Aristocrats vs “We the People” – John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Financial writer John Rubino says massive unpayable debt has already bankrupted America, and when this happens, politics are also massively corrupted.  Rubino explains, “When you bankrupt your country, your politics are inherently corrupted by that bankruptcy, and that’s what is happening to us.  We created a financial system . . . that is run by an aristocracy.  It’s not a Right/Left, liberal, socialist or conservative aristocracy.  Look at JPMorgan Chase, Google and General Dynamics.  Look at Mitch McConnell, the big Republicans and the big Democrats.  They are not socialists, and they are not capitalists–they’re aristocrats.  They are mainly interested in a system where the rules apply to you and me but do not apply to them. . . . You need to view those guys as Dukes and Duchesses whose main job is to maintain power over the peasants, then their behavior makes complete sense. . . . Seeing them that way makes their motivation and behavior pretty much crystal clear.”

Rubino contends, “This won’t change.  You’ve got to have all the peasants grabbing their pitch forks and heading to the castle before it changes.  In the meantime, we are stuck with this system, and it has given us the biggest financial bubble in human history.  That sounds like hyperbole and click bait, but it’s actually not.  If you look at the big financial bubbles we have lived through, junk bond bubble . . . tech bubble and then the housing bubble, they were sector specific financial bubbles where one asset class just blew up.  They became the center of a mania, crashed and almost took down the whole economy.  We now have at least four and maybe five bubbles of that magnitude all going at the same time.  That’s why they call it the ‘Everything Bubble.’ . . . When this thing blows, it’s not just going to be one sector tanking.  It’s going to be all the sectors tanking at once.  It’s going to be astounding.  I wouldn’t want to be Joe Biden when that happens. . . . This is going to be an impossible thing to govern.”

Rubino warns, “When it becomes obvious that there are no tools to fix any of these markets that are blowing up, that shifts the attention over to currencies.  Because if we can’t fix the financial markets, why would we want to hold these currencies when everything in these financial markets that these currencies kind of govern are going crazy?  So, when this thing blows up, it will shift the pressure over to the dollar.  Thus, this is the whole thing.  Nobody is going to want to hold the dollar or the euro or the yen.  It won’t matter what the governments do because there will be nothing effective for them to do.  That’s when things get really crazy, and people will be glad they have gold and silver among a handful of other things.  It’s completely possible we end back up on a gold standard in 10 years with gold at $10,000 per ounce.  If you are a stacker, this chaos is less terrifying to you because you know your financial life is going to be okay no matter what happens to housing, tech or whatever. . . . We think we have lived through some tough times in the financial markets, but we have never seen anything like what is coming.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the founder of, John Rubino.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Love your work Greg!

    I feel it’s more of case of, damned if you & damned if you don’t.

    Although I wish for ‘power to the people’ , nothing has really changed in thousands of years.

    • JC

      Anthony A,
      Is there really a “mouse apocalypse” in Australia?

      • Anthony Australia

        Wow! This is the first I’ve heard about it.
        Will look into it, thanks JC.

      • Rachel

        Oh rats!

      • Paul ...

        JC … What “we need” is a Demon-Rat apocalypse in the USA!!



    • Retired 42

      America has it’s major weapon to use.
      We have a Federal System & Many Red States ready to push back!

      • Bobby

        Are you aware of Eric Madsen and the movement for a Quo Warranto action being sent to Monty Wilkinson, “Attorney General” against United States Congressmen for breaking their oath of office and seating an illegal president.
        Call To Action-2021 Its legal and lawful. We are responsible for those we elect from our Districts.

      • Danny Banks

        “Push back”?
        After a rigged presidential election, west gives us any faith in a political solution?
        Americans have been too comfortable with expecting someone else to fix their problems for generations.
        That’s how the CCP has so easily infiltrated the western world.
        It’s going to take a revolution to get the country back

    • ANDREW



    • ANDREW



  2. Jerry

    The World Economic Forum tipped their hand with PM Modi’s comments at Davos. They’re going to use the pandemic to go digital.

    More centralized government. More top down controls. The globalist have used the election fraud to deter our attention away from the fact that they are tagging and bagging us.

    • Chip

      Damn scary Jerry. As if we didn’t have enough to be worried about. BUT, Fear Not! Chip

      • Jerry

        No fear here. I’m just a spiritual backpacker passing through. I Post what I see as I go by. Anyone holding onto the world, will only leave claw marks when they leave it.

  3. Robert

    “It’s possible in 10 years time we end up on a gold standard with gold at $10k/once”
    In 10 years time, what “dollar” are you talking about ?

    • Paul ...

      You know … Robert hit the nail on the head … today the US Dollar is worth “one penny” (of what it was worth in 1913) … which puts the ‘true Gold price” at $18.30 an ounce (just about what Roosevelt gave people for their Gold back in 1930) showing that Gold “does hold its value” … at the end of Briben’s first term (with all the money printing that will obviously take place) the US dollar will likely be worth a tenth of a penny (0.001) … making $10,000 dollar Gold worth only $10 dollars … “obviously not right” … for Gold “to hold its value” it would have to be selling for $20,000 dollars per ounce to give it a “true value of 20 (1913 dollars)!! … think back to the 1980 peak in Gold when itwas $800 dollars per ounce … the US dollar was worth about 0.04 cents at that time … and Bankster Paul Volcker was very upset that at $800 dollars Gold had gotten back to the “true value” of $32 dollars that Roosevelt set it at (after confiscating it at $20 dollars) … if Gold were to get back to a “true value” of $32 dollars again (say at the end of Briben’s first term) when the US dollar will likely be worth one tenth of a penny (0.001) … the price of Gold should be at $32,000 dollars per ounce … at the end of Briben’s “second term” the US dollars could be worth one hundredth of a penny (0.0001) … at that point … a true value of gold at $20 dollars should have it selling for ($20/0.0001) = $200,000 dollars per ounce … and … if gold gets up to a true value of $32 dollars again (like back in 1980) … Gold will be selling for ($32/0.0001) = $320,000 dollars per ounce … I hope Stan is reading this … and can clearly see the absolute folly of selling Gold short right now … as for the Bitcoin folks thinking it will be going to $600,000 dollars … use your God given brains … is it not folly to spend $36,600 dollars for one Bitcoin … when you can simply purchasing two(2) Gold coins for $3,660 (one tenth as much money)… and achieve a $640,000 dollar return? … hope you Bitcoin fanatics now understand that buying two(2) Gold coins for $3,660 … “is 10 times better” … then buying one (1) Bitcoin at $36,600!! … for Bitcoin to be comparable to the appreciation potential of Gold it should be selling for only $3,660 dollars per Bitcoin … however when considering “intrinsic worth” Gold is the hands down winner … as the rarity of physical Gold in ones hand is much much more … then the rarity of electrons inside a computer!!

      • William+Stanley

        Paul . . .,
        A little over a month ago — when Bitcoin was selling for about $32,000 — Max Keiser predicted it would end the year at $228,000. As I write this, Bitcoin is about $39,000 . . . and Mr. Keiser’s forecast is roughy on schedule (based on Bitcoin’s compound rate of price increase since the date of his forecast).

        Since I have a lot more riding on PMs than Bitcoin, I, like you, am really betting that they will do better than Bitcoin (at least on a risk-adjusted basis). I’m just leaving a bit more room for the possibility that I could be wrong.

        • Paul ...

          That’s fine William if you want to speculate on Bitcoin the way people speculate on stocks, ETFs, etc. … I just personally don’t trust Bitcoin to be a “historical store of value” (the way Gold and Silver has shown itself to be) … nor can I look upon Bitcoin electrons in a computer as being something that has its own “innate intrinsic value” … and soon Bitcoin will be competing against bankster crypto (that will likely be is backed by Gold) … as with all speculations you can make a lot of money with Bitcoin … so don’t “not speculate” based upon “my very cautious attitude toward Bitcoin” … as one day I may actually be holding Government created crypto (hopefully backed by Gold)!!

          • Retired 42

            And where would Bitcoin be when the Bankers come out with their Fedcoin?

      • Paul ...

        Anyone who truly understands what I’m talking about above … should realize now … that an ounce of Gold … will always be worth between $20 and $32 dollars (1913 dollars) … you will never “get rich” owning Gold “unless you are already rich” and park your money in Gold to “maintain your wealth” … understand that … anyone who wants to be as rich as someone who owned $300,000 dollars back in 1913 needs to buy (300,000/20) or 15,000 ounces of Gold right now at $1830 … which will cost you $27,450,000 dollars in today’s dollars (that are currently worth only “one cent” in 1913 dollars)!!

        • Rachel

          Appropriate and sound valuable realism in today’s economy Paul !

      • Paul ...

