Dem Election Plan: Lie, Cheat, Steal, Intimidate & Silence while Economy Implodes

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 547 9.16.22)

It’s clear to me that the Deep State Democrat Party has zero to offer voters.  Killing babies, taking your guns, offering unlimited war funding for Ukraine and driving you into poverty is not a vote-getting platform, but that is their platform.  This is why the Dem election plan appears to be:  lie, cheat, steal, intimidate (with the FBI and DOJ) and silence any opposition or critic.  Can it work?  No!  But the desperate Dems are trying it anyway because it’s all they’ve got.  Whether it’s raiding President Trump’s home or taking pillow man Mike Lindell’s phone while serving a search warrant at a fast food joint, that’s the plan in plain sight.”

This weird political theater is happening all because they know the real Biden approval numbers that the public does not get to see.  The AP just came out with a new poll that says Biden’s numbers are on the rise.  I say this is a continuing Biden-psyop that is total bull crap.  They are trying to give Biden some coattails for the upcoming midterm election, and I think the lying legacy media (LLM) are lying to do it.  It ain’t going to work.  Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer is already throwing in the towel on the House and says Nancy is not going to retain the majority.  Maybe this is why Pelosi wants an ambassador job from the Biden handlers.  The real approval number is 12% for sleepy Joe.  Again, the public never sees this number, but everybody in the know knows it.

The stock market tanked 1,500 points this week alone, inflation holding at 8.3% (the real number is about 18% according to, and the Fed is determined to fight inflation with rate hikes.  The hike next week will be at least .75%, but people are worried about a full 1% hike to kill the inflation monster, which will kill the economy.  Add the financial implosion taking place in the EU as the war with Russia continues, and this brings to mind the phrase “Run Forrest Run.”  You better get ready because there is no way out this time.  The “Everything Implosion” is coming.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 9.16.22

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Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Celente is one of the top trends forecasters in the world and will update us on everything from the economy to politics.

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  1. Gunny HiWay

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for your endless work on our behalf.
    I fear that the Dems will succeed in cheating and stealing their way to control of BOTH houses and multiple state positions.
    Washington State, where I reside is locked in leftist/commie democrat, still wearing masks and looking forward to banning gas vehicles…(INSANITY)
    I see no one standing up for the J6 prisoners, or standing against all of the VAX murderers. (Doctors, Nurses, Politicians and Administrators are all guilty of MURDER)
    The American experiment is over.
    The best we can hope for is a temporary stalemate in the commie conquest of North America or CW2.
    Be well,
    #GardasilKilledJessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

    • Greg Hunter

      Pray every day they will not. Prayer works.

      • Shirl

        President Trump proven RIGHT yet AGAIN!!! Germany is going to experience a cold winter and those that once scoffed and not anymore:

        AND for those who may missed the previous posts addressed repeatedly to “janet” here who blindly blames Orange Man Bad here because of “Warp Speed” that is completely baseless, allow me to repeat the post and review for yourselves:

        “The BRILLIANT Karen Kingston brings the receipts & facts…AGAIN.

        Who Was Behind Operation Warp Speed? Congress, Biden & Obama Plotted Mass Bioweapon Scheme Years Ago:”

        • Clyde

          They blame his SHAMELESS and continual promotion of it.

          If you support an MRNA death shot he is the guy!

          Keep singing his praises from the rooftop for him.

          • Shirl

            Hello Clyde,

            You know, everyone who has taken or hasn’t has already decided on it. Last checked, he hasn’t been on a


            as you claim….he’s gone silent on it officially for reasons that really wouldn’t make a difference in the decisions of those that already made them after the facts have emerged. Please, LISTEN to the above link one more time.

            In any case, those that decided for themselves to undergo experimental clot-shots of several in a row no less & BOOSTAS as Dr FRAUDCI calls them failed an I.Q. Test that 5th graders would pass.

            • Clyde


              Are you saying Trump is not smarter than a 5th grader, because he told Bill O’Reilly he got the Booster?

              • Shirl

                Hi Clyde,
                Nice to see that you agree by leaving out your defense to your claim “SHAMELESS” and “CONTINUAL PROMOTION” Got it.

                Now, on the other aspect of the stark and obvious in regard to the shots, he did fall for the lies from the start to save millions of lives including his own as was his stated goal. Many, like you, would have blamed him if he didn’t push for a vaccine that the experts advised him as possible. Later, when it became more clear that people were dying, he backed off the subject. Think about Who actually was the President at the time when people started to drop dead? Not being the sitting President at the time placed him in a more precarious position to speak of this and there are good reasons I suspect this to be true. I too would like to see that he come forward to declare this publicly but, again the reasons why remain to be seen and too he hasn’t been doing what you originally incorrectly claimed he was doing.

                BTW, do you know anybody that is perfect? Personally, I’m not looking for something that doesn’t exist, I only want someone in the Oval to do their Job of We The People per the Constitution as he had been doing with Promises Made Promises Kept – although not finished YET.

        • David Gordon Dunne

          Trump was right about many things but the most critical subject he was dead wrong and still is wrong is he loves calling the Injections, the greatest thing since sliced bread and brags about hos they saved millions of lives when they have killed millions and maimed millions more. It is only getting started now as Greg says. I am begging so many to get the Ivermectin but they are all like sheep going to slaughter. I am now stating this fact as I see it. Between the Soros started war in Ukraine, and all the repercussions like energy and food being cut off along with Governments doing this by shutting down farming, pipelines and more, I simply do NOT see any positive outcome now. My prediction is if we don’t have an Act of God now, the world will be in a MADMAX state while all the NWO/Sotos/Gates and the lot will all be hiding in underground luxury and will hold out forever now. SATAN is behind all of this and it is now up to praying and begging God to intercede now.

      • Brad

        Hey Greg, I don’t think the illegals stayed in Marthas Vineyard too long, I’m sure they got bussed out real quik, that did not help anything, they are still in the US, send them back over the border!!!

      • Gary

        And I hope Bo Polny is correct about Sept. 24. It begins the end of their power.

        • Cousin vinny

          How about Nenner’s call on the price of Gold. I believe his low call was for 1659 sometime next within the next two weeks.
          I really hope and pray that Polny’s call is correct we need some real hope!

          • Greg Hunter

            Love Nenner and Polny!

          • Kosmo

            My local coin shop today said Silver is drying up and the premiums are increasing. I would advise to get half now. At this price its still dirt cheap. Check the gold to silver ratio. Regards.

        • susan

          I am praying for him to be correct.

      • AL HALL



      • Gunny HiWay

        Hi Greg,
        I pray for your safety and your family’s wellbeing daily.
        YOU are the one with the public forum website that potentially puts you at risk, and square in the crosshairs of the PTB.
        We appreciate your sacrifice on our behalf.
        God Bless,

        • David Gordon Dunne

          Gunny, I voiced this same concern last week as Greg now gets out to millions and he tells the truth. These pigs are going after all now. I pray for Greg and his family daily as I do for all of humanity. I am in a blog with about 50 amazing people who who were conservatives Documentary creators. They have simply now vanished.

      • Zoe'

        Thank goodness! For you telling the truth what is really going on Greg…….I just hope more people wake up and smell the roses and understand.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Zoe’!!
          I am going to keep fighting.

        • Janet

          People who want to change what is going on need to realize that Biden is trying his damn best to get “a big war going” with Russia and Pelosi is trying her damn best “to get a big war started with China” as their only hope get a DemonRat elected President in 2024 (base upon “patriotism being engendered” in the American people in a major war atmosphere) – Russia does not want a wider war in Ukraine and China does not need to invade Taiwan (because a pro-China party is slated to win the next election “which will make Taiwan a part of China without firing a shot”) – both Pelosi and Biden are trying their damn best “to force” both Russia and China into a Major World War with the US (as part of their Demonratic Plan to win the Presidency in 2024)!!

      • Trudy L Endy

        I know this is unrelated but I want to thank you for all of the info you put out and want to ask you about Bill Holter regarding the 50 million transaction with Jim Sinclair. I understand Bill Holter’s real name is Zeleckman and related to Goldman Sachs. Do you know about this. I heard it directly from Any Schectman that they are going to do some shady stuff to we people. I saw it on RoadToRoota with Bix Weir.

    • SLEV1N

      On Trumps “continual promotion”, personally I would pay attention to what matters what are the optics and facts. Trump was advised on these “vaccinations” by fauci the manipulative rat that he is. I imagine he does know that the vaccine is no Bueno, but if he were to come out publicly and say that who would blame him? 🤔
      Not too mention everyone was nervous about this “pandemic” we never experienced before. There was a whole lot of information that got list or purposefully buried. The fact remains when Trump was in office I remember the media specifically coming out and telling us a few times, that this particular “vaccine” did not have proper research or information. This was an experimental shot to begin with filled with propaganda telling us to get it. Not to be a duck but if your looking for someone to blame its definitely not DJT for individuals who got the vaccine. It’s not necessarily your fault either I guess as we were coerced into believing these things would be good for people. Personally, I don’t trust the government, never have. Most people knew something was off. Who were the actual traitors is what I’d like to know and I’d like to see tribunals and Executions.

  2. Janet

    Seems the Biden DemonRats are trying to kill Putin the way Hillary killed Muammar al-Qaddafi – problem is – the DemonRats did not succeed against Putin – I expect the American people will be paying the consequences for such actions just like we are paying the consequences for the “jab” forced upon us at Warp Speed! by the same Demons! –

    • Johnny Cool

      The problem is how can we know what information is real and not real on the internet? Do we know what is really happening?

      Isn’t it likely that some websites are operated by alphabet agencies?

      • J. Loughran

        I made a response earlier to your query (included “Medium is the Message”, by Marshal Mc., a thoughtful thinker before the age of Cognitive Psychology). Perhaps my post fell between the cracks. We will see. All in all, your question is at the heart of the matter. Sincerely, jim L.

