Declassify FISA Docs Coming, Mueller Desperate, Economy Tanking?

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 362 11.30.18) 

Trump tweeted out a cartoon with some of the people behind bars that failed in taking him out of office in a soft coup. The cartoon asked “When do the trials for treason begin?” Could a release of the FISA documents laced with outright fraud used to spy on President Trump and prove a phony witch hunt be far away? People will go to jail over this.

Meanwhile, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team of Democrats seem to be panicked to tie President Trump to the failed Russian collusion case of the 2016 election. Some being prosecuted and questioned claim Mueller’s team are asking them to lie to get a reduced sentence and to finger President Trump. It ain’t working.

The Fed is looking like it’s going to raise interest rates one more time and stop. Wall Street loves this, but is the Fed signaling the economy is starting to get into trouble?

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his take on the top stories of the past week in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Dr. William Black and expert in white collar crime and Professor of  Economics  and Law at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.  He will be talking about the criminal enterprise also know as Deutsche Bank, and why its  fraud impacts to the global financial system.

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  1. JaneJjones

    Trapper shot attacking bear and then discovered it had already killed his family
    By Cleve R. Wootson Jr
    29 November 2018
    Gjermund Roesholt was returning from checking his fur traps in Canada’s Yukon Territory on Tuesday afternoon when he found himself in the path of an aggressive, charging grizzly bear. The confrontation was only the start of the day’s horror for the Norwegian-born trapper.

    Have you ever thought of the 5 G’s of Gold, Guns, Garden, God and A Getaway Plan? I have. Hiding out in the South Pacific or Alaska & the Yukon territory. Reminds me of the story of the gentleman who could see world war two coming and hid out on a deserted island and one day sunning himself on a beach, he found himself in the midst of an amphibious landing as the US. Marines rushed ashore to take the cast aways Island! Or was it the Japanese? You get my drift. Paradise can turn to horror anywhere in todays world!

    • Galaxy 500

      Seems like his family should have been able to protect itself from the dangers it faced while he was gone. But then I believe you should always have a way to defend yourself handy.

      • paul ...

        After the Liberal Commie Demon-rats take away our guns … they will pass a law to take all the locks off the doors to our homes … so illegal invaders from other countries can walk right into our homes to rob our wealth!! …

        • paul ...

          Hey Sore Ass how about funding a new organization called “Homes without Borders” … so the caravans of people illegally coming into our country won’t have to pay for hotel rooms and will have “a free place to live” while they collect $38,000 dollars per year in other benefits!!

    • Galaxy 500

      This reminds me of the average group of Millennials that refuse to see the danger around them. Like the German women raped by the wicked moslems and then feel that it is somehow their fault that they were raped. The mother of the 10yo boy raped by a moslem having a sexual emergency didnt feel that way. And neither did the victim.
      When I go outside I am armed. I have seen black bears in the back yard in person in addition to their skat and tracks. And I live 40 miles from a reasonable size city. My wife didn’t take my reading of spoor seriously until a Davey [the tree cutters] guy working on the power lines warned her of the bear skat and tracks. While I am citified I grew up hunting and fishing with my father. Great times.
      I feel sorry for Mr Roesholt. He took his wife and 10 month old son into a very dangerous situation and reaped the consequences. And he failed to protect them. But then there are places in so called civilized areas that are even more dangerous than a Grizzly area. All it takes is one lapse of judgment… one time ignoring that little voice that God gives you that says, “danger” to end your life or those you love.

    • linwood riverside

      Greg you are the best . President Trump should be happy to know you’re out there . It’s going to be a wild ride when the Presidents hammer comes down .

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Linwood. Buckle up this coming week is going to be revealing.

      • paul ...

        Linwood … Trump’s hammer (like the god Zeus) is already pounding the globalists … and they are looking for safe places in the world to hide … but their own drone program and denial of any right to defense in a court of law has them running around like chickens without a head as Trump now expands their drone program (against the very same evil traitors who destroyed our Constitutional rights)!! …

  2. Sister Betrayal

    Aussie Treason Part 2 Published on Nov 28, 2018
    Prep gives gives an in-depth look at the connections of the Australian Government executive branch and the Russian collusion story, following the yellow cake rogue, 25 million AUS. Dollars to the Clinton Family Crime Foundation.
    Clinton corruption without interruption? You be the judge!
    Prep Email – [email protected]
    Prep Video – Aussie Treason Part 1 –

  3. Sister Betrayal

    Oop’s, cant believe it, Left out the link;
    Nov 28, 2018
    The in-depth look at the connections of the Australian Government executive branch and the Russian collusion story. FOLKS THE AUSSIE TREASON 1 LINK IS FIXED!

    • Ray

      Agreed……Alexander Downer is an absolute Asswipe!
      If Australia (The Ridiculous Lap Dog Nation of America) is guilty of treason, then the United States of America is guilty of even bigger treason upon the people of modern humanity…..full stop.
      Please young lady…..always keep that front of your mind……ALWAYS.
      Both nations happily operate in filth…….death, lies, war, deception, financial malfeasance…..such great examples to the rest of the world we are.
      You call Australia “traitor”…..fair enough…..we are happy to hang out with The Global Bully with the 700 Military Bases to protect us……just as long as you recognise the exact same that the US presents to the planet: KILLING.
      Happy Days to us all then Sister…….more war, more lies, more death!
      We gotta stop dems terrorists I tells ya! Dey is The Big, Big Threat dems terrorists.
      Northrop- Grumen, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing…..what great investment riches await us all if we all just invest in the death of a few more billion innocent people.
      Gotta love The West don’t ya…..kill, kill, kill…..or just kill….keep killing….make profit and shut up.
      Jesus is so VERY, VERY proud of us…..yes He is. YES HE IS!!!!
      We are stopping dems terrorists and installing a beautiful, fair and balanced society.
      Fair Dinkum………FAIR DINKUM!!!!!

      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Tin foil hat

        I feel your pain but to be fair, the west hasn’t starved millions of its own citizens to death or incarcerated any political prisoner yet.

        We are definitely not as good or noble as you want us to be but the Chinese and Russian are definitely no better.

        • Ray

          True Tin, true mate.
          All the best to you Champion….take care.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • Watch On The Wall the Pirate

        Dinky die, Raymond. Dinkie die. Now I’s know’s what the nose knows, the real meaning of Dinky die!

        “Inky Dinky Duet – Jimmy Durante and Mrs. Miller”

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,we can only hope that the president does go after the treasonous for if he does not the country the economy and himself and family will be sunk.
    Here in the UK Christmas is now viewed by us peasants as a rich mans event,not for us.Ironic,where the food of Christmas was shared by the elite ,in times gone by,so that the peasantry would be alive come Spring.Today,our sup,here in the UK,is a bitter gall of poverty enthused by our media and the very chumps on the receiving end,and they say our education system is not failing!Bluntly our economy sucks for us plebs,our biggest shopping event is clothing shipped from Goodwill cast offs to us here in the UK.The voice of reason is the very elite who we peasants would have no truck with,who ask ever so politely if its a “good idea”to deprive people of food?
    Still our snollygosters ensconced in parliament breath and eat deceit.This of course will end well.
    The media here in the UK are portraying Mr Trump as mere trumpery,whilst they themselves feed lies and deceit to snollygosters in the USA whilst our security services plant such error in the American establishment.How can you possibly view the UK as an ally?

