out to him.

    I understand that Alex is passionate about these topics, but he MUST learn to control himself. He comes off as a raving lunatic. Seriously. I’m against the gun ban but it isn’t because of what I’ve learned from Alex Jones. In fact, I hardly ever watch anything of his anymore because he’s so over the top. He needs to learn self-control or no one is going to take him seriously.

  21. john

    Thanks Greg, yours is the only fully supportive review of Alex I’ve seen today. It’s sad that so many anti-bankster, anti-globalist, anti-MSM commentators appear terrified that Alex will scare the sheeple away, and have felt the need to attack Alex alongside the liberals and globalists.

    The softly-softly approach has yet to inflict any lasting setbacks against our march into authoritarian socialism. Ron Paul, for example, is a great spokesman for the truth, but how much lasting impact has his gentle debating style achieved?

    This debate was Alex Jones, warts and all, exactly as he presents himself on his own nightly show. We should not attack Alex for being Alex. Furthermore, his combative style might prove to be what is needed to wake up a sleeping population.

    Once again, Greg. Thanks for not joining in with the liberals trying to tear Alex Jones down.

    • Greg

      Jones could have been more clever and restrained but he see the future. The Constitution has already been gutted and I think Jones is distraught over the future he sees. I cannot fault him for that. Thank you for the comment.

  22. jc davis

    Greg: I have watched this several times on other sites. Its too funny to me. I counted 54 times morgan said the name alex, trying to interrupt the truth Alex was saying. Id pay money to watch that fight.

  23. Mike

    Alex Jones, I love this guy!!! Speaking up for America.

  24. Mark L.

    Being a strong supporter of gun ownership rights, it was disappointing and a bit embarrassing to watch Mr. Jones represent gun owners (and Americans) in this way. Clearly, Mr. Jones came well prepared with facts in hand. Why didn’t he let the debate play itself out? Instead, Mr. Jones came off as a wild-eyed fanatic, with statements sometimes fringing on the irrational (in the context of the “discussion.”)

    Yes, Mr. Morgan deserved a good tongue lashing. But Jones overplayed his hand

    • Greg

      Fair points Mark L. Thank you for making them here.

  25. Rick

    Sorry, I could not watch this to the end. Alex Jones is not someone I like much, and he did make an ass of himself. He’s right about somethings, but he’s also full of BS.

    • Rick S.

      Alex is not full of B.S. He is speaking the truth. He is very passionate in communicating this truth to all. I do feel his frustration whenever the MSN tries to belittle his views. I’m a supporter of Alex as well as a supporter of Ron Paul. Both men speak out the same truth, same as Greg Hunter.

  26. Sam oon sum chuan

    I read your articles quite a bit. I thought you sound and steady. Until you had Peter Schiff. Then this interview with Alex. Peter Schiff was bad. Look, how bitterly wrong and wonkish has he been these last four years? Hyperinflation? Wherefore art thou? Listen to Paul Krugman. He has called it spot on on all the major economics issues already. If you disagree just go check your facts and your ideology…or should I say your idiosyncracy? Alex Jones? He has no arguments….just loud rants. Thinks big decibels will beat sound reason.. Has been wrong on so many things for so long he should just shut up and take the time to review all his beliefs of the last few years and match them up to reality. He would find, hey, he got most of them things wrong so why don’ t he just up…

    • Greg

      Sam chuan,
      “Listen to Paul Krugman. He has called it spot on . . . ” We are going to have to disagree on Schiff and Krugman. First of all, the inflation numbers are a farce. No way it’s 2%. As far as being wrong since 2008, gold was around $900 an ounce then and now it’s $1650. This is with market rigging and price suppression. Please don’t tell me the markets are not rigged. We have LIBOR, mortgaged backed securities and foreclosure fraud the banks just paid a big settlement to get out of and flash trading, naked short selling that goes on unabated and the Presidents Working Group on Financial Markets (AKA the PPT plunge protection team). By the way, not a single criminal charge for the financial elite. Not even for money laundering HSBC admitted to doing for drug cartels and terrorists got criminal charges. Why doesn’t’ Krugman talk about any of those outrages??? Because he’s in on the management of the public perception. Second of all, the Fed is printing $40 billion a month to buy the fraud of bankers and $45 billion a month for Treasuries. Krugman says borrowing costs are at historic lows. I guess they are with the Fed distorting the market printing money to suppress interest rates. Ask yourself two questions. If we were really in a “recovery,” why would the Fed need to have “open-ended” QE? Second, What would happen if the fed just stopped printing all this cash? How about that phony accounting that’s been allowed by FASB since 2009. The banks can value their assets for whatever they think they will be worth in the future. Please stop with the Krugman praise, This is a phony propped up economy and I know this and have cited facts. I think a Nobel Prize winner should know what I know. As far as Jones goes, this was a news event that was splattered all over the Internet. It is a legit news story. I agree Jones didn’t express himself very well, but the Constitution has been shredded. The NDAA took care of the Fourth Amendmendment and the President has used his license to kill Americans abroad without a peep from the MSM. Now, they want to take away peoples right to protect themselves while not saying a word about the poor mental health system and drug treatments of the drug companies. Bankers know we are headed for a collapse and they do not want angry armed citizens. I think Jones did not perform well but maybe he’s a little freaked out by what he sees in the future. I don’t know but This story along has gotten nearly 50 comments just on my site (including emails) so it there is plenty of people want to weigh in. Thank you for your comment and as I always say, “Good men can disagree.”

    • George

      Wow, Krugman was right??? Toto, we are not in Kansas any more

  27. Rod

    Greg, I feel Mr. Jones was just verbalizing the total frustration that alot of us feel when dealing with the far left on not only the gun issues but many personal freedom topics that are now under attack. Mr. Jones only fault was he didn’t limit his arguments to just gun control but shot the whole wad and lost the respect of most who were watching. Nobody won, I just wish it could have been handled better.

    • Greg


  28. Nathan Hale

    I think it was more of a call to arms on Jones part than it was a debate. He probably knows you can not “debate” anything with a liberal, they are not happy until they control every aspect of your life. That is why we got socialized medicine forced on us (for those of you who think it’s a great thing may I suggest a trip to the DMV?). No debate there, just ram it through like tarp, patriot act etc. On another note I must say I’m rather proud of Hussein He is the most fabulous gun salesman I have ever seen. Here in Texas they are flying off the shelf from Longview to Ft.Worth. And ammunition, why, I think we’re getting ready for the next Alamo! It should be quite the party.