        • J. Loughran

          John de Cool, please allow me first to apologize to Greg. Obviously my original reponse fell between my fingers. For the life of me I do not comprehend how Greg has the time to interview, screen comments, and manage a business. A true common miracle (if I have a say in the matter, it is the very best kind). Getting back to reality and testing your response to your perceived crossroads. I don’t know. But try placing yourself at your end, your judgment, and proceed with fear of the Lord. And, keep in mind the conversation between the Lord and the rich young gentleman. This should give you time enough to think things through. Sincerely, Jim L.

  3. Janet

    The financial implosion taking place in the EU and the US (exasperated by the economic sanctions against Russia) makes “our banking institutions more dangerous to our liberties, freedoms and wealth then standing armies”!! –

    • Johnny Cool


      It’s very strange what’s happening with the price of gold.

      If a gets nuked what happens to the dollar?
      If a European city gets nuked what happens to the euro?

      Is gold like a coiled spring, awaiting it’s time to take off?

      • Frank D2

        According to articles I have read recently at the Oval Circle ( on Telegram we will see “serious decline in US dollar once Russia and China announce the new alternative currency and make final all commodity trading be done in that new currency or home currency of Brics. In addition once Russia opens the Moscow Gold Market where all gold sales and purchases will be physical and no paper and settled in Bubbles or BRIC currencies. That will bust London and New York and expose financial scam or marginal requirements and actual physical traded. The reason this affects US dollar significantly is all commodities, gold, silver and energy including oil is all done in US dollars. Once you remove that. Its lights out. And remember that the majority of commodities and precious metals are mined and produced in Russia and China.”

        • Johnny Cool

          Frank D2,

          When and if it happens, do you anticipate a military response to a challenge to the dollar’s world reserve currency status?

          • Frank D2

            We’re already seeing it in Ukraine and soon in Taiwan. Also now on Armenian and Azerbaijani borders. Also in Syria, etc. Our MIC/CIA are stirring up $hit all over the world. As Gerald Celente told us, “when all else fails, they take us to war.”

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Janet,
      Thanks for the link to the Thomas Jefferson quotation. G. Edward Griffin uses the same quotation in his book, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island – A New Look At The Federal Reserve’. The central banking system, and those that own and control it, are the ultimate enemies of ‘we the people’.

  4. PersonaNonGrata

    “The “Everything Implosion” is coming.” Greg Hunter 9.16.22
    How many times since the blow up of 2008/9 have we expected the ‘everything bubble’ to burst, only to witness more and more reckless ‘money printing’ to shore up the crumbling foundations of the central bankers’ global Ponzi scheme. This time, ‘the planets are aligned’. When they initiated the ‘vaccine’ eugenics programme they effectively ‘pulled the pin of the grenade’. Now, it’s do or die for the perpetrators. If they fail, they are toast, so they’re going all out to neuter us. Death by lethal injection, engineered energy and food shortages, financial hardship, intimidation by agencies of the state and misuse of the legal system are their weapons. Your warning is prescient. ‘We the people’ need to be prepared!

  5. Warren B.

    The DEMS are definitely in trouble and are toast IMHO….if they dont do something (and do it real quick)….to stem the loss that will ensue.
    …and then this pops up….
    …..”you will remember where you were on September 24th”.
    A German Politician of all people making a statement like that…. what does he know about what may happen in Germany/EU/Ukraine/Russia or the WEST in general? 9/24 is a Saturday. A Banking holiday as forecast by many will occur on a weekend. Is this the introduction of the CBDC – without warning?

  6. Jerry

    Maybe the rats fleeing the ship know something else is going to happen.

    The German politician stole my quote. September will be a month
    to remember. What it is, we still don’t know? But the warnings just keep coming.

    • Johnny Cool


      Maybe “something” happens on September 19th, the day of the Queen’s funeral.

      And September 24th will be a day of “retaliation.”

      The Pope must know something. By September 30th at the latest. Who would wait? Issued on August 23, probably all funds will have been moved by the 24th of September.

    • Robert Messina

      Yes Jerry . . . And I hope you notice this comment . . I also believe September 24th , . .next week , Saturday . . the day before Rosh Hashanah . . Which begins the following Sunday evening Israeli time . . . . something will happen that will be an event like JFK shot or 911 event . . . Note I am NOT prophecying, but I expect a memorable CATASTROPHIC world wide event is going to happen . . (two cities nuked, one US and one European?) . . . Followed by some sort of banking reset ? . . . . some sort of financial collapse ? . . That occurs shortly after . . . And because the Pope announced that he needs all money deposited BEFORE the 30th . . it will likely happen early November . . . . I have posted my best video recommendation for all those out there whom God loves on this site before . . . , and if not censored, . . this may not be the last . . . because for all concerned, it is the Most Important Message I have in my arsenal of important things that I want to tell people . . . . About five major signs you must see BEFORE the last seven years begin :
      “When First Seal Opens”

  7. Todd

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    Can we get the following topics addressed with specific related guests?

    1) If they stole the election in 2020, what makes anyone think they won’t do it again in 2022, 2024…forever?

    2) Are American troops wearing UKE uniforms and fighting in the field (in mass) what’s really happening there?

    3) How can one immigrate to Russia or Sweden?

    4) Why is inflation everywhere but Silver and Gold cheep? and getting cheaper? I’m buying AG Eagles at $33 an OZ about 4-6 months ago I couldn’t source them for less than $40. Is the US government buying and hording it’s own silver?

    Is there any way to get Gonzalo Lira, Scott Ridder, Mike Mahoney (et al) on?


    • tim mcgraw

      Todd: The Russians blew up the power plants for Karkhov where Gonzalo Lira lives in Ukraine. He won’t be online for a long time.

      • Greg Hunter

        I really like Lira! Too Bad!

        • Lisa

          Gonzalo Lira is okay because he’s going to be in an interview with Mike Adams soon.

          • Greg Hunter

            Love the Lira!

          • tim mcgraw

            Lisa: That is good news!

        • Cheryl

          Well, he’s got good info if you can stomach the imbedded misogyny — also from his guests. It’s pretty repulsive and I’m not a radical feminist.

        • Todd

          Thanks all for the replies.
          I’d also add more specifics…for example:
          With respect to “1) If they stole the election in 2020, what makes anyone think they won’t do it again in 2022, 2024…forever?”

          What’s being done to stop the steal in like NJ to maintain election integrity.

          • Greg Hunter

            Go sign up to be an election worker/observer in your area.

      • Frank D2

        Not true. He was online yesterday with the Duran guys.

      • Sam

        Fortunately Gondola Lira was just on with Mike Adams for an excellent insightful interview on the Russian/Ukraine situation after the power strike. I Highly recommend a listen:

  8. Christina

    The video is not yet up but I want to thank you, Mr, Hunter, for your journalistic integrity. You are an honourable, God-fearing man. The Lord bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Christina! Video will be up shortly as I am in the process of uploading it to Rumble now. It will take a bit to process it. It’s a long one tonight 1-hour and 16 mins.
      Brother Greg

  9. Stan

    They only thing I see imploding is Gold. I urged you to short Gold at $2050, $2000, $1900, $1800, $1750 etc. You laughed at me. I’m now urging you to aggressively short Gold sub $1700. This will be the best trade you have ever made.

    • Greg Hunter

      This from the man that has been shorting gold since $1,200.

      • jomer

        I was wondering what happened to all the Lehman Brother’s financial advisors after their bankruptcy.

        Found one!

        • Greg Hunter

          What do you mean by that?

    • tim mcgraw

      Stan you crack me up!

    • Rodster

      The troll is back.

    • Mike G

      What everyone should be shorting is stocks and bonds.

      • Jeffrobbins

        I am, not a huge sum, but direxion has some leveraged etfs to go long and short. I am currently short because i believe that inflation is what the controllers want to pull back on. Primarily the wealth effect from the everything bubble is what IMHO is what they are looking at. They think they can let a little air out of the bubble and pump it back up at will. The short side is really attractive also because of black swan issues that could manifest in just a day or two, or over a weekend.

    • Janet

      Stan -Tell the useful idiots in Europe to sell their gold and buy US dollars (their top political leaders were put into power by the WEF and Globalist Banksters) to Warp Speed the destruction of the European economy and the Euro (so as to make the US dollar look strong as they print it to infinity – to eliminate our huge debt obligations!!

      • Johnny Cool

        Gold and dollars aside, if Europe has insufficient nat gas for the winter, what will happen to all the vaxxed Europeans with weakened immune systems when the weather gets cold and nasty, and they can’t keep warm?

        • Janet

          As they die – the WEF Globalists will likely blame it on “climate change”!!

  10. Tommy

    It’s really 3rd World Sheethole stuff going on in America the likes no one has ever seen. After all, they have perfected the protocols of communist takeover the world over.

  11. Frank Murphy

    Whoever does the cartoon captions for all of the videos, its top class. The messaging is so apt. O, and the content aint bad either.

  12. Linda Majors


    Thanks for the wrap-up! Enjoyed it as always!

    While waiting I watched Col. John Mills on Brannon Howse. (Ref. link.) He says we’ve got to get President Trump back in office. He didn’t offer an explanation, but he was adamant about it. (Note: Col. John Mills was working for the CIA when Comey and Brennan were scheming to have Trump charged with colluding with Russia. They asked John to take a look at the “evidence.” After reviewing it, he told them there was nothing there; so he was told to step aside. That they would handle it, or something to that effect.)

    In any event, Col. Mills said we have to get involved in the election process locally.
    elect Republicans, and get Trump back in office. He said something about he wasn’t being political, but was emphatic about needing Trump in the WH. No explanation.
    I got the impression that John believes we are on the verge of losing our country.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Linda Majors

      As a followup.

