All Signs Point to Big Financial Crash in 2016-Bill Holter

22By Greg Hunter’s 

Financial writer Bill Holter says there are many signs that are signaling big trouble. Holter’s list starts with the troubled banking giant Deutsche Bank and says it is his top candidate for the next Lehman style financial meltdown.  Holter explains, “It would make sense that they are the candidate because, as you know, they had a recent settlement in the gold and silver fix.  So, they may get thrown under the bus.  The only problem is if they get thrown under the bus, there’s going to be a bomb that blows up the whole bus.”

So, can we make it out of this year without a big financial crash? Holter contends, “I don’t see how.  There is the potential unrest all over the world.  You have “Brexit,” and now the polls are saying that’s going to happen.  That’s going to absolutely dislocate Europe.  You have the U.S. election, and no matter who wins, I would say there are going to be riots.  There will be riots no matter if Hillary wins or Trump wins.  You will probably see rioting going into the election.  You also have the tragic event in Orlando, and it’s common knowledge that ISIS says it is going to be doing this all summer long.  So, you got all kinds of potential dislocations.  I don’t see how we get to next year with the can being kicked down the road.”

Holter also points out that there is a large increase of buyers standing for delivery of physical gold and silver for their paper contracts at COMEX. This, in turn, is cutting the available amount of gold and silver for delivery.  Holter explains, “What this is saying is if you get some outside event in the next two of three months where there is a scramble into gold and silver, they are not going to be able to deliver.  The troll community says they will just move it from the ‘eligible’ category.  They can’t do that.  Eligible gold is customer gold.  That is actually called stealing. . . . Everything has changed.  The entire smell has changed the last two months. . . . It looks like the longs are different longs.  They want real metal and will not accept paper.”

Big well known money people have been making ominous warnings about another coming financial meltdown. Why are they making these dire warnings now?  Holter says, “Because it’s gotten so obvious . . . these guys are extremely brilliant people.  I am glad they finally came around and figured it out. . . . They’re getting on the record is what they are doing.  You would not have the caliber of names all lining up in the last 60 to 90 days . . . unless it was going to happen pretty soon.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bill Holter of

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  1. helot

    When Bill Holter said, “I don’t see how we get to next year with the can being kicked down the road.” I thought of this bit in one of Gary North’s articles, ‘The Snowpack and the Avalanche: How to Understand Unfunded Federal Liabilities’.

    “We like to say that Washington is going to kick the can. I have used that phrase. Lots of financial columnists have used this phrase. The problem is, the phrase is misleading.

    The problem with the metaphor of can-kicking is this: the image does not address the fundamental element of the problem, namely, the progressive increase in the size of the can. It also does not convey the concept of a can which will at some point roll backward over the person who is attempting to kick it. We’re kicking the can up the hill, and the can keeps getting larger. But this is absent from the metaphor.

    What is missing in the metaphor is the great discontinuity Kicking the can sounds like a continuous action that can go on indefinitely. It has gone on so long that virtually everybody believes, as far as his investment portfolio indicates, that the federal government can continue to kick the can indefinitely.

    I prefer a different metaphor. I prefer the metaphor of the avalanche.”…

    Tonight, I posted a reply in agreement with a comment on a very popular ‘lukewarm’ preparedness blog. The commenter disagreed with the optimism displayed on the blog. I.e. that nothing has happened since 2011, so, just keep on living in Dreamtime and do the happy-talk dance, or something to that effect. Two minutes later, both comments disappeared without comment. To me – this was a very big indication about how deep the reluctance is to accept how bad the situation is – when even the preppers are pretending like a two ton heavy thing isn’t headed this way!

    See no evil, hear no evil, indeed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff Helot.

    • Scott

      A poignant posting, helot, thanks for this.

      I have seen the “disappearing comments” trend you’ve observed, myself – thankfully never here on USAWD – by individuals and organizations purported to stand for something nobler. People professing a commitment to a divergence of thought and contrarian perspectives, while practicing censorship. I find it thoroughly revolting.

      Compound this with a growing chorus of weak-kneed and semi-principled citizens unwilling to give up material comforts or make personal sacrifices for individual liberty and the reestablishment of the Rule of Law, and you have a potent accelerant for uncontested, open Fascism.

      As I sat through the highlights of assorted, overly-political (and by this I mean Statist) commencement ceremonies in the U.S. this evening, it occurred to me that, though uncounted millions call themselves “American,” very few of them understand what that is supposed to mean.

      Dark days lie just over the horizon, I believe…

    • Margie

      Dear Greg and Bill Holter

      I have spoken to my sister and she now wants to handle things as quickly as possible. She is wondering about the 401K and CD’s. Her husband is usually on top of that. I told her that when things finally “explode” there likely wont be any 401K’s or any other retirement money or other returns on investments because all that stuff is in the digital system and will be “wiped”.

      I encouraged her to get access to cash and anything she feels she has in excess of what she needs cashwise to invest in assets (precious metals or other asssets).

      I don’t want to overwhelm her with links, but if you or Bill could just respond to say what you think is likely to happen with retirement funds, that would be awesome.

      I will point her to this episode and to your response, and let her know this is what you foresee happening. It’s not written in stone, but what is predicted.

      Many many thanks Greg. I am quite prepared as a result of following your posts!

      • al hall

        Margie: Greg knows me and I have contacts – long story how I happened to blend in with them- but I was told many years ago this was coming.
        If she wait very much longer she will be stuck. Get out of the bankster’s system now. Get out of any IRA’s 401″s, etc. or loose it all. Get out of “anything” paper” – it’s will become worthless or revalued (devalued) to 20% of today’s value. ( things will cost 5+ times more. Get out of these IRA’s and the like now- pay the penalty. Would she rather pay the penalty and have something, or leave it there and have nothing.
        One friend told me -” the only real money is the money of the elite’s- it’s all they believe in- gold and silver”
        George Soro’s, City bank, and the like are buying gold and silver by the tons. They know something is about to happen.
        Hope this helps!


      • al hall

        Margie: also see this from Morgan report- may help–

        I urge you to drop everything you’re doing, right now, and read a shocking new report that has just been posted online.

        Click here to read The Secret Government Plot to Control All Your Money free while it’s still online …

        This shocking alert proves that U

        • Stewart Armstrong

          Weiss is offensive, as is his organization –anytime they ask for your email for a “Shocking” “special report”–you are being duped–wake up!!

          Almost sounds like a paid promo…

          Spend the $100 with Bill and Jim and you’ll receive all the answers you need–

          What has Greg been offering you for years–ANSWERS!

          Go to for real answers!

          Support this site– Good gracious.


      • BetterChetter

        No one really knows, Margie – I like Catherine Austin Fitts’ work, & would advise your sis to consider that $275 membership in, before making any major financial decision, such as this.
        I followed info by USA WD contributor Greg Mannarino & took big losses. Others have predicted collapse before 2000, then 2007-8, then 2012, and now 2016. Bits & pieces of the macro-economic puzzle are revealed as time goes on – & this current doom-porn could be part of a minor dip in the Dow/Nasdaq mkts, or a major one – but we’re all speculators. Best advice – consult her intuitive or spiritual gut instinct, and go from there.