  29. martinrooy

    True, the U.S. constitution is being gutted – by those that are supposed to uphold it the most, politicians. They preach and use it without any intent of paying it any respect in matters that don’t suit them.

    Canadian crime rates may be lower but the regular person can’t even buy a stun gun or use bear spray in self defence. He has to turn the other cheek.

    Alex makes many good points and I understand where he is coming from. However, guns may not kill people but people with guns do.

    So where to draw the line, how to stop the killing, how to defend, what is wrong?

  30. chowthen

    Being a Mr. nice guy doesn’t get you anything and civil debate with the marxist progressives is point less. Hurray to Alex Jones I like his style. You should listen to Mark Levin as well he’d call most of these so called civilized posters above what they are “bunch of idiots”.

    • Lou

      Right on clowthen. History shows that these fascist/commies can only be dealt with by force. You can’t reason with these people.

  31. Mike Gunther

    Greg, I think it was very relevant to your site, after all to an American, Lead is a precious metal too!

  32. Doc Casull

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    Alex Jones is a nexus. He was victorious in strategy by exposing Mr. Morgan as an agent of evil and the gun grabbers as quislings. There was a missed opportunity to score tactical debate points, but it really did not matter in that forum.

    The AGENDA is moving forward. “Power kills, absolute power kills absolutely.” R. J. Rummel, University of Hawai’i. It is documented in real time here:

    Newspeak for Gun Control

    Multiple Attackers at Sandy Hook? Set Up For Gun Control

    TOTAL GUN CONFISCATION in Post-Constitutional Amerika

    Cheers, 454

    • Greg

      Thank you Doc for your input here!!

  33. Michael

    It is about time someone verbally kicks the crap out of a pernicious progressive. The Second Amendment of the Constitution is clear and does not require a Ivy League attorney to interput.

    This country is irreconcilably devided and the common sense conservatives have let the progressives brutally bully them, take thier money and use it against them. Now they are going to take away the Second Amendment – the most precious of amendments.

    It is time to strike back with unrelenting vengance and furious anger or become a victim of a Stalinst, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot tyranical style dictatorship. History is constantly repeating itself. Don’t be fooled by government politicians that want to protect you.

  34. Lou

    God Bless Alex Jones. We need more men like him to stand up and push back at these left wing loons. The left have many crazy loons that go unabated and they have been successfully taking away our rights. Its time that we start pushing back in a more forceful manner …something that Alex Jones just did today. We tried the polite, educated, timid approach with Mittens Romney and it didn’t work. If we don’t use more force to push these commies back, we’ll be overrunned.

    • Greg

      Amen to that brother.

  35. Joanna

    Hi Greg,

    I have to say kuto’s to you for posting the Alex vs Pier’s debate. Alex is a very unique person and you have to know him to understand him!
    When I first watched it, I have to admit I cringed a little. I watch Alex from time to time so I know how passionate he is and how frustrated he gets because people just can’t see what’s really going on! I’m sure you can relate to the frustration! I get frustrated too and people think I’m crazy!
    Everyone has commented that they wish Alex would have stayed calm but one has to wonder if the debate would have recieved any attention by the MSM if it was “calm.” I have to wonder if Alex intentionally did what he did so that the debate would get the attention of the MSM. It worked because it was every where I looked today. Alex is an extremely smart guy and I think his plan worked. He put a lot of information out there that might get even 10% of the people stopping and asking questions. He’ll get curiousity seekers on his website. You know how people are. The ones that have to look at the car wreck. They’ll read and just maybe the light bulb will go off. Now we’ve awakened one more! One at a time and we will become the Republic we once were! God, I love my country and I just want to pass on to tomorrow’s children the country that I was so blessed to have growning up. It’s that simple. It’s all about saving our country and maybe we all need to start being a little more like Alex (angry and passionate). People will have to listen!
    Thanks again Greg!

    • Greg

      All good points and I thank you for making them here. I really don’t know but I do know there was a lot of interest here. I’ve had more than 50 comments in one day, both negative and positive. This in and of itself is a good thing. This gets people thinking and that makes this little post a success. Thank you for joining the conversation, as I see this is your first comment here. I hope you make many more.

      • Joanna

        Actually Greg, I’ve posted once before (about my 401k money being in prison). I check your site daily! I am a huge fan of you, your site and your guest!! Keep up the awesome work!

        • Greg

          Thank you for your kind words and for your support. Did you find and answer to yout “401k prison”?

          • Joanna

            NO. It’s still in prison but I moved most of it to a safe spot. The rest I kept in a gold fund! 🙂 Thank you!

            • Greg

              Thank you for the update!

  36. Rebecca

    Alex Jones is Alex Jones.
    Would one think for a moment that Piers Morgan’s team did not “scout” out Jones in advance and know exactly who he is and how he would “perform” for them. Of course, they did.

    Surely Jones was selected for this “debate” specifically because he could be expected to “rant” and look like idiot in the eyes of those not accustomed to his bravado – and paint advocates of the Second Amendment to be equally as “irrational.”

    Personally, I think Alex would have been wise to refuse to appear on the Piers Morgan’s show. Jones’ response should have been that what business does Morgan have to mettle in an issue belonging solely to the citizens of the United States. It is our Second Amendment, not his.
    It is our gun laws. This is not the UK. So Piers Morgan, “butt out.” If you don’t like our Second Amendment, then “go home.”

    Since Morgan brought up the Jones’ petition and its 104,000 signatures advocating Morgan be deported, ole PM must have had his feeling hurt that a lot Americans don’t like him. He’d be right: a lot of Americans don’t like him and don’t waste time watching him on the “boob tube.”

  37. Mitch Bupp

    I like Alex. I understand his frustration. Alex knew he was going into a hostile environment and a stacked deck. He choose to limit the time Piers had to manipulate him with questions by attacking the subject.

