Clinton Foundation Largest Unprosecuted Charity Fraud in History-Charles Ortel

charles ortel pBy Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Wall Street financial expert Charles Ortel claims the Clinton Foundation is the “largest unprosecuted charity fraud in world history.” He also says this global fraud could not be pulled off without a lot of help.  Ortel explains, “I think this is an example of a vast left-wing conspiracy.  If you go back into the history, the Clintons always like to expose the things that go down for their credit, and they always try to hide the stuff that doesn’t make them look so good.  When you go back into the history of the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, and now Chelsea, have been monetizing government service.  They have been operating as Robin Hood in reverse.  Stealing from the poor to reward their rich cronies. . . . I think what you have here is a case study on the proponents of the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party, and they tend to be left-leaning, how these people got together and figured out a charity where foreigners can give unlimited amounts of money, and U.S. players can give unlimited amounts of tax deductible money to an entity.  This could be a preferred vehicle for strengthening the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party and Clinton interests around the world.”

Even though the Clinton Foundation is an official charity with a so-called “501(c) 3” designation from the IRS, Ortel says it’s not functioning as a legitimate charity. Ortel charges on his website that “Clinton Foundation documents omit crucial facts, include false and materially misleading statements, and exclude legally required audits of financial statements for each year of operation, that must be prepared on a consistent basis.”

Ortel also explains, “There are two sides to the coin. I think Peter Schweizer (Clinton Cash author) and his team have done a very good job of exposing this very difficult to expose pay-to-play stuff.  I doubt there are criminals dumb enough who sit down and write memoranda in great detail and say ‘alright, you give me $1 million and I’ll give your this ambassadorship.   Let’s sign on the dotted line here.  Please wire the money to this account.’  I don’t think you are going to find those types of records.  At the end of the day, even if you write a great book, and the book is good, and even if you do a movie and the movie is good, at the end of the day, the skeptical press is going to say there is no evidence.”

Ortel goes on to say, “On the other hand, on charity fraud, it’s a very different thing. In charity fraud, unlike pay-to-play, you don’t have to prove intent.  Under New York State law, in particular, the requirement is merely that you prove the public filings in the Clinton Foundation are false and materially misleading, and they certainly are. This is why you are starting to see these editorial boards around the world say wait a minute.  You also have to prove that they solicited, not that they raised money, that they solicited.  That, the Clintons have admitted. . . . On the charity fraud side of life, that is the mine field for the Clintons.  The second the IRS, or any attorney general or a state taxing authority, decides to make an issue of this, the burden of proof shifts . . .  the charity has to come forward and prove the affirmative case.  The Clinton Foundation has to prove, since October 23, 1997, that all you have been doing exclusively is furthering the authorized tax exempted purposes, which as far as I know is, to be merely a research facility and archive based in Little Rock.  Prove that’s all you have done.  Show us the legally audited financial statements.  Show us those audits.”

In closing, Ortel contends, “This is a tale that needs to be told, but it’s not going to be a tale that people swallow at first blush given the fact how powerful the Clintons are or how vengeful the Clintons are when they are in power. . . . Another way to talk about the Clintons is the Bonnie and Clyde of charity or the Al Capone of charity.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clinton Foundation researcher, Charles Ortel of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Charles Ortel writes consistently about the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons. All of his analysis and updates are free and open to the public on

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  1. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, Do you really contend that this hit piece on the Clintons is fair and unbiased ? What would you think if CNN did a hit piece like this on Trump ? This style of mudslinging journalism is way beneath you. I am absolutely appalled. Regarding the foundation, their goal is to bring relief and by extension some social justice to the world. Just because some people simultaneously worked for the government while working in a non-profit charitable organization doesn’t make it illegal. I know quite a few people who participate in United Way or AARP Foundation or American Heart Association just to name a few. It is not illegal and it is not fraud. If you don’t like the law, tell your congressman and get a new law passed and everyone can readjust their model. This Ortel guy is totally misleading and you should be able to see through him right away. Recall his assertions that Obama is not a US citizen ? Never proved. Please Greg. Please turn away from this type of egg nog jouralism before its too late. Before Nooone takes you seriously.

    • Greg Hunter


      With all the questions swirling around pay-to-play and emails it is a fair question to ask if the Clinton Foundation is actually functioning as a charity. If it is then they can easily rebuff this story. I have pulled the documents that are available on the Clinton Foundation website. There is the original filing for the Clinton Library in October of 1997, and then a 501 (c) (3) approval for the Clinton Global Initiative Inc. in October of 2010. That’s it. Where has the money gone? They must have records. They are required to have proper accounting by law not just here but in most countries. $14 billion was collected in the name of Hati relief alone. The people in Hati say they received very little. Where is all that money? Let’s see the accounting for the AIDS relief that Clinton Foundation has been doing. Charges of a massive charity fraud will be an easy thing to disprove. It is not a “hit piece” to ask for accounting and records from a global charity who’s top member is running for President. If you have a connections to book Hillary Clinton for an in-depth interview on her Foundation, I will be happy to give her all the time she wants to explain what is going on with her charity.


      • Gina M Mancarella

        Greg, lets look at an example. Lets take the United Way for example. Did you know that if you give a dollar to the United Way and even if you earmark it for a particular purpose, only a fraction ends up at the target destination because administrative costs are often very comprehensive. Often only a few pennies per dollar. Theres the bricks and mortar, energy, utilities, stationary and salaries among many other costs. Yes, Some of the salaries may be thought to be extravagant, but often are required to get the best people for the job. As I am sure you know, Regional directors often require hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure their services. Otherwise, they will just stay in the private sector. Please be responsible when reporting things such as this.

        • Greg Hunter

          If the Clinton Foundation is a real functioning charity, then ,proving this will make Hillary and Bill look like saints. If they cannot prove it, then it just charity fraud. It is really this simple. I feel I am on solid ground putting this question out there. By the way, I find it odd a “housewife” such as yourself, happens to be the very first comment on this post.

          • dave

            Greg, i feel like you have been really fair and unbiased regarding this poster. To anyone who reads your website regularly i think it’s pretty clear this person is a troll. Probably on the payroll troll for NSA, Clinton Foundation, etc…

            If it was me i would have been banned her a while ago, but hey it’s your website. 🙂

            • Greg Hunter

              Gina is giving us information and perspective every time she posts something.

              • helot

                For reasons mentioned by Greg in the past, and today, I am glad Gina is allowed to comment.

                Anyway, I don’t know if Thomas DiLorenzo coined the term or not, but every time I see the acronym, ‘CNN’ I think of, The Clinton News Network.

                Sometimes, I laugh. Other times, it’s kind of sad. I mean, how low can a, ‘news station’ and the people there go?

              • Mike from the North

                I say let her spew as much as she wants. Remember that the more she speaks the greater chance of her tripping over her own words.

                There is little doubt to many of us here is that she is on someone’s payroll.

                Even if she is not she indicative of the lack of awareness of most of the US population.

                We live in a GLOBAl society now.

                The actions of the past can and will control the outcome of the future.

                This world is on the verge of chaos everywhere and soon the USA will be in a state of CHAOS. In my humble opinion.

                What Gina spews here will have little to do with the outcome. The outcome has been cats by the actions of the past.

                PREPARE for the truth.

                • Greg Hunter

                  I agree Mike from the North!!

                  • Colin

                    Greg, If you follow, I am almost 100% sure it is the troll Milliondollar Bonus..Exact same type of language delivery. I find it quite amusing actually.

                  • Chip2

                    Note Gina’s nauseating endorsement of United Way’s expenditures – as if a charity giving a few pennies on the dollar to its cause is an acceptable practice. This is satire. The man behind “Gina” dislikes Hillary as much as anyone here. This is his creative outlet. He probably is MDB from Zerohedge.

          • Charles H

            Oh, yeah. Housewife is FIRST to comment? Exactly. Welcome to the Big Leagues, Greg. Wanna bet some of that Clinton Foundation is making it’s way into Gina’s pockets?!??

          • Mike Roman

            Gina is not a FEMALE Greg. The way this person writes, linguistically, its clearly a male that is attacking you as a troll. This person is also not portraying themselves honestly or genuinely, one iota. You really should ban, and simply not allow this person to have a post displayed here, again, 99% sure its male, to even show any posts. It distracts from the content and value of your web-site, and also does not show how the ‘other side’ thinks. Why fall for all the incoherent made up crap Gina spews ??? There hasn’t been one logical argument made, and its all, at best platitudinal rhetoric. In other words, the person writing it is a) delusional , b) extremely deceitful, and c) writing in a primarily provactive and argumentative mode. It’s all 1 sided fiction out of this namesake, made up name of Gina.

            What else is stupid about the dialogue, is this person is anonymous, doesn’t show any face, no address, etc. The writer behind the fake name Gina, seeks to make a fool out of you on your own web-site.

            • Gina M Mancarella

              I am 10000% woman and obviously more % woman than a meek lackluster uneducated male like you to handle or to impress. I write from the heart concerning a message and a movement that I 10000% believe in. We are going to change the world ! Woman Power baby !!!!!!! And dont you forget it.

              • Sal

                Is this person serious. What a joke, seriously. Sounds like a disjointed angry turned out female to me. And no, I am not talking about Hillary.

              • Anne Elliott

                “Woman power?” Get real; every red-blooded American should want “the best person for the job” – whoever that is regardless of sex, race, etc. This is the top spot in the nation, and personally speaking, I don’t want it run by a criminal megalomaniac like Hitlery, who cares for the people under her like she cared for the ones in Benghazi.

              • Michael

                Yea that is what Bruce Jenner keeps telling everybody. He had his own television show to do just that.

              • Colin

                You are MillionDollar Bonus from ZeroHedge. No doubt in my mind. I find your posts quite entertaining. It only reaffirms my belief that liberalisim is a disease.

              • Mike Roman

                GinaDude, Ok, I’ll give a little and consider that you are rather a transvestite, and a male pretending to be female. But your words, all of your embellishments that are super extreme (10,000 % female ??? WTF is that about ??? That’s an ego driven, male testosterone laden response if I ever saw one.) Typical of males, usually teenagers to exaggerate like that. Using ‘baby’ after Woman power, and using power is again linguistically, a male expression. Especially it being a joke you are a ‘mom’ using those terms. All of your rhetoric, and grammar choices, is so very male, that it is impossible for you to hide it, and its also rather juvenile language descriptors you use in nearly all of your shouts at the audience here or readers that you are vanely just trying to get a rise out of . Oh, and you are certainly shouting, by again, how your words are coming across. Dude, you cannot hide it, and its quite obvious I struck a nerve, and am spot on, given how you responded, just like an ego driven male would. The vast majority of females, have no where near the ego you convey, and are very rare to strike back so caustically or aggressively, (although Hillary might) especially on a board that is so heavily male as this one is. We’ve exposed you for the fraud you are Dude, so give it a rest, and go find another yahoo chat board to use your mis-guided notions of life to rant on to your hearts content.

              • Jackson

                “Woman Power baby!!!!!!” It’s more like women over-power babies, with 4.2 Billion killed by their own moms in just the past 36 years…that’s 1.25 babies per second. That’s more people killed since 1980, than all the people killed in all of the world’s wars and health epidemics throughout all of time, combined. Kind of restricting women’s “progress,” aye! That’s not much of a foundation to build on.

              • Galaxy 500

                @Gina “Woman power, baby”
                I agree with the person that says Gina is a male pretending to be female. The above phrase is masculine, not feminine. I could be wrong and I put that out there.
                And Gina,
                Seig Heil. Heil Hillary. Heil Hillary.
                Here is an interesting article about your patron.

              • Maureen Mizuno

                Women gain self determination with intelligent thought and consideration for the truth not by voting for a vagina. I’m always amazed when I run into a so called Hillary supporter. No one in their right mind could want her for president of this great nation. That is to say a supporter either is part of the effort to take over the world with some or other agenda in mind or they are brainwashed students that stopped thinking on their and follow like sheep to the slaughter. In any case God himself has given us an opportunity to redeem our selves from the actions we have committed either knowingly or through ignorance. I am appreciative of the opportunity at a second chance. I am further amazed that you Greg escaped an Ivy league education with becoming communist, leninist or marxist. God has his hand on your life and for that I am grateful

              • Frank D

                Gina, what exactly is 10000% when 100% is all there is? Extremists have never changed the world. They have their 15 minutes of fame from time to time but, in the end, the pendulum swings back the other way. Its ridiculous, and dare I say sexist, to denigrate men (just as it is for men to denigrate women). Get over yourself. You and the extremist crowd will change nothing. Sweet dreams.

            • Deanna Johnston Clark

              What’s even more obvious to me is that Gina isn’t even a political person…he/she is just a working stiff for hire by anyone. Besides, it makes the ’cause’ look worse, not better.

          • WD

            “By the way, I find it odd a “housewife” such as yourself, happens to be the very first comment on this post.”

            Great answer Greg!!

            • Gina M Mancarella

              Technically, I am a housewife as I currently operate a household and do not formally hold a job at the moment. I have advanced degrees so if I wanted to get a job, I could get one, but I tend to my kids for now. I dont suppose you can relate.

              • WD

                I have heard that so many times from you leftist….so many “degrees” and you still can’t do anything…

          • Gina M Mancarella

            The Clinton Foundation is as real as it gets. Helping people world wide. Giving hope to the masses.

            • Greg Hunter

              Please show be the accounting and exactly how all this “helping” got accomplished. Where can I find that material?

              • Gina M Mancarella

                It is something that every Foundation employee agrees to do. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually. We are inspired by a great women and we serve mankind.

                • Jackson

                  “A great women”…lol.

                • Donna from AR

                  Gina, you are so full of BS. Hillary and Bill are pure evil. I will not be voting for her and I AM a W-O-M-A-N!

