Coming a Time When the Money is No Good & Bonds are No Good – Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Money manager and economist Michael Pento says the Federal Reserve has only massive money printing left to try to save the economy from the current and ongoing debt implosion. There is going to be lots of fresh cash needed. Pento runs down a list of just few of the things the Fed will need to spend money on and says, “We all should know more than 22 million people have lost their jobs in the last four weeks alone. That’s 22 million people, and the unemployment rate, according to me, is heading up to 15% to 17%. That, my friends, is a depression. We also have the Philly Fed (Manufacturing Index rating) come out with a -56.6. That’s a minus 56.6. That’s the worst ever. Empire State Manufacturing -78.2, which is the worst rating ever. Retail sales plunged in March 8.7%. That is also the worst reading ever. That’s the worst plunge ever, and that’s just March. In my opinion, it will be something worse in April because all of the month will be completely shut down. That’s 90% to 95% of the economy.”

Now you know why the Fed freaked out and started printing money at the highest pace ever. Pento predicts the Fed, who took $4.5 trillion onto its balance sheet as a result of the “Great Recession,” will explode “The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet to $10 trillion by end of the year.”

Pento says forget the so-called “V shaped recovery” because “you cannot simply turn back on the economy like a light switch. There’s no electricity.” On top of that, Pento points out that, “Millions of people who have been thrown out of work have taken on even more debt . . . . So, the economy is not bouncing back.”

So, it is clear the Fed is going to print trillions of dollars in fresh cash to pay for bailouts, unemployment checks and debt payments to avoid massive defaults in the U.S. economy. Pento asks, “What kind of faith will people have in the purchasing power of their fiat currencies? . . . If the Fed can print trillions of dollars with no consequences . . . why bother working? Everybody can just stay home and cash a check. . . . This is a recipe for hyper-inflation. It’s been tried many, many times in history, and it has never worked. . . . The gap between the real economy, asset prices and debt and the underlying economy has never been greater. . . . You have a massive increase of insolvent debt . . . . Then you are going to ad inflation to that mix? Think about the carnage that is to come. That is the real crash. . . . We will partially recover from this virus. . . . We are now sending money, helicopter money, directly to consumers, and that will cause inflation.”

Pento predicts a “tsunami of inflation” is coming in the not-too-distant future. Pento says, “People are losing faith in fiat currencies. The price of gold in other currencies is already at all-time record highs. Even in dollar terms it’s $1,700 per ounce and on its way to record highs. What is the government going to do when you have insolvency and inflationary implosion of the bond market? The real crash is coming. . . . A government cannot issue more debt to bail out an insolvent condition—fact. A government cannot print more money to placate a market that is afraid of inflation—fact. That’s what they are going to be faced with: Yields spiking because of inflation and insolvency concerns, and then there is nothing a government can do. It’s not going to be just the United States, it’s going to be the case globally. . . . That’s when the money is no good, and the bonds are no good.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with money manager and economist Michael Pento.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg so much for brightening our Sunday in lockdown, looks like another month of socialist distancing.
    Pento is a stand up guy; when he talks it reminds me of a great statement.
    “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    • Better Chetter

      “Seek ye first the kingdom and all shall be added to you” – has been my fav scripture – tho MP seems to go against that, telling the MSM idea of a vaccine to ‘fix’ the C19.
      Dr Jerry Tennant, one of the first eye doctors to do cornea transplant work, got a viral infection from it, and got encephalitis, to which doctors were of no help. So he figured out how to use the pH technique – the alkaline/acid factor – to restore him to health.
      That is not factored into MSM and western medical theory – opting for drugs/surgery to profit off of illness – rather than advise fruits and veggies (organic, preferably) and certain herbs (olive leaf extract, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract to name a few). Dr JT found the kingdom within, the pH factor (that he calls voltage) – but which we all could leverage to heal IF we got the C19.

    • eddiemd

      Isaiah 55:6-9
      Seek the Lord while He may be found,
      Call upon Him while He is near.
      Let the wicked forsake his way,
      And the unrighteous man his thoughts;
      Let him return to the Lord,
      And He will have mercy on him;
      And to our God,
      For He will abundantly pardon.
      “For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
      Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.
      “For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
      So are My ways higher than your ways,
      And My thoughts than your thoughts.

      Ezekiel 18:30-32

      30 “Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways,” says the Lord God. “Repent, and turn from all your transgressions, so that iniquity will not be your ruin. 31 Cast away from you all the transgressions which you have committed, and get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. For why should you die, O house of Israel? 32 For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies,” says the Lord God. “Therefore turn and live!”

      Seek Him, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is Life! He is Risen! Seek Him while He may be found! He is the God of Mercy! He says repent and believe! He has no pleasure in the death of one who dies!

    • Chas

      The most important question you asked Pento is what the little guy should do. He said he increased his position in metals and he purchased some mining shares.Heaven forbid he should release their names.I guess you have to buy his products to get a tip. And you need 100k to become a client of his. I think he cares very little about the little guy.

      All he gave was gloom and doom. Nothing different than what I have heard other economists give.

      • rwmctrofholz

        Take it easy, man. Pento is a capitalist; not a philanthropist.

        He gave out a lot of good information…..for FREE.

        One more thing, why rail on him if he’s saying the same stuff you’ve heard other economists say, but then also bitch that it’s so costly to become a client of his?

        • Greg Hunter

          Yep for free. Pento has been right too.

      • Jon Bar

        Excellent. There’s a drought of mentioning God in all this. It most certainly is needed.

    • eddiemd

      Along comes the vaccine and everyone must be vaccinated. You will be given your certification, access to your electronic currency, and “freedom” to work and be a part of society.

      If there are problems with the vaccine, you have no recourse. The manufacturers cannot be sued. Read all about it.

    • Chas

      The most important question you asked Pento is what the little guy should do. He said he increased his position in metals and he purchased some mining shares.Heaven forbid he should release their names.I guess you have to buy his products to get a tip. And you need 100k to become a client of his. I think he cares very little about the little guy.

      All he gave was gloom and doom. Nothing different than what I have heard other economists give.

    • sam

      Posted Apr 20, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

      SKY News Australia has reported the smoking gun. The UN-funded financial arm of the Paris Agreement has labeled the coronavirus an “opportunity” to raise funds for climate change action and “relaunch economies on low-emission, climate-resilient trajectories”. The extraordinary statements have been published in a document by the Green Climate Fund – an international organization with a US$10.3 billion budget.
      I have warned that this entire destruction of the economy made no sense. Nobody in their right mind would do such a thing – except the Climate Change people who have been obsessed with CO2. We now know Bill Gates’ true objective – Climate Change to crush the economy and relaunch without CO2.
      Oil prices have collapsed as the lockdown continues and they have sought to wipe out the auto industry. They have even shut down CO2 production needed for beer and soda. There will be shortages of those products now. What will the lower classes whose favorite drink is beer do when they realize that CO2 is needed for that production?

      • Freebrezer

        Sam – When the beer stop flowing is when the green movement stops! No beer because of morons spouting that CO2 is bad and we can no longer make beer … I believe this would be enough to wake most morons up that the green movement needs to to go 6 ft under!

        • Darrel L Smith

          There is nothing that you hear today is true. Pento just aske ‘who is going to fly in this tube full of virus’? and even Greg has a question about who will fly.

          Even this statement is meant to create some kind of fear feeling in people. It only takes a little thought to realize that when SARs became a problem the airlines changed the ventilation system and installed HEPA filters. These filters were installed to filter out particles as small as a virus.

          There’s no problem with the air in planes just as there is no problem with the air where we live every day.

          We are treating this like it was the Hulk and people dress up like it will attack you physically. They are lying about the potency of this bug. They have started counting the everyday death rate as all Covid-19 deaths. 7500 people a day died before Covid-19 and now all of a sudden there are none.

          It’s all lies.

    • paul ...

      If the truth will set us free … lets tell the truth … “they” broke the world economy so Bill Gates and Big Pharma could make Billions selling test kits (Test Test Test is the current mantra) … and “they” broke the world economy so Big Pharma and Bill Gates could sell a vaccine to make “them” more Billions … and it’s a vaccine that will kill and maim 700,000 people (to cure a virus that is projected to kill only 60,000 people) … and Gates and Big Pharma also want to put a “Mark of The Beast” on every one of us … and also want us to pass a law “protecting them from law suits” (when their vaccine kills and maims us) … and anything else these psychopaths want (like removing the seeds out of our foods) that provide natural immunity to viral disease and cancer!!!

      • paul ...

        And … “What will Also Set us Free” … is to immediately lock up all the criminal psychopaths who have inflicted this virus upon the world … for profit and population control!!!

  2. Anthony Australia

    Permission to post a link, a person who I have grown to really admire. Jeremiah Babe. There are so few here in Australia that carry a voice of reason.

  3. Mick Lassus

    Hi Greg, When vaccines are talked about in your interviews, and I can’t imagine any upcoming interview not touching on the subject, it would be great if the following question would be asked:

    “Regarding an upcoming vaccination, would you be willing to have a digital tracking device permanently attached to your body so that this virus, and many other things for that matter, could be tracked?”

    Great interview, but let’s not ignore the nose of the camel that many can see poking in under the tent.

    Take care.

    To all who read this: Pray, repent, accept Jesus Christ as your savior. He alone is the one that saves.

    • Galaxy 500

      I am Pro Vaccine. That being said, I will not accept the Mark of the Beast and or a tracker. All I will take are those that are unadulterated. I can not see the American people or Trump allowing this… But I have been wrong before.

      • cripes!!!

        and how can you tell if a vaccine is unadulterated or not?

        • paul ...

          Its going to be difficult because Gates is going to “mark us” with invisible ink … at least when Hitler marked and numbered the Jews he used visible blue ink!!

        • Auntie Seize

          Because there is a piece of paper in the vaccine box, called the insert, that says what’s in it. Pig Pharma wouldn’t lie to you, would they? Oink! Oink!
          And if you beLIEve that, I’ve got some fantastic beach front property in Arizona to sell you for cheap. Comes with a guarantee on a piece of paper that says so included at no extra charge!

        • Auntie Seize

          A better question to ask would be, how do you know if it works?

      • K. Wayne

        I hope you are wrong……but sense that the future being modelled for us all…. is a Dystopian one…. in which the Luciferians have already plotted for a cashless society, UBI (Feudalism) and Social Tracking/Credit Scores. Corporatocracy / Fascism / Communism ….take your pick. I can see every element of those societal doomsday scenarios playing out right now.
        The tell is in the methodology they employ to condition us all. Release the idea/concept….allow it to be digested by the masses and go through the various stages of rejection – acceptance….then introduce it. The fact we are discussing it here….shows how effective they are….because it is by-passing the Propaganda machinery (MSM) and filtering down to the real news. Once it moves from page 5 to front page news across the Nation then you know we are close…..mass saturation/brainwashing/thought shaping.

      • foggygoggles

        Have you researched the adjuvants in vaccines? Check out National Vaccine Information Center and have you researched vaccine history? Robert F. Kennedy has just issued a response to Bill Gates at

    • rwmctrofholz

      Why is a guest’s response to that question important to you? Would it change your willingness to do so?

  4. Chip2

    We don’t need a damn vaccine! Most of us are already over it. We either had a flu from sometime since December or we didn’t even know we had it. We don’t need any crazy Bill Gates vaccine! That is an NWO talking point. Pento should know that.

    • paul ...

