CV19 Vax Wearing Off, OSHA Calling Off Mandates, Inflation Keeps On

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 504 11.19.21)

Dr. Tony Fauci is warning the CV19 vax is wearing off and says a third booster shot is “absolutely essential.”  What happened to “fully vaccinated” after shots from Pfizer, Moderna and J&J?  I guess “fully vaccinated” is a moving target or simply a lie and confirmation the shots do not work to stop Covid.  Bill Gates said similar things recently too.  I told you the narrative was unwinding, and it is and they know it.  This is the backdrop, and they still want you to be forced to get vaxed with an experimental drug.  mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone calls this the biggest human drug trial in history.  What could go wrong?  Look at the data, and plenty has gone wrong with deadly and debilitating events in the millions from the CV19 inoculations.  “Stop the Shots.”  Is President Trump listening?

There is good news on the vax mandate front.  The Fifth Circuit Federal Court has called the Biden vax mandate for CV19 shots unconstitutional, and OSHA has suspended implementation of the mandates.  The Fifth Circuit Court ripped to pieces the OHSA “Emergency Temporary Standard” (ETS) and basically said it was an overreach in a very big way.  Does this case make it to the Supreme Court?

There is some consensus that the Federal Reserve is making a huge policy mistake by keeping the easy money flowing and interest rates suppressed.  It all comes down to one very nasty word in the financial circles — inflation.  It is not “transitory” as the Fed says, and many think it is not just here to stay, but it’s getting worse and could destroy the real estate market, the bond market and the stock market all at the same time.  Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers is sounding the alarm, and he is a big-time Democrat.  If he’s warning, you know it’s bad.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and much more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. (11/19/21)

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After the Interview: 

Renowned radio personality, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will talk about his new movie called “Mega-Drought: The Annihilation of the Human Race Accelerates.”  The movie title says it all, and Quayle will explain in detail.



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  1. Rodster

    Florida lawmakers just passed an act that prohibits private businesses from mandating vaccines. Yay for my home state.

    • Gary

      Your right. Stop this craziness.

      • AlHall



        • GenEarly

          The CIA did trials at Washington National Airport in the late 60’s ? to the best of my recall. They sprayed concealed flu virus from a briefcase to gauge the spread and timing on departing flight passengers.
          So they’re ready to go, data is in a file cabinet at Langley and/or Pantygone.

        • Warren B.


          • JC

            Warren B,

            Last month.

            New Yorkers, Don’t Worry, That Gas in the Subway Is Only a Test…


          • David Brownallen

            It may be called a smallpox vaccine, but more than likely it will be the COVID booster “shots.”

            One vial appears the same as the next.

          • Galaxy 500

            Don’t need the small pox vaccine. Been there done that decades ago…

            • Allen C Hall


          • Paul ...

            Probably some left over vials from the recent tests they made in the NY City subway system … to see how rapidly the trains could transport the small pox virus throughout every area of the City from the upper West Side to Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn!!

    • Wanda

      Yes I follow what is happening in Florida, what an awesome Governor you have and all the wonderful ppl who are in your legislature, fighting for your rights and freedoms. Just watched the one DeSantis gave at “Brandon” Fl lol Loving it. JUST what is bothering me? Is other States are not getting in line behind Florida and doing the same thing! Florida has given every State that is constitutional (or so they say they are?) the window of opportunity to step up and follow Floridas lead. SO where are they? I hear/read others saying that like 29 States are fighting back. IF some one lives in one of these States and has information on the fight there, they should speak of it, tell others, and share any real media messages/reports regarding the fight. “Enquiring minds want to know!”

      • Rodster

        My biggest concern is that DeSantis wants to run for POTUS in 2024. If he does he will undoubtedly suffer the same results as Trump.

        • Marilyn Guinnane

          Rodster, I’m of the same fear. You know, Trump started out as a sincere (I believe) decent guy, but he didn’t just get hammered by all the Russian collusion crap, but absurd impeachment so that it finally wore him down. I think he figured, ‘if ya’ can’t fight ’em, join ’em.’ Because it wasn’t the federal government that gave Pfizer 2 billion; it was TRUMP. Greg needs to get that straight. Trump now behaves like a ‘made guy’. Penny Kelly, who’s psychic down to her toes, alleges Trump will be making a secret alliance w/Pelosi.

          • Greg Hunter

            Please show me where Trump gave Pfizer $2 billion. Please show me proof Trump is making a secret alliance with Pelosi. Yoiu are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts.

          • Paul ...

            Marilyn … You must admit “Trump is good at one thing” … getting along with the most evil and ruthless destroyers of America and its people (like Pfizer, Soros, Fauci, Hillary, Pelosi, etc., etc.) which sort of detracts from “his often publicly stated goal” to Build America Back Better (as he hugs the American Flag and says “lets make America Great Again”) … as for us chickens now being “jabbed” to death … Trump was like “a fox in charge of the hen house” (the idiom is an old one … it means someone has been put in charge of something when they have a conflict of interest) … given the job of protecting us chickens … we got eaten instead (at Warp Speed)!!

        • Charles H.


          It might not be just as you assert. DeSantis may surround himself with better people and be better informed and supported. The problem is the Dims will be so butt-hurt they will push back and against DeSantis even worse than Trump. I wouldn’t be president for two reasons: one- the lying, cheating, and stealing Left will make the time a terrible experience; and 2- a Republican President might get ‘Scolia’d’.

          But until Election Fraud can be eliminated – such speculation is a moot point.

    • Warren B.

      To support your comments about Fauci’s statements on the waning efficacy of the Covid Toxic Shots and requirements for Booster Shots – I will again provide the link to the interview conducted by NYT with Fauci for those who are curious.
      His words are designed impeccably to indoctrinate those who choose to be slaves. Medical Tyranny will not win this WAR.

      • Warren B.

        As for this being the biggest human drug trial in history ….well I went through the Patent for the use of Vaccine Nanotechnology (a BIOWEAPON) issued 01.10.2017 (note the Applicants are MIT and Harvard) funded directly by NIH.
        See about a 1/3 way down the page under title = Government interests ….”awarded by the National Institutes of Health. The government has certain rights in the invention”.
        Refer the heading CLAIMS – where they specifically identify blocking an immune response at points 4 /5.
        Additional to that is the Biological approval letter from FDA that states at Point 4 on page 6 that the “VACCINE STUDY” in the US will complete on June 30 2025.
        That right there is evidence that this Vaccine Trial is set to run for another 4 years with reporting milestones designated to be submitted on given future dates. What more evidence do we need to show that this is nothing more than a substitute for animal trials (which I am against ) …..and that the human race is now unwittingly taking part in the Experiment.

        • Earth Angel

          Excellent detective work Warren B. So much evidence mounting up of this criminal genocide.. All that is left to be done is to round up all of the scum involved in devising and executing the plan, a quick Nuremburg 2 trial, then execute THEM. ASAP!!

        • Freebrezer

          W – the fact that the study running out five years is nothing new and quite standard. All Class three drugs and medical implant studies always have to follow the subjects in the study out to five years. The FDA usually grants PMA (Premarket Approval … i.e ability to sell the drugs/device to the market) after the two year data meets the study goals. What is different this time is that the Studies were stopped after a few months and they f%^$ing jumped right in to injecting this (??? =crap) in to everyone that they could. All the people that volunteered in the initial study/ies will be followed out to five years …. My guess is that us plebs (Average American citizen) will never get to see the data! Example why – … and another

  2. CM

    The fact that “duh brilliant” Larry Summers is sounding the alarm says a lot!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You bet, he’s worried.

    • Paul ...

      CM … Why hasn’t Google and YouTube “censored” Larry Summers … for putting forth such a wild conspiracy theory about inflation … that is very damaging to the credibility of the Bribe’n Administration … his wild predictions of runaway inflation “is criminal” … when everyone knows it is just a temporary problem … such terrorists should be locked up without trial just like the Jan 6 terrorists and the un-vaccinated!!

  3. oneno

    CR782 on coronavirus:

    Ptaah …
    My advice is the following:

    Do not follow the false orders and decrees of state leaders, epidemiologists, virologists and doctors etc. that respirators and saliva masks should no longer be worn.

    Of urgent necessity is,

    1. that every Earth human being voluntarily follows the necessary safety measures against the Corona epidemic, and this is contrary to the false and irresponsible as well as reckless and inappropriate incorrect orders, decrees and advocacies of the state leaders, epidemiologists, virologists, doctors and other ‘experts’.

    2. that as long as the Corona epidemic has not become so null and void that there is no longer any danger of infection – which will still take some time – a respiratory protection mask and saliva protection mask of the quality FFP2 will be worn by the unvaccinated, the single and multiple vaccinated and by the so-called recovered.

    3. that a proper distance – measured according to necessity – is kept from fellow human beings, and really toujours as long as it is necessary and the Corona epidemic is relieved of its power and dissolved. And as I see it all, this will be longer than those responsible for the state and the so-called ‘experts’ will proclaim.