            • Galaxy 500

              Hahahah ah
              Yes, it is. It is the biggest scam and the best fraud I have ever seen.
              Seig Heil. Heil Hillary. Heil Hillary.

          • Walt

            Greg I wonder if those defending the Clintons know that it was recently reported that 98% of their charitable contributions were to the Clinton Foundation. Considering what you are asking of them what is the legality of writing off money to your own charity?

          • goldminor

            This is my first time reading here. Nice job on clearly stating the facts as you know them. I will add this site to my favorites list.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Gold!!

        • John

          Gina, I think United Way is also very close to being a scam. Thanks for pointing that out. The Clinton Foundation is a scam, a sham, and a money laundering outfit.

          • Gina M Mancarella

            We are not a scam. We are a global movement and We WILL make a change for the better.

            • Greg Hunter

              The Democrat Party is a “global movement”? Please explain.

              • Gina M Mancarella

                As a matter of fact we are. Thats right. A global movement. We are building societies and nations as we speak. Do you think the the United States is the only country that appreciates Hillary Rodham Clinton ?????

                • Greg Hunter

                  Oh, you mean the New World Order criminal crony class. Got it.

                • WD

                  Building what? You mean cities/socities like Detroit,Compton ,Flint and Philadelphia just to name a few monuments to the Democratic party!!

                  • Greg Hunter

                    You are on fire sir!!

            • RTW

              WE are not a scam….WE are a global movement….WE will make a change for the better. It all makes sense now, you’re Chelsea.

        • Tom

          Most charities remove about 35% for operating and overhead costs with the other 65% going to the actual charity/cause. If the Clintons are only giving pennies on the dollar its fraud, plain and simple.

          For example in Canada:

          Under 35% Unlikely to generate questions or concerns.

          35% and above The CRA will examine the average ratio over recent years to determine if there is a trend of high fundraising costs. The higher the ratio, the more likely it is that there will be concerns and a need for a more detailed assessment of expenditures.

          Above 70% This level will raise concerns with the CRA. The charity must be able to provide an explanation and rationale for this level of expenditure to show that it is in compliance; otherwise, it will not be acceptable.

        • Charles Turner

          I have close relatives working at different size charities in the UK. Yes they do have overheads and a percentage of money donated goes to good causes and a percentage goes to overheads. The poorer the charity, the greater they struggle to keep this ratio down. especially the charities that are dependent on 10 dollar donations and don’t have any wealthy benefactors.
          But overheads do not go up as a proportion of donation size. Given the size of the donations the Clinton foundation has received, they must have one of the lowest overheads to donation ratios of any major charity around. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t be releasing the most simplest of figures which show the value of donations received in a year, cost to run foundation, money donated to good causes ( in list form) and the surplus left.
          Also they fact they haven’t got audited books really doesn’t look like a genuine oversight. Here again a poor charity could be forgiven if they are operating on minimum resources. But a charity this wealthy should have a team of accountants and auditors. It just doesn’t make sense on any level whatsoever. If she was just being CARELESS again, like she was with her email, god forbid what careless mistakes she could make with Russia and China if she gets elected

        • Deanna Clark

          How do you account for the genuine unbought charities like the Daughters of Wisdom of St Louis de Montfort and to some extent, the Salvation Army? Surrounded with USAid & Catholic Relief Services and other groups riding the savannahs in spanking Air conditioned SUVs, living in lovely offices,,,the Daughters ride bikes and wear simple skirts and blouses. There are genuine charities that hold their costs to a minimum to truly share and serve. Another is Bryce Homes for AIDs widows That they exist proves it CAN be done and with elegance. Like Jesus, they live simply and go about doing good.

        • Julie Tyra

          I’m just an uneducated housewife myself, but I’ve done done research on the money that was collected for the deserving people of Haiti …. THEY NEVER GOT IT !!
          Like Greg said it’s easy to prove this ( gag ) charity is above board. RELEASE THE PROPERLY FILLED OUT PAPERS WITH NO COCK AND BULL STORIES ABOUT CLEANING COMPUTERS WITH CLOTHS.
          Do some research and you will see the CLINTONS are as crooked and dirty as they come.

          • Greg Hunter

            You sound pretty smart to me!

        • Julie Tyra

          I’m just an uneducated housewife myself, but I’ve done some research on the money that was collected for the deserving people of Haiti …. THEY NEVER GOT IT !!
          Like Greg said it’s easy to prove this ( gag ) charity is above board. RELEASE THE PROPERLY FILLED OUT PAPERS WITH NO COCK AND BULL STORIES ABOUT CLEANING COMPUTERS WITH CLOTHS.
          Do some research and you will see the CLINTONS are as crooked and dirty as they come.

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            Common sense scores over diplomas any time…well said, fellow housewife!!!

      • Tin foil hat

        I find Gina on Youtube.

        • Robert Lykens


      • Jallen

        Greg Watchdogs and Gina, A Jallen Gem Follows;
        Abbey Martin (Liberal Progressisve) Takes Hillary Clinton apart.

        Please note; The address would not fit into one line.
        Join the two address lines together with no spaces.
        No one would vote ever for Hillary after watching this!!!!
        Thank you in advance for watching.

        • Greg Hunter

          Martin is a Sanders “progressive” and this just backs up my thought that Sanders voters will vote for anyone BUT Hillary. They were robbed and are suing the DNC. This story is way under reported in the corporate media.

      • allen ols

        Monday, August 29, 2016

        CONFIRMED Top Trump Economic Adviser is a Keynesian

        Billionaire vulture investor and Donald Trump supporter Wilbur Ross, who is on a short list as a potential Treasury Secretary in a Trump administration, thinks that Keynesian stimulus policy works to cure the business cycle.

        He writes today in the Financial Times:

        Both US and European policymakers have misdiagnosed what ails the global economy. It is not a short-run, cyclical problem curable with textbook Keynesian stimuli (and exotics like quantitative easing).
        He is also a trade Neandrethal. In the Finacial Times piece, he goes on to explain what “really” is ailing the U.S. and European economies from his perspective:

        The broader lesson here is that while exports do indeed create jobs, it is net exports that ultimately matter. When countries like the US and continents like Europe run massive and chronic trade deficits and countries like China do not allow freely floating currency movements to balance trade, bad things will eventually happen in the forms of accelerated offshoring, slower growth, falling productivity and stagnant wages… Europe has lagged behind the US in imposing countervailing tariffs against dumping, and is now paying a very heavy price.
        Bottom line: His advice is worse than that of John Maynard Keynes. Keynes was bad on the business cycle but at least understood the importance of trade. Ross is bad on both.

        • Galaxy 500

          How about your friend Hillary’s advisers? I don’t see you putting her out as advised by Satan?

          • allen ols

            I am expecting any moment for Trump to say he will not build the wall, and Mexico will not have to pay, and then renig on the supreme court justices , and will go along with the ttpp and tpp, and will embrace Obama care as he keeps wishy washing ie softening his BS.

          • allen ols

            If the dollar should loose 30% of its value in the next few months, I doubt seriously whether it matters who will be president. When you’re busy trying to survive your perspective on life becomes very microscopic and take on a new meaning. Don’t get me wrong. I like a wide range of discussions, but when the planes hit the twin towers on 911, Michael Jordan purchasing the Chicago Bulls (the topic at the time) took a back seat to survival. Its funny how the American people view their lives as a sitcom.

      • Tak Nomura

        You provide a lot of innuendo and bait, but no fish.

        • Tak Nomura

          Where Does Clinton Foundation Money Go?
          By Robert FarleyPosted on June 19, 2015 | Corrected on June 19, 2015

          Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says that “so little” of the charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation “actually go to charitable works” — a figure CARLY for America later put at about 6 percent of its annual revenues — but Fiorina is simply wrong.
          Fiorina and others are referring only to the amount donated by the Clinton Foundation to outside charities, ignoring the fact that most of the Clinton Foundation’s charitable work is performed in-house. One independent philanthropy watchdog did an analysis of Clinton Foundation funding and concluded that about 89 percent of its funding went to charity.

        • Greg Hunter

          You should start your own site and show us all how it is done.

    • eddielaidler

      Hillary said there is smoke but no fire. She is not the arbiter of whether there is fire or not. Just because we have entered a time where obvious irregularities abound and are ignored does not mean that she or the Clinton Foundation should be given a pass. If there is an irregularity with Trump I appeal to TPTB to vet him vigorously too. I don’t want a criminal or a fraud in the White House. Please do not say “Show me the links”. We are way beyond apparent irregularities in many aspects of Government and Wall Street and I expect thinking people to be caught up on financial and political current events beyond the TV.

    • clare doll

      Trump is going to jail Hillary’s a$$!

    • ross

      Gina ,take the blinkers off .Many people have died mysteriously while trying to expose their crimes.Even with all the evidence exposing their crimes, what prosecutor , judge or jury will have the courage to find them guilty when their puppet masters own MSM, banks and Wall St ?

      If Hillary gets in power,it will mean war with Russia and China. Have the elites invited you Gina into one of their many underground bunkers ?

      • WD


        I have a very sneaky feeling that Russia and China are not going to let Hillary get in, I may be wrong, but its just a feeling.

    • Bart

      Gina, everyone knows Trump got rich by the construction and real estate business.

      What exactly did the Clintons do to get rich? Any ideas?

      • frederick

        Drugs and selling political favors are two ways that immediately come to mind Im sure there are many other grifterlike schemes they used as well

    • al H.

      Gina– what planet are you on girl. The communist media does this to Trump all the time and without any substance. Killary has been in public life (government) for near 25 years- all this corruption she has done is while she was a “public servant”. Corrupt is the Clinton’s middle name. Killary, Bill and the brat should all be in jail, except the Upper levels of government are now as corrupt as they are. Example- not one bankster has gone to jail for all the theft in the banking system, not one!
      If you’d stop drinking the left kool-aid it plane to see the corruption.

      If Trump wins, and I pray he does- all these leftist will see the inside of a jail for life. What they have done is so corrupt on so many levels. Trump’s Att. General will round them all up- Obama knows this and if scared stiff. This fag is such a fraud.- Ex.- explain how does Obama have a Conn. social security number? Impossible! except his handler growing up was Henry Kissinger- who happens to live in Connecticut. Weird how that happens?? This has been checked out and proven- he is not a natural born citizen. Birth Certificates put out by Obama were also fakes- that alone should have him in jail!!
      The republicans are also corrupt- that’s why they let Obama get away with this crap!!

      Gina- come back to the real world- your in some kind of time warp.

    • Bobby

      Keep up the Good Work, Gina.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Thank You Bobby. We will. In the not too distant future our nation will be transformed into a Utopia where all can prosper and all can be free. And You and I my friend will have supper in the gardens of Washington D.C.

        • Greg Hunter

          “Utopia where all can prosper and all can be free” This sounds a lot like the communisum lie.

          • Gina M Mancarella

            We are democrats not communists. Nice try Greg.

            • Greg Hunter


              • ross

                Why do you bother entertaining this Gina from the pressitute media Greg? She gives whores a bad name. At least when you pay a real harlot money,something is given in return.Gina’s bankster masters want it all for no input. They are the Mafia on steroids.

            • Bobby

              Bill Clinton once said he wants the white population to drop below 50% in the US so a Nazi party can never get in.

              What do you think of that sentiment Gina? Do you agree with Bill or not?
              Does Hillary agree with this idea too?

            • andyb

              Those who call themselves Progressives, or Utopian Democrats are, in truth, Marxists who seek “control over the masses”, for the benefit of those in power. Gina’s use of the term “masses” is quite telling.
              Regular people do not use this term, but it is quite common among the collegiate intelligentsia who indoctrinate our children with memes of income redistribution, social justice, and the abandonment of national and personal sovereignty. It’s pure elitist condescension. What these NWO sycophants fail to understand is that their totalitarian masters will sacrifice them in a NY minute to the revolutionary “masses” when the time comes.

              • Greg Hunter

                All you could see the first few days of the DNC convention were communist flags and not a single U.S. flag. You are correct sir.

            • Colin

              More like DemonRats not democrats…

            • Galaxy 500

              Funny, neither Bernie nor Hillary could explain the difference. If it quacks like a duck, has feathers, waddles and the Chinese make Peking duck out of it Gina, it’s a DUCK.

        • Michael

          Yea Gina I recall Lenin and Trotsky saying that too. History reveals their Utopia immediately turned into a hell on earth for their countrymen.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Hmmmm. Thomas More saw it happening only when the Catholic church ruled all and heretics were run off or eliminated. He wrote the book!!

    • Rob M

      CNN and the rest of the leftist “news” media IS a hit piece on Trump. In describing the foundation’s goal you completely left out the part about enriching the Clintons and the abuse of power Hillary’s appointed office led to through her connection with the foundation. You may know people who work for the public and also belong to charitable organizations but you do not address them using their public positions to enrich themselves through the charity. That’s non sequiter, lady. You are right, it is not illegal, but when it becomes fraud, that is when people should be prosecuted. The model you suggest should be changed is fine until it has been abused, as the Clintons have with and done so with a vengeance. Mr. Ortel’s “assertions” that Obama is not a a citizen are reasonable in that Obama will not open any of his records to scrutiny. Never proved? I opine that it must be difficult to prove an accusation when the accused is the most powerful person in the world and is bent on hiding anything that would disprove the accusations. Keep up the great work, Greg. Shills like this shrew use smoke and mirrors in a futile attempt at drawing our attention away from the obvious. And Gina, you keep up the good work you do cementing the argument against the Clintons and their dishonesty and criminality. You are your own worst enemy.

    • In Deep

      guess who’s one of the best dam speechwriters in da bigness?