      I read Patrick Byrne’s posts on Telegram yesterday. Patrick said he believes President Trump’s trip to DC a few nighta ago had something to do with Trump being made Speaker of the House. Patrick said he had no proof, but his sources said they believe that was the reason for the trip. I got the impression that a lot of things are going on to save America that the rest of us know nothing about.

      (If you recall, Patrick was with General Flynn and Sidney Powell when they managed to get inside the WH and went to the West Wing to share their plan with President Trump . That was on December 18, 2020. They had a plan to save his presidency. In any event, Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, and an attorney by the name of Cippiloni talked Trump out of it. The rest of history.)

    • Matthew

      I really tried to watch the Bo Polny interview.

      1. The Pale horse in The Revelation of Jesus Christ is death. The black horse is not. Polny says black horse is death – again!
      2. The whore rules for 1260 days. Queen Elizabeth 2 ruled for 70 years. Polny says she was the whore.
      3. Polny didn’t distract me with 888 days from some number game with my Lord Jesus’ name.
      4. Polny used 1260 days for Trump election to zero oil but it’s actually 1261 and what does that even mean?
      5. Let’s see what happens by September 25.
      6. Polny keeps saying Trump is coming back. Even though some may want more warp speed vaccines and lockdown, it would be unconstitutional. Please check Trump’s age in 2024.
      7. It was a pleasure to see you correct him on “Gates of Hell” (plural). He didn’t take that well.

      I’m going to stick with my Holy Bible. It’s a pleasure to see you do too.

      God bless you


      • Charles Turner

        I dont know the meaning of your reference to Queen Elizabeth II. All i know is that Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has been a devoted Christian all of her life. She has only loved one man, Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, who she fell for when she was 13 years old and married when she was 21 and stayed married for 73 years. She was not like your made-up celebrities like the Kardashians, and she worked tirelessly until the very last day of her life. She appears to be one of the very, very few world leaders, that have never put a foot wrong. We are mourning in the UK, not just because she has passed, but also because a lot of the values she held have now passed, like hard work, devotion to service, Christian beliefs, understanding the difference between right and wrong. We now live in an era, where an English University can put a warning sign on the bible, yet young kinds can be groomed to change sex.

        • Earth Angel

          Everyone can believe what they want to about the ‘Royal Family’ and their lives of great ‘duty and service’ to humanity. However, there IS evidence if one wants to look that may show otherwise. Many in the world have awakened from the ‘fairy tale’ and just do not believe it. Maybe even Harry & Meghan! I suggest for a start viewing Kevin Annett’s documentary film ‘Unrepentant’ regarding the Protestant church’s role (in the Queen’s Canada) regarding the abusive treatment of native children at the school in Alberni. SHOCKING eye witness accounts of what went on there. This is not for the faint of heart: but SHOULD be seen and heard. Note: I’m not pointing the finger at the Protestant church only. I was raised in the Catholic organization & I am very aware of the many ‘skeletons’ in THEIR closets, and many other religious groups as well. I realize a deep love of the ‘Royals’ have been ingrained in the British people for centuries- but I challenge ALL people to have the courage to do some alternate research and OPEN their eyes to a wider perspective. Generally speaking, ‘If a thing seems too good to be true- it usually is!’ Cheerio.

  13. AnObserver

    Hi Greg
    Thank you for your hard work. Always look forward to the WNW on Fridays. Regarding the cover sketch, my thinking, has the FBI only now been inducted into this club? What about the other famous alphabet agencies? Even the original one, the ancestor of the CIA, the one with that individual James Jesus Angleton? So, to borrow from our famous comedian, it’s a big club, and they’re all in it!
    God bless

  14. Gary Allison

    I think the real reason for the Fed hikes, is to destroy the NWO/Devos crowd in Europe. The European Banks can’t handle these rate hikes as well as the USA. Russia has shut down their money laundering operation in the Ukraine. No way to do this without pain, but the Satanists are being taken down.

    • Paul

      Also higher interest rates will dismantle the millennials, who are stretched now, recent overpriced mortgages, businesses who can’t exist without credit lines. Credit will freeze and all the naked will be exposed. Blackrock is waiting, with fed money. Should be another consolidation of banks, factories and businesses.

      Low interest rates is high asset price
      High interest rate is low asset price.

      The only thing different in this boom and bust cycle, its at least double the downside, printing over the 2008 crisis,

      There will be opportunity in asset purchases for people who are cash buyers, central bank sponsored or government funded cronies.
      Same as always regarding money. The society volatility today being collections could be difficult. We do have more treasury agents.

      Paul from arkansas


      • Paul

        Same as always regarding money . Should be currency

  15. Mike G

    Thanks for the mention of Susan Collins of Maine as great RINO. Take your guns, kill your babies, unlimited funding for all military/industrial complex wars. Ms. Blueberry Pie.

    • Gary Allison

      Yes, there will be pain. No way around that. On Blackrock, Jim Wille says they are in bankruptcy. If true, this will mess up their plan to buy up the world. I think their CEO came forward and said the NWO is dead a couple months back.

  16. pbd

    The “FED speak” about fighting inflation via interest rate hikes is a complete lie. “Inflation” first and for most is a monetary (currency) expansion problem – that must manifest as CPI inflation and/or financial asset price inflation. Question (rhetorical) – how can you tame the manifestation of inflation if interest rate hikes don’t increase to a level above the runaway rate of real (non-fudged) CPI inflation AND when at the same time the FED continues to openly (and secretly) print money via QE to monetize government debt expansion – and trillions of dollars continue to disappear in government accounting?
    The FED perhaps secretly thinks it will tame CPI inflation (in the short-term) by crushing the “main street” economy (i.e. crushing demand from joe-six-pack) while at the same time propping-up the “wall street” economy by QE to buy bonds and other financial assets (i.e. prop-up the bond and stock market). However, such an idea is extremely flawed (I think).

  17. pbd

    Raising interest rates is obviously going to potentially create panic selling in bond and stock markets that probably will outstrip ANY FED QE countermeasures – such that the open money printing becomes an out-of-control JOKE (the jig will be up). What will then happen is the failing QE money printing will flow straight through to the main-street CPI price inflation – as folks bail-out of bonds/stocks and buy tangible goods/things. In other words, the monetary inflation baked into propping-up bond and stock prices for the last 10+ years of QE and desperate doomed additional QE will gush uncontrollably out of financial assets and into tangible things and cause massive CPI hyper-inflation!

  18. pbd

    The FOMC is meeting on Sept. 20-21 and because of the high most recent CPI inflation number – is expected to potentially raise interest rates (FFR) by a shocking 1.0%. The FED cannot simply maintain or worse allow the bond/stock markets to slowly or marginally deflate via tapered QE policy and risk panic selling – and accelerating QE probably would be a showstopper. The only possible thing that could temporarily rescue the FED from facing U.S. financial market collapse from hiking interest rates is if there is further immediate ex-U.S. demand for U.S. financial assets. However, there is only so long this “beggar thy neighbor” strategy of hiking interest rates faster than the E.U. and Japan will work to prop-up the U.S. bond/stock market – because these ex-U.S. markets are already on the verge of collapse – if they do collapse the contagion knock-on effects will cause a global systemic currency collapse /financial “Ice-9” event.
    Question – are we finally at the point of the state sponsored event-horizon that will usher in the financial “reset” with CBDCs, coerced chip implants and a Star-link/Black Jack Skynet (see Terminator movies), and civil unrest and chaos that will provide the justification for openly pivoting to a completely authoritarian (tanks and Humvees in the streets) martial law police state in the U.S. (see “peace keepers” in Hunger Games movies) in a matter of months? Weeks? Days?
    Buckle up Spanky – best of luck all!

  19. Jonathan

    Dear Friends,

    Please be encouraged. Remember this simple fact. And keep this in mind in the coming weeks and months.

    If our situation was hopeless… then all of their propaganda and intimidation would not be necessary.

    ” Behold, I make all things new”


    • Andrew

      Hi Creg
      I think that Mr.Trump can’t come out and say that the vaxx was a mistake and is killing people, because the whole world would file a lawsuit against the USA.

      • Shirl

        Hi Andrew,

        Interesting angle on that, and it could be too that there are a myriad of other reasons.

        One might include that he did offer alternatives to the Clot-Shot and did not force or make any option he brought forward as medically mandatory…

        Plus, the fact too is that officialdom has yet to denounce their “vaccines” to date…this could be an added bonus in that when they do decide to get to that, they will haplessly aim their sights at him more aggressively for blame to which that will backfire like all of the rest of their insanities with screeching to the skies that they are known for 🙂

      • Janet

        And they would sue Trump too – for telling people “I recommend taking the Vaccine” – “it’s safe” – Trump was rightly boo’ed by his followers – as it is just like what the DemonRats are doing following the orders of the WEF Globalists (who don’t believe in God) to have innocent people killed and put to death (to expedite the Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma, etc. Satanic Eugenics Plan to depopulate Planet Earth) which is radically contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ!! –

        • Shirl

          Hello Janet,

          Lawsuits against Orange Man Bad by the Screamers to the Skies are nothing new, perhaps you are one of the plaintiffs who’ve cried RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA too 😂😂😂

    • Tim Kapsala


      Great comment!!!!!!


  20. Paul Anders

    Hi Greg,
    I know you won’t post this but it doesn’t really matter because it is meant for you not your audience.
    Take a minute and ask yourself this. How do you get a “New” America (and world for that matter) if you have the same population that has the same way of thinking?
    The answer is you don’t…
    Think about it.
    Unfortunately it truly did “have to be this way”.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the kind words of support, Paul. Your analysis is sound as long as you are not one of the dead and crippled.

