Big Nuclear War Coming-Charles Nenner

4By Greg Hunter’s

Legendary financial analyst Charles Nenner thinks the biggest threat is global war.  Nenner explains, “If you look at a war cycle of a hundred years, I predicted in the second decade of this century that we were going to have a big war.  If you go back a hundred years ago, you had the First World War, which led up to the Second World War.  That was a big war.  A hundred years before that, we had a big war in 1812, and you had Napoleon in Europe in 1814. . . . Every second decade of a new century, you have a big war.  So, what keeps me up at night is the underestimation that we are going to have a big war. . . . The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were too small to show up.  So, this war has to be much bigger.  The 100 year war cycle exists, and it’s an amazing cycle.  It shows you how regular they are.”

But this war cycle will be different because nuclear weapons will be used for the first time in the 100 year war cycle.  Nenner contends, “You have a stock market cycle and you have price and time.  Here, you have time and the amount of casualties, and in every big war, the casualties go up exponentially.  So, you can imagine what can happen . . . anything can happen.”

On the global economy, Nenner, who is also an economist, says, “We should have a nice quarter until the end of the year, and next year, we should start weakening again.  We had a normal business up move.  The problem is the GDP never got up much above 3%.  So, now we are going down from 3%, and that is kind of scary because I still see a lot of deflation on the horizon.  That is something that is going to be very difficult to fix.”  Deflation is debt destruction, and Nenner goes on to say, “It’s the destruction of almost everything.  The problem is we owe so much money, and you can only get out of debt by inflating.  Deflation will only make it worse.  So, I have no clue how we are going to get out of trouble.”  Nenner goes on to say, “You are going to get into a downward spiral, which is very hard to get out of.”

On the stock market, Nenner predicts, “I don’t see the stock market more than 5% higher until 2020, especially with a big downward move from 2018 to 2020.  It will be a huge crash.  I think we have seen a top.”

On crude oil, Nenner says, “The cycles are bottoming.  Why is oil down?  I think we are and will continue to be in a bear market for commodities, but I expect geopolitical problems, and then when the cycles bottom, we are going to have a catastrophe somewhere in the Middle East . . . then that will bring the oil price up again.”

On gold, Nenner predicted a low of around $1,150 per ounce.  Now, Nenner says, “The next short term low is next week, and I think we are going to take it.  We are going to do some buying.  The long term low should be in, and every short term low should be seen as a bottom.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with market expert and economist Charles Nenner. 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Nenner offers financial analysis for individuals and corporations, and prices vary depending on need.  If you would like to try out Charles Nenner’s research, where he predicts the markets, you can do so for free for one month.  By the way, for the best price, they say to ask for the “research only” subscription.  Please go to for more information.


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  1. From Australia

    Both Kirby and Nenner are claiming the collapse of the dollar at the end of 2014, my own feelings are if German business goes the way Jim Willie has stated, then the dollar collapse is a very real possability! But I feel this will need to happend very soon, as war esculates in the ME, and the conflict grows in Ukraine (again), the more people will move to the dollar for safety.

    • Jus'Say'n

      Er’body needs read the “Harbinger” and “Mystery of the Shemitah” by Jonathan Cahn!!!
      Makes a good case for the proverbial SHTF this time next year!!!
      And then backed up with the Blood Moon Tetrad?!!!
      Bada Bing, Bada Boom!!!

      Specially you Greg!
      You’re sure to grasp the “Depth”!

    • Jus'Say'n

      Good for thoughts concerning “Cycles”!

      • Lew Abahazy

        After reading both the Harbinger and the mysteries of the Schemeta, “O” has decreed through executive order that all golf courses have fallout shelters

    • West Tejas

      New update from my source which expects gold to soar in price and sure this all plays into the mix with the dollar.

      Expect to wake-up one morning in the near future and the paper spot price of gold is at $1,000 and falling fast. Shortly after this event, expect Shanghai to reprice their phyzzzz and it will start to quickly escalate in price $2,000, $3,000… Expect all outlets for precious metals to immediately stop any sales of the metals. Timing of this event is still uncertain but as Rob Kirby stated, it’s going to happen. My source says we’re so far into this event it could literally happen at any time, tomorrow, next week, next month, early 2015, but it’s about to happen.

      If you own physical, then it’s about to be show time! If you own paper gold, uh ohhh!

      • JC Davis

        Gold will go a lot lower when the bankers cash in there paper.

        • Zatapa

          Wrong. Paper gold will collapse, physical gold will not. There will be a disconnect between the two as there is way troo much gold on paper, yet a n enormage shortage of physical gold. And production in the coming years, decades, will only go down. Cash costs per oz will go up as gold sits deeper and deeper underneath the earth and therefore the gold price needs to go up or mining will come to a complete standstill. Would you mine gold at $1,300/oz if the selling price is below that? I wouldn’t.

          • JC Davis

            Zatapa. When I say gold will go down, It will because of the dump of sales in paper stock will give the appearance of gold to be unwanted. Then when people want the metal in hand as a form of exchange it will reach the moon. The dollar will have to be removed as the leading world currency. Greed will not tolerate honesty.

    • Michael Harvey

      The consequence of $4 trillion of QE since 2008 in the US has created-A House of Cards

      1. Theft of savings from Joe public through zero interest rates, creating an increased awareness of the public’s intellect-I am one of that public
      2. Federal Reserve endeavouring to print their way out of trouble and strife
      3. Only beneficiaries are the already wealthy oligarchs and Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers and the like
      4. QE to create potential Inflation-HAS NOT WORKED-lower than in any decade since the end of World War 2
      5. Potential deflation-When Joe public realises the currency is going down the pan
      6. Governments very worried about deflation
      7. QE has done so little to increase nominal spending and real economic activity.
      8. Market expectations of US inflation have slid to levels rarely seen over the past decade, overshadowing the outlook for growth for the world’s largest economy and posing a challenge to central bank policy makers.-Financial Times-October 2nd.
      9. Eventual destabilisation of the currency if action is not taken
      10. Only way to allay fears is to create inflation by devaluing the currency
      11. The currency is devalued against gold so as not to entertain currency wars
      12. Currency devaluation will also help exports, thus reducing the balance of payments.
      13. All the hot money that is currently flowing into US Stock markets will look for other countries to safeguard their investments.