    • D2

      Gina, please tell us how the Clintons, who were “broke” when they left the White House (Hillary’s own words), are now worth well over $100 million? Please explain how it is legal to deduct donations to a “charity” that is in fact your own “foundation”? The truth will come out. Even the murdering Clintons can’t kill off ALL of the inquiring minds. The truth shall set us free (and hopefully put them in jail).

    • Bob332

      Gina: Go to Charity Navigator. They rate various charities etc. Since the Clinton FRAUDation did not submit ANY financials , records, audits etc to review they cannot rate them. The ENTIRE FRAUDation is covered by an opaque veil of secrecy.Predicated on ALL the recent revelation’s concerning the FRAUDation, including the through analysis by Mr. ORTEL ( check out his website Charles to educate yourself BEFORE making unsubstantiated accusations.Additionally, it’s been reported that the U.S. Attorney for N.Y. is investigating the FRAUDation. IF, the IRS pursued this corrupt entity, as they unjustly pursued various conservative non-profit groups, the CLINTON CRIME FAMILY would all be in jail. As the saying goes….FOLLOW THE MONEY and you have your answer.

      • Greg Hunter

        Good info Bob332!! Clinton Foundation = Massive Global Charity Fraud!!! Thank you for posting this. I think people can see why “Gina” is so upset on the Clinton Foundation. They all know its a fraud and really cannot defend it because the accounting is NOT there to do it. Why do you think the New York Times says the Clintons should shut down the Foundation??? Could it be they too know it Charity Fraud??? I am betting yes.

    • terry

      Clintons are the scum of scum..bill addict..liar.
      Hillary..evil hatefull self absorbed fat piece of shit who wears diapers n is completley unhealthy cause she has never worked a day in her life..they r criminals and if u back them u r lost as lost gets..or maybe just brainwashed..

    • Dan

      Are you really suggesting that CNN or NY Times doesn’t post hit pieces against Trump regularly? The Clinton Foundation has been part of a Pay for Play scheme beginning with the Hillary appointment as SOS.

    • Maureen Mizuno

      This isn’t mudslinging at all and everyone knows it. Now after the election it will be thoroughly investigated and finally all the Clinton’s including Chelsea will serve time in jail.

    • Terry Tallman

      One question did the. foundation pay for the Clintons daughters wedding ????
      I believe the figure was 3million dollars terry

    • Vicki

      Trumps son had a charity for children and closed it because the media made an issue of it.

    • John

      The Clinton’s are evil people who have given their souls to the devil to get what they want and do his bidding.s as is the case with Obama aka Barry Soetoro…These who are connected with the LGBTQ bunch which includes Pelosi, Schumer, Graham, and others on the left, the right, and others who are so evil that they are going to do anything to bring this country and its people down to the level of a SODOM AND GOMORRAH STATE NEED TO BE STOPPED NOW……

  2. Paul ...

    Amazing what we learn as kids … Jack and Jill went up to “Capital” Hill to fetch a pail of water … there they met two other kids playing “King of the Mountain” who asked: How much are you going to pay to our Charity for a pail of water? … Jack said I have two(2) cents … and Jill said she had nothing … Jack “accidentally” fell down and broke his crown … and Jill came tumbling after … moral of the story: [If you can’t pay you don’t play]!! (Incidentally the “Robbing Hood’s Charity” at the Top of the Hill still wound up 2 cents richer)!

    • Paul ...

      As for Gina’s assertion that “no one” will take Greg seriously … that “no one” is Gina himself!

    • diane s.

      Thank you Charles…you are a great patriot and so is Greg Hunter.

    • Elliot Ness

      I want Chelsi’s job at the foundation, a cool [SIX MILL] a year! Where can I donate my services?

  3. Tad

    Been awhile since Gina has posted. Did she sustain a left-brain concussion while away?

  4. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, this guy you interviewed said the there was no way Obama was going to be the president and serve 8 years. What does that say for his track record and credibility ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Prove the Clinton Foundation is a charity with documents and accounting. This is the story.

  5. Gina M Mancarella

    Even Ortel admits that he is “not a political expert.”

  6. Gina M Mancarella

    I’m betting everthing I own that we are swearing in Hillary as President in January !!!!! We have it in the bag …. ***** IN THE BAG****


    He “knows” people with big money that wont support Hillary. Yeah Right ………..

    • frederick

      Go away Gina troll we are really getting tired of your nonsense

    • Greg Hunter

      Be sure to tell, your bosses at the DNC this is up. Please let them know I want to interview Hillary not a campaign hack–Hillary.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Were you ever so unfortunate as to actually debate Hillary, she would kick your ass until it was humped up between your shoulder blades,

        • Greg Hunter

          Then it would be easy for her. Please get me the booking.

          • Gina M Mancarella

            Be very careful what you wish for. Hillary’s mercy has limits.

            • Gina M Mancarella

              You are a little boy compared to her.

              • Greg Hunter

                So, Hillary answering a few questions would be a snap for her. Please get me that booking. She will make me look bad and be a hero with her legit charity.

            • Greg Hunter

              Hillary is a person, correct?

              • Gina M Mancarella

                Greg, This interview has made you completely outrageous. Noone ever asked if Eva Perone was a person.

                • Gina M Mancarella

                  I apologize to Eva for the mispelling. It is Peron. In 100 years, Hillarys life will be a popular play and movie like Eva’s.

              • Dan

                Greg, why don’t you ban the Gina bitch already? We are all wasting so much time on this basketcase of a lost cause….

                • Greg Hunter

                  She is probably a DNC operative or a paid troll. Either way, she is giving us all a window on how the far left thinks.

                  • aussie jeff

                    I agree Greg,i find Gina very entertaining,where else can we get an inside view of the hillary machine.
                    Btw,what happened to Colin from NZ?
                    He was a lively contributor.

              • Len Penzo

                Greg … Please stop. Gina is a troll — and “her” trolling has snagged you, hook, line and sinker.


            • JC Davis

              Gina invite her on here. How good would that be.

            • Walt

              Yeah just ask Vince Foster.

        • Bart

          Yes I agree with Gina. Hillary is very good at debating because she’ll only ever say things that can’t possibly be argued with.
          She’d be a great president because people would be scared of criticizing her openly so she’ll be able to do what she wants, how she wants, and quickly. None of the rumors of people dying around her are true, but they probably deserved it anyway.
          She wants to be president more than anything else in the world. She’s motivated. She believes in free exchange of ideas with other countries, and the sharing of technology with less developed nations. That is commendable. On the other hand, Trump wants to keep lots of crucial US inventions secret. That’s not fair, and might actually be a sign of low level racism. Hillary is not party to low level racism and in fact looks forward to a US without white people causing trouble for everyone else, as does her husband Bill.

          • David Larson

            Bart, where did you get that Kool-Aide?….you cannot be serious….Hillary wants to ‘share’ intellectual secrets with the third-world?…and just who is she to ‘share’ IP that belongs to private individuals or companies? 6-15-15-12

        • Mike Roman

          Look at this language you spoke to Greg. That is not language used by a mom, or female on public boards, and your choice of words is what I hear high school level boys speak, when they are shouting at each other on video games. Since you are so uncourteous and foul mouthed to Greg, why don’t you write Greg, and see if he will give you permission to show your face on a video here on the website, and then in return apologize to him for how you have spoken here to him and to everyone. Males don’t have the guts to do that (especially teen age and young 20’s male adults living in moms basement.) Only a female would. Its only fair that you show your face, and let everyone hear your voice, that you so loudly project in words on this website. What have you got to lose ?

    • Jerry

      Good luck with that. I hope you have a bag of rice to fall back on. You’re going to need it. By the way, ” LUC” is short for Lucifer. That’s who you’re really backing. FYI – I live less than 100 miles from Arkansas. I can tell you all you want to know about slick willy and his bride.

    • al H.

      Gina- you maybe right(in your case way left), but if Killay wins- it’s the end of the USA as we have known it. And you and millions others will be in FEMA camps- facing the ovens.- these are real and in your future. Straight from my CIA friend- Right Greg- you know who??

    • Mark

      You have to be a troll.
      nobody can make your arguments and not be on the payroll.
      I think Greg gave you quite a bet of attention.
      As a matter of fact, way too much.

    • terry

      Ur a lost cause..clintons r the evil that plauges our goverment..there is no hope for america just crooked leaders n soon i c us all becoming involved in civil war do to racist biggets like the clintons who do all the wrong thing but have no consequences..its become the american way…rape sex fraud n liars r all i c in the clintons..n there disgusting ugly spoiled clueless of real life is so so just the perfect picture of the american people n there hopeless battle

  7. Deanna Clark

    The Clintons are merely the most expert at charity shenanigans. Most big name charities are now managed by Wall Street and cashing in on their “good names” from days gone by. Anyone who gives a cent to any charity without seriously looking up the current records is a big sucker. They, like churches, are trading on nostalgia and sentiment without disclosing a da*n thing to the donors.

  8. Jerry

    G20 finance ministers talk about digital currency, and bank loans being backed by moveable property in upcoming talks.

    I can only surmise that “moveable property” is referring to gold. If that is the case western banks will not be able to compete with the AIIB in the world markets come Oct. 1, since most of them operate under huge mountains of derivative debt, with little or no assets to back up their loans. Deutsche Bank is a prime example. In short the IMF is going to let the dollar sink or swim on its own merits in the basket of currencies when it comes time to compete with the gold backed Yuan. In some ways that only seems fair.

    But don’t be disillusioned, the BRIC alliance has tipped the scales with its gold purchases over the last seven years. From my sources, I’m even being told that the White Dragon family is holding in its private vaults almost 150,000 metric tons of gold, that it plans to turn over to the PBOC once the reset occurs to help salvage the world economy that has been dismantled by the western banks. Even though I can’t confirm this information, it does make you wonder when you see the Rothschild’s selling off their paper assets buying gold. One things is for sure by this time next week, I’m sure information will be leaking out as to what will be transpiring on Oct. 1 when the Yuan slips into the IMF basket.

    • aussie jeff

      Hey Jerry,thanks for all the forensic investigating you do,always look forward to your posts great job,keep up the work.

    • helot

      Dear Jerry,
      Perhaps I missed it, but I didn’t see you mention this spooky development:

      ‘Deutsche Bank from Germany, UBS from Switzerland, Santander from Spain, and Bank of New York Mellon have joined together to launch what they’re naming the very un-sexy “utility settlement coin”.’ …

      • Jerry

        The curtain is about to be pulled back, so nothing surprises me. Thanks for the link.

    • Jerry

      Unusual movements by Executive Order inside the Treasury Department, signal that the elites are clearly bracing for something.

      My speculation is that the treasury department is getting its ducks in a row in order to absorb the financial impact when the derivative market goes KABOOM in the next few months.

    • Jerry

      The latest on the IMF and China. You can decide for yourself what “financial linkage” means.

      • Jerry

        The rest of the story. Now you know why China was buying massive amounts of gold. My guess ……SDR weight will be determined by physical assets (gold holdings) by the IMF.
        If that is indeed the case, the game is over for the dollar.

        • Jerry

          CIPS ready to be pillar for RMB ecosystem.

          I really appreciate Greg’s range of interest and topics. It lends credibility and (the one word I hate) diversity to his site. My problem is when I read headlines (like the one above) I realize that the rest of the world is not only disinterested in our politics, but are forging ahead with a different agenda.

          If the dollar should loose 30% of its value in the next few months, I doubt seriously whether it matters who will be president. When you’re busy trying to survive your perspective on life becomes very microscopic and take on a new meaning. Don’t get me wrong. I like a wide range of discussions, but when the planes hit the twin towers on 911, Michael Jordan purchasing the Chicago Bulls (the topic at the time) took a back seat to survival. Its funny how the American people few their lives as a sitcom.

        • Tin foil h

          Gold is the insurance for the Chinese against Goldman Sachs, the U.S. financial Seal Team 6.
          I don’t think gold will be used in the infant stage unless we deploy our financial seals against the SDR. The last thing the Chinese want is to corner a wounded beast.
          We still have the war card against the IMF/Chinese gold card. However, the fed needs to install a reliable puppet in the White House first.

          • Jerry

            Tin Foil Hat.
            I keep reading IMF documents where they discuss it. You may be right though. They may decide to use it later.

            • Charles H

              Within striking a balance – there is a direction of movement.

    • WD

      Why would the Chinese & Russians ever let HRC have half a chance to win election….knowing how dangerous she is and that her win would mean instant war against those countries…..they must realize this….right

  9. Gina M Mancarella

    I’ll tell you what I am betting. The folks over at Justice see this and Mr. Ortel might find himself behind bars in a penitentiary sooner rather than later. The GALL!~ The hutzpah !!! You are a marked man buddy ! A marked man ! Enjoy your jail cell !

    • Greg Hunter

      What would be the charges? You seem desperate and very worried. I’d say frantic. You are now resorting to threats of jail and violence. If this is how your group wants to rule then it’s tyranny and treason in my mind.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        TREASON for one and they would just be getting started !!!!!!

        • Gina M Mancarella

          You do know what the penalty for teason is dont you, Greg ?????

          • Greg Hunter

            Asking questions about our potential leaders is not Treason. Now you are making veiled death threats? You are a housewife??

          • Bart

            hey Gina, they have to prove intent, and that is notoriously difficult as you know.

            Greg will be OK.

          • WD

            The ” gardens of Washington D.C.?….if you don’t get shot in that Democratic party utopia…..bring the bullet proof vest.

          • frederick

            The Hildebeast is the one who should be in Leavenworth due to treason

        • Greg Hunter

          Treason for asking questions about a Presidential candidate’s alleged charity fraud? You better look up the word treason.

    • Bart

      Gina, did your girlfriend tell you all this? Is Debbie still on the case?
      I hope Hillary wins too. Will they crash the system in her first term, or second? Do you know?