    4. that for the time being, travel activities such as holiday trips, public sporting events, as well as public events and visits to localities are to be refrained from. Only unavoidable activities should be carried out, and if this is necessary, then only with the necessary caution and the wearing of FFP2 breathing masks, which must cover the mouth and nose, as well as the necessary distance from the human being to the next human being.

    5. Work access should only be done wearing suitable FFP2 respirators and keeping the necessary distance from the human being to the nearest human being, just as at the workplace only wearing the respirator and keeping the necessary distance from fellow human beings should be observed.

    6. FFP1 respirators should – if not exclusively medical masks – only be worn in emergencies, because they are often inadequate against viral infestation than FFP2 masks, some of which offer up to 90 or 96% safety.

    • wayne reeves


      I think about Bill Gates buying up thousands of acres of Farm Land. Why?? Do we need to investigate the science that is working to incorporate the attributes of the bio weapon vaccine into fresh vegetable foods such as spinach, lettuce and others?????

      • Jeff

        No, they just want to control the food supply.

      • Charles H.

        Too late – we got GMO already.

  4. oneno

    CR783 on coronavirus:

    Explanation by Ptaah, recounted by Menara: Now it has come about all over the Earth among the state leaders and among the epidemiologists, virologists, the health commanders, the doctors, the WHO as well as among the vaccinated, through their own fearful and by the pharmaceutical companies controlled and profit-hungry pretending, that a two-class society comes into being. This is due to the stubbornness of the unvaccinated who continue to refuse to be vaccinated with the still insufficiently tested and sometimes life-threatening vaccines. In part, the less stalwart will allow themselves to be coerced into vaccination – simply by persuasion, which will be called persuasion, but which really corresponds to persuasion by influence – precisely by persuasion. Ptaah summarised this in the following, which I will try to put into words that correspond to what he said. In doing so, I will try to put the corresponding statements into individual points, which I will number.

    1. The leaders of the states, with regard to their own wrong decisions and wrong actions, will hold those populations of Earth-humans who steadfastly refuse to be vaccinated with half-value and insufficiently tested vaccines responsible.

    2. The leaders of the state will impose strict restrictions, limitations, various possibilities to hinder action, as well as limited powers and rights, etc. on those who refuse to have insufficiently or untested and possibly life-threatening vaccines tested or even to be vaccinated with them.

    3. The all-round wrong decisions made by all state leaders themselves, which are imposed on and left to the people, namely to work without very urgently needed respiratory masks and without keeping the proper and largely health-preserving safety distance of 2 metres from one human being to another, is irresponsible in every form and consequently to be disregarded.

    4. The less steadfast will submit to the persuasions of those who are willing and fearful and to the profiteers and persuasions of those who are obedient to the propaganda and persuasions of the vaccine manufacturers and their representatives and followers and who are unable to muster any initiative for their reason and rationality.

    5. The unvaccinated are now brought in and assigned the blame, which in principle, however, falls to the leaders of the state, who in their lack of understanding of the facts and the Corona situation did not order the right thing, but rather the wrong thing for the population, as a result of which the next wave of Corona virus-infected people will rise in high numbers and once again claim thousands of lives in total.

    6. The unvaccinated will henceforth be falsely held guilty and sanctioned by the leaders of the state for the further and renewed rise of the infected in the very high thousands and the deaths to be mourned in the hundreds and thousands, for they will unlawfully hold the unvaccinated liable for the wrong decisions, ordinances and decrees, etc. of the leaders of the state and their sole and complete culpability. This will be done in such a manner that the unvaccinated will lose their rights as free citizens and become, as it were, ex officio recessive unfree and slaves of their own government and those who consent to it

  5. Robert

    I don’t think this is the biggest human drug trial ever in the history of humankind. I think Fauci, Schwab of the WEF, Gates and those behind these mandates and passports, knew all along these therapies wouldn’t work for the reason they were sold to us. There’s another agenda in play. Something far more evil and sinister. There’s no way these billionaires and their technocrats want all of us to live. Not in the future they’re creating with AI and robots. They don’t need all of us There’s too many people now. How can people not see this?

    I still say I’m seeing more and more people in their 40s,50s and 60s dying and posted in the obituaries than ever before. Often times it’s noted they died from a short term illness or suddenly. I’d like to know the vaccine status of these younger people dying. I’ve read that these gene therapies cause shortened lifespans and reduce the immune system with each injection. They enable whatever diseases our bodies are harboring to takeover and hasten death. This way there isn’t a huge burden of bodies to deal with at one time.

    Now Fauci is saying the reason vaccinated people are catching COVID is because they need a booster. These boosters will never end and the sheep will just follow along. Never questioning the changing narratives. And now the FDA has extended the coverup of any investigations into the efficacy of these therapies until 2076, when they will release the data.

    Something’s rotten.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Robert, I know of two friends and their wives who ran out and got double vaxxed and now BAM, otherwise healthy women in their 60s are eaten up with cancer now. All cancer is is your T-cells getting so weakened, it can’t fight cancer cells. Neither will admit the shots had anything to do with it so classic NO buyer’s remorse. One guy says his wive’s immune system is weak now and blaming that on her breast cancer. These are otherwise intelligent people,.

      • Robert

        David, I think that’s the plan. So no direct correlation is directly attributable, but if it is true, the nominal death rate will grow immensely from what pretty much stable from year to year, about .76 of the total population would die annually. Has been a stable number for years. We’ll see if 2021;increased and 2022 is even more.

        Nothing about COVID required the ongoing response we’re living through, more so in blue states. Nothing.

        This is about controlling us. Right out of the Nazi handbook too.

        I’m a big fan of RFK Jr. He’s so articulate on the whole big pharma angle and Fauci and the Gates Foundation connection. RFK Jr is on Coast to Coast radio next Monday. A must listen to.

    • eddiemd

      Interesting that vials of smallpox were found recently. Unless this is disinformation by the msm.

      The smallpox virus is another virus that can be easily manipulated in the lab. It is a DS DNA virus. One of the largest. Supposedly declared eradicated in the early 1980s by the WHO. I received a smallpox vaccination in April 1982 in basic training. It used to be the norm back in the past. Most of us still have the scar on our shoulders.

      CNN, CBS and NYT putting out the news (disinformation). The CIA news networks. Google already manipulating the search results. The search results have changed from 11/18 to the results found on 11/19.

      This website gives some outline of the pathophysiology.

      To note that Molluscum contagiosum is a pox virus. Very contagious. Have seen cases of this.

      ORF is another pox virus. When I was in goat lab at Ft. Bragg in 91 doing the 18 delta course, the goats had ORF on their mucous membranes. I had pox lesions on my hands and arms from the ORF.

      Good review on pox virus. Most people die of massive overwhelming viremia.

      Perhaps Fauci Mengele and his buddy Gates are preparing to release a modified pox virus in the near future.

      Don’t forget the plague. I suspect that the plague will be released in the large cities. They can introduce it into the rat population. Flea bags for everyone. Pestilence for everyone.

      • Paul ...

        Ed MD … Lets make sure that when Gates releases the Small Pox Plague upon us … we collect the virus from the dripping noses of the sick … and make sure it gets into the food all the evil Globalist eugenicists eat … they are psychopaths … so they think they can contaminate our food supply with their viruses … and not catch it themselves … we need to make sure these psycho’s get what they give!!!

        • eddiemd

          That brings up another use for bioweapons.

          Attack the pigs, chickens, cattle, etc with virus and mad cow disease. Cripple the food supplies.

          And crops. The “first” virus discovered was the tobacco mosiac virus.


          Should be easy to modify virus to infest certain crops and animals.

        • JK G

          I can’t wait until they meet Jesus.

        • Robert

          Paul, you can bet they’ve created a real and effective vaccine for any of the viruses they release, oops… I mean are mistakenly released.

          • Paul ...

            Your right Robert … hopefully they will work as good as the “jab” … and make their bodies “shake uncontrollably” until they die of a heat attack!!

    • Diana Brown

      Well Robert, I suppose you could be correct in that the objective was to reduce the world population, however, I think it more likely (think Gates) the large scale drug trial for financial benefit was the objective. Ive learned, follow the money all else is meaningless. All else is collateral damage. This, in collusion with big Pharma. It took decades to set this up, set the PEOPLE in place to carry it out. Additionally, it became the tool, also, to unseat a POTUS. I think the plan was escalated in time BECAUSE of the Trump challenge to established power establishment. #45 would (could) unwind this massive scam. I believe he would have. I dont believe he saw any of this coming. Who on earth, but those in established power could? They are sick, greedy, psychopaths. We are lab rats in their world. The objective is the money.

      • Jeff

        Diane I believe the money is secondary. Does Gates need more money ? No, they desire a world 95% less populated for them to enjoy.

        • Diana Brown

          In your view, Gates does not need more money. In his view vaccine and vaccinations are the best investment in capital he has ever made. At the core, I beleive it is always about money, to these psychopaths. Its the power and control, then the periphery is manufactured around that. Either way. These are demon forces that must be overcome.