        • Charles H

          Mannarino WAS too early – I cashed-in and bought WAY higher than here/now. But being underwater, for the moment, doesn’t mean I will lose in the end. Plus, having in-hand means if a corner gets turned: I won’t miss out.
          Where the metals are now can only be at bottom. So, despite having some grounds of truth, the label of “current doom-porn” is quite uncharitable – if not inaccurate, considering this site examines the problems and not the symptoms of a broken system. Catherine Austin Fitts still plays within that system. Metals are for insurance: not investment. Still a darn fine, coherent comment.

    • Bill Holter

      “it cannot happen because it hasn’t happened is very poor logic”. Especially in a world where markets have been broken.

  2. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, your guest sees the end of the gold chain, people are waking up and want the actual metal and not the paper makes prefect sense especially in these uncertain times. What if China has purchased paper gold incognito, if that is possible, couldn’t they start the rise at about any time by asking for their delivery. If so, wouldn’t that make the worlds largest gold holder the guy with all the money at the end of the game. Also, if so, would the U.S. then start a war with China to stop the fall of the dollar because there is no gold to back the dollar leaving it to fall as pretty worthless currency? Could Russia call in some paper gold as well, do we know if there are such large paper gold holders out there hiding? If so, I must assume that they are trying to change from paper to metal a little at a time so that no alarms are made until they get their hands on it. I know your guess can answer these questions and I know he did touch on some of them. What he didn’t say is what happens next after the stampede to physical metal by the big holders; war for instance, martial law, new currency, what?

    • Robert Lykens

      Arthur, investors are running for US bonds today at least. Gold is down right now and so are bond yields. Right now the 10-yr is below 1.6%.

      Of course this can’t last. When the dollar starts crashing and people start running for the exits, gold – and silver – will have their day.
      Just a matter of time.

      • Bill Holter

        bonds are being squeezed a the carry trade is unwinding.

    • Bill Holter

      gold is foundational to whatever system rises from the ashes of the current one.

      • JC Davis

        Bill that holds true in a world of logic. With what we have seen logic hold little value. World of lies.
        If the grid fails we will all know what metal values are. Even copper. Otherwise the paper is the law of the land. Paper rules for now.

        • Charles H

          I think “Law” becomes a very loose term. The System will make unlawful anything which detracts or opposes it. Most honest people will become criminals, only for trying to do right. If currency goes digital/electronic – all are trapped.

      • WKSwanson

        I agree that gold will more than likely be foundational to any new system, but it seems to me that to get to that point of a new system, we’ll have to travel through a tremendous upheval as to what constitutes money and what constitutes value for that money. That’s what we’re talking about here.
        Remember that what constitutes money, ultimately, is an agreement -whether it be seashells, cigarettes, gold, silver, or fiat (with the exception that fiat is generally less agreed upon and more imposed ), and to get to the point of agreement that gold and silver are broadly speaking seen as money once again, will take a huge amount of education of people -mostly Westerners (because Asians almost all “get it”). So the question is: If TPTB benefit so much from money (yes, it’s fiat or currency, not really money) that is imposed, what will be the catalyst to get them to move to agree to gold and/or silver as money? Seems that they will have to maneuver a way to stay in power/benefit in as big a way as they currently benefit from fiat. Just a thought.

  3. Anthony

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks again for your insightful work. I was commenting on a forum today and got smacked hard. This was just one reply and you’ll catch my drift on the naieve perspective from a majority of Australian public.

    “Doomers being doomers mate.
    Their logic runs something like, If you don’t understand it then it has to be rigged or corrupt..
    Same people that believe in conspiracy theories when it is really a failing of their own knowledge, understanding and experience.”

    • Chip

      sorry gold is up $10 to $1297 since the fed’s announcement…

      • roy satterwhite

        and just dropped $27

    • Diane D.

      I often just reply, ‘Said the grasshopper to the ant….’

      Just for the heck of it I searched for this story. Believe it or not even FedGov has it posted in the Library of Congress! Of course instead of ‘ant’ they use the plural ‘ants’. You know, the It-Takes-A-Village version. But it’s there! If they are reading this it will surely be disappeared.

    • Bill Holter

      “Doomers being doomers mate” …I call this the “head where the sun don’t shine” syndrome!

  4. 8Ball

    The problem is that Americans have been continually electing charlatans and mountebanks to be their leaders for the past 60 years. Until you fix that then nothing is going to change.

  5. Dan


    OUTSTANDING broadcast by our good buddy Gregory Mannarino. Must watch! A nice supplement to Bill Holter’s interview.

    In it, he explains how when the bond markets collapses (corrects) it will drag along the stock market with it causing MAJOR OUTFLOWS of CASH into COMMODITIES (especially Gold & Silver). Great contents. Always passionate.

    Thanks GM

  6. Anne Elliott

    On Zerohedge just now:

  7. CrazyCanuck

    Gregs, the skeptic in me sometimes turns dark. With more and more ‘on the line’ , as in the Brexit/Brimain vote, what’s to stop the Deep State from playing hard ball? I trust the voting by real citizens, I am quite leery of the vote counting . The Jeb Bush Florida example comes to mind. Tell me there is a solid, credible and transparent auditing/verification process and I will sleep better! Guess that speaks to my trust issues when it comes to pivotal ‘democratic’ exercises.

  8. lucie in disquise

    “These guys are extremely brilliant people” – How about These narcissistic, psychopathic, criminals, need to see some of the children face-to-face that are now homeless and eating from dumpsters. Usury – interest from money created out of this air for the “goyim” – talk about that in one of your articles. Brilliant? Bill, I always did question your judgement of “good, HONEST, MORALS” You have got one “who is awake” A Momma Bear

    • Bill Holter

      I said they were “brilliant”, I did not say anything about them being “moral”.

  9. lucie in disquise

    “These guys are extremely brilliant people” – How about These narcissistic, psychopathic, criminals, need to see some of the children face-to-face that are now homeless and eating from dumpsters. Usury – interest from money created out of thin air for the “goyim” – talk about that in one of your articles. Brilliant? Bill, I always did question your judgement of “good, HONEST, MORALS” You have got one “who is awake” A Momma Bear

  10. Phil

    Many people are talking about the fact that a large number of contracts are still open and that there is concern that those people may hold for delivery and push the COMEX into default. (Securing my tinfoil hat firmly in place.) The Obama administration recently slapped a 700% tariff on Chinese steel and they are talking about banning the importation of Chinese steel altogether. The Chinese government could easily be holding those contracts through intermediaries as a bargaining chip to force the US government to back down on their protectionism.

