CNN Proven Very Fake News, Dollar Tanking, Yellowstone Could Blow

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 290 6.30.17)

A CNN producer and a top on air talent were both caught on hidden camera admitting the so-called Trump collusion story was a “nothing burger,” “pretty much BS” and was being followed “because of ratings.” Project VERITAS produced the videos that aired just after CNN was forced to retract and take down a false story on a Trump supporter and friend. A $100 million lawsuit was reportedly threatened, and the story was quickly taken down. Apologies were made by CNN after some involved with the story were forced to quit. It appears none of the bosses in charge took any of the blame.

The U.S. dollar continued to sink in value. It was down in value a half percent in a single day on Thursday. Gregory Mannarino of says a declining U.S. dollar is desired by the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve. The idea is to pay back borrowed dollars with devalued currency. Mannarino thinks they will continue to “kill the dollar,” which will cause more inflation for “We the People.”

There are earthquakes happening around the Yellowstone Caldera, and some 800 have recently been detected. This worries scientists because the Caldera has been dormant for hundreds of years. Scientist say if Yellowstone blows, it could kill 90% of the people living within 600 miles. Of course, the mainstream press is so worried about following the false narrative of the Trump/Russia collusion story they fail to report things like Yellowstone and the potential problems.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.



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  1. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    The ‘MSM’ reflects what I told You before: the USA is a ‘ BANANA Republic’ .

    It is a shameful.


    Peter (from Europe)

    • Paul ...

      But we are trying to get the monkeys off our back Pete … give Trump some time!

  2. Frederick

    Mario Bartolaroma interviewed Johnny Podesta the Molesta Watch him squirm on ZeroHedge and be sure to read the boys comments

  3. Ray

    G’day Greg,
    Another ripping Friday News Wrap……thanks again for bringing us your unique take global events. I note you mentioned more than once that the US media is engaged in propaganda, and I for one heartily agree with that summation. It’s happening here in Australia as well I can tell you.
    I am of the understanding that under Section 501D of the NDAA, the United States Government is lawfully allowed to push known propaganda onto it’s citizens.
    It really is a sad state of affairs when a society has reached that point.
    Anyway…..from all “thinking Australians” (I think there are 5 or 6 of us left over here) to all our US friends that provide fine comments here at USA Watchdog, and of course to you Greg, we hope you have a fabulous 4th of July celebration next Tuesday.
    Reclaim your country ASAP. Take it back.

  4. Corleone

    Janet Yellen: “We are on the right track.”

    • Paul ...

      With her as the conductor … are we on the track to Heaven or Hell??

      • Corleone

        Janet Yellen: “We are on the track to the New World Order, and I will be the Queen of Eternal Darkness.”

  5. dlc

    Larry Nichols, whatever you may think of the man, claims that Mueller was chosen specifically to insure that nothing much comes of any testimony given by all the players around Obama — Rice, Lynch, Podesta, Comey, Hillary. We have yet to see anything happen to people who in saner times would be sitting in G. Gordon Liddy’s old cell. I don’t expect any justice regarding events of the last 8 years.

    Cannot think of Mika without the picture of her in that black dress with her legs jacked up in the air. WTH? And here she is worried about image? I thought Joe was okay in Congress, but they’ve both gone Mad Hatter. All the TV press personalities make Greg Gutfeld and Tyrus look like Huntley/Brinkley.

    • Steve Spry

      Yes. What happened to the call for Mueller to resign for conflict of interest???

  6. dlc

    The lib press has gone off their fluffernutter, vile and vicious. I find Krauthammer every bit as irritating. None of the RINOs had any problem with Barry who talked a well-modulated, aw-shucks routine as he poisoned every well and emptied every cupboard.

    Cannot stomach Kristol, Krauthammer, Podhoretz clutching the smelling salts over Trump’s remarks. They were MIA over a rainbow WH and pervert predators in the little girl’s powder room. Where is their hankie wringing over child trafficking?

    I will take Trump’s smash mouth delivery over the gutless wonders who have allowed this country to circle the drain, playing footsies with degenerates such as the Clintons and Obamas and shielding them still. Kraut man compares Trump to Chavez after 8 years of Barry!? You can always count on this snob to do his Brutus best.

    I expect a knife dance out of the lib press, jesters in a bug house. It’s Repub posers like the Kraut man who actually deliver the 1000 cuts.

    • Charles H

      We are getting into Twilight Zone proportions.

  7. Oracle 911

    Somewhere I read this:
    If the energy of social tension is not properly discharged (usually through violence) then it will be discharged through natural disasters.
    And according this article, the social tension is sky high and the US is on brink of if not a civil war then on the series of bloody civil unrest’s:

    I hope this will fizzle only out and the Yellowstone super-volcano or other social disaster will be avoided.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Sept. 11, 2001 I was driving my 3 year old grandaughter to Walmart for tenny shoes. At a stoplight a voice in my head shouted, “THIS COUNTRY IS ABOUT TO POP!!!” It was 8:30 am EST. We saw the planes at Walmart on a demo TV. Many of us felt in our hearts the strange tension weeks in advance. Is it the angels getting ready to escort souls? Who knows.
      I don’t feel like that now. Even the comment sections online have been getting nicer, except for the obvious nasty trolls. I feel America is wising up some…we must or watch each other starve. Something is moving behind the scenes for Cardinal Pell to finally be called out by the police. St. Michael the archangel, defend us in the hour of conflict….

    • Steve Spry

      Not sure how the natural world is sympathetic to political stress but then spiritual matters certainly do physically impact people’s lives. Greg, very good wrap up AND especially the info on Yellowstone. Yet another reason why preppers aren’t crazy conspiracy nuts but may be the smartest people in the room. Can you imagine even a minor amount of ash covering the breadbasket of the US? Good idea to stock up on food stuffs!

    • Freebreezer

      O-911, I find it very interesting with all the tension in the air; predictions about 2017/2018 being the harbinger of massive change; etc, etc, that a total eclipse crosses right through the middle of the entire USA on August 21, this around noon. Is the eclipse a sign? … or just a remarkable concurrence of an event without an apparent connection to the current state of America or world??? Greg – Make sure you go see this … it is a once in a lifetime event to see and to report on! And hopefully the eclipse totality line crosses near to you!

  8. Scott Miller

    Great WNW! Interesting paradox between the MSM covering and criticizing Trump with negativity before, and now after the election. The propaganda you alluded to backfired and now, they can’t stop because they need him for their ratings. I particularly praise you for naming names at CNN, WaPo, NYT, as well as showing USA Today. The three reporters who resigned are part of a long line imo. However, they will be recycled.

    The larger issue is the consequences of what we have witnessed over the last 6 months. There is no reason to believe coverage is going to change. Therefore, we have to assume Trump gets re-elected, because no Dem is going to be more viable than Hillary was. Furthermore, we must assume more cheating by the DNC and corruption of fund raising. It’s the only way to compete, all for nothing IMO.

    I am pleased with the way Trump has responded to the MSM and as a result, altered the image of the presidency. Obama treated the press like they were dogs on a leash while he went on “eloquently” and said nothing, or worse. The worse part is the legacy we have yet to know the full extent about. Obama sold us out, just as he now hops from one rich guy’s vacation paradise with his family to the next Eden. He is being paid back for his services to the elite that represented the status quo. However, the real story has yet to be told. It has been covered up, and we don’t have real journalists investigating because they are focused of Trump-related fake news stories. I am hearing this constantly from the people who buy into this narrative. It both annoying and pleasant to handle this hypocrisy.

    We were supposed to have a crash. The bad economic data continued to pile up. No one went to jail. Even worse, those accountable behind the reasons for having a crash, stayed in their places. They consolidated their own power base and tightened their grip on the economic tools to maintain their status. This is the reason Trump is treated as he has been. They fear what he could do. The corruption in the economic sphere is one part of the synapse you spoke of in your WNW. The other part of the synapse is the MSM.