    • Earth Angel

      Year 2076?! That’s a laugh- unless a miracle occurs and we are able to HALT the weather engineering programs in their tracks SOON, and I mean SOON, there won’t be any recognizable life as we know it remaining on this planet. Geoengineering has laid waste to Earth’s life support systems and we are VERY late in the game behind the curve in stopping them. Where I live in north central Georgia the native pines look just HORRIBLE. So many have spots of sickly yellow brown all throughout their needles EVERYWHERE I look. I don’t know if its from high UVB & UVC burning them or if its from Fukushima fallout drifting around the globe or if its from the toxic metallic nanoparticles being sprayed nonstop into our atmosphere for the past 2 decades at the least. Likely all three. At the rate the trees are dying we’ll be fortunate if much of anything is still alive in ten or twelve years time. Year 2076.. have a laugh folks, if it wasn’t so sad.

  6. Jim Ledayrd

    Hi Greg, great guests this week. (Clif High and Martin Arm) “Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna making $1,000 profit every second” Interesting… Clif points out that very soon they will no longer be able to cover up vax deaths with high profile athletes dropping dead. We are winning.


    I’m with you Greg great Trump supporter BUT there is a limit

  8. JC

    Is it time to tar and feather the politicians yet, worldwide?

    Germany will introduce tough new curbs that will exclude the unvaccinated from certain public areas to contain a dramatic rise in coronavirus infections, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday after crisis talks with regional leaders.

    • Andrew de Berry

      Austria is imposing compulsory jabs from February 1st.

  9. Marie+Joy

    Is there a way to know if the population is declining if tptb don’t want to admit it?

    • JC

      Yes, Marie Joy,

      One day you may find yourself in this situation, and then you will know.

      Start at the 2:40 mark.

    • MJ

      I have put out feelers with people who are: EMT’s//Nurses//Morticians.
      This is the ground floor for real world data. Suggest the same where you are.

  10. JC

    It will come to this.

    The ‘Vaccinated’ doing battle with The ‘Unvaccinated.’


    • Ed

      It is the Vaccinated (soon to be Zombies) Vs the Purebloods (Not vaccinated).
      Was that the message in all those Zombie movies?

      • JC

        Excellent observation on your part, Ed.

    • Diana Brown

      I would suggest NOT if we see this for what it is: The “bait” to kill each other. It is not each other that is the enemy. It is those who do the “baiting”.

      • John Vilven

        Smart girl. They want to divide and conquer. We are told to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. As best as we can we need to inform those who oppose themselves. Thanks again Greg for fighting the good fight especially now that they are going after the children.

      • JC

        Diana Brown,

        This was the premise of the Star Trek episode ‘Day of The Dove.’

        Having found a Federation colony of 100 people completely destroyed, Kirk and the Enterprise have to deal with a nearby Klingon vessel which they believe must be responsible for the colony’s destruction. When the Klingon ship is disabled, they, in turn, assume they were attacked by the Enterprise. There is obvious tension between the Enterprise crew and its Klingon enemies. Unbeknown to Kirk and his Klingon counterpart, Kang, this is the work of an alien being that gets its energy from the friction and emotions between sentient beings. The natural animosities between the two parties feed its appetites. When the creature is beamed aboard the Enterprise, it purposely creates tension among the crew, to its benefit. The situation eventually forces Kirk and Kang to work together to defeat it.

        • Diana Brown

          Interesting observation. I did not remember that episode. We must, above all, stand together and resist all effort at manipulation to separate us from each other. “They”have managed to do this with race/color, with religion, with rich/poor and the “evaluation”of good vs. evil. It is our perception that must change as well as out intention to see it and defeat it. It manifests in sick, demented individuals. They come clearly into view when “the way” is chosen. Then we become the threat.

    • Gale Storm

      U.S. Space Vehicles Are Under Threat! Russia Can Now Destroy Every Object In Space!
      137 viewsNov 19, 2021

      COVID-19 Infection Rate Skyrockets in America’s Most Vaccinated State: Vermont \Trial Site News Nov 14, 2021
      Becker’s Healthcare, a prominent health system-focused online media reported today that Vermont is the most vaccinated state in the nation. Nearly 72% of the entire population of about 630,000 are fully vaccinated. Yet new cases of SARS-CoV-2 skyrocket, including deaths. What is going on? Why does TrialSite continue to see in the most heavily vaccinated nations and several states in the United States inordinately high rates of infection? TrialSite reports a trend observed across America and the world where the most vaccinated populations experienced acceleration in infections, including breakthrough Sars-CoV-2 cases.

      “We’ve Had ENOUGH!!” Australia’s SCARY New Pandemic Powers
      442,222 viewsNov 18, 2021

      MASSIVE UPDATE: Voter Integrity Groups are Analyzing Video Evidence of Ballot Trafficking on Massive Scale in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan

      SARS-CoV-2 causing DNA damage? New hypothesis proposed – COVID-19 mRNA vaccines update 19 144,399 views Nov 21, 2021 Merogenomics
      In this video we discussed previously published hypothesis from early 2021 of how SARS-CoV-2 virus could indirectly lead to DNA damage of infected cells. How this proposed mechanism relate to vaccines is also discussed.
      Simon 10 hours ago
      SCIENCE should be like this, discussion has been lacking.

  11. David Gordon Dunne

    Trump is finished now. I almost feel he is compromised to not see the facts and truth now but some like Alex Jones just says Trump is one pig headed man. A typical meeting with Trump is he does all the talking.

    • Elias Andrinopoulos

      For all his good qualities, Trump is also, unfortunately, essentially a narcissist who will never admit he was conned. Lord Have Mercy.

    • Bibi

      Totally agree with you that Trump is done. Is he stupid or severely compromised to keep promoting the kill shot.!

    • Diana Brown

      My friend and Patriot: I would suggest to you that Alex Jones is controlled opposition to the MAGA movement. Listen yes, but with eyes and ears of one who is not easily moved to believe since we do not see All. We do not see motivation. We do not see who pays for and controls just as we do not see the who stands behind the mainstream media propaganda. Jones is no different. We must question everything. This is the only good thing that has come out of this nightmare we are in. Our growth in Awareness.

    • Marie+Joy

      Whatever Trump is, and whatever Trump isn’t, he’s still better than hillary and joe, even on a bad day. He gave us an extra 4 years.

      • Marie+Joy

        That said, It breaks my heart that Trump is pro jab.

      • Paul ...

        Marie … And that extra time was given all back … “at Warp Speed”!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      We waste so much time and energy on Mr. Trump. It’s over, and we must go on. Let us build on what he accomplished that was positive and good, and we must learn from his mistakes. But on we must go. Thank you, Mr. Trump, but we need to address the future now. Best always. PM


      Terminology Definition Notes of the Crimes complained of that may involve Trump working with Schwab to do WARP SPEED
      n. planning, plotting or deliberating before doing something. Premeditation is an element in first degree murder and shows intent to commit that crime. (See: malice aforethought, murder, first degree murder)
      premeditation prior resolve to do some act or to commit a crime.
      PREMEDITATION. A design formed to commit a crime or to do some other thing before it is done.
      2. Premeditation differs essentially from will, which constitutes the crime, because it supposes besides an actual will, a deliberation and a continued persistence which indicate more perversity. The preparation of arms or other instruments required for the execution of the crime, are indications of a premeditation, but are not absolute proof of it, as these preparations may have been intended for other purposes, and then suddenly changed to the performance of the criminal act. Murder by poisoning must of necessity be done with premeditation. See Aforethought; Murder.
      A predetermination to commit an act without legal justification or excuse. A malicious design to
      injure. An intent, at the time of a killing, willfully to take the life of a human being, or an intent willfully to act in callous and wanton disregard of the consequences to human life; but malice aforethought does not necessarily imply any ill will, spite or hatred towards the individual killed.
      n. 1) the conscious intent to cause death or great bodily harm to another person before a person commits the crime. Such malice is a required element to prove first degree murder. 2) a general evil and depraved state of mind in which the person is unconcerned for the lives of others. Thus, if a person uses a gun to hold up a bank and an innocent bystander is killed in a shootout with police, there is malice aforethought. (See: malice, murder, first degree murder)

  12. David Gordon Dunne

    I watched General Mike Flynn yesterday on Infowars. He says it all now has to be won on the local and state level, taking over School Boards, State Legislatures and say NO. He said this is happening big now. I just feel SATAN and his minions are in the driver’s seats now. Over 100,000 died of ODing on Opioids. Life Expectancy in the USA dropped by two years now. My opinion is the only way to win this battle is with muskets like in 1776 but ultimately, it will be Jesus that settles this once and for all.

    • Paul from Indiana

      It’s all going to play out. Awareness is key to give yourself the most latitude and options, but the die is cast. Best always. PM

  13. David Showers

    Thanks Greg – I appreciate your efforts to bring the truth to the public. Keep it up my friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks David!

    • Robert K


      Like David, I also know several intelligent individuals, healthy as can be, received both shots and then poof, stage 4 prostate/colon cancer less than a month after 2nd shot. Weeks after diagnosis, they died. Neither of these people believe the vaxx had anything to do with it either… Truly sad and biggest psyop in the history of man.

  14. Michael Cluer

    CDC have altered the definition of the word vaccine from immunity to protection. See.

    • Greg Hunter

      The CV19 shots don’t work to stop Covid but they are a great depopulation tool.