    • Bill Holter

      I called this scenario the “Kill Switch” nearly two year

  11. Country Codger

    Hi Greg and Bill,
    I don’t mean to be argumentative about China but I have worked against (China being the target of our intelligence gathering) China in years past ((70’s & 80’s)). I, personally believe that China does not like the rules of the game so it is intentionally crashing the system, i.e. changing the game, so that it can derive a better position on the other side. If you can use the system that exists now to build infrastructure and accumulate massive amounts of gold while setting the system up for implosion wouldn’t you do it as well?

    The Chinese are generational thinkers and I believe that this has been the intention of the past 100+ years. And, before anyone says “hey, look they were communists” I want to say look back 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 years and you will see that they were always a totalitarian form of government, they simply changed the outward appearance and they are still a totalitarian form of government. The same with Russia, it simply changes the outward appearance of the government but not the internal workings. Perfect case in point Egypt. When we were there during the Sinai Peace Treaty negotiations President Sadat was up for re-election. He won with 98.5% of the vote. But he was the only candidate allowed by law. You still had an election (democracy) and it had MP’s (republic) but underneath it all it was a totalitarian form of government and any dissent was put down with an iron fist. The same with Russia and China. Look at Putin, former KGB Lt. Col., head of the Russian mafia and his buddy Medvedev rotate in and out to control the power in Russia.

    When Russia and China crash the western form of economics they will then control the next form of economics. I will go on record as saying: one year to the day after America crashes and burns ((for whatever reason)) they will invade America and own it all. That is why this is unlike anything that has ever happened in our history. That is why conventional wisdom will not work for surviving what will happen.


    • andyb

      No one is going to invade us. During WWII, a Japanese general was asked when he was going to invade the US. His reply (and I paraphrase) was:
      Are you crazy? There are guns behind every bush.
      Long live the 2nd Amendment.

      • Paul ...

        I’d like to see guns behind every Bush as they are marched to trial for inflicting 9-11 on us!

      • Bradley

        Every false flag perpetrated…more guns under every bush.
        Agreed…Long Live Our 2nd Amendment. NEVER GIVE THIS UP.!!.

    • Tin foil hat

      Country Codger,
      You got me until “one year to the day America crashes and burns …..they will invade America and own it all.”
      Why the hell would the Chinese want to own a bunch of self absorbed malcontents like BLM?
      Have you been to any college campus lately? It’s scary!

      • DBCooper

        TFH, Pardon me for being a provincial nincompoop (!!) … but the only BLM I know is the US Bureau of Land Management … Please to edjimacate me … DB

      • Country Codger

        Hi TFH,
        Yes, I have, that is why I quit teaching at one.Why should I waste my time teaching to people on a 4 year drunk. Because I got paid? Ain’t enough money in the world.

        In one year after the system collapses, for whatever reason there will be 90% fewer people in America. If it is an EMP, economic collapse,a whatever, 90% will die in the ensuing rape, murder and pillaging. An old word will come back into usage, brigandage. The capturing and looting of towns and villages.

        Andyb above, mistakenly believes it was a Japanese general but it was in fact Admiral Isaroku Yamamoto, who was educated in the U.S., the genius behind the Pearl Harbor invasion that is given credit for the saying that line but no one has definitively proven that it was him. I wrote about it here:

        Is it going to be the exact day, probably not, but then 90% of us won’t be here so what difference will it make. LOL

        Any time someone thinks they are invincible that is usually about the same time they fall. History and the Bible of full of examples pick your favorite. What is the saying? “Pride goeth before a fall.”


    • Tin foil hat

      Turn on your sound and be sure to hear the first words that come out of the girl’s mouth.

      This is what goes on at universities nowadays:

    • Bill Holter

      CC, I believe China is gaming a system they know will collapse. They will be left with new infrastructure, gold and wiped out debt.

      • Country Codger

        My thoughts exactly Bill, thanks.
        Oh, proud you’re in Texas, amigo.

    • WKSwanson

      Agreed. If you had well over a billion people to feed, wouldn’t you want the American heartland and California’s for food production. Ultimately, it comes down to basics.

  12. john duffy

    Christians don’t want Gays to go to hell. Islam wants to send all Gays to hell. So why do Gays hate Christians. Because their consciences bother them and they don’t want to give up their sin.

    “As the Sacred Scripture says, the Sodomites were wicked and exceedingly sinful. Saint Peter and Saint Paul condemn this nefarious and depraved sin. In fact, the Scripture denounces this enormous indecency thus: ‘The scandal of Sodomites and Gomorrhans has multiplied and their sins have become grave beyond measure.’ So the angels said to just Lot, who totally abhorred the depravity of the Sodomites: ‘Let us leave this city….’ Holy Scripture does not fail to mention the causes that led the Sodomites, and can also lead others, to this most grievous sin. In fact, in Ezechiel we read: ‘Behold this was the iniquity of Sodom: pride, fullness of bread, and abundance, and the idleness of her, and of her daughters: and they did not put forth their hand to the needy, and the poor. And they were lifted up, and committed abominations before me; and I took them away as thou hast seen’ (Ezech. 16: 49-50).

    • Paul ...

      And who is creating the new Sodom and Gomorrah of our time with their genetically altered food and Round-Up?? … Monsanto!!

    • R B

      In short, brother John, I’m in agreement with you on these matters,Amen

  13. The Mohawk

    Just an observation as I reach for my anti-hypertensive medication. Mr. Holter makes some interesting observations but it is increasingly annoying to be told how “brilliant and insightful” the people he referenced in his piece. NO! Most of those he mentioned (among many others) have been allowed to PLUNDER and target this non-free market and the citizenry with inside information/manipulation with NO fear of legal repercussions from the Powers That Should Not Be, namely our Department of Just Us (DOJ) and the Secure Employment Commission (SEC) otherwise known as The Revolving Door to Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase.

    Any “uprising” and “dissent” he fears is completely manufactured by these same individuals. I sat here in astonishment as 250 Pension Patrol Officers in San Jose stood by and watched people beaten up, harassed and chased down by paid thugs and no one lifted a hand except to block them from entering safe harbors behind the Pension Patrol line. We know who paid for it…one of his “brilliant experts” who stands to gain by causing a nationwide riot. I won’t even ask where the authorities were. Both congressman, senators and their overpaid bureaucratic fascistic enablers that writes the regulations that feeds this beast. Probably at a cocktail party clinking crystal goblets after being delivered there by their driver in their limousine and had a good chuckle about the whole affair. “Did you close on that 2000 acre farm in Argentina?……..great……I did so in New Zealand and what a view from my Gulf Stream”.

    Maybe we could have John Corzine on (former governor of New Jersey, congressman and Goldman Sachs president and MF Global head) and ask how he got away with HIS plunder of $1,600,000,000.00 and still is allowed to walk the streets of Georgetown or The Hamptons with no fear of arrest. These people are literally an international crime organization and one of them is probably going to be president or at least the nominee of the Democratic party. Is Je Johnson going to do anything about that? How about Loretta Lynch? (interesting sir name given her reputation for corruption–appropriate, I’d say and a little foretelling or one can hope).