      14. OUTCOME-the inevitable rise in the price of GOLD

  2. Silence is Golden

    Man you struggled your way through that one. I barely kept one eye open……!!!
    Fair to say that Nenner’s near term play on AU looks like playing the TRIPLE BOTTOM trump card as well as the biggie…WAR CYCLE. That one there grabbed me by the throat.
    For anyone with a functioning brain its hard not to see that WWIII will eventuate…..would have been interesting though to have Nenner explain where he thinks it might escalate into a BIG War (ooops too politically sensitive for him I suppose). The mention of “Nukes” however narrows it down to Middle East (Israel), Russia, US, UK, France and China involvement. Assuming India, Pakistan and Nth. Korea are not involved.
    I understand that Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Germany and Netherlands all have Nuclear weapons sharing through NATO.
    What triggers are there for this unholy war and where will it be fought?
    The epicentre may very well be the ME although I suspect that Russia has been drawn into a trap (by supporting Syria and Iran) set by the Political Zionists and the Banksters.
    Why target Russia …..? She is endowed with natural resources and industry… and she boasts of almost monopolistic powers in controlling energy flows into Europe.

    Delving deeper one can uncover the sinister minds of the criminals behind the geo-politics and the battle for supremacy. Those in the Western centric circles of power are aware of Russia promising to decouple Europe from the American alliance and influence, so that Europe and its Royal Houses can once again reacquire there rights and privileges. Russia is in the sites of the Cabal of Bankers because she is a threat to the banking monopoly that they have enamoured themselves with. The Banksters want to steal all of her resources, bankrupt the State and disinvest Russia of her industry.
    Make no mistake about this. Russia will exact revenge on those that seek to rape her and those who have betrayed their friendship.
    Concurrently we are seeing trouble being stirred up through the nefarious actions of the Elite’s agents in the Moslem world in conjunction with the Zionists. Islam and Zionism will wage war against one another. Russia will tip her hat and side with the Muslims.
    This Luciferian plot has been many decades in the making.
    The involvement of Nukes implies we do not come back (to normality) from what lies ahead. This is not “Cold” War stuff of the 60’s- 70-80’s. This is the real McCoy. Its gonna get damn hot.

    • hellsjoker

      I can not see any choice but for the US to go to war against China and Russia along with their allies, China due to the amount of money we owe them and the Resourses of the South Seas, Russia because they know that we want their natural resources and power in the region. China knows that we can never repay our debt to them and will expect and demand payment in some other form such as part of our land holdings.
      Russia knows that the west wants control of there natural resources and know that NATO has been squeezing them for years now and they are tired of it. I see Russia feeling forced to march into Poland and may even into the major body of Europe and there will be no one strong enough to stop them, why, to safe guard there national security and resources from the Jewish owned west and their “new world order” to where Israel plans to rule the world.
      North Korea knows they must take advantage of the situation and they will and can march into south Korea at will and again on one could stop them, the US could loose 40,000 troops and all bases in the area and in Japan, the Iran and Russia will stage an attack in the Middle East and we will loose our naval forces in the region and our air bases, no one will be able to stop them short of nuclear war which must occur if we are to prevail. much of the world will not survive, that which does will be reduced to rubble.

  3. allen ols

    greg; more good stuff for the file. Big War on the horizon more than likely.


    Ryan Air No Longer Use The Rear Hold…Boeing 737-800..CONFIRMED

    from The REAL Institute – Max Bliss:

    I have filmed Ryan Air leaving the long persistent CONtrails that many suspect are part of a covert climate forcing program overtly known as Geoengineering or the brand name of Climate Engineering.

    It is widely suspected that additives or a some other method such as ionisation is being used to seed the exhaust plumes to induce contrails and contrail cirrus clouds… the sky has increased cloudiness dramatically and in fact there is confirmation of this in a process known as global dimming. Contrary to what well known debunkers say, this is a global issue and is widespread, hence the fact that Rickets is back and numerous other conditions such as S.A.D. What is the motive of the military industrial complex and the Club of obscenely rich elites…one world government. Sustainable Development aka AGENDA 21…. is the solution to the invented problems created by the world’s elite interested in preserving their status and controlling absolutely everything – collectively they want to rule or own the world. They start wars, pollute, restrict, use propaganda and LIES to try and convince the world of peril so that the global threat is universally accepted and the plans run from the bankster controlled UN can control all of the planet. Some of the plans may appeal as solutions… that is part of the sell… However… we are all being played and lied to by these scheming insane elites….not only climate engineering but also Human Engineering… dumbing down and increasingly infertile population into a state of servitude.

    Read More @ The REAL Institute – Max Bliss

    • 02144pomroy

      Looked like Charlie had just rolled out of bed. He must’ve had a rough night Greg. That interview was like trying to pull teeth!

  4. bob

    very interisting greg. charles is different from other interviews. basically what i’m hearing out of him is that history repeats itself and with all of the technology and knowledge we have we just can’t seem to break out of our cycles. i think after this war coming we just might break it. permantly! i would say that this war won’t be until 2020 after what he predicts to be a crash in the market.

    • Dr Greg Johnstone

      Rickets is back because of immigration.
      Unfortunately, very large numbers of people having dark skin are now living in the extreme northern regions of Europe.

      For example, the UK government adds Vitamin D to bread and milk. They do not care about the fact that many White people then receive too much Vitamin D in their diet and end up with health problems because of it. White people are of no importance compared to the precious immigrants, as we all know.

      Thanks for your blog Greg.

  5. allen ols

    ……UK’s ‘FBI’ wants to cut online freedoms to fight terror/cybercrime
    UK’s ‘FBI’ wants to cut online freedoms to fight terror/cybercrimePeople in Britain will have to accept the loss of Internet freedoms if they want better protection from terrorists. That’s the message from the head of the UK’s National Crime Agen…
    – 1 hour ago, 8 Oct 14, 4:28am –

  6. allen ols

    The person/people, w/the money, make the rules.