    • G. Berky

      Will success Spoil Tony Chesworth?
      Come fly with us every body, the weather’s fine up yonder!

    • G. Berky

      The media here in the UK are portraying Mr Trump as mere trumpery,whilst they themselves feed lies and deceit to snollygosters in the USA whilst our security services plant such error in the American establishment.How can you possibly view the UK as an ally? Maria das Santos 11/30/2018
      Mum may never forgive us for leaving home, but were all still family and Mum has buried the hatchet long ago. Unfortunately it’s still in our big American head, lol! Other than that, all’s hunky dory in the Anglo-American world super power!
      Now about cousin Russia? He’s still got that chip on his shoulder, his cantankerous stepchild, little Ukraine. Now now, lets listen to old mum, why cant we all just get along. Lets bring back the royal family’s of old Europe, then our children don’t have to marry all these commoners! Royal blood is thicker than commoner water in the vain va💂‍♂️vain’s!

    • Donald

      “How can you possibly view the UK as an ally?”

      Just because the sociopaths/psychopaths controlling business, banking, the media, education, much of the judicial system, elements of police enforcement and so on in the UK does not automatically mean everyone in the UK is like them. History is full of these nutballs, and they are in every country. Its like a plague. And they have been adept at transmitting their mental disease to more people than ever in the time we live. The big failure of humanity is to not have recognized these people for what they are and take the appropriate measures to deal with them.

  5. bob

    is it possible that the deep state got a hold of Cohen and put him up to this? whether paid or life threatened, something stinks. i think the house is going down and trump knows it.. they will be part of the mass arrests and there will be some senators but for now the only thing trump needs is the senate

    • Bosco Rocks

      Perhaps Trump himself, um, might actually be guilty of collusion/perjury/conspiracy/fraud? He did, after all, admit to paying off a porn star and a Playboy bunny to hush it up during the campaign…a clear violation of campaign regulations. There are many other stones being overturned as we speak. I think he’ll be resigning in 2019

      • Freebrezer

        Bosco – Really!!!! a campaign violation …. PLEASE don’t insult your intelligence.

      • Galaxy 500

        No… there is no Statue that Trump could be charged with EVEN IF HE COLLUDED which he didn’t. Cohen plead guilty the first time to something that wasn’t a crime. So they had to get him to admit to something that was an actual crime or Trump’s team would have ripped it to shreds. Trump admitted to being blackmailed and paid hush money from his private funds.
        Don’t go away mad, just go away.

      • Irene

        Those so called payoffs are not illegal. It is done legally everyday. It does not even mean that he even touched these women. Trump is also intake making sure it was paid by check out of his personal account. Stop and think …The dark haired woman claims they had a ten year affair yet she has not one bit of evidence it happened. Ten years and nothing to show!!!! The other woman is a total floozy. Trump is a germaphobe. He would not touch her with a ten foot poll. She has lost in court and now owes Trump big $$$$. When you advertise for women to come forward { George Soros} you will find less than honest women coming in for the 4444.


    GREG– You are SO right. It is time to get on the Offense. Gen. Patton didn’t WAIT for everything to be perfect on the battlefield. This is war and this Republic hangs by a thread.
    It is time for Trump and the Patriots to clean house. THERE IS NO REPUBLIC WITHOUT
    RULE OF LAW. God Bless and keep AMERICA.

    • paul ...

      Lets hope the 61,000 sealed indictments about to be opened also include the 9-11 traitors … this mortal wound to our Republic must be surgically healed (by locking up the traitors) or the heart and mind of our Nation dies!! …

      • paul ...

        Guess one of the 61,000 sealed indictments having to do with 9-11 can now never be opened … … Trump stated: ” … his (Bush’s) example will continue to stir future Americans to pursue a greater cause” [Trump probably means by his statement … a world not ruled by a criminal elite under a one world government]!!

        • Tin foil hat

          I will piss on his grave if I ever get the chance.

  7. Jaun Valdez

    Harry Dent And The Great Reset!
    It’s coming folks, you can bank on it!

    • Keith Miller

      Probably not until 2023. Prez. Trump already publicly stated the NYTimes probably won’t exist in 7 years. The timing is connected. Let’s see what happens with D-Class. No need to force reset if deep state starts imploding. Mark Taylor said God said China and Russia are going down financially, Middle East Oil is going down (that kills deep state funding), and new energy source will be released (Trump’s team found the Nixon time capsule hidden in the White House. It’s supposed to have the UFO file in it. Trump’s uncle John worked with Nixon on UFO/Space-Plasma energy). After D-class you can bet CIA Drug/Pedo rings go down. All financial modeling needs to be recalibrated for fulfilling prophecy and hidden information being released.

    • Dan


      If you really want RULE OF LAW, you will need to remove every single elected official from the executive branch, house, and senate. Then, you can also clean out the supreme court….just for starters. Open your eyes and you will see the rotting corpse of what was the greatest country on earth. EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE in DC has been bought and paid for 100 X over.

      • paul ...

        Our elected representatives should not be people who decide on their own to run for office (to become rich) … our representatives should be drafted (by a lotto) from the public to serve their country (not themselves) for two years … they should not be given a salary or a pension plan (they should serve as a matter of public duty the way Trump is by not taking a salary) … this will help to keep the crooks out of our government!! … (if we draft someone who doesn’t have the resources to live without a salary we should provide them food stamps and welfare for the two years they are drafted for service)!!

        • Watch On The Wall the Pirate

          Genius Pablo!

  8. Attila

    Clicking on the “donate link” results in this message:

    Safari cannot open the page.
    “The URL can’t be shown.”

    • Galaxy 500

      That sounds like you got a bad Apple there… hahahaha
      Sorry, I couldn’t help myself

  9. Roger D

    The Fed’s end game is the intentional destruction of the US financial system. Failure to understand that is to ignore history from 1913 and to ignore Brandon Smith. It will likely happen under Trump’s new Fed Chairman. Trump (and deplorables and nationalism) will be the scapegoats. Ridiculous you say? OK, name a financial and political analyst with a better track record of predictions than Smith.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      the US financial system has already been destroyed. the only people who benefit from it anymore are parasites.

      • paul ...

        Economy Tanking??? … Here is the Latest Fed Report … … it states that overall asset valuations and risk appetite are elevated … residential real estate is somewhat elevated … farmland prices are near historical highs … equity prices are somewhat high relative to forecast earnings … business-sector debt relative to GDP is historically high and there are signs of deteriorating credit standards … the ratio of debt to assets for all publicly traded firms remains at its highest level in 20 years … but banks have strong liquidity positions and money market funds are less susceptible to runs !!!

        • paul ...