    No, brilliance is not the word I’d use to describe any of these individuals. Tied in maybe, but brilliant? Not a chance. They are tied into the same Mafia otherwise known as The Federal Reserve who have also been the heart and soul of this plunder orgy for the last 10 or so years and many more if you look back to 1913. Any action taken towards any of these private bankers? Please. It’s been plunder city and some scraps are thrown in the gutter for us to fight over and it’s going to get much, much worse.

    Treason is a serious charge and I shall make it against all of these individuals. Has Paul Ryan did anything to stem the tied of immigration in the light of Orlando and many others? Of course not other than to fund even more. Has anyone discussed Bob Corkers insider trading charges on the house floor? Come on. The list is a mile long and they’re all on it. Je Johnson says it’s the Right Wingers, Christians and Veterans who are the REAL terror threat and the traitor heading the FBI says the internet is to blame for radicalizing these individuals. He says the Constitution is a “hindrance” to control terrorism. What a joke and clearly a treasonous SOB who needs to sit before a Crimes Against Humanity board (among many, many others) and be tried and punished as the traitor he is. We hear on tv from Judge Pirro and Laura Ingrham what a straight shooter and patriot the man is…really?

    Okay, now can someone please send me some 1 ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leafs (a few hundred, please) so I can escape this carnage? I’m a little tapped out after buying frivolous items like FOOD and MEDICATION so I don’t die and can urinate when I need to.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

    ps-if you need my address to send those gold maple leafs I’m sure you can just call DHS or the FBI and they can give you my location. They might be in for some overtime if you call just before 4 PM. They like that.

    • Bill Holter

      again, I did not say these people were moral in any way. I do believe they are very smart and also connected. “Being right” does not make them “good”.

      • The Mohawk

        Well Bill, maybe it’s time to add that significant detail to your commentary and maybe others will follow. Because if you don’t point out the clear and flagrant violations of ethics and rule of law from our government officials and the market players that count on those rulings/oversight/relationships then the problems leading to a probable systematic collapse can never be avoided and the cycle will continue once it does recover if it ever does this time.

        Ethics/morality and humanity should be the glue that binds the market in a free market system or there is no true exchange of goods/services or price discovery when criminal activity is the keystone, not exception. When you have evolved into more of a fascist type system, which we clearly have, it’s time to start pointing fingers and flush the system of this scum of humanity and start regaining trust.

        People look up to people like you as you have clearly demonstrated your expertise and predictions have been very accurate. It matters if it comes from yourself and others of your caliber of expertise and knowledge. Some dope, knot head like me doing a commentary on a website will have little impact but I felt it was my obligation to at least try. Whats the old saying, ‘evil can only prevail if decent men do nothing’. Humanity is literally at stake.

        Be well Bill

        Love One Another

        The Mohawk

  14. Todd

    Bill is one of my favorite guest. He knows how to shot straight. There is no baloney here. Gold is the anti fiat money. Silver is also the anti fiat money. They are true wealth and that is no baloney! This whole system is falling apart. Let us stand with God and stand with truth. Let us be prepared for the day of reckoning is very close. God Bless, Todd

    • Diane D.

      Amen Todd.

      I have what I call the ‘Godfather test’. I ask myself, ‘Is this person possess the character and moral fiber that I would chose him to be Godfather for one my precious children?’ Bill Holter (and Greg) is one of the rare men today who passes that test.

      When Ron Paul was in Congress he passed my test. Today I am honestly hard-pressed to think of one politician in DC who would pass it.

      • Paul ...

        How about that allegator who ate only “one child” in Orlando “for food” … I’d say it passes the “Godfather test” … compared to all the neocons in Washington DC that take away and slaughter millions of our children in their contrived wars “for money”!!

      • Bill Holter

        thank you Dianne, you have given the highest compliment possible!

    • Bill Holter

      thanks much Todd, and God bless you and yours!

  15. Smaulgld

    Unfortunately this Comex Collapse story never goes away and has been repeated constantly for years.

    Comex will not collpse- Here is why
    (podcast coming too)

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not a very convincing concept, “It hasn’t happened and probably won’t.” At some point COMEX either has the metal or is doesn’t and they will on ply pay in cash one time. You really did not prove anything other that Holter’s timing was off in April.

      • smaulgld

        With respect “It hasn’t happened and probably wont’ wasn’t the analysis it was the conclusion- one main reason comex wont collapse are -the exchange won’t allow it- The hunt brothers experience is instructive. The post was well researched and you don’t do it justice making it appear as if my analysis was based on something not happening yet as an argument for it wont ever happen.

        • Greg Hunter

          All the political pountante said at the beginning of the GOP campaign that Donald Trump was a loooooong shot for the nomination. They said he “probably” would not get the nomination and here we are. We are a loooooog way from the Hunt Brothers days. You have no idea what will happen and know what the powers will do. COMEX is a very small market and there has been heavy selling and accumulation of gold for the better part of the last two decades. There is no way to calculate what will happen in the coming meltdown which is reported 8 TIMES bigger than the sub-prime collapse in 2008. The world has gotten nearly $70 trillion into deeper debt. We are well off the charts and into the stratosphere when compared to the Hunt Brothers. One thing is for sure, the inventory at COMEX is finite and not infinite. Only the digital printing press is infinite. We will see very clearly who is correct and who is not in the not-too-distant future. Either way we are headed for the worst financial calamity in recorded history because the debt (in all forms) is the greatest in all of recorded history.

      • smaulgld

        The article cited Holter’s timing in 2013!

        Holter and others have been predicting “imminent collapse” for over a decade . Here is a video that goes through 2014 showing the countless calls for a comex collapse

        No analysis is offered as to why in that video.
        I provide it in my article.
        Take more than a 30 second look at my article and you will see why comex won’t collapse.

        • Greg Hunter

          I did and was not impressed. Other work you have done is better. You cannot state the COMEX will not run dry and then pay cash to settle. Your article it a “probably not.” Holter says probably so, and we will see who is correct. As gold expert Jim Sinclair says. they will only do that one time–(IF they have enough cash.)

          • Smaulgld

            I dont disagree there will be a financial calamty BUT it won’t originate at Comex.

            I don’t think you read the entire article-just a skim job. If you read it I address the issues of how comex deals with someone standing for deliver and its not just paying in cash

            • Greg Hunter

              I don’t think anyone thinks that a financial calamity will originate at the COMEX. there are many places it can happen–many.

          • Smaulgld

            Gold “expert” Sinclair also said on USA Watchdog in October 2013 “by 2016, “Gold will be $3,200 to $3,500 an ounce.”

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes he did, and since that time, Deutsche Bank (a Primary Dealer in Treasuries) has admitted to massive (gold and silver) market rigging and has pointed out that other Primary dealers helped them do it. So we know the debt exploded and the advice was sound but it was made to look otherwise with MASSIVE ADMITTED FRAUD.