    As the sun set over Central Park on Monday night, a parade of black town cars arrived at 834 Fifth Avenue, depositing well-heeled Republican donors in front of the Upper East Side apartment of Jets owner Woody Johnson. (Real estate side note: The 14-room, 5.5-bath duplex—site of many a GOP fundraiser over the years—is currently listed for $75 million—cash only—and features an “elegant curved staircase” that spans floors 11 and 12 of the illustrious co-op. Have at it!)

    A fleet of Chevy Suburbans, equipped with flashing lights and crewed by tense suit-and-earpiece-clad state troopers, stood guard at 64th Street to protect some People Who Would Be President. From 6pm to 6:30, a passel of 2016 hopefuls promenaded into the building to attend the event—a major fundraiser for the Republican National Committee, which continues to rake in cash with a month to go before the midterms. In went Chris Christie, Rand Paul, John Kasich, and Marco Rubio. So too did Kelly Ayotte and Mitt Romney. Rubio, mid-stride on the sidewalk, issued a quick comment. “Nice weather,” he said.

    National GOP chairman Reince Priebus has attended many such gatherings as part of the endless string of finance events that make up a sizable chunk of his job. The modalities of the event would be familiar to anyone who has gone to a bigwig fundraiser. Guests arranged in assigned seats at long tables, the host commanding a center spot. Endive salads already waiting at the start, followed by a chicken course (consumed as the program was underway), concluding with a classic chocolate soufflé.

    What made this event distinctive were the attendees. Johnson, as he’s done in the past, convened a roster of potential Republican presidential candidates to be the featured attractions. Romney, unwilling to be pegged …..contd, ” @ (wonder if they will be sniffing lines of coke-ain as an addendum.)”

    ..but wait, for the rich dems. sooon to appear w/ their brown bags of stash/cash in tow.

  7. oinkoink

    Sooooo …. why is this guy buying gold if he believes there is a nuclear war coming.?? How fast does he think he can run with his pockets full of gold? Next ….

  8. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    It is not nuclear war what we will have, but mainly an informational, financial and economical war and this war is already on. So I think (and hope) the hot war between superpower won’t happen, because nobody is that crazy in Washington and in Pentagon.
    Another reason is why wont be a hot war is a simple fact, the character of wars in the last 200 years changed dramatically for example: approximately 200 years ago we used muskets now we have a Vulcan Gatling guns, 200 hundreds years ago we used infantry and cavalry now tanks and Jeeps.
    Nowadays the winner is that side which can better predict the future of the warfare.
    And now it is easier thwart the economy of the opponent and take over then bomb the country apart and rebuild the infrastructure. From this perspective the Chinese and Russian moves are far more understandable, although they are modernizing everything.

    Just my 2 cents

    Oracle 911

    PS: When will be interviewed Jim Willie?

    • Outlookingin

      lmao! Have been following Charles Nenner for longer than I care to remember. At first I thought he was the real deal. Now? Not so much. He hit the nail on the head with this comment, and I quote; ” So, I have no clue how we are going to get out of trouble”.

      No clue! Incredible.

    • Bob Lamb

      Nuetron bombs! Kills the people and leaves the infrastructure intact.

  9. allen ols

    greg, everyone;
    What is going on with TURKEY, KURDESTAN, SYRIA, ISIS, IRAN;

    Guest Post: Turkey, The Kurds And Iraq – The Prize & Peril Of Kirkuk
    Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 10/07/2014 23:00 -0400

    Councils Crude Crude Oil Guest Post Iran Iraq Mexico Natural Gas Reality Romania Turkey

    Submitted by Reva Bhalla via Stratfor,

    In June 1919, aboard an Allied warship en route to Paris, sat Damat Ferid Pasha, the Grand Vizier of a crumbling Ottoman Empire. The elderly statesman, donning an iconic red fez and boasting an impeccably groomed mustache, held in his hands a memorandum that he was to present to the Allied powers at the Quai d’Orsay. The negotiations on postwar reparations started five months earlier, but the Ottoman delegation was prepared to make the most of its tardy invitation to the talks. As he journeyed across the Mediterranean that summer toward the French shore, Damat Ferid mentally rehearsed the list of demands he would make to the Allied powers during his last-ditch effort to hold the empire together.

    He began with a message, not of reproach, but of inculpability: “Gentlemen, I should not be bold enough to come before this High Assembly if I thought that the Ottoman people had incurred any responsibility in the war that has ravaged Europe and Asia with fire and sword.” His speech was followed by an even more defiant memorandum, denouncing any attempt to redistribute Ottoman land to the Kurds, Greeks and Armenians, asserting: “In Asia, the Turkish lands are bounded on the south by the provinces of Mosul and Diyarbakir, as well as a part of Aleppo as far as the Mediterranean.” When Damat Ferid’s demands were presented in Paris, the Allies were in awe of the gall displayed by the Ottoman delegation. British Prime Minister David Lloyd George regarded the presentation as a “good joke,” while U.S. President Woodrow Wilson said he had never seen anything more “stupid.” They flatly rejected Damat Ferid’s apparently misguided appeal — declaring that the Turks were unfit to rule over other races, regardless of their common Muslim identity — and told him and his delegation to leave. The Western powers then proceeded, ……….CONT’D……

  10. allen ols

    Get them to the fema camps, body bags, and casket liners available on demand……NO PROBLEMS, BE HAPPY….

    To say that the handling of the Ebola crisis from the get-go is a disaster would be an understatement. For months, as the virus took hold in town-after-town, country-after-country in West Africa medical professionals and emergency services experts warned that unless drastic containment measures were implemented it would eventually make it’s way to Europe, the United States and the rest of the world.
    It is now clear that all containment efforts, if we can call them that, have failed to prevent the spread of the virus.