          As for the people benefiting from the system … some more drugs from Mexico, aluminumized vaccines, fluoride in the water, chem-trails in the air, GMO food and the Social Security Administration raising the payout age to 78 … will get rid of all the parasites on Social Security … who have ruined an almost perfect Ponzi scheme for the criminal politicians by living too long!! …

          • paul ...

            Legal US citizen parasites living on Social Security collect on average of $18,000 a year … while the illegal caravan parasites entering the US living on welfare collect double the amount (about $36,000 a year) … so what legal US citizens must do (to gain equality with non-citizen parasites) is sneak into Mexico and throw away all identification (i.e. license, birth certificate, etc.) … then cross the border back into the US and apply for asylum under an alias (Spanish, Arab, etc.) name!!

            • paul ...

              Probably the aim of the wall being built is more intended to keep the parasites living on Social Security inside the US … so they can’t join the caravans seeking asylum!!

              • Dr Darryl Jewett

                or to support the suspension of passports and for keeping slaves inside the wall, working for the parasitic communist oligarchy and malevolent socialist combine

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              $18K/yr is more than most PhD’s make in the US today. Most PhD’s (in STEM) or MD’s are unemployed or way under-employed. As a matter of fact, the average minimum wage earner in the US has greater earning potential than a PhD or MD. So fewer men (and women) are going into those professions. Why get a PhD in nuclear physics or epidemiology when you can make three or four times as much and have a lot more freedom as a barista at a coffee shop? these are very challenging and demanding professions. that’s why they’re supposed to pay more. but don’t anymore. and a person can’t do them as long. thirty yrs is a long career as a nuclear engineer but not so much for a barista at a coffee shop. unfortunately a child support order can’t be modified downward so we have nuclear engineers in the US getting paid less than baristas and they can’t get out even though they can no longer work. because they’re critical and fundamental to civilization. they’re necessary. a barista at a coffee shop is not. so why pay a barista more? power and control. communism is a disaster.

              • kevin

                You are incorrect.

                • Dr Darryl Jewett

                  no I am not

          • Watch On The Wall the Pirate

            Don’t ferget Fukushima, Pab.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              read my mind

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          “somewhat elevated…” ??!! the average home price is inflated by a multiple of about 4 or 5. and that’s before considering property taxes and our frightening public school system to which most of those property taxes are directed.

          • kevin

            Your exaggerating.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              no I’m not

    • paul ...

      The Fed’s end game: pump exponential debt into the economy allowing bad investments to expand … while a recession/depression would clean up the excess debt the Fed will continue to “paper over” liquidity problems with new printed money (and won’t allow the liquidation of bad debts) … instead the Fed will continue to create trillions and trillions of dollars from nothing … gave loans to big banks and corporations … and in the process lowering the value of the US dollar (that is kept strong relative to other worth less currencies by buying Treasuries with dollars printed out of thin air) … hence keeping up confidence in the dollar as it’s value falls and falls to become equivalent to the value of a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert!!

    • kevin

      Brandon Smith is not as good as you make him to be.

  10. David

    Good point about no one ever blaming the bible for their personal mistakes. Live the bible and you’ll be just fine! And you won’t have to make excuses.

  11. Billy

    Is it possible that God is giving us a short time of relief under Trump before the country falls. Maybe he is using Trump to bring to light the deceit by Government Authorities.
    Jeroboam II in the bible is the closest lesson in history to Trump’s rise. God blessed Jeroboam and Israel even though he was evil and then straight after he departed Israel fell to foreign nations. Basically Israel was sinning and through Gods grace and Mercy he sent Jeroboam II and they prospered and then once he left and the country was destroyed.

    • Roger D

      Billy, your premise is very possible. Trump gave us two years to prepare for chaos possibly of Biblical proportion. This once God-fearing nation abandoned God. A strong case can be made that it is now God-forsaken. Our cities especially are quantifiably worse than Sodom. Washington, home of the federal government is the worse. Why are we trying to save Sodom?

      • Donald

        “This once God-fearing nation abandoned God.”

        Yep, things have changed a lot in the past 50 years. But who was behind this change? Not the average person, although witless Joe average has certainly been duped by these one’s. Remember, follow the money. Apparently the majority of those behind all this corruption are occult practicing psychopaths. They control business, education, the media, judges, elements of law enforcement and so on. Their control has been recognized in the US for over 100 years now – and all of the info is out there on the internet. Whenever one of their own is accused or exposed, they always rely on ‘ad hominem’ to discredit the source. This in itself, this type of argument, gives them away every time.

      • Donald

        “They made it up. They had to make it up.”

        Yep. History is full of this. The cause of WWI was a lie. The cause of the Boer War was a lie. Many things that happened in WWII was a lie. I could write things like this for hours. Remember, psychopaths can only accomplish things by lying, deceit or (stealing) taking credit for the work of someone else. And these people will be taken out.

  12. Mitchell Bupp

    Hello Greg, I hope your listeners enjoy this data flow modeling of the Trump Dossier that is nothing more than an attempt to neutralize his Presidency. This model is based on thousands of news reports going back to the summer of 2016. The links between the groups and individuals has been verified.

    Independent Voter Radio Show fourm with thousands of links going back to 2016. I refer to them as the Trump Assassination Files

  13. Jerry

    I find the timing of this meeting and the release of the twitter picture you presented……very interesting.

    As we say, in the Ozarks. It’s nutt cuttin time.

  14. Keith Miller


    Go easy on North Carolina about our debt.
    2013: $9.3 billion debt = $941 per capita.
    2017: $7.5 billion debt = $727 per capita.
    Go to , download Table 10.

    Our state is growing financially and population wise and our debt is going down.

    • Greg Hunter

      My point was with 10 million residents NC only has $7.5 billion compared to Puerto Rico’s $74 billion in failed debt with 3 million or so residents. Thank you for adding the actual NC numbers. (I love NC by the way!)

    • Galaxy 500

      And we have a Dem govenor that is all about spending. KM, as an Eastern NC resident, I hope he doesn’t break the bank

  15. Tad

    Why increase domestic car production when parking lots and racetracks hold a high number of unsold inventory? Probably in the hundreds of thousands.

    I believe it was Obama who gave the automakers ongoing subsidies which are reflected in excess supply.

    I won’t blame Mary Barra other than she came with hat in hand. The Chrysler bailout set the precedent.

    Nothing of substance. . . there.