    Greg, you know and understand how these hatchet jobs work. The series of questions they ask lead in one direction which supports their argument. There is no fair debate on a show like this. I know this is one of the reasons you left the MSM because it goes against the grain of your inner morality.

  38. Diane Carol Mark

    Hi Greg,
    Lots of comments on the Alex vs Piers event. I’ve read all the comments and listened to both segments on CNN. The issue is MUCH deeper. This isn’t so much about “Alex and Piers”. Think back a couple of months to the Presidential Debates. During those events, you could feel the players as if they were wearing straightjackets. They interrupted each other, spoke too loudly, and not only was there “no debate” in any real sense (think Lincoln-Douglas), but you felt a sense of social despair; that it wasn’t possible to turn away from the downward spiral.

    With Alex and Piers, we’ve got all of that, but with hysteria now layered on top.

    In 1933, Jung gave a lecture where he described “mass hysteria” as an aspect of denial, a highly paradoxical phenomena where from the outside looking in you say, “This is delusional”. But from the inside, there’s a sense of the ordinary. The paradox is that even though your culture is immersed in highly questional behaviors and activities, if you look at it while it is happening, there’s a sense of normalcy in the air. This mass hysteria/denial is a deep undercurrent in the culture, and Jung recognized this as an archetype. The behavior isn’t isolated to one individual, but is displayed through the collective.

    Since we’re seeing this play out so acutely on the public stage (MSM, CNN), at this point, I would call it that we’re truly entering the end zone of this game. I imagine behaviors and denial will intensify in direct proportion, and then we’ll witness the next rather challenging stage.

    Thanks for staying on the edge with your reporting and research. This was a milestone news event.

    🙂 Diane

    • Greg

      Bravo Diane Carol Mark! Clear, concise and pointed analysis of a complicated social phenomenon.

  39. hbeachrealist

    I love AJ. And Greg Hunter. Here is CNN on Tuesday night talking about how they would like to see AJ “popped” (as in shot):

    • Greg

      Thank you hbeachrealist!

  40. Ambrose


    Don’t be fooled by the “Gun Control Movement” in Washington, D.C. It is not the first time (and definitely not the last time) that politicians and MSMs try to take advantage of a sad incident.

    The dead students were so cute and so sweet. Only the insane would dare to harm such lovely children. It has everything to do with the mental health policy in this country and it has nothing to do with the legal gun owners. Without guns, the mentally sick could find other ways to hurt us. Why don’t anyone talk about improving the nation’s mental health system and give the real help that the mental patients need? A majority of mass killers were mentally ill.

    Every year thousands of children are killed in gun violence. Here is a report with some good data: “Protect Children, Not Gun 2012” ( although I disagree with its anti-gun arguments.

    Gun violence cannot be stopped by gun control. Many people, including politician and the media, always try to simplify a complex problem.

    Since 2008, many cities across the country ran into financial troubles and they had to trim their police force. Some cities even outsourced their police service to other cities or counties in order to save money. Undoubtedly most of us are getting less protection from our local police today than a few years ago. Yet crimes are on the rise.

    Here are some of the quotes that I heard (from police chiefs, police spokespersons, mayors and victims) in last year (2012):

    “Sorry, we don’t have enough police to patrol the district because of the budget cut.”

    “Sorry, we cannot dispatch a police car to your address because there is no available officers. Please hold… ”

    “Sorry, all (911) lines are busy. Please stay on the line…”

    “To avoid injury, you should cooperate with your robbers and hand over your valuables as s/he demanded. Do not upset the robbers. Do not confront the robbers. Do not follow the robbers. Do not…”

    “The police arrived late because we were told that the robbers already left. There is no urgency to the crime scene when nobody’s life is in immediate danger. With limited resources, we have to deal with life-threatening situation first.”

    “We need at least 200 more police officers in order to provide normal service to the city.”

    “Where are the police when you need them?”

    Criminals understand that many police departments are under-staffed and they are taking advantage. With longer and longer response time, the criminals figure out they have enough time to break into a house, collect valuables and make a clean get away before police shows up. When the city cannot protect you and your family, would you rather use a gun for defense or just surrender yourself and your family to the robbers? I think the answer is very clear.

    For those people who still feel safe with their local police, you don’t know how lucky you are. Either you are an optimist or you really live in paradise.

    Here are some more articles about police officers to population ratio:

    International Association of Chiefs of Police published the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) data on the average Police Officers to Population Ratio. (…)

    Another interesting article: “Cops, Cutbacks and Crime” (

    Watch out for more and more idiots publishing legal gun owners’ names! The whole anti-gun movements are against legal gun owners and they do nothing to the criminals or the insane. Kind of like the government regulating the Main Street to its death while Wall Street is unregulated to do its crime.


    • Greg

      Thank you for adding your analysis to this post. You made it much richer!!!

  41. Ambrose


    Here is the correct link for International Association of Chiefs of Police published the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) data on the average Police Officers to Population Ratio. (


  42. Norm Ezzie

    Greg! I’m speechless here…..America is going to revolt? Mmmmm,tell me where and when- Who’s in charge of this coming revolt? How many people you think will show up? Will they come by bus,planes or trains?Don’t tell me its going to be a door to door operation- I can’t think of one person in my region I can totally trust (for backup) Will the Red Cross support this coming “revolt”? What about those Drones….who’s going to be able to thwart that “delivery service”? Chemical Warfare? Need I get a gas mask,prior to this coming revolt? Will illegals be allowed to join in? After all,they’re well armed! Will there be enough interpeters….that speak those foreign languages? Men and women that have prior military experience (myself included)- what rank will they be given? Can you name one military commander that will join this revolt? Need I go one here….or do you see what I see…another courtjester event! CNN is nothing more than another source for that “intellegence gathering data base”- BTW,most American’s today haven’t a clue who the real enemy is….and let me tell you here and now….they ain’t in Washington DC!

  43. Shadow of Doubt

    Hi Greg,
    I thought I’d share this disturbing perspective from a visiting Russian student on gun control:

    “Your political elite are much like ours–they believe your (constitutional) rights are “gifts” from the government. They can give with one hand (Obamacare) and take with the other(your right to bear firearms)!