      Bill’s dream of a white minority in the US could come true under her presidency. Of course Hillary will be able to dodge the applicable genocide charges no matter how anti-white she gets. Those charges never stick anyhow. Merkel got away with it. Nobody’s going to touch Merkel either, even though she won a Coudenhove-Kalergi award for her activism in this area which is proof enough. Less and less will dare to care now that Harry Potter has done his movie.

    • Mike Roman

      A marked man, buddy ? Hey DOOD, GiNERD, how about we all kick your gonads up through your throat ? You are a fraud, clearly not a female, and most likely a teenager who sits at home in his mom’s basement. Or wait, maybe even 20, and still at home in mom’s basement. Linguistically, its very easy to see you are not of the female gender. You tried hard in your prior postings to write like what you think a female might, but you’ve totally lost it, as fakes like you, always get caught in their own tangled web of lies. You have nothing to do with Hillary, her campaign, and don’t even rank of the value you would love to have, even being a peon on some campaign staff. Angry, immature, 16 year old prick, is what you are. Amazed that Greg gives you any air time whatsoever.

      • helot

        Dear Mike Roman,
        I really dislike it when people try to use, ‘still at home in mom’s basement’ as a put-down. There are many fine young people who are in that situation through no fault of their own – and – saying so is a real put-down on extended families staying together under one roof as has been done for centuries and should be done by many to make it through the next down-turn in the economy.

        It’s a, ‘good thing’ is all I’m saying. And, no. I don’t still live at home. I kind of wished I did though, I miss some of the home cooked meals I used to enjoy, and the company. Also: Dude, Love your enemies. Try, anyway. Ugly and foul as they might be.

        • Deanna Clark

          I agree, helot. Other red flags for snobbery online are “sheeple” and “drinking the Kool-Aid.” “Ziotards” is another. Of course families should help one another…and any parent knows it’s much more expensive to keep your grown child “independent” than in the family homestead!!! How many independent young people get their car insurance, their utilities, their rent even, paid by their families because they spend their pay checks on pot and entertainment. Everyone with sense knows what I’m saying is true.

          • Charles H


            I’ve got a nephew, who lives with grandpa – who never pays rent, keeps a girlfriend overnight, and barely pays for the cable/internet hook-up. He eats anything left in the house. Flipped one new car (totaled), abandoned a second (repossessed) , and is going for a used car now. It’s only “me”, and a lot of worthless talk. I’m afraid he will put the both of them out on the street.

            • helot

              Dear Charles H,

              I’ve got a nephew, who lives with grandpa, too. He just started. I hope he does not follow the same path as yours. It’s quite possible.

              There’s an element or two missing from your family equation that many other families in similar situations have solved.

              What is missing? Religion? Shared work ethic? Discipline? Is grandpa to blame?
              I don’t know.

              RE: ‘It’s only “me”, and a lot of worthless talk.’

              I can relate. I wished I knew an answer. Perhaps it’s found at Rock Bottom?

              What is missing?

              [In the background, I’m thinking: this ugly distortion is the result of easy Fed monetary policy!]

              • Charles H


                This nephew is the product of a “broken home” – divorce: well away from the side my wife and grandpa is on, who have been faithful church-goers all their lives. Also he followed Dad, instead of sticking with Mom and her string of ‘boyfriends’. Dad went through another marriage and divorce (4th) while philandering and descending into drug abuse. So this nephew has had it pretty hard.
                I spoke to him about ‘being like his father’ – but manifest in different ways. It went in one ear and out the other. He, like his Dad, made a “profession” in the past: and they think they’re good. The bias of the young generation frosts the cake.
                What is missing?: true Biblical Salvation. True change is beyond man’s powers; renovating and rehabilitating are just fresh paint on rotten planks.

        • Mike Roman

          helot – listen here, and listen good. Obviously you are not reading all the trash mouth (the person who uses the name Gina) is spewing over Greg’s board here, but suffice it to say, that the clearly juvenile language, and word choices are highly offensive to many, and definitely words used by males. The person is antagonistic, baiting people, trying to get a rise, and inflaming post after post, and many video topics here that don’t need this sort of childish nonsense. If you think that person named Gina is an adult, be my guest. Teenaged males, or quite immature ones use these words Gina has written. Personally, the person named should get moderated off the board, because the person is not genuine, being dishonest, not at all considerate (rude is the operative word), even threatening Greg, and saying he’s going to get his ass kicked up through his whatever. That’s how a juvenile in a basement speaks, with their buddy’s, not a grown mom. That person is using a female persona, because if any male spoke that way, Greg wouldn’t allow such posts. I know from experience, as I have tried test posts here, and he never let them post, using far less aggressive and less rude words than this so called Gina has. Typical that he would, be more generous in allowing a female to speak, because they are so rare here on this website.

          • Charles H

            Mike R,

            I’m hoping this is just a phase Greg Hunter is going through. Anything there was to learn from whoever “Gina” is: could be surmised in four or five posts.

          • helot

            Dear Mike Roman,

            I listened. (Did you?) It does not matter if that person is a child, a male, or whatever; the burden is upon you to show some restraint and compassion. The choice is yours. Do as you please.
            I was just pointing something out which it seemed to me you missed.

  10. Gina M Mancarella

    This is absolutely the worst worst worst guest you ever had on ! EVER !

    • Bob Conolly

      Hysterical Bullshit !

  11. Gina M Mancarella

    AM I PISSED OFF ?????

    YOU BETCHA !!!!!


    • Greg Hunter

      Have you talked to Hillary about this interview already? Please get me a booking.

      • David

        Greg… I really do think that Hillary is masquerading as Gina. Your interview hit a nerve.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Do you really think that Hillary is going to do a booking with you ? Do you not think she has a million requests daily to do an interview ? Just for shits and giggles, I did ask my husband about such a possibility. It gave him such a belly laugh as he went off to work that the comedy was worth asking the question.

        • Greg Hunter

          OK Gina,
          Thank you form showing us what you are all about.

        • WD


          She is too afraid to do any interviews or press conferences….I bet your husband is not laughing at that?

        • Harley

          Greg. I am sure that if you donate a few mill to the Clinton Foundation you would get that interview.

    • Old Dog

      Mrs. Mancarella,
      You are clearly upset, and you give the impression (whether it is true or not, I do not know) that you have an “in” with Mrs. Clinton. Then tell her, a lot of Americans are upset. Tell her, a lot of Americans are “p—ed off” as you so crudely wrote, about her lying and her half-truths, about her husband’s immorality, about her self-serving so-called service to our country.
      She is NOT entitled to be president of the United States.
      She is doing everything within the power she has gleaned by hook and by crook to ensure that she is the president.
      If she gets in that way, she may get to be the first woman president of a country that goes into full-scale civil war.
      Because if you … and she … have not figured it out by now, a lot of American people are “p—-ed off ” at corrupt Washington politics, of which Mrs. Clinton is queen.
      Trust her. Never.
      Vote for her. Never.

      But I suspect, you are as much of a liar as Hillary Clinton, and all your bravado is fake.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        “She is NOT entitled to be president of the United States.”


        Mark it on your calender !

        • DavidC

          Hello Gina,
          Just thought I’d join in the fun.

          What date should I mark in my calendar please? Thank you.


    • WD


      I can smell your desperation over the internet…..the one Al Gore invented.

    • Jerry

      I look forward to the “Gina” show each week. She’s proof positive why people need Prozac. Gina baby, Hilary isn’t Jesus Christ. She’s just a lying carpetbagger that’s managed to ride her husbands coattails into the white house. Everyone in Arkansas knows their business arrangement. Including Jennifer Flowers.

      • Greg Hunter

        “Gina” was so vocal that this post must have touched a nerve as it should have. Charity Fraud is something the masses and the wealthy can easily understand.

      • frederick

        Prozac wouldnt help Gina that stuff is poison anyway I wouldnt wish that garbage even on someone like Gina

  12. DLC

    By coincidence, I watched an Ortel interview on CTM in the wee hours this morning. Now, with your interview, we have one more onion layer peeled off the Clintons. Bill Holter remarked in his latest interview that Hillary would either be the next president or be in jail.

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking what the next move by the Dems will be as they always stay 10 jumps ahead on strategy. Specifically, I’ve been looking Kaine over. He may well have been the contingency pick if Hillary should get her just deserts. I personally believe the powers and the press will drag Hillary across the finish line — by her hair if need be. After that, I’m thinking she is disposable. Kaine takes the reins.

    There is too much money involved, too many people involved, too much power and all sorts of big plans for this country to allow this witch to take a direct hit in the next month or so. When they rigged the election, they knew what their glue horse was all about — and they stuck by her and continue to play offense on her behalf.

    As to The Donald, he sure looks like small change compared to what we are learning about this foundation of worldwide influence peddling. It would be easier to just off Trump. Nothing that unfolds in the next few weeks will leave my head swimming.

    Ya, I know, you’re thinking “truth, justice, and the American way.” I’m thinking Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, reality stood on its head. I’m too cynical but do hope you are the one who is correct.

    Election over McCain’s fate is this Tuesday. I’m expecting a voter apathy win for McCain. Hope I’m wrong here too.

    • Charles H

      Not too cynical at all, DLC. You’ve made a fair assessment here. Kudos.

  13. Linda L.d

    The Clintons are as guilty as it gets for crimes on so many breathtaking, head spinning levels, as I know you’re aware of. But when I watched the FBI Director share Hillary’s email crimes for all the world to hear (something he necessarily didn’t have to do), and then give this lying, scum bag a free pass (warning in overtones that no one else should do what Hillary did!), then I knew that Hillary would never be convicted for ANYTHING. Hillary is in like flynn with the NWO gang, who are intent on bringing down the Republic. Hillary appears to be their choice and unless there’s a contrived, flag event that is big enough to stop the elections/cripple life as we know it, then unfortunately I don’t think that anything is going to stop them or the global scale, Clinton machine.

    • Linda L.

      I’ve thought it over some and think that I may have jumped the gun. My initial post (above) done in down moment, is what the far left want me to believe. After all, they’re promoting all Sal Alinsky’s steps for collapsing the Republic, with one major key to accomplishing this goal done by smashing the hope factor and replacing it with fear/feelings of despair/chaos etc. We all need to stand behind Trump, giving this decent man a chance because the alternative will be the utter end of America. Gina, you may be eating your words in the not so distant future, and remember Gina that it “ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

  14. Mimi Dick

    Let’s hope that just ONE person who gave lots of money to the (cough cough) Clinton Foundation *charity* get’s angry enough to start pulling the string to unravel this horrible couple’s fraud! Once one does lots more will follow–then go on to other illegalities that they have committed–which are many!!
    Great story and thanks for all YOU do and thanks to people like Mr. Ortel for gathering the info on the Clintons as there is so much! I’m sure it’s hard to gather it all!
    But just because Killary THINKS it’s her turn–it’s NOT!!!

  15. eddiemd

    Too funny.

    I would say that this interview has touched a nerve with the Gina operative.

    Good job Greg.

    Make this interview go viral everybody.

    Send a copy to everyone you know.

  16. DLC

    Gina, Gina: Finally the fangs come out. I just knew you had it in you. Disagree and you get threats and insults. Jail Ortel? Anyone with an opinion that is not lockstep gets the D’Souza treatment?

    Anyone wearing glasses during Pol Pot’s regime got executed — the thinking being that people who wore glasses were intellectuals and likely capable of thinking for themselves. What will be the criteria in the Hillary/Huma regime?

    Your PISSED? You just gave me the vapors. Such language from a sweet thing sycophant.

  17. Bob From Mo.

    Gina I just want to know… do you even know how to use a bathroom???

  18. Dan


    Just wondering whether you believe it is realistic to think that foreign governments (US vassals such as Canada, Australia, et al) would actually take action against the Clinton Foundation.

    I would think that they wouldn’t want to at least for the reason of “non-interference” in the US Election process. Moreover, I would also assume that they wouldn’t want to be locked out of the SWIFT international payment system if they don’t “behave” like a good vassals (e.g., like with France not so long ago with BNP being fined $9b).

    Just a thought…

    P.S.: On the bright side, Trump will decimate her in the debates and there will be no place to escape or hide while tens of millions are watching. I get the feeling the elites/deep state will not let the election make it to such debates; something’s gotta give beforehand.

  19. wondrouscat

    Thank you Mr. Ortel for hitting that dang truth nerve and bringing out the real hildabeast in Gina for all to see. She’s swinging wildly now like a drunken fighter. thanks again.

    • Bob

      Gina wo-man is a piece of work haha. Reading all the comments sure makes this Gina dude look like he has screw loose or has some inside information s/he is not revealing. A line from Shakespeare with regards to Gina seems appropriate – “Me thinks thou doest protest too much” Something is just not right right with Gina and the self assured comments and overt threats to you. Maybe Gina is overly confident about an election win because she is or knows someone who rigs elections.
      Gina dude claims your ‘Ortel’ report today is treasonist ! WTF ??? You, Greg, are simply providing true journalism in making points of view available and then people can take the information – think for themselves – and come to their own conclusions. Your work, Greg, is vital in a time in history when trur journalism is being subverted and manipulated. Time listening to your reports is well spent . I think Gina must be a CNN devotee who had been mezmorized by all the talking bobbleheads yapping their nonsense from a common script.
      I don’t know if what Mr Ortel reported today is true or not – I’m not a lawyer but his accounting gives one an avenue to further examine -And-that avenue must be examined completely before Election Day. If properly examined then let the chips fall where they may. If it is as Mr Ortel says, then there is no way Ms Hillary should be president. If Mr Ortel is ‘proven’ wrong then this would simply confirm Hillary’s credibility.
      In th meantime I believe it is vital that you continue doing the wonderful work you do with your reports – I don’t always agree with all your guests but I’m given the opportunity to think for myself.
      I think the e-mail story and the Clinton Foundation story is becoming THE story of this election and will allow Hillary to sink or swim. The only injustice to the American people would be to fail to fully investigate all these issues BEFORE people mark their ballots.
      Stay investigative Greg !
      God bless you and your work !