    • Galaxy 500

      Tad, you are either poorly read on the Chrysler bailout or just the typical liberal being intellectually dishonest. The Chrysler bailout didn’t cost us money. In fact, the US Treasury made a handsome 40% on their investment and Chrysler repaid the govt loans 7 years early. The GM bailout cost us more than 10 times the original Chrysler bailout and we will never see 11.5 billion of that again. And yes, Chevy has inventory sitting around. Car mfg isnt like a grocery store that has 3 days of inventory.
      Chevy is doing the social justice crap with electric cars that sucked. They thought the Øbamachrist and the Hildabeast were going to destroy their competitors by mandating electric cars… the Chevy Volt had less range than an electric golf cart.
      Autonomous cars mean the government not only knows where you have been but can stop you from going where they don’t want you to. Self driving cars are all about Gov control. If you own a self driving car and want to go to the revolt or to demonstrate against the evil in government, you will have to walk or ride with someone who has a real car.
      The MSM [Marxist State Media or Mendacious Skat-eating Media] is already pushing cars that are shared. A person that has a car can go anywhere any when where as a person that has to share one or rely on mass transit is at the mercy of the government. And the gov is not your friend.
      Chevy is a company pushing for the govt bbn or banks owning all the cars and you being the source of revenue every time you ride. Chevy did this stupid move to hurt Trump and they believe they will be bailed out again. I think Trump will let them fail and sell the parts to Ford and others

      • Tad

        Actually, I’m not a liberal. Yes over time it is possible for the government to make a handsome return with a QE to Infinity program as a backdrop. I’m against bailouts, but then who cares what I think.

        What has Tesla costs the US Treasury so far? What happens when the music stops abruptly. Not a pretty picture.

      • Tad

        No one said car manufacturing was like a grocery store. It’s not like cars are flying off lots either.

        You sound like a union auto employee who benefited from not having lost a Chrysler production job when this all came down.

    • kevin

      The U.S. was already in the Ukraine for many years. Nothing special about this ad. Hal Turner is making a big deal about it.

  16. al

    PERFECT !!! EXCELLENT !!! This WNW will go down as a legendary podcast to be remembered!

    Trump’s Christmas Present !!! Declas… LOL!!! I died laughing when I saw the picture tweeted from Trump a few days ago. I had to do a double-take because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This President will go down in history as the absolute best President we’ve ever had, EVER!

    Paul RINO and other sorryass weasels like him will run away like scared rats when the gavel hits the wood.
    When? Trump has NO CHOICE but to make it happen NOW! By 2019 we’re going to be referring to the Jailbird Clintons and the like.

    Next up, the financial system. That has to be made right. It’s way out of control!
    GM’s Channel Stuffing stopped working because there’s no more room to park these unsold cars, .
    This crooked level of accounting has to STOP!

    Thank you Greg, Excellent news!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al!

  17. Jeannon Kralj

    I recommend this truly excellent 37 minute video of recent talk by Dan Bongino.

    Dan Bongino – Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History

    TJ Singh is the name of the YouTube channel where this video is located
    Published on Nov 22, 2018
    David Horowitz Freedom Center Restoration Weekend 2018

    At the end of this video Bongino says that nothing meaningful happens without suffering so he is not promising or prophesying that all of this massive evil and corruption is just somehow going to magically go away and all will turn out rosy. That is not the way I read the bible. We are to take up our cross and we are promised that He will help us and make it bearable. That is where the victory is.

    The videos of the crazy people acting like animals trying to get Black Friday deals of big screen TVs and the like, and the videos of the caravan invaders acting like animals in trying to bust through the border fence and being sprayed by tear gas and rubber bullets show me how people have given over their hearts and minds and souls to the Marxist psychological operatives who find uncontrollable looking human animals much easier to control.

    I pray for the preservation of our constitutional republic and the rule of law and for our president and his family. It means suffering for all of us when the declassified documents are released but the best Christmas present for our country and all of us is that this is done VERY SOON. There is no guarantee that the crimes and the perpetrators and plotters will receive prompt justice in a just court of law, but we have done our part as followers of Christ by exposing the works of darkness.

    “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”

    Saint Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians 5:11

    • Galaxy 500

      For the Constitution to persevere, it is going to cost us blood, treasure and pain. A lot of all three. The good news is there will be a rejuvenation of our country.
      You have the Nazi collaborator, Soros, and his son working evil behind the scenes. You have Tom Styer working evil out in the open. You have 85% of college faculty working every day for evil. And you have these eco terrorists promoting carbon taxes all the while they fly around in private jets eating caviar. Look at AlGore. He owns part of a platform that does carbon future trading. Make believe things making him a fortune. His evil is almost exceeded by his girth and his copious consumption of something he seeks to ban. But then these bans are not for him. They are for the masses.

  18. WKSwanson

    I don’t know if the evil-doers of Team Hillary will ever end up in prison, but I do know one thing, and that is that if the Republicans had done what the Democrats had done, the Democrats would have the Republicans in prison a long time ago! The R’s need to adope the tactics of the D’s, or else the D’s will absolutely turn the tables on the Republicans, no doubt whatsoever!

    • flattop

      WK Swanson; Republican/ democrat/ Independent, it makes no difference .
      One day all of us will stand before our Lord and Savior. We will all have to give an account of ourselves for our actions. I would prefer to not be close to the judgement seat when Bill and Hillary step up, the sparks are gonna fly.

  19. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    One must go to the root of the problem! Until the Federal Reserve is eliminated you have no chance of draining the swamp!!! We must elect candidates that will vote for the ELIMINATION OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE!!! America has so abused the Petro / Federal Reserve dollar on the world, countries such as Russia , China etc are creating their own reserve currency. Woodrow Wilson will go down as the American President that betrayed his country by first signing the bill that allowed THE FEDERAL RESERVE to come into existence and then taking America to world war. The act that will cause America’s downfall was President Richard Nixon eliminating the GOLD BACKED DOLLAR which allows the Federal Reserve to create its COUNTERFEIT MONEY at will!!! Prediction: America is doomed to fail due to its currency collapsing via THE FEDERAL RESERVES ABUSE OF INTEREST RATES and ITS COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY.
    Do you really the FEDERAL RESERVE cares who is elected and who is not?

    ELIMINATE THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND BRING PACK TO POWER THE UNITED STATES TREASURY BEFORE WE ARE ALL FINANCIAL SLAVES TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE and its banking system. Wake up ! The financial noose is around your neck and getting tighter each and every day.

    What say you Mohammad?
    What say you Jerry?


    • Galaxy 500

      Unless we have rule of law and have eliminated the cabal in our bureaucracy, we can get rid of the Fed.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      What I want for the 12 Days of Christmas…

      (1) Abolish the Federal Reserve
      (2) Repeal the 19th Amendment
      (3) Repeal VAWA
      (4) Return all passports
      (5) Abolish the Federal Reserve
      (6) Outlaw slavery
      (7) Repeal Title IX
      (8) Repeal the ACA (Obamacare)
      (9) Abolish the Federal Reserve
      (10) Jail Hillary
      (11) Outlaw communism
      (12) Outlaw child support

      (13) Nomi Prins

      • Tad

        You won’t get Nomi Prins because you’ll lose her on repealing the 19th Amendment and VAWA.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          hope springs eternal

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          a woman who is a statistics AND music scholar will understand why VAWA and the 19th Amendment is counterproductive – it’s all about the math. and nothing is more sexy than a woman who knows how to talk about math (but still looks like a devil in a blue dress).

    • Mohammad

      Jailen –
      We are already slaves to the Federal Reserve.