    “America’s response to date is the same as ours was to the Marxist’s thugs in early Russia. Many people in my area of the world believe American’s are just “big talk” or “a paper tiger” and won’t
    fight. You will be disarmed & defeated as easily as we were.”

    I sure pray her assessment of the American people is wrong but its sure hard to argue with her view on politicans.

    Regardless of the nay sayers, you have the best site around!

    • Greg

      Shadow of Doubt,
      Thank you for sharing your story and for your kind words of support!!!

    • Mike S.

      They have taken away our jobs, our cities that were once the envy of the whole world are crumbling to the ground. We have no economic future but only look forward to survival. And the last shred of human dignity that we have left is the means to protect ourselves from the same forces that have brought all this on. Who could expect any one to treat Mr. Morgan with respect? I sure wouldn’t. And yes I will fight to keep my weapon. Someone sang it better than I can. “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”.

  44. Kerry

    Wow! Way to go Alex! He is right on in his comments. The 2nd Amendment does not exist to protect hunting rights but to protect against tyranny. Alex is a hero. At least he has the courage to speak up. I doubt if Morgan would give up his private armed security guards. “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

    • Greg

      Thank you Kerry for adding to the lively discussion!

  45. Rick S.

    Alex is not full of B.S. as the M.S.N. tries to portray him. He is speaking the truth. He is very passionate in communicating this truth to all. I do feel his frustration whenever the MSN tries to belittle his views. I’m a supporter of Alex as well as a supporter of Ron Paul. Both men speak out the same truth, same as USAWATCHDOG.

    • Greg

      Thank you Rick S.

  46. Carrie K

    I have to disagree with you when you said “Alex Jones won the debate”. I think he was such a jerk that his points were lost. It is a shame that he is such a bully because he had some good points to make. I think he could only convince those who already agreed with him. A debate should cause one to wonder about their preconceived notions.

    Carrie Kaeding

    • Greg

      Thank you Carrie,
      I have to agree that Jones performance could have been more controlled, but if it was would we be talking about it now? Who knows. Many feel the frustration of Jones with rampant Wall Street crime and the gutting of the Constitution. As I have said before, the gun control issue is all about disarming the public before a great financial collapse. It is that simple. But your points are well made and well taken.

  47. Steve

    I am late to the party here Greg, didn’t read all the comments, but Alex and this passion/tirade of angry eyes to a man asking the questions… just lost my attention. When Mr. Morgan asked Alex if he was done at one point and Alex responded he was, Mr. Morgan said he had another question for him. I don’t see that at avoiding the question of people on Prozac, (my wife has been on it, she doesn’t buy a gun to kill me or anyone else.) Alex in ALL HIS passion of MORE GUNS will solve the problem needs some Prozac to calm him down. Alex is SO WORRIED ALL HIS GUNS WILL BE TAKEN AWAY BY COMRADE OBAMA, that it sounds like the South will rise again.

    This is the part Greg where the extremes in America, far left to far right have such a problem, that they do not know how to live with one another, in fact do not want to live with one another. So the solution is, lock and load because they, who ever they are, are coming to get your guns. IMHO, gun control means that … control. Am I to naive? It just gets to overrated and overblown and EVERYONE over reacts, including the NRA.

    Having a cop with a gun at every school??? May as well have them at every theater, shopping mall, football game. Anywhere there will me masses of people a gunman can kill. And the way to kill a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. WOW, how are you going to tell who is defending who. Using that logic, it is still violence that is being committed, to the bad guy and the good buy. Justified violence is still that … violence, we who think we are good guys, just think we are better. The fact is, violence was still used to “kill” the bad guy. But it is better violence because we killed the bad guy. Still is violence and that is what seems America is so overly consumed with.

    In fact go to the theater, football game, boxing match etc and what is it really…. violence. Haven’t even mentioned all those video games rated “M” for mature. Who’s mature playing them? Maybe it helps get their violent nature an outlet, but really… man is basically violent….ever since Cain killed Able in the Garden. Things haven’t changed.

    You probably are not a fan of John Stewart, don’t know. But here is a link to three videos and his comments on what he thinks about the issue, please take the time to listen.

    • Greg

      I like Jon Stewart but some times he’s leans a little too left. The real story here is this is about disarming the public before a great economic collapse. It’s just that simple.

      • Steve

        Greg, is it really about disarming the public? The governor of New York just said, who needs 10 bullets to kill a deer? so who needs 10 bullets to kill anybody? nobody!

        The real story is about assault rifles and violence. But, anyone who owns a gun, I do not, goes waaaaaay overboard on the issue and blows it way out of proportion. “Oh no, they want to take alllll my guns.”

        Do you Greg really need an assault rifle?

        If you are afraid of being disarmed, by the “government” taking your assault rifle, what reason do you have? You still other “weapons” and guns by the plenty to defend yourself.

        • Greg

          The Second Amendment was not written for hunters, it was written for self protection and to combat tyranny. A famous quote that says,”Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.” What part of this quote best describes what is going on today? Why the rush for gun control? Don’t we have a critical debt ceiling and budget that must be finished in 2 months? We are headed for another financial calamity. Bankers have committed trillions in crime and fraud that nearly brought the entire financial system down. There has not been a single prosecution of a financial elite and the problem is far from fixed. If were fixed and we were in a real “recovery” the Fed wouldn’t need to print $85 billion each and every month to prop up insolvent fraudulent bankers and the U.S. government. Is the government frantically trying to disarm America just before another meltdown? What about the continuing thread of mental health illness with all of these mass shootings. What about the drugs these insane shooters are taking? Shouldn’t we take the drug companies to task for this stuff? If you want to have a debate let’s, broaden it out for the full picture as to what is happening to the country. I am not Alex Jones. I am sure Mr. Morgan would never have me up to my old employer (CNN) for a debate. Thank you for your comment even though I disagree. As I always say, “Good men can disagree.”

          • Steve

            Do you own an assault rifle?

            • Greg

              No, but I am a law abiding citizen. If I think I need one, the U.S.Constitution says I can have one. I have never been charged or convicted of a felony, and I have never taken psychotropic drugs. You see, I am really for the Constitution–all of it.

        • KGB

          Steve, refer to my comment above to see what “disarming the public” *actually means in the long run*.