  20. Andrew

    Hi Greg and many thanks for USAWATCHDOG.

    If Charles is correct and HRC comes under investigation for charity fraud and is compelled to withdraw fron the presidential race, then I predict she and Bill will receive Preidential pardons from the outgoing BO. There could be a twist to this scenario if a state of emergency is declared pre 8th Nov – can an on-going president grant an out-going President’s pardon?

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I have long assumed that any ugly, vicious writing is meant to smear whoever it defends. I’ve read pro-Jewish stuff that is clearly meant to smear Jewish people by the style and content…this gadget here is full of such things. Gina may be a Golden Dawn fascist for all we know. She sounds like one hired to “defend” Hillary Clinton.

  21. Herbert Armstrong

    Considering the content of Greg’s latest post here; [Clinton Foundation Largest Unprosecuted Charity Fraud in History-] I thought I’d add Johnny Yuma’s comment from last week on the lack of justice, in these less than [United] States of today.

    Is this the real reason for the unhappiness of the American people?


    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence.[1] The phrase gives three examples of the “unalienable rights” which the Declaration says have been given to all human beings by their Creator, and which governments are created to protect.

    God has always rightly required that those desiring to gain his approval acquaint themselves with his standard of justice and follow it. (Isa 1:17, 18; 10:1, 2; Jer 7:5-7; 21:12; 22:3, 4; Eze 45:9, 10; Am 5:15; Mic 3:9-12; 6:8; Zec 7:9-12) Like God, they must be impartial, as a failure in this regard is unjust and violates the law of love. (Jas 2:1-9) However, the exercise of justice according to God’s standard is not a burden; man’s happiness actually depends on it. (Ps 106:3; compare Isa 56:1, 2.) This truth was acknowledged by the famous English jurist Blackstone: “[God] has so intimately connected, so inseparably interwoven the laws of eternal justice with the happiness of each individual, that the latter cannot be attained but by observing the former; and, if the former be punctually obeyed, it cannot but induce the latter.”—Chadman’s Cyclopedia of Law, 1912, Vol. I, p. 88.

    The proper exercise of justice by governmental authority likewise contributes to the happiness and well-being of its subjects. (Compare Pr 29:4.) Since justice will always be exercised by Christ Jesus as King of God’s Kingdom and by all those serving in administrative capacities under him, his loyal subjects will find pleasure in submitting themselves to his righteous rule.—Isa 9:6, 7; 32:1, 16-18; 42:1-4; Mt 12:18-21; Joh 5:30; compare Pr 29:2.

    Since 9/11/2001 we the people have been put through the ringer. Till the return of our LORD. . . We Demand Justice!
    Is there a new Sheriff in town? A real hero. . .

  22. your fan in Japan

    Charles offered the example of Bonnis and Clyde.
    While I was listening, the example that came to mind was Jim and Tammy Faye Baker.
    Not the best example to be sure, but that’s what came to mind.

  23. eddiemd

    Wait until the debates.

    Trump will have the opportunity to destroy Clinton.

    It is no wonder the MSM is on the constant attack. The MSM knows the background.

    Obama is in on it. There is no doubt that Obama and his ilk know the background.

    I see DC taking us to war in Syria and Ukraine before the lection can happen.

    Dark days ahead.

  24. wondrouscat

    Is Gina perhaps Hillary herself? So much sudden anger and defensive, imperious, violent retaliation who but she would react in such a way to the threat of her undoing – and the language “the folks over at justice . . .” as though she knows them.

    • frederick

      I think Gina is actually “Huma” and shes just having a bad day because of her husbands philandering

      • Gina M Mancarella

        You are an insensitive egotistical chauvinist pig.

        • frederick

          Thank you Gene Im very happy to get under your skin alittle

          • Charles H

            Actually, your comment was accurate – concerning Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin’s ex-husband-to-be. And for someone with advanced degrees – there is no confirmation of understanding what “chauvinism” means: as it cannot be derived from your comment. Just hurling an insult which doesn’t apply either means: 1) they don’t know what it means, or 2) they don’t care – which makes it twice as ignorant. Beyond the immaturity of using (veiled?) threats: this person is writing on a GED level or less.

      • RTW

        She’s Chelsea “Hubble”Clinton. She has shown this by her temperment and foul language unleashed when she gets rattled, just like her mother.

        • frederick

          RTW it must run in the family I have heard that Hillbillies can be very nasty when cornered

          • RTW

            Just like a rabid raccoon.

  25. Dr. Bill Canavan

    [THE REAL GLORY ] Real Justice?
    It is 1906 and the American Army fights to maintain control of the Philippines following the Spanish-American War.
    Sequestered on the Philippine island of Mindanao, the American soldiers help to fend off the hostile, attacking suicide Muslim Moro tribesmen determined to take possession of the islands and their people. In this short scene from the movie you’ll see the native Philippine soldiers afraid of a fearless, death-defying Moslem Moro suicide terrorist. The Moro might have had better grounds to object to their portrayal in the film as extreme Moslem fundamentalist demonic, bloodthirsty savages but with 3 years of ‘ISIS’, ‘ISIL’ or ‘IS’ in the news, and since the Paris terror attacks last November, the word ‘Daesh’ has been used with increasing frequency by world leaders and the media. There’s a reason it’s gaining popularity. Daesh is an acronym for the Arabic phrase al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). Essentially, it’s another word for ISIS – but apparently one that ISIS militants do not favour.

    Why? Because it is similar to the Arabic words ‘Daes’, ‘one who crushes something underfoot’ and ‘Dahes’, translated as ‘one who sows discord’. In January 2015, then Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that he would begin referring to the Islamic State group by this name, saying: “Daesh hates being referred to by this term, and what they don’t like has an instinctive appeal to me.”

    It seems that other world leaders have now followed suit, with French president Francois Hollande and the USA’s secretary of state John Kerry both using the term.

    According to NBC, ISIS has reportedly threatened to ‘cut out the tongues’ of anyone it hears using the term.

    Evan Kohlmann, a national security analyst, told NBC: “It’s a derogatory term and not something people should use even if you dislike them.”

    So the ‘one who sows discord’ pop’s up every so often in history, trying to scare the wits out of us and now wanting to cut our tongues, if we call them out for what they really are!

    Everyone here, please watch. Let Gary Cooper show you. Come on, this is what you were afraid of when our American soldiers went home. You were sad when you should have been happy! Happy, because this is our country and if it is your country you’ve got to protect it. But you never will as long as your afraid of men like this! They think your only fit for slavery and that’s because you act like slaves! Fear has made you slaves! Take ah look at them. If we were to cut them open wed find they only had one heart, one stomach, approximately 25 feet of intestines, no more no less than you have, Then what makes him a better man? You, because your afraid of him!

    I’ll show you what your afraid of . . . Take a couple of minutes and watch this little snippet from a movie that’s been suppressed. Were fighting for existence and nothings going to stop us and if we let them do it, [Washington] were, [you and me] are just plain stupid!
    Look at this [Washington] your brave Daesh, your terrible warrior. How could you [Washington] be afraid of that worm crawling on the ground. Howling for mercy, begging for help, [Allah! Allah!] Scared out of his skin because of the skin of a dead pig!

    Want more? Here’s the free full uncut movie and no commercials!
    Viewers of this movie, The Real Glory (1939) will certainly notice several unique aspects of the Moro warfare style including their preference for machete in hand to hand combat, their use of gory guerilla-style booby traps and their imperviousness to the American army’s bullets. In fact, the Moslem Moro tribesmen were so resistant to .38-calibre bullets that the Army developed the 1911.45-calibre automatic to better repel them, still in standard use today by our armed forces, still stopping terrorists.

  26. Robert Lykens

    Greg, I was about to say that enough’s enough and to please block “Gina”, but I’m glad you haven’t. He is obviously threatening you and trying to scare you off, and I think it’s good that people see what the leftist/socialist/fascist Democrat Party is all about: fear and threats. I just hate that he monopolizes so much space here and takes so much attention away from legitimate topics of discussion.
    Now I’m angry with myself for giving “Gina” the attention he so desperately craves.

  27. Richard

    Personally, I think Gina is getting way too much play on this thread for arguing from the standpoint of a dim bulb. I don’t think I need to say more because it would just encourage “her”….it…..whatever. Gina is a paid troll. Please….please stop feeding the Gina the witless.

    Charles Ortel is totally credible…. “At the end of the day, even if you write a great book, and the book is good, and even if you do a movie and the movie is good, at the end of the day, the skeptical press is going to say there is no evidence.”

    Brings to mind the following verse from the Bible:

    Psalms 11: 3 ” If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

    Semper Fi

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment, and more importantly, thank you for your service to the country!

      • helot

        Please, read this:

        ‘What service is actually being praised by those conditioned to say these empty words? Why are they thanking and praising nearly every soldier’ …

        ‘As a 25 year veteran, thrice combat tested, now retired, former USMC killing machine, I take exception to this patriotically veiled insincerity and urge thinking people not to use it. I shall try to explain why.’ …

        ‘… Proud? Of what? Having been an accomplice of this racket? Where’s that nickel? I’ll trade it for that million dollars and mail my awards to the Pentagon with instructions on where they can stash them.’ …

        ‘The only benefit that I can find from my military service is that it made me open my eyes to the real world around me. It showed me that we are all looked upon as pawns to further the interests of our overlords, that there is no limit to the lies and distortions that they will create in order to benefit themselves, and that they will pit the pawns against each other to further those aims. It’s funny, when people find out that I am a US Navy veteran, they often say to me, “Thank you for your service.” My reply is always, “service to whom?”’ …

        ‘I spent 33 years and 4 months in active service as a member of our country’s most agile military force – the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General.And during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for big business, for Wall Street and for the bankers.’ …

        • Andrew

          Helot, thanks for your insight. We all need to examine our beliefs and paradymes in light of ‘democratic’ governments having gone ‘rogue’. My father was a military doctor during WWII and maintained a healthy disdain of politicians forever after. I have a nephew who has just entered military officer academy and his parents are proud as punch – I can’t ‘burst their bubble of pride’ but fear he has just become a paid enforcer for the morally corrupt ruling class.

        • Doug Krause

          Helot…good post, but yes we all say meaningless words and catch phases as we want to say something thankful, thoughtful….sort of like our hearts and prayers go out to you… Cheers Doug

  28. Robert Lykens

    “If the U.S. abdicates internet stewardship, the United Nations might take control.”

    “When the Obama administration announced its plan to give up U.S. protection of the internet, it promised the United Nations would never take control. But because of the administration’s naiveté or arrogance, U.N. control is the likely result if the U.S. gives up internet stewardship as planned at midnight on Sept. 30.”

    • Richard

      I am a 71 year old disabled Vietnam veteran (’66-“67) of the Marine Corps (4th Marines). I will use the Semper Fi , “always faithful” statement anytime I feel like using it….especially when conversing with other Marines.

      If you don’t like it…..TOUGH!!!

      BTW, I’ve read “War is a Racket” by Smedley Butler.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for your service to the country. The Semper Fi term does not offend me one bit and never will.

        • helot

          The links to the words of the other soldiers had no meaning or impact? …It seems that way.

          ‘The following test is designed to determine to what degree, if any, that you are a military idolater.” …

          ‘Veterans who recognize these things, regret their service, and try to keep others from repeating their mistakes are the real heroes.”

          ‘A military not strictly for defense of U.S. borders, shores, coasts, and skies is nothing more than the president’s personal attack force staffed by mercenaries willing to obey his latest command to bomb, invade, occupy, and otherwise bring death and destruction to any country he deems necessary.

          Christian, it is time to slay the golden calf.’

          • Greg Hunter

            You have to be kidding me. You are comparing people who are proud they served America in the military to idolatry? Give it a rest.

            • helot

              Dear Mr. Greg Hunter,

              I agree with and have appreciated much of your work. However; in this one instance I think you are making a Very grave error. I hope to help you.

              I have read a Biblical passage which clearly spelled out your misstep, regretfully, after much searching I cannot find it at the moment. When I do, I shall pass it along and let you decide, which is right.
              The gist of the passage was that you are giving respect of persons in a way that is prohibited of true Christians.

              In the meantime, I do hope and ask that you read the links I posted and consider these words:

              (This is Greg Hunter and I am not posting the links. Stop posting them. I 100% disagree. see my answer for more. You are misrepresenting the Bible)

              • Greg Hunter

                Soldiers were respected in the bible scriptures. For example: military service in the Old Testament (Genesis 14), “when Abraham’s nephew Lot was kidnapped by Chedorlaomer, king of Elam, and his allies. Abraham rallied to Lot’s aid by gathering 318 trained men of his household and defeating the Elamites. Here we see armed forces engaged in a noble task—rescuing and protecting the innocent.” There is much more about soldiers and military service here:

                DO NOT bring this here again. As I said before you are misquoting and misusing the Bible. What you are saying it totally false and the Bible backs me up on this:


        • Richard

          My comment was directed at helot.

          Semper Fi

          • Greg Hunter

            I know. I wanted you to know I appreciate your service.

  29. DLC

    Quite a few members of my family got on a charter bus headed for a rally in Wilkes-Barre for a man named Bill Clinton who was first-time campaigning for prez.

    Heard of Wilkes-Barre? That’s like a sister city to Scranton — you know, where Joe Biden was born in a lowly manger (funny how they catapult from obscurity to millionaire status, never having accomplished much of anything).

    My family returned home in a euphoric state as though they’d been popping Ecstasy pills all the way home. One of my brothers sat on my mom’s sofa talking about the moment when he shook Bill’s hand. I recall asking my brother if he was going to wash that same hand ever again.