      • Mohammad


        Please assign this poster a letter next to his name, you did that before .
        It is not me who posted this.
        You know the email should be easy task for you.


        • Greg Hunter

          So Sorry Mohammad. You are always #1 and first class to me.

          • Mohammad

            No need to be sorry Greg, I appreciate how many comments from many different people you get daily with the exponential growth of your site since years back when I joined your blog, it is just to let other commenters realize who are they responding to no more no less, god bless you Greg.


      • Jallen

        Galaxy 500, Dr. Darryl Jewett, Mohammad and Watchdogs,

        The Federal Reserve is the root of all financial evil and must be replaced with the United States Treasury at all costs. America must have its Supreme Court restore HONEST MONEY by outlawing THE FEDERAL RESERVE AS A COUNTERFEIT OPERATION!!! We need to employ help from other countries such as Russia, China, India (The BRICS NATIONS) to root out this evil creature from America and the world.
        Above all, let us pray for divine intervention to eliminate this parasite from society.
        There will be no economic freedom until the Federal Reserve is ridiculed, cursed and eliminated from society.
        Never Ever allow the power to create fiat (Counterfeit) money to anyone!!!

        Think of this, Put a number in a computer call it money , provide credit cards to the populace, charge them 18 to 24 percent interest on unpaid balances. Viola, DEBT slaves for life.

        I close by wondering, if these counterfeit organizations are the fore runner for THE MARK OF THE BEAST.


        • Mohammad

          And what makes you think that BRICS /China/India /Russia…etc… are independent from federal reserve bank Babylonians?


        • Dr Darryl Jewett


    • Mohammad


      Too late for the move.
      If you know the consequences of abolishing the federal reserve, you will be the first one to ask them to remain.
      The federal reserve had a mission and that was moving the world from gold/silver to paper.
      They already did that.
      Next step will be moving the world from paper to digital.
      They are experimenting with bitcoin and working with the IMF to issue the real digital currency that will rule the world, likely it will be each entity will have its own digital currency to its weight in gold, IMF to control the medium (5G).

      Federal reserve bank already moved the liability of the assets to us, they loaded us with it and damage is done. We better enjoy the illusion of “high dow” and “improving economy” until the fat lady sings, do not rush it. It is coming.


  20. arthur barnes

    Greg, I have called the MSM the “American Pravda” at least the last three decades or more, now more fitting than ever. The cartoon not mentioned by the media is telling! Its telling because the MSM knows that it could come out and be fulfilled. We are left only to hope and pray that truth prevails once more in America otherwise we will never have any again. If no indictments comes to fruition the evil ones in the cartoon will have prevailed as once again above the law. A country without the rule of law is no country to live under; history has shown what suffering the people go thru without the rule of law. Now I ask you are we there yet? Only time will tell but if no indictments come forth one would have to argue the answer is yes.

    On another note even without indictments Trump is the “deep state’s” nightmarish-ed enigma (of both parties) because they haven’t been able to bring him into the fold. I watch, wait, hope & pray that the characters in the cartoon get their comeuppance for the treason they have committed. I admire our President for he and he alone stands against the treasonous deep state and its media co-conspirators.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well said Mr Barnes,
      However, Trump does not stand alone. Greg, you and I stand with Trump. As do millions of others.

      • arthur barnes

        Yea 500, …”I gladly stand with you and defend her yet today…”.

        On another note, Alaska Strong, pray for our fellow patriots in the earthquake zone!

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        tens of millions in the US… and hundreds of millions abroad

    • Galaxy 500

      “While Bolton’s warning about the debt is self-serving, it is accurate in the sense that the US Empire which, in part, he directs is ultimately dependent on the strength of the economy”
      Very simplistic view of the world… do you think America can stand against the entire world?
      I am opposed to a lot of intervention overseas. But your plan is weaponized stupidty

  21. Alanon

    Just joined Twitter and followed POTUS, can’t find that tweet, what day was that tweeted?

  22. Gordon Hammerud

    Greg, In light of the treason against Trump, this morning I read Psalm 21:11,12 “For they intended evil against You, they devised a plot which they are not able to perform. Therefore you will make them turn their back; You will make ready Your arrows on Your string toward their faces.” I prayed and asked God to make this happen to Obama and his cronies for what they have treasonously conspired.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one Gordon! Thank you.

    • MCasey

      Gordon…..Thank you for the scripture (Psalm 21:11,12) “….You will make ready Your arrows on Your string toward their faces.”
      (See my comment below.) They are indeed trying to “circle their wagons”; but Trump will pick them off with his arrows.

  23. Freebrezer

    Hi Greg – I agree Trump has to go on offensive. Per JFK – most likely LBJ had JFK murdered. LBJ was a corrupt monster and close to Alan Dulles (the CIA director JFK fired). And Allan Dulles help preside over the JFK Warren commission … and amazingly the Warren commission found nothing …. you can’t make this crap up! LBJ and Hillary are the two most corrupt, power craved, evil rat monsters to infect US politics in the last hundred years. Per the migrants ~1/3 have infectious diseases – isn’t that wonderful. And a whole bunch of the sick have infectious TB (and a lot of it is drug resistant) … Wow let’s expose these kids to our children so we can watch our children die from a painful, disabling disease that the US essentially eradicated … it is nuts. And Gees … I wonder where that new polio like illness came from that hundred of our US children are being disabled with and a few have died from? The CDC say nothing – A big nothing burger from them – Hmmmm – I wonder what side of the political spectrum the CDC resides on? (!!!!) Drug resistant TB costs our health care about $250,000 -$500,000 per person to control! Do the math per what these illegal invaders cost us!

  24. andyb

    Greg: I would like to believe justice will be done; but every time I get hope, another incident slaps me in the face. Mary Kissel, avowed NeverTrumper and member of the WSJ editorial board, has been named Pompeo’s Deputy, setting foreign policy which heretofore, has largely been, (with few exceptions) whatever the Globalists and neocons desire.

    Let’s see what the Comey and Lynch appearances produce. Certainly in Comey’s case, a go-to-jail card should be proferred. Then there’s the result of Huber’s investigation. Will it be whitewashed or have actual red meat, enough for indictments?

    I am encouraged that, thanks to an excellent Miami Herald investigative report, the Epstein pedophilia and sex trafficking case has been reopened. This case goes to the heart of why Congress has been so ineffective; I believe that a majority have child rape and sex crime videos on file and are blackmailed to accede to either globalist or Marxist demands. Unfortunately, the Mr. Smith goes to Washington story, while nice to believe, is not how the system works. In order to get funding or even to be “selected” to run, a candidate must be beholden to a powerful entity; no independent thinkers allowed.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not”!

    • paul ...

      Andy … to get the “rats out of Washington” all the blackmail files have to opened up by Trump for the public to view … the horrific outcry from the people “will be like Pied Piper music to these rats” that will flush them all into the sea!!

  25. DBCooper

    Greg, Thanks for the news and views … JFK jr for President … 2024 !!
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Galaxy 500

      So are they going to inject JFK jr with the T virus?