              • Smaulgld

                The ‘ I would have been right but manipulation’ excuse is as lame as economists saying the weather messed up their expectations.
                Gold experts know about manipulation when they make their forecasts just as economists already KNOW what the weather was like when they make their retail sales or jobs numbers expectations from the prior month.
                The precious metals industry has too many people tossing out ridiculous gold and silver price protections. When people stop paying attention they trot out the tired oal “Comex default” story about someone “standing for delivery’ and game over. Predictable and sad.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You just do not know when to stop. We GET it, YOU are ALWAYS right. “Predictable and sad.”

              • Greg

                Greg….If Smaugld is correct that Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter are wrong because precious metals have not increased in value the way they predicted, then why does the debt clock indicate what the actual price should be. Gold north of 7 grand and silver north of 8 hundred. For sure the market is being manipulated.

        • Bill Holter

          we did collapse in 2008 and was papered over with more of the poison that made the patient sick. The amount of gold and silver available through COMEX is laughably small, it is no longer “if” they cannot deliver. Only a matter of when. You are watching it happen in real time right now, it will be fun to hear the excuses afterward.

        • 8Ball

          My take is that people are being gamed with this constant “collapse” drumbeat. It keeps them focused on nonsense while averting their attention from what is actually happening…

          Kristallnacht is alive and well…

    • Jim G

      Excellent article that unfortunately few will read but still have no problems denigrating. Go against any of the “good ole boys” on this website and you’re going to be in for it.

      For a site that is run by someone who tries to portray himself as being unbiased, he is anything but biased. Point out any of his ill conceived ideas and beliefs and you will find yourself at the end of a litany of insults and ridicule. Truly shameful IMHO.

    • angelo


      The analogy that I will use for this is one that I am very familiar with. This is of a dying patient. When a person is in his death bed, there are different opinions within a family and outside the family about the person’s overall condition. There are some who would say that there is a chance that the patient may have a chance at recovery, others may say that death is imminent. However, if the family decides they want to prolong the patient for any reason, they would choose to take “heroic measures”. This may include a ventilator, medications and other comfort measures. There is both empirical and scientific certainty that the patient is going to pass but when the family is in denial, this is not seen as imminent. For families who choose the alternative – to accept that death is imminent, they would need to stop the life prolonging measures.

      You would have to take into consideration that Comex has employees who need the paycheck. Do you think that they would gladly accept that death is imminent? Of course they would like to try every life prolonging measure available. Sooner or later though you would have to accept the fact that nature would need to take over.

      • Beligarant

        @Angelo :
        I’m sure there’s another MF Global or similar spade card lurking in the shadows that can be played at a moments notice. This is not over by a long shot.

        • Smaulgld

          yes the number of fraudulent cards they can play is vast. In my blog post I note that they can basically

          toss a trader off the platform if their actions are deemed harmful to the exchange.

          Don’t think they would do that is a trader “stood for delivery” that couldnt be met?

      • Smaulgld

        Nature should have taken over long ago- the reason it hasnt is Comex is SET UP to be the way it is and it is a protected entity- if you read my post you will see that the logic of its demise, while sound is irrelevant

  16. Robert Lykens

    UN: US Needs ‘Robust Gun Regulation’

    The UN’s Human Rights chief says that the UN’s international law requires member states to ‘protect people from harmful private activities’.
    This is how the leftist/socialist Big Nanny Government will come after our firearms – by invoking ‘international law”.

    Still think voting doesn’t matter?

    • Paul ...

      So why isn’t the UN taking over the FBI’s job (and removing Hillary) to protect us people from her harmful private activities??

    • Bill Holter

      Texas Governor Greg Abbott has already said publicly “COME AND GET IT”!”

  17. matt

    Trump supporters WILL not riot. They are not the rioting type. On the other hand, need I say more.

    • Robert Lykens

      No need at all.

    • Tin foil hat

      The democrats are foaming in the mouth to get guns off the street. I suggest getting the criminal gun owners, which are likely 99.9% democrats, off the street.
      I love to see the breakdown on how many republicans and democrats are responsible for all firearm related homicides. Btw, Mateen was a democrat.

      • Paul ...

        Good idea Tin Foil … and lets get all the “illegal aliens” driving cars (weapons that kill) off of our streets too … they can’t even read our english road signs … and yet are allowed by the Democrats to drive “these weapons” through American streets … without even “a peep” from Hillary … but perhaps Parrots “don’t peep” … Parrots simply repeat “what they are told” by their masters!!

    • Bill Holter

      it all depends on whether or not “distribution channels” are open or not.

  18. Peter

    Thank you for all the great interviews you do.
    Peter H.
    Vancouver, BC

  19. Jeff L

    Never disagree with Bill’s thoughts…… I would like to say I believe there’s little to no chance of Brexit passing. All elections are now controlled.

    • Radarnj

      yes Swiss and then Austria

  20. Dano

    Thank you Greg for keeping USAWATCHDOG such a good source of vital information. I remember Bill Holter telling us to watch for truth bombs that have the potential to be game changers. Lo and behold – Mr. Putin is ready to reveal 30,000 of Hilary Clintons emails scoured from her private server. BOOM!

    • CrazyCanuck

      … and now according to a ZeroHedge article, NATO has added cybercrime by a nation’s citizen as a viable reason to invade a country …. Well, unless the US conducts it ( as in routine email intercepts of world leaders like Merkel ), for they are of course the “exceptional” country.

  21. Chip

    Like Bill Holter. Good interview Greg… Chip

  22. Chip

    How about getting Hugo Salinas Price on again. Would like to hear his wise thoughts about current events… Chip

  23. Another Bill

    GREG, with china buying gold, with their attempting to buy a lot of the oil , what is their end game in all this

    • Tin foil hat

      Another Bill,
      The Chinese are preparing like you and me. I’m relying to read as much as I can about everything that is happening in Venezuela.
      I have doubled my emergency foods from 3 months to 6 months. I’m also stockpiling toilet paper and tampons.
      I have no idea what may happen in the end and I bet you the Chinese have no idea what the end game may be either.

  24. MCasey

    A little off topic:

    How much of a coincidence is it that Omar Matten’s father visited Reps Rohrabacher, Royce and Rangel in March 2014. Then Omar Matten was taken off the FBI watch list and the FBI investigation closed in…..(wait for it)…..March 2014!

    MARCH 23, 2014: Pic posted of Omar’s father visit to Congress. There is no year; however, when I scrolled his facebook page, the year is 2014. (Conveniently, access to Seddique Mateen personal FB was terminated about 10:15 this morning.)

    According to the Associated Press, three separate, grainy photos posted on Facebook by Seddique Mir Mateen show him standing next to Reps. Royce, R-Calif., Rohrabacher, R-Calif., and Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y.

    “….Omar Mateen was taken off the list (FBI Watch List) soon after the investigation ended in March of 2014”, FBI Director James Comey said on Monday.