        Now … what does this mean for those accumulating Silver … well back in the days of Roosevelt silver sold for about $0.25 cents an ounce … in today’s dollars that are worth about “one cent”… it puts the “real price” of Silver at about $25 dollars to be equal to its price back in the days of Roosevelt … now say you had $300,000 dollars back in Roosevelt’s time when Silver was $0.25 cents … and wanted to be “just as rich today” … it means you will need to own 1,200,000 ounces of Silver … so keep on stacking silver-bugs … and keep on praying that JP Morgan gives you an opportunity “to buy more silver” at a price below $25 dollars!! …
        Note: [Most people stacking silver will likely find they need about 50 times the ounces they currently own … hopefully JP Morgan will come to our rescue one more time (and drive the price of Silver down again as Stan is predicting) … better be prepared to do some serious buying at that time … and before the industrialists panic and begin stockpiling 1000 ounce bars of Silver]

    • Retired 42

      We have a big,not so secret weapon, that will win the battle for America.
      That weapon is our Federal System of Politics & our Sovereign Red States with their own laws that will turn Washington into a neutered Rump State with little power to force the Red States to meet Washington’s Demands.
      Washington is occupied territory with no army of it’s own to impose it’s will on these States. Just the southern tier of these Red States from Florida to Texas
      (only 4 of the Red States) alone have a combined population of perhaps 55 Million & a GDP of $ 2.8 Trillion.
      This places these 4 states as the 9th or 10th largest world economy.
      All Washington controls are the burnt out Blue States full of Welfare Cities & white collar workers now working mostly from home & not going down town to the office.

      • Teri Rayburn

        YES !!! Like it. What have we got to loose – everything!
        From Teri2Step

  4. Randy Best

    A gold standard after the next ten years? Do we even have that long?

    • paul Anthony

      “ neutered Rump” Brilliant ! 🙄

  5. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Absolutely wonderful interview!
    His thought that it is psychologically healthy to see opportunities (as well as danger) in all of this chaos is intriguing.

  6. Darrell Ernest Rolstone

    Greg…..I just LOVE to watch your enthusiasm….and total sincerity!!!! Keep up the good works little brother!!! Darrell

  7. Major Payne

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Buy US silver coins.
    Change you can believe in.

    • Secret agent WD-40

      “Change you can believe in” – I like that ! On another subject, there is no greater proof of an illegitimate election than the fact that they will not tolerate any talk about election fraud. We are living in Nazi Germany/ the Soviet Union 2.0/ Communist China now. Be careful what you say.

      • Paul ...

        You know … Jews trying to get out of Nazi Germany sold everything they had (and wanted to take their wealth and move to America) … problem was … the border guards would search everyone leaving the country … and confiscate any gold, silver, diamonds and cash they were carrying on them … so what did the Jews do (who wanted to come to America without being totally destitute)? … they took 99% the money they accumulated selling everything they owned … and bought US Treasury Bonds with it and with the 1% left they bought gold coins … they then memorized the serial numbers on all the US Treasury Bonds they just bought … and then proceeded to burn them all in the fireplace … they used the 1% in gold “to bribe the border guards” and they got out of Nazi Germany with nothing in their pocket (but had the US Treasury Bond serial numbers stored in their mind) … when they got to America … they applied to the US Treasury to have the Bonds bought in their name “re-issued” (saying their Bonds were lost or destroyed!! … today … Libertarians and Trump supporters are looked upon by the CIA/SS Brennon (as the Jews were by Hitler) … as people who need to be put in “Detention Camps” and “exterminated” by the Nazi/Demon-rats … and these people are putting their money into Bitcoin … so that when they leave the country (not everything they own will be confiscated) … they will still be able to get hold of the wealth they put into Bitcoin (a lot of Chinese leaving Hong Kong are doing this right now) … now to the point I wanted to make … did the Jews think US Treasuries was a good long term investment? … “no” … it was just looked upon as a convenient short term way to get their wealth out of Nazi Germany (similar to what the Hong Kong Chinese are doing now to get their money out of Nazi/Commie China) and what CIA targeted Americans are likely doing to get their money out of the now Nazi/Commie USA!! … once people physically get out from being under Nazi/Commie control and their money is out of the country … the Bitcoins which are not a store of value (just like US Treasuries are not a store of value) … will most likely be immediately sold and put into a real store of value (precious metals)!!

  8. 😞Shame on YouWho

    Survivors of Armageddon are the great crowd of John’s vision. They will “come out of the great tribulation” right here on earth, and they will “keep shouting with a loud voice, saying: ‘Salvation we owe to our God, who is seated on the throne, and to the Lamb.’” (Rev. 7:10, 14) Furthermore, the Scriptures teach that those who are raptured to heavenly life receive “something better” than do even the faithful men of old. (Heb.11:40)

  9. MorningStar

    Reminds me a little of the 1995 movie by Mel Gibson – Braveheart:

    I sense that our linear existence in America is going to get real ugly and real soon.

  10. Jay A.

    Another great interview, John is very in tune with the mess this country is in.

  11. legioguy

    Could you please provide a link to that Daily Caller video ?

  12. James

    Aloha Greg,
    As said in every message to you…’may God bless my wonderful brother Greg and his family. I surely do love you.
    Aloha from Kula, Maui.
    PS: IT’S freezing here, all the way down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit…..brrrrrrr!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks James and stay warm!!

      • Stephen Woenker

        What’s the story on Ted Cruz ?

        • Greg Hunter

          You tell me. He fought the election fraud by contesting the election in the Senate and then later told us all there was no fraud.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Greg, Maybe someone TOLD him there was no fraud and to act accordingly if he liked having a future? I tell all my disappointed friends to think this thing through: if they have the ability to throw the election, they have the ability to make it stick. I don’t think we’ll ever really know. It doesn’t matter, and here’s why: If they stole it, we’re screwed. If they won honestly, we are now a permanent minority. Either way, we lose. We have to find a different, separate way. The old way is closed to us now and going forward. If we can’t identify that and deal with it, it’s over. New reality. Sorry. Best always. PM

          • Better Chetter

            If Peter denied Jesus (affiliation) thrice, Ted and any other will deny DT, when they see he has no support . . . and that is all on us, for not having an organization assembled, capable of piercing the veil of the 1 headed, 2 party facade known as the US political system.

            I failed to do my part, take action, wanting to play it safe – thinking the task too big for me – failing to do the things that Jesus did, or greater.
            I’m sorry, please forgive, I love you, thank you –

          • Marie+Joy

            I think some have been threatened

            • Greg Hunter

              I am threatened everyday. I kid you not.

  13. Coalburner

    Hey Allen STarr:
    Thanks for your great report a couple of days ago. We do not get much real news from Russia. Lots of BS but no reports like yours.
    Thank You

    • Allen+Starr

      Unfortunately all the news you get is probably mostly propaganda and lies. I’ve lived here (20 years) long enough that the Russian Government gave me my Permanent Residence Permit last year. I am very fortunate that I came here 20 years ago and was able to start a new life and I do have a good life here under Putin and him and his advisors are very smart. I’ve had some problems over the years but many of them were caused by my own stupidity because Russia is really a different world. I have a Russian wife which is a big help and if Putin can continue to keep us out of a nuclear war we will have a need for the Dacha. Putin has been betting that the US will destroy itself so there is no need for war and I think he is right. So after the financial catastrophe hits, we will need to survive on the Dacha with our Russian friends. Russia has many Hydro electric dams, oil and gas wells, and the ability to produce their own gas and diesel fuel so maybe you will still be able to use your car or ride on the trains. Most food can be produced internally so that isn’t a problem for most. The forests are full of berries and mushrooms and game. We have a huge dam and reservoir which provides all the fresh water we’ll ever need. We have 12 tons of cow manure aging under a tarp and will buy another 12 tons this year for our large bin which I just emptied last year and will use on this years crops. We buy the manure from a woman who has dairy cattle as well as beef cattle so maybe we will be lucky enough to buy some meat from her once in a while. I think we’ll be able to survive an economic collapse but who knows for sure. The wife already has everything she needs for this year and has started growing seedling in our other apartment which she will plant at the Dacha this year. We have 500 Idaho Russet seed potatoes which we’ll plant this year. Some of our Russian friends are growing them now after we gave them seed potatoes.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is not propaganda? Riiiiiight.

        • Allen+Starr

          Not really. It’s just kind of a recap of where things are. I have a lot of respect for Putin because he has been able to keep Russia out of a war and is one of the few leaders in the world that seems to know what he is doing. The things he’s been able to accomplish for the Russian people with the resources may make it possible for many people to actually survive this coming financial catastrophe. I didn’t pick to live in Russia but was just lucky enough to fall into a good situation and took advantage of it. I just think that under the current world situation that I couldn’t have ended up in a better place. If we do get into a nuclear war, it won’t matter anyway because we’ll all be dead.