          1) The Constitution specifically refers to the capacity of the populace to form protection for the State. It makes NO attempt at addressing (permissive or limiting) what the citizenry does outside of that with their arms because that’s not it’s purpose.

          2) The Constitution lays no express ‘material’ requirements upon the Militia in terms of their equipment other than they be “well regulated”, meaning “current/up to date/well maintained”. It’s not limited to muskets.

          3) The issues of ‘hunting’ and ‘shooting’ have *absolutely nothing*, I’ll repeat that, absolutely nothing, to do with the “right to keep and bear arms” in relation to the Constitution because again, that’s not the purpose of the 2nd.

          4) The issue isn’t even about ‘guns’, it’s about the States (read that as ‘Federal Governments’) authority and exercise thereof over the individual. If they can successfully limit an individuals Right to a particular ‘item’, because it sounds reasonable, then they set the precedence to limit other Rights for similarly ‘reasonable’ reasons. That really is how ‘it’ starts (not that one is suggesting the extreme of exterminating vast tracks of the population as it postulated in some quarters, what it does mean is a population that *has* to do what it’s told because it has no real means to say no (voting included), aka the UK and most European Countries – can you imagine Greece with an armed citizenry right now?). This is of such fundamental importance to understanding this issue it cannot be stressed enough.

          But, speaking specifically with regards to “assault rifles and [their connection to] violence”. It’s about accessibility, prevented and/or limited that a meaningful way without infringing the legitimate Rights of law abiding citizens and/or without massively increasing the amount of red-tape and/or without increased surveillance grid to boot (what assurances can be provided to keep owners personal details private in light of recent irresponsible actions by a few newspapers chasing controversy for website traffic/TV viewing numbers for example). Simply bandwagon, knee-jerk banning ‘assault weapons’ is not the answer to the broader issue (if that’s what we’re really talking about here) especially considering that most gun crime is carried out using handguns/pistols, and generally any ‘weapon’ that happens to be at hand.

          As for the timing, as Rahm Emanuel said, “never let a serious crisis go to waste”, you can bet the Administration had ‘plans’ in place ready to go. This isn’t conspiracy, but rather Politicians doing what they do, being egregiously opportunistic.

  48. Rrrr

    Americans are not Englishmen. We have different needs and are in a different circumstance. Piers thinks guns are the problem, but he ignores the fact that problem drugs were motivators in the events.

  49. Rrrr

    Additionally, Brits are losing their sovereignty to immigrants and they don’t even know it.

  50. RMJA

    Alex Jones is spot on. Morgan is a fool and is just trying to defend his position lest he become an even bigger fool once people realise it. But the danger is, some will still listen to him.

  51. Dennis Popowich

    All this is from a country whom killed to the tune of 630,000 of each other in the last civil war and looks to be hankering for another. My god give your heads a shake. What a society!

  52. Paul

    This exercise is starkly reminiscent of “Baptists and Bootleggers”

    The progressives will be thrilled with banishment and the criminals even more so.

  53. frosty


    The purpose of this entire hullabaloo is not preventing crime through banning weapons. This is but a guise perpetrated by media propagandists to disguise real agenda which, as Alex pointed out somewhere in his emotional rant, is absolute control.

    The globalist ideologues, both in congress and across the pond, are hell-bent on disarming US citizens in order to allow themselves free use of their own weaponry as a means to force their agenda on the American population against their will.

    Don’t believe that people can’t be found who will do anything and obey anyone for money and power. Hitler had no problem disarming his “enemies” and finding the people he needed to herd them into the death camps. Similarly, Mao, Stalin and other ideologues were able to persuade people to murder millions within their own nations.

    It is interesting to note that those striving to establish this new, totatilatarian world order are now operating in a full court press mode. Their disarmament attempts are being conducted not only through congressional and the media influences, but via a treaty with United Nations as well. Perhaps they are aware that a sleeping giant is finally stirring awake and their time is now running short.

  54. Steve

    Our thread what cut short above…

    Greg says:
    January 10, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    No, but I am a law abiding citizen. If I think I need one, the U.S.Constitution says I can have one. I have never been charged or convicted of a felony, and I have never taken psychotropic drugs. You see, I am really for the Constitution–all of it.

    Greg, you are a law abiding citizen…. what I worry about is the one that is not with an assault rifle.

    Who NEEDS an assault rifle?

    I live in California, and when I drive down the freeway, I am very careful not to cut someone off or do something that would make them pull a gun and shot at me….. I am not worried about you, I am worried about the ones who can get an assault rifle or any kind of gun and do what they want. They pull the gun, why?, because their rights were violated and that IS THE ONLY WAY THEY KNOW HOW TO SOLVE their problem.

    I believe in the 2nd too, my question is, does the Constitution really state you can own an assault rifle?? Right to bear arms… did I miss something?

    • Greg

      Yes you have missed something and it is the clause “Shall not be infringe.” Please do not narrow the argument here down to “Who needs a gun. The constitution is being gutted. 99.99999% of gun owners would never shoot innocent people. Why should my rights be taken or whittled down. The left want no one to have a gun. That is their ultimate goal. Can’t you see what’s happening with the TSA, The NDAA (Gutting the due process clause of the 4th Amendment)? The President can kill any U.S. citizen at his whim and he did so in Yemen three times with drone strikes. Now please at least acknowledge my other question. Don’t you think we should take a long hard loon at the mental system in this country and how we treat mental health issues with drugs that the big pharma discloses may cause suicidal tendencies? Why should law abiding citizens lose their right granted under the Constitution because certifiably insane people get guns? Shouldn’t we just stop these people from getting guns? What about my assertion the economy is about to fall off the cliff again? the government want to whittle away all of out rights? Please answer these questions in the gun debate or are you just going to keep focusing on a very narrow issue of “Who NEEDS an assault rifle?” There are much bigger issues in play here.

      • Steve

        In reference to your statement:

        Don’t you think we should take a long hard loon at the mental system in this country and how we treat mental health issues with drugs that the big pharma discloses may cause suicidal tendencies? Why should law abiding citizens lose their right granted under the Constitution because certifiably insane people get guns?