      • Brooklyn


        My thoughts exactly. C19 vax is a depopulation tool, AND it is not killing enough people, therefore – IT IS NOT WORKING..!

        As always, great Watchdog Weekly Wrap Up. Thank you for all you do for us.

        • Warren B.

          Oh but they are “WORKING” …as designed.
          We can’t have 10’s of millions of people dying suddenly at the same time – there are elements in numerous theories that they have specifically targeted certain ethnicities (via DNA ) and perhaps even those with co-morbidities too….. The children especially are, I would suggest, at greater risk of life threatening illness or death.

          • Charles H.

            Same with radiation deaths. With a good alpha particle – it takes about ten years to develop cancer. Chemo does the same – giving a short-term result for a long-term fatality. The time factor serves as an excuse to disallow causes.

        • JK G


      • Joseph M

        One of you best Friday News Shows, Thanks Greg.

  15. Wuhan BatCheese Butter Spread from pfizer

    A year has passed and Biden is Still Illegitimate.
    Organized Crime elected the Biden Regime.
    AZ Attorney General prosecutes based upon Organized Crime’s political influence, not Rule of Law.

  16. JC

    ‘A heavily unvaccinated Africa has so far avoided a COVID disaster. Health officials are optimistic and wary.’

    Well, duh.

  17. Paul Simmons

    What could drive so many politicians to become so extreme traitors, willing predators on the public by bio weapon plus engineered economic collapse, to be so much complicit in mass misery and murder? It is the long time evil lure to create a government that controls the whole world by force. That lust for dictatorial force to control has been the case down through time. The war continues here that started in heaven. Those fighting God and freedom are managed by forces with much depth of influence greater than most realize. Think of the unbelievably rabid behavior of the relative few that brought the horrific crimes of mass murder in the world wars and those great, callous murders of the Communist regimes there after! The few most possessed and infectious with lies etc. are using again the very effective, domestic, sly, forced fear strategy to obtain concession from a blinded, soon to be a sick plus economically beat up public. It is the continuation of the war of the sons of light and liberty verses the blinded, manipulated sons of Satan on a world wide scale. We should not be shocked at the long planned Globalist agenda and the present wide corruption found in world governments, press, big banks big pharma and more that is unfolding now before us. The prophesied last days and works of unseen desperation are upon us. Pray good people wake up and with God’s help win this latest attempt to take over the rule of all.

  18. Derek Sinclair

    Greg tells every guest that he’s stupid but I always prefer it and get more information when he’s ranting on his own. Excellent. The week isn’t over until I’ve heard from Greg.

  19. Anne Stecher

    I just love your cartoons

  20. Derek Sinclair

    In Gibraltar the “vaccinated” population is > 99% and the hospitals are collapsing under the strain of patients with Covid and “vaccine” side effects.

  21. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter, from a mere pleb cleaner here in Chelsea, London, UK.
    Sir I watch your wrap-ups and enjoy your last few words of encouragement. Each week I await the ,”fear not”, its like the Archangel Gabriel carrying the Word of God and brings such peace. Again Thank you.
    Why are the people of Switzerland so determined to host the haters of humanity why are they not raiding their offices and seeing the hate filled messages and plots and exposing Soros and his band of evil? So much for Swiss anything just revisiting their shady past I suppose.

    • Charles H.

      There is a spiritual blindness at work. Moral and legal consideration just are overlooked or missing entirely. A view to some certain end is all they entertain.

  22. Anthony Australia

    Governments are in a complete and utter disarray!

    Thanks again as always Greg.

  23. Ken


    The mark of the beast, to separate the tears from the wheat.
    The tears are bundled and burned, before the wheat is gathered and brought to the barn.

    This is God’s plan, and we are seeing it in action.
    Don’t let it get to you, it’s been prophecy for millennia.

  24. Brian S

    Thank you for the great work!

  25. Doug J

    Stop saying the injection does not work Greg, it does exactly what it has always been intended it to do. Best.

  26. Tommy

    Try to find info on “breakthrough” cases. Several months ago this was a big story to show that most people getting infected, hospitalized and dying were unvaxed. But as time moved on it became apparent that the vaxed people were becoming a larger percentage of infected, hospitalized and deaths. So now try to find a current study that uses data up to the current date. You can’t. The federal government isn’t talking about it. The states aren’t talking about it. The MSM isn’t talking about it. They just chant in unison, “the vaccine is safe and effective so get your booster”.

  27. peter tomkins

    francis boyle author of us army bioweapons manuel called cv19 a bioweapon designed to kill alex jones feb 20-19

  28. Bill

    Yes! Thank you, Greg! I have been calling out DT on his promotion of getting the jab! In my opinion DT should continue to filter out those RINO candidates running for office. IF DT becomes President again, will we have to put up with more false narratives and phony impeachment scams and the theatrics the marxist will bring? I know we can do better. The 64 million dollar question is: Will it be in time? Or will our country be so damaged that America will be a 3rd rate or 2nd rate country? Is this the time that Revelation to begin? If so, America is no where to be found…… Thanks again Greg! Fear Not!

  29. Tom Deplorable


    Over the target as always. Keep your flak jacket on my friend. Add the Delaware County Pennsylvania felony election fraud story to your list. They actually destroyed election evidence and said it was a felony on tape! I smell a RICO case

    If we only had an independent FBI.

  30. Mike Low

    Greg they can’t close the country off from immigration because they have to “replenish” Dem voters.

  31. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Indeed, the videos of healthy, professional athletes dropping on the field is beyond disturbing. Since when do young, elite athletes have heart problems? And yet, they want to mandate this swill for humanity to be able to exist, essentially? To work, buy and trade, not to mention travel? This is madness and evil of the lowest sort and I can’t understand how people are not putting 2 + 2 together. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Paul from Indiana

      They don’t want to put it together. Once you admit a problem, you have to do something about it. It’s the taking-action part that is the stumbling block. Best always. PM

  32. Jr
    terrific video covers about everything “vovid”

  33. R. Thomas

    GREG Hunter,
    As always speaking truth to power.
    (D.J. Trump speak up about the vax, or get off the stage).
    Thanks for your courage and consistency.

  34. James Hall

    Dear Greg, please give notice to your viewers to find this interview below. About 20 years ago I came across an interview from the early 1960’s or 50’s. The interview was with a female doctor and she stated everyone in her town during the 1918 pandemic who received the vaccine died. She was about 80 years old in the interview. This interview is out there but cannot find, need help. There may be other records and documents to back this up. Probably will be similar, except they will put people on a treatment program. I almost died in Navy Boot Camp 1979 so have experience on this subject.

  35. rwmctrofholz

    To whomever needs to hear this: if you think your employer is going to fire you over being unvaxxed. Make them, don’t quit and give them an easy way out. The lawsuits will be stunning.

  36. Randy Hitt

    The transitory narrative is just part of the demokkkrat party calculation, strategy, and effort to get their spending boondoggle across the finish line.

  37. Jim Miller

    Well known Attorney Robert Barnes states that the low resolution video submitted by the prosecutor was altered with a photo shop type editor. The low resolution altered video was then submitted to the court only after the trial was in session. An outrageous abuse of the court system. Mistrial on several accounts.
    This prosecutor should spend some time in jail. Prosecutorial abuse of the court system.
    And, perhaps conspiring to attempt to frame this innocent man?

  38. James Hall

    Most states were never blue, they have always cheated.

  39. TnDoc

    Why people continue to mindlessly supporting Trump is beyond me. He is the one responsible for this horror from the start and still is promoting the vaxxx as a wonderful thing. The man is part of the and always has been. There is NO savior coming from existing political structures. We are on out own and need to wake up to the fact that the Ruling Elite is trying to kill most of us.

  40. ron martin

    I don’t believe Trump was “duped and hoodwinked” into warp speed. He achieved multi-billionaire status by meticulously choosing only competent subalterns and micro-managing every aspect of his empire. Milly, Pence, Wray and so many others turned out to be traitors. He hired Fauci & Birks who still demand that every American get the kill shot. After mountains of evidence he has yet to denounce the “vaccine” as a form of depopulation. I resolved months ago that Trump played a key role in the greatest Hegelian Dialectic ever conducted on earth. Like Q, he brought false hope to 80 million Americans after the despair of the 8 years under the Muslim Kenyan president. We all relaxed and let down our guard. Today, most Americans have not awakened to reality and still think of him as our savior who will swoop back in power disregarding the fact that Dominion and fraud still controls voting in all 50 states. We marvel at the ignorance of of the Biden regime and his menagerie of clowns but we are just as blind and ignorant in following Trump in our race to destroy our republic and welcome in the great reset. My conclusion is that there is not a manmade political solution to a spiritual problem. We are deservedly reaping the whirlwind of replacing our faith in our Creator with the false hopes of man.

  41. Fred

    There isn’t anyone on the MSM talking about this. I’m not being rude when I say this Greg….but it’s very worrying that I have to go to a guy on the internet (Greg) and a financial blog (ZeroHedge) to be exposed to these facts. The question is “why are not we being told this information by the MSM?”