      You know … say the Corona Virus kills 3 times as many people as the flu (118,000 people) … well guess how many people Bill Gates thinks his vaccine will kill? … he says: “700,000 people will be killed or maimed for life” … “the supposed cure will be worse then the disease” … and Gates wants us US citizens to give him legal “immunity” from law suits … when his vaccine “kills or maims us” … make note of any Senate or House representative (on the take) that passes a Bill to give Big Pharma and Bill Gate’s legal immunity from their vaccine killing us … so they can be strung up to the nearest flag pole for Treason against the American people “they are supposed to be representing”!!!

    • Robert

      I signed that petition, recommended that everyone sign it.

      • Robert - the original one

        Robert #1- the original not the one above.

        Anybody hearing about a patent numbered 2020 060606. Look it up. Any truth to this?

  5. Gary

    Less than half of L.A. County residents still have jobs amid coronavirus crisis

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Pento,once again,incisive and deeply disturbing reality of our economy before SARS-Cov-2 and after.
    Money being “printed”or not,

    Disproportionately,Wall Street again has been “allocated”the lion’s share and their lobbyists are guzzling champers whilst you starve,

    Seemingly that’s okay!
    Here in the UK,our “heroic”police,the “official”arm our new Commie government all the way from Brussels,are doing such a great job,

    The Bolsheviks in power are crying with laughter,meanwhile the dark web is being flooded with websites and tutorials in poison production and bomb making,many of which are being visited from the UK.I suppose this is just coincidental !
    Our Prime Minister,Boris Johnson,is still out of action having been on the receiving end of an attempted murder by Commies in his bureaucracy,supposedly,however two of his security team have paid for it with their lives,supposedly.Just what is the truth of a disease covering for a coup?
    The USA and Sweden have shown the way in opening and being open as has the Stanford study in serology and MIT’s study on faecal sample from sewers.Here in the UK,Oxford’s study in serology has been dropped by the media as the MSM have decided this is not helpful to the Commie agenda.
    Mr Denninger does a sterling analysis of the numbers.

    and the utter lying,

    Just sad.

  7. Chip2

    Ann Barnhardt said that it came to her, during mass, that the way they will control inflation is by limiting how much you can electronically spend. A backdoor approach to controlling the economy by limiting consumption.

    • paul ...

      Chip2 … God has reveled to Ann Barnhardt the exact reason the Fed has no qualms printing “like there is no tomorrow” … right now we US citizens don’t have a bell around our necks like a cow or sheep … and we can leave our cell phone and credit cards at home … and “they” won’t know we are out spending “using cash” (and creating inflation) … but once “they” get rid of cash … and scare us all into taking Bill Gate’s “invisible” Mark of the Beast … “they” will be able to locate us anywhere … and thus know if we are “doing unauthorized buying” driving up prices … then “they” can simply cut our Universal Free Income … “to penalize us for spending” … bringing our income down to a level that allows us to buy only the bear necessities)!!!

      • paul ...

        Will “free” Universal Basic Income checks of $1200 “be handed out to everyone each month” that this virus keeps the US economy stalled?? … it is a good possibility … and if it happens … will the “free money” be used to buy gold and silver? … I would say “some of it” would go into gold … thus driving it up to the next goal ($4000 per ounce) … and here is why I believe it will happen … think of our economy as a full gallon jug of water (the water being our debt money) and consider the payment of debts “as a hole in the bottom of the water jug” … normally as we pay back our debts the water in the jug goes down (and we have deflation) … “but to prevent deflation” the Fed is pouring new “debt free water” (our stimulus checks) into the jug … effectively this Universal Basic Income (UBI) or free money … “is a form of debt forgiveness” (without the deflation of the money supply debt forgiveness usually implies “as the jug is kept full”) … eventually all the debt money is paid out … but the jug remains full with all the “debt free” UBI money being poured in which keeps jug full (no depression) … [keep in mind the fundamental characteristic of the debt free UBI water being added to the jug … and that is … it doesn’t fall out of the hole at the bottom of the jug (because it is not debt money] … UBI is “free money” … now consider where all this “free money” will go as it is poured into the jug by the Fed … obviously some portion will go toward paying down debt … some portion will go into savings … and some portion will be spent on products we can’t manufacture here in America (until we beat this virus and bring back manufacturing from China and elsewhere in the world) … so … some of the “debt free money” the Fed is pouring into the jug will go to overseas manufacturers (who may not want to take more dollars that are simply printed out of thin air) … and they will likely demand “more dollars” in payment for their goods … and higher prices for goods (without debt destruction) is inflationary … thus … the portion of the “debt free” UBI money that Americans put away for savings will most likely go into gold and silver … unless the loony tune crazy millennials put it into the stock market to buy basically bankrupt companies with little or no earnings!!??

  8. Steve

    I like Pento. he is a straight shooter.

  9. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    This is war. There are going to be a lot of deaths no matter what we do. We can’t pretend otherwise.

    Fortunately, it looks like Covid-19 has been with us much longer than originally believed and (as mounting evidence indicates) many more people than were previously believed to be the case have already had the disease (with relatively mild symptoms) and have developed antibodies.

    Yet — forgive the hyperbole — the plan seems to be to shelter (i.e., starve) in place while we flatten the curve (i.e., extend the pandemic as long as possible) and wait for a vaccine . . . that won’t work. Meanwhile, we destroy the economy and, over time, end up impoverishing and/or killing untold millions of now reasonable healthy people who would not die from Covid-19.

    We do this in the name of compassion as we try to stretch the lifespan of maybe three million people who were going to die in the next year or so anyway from something besides Covid-19. And, IMO, we do this when we would only be a few months away from herd immunity if we completely opened up the economy now.

    IMO, the balance of risks lies heavily on the side of trying to save the economy (and, ultimately, lives) by taking the hit now, rather than later.

    • William Stanley

      Of course, we cannot “save” the economy — or, more generally, our civilization — in their present configurations.
      We can no longer afford to coddle the bloated and rapacious financial sector. We can no longer afford to feed the MIC and their endless wars. And, yes, we can can no longer afford to have “the dole” so attractive that work and sacrifice remain a sucker’s game.
      Most especially, we cannot afford to let traitors go unpunished.

      • iwitness02

        what troubles me, is the government still has the ability to take money away from us in the form of taxes and fees. I don’t see how we can shut them off. The only thing that comes to my mind to remedy this, is to go to a barter system nation wide. Starting at the local level and spreading out to encompass the whole nation, if not the whole world. It would take time to get this rolling, so we are faced with hardship in the short term, no matter what. Plus City vs. Rural. The more I try to analyze this, the more it comes up Armageddon.

        • William Stanley

          Hi, iwitness02:
          I tend to agree: You know it’s pretty bad when the most likely path forward runs through Armageddon.
          Here are two only slightly alternative takes on the issue:
          1. “Give War a Chance: Eyewitness Accounts of Mankind’s Struggle Against Tyranny, Injustice, and Alcohol-Free Beer,” by P.J. O’Rourke (pretty good satire, as I recall), and
          2. “Give War a Chance,” by Edward N Luttwak, Foreign Affairs; Jul/Aug 1999, arguing that some conflicts are so intractable and destructive that the best way forward is to fight a war ending in decisive victory by one of the parties.

          • King Creol

            A decisive victory indeed, William!
            The Almighty’s “DAY OF VENGEANCE”
            Among the many Bible prophecies concerning the end of this system of things is the one recorded at 1 Thessalonians chapter 5, verses 2 and 3. This reads:
            1 Thessalonians 5:2-3 Amplified Bible (AMP)
            “For you yourselves know perfectly well that the day of the [return of the] Lord is coming just as a thief [comes unexpectedly and suddenly] in the night. 3 While they are saying, “Peace and safety [all is well and secure!]” then [in a moment unforeseen] destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains on a woman with child, and they will absolutely not escape [for there will be no way to escape the judgment of the Lord].” What is this saying of “Peace and safety/security”? Who says it? And what destruction comes immediately afterward?
            Will try to answer later, same time, same channel….

      • KK Monteiro


    • K. Wayne

      Yes Bill….
      I have tried to reason the sequence of events by applying some critical thinking.
      In my view”killing the economy”…was not an afterthought on the part of the plotters of this scheme. I have a strong conviction that the game theory scenarios they test/play out (Event 201 as an example) ….presented with a very transparent …absolute destruction. The conditioning of the useless eaters via the self-isolation/shelter in place (for as long as it takes – keep that in mind the next time you hear them spruik …just another two weeks or month or by Easter or the 4th July) achieves the aim of enforcing something more sinister onto the masses. Deaths were unfortunately necessary (no disrespect to those who have lost loved ones) but they will achieve greater control through their Fear program, forcing everyone to take their pre-planned solution. They are ushering in the NWO.
      In the meantime the action that is occurring in the background …The FED (et all CB’s ) are providing BAILOUTs to the WALL ST. BANKS and CORPORATE AMERICA…that is undeniable…Mainstreet starve and ultimately get to foot the bill of the Debt. In short order I envisage that the scheme devised, will allow the foreclosure on America. A short term extrapolation of the effects of the shutdowns/lock-downs/bankruptcies will see repossessed commercial and residential property falling into the hands of the 1 % for pennies on the Dollar.
      Both POTUS and Secretary of the Treasury are expert on this subject matter.

      • William Stanley

        Perhaps with too much caution, I agree with you: It IS hard to look at the entire context of this situation and not highly suspect that it was carefully designed to facilitate the imposition of Globalism and the New World Order.

        Still, I’m amazed at the courage of people (in China and elsewhere) who — against all apparent odds — are resisting. However, as clever as the Globalists are, I think that they have a fatally-flawed understanding of the difficulty of achieving their objectives. While I believe that Western Civilization is already highly damaged (and soon to become much more so), I’m still optimistic that it will recover and/or mutate into something other (and better) than the Globalists’ dream.

    • Ray

      Hi William,
      Appreciate your comments.
      Regarding “Herd Immunity” , can you give us the mane of one disease that Humanity has herd immunity from?
      Any disease that you list CANNOT have a vaccine currently available (because……you know…..the “herd” would already be immune to it, right?)
      Respectfully…….I would be interested to have insights into your logic and thoughts here.
      In my opinion……and I am happy to be corrected, upon facts, herd immunity doesn’t exist.
      Yet, it appears that the Vaccine Brigade love to champion the existence of it.
      Common cold……EVERYONE has had it / gets it now and then…….for Millenia… herd immunity achieved in any way, shape or form.
      Same with influenza…….EXACTLY the same…….herd immunity…….nup…..same as pixie dust…….doesn’t exist and never will.
      Viruses will ALWAYS have the ability to inflict themselves upon other organisms.
      It’s simply a part of The Grand Scheme Of Existence.
      Ray, Canberra, Herd Nation.

      • Ray

        Apologies for typo in my second sentence……”name” not “mane”.
        Ray, Canberra, Herd Nation.

      • William Stanley

        As I understand it, “Herd Immunity” doesn’t mean that everyone is immune and that, therefore, humanity is forever free of the disease. It’s a situation where a high-enough proportion of the population have immunity to shield (i.e., provide protection for) individuals who are NOT immune, thus, providing them a “high” level of protection. Put another way, this is because — with so high a proportion of individuals with immunity — the contagiousness of the disease is greatly degraded. (I think that might be something like a situation where, for whatever reason, the R0 of the disease is less than one; I guess that’s roughly the situation where an infected person is likely to infect, on average, less than one other person). I’ve heard that this situation is achieved when somewhere around 80% of the population is (or is it “are”?) immune.