    • AnObserver

      And Paul’s analysis has or may have merits in understanding the mindset of Those perpetuating this ‘grand plan’, provided Paul’s not one of the proverbial Them.

  21. Marie Joy

    Communists’ long term intent is always genocide.

    • Janet

      Speaking of genocide – we need to immediately go after the many thousands of Hospital Administrators that are putting the “unvaccinated” on Remdesivir to destroy their kidneys (which then allows fluid to build up in the lungs) so they then need to be put on respirators “and killed” (then claiming they died of Covid so the Hospital Administrators can collect the $500,000 dollar bounty for each “unvaccinated person” they kill!! – the lesson to be learned from this genocidal murdering spree these doctors or on – is to never go for “a Free Test” for diabetes, etc., etc., etc. given by these Hospitals at their Clinics “or Mobile Medical Vans” to draw in new patients – and never admit to any doctor or nurse that you are unvaccinated (as you will immediately become a priority target for them to inject you with Remdesivir)!! – see the evil disgusting immoral revelation at 1:34:10 in the following post –

      • Marie Joy

        While I agree with Janet, I believe the bigger fish are much more important. The order is biggest, bigger, big. The problem is that I do not have the courage.

  22. Jonathan

    I work in the medical field. Eastern North Carolina. One of my colleagues is a certified registered nurse anesthetist. He’s been at our local hospital for probably 20 years plus. He sent me a text one afternoon and said that throughout all those years normally he would see in his operating room two or three patients per year maximum who were having surgery for malignant melanoma. That afternoon he said he had three patients in his operating room having surgery for that condition. This is post vaccine mandate at our local hospital. The administrators of the hospitals are literally taking money from the federal government to kill people. This makes them essentially professional assassins.

    That said, a group of us hired a constitutional and federal employment law attorney out of Raleigh North Carolina, who helped us last year put together legally sound religious objections to the vaccines and every one of us who worked with that attorney got our vaccine exemptions.

    Fallon versus Mercy Catholic Medical Center established the case law a few years ago in which the United States legal system defined what religion actually is, or at least as close as they dared to. Is very important to understand what the case law is when someone makes their case for a religious exemption as an employee. Both for the cv19 shots as well as future vaccination requirements. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964 also gives legal rights for employees to protect their religious beliefs.

    • Greg Hunter

      “This makes them essentially professional assassins.” Wow!!! Great analysis and street reporting. Thank you!!! Keep it coming.

  23. pbd

    The “plandemic” is now obviously seen by most folks as a synthetic pandemic of the vaxxed! A simple way of describing the situation is that the Covid clot-shots erase your immune system and make you more susceptible to infection and re-infection by Covid/variants. But there is more to it than this simplified picture. And, yes, the horror of the unfolding clot-shot induced genocide is going to get worse. More people are realizing that the Covid clot-shot is an intentionally designed and deployed bioweapon by the DS. A more detailed understanding of the aspects of the mechanism of action of this bioweapon suggests potentially an even more sinister genocide picture (if that is possible) that is not generally being talked about.

  24. pbd

    It was well known prior to the Covid-vaccine development that attempted vaccine development for SARS-COV1 and MERS based on a monovalent vaccine using the spike protein as the antigen failed because of the development of an “antibody mediated enhancement” effect. The spike protein based vaccines induced an antibody response that included what is referred to as “non-neutralizing” antibodies that are ineffective at neutralizing the viral spike proteins but even worse actually still bind to the viral spike protein and ENHANCE viral entry into the prospective host cell. In other words, the vaccinated host produces an immune response that increases the risk of infection and works against the host clearing the virus and facilitates prolonged and/or persistent infection. But worse it provides a perfect environment for inducing mutations and escape variants and potentially the creation of a more lethal pathogenic strain that can infect others even if they have developed natural herd immunity.

  25. pbd

    As long as, the Covid clot-shots/boosters are deployed – it will be effectively impossible to eradicate Covid/variants from persisting and continuing to infect the human population. Even though most people have awakened and are rejecting future coerced Covid clot-shots/boosters – as long as there is a segment of the brainwashed public (i.e. suffering from the state sponsored mass formation psychosis) that continue to get boosted with Covid shots (and live) – there will be an increasing probability that eventually we will see a mutation and emergence of a really lethal Covid virus variant that will infect everyone (including the unvaccinated that have natural herd immunity) resulting in a real pandemic with extremely high morbidity and mortality. The Covid boosted are simply being used as useful-idiots to function as human petri dish incubators for the ultimate genocidal bioweapon.

  26. pbd

    The DS may have miscalculated and expected a lethal mutant immune resistant strain to have emerged by now – and therefore under the ruse of developing a more effective vaccine/booster is actually doubling-down on their bioweapon strategy and attempting to deploy a “bivalent” Covid booster(s) wherein the bivalency is based on two spike protein constructs which could theoretically induce a bivalent antibody mediated enhancement response – and potentially theoretically increase the odds of developing a lethal Covid variant strain sooner-than-later. But once again the DS may have miscalculated and may kill-off all of the compliant human host petri-dishes before a lethal mutant strain emerges.
    Dr. Paul Alexander recently interviewed by Alex Jones at Infowars articulates essentially some of the same points made above (just to be clear the last part is more my own speculation).

    • Self Exiled

      Mark 13:20
      “Unless the Lord had shortened those days, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose, He shortened the days.

  27. Kat

    Lockstep: Pharma was in coordination with “Corporate” America. Look at how quick the Retail and Banking Corporations were to get their Plexi glass shields up and their 6 ft. apart stickers. Do they really think the “People” around the world are going to forget that the Rockefellers had their Lockstep plan posted on their website?

  28. Mark Gunderson

    You know the world is up side down when the pillow guy hires the pedophile “who kept his underwear on”. I can wrap my head around the murder shot, election fraud and countless other crimes against the American people. What I do not understand is why the very people who say they want to drain the swamp use some of the lowest forms of life in the swamp to defend them when they get into legal trouble. Well I guess it gives Alan and the top brass in the fbi something to talk about while they are flying to an undisclosed Island somewhere. American justice at its best.

  29. Nick

    A comprehensive wrap up Greg. I’m glad
    you still cover the vaccines in detail, it is
    so important.

    Archaeologists won’t mistake Kateland Jenner for a woman!

  30. Paul

    Mama, what keeps you moving forward
    through the death, droughts, wild animals and loneliness?
    We have no choice. Sadness is more dangerous then the panthers and bears.
    Our life in the wilderness needs your whole attention.

    Paul from arkansas

  31. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for the reality of our world.
    Here in the sombre UK we are facing a dreadful collapse in our currency and economy ,just a deep and unpleasant reality being fed to us from the WEF government we have.

  32. H.G. Barnes

    Hi Greg,
    I’m sickend by that person has the same last name as me… sigh. Please write a book. Perfectly said, regarding whom to donate to. DONATE TO GREG HUNTER!!! Fantastic show, as was the recent several, including Po’s show. Sending funds in a week. God Bless to you and yours. Most kindly, H.G.

    • Greg Hunter

      H.G., thank you for all your kind words, support of the site & Blessings. Much appreciated!

  33. Jim Miller

    Jane Fonda is always on the wrong side of history.
    Remember the video when “Hanoi Jane” visited the North Vietnamese in Hanoi and cheered them on to their ultimate victory?
    Hanoi Jane sat in the Soviet-made DShK 38/46 gas-operated, air-cooled anti aircraft machine. The primary anti-aircraft weapon employed in North Vietnam during the war.
    Jane Fonda climbed into the gunner’s seat and aimed skyward toward an imaginary US Jet.
    Jane Fonda swung the anti aircraft machine far left and then far right, pretending to be shooting down more US Jets. Turning toward the smiling North Vietnamese Generals, Jane smiles back and breaks into laughter, happily claps her hands, raises her arms and cheers the North Vietnamese Generals on to victory.
    A grand performance by a grand Hollywood actress.
    Hopefully, Jane Fonda can act her way out of a non Hodgkins lymphoma? What could go wrong. It can’t her ?

  34. Dee K.

    Greg, you are the best modern day “Town Crier”!! I always look forward to you & your enthusiastic, true information & warning us on what is going on throughout the world on your Friday post. May God give you much wisdom during these “last days”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dee!


    I am convinced Mitch and the other RINO’s want to LOSE! If they have the majority or the Presidency, they will have to work! They are happy to complain occasionally while collecting God only knows how much money from God only knows where. Trump was not perfect, but he has always been a WORKER! They hate him for it. He does want to improve America, but that will come with pain and no one is willing to accept that. They just want to continue on until we burn it all down!

  36. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg .

    IF someone from the government is talking they are lying.

    I found this will cruising around the web

    “Lara Logan warns that what we are seeing at the border is a sinister globalist plan to create a regional government consisting of the U.S., Canada & Mexico, per a source who was behind closed door meetings at the UN.

    “What they’re edging towards…(is) infiltrating 100 million people into the United States as the basis for forming a regional government instead of a national government. So, a government of Canada, Mexico and the US.”

    Understand why they were so against President Trump’s wall?”

    Also this is worth a watch Cliff follows him.

    Max Igan – The Crux of the Biscuit
    Thursday, September 15, 2022 12:57

  37. James PTY

    Politics is mostly the same everywhere in the world: On the Isthmus elections are every five years, the incoming party is almost always different than the incumbent and the majority of government jobs also change with political allegiance- said in another way- government jobs are given to supporters of the incoming party, friends relatives etc. The only “jobs” that rarely change are the assembly, or law makers, who are greatly influenced by outside by likes of the US State Department, European counterparts, of course the United Nations and increasingly more China (who has majority control of both the Atlantic and Pacific canal ports.
    Nothing coming from the government can be trusted as accurate least of all economic numbers. The Isthmus experienced some of the stiffest quarantine rules anywhere that gutted the local economy. The stated growth of 17.8% in 2021 and 13.6% in 2022 is impossible, rather it may be, just maybe, a reference to what percentage of the 2019 economy has returned. This is a US Dollar economy with inflation reported to be 3.4% which is also impossible: How can inflation be lower than the rate of the country issuing the currency? Real rate likely to be what is experienced in the US PLUS 3.4%…

  38. Ketosahbee

    Next start moving all felons and the druggie-homeless to the gated communities of the elected Democrats.