      • DB Cooper

        G5, I am not sure what the ‘T’ virus is but there is a stir starting that JFK jr knew that Killary had him in her sights and it makes sense that he faked his own death. He was friends w/ DJT and I have read that he swore revenge for his father’s death … Can’t a guy have a big dream? And by the way who better to relieve DJT when his tenure is over?? DB.

        • paul ...

          The T-virus is probably a virus (designed by good scientists) to only attack Traitors!! … work should also begin on a DR-virus that attacks Demon-Rats, an S-virus that attacks Satanists and a P-virus that attacks pedophiles!! … if there are only 10 to 15% evil people in the world then according to Bill Gates: “… if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower Earth’s population by that amount” … now if evil is very widespread … then according to Ted Turner: “Earth with total population of 250-300 million good moral people (a 95% decline from present levels) would be ideal.”

    • paul ...

      If JFK jr was cloned … he should be ready to take over the Presidency in 2044 or 2048!!

      • paul ...

        And Trump should begin cloning some “extra’s” of himself right now … about 5000 extra … just in case … and this way … when his clones run for office … one can be President, one Vice President, others can fill both the House and Senate and Supreme Court … the rest can join the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, etc., etc. … hence there will be no place for the Demon-rat commie traitors to hide!!

        • DB Cooper

          Paul, 2044 ?? How about 2024 … I would like to think that he has not been cloned but that he evaded assassination by HRC. DB

          • paul ...

            I hope so too … but if not … his clone should be about the right age to run for President in 2044 … one way or another revenge against the bankers and Demon-rats is assured as he brings back the silver dollar!!

  26. Tom McLaughlin

    Love the behind bars cartoon but “you’re gonna need a bigger jail.”
    Thanks for all you do Greg, you’re great!

  27. iwitness02

    The so called Elite (elite criminals) must be feeling a little deflated these days. The world has not seen this much truth in my life time. More truth is on the way. There has to be a tipping point. A government and economy built on lies and deception can only sustain so much truth before it tips in a new direction. Once the lies are found out, the truth will destroy the lies. And the truth will set us free. To me, it is sort of like fermenting alcohol. Yeast consumes sugar and makes alcohol. Alcohol gains in strength until it overcomes, and kills, the yeast. The yeast sinks to the bottom, and fermentation stops. Now you have something new. Of the two components, only one remains. Truth will win out. The Good Book says so.
    I enjoyed the WNW very much. Left me in a good mood, because someone else gets as upset about the criminals as I do. Thank You Greg for your honest and true effort every week.

  28. iwitness02

    We all have our favorites. Kevin Shipp is one of mine. See you on Sunday.

  29. Justn Observer

    Greg, More ”’suppression of evidence”’? BY GUESS WHO? ANY WONDER WHY IF THIS IS TRUE?

  30. Gary

    Revelation 13:16-17:
    16) And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    17) And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    You may be wondering: “How does a cashless society make it possible to control buying and selling?”

    The world is currently awash in an ocean of debt. As Bill Holter told us we have reached the point of “debt saturation.” The world currently has so much debt it can never be repaid. Once the defaults begin the government will have to do something to keep society from spinning completely out of control.

    Many people believe the world financial structure will then change from our current bankrupt system to a digital network. Once that happens, the financial system, whether maintained by private banks or governmental agencies, will have the ability to lock anyone they chose out of the system. When this unfolds, another piece of the end-time structure will be in place. The world will then be in place to enforce “the mark of the beast.”

    Please, seek the Lord NOW while He may be found. Just as it would be reckless to begin preparations for a hurricane on the day it arrives, so it will be impossible to develop the necessary trust and understanding in God and His word during the crisis.

    Amos 8:11-13:
    11) Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:
    12) And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.
    13) In that day shall the fair virgins [see Matthew 25:1-13] and young men faint for thirst.


    • Galaxy 500

      We are closer than you think to this already. Most people have little to no cash on hand. If the banks close or a govt Agency puts a hold on your account, you are done.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        @ G5 – The problem is even worse than YOU think. The little cash that some people do have on hand is decreasing in value daily and about 12%-15% annually (or more). So saving it for a rainy day (or an apocalypse) is a losing strategy from the outset. And investing it in mechanisms like the stock markets (the only investment that seems to be yielding any returns) is very risky since their value is imaginary and grossly inflated (maybe even by an order of magnitude – many smart people estimate the DOW at 2,600 or less instead of 26,000). Even if stock markets aren’t inflated (but they are), then their value is still a product exclusively of slave labor and anyone investing in them should be ashamed of themselves. How does everyone think the DOW increased from 10,000 to 26,000 in eight years – the average company represented by the DOW has way more liabilities than assets and they are essentially bankrupt?? The DOW increased solely because govt’s in the US stole the proceeds of men who contribute their hard labor to advancing civilization and gave those proceeds to parasites using the stock markets in exchange for absolute power.

        • kevin

          You are exaggerating once again which is a habit you need to break. The purchases price of the dollar is not dropping any where near the 12%-15% or more annually as you stated.

          • Dr Darryl Jewett

            no I am not… you don’t know what you’re writing about. been to the grocery store lately?? or had any medical procedures to save your life?? my conclusions result from comprehensive analyses of large databases from reliable sources including my own very meticulous and high standards. you base your conclusions upon emotions and brainwashing. the average nuclear engineer and MD in the US is unemployed (and ineligible for unemployment) or grossly under-employed. when you subtract the cost of an education and time without an income and then the cost of unpaid internships and professional insurance, etc… I assure you that today in the US, the average minimum wage earner will have a great earning potential and does in fact have a higher net-worth at the end of a 30 yr career. on average. we crossed the threshold about two years ago. give or take. I’ve been tracking these numbers obsessively for about three decades, updating everything approximately every six months. I assure you I know about that which I write. you’d have to be an idiot to get a college degree anymore. especially if you’re a man, encumbered with many costs that a woman is not. not exaggerating. any man is better off not even finishing high-school anymore. utter waste of time. and none of this even takes into considerations the serious problems presented by an education and profession and career. i’m not exaggerating when I write that the average unskilled minimum wage earner actually has greater earning potential and accumulates more wealth over a discrete interval of time than the average professional skilled worker. maybe ten years or even five years ago, I would not have concluded that. but today in the US it is absolutely true. it’s an important reason why the ratio of real medical professionals to patients is declining and why the quality of care is declining. among many other serious and catastrophic developments. no exaggeration.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              I predicted three decades ago that this would happen and have been tracking the numbers meticulously that whole time. I also predicted the 2007 collapse of the housing market 25 yrs before it happened. to the year. it’s not rocket science. just goon math and a lot of common sense. no exaggeration. the money used to pay unskilled labor has to come from somewhere. and in the US it comes from skilled labor. for decades I’ve listened to people whine about how little they get paid and how they can’t live within their means. even though they make three, five or ten ore even twenty times what I do. the problem isn’t that they don’t get paid enough but that they don’t manage their money responsibly. they don’t live within their means. and that income doesn’t even take into consideration the massive amounts of debt the average unskilled and skilled labors have that many skilled laborers who don’t have debt are paying for. that called slavery. tell me again how i’m exaggerating. anyone who can add two and two and still get four can figure it out.