  42. richard english

    your spot on , lets hope those people hear you #45 and lets hear the truth no matter what the cost.

  43. Dustin

    Great information Greg! But pop up ads to get vaccine come up on your website.

  44. Bradley J Calhoun

    Thnx Greg, for your information. Not afraid. Determined.

  45. Kevin24

    I gave up NFL when they took the knee however I can think of nothing more eye opening than a vaxxed player or two collapsing at the Superbowl maybe even a few in the playoffs. Cheers Greg

  46. Gerry

    I watch from Canada and do so with some trepidation. We here in Ontario think Americans are beneath us. I do not .We think our system of government is superior to yours. I do not. The fact of the matter is, in both of our countries, we have a ruling elite that is immune from accountability, prosecution, and removal. Decisions are made outside our countries and leaders know who butters their bread. The brainwashing is terrible; these seeds of frustration enormous. I believed when I saw your election fraud nothing would be done, and sadly Trump rolled over in many of his decisions to allow the evil-doers to continue. I have a hard time believing that his prudential miscalculations came by stupidity, e.g Comey. That your judicial system is so corrupt that exposure to their crimes never reaches the light of day, I find very difficult to handle. I am afraid that no country or civilization in history gets to dominate the world augers poorly from what I observe.. no country gets a second chance. That your politicians, judges, business leaders and educational leaders have allowed the Chinese to buy them off shrieks downfall. Your country has been hollowed out and we smug Canadians have followed suit. They gave our great leader Trudeau a second mandate, wholly unjustified, with a second minority gov. And he rules as though he were a king. We are no better than your country and many have thrown in the towel. When America sneezes, we get a cold. It is time to study history and live in a real world. There is something aborning that is terrifying. Black is white, up is down, right is left, and law is riot. If police and judges do not protect, then Mr. Hunter the Stasi is upon us. This is humanly not going to end well.

    • The Ogs

      Hi Gerry,
      Yup. And the Premier of Ontario has been reluctant and dubious about the whole situation, but then Mr. Trudeau took him aside and had to correct his attitude. Get with the program…
      Ontario is still okay right now, actually – I mean it’s not Australia at all! It’s pretty normal.
      Gerry I adopted what I call the George Carlin plan to help cope with times of great anxiety and stress. Carlin said things were literally making him crazy and he had to do something.
      Carlin said “when you’re born you get a ticket for the Freak Show, and when you’re born American you get front-row seats. So I’ve got my popcorn.”
      Hey I try to shine my bright light in my own little community, warning like a Watchman, but nothing as big as Greg is doing.
      We can all do only so much, we shine our lights and lead by example every day but… before frustration drives us insane, there might yet be times when the Carlin plan is required.

      • Gerry

        Ogs: It seems to me that what every clear-thinking American and Canadian can do, how effectual it would be , I have doubts is to withdraw from ALL public media -msm- I can not even dignify them with capitals, ALL professional sports viewing and en masse vote politicians out. These things of course will not happen. I listened to the cbc, our public t.v. station, to see how they would cover the innocence verdict yesterday, and I was neither surprised nor heartened by their bias. They had a black Civil rights lawyer on who castigated the jury for their decision to acquit, telling us it was another ex. Of racism.The fact that Kyle, a white person, shot 3 white people seemed lost on him beggars belief. My digust kept rising but then I saw the Plan. Rioting is their way of protecting bill and it doesn’t matter who does the rioting. Our cbc is just another left wing rag that supports revolution and facts don’t enter into it. I presumed a lawyer would support Kyle, but to my amazement, he only saw civil rights through the looking glass of racism. That our national broadcaster dug him up, illustrates to me that they, the powers that be, have an agenda. And truth isn’t one of them. People must stop giving them money, in purchased goods, or viewing time as we are sawing off the branch we are clinging to. Am I optimistic it will happen? No! Rome took 300 years to collapse with bread and circuses supplying the spirit of the masses and it took an invasion of German tribes to defeat the legions supporting pax Romana. Well look at your southern border America, look at Europe, lookat Poland and Belarus. Pax Americana is failing. Something else is coming. Canada is already floating without a center and will not hold. Do Canadians care? Hardly They voted in a millionaire wishy washy elitist who does what Davos says.

    • Brooklyn


      Well said!

      I have a lot of respect for you Canucks having done business in every providence East to West, and as a snow skier, have had the privilege of turning the boards on many of your world class slopes, but I must admit, Blackcomb Whistler is without a doubt my favorite.

      Having said that, the politics here in the states have been corrupt for many years, but nothing could compare to today. We have a one party system of government we call the Uniparty, with only a thin veil of differences between the two. There is not ONE SINGLE HONEST POLITICIAN IN WASHINGTON, DC. They have stopped trying to fool us, as if they give an RA about The People. Everyone of them are in it for their own financial gains and control over the people. Covid is just a means to an end. No one is sure of how it will finally end, but one thing we can be sure of – it will not be pretty….

      Si Pacem Para Bellum….

  47. JuicyMoosey

    The jury being “intimidated” for upholding the law only goes to prove that Rittenhouse was right for what he did.

    The productive, honourable and lawful people must be able to defend themselves from the unlawful and destructive parasites who prey upon them. Only a parasite would want otherwise and that’s what we’re dealing with. Malignant tapeworms – breeding upon the back of their hosts’ labours.

    Consuming their hosts, sickening their hosts from the inside out.

    It’s beyond irony; beyond a hyena’s insane cackle, truly a maniaical hysteria… that the tapeworm’s brethern themselves banned ivermectin.

  48. Fred Engel

    Thank you Greg keeping the light on real issues.

  49. Justn Observer

    Greg, Interesting walk yesterday along the river and shared a conversation with a guy who’s family in Finland…Many there see the massive change in the northern latitudes…also the same influx of ”’migrants”’ causing the same cultural upheaval as here. He told me many there are now bailing out and heading for South America. More interesting, looking into where to…it is south of Chaco, Paraguay where the huge Bush family compound is reported to be…looks like maybe a few hundred miles or so… The place touts getting away from the world gone crazy socialist stuff… Appears predominately German so am sure the Bushes will feel right at home?
    lots of emphasis on agricultural growth and investment there…
    you tube up =
    el paraiso verde paraguay
    seems they are getting ahead of the GSM food shortage coming to the extreme latitudes for about 5 years now =

  50. Da Yooper

    “Mr President either lead or get off the stage”

    BOOM………….spot on Greg….. while…… Trump fiddles …….America burns ( dies )

    Vares data is a joke I know of 6 people who have died from the poke

    • Brooklyn


      I WAS a lifelong Trump supporter but, no more….

      As others come to realize, we are hearing more and more that Donald Trump himself, may have played a bigger roll then we first thought, for without his SIGNATURE of approval on the factious authorization document, this entire experimental vaccination scheme would have fallen apart. In order for his undeniable Operation Warp Speed (OWS) vaccine to be approved as an Experimental Use Authorization (EUA), no other therapies, or available remedies to fight off the virus, could be available in the marketplace. So, in reality, it would appear that it was Donald Trump’s pen that allowed all of them to hide the truth.

      Donald Trump did much good for this country, but. 1. He LET THEM STEAL the election. 2. Because he never fully understood the power of the Presidency, he left the known psychopath Fauci as the government authority on c-19, while somehow, all us really stupid people knew his only goal was depopulation….

      Speaking of stupid, Trump could not be this stupid, which means he is one of them. Don’t ever forget that he met with Henry Kissinger when his AC casinos we’re going into bankruptcy. And, Henry is Rothschild’s fixer….;( There so much more to DJT then most of us are willing to admit. I jumped off that train – a while ago….

      • Da Yooper


        It is my understanding that trump is a germaphobe & the democraps used this against trump & vis a vie the American people. Also trump surrounded himself with many globalists that were easy for those with eyes to see . Same modus operandi administration after administration just different faces but their roots & objectives always expose them. The middle east wars ended so the globalists brought their never ending war to the USA & the public is clueless to see what is going on. America is being hollowed out while their replacements flow across our borders unchecked & unvaccinated ( after all china joe cant have his new voting block dying soon after they get into their new country now can he )

      • Simple girl

        Trump was put in the White House for this co-vid psyop. If Hilldabeast was there no R voter would have gone along with any of the last 20 months. If she were pres. The American people would have called bs. and revolted. The luciferians needed someone the American people and the world would consider an outsider. You have to realize that Trump was always controlled opposition, just like q, blm and Antifa. The Chinese did their part with their videos of people falling on the ground everywhere. I think the truly genius videos were of them supposedly nailing people in their homes. I believe that was all scripted. Tptb and the ccp are working together. For now!


    Check this one out !

  52. TJZ


    I totally agree with your podcast this morning! The fbi are the U.S. version of the WWII german stasi. President Trump needs to walk back his support for the vax! His credibility has been severely questioned on this matter. God bless.

  53. Bob

    You see this?

    Austria to enter lockdown, make COVID-19 jabs mandatory

    You think our dictator here will try the same thing after the courts shot down the OSHA mandate? (But who knows what the Supreme thugs on the Supreme Court will do with weasel Roberts calling the shots.)