  39. Fred Engel

    Take note Queen protects the King, Queen is removed. Greg is right about Senator Ron he had 563k votes to Mandela 389k in the Wisconsin primary. Mandela is in the shadow AOC disaster going someplace to happen. What if Mike Lindell is a military asset like John Durham and military intelligence is gathering evidence? Space Force (Cyber Space?)
    Have a great weekend, Greg.

  40. Vernon Tart

    Just thinking outloud:
    And If the Ukraine were to Defeat Russia and turn the weapons given them on the EU, UM!
    Just saying. Not that I think the Ukraine will defeat Russia. If Russia does happen to withdraw and come to terms, what would prevent the Nazis from attacking the NATO / EU nations. They will not have any weapons to defend themselves and the USA will not have any weapons to give them. The Ukraine Nazis could take all of Europe if they so choose.
    Battle hardened solders fighting any EU army would be the slaughter of the EU armies. What weapons would they defend themselves with?
    Russia cuts of gas to the EU and maybe the entire EU will beg the Nazi Ukraine’s to sue for peace and the restore the flow of supplies to the west countries as they begin to starve and freeze to death this coming winter.

  41. Bryce DeBorde

    Light in the loafers Lindsey Graham not only went along with fraud election, went along with all the illegal wars that he and his deceased and disgraced best bud JM, the overthrow of Ukraine in 2014.
    Swamp creature 1st class he is.

  42. Pam

    If we would quit paying for them they’d quit coming.

  43. Pam


  44. CJ

    We need to stop calling them “educated”, both the men and the women. They may have some piece of paper saying they completed a list of classes. Unfortunately, the list was created by man and the curriculum was written by man. We need to realize that they are disciples of the god of education, pushing his agenda. It is an ancient god formally known as Baal, or Moloch. It knows how to set up the list to destroy the critical thinking ability of people and confuse them into believe his lies. It is about chaos, illness, death and evil. It loves the shedding of innocent blood and deceiving people into accepting and pushing his agenda. Instead of educated, which is a word of honor, we need to speak truth over them and say they are indoctrinated or deceived. Our society needs to stop being impressed by them and stop giving them that honor. Corruption has been revealed. We now know they worship a false god.

  45. JLH

    Do the Front Line Doctors have a hospital that the unvaccinated can safely go to for treatment?

  46. Cheryl

    Response from Martha’s Vineyard and DC spokespersons is laughable, notwithstanding the dire nature of this matter. With a straight face Bowser “rationally” suggests that DC does not have the infrastructure to deal with the sudden rise in [non earning] population but the border towns do. Wha ????? Martha’s Vineyard, the same story. These people believe what they’re saying. Clueless.

    BTW, the hyperbole, dropped off on Harris front lawn, is a bit over the top. See this video, it was not on her lawn, there’s no way ordinary people can get beyond the security perimeter.

    Penguinsix would be a good person to interview. Real journalism.

  47. Nancy McDaniel

    All the globalist minions of satan have been deceived and believed satan’s lie of “all the world will be given to you if you just bow down and worship me.” They are repeating the sin of rebellion against Yehovah that the 200 fallen angels did when they “left their first estate” gathered at Mt Hermon and made their pack to stick together, double down on their evil, create the nephilim and corrupt mankind. These fallen angels watched their nephilim offspring DROWN IN THE FLOOD and have been held in the bottomless pit ever since awaiting judgment day. Everything that can be shaken will be to continue the great separation of wheat and tares. Maranatha!

  48. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks for the reporting. It is important people are informed. I admit there are times i think about the violence that should and will come of all these things- like Lloyd Austin maybe being sniped on his door step by one of these injured and highly trained subordinates. And then there’s shortages of energy. And then we have to remember two things; one Jesus has called us out of the world and yet we are still here in the body ( there is a much bigger picture than we can imagine). Second, just like the left will eat their own when things turn against them, lots of (worldly) people will turn on these other establishment people and we will be witnesses to all these things. The economic side effects will be severe and to do something about it- i am installing 2 RV spots at my place. The only sketchy part is putting in a bootleg septic, but i can rent these for half the going rate ( enough to cover the electric and a very small profit). I already have a 22 year old girl out here in a camper- dad died and mom and mom’s boy friend don’t want her. That’s how i am going to fight. Maybe some of you folks reading this can help keep just one person off the streets.

  49. Jeff Kindley

    As in the days of Noah so will it be in the Day of the Coming of the Son of Man.

    Keep up the good work Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeff for all your support.

    • Dan Hawkins

      How bad were those days?…I’ve tried to find a more descriptive history but cant find.

  50. Jim Haynes

    Another great wrap up Greg. I’m inclined to agree with you about Durham. My only hesitation is that Devin Nunes and Kash Patelare both solidly in his corner and I don’t think they are part of the deep state. Of course, I could be wrong.

  51. David

    Hi Greg………….I have been listening to you religiously for several years. Just wanted to you to know that you are one of the few people out there that I literally agree with most everything you say. YES…………Trump is making a huge mistake about these vaccines and he will suffer for that. I voted for him twice but will no longer support him over this one issue. YES…….people need to wake up and prepare for the demise of the current systme. In a way, maybe its better everything collapses so we can get rid of the Deep state, RINOS and globalist cabal and start over. Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump still has some time, but the window is slowing closing.

  52. Poochiwoo

    An update on my last comment. Cemetery burials were about 1 to 2, may be 3 per week in 2021. About 1-2 months ago it abruptly jumped to about 1 per day except Sundays. This past week, the burial occurrences jumped to 2 per day several days in a row . No one seems concerned since nobody is witnessing what I am.

  53. Rich Kocis

    Greg your videos are great just the way they are , hi lite of the week actually solid information I can take to the bank, only time Im disappointed is when there under 60 min Thanks Your hard work is very much appreciated ! GBY

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rich!

  54. Susan R

    Greg’s time on this earth is creating a positive wave of energy for God’s people. The energy we are pushing againt is not from God. I support him in waht he believes and says. Many events happening now have consequences which no one in their right mind should support and if there is support, that is crystal clear evidence of rot and decay.

  55. thought bomb

    Here’s yonder esotetic prophet Nostradamus confirming ClifHigh’s forecast that the reign of King Charles III shall be curtailed.

    However, unlike Clif’s opinion that that forebodes better days subsequently, according to this Nostradamus interpretation the rest of the story becomes the dark-horse acension of WEF apparatchik Prince Harry, leap-frogging Prince Wm. It has been noted by many that Harry and his furry spouse are deep in the WEF warren.

    ps. Alt-media fringe dweller Gene Decode recently gave an interview wherein he offers an apologetic of Trump’s unrelenting vax push.

    The following link summarizes the Gene Decode: [ ffw 19:05 ]

    Gene’s apologetic depends upon an alleged two types of people that roam the earth. Some are not children of the kingdom of God but instead are the products of the aliens (e.g., Anunnaki) mentioned recently by ClifHigh (and SteveQuayle ?).
    . . . Isaiah 13:12 (specifically the NASB translation) seems to confirm. Interestingly, the translations of this passage varies very much.

    It seems that ClifHigh has been talkiing about 1 of the 2 types of people. And he is then trying to inveigh against all religions that are based upon the old testament Bible. This would be less than honest (or what happens when one has an axe to grind against religion) since obviously ClifHigh (as a former regular guest of CoasttoCoastAM raidio) would most definitely be aware of the extensive work done by Steve Quayle and Zecharia Sitchin.

  56. Doug W

    So, do I understand that the Jews over there are on their fourth of fifth “KILL SHOTS” ? So, if these are really “KILL SHOTS” , Can somebody tell me within five years, how many are dead ? quarter of the population ? halve ? three quarters ? “ALL” ? Time will tell !!!!!

  57. David

    Can you interview the founder of Freedom Flyers? I’m sure people are curious about what’s going on with pilots! Also a drag queen dropped dead on the stage in the middle of his show in Philly. Lastly, “Douchweasel” is going to be my new go-to insult, thanks for that…

  58. Stefan

    It seems US patriot Robert David Steele’s Team got shot up w fentanyl +Remdesirvir upon entering a hospital to treatment to elevate his low blood oxygen. The former US Marine was subdued by staff for allegedly ‘becoming combative’ after refusing their ‘treatment’ w ‘RemDeathServer’ and the medical facility refusing to treat him with his own Ivermectin instead.

  59. Nester Damas

    ‘They are delusional’: Russia reacts to not getting invite to Queen’s funeral
    60,207 views Sep 16, 2022
    Chris, are you sure your not the one delusional? Or are you just uninformed? Have you ever heard the saying, “the customers always right”, Chris? Just check out your comments from your commentators, your customers. Chris your ignorance on the subject is like the emperor with no clothes. Either that or your a globalist. Do your homework. Or get to know the rest of the story. The whole truth and nothing but the facts. Don’t be just a talking head. Ignorance is not bliss, mate!
    On The BREACH? Struth! Don’t be a part of, getting us all killed! For a nonsensical war!
    On the Beach (1959) ORIGINAL TRAILER

    Aussie remake Of ‘ On The Beach’ Parts 1-20
    Put youtube auto-play on for seamlessness

  60. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    It’s the substance of your reports that matter. I would not waste time doing anything that does not help get the facts and information out. I thank you and the truth tellers everyday. Now look at the parallels between the domestic crime of 9/11 and the domestic crime of Covid 19/ SARS 2. Its stunning to see the public pretenders hide from the facts. It is also apparent that neither domestic crime will ever be actually investigated by “Officialdom”. It does not need to be investigated by officialdom for the reason that officialdom is of no value, their words are of no value and their “Official Stories” are of no value.