  31. Tommy

    Mueller said he had his report about 3 or 4 weeks before the election but he didn’t want to release it before the election so as not to influence voters (haha). Well, now we are almost 4 weeks past the election and no report. Where’s the report? And why doesn’t Trump release the devastating docs? When are the indictments that Dr. Janda has talked about going to hit? Why not do this before the new congress is sworn in? Then we could tell the Dems you can’t impeach because it would be obstruction of justice; wouldn’t that be a nice turn around? And you are correct on the Mueller investigation being illegal. You can’t start investigating someone before there’s a crime. Otherwise you target someone, give them a good old fashioned proctology exam hoping to find something you can call a crime.

  32. paul ...

    Good point Greg … just like a bunch of “Dicks” who want people out of guns … the banksters want people out of cash (which gives people protection against identity theft)!!

  33. ED1

    I may be wrong but I’ve been saying this ever since Donald Trump was elected.

    If they cannot take him out any other way, they will crash the economy. This, of course, would be an attempt to turn as many of his followers against him as possible, thus ruining his chances of winning another term. Also, to sow as much discord as possible in an attempt to spread much public violence.

    Either that or they will start a real shooting war somewhere (as a major distraction) and blame it all on Trump.

    One thing is for sure. All of those evil, deep state swamp creatures will not go quietly. I think things are about to get real messy.

    I pray for the Donald and his family. I too, believe their lives may be in great danger.

    In terms of releasing the documents……….one would think that as dirty as the deep state has been so far (with redactions) what would keep them from redacting most everything else?

  34. Watch on the wall

    The Emperor, Herr Mueller has no clothes!

    Never fear, he’s shopping hard and over reaching. Yet no one can now be bribed into believing, he has no clothes.
    He’s so angry in this biggest abuse of nakedness, he’s willing to adopt Russian dress. He’s got nice legs for jumping in Russian dance. Whose say’s white Aryan ‘s can’t jump.
    Hiel Mueller!

    November 29, 2018 – 10:45 AM EST
    Is Mueller team bludgeoning to get narrative it wants?

  35. John M.

    I think we all know how important it is that the arrests of American traitors (and justice through military tribunals) come to actual fruition. America will not survive without this happening.
    The cup of suffering that America and the world will soon experience through economic hard times and world war will be immense, but we must do the right thing and make a stand against treason that is rotting the moral core of our country. That’s fundamental for a Christian nation.
    Your wrap-up is right on the mark once again and God is obviously using you as His instrument of communicating what needs to be said. We are truly witnessing a spiritual battle between Good and Evil, and we all must obey his commands and please our God. God is all good and deserving of all our love, as specifically mentioned in one prayer of contrition.

  36. ED1

    Wow, just read on Zero Hedge that the FBI pulled a six hour raid on a Clinton Foundation uranium one whistlebl0wer. It stated that the guy turned over the information, so why continue for six hours? Could it be to find dirt on the fella and use it to bribe him, just like some others?

    This is what I meant in my above post when I stated the deep state will not go quietly. The FBI has turned pure rouge. Among others, its to my belief this is not only to protect Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, but it has as much to do with that criminal Robert Muller. The way I understand it, he was head of the FBI during the uranium one deal.

    Looks to me like things are really heating up big time and the evil deep state is out to save their own hides.

    Also, I find the timing to be interesting. Trump leaves for the G20 Summit and things start happening.

  37. Watch On The Wall the Pirate

    EXCLUSIVE: FBI Raids Home Of Whistleblower On Clinton Family Blasey Fraud Foundation, –

    Greg things happening so fast accidentally pasted in the wrong comments. You do a great job keeping on top of all this stuff! I appreciate you let us be a part of this mosaic you’ve created here. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.
    As they say down unda, good on ya mate and long John Silver, shiver me timbers! Yup I’m a Disney fan also.

  38. Bill Bradshaw

    Greg: The Cartoon
    That cartoon with all the guilty faces is a very bold move by our President.
    One has to wonder what the reaction of those pictured was.
    Whats the deal with the Clintons, speaking to empty auditoriums. Makes one wonder if the will just keep going till they reach the condo they have in the middle east. (sanctuary)

    • paul ...

      Under the Patriot Act … “there is no sanctuary for traitors” … as drones can be deployed anywhere in the world … to take them out … even if they try to hide in a wedding party … I guess we should be somewhat thankful to Bush and Obama for destroying Constitutional protections for American citizens and implementing these drone programs … so Trump can now kill “all the evil commies” … without due process!!

  39. Da Yooper


    Great wrap up

    I live 45 minutes from the nearest large town ( a city of 20,000 college town flaming purple haired liberals & government employed do nothings ) nothing much between me & that city but forest trust me cash is king. Bought a rototiller & a log splitter this summer one price for checks & credit cards another for cash. Also you would be amazed what I can get done for a case of beer & a little folding money.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Cool, Yooper!! Smart man!

  40. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG; One more thing
    Viewing the cartoon, Obama, Clinton are in the front. Guess that means they are the first ones up. Interesting that I don’t see Hillary in the picture???

  41. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG My Bad, Hillary is front and center in the cartoon.

  42. mikey

    Erdogan and the rest of the (((ibne))) terrorists are going down…

  43. Tad

    If I were a Ukraine military ship captain who had a pro-Russia crew pondering defection, I might have met with Russian officials prior to its capture.

    Not unlike The Hunt for Red October movie scenario. Is this what Poroshenko is calling a false-flag operation?

    It may be a false story, but Zero Hedge is reporting that Russian men are banned from being in or entering Ukraine.

    Nothing like Poroshenko taking the low road. Ukrainian women can’t wait to leave Ukraine. They think very little of Nazis.

    Go Russia!

  44. Open Eyes

    You’re on fire this time, Greg.

    I think President Trump will release the documents after New Years at the earliest to prevent turmoil at this time. He said he wanted to counter-punch the Dems with the declassification. Maybe he’s just giving them an opportunity to mend their ways before he drops the bomb on them.

    I suspect President Trump and Secretary (?) Xi of Communist China won’t come to a trade agreement. President Reagan took down the Soviet Union for the good of the world and President Trump has his own opportunity. Vice President Pence is sure on aboard. They’re burning Bibles and imprisoning Christians in China, right now.

    Churches are closing throughout the U.S. and that’s not good. A hard time is coming — deservingly.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      And why are “churches closing throughout the U.S. ? ? ?

      Its because the white conservative base ruling the protestant church hierarchy wants to ostracize the LGBTQ community, which demographically constitutes about half the population. The catholic church doesn’t ostracize, which is a blessing, but they do promote non-consensual rape (I’m not going to call it sex) between the high priests and young boys.

      If this country doesn’t achieve equality for all, there wil be no peace !

      • Irene

        Sorry Gina…When you throw out the Bible you are in deep trouble. We are going the way of Rome.