        As for typos (and grammatical errors), I’m pretty sure that almost nothing I’ve ever written has been free of them. In any event, I knew immediately what you meant.

        • William Stanley

          Upon reflection, it occurs to me that the percentage of the population needed to impart “herd” immunity may depend on the contagiousness of the virus in question.

          • William Stanley

            And contagiousness depends on social practices, hygiene, and other measures that are taken to limit it.

            • Ray

              Thanks Will……interesting information there.
              Hope you and yours are well.

  10. Nick in UK

    What if the mandated vaccine they come up with has the name “Corona” .
    The mark of the beast will contain his name (666).

    “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

    C = 3
    O = 15
    R = 18
    O = 15
    N = 14
    A = 1
    _ ___
    6 66
    six letters plus alphabet score of 66 =666

    The majority of society, of all religons would take the CORONA vaccine oblivious to the biblical revelation. There is absolutely no way I could convince even one person not to take this vaccine, using the above mark of the beast maths formula. Even trying to convince people not to take a vaccine could result in questions about your sanity.

    Personally I believe the Whu Flu is a hoax, enabling a global shutdown to give governments time to address the financial mess after something big blew up in September or October 19. The financial dominoes were already falling so we were given a global crises, it’s a conjurers trick so the sheeple look the wrong way. This may be the RESET starting. Bill Holters predicted extended banking holiday may be along soon.

    Currently we are all on lock down, medical martial law, in effect. Those that are/were ill informed and ill prepared are stuggling to cope now, no incomes, talking about V shaped recoveries and getting back to normal!. Most of the sheeple are clueless, the meltdown is going to be hard to watch.
    I thank GOD for leading me to USAW.
    Sorry about post length.

    • JC

      666! Good work Nick. Are you Sherlock Holmes?

    • Galaxy 500

      A lot of foolish mental gymnastics… And lets forget that when the Bible was written, they didn’t have our alphabet. But then I have seen many say this or that and all you have to do is suspend all reason and knowledge and the Word of God and believe them..
      Sorry, Dude, I am a fool most days but I will never be that big a fool

    • Chris in Arkansas

      The mark will most likely be distributed workdwide. What about other countries, languages, alphabets? There are only a few countries that this play on the coronavirus name would work for. The argument that a UPC code could be the mark carries more weight. I personally think it’ll be a chip with enhanced EMV caoabilities to help prevent counterfeiting. Who knows? Every five years brings quantum leaps forward in tracking, financial and record keeping technology. We’ll kmow it before it is forced upon society.

    • Auntie Seize

      How is CORONA “… the NAME of the beast or the NUMBER of its name”?

  11. JC

    Interesting what Pento says about opening for the summer and maybe we get a second surge of the virus. If this virus was “just a flu” it would go away with the warm/hot weather, no? Sure seems like a bio-weapon.

    • JC

      Coronavirus can survive exposure to high temperatures, study shows…

      • paul ...

        Bio-weapon scientists know the human body raises its temperature to kill off viruses … so they designed the Corona Virus to resist temperatures up to 140 degrees … but even if 105 degrees will kill the Corona Virus … the bio-weapon scientist know people will idiotically take Tylenol to lower their entire body temperature … instead of just using ice packs or alcohol on the forehead to keep the brain cool while the body burns the virus out!!

      • James in Perth, Australia

        Read the nypost story again. Cells with the virus inside were tested with 140 degree F conditions. The study didn’t test outdoor survival or transmission of virus in high temperatures/humidity/sunshine !!

  12. paul ...

    The Fed began going viral printing dollars in 2019 … people now need to begin social distancing from this highly contagious viral money …–~A/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjtzbT0xO3c9ODAw/ … and buy gold!!

    • paul ...

      Stan get ready to short more gold at $1950 … and longer term at $4,000 dollars per ounce … as gold reacts to the Fed’s viral money printing … gold is close to breaking out of a super saucer formation as explained here …

      • paul ...

        In the video above Morris suggests some gold stocks … I personally would avoiding the large cap gold stocks … you can do “just as well” investing in plain old physical gold (avoiding counterparty risk and management foul-ups)!!!

      • Stan

        Paul: If Gold reached $1950 I’ll jump off the George Washington Bridge – that is how sure I am. Mark this post!

        • Greg Hunter

          You do realize that gold has hit record highs in every currency except the USA and it’s close.

          • Auntie Seize

            Please don’t try to dissuade Stan!
            Stan, can you please record that event and have someone post it to youtube after the fact?

        • KK Monteiro

          Hey Stan
          Get ready to jump

        • William Stanley

          What part of the bridge? And landing where?

        • paul ...

          Better begin taking hang glider, bungee cord or parachute lessons Stan!!

          • paul ...

            Come on Stan … I thought you said “you were going to jump” when gold reached $1800? … are you just going to keep raising your jump point?? … will I be hearing you say a few months from now: “If Gold Reaches $40,000 Dollars per ounce … I’ll Jump off the George Washington Bridge”???

        • Self Exiled

          Can I have the Bentley?

          • K. Wayne

            Only if I can ride shotgun !!!👏👏👍

            • Self Exiled

              You betha!

          • William Stanley


          • paul ...

            SE … If Stan wants to keep his Bentley he better never show “the true value of gold” on the Debt Clock (now over $20,000 dollars per ounce) to the banksters at Bank of America … because they may raise their current $3,000 dollar price target for Gold!!

  13. PCP

    MP one of the best speech makers of the times.

    China people can do all the actual work along with all the other developing nations people whilst those established at the top of the food chain just print and dispense.

  14. JC

    Greg, great idea getting Mr. Pento back, he really has his thinking cap on.
    Who’s going to go on a plane? In a hotel? A restaurant? Entertainment outlets?
    People have “fresh in their minds” that they lost 30% of their investments, just like that.
    it sure is.
    And as you say Greg, who is going to have money to buy a new car, go on vacation?

  15. JC

    Planning to relax on the beach in Italy this summer? Good luck with that.

    Is this the future? Italian officials plotting a post-coronavirus reopening of the country solicited designs that would allow people to return to the beaches. The options were unveiled Tuesday at a videoconference and are, shall we say, interesting. The schematics show Plexiglas cubicles plopped on the sand, just big enough for two chaise lounges and an umbrella. An Italian lifeguards group was unimpressed, its president telling a TV station: “I want to see who would shut themselves up in an enclosure like this, between four Plexiglas walls, under the scorching sun. We would make our customers die of dehydration. Whoever comes to the sea wants to stay in the open air and not in what looks like a chicken coop.”

  16. Matthias

    I know it is another topic but nevertheless important:

    Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are now using the final report of the University of Alaska Fairbanks World Trade Center 7 study that was released on March 25, 2020 to submit a “request for correction” to the National Institute of Standards and Technology under the “Information Quality Act” forcing them to correct their fraudulent WTC7 model whose underlying data they still refuse to publish.

    9/11 Families, Experts Mount Unprecedented Challenge to NIST in New Filing

    NIST Publishes New FAQ on Its Refusal to Release Key Building 7 Data

    There is an interview with Mick Harrison from the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry available discussing this newest development:

    Request for Correction: What It Means and How NIST Might Respond

    Also Dylan Avery, the creator of the first big 9/11 documentary “Loose Change”, has teamed up with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth to produce a new documentary film called “SEVEN” featuring the creation of the new World Trade Center 7 study. A teaser video of “SEVEN” has been released just right now:

    SEVEN Official Teaser (2020) | A Documentary on WTC Building 7

    • paul ...

      The incompetent stooges at the National Institute of Standards will never admit they purposely made a mistake about bldg 7 and correct things … just as Japan won’t ban nuclear reactors … after poisoning the entire Pacific Ocean with plutonium … nor will Russia ban their nuclear reactors after Chernobyl (even with all their oil and gas) … nor will the US and others give up making bio-weapons after the Corona Pandemic!!!

  17. neville

    Greg your opening statement about the Fed tells us just how thoroughly DISHONEST they are……AAcrime is HOPELESSLY BANKRUPT AND TOTALLY INSOLVENT . I must say everything Q E /counterfeit/.cyber cash call it what you like is used exclusively for evil satanic purposes and nothing to help the real economy…Michael is a wonderful guest who has his finger on the erratic pulse called the american economy which is critical and beyond repair until the GREAT RESET has taken place.
    As we can’t go to Church here is my contribution to everyone who is a believer would like to hear. The Lord’s Prayer Mario Lanza
    Peace and safety to all

    • JC

      NEVILLE, Mario Lanza was a good guy, a special person, a real man.

  18. Harley Grainger

    Maher Trashes Media Over Coronavirus Coverage: ‘Trump Calls You Fake News, Don’t Make Him Be Right’
    Media giving ‘Trump the chance to play the optimist, and optimists tend to win American elections!”
    By Saturday, April 18, 2020
    HBO talk show host Bill Maher laid into the mainstream media on his show over their “doom and gloom” coronavirus coverage, warning them that President Trump could use that as an opportunity to be optimistic, which plays well with the American people in elections.
    Bill, you dummy. Trumps mum, was a Norman Vincent Peale junkie and a stalwart Scott. Born and bred. Her positive thinking and Scott thrift, was to Trump his religion! Peale was best man at his wedding.
    Bill your the king of pessimism!
    Pessimism is a way of perceiving events, oneself, those around you, or life in general, in a negative and painful way.
    The pessimist focuses only on the bad side of things. It may be a more or less pronounced personality trait, or a time in life, or symptoms of a mental illness such as depression.
    According to the view of pessimists, the negative always outweighs the positive. They always expect the worst, and anticipate an unfortunate outcome to events, or the situation. This particular perception often leads to a withdrawal, and an apprehension of the future that always becomes catastrophic.
    Pessimism pervades all areas of they’re rife with life and that ain’t no rifle! Corny joke, lol! It has a significant impact on relations with those around you and particularly your audience. Why you asked them to pray for a recession and be dammed the Trumpster!
    Living with a pessimist is not always easy, as you know. Your negative view of things can lead everyone around you to an ambient negativity, and a fear of we the sheeple.
    Your corny jokes, you throw out there. Every so often, are what save’s you and I too. It reveals your a closet optimist? But to be a leftie, you must admit. You have to be gloomy and jokeless.
    Don’t forget. Always clean undies. In case of accidents! I bet Trumps aren’t that fresh! LOL!!! A true optimist, he be!

  19. roger stamper

    tks for post

  20. Doc Washburn

    Media Hypes Unproven, Expensive Gilead Drug Remdesivir After Trashing Chloroquine
    Chris Menahan
    Information Liberation Apr. 17, 2020

  21. Chris Craft

    Curse of the ‘Bat Woman’ — what went on in Wuhan lab?
    As America puts the screws on Beijing, there is closer scrutiny of claims that the coronavirus leaked from a research centre

  22. Jerry

    Phase two of the globalist agenda is about to commence. Phase one was the release of the coronavirus pandemic under the guise of the crimson contagion exercise in order to create lockstep under the Rothschild globalist plan. Phase two will most likely involve a cyberattack to takedown the the electrical grid and with it the banking system.

    There are now 10,000 national guard troops stationed in Washington D.C. Some are saying to help evacuate political elites in the event of martial law or social unrest. I disagree. I believe it’s a protective ring to insulate the executive government from an attempted coup when the blackout comes.