    In the United States, where tens of billions of dollars have been spent on national security, one can’t help but notice the complete lack of discipline and failure to follow containment protocols once the infection was identified in Dallas. Among the evidence for how poorly the situation has been handled are haphazard quarantine guidelines, unbelievably unsanitary cleanup procedures, failure to isolate the ambulance that was used to transport the victim, and a total breakdown during hospital intake.
    The situation begs the question: Are top-tier officials at the CDC and at the White House incompetent, or are they letting this happen on purpose?
    One insider with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) response protocols thinks the latter. In an interview with Alex Jones’ Infowars the anonymous whistleblower says that the procedures for dealing with an outbreak like smallpox and Ebola are very clear cut, and none of them were implemented in Dallas.
    First, he says, the National Guard would be deployed to lock-down all entry and exit points into the affected area. Then, law enforcement would redirect people to hospitals, churches and other government agencies for care and/or screening. Finally, those identified or suspected of being infected would be isolated in containment centers at military bases or FEMA facilities.
    Considering that the response to Patient Zero in Dallas lacked even the most basic response for pandemic prevention, the notion that this is an engineered event is becoming all the more likely.

  11. rezo

    Hi Greg , I listened to this guy last time he was on and didnt go much on his analysis.
    He targets cycles which are only a very rough guide . He didnt mention at all the rise of the BRICKS nations the new gold exchange and the current bank wars which all factor into this ,he also didnt mention bail ins from banks and he doesnt seem to understand the huge issue with derivatives all of which never were possible in history before not to mention the internet ,he seems to think that America will rebound after a stock market crash and just continue same as before . This will not happen ,there are just too many forces working against it .Further he does not in any way consider the debasement of the US dollar or the Euro for that matter and the move away from the US dollar to a gold backed currency which is already in train. Re nuclear war I doubt it the evil cabals are not suicidal and will understand that it will only be an absolute last resort and I would imagine that there would be sane people in the system that would work against this outcome . There are lots more ways to fight wars these days . Chinas first move would be to eliminate the communication satellites ,crash the banking system etc all have a devastating effect . The major issue in my opinion and far more sinister is Ebola which will if not controlled will destroy the worlds financial system as well as achieve the desired goal of the globalists ie population reduction and wealth confiscation . None of these things were possible previously in history thats why the cycles are nor an accurate measure today . Re gold,,, if any of the above happens currencys are destroyed and PMs become the currency ,does any thinking person today honestly believe that China and Russia and most others would buy gold in the quantities they are if the American dollar and mentality was going to remain the status quo. Thanks Greg

  12. steven

    Big nuclear war coming, there are 9 countries have nuclear weapons, USA, Russia, China, France,UK,India, Pakistan, North korea, Isreal,
    And two potential nuclear club: Japan, Germany.

    I am wondering the where the nuclear were bombed? Who bomo who? Who Bomb first? If any nuclear war occured between USA Russia or China , the whole human in the earth will be extingished.

    Do the scams from any government do not know? They think their NMD system could make themsleves a survival succssor?

    • woody188

      You forgot South Africa in the nuke club.

    • JC Davis

      Allen Ols that is too cold… until there made into blankets. LOL Thanks bud.

  13. pessimist

    The puppet masters don’t need big wars to cull the herd of sheep anymore. They have bioweapons and technology to easily administer them.

    • allen ols



    • JC Davis

      Pessimist. My thoughts exactly. Big bombs are in the past. Now it is the compact nukes when there used, yet not needed.

  14. Jerry

    Sorry Greg he lost me when he said,
    ” On the stock market, Nenner predicts, “I don’t see the stock market more than 5% higher until 2020, especially with a big downward move from 2018 to 2020. It will be a huge crash. I think we have seen a top.”
    Can anyone really say that when everything is so manipulated? The GDP figures. The unemployment rate. The Stock market reports. Its all BS.

    We have an imaginary market being pumped up with imaginary money from a printing press. That’s our economy in a nutshell. How anyone can say this can continue to go on indefinitely is beyond me. Take a look around. The rest of the world is dropping the dollar like a pair of dirty underwear. We won’t see 2020. We’ll be lucky if we see the end of 2015.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, do you mean “we” as a sovereign political entity or “we” as individuals? I believe it is possible that the USA as presently constituted might cease to exist, and perhaps, even in the relatively short timeframe with 2020 as an upper limit. The Roman Empire collapsed, yes, but today, a sovereign political entity known as Italy is in place. The USA, if it ceases to exist as a sovereign political entity, will likely become a confederation or series of confederations IN North America. I foresee this outcome regardless of economic collapse, the City of London Corp. or any other situation. Why? Because conservatives sooner or later will get tired of liberal domination. “Don’t tread on me” and “No taxation without representation” are sentiments which come to mind. We saw a manifestation of this mindset in the recent trial balloon of separation of Scotland from Great Britain. They are tired of paying taxes and never having their political views accomodated. Does this story sound familiar? Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        I love your patriotism but we (as a nation) are toast. Soon ( within months ) confetti will have more value than the dollar, and if you’re not holding physical assets you won’t have a place to sit your ass. The United States is no longer a Republic brother. It was sold to the Rothschilds in 1918 by our Congress.

    • Jerry

      Can you say RMB?
      Look at the numbers of countries who have signed currency swap agreements with the Chinese.
      When the dollar loses reserve currency status, we will lose our ability to print money without impunity. The BRIC nations (which comprise 130 countries in reality) are moving at warp speed toward that goal right now. When that happens, the dollar is toast and so is our paper economy.

      The timing? When the gold orders cannot be delivered by the Western Banking Cabal, to the Chinese, they will call their notes due. Why else did you think the Cabal was in Ukraine looting their vaults in the dead of night? They are desperate to meet demand for gold delivery. The dirty little secret is we have reached the bottom of not only the price of gold, but the supply as well.

    • Chip

      I’m with you on that timeline Jerry. 2015 is going to be one tumultuous year…

  15. Amman

    I won’t hold my breath waiting on a nuclear war. As far as I am concerned, the Sucker is a DEFINITE NO-SHOW.