        Agreed whole heartily. Metal issues ARE a big problem when mixed with guns. But as far as the rest of us go….. within the next year or two there will be more deaths committed by guns than automobiles. The people (are they all law abiding citizens?) doing all that killing are not mentally ill. And they don’t all use assault rifles either.

        And I am totally against what Obama is doing with killing anybody with all the drones strikes over seas. Perhaps he is metal ill as well. And I agree, he is shredding the Constitution.

        Big issues at play here, oh yes. Staying alive and watching my country and the world kill each other because that is the only way they solve a problem.

        Greg, thanks for the conversation.

        • Greg


          You live in California, right? That state has the grand daddy of all indebted states–$600 billion in red ink. What do you think is going to happen when California can’t borrow any more money and the federal government becomes too broke to help. What kind of social unrest could you imaging happening when the easy money stops? Crack cocaine and crystal meth are totally illegal. You see how well banning these drugs worked. If you have a family please have a way to protect them. The financial calamity and inflation has never happened before in human history. The global debt has NEVER been this big and when it pops things will get ugly across the nation. Guns protect honest people from the criminals. You are one of the honest people. Thank you for your spirited exchange and for supporting this site.


  55. larry english

    Alex did a good job , not all liberals watching slimey cnn are completely stupid . I bet a lot of people saw past his rage , and got the points he was makeing . I’m glad someone got mad for once !

  56. Steve

    Here is another interview with Alex Jones, enjoy.

    He is mad as hell and he is not going to take it anymore.

    • Greg

      Your views of Jones are the opposite of the overwhelming majority of the nearly 5 million YouTube viewers of the Morgan/Jones gun debate. “Likes” outnumber “Dislikes” 9 to 1 or 17044 to 2482. See for yourself. Here’s the link: I’ll be the first to admit Jones was a little over the top and could have been better prepared but, he struck a nerve with Americans tired rights being gutted from the Constitution and rampant unpunished criminal banker fraud and theft that has wrecked the economy.

      • Steve

        Greg, I just watched the video you linked to.

        Alex Jones would not even answer the questions asked him. I my mind that is total disrespect for being a “guest” on the show. He had to talk so fast that Morgan could not get an answer. But you know what, Morgan was patient, waited for his moment and kept focused and on point. Alex was all over the place with facts and figures, changing the subject with every breath.


        Who am I to believe?

        I like the passion, but Alex to be trusted and believed, at least by me, I can’t go there.

        A mature, grown-up, fully developed adolescent acted childish, irresponsible and juvenile in a interview where clashing ideas where not, because of the way Alex acted, could not be discussed in a civilized manner.

        It doesn’t matter how many likes or dislikes the viewers have. I want somebody mature who I can trust that is responsible.

        Alex Jones doesn’t have that for me in this interview. He totally lost it.

        • Greg


          Agreed, he lost it. My point was by a number of 8 or 9 to one the viewers supported Jones not Morgan. Jones is also not the litmus test for abolishing the 2nd Amendment.


  57. Andy

    I was a professional hunter for a number of years in New Zealand where handling firearms was the norm on a daily basis. We never had a need for large capacity magazines or military style rifles to hunt big game. Personally I think registering gun owners and the banning of military style rifles with large capacity magazines has to come to the US. I’m afraid I just found Alex Jones did more harm than good for his cause, he is very passionate, but I wouldn’t want him standing next to me with a firearm …

    • Oky1

      Andy, Do you remember back a few years when LA was rioting & they were burning down businesses?

      Remember the businesses that didn’t burn, the one with the shop owners on the roofs standing guard over their property with “High Capacity mags” on AR’s & AK’s, remember that?

      Do you remember Hurricane Katrina & in the aftermath police depts from across the US, military & Blackwater went on a rioting, rape & murder spree, remember?

      CNN even for a few moments had live video showing 8 or 9 unarmed shot by police for trying to cross a bridge to dry land. Later they pulled the tape.

      I think one cop went to prison for it.

      Alex Jones & his infowars team are global folk heroes now because of his stand against tyrants like Pezhead Morgan & his CNN co-conspirators.

      • Andy

        thanks for the reply Greg,
        I know what you are saying and for sure, just the ‘look’ of a military style weapon is enough to make people think twice. But in reality you are better off with 5 well placed shots rather than 20 sprayed all over the place and hoping one will hit.
        When/ if the economic collapse comes, will we be more afraid of the Govt actions, or the bands of economic ‘have nots’ with their large capacity semi automatic military weapons taking what ever they want from the ‘haves’. They will be the ones with the skill in using the rifles not Mr and Mrs average.
        At the very least the US needs a firearm/owner registration system to minimise the present easy access by those who shouldnt be anywhere near a firearm … you wont stop them all of course but it will go a long way towards it.
        I wonder if the 2nd ammendment was written today by the same people, would it be so broad as to say “the right to bear arms” or perhaps it might say “the right to bear some arms” …

        • Greg

          Poor people don’t have the money to buy expensive guns. The guns you are talking about are are around $700 give or take. Many would take their chances with a weapon if they could afford it. I think the home defensive weapon of choice is a pump shotgun. I think the Founding Fathers meant what they said and many still believe it is a right not a suggestion. They wanted no restrictions which is why also contained in the 2nd Amendment is the clause “Shall not be infringed.” However, your points are well made and well taken.

          • Andy

            The right ‘to bear arms’ (all) is an ideal that I agree with on the surface, but it only works for society’s ‘normal’ and rational people. If the groups outside a society’s ‘norm’ can easily access all firearms the ideal starts to breakdown seriously, as everyday people including the non firearm owners (the young, elderly, etc) become life vulnerable to society’s misfits.

            Thanks for your site Greg, I only discovered it a couple of months ago and now regularly check it for your new posts … keep up the excellent work! andy

  58. TONY

    Alex Jones is both angry and frustrated at the destruction of wealth, freedom and liberty by an elite few – if you knew exactly what their agenda was – you too would act the same way, I would hope you would or we are all doomed.