  61. NesterD.
    If The Beach original 1959 movie didn’t work try this!

  62. Marie Joy

    The meek will NOT inherit the earth.

    • Myn

      Uh…wrong. The Bible disagrees

  63. jesus_loves_you!

    Your dirty style rocks!!

  64. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Look at the parallels between the domestic crime of 9/11 and the domestic crime of Covid 19 SARS 2. Officialdom investigations are of zero value. Telling the people the facts is all that matters.

  65. RM

    NEVER EVER apologize for your presentations!!!! To bad you can’t deny access to any IDIOT that complains. Excellent as usual! There will probably come a time when people will long to hear truth if things keep going like they are. I would imagine at that point they will realize what fools they were for the criticism…unfortunately it will be to late.

  66. Dan Hawkins

    SUGGESTION: Interview Michael Yon for a deeper understanding of how interconnected world problems are, and future of food/famine, energy/freezing.–Watching him leads to surmise this is all going to be real, it’s going to get bad, and it will be very bad when it is over.

  67. Dan Hawkins

    GREG: I’m almost wondering if the die-offs will be 10% or greater per year, not only will Social Security be solvent and home prices collapse, but the impending worldwide famine may be reduced to periodic shortages (from demand reduction of 20+%).–Sickening to think about, but possible.

  68. Dan Hawkins

    GREG: Have you looked at the prophecies from: Dumitru Duduman, John Paul Jackson, and Kim Clement concerning an attack on America?–Russia & China in a surprise strike, US navy didnt see coming. I wonder if we are pushing both countries right now…not yet, but on the path?

  69. Johnny Cool

    Message to eddiemd,

    John Stearns, ex-Mets All-Star catcher, dead at 71

    • eddiemd

      I remember him well. He took over for Jerry Grote.

      His rookie year in 1975 Tom Seaver won 22 with a 2.39 ERA. Stearns caught 54 games that year. They had Koosman, Seaver and Matlack.

  70. Kim Pennick

    If anyone is interested in learning about The Book of Revelation. I would recommend Carl Gallups as the best I know of. He has written several books. I posted about the sixth trumpet war a couple of months ago. I learned about the trumpets of revelation from Mr Gallups. I am not a bible expert.

    Several teachers teach about the trumpets. The trumpets are warning trumpets. They are a warning that something big is not too distant in the future. One thing I have noticed is none of the teachers I know of can figure out the fourth trumpet. To me it appears to be geoengineering. I think the people participating in geoengineering will be destroyed when Jesus returns. Geoengineering is well hidden. Any or all of this teaching about the book of revelation may be wrong. I leave room for correction.

    Mr. Gallups teaches that there are key words in the trumpets. The easiest to understand is the third trumpet. The keyword is “wormwood.” In the Ukrainian language it translates to Chernobyl. Chernobyl is a plant. It is also the name of the nuclear reactor that blew up in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have erected a statue near Chernobyl with an angel blowing a trumpet. Link follows.

  71. Justn Observer

    Greg, Well done Weekend warp up ! You’re and great cartoon was excellent and apropos as to what is playing out behind the scenes…. allegiances and ancestral lineage as to ‘their’ domination of the world plans… One has to take into account who lays claim to the world and who controls the World banking system and too, who is rejecting that claim and pulling away from it. Of course, it goes much farther back than when the bible was written. And, once you accept the bible and God’s coming to earth to ‘straighten things out’…WHICH version of the bible is the correct one…and which one has been re-written and used as a tool to co-opt the message for ‘their’ own benefit? Quo Bono as they say. Don’t wish to be long…we know where that gets ya…but at least people might open up their minds to view the current problems from a different angle…as this link is meant to show how using some things that are re-created like pi can erase one’s ability to understand OLDER totem poles of regional controls or places to and how and where to look for historical domination of earth. As long as we are on the subject of ‘polls’ , poll taxes, or world ‘carbon’ taxes and who gets to collect them and control the world’s gov’ts thru ‘their’ agents and agencies to do it… Yes, as your cartoon shows…Roman Praetorian Guard to corrupt? fbi,doj,irs …working for who? Which fascist multi-national corporation whatabes?
    Where do we find the pre-biblical power centers of old =

    and who for ONLY a few thousand years, since the days of Rome…claims dominion of earth, with ‘their’ tri-crown replacing the laurel of Cesar? Not of just the ‘commonwealth’ but of broad areas of conquest which many nations have shrugged off like India as the ‘they’ attempt to reclaim the Americas…as they at the same time are now involved in an inner Monarchial struggle amongst themselves as the ‘headship’ of ‘their’ high table’ ie. the Central bands and ‘their’ legal system to insure it =the agents of the BAR =

    @ 11:46, 14:45, 17:45, 19:20, 23:00, and opponents of it the EU at 24:50
    So, who then SHOULD reign as the true descendent of Charlemagne if the peope of the world ACCEPT that claim as a reigning Emperor of the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE … prince-now king of UK Charles?, or Ferdinand von Habsburg? And where is Klaus Schwab of the WEF from? Swabia and its surrounding area of control is it…with NATO, Brussels, Luxemburg, Basel,Geneva and it’s Swiss Guard that protects the ‘pope’, all are so far east of England which is really just a captured state called UK ofthe Roman/Saxons anyway. And when one sees actually Russia and Catherine the Great were also until the Romanoff family was ‘exterminated’ from the equation… Yes, as Clif High says, the system of systems is in disarray and failing. IF…Brazil, Russia, India, Iran, and China plus…all align…what next? Are we really putting the sovereignty and safety of the U.S. in the hands of the FED and extension of foreign stakeholders and Janet Yellin, Tony Blinken, Garland, Wray, Susan Rice and Obama behind their puppet Brandon and his laughing hyena? Many corrupted or compromised dangerous sociopathic opportunists’ ‘leaders’ of the world these days…
    And yes, they like to measure the world in GDP….but if the world population is against ya… then future is with the BRICS plus…and in short order as they flood the borders with ‘migrants’ as ‘the free world’ dies off via jabs and fentanyl and their children become sterile! Can you hear the fat lady is in her room auto tuning and THE FED getting ready to turn out the lights? And the doped up and dumbed down look to a provenly corrupt voting ‘system’ for salvation of their freedom and Constitutional rights?
    Ironic that today the people of the U.S. are funding the very people intent on economically enslaveing them!
    That previous post was to help identify the orgs and agents behind this world coup. As they say, if one cannot identify one’s enemy one cannot fight it/them?
    Case in point = @ 25:50

  72. al

    Durham has not thrown Trump under the bus. He’s taking his sweet time with the investigations but then again, there are a lot of moving parts. Why are you so down on Durham? Barr? I can understand but Durham?

    By the way. I just found out I have a heart condition that if I took the “vaccine”, it would have KILLED ME!
    Again…. I would NOT be here if I took that Fauci Ouchy !!!
    No more monkey face Al on this forum

    Greg, your work saves lives bar none. Please keep going Brother

    God Bless

  73. Carol Anne - Tucker Trucker Patriotff

    As always Greg, you are SPOT ON! I really admire the USA WatchDog logo behind you on the wall. You should make bumperstickers and sell them. I’m a buyer. Just saying…

  74. Coal Burner

    fbi and DOJ deserve to be made fun of. They are a bunch f clowns in criminal outfits

  75. Ray

    Wishing you a speedy recovery SE.
    Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
    Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park.

  76. Denny

    Is Trump still promoting and bragging about how many lives his vaccine has saved?

    If so why should anyone support him?

    • Janet

      Good question – now it has been revealed that 85% of the people put on the Ventilators (Trump also takes credit for) DIE!! –

      • Shirl

        Hello Janet,
        You know he gave the experts everything they asked for including the “ventilators” and a YUGE Navy Hospital Ship to help treat the victims too….are you now somehow going to be blaming him for delivering the ship to the NY Harbor that they claimed couldn’t be done on time too?

        The screeching to the skies with the constant ORANGE MAN BAD isn’t working…you need to try harder…maybe there is some RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA blame game you could try….oh wait 🙂

    • RTW

      Trump making a statement like that reminds me of something I heard years ago. “A man was standing on the corner of State & Madison, in Chicago, snapping his fingers. When someone finally asked him what he was doing, he said he was keeping tigers away. The person told him that there weren’t any tigers around here and the man replied “see it’s working”.

      • Shirl

        Hello RTW, that statement reminds me of something once quipped, “You Can Lead a Horse To Water but, you can’t make him drink.”

        Some peoples kids are hard learners especially when they have been brainwashed by their favorite TeeVee Presstitutes 24/7 about Orange Man Bad. 🙂

        • Earth Angel

          Even more I love the statement: ‘You can lead a human to KNOWLEDGE- but you can’t make him THINK!’ HA, so true. It’s actually easier to get a horse to take a drink of water than to get most human beings to think, especially these days.. But we must keep on trying regardless.

          • Shirl

            So true Earth Angel 🙂

  77. Pete D

    I enjoy your interviews as they are very important and cover a wide variety of topics that are apt in light of current political, social and financial concerns, HOWEVER you have a very natural and really good way of presenting your topics when you do a solo like your Friday wrap ups. I really enjoy your solo presentations….. Thanks for all you do keeping us informed.

  78. Pete D

    “….duche- weasels ” LM** O !!
    That’s a new one I have t add to my lexicon.