          • Greg Hunter

            Yes really. Say one negative thing about Russia. You don’t, so this is propaganda. could NOT exist in Russia. It would be shut down in 24 hours. Got my point? Let me go further. Take the recent example of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. He’s in jail in Russia!!!!

            • Allen+Starr

              I’m upset that I haven’t been able to buy my Jewish radishes from Israel for the last four weeks. Would you be happy if I blamed that on Putin? We’re never going to agree on anything if you expect me to believe anything about that Reuters article. I’m never going to believe that Navalny was given a military grade poison by Russia and he isn’t dead. Same nonsense with the Skripals in England and no proof again. It’s too bad you can’t talk to the Russian people about Navalny to open your eyes or see the additional information out there as he is a non issue here in Russia. He is just another part of what the US is trying to pull off with stopping the Nord Stream II pipeline which is now laying pipe to finish the project. Overthrowing the Belarus Government, Kaliningrad, Ukraine, and Poland also figure in with what the US is trying to do in the area. I expect much harsher rhetoric from the Russians in the future as the Russians are just tired of all this nonsense.

              • Greg Hunter

                Good boy. Stay in line and “sit”!! Now you want a treat?

            • Marie+Joy

              Whatever Putin is and whatever he isn’t, he’s better than what we have. Putin tries to do what’s right. He’s not perfect but who is?

              • Greg Hunter

                So you think Mr. Putin would allow something like criticize his government? I rest my case.

        • Allen+Starr

          I left you a short reply but don’t know if it got posted. The powers to be are playing with you website. Wish you luck against these a$$holes. Al

      • Keith+Wilson

        During ww2 my grandfather was in a mixed prisoner of war camp in East prussia. He told me the toughest soldiers he ever met where Russian combat troops.They could live and survive sleeping on bare earth in temperatures of minus 40 degrees. They would all huddle up in groups of 12 and using tree branches and leaves and old tags and old uniforms,all cuddle up together and sleep out side in the most bitter weather most western soldiers could ever imagine. When the Germans lined them up to be executed not one of them would beg for mercy.

  14. Pete

    There HAD to be co-ordination for the elctoral fraud. Surely there must be evidence if the FBI, DOJ, Police, etc were interested to look. The woman who was charged was like a small token arrest. She said she was paid to change votes. Who paid her? So many questions, so few answers.

    • daniel j turner

      Tulsi Gabbard introduced a bill to safeguard elections after the 2016 big stink but nobody backed it so we get what we got..

    • Paul from Indiana

      Pete: You are onto it. It’s very simple, a binary (“yes” or “no”) choice. Either the election was fraudulent and stolen, or it wasn’t. If it was actually stolen, the powers that be are in control to the extent they can make this happen, in which case we’re screwed, and it doesn’t matter. If the election was not stolen, then Biden and the Democrats won outright and in convincing fashion, and we are now permanently in the minority and have no prospects going forward. It’s “heads they win, and tails we lose”. How does that make you feel? This is why I argue for separation. Best always. PM

  15. Mike R

    In 10 years time, here is where we will be:
    1) Non-stop food riots in all the major metro areas, due to a broken down infrastructure, that has gasoline at $20/gallon, very few electric cars, because most of the power grid is down and broken on a daily basis.
    2) a non-existent federal government, after disparate states seceded from the union, and formed their own regional republics, or were just left hanging to their own downfall
    3) Dow hanging around about 1500, after most stocks that are in the dow today were wiped out in the mega crash, and the names in the dow will be none you recognize today.
    4) Multiple currencies will exist within the US, where various forms of gold or silver backing will make up the bulk of whats left after the dollar completely crashed by 2025.
    5) The neighborhoods that survived where homes were mostly payed off, will have gated themselves, and created their own border walls, around the subdivisions, and small communities, armed to the teeth and with their own vigilante ‘police’ forces. Neighborhoods that were not ‘gated’ or walled off, became total crime ridden slums. Homes were abandoned by the millions, and they are empty or filled with squatters.
    6) The CCP took over DC, and completely took over after they invaded our country and wiped out about half our citizens. But they were not able to take control of the entire country, due to the individual states who planned ahead, and seceded several years prior to their invasion.

    If the above sounds too dystopian for you, keep in mind that we have been clubbed over the head by a bioweapon, that will not go away, and it will keep returning over and over in new mutant waves of a virus that just keeps on infecting, and there is no vaccine able to stop it, because its natural evolution is to keep on mutating, and getting stronger and stronger, because that is what it was developed to do in a lab in Wuhan, where they stole a lot of the most insidious parts of the genetic make up of the virus from Labs here in the US.

  16. iwitness02

    Great interview!
    Sheila Jackson Lee has HR 127 coming up for a vote.
    Gun control legislation on steroids.
    Nothing like being under attack on multiple fronts to keep things interesting.

    • William+Stanley

      Yes. This proposed legislation is incredibly dangerous and ill-advised . . . even if only parts of it were passed. It is a palpable threat to the USA as it is now constituted and could lead as far as to secession of significant portions of the USA and/or civil war.

  17. H.G. Barnes

    And don’t forget the fabian soc, and others, are the aristocrats… clinton, obama etc.. The issue remains that psychopaths’ are in charge. (spelling mistakes are deliberate) Thanks Greg.

  18. tim+mcgraw

    I like John Rubino. He talks true. Ahhh, gold and silver… reading how the Nazis stole the gold and silver from the Jews of Salonika, Greece in WWII (the Nazis tortured the Jews until they gave up their gold), makes me wonder about stacking precious metals. Lead is the precious metal.
    Just read the promo, will watch the video now.
    Rubino is right about the aristocrats. Check out the videos about “The Aristocrats” jokes. Good stuff.

    • Paul from Indiana

      It recalls the George Carlin revelation: “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

      I didn’t want to believe that when I heard it, but I understand it all now. The election proves it.

      • Jim

        Been thinking about that bit a lot in the last few months. Maybe not right about everything but there is a lot there to ponder. Especially the statement he repeats.

  19. Sue Robinson

    Another great interview with John Rubino. And, this week’s roundup was great, too. It is important that we stay in the ‘fight’ and stay in touch with sites like yours. Many people I know are worried about our beloved country and this fragile economy. Your site is one that tells the truth, but never without hope for a better tomorrow.

  20. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rubino a very sobering interview. For us outside the USA if we think this will not effect us we are deluded .Whilst the USA may be in trouble we will be at the bottom of the ocean dead. Meanwhile in Europe and the Euro zone Italy is being thrown to the wolves with Mario Draghi as the chief wolf.
    Europeans along with us in the UK are soon to find out that there is no free money ,but a war with China will shift that focus as the bloodshed washes on our shores and our loved ones are buried in some hell hole of our elite’s making.
    Meanwhile the American elite are so sure like any good Bolshevik that they have the audacity to proclaim their theft of an election in Time magazine,Mr Denninger does an amazing critique.
    Here in the UK our police have gone Chekka and picking on the peasant is the old sport which is the same as the new sport. Brutality by these morons goes unpunished. I wonder how they will feel when in the elite’s hell hole of a battle where they will die unwanted and unloved.
    Our royal family are still missing in action and becoming more irrelevant daily. The UK is barely united now and the queen has overseen its collapse during her reign. A story barely recorded within and without the UK.
    Meanwhile the British Army are now actively spying on us British plebs,imagine if the USA Army were spying on the people of the USA and imagine how you would feel,via the 77th Brigade.

  21. JC

    Captain Kirk: Look at these three words, written larger than the rest, with a special pride never written before, or since. Tall words, proudly saying…

    “We, the People…”

    • Paul ...

      To secure The Blessings of Liberty to “We the People of the United States and our Posterity” … We elected (through fraud and chicanery) the criminal pervert Joe Bribe’n to bring us Nazi/SS Brennon “now ordering” all Libertarians and Trump supporters (who don’t carry cell phones) be immediately rounded up locked up in concentration camps (and eventually disposed of as terrorists) … those carrying cell phones can be more easily be targeted and taken out with a drone strike … as pervert Obama did (even if they were in the middle of a Wedding Party of 30 loyal Demon-rats) … the important thing to the Nazi/Commies … is to kill the terrorist Libertarian/Trump supporters … “at whatever cost”!!

  22. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    Thank you Greg, very interesting quest. The topic is dynamic and on point.

  23. IVAN

    Breaking Americans’ Will” Is The Mission

  24. william J north

    I dont expect this to be posted unless Greg is truly free speach and ive followed for many years,this is the most informative video on the effects of the test and vaccine for COVAIDS and needs to be seen and passed along to friends and family.Yes the topic isnt what just transpired but greg knows the vaccine etc is nano tech and will reduce population and create gmo humans.This is great and i wouldnt post it if it wasnt the greatest ive ever watched for info.