    Although I don’t fear a collapse soon, I think we see much, much, more of the same for a year, it is hard to imagine men our age moving into the next decade with any confidence. The obstructionism of government and the obfuscation of the MSM are a nexus for an impending crisis.

    Thank you Greg!


    • Frederick

      No Democrat is as viable as Hillary was? What? Hillary was totally unelectable due to many factors but mainly that she was a nasty criminal with a rapist as a husband If she was viable then I truly feel sorry for Americans because they are lost

    • Flattop

      Scott Miller; When and if the crash comes, the Dems will blame The Donald and try to impeach him for it.

      • JCD

        Flattop if the crash comes to him that is given the ability. I will take my hat off to him. This system needs to end. Then , and only then can true recovery happen. Only then will the MSM see the corruption they created.
        You may be right they will try to impeach him, but with a broken leg they may hope he can fix it.. I enjoy reading your comments.
        I want nothing more then the corporation’s that owns the MSM to collapse . The Oligarchy runs the swamp. Who owns the Oligarchy is a mystery to me. JC

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          The elite power are so inbred and effete, whatever their titles, they can’t hold on much longer. For me the real issue is the virtue or lack of it in the common people.

    • Paul ...

      Scott … Trump has to go after the big money Globalists and bring them down … so they “can’t pay off” the Traitors to our Country (that will do anything for money) once they leave office!!

  9. Artable

    One of the BEST weekly wrap ups ever. Excellent!

  10. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    You’re truly hitting your stride Greg over your expose of the entire MSM cabal. CNN and the rest are now eking out an existence on crumbs of deranged delusion, while you, Project Veritas, Alex Jones, Paul Craig Roberts and so many more are no longer voices in the wilderness. For together your clarion calls are the voices of sublime sanity to offer hope for the world.
    I’ll drop President Trump a line to recommend you as the new head of CNN!
    Peace to you all.

    • diane

      Love it Rev. Andrew d.B

      CNN….either put Greg Hunter in charge of news or lose your place on TV news channels.

      • Steve Spry

        There are so many “alternative” people that Trump should have appointed to positions. Greg would be good but then again the President does not control corporations but . . . he does the cabinet etc. Why not Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, Karl Denninger and soooo many others. Trump has not sold out but does have some fairly large blinders on.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Some of us smelled rats in the 60s with Cronkite & co. What took you guys so long??

  11. ross

    Greg , I look forward to the day we can stop talking about these psychopathic,perverted imbeciles. They drain too much positive energy from us. I have no problem being fried by Yellow Stone but object to being enslaved by fascist lunatics. Bring on the collapse so we can all end this insanity.

    • Frederick

      Ross I think millions if not tens of millions feel exactly the same as you do

  12. andyb

    Greg: although you have alluded many times to the corruption in DC, the fact that nothing seems to change is a consistent slap to the face of the American people. Where are the Grand Juries, indictments, prison terms. Why isn’t it called treason when the Dem side of the House votes for illegal aliens and criminals over American citizens? Yesterday’s votes are a perfect example. How much do you want to bet that Jane Sanders walks, in spite of a strong prima face case of financial fraud? What ever happened to the Abedin/Weiner files on the confiscated computer? Why didn’t the FBI get a warrant for the DNC computers/servers when it was obvious some sort of crime had been committed? It looks like every criminal connected to Obama and the DNC will walk; Wasserman Shultz, Susan Rice, IRS Commissioner Koskinen et al and of course Hillary. So we have to face the facts. The DOJ and FBI have been totally corrupted and do not serve the American people. As for the CIA, well that’s another bag of worms. So who really owns the private, non USG entity called the IRS? Some say the same people who own the FED (including the IMF and BIS); others point to the English monarchy. We have lost our country and our Constitution. We deserve the consequences.

    It’s all well and good that you are exposing Russiagate and the fake news stories. But it’s all a bread and circuses agenda to prevent critical thinking

    • Ross Herman

      Hello Andyb, Do you still volunteer to pay taxes to the IRS every year?
      If so why?

    • Paul ...

      andyb … We won’t need Grand Juries, indictments or prison terms for the Demon-Rats … if we simply let them walk … the Plank!!

    • Steve Spry

      PLUS 1000 upvotes!

  13. Dan

    Illinois is clearly the canary in the coal mine.

  14. Robespierre

    Fake Markets

    The U.S. Dollar and Gold are now Going Down at the SAME Time. Gold Bugs (promoters) previously said this is impossible. Fake Marketing? Fake Economics? Now the Truth Be Known ? Something sure smells fishy, at the least.

    • Paul ...

      Look at the bright side Robespierre … at least our more worthless dollars can buy us as much or more gold as before!!

  15. Jerry

    I’m glad to see that you are having Lynette Zang on Sunday. Your work is deeply appreciated and admired by those that are paying attention like Lynette. You certainly couldn’t book someone like her without some degree of credibility. Thank you Greg.

    The G20 meeting is coming up 07-07-2017. Which happens to be on Friday. In the back of my twisted, demented, little mind I can’t help but think of Christine Lagardes “Seven Speech” that she gave a few years ago. When you think about what she said and then read a piece like this, you begin to wonder?

    Greg I have to be honest. I’m very worried. Most of my sources have gone quiet the last few days. Having grown up in the Midwest, I know that the quiet usually comes before the storm. Whether they are hunkered down, or have nothing to report is a complete unknown? But in any event my gut tells me something is wrong. Maybe “Seven” is just a number? But then again, so was 9/11. Keep your chin in the wind, and your powder dry. Things are about to get real interesting. God bless.

    • diane

      If you haven’t seen this yet…please do so

      Joseph P Farrell has a fascinating theory about the Vatican and the EU banks combining forces to perhaps have a new EU world currency .
      With the Vatican bank in control.

      Please comment on this one.

    • Jerry

      This is not a friendly visit. Kissinger (who is the author of the petrodollar) is there to cut a deal with the BRICS for a place in the pecking order when the global reset takes place.

      Before my contacts went silent, I was told that the global reset would come in the form of a new basket of currencies who’s numerical value would be determined by gold holdings. Seeing how Kissinger took us off of the gold standard and how the BRICS have been on a gold buying spree fro the past ten years, you’d have to conclude that he is there trying to cut a deal with Putin. Don’t kid yourself, Kissinger is an errand boy for the deep state through and through. They have done everything they can to stall, block, postpone, and derail what’s coming, and now the day of reckoning is approaching. According to my sources (which I can’t confirm) the Chinese have recently been the recipient of over 150.000 metric tons of gold from a private source which they intend to release through AIIB when the reset takes place. If this information is true it would no doubt tip the global economic scale in their favor. We’ll see?

      • Ross Herman

        Hello Jerry, guess our masters are on a perfect schedule for total control nothing stops or slowes the Banksters they just keep rolling along.

        Title of article: Get Ready for the Phoenix
        Source: Economist; 01/9/88, Vol. 306, pp 9-10

      • The Last Bear

        Uncanny …. MY sources are very quiet also.. Leading me to feel a reset might happen this long weekend.. very very erie ?

      • Frederick

        I wonder which will go first Jerry Him or the petrodollar?

      • John


        I feel that the sdr is close upon us and the petrodollar is about to go away. IMHO – I think that oil prices are low because there is too much supply in a world facing economic contraction/deflation. I also feel that the oil fields of Saudi Arabia are are in decline. Don’t you find it odd that shale oil is ramping up in a declining market/price for oil – shale oil is very expensive to bring to market and if memory serves me correct were a major source of junk bonds in the recent past. A world in deflationary collapse coupled with declining oil prices and failing oil fields in the ME can’t be good for the petrodollar – i.e. declining demand for us dollars via energy transactions. Was shale oil – at any price to produce – a last gasp attempt to support the petrodollar? In other words, are we flooding the world with oil in an attempt to create demand to bolster the dollar? We will lose the derivative game with gold as a means to support the dollar when the physical market goes into delivery default – when is the main question. I feel that the debt created in the world is so huge that not even oil at 20 dollars will fix the problem – of course how much longer can Saudi Arabia survive if oil is not at 100 dollars? IMHO – debt is going to have to be destroyed to get us out of the current situation as we can no longer roll this over in an environment where rates are going to rise. We are very close to some sort of reset.