  79. Dan

    John Durham is indeed a deep state psyop, and there are many more people like him in this country, pretending to be heroes. The Lord’s vengeance is coming soon.

  80. Coal Burner

    I no longer send RNC a dollar. I still support my local representatives.

  81. PaulKramer

    Douche weasel…I never heard that one before. What is the exact definition of that term? It sounds great and I’d like to use it, but I want to use it right. 😄

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a weasel only nastier.

  82. Jim Griffin


    See if you can get Dolores Cahill for an interview.

  83. Dave Smith

    How about dropping off a couple of hundred illegals out the front of Bette Midler’s house? I think some of these Hollywood autocrats might have a quick rethink if they are affected!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Dave,
      I can only imagine that Hollywierd support for all the in-your-face craziness is down to their addiction to adrenochrome! A narcissistic bunch, they crave rejuvenation and care not for the poor souls who suffer ‘Hell on Earth’ in order to produce it? IMHO, adrenochrome is the most evil, diabolical usurpation of childrens’ beautiful innocence. Hollywierd understands that a return to fair government and moral standards will eliminate the ‘elixir’ they most crave.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        “in order to produce it?” Should end with an exclamation mark.

  84. Robert says no

    I’m hearing lots of money coming to the USA stock market as Europe goes into the toilet and then war. There’s too much doom and gloom being thrown around for it to be the truth about where the market is heading. The market goes in the opposite direction mass thinking goes. If there’s a drop it will be sudden and then a recovery. The big monied players don’t tell us what they’re doing.

    Just my opinion.

    • The Seer

      Congress and the corporations hold most of their money in the stock market so they would not have anywhere to go especially not into bonds.
      Some is going into real estate but not the huge numbers they have to store/hide/manipulate.

  85. tim mcgraw

    3:25 “James Taylor playing his stupid guitar.” LOL! You cracked me up with that line, Greg. Thanks!

  86. Paul

    To further your funding consider a short line of apparel with your logo and people like your caricatures to imprint. Hats, tee shirts, winter cap. Walking advertising and good gifts. Low start up costs. A thought. It’s ok to sell your brand too. Easy sell.

    Paul from arkansas

  87. Dan

    Remember that Janet Reno killed over 80 men, women and children in 1993 in Waco, TX. She never paid for her crime. Nobody cared.
    Nobody cares about mass murder now.

    • The Seer

      Reno’s soul was extinguished immediately after death.
      No heaven and not even hell. Those that outright murder many are ended. So, the humans that think they are in charge of Earth are in for a big surprise to realize all their efforts and plans were are not in alignment with the multiverse system that is based in sincerity, honor, respect, care and love.

  88. The Seer

    Big free speech win by AG of Texas so the big alt media there can not be suppressed any longer.

  89. Really Awake

    When some governor calls out the national guard and tasks them to round up a few hundred thousand illegals; and then transports them to The White House and/or back across the Southern Border – then – and only then will I be impressed.

    Regarding the Covid Democide: I’m so greatful that USA Watchdog shouts from the rooftops the truth. Don’t stop proclaiming the truth. Don’t ever stop. Proclaiming the truth is a priceless service to mankind.

    I believe what Marty Armstrong believes about the Midterm elections, namely, the Republicans should win back Congress if the election is fair, but it won’t be fair. So who knows.

    What I do know is Western Civilization is in the process of ending. It’s only going to get worse. I wish I could agree with the optimists and their narrative of a happy ending, but the facts support otherwise. So prepare accordingly.

    Soon it’s going to be apparent to even the most ignorant and indifferent segment of the public that the socioeconomic condition is never going back to normal circa 2019…. Your old life has past. It’s gone, and it’s never coming back. So, those who accept reality, adapt to it and overcome the life-or-death challenges shall survive. Those who don’t make the necessary adjustments will suffer greatly, and perhaps die.

    Store as much supplies as you can, e.g., food, water, fuel, first aid, warm clothes and cash, gold, silver…. But even more important than material goods is store up treasure in heaven. The Bible tells you how. Read the Bible daily. And pray morning, noon and night.

  90. Marsha

    Love listening to you Greg. Your excitation simply overwhelms me.. And Great guest always.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Marsha. You are very kind to say this.

  91. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Early Saturday morning here in the U.K. and I’ve just got round to listening to WNW547 in full. Wow! You pull no punches – very hard hitting broadcast. If DJT gets to hear it, it may shake him out of his vaxx stupor’ – which, I guess, is the intention. Bravo for trying!

    At the end, you describe your presentation as “dirty” simply because you use printed quotes and commentary. I totally disagree – there is NOTHING ‘dirty’ about USAW.

    • Greg Hunter

      I report the truth and maybe he has to hear it and get mad and do something about it.

      • Benny

        Trump got paid off by Big Pharma and will never renounce “his beautiful vaccine” nor will he ever take responsibility for his role in the deaths/injuries of MILLIONS of people.

        He is a nasty conman who stabbed his supporters and his country in the back.

        The fact that you and a disturbingly large % of what passes for the ‘right wing’ are still supporting this traitor and willing to overlook his role in pushing the KillShot and Great Reset is beyond is a main reason America is doomed.

        You Clownservatives are every bit as bad as Progressives when it comes to holding your leaders accountable as well as yourselves for having elected garbage representatives.

        That Clownservatives are even CONSIDERING supporting Trump is INSANE…worse is that y’all are STILL filling up stadiums and cheering on this charlatan!

        If you people can’t even discern the OBVIOUS truth about Trump how do you expect to recognize the False Messiah if he appears in our lifetimes?

        • Shirl

          Hi Benny,

          Do you have a link with proof on the allegation of President Trump accepting a “PAYOFF” or is it just another wild eyed accusation beyond the fact that “Big Pharma” contributes to all of the campaigns as they do with everyone in hoping to win favor as usual?

          Thought so….and everything else you blather on about is false too. I suggest you unplug from FAKE NEWS and seek HCQ /Ivermectin with Zinc and the various Vitamins to detoxify as President Trump recommended…those come from Big Pharma too – oops 🙂

          Have a nice day.

  92. Mary Lou Longworth

    It’s sad day to be defending Donald Trump and his multitude of comments.
    Trump’s quotes:
    “But I recommend taking the vaccines. I did it, it’s good. Take the vaccines.” If it doesn’t work, you’ll be the first to know. — Donald J Trump, August 21st, 2021

    “I hope everyone remembers when they’re getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, that if I wasn’t President, you wouldn’t be getting that beautiful ‘shot’ for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn’t be getting it at all. I hope everyone remembers!” — Donald J Trump, February 28th 2021

    “I would recommend it and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly.” — Donald J Trump, March 16th 2021

    “We have our freedoms and we have to live by that, and I agree with that also. But it is a great vaccine. It is a safe vaccine, and it is something that works.” — Donald J Trump, March 17th 2021

    “Get those shots everyone!” — Donald J Trump, December 17th 2020

    “I guess in a certain way, I’m the father of the vaccine because I was the one that pushed it. To get it done in less than nine months was a miracle.” – Donald J Trump, April 29th 2021

    “Everybody, go get your shot.” — Donald J Trump, February 28th 2021

    “It works incredibly well. 95%, maybe even more than that…and it is really saving our country and it is saving frankly the world.” — Donald J Trump, March 9th 2021

    “It will save millions of lives, and soon end the pandemic once and for all. These vaccines are also very safe.” — Donald J Trump, December 11th 2020

    “The Vaccine and the Vaccine rollout are getting the best of reviews. Moving along really well. Get those shots everyone!” — Donald J Trump, December 17th 2020

    “Well, I got the Pfizer, and I would have been very happy with any of them. I thought a very bad statement was when they did a pause on Johnson & Johnson. I think that frightened people. That was a bad thing to do. At that time, when they did the pause, they had six people that may have had some difficulty out of millions that received it. But I think the pause was a very bad thing to do.” — Donald J Trump, October 2nd 2021

    “During my administration, everybody wanted the vaccine. There was nobody saying oh, gee, I don’t want to take it. Now they say that. And that’s because they don’t trust the Biden administration. I can think of no other reason. But they say we don’t want it, we aren’t going to take it. When I was there, everybody wanted it and we were doing great. Well, the military did a fantastic job.” — Donald J Trump, October 7th 2021

    “I’m very proud of the vaccine, I’ve taken it, you’ve probably taken it. But I’m very proud of it. I think we could have another situation with the Spanish Flu, 1917, where up to 100 million people were killed.” — Donald J
    Trump, August 18th 2021 [show less]

    • Greg Hunter

      Mary Lou,
      Notice how his comments stopped in 2022. Trump was clearly lied to Dr. Birx admitted it on FOX:

      • David Gordon Dunne

        I know people who are friends with Trump. He is his own man. He has a big brain so in the area of the kill jab, it is now his baby as he sees WTF is happening now and says nothing. Shame on him. He is either compromised or is one of them.

    • Clyde

      Great Post Mary Lou! Thanks for setting the record straight, right from the horses mouth!

    • Shirl

      Dear Mary Lou Longworst,

      There are many out there like you selectively forgetting to also quote the recommendations for all of the other alternative therapeutics, vitamins, and medicines he made known for people to consider….and the attacks he received for them even before the “vaccine” was rolled out all the while too forgetting that he made NONE of them including the “vaccine” MADATORY.

      The other GIANT missing part of the illogical logic used by same SKY SCREECHERS is in the FAILURE also in not considering that the “pandemic” which was hyped to be very deadly that we were all LIED to about in the first place by the Experts – (you know who they are right?), is that President Trump would have been NEGLIGENT NOT TO HAVE RECOMMENDED the so called “vaccine” if it were, again, (SURPRISE SHOCKED FACE 8-0 ) that they LIED to us all about in all that the “vaccine” was supposed to be.