  16. G. Joseph Fondren

    Another good interview. This may be slightly off-topic, but, with the ebola scare gaining traction, what if a large number of people were led to believe (Right or wrong) that colloidal silver would prevent one’s contraction of the virus, or even lessen the mortality rate? There is much to read on both sides of the effectiveness issue, and the potential dangers, but if a trend (Or panic) developed toward colloidal silver how much do you thing it might affect the price? I can imagine the price of .999 silver far outpacing gold. What do you think; and do you know anyone knowledgeable enough and with no conflicts of interest that you might interview on your show?
    Thanks again for the service you provide.

    • Pinocchio

      RE: colloidal silver

      I would start here. Dr. Marx is the expert, in my opinion.

      csprosystems dot com

    • Dr Greg Johnstone

      Jim Stone says mega doses of Vitamin C is best for viruses.

      But have you seen any pictures of actual ebola victims? Search the net. There’s nothing. Everyone in Africa has a phone camera. They have good internet. Where are the photos?

      Is it another fake? I tried to find the photos, but couldn’t. Seriously, where are they? Anyone got a link?

      • DanDaley

        For ebola pics, just google “ebola photos” and click on images…not pretty. Also, read The Hot Zone for descriptions of the progression of the hemorrhagic fevers.

  17. Luis

    Good stuff… hope you have him on again sometime.

  18. Paul from Indiana

    I believe Nenner needs to be a little more clear in his “deflation is debt destruction” maxim. Deflation is destruction BY or ON ACCOUNT OF debt. The simple statement “deflation is debt destruction” implies that deflation destroys debt. That is incorrect, as it is inflation that destroys debt. Inflation minimizes the impact of debt, while deflation maximizes the impact of debt. There is no doubt that certain aspects of our situation are deflationary or at least have deflationary implications, as can be seen in the real estate debacle and the overall drop in net household income. TARP and QE were very cleverly implemented so as to allow balance sheet manipulation without promoting overall inflation. The key feature in this chicanery is the FED’s paying interest on excess balances at the member banks. This has kept the “printed” trillions of QE dollars “corralled” and thus prevented from getting into general circulation and causing true mayhem on a worldwide scale. Much of the speculation regarding the “timing” of the anticipated dollar collapse has centered around this unprecedented and not fully understood phenomenon. In the meantime, the vaunted 1% have been acquiring and securing for themselves hard assets via the new relatively worthless and cheap dollars, thereby perpetrating one of the greatest wealth transfers in the history of man. Best always. PM

    • Silence is Golden

      “This has kept the “printed” trillions of QE dollars “corralled” and thus prevented from getting into general circulation and causing true mayhem on a worldwide scale”…..

      Having their proceeds from the sale of MBS held on account at the FED….simply means that is where the “capital” is parked(from which they obtain a bonus interest payment). What is not fully understood is that the BANKS can use that CAPITAL under their Fractional Reserve Banking practices and leverage off of it. A $4TLN balance sheet is quite conceivably leveraged at conservative 20:1 which implies $80TLN of potential capacity with the BANKS. Enter Derivatives.
      You are correct Sir with regard the wealth transfer aspect.
      Keep in mind also that there is no impairment required on the balance sheets of the banks as the FED holds the worthless MBS. Unimpaired Capital + Fractional Banking = Powerful combination.
      To summarise – the Banks have had access to an unlimited amount of zero cost debt. The moral hazard equation does have a cost. The Money Masters are working their magic while the world sleeps.

  19. petedivine

    Your guest mentioned a major war. I suspect we will have a fairly quick conventional World War with lots of mini tactical nukes. I believe our sea and land forces will be swarmed with overwhelming numbers of sophisticated drones and missiles from China. Afterwards, the U.S. will be isolated as a loser rogue warfare state. I then suspect we would be in for a nasty civil war where all bets are off.

  20. russo

    to my knowledge, nuclear weapons drop is not good for business,

  21. William M.Head

    Hi Greg: I thought it might be interesting to you, and your readers, if I complied a list of very significant events that occurred in the second decade (sometimes linked with events occurring in the first decade) of the last 20 centuries that ultimately set the tone for them. It does seem a pattern does exist though it isn’t always war that provides critical catalysts of history. So far, the 21st century is keeping to this pattern with September 11, the wars, natural disasters, financial collapse, and now Ebola – the possibility of a truly cataclysmic event before 2020 is a very distinct likelihood and probable certainty.

    First century-
    9 a.d- Defeat of Romans by Germans guaranteeing fall of empire by 5th century
    14 a.d.- Death of Emperor Augustus

    Second century
    117 a.d. – Roman Empire reaches its greatest extension.

    Third century
    211 a.d. – Death of Emperor Septimus Severus- succession of Caracalla – beginning of end of Pax Romana

    Fourth century
    312-13 a.d. – Establishment of Christianity as religion of the Empire/West

    Fifth century

    410 a.d. Sack of Rome – beginning of end of Empire.

    Sixth century

    518 a.d. Emperor Justin assumes control of Byzantine Empire – succeeded in 527 by Emperor Justinian

    Seventh century

    610 a.d. -Mohammed receives vision and begins preaching Islam in Arabia

    Eighth century

    711 a.d. – Muslims conquer Spain – eventually invade France where they are defeated in 732 a.d.

    Ninth century

    800 a.d. Charlemagne founds Holy Roman Empire

    814 a.d. – Death of Charlemagne – Empire divided in 843 a.d.

    Tenth century

    911 a.d. Duchy of Normandy founded/Queen AEthelflaed reigns alone in England

    Eleventh century

    1002-1016 – Disasters of the reign of King AEthelred the Unready of England lead to his overthrow and sets stage for Norman Conquest of 1066

    Twelfth century

    1100 a.d. Prince Henry of England succeeds his brother King William II

    1102 a.d. – Henry’s daughter Matilda future contender for England’s crown born

    1106 a.d. King Henry defeats brother Robert in battle to seal claim on throne

    1120 a.d. – King Henry’s son and heir Prince William drowns setting stage for civil war of 1136-54

    Thirteenth century

    1206 a.d. Temujin assumes command of Mongols as Genghis Khan

    1214-16 a.d. – France invades England – King John forced to sign Magna Carta – King John dies

    Fourteenth century

    1306 a.d. – Robert the Bruce crowned King of Scotland

    1307 a.d. – King Edward I of England dies

    1314 a.d. – Scots win independence at Battle of Bannockburn

    Fifteenth century

    1400 a.d. – Henry IV unseats Richard II as King of England

    1415 a.d. – King Henry V crushes France at Battle of Agincourt

    1420 a.d. -Henry V makes treaty by which he will receive French crown but he dies in 1422 before he can succeed.