  25. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for a great interview with John Rubino.

    In the movie Jurassic Park, when the inevitable chaos ensues, Jeff Goldblum’s cynical character sums up the situation with the phrase, “I hate to be right”. I concur. Since first reading ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ several years ago, and thus learning the true order of things, it has seemed clear to me that the world was heading toward neo-feudalism. This prognosis was considered ‘lunatic fringe’ by almost everyone with whom I had the temerity to discuss it. John Rubino talks of the ‘new aristocracy’ and we, ‘the peasants’. I hate to be right! This is not a boast – it’s a lament.

  26. Thurston Howell III

    Democrats are doing a ‘very sinister thing’
    46,929 views•Feb 6, 2021
    Sky News Australia
    Democrats and left-wing media personalities are equating being a Donald Trump supporter to being an “absolute lunatic QAnon supporter,” according to Sky News host James Morrow.

  27. John Henry

    I’m waiting for you to start talking about all these investment institutions being shut down Ally Investments shut down my account you cannot call them you cannot go on the website I have zero access to my funds and all of this I believe it’s because they are preparing for 0 interest rates this is Y2K all over again they’re making sure that their computer systems can handle negative interest rates..

    Biden is the abomination of desolation he occupies where he should not be

    • Paul ...

      John … Shut down the internet … and no matter how “secure and blockchain’ed” your money is in Bitcoin … you “won’t be able to access it” … shut down the internet with a silver coin in your pocket … and you “will still be able to access it”!!

  28. Michael

    They want a one world order and this is what they wanted and have been planning for.

  29. neville

    Alan Greenspan as the 13th Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006,worked diligently to carve out the financial collapse of AAcrime by bailing out fannie mae to the tune of $1 Trillion ,then he also set the wheels in motion to crash the interest rates which are currently heading to zero.AAcrime at that time was technically BANKRUPT ….this was all the precursor to the everything BUBBLE under discussion here.
    AAcrime is now TOTALLY INSOLVENT. The seeds of financial have grown into mature weeds of financial ruin….BUT HEY!!!! take a look at the obese stocks trading on the nyse or the nasdaq they tell a different story. This story ain’t going to end …….and they all lived happily forever………NO !!! It ends and the bad BEAR came in and swallowed them all up…….
    We are at the END OF THE AGE ,where all of us should be getting our houses in order ,
    repenting and coming clean before the re-appearance of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    JESUS ,said at the END OF THE AGE your own “family” will be your own worst enemy……What he meant in the Micro sense was indeed your own family(news recently out said that the authorities are encouraging children to spy on their parents0
    In the Macro sense of what JESUS said, he was referring to your government and hoo boy has that already come to pass in every sense of the word.Expect a retaliation from we the people of this world not only in AAcrime.

    To Greg & John ,thanks guys for a wonderful informative interview.

  30. Mick

    Hi Greg,
    Your work has been part of my Sunday morning news routine for 5 or 6 years.
    Sorry to hear about your strikes, but I suppose that’s more of a badge of honour in todays clown world.
    I’ll watch you to the end mate, however long that is. Good luck to you and your family for the future.
    P.S. Here in Australia we “vote” on unmarked ballots using pencils!
    I should send you a picture 😀
    Kindest Regards,

  31. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  32. Paul ...

    You know … I’ve been thinking again … I can’t help it (God gave me this brain that thinks) … but consider this … in about 100 days … we may finally meet Aliens for the first time … now we sure don’t want to insult them “by holding our nose” with one hand while we shake hands with the other … as it has been reported that Aliens “smell really really bad” … “a lot worse” then someone with garlic breath … … Aliens are associated with an offensive smell that is said to be “sulfurous or fart like in nature” … which puts “a whole new light” on the idiotic Corona-19 masks we are now being forced to wear … and which likely implies that “a deal was probably made to allow the aliens to live among us” … so these damn masks we all being trained to wear … … may indeed “need to be worn permanently” … and some people with very sensitive noses … may need to wear two or three masks “to block the smell”!!

    • JC

      Let’s hope the aliens don’t arrive as “Killer Klowns From Outer Space.”

      • Paul ...

        JC … We humans can bury our heads in the sand … we can try to base our conclusions on logic and evidence rather then prejudice … or we can be like clowns and make fun of everything … the choice is up to each individual as to how they want to come to terms with the world around us!! …

  33. mel

    Nesara/Gesara is the only reasonable option. We either get rid of the corrupt system of phony money and rule by elite or it will get rid of us.
    Trump is not finished.

  34. Jerry

    Apparently round two has begun.

    Just as predicted, the technocrats have unleashed a new strain of the virus on us in the form of Covid variant. This time last year it was COVID-19 that led to the mRNA vaccine. To understand how this transition works, you have to think like Bill Gates. Windows 7 wasn’t good enough. He had create Windows 10 and of course everyone had to buy a new computer. Maderna even tells you on their website, that the vaccine is a “ program “. But guess what? The mRNA vaccine was created for the COVID-19 program, but not for the variant program. Hmm …I wonder why? Now you know why millions of body bags were put on order. We’re getting ready for round two. More lockdowns. More deaths. And of course we have to have a new vaccine. Or should I say program?

    You can say what you want about Bill Gates, but boy does this guy know how to make money. He started the pandemic with event 201 in 2019 and then made billions with the development of the vaccine in 2020. It’s the biggest con job in history. And guess what? He’s not finished. He’s got bigger and better plans in the works , once you get the vaccine in your arm. Let’s just say, you’ll be part of his new program, and it involves going up to a cloud, and no I’m not talking about meeting Jesus, even though I’m o.k. with that. I’m talking about linking you with a cryptocurrency government regulated cloud that will be run and monitored by our new global government. Won’t it be wonderful? We won’t need congress anymore, or corrupt politicians to steal our money, the globalist will make all our decisions for us. Now you know what the saying means “ where we go one, we go all “.
    FYI Donald Trump gave 1.5 billion dollars to the Gates Foundation. I guess we know now where the money came from to buy his new island. God help us!

    • Jerry

      Well friends,
      Here you have it. Over 11,000 reactions to the vaccine. So far.

      I want to remind you that the vaccine has never been tested, and since the basic compound is composed of mRNA aborted fetal mater, the outcomes may not be known for months considering that they may not even be reported. Do you think these people should be paid since they’re being used as test subjects? Oh that’s right, the drug companies are exempt from liability, so they probably wouldn’t pay anyway. Does anyone else want to be test rat?

  35. Steve Carter

    Another great position statement and interview with John. We are supporting you and our cause all the way. We will not allow China Joe to destroy our Republic. We will let all options play out until time comes to respond. We are over 100 million strong and will not sit quietly for long.
    Steve Carter

  36. John Pick

    Thank you Greg and John.

  37. Eugene Grayson

    WARNING: GRAPHIC — Man Shoots, Kills Neighbors, Self After Snow Shoveling Dispute February 5th 2021, 12:29 pm
    Man triggered for being called, ‘Pussy,’ ends his own life after killing neighbors.
    “But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away. 6 For from these arise those men who slyly work their way into households and lead as their captives weak women loaded down with sins, led by various desires, 7 always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth.” The message of 2 Timothy 3.1 – 7

    We have been taught that the people of this generation are different from people in the past, that Satan has influenced us to be all the things described above, whereas people of the past were hard working, God fearing decent folk, who deserved a resurrection to a new heaven and earth. We joined in this of course and taught it to others. How many of us remember countless times with Bible or literature in hand reading to friends and family and eliciting their normal response that they “Do not know what the world is coming to, these days”
    The point to consider though surely must be , “Is that true? ”
    In reality it is impossible to quantify some of these things because situations have changed so much. People’s perception of morality has changed. The truth is IMHO that people behave according to the morality of their day. In times past it may have been expected that a girl would be a virgin on her wedding night , so most of them were (probably) Can you really blame people for behaving differently today – if their grandmothers had lived today they would have behaved differently too. It is not that people are intrinsically different, they just live in different times and People, are just people. I recall coming to that conclusion before seeing the above, now confirmed, when reading a comment by Dushane Belgradich, February 5, 2021 Weekly News Wrap-Up….
    “Something’s wrong. We can feel it.
    Our debate is too heated; our attacks too personal.
    Our news outlets are too biased; our social media too censored.
    Ideology is tearing apart friends & families; corruption is crippling governance.
    Does this all stem from the organic debate of a diverse population,
    or is there something more specific fueling all the anger and division?”
    Is it because of the psy-op’s on we the sheeple? Our very own intell LGBQURSTUV in your face intell, with years past of this experience, around the world. Brought it home, to do a coup on Trump?
    For fear of, peace and security and as Ike warned us, so the fat cats and they’re politicians can have they’re endless war to line their pockets!
    Did you notice folk’s, Obomba and Biden got us back into Syria and Afghanistan already and Hillary and Nuland are salivating on Russia once again, for pipeline, pipe dreams. World war three anyone? Any volunteer’s? Come on poor people, come on man!