    The same dupes acted the same way when “O” was running. They covered my mom’s neighborhood with Obama signs. They ranted about how His Nibs was going to right all the pent up wrongs of the world, yadda, yadda.

    I got removed from the family E-mail list after giving my opinion of what “O” would turn out to be. Everything I wrote came to fruition, and then some. I got an Amish shunning as a result of expressing myself.

    Twenty-five years later they are still waiting for deliverance by some politician of the liberal stripe.

    Eons from now, some explorer will find my lib relatives frozen in amber clutching a Hillary doll.

    • Bart

      Bill Clinton said the answer to the world’s problems was working towards a time when whites are a minority in the USA so a Nazi party can never be elected. That’s his idea of progress. What a great man.

      Gina might call efforts towards replacement of a population “genocide” but as a crime its like treason – you need to be careful who you accuse, right Gina?

      “Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.” Hillary loves that quote. Gina’s girlfriend told me. She’s really important.

      Genocide’s the same – only its victims complain, but they obviously deserve it.
      Why do they deserve it? Because they are bringing race into it. Why do people keep doing bringing race into it? Can’t they just complain about genocide without bringing race into it?

      Not that anyone’s really complaining in the US. Harry Potter just made a documentary about how to think properly.
      Saying Hillary commits treason is treason.
      Saying whites are being attacked is white supremacy.
      Thanks to Harry Potter’s new movie we know how to think and can vote for Hillary. Trump is obviously some sort of American supremacist who is trying to take over the presidency somehow. Just watch, if he wins Americans will strut about like peacocks as if they own the country. I’m warning you…

    • WD


      I have seen this before from the left…waiting and waiting and waiting and no one ever really comes.

  30. Bill

    WOW GREG; Gina sure got everybody riled. That’s what liberals are good at. Just read an article in the paper that a few FBI agents went to the DOJ with proof of bill/Hillary wrong doing and the DOJ refused to accept it.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Justice is not going to consider evidence presented by idiots. And if you think yall are going to make an idiot of Ms. Mills you got another thing coming !

      • DavidC

        Hello again Gina,
        Oooh, this IS fun isn’t it?!

        Who is Mrs Mills please?

        I do rather think that, for someone wth your self purported level of education in commenst above, your grammar and spelling leaves a bit to be desired.


        • DavidC

          Oops mea culpa! Comments, not comemnst!


  31. Angelo

    Greg, that’s why she wants to get it on with Putin and blow up the world, to hide her criminal activity. She’s pure evil.

  32. WD

    What about a foreign country filing charges against this foundation?

    Also, I cant imagine that the Russians and/or the Chinese want to take a chance on her becoming president? They musty have some type of “contingency plan” .


  33. John

    As much as i would like to see the rule of law be upheld and that Charles is on to something. I must bring up something Comey said in his statement, that i feel has been overlooked.
    “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”
    Have you seen any bankers in jail? We can still hope justice will prevail in the future.

    • MCasey

      John, In fact, James Comey’s statement stood out to me. The word is “reasonable”. The insinuation is you’re “unreasonable” if you think Hillary should be prosecuted.

      This is the #1 fall back in the Democrats’ “Play Book” to discredit “reasonable” people who expect “reasonable” action from their government.

      For proof, see Gina’s attempt to discredit Bill in the comments above, “Justice [DOJ] is not going to consider evidence presented by idiots.” (Loving Gina’s desperation as we watch Hillary lose email by email.)

  34. Angie

    I will be amazed if Hillary is ever convicted of anything not that she does not deserve it but because they have something on everyone else.

    and still he was elected and reelected … now it is her turn. She helped him and did what ever it took to get them there at the top and keep them there. What is most concerning is that she is worse than he is. Honesty, laws, and rules do not apply to them.

    With Hillary we are one hot flash away from complete destruction.

  35. a. bona, md

    dear greg–fyi, Clinton foundation 2014 balance sheet shows only 2.9% going to charity, remainder blown on travel and lavish salaries and expenses. sorry I tried to download for you but could not. it is at the burning platform, aug 24th, posted by ‘administrator’ who is an author there. thanks.

  36. Greg Collins

    The Clintons and their accomplices have been covered by corrupt courts and legislators for decades. My parents from the S.side of Chicago are multi-millionaires with multiple luxury residences in Illinois and Florida and are violent communist thugs that want to end property ownership for everyone except fellow communists/socialists.

    I started a construction company by saving my $15 an hour pay as a construction worker and the Clintons had thrown them into a homicidal feeding frenzy to strip everyone of property and they made death threats starting in 1993 to try to force me to transfer my assets and company into my mothers name and learn public speaking to tell her “success” story to the public since my unwanted childbirth had deprived both parents of the wealth and pubic image they were entitled to even though they were pothead, drunk hippie freak screw-ups with an open relationship and had all sorts of parties all the time and spent money like drunken sailors.

    I refused to transfer my assets and company to my mother so she attacked my stepfather to further loot his estate and he switched side and begged me to protect him and his estate from my mother.

    My father pretended to be neutral but picked an residence next to a top level Clinton supporter and my sister had the bridge loan for construction converted to a juice loan. She was a cocaine addict loan officer. I confronted my father on the issue as he refused to take sides after my brother had stolen my offshore boat and a sports car through title fraud and he claimed my sister had a right to do that because it was not her fault she had dried her brains on drugs and had many sexually transmitted diseases that held her back unfairly in the banking industry and that my brother was unfairly held back by his spending habits and great needs and that I was an unfair competitor and hoarding my assets was prevented anyone else from having any.

    At the same time my top level Clinton supporting neighbor told me I needed to have my arms and legs chopped off and wiggle around on the ground like a bloody stump because my hoarding of assets was causing everyone else to live in poverty. I asked my neighbor why do you live in a wealthy area then and she said because I’m here to teach everyone else a lesson about having more than they deserve and try to cause them as much harm as possible. I asked her why do you hate rich people and she said because her mother almost starved to death because she was poor. I asked the neighbor why do you deserve to live in such wealthy area and she became enraged and exclaimed she was extremely deprived and had far less than she deserved and told me that she deserved to have a mansion with everything she wanted in exchange for supporting the Clinton’s.

    All the contractors canceled there contracts and refused to pay out or even return phone calls and county officials stalled all my permits and many neighbors became hostile towards me and picked fights with me.

    My father demanded I transfer my assets to family trust and get on welfare to be taught a lesson about humiliating the family by being and unfair competitor and by never getting arrested, doing drugs, having children out of wedlock, credit card bills car payments etc. like “normal” people do.

    I refused and the family had Ameriquest transfer my estate to a Bank of America family trust they set up at the same time and had crooked cops, judges and county officials and citizens threaten, harass, falsely arrest, pick fights with me, ram into many of my vehicles and demand I leave Illinois and never come back.

    The Clintons and their supporters have looted, raped and pillaged the U.S. though estate, paternity, divorce, false date rape, and numerous other property and business swindles. Combined with selling out to overseas interests treasonous trade agreements, fiscal and regulatory policies designed to harm U.S. business and getting paid off to flood the country with illegals by banking crooks that got rich off of juice loans and artificially boosted housing prices as well as reduced wages scales. The VAWA act by Joe Biden has been used to bypass due process and frame innocent men from coast to coast on bogus violence against women charges to strip them off assets and business interests.

    The Clintons and their rabid crooked supporters have done more harm to the world than any people in modern history.

    Greg your an international hero and a blessing to humanity for helping expose the most psychotic crooks in world history my dream is to have my mother, father, sister and brother shot for treason for being Clinton accomplices and go on a worldwide tour exposing them as Nazi’s on steroids.

    God bless and Godspeed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Greg.

  37. Mike

    Greg–I love your show, but you and your listeners really need make sure they have food-water, cash, first aid kit and other things before Sept 1st. Word is the German government, besides REQUIRING citizens to have 10 days of food and 5 days of water (only a few days ago), is now proposing a bill giving the government control of all food production and distribution in a crisis. This of course has been the law in the US since the Cold War, but the proverbial feces is about to hit the blades.

  38. libertarian jerry

    Greg……….There’s an old saying and it goes something like this: “if you see an intelligent man arguing with an idiot pretty soon the people watching the argument won’t know who the real idiot is.” Best advice,don’t waste your time or your readers time arguing with this idiot.

    • WTF

      Jerry, Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Kevin KA7LRC 146.52 West of Longview, Wa

  39. Rob M

    Gina doesn’t have me riled. She is an obvious shill. Greg, thanks you for the service you provide. I hope all of these people are tried, found guilty, and executed for crimes against humanity, including this Gina woman. Your guest, Carles Ortel, has blown the lid off of the nest of vipers and this cockroach Gina is freaking out as the cleansing light makes her scurry. She is involved in it. She is not angry. She is scared as well she should be. Gina it will please me so much when you and your ilk get yours. A house fell on your sister, Gina. No, I am not riled. Finally something makes sense and the cleansing can begin. I am ready to do my part and I hope some of you are with me.

    • Bart

      I’m not laughing at Gina. She sounds very serious.
      Gina, has Hillary told you how many people need to be eliminated to enable Utopia?
      Lenin said about 10% usually suffices. Utopia is a loftier goal than Lenin’s mediocre effort, so maybe Hillary has a higher percentage in mind? It might fit Bill’s anti-Nazi plans too. Exciting stuff.

  40. OutLookingIn

    If you seriously go against the Clinton neocon machine.
    If you become a serious threat to their survival.
    If obtain and hold irrefutable proof of their guilt.
    You will seriously wind up dead.

    So many deaths already, under cloudy circumstances.

    There is a suspicion.

  41. Tommy

    It’s time to ban Gina’s posts from this site. One or two goofy posts are one thing but she has hogged up the entire comment section making us shovel through the manure to find the posts that have intellectual quality. She only does this as a troll and to get her jollies as she most likely lives alone and has no friends so this is sort of an extended family for her. Even if she is allowed to post people should not respond to her silliness because it is pointless to respond to someone who is only playing a game.

  42. Stan

    How come the republican State Attorney General of Arkansas hasn’t opened up an investigation of the Clinton Foundation…..?


    He would be dead by now if he did. Way too many dead bodies follow behind everything the Clinton’s do…..

  43. Just'n Observer

    Greg – great interview ! Mr. Ortel up your life insurance policy and security …you have struck a cord with Hillary minion !
    Maybe time PM Trudeau should ‘donate’ to the Clinton Foundation and get a reversal on the Trans-pacific pipeline ? Just a suggestion …! lol

  44. Bill

    GREG: Might you possibly have an interview with someone in real estate. Would like to know whats going on in that sector of our economy

    • frederick

      Whats going on is multiple FED induced bubbles which seem to be vulnerable to the mere suggestion of a small rate hike Scary and perhaps time to follow Sam Zells advice and take some off the table

    • Just'n Observer

      Bill, Until Greg H gets someone for an interview on real estate…Greg Mannarino just posted this on that subject!
      Timely indeed !

  45. Hatemail

    The election is not too far away. We have two deeply flawed candidates. Whoever wins we lose…again. We lose over and over with every election.
    This cannot be a coincidence.

    • Bart

      Trump’s tongue is not deeply flawed.

      • Hatemail

        The brain that controls it is.

        We are wading deeper and deeper into deep $#!* my friend.

    • Bill

      Hatemail: The reason we lose over and over again. We keep electing the same people over and over again. For ALL politicians, one term and one term only. Then we will begin to take our country back. Don’t need legislation about one term, just don’t re elect them. The career politicians are the biggest and greatest problem. Make them go home and get a job like the rest of us..

  46. Janet G.

    If anyone is interested in facts and not shilling or those who give them a forum, please Google Haitian Joseph Matthew speaking with investigator Luke Rudkowski in Philadelphia outside a Clinton rally recently. He speaks on not only what Bill and Hillary have done to Haiti, but what they continue to do.

    • MCasey

      Haitian Joseph Matthew speaking with investigator Luke Rudkowski in Philadelphia outside a Clinton rally recently.

    • Bart

      They are creating Utopia. You want Haitians to have Utopia don’t you? Syrians have Utopia. Germany’s getting Utopia too. No Haitian should ever be forced to live without access to adequate daily levels of Utopia.
      Personally I think Haiti also needs more diversity. It’s too white. Obama knows how to fix that. Hillary can help to do it with just a bit more money. Please donate. 3% of your donation goes DIRECTLY to some people in Haiti. Gina knows the paypal account. Working together, we can all have Utopia.
      When Hillary went to Libya and “Came, saw, and killed him” she was hysterically happy because Libyans would finally have access to more Utopia than they’d ever had before. Syria and Libya have by far the fastest growing levels of Utopia in the demolished world right now, all because of Obama and Hillary. In stark contrast, Trump wants to deny them access to Utopia and give them their old lives back.

  47. Mike from the North

    Greg…Gina no doubt must have renegotiated her contract.

    26 out of 127 posts here are hers.

    No doubt she is getting paid by the post now.

    I think that her time spent here can easily and should be dismissed as just more BS trying to out match logic.

    Anyone with half a brain and the ability to use it can see what the NWO has done to move forward their agenda.

    PREAPRE for CHAOS. It begins with the G20 meeting coming up in a few days and the IMF SDR restructuring in a few weeks.

    Only adding GOLD to the SDR can put us a a better road of sustainability.

    • frederick

      Hope they do add gold the SDR Mike It would be a start anyway towards sound money and eliminating the parasitic central banksters

      • Charles H

        As long as there is “money”: you will have ‘parasitic central bankers’.

  48. brian

    Well, the sad reality of all this is that in order to prove that the Clintons broke any laws we would need actual laws and we don’t; at least in the sense that there is not a functioning court system in place to give any fair consideration to the allegations and supporting testimony and evidence of unlawful actions. Welcome to the new world order, same as the old world order I guess; where we have a class of folks above any so called laws and the rest of us who are subject to the discretionary and opportunistic enforcement of edicts.