    Rep Rohrabacher said in a written statement. “My records indicate that on Nov. 18, 2014, I was paid a visit by Seddique Mateen,…… I simply do not recall that specific meeting,”

    (Apparently, his staff simply overlooked the March 23 visit.)

    • Greg Hunter

      This is much more than a “self-radicalized” Islamic terrorist that mass murdered 50 people in Orlando–much more. Thank you for posting this material.

    • Paul ...

      Will the few survivors eventually be told that Hillary was just a “self-radicalized” war monger who started the war of Armageddon??

  25. Peter

    Dear Greg and people of USA,

    Sorry all what I hear for years is total nonsens: Yellen and her FED, all your criminal organizations and your banksters.
    Your country is a Banana-republic, who have killed about 2,500,000,000 people in last 20 years. And this is only for: your financial gain.

    But the story will go on, but only if Trump will be President: than it will begin, the chance.



    • Greg Hunter

      Peter the USA killed 2.5 billion people? I am sorry I do not buy it.

    • Robert Lykens

      Of course Peter lives in a perfect country which has never benefitted from the United States.

      Right, Peter?

      • JC Davis

        Robert, there you go again. Stretching the truth to its proper length. Good one.

    • Tin foil hat

      Our monetary system was transformed from a pure Gold Standard mainly to fund war. Prior to WW II, Europe gave us blank checks to buildup our military by not adjusting their gold price to ours – gold was fixed at $45/oz in the U.S. but stayed at $35/oz in Europe after FDR confiscated gold from the citizens.
      After WW II, we had enough gold to sustain the Marshall Plan. However, LBJ’s Great Society and the Vietnam war forced Nixon to close the gold window. Europe continued to support the dollar to buy protection from the U.S. against the Soviet Union instead of the Nazi.
      That support ended right after the Berlin Wall came down. The Soviet Union was dissolved on December 26, 1991. The Maastricht Treaty was signed on 7 February 1992.
      I believe NAFTA is the beginning of the U.S. Ponzi economy without a noble purpose. As European support dwindled, the rest of the world began to support the dollar but we are not protecting the world from menace, real or imagine.
      I believe Gulf War II was the first time we misused our military to maintain dollar hegemony, then Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Russia …..
      We need somebody who knows how to run our Ponzi economy properly with more carrot and less stick. I think Trump is the perfect candidate to run or end this Ponzi. Hillary is too corrupted and greedy, she would be busy lining her pocket to do the right things. Cruz is too honest – Tea Party’s morality will bring us and the world to the Greatest Depression.
      The world is imperfect, Trump is sleazy and unprincipled, in some of his business deals, which makes him the perfect man to make this Ponzi benevolent once again. I concur that if Trump will be president, that it may begin, the chance.

      • Tin foil hat

        Unprincipled is a poor choice of word. I think flexible is more appropriate to describe Trump.

        • JC Davis

          TFH you lost me with this one, Cruz is too honest . He is not even able to run for president. He is natural born Canadian. He even confessed it by showing his birth certificate. Well If we see a election I will vote Trump just to keep Hillary out. We know what we get with Her= (Total destruction) Period…

        • Brad

          A nimble navigator.

  26. andyb

    Greg: many many thanks for having Bill on again. He’s one of very few financial commentators that is not a bloviator. I should point out that whenever I have emailed Bill with a question or a comment, he has responded within just a few hours. That’s the mark of a true gentleman with a certain integrity not found in too many others who are part of the “pundit” community.
    Regarding the timing of the true Black Swan event that brings everything crashing down:
    There is no question that TPTB want Hillary elected and will use rubber bands and paper clips to keep the Ponzi going until after the election. But a comment made by Bill about riots has now become a general meme, at least in alternative media. Planned disruption of both Conventions, martial law ensuing, etc etc. Will we actually have an election, or will the threat of “Isis terror” impact the opening of any voting venues?
    We are being slowly manipulated; it’s becoming too obvious.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andy B for the comment and support.

    • Tin foil hat

      Hillary will risk WWIII to keep the Ponzi going.
      Trump and Putin are the last stand against the NWO.
      Islam will likely be the global state religion and the Muslims will be used as the Brown Shirts to keep the people in line. That is why the globalists want to get rid of the 2nd amendment while keeping the front gate wide open for the Muslim hoard.
      It sounds absolutely insane but everything that doesn’t make any sense would make sense under that assumption.

      • Paul ...

        Why is the UN not using International Law to remove all the Bush and Obama “neocons” (including Hillary) and the Wall Street bankers … so as to protect the American people from their harmful private activities???

        • Paul ...

          Hey UN … under International Law you are bound to step in and protect the American people from harmful private banker/neocon activities … so what is stopping you?? … is it our military (under banker/neocon control)? … but wait … the US military is allowing UN troops into our country … but is it to take out the bankers and neocons (which the US military can easily do) or is the UN being let in to take out the American people (under the pretense of saving us from harm)?? … like the UN saved the Iraqi and Libian peoples from harm!!

        • Tin foil hat

          I suspect the UN is the NWO. That’s why Obama bypassed the congress and pushed for UN resolution instead prior to the Lybia invasion. I believe that was a test to determine the awareness of national sovereignty within the U.S.
          The bank cartel is no longer content with owning the U.S. They want to run the world via the UN or NWO. Perhaps the dollar has reached its limitation due to its dual global and national currency status. The squid probably needs a new global currency which is more multilateral like the SDR.
          I don’t know, nothing seems to make sense except crazy conspiracy theories.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks AndyB, I call it like I see it and try to respond as much as possible.

  27. Barack Baruch

    While it looks like the collapse will be this year, many people, including Gerald Celente, were positive that the collapse would occur in 2015. Actually, many people predicted the collapse every year since 2010 or so. Who knows what new rabbit will be pulled from the hat? That being said, I strongly believe that this is going to be the year. We all need to be ready by the end of summer. The fall is in the Fall.

    • Tin foil hat

      Barack Baruch,
      In 2011, I thought 2012 would be it. Then again in 2013, I thought 2014 – 2015 were good candidates. In 2015, I just didn’t care anymore.
      Now, I’m thinking about buying a house near the Amish community.

    • Bill Holter

      It does not matter what the “timing” is as long as you know the ending!

  28. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    I want everyone to relax about the future. The shit is not going to “hit the fan.” For the past several years while Obama has been in office, there has been a reluctance to go to war even with the mess in the Middle East, Ukraine, Korea and many other places. So we are missing the economic war dividend that armaments production and boots on the ground deployments bring to the table. This ends with the departure of the current administration. America will shine again in 2017.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rich!!! This is the best thing you have written since you have been commenting. Thank you again.

    • Clare Doll

      USAF Airman Rich Treadway — you need to hook up with Gina . . . .

    • JC Davis

      Rich Treadway, what are your thoughts about a EMP before 2017 ? Nice comment without blood and guts, but not realistic in my view. I think things are going into fast trouble mode.