    I wish to share with you some brief parts of the most staggeringly accurate book written by Col. Curtis B. Dall, ‘FDR My Exploited Father-in-Law’. Curtis B Dall was Franklin D Roosevelt’s son in law, apart from the close contact with FDR, he also had feet on the ground experience on Wall Street. He served as the syndicate manager for Leyman brothers and went on to be a partner for Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith which is now known as Merrill Lynch and was taken over by Bank of America – a victim of the GFC. This book can be located on the internet – just search “Curtis B. Dall, ‘FDR My Exploited Father-in-Law’”. It is a short book comprising of 142 pages, but don’t let the size fool you – this book is a smoking gun and when I came across it, my jaw hit the ground and it only served to reconfirm everything I was writing about is fact. It is of absolute utmost importance that everyone downloads and reads this book and shares it with everyone. The contents will shock many but it will only serve to reinforce that the people of the worlds freedom, wealth and liberty is under attack

    The Dedication at the start of the book sets the tone – from the get go;

    “Dedicated to young Americans-May you benefit from observing how certain shadowy forces contrive to ruthlessly advance their own financial and ideological objectives at your expense. They select, then groom, and ultimately control many of our highest government officials. They plan the wars and through ‘foreign policy’ arrange to set the stage for incidents to initiate hostilities. They overwork the word “Peace” to mislead you and create a plausible smoke screen in order to conceal their real operations. You can recognize who “they” are. Hence, I say, young Americans, be alerted-be more effective than my unsuspecting and bemused generation. Sally-forth, defend and preserve for yourself and those who follow you our great heritage of freedom and liberty.”

  59. TONY

    Below is an excerpt from the introduction; Curtis B Dall
    Back in May of 1933, I wrote an article for a New York magazine called “Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.” It described how I felt the new Democratic Administration, headed by my father-in-law, regarded Wall Street. I had been working for some time in Wall Street, the visible fountainhead of our financial structure in this country. I knew it fairly well. However, not wishing to write an article too critical of the Administration, I showed it to a close friend of mine, Basil O’Connor, the President’s former law partner, inviting his comments about it. “Doc”, as he was known to me, read it, and looking out the window somewhat thoughtfully said, “Curt, the article is certainly quite interesting, but if you plan to sell it to a magazine, please sell it to me.” That observation, with no reflection upon my budding literary talents, clearly indicated that he regarded it as far too critical of the new Administration, particularly coming from me, a relative of the Chief Executive and an informed source. Startled, I said, “Okay, Doc, if that’s your reaction, ‘Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue’ will never be published.” And, it wasn’t, I tore it up. That conversation took place in Doc’s office at 120 Broadway, New York, thirty-three years ago, a span of time. In the interim, numerous important events have occurred, some holding a deep meaning for us all.
    Numerous leading figures referred to herein have passed on into the Great Beyond.
    In retrospect we should bear in mind-“What is Past is Prologue”—Prologue for today!
    The American people are not reared and trained to become international-minded
    schemers. As a result, we have become the ready victims of those who have been reared and steeped in that type of training. In addition, as a people, we are too inclined to hedonism, deeply absorbed in a program of pleasure. Toward that end, we are being encouraged and daily “moulded” by our foreign-influenced press, radio, and TV programs. We are encouraged to become absorbed in the trivial, for obvious reasons, by dedicated world-planners. Many of us are prone to feel that our political status, even our freedom and our liberty in the U.S.A. are secure. But, along with that great amateur internationalist, Woodrow Wilson, we took our perilous seat in 1913 on his nefarious political toboggan, and we are now nearing the bottom of that disastrous run. Then
    came another disastrous toboggan run with FDR and his successors. Where do we go from here? Let us not fool ourselves. The wealth, freedom and liberty of the American people are being stolen and steadily nibbled away. Today, as easy suckers, we are buying many over-priced, political “benefits,” all paid for, of course, with our own hard-earned money! We have also been goaded into trying to run the affairs of other nations which yields a fine profit for the world money powers who are in-the-know on credits and markets. Whether you realize it or not, that has all been planned for you in just that way. Furthermore, our land has been and is being flooded with vast numbers of “image making” books, carefully written about numerous important citizens in public life, which aim to further certain long-range international policies. False images and “managed news,” however, will soon lead to the destruction of a free people, if we allow it. “We” means you and me. It is for you, primarily, that this book has been written.
    In the “thirties,” the image-makers unveiled the word “isolationist” for their self-serving purposes, to confuse us. That word means “to set apart from others.” Did not our forefathers endure great physical hardship and privations to come from afar to these shores for just that purpose? Did they not seek to avoid and escape from the various entanglements of the Old World? Now, the smart emissaries of European Central Bank Debt Financing have succeeded in capturing our economy. The terms, “isolationist” and “isolationism” are image words which persistently were promoted to become “dirty” words. That “Promotion” has turned out to be most successful for “one-worlders”—for us, however, most expensive! Our humanitarianism, as manifested toward other peoples, cannot be questioned, and in the world’s history, has never before been equaled. There are those, no doubt, who may disagree with some observations that appear in this book. That is quite all right with me. However, by all means let such a voice come forward suitably, not to disagree and not to disprove, but to improve! My only request is that the well known “smear technique,” so frequently employed as an argument, be replaced with facts, not by smears that approach blackmail handed out by anyone, including some well-paid columnists. I do not plan to retreat. Well do I recall a meaningful observation- It is better to light one small candle in a dark room than to live forever in the dark!
    I hope this, my modest “candle,” may burn brightly and be of some value to my fellow citizens here and also to citizens of other lands. Then, the “dark room” may thereby become a bit “lighter.”
    Another excerpt from the book;
    “For a long time I felt that FDR had developed many thoughts and ideas that were his own to benefit this country, the United States. But, he didn’t. Most of his thoughts, his political ammunition, as it were, were carefully manufactured for him in advanced by the Council on Foreign Relations-One World Money group. Brilliantly, with great gusto, like a fine piece of artillery, he exploded that prepared “ammunition” in the middle of an unsuspecting target, the American people, and thus paid off and returned his internationalist political support. The UN is but a long-range, international banking apparatus clearly set up for financial and economic profit by a small group of powerful One-World revolutionaries, hungry for profit and power. The depression was the calculated ‘shearing’ of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market….The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the U.S. via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.”

  60. Oky1

    CC: Greg Hunter

    Former CNN reporter Greg Hunter came out immediately in support of AJ, Max Stacy hesitated, but finally came around… Hat tip to Greg Hunter’s

    Greg, Max Keiser is trying to set up an interview with AJ/infowars. He’s asking for readers of his site to post ideas for questions for him or Stacy to ask AJ.