      • JC

        Jerry 150.000 metric tons of gold is more gold then has been mined threw out history. I fine that hard to believe.
        Everything else you said is possible .

    • dbcooper

      Jerry, You know what they say when you are flying … when the engine goes quiet … that’s a BAD thing !! Yours, DB

    • MCasey


      Christine LaGarde’s IMF “Magic 7” speech on January 15, 2014 set the following date:
      Year 2017: 100th anniversary of the start of the war (WWI): 1914 + 100 = 2014
      Month 07: 70th anniversary of the birth of IMF: July
      Day 07: 25th anniversary of the fall of the (Berlin) wall: “2+5th” = 7

      or 07-07-2017.

      In her words, the “start of the war” (currency war); the “fall of the (Berlin) Wall” (the fall of Wall Street); and the “birth of the IMF” (birth of the new currency system).

      BUT WAIT……2014 IS NOT 2017! Well, LaGarde tricked you…..she speaks of “compressing numbers” but the example she gives is, “2014, drop the zero; 2 x 7 = 14” .
      This is NOT “compression”, this is a distraction!

      In fact, 2014 when compressed is “2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7″; thus 2017…..thus 07-07-17. And yes, she also gives away the currency system. And yes, “the G-20 will have something to do with it.”

      LaGarde’s speech….just need the first 2 minutes:

      Just for fun…….RBS remembers WWI raid of 7-7-17

      • MCasey


        There’s so much there, but forgot I also wanted to share this:……remember she opened by saying, “we are just exactly half-way through between our western New Year and the lunar (eastern) New Year”. (That was true.)

        But also, she gave the speech on January 15, 2014 and from there to July 7, 2017 is 3 ½ years…..exactly half-way through “which” 7 years. (Also, just for fun: January 15, 2014 = (1+15=7; 2+0+1+4=7) or 7-7.

  16. Tommy

    As a conservative who voted for Trump, I am against the Republicrat heath care plan. I voted to repeal Obamacare. Not repeal and replace. Not fine tune it, adjust it, fix it, save it or tinker with it but REPEAL, as in get rid of.

    As for Trump’s recent tweet about Mika, no one mentions the barrage of attacks she has made since the election. Calling Trump a thug, mentally unstable, and perpetuating the Russian lie is just good reporting I guess. Sure, I wish Trump would stop the constant tweeting but compared to the attacks on him by the press, the Democrats, entertainers, and academia that have called him every name in the book and called for violent acts against him I think the left dost protest too much.

    • Paul ...

      I recently went to get some wax out of my ear … the doctor used a tweezer and it was out in about one minute … the hospital billed Blue Cross $750 dollars … Blue Cross paid $525 dollars and I was billed a $40 dollar co-pay … for one minute of work?? … no wonder Health Care is in trouble … I could have done the job myself with a penny Q-tip!!

      • Frederick

        Should have gone to a doctor Never go to the emergency room/ hospital unless you have NO other choice

    • Charles H

      REPEAL. Nothing more; nothing less.

  17. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Thanks, Greg! Have a good weekend’
    The Yellowstone danger needs to be shouted. Vulcanologists have wonderful gadgets to predict these but the public needs to understand the threat.

    • Paul ...

      This Yellowstone threat goes beyond those who get buried in ash in the US … the fact is that the entire global food supply will collapse for at least two years … causing mass die-off’s of humans, animals and plant life world-wide … so this is not just a problem for the United States … remember in the Bible how we were told to store at least 7 years of grain to protect the people from unforeseen catastrophes … I wonder how many nations have acted to prepare themselves as the Bible suggested ??

  18. James Brown

    Good stuff.
    I’m going to Yellowstone in August so I’ll give you a full report when I get home. Volcano? Wipes out half the country? Scientists tell us? Yeah those scientists always get it right. Just like the computer scientists got the Y2K thing right. Now, don’t get me wrong, we should have some concern over this so I’ll ask around while I’m there. But if we’re all going to die, I’m glad I have a friend in Jesus.

  19. Da Yooper


    IMO this “Russia” smoke screen is pushed so hard by the Democrat’s & the MSM to keep Trump from going after the Clinton Crime Family & John Podestra & his pedophile child murder ring.

    They are stalling for time so people forget about what they are doing & have done.

    • Bill

      Da Yooper: I believe the FBI is soldiering on in spite of all the blabber that comes from DC. Investigations take time, and people try to thwart those investigations. However there are honest Gmen who are working hard for us..

    • JCD

      Cb you nailed it

  20. Flattop

    GREG: The person who does your art work for your Friday WNW is good. Not just the art work, but the ideas are fantastic. Keep up your good work in reporting and interviews. There is no one who is your equal. God Bless

  21. Fredrick Getzschman

    Another great Weekly News Wrap-up. The U.S.A. is fortunate to have Greg Hunter as a foil to all the malarkey being broadcast today by the Fake News Media.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say this Frederick and I thank you.

    • JCD

      Fred Getz. Liked

  22. johnb

    Hi Greg, thank you for your true reporting. The msm fraud goes far beyond firing those officials at msm entities. They knowingly placed the country and the world at risk of war. This is both sedition and treason. And requires it be treated as a crime both here in the usa and the Hague due to the International implications.

    • Paul ...

      The Globalists and MSM are laying the groundwork by badgering Trump for “collusion” … likely getting ready to declare that “talking to God by praying” is an act of treason against the State … they currently have the technology in place to listen to what you pray for at night by your bedside … they are out to completely destroy religion … and be-head all those who may pray for peace … because peace does not fit very well with their “constant war economic model” that reaps them all their evil profits!!

  23. dachsielady

    Good show as always. Looking forward to Ms. Zang’s interview. She is good.

    Here is a little of DachsieLady truth injection for today.

    To me the fallen U.S. press is a very old story. I believe the banking interests (aka ‘the banksters”) are responsible for this condition. Those who expose our mainstream media journalism that is not journalism at all are doing God’s work, exposing deeds of unrighteousness, and this includes Greg Hunter and James O’Keefe, deceased Dr. Stanley Monteith, and Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Dr. James Tracy, Dr. James Fetz3er, and a long list of true journalists.

    Dave at x22report Spotlight channel was just put in the “penalty box” by YouTube for interviewing Dr. James Fetzer back in 2015. No rules were violated but YouTube never tells content creator what rules were broken.

    Suggest reading about a major earthquake to real journalism by finding this story…

    J.P. Morgan Interests Buy 25 of America’s Leading Newspapers and Insert Editors

    U.S. Congressional Record February 9, 1917, page 2947

    Congressman Calloway announced that the J.P. Morgan interests bought 25 of America’s leading newspapers, and inserted their own editors, in order to control the media. “ SNIP

    ZeroHedge says Connecticut may be the next state behind Illinois that fiscally and financially tanks. It may be unChristian of me to take some sollace in seeing that the state of Connecticut is about to tank next, but I believe the bankster Connecticut cabal carried off the Sandy Hook shooting false event and arranged the illegal firing of tenured Professor James Tracy.

    It’s Not Just Illinois: Connecticut Faces Friday Day Of Reckoning
    Tyler Durden’s picture
    by Tyler Durden
    Jun 30, 2017

    My newspaper, the only newspaper, for my capitol city of a large state has been for sale for over ten years and no bites, yet it keeps going like the Everready bunny, so maybe big financial interests are keeping that outfit going.
    Do not think big mainstream and little stream media much needs us to buy and subscribe anymore. They get their money from higher places. Still we should abandon them in every way.