    • Paul ...

      EG … Timothy (3.1 – 7) sure knew a thing or two about the nature of man (perverted by Satan) … only we “who have not been perverted” remain in the image of God!!

  38. Kathleen St. Clare

    Should not the word be Technocrats instead of Aristocrats . No doubt they will overlap in some people.

  39. William Betts

    What I’m going to write is not about this interview, you can print it if you want…. What I’m going to write is about Mike Lindell and a report This report is an audit of the election on Nov 3 2020 . It is 2 hours long. Your readers can read this report. What is astounding about this audit is that China installed Biden as president 46. China used the internet to change 60% votes from Trump to Biden that was needed to beat Trump. There was a hell of a lot of other stuff going on, but the point I want to make is the audited results they give is that Trump received 79 million legal votes and Biden received 68 million legal votes Betts

    • Paul ...

      The other point you make … is that there are “an awful lot of criminal pervert lovers” in America that need to be contend with (before they move “to exterminate” the good people who do not believe in crime, perversion, murder and Satan as they do)!!

  40. George E Brooks

    Hello Greg Hunter,

    Thank-you for all your good work. I watch videos here, or just read your summaries to stay up-to-date. I check youtube to see if you have put up any new short video pointer back to here (that is monetized). The only one that I saw still monetized, and others can click on today on YT is with Mrs KA Fitts, so guys — copy and paste below link and at least let the commercial play through:

  41. EugeneGrayso

    Yup, back to the the important question, is not whether the world is in the condition that we might want it to be. The relevant point is whether or not the world is significantly worse than it has been in the past.
    Some will turn to the acceptance of sex and “alternative lifestyles” in entertainment as evidence of corruption – others see it as liberation . You must decide for yourself .
    Consider some of the social practices of the past . Slavery and slave trading , child labor. The treatment of women as second class citizens with no right to vote, the poverty that was deliberately enforced by a system that kept everyone in their place . The subjugation of large parts of the world into the British Empire, us included. Few people in the past saw anything wrong with these practices, although they were supposedly the “better people” who were not affected by “Satan having been cast down to Earth”
    The scripture is describing the personalities of the people….
    Whenever there is a breakdown in family their is a breakdown in society… and that is why it is so critical…
    And of course with technology in the hands of the few big tech corporatist extremists and they’re bought and paid for operation Mockingbird media and now China politicians, it’s creating a very very shaky world. Like the madman with the gun! They’ll show they’re fellow Americans [us neighbors] who’s the boss. Like those two poor souls gunned down, be careful whom you give the middle finger.
    You must admit though now, there never was the ability to blow up the whole world, as in our day. That only takes one big tech extremist, or operative spy, to cause world wide havok and nuclear horror.
    Forget the popcorn and start digging!☢
    Service before self.
    _________Something hard for the Brass
    On December 7th, 1941, Col. Mitchell became the most apologized to, person in history.
    The first US aircraft to attack mainland Japan during WWII were B-25 Mitchell bombers.
    An irony not lost on anyone, a far-sighted leader which is rare in those times and also in this present time.
    Donald J. Trump, Greg Hunter, Col. Billy Mitchell, Jesus Christ and on, the few. The brave……

  42. Brendan+James

    Fantastic interview. Johns best imo. Incredibly likeable guy. And thanks to you too Greg – you bring to us some amazing guests. Salute

  43. Brendan+James

    Will give you all some advice and you can thank me later – I have hoarded Gold and Silver for 10 years. Right now I am taking some gold and silver and selling (great prices) and investing in Crypto where there are serious dollars to be made. 10x is not that difficult – wait and see. Do this in 2021, cash out and put some back into gold and silver. This strategy will be proven to be phenomenal. This bull run in crypto will be amazing and a once in a lifetime imho. And it is SO easy to sell with minimal fees. Im not “selling” crypto” to you smart folks, just giving you some food for thought. The no.1 rule is invest what you can afford to lose, and emotional mastery will be the key. Crypto market is volatile big time! You need nerves of steel. And do your homework before investing. Good luck and if you do well help those around you when the $hit hits the financial fan. Thanks v much Greg.

  44. Steve

    Hi. Can someone answer where the Chapwood Index web site went to? Seems like the “Establishment” does not want us Serfs to know the real Cost of Living and the CPI is just a tool to slowly impoverish us. Denial of truth is totalitarian.

  45. George+Eddleston

    Greg: Way back in the 1972 to the present day LaRouche warned of this situation, a very rational and correct forecast, yet he was branded as an extremest and worse was not covered by the media. Robert Muller sharpened his teeth on LaRouche and associates with heavy jail terms in what has become a travesty for our country and the world.


    • Paul from Indiana

      How is this helpful? Citations, please? Lyndon LaRouche was a known Marxist and as such, inimical to the America of his time. The media didn’t cover him, because he was a well-intentioned kook, making their ( the media’s) cause and purpose (as Greg learned himself), destruction of the USA as constituted, look bad! I object to your coming onto this forum, making vague, unfounded, and misleading claims, and then bailing out. Best always. PM

  46. Rod Brumley

    Another phenomenal interview. John is spot on – you must own physical Silver to maintain any kind of decent lifestyle. I highly recommend Discount Gold and Silver – I’ve personally purchased from Melody Cedarstrom with good prices and quick delivery. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rod!!

  47. Nancy McDaniel

    As throughout history the victor ALWAYS takes the spoil. Hasatan has nothing new. Their demonically continuing cloward priven plan IS bankrupt america, destroy the dollar completely and then the finale–confiscate ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY AND ASSETS including your children and kill all opposition wi5h medical tyranny. The horses of Revelation of injustice, sword, manufactured famine in a time of abundance and death plagues are now galloping. We have been told these things ahead of time by Daniel and The Master. Prepare accordingly! Keep speaking Truth!

  48. daniel j turner

    Rubino gets it though I thinks both sides are Fascist. If the Dems were socialist we would have medicare for all, free college and all those other social programs in other countries.
    The Founders would be shocked what this country has devolved to.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Disappointed maybe, but not surprised. They understood human nature. Best always. PM

  49. Thomas Marcum

    Hey Greg: Won’t bother me a bit if I never see you on Goo Tube again. E-mail is just fine. Don’t compromise.

  50. Adam

    Good interview Greg as usual. Are you familiar with Dave dubyne? He runs a channel called adapt 2030. Maybe a potential guest??

  51. Robert ((Bob) McCulloch

    Greg, as usual another great show!
    Getting more than exhausted that TPTB keep winning EVERY SINGLE TIME ! Audible sigh. No choice but to keep on stacking and hoping. God help us all!

  52. George+Eddleston

    The proper term for these individuals who control from the top right/ left, democrat/republican, communist/fascist is synarchist and they are the wealthy atistocrats. The synarchist’s control from the top in a divide and conquer attempt to control, to institute empire the British Royals and followers of Cecil Rhodes, JP Morgan . Had we lived in the 1930’s we would be familiar with the synarchist’s, FDR shined a bright light on them resulting in hatred and the Trump treatment. The point is everything term has a smoke and mirror meaning clouded by individual perception, emotion to confuse you and control you, yes there is communist and fascist but they were authored by the same synarchist group for control and profit .

  53. Bobby Hitt

    Greg I want you to know I am praying for you. We are in a time where evil has completely consumed our meaningful ability to counter it; and our only hope is God. The good news is that turning to God for the solution to an impossible situation has a lot of historical precedence. It works. It might not play out the way we the people want to map it but it works. God is on the side of the good guys. Last night my wife and I watched the 1956 movie “The Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston as Moses. I would highly recommend investing the 3 1/2 hours it takes and watch that movie. It was wonderfully inspiring to review just how God has done the impossible before. He will do it again. Remember that God does not promise a smooth path but He does give us sturdy walking shoes. God bless you!

    • Paul ...

      Bob … I’m still waiting for the day when the Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” is obeyed … hope it is before “we are thrown into concentration camps as traitors” for simply believing in Liberty and Justice for All …

  54. john+duffy

    Interview with Pamela Acker, one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on vaccines and on what goes into them.
    Did you know that hearts harvested from fetuses that are still alive are used in manufacturing of RNA vaccines.
    Did you know that you are more likely to die from the vaccine than from covid, not to mention all the diseases that they can cause.

  55. Rick

    Biden is Mr. Biden, Never president Biden.

    • Larry Brunson

      With a lower case b.


    The rigging of our elections are being done by both sides to limit our choices to elite approved (read controlled) canditates only. Trump was a loss of their control which is why they hated him so much. They were and still are afraid they will lose control of you and everyone else. You are led to believe you have a choice when in fact you don’t. Be a happy little slave and sit down and shut up or they will come for you.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Republicans just helped put in Biden. So you are correct!!