    I’m still waiting for this genius plan to restore the republic by President Trump to be rolled out. Where is it? If not now, when? When things get really bad? If the plan to make America great again involves tearing it down to the foundation to rebuild again, I would say that’s playing right into the globalist hands by ay of the World Financial Forum. God help us.

    • Jerry

      For those of you who think I spend my time weaving baskets, and making up fear porn, here you go.

      Notice where the virus originated? Hmm. Notice who was involved in the planning? I’ll give you hint. His name begins with an F.

    • Jerry

      Oops! Did I say lockstep? I let that slip. Go here for full explanation.

      • Jerry

        There is more evidence coming out that supports the idea that the coronavirus is being used as a globalist takedown, to install the NWO. I find this man has great integrity. Please listen to the information he is giving.

      • Jerry

        More Lockstep.

        Did you catch the phrase “ all flu like symptoms” ? I guess if you have the sniffles they can tag you with having covid if they want. The door is left wide open people, to rob of your rights if they want to. Who wrote this agenda?

  23. quigly up yonder
    INSANE! Wuhan Bioweapons Chief Runs Facebook Censorship

    • paul ...

      Isn’t it interesting how the Media perpe-traitors (working in the interest of protecting Bill Gates and Big Pharma) are able to get away with denying freedom of speech to the rest of us … in a Nation that has a Constitution that forbids the denial of free speech???!!!

  24. quigly up yonder
    Wuhan Bioweapons Lab Released Virus, Then Sold Test to the World

  25. Rob

    Greg please interview Dr. Shiva as he will easily prove Bill Gate’s vaccine is more dangerous than the virus:

    Our enemy is within:

  26. al

    Pento. What a wealth of information this Man is.
    It makes sense, stagflation is when unemployment remains high yet there’s inflation which results in no economic growth. We are in the first phase of stagflation which is the unemployment portion, yet we are being paid to be unemployed in some cases making more money than when we were employed. The natural outcome is inflation (more money chasing fewer and fewer goods because less people are producing them / supply demand).

    Greg, I’m a diversified individual with many skills. I worked in retail, that’s gone for a while but I’m getting paid as if I was still working. I’m also doing some other work here and there involving electronics and computers, AND, I’m getting money from the government too? Did I win the little-man Lotto? I’m making THREE TIMES the amount I made before and working just about the same. What’s wrong with this picture? Where will it lead to? …

    When people go back to work they will be expecting more money to meed the income they are use to making now, business owners cannot keep up with the demands of their employees so they lay off and get more efficient or fail, that will usher in more unemployment as inflation increases.

    Yesterday, 4/18, President Trump said that “China is meeting its obligations by devaluing their currency”, that’s code for ‘they are printing cash like mad’ and throwing it at us, so what else is new? But it seems all major Countries are doing the same and the price of gold is reflecting that notion.

    I love your question “What should the little people do?” and the answer was typical of most everyone you interviewed in the past, buy gold, farm land, ie. hard assets. Pento says we have time to prepare, I agree. I am using the time and this helicopter money to buy non perishables and goods I can store and that will need replacing in the future like a coffee machine, hair drier, anything that was manufactured for cheap in the past. I am waiting for silver to be available again so that I will buy more with helicopter money. I’m also looking to buy a newer car before the year ends.

    I love Trump but his “light switch illusion”, as Pento brings out, will not work unless we get a currency reset. If we are not prepared after listening to this show, we get what we deserved.

    Pento’s 50-80% stock market drop in nominal terms is very correct! You may see the DOW at 100,000 with the bouncing boobs on CNBS (if they’re still around) partying like it’s 1999, but when you have to pay $100.00 per loaf of bread or a dozen eggs, what good is the DOW at that level? It might as well be at 10!. At that time most people won’t care as they throw away their quarterly earnings report from their 401k.

    The first Country that pegs its currency to a hard asset will be the first to prosper, and it will happen! Look at the Federal Reserve, it is truly Federal now because it’s been NATIONALIZED! What is the next step? NO MORE FED! I see the gold standard in the very near future.

    Thank you Greg
    You are a true treasure

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Al. Thank you for your support all these years.

  27. al

    Go to Craigslist, look up used cars. I see a lot of classic cars, I never saw that in Craigslist before. These were high dollar automobiles you would drive one day a Month, now selling for 1/4 off their highs.
    This is a time to stock up with cheap cash, and I ain’t talkin’ bout no dag-gone toilet paper either!

    • Davilyn Eversz

      You want to buy a pre-1980 vehicle. Something with no computer.

  28. William Jefferson _______

    COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says “Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab”
    Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
    by Tyler Durden Fri, 04/17/2020 – 10:35
    As the mainstream media and politicians begin to raise/admit the possibilities that the source of COVID-19 was likely a lab in Wuhan (accidentally leaked or otherwise) – something we first brought to the world’s attention in January before being mocked, censored, and chastised – it appears more actual ‘scientists’ (at least those not paid by or working for a lab in Wuhan) are willing to admit what we noted all along – this virus is man-made.

  29. Country Codger

    I always like Michael. Fantastic.
    Lo Iyrah!

  30. A. E Jones. JR

    LIFE AFTER AND DURING A DEPRESSION: Age here is 75. My parents and grand parents lived in the great depression and my business career mostly dealt with the generation that spent their family raising years during The Great Depression of the 1930’. Here are the lessons learned and experienced from my background having been raised and associating with these generations. My grandfather told me a hundred times about the farm he wanted to buy but couldn’t because there was no such thing as credit during the Depression. Lesson #1 is there is no credit during a depression. No money either. You cut your own hair, bury your own dead and grandma is the family doctor. Lesson # 2: I was in the auction and estate liquidation business from 1973 to 1990. I liquidated the farm and farm assets at public auction for this generation. They kept everything they got their hands on. They threw nothing away. There were old tobacco tins, newspapers, magazines, mule plows all from 1930’s on. My grandfather taught me to never throw anyway thing away because you never when hard times are coming. I live on a farm and back in the 1970’s an old friend from the farm next to ours told me about the rural electrification government program Roosevelt brought in around 1934. They put electricity in his house, and he bought a refrigerator. He said they could not sleep at night because he could hear the refrigerator running and knew it was costing them a nickel (5 cents) a day. He took his entire tobacco crop market to market and left it on the warehouse floor because there were no buyers.
    Now, here is the lesson from all of this: It takes generations to recover from the psychological impact of this. If what we are experiencing last only 2 months things will never get to back to what they were because the snowflakes libs will melt in this heat and evaporate. It will take a generation or two to recover. Life as you have known it will never be the same. Now the good news: It can be a lot better that way. My life experience proves it. I learned what matters most. It is not what you have it is who you are with.

    • Greg Hunter

      Loved this comment AE!!! Thank you.

      • JC

        Me too!

        • Charles H

          Me three.

          • K. Wayne

            All for one and one for all.

          • Ray

            Me four!

    • Sir Manly Robinson

      Interesting comment. Thanks.
      Republicans can be wrong as well though. They were trashing renewable energy and promoting oil and now look at the mess. Shale oil was uneconomical by anyone’s standards.

      • William Stanley

        Have you ever seen a bird catch fire as it tries to fly through the focused light beams of a subsidized solar power station. It makes a cruel mess. They call them “streamers.” See, e.g.,

        Also, check out all the dead birds and bats killed by the blades on subsidized wind-power towers. Don’t forget to total up the environmental and economic mess from subsidizing ethanol — you won’t like that either.

        • Sir Manly Robinson

          I don’t think I ever claimed renewable energy doesn’t kill wildlife. Are you telling me that the shale industry does not kill wildlife?
          Why do those on the right always point out that renewable energy is subsidised and ignore the fact that shale was losing incredible amounts of money BEFORE Corona virus hit. All that mal investment is going to hurt the US economy big time. Have the Republicans a financial interest in that pump and dump scheme (pardon the pun)?
          Let’s agree that both renewable and shale are loss making industries. Would it not be advisable to invest in the form of energy that will get more efficient over time and not the one that will become less efficient, due to depleting oil and gas fields?

          • William Stanley

            RE: Investing in energy technologies that get more efficient over time.

            1. I would suppose that we both would agree that “right” and “left” are inadequate categories.
            2. I shouldn’t have played a game of “gotcha.” I should have assumed that you know most of the tradeoffs.
            3. However, I sense that you’ve now smuggled-in an assumption that “we” — as in government — should usually make the decision about how to “invest.” If so, I’m skeptical because of the moral hazards involved in corporatist (e.g., fascist) approaches involving public/private “cooperation” in “investments.” (which are, too often, boondoggles and/or wars).
            4. Nevertheless, I would agree that there are times and circumstances where “we,” i.e., government, are/is best situated to make the call. War is sometimes one of those circumstances.
            And China and the rest of the Globalists are, IMO, waging war on us. Thus, my support for tariffs and other measures designed to protect our several national interests from mercantilist and other tactics, such as overhyping global “climate change.”
            5. I’m highly skeptical of many renewable energy technologies both on environmental and economic grounds. Especially on environmental grounds. However, clearly there are many energy-saving technologies that make both economic and environmental sense. Most of those do not need the “helping hand” of government intruding into our lives.

            • Susan

              I agree with y0u William completely.

        • paul ...

          Perhaps this is too simple … but why don’t the idiots simply put a high net up around the solar energy tower to keep the birds out?? … and why don’t we stop spending billions to keep our troops in Syria protecting oil nobody needs and hand the money out to small businesses instead of multi-billion dollar industries with trillions od dollars held offshore??? …

    • Davilyn Eversz

      Same age. Single woman farmer in the High Desert of California. I live that way, always have. This farm is completely self-sustained and I have everything that a good prepper would have on hand. A wise person sets themselves up so that as much as possible, should a calamity come a-calling, a person has made their property a self-sustained kingdom.

      I chose rural desert because its far away from cities…..not many people going to come out this far where house per land is far and wide spread….the looters, the thieves, they will pretty much stick to the cities. If they do come, my Livestock Guardian Dogs are ready, little ole me and my compound bow and my AK74, we will show you our welcome mat – LOL.

      Over the last few years I’ve seen a lot of nonsense about buying gold and silver. Stupid, stupid idea. You can’t eat gold and silver. Spend the cash now while it has a value, buy hard assets, especially things like seed and related farming supplies. Have solar. Keep a solar setup, and two way radios in a faraday cage, just in case. Buy a car that is pre-1980, with no computer. I also have two diesel trucks because you can run them with alternative fuels, heck, you can just dilute motor oil with diesel and make it go further.

      But just in case, you want a horse, or better yet ponies (they eat less and can also pull more per their weight than a horse can. Get a good aluminum wagon, one with solid rubber tires. Train the horse/pony to go barefoot. You want goats….ducks.

      Buy a tractor. An old one. Tractors will be worth their weight in gold – and you can barter services.

      People are scared now because they realize they have been asleep at the wheel for a long long time and many realize it is almost too late to prepare.

      Thru this whole scenario that is occurring now….my life remains totally untouched. In prayer I was told almost a year ago to “fill the pantry”. I have at least a year’s worth of food.

  31. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Michael Pento’s concerns about FED’s malinvestment (buying any financial asset that comes their way) and printing money at a rate which in normal times would be considered crazy — “the money’s no good and the bonds are no good”.

    How about this hypothesis: the FED is rounding all that up debt and putting it on their books so then when the RESET comes, all those “assets” are in one place ready to be written down. A debt jubilee is coming and it will be holding hands with a global currency reset. Getting the economy restarted after this mess is an entirely different matter, but I’m sure there’s a card up Pres.Trump’s sleeve for that too.