    I thought I’s share my questions with your readers also.

    Keep up the great work Greg! 😉

    Questions for AJ:

    A supporter in Tulsa ask what can he do to stop laughing at seeing Alex spit all that big wad of Beechnut of truth in that dude, Pezhead Morgan, & his CNN Co- Conspirator’s eyes? LOL;)

    How does it feel for AJ/Infowars team global Folk Heroes?

    The 2nd Adm is more then just about muskets, in the 1776 revolutionary war period there were muskets, but also Cannons, wagons of black powder, etc… & even bio-weapons being used, IE Small Pox.

    Isn’t anyone arguing against the Bill of Rights & the 2nd Adm really trying to debate issues already won & settled by the blood of the real Leftist/Liberals of the day, the founders, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Madison, Adams…. ?

    Can Infowars/Ron Paul/ Keiser/Zero hedge/USAwatchdog friends & supporters rally together & call for Federal district Grand Juries across the country against the enemies in the govt that are attacking the written word & the intent of the US Constitution?

    IE: see a piece on the subject on Johnathan Turley’s law blog.

    Can you think of any other peaceful actions citizens can take against the corrupt pieces of this govt?

    At Sandy Hook, with no trail yet, no info going on a month now, isn’t most all of evidence of any crime effectively contaminated at this point?

    Case in point, observe how Conan O’Brian’s videop of AJ vs Pezhead interview, Conan changes the video & puts a gun in AJ’s hand where no gun was before.

    Isn’t Sandy Hook really in doubt now of just being another Govt False Flag Operation?

    US govt was the 1st to report using weaponized Drones to kill Americans. Could it be possible that rogue forces within the US govt used drone tech to comment part of the 911 attacks? Then say Sarc off.

    Do you think Darth Vader Boxers or Briefs? LOL;)

    • Greg

      This was a news legit news event. The YouTube video posting received more the 5.7 million views in less than a week. The “likes” outrun “dislikes by a total of around 9 to 1. i just identified it for what it was a bonafide news event that the public should watch and comment on. This site alone received at least 100 comments. Thank you for your support and for your kind words.

  61. Roderick

    Loved it. The line in the sand.

    Some people think its about the tone.

    They care not where we are as a nation. The push against our rights calls for the nation to wake the hell up.. and soon.

    To the people who think Piers is right forfeit logic because Piers hardly made a point.

    Jones is speaking for people who are not going to allow it all to go down the drain. When he is loudly talking and then yells pointing his finger then say’s.. you are not going to take our guns he is drawing a line in the sand.

    Millions of Americans have drawn that line in the sand.

    Probably half of Americans love Christ They view him as nice, meek, quiet. If a person compared the action of Alex Jones on that CNN broadcast with what Christ did when he cleared the money changers out of the temple one would have to say Alex Jones is more Christ like than Christ!

    Christ in a fit of rage overturned the money changers tables. Then he grabbed a bullwhip and whipped the money changers asses right out of the temple.

    Alex Jones? What he did was educate the nation about the democide that occurs after a government outlaws guns. Mao for instance after he took the peoples guns killed a million people. He also said about the call to restrict American’s rights to own guns.. don’t go there. “You are not going to take our guns”.

    Christ was effective even though he became violent. Jones woke up the world peacefully.

  62. Troy

    Aloha Greg,

    As Howard Jones said, it made for great TV! As per the issue of the second Amendment, anyone that has looked at American history, knows that the founders intent was to have the citizens on par with the government as a safe guard/stop gap to tyranny.

    “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” TJ

    But if the intent @ CNN was to demonize and to make look crazy all those that understand and wish liberty, to the average brain washed Pierce Morgan viewer, IMO it was a success. From my perspective, Alex Jones looked like a person suffering from a multiple personality disorder with tourette syndrome. Totally disjointed rant! Thank you ‘Jones’ Pierce Morgan played Alex like a fiddle.

    On a side note Mr. Jones made a big scene about not taking his shoes off at the airport and then took them off. I don’t think he has 1/100 the intestinal fortitude as I. Talk is cheap! even if all you do is yell.

    As per the Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and the likes of:

    • Greg


      Good points and I’ll be the first to say Jones could have been better prepared and should have kept his composure. That said, your opinion does not square with the facts. The video (link: appear to favor Jones by a margin of 9 to 1. Many are as frustrated as Jones of the banker crime and gutting of the Constitution. This is what the debate should be talking about.


      • troy

        The majority IS most often wrong; but never the less, I’m happy as I stand with Mr. Jones on the points he tried to make.
        I only take issue with the delivery, (not the content)

        PS: google Khazers; as you are spot on economic and I appreciate you VERY much!
        but you need to come up to speed in regards to Israel.

        15000.00 per every man woman and child VIA US tax dollars???

        George Washington advised the country to avoid “foreign entanglements.”

        Thomas Jefferson favored “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.”

        John Quincy Adams wrote that the U.S. “goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.”

        Best regards,


  63. g. johnson

    it’s been some time since i have been to usa watchdog. to be honest this is because the site was beginning to look like a one trick pony with only variations on the same story being posted every day.

    while i am serioulsy concerned about the economic failings in our society, i have always thought of them as more a symptom of something even more sinister.

    glad to see the site branching out.

    i have been a fan of alex jones for several years. those of us who know him, know that he is more than capaple of executing well reasoned, relatively subdued arguments. alex is always genuinely passionate and always well researched.

    i do believe that he did his homework before appearing on mr. morgan’s show. anyone who has watched others try to have a reason discussion with mr. morgan are well aware that this is not possible. pierce morgan is the master of the talk over interview. try to discuss with him calmly and you will not be allowed to make a point, let alone finish a sentence.

    alex jones merely gave piers morgan a good gulp of his own medicine.

    if only more of us realize how, in these dark times, a good and righteous display of passion is often more effective than trying to reason with a brainwashed liberal, there may still be hope. as long as you have your facts straight, you will always have the advantage over the useful idiot, and alex alwasy has his facts straight. the problem is, the useful idiot will not be deterred by such nonsense as facts or reason.

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