    • Hatemail

      There are laws and plenty of them. Laws are made to control enemies of the state. The problem is the justice department which is under the control of the executive branch (Obama) is selective in enforcement. No way is Obama going to take Hillary or the Clinton foundation down.
      The game is rigged.

    • Robert Lykens

      You’re right, how can something be judged as unconstitutional if the judges do not follow the Constitution themselves?
      America is finished. It was great while our elected government officials followed the law and cared about the Constitution. But now all the Constitution is used for is to prosecute conservative constitutionalist citizens.

      Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
      – John Adams

      If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.
      – Samuel Adams

      Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!
      – Benjamin Franklin

      We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts–not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.
      – Abraham Lincoln

      • Charles H

        One of THE BEST posts, Robert. You have supported your premise beautifully. It is hard for most to get their head around America going bye-bye.

    • Salvation Armani

      Hillary’s outfits are a sad reality. She breaks fashion laws.

  49. Bill

    GREG: New subject. The not so star quarterback of the SF 49ers,attempted to make a political statement during the playing of our National Anthem. There are places, and there are times for making a political statement, but NOT during the playing of our National Anthem. He is an egotistic, over paid young man, who needs to learn what the definition of respect is.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe he hates America because he converted to Islam?

      • Shalome

        He is actually Jewish, so it would be a sham conversion to Islam.
        Its another konspiracy to add to the white guilt heap. He is attacking the white race directly with this pathetic stunt. Listen to what he says about the US and it’s treatment of minorities, while he makes more money than most people see in their dreams. If Muslims hate the US so much, why are so many there? The answer is because they want to convert it. I doubt this guy is a real Muslim, more like part of the communist 5th column which is using immigration as a biological weapon to attack white America.

        • frederick

          I can tell you from personal experience they do not hate America in Turkey anyway Its just another presstitute propaganda ploy just like the demonization of Putin so the sheeple will go along with their nefarius plans just like The Bin Laden myth and WMDs in Iraq People need to wake The heck up before its too late

  50. Paul ...

    Gina may be a troll, a shill, etc. but she is “an intelligent one” from how I see she writes … perhaps she is none of the above and “just misguided” … as she does want a better America just like we do … she does continue to come to view our comments … searching for truth … perhaps I’ve been too harsh on her!

    • Paul ...

      As a first step toward mutual understanding (if a better more moral America is really the goal) … can we all agree Gina that women and children shall not be murdered anymore? … and if so … then as a first step can you tell Hillary to put limits on her ISIS breathern … and from now on only behead “men”!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Great Post Paul

      • Paul ...

        If Hillary is running a legitimate Charity … then she should be very concerned for all the women and children being beheaded by her (and Obamas) ISIS creation! … but I don’t hear a Charitable word from Hillary about pulling her support from ISIS (only Trump wants to destroy the evil Luciferian ISIS murderers) … so the beheading’s of men, women and children continue and Hillary’s Charity continues to collect money to help those in need! … Hillary says Women and Children have rights … they just don’t have the right to life … as Hillary’s ISIS continues the beheading’s!

        • Paul ...

          So Gina … if you are beginning to see what Hillary is all about … you should retract your recent statement:
          “The Clinton Foundation is as real as it gets. Helping people world wide. Giving hope to the masses.” Gina M Mancarella
          08/28/2016 •
          And a sincere apology to Greg is in order for your “completely untruthful” statement!

    • Bill

      PAUL: Gina is a man and he works for, move on dot org, a soros organization

  51. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Well done Greg for giving the shill Gina enough rope to condemn herself with her hyperbole as well as Clintonesque threats. According to Dr Dave Janda of Operation Freedom Hillary is way more physically sick than most of us realise. This means that she’ll pull out on health grounds in the hope of escaping criminal prosecution. But nothing will stop the day of reckoning either for her or Bill. God is in charge!
    Another great interview.

  52. Hatemail

    Words of encouragement:

    “Political scientists Allan J. Lichtman and Ken DeCell claimed in their 1988 book, Thirteen Keys to the Presidency, that all presidential elections from 1860 to the present are referendums on the sitting president and his party.”

  53. Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

    How close are we to the End of the Age?

  54. Jerry

    I realize I’m posting a lot, but its eerie how the Stock Market continues its upward trajectory when you get news like this. When this thing pops its going to get real messy.

  55. Larry Galearis

    Hi Greg,
    Maybe Gina’s goals have been to disrupt discussion of what is presented in the interview. She does give some information, but if you glance at the comments of people, way too much commentary is wasted on rebutting Gina and not enough on the points your guests make. So disproportionate comes to mind – and she is a very efficient troll. She got what she wanted.

  56. DavidC

    Hello again Gina,
    If you’re still here, here is one especially for you.


  57. Bob

    You are requesting Gina get you an interview with Hillary.
    As I understand it, to get access to Hillary you have to Pay-to-Play

    • Robert Lykens

      Greg, how many $$$hundreds of millions$$$ are you willing to donate to the Clinton Foundation for Democrat Party Hillary to extend her favor to you?

  58. WD


    Hillary just attacked Alex Jones….the desperation stinks!!! Alex Jones is taking this all the way to the bank!!!

  59. Gina M Mancerella

    After much consideration, I have come to realise this Ortel guy is right. Hillary is indeed a fraud at minimum, and almost likely a sociopathic mass-murdering luciferian sycophant. I really have come to my senses! I don’t know what I was thinking! Greg, please accept my deepest apologies for offending you and your fans in such a childish and incoherent manner.

    • Greg Hunter

      You and I both know you are not the real “Gina”. I have software to track who comments and hoe many times they comment. You are an impostor but it was a nice thought if we could turn the real “Gina” like you.

      • Gina M Mancerella

        Now I’m confused. That makes two impostors called “Gina”.
        Thanks for the laugh Greg!

        • Gina M Mancerella

          Now I’m confused. That makes two impostors called “Gina”.
          I think my character analysis of Killary still holds though…
          Thanks for the laugh Greg!

    • Robert Lykens


  60. Robert Lykens

    Greg, would you please ask one of your guests if, in their opinion, the government keeps a database of who buys precious metals? Thank you.

  61. Diane D.

    “Gina’ appears 62 times on this article. ‘Hillary’ appears 62 times. I’m sick of hearing about both of them.

    • Brad

      Then you are reading the wrong article. I recommend looking for an article about, say, giant tropical centipedes (for example).

    • Galaxy 500

      Maybe Gina is Hillary. She isn’t doing pressers.
      Hmmmm… Naw, she is up to late for it to be Granny, but it might be Huma as she isn’t spending time with the Weiner.

    • frederick

      Diane Me too

  62. Richard

    Good article Greg. Mr. Ortel makes the following statement:

    “The second the IRS, or any attorney general or a state taxing authority, decides to make an issue of this, the burden of proof shifts . . . the charity has to come forward and prove the affirmative case. ”

    To the best of your knowledge, are there any efforts being contemplated to put this issue before the IRS, or any attorney general or a state taxing authority?

    Thanks for all you do.


    • Greg Hunter

      I do not but I know wealthy connected people view this site. This has to hit them between the eyes. Charity Fraud has universal dislike, this and the Clintons track record spells trouble come election time.

  63. DLC

    A picture that could rip your heart out. An image that libs try to obliterate at every turn, the value of a protective and caring man — not Bill Clinton, not Obama. God forbid, not Hillary.

    It is gov’t that destroyed the black family initially and is taking a wrecking ball to the rest of us.

  64. Cary VonAlma

    Hi Greg. Thanks for all the great info and interviews. My question is this. It must be getting obvious to the elite that the writing is on the wall for Hillary. They must know her odds of being elected are decreasing by the day. They usually play this stuff a move, or more, ahead at a time. What is their play going to be if/when Hillarity is no longer a contender. She is their only contender. They must have a backup plan. She might be even more susceptible to ‘death in office’ than Trump, if she were elected (and install the VP?) If she is actually becoming unelectable, how can they rig the election? They need a new man, but can they even introduce a new contender at this point? And how will they get Hillary to step aside. Hard to imagine her going quietly into the night.
    So many questions but thankful to be watching all this from afar (Canada).
    Keep up the great work connecting dots.

    • Greg Hunter


      I have said many times Clinton is a weak and a very flawed candidate that is dragging an ever growing bag of dung. She could not beat Bernie Sanders with more than 500 super delegates she got from donors and insiders. The DNC rigged the primary and the Wiki leaks email dump proves it. Did I say she was weak? I DO NOT believe the polls because the MSM has gone out of it’s way to actually tell us it’s their duty to destroy Trump and NOT be objective and fair. I thought they would have run Biden. I do not agree with his politics, but his dung bag is the size of a lunch sack. Hillary’s is the size of a construction tarp. I think they still run out Biden, but time is short. I also do NOT see how she debates Donald Trump. She is going to point out his nasty tweet,s and he’s going to point out her global fraud and incompetence. Who do you think is going to win?


  65. Galaxy 500

    All I can say after watching your news broadcast is: Damn, laws are for the little people.
    Greg, we are no longer a nation of laws, we are a nation as outlined by Ayn Rand in, “Altos Shrugged.”
    Where corrupt men rule and the government perverts the info feed to the public.
    And our MSM doesn’t care about truth. If they did, they would be calling BLM, terrorists. Truth doesn’t matter to them.

  66. Sayonara

    You have definitely struck a cord with the Ortel interview. Gina is definitely a paid troll that monitors this site and this interview was one she had to respond to aggressively. These trolls are well paid to be aggressive against conservative sites and writers. I have had the pleasure of meeting them in person debating local issues such affordable housing and they a diabolical and wicked lot. I think this charity fraud is the weak under belly for Hillary.
    No one respects or like someone who is charity fraudster and that is what Hillary is. You have to be an extremely sick, mentally disordered lunatic to vote for her. The real concern is that approximately 1/2 of the population will. After all, they elected the lying Marxist grifter twice as POTUS.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the analysis and comment. I agree. The charity fraud aspect of the Clinton Foundation is devastating for her chances to win the White house.

      • Sayonara

        The problem we have is that there is institutional rigging of the media and the election. I know and believe we will be BERNIED!
        Look at what Hillary and Huma Abedin have tolerated. This weirdly sick!
        We can only hope that the American people can wake up from their stupor – I doubt it.
        No Fear and Fear Not!

    • diane s.

      Did anyone see the Facebook post on the John F Kennedy JR. Plane crash connection?
      He was the front runner for NY Senator in 1999. A short time after his untimely death…Hillary took the spot.
      Another coincidence?
      This is being posted today all over Facebook.

      • frederick

        Doesnt surprise me a bit Diane we are talking about pure evil here

  67. Robert Lykens

    So what if the Clintons used their offices for financial gain? After all, they were poor for so long! They’re just like us! They really care about us!
    Wouldn’t you bend a few laws if it got you $$$ Hundreds of Millions $$$ ?
    You just have to believe that Hillary truly cares about each and every one of us! She loves us! She’s fighting for us! Her concern is not for “power”, it’s to get into a postion where she can really, really help “the little people”!
    What does it matter that she wasn’t completely honest? Those days are behind her, really! Just trust her! She won’t let anymore terrorists into the country, really!
    Besides, Bill deserves another crack at them tight young interns!

    • Robert Lykens

      Hillary 2016!
      Because laws are for the little people,

  68. Robert Lykens

    Hillary 2016!
    Because illegal-alien muslims deserve welfare and Obamacare too!

    • Galaxy 500

      Hillary and Al Ols 2016.
      Seig Heil. Heil Hillary. Heil Hillary.

      • allen ols

        I see I have hit your last nerve, 🙂

  69. Robert Lykens

    Hillary 2016!
    Because Huma deserves a chance to dictate American policy!

  70. Robert Lykens

    Hillary 2016!
    Because there’s still a little border left!

  71. Robert Lykens

    Hillary 2016!
    Because America’s great enough to reach $50 Trillion in debt!

  72. idaho steve

    I got very excited after watching this video. But then I was like, “what are they going to do, sick the DOJ or FBI on them? The same guys investigating the email servers? the Lois Lerner scandal? the Obama selective service application and (gasp) birth certificate and Connecticut SSN?” I really was discouraged after watching Mr. Ortel make his case because of our rotten government.

    But reading G’s absolutely crazy blog posts makes me think we may have really something here as I’ve never seen crazy G become so unhinged.

    Greg, I really appreciate the guests that you bring on. I pray that you can can continue this good work and I pray for the safety of your guests who stick their necks out.
    You are like a 1956 Hungarian freedom fighter facing down a Soviet tank with a molotov cocktail .

    • Greg Hunter

      This is for the voters!! It’s important information so people can decide who really should be in the White House.

      • frederick

        Sadly the person who should be in the White house isnt running

    • Galaxy 500

      She/he can see their meal ticket dwindling away.

      • JC Davis

        G500 After all Hillary has shown the country, if she becomes president would you agree this was a non election ?

  73. coalburner

    Gina’s attack on the United Way is corrct. They send a very low percent of their take on to do actual Charity work. For many. many years no one could touch the Salvation Army with somewhere over 80% getting to the actual assistance of the needy. Thee are small organizations that can do better but none of the big ones including the Red Cross I understand Franklin Graham does a commendable job but not sure his percentage output to the people in need. Judging by history, Graham is a top choice for helping people of Baton Rouge.
    That was all I noted that Gina said worth reading.

  74. coalburner

    Fantastic interview. Mr. Ortel started off on a couple tangents and you pulled him back on subject. Cannot help but make me smile and think about who is in charge. I mean really in charge not these vile criminals.
    Please ask him about his other good stuff and have this man back for another interview.
    WOW, what a scoop, just what Watchdoggers are interested in hearing befor everyone else gets the word.