      As the Dementia Patient occupying the Oval presently says, “C’mon man!’

  93. tim mcgraw
    The average number of registered voters in the USA is 66% of total voters. So 33% (like me) vote for “NO ONE.”
    If a third of the people don’t even vote, and of those that do vote only half vote for the winner, tell me how that gives the winner the “right” or “Mandate” to rule over me?

  94. Judd

    You have to question the critical thinking skills of your doctors, particularly if they took the jab. Think about it. They didn’t know what’s in it and still don’t. They don’t know what it does once in the body, and they certainly do not know the long term affects. This is a person you’re trusting your life to.

    Next time you’re in your Dr’s office ask how they arrived at a decision to accept an injection of an unknown substance. They will respond in one or two ways. I was stupid and regret it, which is what I want to hear or get mad and dismiss you as a patient, which may be a good thing.

    The medical community has virtually destroyed their credibility over this clusterfink.

  95. tim mcgraw

    My wife and I have friends in New England. They bought the Covid Scamdemic hook, line, and sinker. They wore the masks. They locked down. They took all four jabs. And they keep getting Covid. Their kids keep getting Covid. Their parents keep getting Covid.

    But they don’t wake up. We can’t say, “I told you so.” They are deep into the Hypnotic Mass Psychosis.

    They can’t wake up.

  96. DAV

    The Lie-beral Demonocrat modus operandi:
    Desolate (Detroit is typical),
    Desecrate (Bible burning),
    Depopulate (Abortions and the Clot Shot),
    Subjugate, and
    D O M I N A T E (using the Dominion voting machines !)

  97. tim mcgraw

    I just finished watching the long video. Greg, I suggest that you keep the videos to 30-40 minutes. Less is more. Editing is important in telling a tale. Don’t waste a word.
    These are just suggestions:
    A: Write a script.
    B: Edit the script.
    C: Edit the script again.
    D: Edit the script again.
    As Mark Twain said, “Writing is easy. Just take out the wrong words.”
    People think that is a joke, but it isn’t.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’m going to do it the way I want to do it and keep putting it out for free.

      • tim mcgraw

        Hi Greg, Fine. As my Dad told me, “My advice is worth is what you paid for it.”
        And I am happy to support your work.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are a good man! Thanks Brother!
          Brother Greg

  98. lyle christensen

    How do we know that the original vaccines have not been altered? Altered just to hurt Trumps. legacy and promote the Woke and population reduction agendas. Does anyone put anything past the Globalist monsters? REALLY, I’m serious about this question.

  99. #istandwithmarthasvineyard

    Loved Martha’s Vineyard being overrun by an invasion of illegal aliens. One resident stated that they don’t have the services to take care of 50 immigrants and that they have a housing crisis on the island. I can’t imagine how they dealt with the 50 people for almost 48 hours before 125 national guard troops stormed the beach and got them out of there. Must have been terrifying for the poor white liberals when they saw the results of their Biden votes hit home. Thoughts and prayers for the residents and I hope they get counseling before PTSD sets in.

  100. PersonaNonGrata

    Commentary from New Zealand. Young man killed by vaxx – pharmacist who administered vaxx without explaining the risks is advised in Coroner’s hearing that she is liable . . . Report that an Australian three judge court spent a whole day challenging the STATUS of those trying to bring a Covid vaxx case. Now, where have we heard that spurious argument being used??? State challenge of the 2020 elections . . .

  101. Jackie Pollock

    What a Great Weekly News Wrap-up!!

    Thanks Greg for a power packed presentation!
    Trump must step up to his errors on covid and that he was given false misleading information and he wrongly trusted in his medical advisors all around. If he does not, I believe enough people will not stand with him again.

    Fear not!!

    -Jackie from Texas

  102. The Seer
    Here again the continuance of picking the wrong people! It is very clear another candidate needs to step up for 2024 and soon!

    • Sam

      Many were called to RISE TO THE OCCASION to serve the country with honor and yet several Weak in Character failed as it became apparent they SOLD OUT for Book Deals, TeeVee FAKE NEWS Spots etc. Now, to suddenly lay blame on the man who invited those to serve and who swore to do so under oath and who themselves dropped the ball afterwards isn’t a winning spin. The blame game to fault President Trump for others failures again is illogical and would not hold up in any court of law – except for the Low IQ to swallow out in the interwebs of FAKE NEWS…HA!!!

  103. Mark Alan Nicklaus

    Every single ILLEGAL ALIEN that crosses our boarder, and goes thru the welcome center is given a cv19 jab.
    They take it or are put on a plane and are sent home. These are the smarter ones.
    Every one that comes into the country will be dead in less than three years. They are given welfare and a nice place to live out their lives before they die from the murder shot. The US is a murder house. If they don’t get us with the jab, they will, and do, spray the skies with poison. They poison our water and put poison in our foods at the factory.
    One way or another they are coming for everyone, save a few that God protects.
    We are being exterminated like roaches.

  104. Saved by Grace

    Hello Ambassador Greg,

    Saint Daryl – here, please let me know how I could be of service. I think this could be a win-win-win-win ( synergize ).


    Paul 09/16/2022 •
    To further your funding consider a short line of apparel with your logo and people like your caricatures to imprint. Hats, tee shirts, winter cap. Walking advertising and good gifts. Low start up costs. A thought. It’s ok to sell your brand too. Easy sell.

    Paul from arkansas

    Greg, remember you are Loved
    Mission; Glorify Jesus Christ and advance His Kingdom. -dje

  105. John Maskell

    Greg, you’re a one in a million . Real truth speaker. I wish the world was full of people like you. My family loves your interviews here in England

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John and thank the family too! “Never, Never, Never, give up”!!!!

  106. G.Berwash

    EXPLAINER: What to know about the U.N. General Assembly
    By MALLIKA SEN, Associated Press 28 mins ago
    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — After two years of virtual and hybrid summits, the world’s leaders will reconvene on the river’s edge in New York this coming week at the U.N. General Assembly, an exercise in multilateralism born from the hope for lasting peace that followed World War II.

  107. John J Adams MD MDH

    Hello Greg
    Guess what I found
    a Sept 24 warning totally unrelated to BP and your work
    here it is

    Deal With Reality Before Reality Deals With You (website)
    On Sept 24 2022 they are turning on the 24GHz L band word wide. The nano graphene oxide injected inside all the surviving vaccinated has a resonance frequency of 24GHz. Everyone will remember where they were on that day. Check out this site for all the details. nwosurvivalguide(.)com Good Luck, God bless and Godspeed to all. AP57

    there you go….my phone is 928 282 3014

  108. George Berwash

    WHEN Jesus foretold the end of that Jewish religious system in the first century, he also had in mind something far greater. He knew that it would be a pattern of what to expect on a much larger scale during the “last days” of this present system of things.​—2 Timothy 3:1-5; Matthew 24:3.
    An example is that in his prophecy Jesus spoke about his coming in the future “with power and great glory.” One result of this would be that “all the tribes of the earth will beat themselves in lamentation” due to the catastrophe overtaking them. (Matthew 24:30) These things did not happen with the overthrow of Jerusalem and Judea in the first century. Indeed, Luke’s version of this same prophecy quotes Jesus as saying: “Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations, until the appointed times of the nations are fulfilled.”​—Luke 21:24.
    (This is Greg Hunter and I cut this because it was way too long.)

  109. Justn Observer

    Greg, Apparently, the vote count in NY was ONLY off by 3 million for Biden? LOL
    One does wonder if they use the same antics for the polling?

  110. Farley Granger

    Hey Greg, I find some of the long ones interesting, if interesting. This one was somewhat interesting. Comments are nice but commentary can be rather enlightening as many are here on Usawatchdog.
    We trust your judgment though. But sometimes things get through that are nonsensical to say the least and I’m sure you weed most of those out.
    Sometimes I’d rather see book and scripture verse quoted, rather than reprint the Bible.

  111. Richard Commins

    Greg, with all your expertise and the doctors that you have on your show telling us all that the Covid-19 shots (vaccines) are bad, why has your whole family gotten the experimental vaccines in spite of all your warning? Why should we believe you when your whole family and friends don’t believe you?

  112. scott

    yes Greg ,
    they lied about everything with the covid scam.
    But the Biggest lie of them all which you have not covered yet is…
    Their is no evidence of any viruses existing anywhere zip, nada, nothing…
    The virus story is exactly that, a story…. a lie

    • Shari

      Hello Scott,

      That is one thing that is difficult to swallow in that there is no evidence of a “virus” where many did fall ill and many died before the Clot-Shots were released. The thing too is that the concoction was cultured & developed in the USA and then sent to Wuhan for further development vis-a-vis Dr Fraudci despite his LIES on that. It sounds to me more of a bacterial nature.

      So, the question remains….what was it to begin with if it wasn’t a “virus” ????

      I’m not a PHD Microbiologist or a Dual PHD Scientist as I do have “kids” that are, so, even if the case were laid out I would imagine it would be a tough sell that it was just something for fun or innocuous all by itself (more than just a story) especially when there is so much distancing regarding responsibility for it…

      Any ideas besides being just a story?

  113. les

    I have been watching you for as long as I can remember, though you operate on a shoe budget, what makes you different from the big expence account main stream media is you tell the truth!, I pray for you and all other true news reporters that Jesus will help you open the eyes of the deceived so the Lord can gather more chicks under his wings.

    Thanks for your hard work
    Les L

  114. catherine serra

    Brother Greg,
    No need for super CG Editing. It is just another form of unnecessary showmanship, designed by the evil ones, to pull sleepers into the maze.

    The heart of a quality reporter is seeking truth.
    Much Gratitude to you Greg Hunter.

    Catherine from Michigan

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Catherine!!
      Brother Greg

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