    Sixteenth century

    1509 a.d. – Henry VIII ascends English throne

    1513 a.d. – King James IV of Scotland killed at Flodden Field

    1517 a.d. – Martin Luther ignites Protestant Reformation

    1519-21 a.d. – Cortes discovers/conquers Aztec Empire n Mexico.

    Seventeenth century

    1603 a.d. – Death of Queen Elizabeth I of England

    1607 a.d. – First successful settlement of Virginia colony by England

    1618 a.d. – Start of Thirty Years War in Europe

    1620 a.d. – Landing of Mayflower at Plymouth Massachusetts

    Eighteenth century

    1701-14 a.d. – War of the Spanish Succession in Europe

    1715 a,d – Death of King Louis IV of France

    Nineteenth century

    1803 a.d. – War declared between England and France/the Louisiana Purchase vastly expands American territory

    1804 a.d. -Napoleon crowned Emperor of France

    1805 a.d. – France defeated by England in naval Battle of Trafalgar/Napoleon wins Battle of Austerlitz

    1806 a.d. – Holy Roman Empire abolished

    1812 a.d. – Napoleon launches disastrous invasion of Russia/start of war between U.S. and England

    1814 a.d – Napoleon forced to abdicate and enters first exile on Elba/the English burn Washington D.C.

    1815 a.d. – Napoleon returns from exile for 100 days ending in defeat at Waterloo and second exile on Saint Helena’s/English defeated in Battle of New Orleans

    Twntieth century

    1901 a.d. – Queen Victoria of England dies/President William McKinley assassinated and replaced by Theodore Roosevelt

    1902 a.d. – First silent film

    1903 a.d. – First manned flight in Kitty Hawk N.C.

    1904-05 a.d. – Russo-Japanese War

    1912 a.d. – Titanic sinks

    1914-18 a.d – First World War/Communist Revolution in Russia/The global Influenza outbreak kills millions

    1919 a.d. – Treaty of Versailles signed guaranteeing WWII.

    1920 a.d. – Prohibition in U.S. helps create organized crime (Mafia)

    Twnty-First century

    2001 a.d. – Terrorist attacks on NYC September 11 begins global war on terror, starting with invasion of Afghanistan

    2003 a.d. – Invasion of Iraq

    2004 a.d. – Asian tsunami kills hundreds of thousands

    2005 a.d. – Hurricane Katrinaq devastates New Orleans

    2008 a.d. – Worldwide financial crisis begins/ remains ongoing/Barack Obama elected President of U.S.

    2014 a.d. – Ukraine crisis threatens war between West and Russia/ Rise of ISIS terror state in Mideast – war in Mideast- Ebola epidemic in West Africa reaches U.S. (and the year isn’t over yet!)

    2015-2020 and beyond -?????

    Best wishes,
    William M. Head

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William for all the hard work compiling this!

  22. Rik

    Ive been following the situation of the world over the last 5 years and finding myself falling down a rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, starting with the financial markets, seems to me if one wanted to bring down the worlds money system then the controllers are making all the right moves. Then woke to 911 strange thing about building 7, wars are a full time ongoing norm, lets bomb both sides of Syria insane or by design ,reading about elites and the new world order, seeing red flags pop up Mh17, gas attacks . Surprised with Largard and numerology , discovering secret societies , and now the georgian guidstones with its latest addition telling us something about to start with a new decoded date 10/24/2014. Now Charles tells us about WW111 is on its way, talking about cycles try, my latest find Randell Carlsons ‘The Great year’. Very interesting and may be the motives of the elite’s. Agenda 21 , Fema camps, Ebola the unstoppable virus, its all to much , my family thinks I’m ready for the psych ward, if i mention anything to friends they look around and say looks all normal to me think you should forget about it. So best to say nothing, living in a surreal world. Im very wary of what my beliefs are and separating fact from fiction its becoming harder by the day. Sometimes i want to go to my endued coma of MSM. But have swallowed the red pill now and it all seems to make sense. Conclusion either I’m insightful or delusional !!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going with “insightful” and that means you are fully awake. Your friends and family who thing you are “delusional” are not.

  23. art barnes

    Greg, if you give me a long enough graph of any known facts about anything I can show you a cycle within a cycle so to speak. Utter non-sense, both big wars he talked about had a real bad ground grabbing guy; Napoleon & Hitler, in fact WWI didn’t have such a bad guy as the two I just listed. Your guest is “cycle paranoid”, he could see war in the ceiling plaster. Having said that, it was interesting nevertheless. Thanks for your work!

  24. Silence is Golden

    “This has kept the “printed” trillions of QE dollars “corralled” and thus prevented from getting into general circulation and causing true mayhem on a worldwide scale”…..hmmm!!

    Having their proceeds from the sale of MBS held on account at the FED….simply means that is where the “capital” is parked (from which they obtain a bonus interest payment). What is not fully understood is that the BANKS can use that CAPITAL under their Fractional Reserve Banking practices and leverage off of it. A $4TLN balance sheet is quite conceivably leveraged at conservative 20:1 which implies $80TLN of potential capacity with the BANKS. Enter Derivatives.
    You are correct Sir with regard the wealth transfer aspect.
    Keep in mind also that there is no impairment required on the balance sheets of the banks as the FED holds the worthless MBS. Unimpaired Capital + Fractional Banking = Powerful combination.
    To summarise – the Banks have had access to an unlimited amount of zero cost debt. The moral hazard equation does have a cost. The Money Masters are working their magic while the world sleeps.