    What will our brain dead dictator do next?

  54. Steve Bice


    Hydroxy…cough, cough, chloroquine, Iver…cough, cough, mectin.

    Willful ignorance/stupidity…

    • Charles H.

      “It doesn’t enter into their thinking” – ring a bell?

      • Steve Bice

        Ha. I’m trying. This is the best I can do…Romans 1:21-22.

        “…but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools…”

        Delusion is here. It reminds me of the old joke about the drunk losing his keys. A cop sees him scanning the ground by a lamp-post and asks what he is doing. He answers that he is looking for his keys. The cops asks where he dropped them, and he says, well, I dropped somewhere about 30 feet over that way, but the light is better here…

        Our “experts” are looking under the lamp-post…

        • Charles H.

          I like the joke about an inebriated driver is pulled over, and the policeman asks what the hurry is. The tipsy guy tell the policeman that he is on his way to a lecture who’s topic concerns the detriments of not getting enough sleep, and the dangers of alcohol. The Policeman retorts – Who would bet giving a lecture at two in the morning on a Saturday? And the inebriated man replies: that would be my wife!


  55. Madame Cure'ie

    Vitamin D, government inaction
    269,119 viewsNov 17, 2021 Dr. John Campbell
    COVID-19 Mortality Risk Correlates Inversely with Vitamin D3 Status,
    a Mortality Rate Close to Zero! Could Theoretically Be Achieved at 50 ng/mL 25(OH)D3: (125 nmol/L)
    Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Blood calcifediol (25(OH)D3) levels correlate strongly with SARS-CoV-2 infection severity
    Cause or effect? Strength of our immune system,
    More or less neglected by the responsible authorities
    Nutrition, physical fitness, recreation, sleep
    Widespread vitamin D deficiency
    Data collected March 2021
    Systematic literature search
    Retrospective cohort studies (1)
    Clinical studies (7) on COVID-19 mortality rates versus D3 blood levels
    Reported D3 blood levels pre-infection or on the day of hospital admission
    Mortality rates, corrected for age, sex, and diabetes
    Negative Pearson correlation of D3 levels and mortality risk
    r = −0.4154, p = 0.0770
    r = −0.4886, p = 0.0646
    Combined data
    Median D3 levels were 23.2 ng/mL (58 nmol/L)
    Pearson correlation = −0.3989, p = 0.0194
    Regression suggested a theoretical point of zero mortality at approximately 50 ng/mL (125 nmol/L) D3
    The datasets provide strong evidence that low D3 is a predictor rather than just a side effect of the infection.
    Despite ongoing vaccinations, we recommend raising serum 25(OH)D levels to above 50 ng/mL
    ShortHax 1 day ago
    This channel is worth 10x more than the whole of the WHO!
    jrbleau 1 day ago
    “It’s hard to understand why governments are not taking action on this…” – actually, it’s all too easy to understand. [THEY WANT US USELESS EATERS DEAD?;]
    It’s a cookbook!!
    electronicsNmore 17 hours ago
    I’ve been taking D3 10,000 IU for 1 1/2 yrs. I just paid a lot of money to check my level, and it was 71. Over 30 is desirable. I had “C” in Feb, and it was extremely mild, actually didn’t know I had it.
    Anna P 20 hours ago
    The fact that government is not acting on the data is not always careless, Dr John. I think that is your inherent and laudable generosity of spirit speaking. In the cases of a number of governments it is unfortunately quite intentional.
    Heartmum 85 1 day ago
    You have been telling everyone this for almost 2 years… I’m so glad I listened to you and passed it on to my family ❤
    Anastacia Zara 1 day ago
    The extent to which governments and health officials have refused to discuss vitamin d deficiency is criminally negligent. Imagine where we could be today if people had been told 20 months ago to start supplementing with vitamin D (and exercising, eating healthier, and sleeping more, too). Vitamin D deficiency has been a consistent indicator of a bad outcome since the very beginning. Cheap, safe and effective. Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The THREE G’s GOD, GOLD & A GETAWAY PLAN!
    Even If Ya Don’t Have On
    Man on the Edge-\/\WERE ALL ON THE EDGE! Were all McQueen now

    • The Seer

      GET K2D3
      I only take one 5,000 and
      Blood test came out at 93
      Best to be closer to 100
      K2 helps absorbtion
      I take lots of supplements
      And never get illnesses for
      Many decades
      Did feel an odd tiredness for two days this July
      After riding in car few hours with two women whose husbands had two Pfizer jabs.

  56. Jim Kuzdal

    Greg should be the national journalism czar – teaching all others how it’s done!!

  57. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  58. Starborne


    It is very disturbing that Trump continues to push the vax; however, sometime in past (can’t remember where it was posted) Fraudci’s FDA classified hydroxychloroquine as a “vaccine”. I keep hoping that is what Trump is pushing.

  59. Lesko Brandon

    UK health agency has the uncomfortable data that the vaxxed are getting covid than unvaxxed. Worried that their own raw data could be used against them.

  60. Reginald

    Trump is NOT referring to the cv19 shot as a vaccine. He is talking about Ivermectin, HCQ, Regeneron as a vaccine, which is the one he got. Greg, you’ve said yourself that the cv19 is not a vaccine.

    • Greg Hunter

      He is on record recently with Bill O’Reilly says the vax is safe!!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        It’s unfortunate, but it the altar upon which he chose to die. I’m sorry, but forward we must go. Best always. PM

  61. Dave Scrimshaw

    Simple solution – NEVER trust what the government tells you (then you’ll be fine).

    • Earth Angel

      YES- In fact I have found if you do the EXACT OPPOSITE you can feel sure you will be doing the right thing. Totally True!! : )

  62. Tove Irene Strand

    The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, established in 1970), an agency of the Department of Labor in America, has had to regulate in accordance with its statute and the American Constitution, against the American president’s edict, trying to make vaccines mandatory. The letter written and signed by 24 Attorneys General contains the following: “We, the Attorneys General of 24 states, write in opposition to your attempt to mandate the vaccination of private citizens.” “Your plan is disastrous and counterproductive. From a policy perspective, this edict is unlikely to win hearts and minds – it will simply drive further skepticism. And at least some Americans will simply leave the job market instead of complying.” “Thus, Mr. President, your vaccination mandate represents not only a threat to individual liberty, but a public health disaster that will displace vulnerable workers and exacerbate a nationwide hospital staffing crisis, with severe consequences for all Americans.” “Your edict is also illegal.” “To justify an emergency temporary standard, OSHA must determine that “employees are exposed to grave danger from exposure to substances or agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful or from new hazards ….” and it must conclude that “such emergency standard is necessary to protect employees from such danger.” Each of the italicized phrases defeats your attempt to rely on this statute. First, while “grave danger” is left undefined, your own statements during the announcement that those who are vaccinated have little chance of hospitalization or death undercut any assertion that there is “grave danger.”” “What is more, the COVID-19 virus is not the sort of “substance,” “agent,” or “hazard []” to which the statute refers. OSHA, as its full name suggests, exists to ensure occupational safety.” “Congress cannot hand its job to make the law to OSHA or any other agency – our Constitution vests (grants) the legislative power in Congress alone.” “You are clearly acting beyond the scope of the statute, and you will fail in court.” “It is almost as if your goal is to sow division and distrust, rather than promote unity and the public’s health.” “We thus urge you to reconsider your unlawful and harmful plan and allow people to make their own decisions. If your Administration does not alter its course, the undersigned state Attorneys General will seek every available legal option to hold you accountable and uphold the rule of law.”

  63. Allen Sachetti

    Fear Not Greg because God has made a WAY for us (Saved Christians) to ACT in FAITH by standing on the Scriptures that pretain to our action.

    Amen Brother

  64. Tove Irene Strand

    Persuasion to be (experimentally) vaccinated is illegal too:

    Reiner Fuellmich, Dr Wodarg, Dr Malone – Corona Committee 284
    (This video was uploaded on the 24th of August 2021.)
    At 55:01: We do not understand how much protein is being made by any of these genetic vaccine technologies (both adenoviral DNA, and mRNA), where it’s being made and for how long is it being made. ~ Robert Malone
    At 1:02:29: I’ve never experienced such a thing in my life as a doctor. And all standards we know and we have practiced for tens of years, they are opposite to that. And it is not to be understood with medical ethics what is just happening now. ~ Wolfgang Wodarg
    At 1:02:48: Precisely. That is my core argument, is that, with all of this pressure from governments in the press and the media and the censorship, we are failing to meet the fundamentals of medical ethics, that go back to the Nuremberg trials. And those are; there must be complete disclosure of risks, those risks must be comprehended, and there has to be free willingness to accept the product, it cannot be coerced (pressured) or enticed (persuaded). Those are bedrock (core) principles, and these are currently experimental products. And for some reason governments around the world have decided that they can jettison (throw away, discard, abandon) these fundamental ethics and hastily implement these vaccines and do it in a universal way. … We are (now, against normal practice of risk-benefit analysis) applying the aggregated risk that is almost completely concentrated in the elderly and the obese and some special populations, we’re applying that risk to the entire population and using that to justify vaccinating the entire population … assuming this will enable herd immunity. But it won’t enable herd immunity because the vaccines are not sterilizing for the virus. When you examine the underlying logic of what is being promoted, it falls apart. And this is what gives rise to the conspiracy theories, because clearly this logic that we’ve applied for vaccine development over decades, as you correctly say, is not being followed. ~ Robert Malone

  65. Wanda Grubbs

    Greg I am looking for the right source to obtain Ivermectin, hoping some one has a reliable source There are so many different ppl offering it and its scary now to ensure to get the best/quality one I can. Ty for reporting the truth. Oh and what is your opinion on this Sml Px scare? Hubby says since we took the meds for it back in the day we would be ok, but I said thats for the “normal” sml Px what if this is a modified version? NO one knows or can trust any thing from the lame stream media.