    Phillipians 4:8
    For the rest, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever modest, whatsoever just, whatsoever holy, whatsoever lovely, whatsoever of good fame, if there be any virtue, if any praise of discipline, think on these things.
    Phillipians 4:8

  24. Buddy

    Great report as usual greg.
    One thing I wish someone would check on is a story I heard but forgot where I heard it was that the bad guys whoever they are have planted a Hugh nuck under Yellowstone.
    Could this be their last potential action when everything goes against them.
    Again just a rumour but very scary don’t you think.
    Perhaps the galactics won’t allow it to happen.
    There is so much more they are not telling us so might as well let it get out there for people to check and ask themselves.

    • Ross Herman

      Hello Buddy, if you ever come to learn how theses people think you will understand that “they” would never miss an opportunity like that. When you learn that the Fukashima event was a planed an exicuted attack, very successful attack as they most likely have destroyed and contaminated the entire Pacific Ocean, at a minimum. Which continues unabated for all time. Not a peep from US television.

      I want to leave you with a question. What do you think was the purpose of 4 years of continuous nuclear bombardment of our atmosphere, as soon as rockets could be developed (by the NASI scientists that were smuggled into America after the war and made leaders of all our military and space reasearch efforts) at a time when nothing was more costly than a nuke? I will give you a clue, read the headstone of the most famous rocket man of all time, Werner Von Braun.

      • Crazy Meeka
        My big sister was his secretary at the Redstone Rocket project in Detroit.
        I’ll have to give her a call and ask her about it since as a kid I could care less, but now my curiosity is piqued.

        • Greg Hunter

          Psalm 19:1-3 (1) The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. (2) Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. (3) They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them.

          Very interesting!


          • Ross Herman

            Interestingly not all bibles use the same words but in general I have found : PSA19.1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

            • Greg Hunter

              Powerful verse no mater what. I love Matthew 28:18. The devil is certainly NOT in charge anywhere.

              • Charles H

                In the balance, Greg – there is more verse than just Matt.28:18. The devil is termed “the god of this world”; and by creation – he is more powerful and wise than humanity. In fact, he was a ‘covering cherub(im) – close to God and ordering worship, before the fall. To say that he is not in charge anywhere – seems a misstatement.
                I thought to underestimate an enemy was a primary and grave error.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Charles H,
                  I disagree. Jesus said “All power in heaven and each has been given to me.” “ALL” This is after the Resurrection, and after the Resurrection satan was exposed for the black hearted pretender that his is. “ALL” power if for Christ and Christ alone. after the Resurrection.

                  • dbcooper

                    Greg, I often reflect on the Commandment that says you shall have no other gods before ME. This tells me that yes Our Lord is all powerful but we have the choice to elevate another to god status. Yours, DB.

  25. Kerry

    Another great week of truth Greg, much appreciated Sir! I am prayerfully hopeful that we start seeing some activity out of AG Sessions as it pertains to the absolute lawlessness inside the Beltway. I’ve learned to filter everything I see and hear by looking for “anonymous sources said”, LOL. Good weekend to you Sir.

  26. Thomas Blow

    On your YouTube channel I posted a comment that you should actively campaign to replace Zucker. On considering this, I think you have no choice but to accept this challenge. You have gone too far explaining your disgust with what is going on not to offer to clean things up. It is similar to what Cernovich has done in explaining what he would do as WH communications director, if Trump called him, he is in a corner, he would have to do it. So do you.
    Frankly, and I don’t ask you to post what I am saying here, this is the serious moment in your life. Yes, I know, no one really wants to move to Atlanta. Yes, I know, you probably are comfortable, have friends, interests, your life is now just as you wish. But, I submit to you, your country needs you right now. There are three requirements for Liberty. First, a system in which no one has too much power over the other. Two, the participation of citizens in their government. Three, the light of Truth to allow the citizens to justly direct the power of government. Your effort is SORELY needed to achieve the second and third aims.
    Even if you think such an effort would be in vain, you really have. Nothing to lose here and a lot to gain. Your effort would help shed light, light that is much needed. It is NOT enough to criticise. We must also have leadership that takes the reigns, tells us what to DO.
    You have achieved greatness in your effort here. But I think on reflection you will realize how FAR we have to go to bring America back from the brink.
    Please feel free to call me at 615-849-7516 and discuss this, I know it can’t be an easy decision for you.
    Thomas Blow

  27. eddiemd

    I saw a quote on Zerohedge mention “the propaganda bombardment zone” as being the airports across the country. Nonstop CNN on all television monitors in the waiting areas combined with a limited selection of print sources. Newspapers at the kiosks are limited to Wash Post, NY Times, LA times, and most of all, USA Today and Gannett affiliates.

    At the above website the title states “Storytelling at its Boldest” and “Media that drives action, not passive consumption”. That is exactly what it is; storytelling and propaganda that is used for thought control. Look at the list of brands. They also control a large market of print in the UK.

    Having recently been in central Europe for 5 months , I saw how the local and national print used regurgitated news from the major papers such as USA Today, NY Times, and WAPO. The propaganda is not limited just to the USA. CNN international and the BBC are the english news channels on the cable networks. CNN international cable news is everywhere. In latin america it is in both spanish and english.

    CNN’s market in the USA is a minor part of the networks reach. I would say that they control the international market along with the BBC.

    Both the BBC and CNN are outlets for the deep state intelligence operations. Gannett also. Gannett HQ is a stones throw from CIA HQ in Virginia. Tyson’s Corner to McClean.

    • eddiemd

      Friday release of the Project Veritas concerns Jimmy Carr. He is an executive producer at CNN. Background education shows that he is a graduate of the American Univeristy in Beirut.
      Based on the education background/location, I suspect that this man works for the a variety of potential intelligence agencies. Being in Beirut would suggest that he was certainly under surveillance by Mossad, CIA, MI 6, the Turks, Syria, Russians, and who knows who else.
      Who knows who he works for now as part of CNN.

    • Frederick

      Makes sense what you say about the BBC They had an obvious pedofilia working for them( Jimmy Saville) and they announced the collapse of WTC bldg 7 before it actually occurred so you figure it out

      • nick

        Jill Dando was a UK journalist who investigated a pedo ring in the BBC and British government in the late 1990’s. She passed her investigation upstream but nobody wanted to know. She was murdered by single muffled shot to the head in 1999. ( Barry George, a social loner, was jailed for the killing in 2001, mainly to appease the public outrage. He was released in 2008 and cleared of the murder and claimed millions in compensation) The real killer has never been found. Musician Cliff Richard was apparently a friend of Jill Dando and he has faced pedo accusations for decades.
        There are hundreds of pages about this case on the internet.

        Furthermore the British government has been covering up pedo cases at high level for decades. A quick internet search into Home Secretary Leon Britain , Sir Cyril Smith , MI6 director Hayman and Sir Peter Morrison show how high this went and probably still goes. At one point Margaret Thatcher claimed it was not in the public interest to expose them.

        A London social worker Liz Davies and her team spent years building up a dossier and interviewing victims but nobody would take her work any further, she was eventually raided by security all her work was stolen and she was slapped with a D notice.

        Draining the swamps is a lot harder than it sounds.
        Good luck to those still trying.

        • Charles H

          Too Important To Jail = above the Law.

  28. JQP

    Sure let’s build the wall but the real construction project of our time should be an epic project to create hundreds if not thousands of miles of pressure relief tunnels deep underground that converge then prick the Yellowstone volcano.

    Go a mile (or more) underground 100+ miles away from Yellowstone and create a circular spiderweb of massive tunnels that at least have a total volume of 100 cubic miles. Then dig tunnels directly into the Yellowstone magma chamber releasing the pressure into the pressure relief tunnels.

    Just think of this… if we don’t build the pressure relief tunnel system and we do build the wall… when Yellowstone blows millions of Americans will be at our southern wall trying to climb over to get to Mexico.