  57. Tim Flaherty

    John Rubino has hit the nail on the head: We are peasants to the Dukes & Duchesses outside of the known laws. How does Hillary Clinton stay out of jail ? All of us would have been in jail a long time ago. There exists two systems: One for peasants and one for the political class. Buy Silver as the 5 bubbles of Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Crypto & fiat currency die. Silver has 10,000 industrial uses-I like that your sponsor is a precious metals dealer. Stick with USA WATCHDOG and figure out how to get your Youtube audience form there to here. These leftist social media companies need a lesson.

  58. William Wilhelm

    Greg, just watched Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Truth” and would love to you have him on. Everyone should watch if they truly love what’s left of America. God Bless!


    In your interview, you mentioned that Trump received 300 votes. I wonder if that was a marker to get enough Biden votes to win. Would be easy to check vote count before and after. For instance they had only 1 thousand physical votes but need 300 thousand votes to win put one Trump vote to check when they had ran enough fake Biden votes.

  60. Craig Simonson

    Jesus, how can we make more money?
    Remember the Golden Rule and do unto others what you would have them do unto you.
    Yes, but there is a loser on the other side of our trades.
    Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    Well, we don’t want to be on the losing side of a trade!
    So, when you say that you are “killing” it in the market, what you are literally saying is
    that you are killing your brothers and sisters.
    How so?
    To think is the same as action. Remember as you see them you see yourself, as you think of them, you think of yourself, and as you treat them you treat yourself, never forget this, for in them you will find yourself of lose yourself.

  61. Thomas737

    Keep up the good work Greg
    Here’s a tag line for you.
    Congress certified the election like Arthur Anderson certified Enron’s financial statements.

  62. Rick

    Yellen and Biden are now in charge of the EMERGENCY STABAELIZATION FUND permitting the Secretary of the treasury and the president to take money form anyone, or anywhere, (steal) money to use for anything they want, including selling illegal drugs. According to Larry Nichols, now deceased, Bill Clinton was a drug dealer when Governor of Arkansas. Is the United States great or what? So, Joey Biden does business with the CCP (business as usual) what’s wrong with a little quid pro quo? All that is wrong is the American public gets screwed.

  63. Stan

    Silver 1980: $50, Horse manure futures 1980: $.37/ton. Silver 2021 $27; Horse manure futures 2021 $1.83 /ton. Need I say more?

    • JC

      Thanks Stan!

    • Paul ...

      Stan … The price of silver in 1932 was 25 cents [in 1913 dollars that were worth 100 cents] … the price of silver in 2021 is 25 cents [in 1913 dollars now worth 1 cent] … need I say more? …
      I’ll say more … just in case you don’t get it Stan … Silver holds its value as Fed fiat currency is debased … so you selling silver short “that is a constant store of value” … is simply a fools game!!

  64. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for this super great interview! “It’s a pig trough party”….yeehaw! John Rubino lights up when he laughs. Heap good medicine for me. I say, bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

  65. Greg Morrissey

    Please read Psalm 97 verse 10
    Then read 2 Kings 22: 14 thru 22
    Then read Jonah 3 : 1 thru 10
    Then read job 23:3 ,psalm 155 : 3, psalm 135:6
    Pray to the Lord, HE has helped us in the past and He can help us Now

  66. George Mubarek

    A very few have been able to see into the Future. Most of the predictions have never come true. Who could have seen Covid coming? Jesus said don’t be anxious about the next day. Each day has its own anxiety. God’s Government is the only solution. Anyone can see that after thousands of years of mans efforts, things are horrible! It doesn’t belong to man to direct his own step said Jeremiah. How those words have proven undeniably true!

  67. Heff

    Another great interview Greg, John Rubino’s advice albeit the pragmatic fatherly type has some holes in it. There is no true (fair) way to win in a rigged system and at this point I’d say most if not all finical instruments are doomed to fail here….. and betting short or long based on the end of the world won’t necessarily be an (earthly) win for anyone when it happens.
    Too bad you can’t have Bo Polny on every week!
    Lastly I miss being able to download your interviews so I can listen in my car…

    • Paul ...

      Wrong Heff … there is a true and fair way “to win in a rigged system” … simply put “your savings” into silver … and it will retain its original value in the rigged and manipulated fiat Ponzi system designed by our criminal banksters!!

  68. DOW

    Will our future be a controlled closed society as exemplified by Biden and the globalists or an open society where the potential of mankind can be unlimited? Will we think big or think small? The choice is that simple.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Dow, SURELY you know the answer to that one. Which is the path of least (no?) resistance? Best always. PM

    • William+Stanley

      Re: The globalists [OR] an “open society”?

      Soros’ foundations = “Open Society” Foundations = Globalists => Biden. Is Soros tying to separate/distance himself from his own creations?

  69. Dave

    Rubino is great. Thanks for having him on. As to the essentially one party rule, the aristocracy, how so many Americans have not seen that prior to now is baffling. Some have realized the truth and have been calling for a 3rd party for more than 20 years now.

    As to suspect individuals be careful of Wood and Powell. Many blame the loss of the Georgia seats on Trump. I blame it on Wood and Powell who worked for months to suppress the GOP vote in Georgia. Powell was on the Limbaugh show with Todd Hermann guesting. He was concerned about Georgia and asked Powell should Republicans vote in the Georgia runoff? Powell did not answer. There was a long pause. He asked again and she did not answer. Finally he asked a third time and she unenthusiastically said yes. Hermann was dumfounded by her reaction to his question. Seb Gorku has said of Wood that he is a “grifter and liar”. Gorku also says that Wood and Powell are not working for the conservative cause.

  70. Robert Halton

    Greg, I bought Alex Newman’s book “Deep State” after you had him on a few weeks ago. Man, he could have been a fortune teller. Even though it was written a few months BEFORE the election’ all the stuff he predicted is now being implemented by Biden through EO’s.
    We all know Sleepy Joe’s got nothing to do with these orders, and there’s even some conjecture that he’s not even SIGNING them, but his wife Jill is because the big guy’s totally lost it now. I’ll tell you one thing, they’ll have to tie me down in order to get me to take ANY vaccination they come up with to ostensibly combat COVID. No way, no how. Keep up the good work Greg – we love you out here. John Rubino is great. I subscribe to him as well.

    • Paul ...

      Intelligent move Robert … stay away from the vaccines … the vaccines are designed to “hyper-sensitize your immune system” … so that after the second vaccine shot … your body “will react violently” to any common cold virus you may happen to come in contact with … your body will go into a cyclonic storm “killing everything” … including “you” … thus … doing exactly what Bill Gates had planned for you all along (to meet his Georgia Guidestone population goals)!!

  71. JC

    Most important thing John Rubino said…

    “Think of the Republicans, and Democrats, the Federal Reserve, the big banks and the military-industrial complex, as all ONE ORGANIZATION.”

  72. Lake M

    Thanks for being prepared to continue your operation sans YouTube.
    I look forward to the information and insight you provide each week.
    John Rubino is a great guest.

    I question if Bitcoin is a psyop by the Cartel to prep the masses for the switch to digital currency? Or another pump and dump scheme?

    First, drama is created by the mystery surrounding the anonymous creator, Sakatoshi.(sp) Then following with a big corporate tech media campaign promoting BitCoin as good or better than as gold. Even claiming BitCoin is money. (It is NOT) A heavy meme-BitCoin good-Gold bad. Notice the graphic image of Bitcoin that is widely printed- closely resembles a gold coin with a big B on the face. Suttle mind conditioning that BitCoin is gold, the new gold. Bitcoin may have some function in a future economy especially the security aspects of the block chain. But IMO it will never be money unless forced upon citizens by edict or by engineering psychological acceptance of it as a money substitute. It is said Chinese are the largest holder of BitCoin. Big money moves in, pushing the price to staggering levels, which sets off the Greed -O-Meter. Recent moves by tech companies and WallStreet hedge funds who injected hundreds of millions of spare cash to really pump the price. Then at a time of their choosing, a dump will occur and the price will nosedive. Hey, it’s what they do… and they’re really good at it.

    I’ll end with a bit of humor. Did you hear of Pelosi’s new nickname? Pussolini
    How appropriate !! HAHA

    Lake M (Kevin)

  73. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Subject to your permission, I would like to re-post a link that I already posted in WNW467 comments. For those that missed it, the link is to a presentation by Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors. Turns out she is also an attorney – smart lady!

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Gold is a hero!!

    • Paul ...

      And Dr. Gold asks a good question … why give the vaccine to blacks in Africa who seem to be “naturally immune” to Covid-19 … and why give an “experimental vaccine” to First Responder’s and Medical Personnel who are so critically important and can’t afford to be killed off???