      • kevin

        Most of the churches are closing because the younger people are flocking to those larger worldly churches that have fun and games and entertainment. Most of them do not have good sound Biblical teaching.

    • Open Eyes

      Christian persecution in China. They’re also heavily persecuting Muslims in a western province. Also Buddhists in Tibet.

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, Interesting direct insight from Larry Klayman – attorney of Corsi.
    Trump getting bad advise by his legal counsel…
    POTUS may have only weeks to …needs to order direct investigations NOW…and if he waits he will lose the opportunity to ever do so…and much more…

  46. billclintonisarapist

    WOW Greg great article. This site is a gem… all factual info listed clearly

    Have you seen this by any chance?!


  47. Roger Dodger
    Trump Warns DECLAS Bad, Something Public Should Not See, Start The Clock!
    Come, Brennan Shiffer, give it the old college try!

  48. Roger Dodger
    Oz in stage four economic cancer! Totally Rawsome?

  49. Wes

    Geo political news that concerns Everyday Australians and Yanks
    The Thin Red Line!
    There as mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore!

  50. JC

    Wow! That was intense! Excellent work. Thank you. But I think I need to take a nap now, my head feels like it’s going to explode!

    • Greg Hunter

      How do you think I feel. I am still recovering.

  51. Ray

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the wrap….much appreciated.
    In my view, Trump has no right to complain about the Chinese stealing US intellectual property…..NO RIGHT AT ALL!!!!
    Just the same as the people of Iraq and Afghanistan have NO RIGHT to complain about the USA stealing their resources and garrisoning the nations over the past 17 years….NO RIGHT AT ALL!!!!
    Listen mate…..respectfully…….you can’t go around raping people and then have a whinge when you get squarely raped.
    It’s that bloody simple, isn’t it?
    Keen to hear your wise and learned reply sir.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur 100%. We owe them debts which can never be repaid and should allow them to steal some of their money from us. However, the stealing has to end the moment they stop buying our debts.

      • Ray

        We’re on the same wave length Tin!
        Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  52. Derek Sinclair

    Europe needs a war to cleanse it of Satan worshipping violent muslims and low IQ violent Africans. And if “cleanse” reminds people of the phrase “ethnic cleansing”, I and millions like me don’t care. The politicians imported millions of these savages without once first asking the European population what they thought of that insane plan. They are destroying our countries and they must be removed. The politicians who allowed this (and who imprison their own people who complain about it) will be charged and they will be severely punished. It won’t be long now. “Populism” (AKA the will of the people) is not the problem, it is the solution to “progressive”/globalist fascism. The US must not go the way of Europe.

  53. Roger D

    Look at us. We have been so cleverly distracted by bread and circuses.

    The US has been waging war in the Middle East for essentially 28 years. Yet not one word is mentioned here of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria or perpetual war. How did a once God-fearing nation become so blood thirsty? And we call ourselves ‘Christians’?

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Hear, hear!

      “Meet the new boss,
      Just the same… .”

  54. Rock

    Greg, just wanted to give you and our posting family a heads up that Canada just passed a law making it illegal to mail gold and silver bullion. What is up with that? Nothing good.
    How will this affect people who may have gold and silver kept in a Canadian vault?
    Would not want to be in that predicament.
    Keep up the great work Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct, nothing good.

    • kevin

      You need to get your facts right. Canada did not make it illegal to mail silver bullion in this law. Nothing is said about silver.

      See section 5.2 for a list of Other Miscellaneous Prohibited Items in the link below.

      In fact gold is not really not prohibited either. Only certain types of gold under certain circumstances.

  55. Roger Dodger
    Weired and Interesting, to long, but.

  56. H. Craig Bradley


    The reason should be obvious: The ENTIRE political class would be dragged-into the discovery process of a real trial and both parties would be implicated, creating a true crisis in government. This can NOT be allowed to happen, so it won’t. Ditto with “Military Tribunals”, and such. The guilty will just quietly be asked to retire or step-down, as is already happening. This is how its handled at those (high) levels. Its not the same as a Perry Mason criminal trial as portrayed by actor Raymond Burr on Television.

    • Bill Bradshaw

      Mr Bradley; Allow me to disagree. Your thinking is political think. Pres Trump is no politician. Stand back and watch how he does it.

      • Tin foil hat

        Bill Bradshaw,
        I hope Trump will handle this matter like a politician or it will get really messy otherwise. The best case scenario is that there will be a lot more funerals which Trump will not be invited.

    • MCasey

      To H. Craig Bradley “…..creating a true crisis in government.”
      We may think the U.S. Government is too big to fail, but it has already failed and Trump is willing to admit it and rebuild it……he loves remodeling and building things.
      And he has demonstrated he has no qualms about declaring bankruptcy (moral or financial) to clear out the debris and lay a new foundation.
      When I worked in government it was NOT a matter of “right or wrong”; it was a matter of “right OR wrong…..CIRCLE THE WAGONS!” They are trying to circle the wagons; but they’re just getting dizzy and Trump will pick them off.

  57. Hugh

    As many now know George Bush SR passed away. What I find interesting is that is funeral is on DEC 5th the day the testimony was to begin in the house on the Clinton foundation. POTUS Trump has declared Dec 5th a national holiday and day of mourning.

    So, the Clintons escape again! You can forget a DEC to remember, no declas, nothing is going to happen! Just listened to Dave Janda and Dave of x22, Janda states that Trump has 30 days! I will bet my life on this one that nothing is going to happen and all of us that want the rule of law will be disappointed again!

    You need to start having guest on that can tell us how to deal with another two more years of this BS! Trump is on the side of the deep state and the elite!

    It is very sad all the people that have lost billions trying to protect themselves with gold and silver over the years along with all the people that have lost jobs in this industry.

    Hoping for a XMAS miracle!

    • kevin

      You are probably right.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      yup probably correct

  58. Hoosier river rat

    If Pres. Trump does lower the boom on those treasonous rats, you can bet your saddle and throw in your spurs there will be champagne corks popping . Yeee haaa !

  59. Tad

    Bill O’Reilly interview with Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch about George Soros’ caravan operations.

  60. Coalburner

    I think they already gave up trying to restrict cash down here in New Mexico. No way people will buy it here they will be trading nickles or silver coins before they stop cash transactions. If that doesn’t work they will find something else but cash rules here. For a couple of years under Obama there was restricted flow but the last two years it cut loose.
    Know I am late getting to this review but I loved it, your at the top of your game, Greg.

  61. Ed

    There is NO WAY any of these elites are going to suffer any ramifications in this life. Trump is part of the gang. He is only here to destroy the conservative movement and that he has already accomplished. Populism is not conservatism, yet we libertarians and conservatives will forevermore be tainted by this populist’s brush. Merry Christmas!

  62. J.K.B.

    An answer to many questions lies within this link
    Money buys power and power controls. Look at the members from the various countries.
    Bernanke, Rockefellers, Kissenger, Clinton,Rothchilds among them. President Eisenhower was a charter member in 1954.

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