    Yes, this would be the largest project ever undertaken by humankind for the savor of billions of people.

    • Paul ...

      JPQ … we do have sophisticated tunneling equipment … it sounds like you are on to something here … so you engineers out there … why can’t we try to relieve the pressure before it blows!!

    • Frederick

      Hate to inform you but there is NO southern Wall yet anyway

      • Paul ...

        The problem won’t be trying to get over the wall (the ash will build up right to the top of the wall) the problem will be jumping down the 10 feet from the top of the wall to the ground in Mexico with out breaking a leg!!

      • JCD

        There is a wall Fredrick. Fear is the biggest wall known to man.

  29. eddiemd

    More information on Jimmy Carr. From his Linkedin profile.

    For a young gun he moved up the ladder very quickly. His Linkedin profile demonstrates that he worked with “young activists in the arab spring”, worked in Jerusalem, and worked for affiliated international operations of CCN news desks. This guy has intelligence operative/mole written all over him.

    News Intern
    June 2011 – September 2011 (4 months)
    ▪ Located and reported on digital activists around the globe
    ▪ Wrote news weekly round-ups and guides to digital privacy
    ▪ Focused on young activists in the wake of the Arab Spring

    Intern, Jerusalem Bureau
    The Media Line
    February 2013 – May 2013 (4 months)
    ▪ Edited and published text, audio, and video news packages
    ▪ Conducted MOS interviews in English and Arabic
    ▪ Directly assisted President & CEO, Executive Editor, and Bureau Chief
    ▪ Developed a strategy to redesign and expand the company’s social media presence

    News Assistant
    September 2014 – December 2014 (4 months)Greater New York City Area
    ▪ Managed a daily schedule of all New York Bureau guests appearing on CNN, CNN International, CNN en Español, HLN, domestic affiliates, and international partners
    ▪ Communicated with producers around the world to ensure adherence to hit times
    ▪ Greeted guests and accompanied them to makeup/studio/set

  30. Paul ...

    If the Main Street Media wants the American people to “trust in them” they should be writing about how “anonymous sources” have informed them that Trump colluded with God to win the election … but the Satanist and pedophile loving CNN news network can’t bring themselves to tell us “that truth” or give tribute to God in any way … just as the globalists are out to remove all cash that has “In God We Trust” written on it and move to a cashless “electronic” money system where God is not mentioned at all … as they know one of God’s “greatest characteristics” (besides being a non-gay Satan hating vegetarian) is that God is the most foremost believer in “Freedom” … God gives man “total freedom” to do what he wants (even to his own detriment) … God will warn man “not to kill” but gives man “the freedom” to go to war and kill if he wants … God will warn man “not to eat of a certain tree” but gives man “the freedom” to eat everything (including babies) at their Satanic rituals … God has demonstrated to us that Satan is pure evil (by throwing him out of Heaven) but yet gives man “the freedom” to worship at Satan’s alter (if we wish) but man must live with the consequences of his acts of “freedom” … our Great Nation was founded upon “freedom” because our founders “trusted in God and the inalienable rights that God endowed upon all men” … God gives us “freedom” to strengthen our character to do the “right things” … not to “simply obey” as ordained by a fascist dictator ruling us as slaves (the way the Globalists want to do) … but to endow upon us the freedom and ability “to use our own minds in a constructive way” … and that is exactly what we Americans are doing now … the American people are rising up and ignoring all the MSM lies … we are not electing Demon-Rats … and we are cleaning the swamp and arresting Satanist worshiping pedophiles, etc., etc. … “diagnosing” God’s main characteristics (like him not being gay because he did not create two Adam’s or not being a Satanist because he threw Satan out of Heaven) the Main Street Media can try to “impeach God” as being anti-gay or anti-Satanist … they have that God given freedom … just as they have the freedom to remove God from our money the way they removed him from our schools … but they can’t remove him from our minds … although they are trying very hard (with all the fluoride in our water, GMO’s in our food and aluminum in the air we breathe)!!

    • Paul ...

      I have no doubt that the Deep State spy agencies bugged Trump’s bedroom before the election … and have on tape Trump praying to God … asking … “please dear Lord make me win this election … so that I can make America Great Again” … Obama then passed these spy agency tapes to the MSM editors “as proof” to show that Trump colluded (with God) to win the election … the source of the MSM’s “proof of collusion” must be kept anonymous … because it shows Trump talked with God … not the Russians!!

  31. stonewall

    Greg, this is the result of leftists taking control of most if not all universities
    several decades ago so that they could better brainwash our young. Well
    the strategy has worked because now most graduates enter the work world
    with a garbage degree in the humanities indoctrinated in the belief they
    are special and entitled. And then reality hits so they need to blame
    someone for their gullibility and stupidity. Of course it’s the white man’s
    fault and Trump epitomizes that group so he is the enemy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Correct sir and thank you!

  32. Lissa

    Greg, FYI-
    This from
    Yes, Yellowstone has had a turbulent June. According to the University of Utah, which is part of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory (YVO) in just two weeks, the supervolcano that lies underneath the national park was hit with 878 earthquakes.
    The dense series of earthquakes, called an earthquake swarm, began on June 12. Within one week, the USGS had already recorded 464 earthquakes.
    “This is the highest number of earthquakes at Yellowstone within a single week in the past five years,” reported the USGS in a statement released last week.
    The majority of the earthquakes were no greater than a magnitude of 1, but the largest reached a magnitude of 4.4, which is the biggest earthquake experienced in Yellowstone since March 2014.
    We don’t need to freak out anytime soon. It is extremely unlikely that these swarms will set off the supervolcano. In fact, the USGS sets the probability of the supervolcano erupting in the coming year at 1 in 730,000, and has kept its volcano alert level at green.
    So, it’s still safe to visit this beautiful National Park!

    • eddiemd

      Nobody can predict what will happen. To say that it is “extremely unlikely” is foolishness.

      One thing is certain though. The earth will be shaken. Judgement is coming.

      2 Peter 3: 3-9

      3Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, 4And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. 5For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: 6Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: 7But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

      8But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 9The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

  33. Thomas Blow

    I need to add this. You can’t think, no one can, of a person who is warrior and knowledgeable enough to do this job. We are only one deep here. You are the equivalent of a super bowl quarterback. But you are almost sitting on the sidelines.
    Have you ever seen the motion picture The Guns of Navarone? If not, pull it off Amazon and watch it. David Niven spends the movie carping and complaining but refuses to be an officer and take responsibility. Gregory Peck gets VERY angry near the end and tells Niven something about how it is time for him to do his job in no uncertain terms. I think it is arguable that Peck is talking directly to you here. I’m asking you to watch this film again before deciding this.

  34. eddiemd

    The Mika and Joe distraction. Another Trump psyop.

    I initially thought that this Tweet barrage was questionable. I don’t believe that Trump releases Tweets without vetting it with key people.

    The release of the Tweet yesterday was used as a ruse. The corporate media, Dems, and RINOs were focused on the Tweet all day yesterday. Look over here, while Trump pivots to something else.

    In other news yesterday it was noted that Trump is going to meet Putin at the G20 meeting. Podesta testified behind closed doors. Up next is Susan Rice. Bernie and wife under investigation. Merkel putting out propaganda. Battle for Mosul rages. ISIS on the run. Israel bombing in southern Syria. Waiting on a false flag chemical attack in Syria. North Korea waiting to launch. South Korean president in DC. Cyberwarfare increasing.

    World on fire.

    • wondrouscat

      Excellent analysis there – a ruse psyop – President Trump should just continue to tweet silly insults and get the left all tied up in knots for days while he goes ahead with his agenda. Genius.

    • Flattop

      eddiemd: A correction sir, Trump is going to the G20 to collude with Putin.