  74. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Subject to your permission, I would like to re-post a link to a presentation that I already linked to in WNW467 comments. The presentation is by Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors. Turns out she is also an attorney – smart lady!

    • Greg Hunter

      Andrew B
      Dr Gold is a hero!!

  75. Felix Lietner

    Joe Biden about claim that Xi Jinping does not have a democratic ‘bone in his body’

  76. Scott

    Don’t worry, any collapse will be Trumps fault.

  77. ShelvinRock

    To Stephen and others, the story on Ted Cruz is available at Joel Skousens’s World Affairs Brief where he covered this subject a week or two ago. You can request a free copy at If you’re not getting Joel’s weekly briefing then you’re not an informed patriot, simple as that.

  78. Scott

    Trump will find his best day was not winning in November. The 2020 election will be a most Pyrrhic victory. In “fortifying” the election the Aristocrats have laid bare the electoral corruption we all suspected was there but were willing to turn a blind eye to. By systematizing and now advertising the malfeasance, any faith in the electoral process has been lost. Much like the Chernobyl incident laid bare the corruption of the USSR, so too this election and now open admission of election rigging will eat its way through the body politic. Left, right or center, from this point forward, no one will be able to deny that our elections are rigged and cannot be trusted. It took four years for the Soviets to be brought down. How long will it be for us?

    • Paul ...

      Scott … God works in mysterious ways!! … first by allowing the sacrifice his Son … and now by allowing the sacrifice of the United States of America … all to wake up his people and force them come to their senses!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Not sure that’s what he’s doing.

  79. Jerry

    Well friends,
    Mark your calendar. The WEF has set the date for cyber polygon.

    What is cyber polygon? A simulated grid virus exercise in which the grid is taken down. The last time the WEF did a simulation exercise was with event 201 in October 2019, and then it went live in 2020. You know how technocrats think? They can’t own a hammer without pounding a nail. It’s going to be timed with star link so get ready.

    • JC

      Thanks Jerry,
      Calendar has been marked.

    • Jerry

      This is worth paying attention to. The globalist are moving forward with the industrial reset, and along with it, a global currency reset.

      All of the pieces are being moved into place. The lockdowns. The vaccinations. The transition to a global government. It’s all in motion. Just in case you’re not getting it, Joe Biden is a global puppet. If you look closely you can see his wires. Seriously? He wears a transmitter in his ear, and if you look at his eyes, he’s either wearing some type of dark contact lenses or they’re implants? I can’t remember ever seeing eyes so black. His facial expressions when slowed down are chilling to watch. Sounds crazy? About as crazy as wearing a face mask all day, and having an election stollen right in front of your face. But what are you going to do about it? Vote out the corrupt politicians? Write a letter? Shake your fist at the T.V.? I know what our founding fathers would do. But then again they weren’t programmed by a constant bombardment of subliminal messaging on a screen. It’s time for Devine intervention. Get your spiritual house in order.

      • JC

        I agree with about Biden. There is something about him that seems unnatural and artificial.

        Brings to mind a book I read as a kid in 1969…
        “The Artificial Man”

        • Jerry

          He has those baby doll eyes like you see in a shark. No emotion. No feeling. He’s either demonically possessed or he’s some form of artificial intelligence.

  80. Linda

    The Left is installing wire fences around the White House/Capital in DC, with excessive military presence, which is not business as usual. Gotta wonder why they’re so scared and what they know in terms of resistance to their Coup. I believe that revelations of their ungodly, World shocking corruption will be brought to light soon with many arrests/indictments. I also do NOT believe that Trump (or Flynn) are done (why else would the Left, in an obvious frenzy and fear, be trying so hard to impeach a private citizen?

    • Paul ...

      The Demon-rats are impeaching Trump because they know he “is the President” (and not a private citizen) … at the impeachment hearings Trump should (as Commander and Chief) order the Military to break down the fences around the White house … and arrest “the commie impostor” Bribe’n (who works for the Chinese Communist Party)!!

  81. Mike

    This is a link for anyone who thinks Joe Biden is anything but an imposter in chief.

  82. Randy Best

    I like John Rubino but he has to be nuts thinking we have another ten years before going to a gold standard. Even Jim Sinclair says we won’t make it past 2025.

  83. steve

    I dont think he is really on to it- the Reddit thing looks like funds were long as well,
    Cryptos be involved or miss out. Gold and silver – we are going electronic.

  84. Roy madison

    For me “stacking time” has passed ( I hope I have enough). Its preparation time now . My greenhouse and raised growing beds are now on line and ready to plant . Hard storage from ” the bishop’s storehouse” is about half in place. Tools..check, generators ..check, self protection …check, hygiene items …check, batteries ………..its going to be some dark times OR the best is yet to come . Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    • Paul ...

      The “Year of the Rat” started Jan 25, 2020 and ends in two days on Feb 11, 2021 … it is said that thoughts precede action … if all the Demon-rats are arrested “in the minds of every American on February 11, 2021” … will it become a reality?? … Let There Be Light!!

  85. Adrian

    Someone is confusing psychopaths with (true) aristocrats/nobility/princes UNDER God (not Rothschilds, Oranges, Saouds etc.).
    Psychopaths hate feudalism (and they brainwash the people to hate it too), because it is a serious hindrance for their pure evil energic rise to (unhealthy forms of absolute) power and control.
    Absurd, ancient Greek (BC) political system demo(n)cracy however can easily be corrupted to function as a ‘mask of sanity’ for an underlying psychopathocracy and the seduced population will be brainwashed to idolize demo(n)cracy, to see that absurdity as the best political system there is and almost *holy and untouchable* .
    Yet this is the reality of that system:
    I have told you on numerous occasions that democracy is an absurd self-defeating concept. The reason is simple – you cannot have a system where (also morally) ignorant stupid people have the same vote as intelligent discriminating people, who they vastly outnumber. The result is mob rule and politicians getting voted into office not because they are conscientious individuals who will work for the betterment of the lives of their constituents, but because they kiss babies and promise the mob the Earth. The result is the current unsavory collection of shameless gangsters and opportunists who now run Western societies and who milk their constituents on the one hand while serving as compliant stooges for their NWO Masters on the other.
    Thus, true democracy (for what it’s worth) can only be a temporary state of affairs and *must cycle through to tyranny* (this is the conclusion if you know nothing about the MO of intelligent psychopaths), which is what we are seeing now, and *in a way the masses deserve their fate* . Whilst it is certainly not true of everyone, a very large number of people these days are brainwashed, careless, cowardly, indulged, insouciant, ignorant of what really matters, physically soft, timid and vapid individuals (and also sexual sinners: fornicators and adulterers their eventual “marriage” not pleasing to God in the first place). If they weren’t, the NWO could never have pulled off what they have so far this year.

  86. Dante

    Thank you for all you do, I have been watching you for years! I am devoted to your website and will follow you here. The censorship is ridiculous and I’m sorry for all of us.
    Keep praying for our Country.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dante!!

  87. Andy

    Greg, Bitcoin is ABSOLUTELY not in a bubble! Nobody is invested in it….yet. It’s just getting warmed up. It’s the hardest money ever created and it’s going to 200-300 K this year. It will retrace to sub 100k and then go to the million plus mark. It’s not a matter of if
    it’s a matter of time. And btw , I’m a silver bug and it will moon too.

  88. wayne hardin

    There was absolute proof of election fraud the moment they said sleepy
    got the most votes in history .
    Anybody that thinks there is any possibility that he did is to far gone for help .

    God sent them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie .
    Because they love not the truth .

  89. Great report Greg.

  90. Dante

    The pizza box in the window of every state cheating Nv, Az, Pa, Ga etc……to stop poll watchers is the smoking gun (hehe pun intended )!!!

  91. Marie+Joy

    I expect famine, in America, and worldwide.

  92. Dave

    Liz Cheney fresh off being supported by almost 70% of her caucus is now saying Trump has no future role in the GOP. Pretty audacious but she knows most GOP congressmen support her in that. The same is true in the Senate. I suspect the GOP will modify rules for the 2024 primaries to insure Trump can’t get the nomination. Maybe some on the right who refuse to even consider a 3rd party (Hannity, Rush, Hugh Hewitt and others) will finally get it. The GOP is bought and sold.

    • Mike R

      That’s goofy. Why would Trump want to have anything to do at all with the GOP. He is now the NEW GOP, and he can create any party he wants. His following is at least 80 million people, if not considerably more. Not too many people actually ‘get’ the Trump phenomenon. He has resonated on a whole new level, that 99.9999% of all politicians can only dream of. Obama was not even close, though Obama would have you believe he can walk on water, and that the whole planet ‘loved’ him. Obama’s problem is Obama LOVES Obama way too much.


      Trump WILL be back in ways we can never imagine now. You can count on that.