    Trust the plan, this will all work itself out. But what do I know, I’m just a guy who’s still getting an actual paycheck and who didn’t receive a $1200 (stimulus?) check from the Treasury. But I did get far enough into my taxes to know I needed to send the Treasury a little more in 2019 withholding.

  32. andyb

    Greg: always a great discussion with Michael. No matter the true cause or any agenda behind the virus, the stark reality is that we are heading for civil unrest, regardless of when the country/economy reopens. Given as many as 30-40 million unemployed or with no source of income, it is difficult not to assume that there will be riots and rampant crime, especially since the psychopaths have, or will release over 1 million felons from prison. Please explain to me why if we can build a 2000 be hospital in less than 2 weeks, we cannot build more prison facilities to enable proper distancing.
    The way all of this has transpired really stinks to high heaven. We are being played bigly.

  33. Stan

    Our economy is the most resilient in the world. By summer I see a record high on the S&P, unemployment below 4% and a much lower Gold price.

    • Nick in UK

      By summer your carer will sort your meds out Stan, hang in there.

      • paul ...

        Stan is a prophet … who can’t make a profit … a very unique individual for sure … probably the day he really jumps off the George Washington Bridge gold will crash!!!

    • DanielSong39

      1 for 3 is not to bad, I think we will see a much lower (paper) gold price as everything is sold off for cash, including paper positions.

      If you want physical gold at anything near the paper price you will be very disappointed.

    • Ray

      Please honour us with the underpinnings, in terms of logical argument, that lead you to these conclusions Stan.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Self Exiled

      I agree concerning our resilient economy, to destroy it has been an absolute necessity to further world domination.

    • Auntie Seize

      EVERY fiat currency throughout history has collapsed – EVERY ONE! What happens in the short term is irrelevant. The Powers-That-Be cannot keep the system under their thumb forever. It is inevitable that they will lose control at some point.

      If this prediction comes true, it would be a good time to short the S&P and backup the truck on gold.

    • paul ...

      Stan … you better start taking control and get all your bankster buddies on the same page … you need to start cracking the whip Stan … they are getting severely out of line … Bank of America has now raised its target price for Gold up from the point you will to jump off the George Washington Bridge … all the way up to $3000 dollars per ounce … and they are now idiotically saying “gold is the ultimate store of value”!! …

      • paul ...

        Stan … with bankster buddies like Bank of America … who needs enemies? … they just stabbed you in the back (like Brutus did to Julius Caesar) … good thing you were wearing your parachute back pack Stan … and will live to sell more gold short … we need you man … because once “everyone turns bullish” gold will be at its peak!!

      • Stan

        Pual: B of A is not part of the elite group of US Banks. My friends at the fed laugh at them.

        • paul ...

          Good to hear it Stan … as long as there are still doubters … gold can continue to run to the upside!!

  34. Raffael

    Greg, thank you for being ahead of the curve on this! I have become my own central bank and I owe it all to you!

    Gold, silver and precious metal miners is the ONLY investment strategy moving forward. 10%, 20% of your net worth? How about 100%! Fiat is going to zero, and Covid was the spark that lit the powder keg!

    God bless you and your guests for warn us!

    • Greg Hunter

      Owning your stuff is a simply but effective strategy that allows you to sleep at night. I am happy this site helped you!@!

  35. paul ...

    As people begin to look for seeds to grow their own food … they are becoming more aware of the evil men who are trying to prevent it … … there is an old saying … “Know Your Enemy” … they are the evil people running the Pharmaceutical corporations who have already “removed the seeds” from over 24 food products through genetic engineering (i.e. grapes, watermelon, apples, grapefruit, persimmon, tangerines, figs, cucumbers, tomatoes, limes, peaches, pears, etc., etc., etc.) … they not only don’t want you to have the ability to grow your own food … but they do not want you to have the God given ability to naturally fight off germs and viruses … they know that consuming foods without seeds increases the development of cancer (i.e. like eating grape seeds kills cancer in the body) and they know that seedless foods “cause the body to be less resistant to virus diseases” (purposely spread to sell their vaccines) by hindering our body’s ability to develop antibodies!!

  36. Mike

    Trump has clearly stated that socialism is not going to happen. The financial system is going to be reset before the explosive stagflation hits. Yes, the economy will not bounce back quickly because the hole in the bubble economy is too big. There is a cure for the virus even if the fake media sides with big pharma to push billions for vaccines. Cash payments to people are needed until job creation explodes. A forced balance of trade will demand domestic production of goods (lots of jobs). The crisis to force political action is here and Trump will shape the direction of the country during the state of emergency.

    • Randy Best

      There is not going to be any explosion in job creation. The jobs have been of poor quality since 2008. Real wages are still close to 1999 levels.

      • Mike

        If the world rejects the dollar because it is worth nothing to them then trade will be in gold which the government may have none. Somebody has got to make essential stuff and other countries are done with being a sucker.

  37. paul ...

    As President Trump attempts to reopen the economy on a state-by-state basis May 1st … it appears that virus deaths are still closing down food production facilities (at Hormel for example) … … reopening America early could result in the “second wave of the virus” hitting even sooner then the 3 to 4 months it took in 1918) … I hope Trump has already built up the necessary supply’s of hydroxychloroquine … “and has it on hand now” … to administer to over 300 million Americans when the second “more deadly wave” hits (which could be sooner then September 1st)!!

  38. paul ...

    I don’t know about this … … if the virus somehow gets in … it will be like being locked on a Carnival Cruise Ship with inadequate medical facilities … the baby boomers living there better own enough gold as CAF says “to bribe the border guards”!!

  39. L. Carter

    This printing of checks is called “keeping Hope Alive”.

  40. john duffy

    Outrageous. Proof Fauci caused people to die needlessly

    • paul ...

      How about Congress passing a law … allowing the families who lost loved ones … to sue all those responsible for allowing this virus to spread (to further their more sinister agenda’s)!!

  41. Joe

    Mr. Greg, I know you’re real busy and a bigwig, so I hope you have a second for a little person like me.

    Mr. Greg, your guest is right. The pensions were a disaster before this economic disaster. And now? It’s crazy, way off the charts. I’m already hearing calls to bail out Illnoise’s pensions. Can you get someone on your show to discuss the pensions? It’s important because the politicians are going to make us taxpayers bail them out and the cost will be unbelievable.

    Also, I recall Shadow Stat’s Williams saying the real unemployment rate was over 20% and that was before this economic disaster. What on Earth must it be now??? If Williams is still alive can you get him on your show again? We are entering a very, very dark period and so many people are completely clueless.

    Thank you.

    • Auntie Seize

      “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki has an excellent series on the Pension Time Bombs on youtube.
      Check it out.
      As usual, it is the Wall Street money manipulators that have looted the pensions.
      As for pensioners who are depending on their pensions to get them a Livin’ Large retirement: you’ve been had, you’re screwed! Your retirement was consumed (past tense) by the money manipulators to support THEIR Cashin’ In and Livin’ Large lifestyles.

  42. Burgirl59

    Hello Greg, I never miss your show. I had to turn Pento off…. he continually brought up a vaccine over and over again ; even though we know HCQ works. therefore I could not listen to him. Trump is not just another dummy like all the other presidents: He has a plan for fixing this mess. Pento didn’t even know that Trump took over control of the fed under the treasury three weeks ago. I don’t find Pento credible. Keep up the good work Greg, patriots count on you to bring us honest news.

    • The Queen's Regent

      and does Pento buy physical gold or paper gold for his fund? He never seems to question the gold manipulation or the unbacked paper gold contracts. Perhaps if he made a distinction between the paper and physical precious metals markets he would be more bullish on silver seeing a silver is more manipulated than gold.

    • JC

      BURGIRL59, Pento’s a money manager, maybe you’re expecting too much of him. Anyway, maybe there will never be a vaccine.

      “Humanity will have to live with the threat of coronavirus “for the foreseeable future” and adapt accordingly because there is no guarantee that a vaccine can be successfully developed, one of the world’s leading experts on the disease has warned.”

      • K. Wayne

        “Humanity will have to live with the threat of coronavirus “for the foreseeable future” … definite date = never-ending.
        Reading between the lines – we are screwed every which way to Sunday.
        A vaccine for Corona Virus has never been successfully developed = FACT.

    • Joe

      “Anyway, maybe there will never be a vaccine.”

      There will most likely be a vaccine. There’s too much money to be made for there not to be. Plus, the government can force it on us in order to get more control over our lives. The question is will the vaccine work? And the answer will be in all likelihood, no.

      • K. Wayne

        Vaccine = false hope.

        • The Queen's Regent

          at best. and at worst death.

  43. Tom

    Do you all remember what happened in the Dot Com Scam Bubble?

    Hello…..Wake up you brainwashed sheep, this market is not real…

    Gold is the money of Kings.

    Silver is the money of Gentleman.

    Barter is the money of Peasants.

    Debt is the money of Slaves.


    • Randy Best

      Yes, I agree with you 100%. The markets are fake, phony and false.

  44. D.P.K.

    As the food processing plants in the USA close down to be sanitized over and over; food production slows and the prices are going to start rising. Then you will see the true character of this country.

  45. Charles H


    The money-printing the only an ancillary problem. The REAL problem is the destruction of the USA.

    As long as a strong and free USA existed: the opposing counterbalance to tyranny worked in the world to help the lesser nations, and represent what those nations should emulate. No nation or alliance could defeat the USA, as both World Wars proved. No nation dared to invade the USA – too many guns and people who could use them. But the USA stands in the way of the perrenially sought One World Government. So the only way to overturn the superpower status of the USA is FROM THE INSIDE.

    After WWII, the Russians quickly obtained the secrets of the Nuclear Bomb. The ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ (MAD) arms race that followed consumed a great portion of world-wide GDP – bad enough in terms of waste: but that wasn’t the only war-front ablaze. The First Wave of Socialist/Communist infiltration to begin to undermine the USA from within came from Russia. The PRESS and UNIVERSITIES were the first to “Turn”. Later, POLITICIANS and the JUDICIAL SYSTEM came under attack, so that corrupted teaching could filtrate all the way down the PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM. But Chernobyl put an end to that miserable lap. ‘Enlightened’ godlessness and a new, relative morality (Values Clarification) leavened American consciousness – so that everyone themselves decided what is right and what is wrong. Eventually, the baton was passed to a more evil empire to continmue the covert war on the USA: China.

    It didn’t take very much or too long for the Captians of Industry and Commerce to succumb to the disease of kings – greed. The great sucking sound Ross Periot heard was the lucrative markets of Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian markets. But China had advantage of hard-handed Communist tyranny, and societal control unparalleled. Given status – China stole into it’s own war with the USA, WITHIN the USA.

    That China has stolen technology; corrupted deans in Universities, the State Department, Congress; AND has bought-up great swaths of Commerce in Food, Meat, Uraniun, Transport Hubs and Ports; as well as cornering the market in specific areas such as Medicine and other manufacturing criticality’s. One cannot wage war from a position of weakness. But America’s behavior to print money out of nothing – the “race to the bottom” put a hitch in the march. So China has bought-up the greatest amount of gold ever put together. Once the ‘new’ economic table is set up: they have the power to dictate.