  35. Charles H


    The Sea-change in America is perhaps beyond recovery. Add them all up – the Print Media or Newspapers; the Television outlets; the Cable outlets; and some (?) Internet sources. What is the Ballpark figure of all these? – 60, 70%? More?
    Analyzing each one – determining WHO allowed WHAT: and two things should happen. One is each ‘business’ should be thrown into the scrap-heap of History: without exception. In fact a list of Infamy should be posted on a monument. Then EACH and EVERY PERJURED PERSON who worked at these places should be branded like a pirate of old days. They should NEVER be allowed a salary; but only given hourly wages for physical labor, under strict supervision for their work.
    “F” the idea that these people and businesses can’t be done away with. This is a disease of a ruinous philosophy – both for BANKS, or JOURNALISTIC Outlets. None of them are Too Important To Fail, or Too Important To Fire. Reagan fired the striking Air-Traffic Controllers, and they never worked there again.
    Just call a False Narrative (and Omission) what it is: a LIE. These Liars abandoned the social contract of honest INTEGRITY as much as an adulterer brakes the sanctity of Marriage – there is no going back.
    You left, and survived; they stayed, and ruined themselves. I’d love for Trump to come to you and commission you to certify – who can work in journalism; and who cannot. I fear you wouldn’t find enough people with moral character to fill-out even just one MSM channel, or one New York newspaper.
    At least – we are glad you’re here! A ‘Walter Cronkite’, indeed! (And thanks for having us.)

  36. diane

    Wow Greg Hunter!
    Great report.
    I have a question.
    Why isn’t CNN shut down?
    If this fake news continues. …won’t they lose their license as a broadcasting network?

    • Greg Hunter

      CNN will lose advertisers first and also their viewers,.

      • JCD

        So will all the others in the swamp network. CNN if maybe is the first. I think PBS will start the fall of fake news. JMHO

        • Greg Hunter

          Defund PBS or better yet, sell it off.

    • Steve Spry

      CNN does not broadcast therefore no license. Cable and satellite are not regulated by the

  37. Russ

    Great wrap-up Greg, one of your best. The emphasis on CNN and fake news was definitely warranted. I had not connected the dots of three CNN news desk guys being fired with the Time Warner merger, but that was excellent insight. Fire a few low level guys no one will remember and save upper management — yep, typical response.

    Dollar index tanking — yeah, just more evidence of manipulation in the system. Real values don’t move that fast.

    Yellowstone caldera may be ready to finally pop or it may wait a few more centuries. I’m near the edge of that outer circle and upwind… initially. My question is how long will the ash stay in the atmosphere and for how much of the Earth’s surface will the sun be prevented from reaching the surface. Are we looking at nuclear winter without the nukes? Possibly. Worldwide famine? I’m not sure how you prepare for that.

  38. eddiemd

    We see that the Holy Spirit is being poured out among the nations.

    We see the Holy Spirit being poured out into San Pedro Sula Honduras, the city with the third highest murder rate in the world.

    The principalities of darkness cannot prevail. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

  39. John f

    Just a thought. Warren Buffet is the top share holder in Wells Fargo and now B of A. I think he’s preparing for a little income inequality equalizing. But not in the way you would think. Poof! When the fed buffoons say Nov Dec it means August. All roller coaster riders must have the safety bar in the locked position.

  40. eddiemd

    Eric Holder tweeting today. “Duty. Honor. Country.”

    What a disgrace this man is. One of the most corrupt Attorney Generals in the history of the US. The only cabinet member to ever be impeached in the historyof the USA. Interesting how he can quote General MacArthur in his tweet while in 1969 at Colombia university he led a group of war protesters to overtake the ROTC builing and rename it as the Malcom X student center.

    Swamp creature. He has a lot to hide. He is a deep state leader with connections to Comey and Mueller.

    Shout out to the Special Operations community both former and current. Remember your oath to the Constitution. De Oppresso Liber.

  41. Ross Herman

    Greg, let me just mention that in addition to all the “Main Stream News” organizations spewing only propagand, cable has hundreds and of talk shows using the same script. And we don’t even need to mention every sickening advertisement from government, pharm (the most evil) insurance companies, the list is long. And don’t forget TVs use of subliminal frequencies for mind control (hypnosis) and generating fear.

    I used to think how lucky I was to have avoided first hand experience in the wars I saw as plaguing the rest of the world, now I come to learn I have been under attack my entire life from every consivable direction. With the “secret” poisoning of Earth and all us living creatures being the most intolerable to my state of well being!

  42. Mario G.

    Another story that the mass media is not reporting is chinese troops crossing the border of India to destroy bunkers. These are 2 countries with nuclear weapons. Very dangerous situation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mario for this link and important news!!

  43. Joe

    If the Yellowstone Caldera blows Yellen could be right that “we’ll never see another crisis in out lifetime”. Or maybe she has insider knowledge re. an EMP, a planned nuke first strike or a large meteor headed our way.

    • Paul ...

      Reminds me of those famous words spoken right before WWI … “We Have Achieved Peace In Our Time”!!!

      • Frederick

        Paul I think that was before WW 2 not 1 Neville Chamberlain from England

  44. Richard

    On your Yellowstone event the ash fallout would not go as far west because of the winds blowing mainly from west to east. I was in Portland Or. when Mt St Helens went and they had no ash fall on the town when it first went. It nearly all fell East of the mountain. So until it erupts and we know which way the winds are blowing we can not say who will get the fallout. However it is something that needs to be talked about.

    • Lake M

      I was in Denver at that time and a day or so later my car was during the night
      coated with a light covering of Mt Saint Helen ash. The radio station was warning to wash it off with a hose and don’t run the wipers as it would scratch the glass.

  45. Larry Galearis

    Hi Greg,
    You (as in) yourself is the best interview subject.
    I always speak my mind regardless of how it might be received.
    So why in all this investigative turmoil did nobody manufacture false evidence. Not an argument against what you have said, but a serious question. Why NOT; they have done everything else.

  46. Larry Galearis

    Qatar is TOO complicated – and probably for Trump too. He was too boneheaded and sided with the Saudis. I think everyone should keep in mind that Trump has made some major mistakes in foreign policy. He was obviously NOT listening to Mattis when he sided against Qatar! I do not admire Trump (I know that is irrelevant) but at the same time Americans are looking at their “choice” of president that must be in Washington someone the Deep State can control in these less than democratic times. This does not mean that an “anomalous” election of Trump is to US advantage or is a return to a democratic system for Washington and a win for common sense and wisdom, it is every bit a symptom like much that has gone wrong in the USA. After all we have now a president who has stated that he does not read books. I find that very disconcerting at the very least and is proving it in the worst possible ways. Also at the very least Americans should realize that this means that their president has a VERY provincial outlook – and is going to make major mistakes. Guess what? He is making them, and has created a crisis in Syria (missile attack) that is a huge foreign policy error for a so-called détente president. A president who does not show stability and intelligence in his goals is not someone who will be taken seriously by a country like Russia that does.

    Qatar, however, is not really an issue as the Kingdom cannot afford another war against a neighbour – it is already losing against Yemen. And it is closing on bankruptcy due to low oil prices. Qatar is a non-issue except that it weakens NATO and the Deep State policies in the M.E.

    And don’t, please, misunderstand I still think Trump is a better president than a completely corrupted and (what should be by now) discredited Hillary. But that doesn’t mean Trump (or the Deep State as a rogue factor) won’t get us into a (stupid) war with Russia; it is just a probability thing and we have only nice sounding statements from Trump of common interests with Russia to go by. Trump is only really a détente president – as stated – if he can follow through with some behaviors to change the present war pattern. That’s not much, given his opposition and tendencies to play politics with his internal opposition prompting an attack on Syria, but it is all the world has at this point. The good news is that your media is now beginning to self-destruct publicly and for all the obvious reasons that you state. This is a good thing because the United States, or any country, for that matter, cannot be a democracy without a free press – as you state in your very good rant. Your founding fathers must be spinning in their graves!
    Are there any democracies left in the West?