      By the way, ALL Americans will NEVER shake off, the monstrous fraud that occurred in the election. Both sides inherently KNOW it was stolen. Democratic voters saw what happened with their own eyes, and if that had happened to them, the MSM would still be screaming for heads to roll. The years long fall out that will emerge from this last election, will forever change how people vote, think about voting, and how they react to all politicians.

      Wholesale election and voting change is coming, and I can assure you it will NOT BE GOOD for the Democratic party. That party be forced to be ‘dissolved’, before Biden’s term is up. And Biden won’t make it a full term. Neither will Harris. And neither will Pelosi.

  93. H.Craig Bradley


    Contrary to Mr. Robino’s opinion, QE, Stimulus, and Bank Bailouts are not necessarily “Unconstitutional”. What IS unconstitutional would be new taxes, such as a proposed “wealth tax ” to be paid on the unrealized gains each year of your assets, in-addition to regular state and Federal income taxes.

    That is wealth confiscation and it is blatant Communism and not legal at all. So, its all about political power ( 50.4%) and exercising it with few balances or constraints. One could even conclude we are no longer even a (Free) Democracy, probably a Oligarchy today, as was Rome in the time of Julius Caesar ( actually a reformer ).

  94. Bill

    I was thinking listening to Mr. Rubino that it would be great to be nimble enough to work with puts and calls but my feeling is that when IT occurs you won’t be able to get out of your trades in time and, for what dollars you have to buy PMs, with there won’t be any to buy. The market is already so thin I’m worried about what I was planning to pick up THIS MONTH let alone any time over the rest of the year. Sure, you could make tons of money in options but what could you buy with the paper and digital dollars? The same goes for another site I frequent that touts Elliott Wave theory. If these markets are completely manipulated how can you make money with money that way? Nothing is following the rules today!

  95. Jerry

    How much of this nonsense do we have to endure?

    They want to register firearms so they can take them. The first amendment is gone, so now they’re working on the second amendment. I wish they’d quit talking about the constitution. They really don’t believe in it. In fact I think they want to get rid if it.

    • JC

      Welcome to “modern” living.
      “They” know everything about everyone.
      It’s known as”fusion” technology.

      … On another occasion, Arthur Holland Michel got the opportunity to test out the “fusion system” that Microsoft had built for New York City…



      If this is what is going on in major cities such as Chicago and New York, can you imagine the technology that the alphabet agencies of the federal government must now possess?

    • Bill

      Nation-wide nonparticipation. How may people turned in their ARs after Connecticut banned them or required them to be registered and turned all their owners into criminals? Not many if any at all.

    • Jerry

      Well patriots.
      You can thank Donald Trump for this.

      He’s the one that opened the door to these globalist. How do you define mental illness ? The globalist think all patriots are mentally ill. Anyone following Q is probably on their list. The worst part is they agreed to look at this law, but refused to look at voter fraud. What does that tell you about what their agenda really is? We’re so screwed.

  96. Rick Smith

    The Sumerians… I spit my coffee all over my keyboard laughing.
    When I caught my breath, I thought, what the hell am I laughing about?

  97. mark


    I have switched from You Tube to your channel to continue to follow you and always will!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mark!!

    • Gary C

      Martin also indicates no Internet, no Bitcoin.
      Bitcoin will go much higher, and draw more people in, however
      the Central Banks will use it to usher in their electronic digital
      currency where they get a piece of every transaction.

      PS Planet Lockdown here we come.

  98. Eric M.

    Greg, you supporting commentary keeps it real. Keep talking about voter fraud, so the mainstream media doesn’t drown it out with the next news cycle.

  99. wayne hardin

    All the rugs are getting a little lumpy .
    But the ones in the church are turning in to mountains .
    That is OK though because the sweeper in on the way .
    He has given people time to clean up but they will not .
    PRIDE wont let them ……….
    Come Lord Jesus Come .

    There is a big sale on mammon i hear …..NO THANKS .
    Although mammon can provide fleeting happiness, ultimately it is a deadly distraction from the salvation of our souls.

  100. Jerry

    It looks like operation pogo is still in play. The deep state psyop known as Q is still pushing the date back to harvest more intelligence for the coming purge.

    I will be the first to admit I wanted Q to be right. I like others watched Donald Trumps executive orders move all the pieces into place for the takedown, and restoration of the republic. But then something happened? The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, followed by the WEF meeting in Davos changed everything. Within the following weeks came the lockdowns, the pandemic, and the appearance of Anthony Fauci. Then the testing, and operation warp speed. We were told “ trust the plan” as people were being lined up for testing, and losing their jobs as the economy was tanking. We were told “ hold the line patriots” as the deep state labeled them a domestic terrorist threat and launched a campaign under Joe Biden to purge every last one of them. Now it’s March 4th. That’s the next big event. Meanwhile operation pogo is still collecting data from alternate media sites , and social media. ITS ONE BIG DIVERSION PEOPLE! The real plan is the one being rolled out by the WEF. You know the one where you roll up your sleeve and get mRNA injected into your body? The one where you are harnessed to a global cloud using star link? The one where your country is rolled into a NWO with a puppet at the helm? The one where your first and second amendment rights are taken away by globalist who have seized power of all three branches of government?
    Pardon me. But if there is a plan what is it? From where I’m sitting there won’t be a country left if they wait much longer to put into play.
    I’m sorry. I’m from Missouri. Show me!

    • Jerry

      Like I said,
      Here’s the real plan.

    • Mario

      Hey Jerry

      Lin Wood and a few others said Epstein is alive and I believe it. He’s in protective custody somewhere and will be brought out to testify. Everything has to be in place first to ensure maximum arrests and convictions. Lin Wood wouldn’t say that if it weren’t true. Epstein never hung himself and the body they took out of the cell wasn’t him, different nose and ear.
      Praying it all works out soon…. or we all in deep dooo dooo

  101. Bill

    Wow, Greg, I don’t know who’s more infamous on News Max – you or I. All I had to do was mention your name and website, and Mr. Rubino’s, and I got a notice the post was under review from the moderators! I tried it again spelling out “usawatchdogdotcom” rather than “USAWatchdog dot com” and it must have slipped by the AI overlords. Adn this was after first posting a looong tome prior to that which wasn’t even touched. The Cancel Culture is everywhere!

  102. Jay Dee

    Prophecy Legitimacy -Deuteronomy 18: 20, 21-22
    But any prophet who falsely claims that his message is from me, shall die….
    How shall we know whether the prophecy is from the Lord or not? This is the way to know: if the thing he prophesies doesn’t happen, it is not the Lord who has given him the message: he has made it up himself.

  103. Diane

    Tried to make donation yesterday.
    Don’t think it went through.
    I have a Galaxy 10 phone. I made a bad mistake by upgrading it 2 weeks ago.
    HUGH mistake. Don’t upgrade phone..its set up to override your aps and prevent you from getting emergency alerts!
    I now have to reset phone or replace it.
    Anyway, I will send you when I get this fixed.

  104. Douglas L Marsh

    Mr. Hunter, There’s a PDT Trading rule that does the only thing done to the millennials Robinhood traders. PDT is “Pattern Day Trading”. That’s where someone has an account with less than $25,000 and makes three round trip trades in a 5 day period. Then the brokerage is required to “lock them out” for an extended period of time. That is the only time when I’ve heard a person could be locked out. None of your guests say anything about. You and all your guests say it’s unfair to lock people out and allow others to keep trading. But it’s a rule Congress passed. I almost got caught in that years ago but I questioned the broker about the number of trades I could make in my account with less than $20,000 (that’s what it was years ago) and they told me about the PDT rule. I had to ask about the number of trades for my own security. The brokerage didn’t tell me. So if I were you, I’d look in to that Rule and you might ask one of your guests, or call a brokerage firm about the PDT Rule. It might just change your thinking as to the stupidity of the Millennials not knowing all the rules. The term, “being locked out”, I’ve only seen used for instances for the PDT to apply.

  105. DJW

    Great interview, John is certainly one of the more level headed analysts out there.
    Greg, you are funny…’pigs at the trough’…lol.

  106. Olde Reb

    Every dollar of deficit spending is a dollar of profit on the ledgers of a Wall Street bank.
    The money embezzled by the Fed goes to benefit Wall Street’s drive for the NWO.     Federal Reserve for Dummies. ; .

  107. jewel autograph

    hi greg,
    thank you for continuing your informative news, comments and guest interviews.

    the interview with john rubino was much appreciated.

    i wished to submit another name for future interviewing. bishop larry gaiters research and presentation is stunning on so many levels. spiritual, political, historical and current events tied into one!

    here’s his site and hope you have an opportunity to review some of his interviews with crowdsourcethetruth, and many others.
    here’s his main site for your consideration, review and file.


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