  66. Bill Hughes

    WUHAN-19 Vaccine

    “Why do the protected
    need to be protected
    from the unprotected
    by forcing the unprotected
    to use the protection
    that didn’t protect
    the protected in the first place?”

    — A nurse asks the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, October 8, 2021.

    • Brooklyn


      That is a classic statement, right up there with, “We know they lied! They know they lied! We know they know they lied! We know they know, we know they lied! AND YET THEY JUST CONTINUE LYING, AND NO ONE MAKES ANY ATTEMPT TO STOP THEM. GO FIGA….?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Most people just can’t take the necessary steps/action to effect change. It’s human nature, and it’s why 6,000,000 people died in the Holocaust in WWII. Now, it’s our turn in the drum. Best always. PM

  67. DAWN

    We unvaxxed Christians are now called “purebloods”.

    • The Ogs

      Yup, I’m a Pureblood male! 6’4″ 200 pounds, strong and healthy, nice looking and smart (sorta).
      I’ve been married twice but – I might be in heavy demand next spring, heheh… if anyone else survives.

  68. Lynn

    The vax – does not work, they knew it before it was given out….it was never about this….
    It was all about VACCINE PASSPORTS, they represent what they really really wanted.
    In 2076 to know what they gave you? IN YOUR FACE SERFS, you don’t deserve to know anything…..THE DATE REPRESENTS that YOU DONT DESERVE TO KNOW WHY AND WHAT THEY USED TO KILL YOU, YOUR FAMILY & LOVED ONES.
    They are laughing all the way to the bank…and in 2076, funny, you will all be dead or mamed….TRUMP is part of the narrative, why would he do that????

  69. Igor

    This is all good, but I believe the vaccine mandate for Federal contractors is still in effect, which means I may still be fired.

  70. iwitness02

    And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
    Matt. 24: 12

  71. Matthias

    Latest developments from Europe:

    In addition to the general nationwide lockdown that came into effect just recently AUSTRIA has announced that it will introduce some legislation to become the first country to FORCE VACCINATIONS ON THE ENTIRE POPULATION (except for people with medical exemptions) by February 1st 2022! See:

    The Guardian: Austria plans compulsory Covid vaccination for all

    “The government said it was preparing the legal groundwork for a general vaccine mandate to come into effect from 1 February, with exemptions for those unable to receive a jab on medical grounds.

    The age from which people will be required to be vaccinated has not yet been determined, the government said.

    Those refusing to be vaccinated are likely to face administrative fines, which can be converted into a prison sentence if the fine cannot be recovered.”

    as well as

    Politico: Austria becomes first Western country to resort to mandatory coronavirus vaccination

    Given the fact that all the vaccines are still considered to be experimental in the EU this is a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code of 1947!!

  72. andyb

    The beginning of the big wake up (in sequence:

    l. Athletes dropping dead during a televised game.
    2. Massive car crashes in interstates with hundreds dead
    3. Plane crashes globally

  73. Julie A Cohick


    • Paul ...

      Phenomenal that this could have occurred … in a Nation where 95% of the BLM crowd think he shot a black man!!

  74. Robert K

    Kyle Rittemhouse NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS!

    This is great news! This case NEVER should have went to trial in the first place. The dems and the MSM are currently losing their minds and race baiting about it.

  75. Robert K

    Kyle needs to partner with Nick Sandmann and sue the bejesus out of EVERYONE! These scumbags need to be taught an expensive lesson.

  76. RTW

    Kenosha just showed us that our justice system still works. Kyle Rittenhouse was just found “Not Guilty” on all counts, as he should have been. After he has time to decompress he should hire a lawyer (s) and sue all those a**holes in MSM including the biggest a**hole of all…the PINO!!!

  77. Dave

    Trump’s ego, his hubris, prevent him from speaking the truth about his vaccines. They are “perfect” he recently said again. That indicts Trump and, IMO, makes him unfit to govern. His credibility and support are dropping with less than half of Republicans wanting him to run again. DeSantis is moving into the pole position for the GOP nomination.

    In the end I suspect Trump will decide not for the nomination as he sees his chances slip. His ego will stop him from making a run if there is a decent possibility that he will lose to DeSantis or someone else.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Trump is only seemingly viable, because we refuse to move on. Ultimately, WE are responsible for ourselves. Mr. Trump is not a savior. He may have been right about many things, but his time as national leader is past. We must move on. Best always. PM

  78. William Simonton

    Great show as always and at the end went back to look at the cartoon for a cathartic laugh!

  79. Suzette Lawrence

    Hi Greg! You are killing it! Love all your guests, they deliver on target news and opinions ! Kyle is free. LeBron James is down center court. Cliff High sharing the remote viewing senario was mind blowing. Where there is FAITH there is no FEAR! All the best! Suzette


    Greg thank you for the heavy lifting that you do!
    It is a tremendous patriotic public service.
    In January 2020 DJT met with Klaus Schwab in Davos followed by his May 15, 2020 WARP SPEED treachery. No reason left to be loyal or polite.

  81. MC

    Food Supply Collapse:

    “My family are currently in positions of plant manager and quality assurance manager in poultry plants. I can say for certain that the current situation is more dire than most people think- and we may see a near total collapse of the food supply.”


    You know Greg
    As I come to the end of my life I just hope I prepared My children well enough. I knew this was coming 40 years ago. if anyone is old enough to remember that there were people talking about this then. Mostly about the socialist welfare state and what would happen if the food stamp cards stopped working or if the government checks stopped coming. lt is here now..

    • Charles H.

      I can’t be far behind you. I don’t see going even fifteen years more. Being old enough to have experienced life in the USA from the 50’s on – I can’t stomach what it has become.

      • Self Exiled

        It helped me to self exile for10 years. That is why I left.
        nobody would listen or cared.

  83. oneno

    The CDC’s own document from 21-July-2021 says the CDC did not have a properly isolated Sar-Cov-2 virus sample at the time the RT-PCR test was developed.

    See paragraph 2 on page 41 of CDC document from 21-July-2021:

    Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2) of known titer (RNA copies/μL) spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen.

    • Paul ...

      Since the criminal murderers “who wanted to create a worldwide plandemic” could not point exactly to what they were testing for … they simply made sure “every false test was positive”!!

  84. Biker Dude

    Resident Stinkie Farcical will be busy all next week oborting the unwanted VP Arthur Fleck. The deal made with CNN,The NWO, SorosWorld and Resorts, WCB, and those at AwokeFreaksIntl.; Joe can remain alive in exchange for appointing AOC as VP.

  85. helot

    I never much paid a great deal of attention to the use of the modifier, ‘weasel’ until I recently moved to a location where weasels live & got some chickens.

    A neighbor said she lost All her chickens one night to a weasel. I read about how those things will even line up their kill in a row, like it’s just for-fun for them. For being just animals, they sure do have some real strange behavior!, are difficult to build defenses against, and now I think totally different when someone uses the word, ‘weasel’ to describe a scoundrel.

  86. wondering

    Paul . . . where are you? Your comments are always among the best. Hope you are not out riding around with Stan in his Bentley. .

    • Paul ...

      Wondering … I was just sitting here “wondering” … as to when a Covid-19 Commission will be set up to investigate the Killer Jab “assassinations” taking place … like the Commission’s set up to investigate the JFK assassination … and the Commission set up to investigate 9-11 murders … I see Pfizer is preparing ahead of time … by not allowing any information on their deadly vaccines to be released until 2076 … and they will likely be paying big bucks to our politicians to appoint Fauci as the lead investigator to head the Covid-19 Commission Investigation … problem is … by 2076 … there won’t be many people left to care about who was responsible for exterminating humanity!!!

      • Stan

        Paul: Can you stop bashing Pfizer so frequently? I own stock in the company.

      • Paul ...

        The only way we are going to hurt Pfizer back … for all their killing of innocents and complete Nations (like Israel) with their “Clot Shot” (heart attack/stroke/nerve twitching generator “jabs”) … is to sell any shares we own in this human extermination “Soros controlled holocaust company” … and never buy or use any products they make (we must “completely boycott” all the products these murderers sell) … the same way we boycotted Monsanto … and put them out of business!!

  87. Mike+G

    i await for a blind beagle and a deranged monkey to give Fauci his just desserts

  88. Mike+G

    Fauci needs to be keeled hauled across the ship’s bottom of reality

  89. Self Exiled

    This has been summed up and/or put together very well Greg. You are a member of an elect group of people. Makes sense concerning Trumps blindness.