    • Paul ...

      Rich … your idea that when Obama leaves … Killery will produce “an economic war dividend” with enhanced arms production and boots on the ground in Iran … is actually a complement to Obama’s “peace keeping abilities” he was awarded the Peace Prize for … I guess what you are effectively saying is that Killery won’t get a Peace Prize … which “is” the best thing you have written since you have been commenting!!

      • Paul ...

        And thus (as you effectively suggest) we should all vote for Trump! … thank you again Rich!!

        • JC Davis

          Paul I like Treadway Without people like him Radical for country and freedom We would not be commenting today. War is a lot more then my comments. Thank you Rich Treadway.. War is ugly, and you Sir have forgotten more then most will ever see. Respect!

  29. Rock

    Thanks Greg for another great guest and interview. Looks like the false flags will not stop until the election date. Paul Craig Roberts has written two articles so far about the last shooting event, and the fact that there has been no evidence of actual bodies, no evidence of heavy blood loss, no security videos, no ambulances and so forth. But, there has been plenty of talk and coverage of gun control and how that issue is now in the hands of the DHS.
    Stay alert and get right with God through His Son.

    • Bill Holter


      • Brad

        One of the victims at Pulse was “Mr Angel Colon”. He said he got shot in the hand by a shotgun. Two days later his hands are fine.

        One of the doctors at the nearby trauma center was “Dr Matthew W. Lube”.

        Not saying its a fake event, but yeah. These guys must have been teased as kids.

        • Greg Hunter

          How do you know this?

  30. Macray

    Macray 06/08/2016 •
    Gold forecaster I am not!
    But I will go on record and predict that Bill H will make a guest appearance at USA Watchdog by the middle of June 2016 : )))

    Ok, now with a bit of confidence built up, I am ready to step out of my box! Please understand, I have no interest in challenging the record held by the USA Watchdog Master, Jerry!

    Assuming no WW3, Gold will be END 2016 over $1800 and Silver will END 2016 over $25.
    This will be my last forecast for the 2016 year!

    Greg, thank you for another Great interview today!!

  31. Tad

    Tell me if the music from the final scene of A Fistful of Dollars has any meaning.

  32. DBCooper

    Hi Greg /Bill … Et Al … Another possible guest who can shed light on the ‘after the SHTF’ scenario would be Matt Bracken … Yours, DB.

  33. Robert Lykens

    The truth about gun ownership and murder rates.

    • JMiller


      While it may be true what this guy says, the fact is that this video is flawed (propaganda). They should be comparing the per capita gun ownership rate to the per capita murder rate that is committed just by guns. Not the per capita murder rate. If he did the U.S. would be much higher on the list. I have no doubt that this guy knows this but that would not help his agenda if he was completely honest. Reminds me of some people in the ALT media.

    • Paul ...

      I wonder if a study was ever done comparing the gun weapon murder rate … to the “car weapon” death rate (the illegal aliens are free to drive “car weapons” through American streets (without even knowing how to read our english road signs) … what MSM reporter will ask Hillary if she will now also proclaim (every time there is a road crash) that “we must pass a law to take all [car weapons] off the streets of America”!

      • Paul ...

        Being Hillary Dillery Doc … she won’t go after the drivers of the cars … she will just remove all the cars from American streets … I think a mouse went up her clock!

        • Paul ...

          Go ahead Hillary say it … that you want all American car owners to give up their cars … to make the streets safe!!

      • Casey

        In a worst year there are about thirty thousand gun deaths. About fourteen thousand murders. In an average year there are approx.1.3 million car deaths.
        I didn’t research deeply just googled.

        • Paul ...

          Thanks Casey … so there you have it folks … Hillary completely ignores the high percentage (0.9977) car problem killing Americans on our streets … and instead talks about a low percentage (0.0023) gun problem on every occasion she can find … we know why the gun problem is important to Hillary … she doesn’t want the people she is hurting to be armed!!

  34. James Hastings

    I like old Bill Holter. Always have. I hear a lot of noise and BS in the reply’s. You build a house by first laying a foundation….when the time is right, the house gets done. So WTF is this old fart talking about….Simple.

    1) This corrupt system will fail…as all have. Don’t focus on the date. Focus on preparation. In past generations, you slowly build a nest egg.
    2) Buy a few Gold and Silver coins, small denominations, US minted, easily accepted and recognized in the US…..each month. Stop eating out and spend that on real currency.
    3) Buy a small amount of products from “Emergency Essentials” each month….$100. Buy 20lb bags of rice at walmart, can stews, veggies, can fruit, coffee……..each week. A few products. Build as you can.
    4) Store a few gallons of water. Be prepared to drink from the holding tank on the toilet.
    Be prepared to do it in a 5 gallon bucket….and shovel a little dirt on it. (See #8)
    5) Buy a couple of weapons to protect yourself. 9MM pistols and 12 ga. shotguns. Common ammo, found everywhere. Shot guns are easy to master….point in the general direction, grin broadly…..and gently stroke that trigger… the body for anything useful. “Don’t leave anything for the dinks to use”…
    6) If you can migrate to a better location….great. If not, be prepared to be low key and stay in place. People will die off quickly. Oooops…that was not politically correct. See all those obese pigs on TV trashing the store when their EBT cards fail? Prep for 60 days.
    7) Be prepared to support yourself. Be prepared to live a much more modest lifestyle.
    8) Save those paper ASS….sets. It will come in handy….with that 5 gallon bucket. LOL
    9) Don’t be naive……people will kill you for the stupidest reasons. Learn a little body language and be prepared to act swiftly.

    Luis Lamour had a line in one of his westerns…”Life was meant to be difficult, it builds character”. That’s one of our problems, most people are wussies. They had it too easy.

    This is going to get interesting. 🙂

    • Robert Lykens

      For a long time now, we’ve been told that “it’s close” or “it’ll fall apart next year” or whatever.
      I think now many preppers – who have been expecting something to happen for years – will be shocked when it actually does happen. They’ve grown so used to the can getting kicked down the road that they think it’ll continue on forever. “Prepper Fatigue” I’ve heard it called.
      My own opinion is that when it does happen it will be sudden. Like Bill Holter says – “from the time you go to bed Sunday night to when you wake up Monday morning”.
      At that point whatever you have in the pantry will be it. Whatever gold you have hidden away will be all. No more trips to the grocery store, no more shopping on Amazon. We’ll be like Venezuelans, lining up at 2 am to see what the store might have that you can get. You’ll be wanting rice; the store will have paper plates. You’ll be needing diapers; they’ll only have salad dressing.
      Get it now, folks, or one day you’ll have to watch your family go hungry.

    • Tin foil hat

      James Hastings,
      I have been researhing the progression of shortage in Venezuela. I think running water will be the last to run out of. It seems toilet paper and tempon will disappear first before anything else.
      You should also stockpile battery, aspirin and increase your MRE to 180 days.
      Most people are wusses including me. I don’t know if I can keep quite about my foods. I like my neighbors.