  47. John M.

    Right on, again Greg!
    Is it not interesting that the MSM and Deep State have the gall to keep pushing this Russian Collusion narrative when it has been the US government that has been influencing foreign elections and toppling foreign govts for many, many decades? The Confessions of an Economic Hitman, John Perkins, has documented this inconvenient truth rather well.
    Hillary and her gang (Neo-cons and the Globalist Establishment) have overtly destroyed Libya and the Middle East in the bright light of day, and not a peep of criticism from anyone. They are the real criminals in so many different ways (govt emails, Uranium One scandal, Clinton Foundation, etc.) and they should be tried and hung for treason.
    The best they can do is call Pres. Trump a bunch of crazy names, and accuse him of pissing on prostitutes in some hotel in Russia. Only the MSM is desperately insane enough to dream up this kind of stuff.
    Months ago, I thought that the MSM could possibly press hard on this “Trump is mentally insane” meme to try and destroy him. Why not, they are dirty enough to keep throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks, and take him down.
    I sure hope that Pres. Trump has some aces up his sleeve, for the sake of honest, God-fearing Americans.

    • Paul ...

      And the truly mentally insane people are the Deep State neocons in Washington DC who told Saddam to attack Iran a few year back and use chemical weapons on them … after killing tens of millions of Iranians in the most horrible way imaginable … these same mentally ill neocons now want to start another war with Iran and drop nuclear weapons on them … God should screw these evil neocons by giving Iran even more oil wells and adding water to the Saudi wells!!

  48. Jan

    Greg, I found it interesting to hear your perspective from working at CNN roughly 10 years ago when there were proper standards in place, to the way CNN now lets the “inmates run the asylum.” To think that this was once “the most trusted news” in the USA. Not anymore!

    The whining and moaning of journalists about their lay-offs and other woes are mostly falling on deaf ears. How many ordinary Americans have been losing jobs or watching co-workers lose their jobs? What would they’ve gained by voting in Clinton? Open borders, more outsourced jobs, soaring healthcare costs, fewer job opportunities …
    No thank you!

    Yet there is one silver lining for the MSM’s focus on their own pet peeves — and that is everything getting done that is flying under the radar. For example, almost invisibly, The House just approved two immigration bills ( Kate’s Law to increase deportation penalties and another law to defund sanctuary cities for criminal aliens)!

    • Greg Hunter

      Make no mistake the management is in charge and knows what it going on. Thank you for your support.

  49. Herb Drake


    I sense your outrage on journalists who sell out the standards of your profession to become propagandists. You’ve probably made this point in at least a dozen posts (and I never miss one of your posts). But your reporting on this issue is becoming more and more a “rant” and less and less a “news story.” You can fully develop this point in less than half the time, and for those of us who have been following usaw for a long time, repeating the same bullet points over and over gets a bit tiresome. I know it’s difficult, but would you consider following the journalistic imperative of “brevity” the next time you report on a MSM outrage?

    (Sorry! No offence intended)

  50. Paul Anthony

    Lots of Passion in this warp of Greg! Thank you for your work and fight for truth and unbiased news reporting. I am in your corner along with many!

  51. Ross Herman

    I would like to take advantage of your very bright audience and make a totally out of left field question: it seems like these days the moon is always visible day or night, the phases of course change and new moons aren’t seen, as usual, but as I remember my childhood the moon was not seen during the day. Is my memory faulty?

    Love you Gerg.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have seen the moon in the daytime before but I am no expert on moon cycles.

  52. Sayonara

    Great news wrap up. However your best performance this week was on the KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman. You were completely on fire and rightfully so.
    Keep up the great work!

  53. Tad

    The discussion with Hannity and Mark Levin gibes with my thoughts. While Trumps criticisms of Mika were sharp, if not a bit amusing, I’m left with the question: Why is garbage like this–which must pass for journalism at CNN and MSNBC–allowed on air?

    Twenty-four/seven/365 useless days a year.

    After a few hours of presenting said garbage, I might be inclined to commit on-air suicide.

  54. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Great wrap-up, Greg. Contrary to the Hannibal Lecter false archetype created by our popular media, psychopaths are by definition idiots who are illiterate in English and Math. So does it surprise anyone that a journalist can’t read a pie-chart? Most people I know are functionally illiterate in English and Math. Almost all people in our government are for sure. Scary stuff.

  55. Dr Darryl Jewett

    @ Greg – Earthquake “swarms” aren’t evidence of an imminent or even inevitable eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano. They may be evidence that pressure on the tectonic plates and magma bubbles is being released and that they might correlate not with imminent eruption but reduced probability of eruption. But for now as far as anyone knows, they aren’t evidence of anything. Earthquake swarms are common in the area and greatly variable in frequency, abundance and magnitude. Earthquake swarms are another important set of data concerning study and understanding of geology and possibly volcanism. And in that context, they’re certainly news-worthy. But they’re relationship to eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano is a big “nothing-burger”. Fake news. It’s a distraction by the media of more important developments that really are news.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Darryl,
      That’s not what the scientists say, but that you for your feedback.

      • susan

        Greg, I live in the Yellowstone area and have for many years. The swarms do not mean anything. They go on all the time. I remember when they had the earthquake in I think it was ’58. I was 350 miles north and it knocked the dishes out of the cupboards. The problem is that yes, they will know when the “big” one will happen, but I am not sure they will let us know. We have plans if we are given proper notice, but I wonder if they will.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Susan.

    • Mike R

      The vast majority of the quakes didn’t even register a 1. The problem with the hysteria about this, is that no proper context is ever communicated. In reality pressure is being relieved via the quakes, and the fact that there are hundreds of low level, barely registerable on the richter scale, means not only is the volcano nowhere close to blowing, but its actually a tremendous thing things small quakes are occurring. Its going to be centuries before the volcano in Yellowstone MIGHT ever blow, and potentially may never ever blow in the next 100,000 years. There is just a lot of ‘settling’ going on, which is a function of variables and conditions too numerous to express here, and way above most people’s level of knowledge about the earth’s geological conditions. Let’s put it this way – I’m way more worried about the fireworks going off, and scaring the crap out of my little chihuahua over the next 3 days, than I ever will be about any quakes by a volcano, reported upon by any US news outlet, mainstream or alternative. If you REALLY want to know more about earthquakes, suggest following sites, such as, for even just a couple weeks, and you’ll realize there are thousands of quakes every day in places you never heard of, both around volcanoes that have a real history of blowing way more than Yellowstones. And after about 2 months of studying quakes you’ll be bored out of your skull.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Greg – Mike R’s assessment is good. Although I’m not so concerned that fireworks will scare his Chihuaha, I’m more concerned that he HAS a Chihuahua. And I’m more concerned that he has a Chihuahua than I am the Yellowstone super-volcano will erupt. The variables that can influence eruption are considerable, we don’t even know what most of them are probably, and we probably don’t even understand what most of the ones we do know about mean. You have a better chance of predicting the next stock market crash. And look at what a terrible job everyone’s done at that so far, manipulation by gov’ts not withstanding (most people miss the point – there is no stock market, Neo). I guess I kinda look at it this way: the stock market isn’t real as long as it’s inflated artificially. And the only evidence I’ll accept (for now) that it has become real again (and not inflated artificially) is when it reflects reality, responds to all the variables that are supposed to influence a real market, and it completely collapses. So I won’t accept any predictions about the Yellowstone super-volcanoe until it erupts.

  56. Hatemail

    The whole world is corrupt and everyone in it. Government is corrupt, churches are corrupt, I am corrupt. We are all self-righteous sinners. We point fingers at everyone else when we are all equally mired in sin. The second coming is going to be quite a traumatic experience for all of us.
    He is coming to judge the living and the dead.