  90. Jr

    The puppets that perpetrated this jabfest were trump, his appointee fauci and gates all promoting their complicit asses off as they danced around the stage; what you have just witnessed was the latter 2 exiting the stage to leave mr warp speed all alone still spouting the cabal party line – they have played their patsy like a strat. He now owns it. And that’s what you just witnessed – while they rollout smallpox 2.0…


    Greg, Jerry Nabler did not like the outcome of the Rittenhouse trial and is pushing for the feds to go after him and investigate this young man to further to scare everyone about the second amendment, They will try to gin up some other charges that the fed could find just to further cause strife towards the Riten house family , this is absolutely terriney beyond anything this government to ever devise.

  92. Virginia

    Greg, Thanks again, you are the best!

  93. Don Audia

    Greg…as always your reporting of the news is unparalleled! Any chance you could include a section, under each video, where you provide your references? I’d love to print these off and share with the people who suffer from confirmation bais!

    • Greg Hunter

      I hold up most of the references with a website and a date. I just do not have the time to post every sin gl source with a link.

      • greg

        Hey Greg

        As always you do great work! I never heard Trump say take the shot he has always said it’s your choice and then pointed out some effective treatments such as HCL and ClO2 (chlorine dioxide) and even UV light. there are many other effective cures including ivermectin, nebulized hydrogen peroxide and many more.

        If there are effective treatments then why would anyone risk an experimental “vaccine”.

        – The covid19 virus has never been isolated or demonstrated to cause illness.
        – If the “virus” has not been isolated how can anyone test for it.
        – The PCR was never designed to diagnose and these “tests” been recalled for producing false positives.
        – experimental does not prevent contracting or spreading c19.
        – I saw that US flu cases decreased for around 40k a year to 1800 last year.
        – CDC reduced the c19 death to less than 6% of the original reported and Italy reduced the death count by 97% by counting deaths where c19 was the suspected primary cause. (i.e. no suicides, drownings, cancer or auto fatalities)
        – big pharma is fully exempt from liability
        – hospitals and care facilities are being paid to lots of money to diagnose c19, put people on respirators, and report deaths as c19
        – you are only considered as fully vaxxed on the 15th day after shot 2 and it expires 90 days after shot2 thus the vaxxed hospitalization rate is even worse than 70-80% reported (so people that drop dead moments after the 1st shot are considered unvaxxed)
        – there are credible intel reports that the massive death rate in Wuhan China was not from a virus that spreads, but from 5G radiation poisoning. which causes the same symptoms. Wuhan, Italy, the cruse lines and NY hospitals were all early adopters of 5G. After that it was mostly fake news, censorship, bribes and threats that have kept this nightmare going.
        – maybe calling it a virus is more palatable then reckless EMF radiation
        – maybe the intent is world control through depopulation and intentional destruction of small business, personal wealth, the economy, and our personal freedoms
        – are at war with communist china and a satanic mafia and secret societies that control the world governments, UN, EU, NATO and even much of local politics law enforcement and out schools
        – I would hesitate to trust any vax, drug, or product from big pharma and our medical institutions that value profit and recurring over cures. (they are predicting a polio epidemic this winter… possibly the new flu)

        – As you already know this is actually an epic spiritual war against God, his children and all creation… and has been planned for centuries

        – the greatest cause of death, destruction, and evil in the world is human ignorance and fear

  94. Donnie Clyma

    Well Greg, the warnings are to late to save two thirds of our population, who to the vax, and now carry a trojan horse, which was meant to acclimate people to obeying the government without question.

  95. Roger

    Reap what you sow? Doctors dropping like flies in deaths described as “died unexpectedly” and “died suddenly” since mid-October

  96. Marie+Joy

    There have been no consequences for Gates/Fauci/Pfizer. There is no reason for them to stop. Congress and governments have been on their side. What’s to stop them?

  97. gabriel sullivan

    im around vaccinated people im not vaxed, so now im worried about the spike protein , and wondering what over the counter med or natural plant could be used for anti parasite-viral to help against the spike protein that is getting past my immune system? i take vitamin d3 thats it. should i avoid large gatherings? should i not excersise much? how to tell if i have the spike protein after being around vaxed? i dont want to try to get a prescription only.

  98. Dave

    The election results were sadly never going to be overturned. Simple reason being the Deep State RINOs controlled the Republican Party in Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania. It has been prominent Republican legislators who stopped this effort. Seb Gorka called out several names in the Pa. Senate – Republicans – who had basically stopped efforts there. The passion about this is fading as time moves on and the 2022 elections approach. That was the plan – drag it out.

    On top of all that Trump’s base, a growing portion of them – are doubtful of Trump. More and more Republicans tell pollsters they would rather have someone else as the 2024 nominee. DeSantia tops the list as the preferred choice. Trump’s ongoing support of the vaccine and his failure to help families whose loved ones are still in jail after the 1/6/21 event has, I believe, irreparably harmed him. i

    The worry is that, left unresolved, the issue will cause some Republicans/conservatives not to vote in 2022. Who knows? Conservative talk radio hosts like Gallager and Hannity harangue conservative callers who say they will not vote in 2022 because of the fraud. It’s a valid position – to not vote as a protest. Given the fact they got away with it in 2022, base turning out or not in 2022, the Dems will probably steal the mid-terms.

    • Da Yooper

      Well said Dave

      Just an FYI to all those who call for voter ID to vote. In Michigan we have voter ID to vote & look where it got us. We ended up with a Nazi psyco witch bankrolled by sorass Who thinks she was elected dictator. The ballot stuffing in Detoilet has NEVER been addressed & recount or audit is going no where. I dont know what the answer is but here voter id is a joke as long as they are allowed to stuff the ballot boxes at 3 am with bogus ballots whos ID’s did not exist but the bogus votes count just the same.

  99. David Ward

    Thank you Greg!

  100. JK Gatto

    For Fraudci, Military Tribunal. Don’t waste good ammo, use a NEW rope.

  101. Bonefinder

    Franklin Graham got all his jabs, a booster fairly recently, and has encouraged us all to get vaccinated. He recently underwent surgery for pericarditis. No coincidence, I am sure. Will he acknowledge the connection? I pray he sees the power of his words.

  102. Anna

    They are setting Trump up to take the fall when the big numbers of vaxed start dying. Probably around the time he makes it obvious he’s running for pres….

  103. r.v.
    Not guilty, the law prevailed!

  104. Randy Best

    Dear Greg,
    Does Mark Taylor still believe that Barack Obama will be stripped of his Presidency?

  105. Mike

    Where is the reference to the Nuremberg trial treaty that requires informed consent. Article 4 or 7? says it is not revokable. America signed on to this. I will not comply. Ever.

  106. Galaxy 500

    Great reporting Greg
    You are a voice of reason in the wilderness. At some point, will things move beyond talk to an active struggle against these evil SOBs? Your guess is as good as mine. Electric cars are being pushed to limit mobility of We the People just like higher gas prices are a second leg on that stool. They have already tested pipeline shut downs and communications shut down.
    I fear in the coming year, Pb and Cu are going to be worth their weight in gold and food twice that.
    Glory be to God in the Highest. Evil will do its best to make us pay but so know how this all ends: Christ’s triumphant return.

    • Paul from Indiana

      I believe the answer to your question is “No.” It would have happened already. We’re going to have to try to outlast them and reform separately. Yes, I know. It’s a tall order. Best always. PM

  107. Dee

    Greg hunter is an anarcho-capitalist who believes in censorship and a criminal police state run by the church. He is a blind pharisee. His family will not survive.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are lost and you lie. This is why I do not post your comments. Please seek Jesus as your only Savior.

  108. Monty Warden

    It would be an ‘extraordinary step’ for China to attack the US over Taiwan
    27,095 views Nov 19, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Former Australian defence head of China analysis Paul Monk says it’s unlikely that China would attack the United States as a preliminary operation against Taiwan.
    “It would be an extraordinary step for China to take, it would require that the PLA and Xi Jinping were very confident not only that their strikes in the first instance would be very effective, but that the US would then cave,” he told Sky News host Catherine McGregor.
    “It’s impossible, in my imagination, to believe that the United States would say, ‘oh well, we’ll roll over’.”
    He said the US public would be “up in arms” and the situation would be far worse than 9/11, which has “got to be in the minds of strategic thinkers in Beijing”.
    “In my view, what (China’s) hoping is that by keeping their rhetoric unbending, by keeping up the hazing and threatening and pressure on Taiwan, they hope they can win without going to war.”

  109. Phil in Dixie

    More and more, the data is confirming what we’ve long suspected.

    Shocking UK Study Stuns Medical Community: Vaccinated People 60 and Younger Are Twice As Likely to Die as Unvaccinated People


  110. James Cortright

    Something you may want to mention is that Eddy is here and started in 2020. It is named after astronomer John A Eddy and is the next Grand Solar Minimum. It is supposed to be as long and as deep as the Maunder Minimum. We were promised Global Warming and all we got is a Grand Solar Minimum

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