  25. allen ols

    jeff oracel sig jerry CC

    Great Waldorf of China: Beijing billions buy up Astoria on Park Ave
    Great Waldorf of China: Beijing billions buy up Astoria on Park AveThe worlds’ largest publicly traded hotel operator Hilton Worldwide has sold the iconic Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York to a Chinese insurance company for nearly $2 billion, a r…
    – 5 hours ago, 8 Oct 14, 5:57pm –

    • Jerry

      Allen did you see this?
      The United States is now number #2 behind China. Its only a matter of time now.

      • allen ols


        I did 🙂

      • woody188

        Not worried. It’s well known a large percentage of the Chinese economy is fake. That’s part of why they want reserve status. Without it, they are in for a major crash as they lose access to US buyers and it becomes more known that central planning has failed to produce viability. The only question is, how many ghost cities will it take?

  26. allen ols



    Lois Lerner Gets Targeted by Conservative Jason Mattera
    Tim Brown 4 Hours Ago 0

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    Former IRS criminal Lois Lerner was recently questioned by conservative Jason Mattera, author of the book Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars. Not wanting to answer the public for her crimes against them, Lerner actually tried to barge into one of her neighbor’s home unannounced.

    The video, which was filmed on September 29, 2014, has gone viral since its October 6 debut.
    Lerner, who would not say one word to Mattera, though he gave her every opportunity, attempted to make her way into an elderly woman’s home as Mattera asked her whether or not she felt bad for using the government as a weapon against US citizens to quiet political dissent.

    When the elderly woman, who had recently had surgery, would not let her in the home with her two dogs, she begged the woman to call the police on Mattera and his cameraman.
    Following her retirement, Lerner, who made a whopping $3557.69 per week during a paid leave, is now receiving a pension of nearly $100,000 per year at tax payer expense. That’s right. This criminal against the people of the US is continuing to take their money though she used her position for years to attack them using the IRS, while at the same time helped terrorist organizations achieve tax-exempt status, including Barack Obama’s Foundation.
    “You didn’t hesitate to target conservatives, but you’re hesitating to speak, why?” Mattera asked Lerner as she headed for the house of a neighbor to seek refuge from the barrage of pointed questions that exposed her criminal activity against the American people.
    Her cries to call the police fly in the face of the very Constitution she cited to keep her from answering questions posed by the people, via their representatives. After all, the Congress not being allowed to write laws against the exercise of the freedom of the press to question and point our corruption of government is enshrined in the First Amendment. So what Lerner wants is not only to keep quiet about her criminal activity and that of the agency she oversaw, but she wants to violate the Constitution and have the press silenced from asking her questions about what she was engaged in.
    “You don’t like being targeted, do you?” Mattera continued. “Any idea where those missing emails are?”

    “Maybe just an apology?” Mattera pressed. “I’m sorry? I used my position as a government official to try and crack down on political dissent? You don’t feel bad that you were using the government as a weapon to try to crush political dissent? Anything Mrs. Lerner?”

    At this, she requested her neighbor call the police.
    Mattera reiterated the fact that Lerner didn’t like being targeted. “It doesn’t feel good, does it?” he asked. “Not even an apology?”
    When she continued to petition her neighbor to come inside, Mattera asked, “Why should we leave you alone? You were trying to use the IRS to crush political dissent! You can see why many individuals think you’re a disgrace to public service, right?”
    At this point the man who owns the house approaches and she says that Mattera and his cameraman are bothering her, but the man responds like any other red blooded American, “I don’t want her in my house.”
    Lerner then left and tried to approach another house to get away from the press asking her questions about her criminal activity.
    We need more Jason Matteras. In fact, I call upon all journalists who can get to Lois Lerner’s neighborhood to camp out there and not let her leave without confronting her illegal activity. In fact, instead of following the “entertainment news” and the news that doesn’t effect people’s lives, how about these journalists start holding the corrupt politicians accountable in a fashion that is similar to Mattera’s? I’ll back those journalists any day of the week! May God raise up many more of these courageous young people!


  27. Edward Ulysses Cate

    If there is nuclear war [or ebola-type biologcial war], it would be the ultimate in human stupidity. However, one must remember that these decision-makers, being sociopathic, with no conscience nor empathy, are already dead. Sure, they’re alive like robots, but not as human beings. It could happen, as they have nothing to lose. Let’s hope it doesn’t.

  28. Jeff

    I agree with Jerry regarding the stock markets days being numbered………. The most significant statement came out today from the Fed. They want a much lower dollar. I found that quite timely considering they and most of us already know it’s headed lower…….Today also marked a dramatic reversal in the miners. Of course, the greedy bankers pushed them down to their 52 week lows (many multi-year) just before the dollar announcement. From there most miners rose 20% or more. In a couple hours. The most hated sector on earth will soon surprise………Especially those here waiting for lower prices………… My opinion of cycles is they are interesting and useful. But fundamentals always trump technical analysis. Though we live in a world where everything is manipulated the simple fact is the fundamentals (truth) will surface when “time is up”.

  29. Ted

    Many contend we will see the Middle East Toyota Truck loaded with Kaboom finding its way to a Nuclear Plant in Europe?

  30. Silence is Golden

    Have the Health Authorities and Disease Control done enough to control the outbreak of Ebola outside of Africa ? NO…!!!!!
    Now in Spain and see where else…
    Too many questions are unanswered.
    Monitoring suspected infected patients is one thing….knowing how many are carrying it and are quarantined is another.
    “They” cannot confirm whether it is transmissible through air….an yet health workers have perished.
    “Contained areas (like aircraft) do not pose a threat for the virus being spread”… ????

    Europe and the US are being set up for an epidemic. Just wait for the Military Industrial complex to wade in here with there deadly variant of the same virus and point the finger suspiciously to those that were infected (hosts) and allowed into the countries. Why are direct flights from Africa still being allowed. Screening at airports is inadequate. World Health authorities were warned several months ago and could have contained the virus in West Africa.