      • Robert Lykens

        TFH, I know what you mean. I know I couldn’t turn away my neighbors, especially the ones with kids. I’d rather go hungry.

        • JC Davis

          Love it Robert. What do we prepare for if for only ourselves. I have food stocked to feed those in need, and A good research in wild foods. The time will come when we need to feed others above ourselves. I am in survival mode with more food then I will ever eat. For there sake. Just for you Robert I think the Grid will go down. When? soon is all.

    • Bill Holter

      gold is only a financial foundation. Food, water guns and God come first!

      • JC Davis

        Bill Holter of all Greg has on I like you the best. You got the nerve to stand your ground , and put your thoughts out there. You answer comments point blank the best . Love you man!
        Now the question is are you willing to give all you have made to the poor/ Hunger when the time comes in order to follow Jesus ?

        • JC Davis

          I fight spirits.

  35. louis

    Fellow american neighbors to the south of me, i am intrigued as much as any of you about the outcome when if ever it becomes official that the US has no more gold, because, as many of the regulars on this site will remember, a few months ago,Canada declared publicly that we have no more gold backing our dollar. Since that announcement, the C$ actually gained against the greenback. I believe the real value in a currency lies in the belief that you can spend it again at a later date for hard goods. Why it retains its value is because the economy is still functional. The Canadian dollar tracks the price of oil very closely, and oil follows the strength of the US economy, or perceived strength as manupulated by various groups in gov and the press. So as i try to connect the dots as many of Greg’s fine guests do, we have to figure out what will cause the general public to lose faith and start bank runs and things like that. I think it will take a lot. People outside our small community of preppers and viewers of these alternate sites firmly believe that all is well. I do my unofficial surveys with my coworkers, an educated bunch, and even when i present them with possible scenarios of things that can happen, none of them, seriously not even one, has chosen to continue the conversation to find out more. I dont push it to avoid being branded a crackpot, or to avoid blowing my grey man cover, but it is telling. I encourage you to try this yourselves, its quite fun and responses from the sheeple are often entertaining. So what will it take to wake them up, ask Venezuelans, most of them didnt see anything coming even though Chavez gave them years of warning. I still believe a big event could push us over the edge, but the masses won’t understand it until later, giving us the early observer advantage to take action. In the end, since its difficult people outside the world of finance to understand the inner workings of bond markets, comex defaults, forex manipulation etc, it is really great to get inside the brains of guys like Mr Holter, or gals like Mrs AustinFitts. Thank you Greg.

  36. DBCooper

    Greg/Bill … James Hastings … You stole some of my thunder! (LOL). Except for the recommendation for 9mm I am in agreement …We prefer 45acp or 38spl wheel … in 1981 the Lord brought me to our locale and brought me to my bride … 33years and going strong !! … I am struck by some of the comments that slam the messenger because as we see it … 99 or so % of the doggers here KNOW that things are ramping up and we are circling the bowl at an ever faster speed … so the exact ‘when’ tends to become somewhat irrelevant as we are traveling in the Lord’s time … The Lord’s Time!! (No one knows the day or time) … so it isn’t so much the ‘when’ but ‘are you ready’ and ‘how ready are you’ … it’s like faith … do you pray .. do you contemplate God’s plan … do you search for the Holy Spirit in you? It just goes on and on until it doesn’t … the absolute timing is irrelevant to me … how much more can I do to be ready?? Today I finished sealing out the floor of the new root cellar for possible radon exposure … tomorrow it will be some other chore to be further prepared … it goes on and on … until it doesn’t. Greg, you have a wonderful forum and a lot of great family members !! … Some of us don’t get it all, all of the time and we here do not have time for the Gina’s of the world but that said I am willing to impart whatever little knowledge we posses to any Dogger who contemplates hunkering down.
    Still Preparing … Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  37. tony


    Like what you do. Out of interest, how many viewers do you have? It would be good know how many people are starting to figure out the truth.

    FYI – I sold my house last year and I’m holding 990 kilos physical silver. Bring it on.

    • Bryan

      Wow. Now that’s a ton of silver.

      • frederick

        literally a ton of silver İ had 8K ounces and now have 4500 and i thought İ had alot Guess not

    • Brad

      I hope your investment passes the sleep test.

  38. Larry White

    Jeffrey Gundlach(DoublelineCapital) tells CNBC – Investors are “losing faith in central banks” & moving to safe havens (gold):

    Gundlach oversees $100 Billion in investements

    • frederick

      Allegedly George Soros is buying gold as well İm waiting for a BTFD moment(correction) myself

  39. roy satterwhite

    Bill just kills his cred by predicting dates. He’s right, eventually and so is Jim Sinclair eventually but they kill their arguments by dating the events.
    For example, open a chart of s&p500 going back to Aug 2015 and relisten to your interview with Sinclair.

  40. NC Gal


    Always great to hear from Bill. Thank you for having him on again, and thank you Bill for so unselfishly sharing what you know with the rest of us! I do think he put his finger on something regarding what’s going on at Comex and how it’s different than the pattern of the past 15 years. Perhaps China senses that it’s time to grab the last gold available, shut down the paper pricing scheme and then re-value its gold holdings because they’ve got the gold and the West no longer has any. It would certainly change the financial landscape!

  41. Gator

    What does Holter mean by “troll community”? Could it be anyone who doesn’t agree with his assessment of the situation? Where is the fair and balanced debate…..

    • Tracy Welborn

      No Gator, he’s not talking about people who don’t agree with his assessment. Those differing views are quite welcome here AND in the JS Mineset community, from what I have seen. You just don’t understand. The trolls come in and say that everything is quite well and that we are a bunch of tin foil hat wearing nuts. Gator, if you can’t see that something is UNBELIEVABLY wrong with this situation – like the banking system, like the global economy – then you need to join the trolls. Fair and balanced debate? Dude, you need to desire the truth above it all. Quit being such a “good boy”, put on your big boy pants and make a decision. The debate you seek has been out there for many years. You’ve got all the facts – now do something with them.

    • Robert Lykens

      It probably means anyone who disagrees with him and is rude and hateful about it…

  42. Robert Lykens

    Whenever there’s a terrorist attack, we all think “if only someone there had been armed!”
    ISIS says they’re going to keep at it in America all summer. All you preppers with CCLs, be sure to keep carrying, especially if you live in a target city. Maybe one of us can stop an attack. Wouldn’t that be something if a Watchdogger took out an ISIS punk!

  43. Robbie41

    Obama Invites Top Communist Military-Intelligence Officials to Inspect U.S. Defense Facilities

    Opening up vital national security information to narco-terrorists.

  44. Pvt. Mushroom

    Thank you and thanks to Bill Holter for replying appropriately to some of these posts. It helps ” smooth the waters” for me.

    PS is it time yet for a DENTED interview.

    Thanks again…..

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