  75. Spurr

    Her Hitlery is sick… very sick and I think she maybe dying… ! We better hope that Trump makes it to the presidency or else we will be stuck with Hitlery’s vice president choice for the presidency… Tim Kaines!

    Here is what a Phd and notable writer has to say about Tim Kaines!
    He encourages people to share this article so I am sharing it with you.


    Democratic VP Nominee Tim Kaine: Pathological Liar/Jesuit/CIA Operative in Honduras!
    When I hear a Catholic political candidate speak, I am compelled to ask myself “what he is he really saying?” I double down on my doubts if that Catholic candidate was particularly proud of going to an all boys Jesuit High School. In fact, I am completely incredulous when a person like Senator Time Kaine waxes poetic about his peon days in Honduras while serving the poor and hungry, during the turbulent Reagan era of the 1980’s.

    Thanks to Daniel Hopsicker’s MadCowNews article entitled, “Tim Kaine’s Unlikely Biography”, I was finally able to understand the blatant lies behind this penultimate sociopath-Tim Kaine.This stuff will never be exposed in the biased-rigged-owned-by-drugpeddling-Mexican NYTimes.

    Kaine is the doppleganger to his teammate, Hillary. I should have realized that she would pick this effeminate-male-counterpart to her masculine-brain-damaged-assertiveness. Hopsicker correctly points out that Kaine was sent down to Honduras during the tumultuous time when the Jesuits were working with CIA summa cum laude operative, Ambassador John Negroponte.

    Suis generis, Jesuit missionaries working in Honduras would have been understandable. A Jesuit working in concert with Negroponte, then we have a Vietnam/Laos redux a la Catholics In Action [CIA]. Both these men created a scenario of “blood and guts” spilled all over cocaine crates and countless thousands of dead innocent Honduran bodies.

    In contrast to Kaine’s descriptions of living a simple, humble life along with Honduran peasants, Tim really lived like this: “Timmy slept in a gated community with restricted access and grounds that included offices, residences, a swimming pool, a country club, and part of a golf course. A subsidiary of United Fruit Co. had generously sold their company retreat to the Jesuits for its headquarters.”

    When he spoke of teaching students carpentry and welding, he forgot to mention that Americans were shipping, at the insistence of Jewish neo-con Elliot Abrahms, [now at the CFR leading democracy studies], over $282M USD of bulldozers, weapons and military accessories.

    The reason Kaine and Negroponte were in Honduras at the same time doing the devil’s work was to create an illegal army [Contras] to fight in Nicaragua against the Sandinistas.“American troops poured in for saber-rattling maneuvers to intimidate the Sandinistas. American intelligence agents [Tim Kaine] trained Hondurans in surveillance, interrogation and torture……”

    Doesn’t this sound familiar to Vietnam/Laos/Cambodian veterans? CIA creates the ongoing disaster and the U.S. military extracts us out of it. Never one to miss an opportune moment, Kaine blabbered on about his volunteering “in exchange for meals and a place to sleep.”
    Sounds humble and touching!

    However, United Fruit Company [CIA cut-out] provided free passage aboard its planes, boats, cars, trucks for Kaine and his cloistered buddies; as well as, making a generous donation to the order of St. Ignatius of Loyola every year. Without a doubt, Kaine was also involved in the CIA inspired drug runs between Honduras and Florida, eventually creating the ten year cocaine-wars of Miami/Miami Beach.Those cocaine deliveries were so standard that the pilots called the CIA set-up, the ‘Trampoline’.

    “Planes touch down, gas up, and bounce back into the air for the second half of the their flight to the U.S.” The Honduran Generals whom Kaine knew extremely well thanks to his patron Saint Ambassador Negroponte, took a major cut of every cocaine load.

    How do I know?
    I flew into Honduras in one of our military planes. I stayed over and flew onto Panama where General Manuel Antonio Noriega outlined, over a three hour period, every part of the Panama/Honduran/Reagan/Bush Sr drug business.


    Once again, Americans are confronted with a blatant liar just like his partner, Hillary.

    What are we to do?
    We know that the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC will never cover Kaine’s fictional biography. We have to thank people like Daniel Hopsicker, Lou Dobbs [Fox News], Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and many others for allowing us to open the gates of hell to see how many so-called “angels” are really dancing on the head of a pin.

    Sociopaths embrace one another in a certain type of fellowship where personal vulnerability and pandering for self-aggrandizement are joined at the hip.Hillary begets a Kaine who then begets a fanciful story, placing both the Catholic Church and the studious Jesuits in Harm’s way.

    As I have repeatedly said: Clintons, both Bushes, and Obama are creatures of our insidious, dysfunctional Catholics In Action [CIA]. When we hear the ephemeral homoerotic Jesuit motto: “men for other”; we are compelled to check every orifice and checkbook.


    I will end with the incredible tearful pronouncements of Tim Kaine:

    “I learned the values of my town: faith, family and work.. The same values of the Latino community here.”

    At least with Ambassador John Negroponte [whom I do like], we have a very clear-open-ended history revealing all that is required of an unique CIA operative.He graduated from Exeter Academy [NH] in 1956 and Yale University, 1960 [no dummy be he!].He was a member of Psi Upsilon fraternity alongside William H.T. Bush, the brother of George H.W. Bush and Porter Goss, who served as DCI under John when he was Director Of National Intelligence [2005-2006].

    On the other hand, the effeminate Tim Kaine, a Jesuit spook, took his ancestral teachings to an extreme.This is what St Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits pronounced:
    “Go forth and set the world on fire.”

    Honduras and Kaine: Burn Baby Burn!

    • Greg Hunter

      Nice article. In the future just cut and past a paragraph and then post a link to the rest of the article. Not scolding you just want to conserve space to keep the comment section flowing and nmake it easier to read. Thank you again for the article though. It’s a good one!!

      • Charles H

        This kind of material MAKES this site avante-garde. Thanks, Spurr!

    • frederick

      Pieczenik is great Ive heard him on Alex Jones a couple times

  76. Brad

    Greg, are you blocking Gina or has she quit?

    I liked her posts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not blocking. I am letting her run.

      • Brad

        I have so many questions for Gina.
        First question: when Utupia is installed in the US, will people be allowed to leave?

  77. Galaxy 500

    Google and others are really trying to cover up Hillary’s health. Why?
    I can hear the cries from the adoring fans as Hillary enters the arena.
    “Seig Heil. Heil Hillary. Heil Hillary. ”

    Greg, Wikileaks is gonna drop a load of pooh oh Hillary. The truth is always poison to Clintons.
    And Gina seemed to be semi successful in shaping the thought process this time. I agree with the write who noticed what I did. Gina doesn’t write with a feminine style, not even a femenazis style. And I have known plenty liberals but I have never, ever met a liberal woman that would take time off from work to raise children. Never, not happening. Gina is a carefully designed BS construct.

  78. Robert Lykens

    Instead of using out-of-work Americans, Bill Clinton wants to give jobs to Syrian immigrants.

    • frederick

      Bill Clinton should shut his pie hole and go down to Epsteins Island till after the elections IMO

    • Paul ...

      Hey Bill … what happened to Black lives Matter?

    • Brad

      Bill Clinton is an anti-white who wants white people to be replaced by immigrants.
      He said it.

  79. Bill

    GREG, GREG< GREG, How foolish can you be. Don't you realize it takes a generous donation to hillarys foundation before she would consider an interview. Its not pay to play, its just pay.

  80. Kerry

    Another great interview Greg, you just keep cranking them out! I found Mr. Ortel very knowledgeable about charitable foundations and certainly about The Clintons. Sadly though it is not my belief that anything will become of this are any other investigation with reference to Bill & Hillary. It is not just them but the entire two tier system of justice that is now functioning with this country. Either you are an above the law elite are you can and will be cannon fodder if you press a issue to far. The FBI set the benchmark for how far the judicial system will move against certain people and these two are definitely in the “do not touch” crowd. If the IRS went after them the way they did conservative groups in the last election we might get some movement but that will never happen so I don’t get to excited about any of it. I tend to be a neutral on politics but really find it disgusting when people give to charitable organizations and get ripped off. The entire system has been polluted and is like a dying patient just waiting for the end.

    Thank you for your tireless work Sir………..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kerry.

  81. Robert Lykens

    Here’s a list of big-mouthed celebrities who have said they will leave the country if Trump is elected:

    Lena Dunham
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Miley Cyrus, Cher
    Jon Stewart, Raven Symone
    Natasha Lyonne
    Omari Hardwick
    Barbra Streisand
    Spike Lee
    Chloë Sevigny
    Eddie Griffin
    George Lopez
    Al Sharpton
    Neve Campbell
    Rosie O’Donnell
    Whoopi Goldberg

    • Charles H

      COOL! I wanted to start a luggage packing service anyway!

  82. Todd Salerno


    This just in from Canuckistan. Our Prime Minister recently stated he may have to move to Iceland if Trump wins. Not to put more pressure on our American cousins, but the stakes are even higher for a Trump victory. GO TRUMP!!!

    And by the way Gina/Gino has had its 15 min of fame. Time for her to move on

  83. Marcus West

    I enjoy listening to Charles he does not hesitate to state the facts his presentation is very professional and you can hear he tells the truth. I enjoyed him this time and the last time too. I also enjoy seeing the trolls try and present a case with dumb comments. This is one of the best news insights on the net. Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. eddielaidler

    I usually don’t entertain certain theories. DHS wants control of the election process. Using Russia as a scapegoat. The False Flag no one expected?

  85. Bart

    This would be an even bigger story if confirmed:

    A guy was working with Omar Mateen at a CIA training camp. He was part of a planned CIA mission to shoot people at a Gay Pride parade.

    He turned himself in to police once he heard Mateen was dead. He thought the CIA would double cross him too.

    A lawyer interviewed him. He implicated HILLARY. He said he saw her at the training camp with the CIA terrorists.

    Straight after that, the lawyer ended up nearly dead in a dumpster. She had a broken jaw, skull fracture, broken ribs and numerous contusions. She was close to death.

  86. Chip2

    Greg, “Gina” has derailed this entire discussion, while acting like a diva-worshipping homosexual man. I believe this is all artful annoyance on the poster’s part, but it’s highly disruptive. That said, I don’t know what you should do about it. Pray. Some demons may just need to be sent packing.

  87. Bart

    Ever heard of the Pigford scandal?

    Money money money. The slightest murmur of protest and they will attempt to destroy you with charges of RACISM. They don’t mind accepting the proceeds of privilege (taxes) however…

  88. Marcella

    Gina M,
    You obviously don’t read or research what the Clinton Foundation has taken in donations from foreign governments who got “special” privileges thanks to Hillary being in her position. Don’t compare that foundation to The United Way. In addition, don’t speak for all of us women as some of us are content to be feminine women with compassion for others. Hillary represents ruthless feminism which does nothing more than to tear down the family unit and in a lot of ways these feminists are like ambitious men on steroids. She lies and she cheats and she thinks she is above the law.

    • Bob332

      BINGO! Gina is one of the low info sheeple…to be ignored.

  89. Terry Reps

    Greg, As a former fundraiser I had the privilege of meeting many fine people in community, corporate and family foundations; really trying to do good for others.
    I would hate to have these people’s efforts tainted by the fraudulent and criminal activities of the Clinton’s. To spread the word I contacted the following and asked that they view the interview with Charles Ortel: Stacey Palmer, Editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy ([email protected]), Pablo Eisenberg senior fellow at Georgetown Public Policy Institute([email protected]), and spoke briefly to Sue Santa, government relations for the Council on Foundations (703 879 0715). Lets hope that these people directly involved with the Foundation world take action on behalf of their members.

  90. tommy

    And Hey Colin Powell how can you have anything to do with this SUB Human that would treat a Little Girl this way , I am Appalled by you now !!!!!!!! And any other Republican EVEN THINKING ABOUT VOTING FOR HILLARY CLINTON ….. YOU VOTE For Hillary Clinton and YOU Have to Be OK with this act by Hillary and God will have his day with ALL OF YOU !!!!!
    They don’t give a SH@T about We the People !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tommy

      Heres what I NOW HAVE A REAL PROBLEM WITH , I read Colin Powell Chatting with Hillary about how to get around the Email issue released by Democrats today and doing it like a Good Time Party Buddy , and then I see this Video on Hillary and I know someone had to of Informed these republicans of this History of Hillary and heres what I say about that …….. HERE HOW the Matrix ( Rigged System ) works !!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are all above the LAW !!!!!!!
      Democrats Release Powell’s Instructions To Clinton How To Bypass State Servers, While Warning Of Dangers
      And Hey Colin Powell how can you have anything to do with this SUB Human that would treat a Little Girl this way , I am Appalled by you now !!!!!!!! And any other Republican EVEN THINKING ABOUT VOTING FOR HILLARY CLINTON ….. YOU VOTE For Hillary Clinton and YOU Have to Be OK with this act by Hillary and God will have his day with ALL OF YOU !!!!!
      They don’t give a SH@T about We the People !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Carolyn Wilfred

    My husband, Harmon Wilfred, a former CIA financial contractor (asset) during the Clinton administration, blew the whistle to the US Justice Department in the year 2000 to no avail on the Clinton’s involvement with the CIA in the illegal laundering of BILLIONS of dollars. Harmon perseveres in his effort to make his extensive evidence available to the US Justice Department, while we continue to be maltreated by the New Zealand government in collusion with the United States. Harmon is currently stateless, exiled in New Zealand, and forcibly separated from me, his wife of 20 years, by New Zealand Immigration for 2 years 4 months…and counting. Please see links below:

    The CIA/Clinton Covert Money Laundering Connection:

    His personal website with more information is:

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