    Unexpectedly, but not unpropitiously – proud China: who would not be left out or fall behind in the power-game of biological warfare technology – set up an inadequate Level 4 Lab. Funny thing is – our (USA) State Department KNEW it wasn’t up to snuff BEFORE the COVID19 escaped: but all there was then and since is crickets (silence). When it did get out (by accident or negligence) they let 5 million people run out of Wuhan all over the globe; subborned the WHO to allow time to let the virus spread; then bought-up millions of pounds of medical equipment and supplies to send back to the Mainland – before anyone knew how much they were needed.

    The cherry on the topping was the ‘overplayed hand’ – of the propaganda of that ‘hug a Chinese immigrant’ stunt. Europe took the bait – as Italy and Spain, and some others did that and publicized it. But the real tip of the iceberg phenomena was the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promoting it herself; then took it down off of Facebook. The porkulous monster of California – who seems intent to BANKRUPT the USA at EVERY CHANCE; as well as undermine in treasonous fashion the duly elected President of the United States – may be herself a Chinese pawn.

    All the VIRTUE SIGNALING of the Liberals; toxic everything; No Borders, and undermining of our Election System; giving away the store at whim: is all a whole, combined platform to ruin the USA from WITHIN. The LBTQ, Feminism, and every other societal ROT you won’t find in tightly controlled China. If you want to kill a patient: load them up! Liberalism has divided the country to a point where too stupid to be stupid cannot be fixed. How to retrain generations of Liberals, to embrace the former glories of God-honoring America?

    China is one superpower nation, under a godless man – who is working to make the sun to rise on his empire. He cares no more about the collateral carnage of disease throughout the world, any more than his ‘own’ people. All ‘Globalism’ resolves to this – a bunch of Virtue Signaling under various disguises: to destroy Western Civilization.

    The One-World government HAS to come about: Holy Scripture has framed it. But what I find most despicable – is the the traitorous action of those in high places within the USA. Ironic that a man-made virus would change the face of the globe; and bring it to a halt; and that the bastion of Freedom would be brought low by economic means. Past American might have born this war well; but I believe the Americans today won’t. America’s only enemy was always from within.

    • K. Wayne

      Charles H……thank you for being on the same page. We are singing from the same book.

    • Charles H

      Here is a link to Stephan Molyneux interview – detailing China’s dealing with Hong Kong: and the arrest of one of the most important pro-democracy Founding Fathers. Read the Comment from Stephan right below his main link – to get more information on who else was arrested. By their fruit, ye shall know them.

  46. john duffy

    Another doctor wants Fauci prosecuted for being a traitor. Unbelievable!

    • K. Wayne

      Not unbelievable if you understand his history.

    • AndrewB

      Amazing link – IMHO, everyone should watch this video.
      Thank you.

    • AndrewB

      Hi again John
      The video you link to mentions an allegation that Dr Fauci directed $3.7m to the C4 lab in Wuhan in 2015, allegedly to circumvent a moratorium on further development of Covid-19 in the US. No sooner had I watched your linked-to video, then President Trump states that there is an investigation into a $3.7m donation . . .
      Trump’s statement is included in the most current video from ‘Amazing Polly’. IMO a most sincere truth-seeker.

  47. Dave

    Mr. Pento is spot on when he says both Democrats and Republicans have destroyed capitalism – essentially moving us towards a corparatist socialism. Trump and the GOP proved that in spades during Trump’s first two years as the GOP dominated government massively grew government, refused to repeal Obamacare, did not untangle the bureaucracy or deliver on any “promises” made to pro-lifers. PP funding increased and pro-life riders to bills were eliminated by GOP leadership.

    IMO Trump is a plant. He talks a good game but never follows through. His threats to veto budgets are never realized. It’s always this is the last time I’ll sign such a bill only to have Trump sign a worse bill the next time.

    Both parties are promoters of big government and neither is seriously are concerned about deficits. The country is moving to the left. Even GOP congress people are wanting to extend the unemployment benefits through the year. The Trump plan will usher in a UBI which most Americans now support. Trump expressed support for single payer during is 2016 campaign. The stage is now set for that. If everyone should get free treatment for the coronavirus why not the flu too? It kills a large number of people each year.

    The Dems are set to win big in the fall because Americans want more stuff from the government. I know a small business owner not able to get a PPE loan who is fuming as he sees Trump tout every day what he is doing for the big corporations. And it is true. Wall Street is getting bailouts while Main Street is getting loans – if one is lucky enough. For the first time Trump’s positives are falling among Republicans. Now, Trump and the JD are blocking release of 9/11 documents as relates to the Saudis. The 9/11 families are fuming at Trump over this – “he looked us in the eye and promised” as one person said. Of course Barr with his ties to the Bushes and indirectly the Saudis is part of the betrayal too.

    This is all a game as Dr. Savage often says. Shadows on the wall. Trump manipulating his supporters and being manipulated himself by global corporatists and bankers. And conservatives being manipulated by the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh to support anything Trump does even if goes against the heart of conservatism. Personally I feel controlled conservative media has been part of the scheme all along. Keep conservatives from organizing an effective force to counter big government/socialism. Keep them in the GOP even though the GOP has not been a conservative party for decades. But as Hannity says each election – vote Republican to advance conservative principles. Bad advice, dishonest advice and manipulation of his audience.

    • Randy Best

      You make a lot of great points. It does seem, the more that time goes by, that Trump looks like an imposter.

      • Timothy Hang

        About a year ago, something prompted me to find out more about a “fireman prophet”. Just a google search led me to Nathan Leal. I was not sure about his warnings about Christians being misled by many false prophets in our day. But I recently recalled a dream he had in 2014 (search Nathan Leal oil price collapse), and it literally shook me to the core. God gave him a dream that describes literally everything we are witnessing. Rather than join in political gamesmanship as most are doing, us believers should be getting things (spiritally especially) in order for what is likely coming.

        • William Stanley

          I’ll give you a B+ on that one even though you’re still counterproductively underestimating your audience.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Even though I disagree with many of Mr. Leal’s theological bases and eschatological conclusions, anyone would have to admire his willingness to take a long, hard, objective look at Donald Trump.

          • Greg Hunter

            Do you really think this is “objective”!!!!!! PLEASE… Trump hating to the max and compares him to the devil!!!!!!!????? I am only posting this because it is so UNOBJECTIVE!!!!! Don’t post any more of this crap.

    • K. Wayne

      I share your genuine observations and conclusions. Convince the rest of the American citizens …then we will have our Revolution.

  48. Tom

    I always thought that it was easy to brainwash the uneducated but I was wrong, it is very easy to brainwash the educated.

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” ― Malcolm X

  49. MichaelD

    This AG Barr is a vile creature is he not? Not only was her responsible for the jail in which Epstein got taken out he is now blocking the release of 9/11 documents. Is Trump’s loyalty to Americans or foreign interests?

    • lightning


      AG Barr cited National Security concerns…..which is probably entirely accurate. How secure do you think the government of the US will be when all is known about their actions on 9/11?

      Now NIST refuses to make their model public…you guessed it…citing “National Security Concerns”….even though these models are not all that sophisticated and you can even buy models and tune them yourself….its pretty routine in Engineering.

      Same with JFK assassination documents as they cite “National Security concerns” for that event nearly 60 years ago. Those documents were promised , by law, to be fully released and yet they weren’t.

      With this bail out out Obama-ing Obama with the wealth redistribution from the American public to the executives of the Wall street banks and hedge funds, I have lost a substantial amount of confidence in President Trump. It would have been easy to carve out the executive bonus’s…and frankly they still could fix it if they wanted to. But they won’t….and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

      Meanwhile, 22 million additional Americans are unemployed via government dictate and maybe the get $1200.

      And not a single Federal Government employee has been laid off. I guess “they” are too essential.

      Time for a new party and a re-emergence of the rule of law and a strong adherence to the Constitution .

      The government(s) we got have corrupted the system to be barely recognizable to the framers intent. All of Thomas Jefferson’s fears have come to be.

      • Self Exiled

        “And not a single Federal Government employee has been laid off. I guess “they” are too essential.” ‘Some’ are essential, my daughter works for social security, approximately 69 million people dependent on this agency, my son works with FEMA, cyber security at a nuclear plant, servicing over one million homes. I think they are both critical at this time.
        And how accurate the founding fathers were, I too get very angry , please read my comments on Barr.

        • Lightning

          Roughly 4.5 million Federal employees and another 4+ million of contract employees!

          The government is the least efficient , poorly run, and wasteful organization on the planet.

          • Lightning

            I’m sure your family members are hard working… but one could say “they work for the CDC which safeguards the United States from infectious disease”. Sounds really critical… but they had 6 to 11 billion a year ( no companies have enormous budgets like that and in addition they have other organizations in the government with similar overlapping responsibilities to ensure zero accountability )Even with astronomical funding they didn’t even stockpile basic essentials like masks, hospital garments or ventilators….but they did spend money on a transgender beauty pageant , gardens for a new visitor center, and monies to help colleges set up local food cooperatives. None of which should have been spent.
            In industry, you have reasonable metrics for success…. did you make money? Was it more efficient to outsource vs. produce in house and what is the overhead burden on the bottom line. There is a finite budget and you produce or you are fired.
            None of that exists for the government. It’s one giant socialist meandering and almost no one gets fired or laid off. Current circumstance is case on point.

          • Self Exiled

            Thank You Lightning, This statement in the article is provocative “Light warned that the blended workforce as a whole “may have grown so large and poorly sorted that it has become a threat to the very liberty it protects.” ” Back to the wheat and tares again.

          • Self Exiled

            In February of 2008 I meet two CDC investigators at Maho Clinic in Minneapolis; very educated, well dressed and professional. After the interview [questioning] there was a self importance that became evident as they discussed their findings. First time for me that I and my fellow citizens were discussed as a herd. My conclusion is that the excesses and corruption you speak of has so saurated the federal government and elitists societies we are entering judgement.

            • lightning

              Self Exiled,

              I hope you and your family come through this in good shape. I appreciate your input.

  50. H. Craig Bradley


    What has changed, medically speaking in our actual knowledge about the mode of action and longevity of the current variation of corona virus ( Covid-19)? Has a vaccine been tested and passed ALL the required FDA clinical trials before any new (Rx) drug is approved for general use by the public ?

    All the noise we are hearing daily in the news about corona virus is just various personal or professional opinions ( if an M.D.) and sundry individual studies done in haste. They prove nothing conclusive, as yet. Therefore, I MUST CONCLUDE MOST OF WHAT WE HEAR (NOISE) AND ARE EXPOSED TO IN THE MEDIA OR AT-LARGE AT HOME IS ESSENTIALLY “POLITICAL” IN CONTENT, NOT MEDICALLY GERMANE THUS FAR.

    The newest shingles vaccine took 13-years of development and FDA clinical trials before it was available to the public. It cost pharmaceutical companies $ Billions of R&D Dollars to develop a new drug or vaccine. So, how can we hope it could possibly happen so much faster in a short period of only one or two years? Common sense says “hardly likely”.

  51. Pointe Grosse

    When Germany tried this in the 1920″s it took 6 months before the total economy imploded.

    • Charles H


  52. H. Craig Bradley


    President Trump released his 3 Phases I-III necessary to get America safely back to work (soon). In order to expedite a restart of America’s Economy before we all go broke, He specified each phase has a duration of 14-days. So, in-total, a state or jurisdiction could conceivably complete all three phases in as little as 42 consecutive days or 14 x 3= 42 Days. April 17 + 42 days= an estimated opening or tentative restart date of approximately May 25 on Memorial Day Holiday.