    Obama needs to be held accountable for bringing this to the US. The ploy all along was to bring it to the shores of the US so as to allow the new laws (by Executive Order) for detainment and quarantine to be initiated. Martial Law has come to the US.

    Want to know where those quarantine stations are ….

    • woody188

      Obama signed the EO to forcibly quarantine Americans back on August 1st, but refuses to ban flights from the afflicted countries. There is no doubt where his allegiance lies, it isn’t with Americans!

  31. Samsara

    By the way the gold price is bouncing off its triple low makes me think the “big event” is not far off. My lead candidate is an engineered Ebola outbreak in various parts of the world followed by discriminatory vaccines for a population cull.

  32. Hilde Valderhaug

    Charles Nenner is giving all doomsday-talk and no solutions. To say that our fate lies in the hands of sunspots and mysterious cycles is like telling us all is hopeless and nothing can be done about anything. He is a fearmonger and deathtalker sitting in his ivorytower stacking his pockets full of gold. His power lies in his expertise in spreading fear, apathy and hopelessness. There has been wars on this planet for thousands of years, they have been in different parts, not always in the West. To fit a war somewhere on the planet into some bogus cycle could be done by anybody, there is no need for mysterious charts for that. Talking about war, anybody can see that there is trouble ahead, and for millions of people on this planet desperate living conditions is already their regular day anyway. But for Charles Nenner to say outright on Greg’s site that a big nuclear war is coming, is outright irresponsible and suppressive.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your comment is unfair and you seem to fail to grasp the risks we face in nuclear war. Did you know the U.S. government has changed it’s war strategy to include first strike options? That is a fact. I asked him to tell me what he was “worried about” not solve the world’s problems. It is never “irresponsible and suppressive” to give your unvarnished opinion. That is what the 1st Amendment is all about. Just because you don’t like what Mr. Nenner says doesn’t make him automatically wrong and you automatically right. What you are advocating is an attack on free speech and it will not be suppressed here.

      • Hilde Valderhaug

        I stand corrected.
        Having listened to the interview with Mr Nenner more properly,
        I realize it was a matter of concern, not a truism he put out there.
        I find your site to be the most informative and level headed site when it comes to info and ideas re the news behind the news, and I am huge fan.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Hilde. These are troubling times and it’s easy for me and everybody else to get upset. We are good and don’t feel bad. We have more important things to worry about. “Fear Not.”

  33. JC Davis

    Stock reaches year highs. China passes America as worlds largest economy.

    • woody188

      How many ghost cities did it have to build to get there?

      Will China continue to manipulate it’s currency to remain there?

      So many think China and Russia will lead the world in this century. I don’t understand why so many put so much trust in these countries financial institutions when they’ve already shown to be corrupted by their governments in the first place. If one isn’t in the Party, one isn’t going to get a fair shake. Period.

  34. JC Davis

    Greg. I see stock players as being the same as banker thieves, or the wealthy person taking hand outs claiming poverty.

  35. collateral Damage

    Worth the time to watch this.

  36. david bond

    “nuclear weapons used for the first time in the so-called 100 year cycle,” eh? Ever heard of Hiroshima or Nagasaki? Any “predictions” by someone who doesn’t know that are bogus.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes David but “Hiroshima or Nagasaki” were not nuclear war. We are talking nuclear exchange between countries.


  37. dave

    Greg, thanks for all you do. I have attached a 13 minute video of Dr. Udo Ulfkatte a German journalist who has “spilled the beans” about the CIA paying journalists to lie and “write” pro-Western, or more to the point anti-Russian, articles.
    I think he would be a hell of an interview.
    thanks, dave

  38. ufo

    All the signals are in the Forex markets. Look at 2001.09.26 to 2013.06.28. Also the Gold/Silver cycle starting at 2011.09.06 and you can see a possible future that contradicts Nenner’s projection. Nenner says he doesn’t think AU 600 – 700 possible because that is far below mining costs but goes on to say Deflation is a possibility. In deflation, all assets take a hit, even Au. Remember what happened in 2008? It would be the same this time as well.

    Another critical point that is not being mentioned anywhere is that Au has already had a tripple bottom of 1180.57 on 2013.12.31. If price action falls below that, a long-term quadruple ceiling will be established. In such a senario, one is looking at a long term recovery in nominal prices for Au. Easy for leverage to take it below such a line in the sand. USD would then be a winner with existing share of global capital flows and reserve currency status this could very well run until Au finds a bottom in a few years. After that it is a long and painfull trudge up until 2020. How much patience does the Au community have?

    Fear porn is a dominant theme in the news and has been for the last century. Currently it is Ebola. Really? Where are all the pictures of men, women, and children dead from severe internal hemmorage? Most doctors have to keep quite about overdosing on Vitamin-C in such a case because it would draw fire from the vaccine industry.

    As for WWIII, that already happened and is called the Cold War.

    Balance and prudence are always the best course.

    • ufo

      Want to add that anyone who makes projections should unveil both possibilities of Au going up and down with a technical un-prejudiced assessment. Saying that one thinks going-up is more likely without discussing the downside is unprofessional. Nenner did open an escape hatch saying he wants to see what happens on the weekly basis for Au at the 1225 line.

      At the time of this post, Au is headed down – currently 1221.25. There is overhead resistance from 2014.08.14 to 2014.08.28 that is currently applying pressure on Au. However, the slope of this resistance is greater than 45 deg and RSI is still above but close to it’s support implying Au is may go above that. It might happen tomorrow 2014.10.10 or Sunday night. There is still a possibility for a drop. There is long-term support from 2008.10.24 forming the small angle inside of which price action is confined to. That angle will be critical for what happens with price action until the next angle that projects out to 2014.11.15.

  39. JC Davis

    I am stranded. caught in the crossfire between oligarchy’s.

    • ufo

      Sorry for the typo: Should be “2011.09.26 to 2013.06.28” for Au NOT “2001.09.26 to 2013.06.28”

  40. ayataye88

    Remember, that Nenner cut his teeth and earned his stripes as a Goldmanite. Therefore, one may want to DO the exact opposite of what THEY SAY to their Muppets.

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