  57. Jennifer Arbach

    The last story about Yellowstone sent me immediately to Revelation 6:12; “And I beheld when He had opened the 6th seal, and ,lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair and the moon became as blood.”. vs 17: “For the day if His wrath is come and who shall be able to stand?”
    Folks , we are living in the time of the 5th seal, the antichrist comes at the 6th and Yellowstone could be the opening of that 6th seal. Watch, pray and know that God’s people will stand victoriously when all is said and done! Jesus comes at the 7 trump………We are seeing the culmination of Scripture right before our eyes. And as Gregg says at the end if every show, God the Father is in charge!

    • Frederick

      Greg to be fair NOT believing in Christ is NOT defined as being an atheist Other people question things and have different beliefs That doesn’t make you an atheist it makes you an agnostic You’re educated and know that

  58. Roger D

    A key to survival is risk assessment. Yellowstone could blow in our lifetime, but I believe nukes are much more likely. Here is a list of nuclear targets by State:

    • Ross Herman

      Hello Roger, don’t forget that Obama tried to nuke Charelstown Harbor in September of 2013. Apparently 3 nukes were taken illegally from A base in Texas and were last seen headed to the east coast. Then Lindsey Graham went on TV and said if we don’t attack Syria then Iran will nuke Charlston Harbor! Next there was a 4 point “earthquake” deep in the Atlantic off our east coast. Then Putin made a worldwide broadcast stating that little shakeup in the Atlantic was NOT an earthquake. Presumably a patriot, that was not successfully purged by Obama, saved our ass. It is now rumored that 2 nukes were spirited away by the patriots.

  59. Just The Facts

    Greg and commenters, We have all heard about the complete shut-down of the USS Donald Cook by Russian fighter jets and just last week there was a story of the same thing happening to an American destroyer which allowed a Phillipino container ship to ram the destroyer in what looks like an attempt to sink it. I was told about this video on u-tube that explains the technology and it blew my mind. It was developed by an Iranian scientist by the name of Dr. Keshe and is referred to as Keshe Technology. This technology is a complete game changer and a must see! Title: Keshe Technology of Iran, free energy, anti gravity space travel, atomic welding, plasma energy. 44:56

    • Frederick

      Just the facts I read the same thing about that technology I’m not sure what to believe to be honest but if true were in big trouble

  60. william lesieur

    I can’t believe you’re interviewing Lynette Zang. I “discovered” her a couple of weeks ago and have been sending her YT links to friends since. Wow. We’re all waking up. Connected so to speak.

    • Greg Hunter


      This is a eye opening interview from Zang! It will be posted in about 30 mins or just after midnight.


  61. vincent_g

    An important item needs to be cleared up quickly.
    We are hearing the Illinois is in deep trouble and getting deeper very fast.
    We are also hearing the Puerto Rico wants to become a state so it can declare bankruptcy

    It’s my understanding that states can not declare bankruptcy!!
    To allow states to declare bankruptcy would require the constitution to be amended.
    I can’t see that happening.

    What happens to Illinois will be interesting to watch.

    In the past state bail outs were not an option.
    If the US government starts bailing out one state then all the others will want bail outs.
    And once that becomes a norm then state bail outs will be every other year as states will no longer even try to be prudent with their spending.

    Seems the only option is the Federal Reserve which can offer low or zero interest loans.

    Once the state fails the cities and local governments will surely follow.

  62. coalburner

    Larry G, it s a bother to argue with you but I will make a few comments. First Trump has and had no choice but protect the Saudi’s same as spending some bombs on empty hollow buildings in Syria. You do not seem to know or care that our dollar and third or fourth world status is riding on the Saudi’s same as their protection rides on us.. Trump has no choice but buy time and hope he can get some tax reform and jobs and big corporate money returning to our homeland. I bet he chokes with dislike the same as Obummer and Bush II did. But they had no choice. I am betting the Saudi’s would like to stick another knife in our backs just as well but they need us to survive(don’t forget our US FED non-bank and the City of London Company stole their gold and they did 9/11) . Why do you think Saudi’s are after Qatar? One thing, when, Qatar agreed to sell oil for gold and Not dollars. We bomb a few buildings and bluster a lot and the Saudi’s are teaching Qatar a lesson and yes, again Trump has to sell weapons to the Saudi’s. You may not care how soon the American masses have to start eating from garbage dumps but Trump does. When our dollar is dumped as our Watchdog Friend, Jerry keeps us well informed, we are going to the dumper faster than a broken elevator. I, for one, am for delaying as long as possible. Some are informed and are doing all they can to be ready. More time will not be a bad thing. I just got in some more dried food and we dried our own Apricots this week. How about you Professor Liberal? What do you say about the dollar and depression. You like your pension and IRA’s, enjoy them while you can. When we fall you will too. You see, no matter what history looks like or from what point of view, most people are worried about feeding and clothing their own families and surviving troubled waters. We don’t want to have to step on innocent people to survive but after eight year af watching the cynical destruction of country after country by a President destroying lives by the millions we are not worried about a President bombing empty buildings to try to bluff our way our of a war the Deep State wants so badly. MAGA

    You made it pretty clear the most important thing to you is every mistake America or its leaders, bad or good have made. The taking over of the western world was going to happen, inevitable, and a lot worse could have happened. We could have been todays muslim and every last human would be dead or a slave, TODAY. They were the origionals and still trade in slavery, remember.

  63. CNN = Prescription drug advertising

    How Trump Can De-Fund The Entire Establishment Media With The Single Stroke Of A Pen

    President Trump may not be aware of this, but he has the power right now to de-fund almost the entire fake news media with a single signature. The answer lies in the FDA, which “legalized” direct-to-consumer drug advertising in 1997, providing a windfall of Big Pharma ad revenues that have propped up fake news rags like CNN ever since.

    Direct-to-consumer drug advertising is illegal almost everywhere else in the world, and it needs to be outlawed in America yet again. With a simple announcement, the FDA could once again decide to outlaw that form of advertising in the United States, immediately denying the establishment media over 50 percent of its revenues. (Big Pharma reportedly provides up to 70% of the revenues for some news organizations.) At the same time, drug advertising serves no real purpose other than to generate more profits for the drug industry. There is no medical justification whatsoever for advertising chemical medications directly to the public. (The practice is highly unethical and rooted in total quackery and deception.)

    • Greg Hunter

      Good info “CNN”!!!

    • diane

      Oops wrong link

      President tweeted

      I think I’ll change CNN FAKE NEWS to

      LOVE IT!!!!

  64. Tim McGraw

    Why is CNN committing this craziness? Sure, the ratings go up in the short term, but long term CNN loses its credibility and without that it might as well be ” Mad ” magazine.

  65. Judy Kay

    What is fascinating Greg, is that when CNN posts news on a bombing in the Middle East, , or deadly flood in India, or a multiple car accident in Michigan winter fog, you and others don’t question its background investigation methodology or call it “fake news”. But when it specifically involves Trump, when CNN discovers and reveals past wrongdoings, connections or relations with mobsters and Russian oligarchs, you scream bloody murder, incompetence and “fake news”. You Sir, are the blind and biased leading the blind and biased.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s right judy. It’s just their thought shaping biased propaganda politics we all are very pissed off about.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Judy, I hate to be the the one to say this, but back, just call me Captain Obvious. The first group of stories are based on these pesky things called “facts.” I am sure you have heard that word befire. While the latter batch of horse shiite is thought shaping Fascist propoganda based on the Demoncrats wildest fantasies. Hopefully, even you can tell the difference.

  66. Galaxy 500

    If Yellowstone blows, there will no longer be a USA. And a lot of the world will starve.
    I can not plan for this any better except to put in more provisions, which I do monthly anyway.
    I have read about this over the years. It would be a true catastrophe

  67. W Bryan

    Hi Greg – no updates on your face book page. Did they “ban” you?

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s just say there was a “glitch.” It’s back and it took some doing.

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