    The laggard states like California or New York could take a bit longer to restart their respective state or regional economies, perhaps (optimistically) by the 4th of July. On the West Coast, the government’s efforts must first be coordinated between member states of the newly formed Western State Compact or Alliance of Washington State, Oregon, and California.

    In addition, Gov. Gavin Newsom has formed his own California Committee to Restart the Economy rather than listen or follow the leadings of V.P. Mike Pence’s “Get America Back to Work National Committee” in the White House. California will do it the California way which will probably mean it will be among the very last states to unfreeze its economy. I hope they can get it done by Labor Day in Sept. but you never know in Liberal, “nutty”, California. Its all political at this point anyway and in a contested election year, at that.

  53. iwitness02

    The current events here in America, are upsetting my family. That is to say current events are upsetting my kids. (adult kids) We have had some to heart to heart talks lately. Right now faith is so important. The kids need their faith bolstered now and again. (me too) So far, mom and dad can still reassure them.
    I secretly wonder if we will all have to try to live under one roof, just to survive. That would put us in very close quarters. We would immediately divide ourselves into two groups. One group on day shift. One group on night shift. But truth be known, they would rather go out to dinner with their friends and have a ‘normal’ life. The transition from ‘normal’ to ‘survival’ is apt to be difficult. Thankfully, we love each other. Not all families get along. Imagine how hard it will be for those families who have a lot drama between themselves under ‘normal’ circumstances. A lot of frightening possibilities are lining up on the horizon. We are truly entering into times that will try the hearts of men. May love win.

    • Self Exiled

      Love never fails ——but the greatest of these is love. I believe love is the most powerful force in the universe. I think that is why the acquisition of power is so pervasive,
      and universal; it is the God void. Jesus was Love on two feet. That you will reflect Him is my prayer for you iwitness02.

  54. JC

    Satanist Queen Madonna Announces She Is Joining
    The Gates Foundation Program To Vaccinate Every
    Human Being On Earth • Now The End Begins

  55. Elliott Tucker

    Greg, could you get Catherine Austin Fitts on again? And ask her opinion on a ‘debt jubilee’ such as Paul Craig Roberts recently advocated in his interview. Your show is great; I always look forward to it. Elliott Tucker

    • Self Exiled

      I would also appreciate Catherine’s view on our present situation. She has used terminology referring to humanities degradation by NWO forces.

    • Rodster

      I would like Greg to interview CAF on what she knows about the ongoing Geoengineering programs. Dane Wigington is coming out with a movie and it has CAF including other officials who state that these programs have been on going for decades.

  56. Libby Beth

    We’ll Meet Again. . . . ..
    Don’t Know Where Don’t Know When

  57. Pete M

    Waiting for a vaccine seems to be ludicrous if the economy blows before then, since at least 10x the people compared to the Wu Flu could die in a mad max scenario, but there is now credible evidence from at least a half dozen public data bases to suggest that the actual mortality rate is approximately one percent of the affected population, according to Dr John Campbell, and based on the latest evidence, which he walks us through. Google “Dr.John Campbell Saturday April 18, 2020 Update”. Where he believes and provides evidence that “heard immunity works completely better than waiting for a vaccine to come along”.
    As well Dr John Campbell has credible evidence to suggest that just by taking a sufficient amount of vitamin D3 daily can greatly reduce chances of dying, and even more so for Hispanics and people of colour by increasing the body’s production of anti inflamatory molecules, and aiding the body’s production of vitamin D (Google “Vitamin D and Imunity: Lots of Evidence , based on Medical Journals” Dr. John Campbell.
    Greg, I have to hand it to you, you have the best interview subject matter, and blogs ever for finding out the truth and cutting through all the bull. Mainstream news is so blatantly corrupt, and one sided but you always tell us what we want to hear: The Truth, however ugly it is. I’d rather know the ugly truth, than hearing the main stream media twist everything toward their own awful agenda.

    • DanielSong39

      I was initially very impressed by John Campbell initially but less so as of late, he does seem to have his own personal and political agenda and it’s becoming increasingly present.
      For example he doesn’t seem to fully incorporate the following facts in his analysis:
      – Testing is garbage
      – There are multiple strains, with wildly different characteristics
      – As a whole the virus seems to be way weaker than it was a couple months ago

      • Self Exiled

        Your right, nothing man made ever lasts.

  58. notyourpatsy

    Mr Hunter, In a previous post I made this past week 12april20, I stated”President Trump was ‘allowed’ to win the election in order to see America through the coming Bankruptcy.”
    You disagreed and said “He was elected by the people by their choice.” Or something to that effect. I agree with your statement, as I, myself voted for President Trump. I believe he was elected by the people and popularly so because of the Commiecrats continous ‘dog and pony shows’ over the past 6 presidencies IMO.
    Now, with the whole Country having been essentially ‘taken off the roads’ by China Virus quarrentine, why was’nt work done during the past 3 months on America’s infrastructure,ie, roads and bridges? What better time to repair roads unimpeded by 70mph traffic then now? Fix bridges ditto!! Why wait until ‘Americans go back to work’ AFTER the quarrentine to do this work and IMPEDE the Rebirth of the Economy?!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Congress has not passed a infrastructure bill that’s why.

      • Darrel L Smith

        Can only have two people on construction at a time. Hard to build bridges with two people.

    • paul ...

      About 735 million people fly in commercial airlines each year … 20% more men travel by air then women … and men get 20% more cancer then women each year …

      • paul ...

        It will be interesting to see if cancer rates now begin to drop with the airlines shut down … Big Pharma hasn’t been able to reduce the incidence of cancer (but then again that’s their bread and butter)!!!

        • paul ...

          I bet if Big Pharma “left the seeds in our grapes” cancer rates would be falling in-spite of more people flying each year in a high altitude radiation zone with our ozone shield conveniently removed !!

  59. Janet

    Response to Queen’s Regent re Pento and paper gold.
    He does not buy GLD. ” We use AAAU, which is tracking physical gold perfectly and is redeemable for physical”.

    • The Queen's Regent

      Ok thanks for the information.

  60. Self Exiled

    Well now Mr. Barr; I now know why you use the termanology you do and construct your sentences in the mannar you do. Also why you look so uncomfortable standing on stage behind the president or in interviews.
    He has showed you, Oh man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, and to love kindness and mercy, and to humble yourself and walk humbly with your GOD? Micah 6:8
    The Lord requires this of all of us, imagine if we all did.

  61. Self Exiled

    If I give Barr the benefit of doubt, he may have been so in the depth of the situations; he has made decisions based on his limited understanding of the larger view, which Greg has allowed thru this forum. The ill look he displays could possibly be the realization of the larger view or a revelation of what he has been a part off. His exposure to Trump and the briefings could be his epiphany. His premises was the good of the country as a whole not realizing the consequences for himself or us as an individuals. Again man was not meant to lord over other men.

  62. Sly F. Stone

    BEIRUT —As more than half the people in the world hunker down under some form of enforced confinement, stirrings of political and social unrest are pointing to a new, potentially turbulent phase in the global effort to stem the coronavirus pandemic.Wash Post Liz Sly 5 hrs ago

    • paul ...

      Wouldn’t you know it … idiots like Al Gore are being vindicated … the stirrings of discontent along with the fever of the Corona Virus “is creating global warming” (without sea levels rising)!!

  63. Self Exiled

    Air born HIV, I think this is the most accurate description of covid 19 to date. I think Clifs analysis of this corresponds to the symptoms I have felt since March 5. As I said on this forum I did not go to the doctor. After the 2nd day of the fever {not at home first day} I drank 1 tablespoon of colloidal silver a day and sometimes 2 times a day, and 5 minutes on a vaporizer in the morning and at night with the same colloidal silver. I made the colloidal silver with a small machine that used 3 nine volt batteries and distilled water, no salt and three hours on the timer. The liquid is an amber color and I keep it in the refrigerator. I do not know the parts per million. I took this machine with me when I exiled. I do this now once a week, maybe twice a week, depending on how I feel. NOT MEDICAL ADVICE!
    Clif has other interesting ideas on the subject.

    • Self Exiled

      After thoughts: Clif does not considered; if the desired effect is not achieved in the USA, by the NWO; NWO corporates may do something more desperate. The exact NWO elitist companies and governments who commit surveillance upon us; in the name of protecting us from terrorist have become the ultimate terrorist to humanity. As Snowden has said; it’s not about protection, it’s about power.

    • William Stanley

      Multimeters are inexpensive. Have you noticed that the amperage on your “circuit” rises rapidly as the level of ionic silver rises past a certain level? Does it concern you? Do you ever clean the silver electrodes of the buildup of “tarnish”?

      • Self Exiled

        1] I’m in a third world country.
        A] under severe lockdown
        B] have not seen a parts per million meter
        C] have a multimeter; will start to measure AMP s
        D] I clean after every use
        2] It has been difficult to find steam processed true distilled water. Have four different brands; only one labeled as some sort of steam process; [found this brand after making an acceptable batch].
        3] First batch I threw out; mutch black residue on negative silver electrode] black residue collected on bottom of jar.
        4] Second batch: less black residue, only on electrode [no steam process label] was the batch I’m using now. Appeared almost yellow, so I diluted to an amber color. As such I have about one quart left. Next batch: will use water branded ” Absolute” and claims: “processed employing vapor compression and ionization”.
        5] machine: I purchased in 1998. no directions.
        6] cannot find quart jars , using old maneyes jars [15.98] oz.s
        7] I notice batteries lose 3 volts after use [3 hours] carbon battery

  64. JC

    Here we have something interesting by George Ure at Urban Survival. Go to the site to access the links.

    Laid-out in a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report is, as we read it, a plan e for “efficient globalism”…which is why the pandemic playbook laid out from page 18 under the future scenario “LockStep” is so bothersome. This forecast the Pandemic and biometrics payload vaccinations from 2010…

    (Text only version here – save the PDF before it’s scrubbed from the web, right?)

  65. steve pool

    When unemployment was said to be 3.5% and actual was more like 23%, then with 22 million more out of work and the numbers is like 17%, then actual unemployment would be around 40%. Is that right or does it even make since?

    • Self Exiled

      Time for John Williams of Shadow Stats; an excellent question for him. I wonder what his numbers reflect.

    • Kevin S.

      Not exactly right. Part-time workers who wanted full-time work were already counted as being unemployed in that current 23% rate (ShadowStats). So if those part-time workers lost their part-time job they should not be counted again as being unemployed. They already were unemployed by definition. The same is true for those that worked a full-time job and also had a part-time job. If they lost both jobs they should not be counted twice in the unemployment figures. Only once since they are only one person. So millions of people who are in this situation should not be counted twice. You can not just add 22 million people who recently lost their job to what the unemployment rate was if some of them were already counted as being unemployed (part-time workers) or add one unemployed person twice if they lost two jobs. So you should not see ShadowStats unemployment rate being close to 40% at this time. In fact ShadowStats 23% rate already includes some of the newly unemployed. They had it at 21% the previous month. Look for an unemployment rate from ShadowStats more like 30% or so next month.

  66. Andy

    Michael will take the vaccine and the Mark of the Beast. He said as much.

    • Greg Hunter

      No He DID NOT.

  67. Gary

    Greg (and others) YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!! This document from the Rockefeller Foundation, published in May 2010, describes what is going on in the world right now. Especially check out the section entitled: Lock Step.

    Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

    Excerpt from page 18:
    In 2012, the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally hit. Unlike 2009’s H1N1, this new influenza strain—originating from wild geese—was extremely virulent and deadly. Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked around the world, infecting nearly 20 percent of the global population and killing
    8 million in just seven months, the majority of them healthy young adults. The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers.

    Excerpt from Page 19:
    At first, the notion of a more controlled world gained wide acceptance and approval. Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty—and their privacy—to more paternalistic states
    in exchange for greater safety and stability. Citizens were more tolerant, and even eager, for top-down direction and oversight, and national leaders had more latitude to impose order in the ways they saw fit. In developed countries, this heightened oversight took many forms: biometric IDs for all citizens, for example, and tighter regulation of key industries whose stability was deemed vital to national interests. In many developed countries, enforced cooperation with a suite of new regulations and agreements slowly but steadily restored both order and, importantly, economic growth.

  68. Paul Anthony

    Good interview

    Any new news from Mark Taylor? I’ve seen interviews with him from other people but I think your interviews with him are better

    God Bless you and yours Greg

    Paul Anthony

  69. JC

    Ok, so the oil market has completely crashed today. Oil presently $2.50 a barrel. I wonder if this is a harbinger of thing to come? Tomorrow is April 21, the day Bo Polny warned us about.

    • JC

      Oil was $2.50 but not for long, now $-38.45!

      • Kevin S.

        That was just the nearest futures contract (May) which expires on the 21st. Nobody was selling or buying actual physical oil at that price. The reason why the May futures contract fell so much was because traders had to dump those futures contracts because they had no way to take delivery so they got out at any price, meaning they had to take a big lose. Spot oil is about $20 and the further out oil futures contracts are above $20.

  70. Justn Observer

    Greg, OIL = – $7.00 — Amazing ! How prophetic Mr. Pento is ! lol
    When can be go to the gas stations and see how much they pay us to fill our tanks?
    Wonder what the capacity of all fuel tanks , farms and ranches, vehicles etc is? Of course the gov’t will have to drop more helicopter money so the people to buy cars to go fill the tanks? Maybe they can repo the cars and then give them back … mo FREE stuff ? Free healthcare, Free college, Free phones, Free cash, Free everything EXCEPT , Freedom? This is interesting =

    • Kevin S.

      That was just the nearest futures contract (May) which expires on the 21st. Nobody was selling or buying actual physical oil at that price. Spot oil is about $20 and the further out oil futures contracts are above $20. You will not see any changes at the gas pump because of this one futures contract decline.

      • Greg Hunter


        • Kevin S.

          Yeah, yet.

          • Greg Hunter

            Did you see what oil closed at today? Closed at $11.36 a bbl! Yet is coming soon and then the price increases to follow because of supply destruction.

            • Kevin S.

              Not surprising after seeing how the May oil futures contract fell the day before. Knew that was an indication of what was to come. The June oil futures was down below $7 at one point today.

  71. JC

    Last year on April 20th the Notre Dame cathedral crashed and burned, this year the oil market!!

    G.A. Stewart:
    As most of my readers know, April 19th and 20th are Ritual Killing Days for Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels.

  72. foggygoggles

    I think you need to give up on trying to understand money and the markets using traditional metrics. Some say we were technically bankrupt February 16th. I think we can all agree that our debts are not repayable. That leaves us with a global financial reset. Something akin to repairing an airplane mid flight. Besides a parachute, I’m putting on the armor of God, and praying for a safe landing.

  73. Gina M Mancarella

    (This is Greg Hunter. I am only posting this comment from our very own paid troll “Gina” to illustrate what kind of evil we are facing. “Gina” writes all kinds of vulgar comments that I never post and simply delete. Learn and unfortunately this is not to enjoy.)


    IF NOT ………. IT SUCKS TO BE YOU !!!!!

    ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha ! ha !

  74. Gina M Mancarella


    • Greg Hunter

      Can they bring their guns?

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Anyone bring a firearm to the camps will be liquidated.

        I want to thank Neel Kashkari for clearing the way for huge cash infusions to our principals.

        By the way, if any of your listeners are proficient with firearms and know how to participate in assault teams (i.e. previous military, ranger or SWAT team experience), there are going to be golden opportunities to become very wealthy and have exciting security force careers. We need good strong fighting men to take care of some intermittent area disturbances that will possibly coming up in the weeks and months to come.

        • Greg Hunter

          You sure about that?

          • Mike

            Its because of whack jobs like Gina, that firearm sales are absolutely parabolic higher. Gina’s a candidate for Guantanamo Bay prison.

        • William Stanley

          I think that you’re going to be surprised by the very high intelligence and patriotism of those who are most proficient in firearms — and other forms of warfare.

        • Jerry

          Please come my way. I’m very proficient with metal protectors. As far as assault units? Unless it’s Blue helmets, it’s never going to happen. My advice to you. RUN!

        • G.I Jane

          Gina your a broad? Channel that anger abroad. Man up, join up!
          10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Soldiers In The World

          Fema camps, ugh! The Red Army Needs Woman Snipers Gina!

        • paul ...

          Gina … Are you one of the Harvard students that needs Higher Education Emergency Relief?? … as there are not too many students who go to Harvard that need emergency education money!! …

  75. Justn Observer

    Greg, Another Dr. warns Christians and Jews not to take the vaccine ?..

    • paul ...

      Do as the Bible tells us … simply stay inside (like the Jews did in Egypt) and let the plague Pass-over … and eat bitter herbs (like quinine)!!

      • paul ...

        And don’t send your older son out to do the shopping … send Grandpa … we are going to need our “first sons” to re-build America!!!

  76. Mark

    Dear Greg and folks here at,
    Bo Polny said that we would enter a new era on 04/21. Maybe that is what has just happened with the collapse of the oil price on a world-wide scale. According to Mike Maloney: “Today the world changed forever and no one on this planet will escape the effects of what happened today. Today was ‘oil Armageddon’. This is the stuff that creates war and revolution. Your life, my life and everybody’s life is permanently changed” As always Greg and to all who receive the testimony which the Father has testified concerning His Son, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”.

  77. Jerry

    I think Bo was right again.

    This is going to get bad, really bad, as oil companies and refineries default on their loans to the central banks. My contacts have said they need 60. A barrel to break even. Now we’re negative. How about oil producing countries like Dubai and the Saudi’s who are holding U.S. treasuries? You know what they will do when they go into survival mode.

  78. dadiz


  79. Justn Observer

    Greg, Hope people do not bite on this =
    Looks like a staged black flag event to me…. Yeah, like ‘real’ people will get a military vehicle and roll up dressed and armed like that – sure – lol Is the Gov’t – AGAIN – trying to provoke more anti-gun BS for more a ‘need for more gun regulations’?
    People are NOT that stupid….Gov’t people are ! The paradigm has shifted, there now is NO NEED to go to kinetics…. ‘THEY’ released bio-weapons on the citizens, ‘they’ have been spraying the sky with such for years… ‘THEY’ have moved the needle from kinetics to the use chemical -bio – and poisons. ‘THEY’ should now fear the pizza delivery man with a smile or the provider of the punch bowl…NOT idiots rolling up in a too obviously stenciled x-military truck with ‘supposed lock and loaded’ milita? LOL
    Anyone doing that is a FOOL. Has little to done understanding of what could be brought to bear on such a situation. Clearly a psy ops to incite and project a news clip event for MSM to focus on! The ‘globalist’ leftists are desperate !

    • Kevin S.

      Disagree with your opinion of it being a staged black flag event. That military truck is owned by Tip Top Roofing And Siding. A couple of pictures of the truck is on their Facebook page. One picture is dated back in 2018. PA has quite a few well armed citizens and some are crazy. Some protesters are also stupid for not wearing masks in public as many seem not to have on from the pictures I seen from my local news.

  80. Charles H

    Gee, Greg…

    Do you think people are watching/reading your site? I just heard Steve Bannon repeat a phrase I wrote on the 15th: “Also – the SARS-COV-2 “China Virus” will be written into History – just as clearly as the other atrocities. Biological Chernobyl” (a rebuke to “dd”) Bannon touts the phrase on a Fox News interview dated the 19th ( @1:25), exactly as composed: “Biological Chernobyl”.
    Might this be something he picked up… from READING? Or is this just the coincidence of like minds?!?

    • Charles H

      Scratch that – Politico labeled it on th 14th.

  81. Steve Bice

    I am curious what Greg and his readership think of the following. Like many, I look at the historical record of failed world currencies and the inevitability of currency destruction when governments print without limit.

    In such circumstances, people flee to tangibles and gold and silver, or to a sounder currency. But it occurred to me that we are in somewhat unique circumstances that could at least temporarily create a different outcome.

    Historically, currencies and financial instruments existed in a tangible (paper) form only. Today, the vast majority of currency exists in digital form. Further, there is no currency-in-waiting today with sufficient standing to assume reserve currency status.

    What if paper dollars actually perform as tangibles, and the value skyrockets as digital instruments fail worldwide? Right now, paper dollars account for approximately 35% of M1 and 9% of M2.

    This is at its core a supply and demand argument. Digital money will be eviscerated, and paper dollars will remain…and be in short supply. With the traditional means of injecting money into the economy destroyed, demand for and value of physical dollars could skyrocket.

    Has technology led us to a unique situation where the same principles apply, but their application leads to a different outcome than history would suggest?

    I don’t know. But, it makes sense to hedge your bets.

    Got cash?

    • JC

      Yes Steve B, good idea to not put all our eggs in one basket.

  82. pat

    Confused, why on Earth would Bill Holter be ‘offering’ to sell gold at this time in history? His latest on jsmineset, “I have 250 Gold eagles available for $199 over spot”. Why would someone who has pushed physical ownership of precious metals and repeatedly told readers to ‘never sell physical’, do this now? Yeah, he’s selling them ‘for someone else’…Then why is’nt he advising this person that NOW is NOT the time to be selling gold?!!

    • paul ...

      Just a guess … but perhaps Bill is investing the money in gold call options … unlike us ordinary people … he is a more sophisticated investor … and at times such people use other gold trading strategies “then simply buy and hold” … of course … using such strategies entails risk … just ask Stan!!

  83. Ross Herman

    Mr. pento
    Two things,
    No vaccin has accomplished anything but significant damage to the patient!
    Two, American fools will never lose confidence in their “leaders”, or the dollar.

  84. Artie whitefox

    Jesus saw money as not being good in the begginning. Money brings debt. The things that God made cannot bring on debt. God giving to god what is God’s, is giving a thing that cannot bring on debt, no matter how plenteous whatever is. There is a lot of titanium in the earth to make bike frames. Debt will not occur, though we have a lot of it. people will be able to do what they love to do not needing to slave away at6 what they are doing to earn money. Devils are trying to earn salvation through us, getting nowhere. A devil is not saved, even when the person saved, on whatever. You know what is in the Federal Reserve? Absolutely nothing. That’s what.

  85. Artie whitefox

    Jesus saw money as not being good in the begginning. Money brings debt. The things that God made cannot bring on debt. God, giving to god, what is God’s, is giving a thing that cannot bring on debt, no matter how plenteous whatever is. There is a lot of titanium in the earth to make bike frames. Debt will not occur, though we have a lot of it. People will be able to do what they love, not needing to slave away at what they are doing to earn money. Devils are trying to earn salvation through us, getting nowhere. A devil is not saved, even when the person saved, on whatever. You know what is in the Federal Reserve? Absolutely nothing. That’s what.

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